Newspaper of The Washington Standard, January 11, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated January 11, 1862 Page 2
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TIE Bill. Tkc « »!»■ It Mmll be Prwnr4. ! « URE* r»« THE TUHT»»> for the Standard t-,. r*«»» 1 *r* Mtk?ris«« i. a»4 au>crj dot c= »«b»cnp t.» f; '.w ll 3% i CHI T»->* ft"i Frmar.vo **»! V W % »ww»w » I i \_*i > Atrsr.«;3* •••kPi-.u. K I' X. si. k«v, J I. y f«ll 1 J < TIIU *■ . X " r» fcr 4 tj Si-it •-■ • " I ' Mirt« St .••tim; UIUMI ! • rtra s»»r.>: J. B» V. PER: M.<J;SOB ; Hi*tT • . Wii! ■» Kiignulurt. Jlotej —s te its', a.roaj!» the a*, car n»k SATURDAY. JANUARY 11. 1«65 The War on Collector Smith. P.»rrie t»o weeks ti:»ca a letter wa* handed f;ia ihi 1 C"ll<Mi<r al Port re* DH'iid, re questing us to ropy a cwiinnnicatinn addrees •d bv liiin to thr Durst ieksiiui orjrnn. V e did not publish it r.s wc should have done had it been addressed to us, although ven' much pressed for room At the time. The Legislature has seen proper to dispense with our services, nnd consequently we are at liberty to use our columns more for the ac commodation of our friends and their local and personal interests, than it would have beon proper for us to have done had we been con tiuued iu the office of Public Printer. One other consideration has influenced us to give Mr. Smith a hearing through our col umns, although still pressed for room: and that is, the wicked and corrupt combination ■that has been formed against him by personal and political enemies, for the purpose of ruin ing his reputation both here and at Washing ton. Notwithstanding wc may have preferred «our friend Wilson of our own Territory for the office of Collector of the Pugct Sound dis trict to any man from the States, our failing in the accomplishment of our wishes, we were as willing to have Mr. Victor Smith for our Collector as any other man outside of the Ter ritory. lie came among us as a gentleman of high character and ability, not only as Col lector of the Pttget Sound District, but as the confidential agent of the Treasury Department for the whole Pacific coast. These facts of themselves were a sufficient endorsement for his integrity nnd ability as a man, and for his being a reliable Republican, whose whole in fluence woidd be used for the best welfare of the Government and the interests of the peo ple of the Territory, without regard to local interests or party cliques; and so far as we know and believe, he has dune nothing to dis appoint these expectations,—and hence we conclude he will be in no danger of suffering serious permanent injury from the wholesale ■charges of personal and official dishonesty -charged upon hint by the editor of the North West in a late issue of his paper. That gen tleman has yet to learn (and the sooner he Jearns it the better for him and the Republi can cause which lw professes to have so near his heart), that characters for honesty and in tegrity that have been built up in the eastern •communities by the persevering toil of years, are not to be swept away at one dash of the pen, although it may be wielded by the Her cules of the editorial corps of the famed city of Port Town send. We think the Hon. Vic tor Smith will survive these sweeping accu sations, notwithstanding they have been tacitly endorsed by a majority of oar Legislature. We incline to the opinion that both Presi dent IJncoln and bis Secretary, Mr. Chase, will at least give Mr. Smith • hearing before they adopt sa truths the charges of that i (ilimuil and rhamelion sheet, the Sorth Wett, and which seems to have been resusci tated fro n its aappeard sleep of death to be rosK thr pHsnt Wei in the henci of nth btt trr encuues of thr Bopsbiicsa rinse aa Paul K. the inijm Aukiicta/* and lit* Mxwpilin aad lindkuvr urauir*, Ztr the fmfoor of biack-HALIIMG (1M ja-OUOL and ffcid ekarnrto of th«- R. jh» s{>|«4n:- era of thr |«o»nl A«l:..:ut»ira'i->u That each am RHONM he RAFAGRD IA MJTL DIRT* WEAK, dor# tx* oo nark Mvpriar E». —bet that they sheeid i«-cr»\r th» a*L and rout.-aaijo of Men profmiog to he frWnd* of thr B» |>«b tiaaa ansae, *aad aha ahaaid ha ntnnrh pant*** . ia to a* naen rawtahli aad astsai fsnhiasilili. ead ■* find aare «3 mot he re #"d i el WaaUngtae *ah fates. nhalrver wm he thaaght of M CUM ha the hnrt Meads af thr BipnllU is caaela thie Ter- the «fcal tmimtt * *• *■ tkm |4w i« al who mmj W tkM niiiiiMi to W Imi4 a their iArmmr. 'JlinkmarwMimAwrtir p i|i!<■ i■ ! ««f UadUn wbw «* ckl cmimet kn bn aabprtod to «wir 4e cn-k'i n h iW Sr«\ni». prvthM wk ( d. f. ur. ir made over S r» i-jHHiwbk* aignaturc We uke ihii occtfiun t« a«ure that grotle niin and hi* friend.- our column* an* open to tki tD for a r« |»lv to the rerr (rravf rluip* tL it U«S|>t''l< mil < f official lit liwjim- CT, *hrn>'Vif tWv may dr*ire it, should th* HI nan tkfl I*l i tmmi of mr p*p»t «l «• tin*; afll ala» ream ing to uurariT lW rif-It tocxclni* ,T&rr iking mf a prn»«al cimrmrim. lev Piklintim Tk- n»r,.J-!t.iA Alaw f.«r tl»«- P«ci6 an «•<!! ku! K»jj»tcr »al \tar-JUk of FacU '<>' tbr if I TLi* i- a lulwar <"f 101 pay>. ruotjiuinf rhi ci"athlv NUTXIRC L»«r IFC» ruirvut veer. with tide taUn and c.ilr«la*»<«» 6* LW localities of Mn Vnurwt*. A»u>ria Vertleed •*U 1W IWMWWDI UM lariimU and luugi }>: jiii ipl. |ila< • - ami juiut" on tWe l'a- CIFO : aa CMV -1 HI tin- Art if War. Lv 11. \V. IlidltL ; tb«- r>\irUf of 1 *»«<•; nan. ■> of tb« nu-uiU r» of l"-«gri-»* awl the d. J*ir:Al« Bt» OF State. War, Xa>_T. I**: Eri ami Judiciary : a 1U: "f l'«i*l'«ffic.-s UU IKTI* TU®»;; a lie! of Federal, L*tate at d Territorial. of <'alil-»n»ia. ' HTYNN and with th< tr nalarie*. and u»- usbci> th. LTulatirr A»ri'tubli<«; a de»cri|ttiou of th ■ auil, and the topography of tin- ona»t; a list of attoru. R* : mid lutirh HCIMT important ma:t< r. avful for ntwMr. The volnine in ti-atlv bound in cloth, gilt, ami is sold at 51 .10 prr rnpv. Fur bv 11. A. Jud»on & Co. The 4 * R'tollion Record, find "War for the l"n --ion. from 11.11. UamTofl 4 Co. Sun Fr*n« i#ro. The atiove nrv issued in monthly parts of (Severn! hundred pages, and are embellished with fine steel engravings, and will form ele gant volume* for binding. They contain in detail the events of the war as they trans pire. We recommend either of the above works to those who wish to be fully posted iu reference to the war. WAR BONDS. —The Pacific Christian Adcocate savs that it learns from C. S. V Drew, Esq., who has just returned from Washington, that all accounts re ceived at the Third Auditor's office to the 6th of April, lmd been reviewed and awards specified; that about a quarter of a million dollars of Oregon War Bonds had been issued, and, also, that on all bonds of less than $.500 de nomination the interest iB payable an nually, and of SSOO and upwards, semi annual! v. a» TUE STATE REPUBLICAN. —We have received the first number of the State Republican, published at Eugene City, Ogu., by Shaw & Co. It is a neat pa per, is well edited, and promises to be a valuable accession the Union press of Oregon. B®** The ground is covered with snow to the depth of twenty inches at this place, and it is reported to be still deeper on the prairies. Sleighing is now no novelty, and has almost "gone out of date." 18" The Eugene City Republican says that mud and gravel were depos ited in the streets of Jacksonville tothe depth of eight feet by the late flood. DAILY LINE. —The Oregon Steam Navigation Company are making ar rangements to put on a daily line of steamers between Portland and Dalles. SUSPENDED. —The Thursday edition of the Oregon Statesman is discontinued until the 'mails cau be carried on the upper Willamette. Stamped wrappers for newspa pers arc in two at Sau Francisco. The flood iu California is said to have beeu very disastrous. Installation of Kane Lodfo A.1.A1.1L OIAMPM, Jan. 9, 1861. Editor I Yathimglon Standard— As 1 had ocrwioa to make a trip down the Hound during the holiday*, by special invita tion I witiH-Mrd a public installation of the officii* of Kant- Ixdp*. No. 8, A. F. dc A. li st hut Midioon. on lk» eveninp of the 27th Duehii. iNil. As 1 entered the hall. 1 was periertlv to KT sarh a Lodge r>wm in thU wm*U count rr. The drnprry, i arptls. np, tkr imtftne* in PM baf orer turllnw pttariptl »i«xiw WIRIMNWMIT , asd bfWtx—and in Cart evity hwg. iwdbed mo Ivantifai. aud «a» su .i|>pra|)na<r. I thoapht it iutrfrvt <.fl» nl v«ar tsadisn to War b-w ihr Mamair fntirwtj do Mm at TV nt> ix«r i —HI and with |njM hjr U<». U 1. ljj|iif ntt. (J. ('. An **• tkAi Mirntd hr thai at the of VIML. the fdh.i^ J-hn WVlZ'fW d M'l*rr:'"lA^JkT lyaabard. W. M. ; G. A. Mmp, ft. p. J. Prisnwnr. J. A B W T4C.IL (hwarl. fteeV.; It «. fttaar. 8. 114K.11. Fdk. J. IU £ U Kiwaer. ft. ft.; Unia* Watenaan, 1. ft, & I'rttinpU. TvW After the «f at iarited into a adjuiaiaj; ma to partaka af cm «Tlv3 nUrmi that the inffrr was get np I»t tha India* (Itod Mens than) af l*«t Unainrm. (g—ni—djr)fcf the ocosos. There vaa a hfi «Mfmy pant, hat not to "ataw aaafr" the -highways «d hr-aars" and bafk ia aB he eooid find, ant there was a rsry larpe faaritr sf ndtdaMti kA. Laag aav the au.tibn Wwnahwd. Vtui\. Tar Governor sad the Uaiveraty. (Hir opinion ha> in? I«n n pni>4ly satiat ed on the merits «f tb<- I iiiv«-rsit_v ss now pentlin? Iwl'oo- the b-gislaimk asi be iupr |ir>wJ I f <«f »iewa apaa the pntpiUfv ■€ tli- os thai sahfsct rmmiad h the (»<>\ mrmmgt, wm po jkM, in as few «nr<U a* to atal • mmr \if«> (|»«i ihe ijurT'i.H:- al uwm. wtdMSS ia- the ho(M or Mi. f thai say thisg we may say wpnn ih. i.«l>irct »ill rhaapa spis i<mr alrvaJi kin.' <1 in • >a to thasr w lertailied uor>«-l\«•*. We (fill- ripaaM tu IIM-UI at ilii* time t.> a* IIK- impststian of a disposition t « "ram nater nm tmb fbonldrrs." or in BUS lUiagww as a pnblx j -nmn't-' l<> fi\r free eXpMMoa tu <MV fill ! iuop <-a all nitjirpniap d'wr— inn ——f ike ur ill ia mot bgiilitiu ASMIBUI. It i- '>ur tlVr a careful • \amiiM ti'.n tb.- Mil>j**et, that tlx- same la* grant tb>- (*<> t«»»i«Jiijr» 41( 1.41 M 1 to \\ i.-Linylois Territor'. p*i» to tb*- A«inl>lv tb - w4e and « xda»i«e r attd di-|Kjriit i: of UMI>S. »itb tbe that tbev rball U- di'intnl to tbe nuiplidiMHit of a I ui*'iTsitv.—and ib«- further nominal r»- ' Mrictiou rem rv<-«l by CtiD|Ti-9i ov«i all I> , lative •mactiui4>tr. j TlM* folio* iujr oecti'-n of -An art to aioeiul an a< t to rrrate th<' oAee nf Burvev«ir t oil - rral of Washington Territory," wr think !».•«»♦ fully juntidiii the <>piiii<iii il«vc expn-swd : I "See. 4. Aad6r it further rmortal. Thai in lien of the two towmdiipr< of laud granted to the Territory of I tregon l>v tin- lodi w i tioii of the art of I S;»0, fur l'liivei>iti<«, there 1 shall he reserved to each of the Territories of , Washington and Oregon two township* of ' land of :(C sections each, to In> M>lerted in le gal Mihdivisions, for I'niversity pnijHim s, un der the direction of the Is*gislatur«-s of said Territories respectively." Now we find iiothiug in the law of Con gress granting the lands tlmt direct* wliru or how they shall be applied, whether they shall be sold for cash or on credit, —for one dollar and a quarter per acre, or for one dollar and fifty cents; —what amount shall lie expended for the erection of a University building, and what set apart for endowing professorships. It is not required to locate it at the Capital, or at any other particular point in the Terri tory. All of these detail* are tr/} entirely with the Legislature. It is not insisted by the Governor, or any body else that we are aware of, that there has been any violation of the terms of the law by the commissioners in the selection and dispo sal of the land, or in the application of the money in the erection of a I'niversity build ing. All has been in strict conformity to the law of the Legislative Assembly, and tho result shows a very commendable zeal and ability on the part of the commissioners. We have not succeeded ns yet in fully comprehending the distinct grounds of tho Governor's objections. He is by no means as clear iu the expression of his views on the University question ns upon others of far less i puiuic importance. it appears, However,tiint j he apprehends thnt Congress will not confirm the action of the Legislature or the selection of the lands under the law by the commis sioners, but he does not go into a detail oi his reasons for his very decided and confident opinion. They may be entirely conclusive on the subject, but until they are given to the public, we do not apprehend that any one de sirous of obtaining land for settlement, or for the timber, M ill hesitate to risk their money on the faith of the Government's carrying out tho clearly implied contract made with the prior settlers in the Territoiy. We are not one of those who believe in the policy or justice of hoarding those lands for the benefit of the generations that are to come after us, or that this was expected by Con- Eess when they placed two townships of id At our disposal for University purposes. However much wo may deprecate some of the legislation of the last session, wo most heartily approve the policy of their rendering that fund available for the education of the sons ot our honest pioneer settlers; and this one righteous and benevolent act of theirs will go very far with us in excusing their incon siderate and mischievous legislation. We arc informed by the Surveyor General. I)r. Henry, (whose opinion win* have much > iula«n>c with the I .and Department at Wash j ington) that the GovcrmiMit will Iwve no >, reason to complain of tin- manner hi which the , lands have b«io selected. and that he ia aati*- i tied that their arlrctMoi and salt- will prove beneficial to the im|irnvrtnrot and aetthWut ■ of the Territory. , I Whatever aMJ have hren iter |>n4ooff af a paint for the pwraaml location of the i. now in favor af the diapaaal «f the Lalaaro of thr lands, aa mm* pacUaUc, at tl £0 p. r •csk ar ev«« at the tin itnmml prior, rafhir , than not arlL and af applying the intnraS af the W thna runted. far th karit af the • fast ■aitir non in aacaaarfnl oprutiaa at Om- I aide. A 1 w« can pinin at peuamt in thr I nay af mmmmgtmmt ia, that no wi| M ho iSSSShythrl rsl.tan farS^j | ing the in .own shanU thor ho aneh an aa ve nda. Ia other ««h the I Matisatiaa ahal hers tho cardial aaaaast af j tha ftraanaaa aa lsag aa it aha! ><2a«h niaat to ear control, and wo Unat we shall hove ' the aealana i u ■wain of ai who fad thran . jaalvaa identified with tha hanar and pn*aat »Jtp of the Tearilaay. r la ear jsfanal. the Cat*maty naar in i opeeataaa at Seattle aal da ane* to inviie I JrrJSriai i* i r , ' and we ase at a lam to haaarhew a happened ' that oar very teat and ptafam Arttnjr » yovusK ' post of the imb, aa inetiSnlaon thai ia aa | titled la claim the festering ran- and rapport «t way nil oiahir of (lie Terriltoy, Iwrh at LATEX FIOX m ATLANTIC >l9l. We take the following Eastern Te legraphic news from the associated preaa ami the Hi raU : <KI.\CT, Dec. 19. The eefrewnondeuts of tlie Kieh mood paper* from the I'ujymfte state that the rebel al Centerville and Fairfax wate eeniplete,

and that they were fullv pw pared tor aa attack fay MeClellan. Qnxa. Dec. —%. a. In Congress yesterday, the House resumed discussion ou the bill author ising the immediate construction of twenty ironclad steam gun-U>ats, which |«a-««*d. la the S<-iial«, Mr. Wade presont««l a petition froru the dtiarns Obia asking that John C. Fremont U: aj jK'int.d Licet. General. action was ta<c< n tin nvii. i'apt. Kohrrt Un'rfV, of San Francis co. h..- IK en ap|«>inted I . S. Consul at Manxanilk*. Mexico, vice A. (•urriil. iv V, lk*c. 21.—a. *. IHs|«tili(i froiu Washington give cheering news. I'rivate letters received from distin guished Kngiisb Statesman and otln r prominent individ uils give every a»- snrain e that it is foreign to the inter ests of the Knglish < Jovernment to nmk«* any demand for the release of Mason and Slidell, but it i« probable that they will ask sneh explanation ns the Ciiitcd States Government can honorably grant. The Federal troops now occupy I»<\iufort, S. C., and are fortifying themselves. Yesterday Col. Jeff. C. Davis ntid Major Marshall's comuiauds surprised the rebel camp at Warren&burg, Mo., and captured 1,300 prisoners, includ ing three colonels, seventeen captains, 1,000 stand of arms, 1,000 horaes, aud full camp equipage. Our loss was but two killed and eight wounded. QCIXCY, Dee. 21— 1». M. The dispatches of the British Minis ter, received at Washington, are re ported to be more sensible and moder ate than the representations of the Dritish press would lead to the belief. Nothing peremptory or imperative is addros'ed to our Government, ami no difficulty presented to their view but which can and will be settled by diplomacy. l}rijtcy, Dec. 21—2 r. m. Gen. Burnsidc's expedition, con sisting often regiments, is at Annapo lis, and ready to go South. In the House, yesterday, .Julian, of In diana, offered a resolution that the Fu gitive Slave law be so amended as to forbid the recapturo of any fugitive from labor, without proof that the claimant is loyal. After much discus sion the resolution passed. The capture of 1,5100 rebels at War rensburg, Mo., by Col. Jeff. C* Davis, is regarded as the most brilliant exploit of the war. (Jen. l'ope and liis assistants are de termined to rid Missouri of rebels. A battle between Pope's and Price's army is expected every day. (leu. W. Jones, ex-Minister to Bo gota, was arrested at New York yes terday, by order of Secretary Seward, and sent to Fort Laiayetto. A great negro insurrection is report ed iu Mississippi, and an immense amount of property destroyed—slso,- 000 on the Quitman estate alone. Tho New York Herald has tho fol lowing Washington dispatch, dated the 2uth: General Ord started on a foraging expedition this morning, with the Fourth Regiment Bucktail Rifles, Lieut. Col. Kanu, and Kaston's battery Gen. McCull thinking they might bo attacked by the enemy, sent on after them two brigades ; (Jen McCull and stuff also followed. When Gen. Ord's command was near Drainsville, it was attacked by the enemy in ambnsli. A brisk engagement ensued. It contin ued an hour, when "the enemy finding it too hot for them, retreated in the di rection of Fairfax, leaving a large num ber of dead and wounded on the field. Our troops pursued for a abort distance, and picked up the wounded and pris oner*. Gen. Old oaptared a large amount of arms, clothing. etr., which the enemy left behind. TMr toes i« estimated at 150 killed and vooaded. Our lot* is six killed and eight wound ad. Among the rebels killed was CoL Tbiler, of Rcntnckv. Their lore* eon sirted of three regiments of iahmtry, 2 company of aavalnr, and a hattsrj— all under acting Bng.-4«en. Jno. 1L Fotdy, of Alabama. At Ir. a. oar troops retarned with fifty wagon loads of forage. Qnxrr. Dee. 21 Later news lias been reeived from Karupe. The nowtioa of the arrest of, MSM and Slideil on hoard the Trrmt, eon tinned to excite the pnblic prow. A great I riah maas meeting nma held in Dnhlin, to aonsUac dMw Wtnton Great Britain and America. Pedlqg ma high in favor of aotahiag the cause of the faited States. St. Uri«, Dec. tt 1801. Lien*.-Gen. Hcott ha vataiasd fcsn Karope on the steamer ar rived. Orders hare been iaanad from Waah ingtoa not to permit aay alnamin to depart for Europe. . On Katarday, Lord Lyooa aent to onr Government his first* oommantea tion In relation to the arreat of Mason and Hlidell on hoard theatoamer TYtnL In the opinion of tho Secretary of State, therefore there u ample roon* Ui settle all dispute by diplomacy. Tliere has been a rupture at Rieh moud lietween ticn. Wiae and Jeff Da vi*. Wise will |>rotnbljr resign, «md O. Jennings Wise, the editor off the KiJ|inotul Euquinr t will oppose Jeff I I>aal» •imiaUtratioa in Ms |«per. Gen. Hattn-k has i -sued orders mak i inf death the i*eattj for ruttlag dowa tclerTuph vires or iiijarin| rail rued bride**. flecei4iofiist« and their tiarn will IK* n |«ii> 'l tu rejair all damages done to railroad;", etc., *l»ere they live. <>ani< ;t l>avis. Senator from Keu tm-ky, [rlo-tetl to ill tlie vacancy oe carrnl i>y the expulsion ot Breckiu ' ridge —Et* ALTS] took his seat to-day. Qi iacr. I»ee. 24. I In tlie ll«i«c yesterday. Wilsoa'a i wiiiilahmi SMMtiwl pnkilitiaK L'u»- tcd State* offi, t*r> fnnu M»i»g a»»y of their foree tor the )>uq«>«e vf returning tuiAiiV* Af«»rrlII re|M»rtcd a IHII iii«-tva»ing tin* duties «»ii r»»fl'«*e, tea and sugar. The projxHu-d inereaae will yield a rev enue of sH.ttnO,two, should ini]>orta ti'»u« be tin- same as in !**»<». Kenton introduced a bill granting Innds for a milroad from the Missouri river to San Francisco. A private disuat* h received here , List night states that (Jen. Ilalleck li« | ordered tlnr seees»ioiiists to ret mi r tlie i damaged |»ortion ol tint North Missouri Kail road. Forty bridge burners have In-en arrested aud have nrobablv been shot. Legislative Preeeediage—Ziith Ssseion. *Kr«RTU> K.Xi'KKMLT rOB TML STaXDASD. iounrll. SATURDAY, Jan. 4, 1802. Mr. Moore, from the eommittee on Koads and Highways, reported l»nek if. It., No. /»—An act relative to a Terri torial road from Wnlla Walla to Fort Colville, recommending its passage. Mr. Moore introduced C. 8., No. 11 —An act conferring jurisdiction on the District Court of Shoshone county ; C. 8., No. 12—Au act conferring jurisdic tion on the District Court of Idaho county; C. 8., No. 18—An act confer ring jurisdiction on the District Court of Spokane county. These bills hav ing liad three sereral readings tinder a suspension of the rules, were passed aud titles agreed to. Mr. Moore introduced C. 8., No. 14 —An act relative to the official acts of officers of Shoshone county. IJil! read twice and referred to Judicial Commit tee. Also, C. 8., No. 10—An act relative to counterfeiting gold dust and other species of gold. Bead twice and refer red to the Judiciary Committee. C. 8., No. 17—An act relative to fees and costs. Beferred to Judicial Committee, with instructions. H. It.. No. 18—Relative to granting Win. Pack wood a ferry across the Nis qually rivKr, taken np and referred to committee on Corporations. C. .T. R., No. ft—Relative to election of Tentorial officers, reported back from the committee on Indian Affairs. Resolution put upon its final passage and lost. 11. 8., No. s—Relative to Territorial road from Walla Wulln to Fort Col ville, read third time and passed. 11. 8., No. 11—An net incorporating the Dnnginess Log-Driving Co., reatl third time and passed. 11. 8., No. B—An act authorizing R. W. Trovers to keep a ferry on Port Discovery Bay, read third time and passed. C. 8., No. 7—An act authorizing W. F. Bonk and Henry Ties to keep a ferry across tho Chelialis river, read third time ami passed. C. 8., No. o—An act to amend an act authorizing L. 11. Davis to keep a ferry across the Chelialis river, ameud ed, read third time and passed. C. 8., No. B—Repealing an act rela tive to tho school fund of Clarke coun ty, passed. * H. J. K., No. B—Relative to election of Territorial officers, referred to com mittee on Ways and Means. IT. 8., No. 15—An act to inoorporate the Skokomisb Lumbar Company, re ferred committee on Coq>o rations. 1L 8., No. 17—Relative to a Terri- Mrial Bund from Uniuu City, on Hood's Umai, • o the Katsup. on the Clielialis river, refawj to committee on Koads and 1L J. K.. Xu. 7—Relative to tvoone on Cbehafi* Point, ukiml to the co» mittee on Federal Hellions. 11. M., No. I—Relative tn a weekiv ■uul tvale in the Wdk Walla coaatn. fCNid to the committee oa Federal KelatioM. Mr. Wehater moved to ivooiwider tbe veto If wbUk H. Bu, Xo. • «M made tbe metal order for Moadar aext. Carried. H. R, So. " —Aa act arthoridar J. A. Packard, bk b«it» IUM! amiga*. to aaa. Mad aaooad tuaa aad MWMT, Jaa.«, INI tbe Secretary, idaiw to hrartiai lln i iij UtnTndmd printed. AJeo, printed docamenta from aba Secretary, la rebtioa to M S|aam Mail actam tbe Tactfc." Laid oa the table. Mr. Clark iutradaeed C. 8., No. 18 —An act couferriag ja radiation oa Uie Ihatnct Caatt of I'ieree coaaty. Bill read second time aad hU ow bmW the rale*. The joint committee to visit the {Jm* vcrwlv BaiUinp submitted ■ wirurL which vh laid ou the taMeaad onler ed priotrd fW L The Council tkaa |BmW In the Hall of the Anodfa.llMßrto amat that bodv in J«>iat far the (•urpoK af electing a l*WKc Printer, or JOl ar miaiioj. The Convention praaaeded to vat* fur Public Printer nr« recr. On the tilth liaiiot. A. M. Pot «n clfdwl. IX CUt'JWtL. Mr. Moure iatrudiktil C. li.. Xo. 19 —An act authorizing Green White aad <». K. l>rijrg». etc., to veiaMwh a*4l*a# a frny a.-nw the LnrherKab rite?. Mr. Ca|4ea introduced cTjSH'ji* —Aa act aathoruinf Aatkar (friigia* ta a bridge aerem Lain n«at, in Oiarke wwntv. Ural twice aad er- iknad printed. ('. B-, No. 10—An act to pay Wr. 11. l*oj* tor certain aerrieea. rnd aec ifii*l time end laid oa the table. 11. 11., No. l.>— An art to amend an art to incorporate the Sk<>ko«ni«h Lim ber Co., read third time and patted. 11. J. It, Xo. 7—Relative to troops ou Chrltalu Point, put upon its parage and lost. 11. M.. Xo. 2—Keiatin to a weekly mail. read lUini linw ami |«Hai 11. M., Xo. H-K<lat.i* to India* A-rout, pawed. If. M . Xo. 2—Relative to extending public survey*, passed. If. 8., Xo. 16—An M to loeat* a Territorial road from l T nion Citv to the mouth of the ISaUup, ou Che ha] is river, read third time aud passed. Adjourned. TL'BBDAY, Jan. 7, 1862. 11. 11., Xo. 6—An act to authorize- J. A. Packard, his heirs and assigns, to construct a bridge across the Xis cjually river, with amendments, read third'time aud parsed. Substitute lor JI. 8., Xo. 13—An act to amend an act granting Win. Pack wood and heirs a forty across the Xis qtially river, road .three several times,. On its passage, the ayes aud nays were called: Ayes, 4?; riiays, 4. Bill lost.' Mr. Biles gave -notice that ha would move to reconsider the voto by which the bill was lost. Mr. Mooro introduced C. 8., Xo. 22 —An act to amend an act to regulate the practice and proceedings in civil actions. Head second time aud refer red to Judiciary Committee. Mr. Webster introduced C. 8., Xo.. 23—An act to approve the act of the University Commissioners. Bead sec ond time ai:d referred to Judiciary Committee. Mr. Caplcs introduced C. 8., Xo. 24 —An aft to assign the Judges of tho- Terr'.tory of Washington. Bead sec ond time and referred to Judiciary.- Committeo. Mr. lluhlts introduced C. 8., No. 2o —An act conferring jurisdiction upon tile district court of Olympia. Bead' second time and referred to Judiciary Committee. Also, C. 8., Xo. 26—An act in rela tion to the practice in the district and supreme courts of Washiugton Territo ry. Bead second time and referred to Judiciary Committee. Also, C. 8., No. 27—Aa act iu rela tion to grand and petit jurors. Boadi second time and referred to Judiciary Committee. Mr. Moore introduced C. B* No. 28— Aa act to amend aa act relative to crimes and pun ishments and proceedings tu criminal mw.. lload second tune and referred to Judiciary Committee. Also, C. 8., No. 29—An act to provide for the payments of judgments against counties. Read second time with same reference. Mr. Shaw introduced C. M., No. 1-—Rela tive to annual and bi-annasl sessions of the Legislature. Head first than. Mr. Clark introduced C. No. 30—An act to dissolve the bonds of ■sttfcsimy here tofore existing between Job XcLeod and Emma, his wife. Bead second time and ta bled. I 11. B- No. 10—An act to th , bonds of matriamav htsiis J. K-aeißrks i P. TVndrb, mil AM tkm mi pmi V. B. Ho. 18—Aa art nfatke In «fca £s trict wart ai Piam emmty. read tUai rims 1 11. B, Ka.»—Aa am tW «b |Ti^Ll-As art wiykM*tbe ■wi Mr. relative to fmsiatif aa at ColviUe. jaaaadaadara aasnapsiam of Üb# rata. Mr. RathiaUodacad ~H. J. K relativa to tW ***** «T TwiHw' *

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