Newspaper of The Washington Standard, December 7, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated December 7, 1861 Page 3
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• .. < u tbiiiicttti of NuV. istli.] The Situation. It i* neeewary at hrief intervals, to ».,>k over the whole field of operations |, twi-i ii the Union and rebel forces, in .1. r to appreciate their several pros j.ei ts. and get«ome definite idea of how war is waging. Iginning at the mouth of ill-' dames river, in Virginia, we have on the Ia »rl!i hank Fortress Monroe, on old Point Coiufort, where Gen. Jiarnev is in command. Gen. Wool having just rvMgucd. Gen. Butler who was form-, ,-rlv stationed here, has had lately as >isrned to hiiu anew department which it.< hide* the Stew Knuland State*, with his Lead quarters at Boston. His pres ent duty is presumed to l»e the filling uji of regiments, and sending them for ward to Washington, while the rumor i- that an exm-dition is l»cing prewired for hini to lead to sea in ltecemher. opitosite to Fortress Monroe, south ward, is Norfolk, still in rebel hands, .tud probably under the command of Gen. Magruder. Ascending the Potomac, the left wing of our arm vis under (Jen. Sickles, who holds the \laryland hank, fronted by Gen. Ileauregard, whose headquarters are altont Acquia Greek. At this place, at Shipping Point, and at various other position* np to and lievond Mount Vernon, the rebels have batteries plant ed. and they would seem to have made the navigation of the Potomac so dan gerous that supplies for our army about Washington are taken it; preference up the Chesapeake to Aunapolis, and thence by railroad to the Capitol. It was intimated in a late dispatch that Beauregard was on his wav to Charles ton, but who was to take his place, if so, has not been announced. Our centre is commanded by Gen. McClellau at Washington, with Gen. Johnston of the rebels fronting him, and holding his headquarters at Fair fax Court llouse. Our lines have been extended south and west of the Poto mac in the form of a bow, from a little below Alexandria to the Great Falls, (some ten miles above Washington,) Lewisburg, which is near Fairfax Court House, being within them.* On the Upper Potomac our right wing is under the command of Major- Gen". Banks, under whom is General Stone. Opposite tliem, with the Poto mac between, is the rebels' left wing, commanded by Major-Oiencral (Justa vus W. Smith, who but recently ran away from New York City, where he held the lucrative post of Street Com missioner. Smith's headquarters are sit Leesburg. Under him is Gen. Ev ans' who lead the attack upon those of our forces who were commanded by (Jen. Baker. Our lines arc on the Maryland side of the river. (Jen. Bank's men hold all the fords, and threatens Harper's Ferry and Leesburg. (Jen. I)ix has command of the An napolis Department, his headquarters being at Fort Mcllcury, near Baltimore. Of the position in Western Virginia very little is known. We probably have undisputed possession between the Allcghanies and the Ohio river, north of the Great Kanawha—for den. Rosencranz, who has charge of this Department, when last heard from had moved his headquarters soirthvvestward from Summerville to Gaulcy Bridge, which is on the Great Kanawha. Op posite Kosencrauz were Floyd the gnu thief, Gen. Lee, (whom to-day's dis patches announce ns being suddenly in the vicinity of Charleston,} and the crazy Ex-Governor Wise, wno has run so fast ana so often when he has had glimpses of his enemy, that it puzzles telegraphic lightning to keep track of him. The Department of Cumberland em braces Kentucky, Kast Tennessee, Ohio and Indiana. It was, until lately, un der command of Gen. W. T. Sherman, who was formerly connected with the house of Lucas, Turner & Co., of this city s he ia brother of Senator Sherman who was so long pressed by the Re publicans for Speaker of the House of Representatives, but was finally with drawn in favor of Penniugton. Gen. Sherraau has lately been cal led to take a command under (3en. McClellan on the Potomac. Gen. Bucll left Washington on the 13th to assume command of the Cumberland Department. Two battles Beem to havo been fought lately, one in easternmost Ken tucky, the other just over the river from Kentucky in Missouri, of which :ts yet, however, we Lave received only '»n«*t merger advices. That in Ken tucky took piace in Pike county, which 14 ti»e extreme eastern )«rt of the State. Geu. Xelsoti commanded the Union forces, and Gen. Wilson the reb da. On what day it <Kvurrcd has not been stated, and whether Gen. Nelson belonged to Khctmau's left wing or iiosecranz's ripht. we know not. The only definite information we have is in our dinpatehe* this evening, to the • flirt that oar forces captured 2.01/11 jri «.iiers, and fouud 400 of the n-i>els i <l< a.l on the fiel.d j The other late Iwittle was fought at llelmont Mo., on the Mississippi river, «I>|>oi<it« Columbus in Kentucky. It probably took place on the 9th oi Nov ember. The rebelc under command of 4 '•Mi. Cheatbnin, croanad lhe Missisxip ]•> and attacked our forces, who were ••>mrnanded by Generals Grant and M.' 'lertiaud. The rebel# were bravely of them taken prisoners, »'id their tents burned. But reinforce ment* under Pillow crossing to their aid, our men were obliged to retire. In Missouri our forces la'e under the command of Gen. Frenont. wlio l.a» lteen ordered to Washington, are un der Gen. Hunter, (who would have been the hero of the day at Bull Hun hut for that wretched panic.) until a ri val Gen. Jlalleck, who left Washington for hi* headquarters at St. Louis, on the 13th. Our success has lwcn so satisfactory in Southwestern Missouri, that it ap pears the attempt to overtake Price aud SleCitllough is about abandoned. When last heard from, Price was push ing with all speed toward Washington county, Arkansas, where lie deaijfued to winter. aud-McCullongh was mak ing equal haste into Carroll county, Arkansas. There are uot known to tie any armed rebels north of a wavy line drawn east and west through Spring ficld. Bolla and Pilot Knob, north of which are most of the railroads of ihe State, nu.- forces have Cape Giranlean. from which Jeff. Thompson was lately compelled to run. and the triaugle be tween lielmont, Charleston, and Cairo in Illinois. From one point of this triaugle. as we have said above, the reb els have ousted us. Cairo iu Illinois, Padueah in Ken tucky, where we have forces are in (ten." llallcek's Department, <?en. Sid ney A. .lohnson. (lately from this coast) is at Memphis, and Gen. Pillow, who is iu this Department, has his head quarters at New Madrid, unless he has lately moved them up to Columbus. Westward of Missouri all is ours ex cept the wilderness of Texas aud Ari zona, out ot which wretched laud Van Dorn has made it most comfortable for loyal ncn to licc. Denver has com mand of Kansas, and Gen. Wright of the Pacific Department. Back again to the Atlantic coast, we have the forts at Ilatteras Inlet where Gen. Mansfield commands Albemarle and Pamlico Sounds,, and spoils the whole sea-board of North Carolina lor rebel uses. The best harbor on the South Caroli na seaboard—Port Koyal entrance —is ours, and Beaufort is taken. If it is true, as is rumored, that there are 15,- 000 Confederate troops at Charleston, they will be needed if the tokens can be depended on. The command of the grand Naval Expedition that took Port Royal was given to Commander Du pont; and of the army on board, to (?en. T. W. Sherman of Rhode Island. We have Key West and fortifications at the Tortugas. Fort Pickens, where are Billy Wil on's Zouves, on the west end of Santa Rosa Island, opposite Pensacola, is ours; as also is Mississippi City on the main land. Our forces are stationed too nt Ship Island, by which the trade via Lake I'ouchartrain to Xew Orleans, is cut oil' pretty effectuall\\ The traitor Twiggy by the way nt his own suggestion—tor there was look of lighting ahead—has lately been removed, and iu his place Gen. Lovell, who was Deputy Street Commissioners of New York until he ran away, takes command. Then around all the seaboard of the Confederates is thrown the blockading squadron, a lleet of unknown numbers, which latterly is nobly redeeming it self. Altogether, it looks as if it were about time for Jeff. Duvis to appoint the Fast Day that doubtless was kept yesterdy through all his quaking do minions. Christmas Ball! AT WABHINCTON HALL. OLYMPIA, \V. T. A CHRISTMAS lIALL will he given at the iihorc named place on Wednesday (Christmas) evening! December 25th, 1861. LwSk All arc invited to attend—tickets, $4 00. Bfcj)f*Good music will be in attendance. Olympia, Dec. 1, 1881. Territory of Washington, > qu County of Thurston. / In the Dittrirt Court of the 2d Judicial Din'.riri. To a COLLIER RORBINS: Yon arc hereby notified that Anson G. Henry has filed * tttmplaint against you, in said court, wbl'li will coma on to be heard at the first term of the court, which shall commence ni"Te thau three months after the 7th day ol December, 1801, and unless you appear at ►aid term and answer, the same will be taken as • onfessed an<l the prayer thereof granted. The object aud prayer of said complaint if to enforce tlu- collection of eight hundred dollar*, or therea bouts, with interest at two per cent, per month, from October, 1859—the said sum aud interest being due *<■ a ballancc on account of draft depos ited v. ith .-aid (>. Collier Robhin* for collection. KLW(M)I) KVAKM, Attorney for Anson (i. Henry. Complaint filed Sept. 2S. IMI. 4:m3 Dwlari Percy 4k !•. ft! 4 Da fMiut street. betwcea California Mil I'iae, Sua Kraacisco. mmd Rnrjtmu. lirta iwr* of llir Koyal I'allrfei of Loifca aad Edin burgh, linniaaln of the I'litwiliw of Loadoa aa<l Edinburgh.—First Price* far Auloait ial Chem istry, and Secoud fur Medical Jwiipn4tMC for the alwrc named !"nirer»itie», —Honorary Physicians to Ike Edinburgh l.rit|(-ig-lli»piul. aad purgtoi to Glasgow Lock Hospital. I«cg to rail tlte attention of the public to their kntm>*al Mu4r '•> Trrmlmg <W I'nnmy Ihwmut. and mar l>e consulted dailv froai A. Si. till 9 P. M.. oa * uirtxtx* or TUB roLioai»e oauxsa Brut*, f.y. Kmr. Umrt, Lwm/t. J.wer, Stomttrk umd SftUn. Ktd mryi and rtmuiiiimg I'rmitrg Or- . /ui; . Mt4r\frrg amd /(MM «f m MM mmd CiiUrm. S'ir.pi-al Catrt—OffritlntlU of et«T rllH and < luratter |M-rformed. Cmm e/.Vsreew* ar AcfmrtJ Jtokiitf, Dur«M •/ tkt Bkm, etc., etc., we kef to •Inn /htrlM-mlmr miiriutum to. Also, Fibroai aad Muscular ItheamatUai, commonly called Chronic and Acute, aad generally prodae'ed hjr Uie mse at Mercury. DOCTORS PERCY k CO., U4 Uupont street, bet. C*lifonu* ard Piae. N. It.—All letters for Advice ar Medicine* promptly answered, and rat doer patieaU attend ed to day and night. S»n Francisco, Aug., 1161. 41:tn3 J. W. MHHMI, ATTORXBY AT LAW. Solicitor in rinrtrj. and Proctor in Admiralty. Seattle, March, 1681. l«:tf ■lrllftou Xat Ire*. Rev. !t. J. Era** will p:ta< b in tue I'.-'rit School ll..use on the fir-i. wewi, ana fourth Sundays ol rat h month, at 11 a. ■ SfirifW in the M. E. fhurch every Sabbath n>nin[. at 7 o'clock. RMIMi Territory of Waahiagtou. | In tlie Di-trict foart iJ Judicial INitrirt. > of the County of Thuraton ) 2d Ju'liiial I»i*tr»< t. To JOHX F. DEVOBK. HIM, and E. UEYORE. ItOVtRM You arc bmlu lotiinl that a ramplaiat for a fum lu-art of baa l«« Mnl apiaal Ton in *aid mart by K. H. l-aaadalr a Inch will coat oa to be Ward at Ike firat trna of liar < oart. which ahall a——aa aaorr thaa thrrr month* af ter the -loth day of Kuieabtt, I MCI■ ami ualeaa yaa appear at aaad terna and a»arr. tW war wiU I* takra aa coafemd, and tW prayer thereof granted. • TW ohjert ud prmrrr of aaid roaaplaial ia. to forerloae a aKirlfap a <ra in si roa oa rertaia real r»talr in Timr-ton roanly. \Va ■hiri)(ton Trrrilo-y. and to rennet of roa the ua of ail haadrrd aa<l twenty dollar*, aith latere*! at the rate of lav | XT real, per aaonib Iroaa No\e«t>er 12th. lacl. Bt'Tt.ER I* ANDERSON, Attorney f«w I'laialif Nov :io. led. 3 a 4 Nkerlflli Male. BT rirtae ol an riecatioa i»«ued by the I'lrri of tW Ihatrirt t'oart. af tW 2nd Judicial IH«- tnri. of tW Territory of Waahingtoa. aad to me dirrrted aad delivered. apiail the good*. laada. rWttela. tenementa. aad rfrru. of Vt'm. LHtlejoha. I hare leried upon, ariaed. and takra iato eaeca tion and a ill proceed to aell at pablir aartion at thr roart-boaae door (fapitol Building) in Olympia. W. T.. on Monday, I»eccmber the tilth A |l UMII at one o'rlork in thr afternoon, thr following de»- rribrd property . ti» : All that parrel ofland aitna te<l in thr Town of Olympia and known aa lot trn (10.) in block twenty-<i|rht (2»».) of Hwau'n addi to thr Town of Olympia. with all thr building* thereon, and all thr appurtenance* thereunto be longing, the ssimr to Itraold to«ati.«fy a judgement in favor of Sam'l .Sweeney for the nnnt of $237 with interest, coat*, and increnacd roat'. WII.MAM ItllJ.lMliS. Sheriff of Thurston county. W. T. Olympia, W.T., So*. 30th, 1801. .I:w4 tl. PIIILLirfi 11. 1.. PIIILI.IP*. D. PHILLIPS & SON, NERfH mAMI (iE.\ER.IL IIE.UERS, Olympia, \V. T. OFFKR for stale a new stock of— Dry (roods, O-rocerios, Clothing, Boots & Shoes, 11aIs and Caps, Crockery and Glassware, Cutlery, sc., sc. Tkhms—Cash or Country Produce. Olympia, September 14, 1801. 44:tf BLOCK, lIILLKR & CO., ( Succt**ura lu I'ricr, Miller J- Cu.) DALLES AXD COLVILLE, WHOLESALE AM) IIKTAII. tIEALEIIB IS MCI AID DOMESTIC DEY-H. CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, Ac. ALSO Mnplc and Fancy Cirocerio*, Provision**, Wines, Liqiiorc, Etc. A full assortment of MINERS' GOODS con stantly on hand. girjy-Mr. ItLOCII being a resident of Sun Francisco, where nil our purchases are nnule, we slmll be nhlc to offer better inducements than any other House. October 10th, 1861. 47:1118 BROOKLYN HOTEL, CORSER liHOAI> WA l'A XD SAXSO.VE STS., SAN FRANCISCO. THE proprietor of this well known and JhX old established House is still nt his old tricks—feeding the public for the low sum of rot a IIOI.I.AHS per week, und the cry is "Still they come I" This Hotel was established in 1852, and the proprietor proudly appculs to its well-known reputation, and at the satue time pledges himself to use every endeavor to add to the comfort and convenience of bis guests. The Brooklyn Hotel WAGON will always be ready on the wharf on the arrival of the steamers, to convey and their baggage to the House, free of charge. To prevent imposition, be positive and see that BROOKLYN HOTEL is painted in large letters ou the sides of the wagon. Board per day $1 ; —Board per week $4; — Meals 50 cents |—Lodging* 50 ceuts Lodgings per week $2 to s4; —Single rooms 50 cents per night. JOHN KELLKY, Jr., Proprietor. San Francisco, Oct. l'Jtb, 1861. 41>:m3 Goal on AND COAL OIL LAMP*, TOGETHER with all kinds of Burning and Machinery Oils, for sale at greatly red'iced rates. Also • FOR HEATING ROOMS, For Coolnng. mnd for tlraUnj flat Irons. rrt SAL* TUT LOW n* STAXFOKD 11 K O TIIE It S3, California street, near Front, San Franeisro. REBGER'S BIJOU BILLIARD TABLK3, hi ifBB to S Fhdu'a Inr lilllari liliw, Montgomery ttreet opposite Ike Metropolitan The atre one of the above mentioned RII.LIAUI* TA BLES. and cordially iaritet tbe patron* oftbr X»»-

BLE GAMS, to rail aad examine it. The Great Master. Mont. Bergrr. tpeakt of tbe tablet ia tbe highaat tanaa af commeadation. To private faaa- Uiaa tkaaa TaU<w riaata< tbwwlwa. aapritll; mm itcoal af tkeir caaveaiaat aitt, aad aa a* ar ticle af faraitare for a private daelliag tkere ia aaihiag HOT* deairable ; ia akart, aa koureboldor nantioa with any preteatioat to beiag writ ref lated ahould be tritiioul oae. Gentlemen aboat to build rvaideac+a ahould by all meant make prwriai ia* Ibra BILLIARD ROOM, where tkeir family oaa enjov the noble, gractfal, aad health-giving game of billiard*. M. E. IIUGUKS Billiard Takir Manufacturer, Aad Afeat (br PHELAX'S PATEXT COMBI - CUSHIONS, etc., etc. ML. Exhibition and Saietroom, No. "20 aad 1U Ktalfoatr; ttreet. Mb- Maaotaetory, Market ttreet, oppotitr Of pbaa Atrluin. : ( has. E. Williams. t»accrs*ar to G. A. bai'-t-.- lt>»: I' IX lIIIVIK, ffiV IK, fJWR, HH, STKEL, GROCERIES, 4c. HA\lX<i nr»Mlr mti<r4 lwat icommmM biaatock. .. »— t -n l - I nfc»lf„U, lUt t..1 lowing 4e*iratle artirlra Burma? laid and foal ««. ( Par*,, foal Oil aa<i Flcid l.iaap* SWdta. Tikn UUaa. Okiaam. Vlate fur aaakiag 12 plltai m <A aaap { mitk tmil diaat t.oaa i pri-e C2A ru. *<Maw t-ii4 lag Stain. I A <1? drairabia patera milk ttu a rariaaa), Oir*» Tuoi>. taatdea iseeda I 124 nail par | |i • PuW and Um Hau B«-*r Heater f.opber lUt and Hour Tra*a, iirax t'artiit I'umrrt um Baad*. WUt aad >*tr « «Hh* UUI a.aWn, hh>< ■ IWI latMri t U*u. sw Haaaaaera. Kiiiat, .\«h, Piack»r>. I'cft. 4c. Earn € r«—r»« ui iHltawa, (A very auperiwr articir |. Vrrhailr'a Taeh mm* Malrrtala, ia fall variety.) Wiadoa -aa»h. Paiata. Oil. Patty and tilaaa . Var aialiaa. Ja|«.n. lur|>entine' and Alcohol, l'o< krt aioi Table t'atlery, (large aaaort menl). t'urrv t.'omba and llorae Bruahea. (leather backs) Pow der. Shot. Ball*. ].rad and t'aps. Bullet Mould*, —tiun Lock*— Wipers. Nipple*. Ac.; fable, Trace, lUller aud l»og flmiiis ; Sheep Shears an,l Wool fanla, Orub, Planter aud Garden lloea, Plow*. r.nlllta«or«, Mallockn, Hruxh Hooks, Horse Rakes, Cradles, NcsrtheN, Rakes, C'taurns. Forks, Butter Howls and Trays, &c. JAPAN BLACK TEA. JiojrTiii. Sheet Iron, Copper nn<l Brass Ware manufactured nnd repaired. N. B.—We have made euch arrangements for the purchase of articles, either in Suu Fruncisco or New Vork, as we think cannot but give satis faction. #qjf" Commission solicited. Olympia, April 0, 1801. 21:tf WBBBBR'S MUM COBDIAL siieniFiEL SICK fli:\ A*D WOIHEIV !! What Constitute Health f XJ ICII, Pure Blood, Natural Perspiration, Good appetite lor Food, Sleep, Exercise and the Enjoyments of Nature, with Strength of Body, Mind and l.imhs—Activity of the Liver, and all other Natural Functions—such a state is felt by all, after using Dr. Webber'N Invigorating Cor dial Nniiguiller! t Tit niauy, the above may seem extravagant praise of this roucortion. bill if tliey could nee, as I time, the initiiy whom this litis restored to health, they would not be surprised nt nny lan guage used in its praise, To offer more certifica tes, is useless ; at least eighty have alreaily been published, and only the thick-headed, self.wisc skeptic and unbeliever can doubt that it is the most blessed health-restorer and Btrcngtli-givcr ever invented by man. It restores and perma nently invigorates the broken down system. Nay, inore, it replaces natural weakness and strength. The desponding it revives, the feeble it endows with vigor, aud the cheerfulness and strength which it restores, or creates, it also preserves. To the sickly wife it imparts that degreo of vital force necessary to the crowning joy and great ob ject of matrimony. To the debilitated husband, it gives the nervous and muscular energy which characterizes manhood. In all eases of nervous disease, low spirits, indigestion, liver complaint, indisposition to mental exertion, lassitude, emaci ation, impotence. An., in fact, in all romplaints, unite and chronic, which depress and weigh down the mind and body, it is un absolute, infallible ppccitic, NATURE'S OWN REMEDY FOR MAN SICK NESS I! That creates, reproduces New and Pure Blood— that acts ou the liver, heart, bruin, intestines, liiubs and chest—that revolutionizes the whole system—gives strength to the most debilitated and weak—that contains no luincrul, or other poison. Such is, in truth. l)r. Jucob Webber*B Justly Famous In vigorating Cordial Sanguifior! The extraordinary and strange cures effected by this beautiful herbal concoction has astonished nil: it seems to suit every consiitntion. Tn* OLD. Tan KKKHLK, THK LIMI'ID, feel that new life nnd blood is git en them. The rone, the dusipated debauch ee, the weak from long disease, from taking too much medicine, calomel and other mineral poisons: the young naau whose manhood is wasted, where nature's function" are inert and lifeless, eiperiea <e* the bli«s of UOBI ST AND VIGORONM MAX III MID I llis appetite is good, his sleep qaiet and refreshing, his niiud and memory clear and cer tain. Mil in ijnarl Mlln br BKMIWrai * €•. (BISC ft NNiHil, San Frufuco And all in Ortfn* ltd * uklifhw Terrtar t. SAFES! KAFKB! r. Tiuii, M Ballrrj MrcH, Ma rmmcleee, SI»LK Ajrenl f.* TH.TOX * MrFABLAXDS r»4rl,rntr«l Firr-I'tuvf and Ituytil MM> I\i> iiafe ia aeil kwia ia tka market for ita aa turfittttd kre-yeaaf qaalit*. karia* wilktuiod ia CaliTurua. aa veil in tke but, tkr ketleal kree known. Wf ran rt ft r to rndtrM rtltMkittl frota partie* ia our mining toaaa. wkere tkaaa Safre kate btta >ul>jrri to tke aaeet arret* told af ita kra-f aalitiee. Tbeae Safet are imir4 kjr aw Thit Lock it ia ererr refpect tkc at* WW on* ia uae; it require* tkr Uy and coaablaatiaa I* oprn tkr Saft. If tbe key tboald •* ab«tracted ftva Ike o* nrr. it would b» perfectly utlni ta the potftrtaor • itboat kit kn«ria( the coatbiaa lion, or mental kev, irkkk tka otracr earriaa ia bit bead. To taote in want of a reliable *afr. tre tRr tke a bore ckeaper than aa; other ia tka market. fatT A large attoruaeal oa hand aad ta arrive. r TitMAjr, 2C «m. # W» Battery *t.. Saa Fraaci». e a # *Thr brit pnrifirr of tbe blood i« Hall a Sar taportlla. Leonard ScotltCo.'s unnn or m ASH lUtIVIII 1 11(11111. «ii rii : i n* u»*ww QTAmntLT. \ — i m i ■ i tw RHnrni mmr. tvi% ) s. tw *orni mirum bkttkw. rmerwch) «. TW fWIMIMIU UTRT. fUWaai.) %. tumrouo t nxmici lACizm. thry «UW aa they We* tW aarU ui iatkn. Wacf landnH Mhaaan- Ur la ike aaMar aa4 «W fr i ft iii iiai I mmm. vkfla ramat irtnalair af tW |WaaaM paHiihara giraa additiiaal rata* to tWar naiiaaa iaaaaarh aa they raa aa* W >lan< ia tW haafa «f aahnrihin ahant aa aaaa aa tW niglaal aft laaaa. Term*: For any aataflW faar Brrvewa pit mi fl M For aay two af tW faar tor tew a. •• •' .IN Fur aay thraa af tW har Krvtrwa, •• " _7 aa For all foar af tW Ueriawa. ■' _ I M For Blackwood's Magaiiae. " <• .)N For Blackwood aad oac Keview, <• <• _& 00 For Blackwood aad twa Kerieaa. " " _7 00 Kor Blackwood aad thrac Reviewa, •' '• _9 00 For Blackwood aad the foar Review*. " „io oo 9Sf Money carrent in the .Slate where iaaned will be received at par. Clubbing. A discount of twenty-five per eent from the above price will be allowed to clubs ordering four or more copies of any one or more of the abort work*. Thus four copie* of Blackwood, or of one Review, will lie sent to one address for $9 ; four copies of the four Reviews and Blackwood for S3O; and so on. Postage. 067° In all tlie principal cities and towns, these Works will be delivered FHEE OF POSTAGE. When sent by mail, the Postage to any part of the United States will be but 34 renin a year for " Blackwood," and but 14 centa a year'for each of the lie views. N. B.—The price in Great Britain of the five Pe riodicals above named is s3l per annum. jM#* Remittances should always be addressed, post paid, to the Publisher*, LEONARD SCOTT & CO., No. 54 Gold street, New York January sth, 18(11. No. 8 Matrimonial. "I%I"ATRIMONIAL.—A young gentleman, whose i.V_L personal appearance, fortune and position is is A No. 1, wishes to unite himscif to a lady with similar qualifications. The advertiser being sin cere, will here describe himself, and although he is young in appearance be will admit himself on the " shady side" of fifty. The advertiser is of medi um stature, neither " too fut nor too lean dark eves and expressive, animated countenance ; and lie must here coufess be is vain in stating he has the most snowy white teeth, (natural ones;) hands, brow and skin as clear m a child's ; his hair and whiskers are a deep brown, and he can assure yon all that these latter beauties were given him by using, for two months, L&font's West India Soap. Teeth Root for his yellow teeth, and Jones' Coral Hair Restorative on his Gray, Coarse hair, and by shaving and washing with Jones' Italian Soap. Ilis coarse, wrinkled skin and hands have thus been made white and clear. These beautiful ar ticles can be had at reasonable rates at every drag store in California, Oregon aud Washington! Terr itory. CRANE & BRIGIIAM. TKIIBITORV OK WASHINGTON, \ County of Thurston. / Tn the District Court of the Second Judicial District. To WILLIAM L. SMITH, sued as subsequent in- cumbranccr, in suit of Andrew Williams ri. George Drew, ft al. Foreclosure of mortgage. Von are hereby notified that Andrew Williams has filed • complaint against George Drew, Caro line P. R. Drew, 11. F. Stryker, ar.d yourself, in said court, which will .come on to be heard at the first term of the court which shall commence more than three moutbi after the 19th day of October, 1801, and unless you appear at said term and an swer, the tame will be t*ken at confessed, ana the prayer thereof granted. The object and prayer of said complaint is to foreclose the equity of redemption, if any you have, or may claim to have in certain premises, to wit, the interest of said George Drew in the land claim in Lewis county, in said District, known as " George Drew's Claim," mortgaged to this Plain tiff by indenture of mortgage, dated October 13th, 1855, to secure the payment of $3,000, with le gal Interest after date. Complaint tiled Angust 2fltb, 1M1I; amended in open court, on leave, September Term. 1861. BLWOOD EVANS, Attorney of Andrew Williams. October 10th, 1851. 4»:m3. Fithiiii Itotlce. la the Probata Oaart ) Katate of of Tbnrston Coaaty, > John Kdgar, Washington Territory. ) dstenssd. To JOMS M. KWAN, idainnMtsr sM «A mmmmd span ami -toU . —Take aatica that yon have been cited to appear Mbreaar said Piahati Caarl. ia and for naM roanty af Thai Men. at Olynspin, aa Tassday. the Stat daJ af laaaary. !MJ. the name being the aacaad day oi ths Jnaa ary Tee* at nnM aaart, to amka teal aeMtaaeat aa Administrator of anid estate. i. v. WAim. Prehnle Jndge of Thane aa Coaaty Olvmpin. Nut ember J. IMI. 51:*r. nv (iMrf M im4 kjr iw Clerk Ml mt tbe IHatrict Caatt rftWM Jadtctal W»- mtrfVuta|ki Tuiieen.aanl to— <wmt and 4rlitm4. ha4, imant* aa4 rlrrii rfUa ii Iwf*. I Wt» Wr if4 tpae aeiat*! aM liwlMiMitiM. a«J will •rlt ai i nrdlag to lav. at ike foart b«m doer in tNrmpaa. <tke Baa**, I*- mbn tke !4. A. I). IK!, at Ike kaaf af •* ia |W tbe faUowiag fcitil'ii real aa- MM, via: Lm tat, »••. ifcwt. tar. •'*- ra aaJ tirkl, af Mark fartf-tkrw, {**> ha tka Tan mt OUatfm ; tbeaaaaeto be aaldtaaalhfe »Wf meat rradtred ky ike eai4 PiMffci C—H fa fcw •((Warp Wianial. Ika'lM**? T^r^ssrss eaetaafeaitaad wua SST'ml I HWi, Mf afTkankaOi, V. T. November 2. IttCl. M*4. WAMfMOTON^HOTCL, CORNER Of SECOXD AXD MAI* STREETS, Olympic. W. T. Board ftr ae«h— %L N tlnajria, JCrv. S3, IN*- tlj San Francisco, Agents. TP IP m KATIOKAL RBPVILICAV. Win in ■. »- C.A* L tm - LJan' *** 9M^mmm *•*+* '"■ iiriht h B«N Mia a! kin! «St» llfcrictatr .*■» the rf Ik Xatmmml IfnUba kft «• —fc« It —M. TolkslnirrMiiirTflin «Hrr» joMMI which will 4iariM attionl politic* h»i —Us—l il4 which will MW be AMI patriotic FAL; by amy erefpewerieg pmMitaflml ituml. Term •raafeMripiiMk One ropy. Ht year $J 00 Three copies, on* year.... FIT« copiM, one year 7 uo Ten copies, one year 12 uo Twenty copiet, one year 20 00 One copy, nix month* ] oo Three copiea, six montns...., ISO Kive copies, six months 3 54* Ten copies, six months...... ... c 00 Twenty copies, six month* 10 00 Payment always in advance. When a Club of subscricers has been forwarded, additions may ba made to it on the same terms. It is not necessary that the subscribers to a club should rcoclve their papers at the same post office. Money may be forwarded by mail, at our risk. Large accounts can be remitted in drafts on Bos lon, New York, Philadelphia, or Baltimore; smaller amounts in gold, or in notes of solvent banks. The Daily Xational Urpullitan is published every morning (Sundays excepted) at $3 50 per annum, in advance. Addresss W. J. MUHTAGILICO., [so:l.v] Washington, 1). C> Dr. J. Browne. No. 619 Kearney Street, corner Commercial, Physi cian and Operating Surgeon, Member of the Royal College of London und Edinburgh, Graduate of the Universities of London and Edinburgh—First prizes for anatomy and chemistry, and second for medical jurisprudence for the above named Uni versities—Hon. physician to the Edinburgh Lying-in-Hospital, and Surgeon to Glasgow Lock Hospital, begs to call the attention of the public to his rational mode of treating and curing dis eases, and may be consulted daily from 9 a.m. till 0 p. in., on diseases of the following organs s Brain, Eye. Ear, Heart, Lungs, Liver, Stomach nnd Intestinal Canal; Cancers, Spteen, Kidneys and remaining Urinary Organs; Midwifery and diseases of Women and Children. Surgical rages—operation* of every clas* sad cliaractcrperforraed. Cases of nervous or acquired debility, diseases of the Skin, etc., he begs to call particular attention to Fibrous and Muscular Rheumatism, commonly cAlled chronic and acute, and generally produced* by the use of Mercury. DR. J. BROWNE. CI 9 Kearney street, San Francisco Cal. 19. N. B.—All letters for advice and medicine* promptly answered, and out door patients attended' to day or night. FOR VICTORIA! AND INTERMEDIATE PORTS. TUB STEAMER ENTERPRISE, CAPT. VM. CURRY, ILL leave Olympia for the above port every Monday and Thanday, -vd At 7 o'clock A. M. BKTL'RMNQ — Will leave Victoria every Tncadnar and Friday, carrying the U. S. Mail. For freight or passage apply on board. Olympia, September !Bth, 1861. 4C:tf Harjcat Meadow Ciram Seed. THIS aeed the acknowledged superiority of which, for either dry meadow* or for aaady prairies, fot pasturage or for mowlag, ha* ren dered It *o popular, can be fond la fwriMM to • rait nwrhaaer*. at the store at C. K. WILLIAMS K. B.—Tim* for sow tag la Kebraary or Hank. NovnaharZd, I MI. «Mi UXITED STATES OF AMEBIC A, 1 Territory af Waahiagloa. I M Jadirtal lMrtrict. I lIfHKMAB a Mhrt ha* WntMla thalM*- U trirt Caart, ia aad for the U Ja*rial BU- Met of Yaahioglaa TrtHtsrj, aa th* lath 4mj af tftUhsr. Wl, hy JahoH. Huaaiaa, part ma aad Bbrlaat agaia»t the atasuarr JKm Am4tr 01. her tarfcla. aapatej ehsswry. aa* pan rinaiag, artiag Captaia. awl <Wai|| aai aae» ti "**"* ** ** * '*** wmu " T Bn Ma I i '"pr» nm'V^alai^^aid ship wltHtmJ W tk» said S rana ; mmm. of aatd Oaaa!a>'a«Vnrtri *af Mtnt l I da aaaaoa! *«aflhae!t Sfjjfci^Sgg- Tm>nMmjaawnmu*MOAL aS^cisnißs.*. Bao TIMIIIH. Joaaary Mh, IMl.t*#

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