Newspaper of The Washington Standard, August 24, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated August 24, 1861 Page 3
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was arretted m A spy and traitor; Kit a man in Portland writes and print* "comfort" for the enemy. and .end* it aa far into the enemy's camp u government mails will carry it, and 14 t,either arrested nor molested. It is true that Portland is not under martial lav. bat are Oregon seceaaiouists any the less traitor* because removed from the immediate scene of strife? Public opiniou, at least, slioold hold them the vilest traitors of them all. If secession is treason in the South is it not so in the North ? and for what is the government arm raised but to strike down secession ? If the plea of freedom of the press would not avail in Virginia, why should it here? does the Constitution confer more liberty upon triators in one place than in another? The difference is a constitutional or legal technicality, .rhich such a man as Jackson would take little notice of. and although it may favor the northern traitor, he is in {•oi'nt of fact the meaner and guiltier of the two. The southern secessionist at least battles openly for what he has been led to believe is right, but your northern traitor lacks the courage to join his recession friends in the South and fight boldly for the cau»c he would espouse, but keens at safe distance from danger, squats down securely anion# a liberal law-abiding people and sells himself to ignorant political hacks or nincompoop Senators to blackguard the country which he owes for the lil>erty he abuses, aud insult the community that tolerates aud feeds hiui. Too many of these pap-sucking drones in habit the Pacific coast, and too long have they contaminated the tree soil of the North to the exclusion of whiter and more decent men. The most mer ciful disposion that can be made of them is to allow them to emigrate speedily ; they should seek their secession friends in the "sunny south," where they can find a more congenial climate and a fair field to spread themselves and their Eeculiar sentiments. This country has ad enough of them; they are as full of Virginia pride and South Carolina logic as a hog of flees; they smell of Cotton Confederacies and negro mon archies; the North don't want them and Jeff. Davis does—he lacks soldiers —and the carcasses of these fellows will "fill a pit as well as better men." UNCLE SAM. A Tribute to the Old Hero. The World pays the following trib ute to qualities which characterize the veteran Generul-in-Chief ot the United States forces: "From his youth he lias been a soldier, and a victorious one. He has seen more service than any man under his commaud, and was never known to be disconcerted by danger. A strict disciplinarian and something of a martinet, it wasjocosely said of him in his younger days, that he would drill a battalion under lire. Yet General Scott is as chary of men's lives as a mi ser is of gold. Ho never moves, if he can avoid it, until he sees not only that he can accomplish a good purpose, but until he can accomplish it at the least possible risk of men. It is his avowed beliet that an officer who ex poses troops to needless peril is guilty of a degree of manslaughter. And he not only thus regards himself as re sponsible for the lives under his com mand, but he looks after their health and comfort. He will not accept regi ments unless he can clearly see means to feed, clothe and shelter them. The consequence of this prudence on lus part (joined as it is known to be, with a daring spirit and great military sa gacity,) is that, after a little experience, men fight under him with the greater confidence. They come to believe that if he gives an order it is not one that will expose them to needless risk, or to chances of defeat, if in battle they justify his confidence in their bravery. Through all the excitement of tho past few weeks at Washington he has re mained undisturbed. The announce ment of the approach of twenty, thirty, fifty thousand men, he has'received with imperturbable incredulity, lie knew better. He knew that Jefferson Davis could no more march fifty thou sand men upon Washington than fifty thousand witches. He knows exactly what provision is required for the trans- Cortation of eveu a thousand men five undred miles. He knows when to be alarmed and when to repress ardor and when to give it way. He knows that it is oue of the first duties of a military leader to restrain and direct his own enthusiasm as that of the men under his own commaud. He is prudent and so all other eftcatieus qualities attend him." «f California, late Postal Agent, ia raising a company of cavalry. N9TIC& WEboreby gireaotieoto Doaalioa Claimants, Pn-«apl«n, ood oil othor peroooa whoa * roeoieod from the iMd Office at Olympia oil the Notifteatioas, Do -B*«wwiU t Plats, Me., pertaining to the Cdrakk Rirer District, wo ore oow pre pored to *ll or nay basinets pertaining to the MM District comprises all the publie <Mls lying Rost ood Booth of the Mlowiot boaa dnnes, vis: Begianiag oo the boundary lioo be tween the United Bute* ood the British Posaes ■MM, sod oo the malt of the Cascade mono- Wl, i M the aearoet roage liae to the oost line of ■jUf* teeln; thoaco Math oa the aooiost roage Hoee oa the eaamit of told moaaloias, to the Uoe aiming towaships too aad eleven north ; theoco to the liae diridiag ranges six aad seven • l "S* c « north oa aaid liae to the third s land ed parallel; theoce weet to Shoolwator Bar, in dexing any islands therein, to Urn Paciflc. .V™ 0 " 1 »riUag to the Load Office will please C'»t their Post Office address. JOSEPH * FLETCHER, Register, SAMI EL W. BROWX, Receiver. *»ncoover. A«ig —, 1G«5I. -il.wl HENRY M M'CILL, [LATE SECRETARY OF THE TERRITORY,I —AND— r —iinmwT of tkr I'mmrt of (litmt of C. S. llflLL Jerolr tpf ill attention to the pitftn- If tion of the irrmur paper* to n coafuy rltim andrr the act »f Mutli Zd I *•> I. for the piißtit of the ctr debt, and to baiiaeM before the I'. S. laid office* Orrm—Oß Mai* 81., Olvmpia. W. T. [4l] TIE (KIT MMI IB Ik* Mcwf •€ MNkiw. FOR PrRIFYIXG THE BLOOD ASP STREGTH KMSG THE HI'MAN FRAME. DR. D. PERCY A CO'S CELKRRATED CMUNiL BAUi Or CTBCAMIA, Pnre rro dtMmrr mm J m half a bvttlr. A NEW an<l important medicine for the rare of Servo«« Debility. Uoitnilr. Weakness. S«-or balir Humor- Old I"l<er«. Glandalar Swelling*. Eri'iprlM. SmifnU. rim|ilr>. |l|>ta>M ofthr Skia. r ouoeoa" Fraptiunn. and all iapari tie* of the BM. It will al»o remove the eflcrta <>f Men urr. aud entirely erodirate it from the irittn. M 4 Ihip- nt S'rft, tetrerm Cmlifonun and Ptm> X B. All letter* f>r Adtn e and ine* promptly an««ered. and out door patient attiatrd la day and E'jfc;. >au I rani i>(<>. Anf I. 180!. II m SPECIAL XOTICKS. RrllflM* Scllcm. Divine Service at ft. John"» Chapel every Sat dai morning. at 11 o'rlork. and evening at 8 o'- clock. Al»o. liililr l'la»< every Wednesday even ing. at 7 o'clock, r. a. D. Klli*, Missionary. Ditiuc Sen ire every Sahbath at the M. E. Cliun li in the morning and evening. Sabbath School at 2 p. m. Rev. It. J. EVANS will preach in the hall of the ••Old Land Office," mi the first. second. and fourtli Sundays of each month at 11 o'clock A.M. Hall's Sarttaparllla, Yellow Dock and lodide of Potass— la purely >« re presented, and mude iu strict accordance with phar maceutical formula. mid is strictly guarantied free from Spirits, Mercury, and Arsenic which caunot qc said of any other known preparation of the kind. As a good and reliable tonic alterative, it is unequalled. It quickly removes from the sys tem all morbid and impure matter, —Mercury, Lead and Arsenic. For all chrouic diseases, there is no othor remedy extant that trill, or doe* cure, Khumatism, Scrofula, Old Sores. Salt Khcum, Gout, Lumlingo, Pimples on the face and body. Neuralgia, Pains in the joints, Chronic Sore Eyes, Spring Fever, Indigestion. Liver Complaint' san diseases arising from an impure state of lllood, Skin and Kidneys, as quick and sure, as Hall's Sarsnparilln, Yellow dock and lodide of Potass. For sale' everywhere, for One Dollar; 0 Hot tics sent by express to any add res for Five Dollars. R. Hall Jk Co., Sole Proprietors. Nos. 5.11 & 533 Clay St., San Francisco. Doctors Percy a Co., No. 014 Du pont street, between California and l'iue, San Francisco, Phymeian* aml Operating Surgeon*, Mem bers of the Royal Colleges of London and Edin burgh, Graduates of the Universities of London And Edinburgh,—First Prizes for Anatomy and Chem istry, and Second for Medical Jurisprudence for the above named Universities.—Honorary Physicians to the Edinburgh Lying-in-Hospital, and Surgeon to Glasgow Lock Hospital, beg to call theatteutioti of the public to their National Mode of Treating and Curing lHneate*. and mav be consulted dailv from OA. M. till 9 P. M., on DISEASES OF THE FOLLOWING OtlflASS ! llruin, Eye, Ear, Heart, Lung*, Livtr, StnMiirli and Intestinal Canal; l'ancreat, Spirtn. Kid net/ * and remaining Urinary Or gan* ; Midwifery and IHiratei af Women and Children. Surgical Casta—Operation* of every class nntl character performed. Caiet o/Xervou* or Acquired Debility, Disease* of the Skin, etc., etc., we lieg to <lraw particular attention to. Also, Fibrous nntl Muscular Rheumatism, commonly tailed Chronic and Acute, and generally produced by the use of Mercury. DOCTORS PERCY k CO., Al4 Oupont street, bet. California ard Fine. X. IJ.—All letters for Advice or Medicines promptly answered, and out door patients attend ed to day aud night. San Francisco, Aug., 18GI. 41:m3 RUFUB WILLARD, Physician and Surgeon. Dr. RUFL'S WILI.ARD, Graduate of the Uni versity of Xcw York, desirous of locating permanently in Washington Territory, offers his professional services to the citizens of Olympia and surrounding country in all the departments of Medicine and Surgery. Witb such personal obser vations as a Collegiate Course among the Colleges and hospitals of New York affords, the Doctor trusts that he will merit a liberal share of public patronage, and will hold himself in readiness at all times to attend to any calls in the line of his pro fession, to which his entire attention will be devo ted. IST- Particular attention will he paid to dis eases of women and • hildren, and all organic affec tion*. Olympia, August 10th, 1861. 39:tf Farm Iter Sale. THE undersigned offers his farm, situated six miles north of Olympia, for sale or rent, con taining 160 acres choice farming land, a fi»e_ or chard of 200 bearing fruit trees, of all varieties, dwelling and out houses, barn, and a good well. There are also living streams of water for stock, flowing through the premises. Also 1 yoke of work oxen, 5 milch cows, and 20 young cattle will be sold, with or without the premises. For particulars enquire of the undersigned, or of Wm. Killings, Olrmpia. ISAAC DOFFLRMIRE. Olympia. Aug. 17, 1861. 40:tf HENRY NATHAN, O Wbarf Street, VICTORIA, V. I. OFFERS FOR BALB— BBASDY—KarteIIs tad other brawl* is balk. KVM—FiM Jamaica, 0. P. WIIIII- Scotch, IN CM«. OLB TOM—AIU>D«, ia COM. Still—Aaehar Brood, io COM. «M«BB MißPT—lal-do* ease* JVRIPKB CMMAL-licue IBCMIT-J« COM. CIRACOA, AIUCSB, etc., etc. Assorted Table Cutlery, Plated Ware, See., Ac. BOILED LINSEED OIL aad Bright Varnish, io bulk ; ood o |«nrtl assortment of Eaglish Goods. Victoria, V. I. Aog 1, 1S«1. 3»:w4 WASHINGTON HOTKL, SILAS CALLinn, Pr*. CORNER OP SECOND AND MAIN STREETS, Olympia, \V. T. Board per week f5 <»o Olympic Nov. ItM. Jly Chas. E. Williams, iXacceeeor to C. A. B«raw, —EitiUUM !•{« DEAIJCR IK BAUI.iK, TMAK, STIfB, INK, STEEL, GROCERIES, *c. Myapta, W. T. TT AVISO recently received luge itrwim to pi k to atoek,'« BOW oferiag mag other Gooda, the l«llwii| desirable article* Baruiag Fluid sad Coal Oil, (Pare*, Coal Oil and Plaid Lamp*, Shade*. Take*, ('.lobe*, Cbimaeye. Wick* Coaceat rated Polwh, for making 12 palloa* »oft soap (with AiU line tioa* i price 61) ft*. Advance Cooking Stove*, with eitenaion oven*, IA very desirable patern with extra casting*), Garden Tool*, (tardea S»ed» MSJ ceatu per paper), Parlor aad Door Mats, Bear. Beaver, Gopher. Rat aad Manse Trap*, Rr*»« Curtain Cornice* aad Band*. Wire and Safe Cloths, of all aamber*. Mm* Flidlip, ■ Pall farMf t ComprUiag La»t*. Shoe Hammer*. Kaive*, Nail*, Piacber*. Pep. Ac. ■•nr, Caw mm* NwepMli, Extra Heavy. Paleal Saws, i A very tuperiur article), Mrchaalr'i Taali ud Malrrtah, IS fall variety.) Window-sash. r.iints. Oil, Putty and Claw ; Var nishes. Japan, Turpentine and Alcohol, Pocket ud Table t'utlery. (Urge assort ment), Currv (I'oulu and Horse Brushes. (leather back*) Pow der. Shot. Rail*, Lead Mil Caps, Rullet Mould*, Oun Lock* Wiper*. Nipples. Ac. ; (.'able. Trace, Halter and I>og Chain* . Sheep Shears and Wool Cards, (JruW, Planter and Garden Hoes, Plows, falllfatm, Nallwki, Hr»h HMki, Home Ritk.cs, Cradles, Meyllaen, Rakes, C'burnN. Forks, Hutter Bowls aad Trays, 4c. JAPAN BLACK TEA. fifey Tin, Sheet Iron. Copper and Brass Wart manufactured and repaired. N.B.—We have made such arrangements for the purchase of articles, cither in Han Francisco or New York, us we think cannot but give satis faction. Kir Commission solicited. Olympia, April <5, lßfil. 21 :tf WM. G. DUNLAP, IMPORTER AND DEALER IN GROCERIES. PROVISIONS, DRY (iOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS and SHOES, Ac. AT THE OLD STAND, Corner of Main and Third Streets, Country Produce generally taken in exchange for Goods. No pnins spared to give satisfaction to customers. Olvmpiu, Nov. 23, IBGO. 2:tf Notice To School Superintendent* and School Directors of \V. T.—ln accordance with the duty devolving upon mc a* Territorial School Superintendent, I would recommend a uniform *y*tcm of school books throughout the Territory. After consulting with several educators nnd County Superintend ents, wc IIIIVC agreed upon the following text books. nnd I would recommend them for adoption as soon ns practicable : Town's Speller; l'urker A Watson's Ist, 2d, 3d, 4th and Mil Renders; Webster's Tnabridged Dic tionary; itny's Arithmetic, parts Ist, 2d nnd 3d; Rays High-school do ; Ray'* Algebra, parts lot and 2d ; Ray's Geometry • Ray'* Surveying and Trignometry ; Clark's English Grammar, part* Ist nnd 2d ; Cutter's Physiology; Cornell's Series of Geographies; Wood's Botanv. Your* Truly, B. C. LIPPINCOTT, .Superintendent Public School* of W. T. Olynipia, April 20th, IBCI. 23:tf JXO. D. ARTHUR WMt S. AII Tit I'II J. D. ARTIIITR Jk SON, IMFOHTKHB AND JOIBEBR 01' AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, or All Kind*. 18 61. REAPERS ill (MB MIS. We now offer for sale the eeUbrated S*w York Reaper and Mew York Reaper aad Mower. Md<tt Kipremlfi for California, hp Kt4r and Child, »f Springfield, O Am. "We hare «oid the above make «f Machine* for the last live years, with increased sale every year.

Une hundred aad seventy-six of these Reaper* were ■old la*t **a*on, allof which gav* th* moat perfect Mtihfaetion, a* being the mail triiiii, tranv ni'*«iMO, and complbtc Reaper and Mwervr in n*e. Extra parts always on hand. Also, Retckaai's lower. Improved for l«6l. S*i<i to be the best single Mower ever m»4f. Also, The Teraioat Mower aad Reaper. A light draft. Cnt* «re feet: saita ble for •mall farm*. Also, Hail's, Pitt's aai ftaiwlll ThrMbrrai Powrri, Ar. Bradlej'a Patent Home Rake*. Spring Steel Toeth Wheel Horse Rokes. Revolving Horse Rokes fall sisee.) Hay and Barley Rakes. Barter Forks, Hay Fotfcs, Scythes and Swaths (all kiads), Oraia Cradles, Seed Sowers.Cultivators, Pana or PlaatatioaMiUa (tor grinding teed—boat ia M), Browa's Ban Stoae Mills. Haad Mills, Hone Carte, faia, Plows, Harrows, Nails, Mmm, Shovels, Onaf stones (all sisee, ia casks or dagte), Large Road Plows, Bot Scrapers, etc., sac. All of which are oßerod fce en>s at the Is nasi Coraor of Waahiagtea aad BwUaSmtt, April jo, iaai. J3.aU CnlMwate CIO. L KBNNY, TTAVIMO wilkdfM tta Irarfß. B.ta*. U oeft a Co., hoe this dor MM Hated htaootf With Mr. J. m. AUXAIMHL aad wiß eoatiaac the m am mmia mm, In All Its Barnehos, " "T - ■ 1 TTf ■■■tjßUlj nm, SHERMAN'S BUILDING* Opposite the old staad, oadsr the aaaseaf KEsnrr a ALEXANDER San Franrtfeo, Mao I*, INI. 39:m3 NemorSdote! mmamammmi Tto mart •WMUMSWM to CfW IWj BCft9H If K to Mtamiuii tovhaMto'lbiMi totwtoil. If it ariaae directly or Mi* *T *—n n airrana nftriien. pai www to H MikNtttonta ef aaerialta mn year tto Him toi arietei. h to (uiuuH to the vio etoae, Aethma, Craape, Spaeata, Tar tifo, Headache, DeUriaa Tnmh, Law Spirits, Meatal arPhysical Dacay, w toaptof Caagh, Agae, Laea if Appe tite, Stnctare, Stone. Nerraaa Twkh Epitopay, Coat, Patar, *7fS5 Mattaa HaiiMtaa If WIBL, t WPWIII, njpOCMMW, Rf» MAAUa <• w wvMinvi In ruteveaaliag preaaatare atd m, aad corraettof decreptladc braaght aa by eiceaaiva indalgenca, thai aatbiagbat a trial caa caaviaaa tto patient ef lla qealittoe I ■%_ It to not an eicitaat, bat a streaftheaer, purely vegetable aad baraaleaa ; like a akilHWI ar chitect, it begin* by laying a In* foaadatioa, aad gradually bat iaeaaaaatly add* straagtk aad vigor until nothiag i* left aatatohed. Thi* tniraculim* Medicine to for sale, whatoaale and retail, by SAMUEL ADAMS, Drnggiit, dag Sirctl, oar deer fum Dvpmt, Sea JVaariir*. and by *ll Ormffuf m Caltftmim aad Oryea >1 per bottle, $• par dosea. WHOLHALB Aanra.—Rediagtoa A Co., 0. W. Knell, Langley A Co., Chas. Morrell, Crowell A Crane; Win. 11. Heitb A Co. 14:m3 Dr. 0. K. WILLARD, Olympla. BOABDMAX'S YCABT POWDBBS—Thi* artleto of Yeast Powder will render all article* of food made of flour or meal more nutrition*, dlgeatlble, aad wholesome, than any other yeast powder la tto market. We quote their constantly Increasing de mand a* evidence of their merit. For *al* by all the merchant*. H. A. Judson d; Co., (At the Lata Stara af W. V. Batledga,) OLYMPIA, W. T., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, AND DEALERS IN DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, CLOTHING, BOOTS and SHOES. HARDWARE, PAINTS, OILS, *C., AC., AC. COUNTRY PRODUCE. IN WO CASK Will Credit be |irei Ar toager (has Thirty Bajrat Olympla, NOT. 23, 1860. Jttf NOTICE. THIS is to notify all whom It may concern that application will be made on behalf of the ucirs at law, to the Register and Receiver of the Land Office at Olynipia* on Monday, the 15th day of July nctt, for acertiAcate of title to the dona tion claim of William Holmes, deceased, late of Lewis county, Washington Territory. A. M. POE, Attorney for the Heirs at Law. Olympla, W. T., June 15, 1881. 32:w4 OLYMPIA WAGOV XAVTTf ACTOBY. Stuart & Blackshoar, WOULD inform the'citiiens of Olym pin and Ike surrounding country (bat they are now mannfacturing WAGONS) CAR RIAGES and BUGGIES of all description*, from thi best of imported material, by experienced work* men, for which WHEAT will be taken in exchange, delivered at the Tumwater mill*. Shop corner M and Chinook Street*. Olympla, December 8, 1810. 4:tf ■ Seed Warehouse! Eotabllofeed la 19M. No. 110 California Street, between Montgomery aad Saniome, Saa Francisco, Cat. Ha* for atl* th* most extensive variety of m.m m AND FRUIT SEEDS* la California, Including vor Reed, tTIRo low Crop. Hungarian Qna, Red Clorer, Timothy, Kentuckvßlue Gnat, Canary Bird Seed, White Dutch Clotrar, to. Alao, Chufla or Earth Al mond*, Himimm, T«Kp«, Liliea, And otk*r Ratfcov* Rasta. Asoertmewt* of R*- |lwMMW^n*wr raring hie Soed*ftw*ijka kaa ■» I gj'wnrn. m* 11l II il> ii ■■|iOjriio|iiTi i r . |7r Seed Watakaw, HO O*R»«*H M.,5. f.,Od- In—acy IMk, IMI lost Tfrt, namnmMuntoU I WW, CARD iTOCE, ft*. ITM.«nM« !»«•! Sal rmtiKt, Jnurr Ml, IHl.W'ly uwiw m to ABB iimvms ilium T EfWUB»BOQTTSOO..»owTorfc, nillni JLi ton I limit tto BvMtok fWtoi is, thi I. tto LOKDOV QCAimiT, (Ti In ) i- Tto Dmnoa urinr, (WMg.> 3. Tto TOOT BBITMB ttTßW.^Ctott) 4. Tto WMIMIMItt BBTIEW, (Utoetf.) #. BLACKWOOD'S EMBBUBOH MAGAZINE, (Tuy) IT "TTfcl^. y* 1 •to w«M rf btton, beiag ladtoae■» Ma to tto actolar aid tto mUmI maa/wMle to ttotoleMgr! rate ef iwy ctoae, tkin ter *"■ il **ii*fcn«ij ni H | ef tto caml Htoaaiaw af ttodny. Hi liftnl «to weld **aaibly to iliilm I iw nr other Tto receipt ef Advaace Stoats trmm tto British nUtaton gtoaa addMaaal ealaa to ttoaa repriata, aaw toplaaad to ttotoad* Torms: Per aay aae af the fear Bartow*, per aaaaa-t3 M Paraay twaof the tear Bariewe, « « .IN Per aay ttoaa af tto tear Bartow*, " " .In Par all tear af tto Beviewa, .IN Par Black waod'* Magaslae, .IN Par Blackwoad aad oae Be view, " . • W Par Blackwoad aad twa Bartow*, " _ T 00 Par Blackwood aad three Bevlew*. " .lot Par Blackwaad aad tto tear Beriewi, " .to 00 Money entreat la the State where toaaed will to received at par. Clubbing. A dtoconat of tweaty-lre per ceat from the above price will to allowed to clabe ordering tear or aaore caaiaa of aay oae or More of the above works. Thai fonr cople* of Blackwood, or of oae Barlow, will to aant to one addreaa for f9; fonr coplee of the fonr Beriewi and Blackwood for S3O; aad so oa. Postage. la all the principal cities and town*, these Work* will bo delirered FREE OF POSTAGE. When seat by mail, the Poatago to anr part of the United Stetea will be but S4 C«U a year for " Blackwood," aad hot 14 CClll a year for each of the Reriewa. N. B.—the price in Great Britain of the Ore Pe riodicals above named is s3l per annum. W Remittance* should always be addressed, post paid, to the Publishers. LEONARD SCOTT * CO., No. 54 Gold street, New York. January sth, 1861. No. 8 BETTER TliK PRESTON i MEIRILL'S AND At Lieaus Prloea Z ROARDMAN'S ! CHALLENGE YEAST POWDER, FULLY GUARANTEED. IP NOT SATISFACTORY, The Money will ho Retarnedl For sale by all Jobbers, and by J. 0. WINANS, BO California Street, Who will also act a* commission agent for pu* chasing all kinds of goods. Saa Francisco, February, 1811, 14: mS SAFES! SAFES! r. TILMAIV, N Battarjr Street, San Francisco, SOLI Agent for TtLTON k IfcPARLAND'S I celebrated Fire-Proof and Burglar Salfei, la Safo is well known in the market for Its un surpassed Are-proof quality, hating withstood In California, as well in the Bast, the hottest Ares known. We can refer to endless certificates from parties in our mining towns, where these Safes have been subject to the most severe tests of its Ire-qualities. These Safes are secured by our Combination Lock. This Lock is In every respect the most secure one in use; it requires the key aad combination to open the Safe. If the key should be abstracted from the owner, it would be perfectly useless to the possessor without his knowing the combina tion, or mesial key, which the owner carries in hia head. To those in want of a reliable safo, we offer the above cheaper than any other in the market. |9* A large assortment on hand and to arrive. F. TILXAN, 86:8 m. 00 Batteiy St., San Francisco. 910* lit KBJfMY•••••••••••*•• eeeeeentteit O. lUUIBII. (Late of 11. H. Bancroft * Co.) BOOKS AMD STATIONERY. QAA VOLS. LAW BOOKS. »jlfIV 10,000 Vol*. Miscellaneousßook*. 100,000 Vol*. School Book*. 1,000 " Medical Book*. 1,000 Ream* Letter Paper. 500 Ream Cap Paper. (00 Ream* Legal Cap, aad 500 Ream* Note Paper. MO,OOO Envelope*, woMi Per *al* at th* low**t rtiee by HKRY ft. ALEXANDER, MlilM Montgomery Street. San flMtlm, Jin S, INI. 3S:m3 F. X. KABT, Afwt af A HDBIUBL BOOT AND SHOE SMMialirtViOflMMiSU^ WMAMMMOUUiU, CAUPOMMU miff, (Brtpr Jjattory)^ g^jgBSSS 80Lt^E$F0BC^re«nA. Ap*R m,teat. nm*. OLOTNINO HMMMt 178 Clay SU and IOV MontjWMij St^ *!*£+?* foßt'oS^lSi CmHip IMk. IMI. l*4p \*TW Mi* puiSar rf lit W*H « liD'i S«*- tfiritto powunauuiDWELLs, raw tokx, pub. whtafc iM m wraUwit offortiiit; hr JjjHjj* Wfcw Ik* piklle all rabjaato at jwinl "Uh BHirtil" Wrtyfai «»w. *•*•- awd Ik* Arta; «# gy 1 ?*- lu'eehwe eoataia MUMI IMM, Ifctorical daocripgTa IkAi " TV* *** »—t»ar, paiatlaf, BMle,. SSS2S' fcraar - *"-*■* "•*■- FiUiihid WMklv, it tvi t yiif Is %A~ M AlTitw<nJi<mluilinUrf MMBI* ®W*< to hydrafathy, Ha phOoaaahy u4 ptactlea; to phrdalogr u< ilm, with Mu tralira aagraviog*; occapatioaa, i»miHU, aad I Imm lava whlah (avara Ufr aad health. Pabliahcd moathlr, la eMTMI«M farm for biodlaf, at Mt dollar • raar ia adraacc. A llfiailorr af ariaaea, HMnlm, aad mmtl ialillgn 11, inm ta plwilmj. ahctte, aurhaaiia, archilanara, aad to all thaaa progrtMira mcaiarca which an ealcalatad to rafona, elerata aad lajtara aaa> kiad. Illaatratad with aaateroa* yatUaHa aad other aagrariaga. A l*aatilul <aarto, aaHaMa for biadiar. PaUithed bmmUilt at oaa dollar a raar, la adraacc. FOWLRK * WILLS. . SN Broadway, Xw York. Far three dollar*, a copy of each of the abore w«< Journal* will be *ent one year. PHELAN'B Billiard Saloon. raws abort Billiard Saloon, with BIGHT FIRST I CLASS PHELAN TABLES, Is how open to to* public. The Caihlona on these Tablet an the latest patent, and art a great improvement on their prtdeceuors. The ROOM la fitted up so as to combine ELEGANCE with COMFORT. The bar will be kept cupplied with the very choicest brand* of wines, lilQuora, And the aubacribera hope, by atrict attention, to merit the patronage of all who admire and prac tice the GAME OF BILLIARDS. DAN. LYNCH, M. E. HUGHES. T9O and T33 Montgomery at., Opposite the New Metropolitan Theatre. The subscriber begs to inform the pablic that tha above mentioned BILLIARD SALOON la Also intended to serve as a show and salesroom for PHELAI'I Pmtoftt CmMmOm Caiklm nl MtM Ml* ItaMl MMn, And BUllard Trimmings of every description. Parties desirous of purchasing Billiard Tables will thus have an opportunity of selecting from a va ried assortment, both in style and finish, and can also test the superiority claimed for the Cushion* and Tables. Mr. DAN. LYNCH will always be ok hand, and ready to give all required information with regard to the merit* of theee JUSTLY CELE BRATED BILLIARD TABLES. The subscriber cordially Invites all interested parties to call and examine. M. B. HUCHES. Agent for Phelan's Patent Combination Cosh lons and Modern Billiard Tables. Bus Francisco, July 10,1861. Unn3 A Card, T WILL leave for the Atlantic States, on or I about the Ist of September next. During my sojourn I will be prepared to attend to all busi ness entrusted to my care with promptness and dispatch. Thote having War Scrip, or bonds for such, can have them converted into cash, payable at New York, San Francisco, or Olympia. Charges mod erate and to suit the times. For farther particulars inquire of A. FRANKEL, At the store of Lightnef 4 Frankcl. Olympia, July 27, 1861. 3V<tf [Continued from the JVuhmt ami Democrat of May 31st, 1861.] TBBBITOUY OP WABanratOK, \ Connty of Thnrstob. / In the District Court of the Second Judicial Dis trict. A. U. A. Blaachet a*. Fred. A. Clarke and George D. Clarke. TO GEORGE D. CLARKE: Yon are hereby notified that A. M. A. Blaachet has filed a complaint against yo* and Find. A. Clarke in said court, micb will come an to be heard at the first term of the Oourt, which shall commence more than three months after the 18th day of April, 1861, and unltte you appear nt snid term nnd an*wer, the same *Ol he taken aa con fessed, and tha prayer thereof granted. The ob ject ana prayer or said complaint is to obtain Judgment «gahut yen for tha principal and Inter eat Of ter6 )>remi*aory note* made by ya« sad sold Fred. Clarke to the plalbtMf nt CewHta, Lewis oonnty, on the 9th day of Jaly, 18M, amonntinv ta ttb whole to the Mm of seven handled and stay-five dollars and two eeata, together with tha Intereet noerning, and tha oaetaeftUe rait. HENRY M. McGILL, Attorney for PinWif. Olympia, April •, Utt. «l:l*w Dl tMm af Ml mr4tr at Ikt fi>Wl» Cowtlf fj Klag nm%, W. T., ■( ha Mjrtm, Oil, »nlii hfciwh fin* that m TKatey. th* ZTtfc fey «f AmmO will ■>—««< to wil is imt tf*. W. T., ajirsklk AmtSm, to U« kighMt M 4. §m, At BMh* Lm4 CWb «f AipM ■■lih (hnrihi w<<«yiwrflM<,iw> t—MwrfwMA fcrlnHn m M^nin "** Bui, ■>lM||, Jafr n, MM. M.-V4] BtTUtK, 1 !*>!£&&**: &LrSEL£Ji: fwlftMy 555aaaa.'55ga «LL2?£Va. <%■»*», W. T-. A*f. M, IMI. MnN Otyapfe Dm MB H JJT^T"* 1 "" 1,1,1 'A J WLLCT

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