Newspaper of The Washington Standard, 5 Ekim 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated 5 Ekim 1861 Page 3
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Claqntto Correspondence. Cl vgi'ATo, Sept. 27. 1 »•>!. Ko. MtMUHii: —Wo arc reliably in f .ruled that there will IK* a immi gration to thin Territory the present <• which i* represented a» ltein£ composed of farmers —the very lu it ivo neeu to develop the rich ai£tl . uitural re»ou-ves of our country. Tti.»ti~;«nrl■* of such men could find 1,..m0s on the ChehalU river. Fr«un ii- head *o it* mouth is one coutiimou* valler ot the riehett and l»ot of land. »■. !ii< fi i> v cleared if comparison to the maple land* of the Western Stat on. The bottom lauds l»ein<r covered with an umler-jrrowth of hrn«h, when cut •i .-,vii and liiiriK'd the land require* hut little more than f« iicing. The jjreat advantage is. that the land is of a stipe ri r quality, much better in every re »j«eet than prairie land. Near thispia«-e i- a large prairie thnt - too wet f>r cultivation, but at a tri iling expense of removing several lea ver d im* and plowing a di;«-'i. land » :io may l»e obtained tor vcral tine farms. Fine hi«fli latnl border* the river. par allel with the prairie, and afl'ord-t de- building place*. liuuiisfraiit* and i.'hor* «eckm;r homes would d> wi-iI t » r>toji and cX iiiuinc these opportunities. c. Dbturbanc j in Sin Fr!>n?iiC3 I{ v. I>r. \V. A. Scott, a i'iv-!>v(. ii t i minister. ami an author im»r»* ifin-;it« ■ 1 t »r literary stealing than originality. Mid lately in presbytery that .Jell'. l>.i vis was nomore of atraitorthan < teorge Washington. Ho preached at Calvary church on Sunday, thcJ-d, hut so great was tin.; prejudice that the occasion was nearly celebrated by a riot. An cfligy of hla.-k clothes stuffed with straw and labeled " death to traitors" was hung up opposite the church, and flags raised on the roof at the entrance of the church. By eight o'clock, three thous and men had collected and a pile of bricks was selected as a magazine. A woman tore down one of the Hags, and the owner, in attempting to rescue it, was mistaken for a secessionist and I lv hurt. The street was crowded and lvmt'iied so till after the sermon, when an opening *vas made for the congrega tion to pass out. A flag was stretched across for ttiem to march under. On the appearance of Scott they closed up hooting and yelling terribly, and only by the utniost exertions of the police could he be got into a carriage and con veyed away. A son of Dr. Scott struck a man and drew a pistol, but it was tak en from him, and he was protected from the rush made with cries of "hang liiin !"' The presence and determina tion of the police alone prevented a disgraceful and bloody affair. The sheriff, on the previous night, begged Scott not to preach, but, like all martyrdom-seeking priests, he felt con strained by " dut\ " to go, when there was a chance to get up a bloody riot.— Shth'ftman. DIED . At (lie residence of Mr Ruddell, on Chambers Prairie, Gideon Thompson, lt»init*rlv oi Adaui county, 111. Illinois papers plcn-c copy. Particular I%'olicr. OWING to a change in the firm of 0. K. Wil lard k Son, nil persons knowing themselves iu.iebted, either by note or book account, tire re quested to come forward nnd make iinmedinte set tlement aud thereby avoid settling the same through nn attoruev. * G. K. WILLARD k SOX. Olympia, W. T. Oct. Ist, 1801. 47:*v4 \oiicc to Donation t laiiiianls. ril.lK final survey of all Donation Claims, over which the I'uhlicSurveys have been extended, il not returned to this office by the first duy of July next, will be regarded ns abandoned ; and Township Plats will be forwarded to the Depart ment at Washington preparatory to the issuing of Catents. This requirement* of the Law, (See Act, amendatory of the Donation L'iw, for creating the offlec of Surveyor General of Washington Territo ry, Approved February l»tb, lß.i3—section 9.) will uot be regarded as unreasonable when it is kunwn that Township i'lsts cannot be forwarded «n Washington, until every donation claim in the Tnivinhipbe disposed of. It is hoped that Congress will make an npprn pr I'IOI for extending the public surveys, that will i 11 do the ofii -e to have surveyed all those o'etioas oi'tii Territory occupied by Dsnat'on el liui ints, in time to en title them to perfect their papers be f >:•• the of ISI>2. Applications fur Certificate*, must l>e made to the ll"tfister of the l.and Office of the di -tri< t w!i»re the claim i< Incited; l>ut it should not lie iu t-le until the claimant •» rtrtai* that his claim tin been finally surveyed, and the survey nrrrjiffl It this ofire. furvrynr-tarnrMl's Office \V. T., 0.-t. 3. 1 PCI AN" SON O. HENRY. Surveyor General. N!1 \nrth-tr'**. Vonruarrr firte and (icr- I i*l f .•« copy to the amount of ."*lO, und * i i -*ii bill* to thr STUM«B. List #f Lrlter*. ia the I'OJI OSre at OlyuipU, W. r.. bribe <, .arter en lin- S*pt. 3<»lh. two, if not ttken out wilbia three monitia, will t. .eat I* tbe l»ea«l Letter «»fl e as />-<•«/ /rff'rr> : Andrew Pierce t»r. Aim >n Fraak. Ajrneir O C, !'• i'k Juba ?, Bosworih N'oib. Bu-iy Wm Ales. B rliea lofca J. <*->le John P ?,«"ravel J.ieob. (' vra»< A W3,Collm«llr« ra'berine. -« II 11. I'IVI. AB. Est»aCh«rle« 2. Em-»ry J Emm It. £ te» Xewtoa, Falter Henry I'urlm Mr- A E, i'»-ter J icob. F ilkrr Heti-Tr. Ony W M. Green tiam Rdbt, fiibson J, Uiiea Hufh. 1. (lain J«« 1 ll t'bird Oeorjfe, 2. Herriniftou Slr s . Uelea. 3, H !:-)« Stephen S, 1. H-uis J >m-i L. Hunt F W. H i/b« J IIH. Hne. Hannab P N. June; J imet, j John M, t Jackson Daniel. Jester JED. iia Miss Lucie A X, KntasG W, KWvin Louii, I. -t. Theodore M, Laws Andrew. Lake Joseph. I- '■/' Ja«. Lansdile Dr. R 11. Miller G W. Moul < i Mi a 8 M, McCreasy Ales B. McAllister J imrs. Thoa F. Powers John, S, Pierpont Daniel L, f" '.i« ileary. Pendleton Esmond, Priuce Leieh D. '> \J. -iieakmvn Miss AM, Slockand Willinm, > i • ' Mr* Lacy W, Tbo-npicn H C, Tennent Jobn " >V uhSarn Stm'l, Wood fwrffi Persons calling for the abate Uetlcrs will P'mt: say tber are advertised. • • RUFPB WILLARD. P. M. ~ J. W. JOHMMOM, A TTOWBT XT «♦. Solicitor in CCiceiyT xX abd Proctor in Admiralty. su»le, Mareb, IMI l» tf FOR VICTORIA! AMJ 1 STEMMED IA TE I'OJiTS. THE MK\MEIt r><lTr» GATKRPRINE, CAPT. WM. CI'BRT, yyril.l. leave oiympia f»r the abort- port every Monday aid 1 liurn«t«j. At 7 o'clock A. M. —urrrimxc — Will leave Vi. t.irja every Tumilß) und Friday. c*rrj inv Hie U.S. Mail. For fr<i„'bt or p.t.->aee >*pply on board. 41 vmp.a. > ptciiibor EiecMtorHi \«»iicT. rp:n. 1.. 11l I. iur-"f A'hitl ii»tr.'ti'ir. vrith thr I u : v !. j the cm lie of J r i%.> t*o h r..i. i .!• »'| i :iur •-i • unty. deewe.i, Jto M laev S I" >r l. eiii'-r. nrr<- rrvi.k'd on tli» 4th 4iv ..i > j.'.'ii 1 - ;. IKI, kjrtktftik t<* r »urt of Tii'at-••••» • iiatt and i IttlWllllty «ere . , 1 i,. t executor of •'id la«t *.ii t« -• -it. I"i M)«i inU''tcj Jo ?aid e— laiii «.>1 un::i> . ■ > n ike in' to the tin-ler ■ • Ut I't'S vriLLAKD, liKiMr. o. :npi i.~ r 21. 1 ■»«;!. 4«" » | .\ulicr. HIV i- mv anthorixetl ut A dut f*v a 1 -ence. » • V S ATltt. j nipi *. * iut»i*r I** l *! 44".nr. run it I». t. i IIILLIN. j D. PriILLiFS & SON, mum mi i.e\eiial healers, < >lvini>in, \\*. * OFFr.I% f»r - »!»• :» new •••«■* t >f 1 > i\v < •<><■»« Ih. t i i•« i< •< »|*i* 'S, ("l»»t hiiiir. IJ'»r>ts iS* Sln>os, J/'ifis ('ml (''/'■>. ()•<>,■ ken/ mul (} C'thiy, Tcttu. 1 *—fVt<h «»r Cfutntry Produrc. o!ytn]»ia. Soptetnhcr 11. U'fil. 41:tf SPECIAIa N< VTICES. Religious !Vo(lcei« Divine Service ut St. John's ('lmpel every Stin ■liiy inoiu:uj<, at 11 o'clock, und evening ill 8 o'» . lock. Also, Bible fla« e\ery Wednesday even-j ut 7 o'clock, r. m. i I>. 1:T.1.1 S WIM.KS, Missionary l!ev. I{. .1. K VANS will preach in lite hall of the '•(.III Laud OJi.-V on the lir-t, second, and fourth Suudiivs of each month at II o'clock A.M. BJ-.JIC* KarNiiiiiirElla.Vellow Dock a.ltl lodide ol' fl'olas*— ls purely as re presented, and uuiile in strict accordance with phar maceutical formula, and ii strictly guarantied free from Snirits. Mercury, and Vrscnic which cannot <|o said of ttuv other known preparation of the kind. As a good and reliable tonic alterative, it is une<iunUeif. It ipiickly removes from the sys tem all morbid and impure matter,— Mercury, l.ead and Avsenie. I'm - all chronic diseases, there is no remedy extant that null, '■/' <Ax* cure, Klinmatism. Serofitlu, Old Soles, Suit Rheum, tiout, Lumbago, l'iui|des on the face mid body, Netirnl;;iii. I'uiii'. in the joints, I'hionic Sore live-. Spring Fever. Indirection. Liver Complaint' win disea<es arising from an impure stale of ftlood, Skin and Kidneys, a- quick a e! - lire, as Mali's Sarsapai'ilhi. Veilow doe!, and 1- dido o'" Polass. I«'i»r .-alt 1 ' everywhere, furOn l)»»l!ar; Hollies scut by exprr* l«i ait; : 'Mil - f>r I'ivc J)ollais. H. Hal! a <'«>., Soli* Proprietors. N.»s. f»3l *V Oay St., tSau rruncUcu. ■ ■ 1 ■ • •»• Doctors i'erc.v <'«»., \o. 511 I)::- pont street, between «' li.'ornia and I'iue, San Francisco, >"ii irnil tl/icn'tiny Suri/toM , Mem bers of tliu 110y..1 College. of London and Ldill -1•u r; ;!•. Graduates of the I'civ or. itles of London mid iMinhurgh.— l''ir-t l'ri -:IM for Anntoniy ami Chem istry, and Second for Medical Jurisprudence for the nl.ove named I'niversitie-. —Honorary I'll*siei.ins to the I-idiuliurgli Lying-iu-llospllnl, mid Surg. on to (111 ;gow Lor \ llospit il. be;; I n call the attention ol tiie public to their liutioiiitl 7 itl <\t" Treating ami Curia i Ihicix's. and inav hi- consulted duilv from OA. M. till !>!'. M.. on' tnsi:.\BKs oi- TUE I'OLLOWI,\O on II ANS : Ilriiiit. Fi/c, Eur. /hurt, I.ungt, I.irer, Stomach und Intestinal Canal; l'ancrea*, Sjiteeii. Kid nci/t ami rental unit/ Lrinart/ Of Midwifery aml Dim linen uf Women a nil Children. Surgical Caeeit—O/n rations of every class and character performed. ' of.Xerrous or Acquired Dehilitg, /ItttffiKcs uf the Skin, etc., etc., we beg to draw particular attention tn. Also, Fibrous and Muscular Rheumatism, couimonly called Chronic and Acute, and penerallv produced bv the use of Mercury. UOCTOItS I'KRCV .V CO., 511 Dupont street, bet. California ard i'iue. X. 11.—All letters for Advice or Medicines promptly answered, nnd out door patients intend ed to duy and ui^ht. Sun Francisco, Au;;., 1801. 41:m3 " VALI'AIILK HENKUV.—Not less than 500 pa tients from (lie various Hospitals have procured the celebrated Anti-lHnu nattc Cordial nnd Health httorasive, manufactured by DR. ADOLPHCB, of Sun Francisco, nnd in the use of which every in dividual has found » speedy und permanent cure. Amongst the thousands of persons who have used this invaluable remedy within the last few mouths, every one of them experienced the most ben ficiul results. Tue immense sale of this Health J/enloratite i< inii.-,ii aide proof of its HU| .'tinr efficacy. Those *> lio h-ive snlVered wor-e tli tn death .from Itli'Miiu .ti. |>ain>. experience speedy and eCei tuul relief (ion u*e, mid arc daily sending tin 'r itcful leßoowleilgeineiits to the eiiterpri-ing and scientific proprietor." For sale at wholesale and retail liy MH, 11. AooLPat'.*, and L>y HEI>OIS«ITU« A Co., Ag< uts, Sail Francis, o, Marih If'-l. 20: in XOTM'K. * * r K Ii ri l'v '.-ivr notice s > Donatio:) '"l.iiin 'nt , I'n-i-mptor-. and all other per*ou» «h»m it may lotnera. li * iojr received froui the* J l/itul I'!?!■ rnt lt!»iiipit u*l thr -iti'tu*. 1H « i»r*l«ry r-tdtenu ul«. I'll!-, kc . pertaining to tht (Vuoibia Hirer IH«tri<-t. we arc now prepared to tr.'.i*art all or any lm-ittf*l to the fftur. Saiil I»i«tri t< • ■ >ii|>ri-» • .ill the public lan I; Iv i n E <>.t ?• »«r| -nu'h < f the foP'ovliijf b"U!i d.iric-. Vi/ : Beeinninir »n th«* Iniundary line l>e tweea the I'nited Stiiin ar.<j *li • llritoli l'o-.f-- «i«u.«. aa lon the mmrait of tin* I'aai lr moun tain-. at thr tieire?! linr to thr n I line of tarltc : thence -OMIK OH tli" iiMtf-L r-njfe ]in—« on thr -ummit ot mount tins. to the line dividiug toan«liip- ten anJ tlcicn north theuee ste-t to the line dividing riMgea sis "lid -even we-t : th»nre nortlion said line lolhetiiir-l stand ard pirjllel : thence nest to Sboil* iter Uif. in rlu lin f any i-l md» tlieren. to tb<" I* u.ii | r»r>(>uf writing to the Land Office will plear-e five their !'n«t Office addw««. JOSEPH M FLETCHER. Repsier, SAMI'KL W. BROWN. Receiver. Vancouver. An*. —. !•"! *• • OitMlUllM U1 l/«*|wa (MV> ««••(<• riIHE copartnership hereof. re e\i»iiu< between ("has E. Richards awl John U. lly.itt. under Uie firm of Richard* k Hyatt, is thin day dissolved ,by mutual content. All debt* due the late Arm must be paid to C. E. Richards, who is alone au thorized to reecive the same. Whatcom, W T., Aug. 63d, 18C1. ii.mi The undersigned will continue the business at tbe old stand, undar the name and style of E. C. RICHARDI, and w ill settle lbs affairs of tbe late c»ncern EC RICHARDS FREEMAN & SIMPSON'S O Jj I) Magnolia Whisky! 11HE consumption and tOiis'.autly increasing de man J for the OLD MAGNOLIA WHISKY,. Ilrnders c-s confident that it mu -t supercede all oth er forms ofrr-tor.iti vp liquor*. coiuhiuiiig «» it duet every rlfnfnt «•! Purity, .strength, il.ility and Il'-.iltlifulnr;;, whi'di .-liould .har.iclige a lievir- suited l<> our age anit country. Wr •5«--ir«- l>' lii ami Consumer' to notice upon every hirrel and package of our (J KX MVK article,. our nunr, ur- brand. 1 in ft:Il . and alio, iliat !•> cat h btfrtUm! i- aiiixtd OIK \i;u CARD. With a \;» wprett nt thesurrriu *»f lM|m«itk*n«. ami * © u»- have tlt-i orilinurJ tfi«* u«t* of our f iran-r • i«»ro i rut of tin* Flower. n».| !i »\e il a <VirJ, t oal tin* ; „ f an eiiirT»vi».;. t.f •• Ta* i'lu-nis l>i"til!erv *»n the liq} Skill iliver. with <ur n»me printed in lull. 1. ■ V •. • IS at > t -to i i.• '»1 • .;i. I r«»t|Ht rf l t iur Wli -ki" -. :tr** |»« vthe !»• I tri i• utit>» the hi •'» reputation which the* !..ap a hi* I't Jul riur art •!i - ire «i« v» r » oatil* rfeited. [> . . I HIV \\ k mmi-MIN. l'atuix Di» f uu huviktil nvtr, S. C. SHAW, «. Fruut .-tr« t. San Fr.n»risco t S»»!e \i.'« nt fur Fr« t-m »u A, Siuip «.•»» » Oltl M.tjj ||« 111 W 111 kv. S jtteuiher. 1501. 14 tnl NERVOUS ANTIDOTE! TlTir. depot for the sab 1 ol' tliis remarkable. tcdi cine is at the Family Drug Stoic, Cornet* Clay and Dupont Mr »•<*, !n;tn G'caiicisco, and f.>r sale by nil Druggists. Its fi'i'eeta are Mag ieal ; new cases ol run - urc reported every (lay. wA it a:i i i iki:» at once : quiet healthy sleep takes the place of nightmare, starting in the sleep, and disturbed slumbers, from whatever cause ; Nervou.i Trem bling cured ; DELEUII'M TKKMKXS vanish before it- magic touch, and its regeiicrn. live power al' is wonderful. The crutch mid canes of old Kin ematics are thrown away, i.ud they leap for joy. Nervous Headache, (iiddincss, 1 in potency, Fainting, linbecil'ty, Neuralgia, kv. viol«l to II - \MNI«]'JRIUL soothiu,/ iiilltu-ncc. It will restore manhood to its piistiue vigor, even after years of iuipotcucy, und is the only kno*wi und certain cure tor llt-iitul Deliliily. SoM l»% Ufililiiigton k Co., V.. Hall k Co., C Morrill, <\ Crane Hrigtmm, T. \Y liite,ii Franeisro ; I*. 11. M< !><l, Saern mento ;S. T. Watt* :iml Kiee Collin, Marx >vi"o ; K. S. Iluliifii. Stoektoti, innl by i ll t.i in California, timl Washington Territory. I or sale nl. *» by Dr. 11. Wif.LAUl*, O.ymjiia September, lbiil. 41:tn3 Goal oil AND COAL OIL LAMPS, rimriKTIIER with nil kinds of Hurninp and K Machinery Oil*, for sale at greatly reduced r.ilos. Also Elro-Vapor Stoves FOR HEATING ROOMS, For Cooking, and for Heating Flat Irons PCII SALE VERY LOW UY S T ANFORD 13 R 0 TIIE IIS, California street, near Front, .San Francisco. COSVEET Illuminating Oil! \\TE are con-tanUv invoices of thu Yf celehratcl brand <>f Korosono, •■\liuliN L' ,! iiitirely |>tire nnd unmixed willi i'aui|dienc. I'etridriilii. or Aphtltiiin Oil*. It i> iiuiM\|ilo>ive. and u|uiicr to 1» O W X K K • s, or any other Oil ev« r in t«le. Wp It. i x v x»l-fi on timid ill"* Downer's arid other br.«!i»l» of ('<> \ || nil.. whit li t* i air -« Hi . i i r l«»w • t rat •« M i\rOKII ftlKOs., .tia tuei. ». i.r I'li-vt ,''sa frjm n . Sapu n.inr, !wj|. 4! mil EtrfHf o! L: MHr! fl ilfhl. DmasN VnTli't i b.-rrhs (tiv, :i l.y tlie u.i !.*r«ifat'd Ad uiaistritisrol me atsoii* named e.tate. u me creditors of. ant »ll person* baaing claim again-l a.J J-cn .J.i.l e\h oil the -a.u- «nh the ueoc.iry voucher*. •it bin one year from tbe publi Mtioa of thi# notier. t > the limlerrigued. at Oy.teriille, i'a< si?• county. \\ , T. HESRV K STEVENS. Adu. r. Oyslenille. W. T.. Sept. ;-':h IKI. |A.«t W. ft. c . CLUB HOUBE CIN, THE LXDEKSIGNED, BEING SOLE AGENTS of the a>Hi\e Gin. Oder it to the public as tbe liarjt HOLLAND GIN. and the ouly GE.M'INE I'Ll'B HOl'siE GIN MS|wrteil to thi- market. Il is put up ia GREEN' CASES, and branded W. S. C'., I'LL'B IIOI'SE. We shall continue to receive tbe above Giu regular!) . —ALSO— Pan AafccNitl WhiaJcj,'» flasks ; Pan VMUT WUIJ, in new style bottles : Pare Bourbon whi« y. The above Liquors arc from the well known boueo of Wm. ii. Corwio k Co., Now York, and are guaranteed fine and pure. W. B. CRMMINGS k CO. I:mt 50 California st , San Fran. j Chas. E. Williams, * (Successor to G. A. Barnes.— Established 18 za DEALER IX fIIFiDWAIE, TH* HE, SWES, IIM,

STEEL, GROCERIES, 4c. Oljmpla, W. T. HA \ !XG rcccntlr rfuired Urge accession# to his Mock. is now offering anioug other Goods, J luc Jwllowiajj d(»ir»blc irtideti : Ilurninp Fluid and Coal Oil. 'Pyre), Cool Oil sn'l Fluid L«mp«. bhadfs. rhiiunfT?. Wicks C<»uffnlr«iH Pola«h fur tn'ikiiig 12 pillon* soap (with full direc tion.*) price 62l cts. Advance (\>oktnf?Store«, wiib e\ten*M>ti oven*. A v#»rjrile?ir.«Me pat. rn with extra castings). • i •T'l-'U TttlU, (jurdru Seed- (\2\ reutu p*r paper), r l)iK»r Mat*, !!• i** I»< % .*ver. • . l?.it au«l M«»u e Traps, lira - <'urt.iin ',«•*»« and !U'ul<. ir* and Safe ('lath*. of «!l numbers. shoe rin«llac». a Fall Varlrl) t f mpruiag U<H, Mi«f li:i!amer-. Knives, Nail«, I'ini lie's. Pffj. tr. llornr, Ca«v rtn<l fclirep n?lli, I.MM Heavy. Disston's l*itl«nt < rooM ul and .Mill Kami, i A v. r v 'i i rinr article , Hfrhnnii'o Tool* and .lluterlalt, i .1 lull iaricty.) Win ' -,v- .. -li. I'tiiit*. Oil. rutty ■ t:d fll i«* : Yur uii'-. Jip'ii. T ur|n uti.if :.i.d Alcohol, I 1 kel a lid ralila Callery, .« sort i.. m . I .rr,. Ooli;l>-i .iiid lli.i^e il. i In . (leather batkai l'u». der. Italia, Lead und Ci'p», Bullet Moulds, —(• till I.ill I.- Wiper-'. Ni C lile. Truer. Ilulter and lion »'li Mieep Shears and Wool Curds, (jru'«, i'luiitcr and Garden Hoes, Plows, i'lillltalors. 'ElllltlcUs. lil'llKll llouks, Eloi'si* llitikt s, ( nidlt'N) SryllM**, < liiiru*. l^sirkM, Iltillcr Htmlsatid Trajs, &c. JAPAN ULAt-'lv TEA. Ckafif'Titi, Sin;,'! Iron, Copper nnd Ilr;tss Ware manufactured utid repaired. N. U.—We have made pueli arrnngemonts for the purchase of nrtlctes, either in Sun Francisco or New York, as we think cannot but give satis faction. ti-cb'" Commission solicited. Olytiipla, April •>, 18U1. !Sl:tf WMTG:DIXLAP, lllI*OUTi:n AM) DUILCII IX GROCEIMES. PROVISIONS, DHY HOODS. CLOTHINO, HOOTS and SHOES, 4c AT Tim OLD STAXI), Coinrr ol' .Hiiiu and Third Streetw, Country Produco generally taken in exchange n>r (joods. y<> ii tin sp ired to give satisfaction to customers. Oiuiipia, Nov. IStiO. 2:tf Farm for Malt*. rjlilK undersigned ull'urd his farm, situated six | milt- J north of Olyiupla, for sale or rent, eon -1...11 i 1 : •;>> mm choice fanning land, a line or rhard of 200 bearing fruit trees, of all varieties, dwelling and out hottsrs. b:irn, and a good well. 'I tn T«• are also living streams of water for stock. It..ivi;; .- through the premie*. Also 1 yoke of work :i. ."i mili h rows, aud 20 young cattle will I>. sold, wilh or without the premises. p irtii'ul.irs en [ifii'L of the undersigned, or ol Win. Hillings, Olvuipia. ISAAC POFFLEMIRE. Olysnpiu, Aug 17,1801. 40:tf F. X. I£ABT, Sole Agent of the well known house of SEIRER-'ll, Philadelphia, whose goods are recognized by the trade as being better in quality of stock, workmanship and style, than any other house in the world, and has now opened sample lots at his c\U'iisivo w A reroom*, *4ll i'ulllurnln M. The attention ol' the trade is invited. \othi;. IS hereby given that the tract oi" laud included inllic subjoined boundaries has been set aside a.» a I'niieil States Indian Reservation, under the treaty wilh theQui-nai-elt nndQuil-leh-ulte tribes ol' Indians. All persons arc hereby positively warned against settling or trespassing on said tract of laud, or of fishing within said boundaries. The carcasses of all whales and other marine ani mals llo.iting ashore within the boundaries of said Reservation belong lo and are the sole property of said Indians. No trading will be allowed with said Indians, except by persons duly authorized by law. The following are the boundaries of said Reser vation. a- ue.irt* as can be determined until an of lieial survey i- mule: Commencing at a point on the Pa. ilie coast about live chains south of the ote-lopes or Roberts' creek and about three quarter- «.fr. mil ■ south ofthetifth standard paral lel north t the base line, thence due c.; t about li\* mill iiem i about north fifteen degrees ve»t, (N I . Vt , about seien miles, thence dae west tou p. : i ..f ro. k« about one mile north of the r:*er. th< are » itli the uirandetingsoftlie Parifie t»rr»n to the p'.-cr of beginning. The itii'i I point ol lhi» Rr-trvation. for the pre»e?it, is marked with a two-ie» h «fiunre cut in the bark. \V V. W. MILLER. Superintendent »»t Affuir* \\ . T «Auiruft *.»!, tf SETTER IBM MM MERRILL'S AXD At Zjom Prloca! BOißDMik'l CHALLENGE YEAST POWDER, FI'LL V Gl A HAS TEED. IF NOT SATISFACTORY, The Maaey will be Kelaraedt For rale br all Jobber*. atid by J C. WIXAXS, 50 California Ptreet, Who will al*o act a* commission agent for pur rh vmir all kind* of food*. San Kraaci»co, Fehrnarr. If6l. 14:m3 OLYMPIA WAGOI MANUFACTORY. Stuart & Blaekshcar. WOt'LO inform Ihecilitea* of Olym- 3S§® pia aad the anrronnding conntry that they are now manufacturing WAOONS.CAB KIAGEti and BI'GGIES of all description*, from tht bestef Imported material, by uperienced work men, for which WUEAT wUI lw taken taexchange, delivered at the Tnmwaicr mill*. Shop corner id and Chinook Street*. Olrmpia. December I, 1160. 4*tf THE FARMER'S CUIOC TO ScicatiSe and Practical Afriealtan. Ct Unit SrcraKx*. F. R. 8., of Edinburgh, ■nd Um Ut« 4. P. Kaitdi, rrufcaor o t tJrm liSc Afri. altar. ia Yale College, New Ha raw, Z roll. Royil etuto. 10u0 |w(t«, U<l no inrroßi Eapraviaga. Hii ia roalntHltr the mo«t ronptrt' **rk oa Agric ultare ever piUiiM. >ad ia trier to give it a wider eircalatioa. Ihe puldiaber. have milvtJ to reduce tUe price to l> Ar llm Tin Tatann. When sent by aiall fport paid) ta California. Ort'iroo m l Waabiagtoa. the price will ><e $7. To every other part of the I awn. aad to Caaada, (po<t paid) ?C. tu! Thia i; aot the old "ftook of the Karai. Remittance. fnr net of the aboTe pub!i<-atioas -li,.eld alalia be addressed, post paid to the pab liihtn, LEONARD StOTT A CO.. No. M. t»uld Street. New York HENRY M. M'CILL, [LATE SECRETARY OK THE TERRITORY] Attomoy-at-Law, —AND— (V«i».«i»f of tit' (Wi •' CUtn>i of V. S. ILL devote apceial allrolioii i> lb* prrpara , , ti«n of the uti f><»ry pap<!> t» at. oiupjuy claims uud< r the mt of MircU 2d IfOl. liir tbc payment of the *ar debt, cud to lid»iue»» before the I'. S. l.r.rd l»!fcre«. Otrut—On Main S>t.. Olympic, W. T. [<l] RUFUB WILLARD, l'liVßk'ian untl Suvureon. DK liI"FI .S WILLAKD, Graduate of thel'ui ver.-itv of New York. desirous of locating permanently iu Wa-liington Territory, oilers bis professional services to the citizens of Olympiaand surrounding couutry in nil the departments of Medicine aad Surgery. With such personal obser vation* as a Collegiate Course among the Colleges tin-l hospitals of New York affords, the Doctor trusts that he will merit a liberal chare of public patronage. and will hold himself in readiness at all times to attend to any culls in the line of his pro fession, to which his entire Attention will be devo ted. BWParticular nttention will 1 e paid to dis eases of women and » hildien, and all orgauic affec tions. Olympic, August 10th, 1801. 39:tf CEO. L. KENNY, HAVING withdran from t lie firm of 11. 11-. Bnn croft k Co., has this dnv associated himself with Mr. J. I>. ALKXAXUUK, and will continue the HOOK AMI STATIONARY BUSINESS, In All Its? Branches, At ««« mid COS Montgomery Street, SUERMA X'S B UILDING, Opposite the old ttand. under the name of KENNY k ALEXANDER. San Francisco, May 20, 1801. 20:i:i3 CHARLES P. ROBIin'S, Importer nnd Dealer in TYPE, PRESSES,PRINTING MATERIAL INKS, CAKI) STOCK, kc. \os. 11l and li:i Clay street. San I'rancisco, January sth, lSG1.10:lr OAS. 3HEAL.X. CLOTHING EMPORIUM, 178 Clay St., unci 107 Montgomery St., San Francisco, Anil ITS liroadmiy, Aew York. f CONSTANTLY on hand the best selected and j most extensive assortment of Gents'and Boys' Clothing on the Paeilic coast, which we can and will sell lower than any other House. Iloy'R and (.frits' Clothing made to Metier. LOCKWOOD, EWELL & CO. January, 1!> 1801, 10:ly Sands' Sarsaparilla, The Great American Bcmedy FOR PURIFYING THE BLOOD, WILL JIE FOUND A CERTAIN CURB FOB EM AID AN mm, A3 AX ALTF.II.ILIVK AND RENOVATING AQENT, IT IS I'MSIjI'ALLED I ! t A PLKN'TiFI'L. supply of pure biood is essen- to animal life. When the proper circula tion of the vital lluid is impeded, sickness is the inevitable consequence, the sccrclious become un healthv, the liver becomes clogged with impure bile, which forced into the system, vitiates and in flames the blood, engendering scrofula and cuta neous and biliary disorders. SANDS' SARSAPARILLA will gently stimulate the functions of the stomach and bowels to a regular and healthy action, «nd without nausea or purging expel all deleterious ac cumulations, purify the Idood, equalize the circu lation. promote perspiration, improve the appetite, impart toue mid vigor to the system, and gradually hut surely extirpate the disease, cuusing u'l un sightly excre.'.eneej to disappear, and leaving ths skin perfectly smooth and flexible. Price $1 00 per bottle or 0 bottle for »5 00; .!»* for Saudi' Siirtapanlla en 4 take Uu other. Prepared by A: li. * !». SANDS. Druggists, 100 Kultuu street, corner of William. Sew For sale by Dr. It. Willard. olyuipia. HO! TEAMSTERS! USE HUCKB & LAMBERT'S celebrated noxE MAKmcrriED PATEST H.HL. Tkc rtowrraai nil BellaMr Ar tlrle la Ikf Market. I'a.ked in "-lb cani>ter«. and in bulk packaf** of :• Mb and upward*. For mle by nil merchant*. Xort. —Be tart to uk fur tb» M. k L. Uru4, a* there are trariou# «purioos imitation* in the aiai hrl. C. E. WILLIAM*. April 20. 53:1w. A(f*ot ceo. k. ui«r -*■ »• mww (Lute of U. U. Bancroft * O.) books axb stationery. OAA vols, law books. 10.000 Vol*. Mi»ceUaneon» Books. 100,000 VoU. School Book*. 1,000 " Medical Book*. J,ouo Ream Letter Paper. . 500 Beam* Cap Paper. 600 Ream* Lepal Cap, rad 500 Beam* Note Paper. 500,000 Envelop**, auortcd. For uo* at the lowe*t rate* hr RENSY k ALEXAXDRR, 60* aad 608 Montgomery Street. San Pranctaco. Jua* S, l»6i. M:m3 • # *Tb* beit purifier of Us* blood ia flail'* Sw ■aparflla. Leonard Scott 4 Co.'s immorni m lutmmjitiziif. LEONARD ?COTT * co. T»HL, RWIIM to re-pahliit IB* F nUowiag RrHUh PMWA i»i». Til : 1. T*c 1.0XD09 QTArrmLT, iCwuimn.) 2 The EMXRCRGH REVIEW. ,W"bi ? . 3 TM *Oi:TH BiUTIMI REVIEW. < Fret Cbwth) 4. 1M * kSTMI\>TtU RrtlEW, (Uteni.) 6 BLACKWOOD S EDIMBIRtiH HAGAZICT. Tbe»e P*r.odirai» ably «at the yTral yiji. tiral of <>rr«l Britain—tiif Ton. lai Mini: bat poiiur* for* ealy OM Hlul* ef iktir c Um iff. nrpu «l liii auM pN6iu4 anlm m Si UuuWrt. Uonlity, and K«lic.u«, liirr «t»ud it !b»v hurt cw uritiicj ia the aor'.d U telUra. C*iaf ccamjrrcd indi-pesn kle to Ibe ttiii.ur aa4 i'n j>r. l<*Moail uui. white lo tbe n-mi. r of every (i>». lit*) far ai»h a curr mifh I -~i i utiifictutr rrtnrl « f Ibt* « urn o; i.trrnturr of ibr u»y tLe *cr! J tiua can poosjbiy be il-uiat J iruu any Ultr *oarr». Th* receipt of A<Umnrt Sb»et- from »Le Btiliak |>ubU»hrr» git** t wicc lo tiic:c rc?.ritu. in. saucta a.- tLev csa tot be j.'aitJ in tb<- bußda of tcbitriberj aboct a; iooa >< tbe edi tion:. Terms: For any one of the four Reviews, per ancuu..s3 00 For any two of the four Rtvkwi, " " _5 GO For any three of the four Reviews, " " -7 00 For 11 four of the Reviews, •' _ 800 Tor Blackwood • Y'.i-uiir.e, " " _ 300 For Blackwood and cue Review, " " _5 00 For Blai kwood and Inn Review*, ,l " _7 o© For Blackwood aud tliree Ktrltvi, " " 900 I'or Blackwood ouJ the four Reviews, " ..10 00 I##* Money current in the State where issued will be received ct |>:ir. Clubbing. A discount of twenty-five per cent from the above price will be allowed to ciubs ordering four or more copies of any one or more of the above works. Thus four copies of Blackwood, or of one Review, will be sent to one address for $9 ; four copies of the four Reviews aud for S3O; and so on. Postage. 8?Z' m In .ill the principal cities nnd towns, these Works will be dcllveied FREE OF I'OSTAGE. When sent by moil, the Postage to any part of the United States will be but tl-J centN a year for " Blackwood." und but S4 cents a year l'oreach of the Reviews. N. 11.—The price in Great IJritnin of the five Pe riodicals above named is S3l per Minum. fco* Remittances should always be addressed, post paid, to the Publishers, LEONARD SCOTT A: CO., No. o4 Gold street, New York January Gth, 1801. No. 8 PHELAE\TS Billiard Saloon. rpilE above Billiard Saloon, with EIGHT FIRST I CLASS PIIELAN TABLES, is now open to the public. The Cu.-hions on these Tablc3 arc the lule.-t patent, and arc a great improvement on their The ROOM is fitted up so as to combine ELEGANCE with COMFORT. The bar will be kept supplied with the very choicest brands of Winos, Lic^uors, cfc Segars, And the subscribers hope, by strict attention, to merit the patronage of all who admire and prac tice the GAME OF BILLIARDS. DAN. LYNCH, M. E. lILGIIES. ' 'WO and V.J2 Montgomery St., Opposite the New Metropolitan Theatre. Tiie subscriber begs to inform the public that the above mentioned BILLIARD SALOON is also intended to serve us a show and salesroom for PHELAK'S Patent Combination Cushions untl Model llil . Hard Tabic*, And Billiard Trimmings of every description. Parties desirous of purchasing Billiard Tables will thus have an opportunity of selecting from a va ried assortment, both in style und finish, and can also test the superiority claimed for the Cushions and Tables. Mr. DAN. LYNCH will always be oa band, and ready to give all required information with regard to the merits of these JUSTLY CELE BRATED BILLIARD TABLES. The subscriber cordially inVitcs all interested parlies to call and examine. M. E. HUCHEB. Agent for Phclau's Patent Combination Cush* ions and Modern Billiard Tables. Sau Fraucisco, July 18, 18(51. 38:m3 SAFES! SAFES! F. 90 fiattery Street, San Francisco* QOLE Agent for TILTON 4 McFAINLAND'S celebrated Fire-Proof and Burglar Safes. Tnis Safe is well known In the market fbr Its un surpassed fire-proof quality, having withstood in California, as well in the East, the hottest fires known. Wc can refer to endless certificates from parties in our mining towns, where these Safes have been subject to the most severe tests of Its fue-qualities. These Salts are secured by our Combination Lock. This Lock is in every respect the most «tenre one in use: it requires the key and cotubin*tioa to open the Safe. If the key should be nbi-tracted fmm the owner, it wouM be perfectly useless to tlif fodrwursitlKlt his knowing the combina tion. or key. which the owner carries hi liis bead. To tnose in want of a <ll>Ms mO, we i.IT. r the above ebeoper tbaa nr- < ther ia the market tssf A large a-scrimeat oa band and to arrive. F. TIU(AX, IOC* BnVfn -t., Saa FraocUc*. THE MEAT («\TI\E\TU HMH l« tUr Kelr»rr or INIcIM. Ron prnirvi.xr the b:.«>od axd stcicto- EMNG THE lit MAN FKASE. DR. D. PERCY A CO'B ( £LttilAl£J> COWUL BALM OT (UCIMI&, Prtet lr» dolimrt m kmtf m L*:U. ANEW ami l»pwf»t aoliciM briktnn«f Nervous Dcbiiilr, Loaaitofe, TtttalM,Bc» buLc H—Wi. 01<1 Voaelt, Clear*, Svrlliav*. ScwMi, Plapli i. Dimmt of fee Skia. CWMW Irayti—«, «M all HWRI tie* of tfce Blood. bviUilw nmn Hi iCmh of Nmtij, m 4 eniirtlj niton it Apmb lW •fIW. 514 Py« *n— O+jktm miFkm. Mr »■■—AH ItWrt ftr iMnul MMm proaptiy IM llli|lliHii>ll| * to dii Mid lifkL Sm Francisco, Aif I,ISSI. 41a WAWMNQTOM MOTCL, ■■■ II !!■■■■■■■ 11l ooaxn or mcostd ato ma nr marts, v Olympia, W. T. Board par weak ft M 01y»pia, Vaf. M, IBM- a^r

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