Newspaper of The Washington Standard, September 14, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated September 14, 1861 Page 3
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AUSTIN E. SMITH. —The New York Mercury ha* the following account of the arrest of the ahove named customer who i* paid to have been furnished by the McDonnell democracy with creden tials to represent Californiain the rebel t '.inures*: On the arrival of the Norther Light f „i Friday night, Mr. Extra Secesh Smith had hardly left the boat before hi* calm unruffled spirit* were slightlv disturbed by two officer* connected with the Marshal'* office, who politely in sisted on hw enjoying their company to the Marshal's office. Remonstrance was useless and he did as requested. A vountr man, a relation of his, had ac companied him, and was also arrested, but was soon released, as nothing was known against him other than the mere fact of bis traveling companion ship. The prisoner was detained over night, and vesternay orders were re vived from "Washington to carry him to the military prison at Fort Lafayette, which was done. On the way to the prison he said little, only occasionally remarking, " I want to go home to see my father." To which the cheering replv was given that bis father might be brought to him in a little while. "It's an outrageous proceeding—it's un constitutional," continued the prisoner, and repeated the remark several times. Finally tbev arrived at Fort Lafayette, where the prisoner was delivered to the commandant, who had orders to hold him in custody. He had some baggage, which, it is expected, contains the pa pers of the office which he tilled in San Francisco, and which will be examined. HOLT'S SENTIMENTS. —The following is the conclusion of a long letter re viewing the present troubles, written by the Hon. Joseph Holt of Kentucky : "Could my voice reach every dwell ing in Kentucky, I would implore its inmate* —if they would not have the rivers of their prosperity shrink away as do unfed streams beneath the sum mer-heats —to rouse themselves from their lethargy, and fly to the rescue of their country, before it is everlastingly too late. Man should appeal to man, neighborhood to neighborhood, until the electric fires of patriotism shall flash throughout the land. It is a time in which the workshop, the office, the counting-house, and the field, may be well abandoned for the 6olemn duty that is upon us: for all these toils will bring but treasure, not for ourselves, but tor the spoiler, if this revolution is not arrested. \Ve are all with our every earthly interest, embarked in mid ocean on the same common deck. The howl ot the storm is in our cars, m+d the 4 lightnings red glare is painting hell on the sky,' and while the noble ship pitch es and rolls under (he lashings of the waves, the cry is heard that she has sprung a leak at many points, and that the rushing waters are mounting rapid ly in the hold. The man who in such an hour will not work at the pumps, is either a maniac or a monster." We call attention to the adver tisement in our columns, of the 44 Watts Nervous Antidote," one of the most re markable discoveries of modern times. It is not like the thousand and one remedies ottered to the public that cure everything, but it is a specific remedy for all cases arising from nervous de rangement. Its "merits have beer, proved in numerous instances known to us, from various sources, and many a bed ridden invalid has been restored to health. This is one of the remedies of the day which is really worth the con fidence of the public. Having read the advertisement, go to the nearest druggist and purchase a bottle; then will you join with thousands in its praise and be grateful to us for calling your attention to this almost miracu lous medicine. ERO-VAPOR STOVES. —We have re reived one of the Patent Ero-Vapor Stoves from Standford Bros., San Fran cisco, and fiud it all that it is recom mended to be. For small families this hot weather, these stoves are almost indispensable. Cooking can be done in a very short time, and without heating the room to suffocation, which so much impairs the health of females. One of these can be seen at the " Independent" oltiee, and we have lound it very handy ju making rollers; aud is worth its •veu in this one thing to a print jtisf office. Any one wishing a stove /if this description, caa be supplied by miding to Stanford Bros., California Street, -gear Front, SNM Francisco.— Jltd Bluff Independent »»The P. 8. Herald contains a very silly reply to the card of Daniel F. Bradford Esq., in last week's STANDARD. It says the card was evidently penned under* 44 high pressure of bad whisky." N'ow this shows that the Herald man is totally unacquainted with Mr. Bradford, or he never would have used langnage *o devoid of foundation. It is the cus tom of the Herald to pile abuse upon «iy one who differs with it. DIED At Mound Prairie, on the lot inst., Luther E. Biles, nearly 12 year* of age. For some time he had i'nlently turned his heart towards the Savior, and at last departed in ho|« of (tie rewards of grace iu Christ Jesus. N. DO ARB. Rev. N. Doane will preach to morrow morning, at the M. E. Church, H-rvice* to commence at 11 o'clock. Subject—Trancing." MARRIED: On the Bth instant, at the residence oftbe hrida'a ruber, Mr. Joseph H. KELLETT, of Olympia, to Miss Rebecca D. Sarjent of Mound Prairie. Compliments of the happy parties received. May tbev lire forever! a. raiuirs o. i. rmuips. D. PHILLIPS * SON, mum .HI tim, mm, Olympia, W. T. OFFER for *ale a new itock of— L>ry Goods, Cirooeri^H. Shoos, Hats and Cup*. Crockery and Glassware, (Mllrry, £<•., £c. Ttius—Cash or Country Produce. Olvmpia. September 14. 1861. 44:tf BisMlaliM »r (apartarrsliip. TIIE copartnership heretofore eiisting between Cba« K Richards and John G. Hyatt, under tbr firm of Richard* k Hyatt, is thi* day dissolved tiT mutual consent. All debts due the late firm niust l>e paid to C. E. Richards, who is aloae au thorized to receive the same. Whatcom. W. T., Aug. 63d, 1861. 44:w4 The undersigned will continue the business at tbe old stand, under the name and style of K. C. RICHSBOS, and will settle the affairs of the late concern. E. C. RICHARDS. Holier. IS lierrby given that a term of the District School, for thr Olympia District will commeuce on Monday, tbe 23d inst. under the able manage ment of Mrs. U. \V. Smith, late from Sacra uiento, California. Wy order of the Bonrd of Trustees. RICHARD LANE, Clerk. Olympia. September 13, 18C1. 44:w2 Notice. BP. ANDERSON is iny authorized Agent m during mv absence. W. N. AYRKS. Olympia. September 9, 1S»>1. 44:m2 Sands' Sarsapariffa, The Great American Remedy FOR rURIFYIXG THE BLOOD, WILL DE FOUND A CERTAIN CURE FOR SHI ID 19FW HIS. AH AN ALTKRALI V£ AND RENOVATING AUENT, IT IH UNEqt'ALLED ! ! I A PLENTIFUL supply of pure blood is essen tial to animal life. When the proper circula tion of the vital fluid is impeded, sickness is the inevitable consequence, the secretions become un healthy, the liver becomes clogged with impure bile, which forced into the system, vitiates and in flames the blood, engendering scrofula and cuta neous and biliary disorders. SANDS' BARSAPARILLA will gently stimulate the functions of the stomach and bowels to a regular and healthy action, and without nausea or purging expel all deleterious ac cumulations, purify the blood, equalize the circu lation, promote perspiration, improve the appetite, impart tone and vigor to the system, and gradually but surely extirpate the disease, causing a'l un sightly excresenees to disappear, aud leaving the skin perfectly smooth and flexible. Price $1 00 per bottle or C bottle for $5 00. Aik for SanUt' Sartaparilta and take no other. Prepared by A; B. & D. SANDS, Druggists, 100 Fulton street, corner of William, New Vork. For sale by Dr. 11. Willard, Olympia. NERVOUS ANTIDOTE! THE depot for the sale of this remarkable Llcdi cine is at the Family Drug Store, Corner Clay and Dupont Btroet«, San Francisco, nnd for pale by nil Druggists. Us effects are Mag ical ; new cases of cures are reported every day. WAKEFULNESS CURED at once ; quiet healthy sleep takes the place of nightmare, starting in the sleep, nnd disturbed slumbers, from whatever cause ; Nervous Trem bling cured; DELERIUM TREMENS vanish before its magic touch, and its rcgencrn. tivc power afterwards is wonderful. The crutch and canes of old Rheumatics are thrown away, and they leap for joy. Nervous Headache, Giddiness, Impotency, Fainting, Imbecility, Neuralgia, &c. Twichings in the face, and all nervous Diseases yield to its wonderful soothiug influence. It will restore manhood to its pristine vigor, even after years of iniputency, and is the only kuown and certain core for Menial Debility. Sold by Reddington 4 Co., E. liall k Co., C Morrill, C. Laugley, Crane k Urigbam, T. White, San Francisco; R. H. McDonald, Sacra mento : S. T. Walts and Rice k Coffin, Marysville; K. S. Holden. Stockton, nnd by all Drnggista in Caiifornin, Oregon nnd Washington Territory. For sale also by Dr. R. WILLARD, Olympia. September. |*«l. «4:m3 COMET Illuminating Oil! WE urn constantly rrcniving invoices of thu celebrated brand of which is gnnrantood entirely pur* and unmixed with Cnmphene. Petroleum, or Asphaltnm Otis. It is non-explosive, nnd superior to DOWNER'S, nr nny other Oil ever mnde. We have nlao on hnad the Downer's and otker brands of COAL OIL., which we nre selling nt the lowest rates. WAIFfBB MM.. Cnlifbrnin street, nenr Frrnt. Snn Francisco, September, I SSI. 44: IN I WASHINGTON HOTEL, SILAI OAIXIIU, CORNER OF SECOND AND MAUI STREETS, Olympia, W. T. Bwr4 fur watk...- $5 0® OlrnpU. NOT. W, I§M- 2 IJ Goal OH AND COAL OIL LAMPS, TOGETHER with all kind* of Burning and Machinery Oil*, for M)« at greatly reduced rate*. Alto FOB HINTING ROOMS, For Ctikmf. mmd for Hrmttnj Flat iromt. rca BALE YEBV LOW IT STANFORD BROTHERS, California *treet, near Front, San Francisco. FREEMAN A SIMPSON'S OLD Magnolia Whisky! THE consumption and constantly increasing de mand tor the OLD M\M\MI, Readers us confident that it must super. tut all oth er forms of restorative liquors, combining as it does every element of Purity, .Strength, Palatabiiity and llealthfulae**, which should cbaraclise a bevtr aire suited to our age and country. W* desire Dealeis and Consumer" to notice that upon every barrel and patkuge of our (iKX NINE articlea, our names are branded in lull ; aud also, that to each barrel and pacliage is affixed orR \EW CARD. With a viewto prevent thcFucecs« of Impositions, Irnitution and Counterfeits, we have discontinued the use of our former colored cut of the Magnolia. Flower, and have substituted tor it a Card, contain ing nn engraving of •' The l'licnix Distillery on the S. huylkill Itiver," with our name printed in full. These various attempts to imitate nnd counter feit our Whiskies, are perhaps the bes,t tributes to the high reputation which they have achieved. tkif~ Inferior articles are never counterfeited. [Signed] EUKEMAN k SIMPSON, I'nenix Distillery, on Schuylkill river, Philadelphia. S. C. SHAW, UOii Front street, Sun Francisco, Sole Agent for Freeman k Simpson's Old Mag nolia Whisky, September, 1301. 44 :i»3 SPECIAL NOTICES. RellglouN .Vol !«•«■*. Divine Service Ht St. John's Chapel every Sun day morning, ut II o'clock, nnd evening at 8 o'- clock. Also, Hible ('lass every Wednesday evuf iug, at 7 o'clock, p. .v. D. E'.us Wii.leh, Missionary. Divine Service every Sabbath at the M. E. Church in the morning and evening. Sabbath School at p. m. Kev. R. J. EVANS will preach in the hall of the "Old Land Office," on the first, second, nnd fourth Sundays of each month at 11 o'clock a. m. llnirftSarNnpnrllla,l'rllow Dork nil«l lodide Of Pufns*-Is purely as re presented, nnd mndc in strict accordance with phar maceutical formula, nnd ii strictly guarantied free from Spirits, Mercury, nnd Arsenic which cannot qe said of any other known preparation of the kind. As n good and reliable tonic alterative, it is unequalled. It quickly removes from the sys tem all morbid and impure matter, —Mercury, Lead and Arsenic. For nil chronic diseases, there is remedy extant that trill, t<r th>r* mrr, Rliumntism, Scrofula, Old Sores, Suit Uhcnin. Gout, Lumbago, Pimples on the face and body, Neuralgia, Pains in the joints, Chronic Sore Eyes, Spring Fever, Indigestion. Liver Complaint' pan diseases arising from an impure state of Hlood, Skin nnd Kidneys, as quick and sure, as Hall's Sarsaparilla, Yellow dock and lodide of Potass. For sale' everywhere, for One Dollar; (5 Unities sent by express to any addres for Five Dollars. R. Hall » Co., Sole Proprietors. Nos. 531 k 533 Clay St., San Francisco. Doctors Percy & Co., No. ftl I Du pont street, betweeu California nnd Pine, San Francisco, Phytieiantt and Operating Surgeons, Mem ber* of the Hoynl Colleges of London and Edin oitrgli, Graduates of the Universities of London nnd Edinburgh,—First Prizes for Anatomy aud Chem istry, and Second for Medical Jurisprudence for the nbovc named Universities.—Honorary Physicians to the Ediuburgh Lying-in-Hospital, and Surgeon to Glasgow Lock Hospital, beg to cull theatteution of the public to their national Mode of Treating und Curing Diseases, nnd mny be consulted daily from OA. M. tills P. M., on DISEASES OF Till! FOLLOWING OIIOAXS ! Drain, Eye, Ear, Heart, Lunge, Lifer, Stomaeh and Intestinal Canal; I'anereas, Sj>lcen. Kid neys and remaining Urinary Or gan*; Midwifery and Diseases af Women and Children. Surgieal Canes—Operations of every class nnd character performed. Casts ofXervout or Acquired Debility, Diseases of the Skin, etc., etc., wc beg to draw particular attention to. Also, Fibrous and Muscular Rheumatism, commonly called Chronic nnd Acute, and generally produced hv the use of Mercury. DOCTORS PERCY * CO., 014 Dupont street, bet. California ard Pine. N. B.—All letters for Advice or Medicines promptly answered, and out door patients attend ed to day and night. San Francisco, Aug., I #6l. 41:m3 ■ "Viiriiu REMEDY.— Sot less thnn 500 pa tients from the various Hospitals have procured the celebrated Anti-Rheumatic Cordial and Health Retnrasire, manufactured by Da. AnoLpnrs. of San Francisco, and in the use of which every in dividual has found a speedy and permanent cure. Amongst the thousands of persons who have nsed this invaluable remedy within the last few-months, every one of them have experienced the most ben fit i»i result*. The immense sale of this ftftlh Restormtirr is indisputable proof of it* *u| rrior efficacy. Those who have suffered worse than death from Rheumatic pains, experience speedy and effectual relief from its use. and are daily sending their grateful acknowledgement* to the enterprising and scientific proprietor." For sale at wholesale and retail by Dn. H. Asotnti, and by KiMtisTns 1 Co.. Agents, San Francisiu. March IMI. }SrmV MtTICB. WE hereby five notice to Donation Claimants, Pre-emptors, nnd nil other persons whom it may concern, that hnving received from the Land Office at Olympia nil the Kotlffcutions, De claratory Statements, Plata. Ac., pertaining to the Colnmbin River District, we an now prepared to transact nil or any business pertaining to Ike ■nan. Said District comprises nil the public lands lying But nnd South of the following bonn dnri' >, via : Beginning on the boundary line be tween the Cuitad States and the British Posses sions, and on the summit of the Cascade moun tains, nt the mim range Una to the onat linn of range twelve; thence south us the uunrasS range liana an the summit of anid mountains, to thn Una dividing townships inn nnd niavnn north ; thence

wuet thn Um dividing rangns six nnd an run west; thnncn north on said linn to thn third stand ard narallal ; thence wuet to Shoal water Buy, in cluding nny islnnds thnrnin, to the Pacific. Parson* writing to the Lund Offiou will ptenan give their Post Office nddrnss. JOSEPH V. FLETCHER. Register, SAMUEL W. BROWJT, Receiver Vaneoo»er. Aug. —. IWI tl^t Chas. E. Williams, ■ Saccessor to O. A. Btmn.-liuUliM ltg« DEALER IV BAIIIAIE, TMV AIE, SVOIES, IMS, STEEL, GROCERIES, 4c. Mrapta, w. T. HATING recently received large accession* to kit stock, is now offering among other Goods, tbe lollowing desirable articles Burning Plaid and Coal Oil. (Pare), Coal Oil and Fluid Lamp*, Shades. Tubes, Globes, Chimneys, Wicks Concentrated Potash, for making 12 gallons soft soap (with full direc tions ; price 621 its. Advance Cooking Stores, with extension ores*, (A very desirable patera with extra csstisp), Garden Tuxh. Garden Seeds Il2} cents per paper), Parlor and Door Mats, Bear. Beaver, licpher. lUt and Mouse Traps, Bras* <"urts:n Cornices and Bands. Wire an>l Safe Cloths, of all a ambers, fffcae fladlan,a rail Variety; Comprising Last*. Shoe Hammers, Knives, Nails, Pinchers, Pegs. Ac. Uarae, Caw aad Rkecp Belli, Extra Heavy. Fateat Sam, (A very superior arti< le), .Wtcbaaic'i Tool* and Material*, (a lull variety.) Window-sa«h. Paint.'. Oil, Putty anil Class : Var nishes. Japan. Turpentine and Aleohol, Pocket Hnd Table Cutlery, (large assort ment). Curry Comb's and Horse Brushes. (leather backs) Pute ller. Shot. Balls, Lend and t'»|n. Bullet Moulds, Gun Locks Wipers. Nipples, Ac.; ("utile. Trace. Halter and , I)o„' < 'li.tins ; Slieip Shears and Wool Cards, drub, Planter and Oardeii Hoes, ■MOWN. Cultivator*, Mnflorki, llruali lloo!<a, llorae ItaUcw, € radlea, Nfjlhf*, Itukrn, Chnrnw, Forka, ■latin- How IN aad Truya, lie. JAPAN BLACK TEA. Sheet Iron, Copper and Brass Ware manufactured mid repaired. N. B.—We have made such Arrangement* for tin- purchase of articles, cither in SJH Francisco or N"\v york, as vvc think cannot but give satis faction. ©rty Commission solicited. Olyn.pia, April 0, 1801. 21:tf WM. G. DUNLAP, IMPORTER AWD DGALCR IN GKOCKRIKS. PROVISION'S, DRY CS OOPS. CLOTHING, BOOTS and SHOES, 4c. AT THE OLD STAA'D, Corner of Main an«l Third Street*, Country Produce generally taken in exchange for Goods. No pains spired to give satisfaction to customer*. Olympia, Nov. 2:t, 1800. 2:tf Notice To Helmut Superintendents itl School Directors »f W. T.—ln accordance with the ilnly devolving upon mens Territorial School Superintendent, I would recommend u uniform system of school lio.ilis throughout the Territory. After consulting with several educator* and County Superintend ent-:, we have agreed upon the following text books, and I would recommend them for adoption soon ns practicable : Town's Speller: l'arkor ti Watson's Ist, 2d, 3d, 4th nnd sth Render^; Webster's t'nnl>ritlg«tl Die* tionary ; Hay's Arithmetic, parts Ist, 2d and 3d ; Hays High-school do; Kay's Algebra, parts Ist nnd 2d ; Kay's Geometry ; Kay'* Surveying and Trignometrv ; Clark's Knglish Grammar, part* Ist nnd 2d; Cutter's Physiology; Cornell's Scries of Geographies; Wood's Uotanv. Yours Truly, U. C. LH'PINCOTT, Superintendent Public Schools of W. T. Olympia, April 2oth, 1861. 23:tf Farm for Sale. milE undersigned offers his farm, situated six | miles north of Olympia. for sale or rent, con taining 1110 acred choice fartniug land, a fine or chard of 200 bearing fruit trees, of nil varieties, dwelling and out houses, barn, nnd a good well. There are also living streams of water for stock, flowing through the premises. Also 1 yoke of work oxen, 5 milch cows, and 80 young cattle will he sold, with or without the premise*. For particulars enquire of the undersigned, or of Win. Hillings, Olympia. ISAAC DOFFLEMIItB. Olympia, Aug. 17, 1861. 40:tf CHARLES F. BOBBINS, Importer and Dealer in TYPE, PRESSES, PRINTING MATERIA! INKS, CARD STOCK, Ire. KM. 11l aad 118 Clay Slract. San Francisco, January sth, 186I.10:ly NOTICE. IS herebv given that the tract of land included in the subjoined boundaries ha* been set aaide as a t'nited States Indian Reservation, under the treaty with the Qui-nai-elt andQuil-leh-ulte tribe* of Indians. All person* are hereby po*itively warned against settling or trespassing on aaid tract of land, or of Ashing within said boundaries. The carcasses of all whales and other marine aoi* floating asffore within the boundaries of said Reservation belong to and are the eaflo property of said Indians. No leading will boollowod with said Indians, except by person* duly authorised by law. The following are the lioundarioa of *aid Reser vatioa. a* nearly aa ran he deloraioed until aa of Ccial survey is suds: Commencing at a point on the Psrifr roast about In rhsisa eonth of tho N s inte-lopoa or Rah srta ' creek and a boat three quarters ofa aiileaoath of thelfth sMdard paral lel north of the hasa lino, the or. dae east a boot Ire milea, thsaci about north Iftoea dagroaa west, (X 1 J*W) about seven milea, thence dae wea* to a point of rocks a boat oae aile aofth of the Que-ui-elt river, theace with the saeaaderiags ofiho Pacific UetM to Um blmc kccinii|> The initial point of this ResotrraHoo. Ibr the r—- U marked with a Ue^bark. Saperiateadeat of ladiaa Afcin W. T. Olympia, August SI, IKI. OLTMVXA WAOOW KAWVACHAT. Stuart £ Blackahear, WOPLDtafona tbtciUtrai ofOHw 4n| pit wd the mimiAh that ther are aow aukaafaetariaf *AGOJiS, Oil- RIAOKs aad ■OOOIEg «f «H deaetiptlea*, toy the beat of iaywtad Material, bj aaytrieeteiw**- Mea, for wbicb WHEAT willbetaktt iaeschaafa. delivered at the TaavaUr ■illi. Bbep cecaer M •ad Chinook Street*, nirmpm. TVte«H*r I. IM£. 4«f HENRY M. M'CILL, [LATE BECSETAKT OF THE TESBITOET.] ANR ' Owamiiw V tkt CWt ,f Chi— V U. a. WILL devote special aMealioa to the IIMMI tioa of the naceaaary papers to awiapay claims uadir the act of March M, IMI, for the payment of tba war debt, aad to kwliiii Mbn the C. 8. Land OMCM. Omci—On Maia St., Olyinpis, W. T. [4l] RUFUS WILLARD, Physician and Surgeon. DR. RCPCB WILLARD, Gradaate of the Uni versity of New Yark, deeiroas af laratiag permaasatly ia Waskiagtoa Territory, aim hka prafaasioaal sarricas to the citiseas of Olyaipiaaad sarroaadiag eoaatry ia ail the departmaata af Medicine aad Sargery. With sack personal obaar vatioas as a Collegiate Course among the Callages aad hospitals of New York affords, tba Dwtar trusts that ha will merit a liberal share of pabltr patroaage. aad will bold himself ia readiness atall times to attend to aay calls ia the liae of his pro fession, to wliick his eatire attentioa will be devo ted. ntteatioa will be paid to dis eases of wamea aad«hildrea, aad all organic sec tions. Olympia, August 10th, 1861. .19:tf HENRY NATHAN, O Wharf Street, VICTORIA, V. I. OFFERS FOR KALE— BRASDY—MarteIIs and other braads in bulk. RCM —Fine Jamaira. O. P. WIIIMKY— Scotch, in case. OLD TOM —Alton*, ia case. CIS —Anchor Brand, in case. CiltfttEß BRANDY —In 1-dox cases. JINIPER CORDIAL— Incase. SHERRY— In case. CX RACO A, AIIBEED, etc., etc. Assorted Table Cutlery, Plated Ware, &0., See. BOILEI) LINSEED OIL and Bright Varnish, in hulk ; and a general assortment of English Goods. Victoria, V. I. Aug], 1861. 39:w4 H. A. Judson & Co., (At the Late Store of W. M. Rutledge,) OLYNPIA, W. T., NEKCHAITS, AND DEALERS IN DRY GOODS, GROCERIES. CLOTHING, BOOTS and SHOES, HARDWARE, PAINTS, . OILS, itC., AC., AC. TBRMS CASS, OR COUNTRY PRODUCE. IH NO CASE Will Credit be given fbr longer than Thirty Days! Olvmpia, Nov. 23, 1860. 2:tf Administrator's Notice. THE undersigned has been appointed by the Probate Coort «>f the County of Thurston and Territory of Washington, Administrator, with the will annexed, upon the estate of the late JOHN K. HALL, late of said county deceased. Alf per sons Imving claims against said estate will present them properly authenticated according to law, within one year from the date hereof, and all per sons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment. n. L. DOYLE, Administrator C. T. A. Olympia, W. T., Aug. Oth, 18GI. 39:w4 Sole Agent of the veil known house of SEIBER MCH, Philadelphia, whose good* are recognised by the trade as being better in quality of stock, workmanship ami style, than any other houie in tho world, and has now opened sample lots at hii extensive warerooms, 914 C'allforala St. The attention of the trade i* invited. F. X. KAST, Agent of A. BEIBERLICH, BOOT AND SHOE MaailUctarcr, of Philadelphia, HV/.l REIIO USE 214, CALIFORNIA STREET, (Below Battery) Man Franolaoo. /"CONSTANTLY on hand, a large Miortcd stock of Gentlemen'* Ladies .Mine* and Children's Wear, of superior quality, also, French Calf Boot Legs and Front*. P. 3E- KAST, SOLE AGENT FOR CALIFORNIA. §gf Country Orders promptly attended to. April 20, 1861. 23:a3. CIO. L. KENNY, TTAVIXG withdran fro* the fimof H. ll.Baa- M croft * Co., bM this day aaMx-iated bineelf iTiF Mr. J. P. lUIAIMB, «U1 roatiaue I lie mh ui mmiiiY In All Its Branches, SHEBMAXS BUILDING, Op p Mite |Im«M rtaad, uto lW ■■■■ «f KBOTT * ALKXAXBEB. g— riMd—. M«y w, iwi. t*ss a. j. mn,— olotimwo nVOHQM, 170 Clay St., and lOT Montgomery Fwactooo, wX' hilli aoaat! wbleb wie'eiHS wUImB lotmt thM mj Mhar km HtfiH LOCEVOOO.BWKIX * CO. Jitun IMb, IMI. IMy • # «Tbe b««» parifie* of tie MH to BaH'« hr ■aperlUa. ac*. * imm o> nri Bftmu BKTRWS AID luciiiiniuinii: T BOXABD aOOTT » CO., few Twk, MatiaM lji «• re-pabltah the feUawiaf British NrMi. 1. Thfe LONDON QCASTHLT, ffliiwilln ) ' 2. The EDIKBCBGH UTIIV, (Whte.) 3. Tlm NOBTH BBITI£H BBTlSW,<r*seOh«tfc> - «. The WBSTMIXBTSB UTIIV, f " f N > 5. BLACKWOOD'S HNKBOBOI «iini«ip| . Bi4iwl; taiftlWtitatAiHkMMiU! Character. A n ea Scieace, Utnuiri, HaraW they Mnd m they hare iw«m<, •■rivmuTu the world of hum, 111. | TTilsasa , bio to ike scholar u4 the pnfmlmi to the ialcDigrat reader of trttr dw, therfeT aish • omi tontcl nrf mMclmt record of the =?!TV?SSfirttr^ —ret. "•* reetipt °f Adnift Sheets froa the British of sahscribers a boat a* 100 aaa the —— ■ " tiom. -««ng>aaia». Torms: Foraay oae of the fear Rtrim, aer autaJl a# J®' M T ,wo «f the fear Btrieve, " For aay throe of the fear Bariowe, «• " * M . For all four of the Beviews, " •« ~a aa For R lark wood's Mafiifw " " ~3 oa For Blackwood aad oae Review, '• ~S 00 For BUckwood aad two Baviews, •• •> _t M Fo%Blackwood aad tbrae Reviews, 11 " •ao For Blackwood aad the fear Beviews, •« ZI9H MT Honey current ia the Stats where iaaaad will be received at par. Clubbing. A discount of twentr-five per cent from the above price will be allowed to clubs ordering fear or more copies of aay oae or more of the sbor* works. Thug four copies of Blackwood, or of oaa Review, will be sent to one address for $9 ; fear copies of the four Reviews and Blackwood for S3O - so on. Postage. |Qr In nil the principal cities and town*, the** TJ orks will be delivered FREE OF POSTAGE. When sent by mail, the Postage to any part of th# United States will be but S4 ccata a year for Black wood. and bat 14 CCDlla year for each of the Reviews. N. B.—The price in Great Britain of the Are Pe riodicals above named is s3l per annnu. JOT Remittances should always be addressed, post paid, to the Publishers, LEONARD SCOTT A CO., No. 54 Gold street, New York. January sth, 1861. No. 8 Popular Family Journals. FOWLER AND WELLS, NEW YORK, PUB lish the following Popular and Scientific Se rials, which afford an excellent opportunity for bringing before tho public all subjects of general interest. "life Ilhutnted." A first class Weekly Pictorial newspaper, devo ted to News, Literature, Science and the Arts ; to Entertainment, Improvement, and General Progress. Its columns contain original Bssays, Historical Biographical and descriptive Sketches of travel and adventure, poetry, painting, muaic, scalptnre, etc.; articles on science, agriculture, horticulture, physiology, education, and every to pic which is of importance or interest all combin ing to render it one of the best Family Newspa pers in the world. Published weekly, at two dollars a Tear la i|. vAoce. " The Water-Cure Journal and Herald ef Reform*-" Devoted to hydropathy, its philosophy and practice ; to physiology and anatomy, with illus trative engraving* ; to dietetic exercise, clothing,, occupations, amusements, and those laws which govcrn life and health. Published monthly, is. convenient form for binding, at one dollar a yeac in advance. Tin American Phrenological Journal" - A Repository of science, literature, and general intelligence, devoted to phrenology, education,, magnetism, psychology, mechanism, architecture and to all those progressive measures which art calculated to reform, elevate and improve man kind. Illustrated with nameroas portraits and other engravings. A beautitul quarto, suitable for binding. Published monthly at one dollar a year, in advance. FOWLER * WELLS. 808 Broadway, New York. For three dollar*, a copy of web of the above* named Journals will be sent one year. HO! TEAKBTSBB! USE HUCKS & LAMBERT'S CELEBRATED HOME MANUFACTURED PATBffT H. Jt Km **• PlfMtr ealjr M«kta4l« A*v' tlclc la <h« HaiM. Packed In 21b canisters, and In bulk nsAsss* •f Mlb and apwards. For sals by all MSMAHMU. Notn.—Be aara to ask far the H. 6 Li till, aa. there arc various spurious imitations la the mar ket. C. B. WILLIAMS, April JO. 13:4w. Agaat. SAFES! SAFES! r.nuu, Battarj HTM*, taa rraactece, SOLI Agaat far TILTOX * MsFABLAKD'S lalafc is wall kaawa la Ifca aSßlfamS* sarpaaeaa tra-praaf yalw, ssviss vitkasad ia Califataia. aa wall ia the Kaat, tSa batMl «aa» kaawa. We caa nfar to a-Oaas OTtttcatea parties ia aa* aMa( MM, wkaaa abaee Mr !L V ■ OlyapU, W. T., Jaaa'li, laai. #•«* ' j. w. mmw*mT, n~~ Saattla. Xsrtb, IMT lirtf

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