Newspaper of The Washington Standard, January 4, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated January 4, 1862 Page 3
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Trtitori A bent-Mew ti SemgaiM Thea. That we bavo a few traiton heeea 1, d*. is an undeniable fort, bat n ilit-v Mil p> to be good Uuiou men, [ i, "may U preper to lev down ■ few 1 j !.«in rules by which they may be read jt v .ijaringrmfbedfrotn oar truly loy«? ,itizens: 1 U'heuever yon hear a man say that ' • nothing tat an Abolition war," , • k him well, for he U a foul traitor a* iieart. Win-never you hoar a man assort that ..-i.i« war is only intended to free the u". y° ar e y e on htui, f° r h« a full-blooded secessionist in dia guise. * Whenever you hear a man dedare tl, it •• this i» Lincoln's w*r," watch him well, for he is an incident, if not a l"u!-fle<lged traitor. Whenever you hear a man constant ]\ liurj»inabout the "enormous ex it use of the war." don't h»se of him. for he would join the Seeeeharmy if he dured to. Wb cnever you hear a man declare that this is "a*u nnjust war, and mirht have l»een avoided," you may '* bet vonr pile" that his treasure and his heart are both iu the kingdom of Jeff. 1 >;l VIS. Whenever you hear a man who is eoustantly endeavoring to build up an opposition to the vigorous prosecution ~t the war ft»r the preservation of the I'liion, nail him tothecouuter as a dis nuionist. Reader, don't you kuow some persons to whom these rules apply exaetlr ? If you don't you must have carried your Vvos in your pockets during the last two months. jgigy- "We learn that Judge Hays has ltcen tendered the position of Lieuten ant Colonel in the Regiment to be raised in this Territory. 805=-Hon. Jas. Work, Chief Factor of the Hudson Bay Company, died re cently at Victoria. No States news since our Inst issue. SPK CIAiT NOTICKS. " DIVINE SFRVICE will be held hereafter ev crv Sabbath Morning, 11a. m., at tbc District School House. Jiin. 1, 1802. n. J. Evbxh. MARRIED: In I'ortianJ, at the residence of Dr. J. G. Glenn, (•n Tuesday evening, Dec. 31st, by Rev. P. B. Chamberlain, Mr. G. F. Boynton, of Olympia, W. T.. to Miss Fannie M. Kittridge, of Portland, Ogn. NOTICE. HAVING RETTRNEP TO THE TER ritory, I now will attend to the settlement of my own affairs. Any power of attofuey giv eii bv nio is hereby revoked froin this date. Ail persons knowing themselves indebted to me, either by note or book account, will please eome forward and pay the same on or before the first of February, 1862, or I will place the same in proper hands for collection. M. L. HEFRON. < llvmpin, .Tan. Ist, 1862. 3w Administrator's Notice. LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION hiving buen given to the undersigned by the I'rolmte Court of Pacific county, Washington Territory, on the estate of John McKenna, il.'Ci'nsed, late of said connty, notice is hereby given to all persons haying claims against >iid estate to present tlieni witiiin one year from the date hereof; and nil persona indebt ed to said estate are hereby notified to come forward iintnmediatelv and make payment. JAMES R. JOHNSON, ~ Administrator. llruceport, Nov. 24, 1861.—3w NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT THE County Commissioners of Thurston County will be prepared, at the next regular meeting of the Hoard, on the first Monday in Febru ary, 1802, to rcfteiro sealed propolis for far nishing and delivering upon tile Public Square in tip* town of Oiytupia, two hundred t liousaud good bricks. Also, at the same time, sealed proposals will be received for laying 200,000 bricks in the erection of contempla ted county Jibildi tig* upon Tho brick layer furninhiuc his own materia], such as lime, sand, See. The County Cotinw .-Miners reserve to themselves the right to re ject any and all bids thus made. Any per son whose bids may be accepted by the County Commissioners will be required to give good and sufficient bonds with sureties for the faithful performance of the work speci fied in the contracts. By order of the Board of County Coaamia *i oners, paaaed Dec. 7, 1861. KICHAHI) LANE, Auditor of Thurston County, W. T. Olvmpia, Jan. 2, 1862. VMTKD BTATKS OK AMBKICA, I Territory of ITtikiiftoi, V 2d Jadirial Diltrirt. j WMKI.U tliMto hMMhilif [>i<- Irirl Court ii ud for Ihe 2d Judicial liuuict of Va*hiu(toii Territory, as the 2Mh day of Dfcmfcrt, IMt, by B. r. Kendall, part ovnrr mi iMlant agaiaet U* itMMr Ebia Aadmoa. be* tarkJe. hppirM. Caaaitada, e*riaei udaa < biaary, aadagaiait Daniel t. B radioed, cUiaiiag to br j»*rt owner, allying in mbttancc that libel, ant ii Ike «*wr af taaaif aae dghisdhs of ?»id ifawahiy ud that he U kept oat of and de prived of the posseasioa by laid Bradford, aad £ artssrw i hit |KHMwiaa af Mid iatemt ia aaid iteamer be •><-reed to libellaat, aad that aaid Bradford be dt- Tcei! ia eeavey aaid iataeaat to tbe libeltaat ac ">rdin|r to kit agiwaaal: aw, therefore. ia par* fttanre of the aodsoa, paukr Mai afraid roart. to mt 'li.eeted aad delivered, Ido hereby give pab notice to aU persoas etahaiaf aaid steamship, W tackle, apparel aad fcnHtw, Be., or ia aay matter iatereeted than la, that they ha aad ap pear before tha aaid coast, to be haid at the lowa •f ulympia, iaaad for IN $d Judicial district, aa M»n4ay, the third day of Fehraary aest, at ton «dock, in tha forenoon, provided tha aaatf shall i day of JiiMltUti, Otherwiie qs IM Mlt <Uv of jurisdiction, then aad there to iaterpoae taeir r Uisas, aad to mOu their sllMTitisaito that keUllf. , wnttAM mnrrrroTO*, V. 8. Marshal, W. T. Hated December Mtfc, 1991: * liAirvea. frortoT, w; t. Chas. E. Williams, to 6. A. B»nm,- IUiMtA«4 IMS MULEB Uf lUUVUUfffMTEW 6TBBL, GROCERIES, kc. HAVnrC recently rwtirH Urge icttttioti ta klf Hack, la mow offering aa»ag otfcar flwfc, tbe foil owl aj <le*ir»Me •rtirlrt : htiiif Fluid and < u*l Oil, I Pur*), Coal 0.1 aad I'laid Uu|n. Shadea, TaU*. Glubc*. Chiaaaeea. Wkla CMctainttil Pwtaak, * 1 ~l «+ J-" — MllMf (lilk fall £m liMtj price C2i cU. iilriactl wAujSum, with oltauuii itiru, IA itrj desirable patera ■ ilk extra caaliaga), Garden T«oU. tardea Seed. t llj casta par papar), ParW: aad IW Mala. Ilcar. Beater (iofdier. Bat aad *®aaa Trays, Brmaa Cartaia Cvraicra aad Baa da. Wire aad s*fe Cluthi, af all aafebtfl, Miss Ptadlat*,■ rail Tartsiy; Cum|i.'jiß{ La-U. Sbee Utaacn, Etitet, Nails. Flackers, Pegs. kr. kxtra lleaf^*' Palcil Cunt aa« XUlSawi, (A lerj aapertor article). Srcluißlc'i TMN H4 NalartaU, (t full i arid jr.) Witidnw-wiih. Ptiitf. Oil, Patty and (lUm ; Vtr uishrti. Japan. Tur|*ntiae u4 Alcohol, Pocket and Table Cutlery, (large assort ment), Carry Combs and Horse Brushes. (Inlbrr back*) Pow der. Shot, llalls, Lead and I 'up*, llullet Mould*, —dm Lock* Wiper*. Nipples, Jcc.; Cable, Tract, Halter and Dog Chains ; Sheep .Shears and Wool Cards, Uruh, Hauler and (iarden lioca, Plows, Cultivator*. NAltorkf, Brunh Hooka, Home Rakes, C radles, Hcytlies, Rakes, Churns, Forks, Butter Bowls and Trays, Ac. JAPAN BLACK TEA. R&~Tin, Sheet Iron, Copper and Brass Ware manufactured and repaired. X. B.—We hare made such arrangements for the purchnse of articles, either in San Francisco or New York, as we think cannot but give satis faction. Hgjf* Commission solicited. Olympia, April 6, IBCI. 21:tf Goal Oil AND COAL OIL LAMPS, TOGETHER with all kinds of Burning and Machinery Oils, for lale at greatly reduced rates. Also Beo-Vapor Stoves FOR lIKATINO ROOMS, For Cooking, and for Heating Flat front. rCK MALE VKRY LOW BY STANFORD BROTHERS, California street, near Front, San Francisco. Notice. Territory of Washington, 1 In the District Court 2d Judicial District, > of the County of Thurston. J 2d Judicial District. To JOHN F. DKVORK, Owner, and E. DEVORE, Doweress: You are hereby notified that a complaint for a foreclosure of mortgage has been filed against you in said court by 11. 11. Lunsdale, which will conic on to be heard at the first term of tbc court, which shall commence more than three months af ter the .10th day of November, 1861, and unless you appear at said term and answer, the same will be taken as confessed, and the prayer thereof ( granted. The objert and prayer of said complaint is, to foreclose a mortgage against yon on certain real estate in Thurston connty, Washington Territory, and to recover of you the sum of (is hundred and twenty dollars, with interest at the rate of two per cent, per month from November 12th, 1861. BUTLER P. ANDERSON, Attorney for Plaintiff. Nov. 30, I8«l. 3:w4 Tkbbitorv or Wmhimotox, 1 County of Thurston. J In the JUtlritl Court •/ the Second Judicial Ditlricl. To WILLIAM L. SMITH, sued as subsequent in cumbrancer, in suit of Andrew Williams rt. Oeorge Drew, *1 al. Foreclosure of mortgage. You are hereby notified that Andrew Williams bas filed a complaint against George Drew, Caro line P. R. Drew, 11. F. Striker, and yourself, in said court, which will come on to be heard at the first term of the court which shall commence more than three months after the 19th day of October, 1861, and unless jou appear at said term and an swtr,tbe same will be tokas m Qonfosaed, ana the prayer thereof granted. The object and prayer of said complaint is to foreclose (hi equity of redemption, if anjyou have, or mfy claim to have in certain premises, to wit, the interest of said George Drew in the land claim in Lewis county. in said District, known as " Oeoige Drew's Claim," mortgaged to this Plain tiff by indenture of mortgage, dated October 13th, IBM, to seenre the payment of $3,000, with le gal interest after date. Complaint filed August I4th, IM1; amended in open court, on leave, September Term. IMI. KLWOOD RVAXS, Attorney of Andrew Williams. October Ihk, I Ml. Mml. BROOKLYN HOTEL COMSKM BMOAOWA Y ASD KAtfSOMM BTS., BA«C FBANCIBCO. TIE proprietor of thia vail kimaad M old tslahlishsd llease ia Mill at hia aid JB j triehi fcrdiag the pablir far the low in of rora DoLLaae per week, aad the ety ia "MU they reaM I'' Thia HoSei was established ia IM2. aad the proprietor proadly appaala to Ma edl haaaa rrpulatiaa. aad at tha aaaw tiae fladgai hia—lf to «aa every eadaavai to add aa lha taaMert aad coareaieaae af his gaim. Tha Bnahlja Hotel I WAGOX will always ha ready aa the a barf aa i tbe arrival of ihe imam, to coavey faaetagars aad their baggage to the Hoase, free ef «barge. Ta preveat iaipoeitloa. he asstllvs aad see that BKftOKLYM HOTEL Is | fctodlalim llMm aa the aides ef the aragaa. Board par day fl; Baaed par weak s•; Meals be ceats; —Lodgiags M eeata ;-»h*%toge per week >2 to >4,—Jiaglc raeaa M eeaaa per aight. JOMX UUIT, Jr., fraprietor. Saa Praaeiaee, Oct. IMb, IMI. Mai OLTKPIA ViMI lUVAfIniT. * Stuart ft Blackshear, UUOlLDlafona tbecKiyas afOtraH thatihir*uTmwMHkelvte WAOOVB, <UB BIAOMaa« BUOOlttaf rtllini«>Biae,Maja tkr^HtOftaMVlli ssea, for whHHMM «dUM»taMse iaexeheage, liliimd ad ths Tawim Ifc etopewar sd aad Cbiaook Btresis. Olypia, Pif kir >, lift. 4* ■UOt, MILLER ft r«^ (*"■"" f *■" 4 DALLES AND COLVILLE, WKIUU Ut UTAH MALI** IS RHMBn-H CLOTUM, MOTS, SHOES. BATS, 4c ALIO Staple sad Wmmef Brwrk*, l'rovinionii. Win en. Liquors, Etc. 4 Ml MMtMt mt MIC KM GUOU6 cm- Mud; oo kn4. MfMr. BLOCS bciaff a mMttl af Saa FiiMim. vkmil m yirrtom ar* am 4*. •• *»ll k» »Mt ta oOsc truer Mmwati iku uj other Umm. October IMk. IMt. <?-*« I. rasi ilia t nuun D. PHILUn 4k SON, UMiNI IH CESHLIL KilflK, < Mympia, W. T. OFFER for Ml* a arw stock of— l>ry Ooodf, Orocerie*. Clot hinc. Hoot** A* Show, //a/i and ('opt, ( Yorkery ami Glatttrort, (Xtlrry, fr'., jfr. Tim—Ca*ti or Country Produce. Olrapit, September 14, IMI. 44:tf MfcrriCa Male. TJV virtue of an execution issued by the Clerk 1~1 of the District Court of the 2d Judicial Dis trict of Washintftou Territory, I have letied upon and taken into execution the following described property vix : Lot No. 2. in Block No. I. in the town of Tumwater, and which I will proceed to soil on the premises, on the 22d day of January, 1802, at the hour of of one o'clock p. m. Said execution was reudered against Jumes Flinn and John C. Carroll, and in favor of William K. Miles, for the sum of S!K! 75 principal and interest there on from July 7th, ItttiO, at two per cant, per month, and for S2BO 85 costs of suit and increased cost*. WILLIAM BILLINGS. Sheriff of Thurston county, W. T. Olympia, Dec. 22d, 18G1. Postage IVolice. rpilE new postage stamps of the United States I will be exchanged, by direction of the Post Master General, with holders of the old style, upon application to this office, for a period of six days front date; after which time the old stamps will not be received as postage. S. WILLIAMS, P. M. Olympia, W. T., Dec. 23, 1801. FOR VICTORIA! AND INTERMEDIATE FORTS. THE STEAMER ENTERPRISE, CAPT. WM. CURRY, leave Olympia for. the above port ever/ Monday and Thursday, At 7 o'clock A. M. —RSTIBMXd Will leave Victoria every Tuesday and Friday, carrying the IT. 8. Mail. For freight or passage ppply on bourd. Olympia, .September 28th, 18G1. 4C:tf Njirjent Mradow ttrans Seed.) THIS seed the acknowledged superiority of which, for either dry meadows or for sanih prairies, fot pasturage or for mowing, has ren dered it so popular, can be found iu quantities to suit purchasers, at the store of C. E. WILLIAMS. N. B.—Time for sowing in February or March. November 2d, 1801, Sl:m3 Doctor* Percy ft Co., No. (114 DO pmt street, between California and I'inc, San Francisco, I'hyirmtu and Operating Surgeoni, Mem bers of the Royal Colleges of Loudon and Edin burgh, Graduates of the Universities of London and Kdlnburgh,—First Prices for Anatomy and Chem istry, and Second for Medical Jurisprudence fbr the above named Universities, —Honorary Physicians >o the Edinburgh Lving-in-llospital, and Surgeon to Glasgow Lock Hospital, beg to call theattention of the public to their Rational Mode of Treating and Curing Itieeaiei, and may be consulted dally ftom 9 A. M. till 9 P. M., on DISSASKg or TBI FOLLOWING ORGANS : Drain, Eye, Ear. Heart, Lvnge, Liver, Stomach and Jnlffmal Canal; Panereai, Spleen, Kid

ney and remaining Urinary Or gan* ; Midwifery and Diieatet af Women and Children. Surgical Catet— Operation* of every class and character performed. Cmtm afXtrtou* or Acquired Dakility, Msmm of the Sim, etc., etc., we beg to draw parttular attention to. Also, Fibrosa and Muscalar Rheumatism, commonly railed Chronic and Acute, and generally produrad liv the im of Mercury. DOCTORS PERCY * CO., M 4 Dapoot street, bet. Califoenia ard I'ine. N. —All letters lor Advice or Medicines promptly aaawered, aad Mt 4ssr patients ataend ed lo day and Might. Baa Fransissn, A«|., IMI. 41m3 WAININCTOII HOTEL, HLAI SALUnR, Pn. conn or MCOXD AKD IAIX STUM>, Olympia, W. T. Board por wewfc— ft M Olympia, *ct ft, I MO. Territory Coaaty af Tbarataa. i "—'f T~* M ssf fßlii T*Q ooctna iwwig : r M Mkm^ r**- I» —rnn. *Wrt til'tMNk br tort 1 iW Im tmarffttf Tt, tM Jwß jwn« n«| yiiV" itt4 witk a*M G. CWlmt ■i»lm far " Hm KLWOOD MW. iitMMj hr lim <l. |(wr. Ciwiliißl Mil lin, n, I—|. ««a iitiifii. RtiTOLir *- v. %. Arm. Oijrapfc, §i|l»W ». MM. Mnt e* lha kind m Mag's *ar. MATUIOXUL.-t ;<>«■( intkwt, what pataaaal appearance fcttu* »4 twitiot l» ■ A Sa. I, wfakes Id aaita kiMttf la • M; with ■lailar Tkt adtcrt.ter W»| sin cere. wiUhminiWu kinrtf rw<4 aMtoa ~b kr u kia«««fo Tke tdrttiim it af infi. ke aast hat* cmAm b ia tain ia Hitiag kt k« tkra»st •k|tMlk,iwt«ralna;) kta4>. krow u4 sfcia as ilnr as a ihiWi ; hi. hair m 4 vkukm aaa a faep brvai, aa-i he -aa aaaare jat ail thai *wa latter kasMiei «n» giraa him hr a«M«. hrtasa mli Lafoat < Waat la«a Soap' Tftk Im far his ifHwa Irrtti, ud Jobs* t'snl Hair Hcsturatitc ia ku (int. (uUm k*u,aa4 kt •hatiag aa4 aaihiaj with ;«n luliaa Su Hie mm. wriakM ahia a«4 tash lair Mm* kerw mm4 < leas Tkw kaßUftl ar cisrr ia Cilifarwia. **r»gmm aa4 atry CEASE t BEKiUH OKO. L. KKMMY. HAVIW t«k4iM froas Iks krautU Hlu ffsft A Co., ha. this 4a* a»miisw4 ktawU •iih Mr. J. ». M |"l !■■■■. and aul mm mmm mm, In All Its* HmiH'hin, SHERMA XS BUILD I SO, Opposite the oM stand. uuder Ik* uaat of EKXNY 4 ALEXANDER. Saa Fmifi*#. May t«. IMI. ?:• »3 Sands Sarsaparilla, The Great American Renedy FOR PURIFYING TIIE BLOOD, will rx rorxu a cbbtaix etas roa suomi iii wis AS AN ALTKR.UIVS AMD O/ATIKU AGENT, IT IS r>K<jl ALLED 4 PLKN'TIKt'L supply of pure blood Is esseu _/\_tial to animal life. When the pro|iercircula tion of the vital fluid is impeded, sickness is the inevitable consequence, the secretions become un healthy, the liver becomes clogged with impure bile, which forced into the system,vitiates and in flames the blood, engendering scrofula and cuta neous and biliary disorders. SANDS' SARSAPARILLA will gently stimulate the functions of the stomach aud bowels to a regular and healthy aetiou, and without nausea or purging expel all deleterious ac cumulations, purify the blood, equalise the circu lation, promote perspiration, improve the appetite, impart lone nnd vigor to the system, and gradually but surely extirpate the disease, causing all un sightly excresences to disappear, and leaving the skin perfectly smooth and flexible. Price $1 00 per bottle or 0 bottle for $5 00. Atk for Sand*' Sartaparilla end lakt no otkrr. Prepnred by A; B. & D. SANDS, Druggists, 100 Fulton street, coruer of Willium, New York. For snle by Dr. K. Willard, Olympia. HENRY M. M'CILL, [LATE SECRETARY OF THE TERRITORY.] Attoxmcy-at-Z«aw f Committiontr of tke Court of Clamt of V. S. —AND— CommUsioer of Deed* for Oregon and Washington. WILL devote special attention io the prepare* tion of the necessary papers to accompany claims under the act of March 2d, 1801, for the payment of the war debt, and to business before the ('. S. I.and Offices. Office—On Main St., Olympia, W. T. [4l] KhrriiTo Male. BY virtnc of an exccutiou issued by the Clerk of the District Court of the 2d Judicial Dis trict of Washington Territory, nnd to me directed and delivered, against the goods and chattels, land, tenements nnd effects of Lewis Knsign, I have lev ied upon, seised nnd taken into execution, and will sell according to law, at the court-house dior in Olympiu, (the Capitol building.) on Monday, De cember the 2d, A. D. IHOI, ut the hour of one in the afternoon, the following described real es tate, vix : Lots one, two, three, four, five, six, (ev en nnd eight, of block forty-three, (43) In the Town of Olympla; thesamctohe sold to satisfy a judg ment rendered by the said District Court in favor of George Blanchet, nnd against Lewis for the sum of thirteen hundred dollars and interest thereon at ten per cent, per annum, ftom nnd after the I.lth day of April, A. D. 1850, together with costs of suit and increased costs. W ILLIAM BILLINGS, Sheriff of Thurston Co., W. T. November 2.18C1. Dl:w4. Olympia and Seattle XURSBR7. oucoLorr * aoXLis, I nucis h'xatt, Olympia. | Seattle. «Aiv«LOFr, ioxlie a co., OFFER for sale 100,000 Fruit and Ornamental Trees, consisting in part of— -100 Varieties of Apple; 40 " Pear; 45 " Plnm; 43 " Cherry; CO " Rose j Shrnhs and Ornamental Tree*, with a "right ■r.irt rha are" uf other w*m. which will he ex changed Car CASH or CtMTTRY PRODUCE, t'atalogwea fosalshed opoo appHcMiM. thTsni Xrnssav is sitaated IJ mile eMth-met of tWympio. »:■! OM l. ........ -J. S. IfUMS. (Late of M. H. Raacroft A Co.) BMK« Am RTATWXBBT. % U |0 TOLa Boohs IM.MO Vots Blhisl III* i.OM •• Msdirol Rooks. J.OM ROOMS Utter roper MO Rooms Cor Psf«r. RSMM UyKW o»« For sole stttelos«st rasas W mxT * AUwa*WD^ tMhlSlhl i—l,l—l- »*» of TMirttMCMWty. j To JOBS M. KWAJt. A* iiJiKir amiss* have heM osiod ta oppose bsfissoosw said Plohola Coart, m oad far sail sstt?J rf IBmMm, •» ara z:g Tlmiaistrotsr of tail —M. V. *. VUEB, rnhm 'tAr ofTksntss CoMty Oirmpis Xcember •' * Proapeotu* KATIOXAL REPCBLfCAW. I> ii«k!!kay»«klw>iba. .a thia "m * 'um P^JJTa ULi'\mtmj am by krty*s lackaa, a»4 kfknkMMblw pafaaa ■laled kclow. It »m rwkale an *a aefanal mafati mt Am *a-iy 4aa mdjyall ■, sM tka iiaaji n of wU~i,*T Jr"UH prwLs^J*!)" r aafrei, sal of tkc other difirf laU Utkt Is lidta! Guirfiawl IT will omitaia all IW em aftkr far. failga aM4uweii#. Markets fa. 4r.. assail as aa coaatry. Tka aiacaiiaaeaas <i|«naim wiM rs f*it» spsrial aWeatira. aad ia aO n»p«cts. tka ts« -Wafcaaaf Eipadkaaa aa a lastly 1i a ■. VasktaM bviaf aaar tkc ceatral patat of tka rarrou ■ftnary s».rati»as. gaaat altsHaa wiEka |>ai4 to ferr'.skiag tkc rrsfan af tkc Tsasarf «<«k fall. aa4 a< row at- of tfar pa«fi*ss af ike arar far the Caoaa lapalafara tkv paper «:U k» K>paklieaa aaa taiataf tks .%4ai.aistrati. acm' L Koia kit C.s claiaiar. koweter aat Mrtmiua take tkc araaa of ika frrsi.leat. 1 here is a««r Repfchl raa paper ia tkc Dia tri<-t of rulaal'it. or ia the ririaity af H. tal It is keixte4 that rerrat ereats kare ayaas4 to aaah a ttasc has com, ahea tkcartaal a<laiaistraUoa of tke r.oTiiawiil apoa priaciplca aitl 'tpWe tka ilaei pi is> atstioas vkfak kaae acfa tkoae iriariyln aa 4»s«asti<al ta tka Saatk Hat it ia aat aaly ken, aa4 ia this viciaty ,tkat the projector lof tke \a'm%ml jfyaMeai kope to aiake it asefkl. To the whole ronatrr ther offer a journal which will disraat aatiaaal politics faat nalioaal staa4poial, aatl which will acrer ha iten«4 from patriotir duty l>y any ottrpoweriag preasarr of local iutrrrrt. Trnat af llabwripllra. One copyr, one year $2 OA Thrc* copies, on* year.... 5 oo Kiva copies, one year _____ 7 00 Ten copiet, "one year l] 00 Twenty copies, one year 20 00 One copy, tix months 1 00 Three copies, six inontnt 150 Five copies, sis months 3 50 Teu copies, six mouths 6 00 Twenty copies, six months 10 00 Payment always in advnnre. When a Club of subscricers has been forwarded, additions may be made to it on the same term*. It is not necessary that the subscribers to a club thould reseive their papers nt the same post office. Money may b* forwarded by mail, at our risk. Large accounts can be remitted in drafts on Bo*> ton, New York, Philadelphia, or .Baltimore; smaller amounts in gold, or in notes of solvent banks. The Daily A ational Republican is published every morning (Sundays excepted) at $3 50 per annum, in advance. Address* \V. J. MI'RTAOH & CO., [so:ly] Washington, D. C. Dr. J. Browne. No. «19 Kearney Street, corner Commercial, Physi cian and Operating Surgeon, Member of the Royal College of Londou and Edinburgh, Graduate* of the Universities of London and Edinburgh—First prices for anatomy aud chemistry, nud second for medical jurisprudence for the übove named Uni versities—lion, physician to the Edinburgh Lying-in-Hospital, nnd Surgeon to Glasgow Lock Hospital, begs to call the attention of the public to his rational mode of treating And curing dis eases, and may be consulted daily from 9 a. m. till 9 p. m., on diseases of the following organs : Brain, Eye. Ear, Heart, Lungs, Liver, Stomach and Intestinal Canal; Cancers, Spleen, Kidney* and remaining Urinary Organs; Midwifery and diseases of Women and Cbildrcu. Surgical cases—operations of every class and character performed. ('uses of nervous or acquired debility, discuses of the Skin, etc., ho begs to cn'l particular attention to Fibrous and Muscular Rheumatism, cotnmouly called chronic and acuto, and generally produced* by the use of Mercury. DR. J. BROWNE. Cl 9 Kearney street, Sau Francisco Cal. wu X. B.—All letters for advice and medicines promptly answered, and outdoor!euts attended to day or night. FREEMAN & BIMPSONS O I, 1> Magnolia Whisky! THE consumption and co.nstautly increasing de mand for the 01D MAGNOLIA WHISKY, Renders us confidcntthat itmust supercede all oth er forms ofrestorntivc liquors, combining as it does every element of Purity, Strength, Palatabiiity and Health fulness, which should charactise a bever age suited to our age and country. We desire Denleis and Consumers to notice that upon every barrel and package of onr GEN NINE article*, oar names are branded in full; and also, that to each barrel and pschngc is affixed Oil MEW CA>D. With • view to prevent the success of Impositions, Imiution nnd Coanterfeits, ws hare discMtinned the sm of our former colored eat of the Magnolia. Flower, and have substituted tor it a Card, contain ing an engraving ofThe Phenix Distillery on the Srhorlkill Hirer,'" with onr name printed in foil. Those vntioM attempts to imitate and covntrr frit onr Whisk tea, are perhaps the best tribntes to the high reputation which they hare achieved. Infartor articles are never connterfoiled. fHigned] FREEMAN * SIMPSON. 1 Paeai* IMalißny. M ay thill river. •. O. IIUW, "wsylsmhw.'iat. 44ml inWrnvunin m CHAIXE^SrPOWDER, mxr crjMjjrrwam. IF NOT J^^SFACT^Y. San Fraacfsc* Jowar; Mb, 'Mt lS lj I Leraanl Seott i€<u KtniST «# Tft iiuivinriisinit. J tlAII; WW 4 nQ . c^Mwr 1- Thr fc»l»K*U« UTW(.'i«%| ' * 3. The »4«TMMITMaUI »«,<*«.€»•**> «• Ik* VbtTHiMTU KTUT, [UbmrnL, i. black woods nmicasa ugixul TVixTruiin li, to the »»4rj uT tiMt fcr tifk • MMimtl «ad wliifcttoi m■< mf ttm ikM "» fMMttj k JjXtT mj MW »»*TT* Tfc« rrrtiy. of ilttMt MMi Am the MM yMi'Ww |>»waMHtMl » K*M MfMM, •f w>mi>in ttoti aa mm u tk* iria"—t ill. tiMt. Terms: Fee mmy *m of Ur (w Bti in >, per iuib43 CO For —j tn of the btr Brtiewi, " _ SOA Fur aay three of the few Ktiitvi, " '• _7 •• For «U fear of Ike Irrlm, ■ M For Blackwood'* Magasiae. " _ 3 too Fur Blackwood aad use Bttinr, " •' _5 00 For Blackwood aad two Rerltwi, " " _f t» For Blackwood and three Review*, " " _( M For black wood aad tha fear Kariewt, " .10 00 tHIT Money current in the State where iatued will be received at |»ar. Clubbing:. A discount of twenty-flvc j>*r cent from the above price will be allowed to clubs ordering four or uioro copies of any one or DIM of the above works. Thus four copiei of Blackwood, or of one Review, will be sent to one address for 9ft ; four copie* of the four Reviews and Blackwood for S3O; and so on. Postage. In all the principal cities and towns, tliesc Works will be delivered FREE OF POSTAGE. When sent by mail, the Postage to any pnrt of the United States will be hnt 34 feats a year for " Blackwood," und but 14 Ceats a year for web of the Reviews. N. B.—The price In Great Britain of the Are Pe riodicals above named is s3l per annum. Remittances should always be addressed, no»t paid, to the Publishers, LEONARD SCOTT k CO., No. 54 Gold street, New York January sth, 1861., No. 0 WATT'S NERVOUB ANTIDOTE! TIE depot for the sale of this remarkable Medi cine is at the Fumily Drug Store, Ceracr Clay add Dupent Btr eta, Saa Francisco, and for sale by tell Druggists. Its effects are Mag ical ; new cases of cures are reported every day. WAKEFULNESS CURED at onro ; quiet healthy sleep takes the place of nightmare, starting in the sleep, and disturbed slumbers, from whatever ; Nervous Trem bling cured; DELERIUM TREMENS vanish before its magic touch, and ita regencrr. tive power afterwards is wonderful. The crutch and canes of old Rheumatics are thrown away, and they leap for joy. Nervous Headache, Giddiness, Impotenev, Fluting, Imbecility, Neuralgia, kc. Twithingt in the face, and all nervous Diseases yield to its wonderftil soothing influence. It will restore manhood to Its pristine rigor, even after years of inipotency, and is the only knows and certain can for Meatal Debility. Sold by Reddington k Co., B. Hull & Co., C Morrill, C, Langlcy, Crane 4 Brigham, T. White, San Francisco; R. H. McDonald, Sacra mento ; S.Ti WaHs and Rice 4kCoffin, MarysviHfe; K. S. Holden, Stockton, and by nil Druggists in California, Oregon and Washington Territory. For saje also by Dr. R. WILLARD, OlvmpU. September, IMI. 4'4:mS PHELAN'B Biiiura ■moon. XUB a bore BiUiard Soiavn with BIGHT FIRST CLASS I'HEI.AX TABLES, as now open to pablk. TktCsiUsM m Ike* Tables neeiW peede< in m Tke t* Wl'ltSTaM* as to nmM» BLECAXCK with COMFUBT TV bos will be keft iifpikl rki inlnndi of JESTS? MI Ultw"*" iahaMisantmsAsa s^mkMnftr a£s£j^^ss.«sai zstsrJS^sSstnxSE ' ** ' "" _ ' ■ '■■■■