Newspaper of The Washington Standard, January 18, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated January 18, 1862 Page 4
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LAW! 0V m UIiTID Rim tmud M iMt lit Km Smmi■ «/<A* TtartfSmmik fly*'* [BT ALTHOTLTY.] CHAP. XXI.— Ah Act to indemnify the States for Expenae* incurred by them in Defence of the United State*. 2k if enortrd by the SrnnU and House of Jtf/'rtf < nt'itirrs (•/ (he United Slatet of Aawrira iM C '»n?rat assembled. That the Secretary of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, directed, out of any mon ey in the Treasury not otherwise ap propriated, to pay to the Governor of any State, or to his duly authorized agent*, the costs. charge*, ex|<enses properly incurred by *uch State for en rolling. *ul»sisting. clothing, supplying, arming, equipit.g. paying, and trans porting its tr»*»ps employed in aiding to #ap|»res# tliu insurrection the l"nit«-<l States, to bo set tled upon proper voucher*, to 1* tiled aud passed UJHIII by the proper ac counting offiifn of tlie Treasury. Approved, July 27. ISO! CHAP. XXII— A: Act tr.skyr ad ditional Appropri.r.. '.s i't if:*- - »- tive. Executive, a* ' J vl: »al s of the Government f»r th<» Year end ing the thirtieth of Jui.e. eighteen hundred and sixty-two, and Appropria tions of Arrearages for the \ ear end ing the thirtieth of June, eighteen hun dred and sixty-two. he it emrted by the Semite and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That, the following sums be, and the same are hereby, Appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the objects hereafter expressed, for the fiscal year ending the thirtieth of June, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, namely: Contingent expenses of the House of Representatives. —For stationery, four thousand six hundred dollars. For pages and temporary mail-boys, four thousand eight hundred aud forty dollars. For laborers, 0110 thousand nine hundred and seventeen dollars. For furniture and repairs and box es for members, five thousand dollars. For reporting proceedings of the •railed session of the Thirtieth-seventh Congress, at the rate per column fixed by law, eight thousand dollars: Provi ded, That the said proceedings shall be reported with and bound in the Con giessional Globe and Appendix of the first regular session of the present Con gress. Treasury Department.— x Office of the Secretary of the Treasury. For contingent expenses, including compensation of additional clerks who may be employed by the Secretary ac cording to the exigencies of the public service, and additional compensation for extra labor of clerks in his office, twenty-five thousand dollars. Interior Department. —For compiling and supervising the publication of the Biennial Register, per act of March third, [second] eighteen hundred and ■«ixty-one, five hundred dollars. To enable the Secretary of the Inte rior to supply such newly created offices as are entitled thereto with full sets of the Statutes at large, and to replace those once furnished to old officers which have since been unavoidably lost or destroyed, two thousand dollars. For salaries of five clerks of class three, eleven clerks of class two, and I four clerks of one, per nets of April twenty-second and May thirty-first, eighteen hundred and fifty-four, twen ty-eight thousand two hundred dollars. For compensation of eight additional night watchmen for the Department of the Interior, at a salary of six hundred dollars ea-h per annum, four thousand eight hundred doll trs. Surveyor*- Genernl. —For c. >nipen na tion of the surveyor <re»em' <>f ?V Ter ritory of Colorado, thr<v th msai 'i hundred and nine d 11:.r- aid o:-h»y nine cent*. F«»r compensation < f the «orreyor generd of the Territory <>f Nev.ijj, thriv t; >n--«nd **-vt-n hundred and aev"i,»\ -t* v i l<»|lar« For c->rn|»cn*Tition of the surveyor general of the Territory of lhdcota, •w> thousand one hundred and fifteen dollar* and th rtv e'cht c«*nt«. Cimbapht ExfOtuj of the War De parimntt Oflßre of the S«vTet9ry of War: For tbe |iaqms( «f increasing tern porarilv th- <-leric»l l"tve *»» d n»e««en- Ci:i the War iV-fartment and it« •as. *» follows, v;x. In the office of tbeSeeretarr of War. one rb-rk ot the first eta**. two of tlie M>cottd two «f tl.e third, and <»n® of the foorth. and t* o *«<i«tant at an annual «a'ary of eight hundred and f rtv «|olh»r» wA. In the office of the Qenend. five clerk* of the clnss. two of th*- two of the third, and <»ne«if the fourth and two a*-»'«tant r » "" >»t»nual salary of eiglit hnndn-d *• • ,r t\ dollar* each. In the f the f,ommi<«i«ary • •»'. th—c ••*•»'*-* # ,r the fi«-*t Ha** t **» +*-* "nd. T 5 ■ > f f*ivm»«»er (leneml, t|iw cl*rk« '*>« second elm and tbiw of the third. In the Barman of Topographical En gineer*. t«ro <4»»rk« of the third Has*. * jgj the Ordnance Bnreao. two clerks |of the first class, forty-eight thousand 1 1 seven hundred and sixty dollars. , And the Adjutant-General is an i thorized to employed in his office any number, not exceeding ten, of non i commissioned officers, to be selected by , 1 him from the army, in addition to his i present clerical force. ! For blank-books, stationery, binding. 1 labor, aud miscellaneous items, two' ; tho'i«:iud dollars. Office of the Adjutant-General: For blank-book, binding, stationery, and miscellaneous items, one thousand dollars. Offic ' of the Pay mast er-Genand: i For blank-book*. binding, stationery, and miscellaneous ileitis, bu idr«*d I dollars. Otli«e of the Surgeon -General. For blank-botiks. binding, stationery, and miscellaneous item*, live hundred j doilars. (Office of the the Colonel of Ord -1 nance: For blank-book*. binding stationery , aii 1 miscellaneous items, one thousand dollars. Office of the Colonel ol Topigraph ic*l Engineers: For blank-bookg, binding, stationc-1 ry, and miscellaneous items, eight hundred dollars. For the General Purposes of the ; Northwest Executive Building.—For fuel, light, and miscellaneous items, one thousai.d dollars. Mint of the United States at Phila : dclpliia.—For transportation ot bullion from ass.iv office to the Mint for coin ago, forty thousand four hundred aud seventy-four dollars and eighty-three cents. Independent Treasury.—For in creased establishment of office of As sistant Treasurer of the United States at New York, seven thousand two hun dred dollars; being for additional clerks and compensation to clerks in said of fice. For additional compensation of citrk of Assistant Treasurer of the United States at Saint Louis, three hundred dollars. GOVERNMENT OF THE TERRITORIES. Territory of Dakota.—For salaries of governor, three judges, and secretary, nine thousand seven hundred dollars. For contingent expenses of said Ter ritory, one thousand dollars. For compensation and mileage of the members of the legislative assembly, officers, clerks, and contingent expens es of the assembly, twenty thousand dollars. Territory of Nevada.—For salaries of governor, three judges, and seeretn- , ry, nine thousand seven hundred dol lars. For contingent axpenses of said Ter ritory, one thousand dollars. For compensation and mileage of the members of the legislative assembly, officers, clerks, and contingent ex penses of the assembly, twenty thou sand dollars. For compensation of the district at torney for the Territory of Dakota, two hundred and fifty dollars. For compensation of the district at torney for the Territory of Nevada, two hundred and fifty dollars. For compensation of the marshal for the Territory of Dakota, two hundred dollars. For compensation of the marshal for the Territory of Nevada, two hundred dollars. For office rent for the surveyor-gen eral of the Territory of Colorado, fuel, furniture, books, stationery, and other incidental expenses, two thousand dol lars. For office rent for the surveyor-gen eral of the Territory of Nevada, furni ture. fuel, books. stationery, and other incidental expenses, two thousand dol lars. For office rent for the surveyor-gen oral of the Territory of Dakota, furni ture. fuel, books, stationery, and other incidental expenses, two thousand dol j lars. For salaries and commissions of reg i inters of land-offices and receivers of ! Mihlic moneys, two thousand five hun dred dollar*. . For incidental expenses of the sever al land offices, two thousand dollar*. For the snpport and maintenance of r the penitentiary of th»- District of Co > lnmhia. fire thon«ui,<| dollars. For the par of eiyht additional first ' ' class clerks in the Navy IVpartment, ' nin«* thousand six hnndred dollar*. I F<»r the salary ot AsViatant S«-creta ry of the Navy, four thousand two hnndred >ioiiar* For the yearly compensation of the I two laborer* employed in the librarr ot Congress. whieh i« hereby fixed at "five hniidred dollars each, beginning Jolr i first, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, one th >u*and dollar*. ■ Sec 2. A*J be it ftrfkrr emorlrd, ' That the following *um be and the same »• hereby appropriated, in like - manner. for tbe year ending the thirti • eth of June, eighteen bandred and *ix • ty-*>«e. ' For the snpport and maintenance of t the penitentiary in tbe District of Col umbia. aeren thousand nine hundred • and eigbt v-one dollar* and eighty cents. I I 8«c. 8. And be it further enmrted- That the snm of ten thousand one hnn, dred and fifty dollars appropriated for the contingent expense* of the o£ee ai the Anditor of the Treasury for the Poat-Officc Department, in "An Act making appropriation* for the legisla tive. executive, and judicial expenses of the government fi»r the year ending the thirtieth day of Jane, eighteen hon- dred and sixty-two," approved Februa ry twentieth. eighteen hundred and sixty-one, hh ill be applied, so far a> may l»e necesaaiy, to pay for stationery, horse for the use of the office, lights, washin?. towel*, iee, and miscellane ous items, in additions to the item* mentioned in said appropriation. Approved, July -7, lwil. jjo. o tiim i utiri J. D. ART 111 R A M>X, ivrotTttt am* j"iiru or AGRICU LTl* UAL 1M CLEM EXT?. Of All BintUl. 180 1. num AMI MM \\\ r. x oGrr for lii* <•«'.«! «;rl .*et» lark Kraprr and \rw Tori* K< a|»i r iimi >iuurr. VJf / r*l• ' r ( *:. . '#* HWf umJ (' . . mt \>rii r i. V»*r i.*\* toid t; i» » ot« ma»r of Machine* f~r liit • t lif* rtr.if-; »t 1a »u< r» 4?u«l Mile r\enr r Oof la i i:.- ! 1-« •. ul»—»i •»( u.*-.* Ut .* • li4d i i't * t*QL ni'tof «n'« h tf.ive lb«* Bui! |m i • * Mtlifil lion. K* l»eili£ the tlt ftABIK. Ll'iUT Rt iM)hti'l loaniri aaJ Mover .a - • titr* |».irt> »ltnr on ImtiU. Al-O. Kflrhttui'll MtfWPr. J for 1 Ktil. tu be lhe best #iugie Vuvet ** ?r undo. Ai ->, The Irrincnt Mowrr and Km per A light Iralt. Cut* In !• bio lor small fatm*. Ai.-o, Hair*, fill's and Ruihll's Thrritlii'rs: I'unrrii, Ar. Ilradlej "s Patent Horse U.ike« Sprint; Sterl Teeth Wheel H.-.ktv*. Revolving Horse Uakcs (utl sizes.) Hay and Hurley Hake*. Hurley Fork#, Hay Fork#, Scythes and Swaths (all kinds), tirain Cradles, Seed Sowers,Cultivator#, Fiirm or Plantation Mill# (for grinding feed—best in use). Brown's Hurr Stone Mills, Hand Mills, Horse ('■irts, Wagons, Plows, Harrows, Nails, Hoes, Shovels, Grind stones (all sizes, in casks or single), Large Road Plows, Box Scrapers, etc., etc. All of which nro offered fur °nlo nt the lowest city prices. J. 1). AKTIIIIt & SOX. Corner of Washington and Davis streets, April 20, 1861. 23:m3 California. w. s. c. CLUB HOUSE CIN, THE UNDERSIGNED, BEING SOLE AGENTS of the above liin, oiler it to the public us the finest HOLLAND GIN, and the only GENUINE CLUB lIOI'SE GIN imported to this market. It is put up in GREEN CASKS, ami branded YV. S. C., CLUB HOL'SH. We shall continue to receive the above Gin regularly. —ALSO— Pure Ambrosial Whisky, i» flasks; Pure Nectar Whisy, 'n new style bottles : Pure Bourbou whisky. The above Liquors are from the well known house of Win. S. Corwin ft Co., New York, and ure guaranteed tine and pure. W. B. CUMMINGS A CO. l:mt r.O California st., San Fran Popular Family Journals. AND WELLS, NEW YORK, PUB ' lish the following Popular and Scientific Se rials, which afford an excellent opportunity for bringing before the public all subjects of general interest. "Life Illustrated." A first class Weekly Pictorial newspaper, devo ted to News. Literature. Science and the Arts ; to Entertainment, Improvement, and Genera! Progress. Its columns contain original Essays, Historical Biographical and descriptive Sketches of travel and adventure, poetry, painting, music, sculpture, etc.; urticles 011 science, agriculture, horticulture, physiology, education, and every to pic which is of importance or interest all combin ing to render it ouc of the best Family Newspa pers in the world. Published weekly, at two dollars a year in ad vance. "The Water-Cure Journal and Herald of Beforms " Devoted to hydropathy, its philosophy and practice; to physiology and anatomy, with illus trative engravings; to dietetic exercise, clothing, occupations, amusements, and those laws which govern life and health. Published monthly, in convenient form for binding, at one dollar a year in advance. The American Phrenological Journal." A Repository of science, literature, and general intelligence, devoted to phrenology, education, magnetism, psychology, mechanism, architecture, and to all tho.-e progressive measures which arc calculated to reform, elevate and improve man kind. Illustrated with nil nitrous portraits and other engravings. A beautiful quirto, suitable for binding Published monthly at one dollar a year, in advance. f'.iVLKK k WELLS. 3c.s Broadway. New York For three dollar*, a copy ot" rirb of the above named Journals will be scot one year. RUFUB WILLARD, Physician nn<l Surgeon. urn s Wile! \UI». <;r*4uatc of tbc tut prrm«r.'*-nt!r in Trmltwr. < L.i «»4i Mrrricr* t« the rtfiartt* »jHi tu ! ««m>n»lio|: la til tfcf *4 Yi*--in u# an<i Sirftrj H |« • K»^r t«ti«4i< »« m CMm imowflhf • ••«) b v»n,iaJ« of New York ■#«»•«! lb* tn»«tt tfcat b# will mrr t a I.N«-m! »ha»» <4 jkjMic pitroMif ltd miU b«iM hia»*»lV n rem a«*il Übm to attend to kit ftlU is iW Urn* «*f h*« prtv lN«ion. to whjrli bit rttitf itlfltiot * tii be 1(4. tar Partxalar attratioa will to juiM ir> <lt*- •tki of i»o»« aaJ • bii'irr o *IJ aii orgaair aCrc -1 c>a • o:«toj>ia Aipn l*tk. 3* if CMIB r. MIBIII, laffTrr aa<t r>»ai»T ia TYPI, nmnnamm XATXKXAL IXKS, CARD STOTK. kt Itklllui lUCtaj Mrc*«. S«o FraaotK-o, Jaaaarr sth. IMI |o lr ItaiaMntor'a Xalicr. LETTER* or ADMINISTRATION kriif IIMI girt* to tW —ill li ijwd by tW IVoUir Coat at Pari fir county. ""anfcinptnn Tnritorr, on iW ratal* rf Jofcn MrKmaa. lair at MU rotuitv. mrfirr b kcrrhy giren to al) prraooa karia* rUbn- apunrt a«U Mlto to yriiat tbm within imr vtmr ftM iW lUtf bcrrof; and «0 prmuoa imiebt <-d to aaid e«tatr arr brrrbr notified to roar forward fanwdMr and make parmrat. JAM&* B. JOHNSON. Administrator. Brerrport. IC nr. ft, |**l—J* ML 3. C. YOITWO. Liu rrvrutoi or tm rmrtuin or ri*s. i'an be Umwl il lus Private Medical 01M aal I—pifl,

No. TJI CLAY STKEKT. l)ji|io«i;e the wiilli<t>t corner «.f lb* Plara HERE HE r.W BE <<I\St'LTKD PEI -11 fairly. tit 1 n.tb the u!Kv-t cobhtirarc. hj the xffiittai, at aii U ar# iLu!}. trw> V A. M k> r P. M. |ii! VOI XC, tUrwn liiw iriw trr i-j T-rios: cniltr tUc aft!;- .;oa ut jrnatc i-t.-t. w. whrUier «ri-ing front impirr • oai.r ttvn or the lcrr,ble vir* rt M-l»-wbe«« hr« rniir* tim* t« that |>arti< uiar Irjnch "f the |>r he trebt * tr ill id !■ «;i .',; i it kc i.\ all I V.-'K> »hfl» r i-f U«]l »r to fath «o»- tr*<«rd. cstirrlr rrnoiitf the ureff* of i!.»ra»e , •:» t'!» ». if r. a.u torn*.::.?* I'tkt iri *n.l i'ER- M *\fc>T '« ! KS. It< Ji'al'i rail 'h» atreriifa of the a<E.<-tfd to lh' f:.'! «'f li- i :»«r u4 (I'tWarar l rrj— .;*ti-.a firtUii: K a- un.a< t of hi* »Aill -t.d MfttM. I vf C r iWi- aJ net htu l*»t 4i*- • h.«rarr<! in the year evi rgr Jtslv J,t. «|«~ a rrri iii t any L- «t.-*l .o th* t . :• ! .^ta' LTAT|o\ by U.wr uitdmviit, Ftii < > T ' "' i"H»\ V. l»n:iE;7V ANPSKHISAL —l'r \ thoM *h« h«»e iptured ;h« ii-« .t.-- by pr.-.AM an'! in»pr.ti»r '•.' r r!ne iu il a! -*•' ar<t : iiarr bahit «h. h r . i. the I--!*' ai.-l n .'id niCrmj th«n« «it*ier {• r I a»ii;< - j or -*•» ir.y. w ilh the VI, * to iiafiri j* upoa their uiiii<t>. i; i- t> > U;r. xw a)»olute ut «e-jity i»t fki!lf'il in« -1 ;1 t-i tmeut. aod bj a <life< t ci>ur-r of rta«>!nn; to -r<i»w thit although n nay not h* for the hral'h git en ut. that U raiiDot be »|><trU'd or tnii. d u :th Ktlhoul lo and when once eafesidi red rannot he regain ed by mere abstinence from folly, or urgent and display of C'mrarc. It may not be generally understood by the gre:it majority of sufferers fiotn im ntal depressions, that these dull and heavy ren.'Atiom experienced in the head and the chest, accompanied by feelings of anxiety and foreboding, arise from a disorgan ization of the important functions of the body.— Such, however, is the fact, and in latter years to such an extent has this been carried thnt our In sane Asylums arc becoming tilled with patients who owe to this cause alone their suffering. The study and practice Of years has shown conclusively that to the weakness of the genital organs, super induced fur too often by self-abuse, which has be-, fcotne so apparent in the face ; and where once our fathers stood giants in mascular force, tho met) o to-day are dwarfs in comparison. The symptoms of tho disease may he faint to-day, but so surely as you experience that weakness in the bock and litubs, dimness of sight, nervousness, derangement of the digestive functions, and gen eral debility, so surely will follow the harrowing mental prostration 100 awful to contemplate, and which will end only as the last breath comes strug gling, gasping from the breast of the expiring vic tim. There is something noble in dying when the good tight has been fought, but what man can view a grave filled by one whose life dribbled out in pollution, without A feeling of disgust. L)o not hesitate, hoping that time will eradicate what it only strengthens, but call at onco at my ofiice, with the full nssurance of a speedy and per manent cure. Let no sense of false shame deter yon, but snve yourself from the awful effect* of this dread disorder, and regain the full strength of your manhood. Mercury In no Torm rntcri Into the Remedies adopted by Dr. l'ounxr- Mercury has been named, not inaptly, " The curse of Man," as, under the treacherous garb of a restorer, it bequeaths the most terrible disease. We do not sec it at once, but hidden beneath the fair surface, it poisons the blood, destroys the ner vous uud muscular system, preventing the action of the joints, und rendering wretched, under the name of rheumatism, the life of the sutferes.— " The remedy is worse than the disease," nj many a poor, crippled, miserable, toothless wretch will say, while pointing to his decayed jaws and ulcer ous gums, he tells of its ravages—or at his swollen joints and body marked with purple or leaden col ored sores which speak of his pains, and again at his impaired,, ruined digestion, which tells o( wretched dnys and sleepless nights. All affections arising from the use of mercury perfectly eradicated and health fully restored. AU dlNeuoeii of a private nature arising from impure connection, such as Ulcers, Swelling of the (iroius, Ulcers in the Throat, Sec ondary Syphilis, Cutaneous Eruptions, Ulcerations, Tertiary Syphilils, Syphilis in Children, Mercurial Syphilitic Affections, Gonorrhoea, tilect, Strictures, False l'ussages, Intlamation of the Bladder, and Prostate (Hands, Excoriations, Tumors, Pustules etc., treated in the most Bcientilic manner. Cure always Guaranteed or no fee Required. Dr. Young would statu that lie has been ft pro fessor of Obstetrics nml Female diseases for the past fourteen years, and is fully qualified to ad minister in all cases both medically and surgically, nnt iu a superficial, but in as thorough h manner as years of study and practice—both in hospitals and private families—can make. Therefore fami lies can rely upon him as upon a father. All in affliction can find in him one who can feel and sympathise with, and befriend them in trouble— one in whose sec rosy the utmost confidence can be placed. Come, all ye that are afflicted and in trouble, and you will be relieved and cured. Private Medical Otnee and Hospital 7.11 CLAY STREET. Opposite southwest corner of the riaza, SAN FRANCISCO. DR. J. C. YOCN U. Da. J. C. Torse. who hat be.-ome celobra ted for the thousands of enrea which he bM per formed on old, chronic uiereuriel, syphilitic, and all private diseases, without merenry. is consulted daily at bis office TJI C'lsjr ft., frw■ •A. It. to «P. M. A cure guaranteed or no pay. Dr Young has probably had more practice in venereal d'«ra«e« tliaa any physician in California lie cure, all the most aggraiaWd eaaes of this dis m-eaad mild ones he removes in from two to fi<e dais The lfc*u>r ha* for many years been k» >wn as the m«**t eminent and sn<-ce«afnl pbjsi eian pearti>iaf in the failed Stairs and what is U>..rr mpoetaat to the patient, he always elects • •feeJi aa.i permanent core Travelers. »nmm mmn nod other*, who wish to he eared withont merrniy. hindrance from h«Si ne • . re eapMove to friewds abaoM affli to boa as t»«s as fonMs, nod 0 fiefcrt rmrr foarnatord in all cnraMe rases Tto (ulhwiw w • fr» of tkr ant iHiKMaitb of Dr YMar'i iWliti i> t fnrtiti a—r wfcxfc but >|| mi< ia tto ptWk Jiaraali ml ike kw fc» Jt«": [Fa»« ram liww Mt»«rai J«r»«u ] Allhn«rk v* arr «tfMr4 to IW of «4- iwi>«| fcr irow4 »*»« .rat TM«m. (till w 4rr% B it ti«t j«*W Is at ikii IH Vponf is mm* o4 tW mm atoniw w4 rotatiaa ol iW —diraJ v»Mt la ikf l iM UMIM (r»< B r> riNW Jarmasa.) Tk» wktmWf .* ftnaulh arqaaiau | with Dr T«u(. n4 Wu am airk afku ynct<r. aa4 eta hat loUMtt w kts atriu aa a >rantili—«i. [Fan m Xr* Tmi Buut.l TW of lki< 4iMiafi<iM pallHH ia ki« frwtmi— aad tto Terr rTWW i i|iyirml lir< pr-« m»4 In km far tlta atotrraar *it TW ml 4i*r«ar«. a«kw U* Mrrk«a wnluUt to l hoar afflu t«4 aith tto ab»T* wfhirti. [Fim rat Tin ti» Atrunaia.] AH a«*w4 villi prtTMt r«a»iataH I*mM. i powibW onfall Dr. Tt»anf, «k«ar «Ja raim u ant urpmi kr aar abrciriaa is Ito ronntrr la to oWII. towr aa4 totagritr al aar trlr witk aafrTi. »biW man at (to aarfical pMC litioam ia (to rity aia rilkMl kniM; ar na> patoUMr. Itolr pMn«I«M toiaf yr»aa<»i al yi*n»at ADT-MI'IAF rkr.kiaa who ha* received «. r»?ular •.*«:<*] which is rr«jU»»it« (or liar mcrtfiial Imtwuil <4 ikm hav« tfTHf frok ii» I* lint, iM* nut' nrt. iafdlon. n.ikvti • bararier a* ilarali— *!>•>. by boautiaj ken n.aa*fr4 In 4«c*ite the mm wary aaflerer iato :t»e iefthat respr<t alie mmj tciartifcc mt U M 4a*»f .the Wit -i stirred brvodcaai lW:r MtrtM —if tht k&m --•»' u»ikfK'iL{. I* ike litdnriMc of hwhk, and in '"ow nut life Brian of tkn M ">« aould of Ur rpoattre. f«r Ibtt an a* 4m tnartrr*. I*. Y«m| • tit« uat Til I'UT IST., "ppwutc the (uiMt ui the Plasa. V,th rtprf t» roaiMtiiM .'an ia4iffn<)l.|f prtiimuaarv Utw~a patieat atd prti<riUi. aa which a® lai!i<ti »in -( « tain lUIIU •el Ui k . n.-|«lla:ii Ui tUit U ihuar tiahiaf U> •< a-;. ; him lhat ia orfitan :t --rturo the a»aal !«• .» xpflij at l>j other f-r»' - titiooer* but wu«t* paiiewtr M*k w> eatraat iht.r • a*ea to hi* ral.ra kiupbca:. L« lun thi» cp j« rtonitr of < ipmia U.« rraii!,»■■•« to us< a ;«rilir roe? Jrratwa to rowiun the c> « for a «!• :• miaatr period. «w to a >»cWil tuae where in the uaTaud ia at «*ce apprised uf t«e timt «•! th<- eipeese to he in* arvrti aad the phyt. a*- cured Ihe paactaal atteadaix-enf hi* | xiietit. «bi»h the poldeo t«U odes deter* beyond i!.» r< <.<j4 or tii Pd inters tea, aad a bka arTaafe meal IT Youa.- wfll be happy to a/portion a<cordic( to the pune of the patiewt. a- may be arteed rpot a! the f.r»: .jUf. iew. Patient- mridiaf ia My part of the Stale bow ever di-tani. who Buy 4e»ire the opiniwa ai.d ad vice of f>r. Yoaif on their retpri tive ca-»acJ wb i tbiuk proper to ftibiuit a aritlen H*tm.<ut of uch. ia prefrreace to hoidinfr a pervonai interview, are respectfully aatnred that their coajm-inicatioa* will be held moat (acred. I)r. Yuung take* thia <«j i>orttinity of obccrving that all letter* are only ojrt'ned and replied to by himself, and the latter as promptly a* possible. If the case be fully and randiiliy described, per. '"nal communication will be superseded, us in struction* for diet, repimen. and the general treat ment of the caie itoelf, (including the remedies.) will be forwarded without delay, and in such a manner as to convey no idea of the letter or pared so transmitted. Consultation gratis. J. C. YOUNG, M. D The French Lour, or Female Monthly PHI*. > The best remedy ever discovered for supprcsfed mcnies in females. They aro safe and sure, acting in tbo most easy manner possible, never creating sickness, but renovating the system, nnd nt tlie snme time they remove any obstructions which may impede for the time tlie natural flow of the menses. No family should be without a bos in the honsc, as they greatly assist in the delivery, at maturity, of the child. They should not be taken under some circumstances, in the early stages of pregnancy, which will appear plain to ladies. l'rice $5 per box, with full directions, sent to any part of the l'acific coast upon receipt of the money. Address J. C. YOUNG, 751 Clay street, Opposite southwest corner of the Plaza, 14:tf San Francisco. Seed Warehouse! Established In 18SO. 8. W. MOORE, No. 110 California Street, between Montgomery and Sausome, Sun Francisco, Cal. Hag for sale the most extensive variety of cun. ran. mi. IGBILH AND FIUJIT SEEDS. In California, including 90,000 lbs. Pure AlftiAiorCEilll Clo ver Seed, or the Sew Crop. Hungarian Grass, Red Clover, Timothy, Kentucky Blue Grass, Canary Bird Seed, \Wito Dutch Clover, kc. Also, Chufasor Earth Al monds, llvacintlis, Tulips, And other Bulbous Roots. Assortments of Na tive California Flower and Evergreen Seeds, col lected by a well-known Botanist, always on hand. The undersigned, from his long experience in the business, and his extensive facilities for pro curing his Seeds from the best Seed-growers and Nurserymen, is enabled to offer unusual induce ments to the Trade nnd large Ranch-owners. The Agents of Wells, Fargo & Co.'s Express, and all other Express Companies connecting there with, are hereby authorized to act an Agents for the undersigned, in taking orders for Seeds, and receipting for the same. Orders by mail also promptly attended to. A liberal discount will be mndc to the Trade. Tar ticiilar attention given to the careful packing of Seeds for shipment. Your early orders are solicit ed, which shall have immediate and faithful at tention. Boxes of Seeds, containing 100 papers, for retailing, in such assortments as desired, furnished. S. W. MOORB, Seed Warehouse, lio California St., S. F., Cal. January 19th, lt»0l 10: mC PHBLAN'S Billiard ■aloon. rpBK above Billiard Saloon. with BIGHT FIRST I CLASS PHELAN TABLES. U now open to tM piMk The Oq«hi«u» on these Tables are the latest pat sat, aad are a great improrameat an tkeir predeceasaak The KtN>M U ittrd ap aa as to rowktae BLBGAXCK with COMFORT. The bar will be kept supplied wkth the ren choicest brands of And the eakacrihiei bp*, by atrict atnatus to merit tke fstsvauv «f all who adaairs aad srsr tse* the 011 l Of MLLUBBP DA*. LT*C* M. B. BICHBH. IWaMimisattMmst, Oppaaile tke New Metrepelilaa IVam. The rakHtikw bags la iafcisi Ihr paMc tkat the above ■eatiaa ■ i BH.HABI* SALOON is afaa iataaded ta safe I as a skaw aad talonaahr thsshafsm s^ZStTnMlHftMa va ried anartMel. hsth ia style aad liU. aad na aisa last the saamsnti rlaimed isr Aa '"lirhiaas aadTaklea. Nr.DAK . LYkCH keaa with mill «a ike sMrita aftlaseTrnUCUX MATBP . Tka Baa Friarieis, Jaly IS. IMI Hat B aathariaad Ageat w jr. at wtf OtfWfif Septs mbu a. IMI H a! TO COr.nE>Pt INDENTS mviiHHn M€KIEXOt mmm n D lOf far, IM. tam C^m JV ■W" 1 " *•* w»«p. liaaii.i aad tZ fajataralt of Natarr. auk StrtMth « M.-4 aad I ■■>. aad i •the* NataraJ FaJKUi*j —.act a itaK m !_ all. after tih( - ** * To aatr the (Wte Mar (e> rrta praixof tt,» ntr«M hart if they eaaid aTZ I hat*, the a.ui ahua this haa riim,i health. the* wald he aarprwwd at M- u r*-T* «Md ia itt pr».*e. To aflirr aw rm 4_ Ih. i awhti at leal aarht* ho*o .t~—t. || *" at'J «ai; the IhirhkaaM ~m >krftiraa4aakriirtn tit telh that a ~ a.o»t kt»««4 heahh-fWMavtr a*4 et.-r lr^_,»_ tirr iaveated Kt mam. It *»< |in n«atly laiifuatntke hr»k«tfc>»ipt>a hat ■ •re. it rrpla'e» aatarzl aetkaro aat atr>iM Th» depondiß( it revive*. the (ithlt it tc.4(.*a • ith *ir»r. aa4 the rhtnhlaeM aa4 rwj whxh it rr-torea or create*. UaW pnaervea. % •he sickly wife it mparts that Uegret «f forrr un f««arT to the rrowmaf joe ia4 frr-ms «4_ jert of Mlnarnr To the 4ehtltia*e4 h«ahaa4 H fir** the aerroa* tr. i Bctralar eser r » rharadmtei aaaahoo4. ta ail rate* of "aero*, diaeaae, low rpirita, isdiftctioa. liver ecaipUiat iuditpoaitioa to aaeatai exert»oa. laraitcde. eman ation. impoteaee. he., la feet, ia all aruleand ebronir. wbirh (iepr**> aed weifh dowa the niicd aud bodv, it ia aa aL«ol*le, iafallihit ppwrific, XATCBK 8 OWX REMEDY TOR MAX SJCI NESS ! I That rrealr*. rrproducea Xew and Pare Blood that act* on the lirer, heart, brain, intestinet limbs and chest—that revolutionise* the whole system—pives *trrngth to the most debilitated *nd weak—that contain* no mineral, or other poiioo. Suck is, in trulb. Dr. Jacob Webber's Justly Famous In vigorating Cordial Sanguifier! The extraordinary and strange cures effected by this beautiful herbal concoction hasastonished *11: it seems to suit everyconsiitution. THE OLD, TDI FKKBI.B, THE LANGUID, feel that new life and blood is given tb«m. The roue, the dissipated debauch ee, the weak from long disease, from taking too much medicine, calomel and other mineral poisons; the young mau whose manhood is wasted, where nature's functions are inert and lifeless, experien ces the bliss of ROBUST AND VIGORONS MAN HOOD I His appetite is good, his sleep quiet and refroshing, his mind and memory clear and cer tain. Sold in quart bottles by HEDIIfQTOIf It CO. CHAN 13 * BRIGIIAM, San Francisco. And all Druggists in California, Oregon and Washington Terrtory. BERGER'S BIJOU BILLIARD TABLES, fUfATWCHOIUK 11MB subscriber desirn to inform the public that he has now on exhibition, at Fhelan's New Billiard Saloon, Montgomery street opposite the Metropolitan The atre one of the nliove mentioned BILLIARD TA HJ.KS, nnd cordially invites the patrons of the NO BLE GAME, to call and examine it. The Great Master, Mons. Bcrgcr, speaks of the tables in the highest terms of commendation. To private fam ilies these Tables commend themselves, especially on account of their convenient size, and aa an ar ticle of furniture for a private dwelling there it nothing more desirable ; in short, no householdor mansion with any pretensions to being well regu lated should bo without one. Gentlemen about to build residences should by all means make provis ion for a BILLIARD ROOM, where thoir family can enjoy the noble, graceful, and health-giving gauie of Billiards. M. E. HUGHES Billiard Table Manufacturer, And Agent for PHBLAN'S PATENT COMBI NATION CUSHIONS, etc., etc. Exhibition and Salesroom, No. 720 and 722 Montgomery street. BgU Manufactory, Market street, opposite Or phan Asylum. COMET Illuminating Oil! E are constantly rrceirlag invoice* of this celebrated brand of which is guaranteed entirely pare and unmixed with Camphene, PMnhn, or Aapkaltam Ois. It Is non-cxploaive, and aaperior to DOWNER'S, •r any other OU mtMk We hate also on hand the Dowwar's aad elk* brand* of COAL OIL., which we are San Francises, hplaksr, IMI. tfcnl OLOTHM nVOMM, 178 Clay St.. and 107 Montgomery St 8m Francj»co. pnmimr kaad and I i I sihiatslatiko'' ISHBe' £aat. wksrt we cae sad | will aeU Www (has aay atker ■l«ll ■M'vaai fiaakf CMMM umrtroo®. rwta * co | J— My. I* I Ml, lely ■mi mi m i m HALLENGK YEAST POWDE*. rr LIT MRAJUMMM IF NOT KATISFACTOB^. i«MblrdlMln,ailr __ WW vflrinMMßUa ** *■*"

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