Newspaper of The Washington Standard, September 28, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated September 28, 1861 Page 3
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pickets (Hi Bailer's Cruu Rnadi. Two of tbc ahellii fell abort mud the third j,n*«J half a mile beyond them. In retaliation of which our sharp bhootera advanced on their picket* aud killed two of their number. WAUHKUTOX, Sept. 10. The greitwt activity itrcv»il< in all the de|wrtmenta of the Nary Yard. 1,- j tJ7S men are employed, and many of them night and day. Shot and sh«IL, and all kind* of ammunition continue to |»e forwarded to various points, in .rnmense quantities. The manufacture of l>ahl?reen rifled cannon pmp««ci without intermission. The howitzer drill U conducted under experienced officers and seamen ; they have acquis cred great proficiency. NEW YOBK, Sept. 10. An arrival from Barbadoea re|>ort« at San Knave, on August 20th of the Sumter, short of coal ; but • lie government authorities of that {•lace refused her j»ermissiou to obtain a supply there. BALTIMORE. Sept. 10. A letter in the Baltimore Amertcun from near Lee>burg, Ya., savs that a whole Mississippi regiment stationed there, revolted on Saturday last, broke their inuskctsand started home. CAIRO, Sept. 10. The gunboats Conrst'xj't ami Lexing ton recoilnoitered down the Mississippi river to-day, and came in coutaet with 10 gnnsat Luce's lieml. on the Missou ri side, and two rebel gunboats. They silenced the batteries on the shore, and disabled the rebel gunboat Yankee, and would have captured her had she not been supported by batteries on the shore near Columbus, One man on the Conestoga was slightly injured. The rebel loss was not known. 200 of our scouts were driven into camp at Norfolk by 2,000 rebel troops. No less than 1,500 rebels are en camped at Columbus. They were largely reinforced yesterday. BSfWe are under obligations to Geo. Parkinson, Esq.. for a large bun dle of California papers. The steamer .Eliza Ambrson will leave for Victoria on Tuesday. USS"* Capt. Fleming returned from San Francisco on Sunday evening. Catherine Hays, the vocalist, is dead. A farmer near Oregon City is anxious to sell his farm on which there is a fine orchard, and move to Wash ington Territory, lie think* it a great privilege to live where clams can begot fresh.— Ortfjonian. MARRIED: At the house of theliride's father. »y Rev. Ezra Fisher, on Friday, the 20th of Sept. Mr. Jasper W. Johnson of this place to Miss MARY E. POST, of Dalles. Oregon. \\'e wish the happy parties a life of happiness, with few of its responsibilities. * On the 16th 111 st., by the Rev. Geo. Atkinson, Mr. D. W. Craig to Miss WEALTHY Little Water- ous, all of Orcgon City, Ogn. DIED; At Steilacoom, on tlic 10th iu.«t.. MARTHA Jane, wife Milas Galliher, iu the 28th year of Iter age. FOR VICTORIA! AND INTERMEDIATE POUTS. THE STEAMER ENTERPRISE, CAPT. WM. CURRY, ILL leave Olympia for the above port every Monday and Thursday, At 8 o'clock A. M. —RETURNING Will leave Victoria every Tuesday and Friday, carrying the U. S. Mail. For freight or passage cpply on board. Olytnpia, September 28th, 1801. 46:tf Est atiorLemn.lW right, Deceased. N>riOS i» hereby given by the undersigned Ad uinWtr itorot luj abJ'J nintid estate, in tae creditors of, and all persons having claim agiinst said deceased, to exhibit the sa:rt" with the necessary vouchers, within one year flroni the publication of this notice, to the unduriigued, at Oysterville, Pacific county, W. T. HENRY K. STEVENS, Adm'r. Oysterville, W. T., Sept. 20th, 1881. 4tt:w4 Executor's Notice. THE special Letters of Administration with the will annexed, Upon the estate of James Corli r»u, late of Thurston county, deceased, granted to Midaer S. Ford, senior, were revoked on the 4th day of September, 18C1, by the Probite Court of Tliaritoa county, and letters testamentary wore granted to the undersigned, executor of said last will and testament. Persons indebted to .-aid e«- ta d will immediatrlr make miymentiotbe under siga-d. RUFUS WILLARD. Executor. Olympia.September24. IB4S. 40:w4 » rniLura o. t. rimura. D. PHILLIPS * SON, mm AM (EMU BE lIEIS, Olympia, VV. T. OFFER far aaie a sew stock of— Dry Goods, Groceri**, Clothing, Boots Se Shoos. HaU and On*. Crockery and Ghtatcare, Ckderjf, £c., fc. Tnw Caah or Co—lry Pw4a«s. Olrayts, September 14, IMI. 44:tf f o mmTjoSm ". Hylrn, aader lira of Richard* 4 H/att, ia thm 4kaoi»ed aiuU aaaaaaL Ail dahta 4aa tfca l»u Ira aasihepaMto C. E. HahsNe. wholt olos» —- Uoriaa4 to raeaiea ika aapS- WfciHH, W. 1., Aag 454. IMI- 4*tM The «afanimo4 wiU eoauaae the hoatoesa at the all Mat, sß4oriho«aa» aaiaptooTS. C. 'wme *** Mtikt. IS hert\r |ifr« Iktl l t«nr. of t>« District Sciitui.'fur theOiyapi* Dutnet ».l! <oawftti on Moaday, iW 734 >■*. um4*t IM »M* ■my ■eat of lri l.iuic B W. Sauk. late (JOB S•era men I(. , Ul 1/ n4tt of iW l» >»H af Tra«Uaa. RICHARD LAMK. CMi. Olrapia, fhpuasbar It, I*l. M tl Nfetice. BP. AKDBRSOK is ■; utterM AgMt m 4«ri«| mj ahm». w. k. Ann. Olfafit, (Wfttaktr*. 11(1. M ai SPECIAL NOTICES. j Belli latlcc*. D.T.B» Berr:«-e at fit Jchn » Chapel errrr Sam- I dMJ morning. *■« I' o'clock. ani etebiag at • o'- 1 clock A!»a, B.ole CUa* erery W»4PI»«UT «re»- is{, at To clock, r a L> Ems Wiu.M. Mi«»ion»ry. Dirnt Sm.<t tirrj >»>• #3*.h at the 11. E Cherih is U>e mormnj aad Cf*siß(. .«•. 1.001 at 1 r. a. Rct R J Evm *ll prft'fc i* iht kill »f tk» "Old L»nd t)Su.' «a the ir>t, it'otl, aad fv u rib buiijar* of ejek aa«;ath at 11 H. Hair* Karuparllla, ¥rll«w Bark •■4 MIS« af l*ataM—i" rureiy *» **- pre-eated an-1 made in »tnct arc >r douce »11b pbar maceatical formula, and i» ntnrtir guarantied tree ft.nn Spirit>. Mercury an 1 Kr*r-..ic «h"h caunol qe said of any other known preparation f»f lli» kind. A« a goad aud reliable touic alterative. it i> unequalled It qu*ckly remotes troyi the t'm all taorbid and 1111 p ire matter, —Mercury. Lead and Arseni'. Tor ail rhroaic d:-ea-e«, there j. remedy extant that irill, or <h-s eurt, Rhumatistn. Serofulc. OM Sore , Salt Rheum, Gout, Lumbago, Pitnp'.es on the face and body, Puins iu tlie joint*. Chronic Sort Kye«, Spring Fever. Indigestion. Liver Complaint' -an diseases arising from nn impure state of Blood. Skin and Kidney*, as quick and «ure. as llall i fsarsaparilln. Yellow dork and lodide of Potato. Fur HHIC' everywhere. furOue Dollar: fi Buiilci sent by express to any addre* for Five Dollar*. I!. Hull k Co.. Sole Proprietors. Nos. £>:' l A: jJ2 Cl.iy St., San FrnucUco. Dorton Percy A €'o., \o. 514 l>n pont street, between California and Pine, San I'r.mcisco. I'hi/stcians and Operating Surgeons, Mem bers of the Royal Colleges of London 11 ml Kdin liurgh, Graduates of the Universities of London cad Edinburgh.—Fir.-t Prizes fur Anatomy and Chem istry, and Second for Medical Jurisprudence for the above named l*niv< rsities.—Honorary Physicians to the Edinburgh Lying-in-Hospital. aud Surgeon to Glasgow Lock Hospital, beg to call tlientk'iitiou of the public to their National Mode of Treating and Curin') l)i*'a*r>, nn 1 may bo consulted daily I'soiu 9A. M. till UP. M.. on DtsEAfKS or THE FOLI.OWIXU onGAN.s : Brain, f.'ff, Ear. Heart, Lungs. Liver, Stomach ami Intestinal Canal; J'lineriat, Spleen. Kid neys ami re/naming Urinary Or gans; Mxluift'ry anil JJis'iases af IIWCN and Children. Surgical Casci—Operations of every class nnd character performed. ofXervuiu or Acquired I) I* it tig, Diseases </ the Skin, cte., etc., wc beg to draw particular attention to. AUo, Fibrous aud Muscular Rheumatism, commonly called Chronic and Acute, aud generally produced by the u»e of Mercury. DOCTORS PERCV i CO., »>l't Dnpont xtreet, bet. California nrd i'ine. N. I!.—All letters for Advice or Medicines promptly answered,"and out dour patients attend ed to day nnd niphti San Francisco, Aug.. 18<il. -11:1113 '• VAMAIU.:: Res:l:l>V.—Not LESS than 300 pa tients fr.ini :ho virions Hospitals have p.oi uu.! ih« ciK-braleil Aati-Khcumativ Cardial and Health Uetorasivc , mnntifaetured by Du. Auoi.nius. of San Francisco, and in the use of which every in dividual lias found a speedy nnd permanent cure. Amongst the thousands of persons who have n.-i d this invaluable remedy within the last few months, every one of them have experienced the most hen tleial results. The immense sale of this Health Restorative is indisputable proof of its sii| cvior efficacy. Those who have • uflered worse than death from Rheumatic pains, experience speedy and effectual relief from its use, and arc daily sending their grateful acknowledgements to the enterprising and scientific proprietor." For sale at wholesale and retail by Da, 11. Atiou-iu s. and by RBDDIKUTOX A Co., Agents, Sau Francisco, March IHOI. 20: m NOTICE. WE hereby give notice to Donation Claimants, Prc-cmptors, anil all other persons whom it may concern, that having received from the Land Office at Olyttipl i all the Notilications, De claratory Statements, Plats. Ac., pertaining to the Columbia River District, we arc now prepared to tnnsact all or any business pertaining to the same. Said District comprises all the public lands lying East and South of the following boun daries, viz : Beginning on the boundary line be tween the United States and the British Posses sions, and on the summit of the Cascade moun tains, at the nearest range line to the cast line of range twelve , thence south on the nearest range lines on the summit of said mountains, to the line dividing townships ten and eleven north ; thence west to the line dividing ranges six and seven west; thence north on said line to the third stand ard parallel; thence west to Shoilwater Bay, in cluding any islands therein, to the Pacific. Persons writing to the Land Office will please give their Post Office address. JOSEPH M. FLETCHER, Register, SAMUEL W. BROWN, Receiver. Vancouver. Aug. —, 18GI. 41:w4 W. S. ('. CLUB HOUBE CIN, TIIE UNDERSIGNED, BEING SOLE AGENTS of the above Giu, oiler it to the public ns the linc.t HOLLAND GIN, aud the only GENUINE CLUU lIUI'SE GIN imported to this market. It is put up in GREEN" CASES, and branded W. S. C., CLUU HOUSE. We shall continue to receive the above Gin rcjrulaily. —ALSO— Pure Ambrosial Whisky, >» fl " k »: Pars Voetar Whiiy, in new Style bottles : Pure Banrbon whis y. The above Liquors are fi"in the well know a house of Wm. !>. Corwin k Co., New York, and are guaranteed fine aad pure. W. R rCMMINOP k CO. I rat s<M.'alitornia at.. San Fraa. THE FARMER'S GUIDE TO Seicatiie aad Practical Afriemltare. BIT IIIVIT Sttrtisi. F. R- S.. of Ediabunrh, and the Me J. P. Noaro*. Pri>fe»sor of Sctea ti4c Agri>-allare ia Yale College. New llarea. 2 vols. Royal octavo. 1600 pages, aad ea rner* as Eagravingi. This it eoofetse lly the moat complete wort oa Agriculture aver published, aad ia order to gi»* it a wider circai tuoa. Use publishers have rosoived to reduce the yriu to n Iter the TOT* ▼•tames. When seat by mail (port paid) to California, Oregoa aad Waahiagton. the price will he !?. To every other part oT the laioa, aad ta Caaada, (poet paid i ii. IB- Thu is act the old •• Book at the Farm." Remituacoa for any of the abo re pablicati«as rhoold always ho a44nn»4. poet paid to the pah- Ulk,,t ' LEONARD SCOTT k CO . No. M, Gold Strait, Saw York. 4 Ms** Goal QU ABO C«IL tIL LAI PV, TMjFTtm witfc all li«4s of Bttnriag aa4 M cniatrr oils, for itli at ptul/ re*aee4 Mu. Ala* PUB BKATIXG BOOBS, *r mdjm B—mj Pl mt /mm. raauinat LOW TR BTANFORD BROTHERS, FmiMAw A wpioiri OLD Magnolia Whisky! THE foDitepikn aad mwliall; iacraaaiag dt aad U tut MI mm row, Rraderi u- rontiiraltbat it must taperreJe all oth er li>ta< ofrvUoralire liquor*. rom?>:ninc •» it dmi everr ilrnmi ol Purity. ."Mrriijftb. Palatability aad lit 'ltUfalort*. a In- b choulii • baractiac a litur tnlcJ to our jge and country. We driirt l>eal< U slid I'ouiuatn to aoticc thr.t upon rtcry lurrtl aad pxkage ol our GEN SI M. rrti let. our uamet ore breaded in full; aud a!»o, that tu ca< L l.arrel auJ picliij* i> adixcJ OIR *EW CARD. With a view to prevent the «ticres< of Imposition*, Imitation tuil Counterfeit!, we have discontinued the u-ie of our former colore i <ut of tin; Magnolia, Flower, iinil have substitutedlur it a Curd. ■ onlnii i ii.' it it engraving ol •• Till- Phenix Di-tillery mi the S buy! Itiver. ' \v:tli our iimnc printed in f ill. TUcae \nriou* attempts to imitate and counter feit our \\ li i «kie are perhaps the best tributes to the In«li reputation wliiell they have achieved, ©re" Inferior at ti< le-s nrt never counterfeited. (.Signed] FISKKMAN k SIMPSON. Piicnix Distillery, on Schuylkill river, Philadelphia. S. C. SHAW, GOO Front street, San Francisco, Sole' Agent for Freeman «fc Simpson's Old Mag nolia Whisky, September, 15C1. 44:1113 COMET Illuminating Oil! lITK are constantly rrcciving Invoices of tlii< \y celebrate.! brand of Kerosene, which is gnaraiitoed entirely pure and unmixed with Cainpheiie, Petrnletim, or Asphaltuui Oils. It ij lion-explosive, and superior to J) O WX K It' 8, or any other Oil evi r made. We have also on hand the Downer's and other brands of C O A 1j O I 1,, which we are selling at the lowest rnles. STL\R»RO II It OS.. California street, near Front Ran Fr.inpigeo, September, IS6I. 44:m3 WATT'S NERVOUS ANTIDOTE! THK depot for the sale of this remarkable . icdi cine is at the Family Drug Store, Corner Clny nnd Dupont Slr ets, San Frnuclwco, nnd for sale by all Druggists. Its effects nre Mag ical ; new c«»cs of cured are repotted every day. CURED at once ; quiet healthy steep takes the place of nightmare, tinning in the bleep, and disturbed slumbers, from whatever cause ; Nervous Trem bling cured ; DELERIUM TREMENS vanish before its magic touch, nnd its regenera. tive-power afterwards is wonderful. The crutch nnd canes of old Rheumatics are thrown away, Mid they leap for joy. Nervous Headache, Giddiness, Impotenoy, Filiating', Imbecil ; ty, .Neuralgia, kv. Twiching* in the face, and nil nervous Diseases yield to its wonderful soothiug intlucnce. It will restore manhood to its pristine vigor, even utter years of impotcncy, and is the ouly kuowu aud certain care for Mental Debility. Sold by Reddington & Co., E. Hall k Co.,C Morrill, C. L.iuglcy, Crane k llrigbani, T. White. »jau Francisco; It. 11. McDonald, Sacra ni'.'iito . S. T. Waits and Rice k Colliu. Marysville ; E. S. Ilolden, Stockton, uud by all Druggists in California, Oiegonaud Wushiugtoti Territory, l or ..lie al-o by Dr. R. WILLAUD, Olympia. bijitiiuber. Idol. 44:tn3 THE (REtT lO\THE\T.U lISNIEHI la the Science mf Medicine. FOR PURIFYING THE BLOOD ASD BTREOTH ENING THE HUMAN FRAME. DR. D. PERCY A CO'S CELEBRATED COUIIL BALK OP CUCAMIA, frm fro dWsri mmd m half a ioHb. ANEW and important medicioa for the care of Nervous Debility. Lassitude. Weakoais. SCOT biluu Humors, Old Woaads, lleers, tilandalar Swellings Erisipclas,Scrofeia , Pi mplea, Disease* of the bins. Cutaaeoae knsptwu, nod all impari ties of the Blood. It wMI also reosoeo the aflkcte of Mervury, and eatirely erodicate it from the system.

514 Dupoul Slrmt, htirM Cafe/erase tmdFim. N. B —All lattera for Advice sad Modicioet promptly answered, aa4 oat door patioata attaoted to d«y and Bight. Baa Fi— tieea, Aiy I, ÜB. 41 rm WASHINGTON HOTEL, SILAS fiALUHES, Pro. CORMEK OP SECOND ASD MAIS SHOTS, Olympic, W. T. Board per waek »eos»o«ee»eeeoesoeeo«soMaeeso»o (ft OHlh.lMy M. MSB 3 |r Chas. E. Williams, (Sceceaaar to 0. A. Baraaa,—EatablUiieJ ll t , uiun n MIiVAIE, TIRVAIC, SKTIS, IMS, BTKEL, GROCERIES, kc. •Impta, W. T. fr-j 1(1,1 JSroSliu i*« taUawtog <i°"tl iMi'l PlaM aad Coal oa, (Pan). CaalOil m«PUM Leap*. _ OmnwiiM for aattac It fallMH aaft Map (with foil diree beat) win aj eu. A wute fiillnßium, with eiteasioa «rm, (A wry Inhibit patera with extra eaatian). Gardaa TaoU, . Oardea Seed, rit) ceata Mr MM) Parlor aad Door Hata, Dear. Bearer. Gopher, Bat aad KMN TIM, Braa* Cartaia Caraien aatf Baadi. Wire aad Safe Cloth*, of ail aaMhon, Mm* nadlatt, a Fall Tarirtj; r -mpruiag La*u, .Shoe Haaaen, Kairea, Kails, Piacher*. Peji. Ac. Ertra Hearj, ' rt—l tr'mat M?BUI Baw, (A Terr superior article), NrckMlc'i Taal* aad Material*, (a fail variety.) Paint*, Oil, Putty and GIJM ; Yar aiahe?, Japan, Turpentine and Alcabol, Porket aud Table Cutlery, (large aftacrt imnt). Curry Coniba nnd I!»ne Uru-hi ,'. t leatlivr t'.irksi Pow der. Miot, Dal!*, I.ead and Capi, Rullet Moulds, Gun Lni:k» Wipers. Nipples, *c.: Cable, Trace. Halter and Dog Chains ; Sheep Shears and Wool Curds, Caiuk, Planter and Garden Hoes, Plow*. Cultivators, Nallm k*, HruNli Hook*, IfurNr Rukc», Cradles, Nr)lbf«, Hakes, Churn*. Fork*, Hutter Howls and Trays, fcc. JAPAN BLACK TEA. tkif" Tin, Sheet Iron, Copper and Brass Ware manufactured and repaired. N. B.—We have made stieh arrangements for the purchase of articles, either in Sun Francisco or New York, us we think cannot but give satis faction. JsqJf'' Commission solicited. • Olympia, April G, 1801. 21:tf WM. G. DUNLAP, IMPORTER AXD DEALER IX G BOCK II IKS. PROVISIONS, DliY GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS and SHOES, ic. AT THE OIJ> STAND, Corner of Main and Third Streets, Country Produce generally taken in rxchmgo for Goods. No pain- spi-ed to fiv satisfaction to customers. Olympia, Nov. 2J, 1800. 2:tf Farm fbr Stale. rfIUE undersigned offers his farm, situated six |_ milt's north of Ulyinpia, for sale or rent, con taining 1• »0 ucres choice farming land, u fine or clr.ird of 200 bearing fruit I rets, of nil varieties, dwelling nnd out houses, burn, and a good well. There are also living streams of water for Mock, (lowing through the premises. Also 1 yoke of work oxen, 5 milch cows, nnd 20 young cattle will be Mold, with or without the premises. For particulars enquire of the uudersigned, or of Wm. Hillings, Ulvmpiit. ISAAC DOPFLEMIRB. Olympia. Aug 17, IBCI. 40rtf Sole Agent of the well known house of SEIBER- LlCli, Philadelphia, whose goods are recognized by the trade as being better in quality of stock, workmanship and style, than any other house in the world, and has now opened sample lots at his extensive warerooms, 214 California St. The attention of the trade is invited. NOTICE. IS hereby given that the tract of land Included in the subjoined boundaries has been set aside as a United States Indian Reservation, under the treaty with the Qui-nai-elt andQuil-Ich-ulte tribes of Indians. All persons are hereby positively warned against settling or trespassing on said tract of laud, or of fishing within said boundaries. The carcasses of all whales and other marine ani mals floating ashore within the boundaries of said Reservation belong to and are the solo property of said Indians. No trading will be allowed with said Indians, except by persons duly authorized by law. The following are the boundaries of said Reser vation. as nearly as can be determined until an of licial survey is uinde: Commencing at a point on the Pacific const about five ch tins south of the Nc-motc-lopes or Roberts' creek and about three quarters of a mile south of the fifth standard paral lel north of ths baso line, thence due east about five miles, thcnct nbout north fifteen degrees west, (N 15°\V) about seven miles, thence due west to a point of rocks about one mile uorth of the" Que-ni-clt river, thence with the meanderlngs ofthe Pacific Ocean to the place of beginning. The iuitinl point of this Reservation, for the present, is marked with • two-inch square cut in the bark. WM. W. MILLER. Superintendent of Indian Affairs W. T. Olympia, August 31. 1801. 42:tf BETTER THIS f BBWS SEIIIII'S AND BOABMiri CHALLENGE YEAST POWDER, FULLY QUAIUSTKMD. IF NOT SATISFACTORY, no Money will ko Botnraodl ForanlekyaU Jokbers, aad ky O* WIKAFoi 50 California Street, Wko will also act as commission sgeat kr pv> chasing all kinda of goods. San Francisco, Fekrnary. 1001. 14*5 OLTX7IA WAQOV ■AIOTAOIOIY. Stuart A Blkclrohoor. WOL'LD inform thecitisens ofOlym- 3BH __ BLAGES aad BOOGIES of all lllirtyHsOl tai Iks, best of imported motortai. ky wy srisosod wotfc mm, for which WHEAT wUlke lata laonfcMM. dellverod at iko Tunm niito* aai fVintrot "Iknts E A. Judson ft Co., (Attfcala»«tf»<fW.M.»Blhl|i.) HTHFU) W. T«« omduimi mmmcmutr% «W HUB! a DBT 00008, oiocßiin CLOTHI*O, BOOTS aai MOHL IUDVAU, rum, oak, *c., *c.. *c. COUNTRY MtODUCK. nv man Will Credit fee (foot flbrtaMgcr Una Tfelrty Bayii OljapU. Kot. S3, ISM. J:tf nkniiy aa. htcill, [LATI SECRETARY OF TBI TEBBITOBY] —JUTO— * Cmmimmm tf th* Cmm tf ClmmuttfC. t. WILL 4*Tot« «t>»cial iiuiUn :• the ptftn tioa of tte iKtiuiT paper* to actoa^aay claimi aadir the act of March 24 1«<I, for the paTmcnl of the war debt, aad to baaiaaai before th- L'. S. Land Office*. Orrn'g— Ob Main .St., Olympi*. T. T. [4l] RUFUB WILLARD, Physician and Sur«eou. DU BI'FCS WILLAnD, Graduate of the L*ai versitr of New York, desirous of locating permanently in Washington Territory, offers hit professional services to the citizens of Olympia and surrounding country in nil the department* of Medicine ami Surgery. With such per.-ouul obser vations ns a C'ollegiute Course among the Colleges and hospitals of New York affords, the Doctor trusts that he will merit a liberal share of public patronage, and will hold himself in readiness at aII times to attend to any culls in the line of his pro fession, to which his entire attention will be devo ted. tr&" Particular attention will be paid to dis eases of women and i hildren, and all organic affec tions. Olympia, August 10th, 1861. 39:tf CEO. L. KENNY, HAYING witlidrau from the firm of 11. 11. Ban croft & Co., has this dav associated himself with Mr. J. D. ALEXANDER, uuU will continue the BOOK AID STATIONARY IMS, In All Its Branches, At 6M and tiOft Montgomery Street, SHERMAN'S BUILDING, Opposite the old stand, under the name of KENNY & ALEXANDER. San Francisco, May 20, 1801. 29:m3 SAFES! SAFES! 1\ TILMA!¥« SO Hattery Street, San Francisco. SOLE Agent for TILTON 4 McFARLAND'3 celebrated Fire-Proof ond Burglar Safes. This Sale i« well known in the market for ItJ un surpassed fire-proof quality, having withstood in California, as well in tho Kftst, the hottest fire.-! known. We can refer to endless certificates from parties in our mining towns, where these Sales have been subject to the most severe tests of its fire-qualities. These Safes are secured by onr Combination Lock. This Lock Is in every respect the most stenre one in use; it requires the key and combination to open the Safe. If the key should be abstracted from the owner, it would be perfectly useless to the possessor without his knowing the combina tion, or mental key, which the owner carries iu his head. To those in want of a reliable safe, we offer the above cheaper than any other in the market. Jtgp" A large assortment ou hand and to arrive. F. TILMAN, 2C:Cm. 00 Battery at., San Francisco. CHARLES F. BOBBINS, • Importer and Dealer in TYPE, PRESSES, PRINTING MATERIA! INKS, CARD STOCK, Ac. Noi. 11l and 118 Clay Street. Ran Francisco, January sth, 1861.10:1; For Rent or Sale. rIE trndersigned wishing to go to the States for his family, will rent for one year, or sell an interest in, on' terms to suit the times, the North Olympin Steam Mill. It i« in good repair, and is now cutting an average of 8,000 ft. fine lumber per day. A. J. MILLER. CLOTHING EMPORIUM, 178 Clay St., and 107 Montgomery St., San Francisco, And ITS Broadway* Wow York. CONSTANTLY on hand the best selected and most extensive assortment of Gents'and Hoys' Clothing on the Pacific coast, which we can and will sell lower than any other House. Bojr*annd (tents' Clot king mndc to Order. LOCKWOOD, SWELL * CO. January, 19 1061, 10:1/ QKO. t. llftT ->• D. ALIXAXDIB. (Late of H. U. Bancroft A Co.) ■MKB AH« BTATNNEB¥. OAA VOLS. LAW BOOKS. 10,000 Vola. Miseella aeons Books. 100,000 Vols. School Books. 1,000 " Medical Books. 9,010 Beaass Letter Paper, ftoo Beaass Cap Paper. 500 Reams Legal Cap, aat 500 Reams Note Paper. ~~ 500,000 Eavclopes, assorted. CSS Strut. 8M Francisco. Jane 3, 1001 53:«3 iitKnrtLrsiiS MM tIMO tkejr rrasove My OMMIi«IM vUcfc may Impede kr Ski MM tklMni kerf the MUM. No tatty skssM bo witkoot » ksis Leonard Scott 4Co.k BSMIOT 99 IR iiicivumuiziif I. Tto LOVDOX QUABffBLT, Hi) t. TWEDWMFBGI BKTIBW, (Vkk.) 3. n»KQ«w PITIH mny.irwatfc) «. n. rtmmiu mm, (T-iniij #. BLACKWOOD'S FDIXBCIGB toaaawff (T«cy.) -«.-j ■ „,! n , jmj | tiaai partUi ot Great Briiato—-Whto T«>'m4 character. Aiorp«i«rikiiMi)HMntn oa Brian. Ucmim*. MaraNtv, aai HUM, the warMtf Imm. Uc to to* scholar >W tW j i ifr im>| MM, tUh tolktNtafiipM mill m rrtrj dm. tWr fcr> •MIMNMnMUiMMMMrmrtrfA, ——— "• '- l Tf j Ihn«|fc»ai iVt ti-M UM cu pmmMj kc itaM Aw my «tfcar UVR. p«l4ui.»'. gim » rata* MltoinnML iiuaiki a> ik»r ctt mew W flam! to toa teak of aabacribert atoiinmu toe wfatoal aA-~ tita. ~ To r m s: Tor Mt cm of the foor Reviews, per —ff M' for aur two of the fear fittim, " » . m For m)t ibw if tke few Kniin, « " - ft* For all fear of lit* Reviews. " _ • 00 For Blackwood's Magaxine. •• •• _ 3 00' For Blarkwno«! and ote Review, " •• . |«r For Blackwood and two Rerirvi. •« " _T 00 For Blackwood and three Reviews, " " _9 00 For Black* ood and tbc four Reviews, " _lO 00 Mr Muncy current iu the State where Usaed will he received at par. C lubbing. A discount of twenty-fire per cent from th* above price v.-ill be allowed to clubs ordering four or more copies of an.r one or more of the above works, 'f bun tour copies of Blackwood, or of on Itcview, will he sent to one address for $9 ; four copies of the four Reviews and Blackwood for S3O; and so on. Postage. l«5?~ In all the principal cities and towns, th«M Works will be delivered FREE OF POSTAGE. • When Kent by tunil, the Postupe to any part of the United States will be but 34 cfnts a year for " Blackwood." and but 14 Cents u year for each* of the Reviews. N. B.—The price in Great Britain of the five Po-« riodicals above named is s3l per annum. #£»><* Rcmittauce.i should always be addressed,' post paid, to the Publishers, LEONARD SCOTT * CO., No. 54 Gold street, New York January sth, 18(51. No. 8 PHELAN'S Billiard. Saloon. THE above Billiard Saloon, with EIGHT FIRST CLASS PIIELAN TABLES, is now open t» the public. The Cushions on these Tables are the latest patent, and are a great improvement on their" predecessor!*. The ROOM is fitted up so as to combine ELEGANCE with COMFORT. The bar w'Ji be kept supplied with the very choicest brands - of Wines, IjlcLuors, «b Sesara; And the subscribers hope, by strict attention, to * merit the patronage of ail wiio admire andprar-* tiee the GAME OF BILLIARDS. DAN. LYNCH, M. E. HUGHES. TSO and T3!i Montgomery st. K Opposite the New Metropolitan Theatrc.*- The subscriber bogs to inform the public that the above mentioned BILLIARD SALOON is also intended to serve f.s a show and salesroom for PIIELAX'S Pateat CouUmMlw imhloM und Model Bil liard Table*, And Billiard Trimmings of every descriptioa. - Parties desirous of purchasing Billiard Table* wiR thus have an opportunity of selecting from a va-' ried assortment, both in style and finish, and can 01.-o test the superiority cluimed for the Cushion* and Tables. Mr. DAN. LYNCH will always be oa hand, and ready to give all required Informatioß with regard to the merits of these JUSTLY CELE BRATED BILLIARD TABLES. The subscriber cordially invites oil interested parties to call *aA examine. M. B. lICCHES, Agent for Phelan's Patent Combination CmU ions m 4 Modern Billiard Tables. Sau Francisco, July 18,1861. 38:m8 Sands' Sarsaparilla, III* Great American B«Mdf FOR PURIFYING THE BLOOD, win be rorso a cbbtaix cubs fob MM ui wis mm AS A> ALTBBALIVB A!»D BBSOVATIBO AOWT, rr is cssqcAUßD it I . ~r A PLENTIFUL supply of pure blood Is wis tiol to animal life. When the proper clrcelm tiou of the vital fluid is impeded, sickness is Iks inevitable consequence, the secretions become Un healthy, the liver become* flagged with Impure ' bile, which forced into the systess, tMMm men tm»> flames (he blood, eagetiderUf screhtle isl cate* neons and biliary disorders. lA!fM* IAMAPAKUXA will gently stimulate the functions of the rtsinfc and bowels to a regulars*d Wealthy irtm, asi without aauee* or purgiojr expel all dstimrtoue oe cumulation*, purifr the blood, eqaaliae the circu lation, promote perspiration, Improve the appetite, impart tone and vigor to the system, snd gisleelly but surely extirpate the disease, caaelug all is* tightly excmencoe to disappear, asd hemg the shin perfectly smooth asd flwibls Price $1 M per beetle or »bottle.fcetl M. > • Atk/t amk'tmmvm Ms—d mtmm Urn. Prepared by A; ft. *O. SAftM, DmhMb, . 1M Poison street, corner of WiWi. Vow To*, t Fsr sale Dr. R. WOlaM, Oiymfla. ■OLZBAHSTXU! "" ÜBK rniom 11 Aminr» CBLBUUTEO HONS MAXVTACTCTH9 JP.Mliff wo' * it M •*«*

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