Newspaper of The Washington Standard, August 31, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated August 31, 1861 Page 3
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TDK GERMAN PRESS OK THE ROPTH- I RN* KEDELLION. —The Kreutz Zeitung the following language : " European politicians have been too prone to regard the Übited United S;.ite* as an overgrown body, whose op|ii*aranee of exaberate health was only a hectic flush prophesying speedy de cay to an experienced eye. They havo Iwen t<»o prone to regard the present et rubles as the agonies of death. But i,o/that we have felt the strong pulse of twenty millions ot freemen beating with unconquerable ardor, the inarch of liberty —we nee our politicians have tired. These agonies are not the agonies t t'dissolution, they arc lhe[Kings of a new berth." The y'ationil Zeitung, of Berlin—a pa per of op|M»*ite politics from the last— praises the North in extravagant terms for the alacrity with which she ha« *l>r»ng to arms and the rapidity with v. liiclt she has raised aud organized an urmv. "History," it says, "presents no "parallel, anil the Americans have proved themselves possessed of the Mine transcendent energy in prosecu ting the pursuit of war which has dis tinguished them heretofore in the arts of peace." The CAogne Zeitung proph esies the speedy overthrow of the Da vis Confederacy, while the A/giincmi ZtUung of Augsburg—the most influen tial paper in Germany—is unqualified in its sympathy with the North, The Leipsie" Illustrated publishes a noticea ble article, of which the following is the gi?t: What Ihe south lacks: Money, men, ami the favor of God. What the South has: Niggers, yel low fever, and the allianceot Satan. What the North has: Money, men, a righteous cause, and the sympathy of humanity. What "the North lacks: Pirates and thieves. The best hopes and God-speeds of Christendom are with us. A SINGULAR CASE.— A man named Whitworth, a resident of Washington Territory, was taken to Ringo's Hotel, Victoria, on the 14th inst., apparently in a deep sleep. Drs. Ilaggin aud Trim ble were called and found the patient's skin moist, respiration easy, pupils of the eye natural, and pulse at 75. A light snoring was noticeable at times : the eyes remained partially closed, and no uneasiness was manifested. For twelve days he remained in this condi tion, during which time lie took only about eight ounces of nourishment, in the shape of beet tea and brandy. He expired on the afternoon ofthc 20th inst. Tue doctors who were in attendance upon him made a post nyu-Jem examina tion, and discovert the derangement to be caused by water on the brain. Previous to this last attack, he had been subject to the same sort of de rangement, »:o ie lasting over thirty eight hours; and although extremely weak for a day or two afterwards, ap peared to experience no other bad ef fects.—Times. JB@r The New York Tribune has a despatch from Washington, dated 31st July, which says that the following nominations for Brigadier Generals were sent into the Senate to-day, The dates of nil the couTmissions are May 17th; Colonel Samuel P. Ileintzleman. of the Seventeenth Infantry; Colonel Andrew Porter, of the Sixteenth In fantry; the present Provost Marshall of the city, Colonel Wm. B. Franklin, In fantry; Lieutenant Colonel Thos. YV. Sherman, Fifth Artillery; Joseph Hooker, of California; Ulvsscs S. Grant, of Illinois, Captain in the regu lar army; Frederick \V. Lander, of Virginia; Edward D. Baker, of Ore gon; E. F. Kelly, of Virginia; John A. MeClernand, of Illinois—Member of Congress from that State. 80* Brownlow, of the Knoxville (Tenu.) Whig, says: "Idle boasts are made by Secessionists that in a few days we will soon be oft'for the North, following in the footsteps of Gov. Jack son. We can say of these foolish pre dictions sis we said by St. Paul: 'None ©fthese things move us.' Here wo arc bound to remain, and, like free white men, owned by no one, we shall speak out our sentiments, freely and fearlessly. And if we fail, with God's grace it shall lie at our post at Knox ville, and with our face toward our enemies, the enemies of God aud this glorious Union." 10" The Kerry (Irish) Star says that tl.e bui-Lct* »fSutherland has been re •x-iu-d intu the Catholic church. !V«TICE Is hereby given that the tract of laad ia clad ad '" the tubjoiaeil boundaries has been set aside *•> ■ I'cited Sialcf ladiaa Reservation, under the treaty with tue Qui-aai-elt aad<jml-leb-ullc tribe* la4Ua<. AU persons are hereby positively warned agaiact settling or tresspassing oa (aid tract of land.or of fiftbinj within aaid boundaries. Tie carcasses of all whales and oth *r ■arine ani ■uis floating ashore within the boundaries of said ■leterralioa belong to anJ are the sole property of 'aid Indians. No trading will be allowed with Mid ladiaas, except by person* duly authorised by law. The following are the boundaries of aaid BUST Tstion, as nearly as caa bo detemiaed natil aa of »«al mrvey is nude: Commeaciag at a poiat oa the Pacific coast about flea chains toath of the >e-mote-lopes or Roberts' creek aad about three quarters of a mile sooth of the fifth staadard paral lel north of the base liae, theace dae east about a<e miles, theact about aorth fifteen degrees want, '• 'i°W) about sevea miles, theace dae west '' • point of racks aboat oae mile aorth of the \ u*-oi-elt river, thence with the moaaderiaga of the racilie Ocean to the place of begiaaiag. The initial point of this Reservatioa, for the preseat, U narked with a two-inch square cat ia the bark. Wll. W. MILLER, Superintendent of Indian Aflhini W. T. August 31, 1861. 43 tf . NOTICE. A LI. PERSON'S having accounts with a* will please leave the came with Wm. G. DunUp, and their bill* will be left there for final settle ment. P. S. —No one oeed (wear i aj I am a fix ture here, as U also all m; property, an? 31-lt A. J. MILLER * CO. SPECIAL, NOTICES. Lasl! LMI! A Deringer pistol, between this place and Tom water, about ten or twelve days from thi* date. The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaviag the property at this office. Religions Xotlcea. Divine Service at St. John's Chapel every Sun day morning, at 11 o'< lock, and evening at 8 o'- clo< k. AUo, Bible Cia»s every Wednesday even ing, at 7 o'clock, p. M. D ELLIS WILLIS, Missionary. Divine Service every Sabbath at the M. E. Church iu tbe morning and evening. Sabbath School at 2 r. u. Kev. R J. Kv»ss will preach in tbe hall of tbe "Old Land Office," on the first, second, and fourth Sundays of each mouth at 11 o'clock a. a. Hair* Karnaparllla, l'ellow Dork ami lodide Of* Polaw— l> purely as re presented. and made in strict accordance with phar maceutical formula. Mid is strictly guarantied free from Spirit*. Mercury, and Arsenic uliich caunot qe .-aid of anv other known preparation of the kind. As a good and reliable tonic alterative, it is unequalled. It quickly removes from tbe sys tem nil morbid and impure matter, —Mercury. I.cad and Arsenic. Fur all chronic disease*, there is remedy extant that HI II, or </.<■» rurt, Hhiiniatism. Hcrofulu. Old Sores. Salt Itheum. Gout, Lumbago, Pimples on the face und body. Neuralgia, Pams in the joints, Chronic Sore Eyes, Spring Fever. Indigestion. I.i\cr Complaint' sail diseases arising from an impure stale of Itlood. Skin and Kidneys, as quirk and sure, ns Mali's Sursnpnrilla, Yeilow dock and lodide of Potass. For r-ale' everywhere, for One Dollar; li Dottles sent bv express to any nddres Five Dollars. 11. Hall * Co., Sole Proprietors. Nos. !i::i & j'-i'i Clay St., San Francisco. Doctors Percy & Co., Xo. All Du ]ioiit street, between California iiiul l'ine, Sun Francisco, Physicians and Operating Surgeons , Mem bers of the Royal Colleges of London aud Edin burgh, Graduates of the Universities of London and Edinburgh.—First Prizes for Anatomy and Chem istry, and Second for Medical Jurisprudence for the above named Universities, —Honorary Physicians to the Edinburgh Lying-in-Hospital, aud Surgeon to Glasgow Lock Hospital, beg to call theattention of the public to their national Mode of Treating and Cur in/ Diseases, and may be consulted daily from 9 A. M. till W I'. M., on* DISEASES OF TIIE FOLLOWING ORGANS : IS rain, Eye, Eur, Ilrart, Lungs, Liver, Stomaeh and Intestinal Canal; Pancreas, Spleen, Kid neys and remaining Urinary Or gans ; Midwifery and Diseases af Women and Children, Surgical Cases.— Opera/ions of every class and character performed. Cases ofXervout or Acquired Debility, Diseases of the S/cin , etc., etc., we beg to draw particular attention to. Also, Fibrous and Muscular Rheumatism, commonly called Chronic aud Acute, and generally produced bv the use of Mercury. DOCTORS PERCY & CO., Al4 Dupont street, bet. California nrd Pine. N. B.—AH letters for Advice or Medicines promptly answered, und out door patients attend ed to day aud night. San Francisco, Aug., 1801. 41 :in3 HENRY M. M'GILL, J LATE SECRETARY OF THE TERRITORY.] Attornoy-at-Law, —Axb— Commissioner of the Court of Claims of I'. S. "*]fT"ILL devote special attention io the prepara- W tion of the necessary papers to accompany elaiuis under the act of March 2d Ihfil, for the payment of the war debt, and to business before the U. S. Land Ofliccs. OmcH —Ou Mniu St., Olympia, W. T. [4l] WE hereby give notice to Donation Claimants, Pre-cmptors, anil nil other persons whom it may concern, that having received from the Land Office at Olvmpia all tlfc Notifications, De claratory Statements, Plats, Ac., pertaining to the Columbia Ilivcr District, we are now prepared to transact all or any business pertaining to the same. Said District comprises all the public lands lying Hast and South of the following boun daries, vi/.: Dcginning on the boundary line be tween the United States and the British Posses sions, and on the summit of the Cascade moun tains, at the nearest range line to the east line of range twelve ; tlicncc south on the nearest range lines on the summit of suid mountains, to the line dividing townships teu and eleven north ; tlieucc west to the line dividing ranges six and seven west; thence north on suid line to the third stand ard parallel; thence west to Shoalwater Bay, in cluding any islands therein, to the Pacific. Persons writing to the Land Office will please give their Post Office address. JOSEPH M. FLETCHER, Register, SAMUEL W. BROWN, Receiver. Vancouver, Aug. —, IBGI. 41:w4 THE GREAT HIIISTH DISCOVERY In the Science of Medicine. FOR PURIFVING THE BLOOD AND STREGTH ENING THE HUMAN FRAME. DR. D. PERCY &CO'B CELEBRATED CORDIAL BALM OF CIRCASfIIA, Prue lico 4olUn and a half a bottle. A NEW and important medicine for the cure of J\ Nervous Debility, Lassitude, Weakness,Scor» but.c Humors. Old Wounds, Ulcers, Glandular Swellings, ErUipelas,Btrofula.Pimples, Diseases of the Skin. Cutaneous Eruptions, and all impuri ties of the Blood. It will also remove the effects of Mercury, and entirely eradicate it from the system. 514 Dvpomt Street, between Cedt/ornim and Pine. N. B.—All letters for Advice and Medicines prou.p'ly answered, and out door patients attenud to dty and night. San Fraarix-o. Aug I. 1861. 41: m HENRY NATHAN, O Wharf street, VICTORIA, V. I. OFFERS FOB SALE—» MB ft —Kartells aad other brands ia balk. Km—Fine Jamaica, 0. P. WWIMLW—Scotch, ia case. •UB TeM-Altoaa. la CM. (■H-Aacksr Braad, ia cane. OIISIB BBilST —la l-doacaaaa. IVIIPBB COBSUL-hcw. CI'BiCOA, AIIICIB, etc., eu. Assorted Table Cutlery* Plated Ware, Ac., Arc. BOILBD LINSBED OIL aad Bright Vanish, ia balk ; aad a geaeral aesortmeat of Bagluh Goods. Victoria,T. I. Aug 1, INI. 3»:w4 Mm W. JOHMIOB, 4TTOBXBY AT LAW, Bolioiter ia Chaaovj, aad Procter ia Admiralty. attSe, March, IHI. lMf RUFUS WILLARD, Physician and Hurgeon. DR Kl'tt'S WILL A HD, Graduate of the Uni versity of »w York, desirous of locating permanently in Washington Territory, offer* hi* profeeeioaal services to the titiwu of Olympia and surrounding country in all the departments of Medicine and Margery. With inch personal obser vations a* a Collegiate Course among the College* and hospitals of New York affords, the Doctor tracts that be will merit a liberal share of public patronage, and will boldhim«elf in readiness stall time* to attend to any calls ia the line of hi* pro fession, to which hi* entire attention wiU be dera ted. Particular attention will be paid to di*- ease* of womeu and«hildren, and all organic affec tion*. Olympia, August 10th, 1861. 39:tf Chas. E. Williams, (Successor to G. A. Barnes, —Established 18jj DEALER IX H ARIW.4BE, Ml IE, STOVES, MM, STKKL, UKOCKRIKB, &c. Olympia. W. T. HAVING recently received large accessions to his »to 1., i- now offering l>oods. ttie following desirable articles : Burning Flui ! and Coal Oil. ll'ntt*, Coal Oil mid Fluid Lamps, Shu.. - Tubes, Globes. Chimneys. Wick* • '••nceutraled Putaah. for making 12 g illons soft soup full direc tions i prit e ) ct*. Advance CookingSlove«, n ith exteusion ovens, (A very desirable patera with extra castings), Garden Tu.ils, Garden .Seeds (121 cents per paper), Parlor ami Door Mats, Bear. Beaver. Gopher. lint and Mouse Traps, Brass Curlain Cornice* and Hand*. Wire and Safe Cloths, of all numbers, Shoe Finding**, a Full Variety; Comprising La.ts, Shoe Hammer*, Knives, Nails, Pinchers, Pegs, Ac. Horse, Cow and Sheep Bell*, Kxir.i Heavy. Disston's Patent Crosscut and Mill Saws, (A very superior article), Mechanic's Tools and Materials, (a full variety.) Window-sash, Paints, Oil, Putty and Glass ; Var nishes, Japan, Turpentine and Alcohol, Pocket and Table Cutlery, (large assort ment), Curry Combs and Horse lirushcH, (leather backs) Pow der, Shot, Ralls, Lead and Caps, llullet Moulds, Gun Locks Wipers, Nipples, Ac.; Cable, Trace, Halter and Dog Chains ; Sheep Shears and Wool Cards, Grub, Planter aud Garden Hoes, Plows, Cultivators, Mattocks, llr iinli Hooks, Horse Hakes, Cradles, ScjtheN, Hakes, Churns, Forks, llutter Howls and Trays, &r. JAPAN BLACK TEA. Tin, Sheet Iron, Copper and Brass Ware manufactured and repaired. X. R.—We have made such arrangements for the purchase of articles, either in i Francisco or New York, as we think cannot but give satis faction, iwr Commission solicited. Olviiipia, April 0, 1801. 2l:tf WM. G. DUNLAP, IMPORTER AND DEALER IN GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS and SHOES, &c. AT THE OLD STAND, Corner of Main and Third Street*, Country Produce generally taken iu exchange for Goods. No pains spared to give satisfaction to customers. Olvmpia, Nov. 23, 1860. 2:tf STotloo To School Superintendents and School Directors of W. T.—lu accordance with the duty devolving upon me as Territorial School Superintendent, I would recommend a uniform system of school books throughout the Territory. After consulting with several educators and County Superintend ents, we have agreed upon the following text books, and I would recomracud them for adoption as soon as practicable : Town's Speller; Parker A Watson's Ist, 2d, 3d, 4th and sth Rcuders ; Webster's Unabridged Dic tionary; Ray's Arithmetic, parts Ist, 2d and 3d ; Rays High-school do; Ray's Algebra, parts Ist and 2d; Ray's Geometry; Ray's Surveying and Trignometry ; Clark's English Grammar, parts Ist and 2d ; Cutter's Physiology; Cornell's Series of Geographies; Wood's Botany. Yours Truly, B. C. LIPPTNCOTT, Superintendent Public Schools of W. T. Olvmpia, April 20th, 1861. 23:tf Farm (tor Sale. THK undersigned offers his farm, situated six miles north of Olympia, for sale or rent, con taining IHO acres choice farming land,* fine or chard of .00 bearing fruit trees, of all varieties, dwelling and out bouses, barn, and a good well. There at* also living streams of water for stock, flowing through the premises. Also 1 yoke of work osen, 5 milch eows. and 10 young cattle will be sold, with or without the premises. For particulars enquire of the undersigned, or of Wm. Billings, Olvmpia. ISAAC DOFFLEMIRE. Olympia, Aug 17, 1 SCI. 40 tf GEO. L. KENNY, HAVIXG wilhdran fro* tk« firmof H 11. Baa.

r:..!t ft C«., ku this day Hwriilrd kiawtf w.ui Mr. J. m. ÜBXA>»EB, u4 will continue the m AM irimiin mm in All Its Barnches, At aM W(pißiry Bdi m, SJfERMAXS BUILDING, Opjiodu the old staad, under the aameof EiSXT * ALEX AX Saa Fraaciaco, Muy 20, IMI. U:a3 CLOTHING EMPORIUM, 17 8 Clay St., and 107 Montgomery San Francisco, tad in BrMiwafi Mw Tark. aa haad the heat selected aad ly moat mwln s seal Xmt of Peats'aad Bay' Cloth lag aa the Pacific coaat, which wo eaa aad will sell lower thaa aay other Hoaaa. man! aai flMtf CMkIH M|a (» ONtr. L0G&W000, BWBZX * 00. Jaaaary 19th, IMI. lOJy Ho. 11* Cilihnk Street, between Montgow. and Bunm, 8m Francisco, Oal. Hm for Mlt the Mtt extensive nritt; of GiiiDiuvD. no. iHimnui AND FRUIT BGEDSI b California, including 19, Ik*, Pare Alftefta«rChlll Cto w NMI, •rike New Crtp. Hungarian (j raw, Red Clover, Timothy, Kentucky Blue Gran*, Canary Bird Seed, White Dutch Clover," &c. Also, Chul'as or Earth Al mond*, Hyacinths, Tulips, Lilies, And other Balbout Roots. Assortments of Xa tiie California Flower an«l Kvergreen Seed*, col lected bv a well-known Botanist, alwavi oa hand. The undersiimed. from his lonjr experience ia the business, aud hi* extensive facilities for pro cur.iig hi* Seed* from the l«j»t Sred-prower* and Xurserymen, i* enabled to offer uuu*u»l induce ment* to the Trade and larjjc Hunch-on uc rs. The Ajjent* of Well*, Farjfo & Co.'* Express, Mini all other Express Companies connecting tlicre w ith. are hereby authorised to act *: Agents for the niidcr*i(rned, in taking order* for, and receipting tor the same. Orders by mail also promptly attended to. A liberal discount wi!l he made to the Trade. Par ticular attention Riven to the earetitr packing of Seed* for shipment. Your early order* are solicit ed, u hi< h-hall have imuieJiute and faithful at tention. Boxes of Seeds. contain'up Ir><> paper*. fur retailing. in such assortments as ue<ired. furnished. 8. W. SIOOKB, Seed Wnrehomc, 1 lit California at., S. F., Cal. January 19th, 1 x«; 1 10:mfi 11. A. Judson Co., (At the Late Store of W. M. Rutledge,) OLinPU,W.T., COTITII*SIO\ nERCHAHTS, AN'i> DEALERS IX DRY GOODS, GROCEHIKS. CLOTHING, BOOTS and SHOES, HARDWARE, PAINTS, OII.S, AC., AC., KC. TI3RMS OASHT, OR COUNTRY PRODUCE. I!* \0 ( Afii: Will Credit be given for longer (lian Thirty Day«! Olympla, Nov. 23, 1800. 2:tf NOTICE. millS is to notify all whom it mar concern that J application will- be nmdo on behalf of the heirs at law, to the R< gistcr and Receiver of the I.and Ollioe at Olyinpia, on Monday, tlicj 15th day of July nnxt, for t-urtlllcnlr uf title to the dona tion claim of William Holmes, deceased, late of to»ls county, Washington Territory. A. M. POE, Attorney for the Heirs at Law. Olympla, W. T., June 15, 1801. 32:w4 OLYMPIA WAGON MANUFACTORY. Stuart & Blaekshoar, Wol'Lr> inform the citizens of Olym piu and the surrounding country vff---AV". 111ht they lire now manufacturing WA(IONB,CAR RIAGK.S nnd HUGUIES of nil descriptions, from tin best of imported material, liv experienced work men. for which WHEAT will lie taken in exchange, delivered at the Tumwutcr mills. Shop comer 3d and t'hinook fStreets. Olympla, December 8, 1800. 4:tf Administrator'!* Notice. THE undersigned has been appointed by the Probate Court of the County of Thurston nnd Territory of Washington, Administrator, w ith the will annexed, npon the estate of the late JOHN K. HALL, late of said county deceased. All per sons having claims against said Cntatc will present them properly authenticated according to law, within one year from the date hereof, and all per sons indebted to said estate arc requested to make immediate payment. R. L. DOYLE, Administrator C. T. A. Olympia, W. T., Aug. oth, 1861. 30:w4 Sole Agent of the well known house of SEIBER LICII, Philadelphia, whose goods arc recognized by the trade as being better in quality of stock, workmanship nnd style, than any other house in the world, and has now opened sample lots at his extensive wurerooins, 314 California SI. The attention of the trade is invited. BETTER THM PIESTi £ MI'S AND ■OAIMAn CHALLENGE YEAST POWDER, FILLr GVAfiAXTEED. IF NOT SATISFACTORY, Tke Honey wUlleletarnedl For sale by all Jobbers, and by J. C. WINANS, SO I'alUMa Strut, Who will also act aa commission agent far pur chasing all kinds of goods. San Francisco, February. IMI. 14:mJ SAFES! SAFES! r. TIIJiAW. M Mtary MreH, In Fimhre, riOLE Agent for TILTON ft McFARLAND S n celebrated Fire-Proof and Barjflar MM. This Unfa is well known in tke market far its w surpassed Ire-proof qnality. having withstood in California, as well hi the Eoat, tke ksttert ties known. We can refer to endlsss certikentee ksm parties in oar mining towns, whore tkoee Sofa* ire qnalitios. These Sofas nre smsiod by oar This Lock is la every rsspirt tke ssoet soenre one in nse; It reqehree tko key aad combination to open tke Sofa. U tke key ekonld bo aWmMd kom tke owner, it woo Id ke perfeatly nssins to tke poeooeoor witkont Ma knowing tke tsmhM tion, or mentoi key, wkiek tke owmr omlm la kis kend. To thoM ia waat af a r*H*M« aafa, w« aMr Ua abora ahaapar tkaa mar aUer ia tka aaikaL A lawa mirtiaial aa haad «M la artw. F. TILMA*, IMb. K Battery it., Baa TraadKO. yttata» y sii«v MNtmrinft* •aparfQa. uffißwm ■MI HI BETIKWI 111 UICIVIII'S 11(11111. T .. h ?£ 1. The LOKDOX >. The EDIKBCMH RRTIRW, ) 3. The NORTH BRITISH RlYlEW,(FieoChafe&7' 4. The WESTMIKBTBR RKVIBW, (Liberal.) 5. BLACKWOOD'S BDINBCRGH MAOAZIXK, (Tory.) These Periodicals ably rtptnenl the great poli tical parties of Great Britain—Whig, Tory, and Radical; bat politics form only one feature of their character. A* organ* of the aMMt profound writer* on Science, Literature, Morality, and Religion, they stand aa they have ever stood, nnrivaled in the world of letters, being considered indispensa ble to the scholar and the professional osa, while to the intelligent reader of every class, they for nisb a more correct aad satisfactorr record mt the current litetatnrs of the day. throughout the world than can possibly he obtained frons aay other source. The receipt of Advance Sheet* from the British publishers gives additional raise to these reprints, inasmuch aa they can now be placed in the baads of subscribers about as soon as the original edi tions. Terms: For any one of the four Reviews, per snnnss_S> 00 For any two of the four Reviews, " '• _6 00 For any three of the four Reviews, " " _7 00 lor all four of the Reviews, " •' _8 00 For Blackwood'* Magazine, " " _S 00 For Klackwood and one Review, " " _6 00 For lilackwood aud two Reviews, " " «T 00 For Blackwood snd three Review*, " " _B 00 For Klackwood and the four Reviews, " .10 00 ttrjf Money current in the State where toned u ill be received at par. Clubbing. A discount or twenty-five per cent frotn the above price will be allowed to clubs ordering four or more copies of any one or more of the above works. Thus four copies of Blackwood, or of oue Review, will be lent to oue addrem for $9 ; four copies of the four Ilcviews aud Blackwood for S3O; and so ou. Postage. In all the principal cities and town*, these Works will be delivered FREE OF POSTAGE. When sent by mail, the Postage to any part of the United States will be but 24 cenf ti a year for " Blackwood," and but 14 Cenlsaycar forcach of the Reviews. N. B.—The price in Great Britain of the five Pe riodical* above named is s3l per annum. tW Remittances should always be addressed, post paid, to the Publishers, LEONARD SCOTT k CO., No. t>4 Gold street, New York. January stli, 1801. No. 8 Popular Family Journals. TjIOWLERS .AND WELLS, NEW YORK, PUB- I lisli the following Popular aud Scientific Se rials, which aflbrd an excellent opportunity for bringing before the public all subjects of general interest. "life XUnatrated." A first class Weekly Pictorial newspaper, devo ted to News, Literature, Scienco and the Arts ; to Entertainment, Improvement, and General- Pro/tress. Its columns contain original Essays, Historical Biographical and descriptive Sketches of travel and adventure, poetry, painting, music, •culnturc, etc.; articles on science, agriculture, horticuUiire, physiology, education, and every to. pic which is of importance or interest all combin ing to render it oue of the best Family Newspa pers lu the world. Published weekly, at two dollars A year In ad vance. " The Water-Cure Journal And Herald of Beformi" Devoted to hydropathy, it* philosophy and practice; to physiology nud uuutomy, with illus trative engravings; to dietetic exercise, clothing, occupations, amusements, and those laws which govern life and health. Published monthly, in convenient form for binding, at one dollar a year in advance. "The American Phrenological Journal." A Repository of science, literature, and general intelligence, devoted to phrenology, education, magnetism, psychology, mechanism, architecture, and to all those progressive measure* which are calculated to reform, elevate and improve man kind. Illustrated with numerous portraits and other engravings. A beautiful quarto, suitable fur binding. Published monthly at one dollar a year, in advance. FOWLEIt k WELLS. 308 Broadway, New York. For three dollars, a copy of each of the above named Journals will be sent one year. PHELAN'S Billiard. Saloon. milE above Billiard Saloon, with EIGHT FIRST I CLASS PHELAN TABLES, is now open to the public. The Cushions on these Tables are the latest patent, and are a great Improvement on their predecessors. The ROOM is fitted up so a* to combine ELEGANCE with COMFORT. The bar will be kept supplied with the very choicest brands of Uqiuors, And tkt subscribers hepe, by strict attention, to merit the patronage of all who admire and prac tice the GAME OF BILLIARDS. DAN. LTNCH, V. I. nCGHES. M—tgomsry St., Opposite the New Xctnp«iitu Theatre. The enhseriber begs to inform the peblie that the above mentioned BILLIARD SALOON is alee intended to serve as a show and sniisraom kr A»4 Billiard TDmlm a t rrtrj lurrlyli—. rutin itanw tf pareLuiag BllUaril Tablet «U1 ikwtenM iiiiiiMliy W wlmlMßaw a w. iMmnKwH, Mk ii Mjrk aai liU, aad caa ■lm> Im* th* nfniiritj fhli< far Km Cii Him MiTtklN. Mr. UAX.LTXCM villahrayakaaa kMrf, *ml Mlf «• gin all m«in< itCr/wta vitk naprd to tka ■Mitu mltkmm JUSTLY CKS BKATED BILXUKO TABLES. Tfca aafecriUT cardfaßy iarita* all IrtmHilfrtten nil Mi i■" tI~ ~ X. E. ICOBBB. A«w> far HM CmWmMm Oaaß>, iaa* aad Mn Billiard TkUa. 8m rmotar*, Jaly 18, IMI. Mai i lEW,~ LAUD AftlWTi our mtu. w. T, Tii Hap BwiiiOniw <wWt Jaly •, ItCl. Mitf FPU IMI WW. CJBTB* »UW—> AMD TWWHT ACW ISFw-* BERGER'S BIJOU MLUAKO TAMJIi mmimmMasm M»|0«I7 KMt inwltifti MHiwiHUiTti' MM of Ike»U)Wiid»ll BILLIARD TA i77T..Mi< tid'mllt Invitee tbi patrnas aflßs ffff eiaaid it. fkl ONM . s»eaha of theta Mas lath* on HCNM of (heir cwinlact 'u mt liele of furniture for a print* dweUiafr .«M is aotbiaf MOT* desirable; in thort. ae housebote* MiiiM with aay prttauiou to tela* wall regu lated ikoikl b* withoat oae. OMII— aboat la build lasldeacts should bjr all aaiu make araria ioa for a BILLIARD ROOM, where tbair family eaa eajoy tbe noble, graceful. sad health-girt a* gaaM of Billiards* M. B. HOOHBS Billiard Table Manufacturer, Aad A (eat for PHELANB PATENT COMBI NATION CUSHIONS, etc., etc. ML- Exhibition aad Salesroom, So. 720 aad •18 Montgomery afreet. BSu Maaufoctory. Market street, opposite Or pbaa Aaylam. _____ CLUB HOUSE CIN, TOE UNDERSIGNED, BEING SOLE AGENTS of the above Gia, offer it to tbe public as tbe finest HOLLAND GIN, aad the only GENUINE CLl'B HOUSE GIN imported to this market. It h pat up in GREEN CASES, (ltd Branded W. S. C., Cl.l'lt HOUSE. Wc shall continue to r receive tlie above Giu rctr.larly. —ALSO— Pars Ambrosial Whisky, in flasks; Pure Heetar Whiiy, in new style bottles POM Bourbon hisky. The above Liquor* are from the well known' house of Wm. 8. Corwin k Co., New York, and arc guaranteed fine and pure. W. B. CUMMINGS * CO. l:mt 60 California st., San Fran. CEO. L. KENNY J. D. ALEXANDCFT. (Late of 11. 11. Bancroft It Co.) BOOKS Al\» (STATIONERY, QAA VOLS. LAW BOOKS. OvfU 10.000 Vole. Miscellaneous Books.' 100,000 Vols. School Books. 1,000 " Medical Books. 2,000 Reams Letter Paper. 500 Reams Cap Paper. 500 Reams Legal Cap, and 500 Renins Note Paper. 500,000 Envelopes, assorted. For sale at the lowest rates by KENNY A ALEXANDER, COC and 008 Montgomery Street. San Francisco, June 3, 1801. 33:tn3 THE PARMER'S GUIDE TO Scientific and Practical Agriculture. BY HENRY STEPHENS, F. R. S., of Edinburgh, and the late J. P. NORTON, Professor of Scien tific Agriculture'iu Yalo College, New Haven, 1 vols. Royal octavo. lUOO pages, and nu merous Engravings. This is confessedly the most complete work on Agriculture ever published, nnd in order to give it a wider circulation, the publishers have resolved to reduce the price to 15 for the Two Volumes. When «ent by mail (post pnid) to California, Oregon and Washington, the price will be $7. To every other part of the Union, and to Canada, (post paid) SO. WST This is not the old " Rook of the Farm." Remittances for nny of the above publications should always be addressed, post paid to the pub lishers, LEONARD SCOTT it CO., No. 54, Gold Street, New York.' F. X. KAST, Agent of A. SEIBERLICH, BOOT AND SHOE: ManufUctHrer, or Philadelphia, wn.ißEnousE 214, CALIFORNIA STREET, (Below Battery) Ban Franolsoo. /"CONSTANTLY on hand, a large assorted stock \7 of Gentlemen's Indies', Misses and Children's Wear, of superior quality, also, French Calf Boot Leg* and Front*. F. XTkast, SOLE AGENT FOR CALIFORNIA^- |OT Country Order* promptly attehded to. April SO, 1801. 23:u3: [ Continued from the Pionur *nd Democrat of May 31st, 1861] Tcbbitobt or Wuimioi, \. . County of Thurston. J la the District Court of the Second Judicial Dir«' trict. A. X. A. Blmacbet M. Fred. A. Clarke aad George D. Clark*. TO OBOBGB D. CLARKE: Ym an hereby aetided that A. «. A. Blancket ha* Hod a ceaspUiat ssjateet yoo aad Fred. A. Clarke la said coart, which will COM oa la bo heard at the first terra of the coart. which A*II day of April, IMI, aad aalaea yoa appear at add tens aad aaawer, the eaase will ho taaaa aa eaa freaad, aad the prarer thsreaf greeted. The ob ject aad prayer of arid ooeaplaiat ia to ebteia jaigatal apiad yoa tar the priacipal aad later eat of taro prawisasry aotea made by yoa aad Mid Fred. A. date to the plaintiff at Cowlltt, Lew la COM*,aa yr.^lW>, ■Uty-dre dollan aad twa caate, together with the ialesael aeeraiac, aad the carte of this aalL. HEBlt H. McOnX. Olypla, Aprfl d, MM. 31:I»w MJMiV ALSO AT XOVTIZABO, (TBI OOWTT CUT) or cnuusiifß. afteaalM aa raaaaaaMo tenaa. Chahada, Baaaahar M, IMA. MT WASHINGTON NOTIU Olympte* W. T et/mik,Vr. at, i«b- tir

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