Newspaper of The Washington Standard, August 10, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated August 10, 1861 Page 3
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Kentucky Lijfht Cavalry, and R. 11. himrtlitti of the New York Illustrated, left Hampton without permission on a scout. At half past 4 thin morning ti,e j.jrty were surprised in the wood* j,v twenty rebels—Kawlinirs w;u killed iustiintly hy a bullet in b'w head. John son and Slinrtliff were seen to fall and ji,uit liave been taken prisoners. The other escaped. Their conip.tuics went and brought in fowling*. The Quaker C'/y picked up a man in a small boat from Norfolk, lie report ed not over 10,000 troops iu Xoitolk vicinity. There was much depression on ac count of the rebel defeat iu Western Virginia. Major Van Horn—with 170 home guard reserves, went to Kansas City, Mo., July lTth to reinforce Major D an, who was holding West i'oiut, Mo., with a small force. At G o'clock P. M., 18th, whileat din ner, Van Horn was attacked by C'J) rebels under Col. Duncan. After four hours lighting the rebels withdrew with four men killed, including two officers, and several wounded. A fight took place near Fulton, Cal loway county, Mo., ou the 17th, be tween Col. Mi-Neil and about 0)0 Fed eralists. and (ien. Harris with a force of 1,000 rebels. One report says 5 federal troops and 8 secessionists were killed. The rohuls wora routed after a careful reeonnoissancc. It is said that Gen. Johnson has formed a junction with Beauregard at Manassas Gap. The news of the defeat r, f Pegram by McClelland, had readied Richmond. North Carolina papers say that a man-of-war vessel with forty-four guns, hud attacked Fort Ilatteras with no ef fect. Vice President. Ilamlin left Wash ington on the 14th inst., accompanied by the.Califonra delegates, who brought a flag for the First Maine regiment.— The presentation was to be made at Hamptonville. On the earnest recommendation of Senator Latham, the steamer Keystone State will leave New York on the 20th to convoy the Northern L </!it from As spiinvall, with over two millions treas ure. After that duty is performed, she will cruise for the privateer Sumter un til she is found and captured. S". LOUIP, July 19. At St. Charles, Brig Gen. Ro-s issued a proclamation to the people of North Missouri declaring that he had sufficient force to compel obedience to the laws of the government, and'sTiould punish of fenders summarily, without waiting for the action of the civil powers. On the representation of Col. Blair, Col. Sigel, the hero of the great battle in south-west Missouri, has been nude Brig. General. WASHINGTON, July 17. Senator Simmons of Rhode Hand, has prepared an entirely new tariff bill, which he intends to suhstitutcfor House liill, —laying duties at ten per cent. - STILL LATEB PROM TEE ATLANTIC. Important frond the Scat of War. YUEKA, Aug. 3d. The Pony Express with dates from St. Louis to July 26th, arrived at Edwards' Creek 110 miles ca*t of Fort Churchill, on the 2d, at 8 o'eolek P. M. The bridge of the Potomac at Har per's Ferry will he up to-morrow. WASHINGTON, July 21st. The World's dispatch says that tho enemy, with an immense H >rce, attempt ed to turn ojr right flank, u»»d came near being successful, when our large siege-gun u 24 pounder, opened on them, causing a tremendous loss and routing them. Dispatches of the 21st, say: Our troops ut Manasses junction, numbered 45,000. The light at Bull's run com menced at 3A. M., and continued most desperately until two P. M. The rebels were driven back inch by inch, leaving their dead upon the licit). The loss of lite was frightful on both sides. Our troops behaved most gallantly, and the gtins worked effectively. It i< said the whole force of Beauregard was eng iged. Gen. Johnson having formed the reliels HS previously stated, making Beaure gard's force 70,000. BALTIMORE, Jul V 21st. To-day Gen. Dix arrived, and to-mor row supercedes li.tuks, who will super cede Patterson. WASHINGTON, July 21. (midnight.) The hattle has Iteeu one of (he most severe ever fought on this eontiiient. I p to two n cluck tlie enemy were ilriveu nearly two utile*, falling hick from one |tosition to iinother ei|ii:iilv Mrung at everv point. Fre*h reinf irce inenta formed in, almost without nunt- U»r. The Zouaves were te.*ril»ly cut up. While drawing up to make ati attack, they were asfuiltd l»y concealed lutte rieu, with a strong »np| ort on their flank, aud forced to break. WASHINGTON, July 22nd. | After the last information front cen treville, ut half-put seven l;mt night, a «eries of events took plai-c, of tue nin«t iuteiide intere#t. Manv wmfused rumors arc afloat,. Knougii is known to warrant the state ment that we Kutiereil iu a degree which a gloom over all, aud exeited the 1 deepest melancholy throughout Wash ington. TLc earn ago was tremendous | |on both sides. Our's is represented as frightful. We were advuticiu'r aiiJ taking their masked batteries, driving \ the enemy slowly and surely toward ; Manassas, when they seemed to be re inforced by Gen. Jolms<»n, who it ap pears took the command immediately, and commenced driving us back, when a panic among our troops suddenly oc curred, and a regular »t impede took place; though General Mei>owc!l at tempted to nuke it stand atCentreville, but the was so tearful that the whole army became demoralized, and it was impossible to elieck them at Cen treviile <>r Kairi ix Court House. The continued until they readied j the regular entrenchments. A largo ' number fell by the way from cxhaus , tioii. Gen. McDowell was in the rear, ex erting himself to rcuill the men, wi'h only p nial success. 1 ue latter j..irt of ibe ar:.ijr is saiJ to hare made tli.- retreat iu urJer. A pr'. ■ >ner j y > the force sent aguinst mem siacd of . bout j'j,ouo, including a large rum' er of cavalry. tic my-, owing to n-iufir tuieul* I' oia Iti Ilarrisburg m>d other tlic enemy * effective fjrrc it .is iiu.uuj. Our Zouave:, New York 10th, and oilier rej;iuicuU aiiJerc.i f:<ghifull.v. Several of our batteries were taken by the rne my ; MUO the oi-pjuuder rifle siege cannon. Our jirovi ion tr.iiu u supposed to be tare I. L<rge drovco of ealilo were »..vei by bi.nj; driven bick. It ii MipT'O id On. Min-fi<!d will t kc cnmtn 'nJ of th? "irt fictions on tlic n'Uer s'dc of tlie I'otornac wlr-'i are pro ionn elby military eng'iie rs i b'e to h out rgtinit iny force the enemy in brinir 'snnst L:!C:ii. 1/ irje r.llj cauno:i and in jrt.m arc bc'.nj r. p'd ly moulded. The city ii in! n - :'ly excited tb's maruinj. W ."- on; are tuitly nrriving with the djiJ uuJ wounded, mid the feeling is awfully di.-tressinjj. The nnd steamboat communication to Alexandria is suspended to the public to-Jay. The panic which resulted so dUastrou-ly is said to have broken the tc nn-acm mid eivil ituis, uud couunuiiicatcd to the re ir o' ine army. BALTIVOIIE. July 22. Immediately after tbecoufiriiiut'.on of the roti of the Uuioii force, the 24th Maryland regiment wliOoC enlistment expires, un luiuuu.-ly signed a p-per to le-eniiot ior live yea is. oe.i. tl .UKi leaves tor Oeu. i'&tteroon's column to-iuou'oiv uioriiiug. Tlic city is greatly excited nnd offers of rogi menn i*re bei.ij uiutie to beep Uisoiderly sio. lists quie.. b'aionists attribute the defoat to tlic inactivity of I'alterson. WHO it is reported, was N do/.eu iiiUßs oiiivi.aiy tck'gr.iplicd to cubage Joliusou ut auy ouas * U.i auud iy about thirty arroslj were made fur attciiipting to incite mobs. Gov. Jjji.ague's br..vjsy d iring tie whole d>y ere ittd iiiiiversul udmirauou. 'flic Fire Zouaves fought like devils— other regiments are highly praised. WASHINGTON, July 22nd. It i.i reported the Id uk horse cavalry uttacked our rear in the retreat, when a rcmumit of I'm: Zouaves turued uud tired, killing all but six of NEW YORK, July 21st.—SchoonerS../. li'iirrcn, ciptured by privateer Jtff. on the uiglitof the «Jd, lil'ty miles south of Oil irlesion. The ■Bteward, Mr. Caitinan, (colored) killed three of the prize's crew with a Iritehet—the other two wcro rele iscd, on prouiisiug to ussist in working the vessel. S r. CIIA RT.FS, Mo. July 2Ctli.—The report of the secessionists h.inging Col. lieu. £>harp of Mont- Homei'y eoumy, and Ja_;er of tlic i''eJ?i 1 troops is I. Saarp and Jagtr bad been previously Wounded. In the Senate tbe bill to provide for iron-clad ships nnd floating bitturics, was pasted. A resolution providing for a Board of Ex-'m'n ers to examino Sievcns floating-buttery at tljbo ken was p isscd. ST. LOUIS, July 22d.--Eighty-five men, women nnd children, arrived 1 .st n.gtit tVoniTex scounty, Missouri, driven froui their homes by Secessiou ists. FORT KEARNTY July 25th.—The fallowing arc tlic latest items of interest, by telegraph: Gen. McOe'.land has been summarily sutnmcneil to tak.' comm iud ou the i'otomac. Gen. itoscu crafts takes Ills place. In the llT>u.=c, Mr. Crittenden introduce.l this forenoon resolutions : first, the present deplo rable civil war is force ! upon the country by alis unionist* of the Southern State) now in revolt against the constituted government, mid in urins around the Capiltl. Adopted by 121 to 2. Tliu remainder were passed by 117 to 2. Mr. Wright offered a resolution declaring that the reverses at Hull Run has in no way impaired our ultimate success. —Laid on tho table. The corps il' armce at Washington is to lie in stantly org inized and increased. Offers of regi ments already raised are being made, and will be accepted with rapidity. Tho number of killed and wounded is gndually decreasing. About forty wagons from our army fell into the hands of the rebels. In many in stances teamsters unhitched their horses and fled in wilJ dismay. An infernal machine, evidently intended to des troy our ships, was washed u.-hore at Fortress Monroe. The •' Floyd gun" will soon be moved to annoy Scwell's Point. Tuu "L'uiou " will aUo soon be uiouutcJ. PHOVIDSXCI, Ju'y 22.—Lieut. Gov. Arnold has issued a procl unaiiou paying a tribute to the dc id soldiers, end calling lor tnc enlislineut of more men. A Urge and spirited niertiug was held this morning, and eij.rc-s.'d the determin .tion of Kholc Mind to double their exertions in support ing the liot eminent. NEW YOUK. July 2.1.1. An Rn; who prcieut at nll'the t'ri nicin billiei favt the ligtiliug «>f our soldiers el Hull »IS mi, Hj< of I IK- IUJ.I »J>l II 1i 1 kiuJ. Such rmr;M »r were by the Kirc Zou i»c and (lie Xi» Vork 7»lh, be bad not seen at lukcrrn in or tile \ltui. WMimcTO*, July 23d.—It it oow m-ll aurr t line I tiiJt the kilicil ou uur side will fall short of 1 ,ovo. CAIRO, 25th.—Tbc rebi-li ure rapidly orginuin; iu K.ntack), opposite he;e. lieu. Watkin* U re ported em .uipej sevca ui.lcs Iroiu Uiooinlield, Missouri, with I,OOJ men. Wasaisorov, July 2Jd. Above 200,000 tnen bavr brej orderej bere f.oui i.i ferei.t tlitiou. Tbe (iuvernors of tbc Near Kugl.tud States aud N<-» York, rcspouded nobly. Tli ' !'re-i Jent aud Secretary S' waril visited tbe on tbe Virginia side to-d ly, and aere received hy the g ill ml B9tb aritb tbe greatest en tbu«iasm. The President «>ked Ihem if tbey in tend*. Ito re-enlist; tbey replied ye*, yes ; if lite Pre-idrnt deiired. Tbe President announced em phatir illy tbal he did, and wrote them a letter complimenting them on their bravery and heroic conduct, and rapressing the hope that the whole regimeut woulJ re-enlist. This wu received amid cheers, and tbeir dct rminition expressed to go in for tliii war, and t J stand by tbe governiaeat aad Hag forever. An iustance is mentioned where our wounded upon being placed in tbc ibade were fired upon by tlie rebeU. Wata»6To>, July 23d._Boat* are agaia rua- WASHINGTON, July 22d ning to Alexandria. AntfE.Uil list is being r.ip id!y prepared if the number ki'.le t. I. i-unA lei. tli in Til .supposed. l.o»* ou tii« part ot reb elj. 3,*>•)!). on of rebels with wound ed i« Mid to be perfectly barbarous. It is said a s jl'Jicr belonging to tlie Coanrcticat regiment, finding it wounded rebel, carried Lim to n >h .de an t gave biui u drink from In*, wbeu be reviicd uud »but the Connection'. goiditr ticsd. { ias been suggested by sever al of our citizens that a reorganization of the Ptiget Sound Rides l»e at oiyre ell'ected. An organization is necessary to secure a distribution of the arms re- served for this company. The time has come when the Territory should be placed in a condition ot defense against Indian outbreaks. Btf-W e invite attention to ihe ad vcrtis-'nunt of Dr. Itufus Willard t»he found in this column. Dr. Willard is a regular graduate of the X. Y. Col lege of Medicine, and we can theref »re recommend him as a thorough phvsi cian and a skilifil surgeo:i. far W ill the Portland Orrijmian hereafter please accredit the STINDAP.D with what it takes from our columns? The Was'.rngtoii Stir might make the same complaint ug.iiiist th >t paper. Cum tux J jgsiT* Ilenry Nathan, YL'torii, V. 1., advertises a desirable assortment «>f liquors elsewhere, to which we c.ill cs pceial attenti >n. ti&T Thayer H a mumh*r of the House Coiumittee on Indian Affairs. marriaged At the lio'i.ic of the bride* f 111• r. in sawamish county, \V. T., on Tliiirsiiv, Atigu>l I -t, lmil. I> v Uld'T Win. M. Morrow, " lion. franklin C. I'l'ltDY to Miss EMILY KIKKLAND. On I lie 2 tit ult., nt the residence of J. R. settle, E>q., by Ju Ig' sif .v;irt, Mr. Ammr Mono to Mi .a MI.VKUVA Cf l illtlK, daughter of Uev. S. Guthr.e. " Love rule.! the court, the < r.n.p, the Men b"lo\v and Faints i bore, I-'or line is heaven nnd he ven 13 lore." * died Oa till' ' j 111 or July, A. I>. Iso 1 afters ibortbat severe illness, nt her residence 3] miles below Olylupin, sarah lucretia butler wile of d. O. liuili r, uud iu her L'Ulll year. ._ wii 1 IMWI <« \ Wllß— —prawrw »,i urm RUFUS WILLARD, Physician and Surgeon. D«. UIIFU.S WlMiAltl), Oiridn -.te of the Uni versity of N ".v Voi'li, ileiiious of loc ting pciiuancntly in Territory, off-rs his profession I service; to the citi/.>nis of Olympia and (■urioiindii g country in nil tlic dep irtuieuts of Medicine and Surgery. Willi such per ou iloli-er \ations as a Oollegi.itc ('our c anion ; the (' illeges and In s;.itals of New York nfford . the Doctor trusts th it he will nn rit n liberal hare of public p itronagc, uud will hold binitcif in rc iliue s .it.ill tines to a'ten Ito uny enII. in the line of bin pro fession, to which his entire attention will be devo ted. Pnrtii' attention will be paid to <lss e is- s of \\ onion nnd i hilJrcii, nnd .ill organic affec tion \ Olympia, August loth, 1 SO I. .IDtf HENRY NATHAN, D Wlaarf Stroot, VICTORIA, V. I. OFFERS FOR SALE—• —Martclh and other brauOa ill I) lllv. [til]— Fine Jamaica, 0. P. fI'IIISIiI* —Scotch-, in case. (tM) TOUf Altonn, in <a e. <»|\—Anchor Hrand, in en e. UIXUKII nil.i\l)Y~ln 1-tlozca-.c.'. Jl lll'KK t'ORDI.IL —Incase. S'IIKItHV—In case. CIKAtOt, AXIKCCD, etc., etc. Assorted Table Cutlery, Plated Ware, &c., &c, nOII.ED LINSEED Oil, rnd Bright WniMi, in bulk ; mill a general assortment of English Goods. Victoria, V". I. Aug 1, 1 SCI. 39:w4 NOTICE. PERSON'S knowing indebted to J. D. \V. TII.L.SON by note or book account, w ill sp ire themselves costs by calling on the un derpinned and uiakiug payment. * EI.WOOD EVANS, Attorney J. I). W. Tillson. Olympia, August tith, lSlii. 3!):wl. loticr. rpilK undersigned has been appointed by the J l'rob ite Court of the County of Thurston and 'territory of Washington, Administrator, with the will annexed, upon the estate of the l .te JOHN K. HAL'., lute of siid county deceased. All per sons h iVinj; cl iiu s igainst said estate will present tlicm properly authenticated according to law, within one from the dale hereof, and nil per sons ind bled to said estate arc requested to make immediate paj incut. R. L. DOYLE. Adini.iMr.itor C. T. A Olyuipia, W.T., Aug. Dili, looi. SI'KCJAI. NOTICES. HcIIrIVUS Polices. I'.vi.ic SirvKt- at St. Juhu 4 Cu.ipel every Suu (l iv luoruiu}.', at II u «lu. »i 8o • rlo-k. AUo. lliiile Cliii tvrrj tVtilKiilijr even in;*, ut 7 o'clock. P. M. D. KLLIK WILMS, Mi>»ioa.irr Divine B<-rvirc CTtrjr Sabbath at Uie JI. L. Cliur. hin the morning cud ereuiug. Sabtiaih School ut 2 p. a. It.'V. K. J. Evivi will |in»fh in tbc of the "O. I Land OJ:J. on the socond, s.nd fourth Bund.iv, of c ull mon'h at 11 o cloik a. a. Hall's fcar«np»rlllu. lellawr Dark and lodide •!* Patau -Is purely a> re prc <4ie 1, aud mailt iu stricl accordance with pbar m iccutical lorm ila. and i. strictly guarantied tree from Spirits, Mercjry, and \rseuir which raaaot >{<• Mtid of any other kuowu prepar tion ol the kind. A* a good reliable tonic alterative, it is unequalled. It q i ckly removes trom the sys tem all tuorb'd and impure matter, —Mercury, Letdand Arienir. For all rbrouir direaiej, there i< remedy extant that trill, or iott tart, Rhumatism, Scrofula. Old Bor-<. Salt Kbejm! Gout. Lumbago, Pimples on tbe and bodv. Neuralgis, Pains in tbe joiuti, Chronic Sore Eve«. Spring Fever, Indigenion. Lirer Complaint' and di«eases arising from an impure state of Blood,

Skin an 1 Kidneys, as quick aud sure, a* liall's Sarsaparilla, Yellow dock and lodide of Potass. For tale'everywhere, for One Dollar: 6 Bottles ■cat by expreAt" any addrcs for Fire Dollars. R. Hall * C«., Sola Htoprieton. No« Ml k m; Clay Su, Sa« Fnuwiaao. I. O. O. F. Olympia So. 1, I. O. O, F. meets ever S.utiriaj evening i n iJ.rnci' builuing, en iiniu > in v: tlour to "Standard" Oilicc. All members i tat C r-iftt in goo 1 standing nr.* invited to attend. G. C. BI,ANKI.V3HIP. See j Estate of Angustus Hogtate. BI) virtue of an or ler of i it* Probate Court o K n« county, W. T., made at JU Juiy .v.»i i-.xi, notice is litrtbr given tii >1 on Tuesday, tli 17ib day of Auj(u >t, 1 w ill prj ted to <e!l iu Seat lie, W. T., ut Pubiit, lo the highest liid d> r. the Umttion Ltnd Cl.vm of A> g utus Ho pr .ve. situated o.i the l).iwan>i.,li river, live miic iroui be>ul«. Slid toitiins one iiu idre | uil sixty acre* of laud, over twenty-five of wbiei , io iu cultivation, i> ai>o uia.h other bottom I ml easily re Inin;ed. Any person desir in({ a p jnJ lo ution f.jr i arming or *tock-grow.u r would probably lind it to their advantage to ml tend. Terms of sale made known i'.t the sale. I D«te I, Seattle, July 2J, l»>il. i 3>» «• 4 | 11. UCILKit. Admiuistntor. I A Card. IWII.L lcve fir the Atlantic Stite«, on o« n»'O it the l,t of S nett. Darin" in i > irn I will be p.'U? red to "<tten 1 to nil busi >■ c,:ru»Ud to my c-rc with prouip*.nci> and ,1 pn'ch. 1 •jav'njV." r or bind i fir sorb, eip I:. iit n < .averted ml > ci h. pa;, b'.e at Nen \ rk. S m t r.'n-i rn. f.r o!ymp.a. Charges m*; l ■ rV' and lo »u,t the timi* . l' u r farther particulars inijuire nf A. FRAVKKL, At the •tire of Ll-litner & Fratktl. Olympia. July 27, lbtl. a7:if [•'ou'.aU' d f:»m the f' >»' r nnj Iht*'.crut of May a I it, lb>il.j TtrntTorr or W*SHI*GTO*, > < _ S County of Thuiston. / " " Iu Ik.- I).strict < ourt of the Second Judicial Dis trict. A. M. A. Hlanciiet t*. Fr'"l A. CI rk n ar. 1 George D. Cl ri.e. TI"» GF.MI: ;I: I». ( L.M KE: ! V.t: are h<i Irt notified th <t A. M. A. Bluelwl has i.le l a iMiuplaiui itai.-t you n:id l"re I. A. ' I rkc in mii'l eour', uhi< Ii will romc on to b h 'urd ..i tli ' fii-t term of the court, which bliill coawKiicf nior; th n three month i the 12tli j day oi v;i:il, 1.1)1. and milcn you npnear at taid term and an -v. r, thjsa ne will he titkcn ns co i l • •d, nii Ith■ pr vor thereof jjr nitcd. Tlic ob jet and pr.iy T nf -ni. 1 coniji.'niiit i? lo obtain judj' in-t you for the principal and intcr j >• t of two promissory notes ni de by yon ntnl said I Fr.'d. A. CI rk" to th<* pi tlntilT ut Cowlitz, I.ewi,- j coti-ity. on the Till i!ay of July, 183!>. nmonnting in the wiiol" to ihe sum of .seven hundred ami sixty-five doliafs tin I two c ?nts together with the interest accruing, and the co«t.« of thii suit. HENRY M. McGlfvL, Attorney for PlnhitiflT. O'ympin, April C, ISOI. 31:12w ciiißM'.s F. Ronnns, Importer and Dealer in TYPE, mESSES,PRINTING MATERIAL INKS. CARD STOCK, &c. Xos. fill and 113 Clay Street. San Francisco. Janunrv sth, 1881.1Ci:lv fISISMHTCMILSIffI, Uray'N Harbor, W. T. AI.SO AT MONTEZANO. /TIIF: COUNTY SEAT) OX ('IIKII AI.IS HIVE It. 2I£cZaL3E!IE2, DEALER in Crnrr t Mfr. t«» furni-tli su|>]>lies to settlers in this suction ol • ountrv on re.i*unul>le frni.'. riicliiili', Dcfcmlier 2'>. ItfCO. C:tf CLYHPIA WAGON MANUFACTORY. Stuart & Blaelcshoai*, "%I'7"oULDinfortn iheeilizi'tu ol'Olym -1 | pia un>l tlii turrouiiliuvf country »'• Ih : tin y niv now in inuf >clnriu,? WAGI)XS, CAfi ll IAG E-S n i BUGGIES of nil deseri] ti ins, from tin. be tuf imported in by experienced wori - for which WHEAT will b« taken in exchange, delivered at the Yuiuwuter mills. Shop comer I'd and Chinook Stre is. Olympiu, December 8. 18G0. 4:tf CEO. L. KENNY, HAVING withdran from i lie firm of 11. 11. Dai - eroft Sc Co.. h:n this dnv n>-o< iatrd hinntil ~ii .Mr. J. I>. and will continue the M m STAfHIMiiV DISIMSS, In All Its Barnchop, At COfi nnd COS Non'ironsfrj'Sfrcet, MI Eli MANS Ji UILDIXG, Opposite the old stand, under the name of KENNY & ALEXANDER. San Francisco, Mry 20. 1801. 29:m3 PHELAWS Billiard Saloon. rilllE above Billiard S loon, with EIGHT FIRST J| CLASS IMIELAN TAIILES. is now open to the public. The Citnhious on these T • bleu are I lie late t piletit, and are ngreit improvement on their predecessors. The ROOM is filled up go as to couibino ELEGANCE with COMFORT. The bar will be kept supplied with the very choicest brands of Winos, XilQuors, c So Sogars, And the subscribers hepe, by strict ntteution, to merit the p.ilrou: go ot all who adiuire and prac tice the GAME OF BILLIARDS. DAN, LYNCH. M. K. lII'GIIES. ISO and fl'J Montgomery it, Opposite the New M-'tropoliUn Theatre. I The subscriber to inform the public that the above mentioned lill.LlAl.U SALItKX i> al o I intended to serve as a show and salesroom for PUELIVfI Palraf Combination * ik»hloB« and Model Bil liard THMM, And B!l!i ird Tr.inuinig* of e»i-ry de»rript'on. Parties d«-*iroui of p ireha-ing Billiard Tnbles will thus lute an opportunity of selecting Irom a va ried a-sortiuent, b.>:b iu style and and can al-o te.«i the Mipermriiy 11 >in<rd for the Cushion* auil Tallies. Mr. DAN. LYNCH will always b on baud, and rtady to give all m|«irrd iafonn>tioe with rtgird to ibr mtriti o(ilinr Jt'i!TLY CELE BRATED BILLIARD TABLES. TUe sub-erib'r rordiallv iurltra aU lotert-ted parties to cell and examine. 11. E. HCCHEP. Ag*nl forPbelan* Patent Combination Cush ion* and Modern Bitl«.<rU Tables. S iu Priaciwo. Jaly la, laul. M - m* WASHINGTON HOTEL, SIUI UAULIUU, Pro. CORNER OFbECONIFAND MAIN STRF.ETB, Olympia, W. T. Board per week..— fS CO Olrmpia, Nut. U, l»C« *•'» FOR BALE CHEAP. SKVEX 11 INDUED AND TWENTY ACHES of L*n 1. For particular*, apt>l/ ta A. M. I'O'E, Laud Agent, Jaij*. IMI. M-tf Olympis. Chas. E. Williams, Successor lo G. A. Barae?, —C*la U.bed t: , DEALER IN .IARDTOE, TIME, STOfES, IR9V STEEL, GROCERIES, tc. Olympia, w. T. HAVING recently received large recessions t hi* stock, ij now otferingamoagoUier Good* u. blowing deunbl: article* Juruing Fluid and Cot! Oil, (Pare), Co il Oil «ni riu'd I. n.pi, Suades. Tubes, Globes, Chimneys. Wick: Concentrated Pot-sh, V»r miking 12 flloni »oft sonp (with full dirt tious; price its. Advance CookingStorcs, with extension oven*, A very desirible pitcra with extra castings), GorJcu Tool«, Garden S;e<4 f'?l cents per piper\ Parlor and Djor Mat*, •-ear. Bc irer, C >pher, lUt and Moure Traps, Bra** Curt •: D 'Jorn'e"* i>nd Rar.ds. TV ire uni Safe Cloths, of all numbers, fcboe Findings, a Full Variety; Last*. Shoe Hammer;, Knives, Nail* Pinchers, Pegs. 4c. Horse, Coir nn<t Khesp Bells, Extra Heavy. Disston'a Patent < ros»cat and Mill taws, (A very superior article), Mechanic** Tool* and Material*, (a fall variety.) Window-sash, Paints. Oil, Putty and Class ; Var nishes, J.< pan, Turpentine and Alcohol, Pocket and Table Cutlery, fl.irge assort m.iit), Curry Coui'o end Horse Briulics, (leather tacks; Pow- Ltr,tjliot, Balls, Lead kud Cap), Ballet Mould*, Gun Locks Wipers, Nipple.?, Cable. Trace, n.-.lteran'. Doj Ch uni i Siic« p and V.'ool C..rds, Crm, Planter and Garden Hoes, Plows, (titflvafors, ilutlcchs, lll'USll 1100b.9, Jiowt: (takes, iiatiks, cytties, Hakes, .hariM, Forks, J utter liowli and 'l'rayn, &c. JAPAN BLACK TEA. Ufa?" Tin, S!ict Iron, Coppsr and Crass Wur I uiuficturcd nud rep .ireiJ. N. B.—We hive made MI h nrrnnjements fo ie purcJi ise of article?, either in S n Fr incise r New Vorlc, as we Ihiuk cannot but give satL action. tu y Com*nis.->ion solicited. Olympia, April C. 18C1. 21 :tf 11. A. Judson Co., (At the Lato Stjre of W. M. Ruthdjc,) GLYMPIA, W. T., ttt.TLTHSSIOX iIIERCUAI\IS, AND DEALERS IN DRY GOOD 3, GitJL'EUIES, CLUTUIXG, EUOTo nnd SHOES, HARDWARE, i'AiMTb. UFLy, &C., 4C., 4C T333TLm - 3 CASH, COUNTRY PRODUCE. I* KTO CASE Will Credit be given ibr longer than Thirty Slays! Olvtrpi'i. Nov. 21, ISGO. 2:tl' WM. G. DUNLAP, IMFCRTCG AXSS SCALER I.\ GROCERIES. PROVISIONS. DRY GOODS. CLOTHING, BOOTSnnd SIIOCS, 4c. AT TUG OLD STAXD. Corner of Main and Third MreAt, Country Produce generally tnken iu exchango for Goods. No piiti? spared to give sntisfact'on to customer*. Olympia, Nov. 2J. l&CO. 2:tf F. X. KAST, Ajcnt of A. SEIBEELICH, BOOT AND SHOE MunulUci urcr, or Philadelphia, WIJAREUOUSE2U, CALIFORXIA STREET, (Below Battery) San Franolsoo. COXSTANTLY on hind, n large nssoited stotk of Oeutlemen's Ladles', Missel nnd Children'* \\ ear, of super.or quality, aho, French C»lf Hoot Legs and Frouts. 3F 1 ™ 2K. if a IBTp SOLE AGENT FOR CALIFORNIA. jftjf Country Ord r J promptly attended to. April 20. it>ci. 23:m.i. 1 BETTER TH IS I'IIESTO i MIU'S AND At Zidsa Prioca! ■OiRDItS'I CHALLENGE YEAST POWDER, FULL r GLA RASTEED. IF NOT SATISFACTORY, Tha Mwmjt will be RolanicOl Fur sale by all Jobber*, ud bjr J. C. tTISASS, SO Cal.forala Street, Who w'.ll nl(« act as comiaiwton »f»nt for par cunnuft all kind* of foods. Rib Knifiir*, Frimrjr. INI. HrmS HO! TSAatnUUM USE HUCKS * LAWIIHI > CELEBRATED HOME MANCFACTCMD PATENT a.HL. OZUDAMDS The Ptowwr Mir Reliable Ar ticle la 11M larlut. Packed in 21t> rsniitsr*. md la bulk packages of Islk and apwirda. For by »H aterrfcaats. Note.—Be tar* to ask for H. AL. Brand. •• th«c* arc varied tpuriou* imitative* la tka atr. ket. C. £. WILLIAMS. April >O. Agent, j Leonard Scott A Co.*a HE PRINT OF TOS BRITISH REVIEWS AID ILiEITOBI S lAMZIIL LEONARD RCOTT ft CO.. Krw Tort, continue to re-pabluh the following Bf.tiaii Pcr.oJi <ii, Tis : I. Tho LONDON QUARTERLY, (CttKifilire.) . The RDIKBURGII REVIEW, (Whig.) . Tho NORTH BRITISH REVIEW, (Free Chart b) . The WESTMINSTER REVIEW, (LiUfki.) . BLACKWOOD'S EDINBURGH MAGAZINE. (Tory) The3c l\r.oJical» ably represent the great poli c»l parties of Or*at Bntaia—Whig, Tory, rod .idical; bat politic* form oil; «m fiuire ol their .unclu. A> »rg n» ol lliu uio>t |>roluun«i wriUr* a Science, Liteiature, Wor.liijr, «nJ Religion, !iry aland •* they b»re ever »tood, unrivaled ia •e world of letter*, being cwidmA iadupeaaa- Ic to the •cholor uu J the profcajioauf man, white j the iuttlligen: reader of every cl*»£, thiy fur- Uh a more correct *ni ■ -ti»fnctory record of the urreat literature of tbe d y, throughoai the world .mu can | 9j*ib!y be ouiaiaod truai My othef jurce. Tbe receipt of A4\ence Sheet* from the British übli.Uer. g.vcj aoJittonal value to tbcee rtpriau, laaicnch «4 they cm now be placed in the handa : aubicriber* alout oa soon M tbe original etii •oni. Terms; or any one of the four Reviews, per aaa«m~f3 00 or any two of tbe (our Review*. •• •« _$ to .or auy Uirej ol tbe four Review*, •• " _7 oo or all four of tbe Review*, " •' _a 00 .'or Blackwood'* llugiiint, " " _3 i 0 .'or Blackwood and ote Review, «• " »5 to /or Blackwood and two Reviews, " « . J (,o .'or Blackwood end tlircc Review*, '• „ > oo or Blackwood and tbe four R .views, •• „lo 00 Bfcy Money current in tbe State where issued .rill be received at par. Clubbing, A discount of twenty-4ive per cent llroin the ibovc price will be allowed to clubs ordering four .r more copies of any oue or more of tbe above vorks. Ti:us four copies of Blackwood, or of one .leview, will be cent to one oddress for $9 ; fonr opics of the four Reviews and Blackwood for £SO: icd so oa. Postaße. 8©" In nil tbe priucip 1 cities end towns, there .Vorks will bo ciclivorod FREE OF POSTAGE .Vhcn sent by mail, the Postage to rny p.,rt of the /nited St ites will be bnt 24 ffn<S n venr for Blackwood." and but 14 cent# a year'foreucii if Hie Ktv.ews. N. B.—The price in Crout Britain of the Cve Pc iortiiala above n tr.ed is s3l j-er cnuum. «ar Remlttnn'o3 should always be .'.ddrtsjed, 'Oat paid, to the Publishers, LEONARD SCOTT & CO., No. 54 Cold street, New York, Jrnunrv Bth. 1861. No. 8 Popular Family Journals, FOWLERS AND WELLS, NEW VORK. PUD IUh tiic following l'opul ir and Scientific £c .ls, wh ch afford mi excellent opportunity fcr -ringing before tlia public all subjects of ccucul itcrcai. "life Illustrated." A first class Weekly Pictorial newsj-apfr, Ocrr. ;d to News, Littratuio, fc'cicnce and tbe Arts ; to intertiiiuiucnt, Improvement, nnd Cineri.l rogrosi. Its coin mm contain original L'sfavs, Biographical nnd descriptive Skeuhes .f travel nnd adventure, poetry, painting, n ukic, calpturc, etc.; urticlc* on science, agriculture lOHiculturr, physiology, education, and eieiy to' >ic which is of importance or interest nil ci mhiii ng to render it one of the best Family Ncwvia. icrs in the world. Published weekly, at two dollcrs a yetr in cJ. VMUCC. "The \7at:r-Ccre Jotrnal andHeraldcf Rcl'cma" Devoted to hydropathy, Its philosrjhy r.r.i practice; to physiology and atuitomy, with i!!i<-. native engravings; to dietetic, cxtriue, cio U'n." occupations, iiniusimcnti. and ilio.c laws which govern life and he Ith. Published monthly, in convenient form for binding, ut one dollar a ye r iu advance. "The American Phrenological Jenrnsl." A Repository of science, literature, and general intelligence, devoted to phrenology, education magnetism, psychology, mechinism. architecture! and to all those progressive measures which «ro calculated to reform, elevate and Improve man kind. Illustrated with numerous portraits end other engravings. A beautiful quarto, suitable for binding. Published monthly at one dollar n year, in .-.dvance. FOWLER * WELLS. 308 Broadway, New York. For three dollar*, a copy of each of the above, will lie sent one year. i Hfc FARMER'S GUIDE TO Scientific and Fractical Agriculture. By iI*«Y Stkmiks, F. R. 8., of Edinburgh, and the lite J. P. Norton, Professor of Scien. tific Agriculture in V»le College, Xew Haven, 2 vols. Royal octavo. 1000 pages, and nu merous Engraving*. I hi* Is confessedly the most complete work ob Ag-iculture ever published, and ia order to rive it a wider circulation, the publishers have resolved to rsduce the price to W for (lie Two Tolbmci, When seat by mail (post paid) to California, Oregon and Washington, the price will be fT. To every other pirt of the Union, and to r "-Mn (post paid) fti. ' BiT This is oot the old "Book of the Farm." Remittances for any of the above publications should always be addiessed, post paid to Ike pub. Ushers, LEONARD SCOTT k CO.. Ko. 54, Gold Btrwl, Kew Vork. Ml*T..s a*••••••• I, ALKIAIMB (Lil« of il. U. lUinroft 4 Co.) BOOKS AM miIOXERT, QAA VOLIPLAW BOOK*. OvM 9 I '.'MM Vols. MiyelUneoas Cooks. 100.000 VoU. School Books. I.«M •' Medical Books. I.«W Rsina Louer Paper. 690 Reims Cap Pun. Reams Ltj.l Ci p, nai Mi Beam* Note Paper. >OO,OOO Envelope*, aaeoned. For sole at the lowest rates by KEXXT * ALEXASDE3. •06 and «M Xoei|Mstv et B'a Frencieeo, Jane I, I Ml. u4| A ' *• » " m4 Tracing* ftrniahed Mr throe detlrL * Jmif «. INI. Kta *' w. ItlßMr, XX. fnamt in Ateinty. ,J * , Beottfe. March, !4«l. J*V

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