Newspaper of The Washington Standard, January 18, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated January 18, 1862 Page 2
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Number of school*. 1 Number of acres of taxable land IG<"2 ISLAND COUNTY. Total value of property oaacsscd, $155 813 [No statistical return*.] JEFFERSON COUNTY. Total value of property ass- sscd. 8237.329 Nntnlvr r>f trfntp male*. 3'* Number of v bi:e 1.?. •'** X«3r.t.T of white iitslrs under 21 tw. 39 NuuiVxr of tv ltitr* f. munder 1 b year?- 40 Total wliiv 410 Xnmber of 38 Number ot n< at 2VJ NutnU r ot-!u-ep. !i4 Nuinix rot hops 4"» Xtii.ilwr of acres in <1 >\ i r. 20 NuiiiU r of «cr«in ni.otby, 23 Number ofacn s in c-ni. Ji. Numb< r t.f acres iu wkeat« ' Number of acres in onts. 9^"' Number of am * in barley, 8 Number of acres in peas, • r »J Nnmb»r nt acres in potatoes* 1-* A Number of apple treis. 23*0 Nun her of pear tmi. Number of cherry trees, 17 Number of ifuintt' trees, Number of plum trees, 8 Number of apricot trees, 177 Number of peach trees, 7 Number of Siberian crab trees, 5 Number of sail vessels. 1 Number of steam vessels. 1 Number of acres of taxable land. ICO KING COUNTY- Total value of property assessed, 81.474 Number of white males, ISB Nntuber of wliite females. 93 Number of white males uiuler SI years, 43 Number of wliite females under IS years, 48 Total white population, 304 Number of horses, 93 Number of mules, S3 Number of neat cattle, 950 Number of sheep, 12S Number of hogs, 2> s 2 Number of acres in clover, 30 Number of acres in timothy, IGS " " acres in 1 « «. acres in corn, 12 « <• acres in wheat, 102 « « acrt . s i n on Is, 90 " " acres in barley, 18 w " acres in peas, 33 " " acres in potatoes, 71 " " apple trees, 4.492 " " pear trees, 107 » ii cherry trees, •'32 " " peach trees, 177 " " apricot trees, 10 " " quince trees, 54 " " plum trees, 75 m " Siberian crab trees, 10 ■ •« KITSAP CO UNIT. Total amount of property assessed. 5357.751 Number of persons assessed, 431 Number of white females, 54 Number of white males under 21 yearn, 32 Number of white females under IS years, 27 Number of mules, 4 " of mules, 4 " of neat cattle, . CG " of hogs, 83 " of acres in blue grass, 5 " of acres of timothy, 3 " of acres in wheat, 10 " of acres in peas, 11 •* of acres in potatoes, 14 " of apple trees, 087 u of cherry trees, 20 " of lumber mills, 6 44 of flouring mills, 1 41 of sail vessels, 3 LEWIS COUNTY. Total value of property, 179,."580 Naailx r of persona subj.-ct to pay |*oll tax. 127 - ■— - ■— - PIERCE COUNTY. Total value of property. &i89.2?5 Tb.- auditor ul ibi.- cmuty mt to state that the ►taiinika wcic uui'ortuuately uiixpLictt!. SAWAMISII COUNTY. Total value of property. 54,781 Noabcr of penona taxed, 107 " of white uudea, 132 " of while females, 43 •• ot'mnl'-.- uudor *JI years, 27 - of female* under 18 year#, 23 Total population, 175 Xuuilvr of hoi to, 3d «• of inuler, 1 •• of mat cstill'*. <"1 " of hogs, 111 •' of acre* in blue grafts, J " of acres in timothy, 67 •• of acre* in com, 3 " of acres in wheat, 40 " of acres in oats, 110 " of acre* in peas, 18 " of ncres ia potatoes, 47 " of apple trees, 4,796 " of pear trees, 49 " of clierry trees, 970 " of quince trees, 19 " of plum trees, 81 •' of itsai b trei*, 109 " of lumber uiills. 9 •• of stores. 9 Amount of gold dust, 860 Nu.uber ol" schools. 9 " of acres of taxable land, 900 Tots! value of property, 33,404 Number ol white males. 70 " of «bite females. 47 Number of white males under 21 rears, 16 " of white females under 18 years, 30 Total white population, 117 „Number of horses, 22 •' of mules. A " of neat cattle, 339 •• of sheep, 2 " of bops, 236 Number of acres in elover, J Number of acres in timothy, ... 3«> Number of acres in wheat, .... 19 Numlter of acres in oats, ... 82 Number of acres iu peas, • 8 Number of acres in potatoes, ... 19 Number of apple trees, ... 1,438 '• " pear trees, .... 90 a •' cherry trees, - - 79 " " quince trees, ..... 8 " " plum trees, • • • 79 " " peach trees, • ■ 292 " " Siberian crab trees, - - • - 10 " " Lumber mills, .... 1 " " sail vessels, • - . -11 " " stores, ...... 2 Oregon Transportation Company's capital, 8300,000 SPOKANE COUNTY. Total value of property assessed, ... $142,174 Total white population, - - • 225 Number of white females, .... 1 Number of horses, .... 373 Number of mules, .... 7 Number of neat cattle, - • • 493 Number of sheep, .... 4 Number of hogs, - .... 104 Number of acres in timothy, ... 10 Number of acres in wheat, ... 1043 Number of acres in oats, .... G27 Number of acres in barley, .... 90 Number of acres in peas, ..... 4j Number of acres in potatoes, - - - 41J Number of lumber mills, 1 Number of flour mills, .... 3 THURSTON COUNTY. Total value of property assessed, $697,551 Number of white mules, 890 Number of white females, 475 Number of white mules under 21 years, 227 Number of white females under 18 years, 154 Total white population, 1284 Number of horses, 910 Number of mules, 19 N umber of neat cattlo, 4740 Number of sheep, 8900 Number of hogs, 952 Number of acres in blue grass, 10 Number of acres in timothy, 1048 Number of acres in wheat, 2220 Number of acres in oats, 1504 Number of acres in rye, 30 Number of acres in barley, 1 Number of fruit trees, 40,906 Number of pear tree*, 1757 Number of cherry tree*, llHil) NUUIIMT of plum trees, 10.12 NUIIIIMT of pencil trees, W2 NUUIIMT of quince treen, 324 NUIIIIMT of apricot trees, *l4 NUUIIMT of SILM-rian crab trves, 1.<4 NIUIIIMT of lumber mills, 4 NUUIIMT <>f P if T mill*. 3 1 Nuuilier of Kiil veHMfU, 1 NUUIIMT of rtermeni. 1 WAHKIAKUM COUNTY. Total w'uc of pprrtj. ... t?,.T00 Ntunlxmf white male*. ..... fl Xutnlter of white female#, ..... 9 Numlier white iual«« under XI yMra, ... 7 Number «liift* l.inale* under 18 y«ara. ... 4 Total population, 30 Number of neat cattle, • • . .117 Number of Imimi, - - . . .19 X urn tier of nmlt-s, 1 Nuuibernfihrrp, ...... 100 Number of Log*, .... 30 Number of mw iu blue grus, I Number at acres in clover. It Number of icmi in timothy, 40 Number of arm in barley," 1 Number of arret) in potato**, 6 Number of acre# iu peais 30 Number of apple tree*, 1000 Number of cherry tree*, lit Number of quince, " 1* NcuiV-r of piuin tree*, • Number of Siberian crab trees, 6

Number of atorea, 1 Number i.f m I SKAMANIA COUNTY. Total raise of property. t*5.70» Number of white male*, .... 133 Number of wlute fraud**. ... 19 Number of while uwlweeder SI Number of white f—ln MMUT 18 rmm. -16 Total poputatiw, ' 1« Number of horM. IS Number of wdn. 1 Number of Mat cattle. (M Number of hups lift* Numlier of arnw iu clirrr, 3 Number of arm iu timalhy, 76 Xuniln r <if arm* iu wheal, 215 Number of «n> in oat*. »s Numlirr of (rm in lye. 10 Number of aoea iu Harirr. 5* Number af aetv* ia paaa.' 31 Numlirr of acre* ia potatoes, tt* Numb,* of apple twna. 1155 Numlirr of prar tnw, &3 XuuiU-r «f <h»n> trera, 11 Numb* r of plain im«, 42 NUIIIIHT <4 NUI VCM'K 6 WALLA- WALLA COUNTY. Total value of property, 1108,793 Total value of property, $101,674 Number of white males, ] 11 Number of white female*, !> Number of white males under 21 years, 16 Number of females umler 18 years, 11 Total population, 147 Number of liors.w, 21 Number of neat cattle, 336 Number of hogs, 84 Number of acres in blue grass, 1 Number of acres in timothy, 6 Number of acres in wheat, 41 Number of acres in rye, 2 Ntnnbe of acres in oats, 81 Number of acres in barley, 8 Number of acres iu peas, 8 Number of acres in potatoes, 49 Number of apple trees, 1117 Number of pear trees, 25 Number of cherry trees, 22 N uiulter of quince trees, * 25 Number of plutn trees, 22 Nuutlier of peach trees, 04 Number of Siberian crab trees, «l Number of lumber mills, 2 Number of sail vessels, !• Number of stores, 1 " " acres taxable land, 2120 Showing the amount of Territorial tax duo from each county for the Pierce county, $528 23 Sawainiwh county, 54 78 King county 81 47 Island county, 155 81 Whatcom county, 101 67 Jefienum county 2117 34 Thmston county, G97 55 Clarke county 526 28 Walla-walla county, 408 79 •Skamania county 32 40 Cowlitz county, 132 28 Wahkiakum county, 7 30 Pacific county, (no return), Chehalis county 8G 74 Lewis county 178 58 Spokane comity, 142 17 Kitsap county, 387 76 Claim county 35 70 Total $3794 84 AU of which itt respectfully submitted. J. C. HEAD, Territorial Auditor. HAVE WE A NORTON I. AJIOXU US?— Tito martial spirit of oar citizens since the late news was received, has been of that intense order felt only by the Frog-eater, when under the united inspiration of champagne and love of couutiy. Could Johnny Bull have witnessed the maneuvers of the gallant R. A. L's on Wednesday evening last, he would have immediately abandoned the idea of war with ««cA a people. In response to the proclamation calling upon American citizens to rally under the banner M h»ni Wat still flying," full three score brave and patriotic spirits rushed to their country's aid, and by the 44 struggling luomiU. -on* misty light," rail forty bayonets glistened in the fro*ty air, and but awaited the "battle-scared" hero to lead tbeui «»n to gl<>fy> But he could not be fonnd; the hero bad vanished ; and be'wLo bad aroused the slumbering aspiration, for milita ry glory by slumbering—iu bed. Tims deprived ot an effi cient commander, the Med of which has W to so many dis- S hades of tbc illustrious past, have we Ma Norton among ns ? 'Tti. War We rwtiwd an iataraotiaf eommtmicat*m rel ative to a vafM road from Dallas to tbe Sahaoa river mint*, from G. A. Tykel, Etq. Mr. T. km teawlwl over tfee pro |MWCU roate, aad kit dwaiftiaamyh waiidwd reliable. WBy the rtwal art af the LogMatar* Jadge ONpbant u assigned to the diatrit * aastaf thsmoaataiaa; Jadge Wycbe to the Colambia rire*diatrict; sad Jadgc Hewkt totbafeaad district. The reveaoe eatter Jtf. Dmr* waa aold oa the 10th iast by Collector gauth, at Part Tonami sfee wm pur . cbaaad bjr Mr. L. Ureaaaa, of the Umalady Milk, for am- The y.m mwfjl llt> hsfceaaer Jftfart re •••tlj want asbora aa Dnpaca foiit, aad will wove a to tal 1 CLALM COUNTY. WHATCOM COUNTY. STATE ME XT year 1801, to-wk : For tie Waihmglon Standard. Til TIKIIICTtI fTllllll. r. ». umriAL pirn nt tob rmrrwx TW iMmwimg mamrd (ntlran arr to tTftitt u4 wnyi tor ■«■>; «!•< <m »»u< • tiua lotto tff **»**;> Tm l»rrt. Sartutw* I'a) ti. V Jmmam, Vimmiu. V. 1., iia Auiimt .oa Pmbi . R. Itanttw. ItMkcili J. L. Mitt-mil toviitt : T Mm*. J. CitlU. iitM} » UuW , M. M. liiutom. Poiir Cut ; f.. ItlUt, MtiUrwa. llill<>*\ Bi rua. StMik: Jom% Wunu. I'ort Mktb-ua . Uoti C * iun. Tc*k>lr;. Miumu Bu»*. St-mUrck Mr Wj 1* ««l lkr»ijb ilk Biit ix our ri»k. HATIRDAY, JANUARY 18, lvii The Mason and Slidell Affair. Tin" LATE IWWH N -reived by VIJ of Virtatii represent* our Government as having •unvn dered up Messrs. Mason and Hlidell, in obe dience to the di mand* of the ltiitidi govern ment. There is 110 one that regrets more than o'.irself the necessity that impelled our Ad ministration to yield to this demand, after having nominally justified the act of Commo dore Wilkes in their capture. But we Lave too much confidence in the patriotism and ability of Mr. Liucoln and his cabinet advi sers, to believe for ono moment that they have compromised either the honor or interests of the Government iu the surrender of those dis tinguished traitors, Mason and Slidell; and certainly it would not become us, or any other man, in the absence of a knowledge of all tlio facts and circumstances surrounding the Gov ernment at the time the surrender was made, to pass judgment of condemnation upon Mr. Lincoln for the act. So far from feeling any disposition to do this, we are not only willing to wait for further light, but we unhesitatingly express the opinion, that when the facts come to be known, all true friends of the Govern ment will be satisfied that the very best thing has been done that was practicable in the then peculiar circumstances of the country, and our diplomatic relations with linglar.dnnd France. It is a matter of very great surprise as well as regret, that a prominent Government offi cial should have felt himself called upon to condemn, in public, this act of tlio Adminis tration, and to declare "if it should prove true, he could not support the Administration any longer." It was to Lave been expected that enemies to the Government would have availed themselves of the occasion to under mine as far as possible the confidence reposed by the grunt body of our people in the patri otic integrity of Mr. Lincoln and his cabinet, bnt wo were not prepared to find men claim ing to be the intimutc pa-tonal as well as po litical friends of the President, leading eff iu denouncing tlie administration for a supposed disregard of our national houor, with no oilier evidence before them than the simple fact that they had seen proper to comply with a demand made upon them by England and France, without waiting forany of the reasons which influenced their decision. Men who are so ready to believe evil of the Adminis tration have uo right to claim a continuance of their confidence. It seems to us that it is tlio duty of all loyal ciiiaens in these tines of national trial, to carefully avoid every thing that can he construed into a condemnation of the policy of the Administration; and it certainly be hooves every Republican holding official sta tion to cbeerfhlly acquiesce in the decisions of the Administration at least until tbey know the farts upon which they v baaed- When the ywtiw was tslnU of the tender of Mnssn «d SfaMllea ***** the Britfah piiHi to see mtr (iannsMt Matted mm d • listener ntkr than a* inch a dssaand eem plird with.—hut on rvieeting that enradmis -4i14 in difisnwey. and who as* twiiihd i» l.f ■■ni| i *T. h.r tha» w«wU iwfiy ikMn« psst thai Mt fiinasd aidalb Tinnhi hnd Wtwsr- We lH 1 in tWwN" that (he BHthdi U»miS are «lif— nivrnid Wlhe iI Mm If jhfc »fcai 'jLua^"^ MlialwlisaUn hawwnJ U»«- ewe n dhymflonl tf»w>l '*».« thrt wmmm the pdie dnVnt ;fl, H wecM. »4- for as sH »HI U Sk.h »« »

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