Newspaper of The Washington Standard, November 16, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated November 16, 1861 Page 3
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* » .• T I. Sim:;!tan r at •« i :i g the ft. ' -nr. , 1 i:v- tr'!dfsre i :«nip. *nd cre:.t' 1 ii.«l •*-- I ,'i Hu ll! MliO I'Hlljr'l i'.i'lf. !'s of tn«- fllh • M_ r :iii:i i .Ut • I s'-gu .I*. t: , Uld j ai if < laiil domi t!.< r ami*, that 'her Would fisrlit tiM F reiiior.'. T ■ Ceueral t'ie a!:i ruon:. • \i "»tn!a (Tr*. tir.-in/ hem l\v . »;n aii I i:i«.i* p rMtnal r*.- i»:;. !"! !• uti ii*» ii J «'•*. a-5 -.-a Uftwttl viiirt to IJI-* j i •; i. jli (larin; tii° ti ao' ■ 1 t! -TT V.I re »:.« •*- . \.t rMTVTI'I.i ff. Tlie V*fit>U« f-.-rvT.a-' 1 11.• iii ui.ral. ai.d ... 1 I. .. ul a lit' VUa ctc'l .tu -r> Tl '»u-ii notifvin? <i>n. lAcr, a« 1 ■« ••rder dir«~ "i tl, t! ut I.^ I . I il*!' i 11 ' II . ' I I* J .11 >•! I' I lli tr j i t -event! hour* juaki*:* a ♦ • ** • .•! * -x.-miiiij!': ">*i «>f .roural .. t the cit* to he pr',»ar».tl: •ini. ia . i.ri.i ite wall ] uii:t» n rc ii—t I nun the U-ijpvl'- iter*! 4 , he 1 Till t ' load tl." ar:u_\ ia ••i an attack. Aii the tniojn s.i \<i M:III\ if 1:i ti« i' tuaiui'ti ... !■ t. und an attack «.!■« !; >a.i\ . ,|- l. i"..t Ilwli.iilsi lilOt'W IKVillA'il ia tin- tirini hv our tro ijn on two • : r : i n.als. 'j "l.»• i:n iay are now encamped on t' i . d Wii >n Creek hnttle ground. 1 1, it. l'reiiio'.it is j.rej ared to have for I. ai-. and v.iii go on if soon as • <eii. I'ope arrive#, who has hcen sent : waul, and will take eonmiand until i in. Hunter gets here. I'nivorsal _a»>m prevails throughout the eanip. A battle will undoubtedly occur* ere lung. < >ur troops will meet the enemy firmly, but they are dishearted and !ii:ve their enthusiasm. The Body (luaid, who could not have been in ilueed to remain, are accompanying (it n Fremont, and also his entire stall", including Gen. Ashboth, the command er of the First Division. Gen. Fre mont will permit no demonstrations from the troops on his departure. Louisviu.t:, Ivy., Nov. s.—General i'.'vkner has returned towards JJowl i_' Green, and Stanton has gone hack i::M Tennessee. Tiio Federal troops in Kentucky, under Gen. Sherman, are t!tiis divided: Gen. Scharpli', coin in nded the Eastern; Gen. McCuok, the Central, and (Jen. Crittenden, the Western Division. In tiie Western !»'vision, Col. Bin-bridge has advanced 'AV.:'d I'urry. The Central troops have advanced to Bacon Creek. It is thought our troops are able to resume tin- defensive with all security. Ttte Richmond A*.' - nii'mr of Xov. 4. -*ys: The work 011 the M< rriin<i'- is -til! incomplete, and there are great coin plaints of the imperfection of the iron. M irk as furnished by Ihe foundries; ".'I adds that, it is certainly high time -IK! was completed. I'iie correspondent of the Richmond . viiiiincr , complains that Gov. Letcher ho had visited the Peninsula, to look after the situation, had done nothing "ii .arriving there but cat hog, iish and drink. The X. V. IL ruhl'.s Washington dis !i says; A scout from Virginia rc ]'-»i'ts that JJeauiegard's army is nitua t<> the right of Braddock's road, be tween Fairfax and Centerville, 100,000 strong, with 200 pieced of artillery, but imliflerently manned, and the cannon •!'s undisciplined. The Quartermas ters Department is deficient in wagons, • an! many of the troops arc barefooted, l'he V irginia troops are dispirited. 1 hoso whose .term of enlistment has expired wont re-enlist and desert every •jay. In Western Kentucky, where the M'ces-iunists arc in the majority, the ne groes belonging to the rebels, as well as those of the I'nion men, are all made 'the rebels to believe that it .Jeff. l)a - they will be made free. A I th*» negroes, no matter by whom tied, arc dangerously insolent to the ■ '.ion men, and e«j*cinl!y to the fc ile portion «»t tin* fbtnilies of the I.C --t.-r. The n Ih'ls employ th«»ir slaves in king the farms and running off 11 »«• .iattc's and block belonging to the 1 nion men. 1 In' London /<««<*' in a le»«i«*r s;n> .<• blo> :».nlv ot iii<• Htfutlicm purN i« '* clf'tlivo; tft.'l that f->*K|»ii nation >jiin<l t» the o!o.ka<h\ -> #h«»w* that flte cnttin** ntT the i j. tl#«» *<>rioftin'S<»Bth h <M tlie Noriii. an<] it a!-<« a|»- •• ■* ■ jUiic iha: ail curtoo e\|*-«t«lioa - fi>rbi(kic'ii bjr tlie C a federate •'*cn»iiit.-ut iy onit-r that l'>r«-u.ti n.t --•!»*, « -j-n tillr Knsflaiid. tnar l«e r»*«i to Uik»- M'l« in tttt* Anifridii irni i h Norfolk /*»v H'*-k iiK>titi<in* a it.. : that hat re*igiKs!. • ernows Monroe. Nov. 4.—The V. from tfio I' . ka lin- fl, .t. Tired: «he'"ft th- fl ct uithin "i *of Bav. Thv «<orni tia»| ' • i. ati'l the JfunUct flu jf ofiit-ero have '«• i!»t that fleet etitere<l Ituli |tav •• * on the m*rnin«r of Snntfor, «nd :"I within 2- r > mftea of (*hitrfe»tm. • I- in! of the rua»t w lorti • ?m j>aper« <av that the los*<.f r. i«-U ar the l.e*»b*inr fijht was Mlie'i ami w >tio<le>l. v »'wY.i«k. Nov. C.—The Tnbusr •>- t!,at the IVoj>le'< Ticket has ear ' State *»\ over j AL; an i. X. V., Nov. 4. —Thurlo* i \V» eii :•» I A »j» ](iiL'li<t are '? irtin * f»r Enri'K. pr-diahly hr the sivamcr Afr* t, on Wedui -day. to . udeavor t<> counteract the o)t'r»liooi • th»* >oatheru confeileraey in Franco and F.ngland. C'IIAKLKSToN F VLI<KX. Iu ii gtnl to (lit uxttiT the follow injf ar» i«npj>o»<'<l to )»■ the fa t«: I». u>|»-ur A. Co. rectiv ed a private di»- jat li ot tlic luoiiiiii? «>f the T:h Irotn Sl Lkuu, annouiiiiug the capture of Chari'tfoa. Thcv j faocl it on the i.. .•.» i*»*mat th»* M«*r< hai.t # Kx.-hangc. It wur 1 he the rfjv>rtff *>t the >an Kraut i-c<> .*/n . ■ / aii.l publisJiol in a:. is. Tii#- 1 t uri'i • 11"'' tin •>t ihi- 9»iue date <7tU iast.i iua<ie n» in »II < t t'.i" report. The private ii i*;w t• »ilows: M. I.ii Till.—A piivate di«- ]., ii. it tu< i' thi- m< n :tis». to th>- ,»* .. t'.:tt < LaHi-<ti'li lm<l Ui n •• >tn .a i • i ■ • l'j> iLe It-iicral au«l v:ip tuml. It i* ruiiiorcil tiiat further ih't.til* <!:•(<> tlisf a of men lan«h'<l .nnl a'tui'kcil < 'harlenttin. whili* t!»«• lli ei iii the hornh:iii]iiicnt i«l" the 'oris. The fleet reported to have hauled a l;i !'_r> ■ force mlK>»'«* and helovv Charles ton. and made a simultaneous attack on the eitr. fr>v* We received no later intelli gence by la>f night's stage, with the exception ot the following paragraph from the Oreyoiian: Ni:»v YORK. Nov. 7, — The body of Col. linker will he removed to New York and will he exposed in the City Ilall on Sunday, utid Monday be placed on the Hteanier for California, in eharge of Charles S. Drew, of Oregon, M. E. Flanigan, of California, and E. M. Barnttm of Oregon, and \V. J£. Wal lace, of Washington Territory. The News in Brief. "We learn by the dispatches and pa pers,—that (Jen. Scott has resigned, and has been placed 011 the retired list with fill pay; that Gen. MoClellan takes his place as commander of the ar my, and Gen. Ualleck succeeds as com mander of (he armv on the Potomac; • the Naval Expedition, at the last accounts, was near Hull's Day, 2o miles from Charleston, where the troops would land; that the army of the I'o tomac was preparing to advance; that Roseneranz had had a light with Flovd in Western Virginia, and it was 'oe- lieved that he would hag the " thief!" that the pirates of the f'ctrcf were about to be tried in Philadelphia ; that Gen. Fremont has beon superceded and the command of the North Wes tern armv given to lluntcr; that Fre mont had behaved in the best manner ill satisfying his dissatisfied soldiers; that t!ie naval expedition Lail suffered soine by a storm, but the weather had become good and all wns right again ; that Gen. "Wool has resigned, and that reports were rite that J lean regard had resigned ; that the rebels in Missouri bad made a stand and that they had 00,000 troops; that the Federal army were ready to meet aud fight them ; that the recent elections in the East had all terminated for the Uuion, k<:., &o. Wo have other reports um* prove to be correct; among them is that of the capture of Charleston by the Federal forces.— Oregon ian. Lecti kk. —We are pleased to learn that onr friend (Jeti. Jasper W. John son, will lcctiird before the Alpheau Association on Friday evening next. Nov. 22. everj- body Attend and enjoy a rich treat. Tho (juiieral't sub ject we learn, is to lie ** Our National \ Hairs. tht>" Mr. <• eary, late Suj»eriutcudciit ol Indian of Oregon, bus gone Kast to pnrcha-d the machinery for a Woolen Factory, to by establubed in Linn C'ountr. Oregon. CtLiroKkli J'IITOBUL Alvaxa <v— We have received from A. Uosctfieid, Publisher, Sali Francisco, the above a mi uai. it is liatKHntoely ilbi-trated. and contain-. ntnHi intere-ting reading matter. Jletij. Mark (Seoesh) has Wen appointed by tiov. H'hiteaker, of Oie «u, to fill the vacancy in the I*. S. Si-nate occasioned by the death of Col. I»:tker. F. Kvi/Jall. Superintendent •I !»ti|'tan Affairs, arrived last evening. \atkr. Br. AMH.KSO.t i, nt uiteriwt Af%i.t m during uiT mi »ejne. W 5 ATltE* Olrmpia .Si>t4rluk«r f. Idf 1. 4(:aJ J. W. a TTOHWY M t AW in CbstK'r^, and I'rwtijr in AdmirwHv jMttlf. Vtnk IMI IIU '•vrrnu &TATK-S or AXEKICA J Tt-rrltorr t-.f \V»-;, J f J T-1. ill l>i«*ri<l I ~ iti". i.K \S • li •»! li*a I»>.i ill I !>•«■ II irn ;< < rt. u u4 1.1 iw 14 Jt IKKI lh»- tr:. I t f W ■!> Itlvt |L« jr.tb daT af Oi ll".l l.v J'iha II J» rimii j«»i* uaarr »«1 li'f'«ni syatti«t th* *UBm< r Khr* b<r t» If. «IMUH an '. fan. inif r«f ,« and lua ikK.n. aal i►.*»»-1 I. Kudtord. i»a-t ud »tnl t.f M: i .vnuii,.. i n-1 J»Ua U Fl« a«lin;j t'-iptaiu id I < latm.uf ar.J |». ■-- Kiiiitui; I J bt t pu". at i»> r , .u r lllit Ihi' tiWl mt i th v( of - lid ar.J I'.il be if trf! ou: ■!< ;>rord nf Ik* j..-- -.-..u t»f *iM rttatu* ►li:,- 1 • -a 4 Pradf ut rut u a I", i i;itUtlk<. awl ui4 rka>iaf •| |«iialr<l I r »ai<i lir.dfnil ai 1 |>rjuo; it a(ti>'t »aid t'rj c:i-S»iand t!i»t -a ' .rd and Flvn tif I* • ,;#d l'i 4|-i' «r. anJ *bj' i-f raid .'Uam- I- .»d i. literal ■!». |-ur-uaO rul In Uu'.M-a uti'-t **■«! i f MC ert.Ui m. I- ~ J aiid dciorrrd. ! l*rr' ■- • t" li> all |>rr><iai daifu.i.. li* » i •> ti -li (■ n i i.'i fc'r. aiipti!. . .i t is my nu itr uii r.»t ! lb<"> • in. lb.O t(i»-i i*Y a'li ifi|irirtirfiirr lh»- aaid |f|-ffi* I i . urt. lu I- ! ' liit ii.»a nf Oliai, i. ia a- I • -i' J.i.v '■' !'. tr° t on lie tr-l V ii' 1 . ■ >•( I ml ' I k! at i■ ■ u iliii fc ta Itr fatt >ii »a —yr \ !r ! t;. « •• -'ia f * l» a «if juri««ii« ti**n •»*!!- • .a.-- •*u lUr a* il i-*t uf J<tri>4irlwa. tWa aal I I t , ; .t, >j.. *i;i ,r ii..m cad U' u.tir iLi it »!*' /a!l"B- IE t'lal lirlulf I»alc4 > \« i :* 1"- I I'lf.S 1 HEKI». 1" >•. *.f-li»l. (1 t J XI.. W11.t.1.W bILI.IMiS. IVj.ult HViEiMTiIS Hill KU K ni:\ AID wom:\ :: Hbut < onstitulc-s llrallh f RICH. Purr I'tiMnl. Nat iral |Vr.-"pir»iti»»i:. '•»» »! ap|»rlitr fir I'ooil, Slpf»p. H\rr« i-t* nml l!u* l''ig«»vincut« i»f Nature, with Strvnirtli •»f |l<wh, Mind J'tid Utnli* Activity of tin* Liv»»r. mi l all . ntlifNatural Functions—mirh a st it»» i* ft-lt 1»v all, aAcr using Dr. W c!>:>«• j-"s ln\ifforutiuK Cor tlliii Suutnillirr!! To many, the above may seetn extravagant praise uf this coil>-neti<m. lint if they conld set 1 , as 1 have, the many whom this has restored to health, they would not lie surprised at any lan guage used in its praise, To oiler more certifica tes, is useless : at lea«t eighty have already been published, anil only the thick-headed, self.wise skeptic and unbeliever can doubt that it is the most blessed health-restorer and strength-giver ever invented by man. It restores and perma nently invigorates the broken down system. Nay, more, it replaces natural weakness and strength. The desponding it revives, the feeble it endows with vigor, and the cheerfulness and strength which it restores, or creates, it also pn serves. To the sickly wife it imparts that degree of vital force necessary to the crowning joy and great ob ject of matrimony. To the debilitated husband, it give- the nervous and muscular energy which eh manhood. In all cases of nervous dis'Msc, low spirits, indigestion, liver complaint, indisposition to mental exertion, lassitude, emaci ation. impotence, &<•., in fact, ill all complaints, n< utoand chronic, which depress and weigh down the tuiud uud bu.h , it is an absolute, infallible gpccilic, NATL'ltE'd OWN IIKMKDV FtUI MAX SUK .N KSS !! That creates, reproduces New and Pure Blood that acts on the liver, heart, brain, intestines, i'aib* and client—that revolutionises the whole v -1•• ,i>—gives trcngth to the most debilitated and .ve.ik—that contains no mineral, or other poi.-un. tl'.l: is, in truth. Dr. Jacob "Webber's Justly Famous In vigorating Cordial Sanguitier! o or Tim extraordinary nnJ wtnxnjro euros efTVctcil In this htiautilill li t* r 11:11 concoction has astonished till: it sccinsto suit cvorvconstitution. Tim Oi.d, tiii: I' tKHLK. Tilk Lamii iii, foot llmt new l il'c mid hlood is piven them. The rime, the <iiMxi|into<l debauch ee. the weak from Imifr diseme, from taking too innch medicine, calomel and other mineral poisons ; the young mini whose manhood is wasted, where nature's functions nre inert iirid lifeless, cxperien er.i the hliss ofIHIIM'ST AMI VICOIttIN.S MAX HOOD! Mis appetite is (rood, his sleep quiet and refreshing, his mind und memory clear and cer tain. .Sold in qrnirt hottlcs bv KKUISKTOV St CO. iIIASE & IIRIUIIAM, Wi»ii Francisco. And nil Drntrpr'.sls in Cnliforiiin, Oregon and Washington Torrtorv. KlicrilPii Male. BY virtue of on execution issued by the Clerk of the District Court of the 2d Judicint Dis trict of Washington Territory, nnd tome directed and delivered, against the goods nnd chattels, land, tenements and efl'ects of Lewis Knsign, I have lev ied upon, .seized and taken Into execution, and will sell Recording to law, nt the court-house ifnor in Ohmpia. (the Capitol httllding,) on Monday, De cember the yd. A. D. Is«;|,atthe hour of one ill the nfternoon, the following described real es tate, vlr : I.ots one, two, three, four, five,six. sev en nnd eight, of Mock forty-thrco, [ Ui in the Town ofOlympla; th<-»nme to he sold to satisfy a judg ment rendered hv ilie said District t'onrt'lii fiv»r oftieorife Itiinrhi-t. andngaint* I.rwis Knsijjn. for the sum of thirteen liimdred dollar- and interest thereon nt ten percent. per annum, froiu and after tin- l.'.tti day ot April, A. D. IA.VJ, together with eosts of suit and increase t wii.i.i \M nti.t.ixns. SherifT of Thurston t'« , W T XnTfrter ! l*«l. M:w4. Far* Ikr Nik. un i. r«.j{u< mil «* 11 Uc Ir.o l rU.m. 7 | .Mlrlu. MI i lipu, vn tut >..110-1. far ruk uudrr g»o4 n'lmliw. »' rfpmtm l«ur«. a ill. 4 arm. is lunutki . <l>4 ii"»l •MUts.r huuw *U'l M.ut*. Vwt par ll' - «i liii' »V» ur u> ijk «b<i n«g>^i " lIUUU.UT JfcAL. ■WTC«b.r:. IKI. SI If \miiir. In ikr i „ u n > E»iat« af <f Ttai>UM> t'unMr, » Jake Ufv U * l<-rr .torv ) d*n»l Tm J>>H\ < .*•'l.%' 4 r>'i wit' tmm-t.4 ir< m,*/ m*tT*k» Mttr* that t»« k art Wa rn,«l la appear \*+w oar ...4 frohaf « »«rt IB Mai fnr -iH rantr rrf Thar-t— at Ohai|Ma. «a Tar~i*« tfcr 31* <tar »f J l>Mri :m - «»» >•»' »» «k» 4ar r4 tfc. Jaru •r* Trrta «4>«i4 anrt l« mmkr (ml «ftU« mm an Ataiiutniur vi mM MaM ft. M. VAL»e fl '*" J*4|irflbirttga r«wur OljmpU OLTMPIA WAGOV MAVVFACTOXT. Stuai-t & Hlaekahear. Wl'i LUiuiura UuiUmw ot pia H'l th" *arruaa4inK < naalr> thai th*\ art a«« uamic tviiif H .1 !.«•>.< «'Ak- Rt tad Bt uf at* Ar*rripU' n>. ftvtm lh< twclwf uajw•nr«i material. V* «»it- Sifß. r»t itiillVULtT viiitni 14ita U>ClrjMl|«. ielittnj at Ibr Tuaiaairt atiiU. ftbap cacarT ind rkiaook • |ttf*«hrrl, IK" 4 tf -|*rtiir* **** ***** ** » ■*>< • «a - ) SFECIAT, NOTICES. ■rlUlwM SMITM.

1: ' R J. E>ut «r*i( ptatk ■ |j« UMU.M « W-1 Hur* mm rt» *rt. «' r>«4 at>4 fb.r.h »an«laj» <4 t*ck Mit, at II a. ■ twtiane MIUI. t IkirU «.«r; m >|||, ■ —ir«i«y iw vHtow ■■■ fc 1 ■■4 l*4Mt W Maw—»• i«tHr aa it. |»r< •*:.!«-1. «*4« alr U mrtt: a..arviaak* »aaykmr ui- rtit-.a! 1 >"?■. 3 A 3»tr "Ti (~araa<ic4 tr*-e fr..*n >ptrit« -t »«1 \ r+» ,<r wfcirfc raar nt ' q» >»"! "f Mi mlh-t l- ■ »a |«r|a.*>li>a M tfc* ilw imtit •fttrsli'.t. it i. «r«-j a!!«"4 |: qo-.-kl, iraom fr»sa tw in. t-m ail m«»"4»il a»*t in>|>«r* aatlct. —H*. I I.' • • »»J ;lrw»f F «r aii ikmi- d -*■ ■ thin J i- r>.. .»H*» rra>~4y rtlant tkmt ir lt ~r Jb» ntf. '' nt. i»» •» sp.w. im s«h kv-» i. I,s«k«r'i Pi nil tiM- I*r» a»4 Mt \ • ilffie F*a.-< ia lb* joiata rlirHai'-Sw.lirt. r • r lMirt-ii«« Liver m l -• ari.iay »r<«ta ma impure itat* nf >k. i Ki4>hya aa a«4 »«•» s« Hall * * --« i Tla YHhnr •!.*k I'm) Ir4i4f 1/ FnU« -al» tii-rulm liiiw W„r «, Roitien >■ •'} *lf"re-« t« any addrt lor Ki«» |i»!l>r< | I! FinN aIV . ><•!* f"raf*i«.tar> No* ill 111n« St >aa I rant .wo. !»<>< I art Prrrj *. « %m. ail BKi I t -MM. t'alifurnra »r4 I'ior San If /**»•"" . . • tfufi ' »|»' ~<l ",m; Ufffl l.rf. "f »be 11' .al follrrea <.! I.on-tnn avl Uli- I . «.ta-l'n' I oiirr>ilHi of lMil<a aa4 K ! '- 1 ! - V l*r ' - f.>r Anat mr iin'l 1 »«»r -i'l to» V .!ir*| Jnri'fri'trn'-e for thr ' •rd :l. lion.>l it I'fct-.liana tot i .. r.'i l.i 1. *-11« kjiital, 111 *i >urjr'nu t" ll'' »v l.f" k »l. I»tr to rail the attention ot th< ]. ."»!i to t r ttm'■ -a-i/ J M<Mt 01 Tr*nt tmf **> i t *>t 1 it* / I* > an 1 ma» be cou.«ultt*J daily from !t .\ M. till It r. U..«Mi t' 1~i: *- r - or tiu rnLtowi\o obcaxx : / / //'.l' , Ll'i'Jt, /,«; flr. StoMiirlt lIJIU I' i*il: i'lthr 1 eo », S/d'tn. Ktd~ ii'i/i iii»/ r'miiinmq L'rtuu'*(/ iff j/iii, •: Midiri/ciy 1 tml /hfitit* lif W '.n'n and Children. S'lr/.r il ('■! — Ofiiiliout of (very clas* and rli:ini' t« r |»-rl«>i im-al. ' of X,, ri>m or Acquired I /», >.i!ih/, if the Skin. etr -( etc.. wclir^to | ilrrtw /mr/irii/ur attention tn, AI sn. Kibrotw ntid .Mll riiliir lUieiitiiatinni niniinonly onllod Clironir , mid Acute, auU generally proilured Itv the use of Mercury. IMU'TOHS I'KUt V & CO., ftl t I*ii|>i>tit .-iroet. bot. California nrd J'ine. X. I>.—All letters lor Advice or Medicines 1 promptly answered, inid out dour patients attend ed to day and night. San l'raucisco, Aug., lAOI. 41:tn3 a. '• VAI.i AIII.I: IIKMFUV. —Not less than 500 pa tients from tbevurio i* Hospitals have procured I tlie celebrated Anti-llheumatie Cordial mid Health I Itetoraiive, iiinnuflictured by Dr, AooLPnira, of 1 San Francisco, and in the use of which every in ! dividual has found a speedy mid permaneut cure. Aimitijjst the thousands of persons who have used this invaluable remedy within the Inst few months. I every one of them have experienced the most lien* licial result The immense sale of this Health I lir»ti'ratire is indisputable proof of its su| prior ellicaey. Those who have suflcrari worso than death from Ithciimalic pains, exporience fpeedv | and cll'ci tual relief from its use, and are daily | sending their grateful ni-kuowledgenieul« to the enterprising and scientific proprietor." For sale ( at wholesnle and retail by 1» 11. 11. AnoLPUis, and by ItEimiNUToN o Co., Agents, San Kriiueisco, March 1861. 20:tn Mliei-ifC'i* *nlV. By virtue <if an order of sale issued by the Clerk of the District Court of the 2d Judicial District of Washington Territory, dated the 25th day of •• tobcr. A. D. 1 s>; 1, commanding ine to make sale of the following property, to wit: All of that certain piece or parcel of land nituatcd ill tin- county of Lewis and Territory of Washington, being the same that George W.llolsupple received IVoui the I'uiteil States us a donation, containing one hundred and sixty (100) acre.i, hounded ou the North by Public I.otitis, h. by T. \l. Piersou's Inu<l. S. by Horace Howe's land, and W. byK. 1,. K'mch's land, with all the appurtenances thereto belonging, for the purpose of enforcing a decree UI for' ■k'-ure vf mort<n<"i> «»; °" 1 : | j'*" 1 m ~ , ntadc in fi'. -irict Coiii'l, Sept. 4th. lStil, in favor of Fer dinand Datilue and against G. W. Holsapple and I'. K. Smith, for the sum of Miventy-fivo dollars (575) judgement, and interest from the Bth day of Sept., 1800. at two per cent, per month until paid, mid costs of-nit and accruing costs; Notice is hereby given that by virtue of said or der of sale, 1 shall proceed to sell the above des cribed property, ou tin- premises, at public auc tion. to the highest bidder, for cash, on Saturday, the Tthdnv of December, A. D. lHiil, nt lo o'clock A. »t. of that day. JAVAN HALL, Sheriff of Lewis Couuty, W. T. November 4. I8<!1. .">2jw I M»eriH"\» Nnlr. TJV virtue of an order of sale issued by the l) Clerk of the District Court of the 2d Judicial District of Washington Territory, dated the 25th day nf October, IHHJ, commanding me to make sale of the following described property, to wit: Alt of that cerlaiu piucc or parcel of land situated in Lewis county, W. T., in Township eleven (II), N. Uauge two west of the Willamette meridian, the fractious! >i. half of the N. West quarter of aectioij two (2), and the fractional half of the v. est i|iiarter of section two (2), and the fractional half ol'thc N. K. quarter of *«clit>n three (3|, and the fractional N. K. quarter of the X. W.i|uarter of section three (it), and the west half of the N. W. quarter of section three (.1), and the K. half of sci tii.u four I 4 i. containing the hundred and sev enty -one 4<Mnn acres, mill all of the appurtenan ces belonging, for the purpose of enforcing a de ciei- of foreclosure of a mortgage, made in the !Ms tri. t Court, nu the 4th day of ."-oft. letil, in U>or of I-' Danlne an I against llenr* Mile«. Chas. L. and fri d V. Clark, for the turn of one hun dred and «5\ dollars i Itfll. judgment, with inter e«i >i two |x*r rent per n ielli, cntnpo«»ded »mi annuatlr Imm Sept -'h. I -»*«•. until fdH, tfjrth er with the .••»»!» and s<-rruing costs j_ Notice i< lirreVr pi'en fSst fcr rirtne of .-lid oe d»r of .«|r I -hall pr vfH t« «etl the above dn i "lord jiroprrty on tli- *t SHtlct. In tbr liiklrft ti«!U« rt t ou Saturday . the **h 4*r M |i«resU(tt, A P leal, st 5 e ctork r i.uiikit ilti. JITAN HALL. ' L*wi» I'sestf, W. T. NuiisKr i. i«,: }r »l I>V VtKTr r Ml «r<}rr rf aV »V«a«4 •« J> af l»* l»»n* cwt W t*» ?J Jl.' 1 *"* 1 '» *•-»,»> r««a T■ mn-rv. <ut*4 lk' "•«* 4« *t <H"W> A t> ja»i. ( HMI • n art* "f tk» Wi<>r<»| Jnrr.M pr*.arrf». to wr* •VI tk.< nf| U fa**-* ar f«»ri hi4it th» < «•»'» af L'»m iH T»fiW»t tfVnkiifm, ia «»»a--.j» H .V t • t, t i»aif »l tk« X K r -m* al M» -(UtUW i taU rfcita. » •« «*»» t* n -r4J ia tkr • '»irf at «W*a»- r-» »&»•»« «*-! tut iki t'l.aaaarj irf aatd < Uiai W» tk» * *' , »tki tk««r> aautk to tW X L • r lhrw« * rhla tWlf* t* t to tkf ««t w«»»4i— af J«4mi *rl»fh»-l'i tWa U«*K-a * I < a l»» tut twandarr t« tkt plwt mt. tor~tun mr.t >«»4i 4 u4 i rry ■ 1# a«TT-. a ,tk all tkr - I ill a a wittN ' la{ tar tta >ama »f rafarvtag a «i |tn U f.-rw-ka. aw mt » "«|«|» aa prastm. ai«i ia *a>« |Mtr>ct faart. mm Ikt , v.h 4.1 W StyinaWr, A I» I*4l. ia fctac ml f immtt T itai. far *kt aaa ml •» h jiiJrr J *a<t Jallara aa4 *.'.«*« rralu ;ad.n.> a" *»•! iet»r*4! at ta u f-T < tbl an aua'.k »a 4 aftrt ik» IJtk Jat ut Aafta'-. »•*•. M CI j-aid wrrh »'.!(! and ar»ri.cj (otlt Cullrt ia fctrr-l? tkat aadrr aad t j rirtaa *t aat4 ar a< aalr I atatl ta HI tta ataia 4»a rrtka4 proyanr. a* tta at f Mir mm li«a. ta ikt bmtan fag Jar far naifc at taawta th* -tk 4»» c 4. NorriaSer. U'l at *0 <• ckxti » «f i,J<lr iATI* BUi •>!•" H»nt«(U»»f» . * T fcwiwfMow, , mim ia loaii KIUB, Oljrmpto, W. T. OF r*F- foe uk » arc itod w I>rr Goods, * CloUunc. Boot* * HWw, UiUmtui fridrr/ mmd Qlmmrmr, Orifey, Tn«-—( wl at Couin Protect UiT»f»» Scpoib.r 14. I Ml. MM, j»"IIB4 CTIT" i Svwmi M /Vw, JMar | (k.) DALLES AND COLVILLE, >i«u>u as* iifin miuh is MHIBHBBIHK CLCTiWr,. MOM, HATi, Ac. Prov if* IOIIH, Wines, laiquorti, Etc. A full a»«<»rtmeat of HINtHS" GOODS cwt- UK Laud ttf* Mr. BLOC 11 being t resident of San > fant.-i o. a litre mil our punt»*jf-« arc mUt, we ► hall I>r at le to oftr belter inJsremtttU than u; mlifr lluutr. October IMb, 1861. 47:ni€ Ttnr.rrotT or Waskixgtos, ) County of Thuntoe. / In th' I'it'rict Court of (kt Secoiid Judicial District. To WILI.IAM L. SMITH, sue J as subsequent in cumbrancer, in suit of Audre* Williams si. George Drew, tl al. Foreclosure of mortgage. You arc hereby notified that Andrew Williams lias tiled a complaint against George Drew, Caro line P. H. l>rew, H. V. Strvker, or.d yourself, in said court, which will come on to be heard at the first term of the court which shall commence more than three months nfter the 19th (lay of October, 1801, and unless you appear at said term and an swer, the same will be tnkeu as confessed, and the prayer thereof granted. The object and prayer of (mid complaint is to foreclose the equity of redemption, if any you have, or may claim to have in certain premises, to wit, the interest of said George Drew in the land claim in Lewis county, in said District, known as " George Drew's Claim," mortgaged to this Plain till'by indenture of mortgage, dated October 13th, 1855, to secure the payment of $3,000, with le gal interest after date. Complaint tiled August 2Gth, 18C1; nmeuded iu open court, on leave, September Term, 1861. ELWOOD EVANS, Attorney of Andrew Williami. October IDtli, 1851. 4'J:a)3, BROOKLYN HOTEL, COKXEIi BROAD WA i'AXD SAXSO3IE STS.', SAN FRANCISCO Til K proprietor of this well known and M old established House is still at his old fjJL tricks-—feeding the public for tye low sum of rom DOLLARS ner week, nud the cry is "Still they come !" This Motel was established in 1852, and the proprietor proudly appeals to its well-known reputation, anil at the same time pledges himself to use every endeitTor to add to the comfort and convenience of his gnests. The Hrooklyn Hotel WAGON" will always be ready on the wharf on t lie arrival of the steamers, to convey passengers and their baggage to the House, free of charge. To prevent imposition, be positive and see that liIiOOKLYX lIOTKI, i» painted inlnrge letters on the side* of the wagon. Hoard per duv •*!;— Board per week s4; Meals fi") cents Lodgings 50 cents; —Lodgings per week $2 to s4: —Single rooms SO cents per night. JOHN KKLLKY, Jr., Proprietor. San Francisco, Oct. K'th, 18U1. 49:0)3 nr. J. Bron nr, \o. 619 Kearney Street, corner Commercial. Physi cian and Operating Surgeon, Member of the Royal College of Londou and Edinburgh, Graduate* of the Universities of London and Edinburgh—First prizes for anatomy and chemistry, and second for medical jurisprudence for the above named Uni versities—Hon. physician to the Edinburgh l.viiig-iii-llospitui, and Sorgoon to Glasgow Lock Hospital, begs to call the attention of the public to his ratiounl mode of trcaliug and curing dis eases, and may be consulted daily from 9 a. m. till 9 p. m., on diseases of the following organs : Drain, Eye. Ear, Heart, Lungs, Liver, Stomach and Intestinal Cnnnl; Cancers; Spleen, Kidneys and containing Urinary Orgntw; Slid wifely and diseases of Women ajid Children, v Surgical casos— operations of every class and charactcrperfurmod. Cases of nervous or acquired debility, diseases of the Skin, etc., be begs to call particular attention to Fibrous and Unsculav Rheumatism, commonly called chronic and acute, and generally produced by the use of Mercury. DR. J. BROWNE. CIO Kearney street, San Francisco Cut. JfluV. D.—All letters for advice and medicines promptly answered, and oat door patients attended to day or night. FOR VICTORIA! AND IS TEE UEDIA TE POSTS. THE PTRAMER EXTEKPIIIG, CAPT. WM- CURRY, ynx bsnOl.Tnptefar ywierdf 7 ' At 7 o'clock A. M. —uttniH— lTill leave T irtwis tin; the C. Mail Far freight or paa|t ,T Oi " l ** r ' CflioS# #f 9c&*4l N'UJTCE ia kmt< P>« ka tta ■■ lin jj»i I, U-jTWIIf af tkr ih'l —n i ».!<!». to .fc.*,' rf " 4 •" pww Una* rUaat N »: .aW fa- *»Wr*i tiaa a«, «.tk «k» aanapiiy »—».-v Mkt'StiM af Aw W(X« •» *• W<ernfM<. at Cta.tar.rt.itte TW.--.-~t, W. 7 iw«t\ » iriin CVtatxT ■ Fttiri*. V T.Ort. II IW. H»l rrtui'^l^ike vkmMpl II|H ii| a< J a kick ht tiikf In anini ar Car Halt fruno. fat »far M«h(, ktn fia ,i '»t" -r—• * lllll ** c. r ttua» % • -Tta frf «n( ia fetawy ar ItrA \«i<abrr U. IKi. Ha) W AftHIMCTOfIIMOmT cnwxa or ccore asd hah smrrs, olrmpia, W. T. ft«at i per ~**k ... .... fIM OijwyM.XtT 29 !*• 1 \J l Chas. E. Wilfams, uwSMW STEE L, CttOCntlKS, 4c. •UMF PIM4 MI C«L <NI, FFW), c—i oa * sCZT' " *■" u vU «m dM|i). ptjfciT > «W. fcww fat m 4 UwT^i, Irwi Cuuu l'«nkn m 4 faafa. Win m 4 Soft C lotfcs a ail ■ I ■'III I. .i.rSTTS' Htlnn, rtoctart, ftp, k Eit'! ®>H>» (A Tcrj superior artiel#), (a full variety.) V.'inJow-satb. Paint*. OH, Putty aatfl Glbm ; Var uiatiea, Japan, Turpentine and Alccjwl, Pocket and Table Cutlery, (large aaaort mem), Currr Comb's and Horte Brushes, (leather backs) Pow der. Shot. Ball*. I.vad and Cape, Bullet Moulds, Gun Lock* j Wipers, Nipples, 4c.; Cable. Trace. Halter *ad Dug Chains ; Sheep Shears an<) Wool Cards, Grub, Planter and Garden Hoes, Plows, Cultivators. . Mattock*. Ilrunh Hooka, Hone Rakes, Cradles, Mrytliei, Rake*, Churn*. Fork*, llutter Bowl* and Tray*, &c. JAPAN BLACK TEA. o&*Tin, Sheet Iron, Copper and Brasa War* manufactured and repaired. N. B.—We have made such arrangement* tor the purchnse of articles, either in San Francisco or New York, as we think cannot but giro satis faction. 837* Commission solicited. Olyuipin, April C, 18C1. 21 :tf Olympia and Seattle NURSEHY. GAXGLOFF A KOXLII, | FRANCIS i'XATT,' Olympia. I Seattle. CiAXOLOFF, VOXLIE & CO., OFFER for sale 100.000 Fruit and Ornamentaf Trees, consisting iu port of— -100 Varieties of Apple; 40 " Pear:. 45 » Plum; 45 " Cherry; CO " Hose; Shrubs and Ornamental Trees, with a " right smart chance" of ojlur ittnt, which wjll be changed for CASH or COUNTRY PRODUCE." . Catalogues furnished upon application. Olympia Ncusury is situated 1} mile snuth-M«t of Olympia. 4?:m4 CLOTHING EMPORIUM, 178 Clay St., and 107 Montgomery St.,'. San Francieco,' And ITS Broadway, New York. - /CONSTANTLY on hand tlio best sr)«cted and \y most extensive assortment of Genta' and ftayal Qlothinpf on the I'ucific coast, which we can and will sell lower than any other House. , ■lor'i and Cients' Clothing made to Order. LOCKVOOD, KWELL * CO. January, 19 16G1, 10:ly the our7mmTnmiiY In tlie Science of Medicine. * FOR PURIFYING THE BLOOD AND STREOTH ENING THE HUMAN FRAME. DR. D. PERCY & CO'B CELEBRATED COftDIAL BALM OF CIRCASSIA, Price two dollars and a hi i t LoUlt. A NEW and important medicine for the con of J\_ Nerrom Debility. Lassitude. WetkMU.Bcor> Fiitic Humors, Old Wounds, I'lrera, Glandular Swellings, Diiiwi •f the Skin. Goiancoua trap lions, and all Inui. ties of the Blood. It will also remove the enecta of Merrory, and entirely eradicate it from tfc« system. 514 Dupont Strtr:, Utirtem Cay<raii iWAm. iV If. B.—All letters fbr Advice and KmMin ft— pUyM—wmd, and oat door patients att—Ud to day and night. Saa Francis**, Aug 1, ISCI. 41: m ciiKua r. Mum, Importer .Qd DaaJur i» TO IMWUMBIIIIITBIH INKS. CABD STOCK, Ac. IN. lit and UtCtoyMvMt Saa fmacMTO. Jaaarr sth, IMl.ltJy mminujuoi Pliyicia» and tiurfMa. D* g? I'l'iiiy M iz*}L ttzStafiiSi j . u — '•t* ?yr »»• Tumyia. Aagwat ink, IMI M nntfiirm if &S awttfammfV. t. HP" • II iKiif mi n a J in th< r H Laid OCcaa Crn't-Oi Xaia ?t . Otyapta, W. T. (41J

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