Newspaper of The Washington Standard, November 30, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated November 30, 1861 Page 3
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Tut L»x»o* TI*M OX TBK t'iu>< « j-iik STRI <ML£. —TLc L<JU<l<<ll lutU4 has an article giving • view rather cx . grated than otherwise, id the lore* ~j the State* on the I'oloiuac. It says: The Pedetal army is now r ar »n|M.»rior in number* to that of it* oi.pouent The tirMtr millions of N.>iiLtruen hare pot in the field afvrc* t rheh th»*qh fxmgfrratrd Iry pitrivtUm ur r .>,e_i, if sUlt ome •/ tkt most impeding •>a> ,rtr irat gathered under the banner* , in .State. The Timet also aay* the South " can river ho|»e to e«|ual its op|>oueuU iu the it umber of men," and that ita iu ti riority is sti!l more important in the Matter of mean* and materials of war. It MIVI also of the blockade, and the comiiig test struggles: The coast is sealed except to a fear clever seamen commanding fa*t-sailing vessels, and the skill for fahru-atiiiL' arms must be slowly acquired with the enemy at the gates. The chances are, therefore, that the Southern States are about to undergo a trial of their strength and resolution. Regarding tho capture of Lexington, the Times says: "We do not attach much importance to this outlying war fare." It declares it "is impossible that Missouri can ever belong to the South ; and that " the real battle will be fought in Virginia and along the coast" MARRIED: In Portland. NOT. "J5, by the Rev. I'. K. lit Intnl. Miss EMMA G. BLACK, and EDWIN L. JAMES. DIED: At Chambers' Prairie, on Saturday, 23d in.-t.. WM. BLACKSHAR, of Olvinpia. in the 34th year of his age. SPECIAL. NOTICES. Religious notices. Rev. R. J. EVANS will preach in the District School House on the first, second, and fourth Sundays of each month, at 11 A. M. Services in the M. E. Church every Sabbath evening, at 7 o'clock. llall'MSarsaparilla, Yellow Dork and lodide of POIBNS-IS purely ns re presented, and made in strict accordance with phar maceutical formula, and is strictly guarantied free from Spirits, Mercury, and Arsenic which caunot <ic said of any other known preparation of the kind. As a good and reliable tonic alterative, it is unequalled. It quickly removes from the sys tem all morbid and impure matter, —Mercury, Lead and Arsenic. For all chronic diseases, there isnoothjr remedy extant that trill, or doe* rare, Rhuiuatism, Scrofula, Old Sores, Salt Kheum, (iout, Lumbago, Pimples on the face and body, N'euralgin, Pains in the joints. Chronic Sore Kyes, Spring Fever, ludigestion, Liver Complaint' snn diseases arising from an impure stato of lliood, Skin and Kidneys, as quick and sure, as Hall's Sarsnparilla, Vellow dock and lodide of Potass. For sale'everywhere, for One Dollar; t> Mottles sent by express to any addrcs for Five Dollars. ft. IIAII A Co., Sole I'VopHefflW. Xds-. 531 k .112 Clay St.', San Frattiisco. Doctors Percy SL CO., NO. All Dll pont street, between California and Pine, San Francisco, Pht/»ician* anil Operating Surgeon*, Mem bers of the Koval Colleges of London and Kdin burgh, (graduates i*ftbe Universities of bortdon and Kdiuiiurgli,—First Prizes for Anatomy and Chem istry, and Second for Medical Jurisprudence for the above named Universities;— Honorary Physicians to the Edinburgh Lying-irt-llospital, and Surgeon to Glasgow Lock Hospital, beg to call the attention of the public to their Hatiunal Mudc of Trusting and Curing Diteaten, and may bo consulted daily from OA. M. till 9 Pi M., on DISEASES OF THE FOLLOWING ORGANS : Drain, Eye, Ear, Heart, Lungs, Liver, Stomach ami Intestinal Canal; I'anereat, Spleen, Kid ney and remaining Irinary Or gans; Midwifery and Diseases af Humeri and Children. Surgical Cases—Operation* of every class nnd character performed. Cases ofXerrous or Acquired Debility, Diseases of the Skin, etc., «tc., we beg to draw particular attention to. Also, Fibrous and Muscular Rheumatism, commonly called Chronic and Acute, and generally produced by the uso of Mercury. DOCTORS PERCY A CO., 514 Dupont street, bet. California ard Pino. X. R.—All letters for Advice or Medicines promptly answered, nnd out door patients attend ed to day and night. Francisco, Aug., 1861.' 41:ra3 liberies Sale. BY virtue ol an execution issued by the Clerk of th« District Court, of tha 2nd Judicial Dis trict, of the Territory o f Washington, and to me directed and delivered, against the goods, lands, chattels, tenements, and effects, of Wm. Littlcjohn. I hare levied a poo, seised, and taken into execu tion aad will proceed to tall at public aoetioa at the ' ourt-baase door (Capitol Baildiag) ia Olympia. W T.. on Monday, December the 301 b A. D. 1H« I, it one o'clock ia tbe afternoon, the following de»- ■ ribed property, rit: All that parcel of land sitna ted ia thejewa of Olympia and kuown aa lot tea < 10.) ia Mock Iweaty-oigbt (28,) af Swaa's addi io tbe Towa of Olyuspia. wilb all tbe baildiags • heraaa. aad all tbe appittraaaeas tberraato br laagiag. tbe saais la be aald la satisfy a jsfynsrst ■a favor af Baai I Swerary far tb» aaai of s23* M. witb iaterrst. raa la, aad iarraasad cost*. WILLIAM RILLIMCS Sheriff of Therstoa caaati. If T Olympsa, W T . Nor SOtb. IMI. 5*4 Wjihi T'rrilaey of Wasbiaflaa, Ila the Dialric* 4'«iart M J sfirial Muriel. > af thr ' oaaty af Tbarstaa i M Jodsnal PMrt T JOIN P DCVOBE, turner, aad B DETOBE, lioaaeaaa: Too are hereby aetiEsd thai a rsapkisl far a fur*rlo*arc af aartrifr has boea bled agaiast am »a aaid roart by R H Laaadale. which will ■mm ea la he heard at the km Irra af the roart. *bicb shall tisane aun thaa tknr Maths af tee the M dar af Narrator. |a«i. aad aalcee ">a appear ataatdtena aad aaawrr, the aw win »- tabra aa aaafaeaed, aad thr prayer thereof friasad. Tbe abject aad psmyer af aaid ia, ia f'r^loeeaMriy iji cartmia seal «4 to rrrorer of yoa the tea af sis baadrrd aad l*r rat. par ■salh frasa VoroaWr 1 2th IMi. BfTUKB P AIDEBSUV. A Haras/ far riaiatiß far. N, IMI » w4 OLTMVIA Wtmm XAVVrACTOKT. Stuart St Blackahear. Wol'LDiaforas thecfalaaas of Olyas- flflFmjE pia aad the sarraaadiag roaatry 'hat iher are now ■aaafactariag WAGORS.CAR MAGRB aad BI'OUIBS of all deerri>Haas, bmm >a*«, for whiebWHEAT yttl'be kahea bTllchens, - er«<l at the Taawalar MiQs Shop corner Sd 4 "4 Ckiaoek Streets. 9'y«»pi*. Pe'ranker t, Itfaa 4 tf M atrimonial a »o«nf vw» f<rtut.< «<iJ |-xn»< <i i» it A ku. I. w to Mil' lni'.*cil a Udv *ilk •uaaiUr <jitalM«-at.m- Tk* adterti"r l»ia* nn i ftt. tillbrf* >lr* n)« ki«**lf. aa-i ilKni'rt h<- if ><•<>•( ia k* "ill kiw.«*!f on Ik -LUDT at 4r of My The adtrrti«« rI« of IM4l ■ta Mslare. neither ••!«.« Ut r 1««' lr»» <l»rk eye* animated . >iilf«Mn . na<l k< ■«.( her* rosier I* <» ia ataliag k* kt< tkt *KMI aa.«ay »kit* M«tk. natural <«n : I kau4». kraw id 4 ikia i< rl«r u a <kt<4 • : kt- b»ir a»i ckititn mrr m deep '-f »»4 kf < *• «~»«»re turn all tbil tkew latter btanliti »f" firm him kt u<it( fur two ■<> nth« Ufunt • W r-t In l.a Soap. Ttttk IUhM f»r kti trlkn leetk. aal Juur* !'<»»] • llair Re*t*>rali«r us hi* t»r»y < mr- iiair ae<! bj kbaiißv aa4 walking «»tkJ<»a«-' luiian f*«a|> Hit tmrw wrinkled -kin an I litn'l. bar* Ihm kn a»<k ■ hitt »'l « lr>r Tk«>» Imnltful ar tuln ra» I* b><) at mwHuikir r.te* al nm drug •tor* ia California. t>re*«« acl W .*•!< int.m TrfTi- Itiri t iiANK & LlilttilAM ,»in t mii' i>'<' A|M*. ». riaur* "» t rett-iir*. D. PHILLIPS * SON. Mi nis til GENERAL KtIEIS. Olvmpm. \V. T. OFKER for »alc a tir* al<vk of— I »l*y (tOOtlrt. Ci ifK , cri< , A Clotliinjr. Hoots* A* Slkk-.S i ■ Huts and t 'tips, tiv /yry oi>J (J(a*stcan, I (to tltry. <*•«'. TrKM<—('A»h or f'ountr* Product Olvinpia, fcpfember 14. 1801. 44:tf BLOC 11. HURLER A « 0., ' ( S*rre»xjrt to I'rter. Millrr ,V ) DALLES) AX D COLVILLE, WIIOIKiALC AM) RETAIL DEALER* IN FBI m lOHESTiC BfiY-EOODS. CI.OTHINO, BOOTS, SlloE.S, HATS, Ac. ALSO Staple and Fancy Groceries, Provisions, Wines, Ijiquort«, Jltc*. A fill! nssortroent of MINERS' OOODrJ con stnntlv on hand. BSjyMr. IILOCH being n resident of San Francisco, where all our purchases are lnmle, sliali be Able to offer better inducements than imv other House. October Iflth, 18C1. 47:mG TKRBITORV OK WASHINGTON, J County of Thurston. j ' In the hinlrict Court of the Second Judicial Dirtrirt. To WILLIAM L. SMITH, sued as subgcqucut in cumbrancer, in suit of Andrew Williann v». (Jeorge Drew, et til. Foreclosure of mortgage. You are hereby notified that Andrew William* has filed a complaint against (Jeorge Drew, Caro line I*. 11. Drew, 11. F. Sttyker, and yourself, in said court, which will come on to be hear l at the first term of the court which shall couimcurc more than three mouths after the I!M li day of October. 1801, and unless you appear at said term and an swer the ?aipe x\ill br taken ns confessed, and the pVayer thereof granted. The object nud prayer of said complaint is to forechjfc •lie equity of redemption, if uuyyoi; have, or may claim to have in certain premises, to wit (he interest of said George linn- in the bind clniii in Lewis county, in said District, known II " Ocorge Drew's Claim,'' mortgaged to this Plain tiff bv indenture of mortgage, dated October ll'th. 1 H jr., to secure the payment of !*<n,ooo, with 1c gnl interest after date. Complaint filed August 2i>th. lHtil ; amended in open court,on leave, September Term, 18lil. KLWOOD KVAXS. Attorney of Andrew Williams October lutli, 1851. >:i:m3. BROOKLYN HOTEL, COItXEK liROM) ll'.l YAXD SAXSOME SIS., SAX FRANCISCO. THE proprietor of thin well known nml J--X old established House is still at his old JtiajL tricks—feeding the public for the low sum of poru DOLLARS per week, and the cry is "Still they come I" This Hotel WHS established in 1852, mil the proprietor proudly appeals to Its ttcll-known reputation, and at the same time pledges himself to use every endeavor to add to the comfort and convenience of his guests. The Brooklyn Hotel WAGON will always he ready on the wharf on the arrival of the steamers, to convey passengers and their baggage to the House, free of chaise. To prevent imposition, be positive and .see that lIKOOKLYN HOTEL is painted inlnrgc letter., on the sides of the wagon. Hoard per day $1 ;—Hoard per week sl: Meals 50 cents Lodgings 50 cents;—Lod; : 'igs per week $2 to $4: —Single rooms 50 cent.- per night. JOHN KKLLKY, Jr., Proprietor. San Francisco, Oct. 19th, IM6I. 4!':m3 Goal Oil AND COAL OIL L.tJIPM, fINOCETIIKK with all kind* of Ruruiag aud I Marbiam Oils, for (ale at greatly ml-iced rates. Also FOR ROOMS. for Cm.kiug. mmd fmr llemimg Flmt lr<,n'. rri uu tin im bt BTAXKOKI) B KoTI! KRS. California "rwl Bear Freat. San Frssriare REBGERS BIJOU MLLIAItD TAILS!, VITI ■in rut am OB fpBE labicrihm inirN te tmfurm ikt patdie J tkUkthMarasctMiiM* al iMtpwn RiM (ffMtr thr IrtNfaliUt Tbe atrr -mr rftW above ■■■li.nt BILLIARD TA- R'.ES. u4 («4<aUi iatiM tWfilwii eftkr Ni>- RLE CAME, te rail aad esaawae It The l.iul Master. liai Iwpr. ifiih ef tW U>ln ia tkf tmaa af crmmiadatiia. To private f»m- iim ibear Tabfas raanarad thaanhei. oapecaaily IkI« af farailarr far S peiralo dwoWag lb tea fa aotbiag saore fi ijiahli ; ia (hart, aa heaaihilfar ■ aaaana with aay armaiiii lo » liag wall rqrw laiod ihoaid he wMhaat oae. ITeailiwie akaot to katld ifildiaia shea Id by all Maaa make s»t»- iaa far a BILLIARD ROOM, where their eaa eafoy the aaMe. grarefW. aad hewHh giriag gaaae af Rillmefa. M. E. HCIiHEB RiUiard Table Mmbiterw. Aad Agoal far FHELAK R PATENT COMRI XATIOR CfSHIONS, etc.. etc. ML Exbibitiaa aad Btliw, So. 7M Ml TM Meetgowery Mraet ■a. Maaefactory. Market Him, eypaite Or pbaa Atyloa I MT2I» STATES OK AMERICA. | Trrr.ton «f U a-binyt.-a. . i J ailii ial Ihalri.t ) W*'IIF.BEAS a in..! I>u been filed in tbr 1»U --tri< I t »art. hi and 4 «r tbr 34 Judi'ial Ma> Iriii of Hi t.inctutt Territory, ua the IMb da) of «>.tot*r. ISol l>) John 11. >. ULiuii. part o» n< r nil J lil.cUnt Sjf* l "' l 'br ekaiMt F.t-zi AmJrr»»i a. h« r t« Ll*. >|'Mrrl and furaitart. rngiart and ••binrry. rn4 agin. • Itan'd F, liridfuril. f»r: *Bir. liiil i{rat r>f Mill Sn»iito« ac t R t k-mingr »• uu/ Captain. an I • lainon,- an I pr<- irtuJiag iv I* a pari oaurr . ia aaWtaui r tllil Ikr iilirlnl i« llif owwr c f thirty-two 132 i rigbua tb< rf raid Mt-aui>hip. and ll»»l hr il krpl cat and da-pritrd of tbr p-».>e»ioa of urana >ki|» I't Mill owarr cl Ira (If) eightieth*, and -*id a- IV|4iia. appoint'd by raid Bradford and plating a pruccaa aeaiuat nil ateam-l.ip tad that raid Bradford and Ftrmia; k t Hrd to appear. and ibat p<ae-<-»ii>a of «aid ilrau -l.p la dalivrned t* the <*id » rantun : tb-rrforr. in pwr<iaaa<-r .«• tbr motion uuder »ral «■ raid t ourt. to ac dirti trd and drlnrrrd. I <lu brrtba (iir pc'.li. uuiict to all prr.-oaa . iaiaoiait: Tin - ii.l stcin-iii) lirr In kit. apparrl. in< n -nd aai b i-rrr <» in any matter latrrcatr.i lii. re in. that tlx v Ik an i appear l-eforr the-aid l>i«trirt < liurt t» Ik fa< <i liif ton n <»! i»i» »paa. in and lor tb> Id J«id. al l»Utri« l. >•>! the hr-t Matfiay «"f iM.ini'wi ur \t a I v rlorh in tbr torenoan—|>ro aided ti.. -*r»r aball I* a liii aif jurisdiction. ot'i- on tin- lirM day of juri-dictioa. then and I b<rr to iut.r|4»< tbrii < laiui a lid lu iiuA" tbair in tbat t<ebalt halol Vmralur 14. iaa;| I II Al* t. WKKII. I' S. Mar»bal. {lt.] lit W I 1.1.l AM 81L1.1M..V Impair. WXCBBSIR'S liVWiUHUKU NIC K HDV A\D WOUKA !! Wliiti < ouNlifutew llrallta t Rlt'll. Pure Blood. Naltiral Pernpiration. flood appetite for Food, Sleep, KxercUe and I lie l-'ujoytntiits of Nature, nitli Strenirth of Body, Miiui and liiinl.s—Activity of the l.iver. and nil other Natural Functions—such n state is fell by all, after using Dr. Webbff's InvistoralliiK Cor dial Naitßiilller! t To many, the above may seem extravagant praise of this concoction, but if they could see, as I have, the many whom this has restored to health, they would not be surprised at any lan guage used in its praise, To offer more certifica tes, is useless ; at least eighty have already licen published, and only the thick-headed, self-wise skeptic and unbeliever can doubt that it is the most blessed health-restorer and strength-giver ever invented by man. It restores and perma nently invigorates the broken down system. Nav, more, it replaces natural weakness and strength. The desponding it revives, the feeble it endows with vigor, and the cheerfulness and strength which it restores, or creates, it also preserves. To the sickly wife it imparts that degree of vital force necessary to the crowning joy and great ob ject of matrimony. To the debilitated husband, it gives the nervous and muscular energy which characterizes manhood. In all enses of nervous disease, low spirits, indigestion, liver complaint, indisposition in mental exertion, lassitude, emaci ation, impotence, &<\. in fact, in all complaints, acute and chronic, which depres* arid weigh down the mind and body, it is au absolute, infallible gpecitie, NATURE'S OWN REMEDY FOR MAN SICK- N ESS !! That creates, reproduces New and Pure Wood— that acts on the liver, heart, brain, intestines, limbs and chest—that revolutionizes tiie whole system—gives strength to the most debilitated and weal*—that contains no mineral, or other poison. Such is. iu truth. • Dr. Jneob Webber's Jnstlv Famous In- vigorating Cordial Sanguifier! The extraordinary and ftranjfe cures effort oil by this licuutiful herbal coiicortion hasastnnUhcd nil: it serins to suit every consiitiitiiin. Thr Oi.ii, Till: I'kkm.e, tub IJAmii'lli, frrl tlmt new life mul blood is pi veil tliein. The roue, the dissipated debauch ee. the weak from long disease, from taking too much medicine, calomel nndother mineral poisons : the youllir man whose manhood is wasted, where nature's functions are inert and lifeless, experien ces the bliss of LLOBHST ANI) VI(I(IRONS MAN HOOD I His appetite Is Rood, his sleep quiet and rcfmshiiig. his mind and memory clear and cer tain; Sold in quaH bodies bv KE»IM«i'OI K CO. i'KANE & HRICiIIAM, San Francisco. And nil Druggists in California, Oregon and Washington Terrtory. SlierilPN Nnlr. BY virtue of an execution issued by the Clerk of the District Court of the 2d Judicial Dis trict of Washington Territory, and tome directed and delivered, iigainstthcgoodsnndihattcls. land, tenements and effects of Lewis Knsign, I have lev ied Mpon, seized and taken into execution, and will sell according lo law, at the court-house door in Olympia, (the Capitol building.) on Monday, De cember the 2d, A. D. IHiil, at the hour of one in the afternoon, the following described real es tate. vis : Lots one, two, three, four, five, six. sev en and right, of block forty-three. (43) in thr Town of Olympia; thesaineto be sold to sati«fy a judg ment rendered bj the said District Court in favor of iieorge Bla»"!»ot. and ..gainst Lewis Knsign. for the »uin of thirteen hundred dollars and interest thereon at tea per cent per annum, from and after tbe 1 "•lb day of April. A. D. together with cost* of rail aod m< rt-4«nl rml* WILLIAM HILLINGS. Sbrriff of Thar-ioa Co.. W T. Noietabrr 2. I*M»1. 5l a 4 l araa ffcr Male. I fpHE »»4iwinf4 will «ell hi« l«rd claim. T J aailr* below Ultatpta ..a the Sn*4 for r*«h | hmtti tmrm baa IS •< im irjn f in) rilli»t:!«. 39 a<m nt>d-r fr-a«~e. a itfc 4 a mh ia :ia»<-*hy : tsd 4wriliar and uaiMii)4iav* Far far • '..-alar* at this »#* r or l«ik» »ailt'if*»4 eo tke perm.— HLRRERT JEAL v»»ai« 11. I In: i it tf B MilCt

ET Virri'K af aa order af *««» rd Ml of tW iMrift rmrl ml »b» J +4f ml ri«-t of * Trniunt 4>l*4 Uw M 4>i af Urlaiw A i» t«*l. rI MH«n M >• ■»> i» sate af it* hMiraf fa ■< iikef paepi rn. t* ant : 41 that t -rtaia fw* or pntvl af baf ia Uw t wit af l<nit aa>4 Tmilan af Waabiagtna II * R 2 W. r.—.rin at the * I <-otwet «f Mi a ark 11 la a 4 • taad Hate, aa Ik uar m n ia the lotitw a OSn at iHm pao. Ikurt weal «• tlx aaetbi I a kiaadarr of aaid cfoam tothe N W_earare mtki* tWM JI'iL'LM *puZr.4 iag af ia aay wiee afmartaaaiag. far ite paqnwaf ; rafcrriaf a fiflil af hmlaaß af aa ■if paiaaiam aalr ia aai4 Wanrt Caart. aa tb 4th day rf»nlialn A 0 lhal ia far* af T Daalae. ngaiasl Jaama Flaae. far the omm ef «m ' J«4|t«t aad io ureal a» la a par mm far Mali j faaaafafarifa»k fa; af Aa«aat. loan aatii | hU, a ilk tMtt aad aarrriag rail; aatara fa > bank; gitea iM aaiir mm* hy rime af laaf » drr ef ab 1 ahall peacmd la tta abaee i» taoa. la ifa high eel Wfaa fa aa*. aa faM*f,i * afnt/fc* JATAJT 1 I ALL * ' *• w4 f+eeifefl «rtr« W » Leonard Scott d'Co. s rfprixt of Tnr MUTM BCTIKWI AMD ILKIVIinjKUIII. IEOSARD SCOTT * CO.. N«w Tack, < oatiaaa J U i*-p«Wiah tbr fuilowiag Britiab Paring tali, til: 1 The LONDON yIARTERLY. (Cmmitiw ' 2. Tha FIHNHI REVIEW, (Whig.) 2 Tbr NOHTH MRITiSH REVIEW.(Fftrt 4 Tbr tt KSTMlNhTfclt REVIEW. (Liberal.) •> BLACEMOOP'S i:i)INBrR«.ll MAGAZINE. (Tory, i Thr* I'rriodii al< ably rrjirr-rot tbr grrat JH-Ii ':• al |aiti« of tirrat liritain— Wbig. Tory, aad • politic- lorm oaly oar fraturr of tbrir .tm rartar. A* orpat of tbr ao<t prnfoaad writrri • ■ii ."virarr. Litrratarr. Morality end Rrligioa. t:ir» »Unil a» thry liarr rt«r atood. imriralrd ia world til Irttrr*. hrinp ronaidrrrd iadiapraaa tu tbr *. bolar and tbr profr«<ion«! mas. trhib to tbr iatrlligrat rvadrrol rtrry rla»», tbry far ni-b a more rorrrrt and aatiafnrtory rrrord of tbt . urrral litrraturr of tbr day. tlimnjrbout the worid tbau «aa poaaibly br obumrd from any otbrr -fiiirtr. Tlir m-aipt «.f Advance Slims from tbr Rritiab pul.lUbrra Kive« additional valur to tbrrr rrpriat*. iiM'mnrb aa they ran now l.e placrd in the handa ~l' Mil.iM til,era i>bout aa »ooti aa thr original edi tioii? To rin h : For any one of the four lleviews, per .innum..s.i 00 For any two of thr four Review», •• •• _r. oo For any three of the four Review*. " " „T 00 Kor all four of thr Reviews, •• •' _H 00 For Ilia, kwoo.l > Magazine, " " .. 300 For llla. kn ood and one Itrvicw, " " „ft 00 Kor Hla. kwo.Ml and two Hevirw?, " '• .. TOO For Blackwood and three Reviews, " " .. Hno For Blackwood and the foor Reviews, " ..1000 tmy Money current in the Htnte where i«sucd h ill lie receivc«l at par. Clubbing. A discount of twenty-five per cent from the übuvc price v\ ill be allow0(1 to clubs ordering four or more copies of any one or more of the above work?. Thus four copies of Illackwood, or of one Review, will be sent to one address for $!• ; four copies of the four Reviews and Illackwood for S3O; and so on. roptnpo. 6®-I" nil the principal cities and towns, these Works will be delivered FREE OF POSTAGE. When sent by mail, the Postage to any part of the United States will be but re 111 H a year for '• Illackwood." and but 14 cents a year for each of the Reviews. N. R.—The price iu Great Britain of the five Pe riodicals above named is S'U per annum. BklT i: eniittances should always be addressed, post paid, to the Publishers. LEONARD SCOTT te CO., No. .14 Gold street, New York January sth, 1801. No. 8 Nlirrief'V Male. BY virtue of an order of sale issued by the Clerk of the District Court of the 2d Judicial District of Washington Territory, dated the 25th day of October. A. D. I*6l, commanding m£ !? make sale of the following property, to wit: AI! of that certain piece or parcel of land situated in the county of Lewis and Territory of Washington, being the same that George W. Ilolsapplc received from the United States as a donation, containing one hundred and sixty IICO) acres, bounded ou the North In Public Lonns, E. by T. M. Picrson's land, S. by Horace Howe's land, and W. by K. L. Finch'* laild, with all the appurtenances thereto belonging, for the purpose of enforcing a decree of foreclosure of mortgage on said premises, made in District Court, Sept. Ith, 1861. in favor of Fer dinand Daulne and against G. W. Hotsapplc nnd P. E. Smith, for the sum of seventy-five dollars (#75) judgement, nnd Interest from the Bth day of Sept., 1860, at two per cent, per month until paid, nnd costs of suit and accruing costs ; Notice is hereby given that by virtuo of said or der of sale, I shall proceed to sell the above des cribed property, on the premises, ut public auc tion, to the highest bidder, for cash, on Snturday, the Ttli day of December, A. I). 1861. at 10 o'cluck A. M. of that day. JAYAN HALL. Sheriff of Lewis County, W. T. November 4, 1861. 52;wl sheriff*'* Male. TJV virtue of an order of sale issued by the Clerk of the District Court of the 2d Judicial District of Washington Territory, dated the 23th day of October, lHtil, commanding me to make sale of the following described property, to wit: All of that certain piece or parcel of laud situated in Lewis county, W. T., in Township eleven HI), N. Range two (2) west of the Willamette meridian, the fractional N. half of the N. West quarter of section two (2), and the fractioual half of the west quarter of section two (2). and the fractional half of the N. E. iitiarter of section three (J), and tile fractional X. E. quarter of the X. W. quarter of section three (3), and the west half of the X. W. quarter of section three (31, and the ft. half or section four (<)-, containing five hundred sod sev enty-one 4H-ion with all of the appurtenan ces'belougiug. for the purpose of eaforeiug a de cree of foreclosure of a mortgage, made in the Dis trict Court, ou the 4th day of Sept. IMI, in favor of F. Daulue and against Heury Miles. Chas. L. Reed and Fred. A. Clark, for the sum vf one hun dred and sU dollar* (!<>(»). judgment, with inter • <l at twn per rent, per mouth, compounded semi annually from Sept. Mb. 1860, until paid, togeth er with the cost - and accruing rusts ; Notice i» hereby given thai by virtue of said or der ..f »»lr 1 shall pnnecd to sell the above des < rit»<; property on the premises at public audit n. t'. tin- high**! bidder for cash. on Saturday, the Mb dar of I»r< ember. A. U. I**l. at 5 o clock r. m.Jf that da* • JAT AX UAIX. " jibmf of Lesii Connty, *; T. Xm.aW «. IMI. M»t Frakalr Xatkc. !■ rr*wtf • o«n ) K**»w of Tlitr>tui t'uuii. J»h« l.dfM, * Trrrit Tr ) «kre*»»4 .r. J"K\ f Vf .l V. ,4d»—iintir *.u» «rrf/ ammrfd fll «a< <»«<.» ■ —T»k» >lll *• ti rr < n irtf rt »»t wi< fr»li«lr •'•«*», i*. ia4 fcr >rU r*Mtr rf T*w**b. ii <*» »p*k. HW*W. to? •rr TIT* rnfmH rvmrt. M Mk( * .Uaiudrtwr af aaid UUtr K a. WALKS*. froVit# J«Jr» U Tfc»r»u>« • **r««Wr* l««r| SI tr Rr AVDCBSO* m my i«lWn*< Agtmt 4»n«c ay al.tari w , ATMg n.rafit P.yfWr ». IMI 44»J —iTiiwnpn USE HUOUAUMMRTt mt»tATtr» BOH *A>nrACTrmtD •f lift »4 ifwii r« to •* ■» *<m —to >art I* aafc ftr tto ■- ft L. Brmmi. m sr ."i ViiaA."" a* i» A f**' ii^til NATIONAL REPCBLICAN.j WtiaiNm. D. C.. ill; I, IMI. TV u4tti(tH caaiai n- rd. ia At MMb mf iMrtaiUi Uat.lbr paldicati««. ia tbi» citjr. «f a •Mfclr ataiMrr. calM tbr y al/oaa. t It i» priutrd «a a largr afcrrt. twcatT-aarca hf forty-two iarbaj aad I* faraiiM at |W |m pftcaa It wiR aaataia all tb« iatl«r at tha daily Aate mmltqmUmm,. «itb IW ttrtyto mt local atvt tat iatcmiag ta roaaUy labirrihn. Il will git* fall rrpnrta of tbr praraadiag* U Oapm, aad of tbr otkrr drpartatrati gf tba na tional tiarrrawiat It will roataia all Uir «'»- of tbr day. farripn aad 4an»tir. aarirti. kc . Mt.. aa «tU aa aa ongiaal < orrrapoadra. r fruaa ail paru of tbr j roaattr. Tbr aivtllairou departnrat trill rr rrirr ijirfial attention. aa4. ia al! rr*prrf«. tbr rfcrt will br atadr to r*tabli«h tbr rbarartrr of War Wmtnmvt Kfutivra a u a Faaailt Xrwapaprr. W aabtnictoa briag now tbr cratnl poaat of tbr rnrrrat miliury nprratkm*. preat alt rat wo will br |>aid tu farKt.biag tbr r»drn at lU witb full, and r-|* ially wi'b . arroanta of tbr profttM oftbt war for tbr T ni< a ia poiit:<-». i!tr pa par will l« •at taining tbr Adaa«aaa*ratiuaof Rr. Liarota. bat dia riaiaaiaf. b .arm any pmraaioa la br tbr organ of ibr I'rraidrnt Tbrrr ia aootber RrpcUiraa paprr ia tbr Pit trirt of Colaaibia. or ia tu «i. iaitt of it. aad H ia Ix lirrrd that rrrrat errata bair oprnrd to a orb a paprr aa rplirrr of aarfal rffort Tba tiaM baa roaM. wbea thranaal adaaiaiatratioa of tbr Uovrramrnt apon an principle* will • X|.lo<lr thr iniarr|'rrsratati(<n« nlii.h bate tnrdr tlrnar prinriplr* «o <fl«taatrtnl to tbr Sooth. liat it U aot only berr and ia tliia tirilt; .that thr projector* of the \,irmual lltpuhhran hope to tual.c it its.-fti!. To tlir wbolc country tbt t oflVr a journal wliicb will ditcuta national |.olitici> fro in a national Mandpoint, and which will never l.e swerved from patriotic duty by any overpowering preisuri' of local interest. Ternni or Nabacrlpilon. lir.r ropy, one year $2 00 Three copiea, one year 5 00 Five copies, one year T 00 Ten copies, one year 12 00 Twenty copies, one year 20 00 One copy, tis months 1 00 Three copies, six tnontiis 2 50 Five copies, six months a 50 Ten copies, six months 6 00 Twenty copies, six months 10 00 Payment iilwnyg in advance. When a Club of subscricers lias been forwarded, additions may be made to it on the same terms. It is not necessary that the subscribers to a club should renclve their papers at the same post office. Money may be forwarded by mail, at our risk. Large accounts can be remitted in drafts on Hos ton, New York, Philadelphia, or Haltimore; smaller amounts in gold, or in notes of solvent banks. The Daily Xalional Itrpulliran is published every morning (Sundays excepted) at $3 50 per annum, in advance. Addresss W. J. MVRTACI? & CO., [so:lv] Washington, D. C. Dr. J. llrowne, No. 61» Kearney Street, corner Commercial, Physi cian and Operating Surgeon. Member of the Royal College of London and Edinburgh. Graduate of the Universities of London and Edinburgh—First prizes for anatomy and chemistry, and second for medical jurisprudence for the above named Uni j versifies—Hon. physician to l!lO Edinburgh | Lylng-in-ITospitfti, «nd Surgeon to Glasgow Lock Hospital, begs to call the attention of the public to his rational mode of treating and curing dis eases, and may be consulted daily from 0 a. m. till 0 p. m., on diseases of the following orgaus : Drain, Eve. Ear, Heart, Lungs, Liver, Stomach and Intestinal Canal; Cancers, Spleen, Kidneys and remaining Urinary Organs; Midwifery and diseases of Women and Children. Surgical cases—operations of every class and ebaractcrperforniud. Cases of nervous or acquired debility, diseases of the Skin, etc., he begs to call tparticular atteutiou to Fibrous and Muscular Rheumatism, commonly called chronic nnd ncute, and generally produced hy the use of Mercury. DR. J. BROWNE. 61!) Kciirney street, San Francisco Cal. BpOu N. U.—All letters for advice nnd medicines promptly answered, nnd out door patients attended to day or night. FOR VICTORIA! AND INTERMEDIATE POUTS. THE STEAMER ENTERPRISE, CAPT. WM. CURRY, -yjyiLL leave Olympia for the above port every Monday and Thursday, At 7 o'clock A. M. —RETI'BNING — Will leave Victoria overy Tuesday and Friday, carrying the 1". 8. Mail. For freight or puitgl op ply on board. Olympia, September 28tb, 1861., 4C:tf Estate ofCJldeon Thompson, Dcs'd NOTICE is hereby given by the undersigned, Administrator of the above-named estate, to the creditors of, and all persons having claims against said deceased to exhibit the same, with the necessary vouchers, within one year from the publication of this notice to the undersigned, 9*. Chamber's Prairie, Thurston county. W. T. STKPHKM 11. KI'DDF.U. Chamber f Prairie, W.T-,IKt. 21 !#("•'. ll:wt Karjr»t Heed. THIS »eed the srksf ItOjred superiority of which, far either dry meadows or for sandy prairies. fot pasta race or for mowing, has ren dered it so popular, can be fouad in quantities to suit purchaser* at the store of C. 1. WILLIAMS. X. B.—Tmse kr«w«fi« February or lank. N«»e»U*2d. laai. il-mj WASHINGTON HOTEL, curves or secovd a» iau strbsts, OlympMk W. T. Iw4 pw «wi—— •* hi », i— t-ty . SAFES! SAFES! r. nuui. AOU Afni *•» TILTO* t JWAIUTOt lVw S*b M «(Q Umi it Ik —rfcit hrlk m minii l Tkm Utk m w "WT mfwl tto Boft <•<** •M to II N|*N tto k»» u4 >—!!■■ tiM W ■n Ik* to* • tf At kit AnM h frM tto NW, H >mU to ptritotir wl» •» tto MMW •i!l<Mt llf Ik r— ti— Ho.. or ■■ml toy, »hkfc tto mw crnin i« kbtorf. To IMN la rat of • rolttU* m*. M after ito rtwi Anyw tto* —y ottor l» tto writ n •* • it., S'_ r.-w.;;t4. * E» voy^SrmoTEi ibiiMf Dmfcwi, ilnhtt, inir«ltteltt i>!ing c ur*J : DELERIUM TREMENS \tn*k Ufair lis n*j»«■ lutrk. m 4 ib minii lirr pevrr tftrmrilt i* vaaMU. TW ultl >«4 r«iM«r *M thwlli i itimi —y,—< ibfT \e+f far jor. »fT«a§ Headache, (■iddtMH, Impoteiu-y, Fainting. lmbetii'tv. Xnaimlgia, 4c. T«ri< liiu)r- in the <•■•» *M »!l MfTWI Mumh titM to iu voadcrtai Motkiag idmn. It will restore n:inhiu4 to lt« priiliat rigor, cm after tern of impute* y, mm 4 it tk •*!/ kuo»u aiiJ u-ruio cure lor Mesial DeMllljr. Sold br Reddinirtwi k Co.. K. Hall * Co., C Morrill, C. Langley, Craw * Brigbu, T. White, San Franciacu; It. if. McDonald, Sacra meuto ; 3. T. Watts and Rice A Coffin, Maryivi'le ; K. 8. Holden, Stockton, and lij- nil Dnifgltu in California, Oregon nnd Washington Territory. For sale alio by Dr. K. WILLARD, Olympia. September, lbtil. 44:tu3 Chas. E. Williams, (Successor, to G. A. Dames, — Established 18(2 DEALER IX HARDWARE, TINWARE, STOVES, IRON, STEEL, GROCERIES, &c. Olympln, W. T. HAVING recently received large accessions to bis stock, is now oft ering among other Good*, tbe following desirable article* : Burning Fluid and Coal Oil, (Pure), Coal Oil and Fluid Lamps, Shades, Tubes, Globes, Chimney*. Wick* Concentrated Potash, for making 12 gallons soft soap (with full direc tions) price C2J eta. Advance Cooking Stoves, with extension ovons. (A very desirable patera with extra tastings), Garden Tools, Garden Seeds (12} cents per paper), Pr.rlor ana Door Mat*, Boar. Beaver, Gopher, Rat and Mouse Traps, Brass Curtain Cornices and Bands, Wire and Safe Cloths, of all numbers, Shoe Findings, a Full Variety; Comprising Lasts, Slice Hammers, Knives, Nail*, Pinchers, Pegs, 4c. llorse, Cow and Sheep Bells, Extra Heavy. Dlsoton'« Patent Crosscut and Mill Sam, (A very superior article), Mechanic's Tools and Materials, (a full variety.) Wiudow-sasli, Paints, Oil, Tutty and Glau ; Var nishes, Japan. Turpentine and Alcohol, Pocket and Table Cutlery, (large assort ment), Curry Combs and Hon* Brushes, (leather bucks) Pow der, Shot, Hails, Lend and Caps, Rullet Moulds, Gtin Locks Wipers, Nipples, Ac.; Cable, Trace, Halter m 4 Dog Chains; Sheep Shear* and Wool Cord*, Grub, Planter and Gnrdeo Iloe*, Plows, Cultivators, Mattocks, Brush Hooks, Horse Rakes, Cradles, Scythes, Rakes, Churns, Forks, Butter Bowls and Trays, Ac. JAPAN BLACK TEA. |9*Tin, Sheet Iron, Copper aad Bras* War* manufactured and repaired. N. B.—We bav* innd* such *rr*agem*Bt* for the purchase of articles, cither in Ban Franc I* ea or New York, as we think cannot but give satl*. faction. 19* Commission coVicited. Olympic, April 6, IMI. Jl:tf K£NRY M M'6ILL, [LATE SECRETARY OF TUB TRUTOKY.J Ctmmmimtr tf tht Ctmt V Ctmm y CB. —AXD— Commi*»ioer of Deeds for Oregon o»4 WuWagtM. ILL tmu *pect*l stMis* t* Iks (Hpsn. rlsis* andcr the act of March |4 Ml, for tfw p*jn»ul *F lb* war Mt. Mi *• MM** ksfes* Ike I". 8. Load Otro. C. rtc*—U* )Uia M.. (Hy-jU.W.T. (41 )i Olympia and Seattle' • —i y. I rumi ■ uK| Ml. QrafcrMltmjM rMwl tatmri • JSf; « - riwi S : «£7 J * mtwSTTT jJSS^SpHMi Ml ill nffIMIIT M4a i oiUll a^pSflUti tEMMA&a urn a iimnii. :.w F-U:L".S, Sfiy V>, IMI. IIbI

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