Newspaper of The Washington Standard, November 23, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated November 23, 1861 Page 2
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THE VASHIICTO\ STIND Hill. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23,1801. Th« raloa—lt fihall bf Agents for the Standard. Th«- following iiuiui 1 jri-mlr.niTi art-authorized or ei-eivr ai. l receipt tor uiotn \ due on suli-iiTip tivn to llie HTA*I>AH> : THUS. Itiive*. SAIL Kraiit i'ro. I'»l. t». W JOM: uuvcr. U T. . ALKX. S. AHIR\FTIIY U:IK I'iiinl : K. I». ll*Utti*OTt'\. Mon'.inllt'i J. 1.. MITCIULL. »'u« lit.' Tmi*. J. I'iliTrj. lir/t • 11.-.rtair : >l. f» tlfclsaolli, i'.n in- I I> • A. I». Itni litis. Wall.l Walla. E. MLI » J»t«-il.l! ".'lll . Ill t.i.nkt in Tl.Kti. >e*tllc; J,illn Wm»ni:. I'urt Msili'on ; llrvm \\ iLso*. Tct kalet, MARSHALL ULIN.N, SCALIO k. MT Money can l»c scut through tin- mails at nur ri«k. THANKSGIVING! Thursday, Soteiulirr 'W. We publish In-low the proclamation of Act ing Governor Turney, Thursday next to lie observed as a <lav of tliaiiknjrivinj; niul praise to Almighty God for his abound ing mercy's towards us. The general tone <uid spirit of the document is worldy of 4iU commendation, and its suggestions and recommendations will lie most cordially re sponded to by every loyal citizen of our Ter ritory, and more especially '»y tin* religions portion of it. We will express our thankful ness for the general mercies of which we as individuals ami nsn people have been the recipi ents, and of course we must feel grateful that wo have a Governor, not only imbued with the right spirit, but who has the independence to give expression to his opinions, and whose public nets, thus far, have met with cordial approval of the great body of our citizens, ami whose acknowledged ability and exain plary deportment, is highly creditable not only to our Territory, but to the Administra tion at Washington. We think the good people of Olympia, more especially, have abundant cause lor thankfulness for the decided improvement that has been effected in the general charac ter and morals of the Government ofheials now residing among us, when compared with their predecessors. We hope the people of (Tie Territory w ill observe the day as creditably to themselves «s was observed the late Fast Day appointed by the President, and we hope our good friends •of Oregon, (who are so unfortunate as to have urn infidel secessionist for Governor) will unite with us in keeping the day. And while we have ample cause to be thankful for the late successes attending the national arms, let us not neglect to unite in fervent prayer, to Him who holds the destiny of nations in His bands, for the welfare of those brave patriotic men engaged in the field of battle for the perpetuity of our glorious lie public. PROCLAMATION. Before the present evt-iitful year closes, mid is forever gone, let lis, as individuals and as part of u great, enlightened and ( linstiun na tion, render unfeigned thanks to him, "who is the author of every good and perfect Gift," for the many blessings and mercies by which we are now surrounded, and for all those we have enjoyed during the past year. I/'t us remem ber that "righteousness exaltetha nation" and that "Sin is a reproach to any People." Although arch Traitors have, during the past year, committed many acts of treason against the Constitution and Government of the United Stat' s, the best Government tin der God's Providence, ever made by man— {et, having been peculiarly blessed with good ealth, the Earth having yielded abundantly, and our every want lias been supplied ; and God in his great wisdom and mercy having inclined the hearts and minds of all the good citizens of the United States to defend the Government, transmitted to us in its purity by our fathers. Therefore, that we, the loyal citileus of the Territory of Washington, nuty join with such citizens throughout the I nioti, in thanks to Almighty (Jod for life,and lu llth, and friend* for the blessings of civil and religi«ms lilier tv, and the love of county—and that our uni ted prayers may aseeud to Him for the MlC reaaof <wr National armies, ami the safetv ol lUmMi in enpap-d fighting the uatiouY liat th*—-and that th<- unholy rebellion, now iM-inp waged against our free iiiKtitutious, may I*- aptwdilv |>ut down, and our gloriou* I uioii. and the liuerii«-s of our p<i>i»l«- |inwn«l for ever: I, Leander J. S. Tumev, Ac-tiuyr Governor of the Territory of Washington. do hereby appoint and N't apart Thursday. the -N h day of * November. instant. as a day of I Inuk yiviiy praise and prayer to Alwijility G>al— ami earnntly recommend it* ob- Ntriniv hy the loyal citix»tis «>f this Ter ritory. In t««tiinouy whereof I hive lietv | Heal. | unto wt my hand and cain--d the ' ' i-eal of the I'eniturjr of Waehinpon to be ifixnl at Olyuipia this Iftth day of ><»- vember iu the year <#our Lord one thousand right hundred and sixty-om—and of the In dependence of the I'uited Slates the eighty «*th. LEANDEK J. s. TIItNKV, Acting Governor Territoiy. Although We clliail cotacwle thai punch of the Story Papir is a lion (to which beast he likens himself) every one will read ily admit that it w not for w ant of the char acteristic of /jf »»'• ry J. DeWolf now command* the Pa cjic in the placv of the late C'aptaiu stai>l< -. 'Whom tie gods^would^Deiuaythey first (hir Mti'iitimrarv •>1 i In* \ aticouver ( h rim - irU take* a HT< — J«« of tin* STANIMIIII to task for a criticism pnUi-ln*d si vend wn k n; r., ~f Mr. K. i,,1. l!"- liiji-h'tuled 11-ur|Mtti. >ll of authority • r the Ap-nt'iii charp- of the Siinr<» re?. o 1 "'""' niw ' dim-ourteoiistrcat iin ti: <>t Father Wilhur, vlio linil la-en conlin u.ii i'i the service hytlic Ap-nt, Mr. 1! meruit, »>sup. -rinteiident <»fiii>tnirti.«naiiMiiip tin- Indi mi." on tin- reservation. liist,-a«luf l<einjrcon \ I v tin (7, runi- /< '* article that wchad. rrwrird. I>v tin- pilldication of tlie article alhuh <1 to, < r our own comments. «1«»n«* Mr. Kendall injiis ' tiee, it lias c"!itiniie<l ns in the ••(•inioii l« Miice fortiuil. —liiit which %\e diil not care to until Hi' Hi r. pliieed in |hmi* v>Viji <•! I llllili-ni ll'le JiPHifti. sil|.|*i|l tile clmrjre,—that I tlien- never lias la-en ja-rja-trati-d l»v a tiov ! i-nmii-iit officer since tlie invmizji'ii'ii of the Indian I•ejiartineiit, a more wicket!, reckli---. 1 and unprovoked oiitrap-, tliati was committed liv Mr. K'-lldall dllrinjr his- late \ i.-it to the Siiiioa- Indian reservation. We hail SII|I|HWIII that Mr. Kendall, or his ItetiiiM'mtic friends, would have heeii aide to have pleaded s.itiiethiiifr in eNteliuatioii of his assumption of power in his intercourse with the Ap-nt ou the Sinicoe reservation, and to furnish some plausalile re:ujon to justify his ahrupt and insolent disnii-sal ot Mr. \\ illmr and other subordinates, w ho had heeii selected, or rather continued in the service, hy the Ajjeiit in charge, Mr. llanrmtt. The direct and immediate results of his im partial meddling of what he has 110 right in eijnitv or justice to touch, lias been to break up the school and drive aw ay from the Agen cy employees guaranteed to the Indians by treaty stipulation, and thus seriously endan gering an Indian outbreak, so much dreaded by us alitor the past few months. The Chronicle says that Mr. Wilbur and family were receiving three thousand dollars n year from the Government, and tries to cre ate the impression that it was without the au thority of law, when the editor of that paper ought to have known that the one thousand dollars which was j>romiseil Mr. Wilbur was stipulated by treaty with the Indians. He also intimates that his .having this enormous salary stopped was what constituted the out rage 011 Mr. Wilbur. We are aware that both Mr. Kendall and his friends have labored most industriously since his return to this place, to create similar impressions upon the minds of our citizens. Hut what will be thought of him and his unscrupulous strikers when we assert, irfnit. ice I How to he true, that up to the 13th of this month Mr. Wilbur h.*j(l received from the Department only #1)8 91 and he had advanced the Department over SI00; and that having been suddenly driven from the reservation, (where he asked in vain tobe allowed to remain and instruct the sava ges, without to the liorerumcnt,) without home mul shelter, or nof means to support himself and family, he was compelled in his extremity to seek employment in Dalles City as a day-laborer in order to obtain a livelihood. The people of Washington and < >regon, who have known the Uev. James 11. Wilbur for the last ten, fifteen, twenty years, yea, from boyhood up, and have noted his self-sacrific ing devotion to the welfare of his fellow men, will very naturally inquire what he could have done to justify such cold-hearted cruelty ; and what Mr. Kendall expects to gain from his relentless persecution of this man of God, who never did, and could not now be induced to harm a hair of his head. We cannot now bo surprised by anything, however presumptions or vindictive, which may be done by Mr. Kendall during his brief career of wickedness and folly. We expect to see a part of the Agents suspended for in competency after he lias by an arbitrary ex ercise of power deprived them of their clerks, in violation of common usage and long estab lished precedent, and the other half at open war with him in resisting his attempts tomake of them mere automatons to do bis will and pleasure iu all matters connected with their agencies, about which lie knows comparative ly nothing; and to compel them to give em ployment to men of his selection, who will be expected to spend most of their time iu mak ing capital to aid him to get to Congress iu place of our pres<-ut worthy Republican I '«•!- egatc, not by lb-publican but by ih imicrtilir ratrt. It in an old wiving that "Straw* show w hit h way tin- wind Idows." The seal uian hv IkunM-ralrt ami I>• tiioenuir jour nals ill hi-a|>ili;? liilMiiiii' laudations on the Su |H riiit*-it«l«-lit is reitaiuly muiiKms ami should I JIIII all holiest lt*-|Mtl>li«-juu> <>ii their plan!; 1 while tli' - hU|>|Mirt of tliai Nwi<m orpin, the Portland A'lrrrliarr, if rontiuued, will throw -us|»i« i.-ii on hi- loyalty. Sum' in«i.«! now, that uo honest, loyal man could have tra\eled from Washington to New Orleans, hy way of ICiclmi**il and I'h urb-stou, ami luw-k apiiu to Washington, in Kdi iv, a* did Mr. Kendall in May la.-' ; hut all who know him |Hi»>nally will not ri'ifiril tln- fart as miv niilmri' of »f «)Ul of loyalty ou hi" p'.rt. for it man that has the manner* ami ln«rmg so peculiariv thoM* <M a Hontb< m negro-driver ran travel an where in thr South with perfect impunity. Our only regret i.-s that Gen. Scott did not rvtain him in hi.- >/-y ltattaliou. instead of neuding him out here to liii-jmvM himself and tin- 1 IKl I >i'|iart mi nt hy every thing into coufu.-ioii ami outraging the relig ious sentiiin-nt of our whole people. "The editor of the says, what everybody will materially couclude after tread- lii* artiili', -that In- knew little or notk- make Mad. .V:. N •>■ !!." W » it!! t" hi:>t w.iit until li>' «/<»•« know something nt liit.l. I.i-t".•»-«• lir rgrdit \o!uut#vin in lii" I!I 1• • 11 ■»«•; nml we are vi ry Mire tluU when cur tiit iiil i»! ili»* (Vi/jin/i/i know* him 2* well as we <ln, lie will 1 u>t Ih- Miauxioiw to ctultnrk in his boat. f"; We nri- informed tint an individied "1 "wecodt" j»r>K-livitie.« in tlii* placen-cetitly de nounced tin- petitl-ii M-iit to our worthy I'ort mastcr, n« n "rut-.ill- iigilist a Demm-rttfo iii ws|>:i|» r"! IL' ir it, ye I Vinocrat*! 'Hie .iifrrr/ «</" is tlf .nhoi-.i! • of yuwr principles; nun must IMIW down ititd uorslii]! at tlteidirine of .li'rtiloin, or waive your right to the titli* of Ihiuiritit; and von, the follower* of tin- la tin ttt 1*« 1 I >«'ii^la-.yirt must not aid i»«uppre->- ing tn-afoii, if 1' n<>! J>rm'irratic / Vow tim-t In• .~ili-iit il you cannot aci|iiif*ct! iti tin- thou sand < ar-matks of trmsou which daily ami wiiklv jullute tlu-hift called tin- Adrrrh" r. A th ft"lt TllKFT.—Till' Portland Tun" s.i\ - that some « xci-iitric thief, otti- vn k. broke ofl'tmd ctniiil auay the bi'lonpiiii; to the MiatnerlW/«/j. 'rhi'i|iii "- tioti naturally rixiw, "What will he do with itThe Timet Mijrjrost* that, as M'Veral jri'iitii'ineti linvenTently dim|i|M'inil llloKt invsterioiisly. it ic probable that Home of tlii'iii t<»>k it alotij; to use when tin •y p. t tip the vail.-v, to whistle up their clan of nijrlit o\\ Is into tbc 111 n of the "(loldi it ('ircle. ' I A (ri-oson disseminator, publii-hed at Albany, < Igti., says that tin- (inzrtfr, (a vio lent treason sheet published at Jacksonville) is "an excellent Democratic paper." Out" to read tin' Oregon treason papers—the Ailrcr tiscr, the li<izcttc, the Union, and the Demo tr<it —would suppose that the term "Demo crat" was hut the synonym of "traitor." Democrats! is not this stealing the livery of heaven to serve the devil in? ]'ULCUS AT SALMON KIVFR.—A correspon dent writing to a Portland paper gives the follow ing list of prices of staple articles in the new mining region: flour, cents per pound; bacon, 25 cents; coffee, SI SO per pound; Sugar, •")() per pound; heef, 30 cents; shovels, 830; Colt's revolvers, 875. This correspondent corroherates the reports of the fahuloits richness of the mines. ARRIVAL OK TUB CALIFORNIA VOUX- Tl'l'.lts. —The steamer Pari fir. arrived at Steil acoom on Saturday last, bringing Co. E, Cal ifornia Volunteers, consisting of s5 men, com manded by Capt. Crowingshield. The P<i rijic took away the remnant of regulars at that post on her return trip, whose place the volun teers are intended to supply. REMAINS OF Coi.. DAK I:R. —A meeting was recently held at Salem, Ogn., and a commit tee appointed consitingof Messrs. Hector, Cor bet t and Moore, to wait upon Mrs. Maker,con sort of the late Col. llakcr, and endeavor to procure the privilege of removing the remains of the departed Senator to Oregon for inter ment at the Capital, Salem. »#-«- MIUTAKY. The Vancouver Chronicle says iliat four companies of dragoons art- expected to arrive at tliat post from above. They will go to Hau Francisco by the lirsl steiuner, lmt their horsesand ei|iii|iineuts will remain. It is thought that Fort Vancouver will he made a Camp of Instruction for the Oregon Caval ry llogiment. E.i/'The Press "demands" of the North west to credit it with news items taken from California journals. A modest "demand," verily. l'oesy should remember, however, that the North-west has nnnotuiccd that it doesn't do n'credit business. A WARNINU. —Tho wife of Joseph Illicit* tel, Esq., of Portland, was recently injured by the explosion of n fluid lamp, which set her clothing on lire. She lies at present in a crit ical condition. ItKAIH.Mi ltooM. —Mr. (ialliher has fitted up a spacious reading-room in connection with the Wasingtoii Hotel, which he intend to fur nish with tiles of the Territorial and other pajMrs. LTKTI RNBD. —Asaliel Hush, Esq., editor of the Oregon Statesman, who has been on a (•mr <>f olmervation through the Eastern and Western States, rvturnol by the hist Pacific. Smm.l.-I'oX. —The Vancouver Chronicle of the l'<ih inst, KIVS that ihe small-pox has umdi- its ap|M-anince at that place, but in no instance has it r-»ult«-d fatally as yet. IV A "Charitable llall" was recently giv en in Portland, the pr««nilf of which was ap plied to the M h»»l under tin- suju-rv isiou of the Sisters of Charity. hnnTKli.— l'alten-on, tlx iiinn who kilkd ('.till. Staj.l*-* in I'ltf-tUnd. a few Kino-. linr. U-i-u indict, d I>y iIK- I! rand J iiiy for mur der iu tlx' firM dcgn-e. IV ll'tirv M. MHJill. Km|., late K«<cf*"la n - of tin* litrihty, ha* been appointed t'oiu iiiiiM>i«iH'r «>f Ileeda for tin* HUdn of Califor nia and (hi-pin. IV A pi»t-iuill ho* recently Uni eiwt«l at Fort r»iuicoe. for the Yakinia nwervation. It i» to jrrind the wheat raiM-dby the Indian*. {V The four Indian* convicted of the iiuml. r> in Tvgb valley, wen* executed in Waixii county, Opi.. on the 15th iurt. iV The >m>uiid ww nearly covered with MM»W on Sunday ni<>niin;r laat— the first of the M>aw»n. TV We an 1 indebted to I'uivor Finch, of the steamer E*terj>rtn, for llir ui-ual favor*. Tje Ears or.i th? Lion's Skl« . It'any of uttr |.>w:l |> have lml any ilmilit liitli<Tt<> «»f th • - »-i'in pmclix i*ii~» of the «"!it«>r «>f t J*. S. Herald, th-v hmv only to n ail tin- ■■di , " in his i-»ite of Nov. 21st, headed '"'I'll Portland Adrcrt'urr ami tin* <Mytitpti Postmaster,' " to be satisfied o3 tlmt nljirt. Ho t.-ik- grvit exceptions t<>

uur ili'ituiifi.i'ionn of 1 Ih- Ai/rcrfittr es a ne cession shii't, v It* —l' .1 illy voc.-ttimi fir months jwst ha* bf-il t-i circulate tlii- (mi"-in of ttv.v MHIi tinder tlif li\ |"K-ritii ;il garb of a ilmiri' t» bring alfi'.t a peace oa (i'in lit ions tint would tix i!|hi|i every l>»y .>] citizen, Ixrtli N'ortli and South. a Listing disgrace, Uwiilis rendering our Government lit" iK'oru :unl tcofT of the w li<i]i lit ilizi <1 world. "i'o give our rend« r* a sp.-eime»t of hi* high . jiprcciatimi of til - Adrcrtiur (the editor of doulit. pmj s nitrht and mominp ••that God isi!! parah/.•• the ann of tin- Pres idi-iit in his efforts to |iitt d .wn the rebellion") we i|it ite tin- following paragraph trunt hi.- iiiitorial: "It is will know-it in (Mytnpia ntnl elsi-- wltere on the Sntttid. that the AJrtrti*>r Irts IMI'U front the start the best medium through which to obtain current IN WH. and to it have our readers been mainly imlebt<il for intelli gence of the events transpiring in the Kast since the commencement of this relx-llion. Not only liac it rendered tliis iuiportant ser vice as an exchanpe, but it has ever been the most acceptable ami |Miiitt)ar of the Oregon press among general readers here." —The scribbler then goes on to nay that '"officers of the army" were patrons of that " treasonable sheet." Now we do not hesi tate to say that any maw who patronize* that vile secession sheet, will be set down, both here and at Washington, as of very doubtful loyalty, and would not be trusted in n position where he might by any possibility give sub stantial aid and comfort to the rebels; and we are sure that the Government at Washington would promptly remove from the public ser vice any man who should be kttowa as a pa tron of that paper, or who should give em ployment to any man that was. We have expressed our opinion of the du ty which a proper regard for the public safety as well as the perpetuity of our Government requires of our J'ostniaster, and if he is not disposed to adopt our suggestion, but shall prefer to net in accordance with the expressed wishes and opinions of the Adrcrtixcr and its friends, it is his privilege to do so; and we will not trouble hint any further with oursug gestioiM or advice 011 the subject. I'll Act; Mi:.\.—.Joseph Holt, the noble Ken tucky patriot, uses tin 1 following language of that species of treason which invokes the Al mighty to paralyze the efforts of the Adminis tration in putting down repellion: "These men are, morally at least, guilty of the death of those who fall in the defense of the Govern ment, just as much as if they had met them on the battle field. In your railroad cars, upon your steamboats, in your thoroughfares, in every social circle,.disloyalty should be branded and blasted as a leprous and loath some thing. And wherever you meet these men, be it on change or in the social circle, and they offer you their hands, look well to them, for if you have the eyes which I have, you will see that they are red with the blood of freemen, your kindred and friends, it may he, who have perished and are perishing still upon the battle field. Turn away from them with disgust and indignation." EFFECTS OK THOSE "AITLE PISIH.INUS" AMAIN. —Tho Stcilacoom editor said a few weeks ago that he was " never going to speak to us again." In order to break his good reso lution, lie assumes that Mr. Kvans wrote our last " leader." For the benefit of those con cerned wo state that the gentleman referred to Ims not written an article for this paper for many months. Wo beg of tlifl Stcilacoom man to diet a while. l'rosch has made a wonderful discov ery 1 lie states it as a fact that our 1 Migrate to Congress hits vacated his scat to attend the remains of Col. linker to their last resting place. The noodle of course thinks that as Congress is in session in January and De cember it must be in session the whole year. .... ... Livixti KATUN.—IN Oregon City beef sells at from 4to 8 cents per jsitmd; mutton, Bto 10 cents; veal, Bto 10 cents; |mirk, 8 cents; fresh lard cents. Apples, in the season, sell at from 'i. r » cents to 75 cents per bushel; potatoes, cents; and oilier articles of pro duce at pro|Mirti<>iwtelv low prices. — ■■■ 1 iv w e are pleriM-d to learn that Henry Miller, late asnoeiate editor of the Portland has received the np|M,iutini nt of Lieutenant in the 4 tregoii Cavalry. Xo In t ! ter M>lerti<>n C<>uld have IHN-U made. IV IV "Mw N«nrjr" of the SteiUcoom limtirr-Starif Pn/tr Iweoinec nwiv M*ym|ia tlietic" each WIFK be prow* nldrr MIIIITH are certainly approaching a rry-*i» in that quar ter. lie i» at | Hi-* ut "about a*> well be cijiccted." —• • • . hi|\Tltlt.—'lln' x,,rth-tr. tf KilV* thnt if IVxrli «»f the S'orif Pojtrr p-t« into a di*- pule with a hojr ax to vkicli it the pvater p-iitleiiian. 11»«-y IUIIM not call on it to decide —it don't want to do tlu> Itvg injustice. 1 ttIJJoKBi; Vl.—Two M'IIOOI-INIV* recently pit into a ti jrlit in I'ortl.-tnd. when one Mnldted the other with n |MM-kct knife. 15TF orty hea«l of Auiericau cattle were recently Hold in i'oiitr.i l'o»ta county, I'al., at - 1 73 per head. 1 if A letter fniin Jndp- ilayi* wiyn he will !*• in t Mvuipi.i iu a few day*. • •• LATEr. THE ATLANTIC SIDE Snccc »• of the Great Naval Expedition. TWO REBEL FORTS TAKEN! Beaufort In Po«*f«!oa sfflsr Arm). Federal Victory In MISSOURI Ilrpnr''il r>»rni" j of ('Aarlrtftm, Rebels Leailnv the Peleamr, The following dispatch is taken from the Sacramento I'nion: Gen. Ilallcck lias been assigned to the Department of the We?t, and Uen. Duel! to the department of Kentucky. A dispatch from Fortress Monroe, of the loth, gives information of the cap ture of two rebel forts at Port Koyal. South Carolina. Also the taking of Dcaufort, ou I'ort Doyal Island. This dispatch is continued by subse quent dispatches received at Haiti more, and the additional intelligence is re ceived that Deaufort was partially burned while being captured. The rebels were leaving the Poto mac for the South as fast as possible. A report was current at James Diver that Charleston had been attacked ou Friday. This is not at all improbable, as the naval licet need not ail have beeu employed at Fort Hoyal. The President to-day took to tl:o Treasury ss,{loo of his unexpended sal ary, and invested it in 7 3-10 notes. Government has made arrangements to have a largo number of Springfield guns and breach-loading rifles mado in this country. Gen. ircintzleman from the left wing of the army of tho Potomac, say 3 it is true that tho rebels are leaving for tho South as fast possible. Tho Union was wrecked Xov. Gth, in a Btorm. She was run ashore and the crew were taken prisoners. Tho French frigato Calabria was burned 011 Friday night off Cape Ilat teras. All hands were saved. The rebel troops aro said to be leav ing the Potomac and going South. QUISCY, XOV. 9th.—lntelligence from Cairo has been received, which states that the Federal troops achieved a vic tory over the rebels at Delmont Missou ri, opposito Columbus. Ky. Tho Fed eral forces were commanded by Gener als MeClernand and Grant, and the con federates by Gen. Cheatham. Tho U. S. troops captured one hundred and thirty prisoners aud twelve cannon. Gen. Price's main foreo was found forty miles south of Springfield, plant ing artillery. Tho Maryland election has resulted in the triumph of tho Union men. The rebels haveonly seven membersiu both Houses. Tlio N. Y. Herald's dispatch says tho Government has issued permits to par ties in Rhodo Island to trade with the loyalists nlong the Southern coast, and supply them with the necessaries of life. As soon as ni; opening is made, and a permanent footing gaiucd along tlio Southern coast, cargoes of cotton will ho shipppd to Liverpool. Persons who reached Newport News yesterday say that tho rebels up James river are iu consternation and leaving for tho South. Washington dispatches say Gener al Scott's staff'have been assigned posi tions with Gens. McClollan aud llal leck. The Times' dispatch says, a highly intelligent and trustworthy gentleman who has been on duty in connection with tho blockading squadron oft' Charleston, assures mo that siuco Capt. Marston arrived five weeks ago, it is absolutely certain no vessel has put to sea directly from that harbor, through the narrow chauuels leading among tho Islands to Savannah. There are two points on tho east of Florida where small crafts such as schooners of light draft and sloops mav have made their way out as tho watcn of those passes is not kopt, being im possible for larger vessels. The N. Y, llcraUVs dispatch says tho division of Gen. llleuekcr now holds tho Columbia turnpike from Long Bridge to Mason's. They have seeu nothing of tho enemy. A letter to the Pott says that Gen. Stone offers to make an exchange of prisoners with the rebels. Communi cations from Paris state that Princo Na poleon is warmly interested in tho cause of the Union, and says rebellion canuot prevail. Count Piper new Minister to Swedes, had Lis first audience with the becreta- Sof State to-day at the Department is appointment to this mission is hailed with delight He is a lineal de scendant of Count Piper of Charles tho 112 th. NEW YOBK, NOV. B.—TUO Chamber of Commerce to-day adopted tho follow ing resolution: Hitolval, That a Committee Is ap pointed to prepare a memorial to Con gress, asking for the establishment of a line of steamers from SHU Francisco to Japan and China, to be suitably ariucd for the protection of the Ameri can commerce of the Pacific, and of sufficient sjiecd to inaurv the rapid transmission of the mail. IV The ItobiiUMin Family is performing at Walla Walla. ST. NOV. 11. A BootL«rn "Leed;r. To show th,> delirious, ciily, whistle to-kecp-your-courage-up stylo ot litera ture which pervades the South, wo^, v an article taken from the Kiehmonj (Vu.) Dispatch. It ietbout as amusing as lorae of Doeitick* earlit t skttt hes • "It wouhl be a moat delightful <•<,«,*, to catch Abraham Lincoln,* V;ruiitA Scott and the whole brood of vipr Q at one jump, and duubtleM manyofonr soldiers would commit the innocent mistake of putting bulb'ts through tie craniums of Sunnier, Wilson, Loveinv it id omne genu* of non-combatants who go upon wine frolics to Hull Hun. it would be a crushing blow upoa tie North in European estimation, where the taking of a nation's Caj>ital i< gnrded as the most humiliating defeat &ud subjection. Dut wc know that the mere taking of Washington, unless we could catch the : rile leaders in one net, would not eu.l the war. They would remove to some other location, and there concoct anew their damnable schemes. An imiueute army has been congregated at Wash ington, and there would doubtless be a moot des|»erate resistance upon their part We have very little doubt that we should whip them, but why risk anything at all? The same crushing blow could be struck without so much hazard, and without causiug us to mourn the 10-s of so many gallant spii its as the dearly bought victory at Mau assas cost us. | " Determined to wage this war with ' proper vigor, the Secretary of War has urged the raising of 500,000 men at oneo. Responding to the call, our peo ple will eagerly rush to arms at once, . and by the lotu of September, at the la test, an army of 125,000 men would concentrate upon the Maryland border, leaving 50,000 men to guard the ap proach to Richmond, and appropriate forces to defendVAcquia Creek, Norfolk and all other needed points. " Our column could then take up its march, not for Washington, but for Philadelphia. Let us strike at the fountain head, the vast receptacle of Northern stores, and the workshops from which they lit out their armies. It would be far easier for us to take Philadelphia than to capture Washing ton. Even if we should give them no tice of our intention to pursue this course, they would not believe us, and our army would bo far 011 the road through Pennsylvania before the wise noodles in Washington would wake to tho reality of our movement. They think they are salb so long as Wash ington remains in their power. Even the gigantic intellect of a McClellau will not save them. The combined genius of their acknowledged best gen erals, Scott, Manstield and McDowell, could not withstand the blighting touch of Southern prowess. Let us not talk of taking their fortified places any long er. Leave Washington, like Portress Monroe, Port Pickens, Port Mcllenrv, Tortugas and other places, for after con sideration. "Let the war he carried into Africa, let the enemy be made to feel the, blast ing, desolating effects of onr conquering arms. "What a shaking and quaking would there bo in high places around tho Court, when we thus would step in between their dainty lordships and their gracious followers of the North. Men aced from all sides, for Maryland would at once rise, there could be no escapo except by sea, and it does seem to us that batteries sufficient to command tho Po tomac might cro that bo located some where. We go in ftr a scheme which will crush out this vile brood, root and branch. With Philadelphia in our hands wo have something with which to help pay tho expenses of the war; and it behooves us toprocurcsomeof tho needful, as Abraham and his sagacious friends have determimod to make us pay their war debt of six hundred mil lions ! "If we tako Washington wo gaiu a moral victory—not a substantial one; and we have still the onward move ment to make. There we shall find nothing but cumbrous masses of stone, which can be of no service to us. In Philadelphia we shall find vast store* of everything, and tho material and workshops with which to supply our army iu the future. Then oar revenge would not be sweet enough unless we could tread with martial step through the broad streets of Now York, quar ter in the palatial mansions of the mer chant prince*, who have rioted in dnams upon the possessions of the be con quered Southerners. New York must be humiliated beyond all other cities, for she has grown fist and insolent upon the wealth which the South has poured into her lap." ty l'rvntire up it Mtw alawnl to ►* var ■ hitter not to be gwlty ot J>»- kijalty; yon tnijrht a* well swear a laad «W not to bit*-. ANUSKFIS.—The addivM of J. W. J son, Esq* was delivered to n goodly au<i>»'"« < (omidrriD|{ the nu-leineiu*y of tl"» weather. Arr«N\TKl». — ll.-v. 1. S. Ilield, 11 temperance lerlnn'r in California and'r""' ban Itet'U appoiatvd I • S. Consul to J-'* Junes Hrndy recently comphsu-d d» t.«4 of walking ninety consecutive W l '"• at Wall;. Walls. LV It. B.l'artlow lia« be«n appointed IVt uia. ter at Owgnn City, Ogn.

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