Newspaper of The Washington Standard, September 21, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated September 21, 1861 Page 4
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Later from the Atlantic Side. The following dispatch was brought by the Sitrra Xctuda ; ST JOSEPH, Aug. 31. Government is considering the pro priety of organizing a National Detect ive "Police. Several large cities have been represented in a eontemce on this subject. The plan is 10 ha\e agents distributed throughout the coon tty forming a net work of surveillance A woman from Beauregard's head quarters was arrested as she passed through our lines into Alexandria, hav ing about hcrnpeison some 200 letters addressed t<> and implicating nromin •Mit ( it'ucii* of Washington and Alex andria. l)r. Manning was arretted, and oth er arre*t* will soon l»e ma<le. Washington City «a« thrown into ex* eitenn nt bv a report that martial law would lie declared immediately. '1 lie authorities have not decided to take such a step. A Committee from Boston are en deavoring to ]K*rsuude the President that he might to change his constitu tional adviser-. It is stated that these gentlemen represented the sentiments of certain prominent monetary inter ests in Boston, who demand that the heads t»f the War and Navy depart ments must come oti; else they will not risk capital further. This matter has has created considerable feeling. Foreign mails l»y the last steamer were received at the State Department. Advices from our ministers show that the European Governments appreci ate the Hull Pun disaster to its lull ex tent. The northern troops are given more credit for bravery and endurance than our own papers have claimed. Their front heavy works were consider ed by military men as giving the rebels so great an advantage, as to make it a matter of wonder how raw recruits could Le induced to assault them under such dread advantages. Our ministers are confident that no movement to re cognize rebels as national *vill he made so long as our government maintains its forces in the rebel States. The feel ing on the continent generally is that the North would be aroused by disaster to the army, and that defeat would pre vent any arrangement with the rebels. Officials in the British Government are impressed with the belief that the bat tle and the defeat would only prolong the contest without deciding anything. The London Globe denies, by author ity', the statement that Admiral Milne lias reported that the blockade of the Southern ports is ineftectuaf. It is said that the English and French fleets on our coast are intended for ser vice at Vera Cruz, intervention on Mexican affairs being the probable de sign of these Governments. Several persons have been arrested, among them are Mrs. Greenehow. widow of the former Librarian and Translator of the State Department. Mrs. Senator Gwin's trunk—ordered to go to West Point—was seized and examined, l'lans of the fortifications at the Chain Bridge and on the other side of the Potomac, traced on paper by some clerk in the War Department, were found. The Union men of Kentucky are prepared for whatever issue the Seces- Bionißts may force upon tliem. Richard Wallack, who was appointed Mayor of Washington in place ofßcr rit is a strong Unionist. Secretary Seward has gone to New York to arrange a new passport system. The Secretary of War liaa ordered the stopping of all telegraphic dispatch es to points South of Kentucky. The Charleston Mercury's correspon dent says: We are without the sym pathy and friendship of any nation on eartfi. The only argument by which we can influence them is by necessities and fears!" This correspondent says that the Confederates Buttered more killed aud wounded than the Federals £at Bull Run.] Complaints arc made that advantage was not taken of the Federal flight at Manassas. 1,100 copies of the newspaper Daily yews were received at the American Exprese Office. ALBANY, A'jg. 28.—Mr Russell of the London Times, denies that be was re fused a pass front (Jen. Porter, and adds that he holds a pass from him and Gen. S^o»t. The Washington Republican expres m the belk-t that a battle ivrun the Potomac can not be avoided many days longer. Kusaell, of the Itondon Ttw* re turned ham ad expedition to our ral»|«, reports onr tnmps wonderfuliy improved within the lust fortnight. Government has rented a building at Washington for the confinement ot fe male prisoners. At Washington the secessionists are generally alarmed by the late arre*t». They think mater* are growing auriou* to them. It is stated that Government has re funded to Illinois 40 per cent, of the expenditures of that State in fitting out volunteer*, which gives the State fl,- 000.000. The remains of Geu. Lyon were em balmed at 8t Louis, and left there yes terday by Adams' Express, uuder niili taiy escort for the East |o* A revolution is in progress in New Granada, and the revolutionist* are likely to obtain the control of the Government. Leonard Scott Co. s RKPRINT OF TJIK BRITISH REV IEWS AND nmvoon imzui. ID'S" \RP SCOTT k CO.. New York, continue j to re-puMUh lUc following Rriti.-h I'trioili -la!.*. via : 1. The LONDON QtWRTERLY. M'onnenativc.) 2. The F.ntNßl'ltCll REVIEW. (Wliig., .t. Tbe NORTH ISKITI.siI REVIEW, t FrtrChurcbj 4. Tin WESTMINSTER REVIEW, (Liberal.) 5. BL.UKtVooD .S EDINRI RUH MAGAZINE, (Tory.) The-e Pt-riuiliral- nMy ripn -rnt tlie preat poli partie* of Great—Wliijr. Tory, ami Radical . t.ut (tulilo > I rm only onr fralurr ol their • lurs. li r. .\ • 07.111' oflbr uio-t profound w i itrr ou >• irti'-c. Literature, Morality. and Ri-li-ion. tbev -t.iii'i tln-v ever Mood. unrivaled in tin HORIA ol litui.-. Iti IUK i MI -..leu<l 1,1.1.-|HII-.I- I If to tin- M-liolar ami tin- pr«>fc<*ional man. mbilr to llir intflllgrat reader of every «la.-». tin * lur t.i-!i 11 tnurr * orrect ati I ii'toty ri« or'! thr • urn nt literature of tin il.iy. throughout the world thin ran pos>?ildy lie obtained Ironi any oilur souri e. Tin- receipt of Adcame Sheet- from tbe ItritMi (ill I li-lu-r- |tiveji ailiiitii mil »alue to tlo .-<• reprint*, inasmuch a* they ran now In* placed in tin-* of subscribers aliou! a.- tuou as the original idi tious. To rin 1* : For any one- of ili« !«•;»i K« \:« w*. per ;«ntiu!n..s '• <*<» For any two of tVic* four Itfvifwi, •• •' .. f» O'l For any three of the four Hi*views, 4 * •• .. 7 For all four of tiic Krviewn, 4 * •* .. For Hint kwou<l !> 4 * 4 * •• •» oo For I'liii kuooil nii• I oi.e Hi*view, 44 44 .. f» "" For IMutknuod and two 4 * '• .. 7 Oil For Mat kwood and three lli-vii-wj, •• 44 .. immi For Blackwood ami the four He%iew* y * 4 ..luoo IKV" Money eiirreut in tbe SUtc where issuid will be received at par. Club b i n if. A discount of twenty-live per rent from the nhove price will lie nlluweil to dulis ordering lour or more copies of unv one or more of the nhove works. Thus four copies of Rlackwood, or of one Review, will lie sent to one address for IS!' : four copies of the four Reviews ami Rlackwood for and so ou. Postage. In a" the principal cities and towns, these Works will lie delivered FREE OK I'tISTAIiK. When sent liy mail, the Postage to any part of the United .States will lie hut I CCIItN a year for '• Rlackwood." ami hut 1-1 C<*lllH a year for each of the Review s. N. R.—The price in Oreat Rritain of the five Pe riodicals nhove named is s:il per annum. Jay Remittances should always be addressed, post paid, to the l'lihlishers, LEONARD SCOTT k CO., No. 54 Ciold street, New York. January sth, lHtil. No. 8 CEO. L. KENNY, HAVING withdran from the firm of 11. 11. Ran croft & Co., Ims this dav nssocinted himself with Mr. J. ■>. and will continue the BOOK I\o STATIONARY RISIVESS, In All Its lJranclies, At 600 and 60S Mont promt'r> SI reel, SHERMAN'S BUILDING, Opposite the old stand, under the name of KKNNY & ALEXANDER San Francisco, May 20, ISUI. 2!):ui3 Popular Family JouriinlM. 1710WLER AXI) WELLS, NEW YORK, PIB ' lisli the following Popular and Scientific Sc rolls. which afford nil excellent opportunity lor bringing before the public alt subject* of general interest. "Life Illustrated." A first class Weekly Pictorial newspaper, devo ted to News, Literature, Science ami the Arts ; to Kntertaimneut, Improvement, ami General Progress. Its columns contain original Essays, Historical liiograpliicnl and descriptive Sketches of travel aud adventure, poetry, painting, music, sculpture, etc.; articles on science, agriculture, horticulture, physiology, education, and every to pic which is of importance or interest all combin ing to render it one of the best Family Newspa pers in the world. Published weekly, at two dollars a year iu ad vnnco. "The Water-Cure Journal and Herald of Reforms" Devoted to hydropathy, its philosophy and practice; to physiology ami auatomy, with illus trative engravings; to dietetic exercise, clothing, occupations, amusements, and those laws which govern life and health. Published monthly, iu convenient form for binding, at one dollar n year iu advuncc. The American Phrenological Journal." A Repository of science, literature, and general intelligence, devoted to phrenology, education, magnetism, psychology, mechanism, architecture, and to all those progressive measures which arc calculated to reform, elevate and improve man kind. Illustrated with numerous portraits aud other engravings. A beautiful quarto, suitable for binding. Pub!']-.lied m«n!hlv at one dollar a year, in advance. FOWL kit K WELLS. •ton limndwar. New York. For three dollars, a copy of each of the above named Journals will be »cut our year. BETTER THAI FBESTOS BILL'S A XI) At Zjom Prlooa! ROIKDniX'I CHALLENGE YEAST POWDER, FILL y Gl A HASTEED. IF NOT SATISFACTORY, Tht NMtf will ke RHaraN! F'it talc bv all Jobber*, and by j. r WIXAKA, f>o I'llifurnu Street, Who will al«o ui «• rommiuioa aprat for par eka«iii|r nil kin<li of (IHHU. Man Franri»co, IVliruuj. 18C1. 14;m3 33Totloe Tn S< boot Superintendent* aad School Director* of W. T.—ln arrordunre with tbr duty devolving upon me a* Territorial fx boot Superintendent, I would RV. oiniuriid a uniform vyMem of M-11001 booka throughout She Territory. After ronnultinir with *everal educator* and County Superintend ent*. we have agreed upon the following text book •, and I would recommend them for adoption a* MOD aa practicable : Town'* Speller; Parker k Wataon'* l*t, 2d, 3d, 4th and Mb Reader* ; Welnter'n Cnabridged l)ir tiouary ; Kay'a Arithmetic,, pari* lit, Id and 3d; Kay* iiigti-ichool do; Itay s Algebra, part* l«t and 2d ; llay'* (ieometry; Ray'* Surveying and Triimometry ; Clark'* Knglitk Unuamar, put* |*t and 2d ; Cutter'* I'hvaiology; Cornell's Serin of Ueograpbie*; Wood * Botany. Voura Truly, B. C. LIPPIKCOTT, Superintendent Public Bcfcoola of W. T. Olyapis, April 20th, l««l. 2J:tf I J*o. D. ARTHT'B *'"• *• A*TBl'» J. D. ARTUI Rfc ROM, MRORTIKH AND JOBHKKK or AGUICTLITUAL IMPLE.MEXTS, Or All KlndS. 1861. rats hi nam iwk We now offer for MIC the Cflt-brilfd Hew Work Rraptr and lew Work At?ai|M*r and Mower. Made *.*•'/ f**t f VfA'«#rfo<i. I y M u<if ami ut Of to. \\'r have sold the n'»o\»» io:ik«- of Macliinr* for t lie la«t five uitli in. Mile fvm yfiir. Our hundnd hu«l M\«nM- iioftlir.-«* !{fn|ifrmire sold 1.4-1 season. allot v iti« h jraM* the nto.»t perfect tioii, M « T»einjf tlii* r.;o»l ITR4KI-K. 1.H.11T UT and I'OMPLKTK Kea|*rr and Montr iu U#t*. K»'r« .lUnf- on It »nd AUo, Krlc Wower. Improve.! for I mil. httid to be the U»l tingle Muurr ever lU.i'lr. The Wertnonfl Mower am! Rf*:i|>rr A .li ft, ' ills lue feet: fc»*»!a --l»Ie i«»r small farms. A! -. Hall'*. rttt°% »nd Ktu*«rir» Tkrenkrm i I'on «*r»< Blradlt*} 'h ivtmt i: k»<. >pritif? Sin I T««11» V! ol II«' « It k»'s. I; x«.l\ it - I!• r-« I! k» ll*v ami H irl* \ !•:>k• . I*•'i•• I < ik-\ !l*\ Fi»rk«. S-\ tlo - nod ffwatl • i* *. 5 !» i l» . tlmta i rndl« • i fowers,! i.ltivatoi. I rm or IMuntalionHill* (for |rriu«liti|f !••• «l- *•«t in «•» llrown'» Iturr ritom Mil! Il:«ti«l Mill*. I! r- • •»-. W;«: p|o« . If AITOWS, Nails, !!•■«. Hh • <' r -i l« stones <:>Yt size*. in • or mii*. I< . |*|« v |*«.\ N taper*. rt« .. etc. All «»t nhi< It nre ntVer. d for > •!»• :«t t! « ! titv|*ri •« <. J.IK ill! 11l It K SU\. Corne rot Washington und -it«••• t«*. Apri! jn, lHil. '.M m'! €*:»! ;i*»rniis. WATT'S Nervous Antidote! And l'li3*l<nl ICi'stoialitr!! THE IIIH.IL 1VIIMIEI! OF THE M! The most powerful ami wonderful medicine ever discovered, guaran teed to til re every iicr\ oils or spasmodic disease. It i> a uerv ilic ofsuch miraculous power, that it is unimportant how long the disease lias existed. ll'it directly or indi rectly from a nervous nlfcction, per severe in it at about tin- rati' of one vial to evcrv year tlio disease ha-cxistt d. ll is guaranteed to tiic most vio lent anil long standing. Xcurnlfvla. Tic Dolnremix.Cont ul« gioiis, A .-I liin.«, Cramps, Spasms, Ver tigo, Headache, Delirium Tremens, Low Spirit-". Mental orl'liysii'iil Decay, Whooping Cough, Ague, LojS of Appe tite, Strirtnre, Stone, Nervous Twii h iugs, r.ilpitatiou. I'hthvsie, Lumbago, Ahscnse of niiud, Clioler.i, Dyspepsia, Epilepsy, Oout, l'ulsv, St. Vitus Dance, lly.-terics, Hypochondria, Sup pressed Menses —and i.- so wonderful iu rejuvenating preni iture old age, and correcting deerepitnde brought on by excessive iuilulgenee, nothing lint atrial can convince the patient of its qualities ! HfSX,. It is not an excitant, but n strengthened purely vegetable and tumuli's* : like a skillful ar chitect, it begins bv laying a firm foundation, and gradually lull incessantly adds strength aud vigor until nothing is left unfinished. This miraculous Medicine is lor sale, wholesale nnd retail, by S4!Ul!i:i, illi.HN, Druggist, CI 1)1/ Strrrt , one ilnnr from tlujwnt , Sim Franrinfn, mill In/nit Ittuffi/inin in California ami Orryon —S>l per bottle, $!• per Whoi.rsai.k Auksts. —Hedington k Co., 0. W. Sncll, Langle.v k Co.. Clias. Morrell, Crowell & Crane; Win. 11. Ilcith .V Co. 14:in3 Dr. (I. K. WILI.AKD, Olympia. Hoakomas's Vkast l'ownrttn.—This article of Yeast Powder will render all articles of food made of Hour or inenl more nutritious, digestible, and wholesome. than i»nv other yciut powder in the market. We quote thHrronsliwtly'incre.islnj* de mand :ii evidence of their merit. For sulc by all tin- merchant*. OAK TTAT.T. 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Stnnrt A Hlm»k*hear, "117 OCLD inform Iheritiieu* of Olrm- fcf tf. tf pia and the vurrounding country that they are now manufacturing V AfiiiNS.CAR- Kl AUKS and Bl'titilES of all de*tripliou», fro' , tbi IteMof im|M>rte<l material, by experienced norl - mru. for which WHEAT will In- taken inexchangc, delivered at the Tniawater mill*. Shop corner 3d and Chinook Street*. Ulympta, December 8, I MO. 4:tf WASHINGTON HOTEL. SILAS CAI.IJBKI, Pk. CORNER OF BECOXD AND MAIN STREETS, Olympia, W. T. Board par week— fj oo Olrmpia, Nor. 23, 1860 '•»» *»*Tha beat purifier of the blood ia Ball'* ftar aaparilla. PHELAN'B Billiard Saloon. 11IIK above flilliiini fvilonn, m itli EIGHT FIRST ri.ASS PHKI.AX TAIII.ES, ii now i.pen to the publie. The I'unhion* on these T.ibles are the latest |>nlent. ainlnre ap-rent improvement on their preilnissnrs. The it fitted up iv 11 to 'oinhine EI.EOAXCE with t'OMFORT. The bar Hill In' kept Mipplied with the very choicest br.ind* of Wines, lilquors, tib Sogars, And the aubwriber* hi pe, liv strie! attention. to merit the patronage of all who admire and prac i-ie the «i AMK ttF RILLIARDS. I»AS, I.vxm. M K. IIHiIIKS. "•JO and Vi'i Montgomery st., t';i|Mi-i!o the New Metropolitan Theatre. T!:** *nb#eril*T t«» inform thr pnl»!ir thst tlit .il ovr iiirnti«ine<i ItIUJAKU SAUNf.N is sl»o intt tolt <1 to M»t\e us a -to»H an<i §alrsro4»tn for l > l!i:i.O'N l*af«-nl <oniblnuOoM

I usliloitH »ii«l ntnlel llii liurd lulticit, \n«! I>il!*l i#f evrry description. I'artii" «!•-irous «»f PUN HA?»II»IR Hiilmnl THMI-I WILL TITW> li.iveaii «'jt|»oi luittf v «»t .-«•!« « TJT:J; troni A %a --• t>«.ortffirMt. l»ofh ?r stvlr ami Ami li. and «nn »|.o ti*-t tlir fii)K'riiin\i rl.iitun| |«»r thr Cushion* .ml Y4l»ir.«. Mi. I>A V LVNt'll %% til br on h.ool. an«l reu<l\ to gilt* all r« «|uir«*«l informutior. with i h> tb< McfUxofllmw Jl BTLV t BLR* |; :\TKIMtII.LI\K.'» TMiI.KS. The , all intt ri *it •! p.irti* » to mil ami examine, U.K. 11l fill.-. f«»r I'll* !*n » I'.itrnt fotii!»in «tion fnsh ioii% uii l Mo t« rn Hill' >t>i *1 ai• '• «•. > ti Frum is« o, Jul% M, ls»i|. BERGEHS BIJOU BILLIARD TABLES, WITH [IU3S FATtKT CiOiill MlfifS rpilK »<ulMeril»ei de>irrs to inform the public | lie lias now on exhibition, nt Phelan's New Billiard Saloon, Montpmiery strfft opposite lite Melrcpolitnn Tlie iitre one ol'llieubove meiitioiK il 111 1.1.1 A Ull TA III. ICS. it II • I conliiilly iii \ ites the pitrnus td'tUe NO ill.K liAMl'i, to c:ili iiiid e\iimiiie it. The limit Muster, Minis. Ilerjier, spt';iksof the tnbles in the highest ti'tms ot roliimeniliition. Topriviite fiun ilies I IK--O Tub!' - romiiirnil thi'itiselve.i. espeeinllv mi in ruiiiit NT (heir « i>ii V.-N it'll T si/.e. HIIII US 1111 iir tirle of I'liriiilnre torn privnlr there ia iiulhint; more desirable : in short, no household or tniitisiini Hiili nny pretensions to I cinj; well rejfii* l ited >ln>n I>l be without one. lietillemcn iibout to luiilil n -iili'iii es shmilil by nil iin iui> iniike provia ion forn l!ll.l.l.\l!l> KtloM, where tlioir liimily I'IIII eujuy the noble, giuttful, mill hi'iilth-^ivinjf (.mi,ic ol Milliards. M. K. 11l CHIOS Billiard Table Manufacturer, Ami Agent for I'IIKLAN S I' AT KM COMIII -ON CISIIIONS, etc., ete. Exhibition and Salesroom, No. "L'O and V'JJ Montgomery street. . Manufaetory, Market street, opposite Or phan Asylum. W. N. 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B—All Mt»r« for \<trire and Vrilirivi promptly answered, and out door patient) attentcd to diy and • s an traftcisro. Aup I, Mtil. 41 :m SAFES! SAFES! r. TiLiu. N Battery MrcH, laa Fraarlar*, SOLE Agent for TILTOX * McFARLAXD'S rtlrhnlrd Fire-1"roof and Burglar Mftftoa. Thin Safe l» well knuwu in the markrl for it* u. (orpaued fire-proof quality, baring witbatood in California, a* writ iu the bit. the hot teat fire* known. We can refrr to entile** certificate* from C*rtie* in our mining town*, where Ibeoe hafri ■ve been nulijei t to tbe wort Ktcre teat* of iu fire-qualitie*. Tbe»e Sale* are secured by our UmUmUm Lack. TbU Lock i* in every rerpect the moat **cure one in uae; it require* the key and combination to open the Safe. If the kejr *hould be abatractrd from the owuer, It would be perfectly n*ele** to the pocscMor without hia knowing the rombina* tiou. or mental key, which the owner earrte* In hi* bead. To tho*r in want of a reliable aafe. we offer the above cheaper than any other in the market. MT A targe aaaortnient on hand and to arrive. f. TILMAN, 20:0tn. !»0 Battary it., Han Franrlireo. ml J. c. Toxnro, LATE rNriwoi or TM nitniin ar ran. ('aa be fonad at hit Private Medical MM ui Hacpital, So. 751 CLAY STREET, Opposite thr aouthweat caraar of tka Ptaaa. WHERE HE CAX BE COXBCLTKD PRI - aad wilh tbr utaiurt caatidaace. by the afflicted, at all boura daily, from » A. X. to H l>. M. DR. Yorxn addresses thorn abo are •afleriag under the affliction of priraia diaeaaea, whether ■risiag from impure eon nee i ion or the terrible rim of self-abuse. Itevoting bi» eatire time to that ■•articular branrh of the prefti»i«n. be feel# war ranted in GCARAVTBEINO A CURE IX ALL CASES, whether of lon*Handing or recently eon trarted. rntirrly removing Ibr (Irrp of dtaaaae from tin raletn. and luukiupa I'tmirt and PER MANENT V'CKE. lie WOLM rail tbr attention of the aliirled ta tlir fact < Ins long-standinc ami nell-cnraed rep utation, t : nisbing suthiient awuraace ol hia >kill and su* ■ -. I'paart of five thousand rases hare beea dia <harped • rid in thr year eudiag July l»t. I ■bowing rt- orJ surpassing any luxpital ia the I inieii : ar*. COS.* I.TAIION. by letter or othrrwi«e. Far*. rn» ITI'TIONAI. UEUILITY AXDSEIIINAL W KAKN' >S.—|)r. Yi unjf addreuri tlio-e who liiiti- iuj -d ikicniM-Uc". by |>ri>atr and impru|>rr indulc< i in that >e< ret and aolitary habit ahicb rum- tl • nlv i>i)d mind, iba ni either lor bii-iui ■ r Mw-ietv. nith thr tiea to inipri -' upou tlieir tii before it i- too late, the absolute ne ci-.-ilv • -kililul medical treatment, and by a diii«'l i ti -f o| riM-oaia* to »l«ow lltat although «ma> not for tlir health {"ivru us, that it • anno! In? «|«ortad or trifled with without 10-4; an 1 alien ome eugeudered raanot br regain ed by t 1 re aliMineticc ftoui tolly, or ur|,'eut and rtiKii}.* " |>la\ of eouratre. It 111.1 \ not bv generally ni:Jrr>tooil by tli«- great mnjorit of aufftTer* from mental deprex-iona. that tin -e 1I1; I 11 lid heavy >en.ntioiio experienced in tlte In ud 11: <1 about the 1 lie-t, accompanied by lei litijj< ot aiiNii'ty and forelxMliug. arise from a disorgan iXlllion of tlir important fuiietiona of the body.— Sitrli. however, ia the fuel, mid in latter yrara to .-in h :iu extent lia- tills been carried that our In sane Asylums are becoming fillol with patients who owe to this cause alone their Miffering. The study and practice of years lias shown conclusively that to the weakness of the genital organs, snper induccd far too often by self-nhnse. which has lie fcomi' .-o appnreut in the face; and where once our lathers stood giants in muscular force, the men of to-day are dwarfs in comparison. The symptoms of the disease may be faint to-day, but so surely n« you experience that in tlic buck and limbs, dlmners of sight, nervousness, derangement of the digestive functions, und gen eral debility, so surely will follow the harrow ing mental prostration too awful to contemplate, and which w ill end only as the hii<t breath comes strug gling. gasping from the breast of the expiring vic tim. There is something noble in dying when the good hits been (ought, but what man can view a grave filled by one whose life dribbled out in pollution, without a feeling of disgust. Do not hesitate, hoping that time will erudieata what it only strengthens, but call at once at my office, with the full assurance of n speedy and per manent cure. Let no sense of false shame deter you. but save yourself from the awful effects of this dread disorder, and regain the full strength of your manhood. Mrrciir) in no form enter* Into the Itrnicdlt'N udoplrd by l)r. Voting. Mercury has been named, not iuu|t(l,v, "The curse of Man," as, under tho treacherous garh of a re-torcr, it licijticatlis the most terrible disease. We ilo not see it at once, but hidden beneath the fair iirface, it poisons tile blood, destroys the ner vous and muscular system, preventing the action of the joint*, and rendering wretched, under the name of rheumatism, the life of the sußcres. "The remedy is worse than the disease," as many a poor, crippled, miserable, toothless wretch will say. while pointing to his decayed jaws and ulcer ou ;riuns, lie tells of its ravages—or at his swollen join is and body marked with purple or leaden col ore)! sores which speak of his paius. and again at his impaired, ruined digestion, which tells of wretched days and sleepless nights. AM all'ections arising from the use of mercury perfectly eradicated and health fully restored. All diseases of a private nature arising from impure connection, such as I'leers, Swelling of the (iroins. Ulcers in the Throat, Sec ondary Syphilis, Cutaneous Eruptions, I'lcerations, Tertiary Syphilils, Syphilis in Children, Mercurial Syphilitic All'cctions, Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Strictures, False I'assages, lullaiuatiou of the Itladder, and Prostate (Hands, Kxcorlntlons, Tumors, Pustules etc., treated in the most scirntilic manner. Cure alwaysi Guaranteed or no Tee Required. Dr. Voting would state that he has been a pro fessor of Obstetrics and Female diseases for the pa.-t fourteen years, and is fully qualified to ad minister iu ail cases both medically and surgically, not in a superficial, but in as thorough a manner as years of study and practice—both in hospitals ami private families—can make. Therefore fami lies can rely upon him as upon a father. All in affliction ran find in him one who can feel and sympathise with, and befriend them in trouble— one in u hose secresy the utmost confidence can be placed. Come, all ye that are afflicted and in trouble, mid you will be relieved and cured. Private Medical Office and Iloiipltal 751 CLAY STREET, Opposite southwest corner of the Plata, SAN FRANCISCO. I>R. J. C. YOUNU . DR. J. C. Yorxu, who has become so celebra ted for the thousands of cures which he has per* forme.l on old. chronic mercuric), syphilitic, and all private diseases, without mercury, is consulted daily et his oflice 751 Clay st., from !) A. U. to 8 I*. M. A cure guaranteed or no pay. Dr. Young has probably had more practice in veucrcal <li-ea>es than any physician iu t'alifornia. lie cure- all the mo*« aggravated eaten of this dis ease. and mild ones he removes in from two to five d.'ts. The Doctor has lor many years bets known as the most eminent and successful physi cian practicing in the I'nited State*, and what ia more important to the patient, he always effects » sped i and permanent cure. Tr*> elers, M-umcn. miners and others, who wish to he . ired without mercury. hindrance from basi licas. or exposure to frietuls. should apply I* him as so.*ii as possible, aad a perfect eyre guaranteed in all curaMe cases. Tb» art- • frw oft to Mar testimonies of l>r Young'* ability M a peart itioarr. which bsre it>|M-«rrd ia tto pablir joarwal* of the last few rears : I Kaoa rai Rosen* Mcdical i«rnu.l Altb 'Bg:h we arc opposed to the mtna of ad- Tertisti-g for (toad sad snffirirnt rca'toa*. (till we a. »m it bat jastire to mt that Dr. Voaaf is Mt of the mo«t induMrioa* aad indefatigable votaries of the niHioal srieaec ia Ike I'nited Bkim. fFao* Paoeessoa Jinsos.l The ml' itihef b penouU; acqaaiated with Dr. Yminr end ban seea mnrb of hi* ptartice.aad CM hear ti 'iatoc} to hi* awrita as a prartitioaer. (r un rat Wear Tou Hibald.] The en> pace of thi* distiagaisbed gestleaaa to hi* profe»,!..n, aad the Tenr extec ixd opportaai ,ie* posse- . d bjr him for the otoerraMa af raae eal di*e» ■. aiake* hi* services ia valuable to hone a«v- 4 arith the ahava f'riatt [' * TMt Wats AID Aanitnia.] AH am:, d with private complaint* should, i' possible, I I.IMIII Dr. Yoaag. abase lardicaj eda catiou U upt surpassed hr aar ihrdcto !■ iks country. J, hi. skiU. hoaur art rely eith m.ety, while most of the itdical Me. tltiontr* iu thi. city are withoat boaestT arias- Cnsihilily. their prateaslaM betog groa.ded ia toraiice aud nwpilsi lMlMrtflal <• Uliuim ud tlhirt Reqnirlac Vesical Tmhml! Dr. Y»- yW tbe pioneer Advertising PhytieiM it Cilifoni*, aad Ik* wljt MM mm alwMaa who haa receded a nnlv nadieal whick i* IM«M>I fcr ni NMMM diwMM. Bmhn oT Ms wpiililii mttm there kan frog, AM UM ta KM, kNa rare, iwpoatora, witkott rhwiH ar tiinii. who, by boaatiag taw ■■■!■< ta wary nkm into tka UWO(i%«m iini able and arieatifie MB. - la m Mag, die kaaa acatteicd broadcaat iMr ■■■<>■■• i«m tW art aad aaaaapeeliag, la tka Inliaillaa af aad ia KWW CUM BFC itoaif. Itvan af Ikmm TOU woald of tka TfaitiN, far lk«; art aad«. tractive. Dr. Yoaaf'■ ofc* ia at TH CLAY IT, affwiu tka aaatkwcst toraar af tka Plaaa. With rapid to maaaaaaliaa, (aa preliaiaary betweea patient aad praacrikar, «d ■ kkk ao faatidiouaaeae ar falat delicacy Aadl >vt a*ida,) Dr. Yoaaf bt|» rwfNtfiOj la aaila Uioo* wiahiag to coaaalt kaaa, tkat ia ardtaary ■Uam tbr usual lite ia expected aa by atker pcac titioacre : bat tkm paticate aaek la aatraat tkafr rtxi la kia rati IT ■•■a|i ail), ka portaaily of ripmai kia taadiaaaa la MM a •{•criSc consideration ta road art tka rae* far a determinate period, or ta a by tbr in*alid ia al oarr appriaad af the mat the eipeaaa to be iacarred. aad tka pkywM aa cured tbr punctual atteadaace af hi* patiaat, alMk tbr golden toll oftra drier* hayaad tka aecaad a third iatetriew. aad ahicb arrmagameat Dr. Yaaw a ill be happy to apportioa la the pane—lttfj of tbr patica't, aa aay be agreed at the fnt iatat view. TO CORREffPOXDKXTS. Patient* reading ia aay part of the State kaa errr diitaat. « b«> may des'Tr the opiaioa aad ad- Tire cf I>r. Young <>a their renpectira ea*ar.«4 «bo think proper to .uh»it a writtea tMaatiid such. ia preference to holding a persoaai lattniea, are respectfully assured that their -mratiaaa «ill l« hel>l moot Mtrred. I»r. Younf takea thk <i|>|iortniiity of nl'wrtinir that all letter* are aaly opened ami replied to bj tuauclf, aad the latter aa promptly a* possible. If the can be fully and candidly drier!bed, per. sonal communication will be aapcraadrd. aa ia structiona for dirt, regimen, and tae general treat -111 cut of the case itself, (including the reaedica,) will he forwarded without delay, and in nek• manner as to convey no idea of the letter or paital so transmitted. Consultation gratU. J. C. YOUNG, M. D. The French Lnaar, or Pcaaie Monthly Pills. The best remedy ever discovered for suppressed menses in females. They are safe and sure, acting in the most easy manner possible, never creatinf sickness, but renovating the system, and at the same time they remove any obstructions which may impede for the time the natural flow ot the menses. No family should be without a box ia. the house, as they greatly assist in the delivery, at maturity, of the child. They should not be token under some circumstances, in the early stages of pregnancy, which will appear plain to ladies. Price $5 per box, with full directions, sent te any part of the Pacific coast upon receipt of the money. Address J. C. YOUNG, 751 Clay street, Opposite southwest corner of the Plan, 14:tf Han Francisco. Seed Warehouse! Established In 189©. S. W. MOORS, No. 110 California Street, between Montgomery and Sansome, San Francisco, Cal. lias for sale the most extensive variety of HI. Mil Tffl. 1(1111 AND FRUIT SEEDS, In California, including 40,000 lbs. Pure Alfhlfc or Chill Cle ver Seed, of the Hew Crop. Hungarian Grass, Red Clover, Timothy, Kentucky Blue Grass, Canary Bird Seed, White Dutch Clover, &e. Also, CI ml asi or Earth Al monds, Hyacinths, Tulips, liilies, And other liulbous Roots. Assortments of Na tive California Flower and Evergreen Seeds, col lected by a well-known Ilotanist, always on hood. The undersigned, from his long experience in the business, and his extensive facilities for pro curing his Seeds from the best Seed-growers and Nurserymen, is enabled to offer unusual induce ments to the Trade and large Ranch-owners. The Agents of Wells, Fargo k Co.'s Express, mid nil other Express Companies connecting there with, are hereby authorized to act ar Agents for the undersigned, in taking orders for Seeds, aad receipting tor the same. Orders by mail also promptly attended to. A liberal discount will be made to the Trade. Par ticular attention given to the cnrefal packing of Seeds for shipment. Your early orders are solicit ed, which shall have immediate and faithful at tention. Boxes of Seeds, containing 100 papers, for retailing, in such assortments as desired, furnished. S W MOORE, Seed Warehouse, 110 California St., 8. V., Cat. January 19th, 1861 10:m6 OSO. L. KKKMT .J. D. (Late of H. 11. Bancroft 4 Co.) BOOKS AWD STATIOKEBY. OAA VOLS. LAW BOOKS. fjUU 10,»oft Voto. MUrellaaeoes Books. 100,000 Vol*. .School Boohs. 1,000 '• Medical (looks. 1.000 Roams Letter Paper. 500 Reams Cap Paper. 500 Reams Lifal Cap, aa4 ~500 Reams Note Paper. jp.dW Envelopes, asserted. nTwis at the Inisl MM hy K&NNY * ALtXANPKR, (MasiM Mmgirniir SIM*. Saa Praaeiac* tarn M, IBM. t3.«l N Bt Hun Biiimm, r. ft. •ad the UmJ. r. Xmim, N*MrrfMr tiAc ipinriumla Tate CaNMa. ht b«> »jurti.y- mm mm, W Agricaltare mr —d"7arlse H ■** it ■ vUtrrirraUtiM. the pMakmktn imM ta wtew <n prtca to Wbm Ml hf Mil (peat fMI) to P** Orataa sad toe Mm will to sl. *• •wfjr alhae wt «T Iks Bilni aad to Dim* (pOSt paid) f«. ■■rTbieitaattheeid "Baafcaf toertm " Keariuaaeat fto My af the dm *WW* Hw«M riw»w W dhwit, »M> mw to to F* Hi^ili LSOKAftO SCOTT ft CO.. Ho. M, OaM Ikito, Kit Te*. V. ■yilii laiportee aad Dealer ia • TTO>«M«.FinnHawwiT—itf UiU. CARD STOCK, Ac. Hi. mm monniit l San PnaeiNO, JMII7 Slfc,'lj

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