Newspaper of The Washington Standard, January 18, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated January 18, 1862 Page 3
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-:i! Pr STUJMU at llx' «nr onilif re. . . r> -.-SPI it «nt;r> LY lUMGNIIIRAIII. j ' <lnr>i> aui i* n.-il4« • fa-r' .i:ln-r way. !l ». •.1 t<> >rnrnliti' sl> T>>>rtli mnk.- • i(l» to l.rmiuate (X**- in • •! ,t s!>. v may I** in a rnaili'ion l« n - • i '.-.Hilmr* sm#* ?li»- »at«-T f-r their i- awl itup. rtin. i.. s.»' iu lh>- • ur 4 toitfMMtf. - • - 1 .re Piacc«diagi W:atk Session. k • '• l\r<» -LT I I T » Cmmll. Tut January !». • ;1 in> t—prayer by Chaplain. 11 , uw. Mr. \V el«ster ii.trodu.-ed . * in reference to the offi-e «>f A*- •>r in Kit»ap county. l»i!l read •• time* ami |»a—« >. Mr. Hii«— in the < hair. Mr. Kurlonk introduced an a.-t to • .kc elective the oftee "f I iiivet>if_\ . >i.d Commissioner. ami to define l.i* ,tie« ami powers. On leave. Mr. Moore introduced a r. solution di-p- n-iii«r with the «ervi-v« ■ I Chaplain. Resolution passed—ayes. 1: nay ft. Mr. Caplc* introduce J an act to cn . 'irnire home industry (lager lieer.) Ti: f * Council memorial relative to b:- iiiiU. ! Session* of the Legislature rca.l . I'ltnil time and referred to committee . :i Keili ral Relations. [This mejnorial recommends the i i. of the Legislature once in two \, :u s. iiml the increase of pay of mom i r- to six dollars per day and thirty rents per mile mileage.] 11. 15. relative to the School Fund of Walla Walla county read and referred to committee on Kducation. 11. It. relative to the School Fund of Claim county read and referred as above. 11. I>. to dissolve the bonds of matri mony existing between John G. Sparks and Uebecea, his wife. After two read ings referred to Judiciary committee. jr. li. relative to sheep running at large in Walla Walla county referred to committee 011 Indian A Hairs. 11. 15. authorizing J. R. Rates to con struct a bridge across Spokane river rend second time and referred to com lnittce 011 Corporations. 11. M. relative to a land office at Walla Walla city passed. 11. J. R. relative to joint convention to elect Territorial officers read and re fcrred <0 committee on Education. 11. J. R. relative to election returns from Pacific county read second time MIII inferred to committee on Federal Relations. 11.15. relative to the assignment of .Indies pissed with amendments. Council adjourned. FRIDAY, January 10. Committee on Education reported buck the bills relative to the School Funds of Walla Wallaand Claim coun ties, recommending their passage. Committee on Indian Affairs report el back the joint resolution relative to election returns of Pacific county, rec ommending its indefinite postpone ment. The committee on Claims reported hack the bill to pay William 11. Pope lor certain services, recommending that it do not pass. An act to authorize Arthur Quigley to construct a bridge across Lake river read and referred to committee on Cor porations. An act to dissolve the bonds of mat rimony existing between John McLead ami Knuna, his wife—passed. Substitute for 11. B. No. 13, an act amendatory of an net to grant William I'a -kwood and heirs a ferry across the Ncscpially river—passed. 11. B. to dissolve the bonds of mat rimony between John (». Sparks and Kchcccn, his wife—read third time and tabled. The act relative to sheep running at large in Walla Walla county passed. il. 11. relative to the School Fund of Walla Walla amended and laid on the table; that relative to School Fund of Claim county was passed. I >ill to .pay William 11. Pope—lost. Joint resolution relative to election returns from Pacific county indefinitely |« 'stponod. Aii act to divorce William and Bet sy Leg read eecotid time and referred t i committee on Commerce. 11. R. to divorce George and Laura Cooper referred as above. fl. B. to change the naine of Levi C. ** .rth read second time ami table !. it. 11. to mrtiorin l l>. XV. Liehtcn t i i!"r,vi.| W. • f**rrv a< r.»«< Snake river read second shne and referred to committee on Cor p >r.tti >i -. Bill divorcing William and Betsey —taken up an<l pa«*<d. i».il diror«-in:j • and Luura 1 »■ ij'cr I'ill uiroix-iui: John G. and Rebecca sparks lost. Avm. 3: nnv", *i. Mr. t'iitik moved t*» re *>u*idcr tlio * »te by which tin* hill lost—car ried. <>n motion of Mr. Clark, bill laid on '1 • table, Mibj*<-t to tiie order ot the < nneil. Adjourned. BATI R!»AT, Jan. 11. Mr. Bnrbank introduced a joint r>-*- ition t<> appoint a committee to ill v -'i?itc Cnivcrs»tr affair*. I'as»cd. . !'• J. 11, to |«ay W. Johnson rni • -">■ pa«*ed. ? B. - I with ain • lib-ctiK Several Idlla were referred to nppro printe com mittens. An aft to divorce J. G. and IJdieeca Sparks |4UMed. I ki, do do ti. W . and Sa rah Maduou d<>. Hill to incoqw>rat<- the city ol alla walla taken up. Mr. Webster offered the following amendment : T<» strike in section 11 the \vo«d» —" gaming and lion*c* ami houses ol ill lame." npon whi h the a\cs ami nay* H en- called : Ayc». •»; navs.o. The hill was tl en A yea. 7: nays. 1. Council atlj <unu'l. MoMiiv, -lan. 1 •*. Mr. M- ore introduced » memorial relative t" mail route* east ot the Cas cade mountain* —pa»*ed. Mr. Clark incoq.orate the I'ujot Sound Salmon river railroad cvin- pany. An act authorizing L. Owen* and W. < Jrccnviile to cMahhdi a fcriy on Sal mon riv. r. Ucfcrred to committee on t '.>r| •! ..t i.»iis. Iliil |iu-sed authori/.ing Arthiirijuig ley t » construct a bridge across Lake river. An act u:ithori/ing Cireeii While. <•. |{. 1 >ri«rir * and their associate* to estab lish a ferry across Snake river, passed. Several ferry hills laid on the table. An act loeating a Territorial road from Port'Vehani Hay to intersect the road leading front Oakland to Scab.'ck, was referred to committee on Hoads and Highways. A memorial to fortify the mouth of the Columbia river, passed. A Memorial relative to a weekly mail route by steamer from Olympia to Seabeck, passed. Council refused to concur in House amendments to C. Hills No. 7 and No. i), relative to ferries across the Cheha lis river. On leave, Mr. Ilnbbs introduced C. C. 1». Xo. I—relative to clearing the side-walks of snow and other "frosty' obstructions, passed. Council adjourned. IluiiNe. TI KSDAY, January 7. Mr. Hales presented the petition of Laura Cooper asking for a divorce. Mr. Bozarth presented the petition of Henrietta Cunningham for adi voire. On motion both bills wore referred to committee 011 Ways and Means. Mr. Smith of Walla Walla—an act authorizing I). W. Licliteuthaler and W. <}. Ltuigford to establish a ferrv 011 Snake river. Referred to committee on Corporations. Mr. Gardiner introduced a bill to in corporate the Lower Cascade and Is land Transportaiou Company. Mr. Wilson introduced a bill to au thorize E. W. Perrin, G. A. Paige, and others, to build a Wharf at I'nion Citv. Sir. Hates introduced a bill to incor porate the Deschutes Portage Compa ny. Mr Ferguson gave notice that on the 14th inst. lie would introduce a bill en titled an act to amend an act to incor porate the Oregon Steam Navigation Company; also a hill, an act to amend an act to* incorporate the Cascade K. K. Company; also, an act to extend the Dalles portage Company. Mr. Chapman introduced a bill to divorce William and Betsy Legg, re ferred to committee on Ways and Means. On motion of Mr. Denny, Mr. John son of Walla Walla, was invited to a seat within the bar, and his credentials were referred to the committee on Elections. Mr. Wilson introduced an act to lo cate n Territorial Road from the Head of Hood's Canal to intersect the Terri torial Road running from Oakland iu Suwamish county to Seabeck iu Kitsap countv. Mr. Cock—a Joint Resolution rela ative to the Flection of Territorial Ofii ecrs, read three times under suspension of the rules and passed. An act to repeal an act to incorpor ate the Oregon Steam Navigation Com pativ. Read second time und referred to Committee on Corporation-*. The bill iu reference to sheep run ning at large iu Wal!a Walla County. Pa»-<-d. Aii act rvjjarding the l»oiiii<lary lines between Kil«a|> and S.twami*h r'Uii tie.-. read thin! time, ami on motion laid upon the tabic until the 17th in-t. Aii N«"t to authorize J. R. Bate* to e<>ii«trii'-t a bridge kmm the Sj*»kajie river. Passed. An n«-t until Mr. l*a«kv. *hl to t a b; idjfe a-the \ i«- <jii:ii!v ri\er. reused to concur in <'( 11 tic*>( amendment*. On uiotiou adjonrucd until Thurs day. Tu irbiv. .Tau. 9. 1 Sermon and |>rayer by the t.hapUiu. Mr. GriawolU lu.ruduced a memorial to tortity the month ot the t olumNia river. Mr. Williamsou —a memorial rela tive to the establishment of a weekly Mail lioute bv (team between Olytu , pia and Seabeek ou Hood's Canal. Mr. Smith of Walla Walla i.rc.-ented J the petition of Catherine Mousona, asking for a divorce from Kiatoua Mon golia her husband. Referred to com mittee on Way# and Mean*. ! The committee on elections reported adverse!*" to the t !aim of Mr. Jonnson i from Walla Wull.i to a seat iu the i House. Ou motion the report w»* ' a I »pt»'d. I Mr. Gardiner introduced an art t«> ' incorporate the Washington Steam Navigation Company. I Mr. Wilson—an art aligning the ' District Judge* of Washington Terri tory. Referred to committee on Ju diciary. Mr. I'ipe—an act t«» in corp.>rate the I*»»rt l>i-*-o\vrv drviiitf < 'ompany. Mr. tiriswold—an a<-t to amend an a<-t entitled an a.-t to amend an act f->r the (st-iMiiJiturut «>t Pilotage on the Columbia river and Sliordwater Hay. Mr. l('tUir<M>k—an act to divorcer O. W. a:nl Sarah Madi»on. , An act to authorize E. H. Lew i« and I!_' l wrt French t > establish a ferry aero** t!ie Columbia river. Inferred to committee on l£ »a«l> and *. An u«-t t«> repeal an act to incoq*»r- theOreg<Mi Steam Navigation t'om |-ai;v. »»n motion ot Mr. liourtli ua? led finitely |*Hl|H«!«|. An net to divorce Win. ami Ilctsy Leg/, passed. An a-t to divor.v i'liilander and Iletirietta Cunningham, passed. ti at*' to divvkrcc tj. *l. ail J Co«>pcr. passed. An act to change the name of Levi C. Suiitlj, pas>eil. An net authorising O. W. Licliten thiilcr and W <*. Langfonl to c-tal»- lish a ferry across Snake river, passed. On motion House adjourned. 11. 11. Xo. 20, an act to authorize K. W. Perrin, <*. A. Paige and others to build a wharf at I'iiioir City, passed. An act to incorporate the city of Walla Walla, passed. An act to divorce G. W. and Sarah Madison, passed. An act to divorce Iviatona and Cath erine Mansona, passed, An act to incorporate the Universi ty of Washingtion. On motion the hill was referred back to the committee of Education with instructions to re port on Monday next. C. ,T. K. relative to the Union, read first time. A substitute for an act to legalize the acts of the officers of Spokane county, read first time. An act to prevent the counterfeiting of gold dust and other species of gold, read first time. All act to assign the Judges of the Territory of Washington. Referred to committee on Judiciary. An act entitled an act in relation to the oilicc of Assessor in Kitsap county, passed. A substitute for nil net to amend an act to grant to lVm. Pack wood and his heirs a ferry across the Xisqually river passed .lan. 2!', 18. r >"», was read first and second times, and on motion referred to a select committee, consisting of Messrs. Chapman, Settle, Valitis aud Until. An act conferring jurisdiction upon the District Court of Pierce county. Referred to committee on Judiciary. Joint Resolution relative to the Col- Icetorship nt Port Townsend, was on motion, indelinitely postponed. On motion, adjourned. Mr. Chapman introduced an act to divorce Henry E. and Esther Bradley. Referred to committee on Hays and Means. Mr. Bcatty—an act to authorize San ford (hven to construct a bridge across the Clearwater river. An act to amend an act, entitled an act to amend an act lor the establish ment of Pilotage on the Columbia river and Slioalwatcr Bay. Referred to com mittee on Commerce. 11. M. relative to the lumbering in terest of Washington Territory, was passed. 11. M. relative to establishment of a weekly Mail route from Olyinpia to Seabcek on Ilood's Canal, parsed. 11. B. No. 27, an act to incorporate the Lower Cascades and Island trans portation Company. Relerred to com mittee on corporations, with instruc tions to report on the the loth inst. Oil motion of Mr. Settle, a commit tee of live, consisting of Messrs. Settle, Bozartb, (Vk, Ilolbrook and (iillium. was appointed, to a<-t in rniijiiiii'lioti with a like committee from the Coun cil, to rej»'»rt a bill for the umiortioti incut of the a'|ir.ieiiUliutl of M*.i»litti£- toii Tcrritorv. An a«t to incorporate the Port I»i«- wvmt L«vr Driving Comj«anv, v»a« r» j«l third tnue and An act to i»«t>r|x>raU' the Ma*hintr t«>n M<>ani Navijrui >ll Couuanv. He ftT»d to committee on <'»rp«»r:itioii*. * ith imtrsiliuw tv r«*i»jrt uu the lot!' iu*L. On motion, the ll.niic conottrivd Ci>ii<:iil amendment* to u t<> au thorize John A. I'a<-kard to <vw«tra<-: a bridge across the rirer. 11. M. rvlative to fortifying 4h" month of the Colnnihia river, pa* • I. A »nlMtitnte for an act to lejpilijw the official acts of tlie officer* of Sim •lione county, [«mwl. An net to ]»rerent the eonnterf.'ittnx of jf"ld dost and other tj»ecie* of p.ld. |ia*««>d. A wMhite for an art to amend an act to era lit to Ifia. i'ackuih*! mi>l Iwir* a ferry aero** the Xiarpaily river. I«*«ed. An act to autborizo E. IT. Pen-in and fl. A. Paijre, to «M.(truil a wharf at Union City on Hood's Canal, panad. A anh<titnte for an act to the i'f\Va«htn^t^nTTritor*.' FRIDAY, .Tan. 1", Saturday, Jan. 11. I*. B. entitled an act urantinjj \V. P. I)onk a charter for a ferry acro«a the tl«'li*lw river, was patwl. ' • H. to divorce John .tf, and Kimna, liU wife, ws< rpferm! to the foinmittco nn way* and mean*. C. J. K. relative to joint committee coi;«-eroinj» the I'niver-ity commi-*- ioii'-rn, rMrivHllirrf wjiarjto rpa«linp under *n*|»en«ion of the rule* and waa after ail amendment in< n :i«inj the nntulier «»f iiifTnlwr* on jort of the lloti*>\ frorn three t.» fit. 1 he 4'h«ir a|>[Miiiited Vllleattv, (taniiiier, Hutu, Loml«rd, liulltixik and W llmhi. On motion, the lion*? adjourned.

M"M»AV. Jan. I'L. Mr. Itozarth introduced an act to di voree John and Ith'Mla li. Van liildrer ed. Mr, Hinckley —An art to rr j>eal an r.i t on tit In?, '• An *«t to create tlie«.tti«-e <•! Sii|K-riiiton<leiit of l'uhlie liMroc ti.m." I'aW' I. Mr. Chapman nn a«-l ?o repeal r.n aet i n-itlcd. "Anai-t in relation to divorce*." ii' I'errcd to .J uti'n iarv committee. Mr. iK'imv—an aet coiii-erninjf the S. iiv.| Sii|»eriiiteiid<'iit of Kin<* eonntv. I{vl< ; re«l to committee on Kilneation. Ait aet to authorize San lord < Iwcns to Iniilil a aero>« the South Fork «>f Clearwater was referred to commit tee on llond* mid llisriiwavn. Tin' bill relative In pilotage on lutiiliia river and Slioalwatcr bay passed. An :i*'t to divorce Julin ttiiii Km ma McLoad passed. Do ilo llcnry K. and Esther Bradley ilo. House concurred in Council amend ments to hill assigning J >istriet Judges. Several memorials were passed, rela tive to mail routes, after which, House adjourned. LATER FROM THE ATLANTIC SIDE. According to miner prevalent in Washing ton, tlie belligerent ntiituilc of England tow ard the United States arosu from this fact: Dispatches by the Trent (which were not secured at the time of the capture of Mason and Slidcl) tendered to Faigluud a Protector ate over the Southern Confederacy. St. Lulls, Dee. 20, IMJI- —The Cabinet at Washington has given Mason and Slidell, the rebel Commissioners taken from the Trent, ii]> to the Hritish Government. The Washington Government hns utterly disavowed the action ot Com. Wilkes in ta king the rebel Commissioners from the Jbit tish steamer Trmt. A terrible conflict is impending near Bow ling Green, Kentucky, between the Federal forces, under Gen. Hiiell, and the rebels under Gen. Johnson. The former are about 00,- 000 strong, aud the latter number about 50,- 000. Gil tie 29th a battle took place in Boon countv northern Missouri, between the Fed erals and rebels. The Federals numbering four hundred, under General Prentiss, attacked tic rebels, captured their horses audnrms, and took forty prisoners. The Associated Press received the following dispatches: Qt'lM'Y, Dee.'.'l—William Pickering, of 1 lliii-iis has boon continued (inventor of Wash ington Territory, and Robcrtl 1 Inly, ol Cali fornia, Consul to Muuz.millo. Skirmishes occur almost daily on the Poto mac. One oceured near Newmarket bridge on Saturday. Twenty rebels were killed. The X. V. Timr» publishes a statement of l,t. Hard, of the and Maine Regiment, a pris oner who escaped from Charleston jail during the great lire. Corcoran escaped nlso, but lilts not been heard of since. Quiiicy, Dec. 25.—A tali-gram from Charles ton states that four Federal gunboats ascended the Kdisto on Tuesday the last, and anchored opposite Itoeheviile and St., John Island, thirty miles Charleston and shelled the camp of the Ist South Carolina Regiment. Under cover of the tire, they lauded a large force, and the CaroliuiuiiM retreated to the brick church. lty the steamer Perttia, news is received of the death of Priuco Albert, consort of Queen Victoria, lie died suddenly of gastric fever. </uinev, Dec 30.— Ijist night thi' secesaion is:s burned the bridge over the Clariton river, hi inili-s east of Urookfichl.en the Hannibal and St. Joseph railroad. It is feared the tel egraph will go next. A deserter from th.» reltel lines near Centre ville .-at* the rebel anny has gone into winter •piarteiv. I? numbers 100.000 men. 'l'he reb el* *iti the Lower Potomac. iiHinU-ring 3*. .tIOO iu< n. have ats.i built w inter hots. General Snmner <el! from bia bon». at a n \iew. t«u wrevk* *g«». cut! ilijtin-d himself ~ i . r. lv that it i- thought lie ** ill not kr able in inomtt his Hr War liwu n*- r. iml trim the command el' h'u> <ii< I Mr. iJ.-TW Niagara. froai Lwr :1[«»I. htinf- I«* • t liwil". A till Uti.-rv l.'iw tn-^w.rn.l 1-rp- am isktiiii.4l row lo < uwtis "O sih' Aosdia . 'IV lit If": !• aa.- vuxt CtJlaw**. w ri\itl.4f St. IT**—•> a^*-:u»! »ii »hr Tr. ut a fair. H. I'mi.4. matin* » bisfcrr tv>*Tsr<h t|> I ittm! It r- rur»»m< ihst I'nUN-' ku *■£■ r»«l k -r --tknilutor. au>i t««-u. Sutl j»ft .ut •i.-;nlrb-» tr*«.i I'.iiw Mrp-i**! i» v-nf lUlwllitl iu favui .4 ii>. (n»>»nninl. ( la th- S. i.,i. vratodar, Mr. Hal* iaa-1 . 11« i J. li» «T ; ■" »J ! n-tv"«"ir-d * KpiUwl rafitt-r ill 111 viti> MIT MlinMll K'TW*. i t. i"ft i*a r-a ■••• « f rr-oiiri Military r>;«.*raU ** iu .Ui*" l *"- •«*»- , taiarU tr«u» a r.'uai-l. **•«<•• •itlui «Lr j«a»l taw IV- I'ana pnmy l»a« raj^uml I 3*500 r«-tw»~. iar atiiu/ aNvoi 70 cuiumif.- <•£.. r*. 1.2U0 Lutaliil U-aat l.KU utan l of ar«u *. tr j u-aa of j>iS tlr*. a pval trnaiU r«4 hjtj*. <u»J iauwa* ftu: 'o».t <4 fani, 1 ary i* cmtny riuiua^-. -utJ iki- fouudr) u--""l _t>y :|ti tA>"!< lor ca«tiu( >i»"t au'l *l«li at h linpoC )(.«. r. b.l craft ia iacWiifr foar Z*u aad a |*rt:j ilran U l--a .rt th.- ouaatrv U*w«*u tU Urn ) -.tri ml ri* : ,; ' l * k "" rat off from all nimlm and ireniu from Northern XiaMwi Price ia ia fhH rrtiaal for AikaKw with hia wbol» amy, haling wwi Sjirin~fr-id flu Monday la*. • HRrtd i—wiiMKliww jvunrd hctwwn l/mi I.vmm and Hnnmr fWvwi an tW ST. Tha latter mym Capt. tfilwa mc*4 an Ma o«u aatlmritv, and ruaanntb-d am am far tvfMratioa. Mr. ttraaadeaadndaa by aayiag that and Klidrl dnl ha given np. in »*d.T that thr principle which thr Anrriaaa (•»\ cniux-tit |i» idvay* routendrd far mt l» maintaiixA and b«' «iD u hm* to Jhrrj State kiti. ftit. M ><m ait-! >!«]• II a ill |an ksil tor KnHand ia the Amrrtm WaKkhfioa. I»~e. :WV— ln th«- ll«o«'. Sir. Stm« trvri the rnMiiitiv «f Ways and Mi-ait*. r< |»irt«-J a Ivill r.-rtcia lan a rrratiii- purt» d entry. t'ur*nirrat>4i pMl until ib. >n-will Tanhr in t'ehrnary. Men V<«L liar. 3K—llm- *£tna bwn Liv- Itpf. IS lis- arrived hrrr. IV .Ism n-achr*! l.ivrt|«»J <«a liic IC. Thr M'*<i».' rlainfd ?ival att< ntio.i. IV Tims* treat* I In- nj«>rt >4 lb- Stnun uf tbe Xary whli ridiettlr. ('••epr>-*«ni*Si Kir ha» I irvll «*- Iluii»«m| fiir F.tnlkr»«T. 'IV* latter rinci- hi* retain t«> Itirhmond har pruured r treat - iii*-fit for onr |«ri r*. MteriCa Mir. BY »iriur ft nn ut.nm upucl hi ikr Clrrk «>f l!ic HUtri't I'oart of tli* J.i Juilioia] l»»»- lrn », \\ . T.. lo Hi' ilinricii uu«i «*r!ivcr«4. I liart lrri«- i iipoii mul fnk'ii into rTmlisn pI! Ilir Ita-i t! lim t-l V. m. 11. I u»|«t hiiil kuoiru mid <|p«i-riik>i| • ■■l thr iu.i|i< ul ilie public >urvr\« hut ou file ia ilii* "(Tit i ul' thr nc|ri«?cr »f l'iil>!u l.anils of WiikL-. injiiin Territory. l!ie »o:ilh-wi'<l qr. of irctioti llnrttrn ■ l-O in township tifiri n north of ll:inc<" .1. uot; «liii !i I Ml.ill |irocoril lo irll to uttid'v said K\i ration at the Court-hon-e iloor in Olvmpin, uu Momtnr llio lTtli iliiv of February, A. 1». ISO.', r.t lli« hourof one o'clock r. M. JSaiil wa» rendrrrd in the rfjresnid ilislrict t'ourt on the 14tli dnjrof Murch 16»>I, npiiiiil Win. 11. t'oopcr, nml in favor of 11. A. Jud non. for four hundred nnd tliirtv-six dollar" nrd thirty-four ccuts, with costs of suit nnd interest. WILLIAM liII.I.INCS. Sheriff of Thurston Co., W. T. Novemher 2. 1861. 10:w4. Teiikitouy ok Wasuinutos, ) County of Thurston. / 8 fn the Diitrirl Court of thr Sreoml Judicial Dmiriet. To WIMJAM I<. SMITH, sued us subsequent in cumbrancer. in ruit of Andrew Williams r«. George l>rc\v, tl al. Foreclosure of mortgage. Von arc hereby notitieil that Andrew Williams hits filed a complaint against George Drew, Caro line P. R. Drew, It. F. Striker, n".d yourself, iu said court, which will coinc on to be heard at tht first term of the court which shall eommcnec more than three months after the lfth day of October, 1801. and unless yon appear at said term and an swer, the same will be taken as confessed, aud the prayer thereof granted. The object and prayer of said complaint is to fore'■lose the equity of redemption, if any you have, or may claim to have in certain premises, to wit, (lie interest of said George Drew in the land claim in Lewis county, in said District, known as •• George Drew's Claim," mortgaged to this Plain tiff by indenture of mortgage, dated October l?th, 13.15, to secure the payment of $3,000, with le gal interest after date. Complaint filed Angust 2Gth, lfiCl; amended iu open court,on leave, .September Term, 1801. KIAVOOD EVAN'S, Attorney of Andrew Williams. October l!Mli, 1851. 49:in3. Klirritrs Sale. BV virtue of an execution issued by the Clerk of the District Court of the 2d Judicial Dis trict of Washington Territory, 1 have levied upon and taken into execution the following described property viz : Lot No, 2. in Block N'o. I. in the town ofTumwater, and which I will priveed to sell on the premises, on the 22d day of January. 1802. Nt tlie hour of of one o'clock p. m.* Said execution was rendered against James Flinn and John C. Carroll, and in favor of William K. Miles, for the sum of £>!).'! 7"> principal and interest there on from July Till, 18U0, nt two per cent, per mouth, and for §2BO 85 costs of suit and increased costs. WII.MAM BILI.INGS. Sheriff of Thnrston eountr. W. T. Olyinpia, Dec. 22d, 18(51. Territory of Washington, > County of Thurston. /' ' ' In the Uitiriel Court of the 2d Judicial District. To G COLLIER IiOHHIXS : Von arc hcrrhy notified that Anson 0. Ilcuiy lias filed ucoinpiuiut against yon. ill raid court, which will conic on to In- heard at the first term of the conrt, which shall commence more than three months after the 7th day ofDcecmher, 18i!l, and unless you appear at said term and answer, the same will h« »s ei nfessed and the prayer thereof grunted. The olject and prayer of said complaint is to enforee tl.e collection of eight hundred dollars, or therea bout.*, with interest at two per cent, per month, tYum October, IMO—the snid Film and interest li injr due as a hallance on account of draft depos ited with said U. Collier llohliins for collectmu. EL WOOD KVAXJV Attorney for Aftsou G.. Henry. (Vnipln'mt (led Sept. 28. fHtif. 4:ni .*t IXITED STATES OF AMERICA, 1 Territory of Washington, V Sd Judicial I• i»trict. J lITHKUE.VS a libel has been Bled in the Pis- W trict Court in end for the ?d Jndirial I»i-trie-t of Washington Territory. <>u the Sulfa rfnr of l»ecemlwr, ltfvl. by 1). I. Kvul-11. ptrt oautr and lih<*TLiiit ::?jin<t the ateamer Dili Audi r-on. h«r Ih -kir. furnitnrr. rieiim and ma ikiam. uiia|aii>t |ii«id I°. Hraitfw I rliiarn,: u> I* |> «rs owner. ra *bb«Uarc liut lioel l.-nt i» tbc (Hiirr «f Ivmli-rM (*|ltlictl' of «iid »te ith'kifi and thai be it kept vat of an ! tlr |<r.t«l of lb* |«<K>iMn by aai I <r:ifort ind and jr«e> -» a^-iin-I u J -liinib' . Mad tbr.t said Ihtnirl K llridfurd be eiud l > that |< *>«!«iiif Mid inlet* t in mJ4 tbrirt-r be 4<~-trrd i« !i' «-'.U«t. end tbat aeM #rs#irl K rr>td )•> ri«ui ■*»! r Ila ikr J ar< i-iinliii; to bi» -it : b'. T. u.nw. ia }ar iuar(ii(lkr a itiin, «» Vi -i I «f a li'iirt. to nee 4ir«r|id and *tiirred I do be-» r f'.ic j.V lie •our* i« all prttmnt r ;ai ninf a»ad »■ »m »twf brrtarklr. aad laml<ii». An •* Ml *m\ ■<!;n tSr-r ia. tb<t iWj Lr n*- j »-*» Kn.m the «Md ro«t. t» '■* befd it C%r ton a id sMywf a. is %m 4 kt Itk M 4a !i<-ial dimtrvt. at Unn lx tu- third do u { fibr: r* Meat, at :e* • tlurk. in ISi fer<av»a, prvedet U* ■»*:■* afcat! tar a d*» mf ) e-i«d»r ,1 «.- otbrr«i'« tbr tr<l d»» «a JWIH T»<l tbea and TO lavrf- T Ibt -f H•. a> * .u«i lv iwc w»r axiefau««aia ibat brbalf- wit ma*: nrvTtv^Tos. t a n- T Hv-I tv -alf f la»i. Luttt. V. T. u «Bim— —— a. i. ran.iv*. d. PHLuea a son. imim HI IBUU QUI Olympic W, T. Orrca for uu a w» ««eI <j-~ n»*v Oood^, • Omcerivis, C'lc»thiu*f. Boots A* Rlioea, BaU qu4 ( h/*», Crt>C)*Tjt umJ ffhiafin. C*& rt* &<• Tt»< -Twk or < *«9lrr IVwlrf. ' w » * . '• . ' " l"!f Chas. E. Williams, (Bmccmw to G. A. iMMrilitliiM U»J MA LEX VI ÜBIIK, ram swain, RTKEL, GROCERIES, 4c. HATING nm% MM urr ■< i i^w> Ma iltitlinh, tfce ImO— »f Mmll* Htirln liru*; HaiiS fi»l (><l, . Put Cj«l Oil aaj ri<i4 «M-t Tmk*m. liMw. l kit.rT> ITVfa CMMUIM FuMdi. htiuki*; t!plj«u >Ui MMf |• iik fall tm ti«M| M«« fit >t«. iltam IwkiifSlrTn, viikriinuvi nfti, i A *«tt IfwiHt »iri linri). Uj|<l'L TOM -. t«f4m Hrrd' . |*l rrnlf per vur l , hrti* **4 IWf Iftr. Brtitf. 1 iftn. In MM! MU««* Tit|a, Bli»* I'trtaii » 3 J JU-d-. Wirr s»4 Safe CUrflii. of til attkm, MM* f ■«!■>», ■ CM VtrMfi; Sitae Hanm Kunt. N*4». Piscktri. Prji. Ac. Ettra Palest in-trt m*4 Mill lam, ( A xtry superior anii-la j, iMbaaic't Tnli u4 Hairrtalx, I* full iimijr.) tt inioMMb, Patau. Oil. Pattr artd Glass : Vir> ui»be*. Japan. Turprutinc nil Aicokol, Pocket iiutl Tulile Cutlrrr. i large mcui). Currr Comb's md Nome llrtcbes, (leather bnrksi Pow der. tthot, ball*. Lead ui.d Caps, Rullct Mo'ilJi, Gun Look" Wipers, Nipples, ic.j Coble, Trace, Ilnltcrntt? Dog Chains ; Sheep Shears anil Wool Curd*, Cru'a, Planter cud Garden Hoc», Plows. CalllvnJok-M, .llallochs, llrnsli liockv, Horse (taken, I'raiiles, Kejtlies, Kalivs, Churns, Forks, Butter Bowls and Trays, &c. JAPAN BLACK TEA. Cgy Tin, Sheet Iron, Coppar ami Urr. * manufactured and repaired. N. B.—We have made rarlt arrangement* fur the purchase of article;), either in 6 MI Francisco or New York, as tve think cannot but give »atis fartion. 0®- Commission sijllcitcd. Olyn.pia, April 6, 18C1. 21 :tf NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT THE County Commissioners of Tliurstou Comity will be prepared, at the next regular meeting of tlie Hoard, oil the first Monday iu Febru ary, ISC2, to receive sealed proposals lor fur nishing and delivering upon the Public Square in the town of Olvmpin, two hundred thousand good brick?. Also, nt the same time, sealed proposals will be received for laying 200,000 bricks in the erection of contempla ted county buildings upon said Public Square. The brick layer furnishing his own material, such r.s lime, snud, &c. The County Commit gioners reserve to themselves the light to re ject any and all bids thus uiade. Any per son whose bids may be accepted by (lie County Commissioners will bo required to give good and sufficient bonds with sureties for the faithful performance of the woik speci fied iu the conirncts. My ordur of the Uor.rd of Connfy Coinuiis- Eionur*, ur.sst-d Dec. 7, lfeGl. lUCIIAIID LANK. Auditor of Thurston County, W. T. Olympin, Jan. 2, 1802. BLOCH, 11LLER (Sacecsiors to Priet, Miller ft Co.) DALLES AXD COLVILLE, WHOLESALE AVn EETA2L UKALKES IX WM in w CLOim.Htt, DOOTS, SHOES, OATS, *c. ——ALSO Staple and Fancy Groceries* Provisions, Wines, Liquors, Etc. A full assortment of iIINGUS' GOODS con stantly on bumf. toff* Mr. JLOCH bcfnjr " »r«i<>nt of s»w FrMrino.vklN'iiU mt pnrrlMns <rr na4t, •• shall be able to offer belter iuUucemcuU ihaa aujr oilier House. October 19tb, ISGI. Csl ; Marjcnl Xcadew iirasn Seed. ' rillllS wed the acWao» 1«J?< >1 fia|«-t of wbirh. fur either ilrr »* n«*j { prairie*. fH partarypc f-r for noting. k... reu 4wrf it »• |xf«Ur. i<i be font la I* »ua i.L.*claatt>, at ikt tUin «tf I c t. vrxiaih. I K. B.—Tme f •rwwtaf ia ftkram m Maw It. [ SewatffM. M 64. Ilzm3 Ohmpia and Seattle (rr.i.n * tlhafi*. « ,• * r (iIXCLMT, lOAUK JL C vi * trulr t• * < ;» Tr»T«. , -1 *■ - IN Tirii(ir> c( .t^; • " fv. t m " n-r: 41 " «Wri[ •» n*.; RitvV*4Cn*aW3l Tr.e » a - ri*b» -atari • b a**~ »/ *Wt ■>«. c tVk v M k» n ■ dm(t4 tor «*A.-H «r»M XT«V tmmt W4 epaa » (Hraria Sniui u btaUK 1. m-M Mstk-jd •f tlrspU 01YHPTA WA9OH lAIF7ACTOBT. Stuart & Blarkshcar. llT'TLl'l ifrn If *a4 the NNMadiaf (Main Kwr 'W mr "* mam aMMtactariag ViWiM.CU KUG*> ,-ai BIONICS M aU - I —rr" ftaai t* 4 W<tof in.p«-ied Material, W txprr£ac«4 *«rt w kak * % a»4 t'Uaai. bUiTT " OifWpi*. DtctaUt t, MM. * tf he«t f»ari#»T of Ike Uwt U Hait i far,

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