Newspaper of The Washington Standard, November 16, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated November 16, 1861 Page 4
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Biiiin Battles af the WorM. Hm decisive battles of the world thoee of which, to u*e Hallam'a word*. • contrary result would have essentially varied the Jnuua of the world in all ita igbwqiient urcnti are numbered H If tern l>r Profeeaor Creaw, who fill* the . hair of Ancient end Modern Hiatory iu tli** luiversitv of London. Tbev arc the grand subject of two volumes t.v liiu» lately from Bentley'a press, and are: 1. TLe Rattle of Marathon foucht 45«J H. C., in which the Greeks, under Themista-les, defeated the Peruana, un der Pari lit. thereby turning back the tide of AH J tic inva«:on, Which would else have »*«-j»t over Euro|>e. 'l. The Rattle of Syracuse, 416 R r , in «hich the Atferiian jower was bro ken. ar.<t the west o! Europe slaved from tircck dominion. :5. The Hnttle of Arabella, 381 B. C., i:i which Alexander. IJV a defeat of l>a ria§, eitaMiahed hi* power in Asia, and l<y the iutr<>d»otion of European civili sation produced an effect which raajr yet be traced there. 4. The liattle of Metarus fought 218 B. C., the Romans under Consul Nero, defeating the Cnrthngenians under As drubal, and by which the supremacy of the grei't republic was established. o. The Victory of Armenius, A. D. 8, over the lioman legions, under Vcrus, which secured Gaul from lioman dominion. ('». The Battle of Chalons, A. D. 451, in which Aotius defeated Attilla the llun, the self-styled " Scourge of God," and saved Europe from entire devasta tion. 7. The Battle of Tours, A. D. 735, in which Charles Martel, by the defeat of the Saracens, asserted the Mahomedan yoke from Europe. 8. The Baitlo of Ilassirgs, A. D. 1,000, in which William of Normandy was victorious over the Anglo Saxon Harold, atid the result of which was the formation of the Anglo-Norman nation, which is now so dominant in the world. 9. The Battle of Orleans, A. D. 1229. in which the English were defeated, and the independent existence of France secured. 10. The defeat of tho Spanish Arma da, A. ]>. 1588, which crushed the hopes of papacy in England. 11. The Battle of Blenheim, A. D. 1704, in which Marlborough, by the do feat of Tallard, broke the power and crushed the ambitious scheme of Louis XIV. 12. The defeat of Charles XII. by iPeter the Great, at Pultowa, A. D. 1709, which secured the stability jof the Muscovite Empire. » 13. The Battle of Saratoga, A. D. 1777, iu which Gen. Gates defeated Burgoyne, and which declared the con gest in favor of the Revolutionists, by •making France their ally, and other European powers friendly to them. 14. The Battle of Valmy, A. D. 1792, in which the Continental allies, under the Duke of Brunswick, were defeated by the French, under J)emouriez, with «orrt which the French Revolution would have been stayed. 15. The Battle of Waterloo, A. D. 1815, in which the Duke of Wellington utterly defeated Napoleon, and saved Europe from his gasping ambition. flgp* A cynical individual on reading n pathetic story in one of tho papers, noted iu his memorandum book as follows: Samebody whistled. Teacher calls up big boy on suspicion. Big boy comes up and holds out his hand, sullen and savage. Noble little boy comes manfully for ward and says : " I am the boy what whistled," at the same time held his hand out. Teacher simmers down, and lets them both oft". (Mem —Noble little boy thought teacher would not lick him if he told the truth, but knew big boy would lick iiim if he didu't.) .WHY IS IT So ?—An exchange says: ♦'Fasten a nail or a key to aatring, and suspend it from Your thumb and finger, and the nail will oacillate like a pendu lum. Let some oue place liia open hand under the nail, and it will change to a circular motion. Then let a third pmoo put his hand upon your shoal* der, and the nail becomes in a moment stationary." 10* If yon be a rich nun, nyiQold- Muitb, you way enter the room with three loud heme, march deliberately up to the chimney, and turn your nek upon the £«. * If you be a poor mat, I would adviae you to shrink into the house at fast a* you can, and place yon reel f a* usual tfpon the side of a chair, in a remote corner. A GICAXTIC WALL. —If all the bricks, •tone* and maeoniy of Great Britain, were gathered together, they would not be able to furnish materials enough tor the Wall of China; sad all the buildings of in London put together would not make the towers and turrets that adorn it. 10* A western lawyer lately "soared among the clouds" as follows: " four honor sits high upon the sdorable seat of justice, like the Asiatic rock of Gib ralter, while the eternal streams of jus tice, like the cadarerous clouds of the valley, flow meaudering at your fcet" Friends may be preserved with good deeds, and enemiee reconciled with lair words. NERVOUS ANTIDOTE! Til fcyM for tk> Ml* rf tfcw r—faMl uedi cimt m *t Ik* raailr Drag Stan. Cararr Clav Mi »ep»t Wr tto, ltd f<rok br ill I>rafp.',< lu *ffrc l» in Mag ical : mw cmc« of cam in rapwrtcd titty 4*7. WAUCPTLtEM CI BEt •t Mt'f : qitM Wdtkf iWp lake* the (.lac* uf aifktaarr. ttaitiif ia tk» »l**f>. aad 4»tarUJ ilaabM*. (TUB «kat*<*r caaa* N«nou» Trra car*4 ; DELERIUM TREMENS T*ai«k tcforc it* magic too oh. aa4 iu rtftarn. tic* power afterward* u wuadrrful. Tb» cm I' b aal ran** of old Kb*rmatici arc throve awat. aa-i the; leap fur JOT. Nervous Headache, liiddiness, Im potency, Fainting, ImleeiPtv, • * Neuralgia, k<\ Twichingi in the fare. atd all nerroiis I'isfiJts yield lo iU wonderful tootbiug iut)urn< c. It will rrstort manhood to it* pristine vigor, even after rears of impoteuer, and is the only known and certain cure lor Heafal Debility. Sold IIT Iteddington k Co., E. Ilall k Co., (' Morrill, C. Langley, Crane & lirighitm, T. White, San Francisco; It. 11. McDonald. Sacra mento ; 8. T. Watts and Kire k Collin, MarysviMe ; K. S. Ilolden, Stockton, and by nil l>ruggi>ts in California, Oregon and Washington Territory. For sale also by Dr. It. WIIXAKD, Olympia. September, 18til. 44:m3 FREEMAN & SIMPSON'S O L D Magnolia Whisky! THE consumption and constantly increasing de mand for the OLD MIA WHISKY, Renders us confident that it must supercede all oth er forms of restorative liquors, combining as it does every element of Purity, Strength, l'alatability and Healthfulness, which should charactise a bever age suited to our age and country. We desire Dealeis and Consumers to notice that upon every barrel and package of our UKX NIN'K articles, our names are branded in full ; mul also, that to each barrel and pachagc is nflixed OUR HEW CARD. With a view to prevent thesuccess of Impositions, Imitation and Counterfeits, we have discontinued the use of our former colored cut of the Magnolia, Flower, and have substituted (or it a Curd, contain ing an engraving of " The Phenix Distillery on the Schuylkill River," with our name printed in full. These various attempts to imitate and counter feit our Whiskies, are perhaps the best tributes to the high reputation which they havo achieved. tS" Inferior articles are never counterfeited. [Signed] FRKEMAN * SIMPSON, Pnenix Distillery, on Schuylkill river, Philadelphia. S. C. SHAW, COG Front street, San Francisco, Sole Agent for Freeman & Simpson's Old Mag nolia Whisky, September, 1561. 44:m3 F. X. KAST, Agent of A. SEIBEBLICH, BOOT AND SHOE Manufacturer, of Philadelphia, WHAREUOUSE 214, CALIFORNIA STREET, (Below Battery) •an Franolsoo. /"CONSTANTLY on hand, a large assorted stork 1/ of Gentlemen's Ladies', Misses and Children's wear, of superior quality, also, French Oalf Boot Legs and Fronts. F. X. KAST, SOLE AGENT FOR CALIFORNIA. JV Country Orders promptly attended to. April SO, 1861. 23:m3. COMET Illuminating Oil! ■\JTE are constantly rrceiving invoices of this f| celebrated brand of which is guaraatoed entirely pare aad anmiied with Caapheae, PmtdUm, or Aspfcaltaa Oils. It is MMiflotitc, aad saperior to DOWNER'S, or My other Oil e*«r *i tow alio M kud the Dowser • and other brandi of COAL. OIL,. •kick we are HUitf u tke lew—l ratrt. Califataia Mreot. Mr Froat. AM Priaciaro. Btfkaker, IKI. MB] OOAI Oil ctll #IL LAIPV, FTIOGETIISR with all hiada of l»niM mU 1 Nacfciaery Oila, far akU groMij f4mtm4 IMM. Ateo roft lumo BOOMS, *r Cmkmg, mdfm Bmtmg Plat bmm. rca IUI miuwn STANFORD BROTHERS, Califeraia afreet, MM Froat, 8M Praactaeo. Malice. T> F AXDKBSOXia my talhtriaad Agmt tmiagmr ■'■■■■ w. Jf. AYUS Olyapia. Setteeker t, ISSt. Mai 4rro«jrir jS ok****?, •ad Proctor ia Adoiritty aule, March, 1861. IS-tf BERGERS BIJOU BILLIARD TABLES, nun MOT OHM ONE 1111 K faWnbn dctiret to iifam Ibe public Ibal be b*« But <>• eibibitioa. •( Pkdu'i Hew Billiard Miw, Vntlfnarrr iirrrl opposite the Metropolitan The atre 11B'* <»f the ftUiir mentioned RILLIAKII TA BLES. and »>rdtalU mute. tbepatroa* of the >«•- BLE (iANE. I« oil ••<! ">aiw H. The (irr*t lultr ||«l Brtf-T i|»Uiof lb* table* in the ki|br«l Irt** of ii'tinridttioi. To pritate fmm ilitt Ibeta T»bl»t . . iuib«->i.| thcatelvra. rtpci ialh on •• rouiil of ilarir <un<ruirnt fix*. u<l u »a ar t» l* of furniture f.«r a private dwelling there it n-ik.Bg »are detiralde in tbort, do bou-rboldur m-iL-.-i! with aat pretcasina. la t.ein* veil n*»- late.i ikiaiii be > iibout <>n<- fititkaMo abu-jt to build mUtf rt .bould by all mcaat make proi i«- h>b f»r a 1511.1.1 AIJII ll'H'H where tbair f*nid« ran mjut the a«!-le. grateful. and hnltbfiiia; f>D« ul H:!!u'ib. V K HI'UIIKS Billiard Table Maaufa< tur> r. Aad Age «t f«r PHELAN S T A TEXT ClWlil- XATImN rrPIIIOXS.rtc , etc. BML. Exhibition and S*les rooa, So. '2O and 712 Vontgoaery Manufactory. llarkel »lrMl, opposite Hf |-baa Allium. Jill. D. ilTIt I (11. I. AETHI ■ J. D. 4RTIII R A. M»X, iMpoaTiaa **n joaata* «r AGRICULTURAL IMPLKMKNTS, Or All KlntUl. 1861. !E» 1\ ME MIMES, We now offer for sale the celebrated New York Reaper and New l'orb Reaper and Mower. Made Exprtmly for California, hi/ Wade and Child. at Sjirini/Jirtd, Ohio We have sold the above inuke of Machines for the last five years, with increttßiiil sale every year. One hundred and seventy-sixoftliese Reapers were sold last season, all of which pave the most perfect satisfaction, as being the most nt ItABLK, LldllT running, and compi.ktk Reaper and Mower in use. Extra parts always on hand. Also, Ketchuill'N Mower. Improved for 1801. Said to be the best single Mower ever made. Also, The Vermont Mower and Reaper. A lightdrati. Cuts live feet: suita ble for small farms. Also, lldll'g, Pltt'N and Runnel!'* Threnhei'N; I'owerN, &e. Hradley-N Patent Horse Hakes. Spring Steel Teeth Wheel Horse Hakes. Revolving Hcrse Hakes (all sizes.) Hay and Hurley Hakes, Hurley Forks, Hay Forks, Scythes and Swaths (all kinds), drain Cradles, Seed Sowers, Cultivators. Farm or Plantation Mills (for grinding feed—best in use), llrown's Burr Stone Mills, Hand Mills, Horse Carts, Wagons, Plows, Harrows, Nails, Hoes, Shovels, Grind stones (all sizes, in casks or single), Large Hoad Plows, Hox Scrapers, etc., etc. All of which are offered for sale nt the lowest city prices. J. D. 4KTIIIR &. SOW • Corner of Washington and Davis streets, April 20, 1801. 2:i:m.'l California. W. B.l'. CLUB HOUSE CIN, THE UNDERSIGNED, BEING SOLE AGENTS of the above Gin, offer it to the public n* the finest HOLLAND GIN, and the only GENUINE CLUB HOUSE GIN imported to this market. It is put up in GREEN CASES, aud branded W. S. C., CLUB HOUSE. We shall continue to receive the above Gin regularly. —ALSO— Pore Ambrosial Whisky, >» «»^s; Pure Nectar Whisy, in new style bottles : Pore Bourbon whis y. The above Liquors arc from the well known house of Wm. S. Corwin k Co., New York, and ure guaranteed fine aud pure. W. B. CUMMINGS * CO. l:mt 50 California St., San Fran. Popular Family Journal*. TJOWLER AND WELLS, NEW YORK, PUB r lish tlio following Popular ami Scientific Se rials, which afford an excellent opportunity for bringing before the public all subjects of general interest. "life Illustrated." A first class Weekly Pictorial newspaper, devo ted to News, Literature, Science and the Arts ; to Entertainment, Improvement, and General Progress. Its columns contain original Essays, Historical Biographical and descriptive Sketches of travel and adventure, poetry, painting, music, sculpture, etc.; articles on science, agriculture, horticulture, physiology, education, and every to pic which is of importance or interest all combin ing to render it one of the best Family Newspa pers in the world. Published weekly, at two dollar* s year in ad raace. "The and Herald of Devoted to hydropathy, its philosophy and practice ■, Ui physiology and aaatwmy, with illus trative eagpavings; to dietetic exercise, clothing, occapatioas, amusements, and those laws which govern life aad health. Published moathly, ia roavenieat form for bindiag, at oae dollar a year ia advaace. A Rrpotitorr of irinct. liltttlm. aad pwril ialtUifnrt, jttotH tu firwoliifj. HantiM, pukulifT mtlwiiw. trrkittttifr, u4 la *ll tW frapniirt Mram vfekl «r» ralraUtr.t to trfam. rkolt *od »p»« Bin kM. lU«*Uß*e4 «iU hmini fiiwili mmt otbrr Nfn<ii(i A kntlM wuMt tar kisdiee. FiUitM MMkli at mm Mhr l yaar, to airaaoc. FoTLiiR A VKLLK MB . Stt Yai Far Ant AaUan. a caf f W «adi at At afatt aaatj Jtawab will kt Ml «t T«r TNKPAMWri GUIDE TO ■» iu« Rranau. F. ft. "^af"g^a>ai|t a*4Aa lata J. t Kaatao, fi .1 a# Bom ttfc Agrirattoi* to Tato I»A. artait 1«M fgii. ««| a*. Agrirahara nw ptotoM. ato to arAar to |itt H a wito itoßlaiiß*, Aa paUtoMtoaa laatoiai to ibAmcb A* prtos to *kt« atwt by Bail (ftM pai<) to CalHbnto, Orc«oa and Wathtaftoa, A* pric* will be fT. To •try aAar part of Aa Catoa, aad to Caaofe, (port poM) U l^TTbto toaat A* aM "Book W Aa Farm." Anlial*»y> hatMwto,part fiAItUMyX LEO9ASD WOTT A TO . >». H, Goto Buc«t Vtw Tork ML J. C. YOtme. mi rrvrunM or ma cmcihiti or raas. Caa be loaad at his Myblb MWia*l Mn Mi ■wpifl,

Ka. 7JI CLAY STREET, Oppaaite Ikt aoatbaraM coraar of Ikt Flua. WHERE HE CAN BE CONSULTED PEL widj. aad villi the alaaa caaMaaca, by the attic I*4, at all boar. 4ai)y, ftaa IA. t P. M. DE. YOCNO addrette* thaw aba a«a aaflbriac under the aflictioa «f private dlnaaea, whether arifiag froa iapurr rouertioa or tfca tonHb Tic* i.l telf-abute Ibiutiaf bu ratixa liate to tbal particular branch of ibe prufrMtoa. be (tela war raated ia IJIAKAXTEEIXIJ A CI*RE I* ALL CASLS. a briber of loaf tlaadiag or reeeaUy raa iraried. entirely remoi lag ibe drey* of i mam ft m ibe trtleat. and aiakiaga Paar actaad PEE MAXEXT Cl* RE. He would call Ibe atlrntioa of lb* aflirtrd to tbr fad of bit Inag->taadiag aad aell-earaed rep alatiea. faraitbiftf ••jSkwci arxsracre of hit thill and »occr»t Ipward* cf 6« thoutaad raiet bare beea dia- rored is Ibe rear eadiag July Itl. ISM, • but ing a rerord iut]auia| may boapilal ia Ibe I nised Slalet. CONSfLTATION. bjr latter or otherwise. Faaa rOX'STITI'TIONAL HEIIILITY AND SEMINAL WEAKX'ESS—I'r. Youag addreaae* Ibote who bate injured tbeatM-Ire* bjr private aad ia proper indulgence ia tbal lecrrt aod K-litarj babil wbirh ruin* the bo<lv and tuind. unlitiiug tbeai either for hurineM or mcietjr, with the view to imprrtt upon tlirir taindt, liefore it U tuo late, the abaolute ae ce«-itr of akillful medical trralavcnl. aad by a direct course of rra<nninx to tboa that although ae may not be for Ibe health given ut, that it cannot be tported or trifled with without and when once engendered cannot be regain ed by mere abi-tiutnce froui lolly, or urgrnt aad htroiig display of courage. It may not be generally undcrttood by the great mujoritv of fulferers from mental depreaaioni, that lliete dull itti* 1 heavy aentatiout ex|ierienceil in the head and about the'chetl, accompanied by feeling* of untidy nml foreboding, arise from a ditorgan izatiou of the imporUiil fiint'tiona of the body.— Such, however, is the fact, and in latter years to *ut-li mi extent bus this been carried that our In sane Asylums are becoming lilled with parents who owe to this cause alone their suffering. The study and practice of years has shown conclusively that to llie weakness of the genital organs, super induced fur too often by self-abuse, which has bo fconic so apparent in the face ; and where once our fathers stood giants in muscular force, tho men of to-day are dwarfs in comparison. The symptoms of the diseusc may be faint to-day, but so surely as you experience that weakness in the back and limbs, dimness of sight, nervousness, derangement of the digestive functions, and gen eral debility, so surely will follow the harrowing mental prostration too awful to contemplate, and which will end only as the last breath comes strug gling, gasping from the breast of the expiring vic tim. There is something noble in dying when the good fight has been fought, but what man can view a grave filled by one whose life dribbled oat in pollution, without a feeling of disgust. l)o not hesitate, hoping that time will eradicate what it only strengthens, but call at once at my office, with "the full assurance of a speedy and per manent cure. Let no sense of falso shame deter you, but save yourself from the awful effects of this dread disorder, and regain the full strength of vour manhood. Merrury In no I'orm enters Into the Remedied adopted by Dr. Young. Mercury has been named, not inaptly, "The curse of Man," as, under the treacherous garb of a restorer, it bequeaths the most terrible disease. We do nut see it at once, but hidden beneath the fair surface, it poisons the blood, destroys the ner vous and muscular system, preventing thi action of the joints, and rendering wretched, under the name of rheumatism, the life of the sufferes.— " The remedy is worse than the disease," as many a poor, crippled, miserable, toothless wretch will say, while pointing to bis decayed jaws and ulcer ous gums, lie tells of its ravages—or at his swollen joints and body marked with purple or leaden col ored sores which speak of his pains, and again at his impaired, ruined digestion, which tells of h retched days and sleepless nights. All affections arising from the use of mercury perfectly eradicated and health fully restored. All dltteaues of* a private natnre arising from impure connection, such as Ulcers, Swelling of the Groins, Ulcers in the Throat, Sec ondary Syphilis, Cutuueous Eruptions, Ulcerations, Tertiary Sypliiliis, Syphilis in Children, Mercurial Syphilitic Affections, Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Strictures, False Passages, lufiamation of the Bladder, and Prostate Clauds, Excoriations, Tumors, Pustules etc., treated in the most scientific manner. Cure ultvay* Guaranteed or no Ike Required. Dr. Young would state that be ha* been I pro feasor of Obstetric* auit Female disease* for the past fourteen years, and U fully qualified to ad minister in all rase* both medically and surgically, not in a superficial, but in as thorough a manner its yours of study and practice—both in hospital* and privAte families—can make. Therefore fami lies can rely upon him as upon a father. AU in nllliction can find in bim one who can feel and sympathise with, and befriend them in trouble— one in whose iccresy the utmost confidence can be placed. Come, all ye that are afflicted and in trouble, and you will be relieved and cured. Private Medical Ofltee and Hospital 741 CLAY STREET, Opposite southwest corner of the Plata, SAN FRANCISCO. 1)R. J. C. YOUN O. Da. J. C. Torso, who ha* become *o celebra ted for the thousand* of cure* which he has per formed on old, ohronic mere oriel, syphilitic, aad all private diseases, without mercury, ia consulted daily at his office 751 Clay at., from IA.N. t* BP. M. A cure gaaraateod or no pay. Dr. Young has probably had more practice ia venereal diseases thaaaay physician ia California. He cares all the most aggravated eaaee of this die rase. and mild oaee he rsmavee ia ft em Mr* to ■ve days. The Dorter has far maay yaars beaa riaa prmrtisiag ia the Tailed States, aad what to more important to the patirat, ha always dtatt a speedy aad permanent rare. la be cared aiibaat meecary. hiadiaaie faam basi Bees, ar itpsinn to Marii. sfcoald apply ta Mm ia all ffahls eaaee. Tb* falUnriof an a Mr mt ite mmmy taattaMtoto at Dr. Y»m'i ability m m liiUMiaa. wMt* W« affwn< to Ao |aft JaarMla rf Aa tort tow : I F—m »■■?» limu fcMtt ] JkhkMfk w» art «tpaoa4 to Aa Mia of aA *«rtMU« far |»4 aa4 ' in n. iIM . Atom it kM jwatir* to My Am Dr Tmm to m tf At BM toiaaliiaat a*4 mMM«bUmMm bM*"aaL' aaMArflto 'pl'ltla^iS [Foaa m 118 TBM buu l TW Ato AtottofwMMjaatlMßM to mi'Smm bAii bto MiikiM JmlrtUMi Aaar ißrnl wak A* abin —mftotoli [Fmw in Vna *s» l»in— ] £*£**>« woi »a bto akfllbowar art liiylhrt «y iiihiin totoLy* Dr. Yosafif tM piwttr A4nnifiiy T%j+dm la Caltfbrwia, aad tkt Mtjw« airmlMmf diaaaeea "ESL Lu aaCCan^ wte,{yVii!^ tewMMi to iiiJnlkWh •or wfcn iato tW MM UMI ikn vara raaaart abhaad arieatifec mm b w M^ttetevt MI MI ■IIIIPIII^^JYSTTRTIITT, MtnMaf tte Cpaataaa, fee tbay ar* aa dm* tractive. Dr. TMf i o«c* I* at TH CUT ST., appaaite tte wrttom wnir «f tk Plau. With rcprl to RMMMMJIII MMfrntUk •« HMI,) Dr. T«M| bag* raapartftUly to atoto to ttea* wlabiag to caw—H Ma, ttel to ir<lmj km- Maarr* iW uwl flaa ia eipactad aa by alter peac- Utimn ; bat where fdiarta aack to tttraal tkaii raaaa to hi* aaitra MMMMM. ba tokaa Ilia op mf n|inili bia icadiaaa* to ma a ap*rifet i an*iii»ali*a to c«aiwt tka ra»» Car a by tba iaralii ia at aaca afyriaai of tba ertaat ml tba wyiai to ba iarami, aa4 tba pbyekiaa aa rart4 tba paactaal attraiaara of bia fatiiat. *bkb tba goldea toll nftrt deter* bey aad iba nraai ar third iatarriav. aad which amaftaaat Dr. Yoaag will ba tippy to appirliaa to tba parae leagth of tba pataaal, aa May ba afnri at tba feral inter view. TO CORRKBPOKDRKTB. Ptiirali mMiaf ia My part of tba State, how ever diataal. wba aa; tela tba opiaioa aad ad vice of Dr. Yoaag aa tbair mpartita raaaa. ate aho tbiak proper to aabaail a written ktateaaeat of aach. ia preference to boidiag a peooaal iaterview. are reapeetfallr aaaared that their coMManieatioa* • ill be held moat aarred. Dr. Yoaag takaa tbia opportuaity of obaerviag thai ail letter! ar* aaly opened and replied to by hiauelf, and tba latter aa promptly aa pouible. If Iba caae ba fully aad candidly deacribed, per. aonal communication will be auparaedad, aa ia atructiona for diet, regimen, and the general treat ment of tbe eaae itself, (including the remedies,) will ba forwarded without delay, and in auch a manner aa lo convey no idea of the letter or parcel 80 tranemitted. Consultation gratia. J. C. YOUNG, If. D. The French Lniar, or Female Monthly Pills. Tbe best remedy ever discovered for suppressed menses in females. They are safe and sure, acting in the most easy manner possible, never creating sickness, but renovating the system, and at the same time they remove any obstruction* which may impede for tbe time the natural flow of tbe menses. No family should be without a box in the house, as they greatly assist in the delivery, at maturity, of the child. They should not be taken under some circumstances, in tbe early stage* of pregnancy, which will appear plain to ladies. Price $5 per box, with frill directions, sent to any part of the Pacific coast upon receipt of the money. Address J. C. YOUNG, <sl Clay street, Opposite southwest corner of the Plaza, 14 :tf San Francisco. Seed Warehouse! Established In 1800. flle W a BCOOHHy No. 110 California Street, between Montgomery and Sansome, San Francisco, Cal. Has for sale the most extensive variety of (11111.1111 in MITML AND FRUIT SEEDS, In California, Including '40,000 lbs. Pure AlftafUorChill Clo ver Seed, of Ihe New Crop. Hungarian Grass, Red Clover, Timotliy, Kentucky Blue Grass, Canary Bird Seed, White Butch Clover," &e. Also, Chufas or Earth Al monds, Hyacinths, Tulips, Lilies, And other Bulbous Roots. Assortments of Na tive California Flower and Evergreen Seeds, col lected by a well-known Botanist, always on hand. The undersigned, from his long experience in the business, and his extensive facilities for pro curing his Seeds from the best Seed-growers and Nurserymen, is enabled to offer unusual induce ments to the Trade and large Ranch-owners. The Agents of Wells, Fargo k Co.'s Kxprejs, and all other Express Companies connecting there with, are hereby authorised to act a* Agents for the undersigned, in taking orders for Seeds, and receipting for the same. Orders by mail also promptly attended to. A liberal discount will be made to the Trade. Par ticular attention given to the carefol packing of Seeds fcr shipment. Your early orders are solicit ed, which shall have immediate and faithful at tention. Boxes of Seeds, containing 100 papers, for retailing, la such assortments as desired, fornished. 8. W. MOORR Seed Warehouse, 110 California St., 8. F., Gal. January 19th, 1861 10:as6 • ••• IIPRTSSSSSISMSMI* Itolttxsetit 9a UIUIDU. (Late of H. I. Bancroft k Co.) IHK» Am RTATItffUT. OAA TOLS. LAW BOOKS. f VM> avMn owi, I,MO •• Medical Books. S,ooo lisns Latter Payer. MO Reams Cap Paper. MO iMi Upal Cap, aad tm hsM Nat* Payer- SM.OM lit. Far aale at the IsesO rates kr kbit t iißuroa, hs FisetJThas : J*o. L miiiiy, m M ffimiD nm, In All Ita Braaebea. MMfaaiMißw^aaonahMi, I- EE MA K 8 BUILDING\ OwhUfcooMil iMshts—d _ UMT * IIITI ? IMt miMirp Bon liicFicmn Marises^siieMWMwis hi mm- April If. D ir. AgvM. Leonard Scott ACo.'s ■BmnT ***** in iiiCKViirs liiiiui T BOKAKD SCOTT 4 CO.. Sew York —- a. fig I. Tte LOXDOV QTARTOLT, fCaaamnh. t. Tte BDmCBOS IST WW, (Whig ) 1 >- Tba *OBTH SRfTISB BTfltW, (FneCW*, 4. Tte WSSTWHSm KEYIBW, (Uh**aLt ». BLACKWOOD'S EDUBCRGH BAQabm (Tor,.) UUBI ' Tbaaa Periodical* ably meaaeat Pl , tacal partiea of Unai Brilaia—Whm. TZ»\S Radical; bat politic* iaraa aaly aa* fcatan? A? character. '"| l"«iMiTih aa Scieara, Utaratar*, Marality, aa4 they ataad aa tbay bava ever atoad. tte warid of letter*, >I!M rwi<iu<™j__ - " ■- 1 -• -ti amfiMii.,l ' *** to tba tateUigcatraodrr aF arary cia**, +tjuZ ** * wnwt —* tolirfhrtary lacaN^tU SbeT™ 1 tkn, "* ko *' aart? Tbe receipt of Adeaaee Sheet* from tbe Bnfch pabliaber* give* additioaa] ralae to thaoe leariau laaaaiach aa tbay caa aow be placed ia the has* tftw?*" I*"' 1 *"' "boat aa aaoa aa the arigiaal at. Terms: Foraay oae of the four Review*, par aaaaai_s) a For any two af tbe fear Review*, '• " _| M For aay three of tha foar Review*, " " .} M For all faar of the Reriewa, " •< For Blackwood'a Magazine, '«« » . 1(t For Blackwood aad ona Review, <• ". s M For Blackwood and two Review*, " » "7 M For Blackwood and three Review*, " «* Z 100 For Blackwood and the four Review*, << .10 Btf" Money current in the State where iuatd will be received at par. Clubbing. A diieount of twenty-five per cent from the above price will be allowed to club* ordering four or more copie* of any one or more of the abort work*. Thus four copie* of Blackwood, or of on* Review, will be »ent to one address for $9: foor copiee of tbe four Review* and Blackwood for S3O - *o on. ' Postage. 10* In nil tbe principal cities and towns, then Work* will be delivered FREE OF POSTAGE When sent by mail, the Postage to any part of the United State* will be bnt 34 cent* a year for " Blackwood," and bnt 14 cents a year foretell of the Review*. N. B.—The price in Great Britain of the 6re Pe riodicals above named is s3l per annum. Remittance* should always be addrtutd, post paid, to the Publishers, LEONARD SCOTT * CO., No. 64 Gold street, New York January 6th, 1801. No. 8 PHELAN'B Billiard. Saloon. fTIHE above Billiard Saloon, with EIGHT FIRST I CLASS PHELAN TABLES, is now open to the public. The Cushions on these Tables tretht latest patent, and are n great improvement on their predecessors. The ROOM is fitted up so ss to combine ELEGANCE with COMFORT. The bar will be kept supplied with the very choicest brmnda of Wlnes f XslQLUoana, ct> aesars, And tbe subscriber* hope, by strict attention, to merit the patronage of all who admire and prac tice the GAME OF BILLIARDS. DAN. LYNCH, M. K. HUGHES. T3O and H'2'i Montgomery at., Opposite the New Metropolitan Tbratre. The subscriber begs to inform the public thit the above mentioned BILLIARD SALOON is alio intended to serve as a show and salesroom for PHELill'g Patent Combination Cushions and Model Bil liard Tablet, And Billiard Trimmings of every description. Parties desirous of purchasing Billiard Tables will thus have an opportunity of selecting frem a va ried assortment, both in style and finish, and can also test the superiority claimed for the Cushion) and Tables. Mr. DAN. LYNCH will always be on hand, aud ready to give all required information with regard to the merits of these JUSTLY CELE BRATED BILLIARD TABLES. The subscriber cordially invites all interested parties to call and examine. M. E. HUCHKS. Agent for Phelan's Patent Combination Cush ions and Modern Billiard Tables. San Francisco, July 18,1861. 38:m3 BETTER THAN PHI 4 MEW AND ▲t Tsw Prloeal ■OABDHAJV'S CHALLENGE YEAST POWDEB, rVLLY OOAAAHTMMD. IF NOT SATISFACTORY, The Mosey wflll ho Metaraed! Far ssb hy aH iskkm, sal ho jcvnujw. Who win boost osallalso I—l. Hasl Sands' Sarsaparilla, FOE FUBonrar o tk BLOOP- iPrj"'.!*!*; ** # «Ti frnSm'uw^ Pvablf ftr. k. WM, ogtii >.«TW KM FWMM «R ** IWKUTL 1

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