Newspaper of The Washington Standard, January 11, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated January 11, 1862 Page 3
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j, r. *a» read three times aud • IT! • f , -..-.1. . . ; •j- ,e committee* appointed to investi . the claim* «>f MeNsiv. Johnson and 1 • W 1 Walia Walla, to a contested the House, reported in favor of \i r lh. I. r. »rt was after a lonjr debate - .1. and Mr. Smith was sworn by . \V*y« he and took hi* seat. M- 't'hapman introduced 11. J. R \ •. r. lutive to the pay of an enroll a 1 j clerk. Read three • - aiid on motion laid on the table \1 • mdav next. \|r Uuth introdnoeil 11. B. No. 18, A t authorizing J. R. Rate* to eou . ' u a«T<>*a the Spokane riv- j lo ad fin>t an<l **eond times and - Till to Committee on Road* and ay*. Mr. ttiiliain intr'nloceil 11. R. No. 1 • an set to inc-rj-irate 'be Citv of V. Jla Walla. Mr. Thornton intmd»*d 11. R. No. an aet relative to the *-hool fund Claim county. Read first and •1 time- and referred to Committee Kdio-atioN. 11. It. No. I»i. an aet to !.*-ate a Ter t Mriai Road fnuit I'nion City, on l| s. I - Canal, to the month of the Sat . i. . r. the t'hehali*, or to the eouuty . t ofChehalis county. Read third time and pa^ed. The petition of Levi. C. Smith ask to have his name chanjred. was re • rred to Committee on Judiciary, with iii«irtietion* to report by bill. II It. No. 1, an net to amend an aet incorporating the Caseade Railroad «' .inpaiiy. Kead third time and iudefi nitelv p(Mt|>onetl. 11. 15. No. 7, an net for the construe- 1 ti'>n ot a Wajjon aud Hail road from tlie nav!!»ablc water below, to the nav-1 i.'.ilile waters above the Dalles of the i Columbia river. Read third time, and motion indefinitely postponed. 11. I?. No. 15, an aet incorporating the Sawainish Lumber Company, was read third time aud passed. 11. J. R. No. 15, relative to the elec tion returns from Pacific county. Kcad third time and laid over until Monday next. 11. j. R. No. 7, a series of resolu tions relative to the troops at Gray's Harbor. Read third time and passed. ('. B. No. 0, an aet to define the Ju ilieial Districts of Washington Territo ry, was read third time, and the Bill with the amendment of the Committee, that the act take effect on the first day of April 1862, was passed. 11. B. No. 12, on motion, the llouso concurred in Council amendments. 11. B. No. 3, on motion, the House concurred in Council amendments.^ 11. J. R. No. 0, relative to the col lection of War Taxes. C. S. for 11. J. 11. No. li, was read third time, and on mo tion of Mr. Cock was adopted. C. B. No. 11, an act conferring ju risdiction upon the District Court of the county of Shoshone. Passed. C. 11. No. 12, an net conferring ju risdiction upon the District Court of the county of Idaho, was passed. Mr. Gilliam, on leave, introduced 11. B. No. 22, an act in rcferenco to sheep running at large in tlio county of Walla Waila. Read first time. IT. B. No. 2, was read thirJ time, and 011 motion, indefinitely postponed. On motion llonac ailjournod. Mr. Smith, of Walla Walla, intro duced 11. M. No. 4—to establish a Land Office. Bill was read thrco times and passed. Mr. Bozarth introduced 11. B. No. 23—an act to dissolve tho bonds of matrimony existing between John G. sparks and Rebecca Sparks bis wife. Head tlirce times and passed. Mr. Taylor introduced 11. B. No. 24 —an act to repeal an act entitled an to incorporate the Oregon Steam Navigation Company. Mr. Hates introduced 11. B. No. 2.j —an act to change the name of .lames • ►'N'eil to James Nilon. Bill read 2d time and referred to Select Committee • insisting of Me.ssrs. Griswold, Lom bard, Chapman and Wilson. Mr. Gardiner introduced 11. li. No. -'•—an act to authorized K. H. Lewis and Kdward French to establish and i a furry across the Columbia river. ( 11. B. No. 22—au act iu reference to »!ieep running at large in Walla Walla i unrr. Rrwl woml time. 11. 11. So. 21—relative to the school f of Walla Walla coantjr, vu read iliinl time and patwl I 'a motiuu the House toulc a rami ' T teu minute* iu order to tbe v rgt-at-Arau time to pre|«r« seats • * the member* of tbe Council, as tie time I.* cniiijr into Joint C-on \ ntkm for the purpose of electing a Public Printer, bad srrived. The member* of the Omnc-il hav ing atwmlM is tbe lioaee of K*p- the KMpectire bodies re "•lvrd tbemselre* iato a Joint Ota ventioa. [BM (AMIBCU Proreediag«] Tbe 1 vNiDcii «|oanied to their 'amber, u4 the House WAR called t' ''pier br the speaker. 11. B. No. SO, relative to tbe aebool "T Claim conutj. Bud thinl time ptated. (. B. So. S, an met to meal an act "i r.iation to the School fund of Clarke *»untr, read three time*, under sat- I* "«i >n of the rales and paaned. ' • B- 7. aa act authorizing W. IK>uk and Heorv XftM to futiMiih 1 frrry arrow the ChebalU river. MONDAY, .Tr.n. 6. Kcad tint and second time* aud re ferred to committee on Koads and Highway*. C. B* No. 9. au act to amend an *-t eutitled an act to authorize L. H. Davi* to c*tah!i*h and k«vj> a ferry acr<»» the Clichali* river. Read sec ond time and referred to committee on Road* and Highway*. H. J. R. No. 3, "relative to the Collect orship at Port Toauaend, »« taken up. Mr. Bates. a« Chairman of Select Committee a-ked three day# further time to furnish the desired evidence. Time granted by the House. 11. J. R. No.*4, relative to the cleo tiou return* of Pacific o»uuty. Pa»*cd. 11. J. K. No. S*. relative to pay of au enrolling and «nirn»«Mng Hcrk#. The U»UM; ri'tUnui to |A*a. Mr. Co«*k nn'vedto tro into an elec tion for Chaplain hy viva v«»oe. After the House had voted «lo»n *oiih' fifteen or twenty luotiona, all of which were intended t<» defeat the elation, the original motion was ad»pt<d. at id toe names of the following Reverend (tentlemci were Idacvd in nomination : Mo*«r*. Foster, italic. Kvjiiis. Brouillct. JShatfer aud i •illiam. Mr. Foster received or. the first bal lot a majority of all the votes cast, aud was then fore declared duly elected chaplain of the House of R-preseuta tives. On tnotiou the lljuse ad journed. *£T Wc are coni|»elled to defer several days' proceeding* of the Leg islature until our next is»uc. • • • •arThe Sth of Junuarv wns ob served in a proper manner by our citizens. SPKCIA I J NC>T I C' KS. lIIVIN K BKKVICK will l>c held hereafter ev ery Sahhath Morninp. II A. Nt the IHstrict ■School llnuse. Jan. I, IHOJ. H. J. EVEN*. A. 8. IIA I. 1.1 111 K IV. T. GRAVKB. A. S. H ILLIDIG A CO., viii mi BRIDGE nun AND MANUFACTURERS OK Patent "Wire Hope Wire s .i»pen<ion bri<l(»es of any spun and enpne ity erected, and material furnished. Having lieeii constantly engaged iu the crectiou of Wire Suspension Kridges and Aquednc.tß for several years past, we arc fully prepared to do such work satisfactorily and to GUARANTY PERMA NENT V. l'-.Tties who are about erectiug bridge# will find it greatly to their advantage to give us a call be fore deciding to build wooden structures, as (lie recent lloods throughout the State have proven them to be wholly unsafe and unreliable. .1 num hrr nf our wirt tmaprntion* tire note in ny tn itiflrrmt Uicnlrtiet throui/lioul thr State, no out of hat Item in the leant offeettd !>;/ the fre»hft». WIRE ROl'E, for mining or ferry purposes, umuufactnrcd, of any length nud size required, being ehm/ier and better than hemp. Scales of weight and strength, with prices an nexed, furnished, on application to the maiiiir»c turcrs. Send for a circular. A. S. lIALUDIE J: CO.. 412 flay street, San Francisco. January 11, ISti'J. 8:m:t Lint of Loiters REMAINING in the Postofllce for the quarter ending l>ee. 111, 1801 : A 1 void, Mr T M Hughes, James Krown. Ilarvy M Johns, II W Clark, Fred A Libbey, Samuel Clark, K L Mnnzik. Jo«epli Dana. John Maxwell, Samuel Duffey, Thomas MeKweit, Mrs C Elders, Wm I'rice. A Foster. Joseph Perkins, R O Forsyth, A Faizre Swan, John M (tuiiney. Peter Stephenson Molmes, James M Hpirlock, J D Huson. L M Van llgle Winter J. F. Persons calling for the above will pleuFC say thev are advertised. SAMUEL WILLIAMS, P. M. NOTICE. HAVING RETURN ED TO THE. TER* ritory, 1 now will attend to the settlement of my own affairs. Any power of nttornA giv en by ine is hereby revoked from thin date. All persona knowing themselves indebted to ine, either by note or book account, will Idease coine forward and pay the same ou or M-fore the first of February, 1862, or 1 will rlace the same in proper hand* for collection. M. L. HEFRON. Olyuipia, dan. Ist, 1862. 3* AdMiaiolrator'a N«lice. IJCTTEIW OF ADMINISTRATION having liren given to the undersigned by the Probate Court of Pacific county, Washington | Territorv, <>n tlie estate of Jobu McKeuna. i d leaned. late of Mid county, notice » bit by ' given to ali person* having rUium against I stiil rotate to |wvtt-iit them within uaa rear | from th« dale hereof; and ali peranna iadelit | nl to s>i<l rotate arc herrby notified to conn* forward inmnnlitfslv and make pav went. JAMhJ* K. JOHXSOK. Adarinistialor. Bmrepnrt, Xo\. ?4, IMl.—3tr NOTICE IS lIEBEBY (iIVFJi, THAT THE County I '<■— ii imi w of Thuratun ConMy will he pnpand. at next rrgalar muting of the Ruard. ou thr fnt Monday in Fein an . I<4{, to renriv.- sealed prupuanla for far •'* --jr and delivering npw the Public in Hn* inw» af Ulmipia, two haadrrd thonraml g»»«d lairks. Also, at the sane time, amlad p«fsaab will he tetwwd far laying 2MMMO brick* in the erection at coataapla led caaatT building* anon aaid Pahlir Hyw. The Wick layer fenmhjac hi* nam wnt uhd. >lrt MT'wd ldl°"SßT*!av ion wlnae hid* any ha amitcd by tha Caaaty CnMiaiaan will ha reqaind la for the faithful perfonaaace of the wak apeci fied in the twlina. Bj order of the Bawd of Coast; f nwia mmtn. vmmnd Uar. 7. 1861. BIG'HARD LANK. Auditor of TWarataa Coutr, W. T. Ol rmfm. Jm. S. I*s* Chas. E. Williams, <Su«.ccMwr to tt. A. E»l»lliahc<l Ithi DUUI IX HARIIAU, TI\IIIL SNTB, IM, STEEL, GROCERIES, 4c. W> HAVING irrntlr wrfrH larp» •< rsiioai to kii stork. i* now ofcnaf Mu>u;utkcrGeoU*. ttar Miosis; 4tiir>blt article* : i'tiruing f'Ujd and I'M) oil. - Pare . Cual Oil aa<i Flii.l Ua^t. Take*. lilulm. CkiaMit. Wirki l°u»ttpatral«H Potuh t»r making 12 r»llo«« nift Ikic- • price ••;{ ct». Advance Tnwkiaf Kltfri. litktitMHM otrai I irr% lewn»l4e (otcra Willi eaua G*r»l-B Th«! 4. Oani* a». <-4« > 11{ rrali per p»ftt), r*rl.»* aad ll wt Nat*. Bc.i H't'fr. l,«>|rf.«"T. Kat aad lix.* Trafi Era-- I'artaia l"»ran-e» »i..l K*nl. M ire mJ Sale • totfe*. <•( all utabtn, Misr riadlsii. a rail Variety ; *" U<U. Mi'* lUanrri. N»il> I'lWKr). IVj- tr Krira Hear j. ' Patral (rsarat aMI nm lam. I A *er» ariii I* .. Mrrhsslr't Tssh aad Materials. I* lull tarieti.) Win'lnw-fi-h Paint*. Oil. Patty and <•!»«« V»r lii.brn J,|u.b Turjwnlia«- aud Alcohol, I'm ket aud Table I'rnleri. I!«r;» a»i rt ui« ai i. rum Ihiihlii i.nd ll.»r!*e Hru»lir«. liark«; ('•>«- drr. Shot |t.«11%. I.cad atid t'aj>«. Kullet Mould*, (Sun 1.0.'k - Wipers. Nipple*. Ar ; I'a tile. Tmc». H.ilter and Dog Chains : Sheep Shears and Won I I'ards. liruW, Planter and Garden Hurt. Plows, Cultivators, Mallorka, llrush Hooks, Horse Rakes, Cradles, Nrytties, Rakes, Choras, Forks, Hutler Howls and Trays, fcr. JAPAN BLACK TEA. tfciyTin. Sheet Iron, Copper and Brass Ware manufactured mid repaired. X. ll.—We linvu made such arrangements fur the purchase of articles, either in San Francisco or New York, as *c think caunot but give satis, faction. to" CunnnUnion solicited. Olynipia, April U, 1801. 21 :tf Goal Oil AND COAL OIL LAK PN, fpOIiBTHER with all kinds of Iliirning and I Machinery Oils, for sale at greatly reduced rales. Also Bro-Vapor Stoves FOR HEATING ROOMS, For Coofcinj, and for II rat in j Flat Iron* Pl'lt SALE VKIIY LOW BY STANFORD BROTHERS, California street, near Front, San Francisco. Notice. Territory of Washington, I In the District Court "d Judicial District, > of the County of Thurston. ) 2d Judicial District. To JOHN F. DEVOUR, Owner, and E. DEVOUR, Doweress : YOU are hereby notified that a camplaiut for a foreclosure of mortgage linn been liluil against you in suid court by it. il. I.nuclide, which will come ou to be heard at the lir.-t term of the court, which shall commence more than three month< ut ter the ,10th day of November, 1801, und unless you appear at suid term and answer, the name will be taken an confessed, und the prayer thereof granted. The object and prayer of suid eomjilaint is, to foreclose a mortgage ugainct you on certain real estate in Thurston county, Washington Territory, and to recover of you tlm sum of six hundred and twenty dollars, with interest at the rate of two per cent, per month from November 12th, 1801. lil'TLKit I'. ANDERSON, Attorney for Plaintiff. Nov. 30, 1861. B:w4 Tuiuitouy or Wahhinutox, 1 County of Thurston. J BB In the District Court of the Srtond Judicial Ihntrirt. To WILLIAM L. SMITH, sued ns snbsei|iicnt in cumbrancer. in suit of Andrew Williams n. (ieorgc Drew, et at. Foreclosure of mortgage. You (ire hercbv notified that Andrew Williams has filed a complaint itgninsl (Icorge Drew, Caro line I*. 11. Drew, 11. K. Strvker, u':d yourself, in said court, which will coins on to lio heard at th« first term of the court which shall commence more than three mouth* niter the l!>th day of October. 1H»JI, and unless you appear ut said term and nn swtr.the suute will he taken ns confessed, ami the prayer thereof granted. The object and prayer of snid complaint is to foreclose the equity of redemption, if any you have, or may claim to have in certain premises, to wit, the Interest of said (icorge Drew in the land claim is Lewis county, in said District, known ns " George Drew's Claim,'' mortgaged to this Plain tiff by indenture of mortgage, dated October 13th, ISS.V to secure the paynicut of &1,000, with le gal interest after date. Complaint Bled August 2'» th. 1R01; amended in open court, on leaTe, September Term. ItMI. KLWOOD EVAN'S, Attorney of Andre* Williams. October l!»th. ISM. 4i».re.l. B OOKLYN HOTEL COK.SKM BtOAnWA VAX It HAX9OME ST!• . ?.\.x nuscm-o. THE |«rof.rirli»r of tbi* orll kr.nwn »nH M aM MtUiiM Hmm- I* aiill at bit oM JSM «rirfc»—frrdiajr tb* patilir for tbr lo« vf ror» "«>"«» frr nit. u4 tbr rrr i. -Still tbrj cam* ! ' TbU HoU-l «u Mlahiiabc4 is JH5a, aal tb« proprietor proadlr | s iu weJI-4*o« a repatatioa. aa4 at the mmt tinf plrtfo IMHMK I to w »WT rHnror KtMto tbr n«UI and 1 raatmna of bit |irMa. TW BrooUja Ilotrl | IT AGO* will ataara be mrii oa ikt wharf oa IW armal Hwaui. la" raa*•* •arf tbrir la tbt Haacr. fr«* af rbanre. Ta arrwat iatpoaMaa. be paaMira ai ti M Ibal | BBOUBLYJi MOTEL b paiatr4 ialan* lattara oa !«b*4«n«rib*vagaM. 9mi4 par 4m, »>, luaiJ par mk s«:_ HaakM i—!■ -, M rratr | afchr par waab |itot«; Hiaalr rnai M mtt prr aUM. JOHX KBLIBY. Jr.. rwprtam

las ftmlwi. (M. IMb. IMI. Msl OLTKPIA VIMI lOiyiCNBT. Stuart A Blaokohear, WUClllMia tbtrbbawiTOty fb tti <ba MnaaaMaf (•ni f r*9C tbat iba* aaa mum ■aaafcrtariay VAOOXS.CAR BIAQBS aa4 BUGOIBB of all daarripUoat, from IbtbartafißfaMaeaMlarial, byanrriaacadwark- will!* tabaa taeicbta ft. IV-falitr l ( l»«o. 4,tf ■lata, «uEt ***.> i AiT.n.ri |» /Vna, JMfar f tfc.) DALLES AXD COLVILLE, *>ouuu tn uiul muit ta HUM II MRU HT-MR c lot u wo, SOOTS, SHOES, BATS, Ac. fttaplr mm* Vmmrj Cmfrin, l'lvrMon*. Wiiien. l.iquoi>, F!to. A ft;! a«» - -rroent ut MIVE&a OOUl>£ cwh •taatf uu baad fc#" HUICII Wia| a r> -id«at of >aa frsacitra *b*r* all *ar fw.r\ba.«-. an nad*. wt tbaii l>* aate »<> wo<r better iadacraa*ata tfeaa aa u'hn Uua>*. O toWr ls«h. MCI 47.** t> re:— a. l. rmtnir* D. PHILLIPS * SON, mm hi ennu e.iuk W. T. Of rt.': f.'f wk aut m Itixk ut - I 'IT OOOIIH, < i Clothing. Ifcxrt* Se Kltoeo, iluU ii"l < '•>)>•. 1 i H'terj <it»{ (Jl'ifttcarr. 1 tthrjfi, jf'-., £<•. or I* .untr» !*rvwt«i< f IHrnif»irt. 14. I*rj 44 »f Mhrrifi Malr. HV *ir»ti* < in aiinn !»MH ,1 by thr Cicrk «f tin- li:i i •>»ir: »f ihr ..1 Judicial »rn t < I \\ .< -in ti L't on li rriliiry, I hire leiird upon and taken ini-i • ti. iiiii.n tlx- fallowing dtxriM property ii/ : Lot N... in niork No. I in the t«.»n i 1 Tuttiw tlrr. .mil witicli I will proceed to "«-ll on the j,ri mi* <», on the 'J2d da* of Jauvarv. !»<♦»-. at Uir hoar of of on» n'rlnck P. *. Said rxci iuii»n ki- rendered ngiiiii*t James Flinn and Johu Carroll, nnd in fatur ul William t. Miles, lor the >lllll of $'J'A i j priui i(i«l and inter?*! there on from July 7th, lttfiu, ut two j»er rent, per month, and for s«hiis*» roM* of suit and increased com. WILLIAM KILLINGS. Sheriff of Thurston count v, W. T Olympi.t. Dec. JJU, 1801. Postage Notice. rpilK new postage stamps of the United States will he exchanged, by direction of the Post Muster tienerul, with holders of the old style, upon application to this office, for a period of six days from date: after which time the old stamps will not be received n- postage. S.WILLIAMS, P. M. Olympia, W. T.. Dee. a:«, Ifliit. fC VICTORIA! AND IME It MEDIATE POUTS. Tin: f-TKAMEU i:\TERrRISE, (.'APT. WM. CUKKY, leave Olympia for the above port every Monday uud Thuraday, At 7 o'clock A. M. —nETt'HNIXU Will leuve Victoria every TarNday and Friday, carrying the IT.l T . S. Muil. For freight or passage apply on board. Olympia, September 28th, 18CI. 46:tf Knrjenlffleadow (irasii Seed. mills seed the acknowledged superiority of X which, for either dry meadows or far sandy prairies, foi pasturage or for mowing, has rcn derrd it so popular, can be found iu quantities to suit purchasers, at the store of C. E. WILLIAMS. X. It.—Time for son ing iu February or March. November 2d, 18UI. 51:m3 Doctor* Percy fc Co., No. 514 Da pint street, betwecu California and Pine, San Francisco, J'hyiieian* and Operating Surgtont, Mem bers of the Royal Colleges of London nud Kdiu lurgh, Graduates of the Iniversitics of London and Fdinburgh,—First l'rigfs for Auatomy and Client f itry, and Second for Medical Jurisprudence for tho above named Universities, —Honorary Physicians to the Kdiubiirgh Lying-in-Hospital, and Surgeon io tilasgmv Lock Hospital, beg to call the attention of the public to their Kational Mode of Treating and Curing IHitnin, and may be consulted daily from OA. M. till OP. M„ on UISEAnKS OF TilK FOLLOWING ORGAN*! lira ill. Kye, Ear, Heart. I.ungn, hirer, Stomach and Jii'entinal Canal; I'ancreat, Spirt*. Aid net/* and remaining Urinary Or gan*; Midwifery and I tiara m af Women and Children. Surgical Catei—Operation! of every class and character performed. Catei nfXervout or Aeifuired /trhility, fhtea»es of the Skin, etc., etc., we hog to draw particular attention to. Also, Fibrous aud Muscular llheumatism, commonly called Chronic nnd Ac ate, and generally produced by the use of Mercury. DOCTORS PERf-v * co., All Dnpont street, hrt. California ard Pine. X. It.—All letters for Advice or Medicines promptly answered, and out tour patieats attend ed to day and night. S«n Francisco, As;., ltd. 41:bi3 WASHINGTON NOTKL, MI.III CiLLIHCR, Pro. r CORNER OF SECOND AND MAIN STREETS, Olympia, \V. T. Board par Weak...- f i 00 Olympia. No. », 1 WO- 2ly < >pt ratiag fWjrtwwi. Urmtim eaf IW kfil of I.«adaa »ul EdiakargV (iniiitr of ikr ImemlM af Lw* e ud Ld»at>BT*k —Tim pritr . for »«< tlif»mp . Md lirw< for Medical jun*<.ru4e*r* for UM «k*i« —wit »'■*- <rr»ilM»—Um. I* U» idlrtank I.?i«| »■ U«»ul, <• tVfoegww Lack IHiiUl. >**» «• rati lb* atlrntiaa af Ik f«Mk to ku miaul »>d« af IIMIIX ud NRWF raac*. aad mar ka umllil daily >»■ >a. m. MB * f oa dinam af tkt fiMiaiag npiai : Braia, fcya. Ur, lirart, 1 if Um. Hiwt aa4 laUMiaal <aa»i. Cannw. lylin. KMarn aaH rcawiams f'riaarr Uigiaf; Miltif aii OMMW of H «ara aa<i Ckildrra SMPRAJ QUI a# rrtry etaaa Mi | ckarartarperforwad. I'aeaeef •arrees MM;, <iwawi aflW Skia. Mr., ke b*f» la «H CwiMtiw, nwii«|y called ckraak «ad attlt, mi (*a*r*llj ffaJmj km tk* «m of Mercery. I»R J BROWNE •I* Jiarwj rtraat. AM FMHM Oa I. K. I.—AH luiw fcr aditu w< witil ffwiptH aaiacied. and oat door palittli attended la day or Bight. %*Tka kr;t panfter af tk« kload it UalJ'* Sot f.«i«rUk. ' \f ATEIMOXUL-A wfc mm Jljwiil ippiniM. foftcae ami fiililn h I.AJU I. <ritk« KMtMMMMIMt b4j wit* «•<•, will km 4ucrikt kimU, u4 allbaagb M it j«n| la be will admit kiMN lU "■bad? rife" at toy Tba adrartiM* it af a*di. •a Hiya, mMnt "•jjJ""' *m*%mm f 4—k. »a«t kt:t com/km b* it nil ia Hlhj W baa bra* aad Mia mm turn* mm a aMM'a ; Mi Mr aa* vkuUntn *My W»«a,«M M cm mmmmrnm ra« all I bat lbr-t latter Uislai t«t (im MB." by s»iaf. far tw» sesrt- > Wot lalit Soap Tcrtb l«4 U '«>* rrUm taatb aad ioM* t jtal llair Inlwit «a aa ktt <.«■». liaiw Mr.u4l; •Satia( aad (übu( ■aS J»a«» | *>ua >«»j. Ilia twrif arntkW tbia aa4 bic J bat* tboi b*ra a«4f vbiM 'lmt. TWm htaMifc: ar , t V- caa fc* bad at nananlli r.u-, at *»«fj tti| <i<ra M I'a.ifacmia. Urtg.»t aad V><kiafM Tcrr«- •Uj TK WE 4 BEitiHAM. M fw» lin '»ti CKO. La KENNY. HAVIXC «Hb'ttilnatVfnt«rN H Bar "u* * I ba« ibw dar imtmii < ianK «.tk Mi J. •. IUUIBCI, awl aili oalitar Ibe m hi sTirovwT In All It** Ili-iinchcf. llMui CM lMlrMMrjMrrti, SHKRMWS BI ILDIMJ, tbc bid >u>l tbr a. tut of unv t alkxaxdee Saa Fraaciaro Mat Z». IMI Z» au Sand's Sarsaparilla, The Great Aacrieaa Kenedy FOR PI'KIKYIXU THE ULOuD, WILL NT rot'K» I ream* rnr ro« SCBOFEA ill WIS IHIB AH ASi ALTEUAMTK A*l» 0/ \ tltU klittt, IT IS I'MfIAUIB A PLENTIFUL i upplv of pure blood ii essen tial to nnitnal lift'. When the proper circula tion of the vital fluid in impeded, sickness I* the inevitable contequenre. the secrttiout become un healthy, the liver heroine* clogged with impure bile, which forced into the system, vitiates and in flames the blood, engendering scrofula and cuta neous und biliary disorders. SARDS' SARSAPARILLA will gently stimulate tlip functions of the stomach nnd bowels to A regular and healthy action, atid »ithout imusca or purging expel nil deletericus nc cumulutioiis, purify the blood, equalize the circu lation, promote perspiration, Improve the appetite, impart tone nnd vigor to the system, and gradually but surely extirpate the disease, causing a'l un sightly excresences to disappear, aud leaving the skin perfectly .smooth and flexible. Price Si 00 per bottle or C bottle for $5 00. .iik for Saudi 1 SarimpariUa and take no other. Prepared by A; B. & D. SANDS, Druggists, 100 Fulton street, corner of William, New \ork. For sale by Dr. R. Willard, Olympia. HENRY M. M'GILL, [LATE SECRETARY OF THE TERRITORY.] Attornoy-at-Ijaw, Commimioutr of the Court of of U. S. —AND — Commissioer of Dccdsfor Oregon and Washingtoa. "\V r ILL devote special attention '.o the prepnra yy ticn of the necessary papers to accompany claims under the ftct of March 2d. lMtil,forthe payment of the war debt, and to business before the l r . S. Land unices. Orricg—On Main St., Olvmpia, W. T. [4l] Sheriff's Sale. BY virtue of an execution issued by the Clerk of the District Court of the 2d Judicial Dis trict of Washington Territory, and to me dirocted and delivered, against the goods and chattel*, laud, tenements and effects of Lewis Ensign, I hare lev led upon, seized and taken into execution, and will sell according to law, at the court-house door in Olympia, (the Capitol building,) on Monday, De cember the 2d, A. D. 1801, at the hour of one in the nftcmoon, the following described real es tate. vis : Lots one, two, throe, foar, Are, sis, aov en and eight, of block forty-three, (43) in the Town of Olympia; the same to b« sold to satisfy a judg ment rendered by the said District Court in favor of George Rlanehct, and against Lewis Ensign, for the ini of thirteen hundred dollars and Interest thereon at ton per cent, per annum, from and after the )sth day of April, A. D. 1850, together with costs of salt and Increased costs. WILLIAM BILLINGS. Sheriff of Thurston Co., W. T. November 2. 1861. 61:v4. Olympia and Seattle CASSMHH- * MOSLIB, rtuxcis M'HATT, Olympia. Seattle. OAXfiLOFP, MOIL IK * CO., OFFER for sate 100,000 Fruit as 4 Ornamental Trees, coniUtiag ia part of— IW Variatiaa of Apple; 41 " Pear; 45 " Plata: 45 '• Ckeere; 6v " l!u>(; Shrat. aad Oraaateatal Trees, with a " rigk* u.sjirt 'liaucr uf other tciai, which will be ex changed forCAfll or POCXTRT PRODI"CE. Calalef is AiisliM apaa applieartaa. Uktmru Ki aaaav ia silaatad mite aamk-jast of olympia. 49:m4 cm. l. mtT -...-J. >• tttussts. (Utrofll II ItMcraft * « «.» —— AH ITATIVXBBT. •liW t VOL.® LAW WtW. l.eee - Mksllssls. T.OOO RUSH Uwr Paper. Mo n-wmCmp iter. M 0 lesM Ufel Cap, a*4 Ma Reams Near Paper MM For sole at the leeest ratae W UXMT * ALEXANDER, (K ud CM IsaIfMSSQ toi««t Sao Fraaeiseo Jaae J, I*l. H*3 la the Prakate Ctsrt > Batata «T of nwna CseHy, } M» Ugu. faakliftse Territory. J daeaaaad. n JQMX M. jj hin 111 eotsa bare ksaesitedHSfysar Masesr MNIMM Cseit, ia aai tor said csesqr of Tkanna, at Oleaipia, m Tared*. Km SIM Mr af Jaaaaey. !BfS. Iba eaaae k»a« ska eaeaad Mr af tkaJaaa ary Teras afsaid eaort. te laMllaAesMiesiat ae Adiiaiawasorafoasdaatale. U- M. WALUUL Prakate .'adge ifTimtto Coaatp. 6|s-v>pia, N»re*t>er 2, 'MI < NATIONAL BEPU.BLICAV. t.iwn,>. MM. Tfc* KB icr* MMHI ia thm BM* «T »»fWU«.U»pWHkhilit h nil Mt4« fIU gha mM A* it wiUfHT «r aaj «(lklMk«%MMMlrflb fi livul t 111 ll| nil it * ill cuauaiaaU the mm «f tk* 4ij, fcnta « L <i 4ee«sti-, mrko. *<r . h t« weß M M ieiv« .prMimla, *». l. tZ> cCur^v tT b«{- ic rrtatiiUl tb ibsiam af V u'lisctea b«>«. K* in c«»traipM« a 7 Ifta rvrrut fnal iimun sfllk* to t ft*!V »®» «4p»;jbOt ntkMOrA, » 'WH «< U» pugnet «t»u fcr tte Iwi. It jMMiUc*, it« *ai kliftkiNM, SM tki .'.OKi.jUi'itß ufSr T Kvfe. Nl Am6- r'timi** k'-«»Tvr Mr prrtr*tMa M W A* «MB i.f tfet |»r aid si. '«» i» Riytl rfJi MfKtl the Ob trr i of i ,:*i»bia, vr ut tit xU'uult «f it, aatf Itb H. liew! that rvrat nt«lt b»«* uprmr l to nd • f"i*r iw rt»L «Mfca ifcrt. TM t'»* tu MM. wkta ikttwl IMHI iwim «r the G»T»rate>at «;■«» B lb priaciylea will 'ifM« the ■i<rrf»m<«tatlaat wMrfc bit k4i tic** mi i tmtrfat to tfcr ftoMfc. Hut it i> net «i tj kit, a*4 im *ki> ikmli ,i|m I tbt p jCCIc. the ic< £futaeon k'f) to | m»L« i? aiefut. To tie «h«s!e romtrr iWy ofkt'T .l wLick a ul dixi;* MMhI ytHlifi frM* natioaal riaadpcmt. auJ mUisk will beter bt .-■»rr»e4 f.ea patriotic duty »i u; tttfptttriif prtiimt of lo»al litmit. Trim* uf SabscrfpilMi. Oae topr. oat rt;; *J «• Three eupfei, eae rrr.r t M Kive tvpiet, one v«ar..„— . f<* Tin topie*. occ jrtm- IS M Twenty c«p:<-«, on" year ... JO OO ttiie copy. six months |M Three copies, six moatni J M Five copies, six uonlltc 3 60 Tin copies. six Months «■ 00 Twenty copies, fix months lft'.'V Payment always in r.dvatice. When a Club of suliscrirers has been forwarded, additions may be made tu it on the same term*. It is not necessary tbul itic subscriber* to a dob ghnuld reteive their papers «t the same post office. Money m:iy be forwarded by mail, at HI liak... Large accounts can ho remitted in drafts on Boa too, New York, l'hiladelpbia | or Baltimore;- smnll&r amounts in gold, or in notes of «olv««t bank?. The Daily Saltonal Republican is published every morning (Sundays excepted) at $3 50 per annum, in advance. Addreses W. J. MURTAOn & CO., [3o:l.*] Washington, D. C. FREEMAN & SIMPSON'B OLD Magnolia Whisky! THE consumption and constantly increasing d*» maud for the OLD MAGS6LU fUF, Rentiers us confident that it must supercede all oth er forms ofrestorative liquors, combining as it does every element of Parity, Strength, Portability and liciilthfulnesp, which should chaructisc a bever age suited to our oge and country. We desire Dcaleis and Consumer* to notice that upou every barrel and package of our UEN NI.VE articles, our names are branded In full; and also, that to each barrel and pachage is affixed OUR XEW CARD. With a view to prevent the success oi Impositions, Imitation and Counterfeits, we have discontinued the use of our former colored eat of the Magnolia, Flower, and have substituted for it a Card, contain* Ing an engraving of" The Phenix Distillery oa the Schuylkill River," with our name printed in fall. These various attempts to imitate and counter feit our Whiskies, are perhaps the best tribute* t» the high reputation which they have achieved. MT Inferior articles are never counterfeited. [Signed] FREEMAN * SIMPSON, Pnenij Distillery, on Schuylkill river,. Philadelphia. S. C. SHAW, COG Front street, San Francisco, Sole Agent for Freeman b Simpson's Old Mag nolia Whisky, September, 1501. 44:mS UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, > Territory of Wuhiiftta, v 2d Judicial District. J \TTIIEREAH a libel lim been filed in the D Je ff trict Court in and for the 2d Judicial District of Washington Territory, on the >Otb day of Deoeaber, Itttl, by B. F. Kendall, part naaw and libeilant against the steamer Eliza Anderson, bcr tackle, apparel. furuitnre, engines and ma chinery. and against Daniel F. Bradford, claiming to he |uut owner, aUejtag in substance that lihat l. rt is the earner it twenty-one eightieths of sai<i ktciuuhip and that ho i* kept out of and de prixed of the pomnisn by said Bradford, and and praying prooeea aftaiast aaid iltamihip. and that said Daniel F. Brvlford ha cited to SffMS, that possesion of MiJ interest In said steamer be decreed to libeilant. and thct said Bradford he de creed to eoaxer said irt«re»t to the Nhailaat •*> cording to hta agreement; now, dmdbts, in par* scsnrr of the motion, cud or «e»l a t said mart, to Ik notice to all prrssaw claiming aaid'stcnmsMpt bnuukte. apparel and furniture. kr .or in in i» atcr iaterrtted therein, that they he ami am rti > ifon the mM eanrt. to heboid* stAetsn >f Olyepsn, iaaad foe tW M Jnfomnl dtaMrt, nm limday. the thiid da> rf Frtraaiy —nt, attm. MbcWMV m aft. JWIT r. m k, Otym JflbMfo JMBW: T< ■aswj hna I vkkk 1 JS§ 2&SI AM4Mf ftlAll A ! It. IMI

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