Newspaper of The Washington Standard, September 21, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated September 21, 1861 Page 3
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LATEST BY THE PONY. Mccru «f Ike federal I*«rcrs. 715 Prisoners Captured! 1090 Stand of Arms and 25 Cannon Taken from the Rebel*. CitcumlUianal Surrender of the Rebels! Vein. Sept 14th, p. M. Diamond ?»|>rini Station, 221 miles ea*t of Fort hill Sept. Uth. The Pony arrived at 9P. iJ ».th the following to the Sar. t «.«,». Sr Jotin, Sr|il. Tth. We are entirely rut off from any communication It nitil or telegraph with the east, and unable to P»e !.it«r datr» than Kept. 2d. Our city and all tat- r id* leading out ore in pos«ession of the reb el* When commuui" ation will be restored it i* to conjecture. Ti> f. -wing is the official report of the Hatter *« In .t i(fair, to the Sc. retary of the Nary t I luve to inforui you that we have been torn j >!i! \ successful. All that could be * .-lied for I i the most hopeful, has been accomplished. We are taking on board the .V>»n<rvr«. the officers and numbering 7!5. *ho surreudeied after L >wb;irdmrut fiuui the fleet, during a |«ortiou of !*•> dsv«. [Sigued ] S. H. STR!*OA* Commanding blockading -<|iia<!ion Article* of capitulation were agreed upon be tween t'oinm >dore Striugliam aud tien llutler of the L" S. Saw and Armv aud C.ipt. Harrow, Maj Andrea* and Martin, of the I'onfrditrate Stair*. sea and land ton e« All munitions, ami property were unconditionally surrendered to tlie fioieminent of the I nited >tate«. lerni-. full capitulation, aud that offii irs and meu shall re receive the treatment of prisoners of war. The ex pedition to llatteras I met resulted in a vic tory over the rebel*. The I'nited States forces captured two forts. -r» cannon. 1.000 -tand of arms, 715 prisoners, among these were ('apt. Sam. Barrow s. Lieut. Sharp and I»r. Brown, late I". S. Ann*—loss on their side not known. Five are known to lie killed, a num ber wounded, many of whom were carried away. I.ient. Mnrdock, late oft*. S. Army, was anion; tiie number with the loss of an arm. We have li id no c isu >lty of any consequence. Tin- surren der was unconditional. ;ioo men landed amid a he ivy surf, when the men-of-war hauled in and commenced it cannonade ut at 10 o'clock A. M. on 2Xlh August. and kept it up at intervals all <1 iv—re-commenced on the 29th, with increased eTorts ; the enemy at tempted to land 1500 men in the forts, hut were driven back. At 11 and 1-2 o'clock they displayed a white flag, and were forced to surrender at discretion. A numner of the leading financiers, including the Presidents of some of the New York banks, now in Washington, urged the President for cer tain changes in conducting the war. They pro pose that the Government, with an immense force, shall cause the rebels to abandon their attack on Washington city by making counter attacks on various points South. The State Department will not issue passes to anybody to go from rebel into loyal States, Since the passage through Louisville was stopped t!io demand for passes has been very large. Most of tho applicants are women who have been living North. It is stated that the 2nth of August wns the tine the rj jelsanticipated being pos.e»,ionof St L is remains of Gen. Lyon arrived at New York at 1 p. m.. August 2ls't. escorted by a guard of honor to the City Hall. SIO,OOO belonging to the rebels was seized yes terday. at Park Banks. Government has removed the interdiction against the circulation of the Journal of Com merce over mail and Express the I'uited States. It has changed hands. Surveyor Andrews seized on the 2d, 20 vessels owned wholly or partially by rebels, including eight ships and two barks. Others were to be feizei the same day. The value of these vessels is over $2,000,000. The steamer America, from Liverpool. Aug. arrived off Forther Point Sept. 2d, with two tl.ivs later news. Among the papers received at the meeting of the Social Science Congress in Dublin, was one by liitfley, M. I'., entitlcil ''Cotton employment; food without it." lie snid manufacturers expected to lie able to keep working men employed until spring. The crop was growing in the Southern Slates, but the difficulty would be to obtain it. Miss Sarah Raymond read a paper on American si lvery; its influence on Great Britain. M. Chev alier, the celebrated French leader, denounced the M'irill Tariff as a child of disorder. The Timet a bitte" editorial on financial difficulties of the American government, nnd says the course pur sued at Washington throws into the shade all the borrowing of England. ST. JOSEPH, Sept. 4 —yesterday the Hannibal and St. Joseph railroad bridge over Platte river wis burned hv the rebels and the telegraph wires were cut. When the express train bound west came up it was hurled over the embankment, nnd the engine, tender, bagg ige car precipitated into the rivjr. There were fifteen killed nnd about twenty wounded. MARRIED At Olympia, on Sunday, 15th Sept., by Rev. B. C. Lippincott, Mr. Peterfield Turpin, to •Miss Eunice M. Harned. We acknowledge the compliments of the happy couple, and the uccompanyingrarnrrf, in the shape of a generous supply of wine. At Fort Willopah, W. T. on Tuesday Sept. 3d., >»y Solomon Dodge J. P., Mr. John T. WOODWARD to Miss Annriette Soule. D. PHILLIPS D. L. PIIILLII'H. D. PHILLIPS & SON, mm m m\i m Olympia, W. T. OFFER for salt- a new dork of— Dry Oooiln, Orot'cri^tj, Clotliinir. Boot 8 & Shoop. Ill's ami Cup*, Crorler y «<•"' Gf<tSficart, Cutler#, «#r., Ttuu—Cask or Cwitr; Proiwt. o >mpi». .Vptralwr 14, IMI. 44:tf heretofore riwliif Mwf» I t'ha- k Kwh.rt- •»•! Juba O. Hyatt, aader lurlni of K» lur<|. 4 Hyatt. >* this day dinultH hi asataal ctMfsl Alt 4»hi. due the lalt fru bast be paid to t Ui hards. wh® is aioar au t: >naad to mmt the Mair Whatcom. W. T . Aug ftJd. IWI. 44 w4 The aaitrtipH still continue (he Konrfi at the «id Mu4. under the a.iuir aad style ut K t. atana. aid will settle th<- affair* "of the late -acera. B. C. Kit HAKIMS. Wtikf. I s hereby fim tkat • term of the Di«trirt S'-booi. fur the Olympia [hitnrt will (oaaesrc n M .niar, the 234 iast. aader the able manage fc.-n- of Vn Li trie B. W. Smith. late from Sacra "'•to. Catiforaia. Br order of the Board of Tntftee*. KICIIARD LANK. Clerk Olympia, September 13, IMI. 44; w J !V*Ucc. BP. ANDERSON u my aatWUad Ag«at s daring at abteacr W. JT. ATRES. " nrpie. Srpteaher P. IMI. 44mi Sands' Sarsaparilla, The Great American Remedy FOR PURIFYING THE BLOOD, WILL BB FOt .ID A CKBTAIV CCII fOB scumi in sin as A* ALTERALtvE asd msotatiso agist, IT IS IXKvI ALLIU ! ! ! APLEXTIFI'L supply of pure blood is essen tial to animal lil'e. When the proper circula tion of tlie vital fluid is impeded, sickness i* the iniviUil'le consequence, the recretions become un l>('.«lthv. the liver becomes clogged with impure bile. » Inch forced into the sy*teni, vitiate* and in flames the blood, engendering scrofula and cuta neous and biliary disorders. SASW KUtNtPIBILLt * ill gently stimulate the functions of the stomach and bowels to a regular and healthy action, and without nausea or purging eipel all deleterious ac cumulation-, pur,n the blood, njualiie the cirru lation. promote perspiration. improve the ap|H*tite. impart tone ami t igor to the »jstem, and gradually but surely extirpate the di«ea*«. causing a'l un -■U ■>ti\ e*< re»en> e» to di»a|>pear. aud leaviug the skill pcrtec tly smooth and tlelible. Price !jl uo per bottle or 0 bottle lor 00. ,4ii fur SjuJt jriiU and tmkf no olker. Prepared by A: It 1 I» S WOS Druggist*, 100 Fultou street, corner of William. Sew \urk. Tor sale bj Pr. R. Wiilurd, Olimpia. NERVOUS ANTIDOTE! T!IE depot fnr the sale of this remarkable .Jedi cine is at the Family Urug Store, Corner Clay and Dupont Sir .-eta, Man Franc-two, and for sale by all Druggists. Iti effects are Mag it al ; new cases of cures are reported every day. WAKKFI'LXESS CI RED at once ; quiet healthy sleep takes the place of nightmare, starting in the sleep, and disturbed slumbers, from whatever cause ; Nervous Trem bling cured; DELEKII7M TREMENS vanish before its magic touch, and its rcgenera. tive power afterwards is wonderful. The crutch and canes of old Rheumatics arc thrown away, and they leap for joy. Nervous Headache, Giddiness, Intpoteney, Fainting, Imbecility, Neuralgia, kc. Twichings in the face, anil all nervous Diseases yield to its wonderful soothiug itiHuencc. D will restore manhood to its pristine vigor, even alter years of inipoteney, and is the only known and certain cure tor Menial Debility. Sold by Reddingtou Jt Co., E. Hall & Co., C Morrill, C. I«angley, Crane & Brighatn, T. White, San Francisco; U. 11. McDonald, Sacra mento; S.T. Watts and Kice A Collin, Marysville ; K. S. Iloldcn, Stockton, and by all Druggists in California, Oregon and Washington Territory. For sale also by Dr. K. WILLAItD, Oiyinjiia. September, IHUI. ■Man 3 COMET Illuminating Oil! lt, T F. nre constantly receiving invoices of this YY celebrated brand of Kerosono, which is gunrantocd entirely pure and unmixed with Camphcne, Petroleum, or Asphaltum Oils. It is non-explosive, nnd superior to DOWNER'S, or any other Oil ever made. We have also on hand the Downer's and other brands of COAL OIL, which we nre selling at the lowest rates. STANFORD BROS)., California street, near Front. •San Francisco, September, 18(31. 44:m3 CLOTHING EMPORIUM, 178 Clay St., and 107 Montgomery St., San Francisco, And ITS Broadway, New York. CONSTANTLY on hand the best selected nnd most extensive assortment of Gents'nnd Hoys' Clothing on the Pacific coast, which we can and will sell lower than any other House. Hoys' and Gould' Clothing made to order. LOCKWOOD, EWELL * CO. Jauuary tilth, 1801. 10:ly BERGERS BIJOU BILLIARD TABLES, WITH HELUI r«ER EWillTm CBDHS rilllE subscribe! desires to inform the public £ that be ha* now ut r\hibitioa. at Fhelu s lew Billisrd SSIMB. Montgomery street opposite the Metropolitan The atre one of the above menUuard BILLIARD TA BLES. aad rordially iatites the patrons of the MO HI.►. t.AME. tn call and examine it. The (.real Boas. Ikrfrr. speaks of the tables ia the liifkrit trnu* of commendation. To pnsatr fam ilies tb«-»r T»W'» commend themselves, especially i»i) arr .unt of their rooteairat site, aad aa aa ar ti< le of furniture fur a private dwelling there is Bulking more de-irulde . ia short, an household of maa«i»a with any pretensioos to >eiag «ell rrgu- Isted rhuuld Ve aithoat one (ieatlemea abuat to build re>ideaees should by all means peoiis iua fur a BILLIARD RiN)M, Vriwre their family can enjoy the aoble. graceful, aad he»lth-*i> ing game of Billiards. M £. IIUJIIKS Billiard Table Maaafartarrr. And Ageat for PUELAN 8 PATENT COMBI NATION Ct SUIONS. etr.. ete. Exhibitioa aad Salesroom, No. TJO aad Til Montgomery street. ■%. Manufa< tury. Market street, opposite Or phan Allium. Far Brat «r Male. THE umler»i|raed a Übia* to go to lb* Stales for bit family, will real for aw rear, or aril aa iaieratt ia. oa terms to salt the time*, the North Oljrmpia Steam Mill. It Uia food repair, and it now cutting aa average of S.OOO ft. tee laiabcr par d my. A. J. MILLER. J. W. MIIWI, 4TTORNEV A 1 LAW Solicitor ia CWmwt, aad I'roc lor is Admiralty at tie, Xank. IMI. I»* Goal OH AND COAL OIL LAIPB, TOGETHER with til kind* of Buraiif and Machinery Oil*, fur *ale at greatly reduced rate*. Also FOR IIEATIXG UOOMS, For Choking , ait J fur Ihounj Flat Irvnt. FCR SALE VERY LOW RT STANFORD BROTHERS, California street, near Front. San Francisco FREEMAN A SIMPSON S O la I> Magnolia Whisky! THE consumption aud constantly iucrea*:n2 Je niuud fur the OLD mm R« udtrs u.- confident that it vtiu*t «u|»er«-e'lt.- ail oth er tortus ol're-lorati vc liquor*, coiubiuin g a* it <!«•«*•* e%err el-iucnt of Puritv. Strength. I'alalubilitr and lit-aithtuincd*. winch siiouiti charactise u bcVtr age Miitt«l to our ajf«r ami country. We desire Dealets and Coii-umers to notiie that upon every barrel mi>l package of one GKN MNK articles, our iiame« are (•rauilol in full: aud also, that to each barrel aud pacbagc is allixcii OI K SEW CARD. With a view to prevent the success of Impositions, Imitation and Counterfeits, we have discontinued the use of our former colored cut of the Magnolia, Flower, and have substituted lor it a Card, < out .lin ing an engravingof •• Tin- l'heiiix Distillery on the S. hutlkill River,'' with our name printed in full. These various attempts to iniilute and counter feit our Whiskies, are perhaps the best Iriliuit »to the high reputation which they have achieved. te>r Inferior articles are never counterfeited. [Signed] FREEMAN A SIMPSON, Pucnix Distillery, on Schuylkill river, Philadelphia. 8. C. SHAW, GuG Frout street. San Francisco, Sole Agent for Freeman li Simpson s Old Mag nolia Whisky, September, ISGI. 44:ui3 S1 J I:c lAI, N < >TIC ES. KellifloiiM Notices. Divine Service nt St. John's Chapel every Sun day morning, at II o'clock, and evening nt is o'- clock. Also, Bible Class every Wednesday even ing, nt T o'clock, r. M D. Ei.i.ts WILI.ES, Missionary. Divine Scrvire every Sabbath at the M. E. Church in the morning and evening. Sabbath School at 2 l>. M. Rev. R. J. EVANS will preach in the hall of the "Old Laud Ollicc,'' on the first, second, and fourth Sundays of each month at 11 o'clock A. U. Hall's Sarsaparllla, lellow Dork and lodide Of I'OtaNM— ls purely as re presented. and made in strict accordance with phar maceutical formula, nnd W strictly guarantied free from Spirits, Mercury, ami \rsenic which caunot q« said of any other known preparation of the kind. As a good und reliable tonic alterative, it is unequalled. It quickly removes from the sys tem nil morbid and impure matter, —Mercury, Lend and Arsenic. For all chronic diseases, there isnoothor remedy extant /.'ml nil/, or </.>..» run', Khuinnlism, Scrofulu, Obi Sores, Salt Rheum, Gout, Lumbago, Pimples on the face nnd body, Neuralgia, Pains in the joints, Chronic Sore Eyes, Spring Fever, Indigestion. Liver Complaint' sun diseases arising from nn impure state of Blood, Skin and Kidneys, ns quick nnd sure, ns Hall's S.irsnptirilla, Yellow dock nnd lodide of Potass. For sale' everywhere, I'orOuc Dollar; l> Bottles sent by express to any addres for Five Dollars. R. Hall * Co., Sole Proprietors. Nos. SIU & 532 Clay St., San Francisco. Doctor* Percy & Co., ,\o. 511 Dn pont street, betweeu California and Pine, San Francisco, I'hi/tiiciant ami Operating Surgeons, Mem bers of the Royal Colleges of London ami Edin burgh, Graduates of the Universities of London und Edinburgh,—First Prizes for Anatomy and Chem istry, anil Second for Medical Jurisprudence for the above named Universities,-.-Honorary Physicians to the Edinburgh Lying-in-Hospital, and Surgeon to Glasgow Lock Hospital, beg to call tlicatteution of the public to their National Mode of Treating ami Curing IHteases, and may be consulted dallv from 9 A.M. till!) P.M., on IMSEASK.S OF TUK roi.t.owtxo GROANS Brain, Eye, Eur, Heart, Lungs, Liver, Stomach and Intestinal Canal; J'ancrias, Spleen. Kid ney* and remaining Urinary Or gans; Midwifery and Diseases af Women and Children. Surgieal Cases—Operationt of every class and character performed. Cane* of Xerrous or Acquired Debility, Disrases of the Skin, etc., etc., wc beg to draw particular attention to. Also, Fibrous uud Muscular Rheumatism, commonly called Chronic and Atute, and generally produced by the use of Mercury. DOCTORS PERCY A CO., ft! 4 Dupont street, bet. California HIM! Pine. N. B.—Ail letters for Advice or Medicines promptly answeted, and out door patients attend ed to diiy and night. San Francisco, Aug., 18G1. 41:m3 "Vutuu HEMROY.—Not less than 500 pa tients from the mriotis Hospitals have procured the celebrated Anlt-Khrumalic t'. rdu'l and H'mhK Kei'iranre, manufactured by Dn. A DOL rat's. of San Francisco. iind in the use of which every in dividual has found a speedy and pertnaurut < ure. Amongst the thousand, of persons who hate n«rd this invaluable remedy witlun the last few months, every one of them have experienced the antl l*n filial mull*. The 1 iMßitn»c sale of this Ilewltk tt-'tiram , is indisputable proof of its sa| ,-;ior effi. art Those who hale suffered worse than death In.lll Kbeuasatk pains, experience speedy and effe< taal relief fro* its use. and are daily sending their gratefal arkaoaHfracs*' is t'ue eaterpri.iag and scientific ' For sale at wholesale and reuil by Dn. U. issmri. and by Rr-.M*«Tos A Co.. Agent*, Saa Frsnriaro. Mait'h i*«l. Mm XOTIC'E. WE hereby give aotice to Donation PlihiinU, Pre-emptors. and all other persons whoa it —y concern, thai having re**ired from the Land tHßre at ttlynspia all the NsufkalisM. De claratory Ststensewt.. Plat*. At.. pertaining to the Colaaahia Itiver Dietrirt. we are now pee pared to transact all or aay basinees pertaining I* Ike saase. Raid District tons prists all the pablic lands lying Eaat nnd Heath oI the following hoan daries, vis : Beginning on the boundary line ha

tween the United Htntes nnd the British Poeaes sione. and on the summit of the Cascade Moun tains. at the nenreet range line to the out llae af range twelve ; thence eonth on the nearest range lines on the snaamit of said nwMtaina, to the line dividing townships tan and eleven north ; thence west to the line dividing rang** six and seven west; thence north on anid line to the third stand ard parallel; these* west to Bhnalwatar Bay, in cluding nay island* therein, to the Fscik. Persons writing to the Land Oflu will plena* give their Poet (Mice address. JOSEPH M. FLETCHER. Register, SAMUEL W. BROWN. Racnivw Taaeoaenr. Aeg —, 1?«1. 41-w4 Chas. E. Williams, (SucceMor to O. A. Barnes,—Established li {t DIALER IS H.IIIY.UE, TP.IK, SWTB, UN, STEEL, OROCEKIEB, 4c. oimpta, w. T. HA VIVO recently received large accession* to hi* stock, is aoar offering siuoogothar Goods, tuc following desirable articles : Uurning Fluid and Coal Oil. (Pure), Coal Oil and Fluid Lanapi, Shade*. TuW«. (ilulm, Chimneys. Wicks Concentrated Potash, for making 13 gallons soft soap (with fell direc tions) price tiil (U. Advance Cooking Stoves, withextension ovens, A very de.-irable pau-rn with extra castings), Garden T«mil-, Garden Seeds (11} cent* per paper), Parlor and Door Mats, tear. Bearer. GopLer. lUt aud Mou*« Traps, Ura»» Curtain Cornices and fland». W ire au'l Safe Ciotlis. of all number*, Kbo* riadlßgi, a rail Variety; Compriaing La,t«. Sboe Hammers. Knives, Nails, Pinchers, Pegs. Ac. ■■•r»e, Caw aad Nbrrp Bells, Extra Heavy. 9 m luteal ( rosst al aad Mill Raws, (A very superior article). Nrrhaalc'i TooU aad Material*, ia full variety.) Win invr—n-li. Paints. Oil. Putty and (JUti ; V»r nisliis. Japan, Turpentine nnd Alcohol, l'u< k<-t mid Table Cutlery, (large uuurt u.i niy, furry Ciuuiln uuii Horse Brushes, (leather buck*) Pow tier. Shot, llalls, Lend and * aj>, Bullet Mould;, (iun Lock* Wipers, Nipples, Ac.: Culile, Trace, Halter and Do,; I'll.lina ; Sheep Shears and Wool Cards, liruk, Planter and Garden llocs, Plow*, Cultivators, MallarkN, llrnMh Hooks, Horse (takes, Cradle*, Scythes, Hakes, Churn*. Corks, Butler llowls and Trays, &c. JAPAN BLACK TEA. teg-Tin, Sheet Iron. Copper and Bragg Ware manufactured and repaired. N. It.—We have made such arrangements for the purchase of articles, either in San Fraucisco or New York, as we think cannot but give sntis factioii. IMP"" Commission solicited. Olympia, April 0, lt*Cl. 21 :tf WM. G. DUiNLAP, I.lll'WßTilll AND DEALER IN GROCERIES. PROVISIONS, DRV GOODS, CLOTHING. BOOTS and SHOES,&c AT THE OLD STAND, Corner of .llain and Third Streets, Country Produce generally taken iu cxchango for Goods. No pains spared to give satisfaction to customers. Olympia, Nov. 23, 18G0. 2:tf Farm for Sale. rpilK undersigned offers his f.irni, situated six J mile* north of Olympia, for sale or rent, con taining ltiti acres choice farming land, a fine or chiird of 200 bearing fruit trees, of nil varieties, dwelling und out houses, barn, und a good well. There are also living streams of water for stock, flowing through the premises. Also 1 yoke of work oxen, 5 milch cows, and 20 young cuttle will be sold, with or without the premises. For particulars enquire of the undersigned, or of Win. Billings, Ulyinpia. ISAAC DOFFLEMIRE. Olympia, Aug 17,1861. 40:lf P. X. K AST. Sole Agent of the well known house ol SEIIIER- Llt'll, Philadelphia, whose goods are recognized by the trade as being better in quality of stock, workmanship and style, than any other house iu the world, and has uow opened sample lots at his extensive warerooins, *414 California St. The ntteutiou of the trade is invited. ROTICI2. IS hereby given that the tract of land Included in the subjoined boundaries has betu set aside as a United States Indian Reservation, under the treaty with the Qui-nai-elt andQuil-leh-ulte tribes of Indiaus. All persons are hereby positively warned against settling or trespassing on said tract of laud,or of fishing within said boundaries. The carcasses of all whales and other mnrine ani mals floating ashore within the boundaries of said Reservation belong to und are the sole property of said Indians. No trading will be allowed with said Indians, except by persons duly authorised by law. The following are the boundaries of said Reser vation, as nearly as cau be determined until an of firial survey is made: 'Commencing at a point ou the Pacific coast about live chains south of the Ne-mote-lopts or Roberts' creek and about three quarters of a mile south of the fifth standard paral lel north of the base line, thence due east about live miles, thenc« about north fiftecu degrees west, (X 15°W) about »even miles, thence due west to a |<oiut or reeks about one mile north of the (jue-ni-rlt river, thence with the meanderings ofthe Pacific Ocaaa to the place of begiaaiag. The initial point of this Reservation, for the present, ia marked with a two-inch sqnare eet ia the bark. WM. W. MILLER Superintendent of Islm Affairs W. T. Olympia. August 31. IMI. 4J:tf W.B.C. CLUB HOUM OIN, TIIE UNDERSIGNfiD, BEING BOLE AGENT? of the abo» c oin, «fer it to the pah4sc as the finest HOLLAND UlVand the only «K*t l*E CUB UOlSk I. IN taiported to tins nsiirt. It is put apia tiRKBN CASK*. and btnadad W S. C . CLl'lt HOUSE. We shall caaunne to receive the abvte Gin rcgalnrly. . —AWO- Pu» AnWwUl Wkiaky.» PnßlMrtnvhttr. The above Lienors at* hn the weß knaaa honse of *'■ g. Corwin A Co., Bow York, and are gaaraateod fine and pan. W. B. CTOMIBO# A CO. M Cnltfiini* Bna fl«*. OLTHPIA WAOOI Stuart & Blockshear. WorLDinfonM IkrdtimitfOlta- SEK pta «a 4 iba N rtN*4i«| cowKry thai iber arc mow aaaaWtariag VAOOXB.CAB RUGK* «ad BIV.QICS * all Milium, Dm brut of naportad Malarial, by esyeriaeeed *a»b nrm. for vbich WIIEAT villbc tab** iaMcbaaf*. Mififrf at iba TwnW aßb- Bb#p mm M aad Cbtaaab Sinn, Otjfla. Dawbar >, IW> ** H. A. Judson d: Co., (At Iks lata Stars*V.EMM|^) MTHPIA, W. T, CtmiSlM lEBCIAUkTt, ABO pkiini im DDT GOODS. GROCERIES, CLOTHING, BOOTS UD SHOES, HARDWARE, FAINTS, OILS, SC., SC., SC. COUNTRY PRODUCE. MM XO CASE Will Trrlll lr |iTf ftr lispr lluia Thirty WmjnS Ol.rafil. SOT. 13. 18C0. HENRY M. M'CILL, [LATE SECRETARY OF THE TERRITORY.] —AND— Co uuiMMwr t.f tit Court »/ Claimi of V. 8. WILL devote special attention :o the prepara tion of the necessary papers to accompany claims until r (be act of March 2d In«I. for the pat men! of ibe war debt, and to business before the 1". S. Land oflice*. Urrtcc—On Main Si., Olyupia, W. T. [4l] RUFUB WILLARD, Physician nnd Surgeon. Dn lirri'S WILLARD, Graduate of the Uni versity of New York, desirous of locating permanently in Washington Territory, offers bis professional service* to the citizens of Olympia and surrounding country in all the departments of Medicine uud Surgery. With.such personal obser vations as a Collegiate Course among the Colleges and hospitals of New Vo'k affords, the Doctor trusts that he will merit a liberal share of public patronage, nnd will hold himself in readiness atall times to attend to any calls in the line of his pro fession, to which his entire attention will be devo ted. te*T' Particular attention will be paid to dis eases of women and » hildreu, and all organic affec tions. Olympia, August 10th, 18G1. 39:tf SAFES! SAFES! F. TILMiX, no Rattery Street, Nan Francisco, SOLE Agent for TILTON & McFARLAND'S celebrated Fire-Proof nnd Burglar Safes, This Safe is well known in the market for its un surpassed lire-proof quality, having withstood in California, ns well in the East, the hottest fires known. We can refer to endless certificates from parties in our mining towns, where these Safes iinvc been subject to the most severe test* of its fire-qualities. These Safes are sevurcd by our Combination Lock. This Lock is in every respect the most secure one in use; it requires the key and combination to open the Safe. If the key should be abstracted from the owner, it would be perfectly useless to the possessor without his knowing the combina. tion, or mental key, which the owner carries in his bead. To those in want of a reliable safe, we offer the above cheaper than any other in the market. tSaf A large assortment on hand and to arrive. F. TILMAN, 2<s:fim. 00 Battery St., San Francisco. THE GREAT (O\TI\E\TAL DISCOVERY In the Science or Medicine. FOR PURIFYING THE BLOOD AND STREGTH ENING THE HUMAN FRAME. DR. D. PERCY & CO'S CELEBRATED COIIDIAL 1141..11 OF CIRCASSIA, rrict two Julian and a half a buttle. ANEW nml important medicine for the cure of Nervous Debility, Lassitude, Weakness, Seor- Uut.c Humors. Olil Wounds, Ulcers, Glandular Swellings, Erisipclas, Scrofula, Pimples, Diseases of the Skin, Cutaneous Eruptions, and nil impuri ties of the Blood. It will also remove the effects of Mercury, and entirely erodicatc it from the system. 514 Dupont Street, between California and Pint. X. B.—All letters for Advice and Medicines promptly answered, and out door patients attented to d iy and night. San Francisco, Aug I,IBGI. 4l:m HO! TEAMSTERS! USE HUCKB & LAMBERTS CELEBRATED HOME MANUFACTURED PATENT 11. Jt L. A XT.TiI aRBASaii The Pioneer and only Reliable Ar- tide In the Market. Packed in 2lb canisters, and in bulk packages of 2Mb and upwards. For tale by all merchant*. NOTC. —Be sure to ask for Ike 11. A L. Brand, M there are various spurious imitations in the Mr- Wet. C. E. WILLIAMS, April SO. 13:4 w. Agent. uto. L. KKVVT.............. .........«I. V. ATMNM. (Late of 11. H. Bancroft 4k Co.) BOOKS Am mTWXEBT. OAA VOLS. LAW BOOKS. pJV/' f in.woo Vol*. Mi- ' allsnoon* Bank*. 100,000 Vol*. School Book*. I.oo# " Medical Book*, 1.000 Reaat* Letter rape*. IN Reaas Cap Paper. MORaaaas Cap. aad So* Bsene Bale Paper. MO,MO Enveiapna. aaaortod. Far ante at the laaraM rasa* hp KENNY A ALCXAVMR, (0( asd 000 Binaginnry Bts.sS. San Francisco Jane 3, IMI. M «3 THB FARMER** CNNOK TO It HIIIT Stiubi, F. B. W Uwkuyk, >*4Un IM J. r. X<«w, tMc Agrk-altar* im Tate C*P, *«• S nb. loyal aetata. IMC '•* 'n? *■ r*» wntediktiriNi* Tkn mi by matt (pmt ftU) *• CtfWt, OMM Ni WNtaiiN, ite rito t« k( It. Ta mqrdlwfMl lltte CM*, wi M taiti, (■r Tbu ia m« *• «M •' Bm* at tw farm." fk««M always be «i*«2AS?w Leonard Scott ACa's uranovm ILitlVlljTllflZlir T IOBARD 800TT A CO., Xew T«k, MIIMI I A «• w Ik* fcltswlM MM frtli call, rl* : 1. The LOXDOX QCARTTOLT, Tillru.) 1 1 The IDINBCRGH RBTIEW. (WMg.) 3. TW XOKTH BRITISH RBTIBW, (VrwGtaMk) 4. The WBBTMIXBTKB EKTIKW, (Llhssal.) 5 BLACKWOOD 8 BDUBCBUB MAOAHKB,' (T*»y) TUw rtriwlir«b ably rtynM the ml ai B ikal parties of Great Britaia—Whig, Taty, aad Radical; kai politic* tara oily «e hitiii rfMt character. A. W|ui af the UMOtpsofcaad aiHssi oa Scieace. Literature, Morality. aad - they Mai4 a* they have erer Mood. aarinM Ik* ihe world of letters, heiaf mmMmil MhftaM- Ma I* the scholar aad the pnMaaal mm, vW»' to the ialeilifeat reader of e««J cttas, they far aish a mure correct aad uiiihcUfj record of the carrwt literatare of the «UT, thrsagfcaai Ilia Nartd thaa can peiiibl; he oblaiaed hia a my atfear source. The receipt of A ire are Sheet* Na the Britfak publishers |ire« additioaal ralae to theoe rrprials, iaasauch as they raa BOW ho placed ia the haada of subscribers about as tooa as the origiaal ads tioa*. Terms: . For any one of the four Reviews, per aaaass_s3 M' For aay two of the foar Reviews, " " .IN For any three of the tour Reviews, " " .IN For all four cf the Reviews, " •' _• 00 For Blackwood's Magazine. " " _3 00 For Hlackwood and ou Review, " 11 .IN For Blackwood and two Reviews, " " .IN For lllackwood and three Reviews, " 11 .IN For Blackwood and the four Reviews, " .10 00' taf Money current ia the Stat* where issued' will be received at par. Clubbing. A discount of twenty-five per cent from tha above price will be allowed to club* ordering four or more copies of any one or more of the above work?. Thus four copies of Blackwood, or of ont Review, will lie sent to one address for $9 ; four copies of tbe four Reviews and Blackwood for S3O; and so on. Postage. !■> all tbe principal cities and towns, these Works will be delivered FREE OF POSTAGE. When sent by mail, tbe Postage to any part of tho United States will he but 34 ctlll a year for " Blackwood." and but 14 cents a year for each of the Reviews. N. B.—The price in Great Britain of tbe five Pe riodical? above named is s3l per annum. Remittances should always be addressed, post paid, to the Publishers, LEONARD SCOTT ft CO., No. 54 Gold street, New York January sth, 18G1. No. 8 Popular Family Journals. FOWLER AND WELLS, NEW YORK, PCB lish the following Popular and Scientific Se rials, which afford an excellent opportunity for bringing before tbe public all subjects of general interest. "Life Illustrated." A first class Weekly Pictorial newspaper, devo ted to News, Literature, Science and the Arts ; to Entertainment, Improvement, and General Progress. Its columns coutaia original Essays, Historical Biographical aud descriptive Sketches of travel and adventure, poetry, painting, music, sculpture, etc.; articles on science, agriculture, horticulture, physiology, education, and every to pic which is of importance or interest all combin ing to render it one of the best Family Newspa pers in the world. Published weekly, at two dollars a year la ad* vance. " The Water-Care Journal and Herald of Reforms" Devoted <o hydropathy, its philosophy and practice ; to physiology and nnutomy, with illus trntive engravings; to dietetic exercise, clothing, occupations, amusements, and those laws which ' govern life and health. Published monthly, in convenient form for biuding, at one dollar a year in advance. The American Phrenological Journal.'* A Repository of science, literature, and general intelligence, devoted to phrenology, education,. magnetism, psychology, mechanism, architecture, and to ail those progressive measure* which are calculated to reform, elevate and improve man kind. Illustrated with numerous portrait* and other engravings. A beautiful quarto, suitable for binding. Published monthly at one dollar • year, in advance. FOYVLER * WELLS. 308 Broadway, New York-. For three dollars, a copy of each of the above named Journals will be sent one year. BETTER TUAN PRESM i MEUIIII AND At Zjom Prloeal BOAKDHAra CHALLENGE YEAST POWDER, - FULLY OOABAtfTBKD. SATISFACTORY,' For sale by «U Jebbers, aad by 4. C. WTO AM, M CsHhwls BUsst. . WVo will alee set as rnwlselea sml fsr ■» ehasiag all khrfssffssds. lufrsstlin, Fsbr—ry, IMI. Mai MO. L. K«—tY, TT AVIWO *mm *eto«ri.U»' «itC Mr. Bw AUDuSmB, ■! Ml esstiast Ike m in ffiTMin mm In All Itaßwriiea, . BHKMMAXB 0,1 nm * 11 ■ 11— HUKfIMI IKASHUU^* ma, cmi— .it au wmmm Oljrmpi* W^TT r... »«r

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