Newspaper of The Washington Standard, November 23, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated November 23, 1861 Page 3
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t V: :-i'- ty Tl c V..>i . .! :;: i ;! ; i exiilcmif j. * 1 I to I. i! '• 'I t• xt v | \ will i r ino'ininoi:' ! ■- 1., m .->1 - , miii'tii «J to c intnt'tii irn't- 1 • • .. . lii) coitnl il 1• I i.i"'•.! I !l ( . : • . ' t!.o situ i.i Ml (wi . 1 #ll bouri, v. N i.f !,:>> I 'Mio 11 i!i )><•. !:-»t:r -1,.y t:- n ,.. j. r 1 1 f.~ -*r ■ 1 «lj-;> t<li !•- li.' -" in I■jl.t! ,■ I' j *ll "tintll ! Iri'l.'llai v ti.l <■>,]*,' J. I . : lljftiMl Vi r~ it <? ■ >o ' inoTl' . ;i lal ;t !: ' . <>r tv •; j>. r \ .. m.- to tl-. o n-ii-• !! I it : mott'i .•! ~1 1!; -!i I.IJT ;■ 1 itrtln*r iliKT* - -)• ! ti < f wwurl y ;• iiiillinn cook, .. 1 i.i■'! t'l I Tmet s't\.- IV4 linker . 11 v\ ii!i'iv now in S-nil< "iM-o. two , i|*. (M -. wifo of tJi.-Sitji. ri>>- , tit i.|tl;o Mint, iti! Mi-, lloj.kitis, w iic tli)- l.iv ir' -' rat !'• 1"! Vnitclt- ' x,' and two .- : .1. of* bom, tbt*Co|>tain«l > - w irh liitu li- :i lot-11. Mis wiil.iv will ! .-v iiiii j. r war 1 I Mnrplii.- .! rtt- '■ I of flit' '.'"ll 1 1.-toll. r. J»r<lt|tl"itlCfi |N ll'l' R aawwamot hunliv|K M u 1 MJI tl; *• uth \ ill folltitllto I ,'llt ■' r ' ■ ' tj j-!t "t i lln North • ui.';' -I. i"«l ■ T tin .nl' '• V' r." \ live it ittil" tr. Ir0:11 tile Atct! • rr polls, V. .-fi l l .0!'. : xl.ii 1 ftl I ' '1 tlie ybA aitlp Jnhn 1 ' at Han Fnuclwii. I - TERL MH> 1\ tliottoli! of at Yitloiia. \ tit jiitmtioii of -1:t rcli.'tiit- wen- to luvc vv.'iitcil «11 (iovcrttor lioi|o'..s rt l iti\i' t'» tLi- matter on tlic Mli * itt-t. • . ■■■ Tin: Onii'iox C'AV.M.UV IIIIFII.MrxT. — TL' 1 wiiailrawal ol'tho regular forces from < »reu'oit atid Washington lieeossi tatP'l the einplovmeiit of the California volunteers in this ilir'triet. In addition, the luilitai v authorities have thought j,roper to call on this State f<>r one reg iment of cavalry to be mustered into Forviee for three years. With ten eoiu j anies of infantry and a like number of cavalry the force in tliis country will ho equal to that employed before the breaking out of the civil war. It is necessary to have '-V-100 men un der arms in Oregon and \\ asliington to jirotect the frontier ctlectually. Gen. Jlarney in his letter to some citizens of Oregon, last winter, 011 the subject of the war debt, testifies that 110 ollensive operations against Indians could be un dertaken with a less force; as forts must bo garrisoned, communications kept open, and the enemy attacked be siilcs. ILe justifies the employment of Oregon volunteers in the last Indian war, as a matter of necessity. The pay of volunteer eavalrv, ns at present organized, is fully equal to the icains of tlie most successful laborer. The amount that can bo saved in a three years term of service will be more than the average ot men will accumulate dur ing that period. With §•'>! a month and £IOO bounty, it will be the fault of the volunteer if he dow not save near a in the time. It presents an excellent opportunity td young men to actpiiro a knowledge of the use of arms, and the rigid disci pline of the service in time of war is one of the host of schools.— Orejonkm, iiZj*- .No Inter Atlantic news by last night's stage. MARRIED: In I'oik county, <K't'iJx-T.'s!st., Robert W. Moxlie, of Olympia, W. T., :in«l Miss Jane Kramer, oi* Monmouth, I'olk county. S PJ:CIA TJ- XOTICES. Notices. U' v. it. J. KVANS will preach in the District . s liool llouso on the lirst., second, and fourth Sundays ot' each month, at 11A. M. Services in the M. IS. Church every Sabbath evening, at i o'clock. Hall'sSarsaparilla, Yellow Dock and lodide Ol" I'otaNN —Is purely as re presented. and made iu strict accordance with phar maceutical formula, and is strictly guarantied free from Spirits, Mercury, nnd Arsenic which cannot "!'• sniit of any other known preparation of the kind. As a good and reliable tonic alterative, it is unequalled. It quickly removes from the sys tem all morbid and impure matter, —Mercury, J.c.uland Arsenic, l'or all chronic diseases, there is noothor remedy extant thot trill , or (h.rn riirr. Kliuuiati-m, Scrofulv. Old Sores, Salt Itheum, 'iont. Lumbago, Pimples on the face and body, Ncuralgiii, l'nins in the joints. Chronic Sore Kyes, .Spring Fever. Indigestion. I.iver Complaint' san arisiug from an impure etu'e of IHood, Skin and Kidneys, as quick and sure, us Hall's Sirsaparilla, Vellow dock and lodide of Potass. For sale' everywhere, for One Dollar; 0 lluttlcs scut by express to nuy nddres for Five Dollars. 11. Hall k Co., Sole Proprietors. Nos. 5121 & 5;J2 Clay St., San Francisco. Uoc lom I'ert y & Co., Xo. 514 Dn- I >:it street, between California and Piue, Suu I - inciseo. /V." (ihi/ ftj /'<!!in*t Surgtuna, Miui- ■-of the !!'»; ul CVI-/. sof London mid Ldiu ■ , tirad.. 1 ' -ol the t ni\. r-iii,of Loudon and '—i irsi I'n/.es lor Aua'ouiy and Cbem* v. ami Second for Medical Jurisprudence for the e named t'niTcrsities.—Honorary I'liy-icians !. liuburgh L>iug-iu-iio»|.ital. and Surgeon !.•>• is Hospital, be„- io call tile attention * Mi- to their /.' •' •,«/ .'•• / T iimy «/>,./ »i:J Miav be consulted dailv from * M. t:il ill'. M.. on blsElsrs or TBI foLLOW! .« obcaxs: J.-aw. f\' 0 r, /.. ... I«Nr, «»■/ Jultt! f us./. I'jt.rr.ti, Si-ltn. JEW» • •' - / l Or. J""': V „,.t ' ' llv'firtt and Children. Catn—Cffn'-. • t f , ~rv ,-Us* nnd ter |m rformed. C«. * <•/'.V n .or Jr/uirtJ f, Dimmm if lit Aa, ite., et... «tMf It , irAMar .ittmtiuH t>. Also. Fibrous and ■■••• >:ii Übenmatism. commonly called Chronic \ ile. and jfenemlly pro«tiierd l y the n-e »,f L»<n iuKS I'KIM'V k to Ml >out street, lot. « alifornia aid J'iue. X. I!.—All letter* for Advice or >!• Ij.-incs • j iiv nuswervd. and oat door putientt a'.truJ ' ■ h day and night. •"•a I raie iseo. Aug.. 1801. 41:ui3 OIYMPIA wagon makufactoey. fciuart Ul;\c-k.«hoai\ Mhi foriji l!n>iti*fn* offMyiu "f j » .a» i ili« >urrouu<Ju»t' inuQlrv .irt* i•> s j uiufi turink'W A(ii>.N.S,C\H • > »i i Itl «.1 ;iKS ( ,f r»l| »Jf st rij»tioii.s, from ' ~H ' ' ' x *\jm rit iicr«l work' x - iiVV IIKVI Willli#* inr • ilif 1 uhn\ aln u»tU*. f*u<+p cnrßrr ' Mruii. ■'i. I\ P. IrjtiO. 4 it I ?luf limonial. A J '.TUIV -XiAL.—A »'i . ge;'l.-ii.-ii, who'e a* I I' oiiai .ipp)a-auct . !«■ tunc a.Ol posit.on i* i .» No. 1. wishes t 1 unite himself toil lady with ir qualification. Tktidnrtlier being pin .. w nil re describe him-elf. nnd although he is \ in appi ranee lie will admit hiniselt 011 the sli dy side of lifty. Tli* advertiser is ol inedi 1. in re, nei'lu r "too fat no: too lean ; .dark c'.c a:id oxprcs.-. •e, aniinati I c..initriiant c : and 1. 1. ill i' collie-' be is vain ill stating he has t'.e li.o t -iiowy .ileti t!i, (natural one*;) hands, r.>v . I skin a> 1 lear n< a (!.i'l s : his hair and »h:-k< are ad« cp bri nu, and he can assure you all tl t iWw kttrr btautlM *W given him by », for two month*, Lafont'l Weal ladl*oMp. T '. !! 1: hi- * •!!••« to-Mi. and Jones' Coral I!, r l!es'orat:\c rt. I'-(inj . Coarse 1. r. »n Iby -! \:t. and v.'l i- withjom- Italian S<>ap. !!.• t. r-f. w rii.kb d -Kin :in 1 Lands have thus 1 •> i-u de w bite iiml • ar. These l« ..ntitnl ar t'c!. 1 in I<• 1 a«l at reasonable rates at every drug -• -e in Call irai.i, Oregon aud Wa hingtoti Terri tory. CHANK k KRHiIIAM. f»an Frant iscti, Agents. D. o. i.. Maura. D. PHILLIPS & SON, MEItIiIAMS AND liEMU DEALERS, < >lympia, W. T. 01TI1R for fair n 111 « >1 ick cf— J >ry < ioocls, (iiwt'rit'Si Clot hiiiir. Hoots &• Shoes, J/uts ami Cups, Crockery and Glassware, Cutlery , Jr., Jc. TERMS—Cash or Country Produce. Olympia. September 11. IBGI. 44:tf 13 LOCH, Til Lii!: It & CO., (Sucettt'.Ti tu /'net, Miller ,j- Cu.) DALLES AND COLVILLE, IMTOLFSALK AMI RETAIL T>CAI.EUB 1M mw AID OKI DRY-GOODS. CLOTHING, 1100T.S, SHOES, HATS, 4c. ALSO Xlaplo and Fancy Groceries, Provisions, Wines, Liquors, Etc. A full nsaorttnent of MIXKItS' UOODS con stantly 011 baud. JBaV Mr. HLOCH beitiK a resident of San Francisco, where all our purchases are made, we shall lie able to offer better inducements than any other House. October 19th, ISCI. 'I":ni0 TEHIUTOUY OF WASIIISGTON, County of Thurston. j 8 fn fhr District Court cf the Stcoml Judicial District. To WILLIAM L. SMITH, sued as subsequent iu- euinbriitieer, in suit of Andrew Williatus vi. Drew, rt al. Foreclosure of mortgage. Von are hereby notified that Andrew Williams h is tiled a complaint against (Jcorge Drew, Caro line I'. K. Drew, 11. I'. Sinker, u':d yourself, iu -aid court, which will come oil to be heard at the lir.-t t< no of the court which shall commence more than three months after the 19th day of October, 18'J 1. and unless you appear at said term and au sivtr,the same Mill be taken as confessed, and the prayer thereof granted. The object and prayer of said complaint is to foreclose the equity of redemption, if any you have, or may claim to have in certain premises, to wit, the interest of said (ieorge Drew in the land claim iu Lewis county, iu said District, known a? ••(ieorge Drew's Claim!" mortgaged to this I'lain till'by indenture of mortgage, dated October i:.'th, lri.Vi. to s;ctiro the payment of S:i,UUU, with lc- intercut after «1111u. ('<>:n|>l.l iut tiled August 20th, 1801; amended iu i i»tirt,on leave, September Term, Kltil, 1,1.W00D KVANS, Attorney of Andrew Williams. October lOlli, ISOI. 4'J:ui3. BROOKLYN HOTEL, CO It XMi BHOAJIII. 1 L'.L XJ) SAXSOME srs., BAN FItANCISCO. rpilK proprietor of this well known and I old established House is still at his old '-i ; •" tricks—feeding the public for the low sum of nun UOI.I.AUS per week, nnd the cry is "Still thev come I'' This Hotel was established in 1852, an 1 the proprietor proudly appeals to its well-known reputation, and lit the same time pledges himself to use every endeavor to add to the comfort nnd convenience of his guests. Tho Brooklyn Hotel WAGON will always bo ready on the wharf on the arrival of the stoainers, to convey passengers and their baggage to the House, free of charge. To prevent imposition, be positive and sec tiiat HKOOKLYN HOTEL is painted inlarge letters on the sides of the wagon. Hoard per day Si ; —Board per week $-1: Meals 50 ceuts; —Lodgings 50 cents; —Lodgings per w cek §2 to $4 :— Single rooms 50 cents per night. JOHN KKI.LKV, Jr., Proprietor. Ban Francisco, Oct. 19th, 1801. 4D:iu3 Goal Oil AND COAL OIL LAMPS, FIKKiKTHKU with all kinds of Hurtling and Machinery Oils, for sale at greatly reduced rates. Also Ero-Vapor Stoves FOR HEATING ROOMS, For Cookiujy and for Uniting Flat Irons. rCtt KALE VEUY LOW BY STANFORD It K O TIIE RB, California street, near Front, San Francisco. KEBGER'S BIJOU BILLIARD TABLES, WITII FMUS FATE! T CdMHIiTUI CCDVIS subscriber de*irc« to iufonn tbe public § that he has now on exhibition, at Phelui'i Few Billiard Saloon, M •utiromery street opposite the M< tropoiiian The atre one of the above mentioned 1111.1.1.VKU TA- I'.i.KS. and cordially invites tbe patrons of the XO lil.K ti \MK, to call and examine it. The (jreat Vi-t«r. Mont. Merger, spcakt of the tables iu the I .he t terms of commendation. To private fant i! > tin -e Tables commend tlicraselrc*. especially on a< count of iheir conveuieut size, and at an ar tii le of furniture for a private ilwellinir there is nothing more desirable ; in short, no bouteholdor ui union with any pretension* to heiujr well rrvu l..t< 1 should be without one. (lentlemen about to build residences -hould by all means make provis ion fora IIII.LIAKIt IHMiM. where their family can enjoy tlie noble, graceful, and health-giving g iuie of iiilli irds. M. K. HL'tillKS nilliard Table Manufacturer, And Ac. ut f..r PIIF.LAX H I'ATKXT riiMIJ!- X \Tl(t\ etc., etc. Sfc*». E*li ibiiion and Salesroom, Xo 770 and 7.J Montgomery stieet BOiu Manufactory, Market ftreet, opposite Or phan A y!um. I NIT"!) .STATUS OK AMfcltlCA. t Territory o r \\ t id Juditinl District. I 'YYT'IiKItKAS ft libel has bren tiled in tlic Hi Vf trirt Court, in an t for'the Jd Judicial Pis- I rii t «>f Washington Territory, 011 I lie iMh d«y of October. 1801, by John 11. ranttiQ, part ovtner mid libelant apainst ihe steamer K!i:a Andm-t l, hr t irklc. apparel and furniture. eiipines and ma chinery. and apainst I>:iniel K. llradford, prt owner, and agent of »ai 1 Scratiton and John It. Fleming. in Captaiu, and claiming and pre tending to t«e a purl owner; aliening in subsume that the libelant in the owner of thirty-two |.;2| eightieths of said stitin-hip, and that he is kept out and deprived of the possesion of said steam* ship lij said Bradford,owner ol ten (lo> eightieths, and said Fleming as Captain. appoint)d by said Itr.idford, and praying a process against said steamship, and that sai l Bradford and 1 1 luiug be cited to appear, and that po-<t .--iiin of said steam ship he delivered to the said Scranton ; uow. tin refore. in pursuauci of the motion, uu.l r sral of aaid Court, to tuc directed imi delivered. I do hereby give public notice to all p. r.-ons claiming the said steamship, her tackle, cpparcl. < ngiio - and machinery, or in any matter interest'd tin re in. that they I* and appearlufore the (aid I'itlroi Court, to be held at llio town of Olympia. in and for the -d Judicial District, on the lir.-i Monday of Itcceuibcr next, at 1" o'i lot kin the for. npoii pro vided the same shall be a daj ol jurisdiction, oth erwise, oil the next day of jurisdiction, then and there to int) rposc tin ir tluiius, and to make their allegations in that behalf. I'alcd November 14. I*^l. ('HAS. K. \\ KKI>. I*. S. Mar-linl, [l:tc] By WILLIAM ItILI.IMiS, lUputy. WBBBBR'S milC C'JSDIAL SiIEDiFiES. KIC K ni:\ A\D woni:l r. Wliul Connfltulrii llrultli I RICH, l'ure lllood. Natural Perspiration, (iootl appetite for Food, Sleep, Kxercisc and the I- njoy incuts of Nature, Willi Strength of llodv, Mind and Limbs—Activity of the Liver, au.l all other Natural Kuuctioun—such a state is l'clt bv all, after using Dr. Wflilifr'n InvltrornlliiK Cor dial SaiißiilfU'r!! To many, tJ>«* above mnv seem extravagant praise of this concoction, but if they could see, ns I liuve, the many whom this has restored to health, they would not be surprised at any lan guage used in its praise, To offer more certifica tes, is useless ; at loa.-t eighty have already been published, and only the thick-headed, self.w isu skeptic and unbeliever can doubt that it is the most blessed health-restorer and strength-giver ever invented by man. It restores and perma nently invigorates thu broken down system. Nay, more, it replaces natural weakness and strength. The desponding it revives, the feeble it endows with vigor, and the cheerfulness and strength which It restores, or creates, it also preserves. To the sickly wife it imparts that degree of vital force necessary to the crowning joy and great ob ject of matrimony. To the debilitated husband, it give the nervous and muscular energy which characterizes manhood. In all caves of nervous disease, low spirits, indigestion, liver eoiuplnint, iudispo.-ition to mental exertion, las-itude, emaci ation, impotence, Ac., in fact, in all complaints, acute anil chronic, which depress and weigh don it the mind and hody, it is an absolute, infallible gpecilic, XATUKE'S OWN ItEMKDV I'OK MAN SICK- NKSS ! ! Thnt creates, reproduces New nnd I'ure Wood— that acts on the liver, heart, brain, intestines, limbs and chest—that revolutionizes the whole system—gives strength to the most debilitated and weak—that contains no mineral, or other poison. •Such is, iu truth. Dr. Jacob Webber's Justly Famous In vigorating Cordial Bangui tier! Tlio extraordinary nn l strange cures effected by tlii.-1 >eim t i fit I herbal concoction hasustonished nil: it seems to suit every Tiik Oi.i>, tiik l'uK'iii.K, tub Lanoi/iu, leei that new IiIV nml blood i.s given them. The roue, the dissipated dcbiluch ee, the weak from long disease, from taking too much medicine, calomel undother mineral poisons ; the young man whose manhood is wasted, where nature's functions tire ii(#rt niid lifeless, experien ces the bliss of UOHI'ST AND VIOOItONS MAN IIOOI) I His appetite is good, lii" sleep quiet und refreshing, his mind and memory clear und cer tain. Sold in quart bottles bv Ki:UI\tiTO!V ft. CO. CHiXU & IIIt 14*11.4.11, Sun Francisco. And all Druggists in California, Oregon nnd Washington Torrtorv. Sheriff* Sale. BV virtue of an execution issued by tho Clerk of the District Court of the 2d Judicial Dis trict of Washington Territory, und tome directed and delivered, against the goods und chattels, land, tenements and effects of Lewis Knsigu. 1 have lev ied upou, seized and takeniuto execution, nnd will sell according to law, ut the court-house door in Olympia, (the Capitol building,) on Monday, De cember tho 2d, A. I). lr>ol,attho hour of one in the uftcrnoon, tho following described real es tate, vis: Lots one, two, three, four, live, six. sev en and eight, of block forty-three, (■!:]) iu the Town of Olympia ; the.same to be sold to satisfy a judg ment rendered by the said District Court in favor of George Ulanchct, nnd against Lewis Kusign, for the suui of thirteeu hundred dollars and interest thereon at tcu percent, per annum, from and alter the 15th day of April, A. 1). IHiiJ, together with costs of suit and increased costs. WILLIAM HILLINGS. SheriU ol IhurslonCo., W. T. November 2. IHCI. Farui for Kale.' THE uudersigued will sell hi* land claim. ■ utiles below «»i\Hi!>in, on the Sound. for i ash. Said farm ha- l.'i am - under pood cultivation, Mi acrr* under fence. with 4 acre* io timothy; mi l good dwelling liiiuw aud outbuildings. I'ur par ticular* apply at tbi* oilier or to tbe undersigned ou tin- premise*. HKBMtKT JKAL. Xovemlwr2. HOI. 51:tf KhrrilT* *»lr. I T)Y YIUTI'K of an order of fair issued nut llp of llir Oistri't court of the Jtidii ial iMstrii t of Washington Territory. dated the Mb day of Octolier, A- !•, l*t»l, commanding nr to make aale of tbr following described property, to wit: All that certain piece or parrel of land in the county of Lewi* and Territory of Wasbingtou. in township 11 XK 2 \V, commencing at tbe X K corner ol John Sutherland'* land elain. Hp the *:iuie is recorded in tbe Keceher* tlßire at 4ijyin ' pia. tbenre we»t on the northern boundary of anid 1 claim to the X W corner, thence south to the X K corner of Joseph I*. Manncu* claim, theme S K to the enit boundary of Jobn Sutherland'* claim, thence X E on the east boundary to the place of beginning, to contain otic hundred aud forty (I IO) acre*, with all the appurtenance* thereto belong ing or in anywise appertaining, for the purpose of eufon in|f a deyree of foreclosure of mortgage ou •aid premise*, made in said l»i«trict Court. ou the 4tb day of September, A. I>. 1»<:|, in fat or of !■'. I'aulue. against J a tut j Flinn. for tbe sum of one hundred aud forty-one dollar* and lifted) cents, judgment and intercut at two per cent per luuulh from and after the 2Mb day of August, lad). until paid, with cost* and accruing costs; notice it

hereby given that under and by virtue of said or der of sale I shall proceed to hell tbe aboro des cribed property, ou the premises, at public auc tion, to tbe highest bidder for cash, on .Saturday, tbe 30th dar of Xortmber, 18X1. at 10 n'rlnrk * M. of said day. JAVAN HALL. , M.w4 Sheriff of Lewis Co.. W. T. Leonard ScoltACo.s REPRINT or TIIF BRITISH REVIEWS AND BUCIVIID S liEIZIII. TKONARD P(*dTT A CO.. Xtw York, conlinQf j to re-publi«!i tin- fulljuiuj; Rritiak Periudi iul*, vis : I. Tlie LONDON QI'ARTERLY, <f\. B .eri alive ;. Tlie EDlNnri:i;n REVIEW. (V. hip.) Tbe NORTH ItRITISII REVIEW. FreeCLnrcb} A. The WESTMINSTER REVIEW, (Literal.) i. ULACKWooD £ EDINUI RUil UAIiJUINE (Tory, j These Periodical- alilv represert the prrat JM li parties of Great llrilain—Whig. Twr*. aad Radical but |M>liti(> lorni onl > one ftature ot tbctr character. A** of the tno»t profound writer* on ."-lieuce. Literature. Morality. nnd Uiliirioo. tiicv .-land »* tbev La\i* en r >uhhl. tinrlvnied in :l . world ot letter*. 1 *<■ in i' con-idercd iir li.-|*en*a ble to the scholar and Ibr |truf'''MOtial uiati. while to t!*«• iuti reader ol every class. they fur ni-h .1 more corri.t and *ati-f.»< tori retard of the current literature of tbe day, throughout the worid than can 2*o**ibly be ohLuued troiu any other »uiirce. I he receipt of A.luii e She# !j thr Rriti»h imlli-lier* pivt■» addit>« iinl lalue t<> thiie repriul* t !iin«niut h as they can now !-e pU< ed in the bands o! ribcr* übout a* soou a* tlie original edi tions. To vin H : For any i.a- of the fuur Reviews, p*r aiiiium..s3 00 For any two of the four Re*lews, '• •• .. sou For any three of thu four Reviews, " " - 7 <>u For nil four of the Reviews, " •' „h no For l'lui 'I wood .< Magazine, " " .. 3no For Blackwood and one Review, *' li .. 500 Forßktckwool uml two Reviews, " '• „7 oo For Blackwoo 1 iili<l three Reviews. " " _!i oo For Bluekwotd and the four Reviews, " ..louo trif" Money current in the State where issued will be received ut par. Clubbing 1 . A discount of twenty-five per cent from the above price v ill lie allowed to clubs ordering four or more copies of any one or more of the above works. Tints four copies of Blackwood, or of one Review, will be sent to one address for $!•; four copies of the lour Reviews and Blackwood for !?30; and so on. Postage. In nil the principal cities and towns, these Works will be delivered FREE OF POSTAGE. When sent by mail, the Postage to any part of the I'nited Slates will be but 2-1 ceiltM a year for '• Blackwood,'' and but 1.1 cent* a year forcach of the Reviews. N. ll.—The price in Great Britain of the five Pe riodicals above named is £3l per annum. Si"/}'" Remittances should always be addressed, post paid, to the Publishers, LEONARD SCOTT & CO., No. 54 Gold street, New York January sth, ISUI. No. 8 Slirrifl*'* Male. BY virtue of an order of sale issued by the Clerk of the District Court of the 2d Judicial District of Washington Territory, dated the 25th day of October, A. D. 1801, commanding me to make sale of the follow ing property, to wit: All of that certain piece or parcel of land situated in the county of Lewis mid Territory of Washington, being the same that George W. Ilolsapplc received from the I'nited States as a donation, containing one hundred and sixty (liio) acres, bounded 011 the North by Public Loads. E. bv T. M. l'ierson s laud, S. by Horace Howe's land, and W. by E. L. Finch's land, with all the appurtenances thereto belonging, for the purpose of enforcing a decree of foreclosure of mortgage 011 said premises, nmdo in District Court, Sept. 4th, lfitil, in favor of Fer dinand Duulne and against G. W. Ilolsapplc mid I'. E. Sin'ith, for the sum of seventy-five dollars ($75), judgement, and interest from the Bth day of Sept., IM'.U, at two per cent, per month until paid, and costs of suit am! accruing costs ; Notice is hereby given that by virtue of said or der i>f sitlo, I shall proceed to .-ell the above des cribed property, on the premises, at public auc tion, t«> the highest bidder, for cash, on Saturday, the "tli day of December, A. P. 1801. at 10 o'clock A. si. of thntdar. JAYAX HALL. "HiC'riff of Lowis County, W. T. Xovcmber 4, 1801. 02;w4 NlieriflP* Male. "I"JV virtue of an order of sale issued by the |5 Clerk of the District Court of the 2d Judicial District of Washington Territory, dated the 25th day of October, IXOI, coinuiaudiug me to make sale of the following described property, to wit: All of that certain piece or parcel of land situated in Lewis county, W. T., in Township eleven (11), X. liange two (2) west of the Willamette meridian, the fractional X. half of the X. West quarter of section two (2), and the fractional half of the west quarter of section two (2), aud the fractional half of the X. K. quarter of section three (3), and the fractional X. K. quarter of the X. W. quarter of section three (:i), aud the west half of the X. W. quarter of section three (3), and the E. half of section four (4), containing five hundred and sev enty-one 48-100 acres, with all of tho nppurtcuan ccs'belongiug, for the purpose of euforciug a de cree of foreclosure of a mortgage, made in the Dis trict t'ourt, on the Ith day of Sept. 1801, in favor of I'. Daulne aud ngaiust Henry Miles, (.'has. L. Heed and Fred. A. Clark, for the sum of one huu dred aud six dollars (loo), judgment, with inter est at two per cent, per month, compounded semi annually from Sept. *th, IMUO, until paid, togeth er with the cost®and accruing costs ; Notice is hereby given that by virtue of said or der of Mile i shail proceed to sell the above des cribed property on the premises, at public auctien, lo the highi'M bidder for cash, on Saturday, the •>th day uf December, A. D. J o'clock r. m. of that day. JAVAN HALL, Sheriff of Lewis County, W; T. November 4. IcHll. i2:w4 Probate of ice. In tbe Proliate Conrt | Etlilf (if of Tbur»tou Couutv, > John Kilftr, Territory. J UrcrftMKi. To J(>UX M. XK'I.V, trt'i tri*l a*x*r*i ftij mm ir; —T»kf irntirf that jn« Imte been i-itr.l to aftpmr I.efor<- our «ai.| I'rol.ate Court, in auJ for ».ii>l county of Tbur»tnn. at Olvm|ii*. on Tu<'<J«v. thr li»i .lay of January, 1 *•:?. the .ami Hvinp tlie M-ronil <lai of tb« Janu ary Tt r™ of uiii r.mrt to tuake final settlement a* Alwmi.traior of estate. R V. WAI.KER, Prot.ate Jti'lire of Thur»ton County. Olyiapia, Noirml*r 2, ItWI. .\otirr. BP. ANDERSON* i< my aatkoriie4 Af*t _ duriur niy abxeace. • W. X. A YRES. Olympia, Sr|>lnnlitr 3, 18CI. 44 ml HO! TEAKBTIES! ITSK1 T SK HUCKB A LAMBERT'S CEL.KBRATEI) ||«iME 11 ANI'FACTI'RED PATENT H. A L. A m T«n» OZUDASBt Thr Ploarrr uad wul) Krllakk Ar ticle la Ikr Market. I'arked in Sit. ranUler*. and in bulk pa<kat:e* ot Jilti Mii.i upward*. For aale I » all imr.banu. Notr —b«- -uretoa-k tor the 11 kI. hr»nd. at tbnr no Tlii 'i) mutation, in ill' u -is k(, C E. WIM.IAMS. April 2'*. 2->.4w. Agent. Pronpeotus ur Tr»c NATIONAL BE PUB LIC AX. Wl»HI*ST<»*. P. C., J.lyl, 10C1. TW riwniearril. ii tbe ami mf (VrtnlxrUii.ilu: |nikliiiiMi, ii ibii rlif, uf • weekly n. wapeprr. • ailed lbs ,\ Krr.i'! '*n. Il b jirinlnl w i Ltrfr >brt l. Oritf-Mirs bj forty-two inches, anl ufarai uJtt :he lu« prices stated Ixrlov. It will contain all tbe ©rijj.nal matter of the .1 ally .VsAmwi/ Kr. «W«c.ia. with the etception of local l,Fff» q,i| ii:t- reting to • ouotri iwlxcriber*. It wiil (iit lull rvpurts o! ibe proceedings uf fi«gt«(. and <>f the other dettartatenU uf lb* Na tional Guiernmcat. It will contain all tbe new* of the day, furtip and domestic, market*. Ac.. 4c.. a« ». !1 a a an original corce»]H>ndcnt e ftutu ail part* of tbe country. Tbe ntuctlLuenn* depart aw u» will re ceive special attention. on<l, ia ail the effort will be made t. t*tabli*h tbe character of tl»e X*fiumm! HrptMtr** a> a Futih \cw>|u|irr. Washington bring now tbe ceatral point of the enrrent mitun operations. prrat aUentiuu will be (■aid to fsnWiiif the reader* of the .V«'rcnml H'« :b full, and especially with arewrafc. ai ■ nuul) of tbe ufthe «ir fur tbelaion. la polities, tbe p->|-er will I* so»- taining the Administration uf Mr. Lincoln bnt dis claiming. however, any pretention to be tbe organ of Ibe President. There i» no other Rej iiVTirsn paper in tbe Dis trict of <°olutcbia. or ia tbe i icinit* of it. aad it is belii ted thai re< cut eteui« have to *acb a paper an im|»ortanl sphere of useful «ffurt. The time bat cutue, abeu tbe actual aduiin.-traliun of tbe Government upon R<<|ntdican principle* will eiplode tbe nii«repre*entation* which bale mcde those principle* M diataitefiil to the South. Rut it ii not only here, and in thit vieinty .that tbe projector* of the Xttfiunol NrpMtran hope to make it useful. To tbe w bole country they offer a journal ivhicb v. ill discus* national jiolitic* from a national standpoint, and which wilt never be fwerved from patriotic duty by any overpowering [ircssure of local intercut. Term* of Subscription. One copy. one rear $2 00 Three copies, on* year ... 5 00 Five copies, one year ......... 7 00 Ten copies, one year 12 00 Twenty copies, one year 20 00 One copy, six months 100 Three copies, six moutus 2 50 Five copies, six months 3 50 Ten copies, six months 6 00 Twenty copies, six months 10 00 Payment always in advance. When nClub of subscriccrs has been forwarded, additions may he made to it on tho same terms, it is not necessary that the subscriber* to a club should renelvc their papers at thesame post office. Money may be forwarded by mail, at our risk. Large accounts can be remitted in drafts on Bos ton, New York, Philadelphia, or Baltimore; smaller amounts in gold, or in notes of solvent banks. The Daily National Rtpublican is published every morning (Sundays excepted) at $3 00 per annum, in advance. Address* W. J. MURTAC.II 4 CO., [so:l_v} Washington, I). C. Dr. J. Itrowne, No. 619 Kearney Street, corner Commercial, Physi cian and Operating Surgeon, Member of the Royal College of London and Edinburgh, Graduate of the I'niversitics of London and Edinburgh—First prizes for auatomy atid chemistry, and second for medical jurisprudence for the übovo named Uni versities—lion, physiciuu to tho Edinburgh Lying-in-Hospital, and Surgeon to Glasgow Lock Hospital, begs to call the attention of the public to his ratioual mode of treating and curing dis eases, and may be consulted daily from 9 a. m. till U p. in., on diseases of the following organs : llrain, Eye. Ear, Heart, Lungs, Liver, Stomach and Intestinal Canal; Cancers, Spleen, Kidneys and remaining Uriuary Organs; Midwifery and diseases of Women and Children. Surgical cases—operations of every class and cliaractcrperfornied. Cases of nervous oracquired debility, diseases of the Skin, etc., he begs to call particular attention to Fibrous rind Muscular Rheumatism, commonly called chronic and acute, and generally produced by the use of Mercury. DR. J. BROWNE. 019 Kearney street, San Francisco Cal. BfQu. X. 11.—All letters for advice and medicines promptly answered, aud out door pnt'.euts attended to day or uight. FOR VICTORIA! AND INTERMEDIATE PORTS. THE STEAMER i;\TLRPRISt, CAFT. WM. CURRY, "yyjriLL leave Olympift for the above port ovory Monday and Thursday, At 7 o'clock A. M. —BSTI'TTXISO Will leave Victoria every Tuesday and Friday, carrying the U. S. 'Mail. For freight or passage apply on board. Olympia, September IBth, 1801. 46:tf Kmtnte or Gideon Thompson, Dcs'd "VTOTICE is hereby given by the undorsigued, Administrator of the above-named estate, to the creditors of, and *ll persons having claims agaiust said deceased to exhibit the same, with the necessary voucher*, within one year from the publication of this notice to the undersigned, at Chamber's I'rairie, Thurston county, W. T. STBI'UKX I>. HIiDDKLL. Chamber's Prairie, W.T.,Oct. 11 UMil. 51:«r4 Narjent Meadow lirau Seed. THIS seed the acknowledged superiority «f which, for either dry meadows or for sandy prairies, fui pastorage or for newiaff. has ren dered it so popular, can be found in quantities to suit purchasers, at the store of C. E. WILLIAMS. V o.—Time for sowing in February or March. Noveuibt r I'd. 1»61. s|:m3 WASHINGTON HOTEL, MLAI CALLIHM, Pn. CORNER OF fcECOND AND MAIN ItTUITf. Olympia, W. T. Roari ptr week— - r»M OlewpU. K«t. ». !•••- »If SAI'I:S! liNßit r. Tim am. N Bsltorj Mmf, 1m Frwrlm, CJOt.t Ajent k.r TIITO* * HtFABLASD'S P rrlet.rwted Fire-I'roof 404 Burglar lafN. TKi- Safe ii well kn»w a tUMbrLrl for it* M »«n.a»»*4 kr*-i'r<> f •i ua! l|& 1 " California. M well in dru kaowa. Wit «M> fcfrr to «l« frvta nirtiN ii »JOT| !W" katr «* it. draVr. it rcquirr* lk« Lt)i»4 ruMlu«tii« I* apeii tke S*fr. If ike In i(hM k lUim Wj ft W tfcr »■ xr. it wait t* ta ihe Without ku know III.' tfra*»»hia» tiou, or skiul k<». whi.b >U u«(it ctrtwi it hi* hea.l T» loi if in want if a reliable «(<fn ike aitfir* .-helper tbaa *ut other ia tb» market A lar~» «k*.>rt»ie-1 wA kas'i and to i;r,vf r TILJIA*. 2».»>ai. Batterjr •» S»b Ft jib- im<i Chas. G. Williams, (riKCMMr w 0 A. lawHMiM l(n IINVAK, FFIFIIF NWU, DM, . STEKL, GROCERIES, *c. •U»pU, W. T. JJATIJSO mll Ml| rMifW bf|« utMitu to U» luUub tag icurttik übcki liurniag FiuU a»J <"&al uj, (far*), Cwl Oil sail Fiaid Lwpi, Iftifci. Tubrt. globes, «kimyk.#kaa toxrainurf P«u»fc. Ijt makiag 1J g»«fcra« mA Map (Witk hU «nc liowi price C2l rt«. AdraercC ooUtfSitiM, » tk ritra».» uveas. (A Trv* fctirulr patera wttk utn CHtaagsl, Garden Tout*. liirdM Hffil MtJ r*«U per p*p«f) I'arlor at! |t*r Mai*. Bear Braver. Hat and Vnv Trap*, Uraaa CuUia t'uraini acd iUa4*. Wire aad Safc CloUi* of U1 aaaben, Hm rMiap, a rail TaiMri CoaprUieg Lans. Sb<* Hijuairra, Kutat, Bails, fi»ckw. Prfv tr. Lxtra Uea<T. ' ®B®Bs (A very ariperiur arti. lt), Mrckulr'i Tocli ul Materials, (* full tarirljr.j Window-sa»l,. I'akU, Oil, Putty and (jlaia ; Tar tiixhta, Japan, Terpentine and Alcohol, Pocket and Table »'utltry, (Urge aaaort incut), Curry O'unilit and lioria Brusbr*. (leather l>ack») I'ow* der, Shot, Mail*, I.ta(l and Cups, llullet Moulds,- liun Lock* Wipers, Nipple*, At\; Cuble, Trace, Halter aa« Dug Chains; Sheep Shears and Wool Cards, Grub, l'lautcr and Garden I! eta, Plows, Cultivators, Mattocks, Urusb Hooks, Morse Kukes, C radles, Mrythen, Rakes, Churns, Forks, Butter Howls and Tram, &><*. JAPAN BI.ACK TEA. Sheet Iron, Cupper and lirusa War* manufactured and repaired. N. B.—We have made Mich arrangements foe the purchase of articles, either in Sun Francisctf or New York, as we think cannot but givo satis* faction. t/cOt' Commission solicited. Olvmpia, April C, 1801. 21 :tf Olympia and Seattle XURSBRT. OINGLOFF * UOXIIE, I FRANCIS M'WATT, Olywpia. | Seattle.- GAXGLOFF, noXLIG Sc. CO.,* OFFER for sale 100,000 Fruit and Ornamental Trees, cousidtin# in part of— -100 Varieties of AppMj 40 " l'ear 45 " I'lum 45 " Cherry; 60 " Rose; Shrubs ftud Omnmental Trees, with a " right smart chance" of other ictat, which will be ei changed for CASH or COUNTRY PRODUCE. Catalogues furnished upon application. Oi.ymhia Kukseby is situated 1 j uiile south-east ofOlympia. 49:m4 CLOTHING EMPORIUM* 178 Clay St., and 107 Montgomery St., San Francisco, And Its Droadmty, Ken- York. /"CONSTANTLY on hand the best selected and most extensive assortment of Cents'mid Boys' Clothing on tho Pacific const, which \vc uau and will sell lower thnn anv other House. Boy'* and ttentn' C'lofhlnjr made to Order. LOCKWOUD, EWELL & OU. Jauunrv, 11) 18C1, lU:!y THE CHEAT (OMIXESTAL BIHCOVERY In the Science of Medicine. FOR PURIFYING TUB BLOOD AND STREUTH*- ENING THE II I'M AN FRAME. DR. D. PERCY & CO'S CELEBRATED CORDIAL BAIN OF CIRCASSIA,. J'nee tiro dollar* ami a ha t 4 lot tie. 4 NEW and Important medicine for the cure »( Nervous Debility. Lassitude, Weakness, Scor : Humors, Old Wounds, I'lrcrs, Glandular Swellings, Erisipelns,Scrofula,Pimples, Diiemt of the Skin, Cutaneous Eruptions, and all imiturU ties of the Blood. It will ulso remove the effect* of Mercury, aud cutirely eradicate it from thV system. 514 Oujxmt Strut, Ittvrtn California and Pint. W&* N B.—All letters for Advice and Hfitifin promptly answered, and oat door patienta atteated to day and night. San Francisco, Aug 1, 1861. 41: a CHABLEU 9. 8088111, Importer and Dealer in TTPX. PKBtIS,PBDraaiO HAZBBXAL INKS, CARD STUCK, kt. Im. 11l and utuni afreet. Ban Ffnncweo. Jaaaary Jik, I*Cll«:ty RUFUS WILLARD, Phyatcian. nml Surgeon. Dit urrr.s ir illakd of twrat •ffttlr of Srw tart. Mtmi af iHMhf us Territory. afltaafaa p»w** ueal MTkti t> ik ciiiirat of lurvMijitj mmtt ia all ikt ill| nil a# Madirtaa a*> 4 gtipn. m :tbaarfc prm«talw>> lUwai ti a CWtfjun ('vara* Criw aa4 of N-» Yark aS*r4». At BwW traMa ika k* «riH M>iila liWrai «harr mt paMc i »« to to <»lk m ik baa of Ma fn> friwia. lu • LiU fci» M(V« tIMUNvI k 4aa»- tatf. attoatwi *3l kpail ta Oliapi, Aaf u>t lotk, I Ml. luf ~ " ■ ■ ""'*j HENRY M. MtMU, |LATB NTttTAIT OP TO imiMU.J. '■ i— */** I*. - 4K »- '"-"trirnpi ultHyf <ir*u*€ ifKiil atMMHB k ItopHpH lL^zzrvjrz^zzrz ofiktm kk. Ik aa kkkHfaftn Sr ? L»a4 < Orrics—Oa lU.a St Oivay*a V T [«! j

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