Newspaper of The Washington Standard, January 25, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated January 25, 1862 Page 1
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HasWugtan mm VOL. 11. Til lltlium STMtll M I•*TK» l«Mt tftTTtfrtl JNI IILLBB lI'RPIT. l>liior ami I'mprw-tor. Irtirhpttiwi Brtw: »*•» tHN - fl hit . 1 •* IXt AHAML r IX AHTASrr. —— A4itHMM Rain: »>-■ir ftMM, <>he ia««rtioai „* • • l.j, ,< «il iiliuMl in-rrtwM i IK* I', .-'.of** Card*. |x-r quartet 5 »■) trf* A liberal deduction aill ix in favor • f th»-r »ho ad»erti.-e f.iur ■Mjuare-. <>r upaard l.» the year. Notice. of birth.*, m-irriaj," - aud deaths iu- M rted free. ftfgT Rill Heads, Card*. Bill-of Fare, lirulars. Catalogues, Pamphlets, 4c., executed i.l reasonable rates. All <Min:ntiairatimi*, whether on busiiifs • r fur publication should l»e addressed to the ctli iinr id the WAMUSGTOS SFAMIAIM. [From the Portland Orefroniau.] Tho first Printing Press West of the Rocky Mountains. On the 2d of March. 1839, Kdwin O. Hall, then printer of the Honolulu Mission under the nnspices of the "American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions," and since editor of the Polynesian, accompanied by his wife, sailed from the Sandwich Islands i'or the Presbyterian Mission on the Clearwater river, in what was then Ore gon, but now Washington Territory, in charge of Rev. 11. 11. Spaulding, bringing a priuting press, font of types, paper, ink, materials, binding apparat us, &c., &c\, to the value of five hun dred dollars, or thereabouts. Mr. Hall arrived in the Columbia river on the 23d of April of that year, ami proceeded with all dispatch to the !-aid station, which he reached together with the press, early in May, 1839, and soon thereafter commenced the priut ing of elementary spelling books in the .Nezperces and Flathead languages, which were adopted and used by the various Mission Schools. The Mission in charge of Mr. Spauld iiv?, ami at which paid press was estab lished, was located on the Clearwater river, "bout one hundred and twenty -11 ve miles north-east of Old Fort Walla Walla, among the Nczpcrccs Indians. This river was called by the ltev. Mr. Parker, Koots-Koosic, or little Water. "Dr. Whitman, under date of March 27th, 1840, thus writes from Waiilatpu, near Walla Walla, so well l'cmembered as the sceno of the " Whitman Massa cre:" "The book, which at the annu al meeting of the Mission, I was ap pointed to write, I employed Mr. Smith and Mr. Rogers to write, as being bet ter qualified to do it than myself, and so much of my time being taken up in making medical calls for the Mission. It is now printed, and makes a tine ad dition to our tncan9 of instruction, and must supercede the one first written, as it is more correct in language and or thography. It contains fifty-two pages, and an edition of eight huudrod copies has been printed." In the Spring of 1840, Mr. Ilall and his lady, after ''having established the first press, and printed the first book, in the Pacific American Possession, re turned to the Sandwich Islands. I hare thus given a historical notice of the establishment of the first print ing press, and its incentive labors. \N ill not some reader of the Omjomian, familiar with the earlr history of Ore gon aad especially of the Mission, trace the history of this pre**, what heraine of it, and*then follow it with a chrono logical notice of the oatoblisLmeiit of the various journals in Oregon and WMfcisgtcn. K. Mr Tbt editor of the R*<*6<hl, (X. J.) 'Aci fv, a n'lfitfd print, my* that • tf tie l/aaken> ronaemo tin." |<race ("•if'j Matt v* think* it i* u*!m* to f>riat a und«r tbt* cirvuiu -taacc*. Owd fur tho Quaker*. A WtT HT.—-A t rr%,-h srtr<r+f } 4 a* Sw*J tl»* wit 4r«tagt- <vr th< yrar Tb« world wiN be bv tbail time tlirty r LOlji to peed it Mr " ' on»« o«t of tUe set" a* th* *harfc said wha* h«r swallowed tin saiior. Wi'istsa ia intaoey he<*aae« a 1 «Ut ia old age. A loan's aaute passu ar»«u4 iuot>t f-i-a)v when it has a baodl* to it Take th« world easy, bat he eareful ••-»t hv the world yow are easily taken. Vk e may judge of a man's character } whs; he lores—what pleases him. A witty maa can makaajeat, but it l <-ds a wise mau to take or»e. fast youths are Dnw called youi-g of gait. OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON TERRITORY, JANUARY 25, 1862. I IITE* NTITEH lIILM. » t»HI\GT«>\ TEKESToRV M ornci Iwiimti. > Wa-bm|fl- a llftidift 34, lm aiil rr, rued at tta. C«atra* • J i Hbf* M tlti, Hrfunarat aatil I« • m ut loa^ii. Virk Jl !•».: M cairMiif Ik' mail* af tk> I a.:*4 >!*1" tar fear tear*, rum aat i ter July i. I -♦; aad cadiaf Jam K'. Iw*. :a the Teml-.-rj uf Waahiagtsie Oa thr route* aed lit the •' Mtlei of 4<-f>artarr.> and arrii»l» krre.a rfx • trird- K. itn»t anm Bared l>» April I<•. I "•».2 V. IHM Krom • l«;«4iu t J llvi>f"rt. 12 luiies -aJ l>.ii k na< c a a irk. l.< are r|ai|Uti> Tbar>d<v at I? tu Arrixe at '5...-f,>rt hy 4 |> tu l.ea»e lloi.fort Friday at 7 a tn; Arrive -t CUi|uato by II am )<id> to run both nays the -ami day a ill lie cutfidcred. l.'Cj; From Kliey's Landinp. by Coveland. Oak II irliu- and Miller s I'uint tn l°tsalada in Mi DouoUKh's Island.) liinilei ai.d back. on. e a week. Leave Kbcy r» Landing Tm-u.ll at '0 a tu ; Arrive at I'tsalnda by 0 p m : Lcuve Ctsalada Wednesday at 8 am: Arrive ut Ebey s Landing by 4pm: llids to in ike two trips n week w ill be con sideren ; also to commence ut I'ort Towusend, 7 miles further. 15233 From Fort Colville, by American creek, to iSimilkamcen. Do miles mid back, once a moilth. I.eave Fort Colville the Cth of each month : Arrive at Similkamcen in four days; I.eave Similkumeen on the lstofeach month ; Arrive at Fort Colville in four days, liids to run only as far its American creek, 75 miles, will be considered. I j2.">4 From Fort Colville to I'end d'Oreille Lake, 200 miles and back, once a month. L;uve Fort Colville on the Ist of each month ; Arrive nt Pond d'Oreille in ten days ; Leave I'end d'Oreille Luke on the Kith of each month ; Arrive at Fort Colville in ten days. 15235 From Vow Pangenesis, by Cherbourg and Ncah Uav, to Cape Flattery, 75 miles and back, once in two weeks. Leave New Dungeness every other Monday nt 7 a in ; Arrive nt Cape Flattery Wednesday by 2 p m ; Leave Cape Flattery every other Thursday at 7 a m ; Arrive nt New Dungc-ness Saturday by 2 p m. 15250 From Oakland, by North Hay. to Scabcck, 37 miles and back, once a week. Leave Oakland Monday at 0 a HI ; Arrive at Scabeck by ii p m ; Leave Scabcck Wednesday at 0 a in ; Arrive at Oakland by G p in. 15257 From Oakland, by Montcsano and Cosmop olis, (Chehalis ('. II.,) to Chehalis l'oint, on Gray's Harbor, 70 miles and back, mice a week. Leave Oakland Monday nt On in : Arrive at Chehalis Point next day at 2 p m ; Leave Chehalis Point Wednesday ut oam; Arrive at Oakland next day b 2 by m Uids for the part to Montcsano, 40 miles, by a schedule to be stated by the bidder, are invited. 12258 From Olyinpia, by Ncsqunlly, toSteilncoom City, 25 miles and back, twice a week. Leave Olyinpia Tuesday and Friday nt 7 a m ; Arrive at Stcilncoom City by 3 p m; Leave Steilucooiu City Monday and Thurs day at 7 a m ; Arrive at Olynipia by 3pm. Bid* for more frequent service are invited. 1">259 From Olympia, by hea;l of Totten's Kid's, and Huminersly's Inlets, to Oakland and back, once in two weeks. Bidders to specify distance, and schedule of ar rivals and departures. 152C0 From Olympia, by Arkada and Oakland, to ■SkokomUli, 3."> miles and back, once a week, in boats. Leave Olynipia Friday at 8 a m : Arrive at Skokomish next day by 10 a m ; Leave Skokomish Wednesday at 2 p m ; Arrive at Olynipia nut day by 4pm. 15561 From Olympia, by Miama Prairie, Oedar villr, Monletnno. and Cbehalis Point to Oysterville, 100 miles aud back,once in two ac«k«. I.eave Olympia every Mondsv at S a m ; Arrive at Oystervilie next Wednesday by 2 p ni ; Leave Oystervilie every other Tht rsday at a a ui : Arrive at olvapia neit Saturday by 2pm Bi.i- for a erkly trip# a ill br considered I inn t>liDtpia by Yelm. to .*paitaway. « ail*» and i.ack. user ia too »«k» L< i'.r Hijiajiu every otbrr Monday at 7 a ai ; Air. teat S|uniaii It (pa r fifn utb« r Tad yat7 aa. Arrii r at Olißfia by * p so Kid* I.* w«*kly trp- mil br roa.idrrrj lUO Fiua fHrapia by Kakrr • I'moS. F«rt V iU'ft Bearer. Bra.«pwrt till* and pa<-ib- fity. t« A*ti»rta Hr ffnm IJ - and iark. <«rr a mrrl Iritr Ortrha Tne»da« a|(aa Amvr at A«t«ria n**t f ri*lay bt 4p in I rai f AU»ru Twnit by < a a Arn»* at Hlvapia Mil Frtday bj t p at Frosa P'»et <iamt > to !« saile. ■a) bark m" a »»l I nvr C«t CaaMr Tw-4n at S a m Arrive at Sm»r. k by Z p a I ra ■ r U.iadat a" 'IB Arrive at P »n «ia»bir bt Ip a HAt to r> an i rrtara tk' 'tnr dat wilt br n-t.idfrrd |-*q frmm Poet b* Poet Difotm, to \r« Ihitfrar'i I" ailn aad hack, mrr a vek Leave Pad Townaead Maaday at T a a; Arrive at Xew l«an*»n«~» br 4 p a I «,tr Nm l>iaf a>-» Tarwlai at 7 a ■ : Arrive at P«wl Twwnaead by 4 p at. r I for tb# part taPan IWavery. by a nrbnlale to I* prwp-wed by the b*d 4er. will b» roatidnnl Frna !*rsttl» br Veridiaa Pr*irie Raa frr'* I'rairv aad bark. «ar* a nnatk. Riddera to apeofy di'taare aad scheaa af am* ale aad drpartarea I&SCT Fma f*koao«iah to Seaberk 57 a ilea aad hark, anrr a weak, by water Leavei*k«fcoaaish Hnaday titan, Amte at Seaberk hy S p a Leave Sralwk Tne»day at 4 a ■ , Arm r at J«k»k<>a»»ah by <i p a r>** Fi"'u Sk-wkaisebark. by Vna'ia aad Hi|tlai<( ta fe*iiti 75 aile« aad K»« k «t"« i t t»k Lcarr Thursday at 7 a m Arrive at Co* lit I h% i f ni Leave CualitJ W< i4nt-.lar *1 7a a Arntt at >k<>ok9Bi' beck tM 4pm Fr>a ?»leila eily. by Fraaklia. to Se attle V. Bi|r< aad ba< k oaee a week l.eaie *>ie'la- ""if city Fri<iay al i a ■ Airtae at Seattle b> ai p tr L'aie Srattle Saturday alCan Airate at Steila< ooan city by 6 |> ar ISJT« Ir a> Kteiiaw— m caty In Arka-ia. ai.>» aa<i t<a. k. üßre a week. *>» *at. r I.eate Meilaroua eity Fri-tay al ? a in Arroe at A rka-l t by 6pm. Lrate Arkada Saturday at f a m . Arrive at Steilacuoni • ity by ptn Krttm Tb«* !>aflr» in Or%'on. I»r Cli«-kit4t Villfr. Ok«mk«u an<l Fulls of l*kau ak*n. to I»IH k t'rwk, tiiiies an.) bit k. onrr a laonth l.p.ive Thr on thr fir«t of mrh month a%rri\«* «t Hock t'rcfk in fifteen tinrs ; I.ta ve Hock t 'i fk on thr tir»t of eiirh month: Arm cat The hulk? in tittcen days. 15272 From tbe Dalle*. Oregon, to Wailepta. Washington Territory, 175 miles and back, once in two week*. Leave The Dalles every athrr Monday at 7 n m : Arrive at Wailepta next Saturkav bv .1 pm ; Leave Wailepta every oilier Monday at 7 am Arrive at The Dalles next Saturday by 3 p HI ; Rids for route extended to Fort Colville, will be considered ; also bids for week ly trips, by a schedule to be specified by the bidder. 15273 From Vancouver, by Cathlapoodle, to l'e kin :!5 miles and back, once u week. Leave Vancouver Wednesday ut 7 a m ; ' Arrive nt Pekin by 0p m ; Leave Pekin Tuesday at 7 u m; Arrive lit Vancouver by 0 p ni. NoT E s Propositi." must he to carry tlic mail with " ce lerity, certainty nnd security using tlic terms of the law, nml they must he guarantied by two re sponsible persons, certified to as such bv a post master or juJge of a court of record. No pay will be made for trips not performed, and for each of such omissions not satisfactorily explained three times the pay of the trip may be deducted. For arrivals so fur behind time as to break connexion with depending mails, and not sufficiently excused, one-fourth of the compensa tion for the trip is subject to forfeiture. Finesw ill be imposed, rn'css the delinquency be satisfacto rily explained, for neglecting to take the mail from or into a post office ; for suffering it to be injured, destroyed, robbed, or lost; and for refusing, after demand, to convey the mail as frequently as the contractor runs, or is concerned in running vehic les on the route. The, Postmaster General may annul the contract for violation of the post office laws, nr for disobcdiance of the instructions of the department. He may alter the schedule, and also order an increase of service by allowing there for a />rn rata increase on the contract pay. He mny also curtail ordiscontiue the survico in whole or in part, at />ru rata decrease of pay, allowing one month's extra compensation on the amount of service dispensed with. Bids should be addressed to the " Second Assistant Postmaster General," superscribed " Proposals Territory of Washing ton," and cent by mail. For forms of proposals, kc., and other informa tion, see advertisement of this date, in pamphlet form, at the principal post offices. lllauk proposals will be furnished on applica tion to the Postmaster nt Olympia, Ktcilacoom and Seattle; and Astoria, Oregon. M. BLAIR, [ll:in:i] I'oslmaitcr General. Atmosphere of Planet*. Modern telescopic observations have most clearly and satisfactorily proved that tho planets, besides their own, have an encircling atmosphere. In deed, the atmospheres around the plan ets are as palpable to sight as the clouds which float on our own. Venus aud Mercury are enveloped in thick atmos pheres ; in the former, the air is cs cially conspicuous, so that the morning and evening twilight may almost be seen floating on it. The ascertained existence ot clouds in the planets prove* more than the mere presence of at mo«phercs upon them. Au atmos- Ehere is necessaty to supnort clouds, lit it is not to be identified with them. Water is converted into vapor bv the agency of the sun and the wind. This vapor, wbeu it escape* from the surface of the liquid, is generally light er, bulk for bulk, than that part of tho atmosphere contiguous to it. I( rises

into more derated regions, where, bv the agency of eold and by electricity. 1' is made to resume its liquid state, but in such minute particle#, that it floats and forms those semi-opaque masses railed Cirrat difficulties, how ever, obstruct inquires of this nature with re*|iect to iuo*t of the planet*. The very presence of those atmospheres, and the clouds with which they are loaded, offer a serious impediment to auv observation* having for their objee* to ascertain the ge. >LTaphica! character of their surface. The great distance of Forne of them is a formidable obstacle to sueh inquiries; still, w here unnir peculiar circumstance* tavor the ob servation. something has been done in this investigation. PA*SPOBT*.— The Secretary of State has iatued a proclamation requiring California passenger* to obtain pass port. Here is the order: There being reason »o believe that Jialoyal persons embark for Aspinwall for improper purposes, uotice is hereby given. that all passengers by vessels bound to that port, will iu future be cx l<ecii-d to provide themselves with pas«|>orts, in the same manner aa pas sengers by vessels to Europe, t J hwnWin-liath Imm& MMBta* tiriiMit r«t rac miaita TrcfOAT, Jan. 14, IMi Mr. Ca|4es an act to in corporate the .Miner* Transportation <\>mpanir. Kofcrnnt to committee on Corporation*. Mr. Moore— an act the ft*c» uf Jn«tie>"< of the I'eacc. Clerks of the 1 district Court and Jurors in Walla walla «'.>unty. Uefcnvd to eouimittii' on J mliciar)*. An act to authorize (Jeorare A. Tykel and associates to the bluff of Snake river in a wagou roa<l ami pack trail over the same, and to e-taltlisli a ferry across Snake river. Rcferrc'l to committee on Corpora tions. Mr. Mooro introduced nn net civat ing Judges of the l'luin.s iu Walla-wal la county and defining their duties. 11. B. to incorporate the Port Dis covery Log Driving Company. Bill considered, and recommitted to com mittee oil Public Cit'ouuds aud Build ings. If. 11. locating a Territorial * road from Port Orchard to intersect the Oakland and Seaheck road, passed. 11. D. authorizing J. R. Bates to construct a bridge across Spokano riv er, passed. 11. li. dissolving the bonds of matri mony between Kiutona and Catherine Mongolia, considered, and tabled. 11. B. authorizing K. W. Perrin, and others to construct a wharf at Uuion City, passed. 11. 11. authorizing D. W. Liehtcn tlialer and John C. Smith to establish a ferry across Snake river, amended and passed. 11. H. an act amending an act con cerning pilotage on Columbia river and Shoalwater Bay. Referred to com mittee on Commerce. 11. B. dissolving the bonds of matri mony between Henry E. and Esther Bradley. Referred to committc on Commerce. 11. B. dissolving the bonds of matri mony between John and Rhoda Van Bibber. Referred to committee on Commerce. Council adjourned. On leave, Mr. llubbs introduced C. (J. R. Xo. '2, relativo to clerical errors in Bills, passed. Mr. Webster—an act to provide for the sate keeping and treatment of in sane and idiotic persons. Referred to committee on Claims. An act relative to practice aud pro ceedings in civil actions, passed. 11. 11. divorcing llcnry E. and Es ther Bradley, passed. On leuve, Mr. Ilubbs introduced an act amendatory of an act to creato and organize the county of Snohomish, passed. An act to repeal an net relativo to divorces. Referred to committee on J udiciarv. An act relative to the School Super intendent of King county. Referred to committee on Kducation. Au act relative to the practice and proceedings in civil actions, passed. 11. B. repealing the act relative to Tcr. Supt. Com. schools, p::>sed. An act relative to home manufacture, indefinitely postponed. Au act relative to crimes and punish ments, and proceeding* in criiuiual ca se*. passed. Au act relative to the qualifications of graud and petit jurors. Bill laid UJMJII the table subject to the order of the Coanci!. Council adjourned. On leave. Mr. Webster introduced an iH-t to amend an act entitled an act c*tal»li*hing a common school system for the Territory of Washington. Re- foiwl to eorom'ittcf on K<lu«itioi!. Mr. Shaw—a memorial relative to mail root# to Whatcom and Belling- Itam liav, passed. Mr. \i«*nv—an art to authorize J. 8. Han! Un l W. W. lK» Lacy to e»;jMi#n a fern* on Snake ri\ er. Referred to citnitiiillix 1 on C'(>T|Mtratiou». Mr. Moore—an act to authorize W. W. I»c Lacv and hi* aaaoeiates to es tablish a Fern- across Salmon river. Referred A* above. Mr. Shaw—an act to pay Edward lender certain atty. fees. Referred to committee on Claims. Mr. Moore—au act to pav the ex penses of Judges of first Judicial Dis trict lor holding Torritorial Courts therein. Referred as above. Mr. Moore—an act to iucoqx»rate the Waliula R. R. Company. Referred to the committee on Corporations. WEDNESDAY, Jan. 15. TurasPAt, Jan. 16. Mr. Habba—• memorial relative to tbe Judge* and Covrla of tbe Territonr of Wasbinct on. Befcrnd to commit tee on Federal Relation*. Mr. Moore—an net to authorize Oil more Ilara and his aaaoeiates to estab lish a fernr across Bnake river. Re ferred to the committc* oa Corpora tions. An act to incoqaorate the Puget Sonnd and Salmon river IL K. Com pany. Recommitted to a select cum* mittcc of dvc. An act creating Judges of the Plains iu Walla-walla County, passed. An act relative to pilotage on the Columbia river and Shoalwater Bay, passed. 11. B. to divorce John and Rhoda Van Bibber, passed. 11. B. to divorce Kiatona and Cath* criuc Mansona, passed. 11. B. to divorce Philander and Heo* rietta Cunningham, passed. 11. B. an act authorizing John Mes* senger and W. 11. Manley to keep a ferry across Salmon river. Referred to committee on Corporations. 11. B. to incorporate the Port Dis* covery Log Driving Company, passed. Council adjourned. House. TUESDAY, Jan. 14. Mr. Chapman—an act to incorpor ate the Steilacoom Wharf Company. Mr. Bates—an act to authorize Rich ard Holmes and James Clinton to es tablish a ferry Salmon river iu Idaho county. Mr.'llolbrook—an act to divorce G. W. L. and Esther Allen. Referred to committee ou Ways and Means. Mr. Bcatty—an act. to authorize John Messenger and Walter 11. Man ley to establish a ferry across Salmon river. An act to authorize Sandford Owens to construct a bridge across the south of fork Clearwater river, adopted with amendment. An act to repeal an entitled "an act iu relation to divorces," passed. An act concerning the Superintend ent of Common School in King coun ty, passed. " C. Bills Xo. 7 and 9, charters for fer ries across the Chehalis river. Coun cil had refused to concur in House amendments. The clerk was instructed to report the actions of the House to the Coun cil, and ask for a committee of confer ence. C. J3. authorizing Arthur Quiglcy to construct a bridge across Lake river in Clarke county, passed. C. B. authorizing Qroe 11 White and Q. R. Driggs to establish u bridge across Snake river. Referred to com mittee on Roads and Highways. C. B. conferring jurisdiction on the District Court of tue county of Pierce, passed. On motion, the House adjourned. WEDNESDAY, Jan. 15. An act to authorize Messenger and Manley to construct a bridge across Salmon river. Passed. A Bill relative to Clerks of the Dis trict Courts. Referred to committee on J udiciarv. An act to incorporate the Steilacoom Wharf Company. Referred to com mittee on Corporation*. Au act to authorize White and Driggs to establish a fern* across Lewis and Snake river. Passed. Mr. Page introduced au act to di vorce John and Mary Ann Smith. Referred to committee oa Ways and Means. Mr. Yantis—an act to regulate fees and costs. Read first time. Mr. Yantis— an act to incoq>orate the XUqually road company. Read first time. Ou motion House a^joorned. Tarasaar, Jan. 16. Mr. Denny introduced a memorial asking Congress to pass *n act allow in* two |4are« for the holding of the I*. S. Courts in the 3d IHstrict. Passed Mr. Y antU—an act for the relief of Win. Billing*. Referred io committee on Ways and Means. Mr. Roth—au act to divorce Bcnja min and Mary Whiting. Reierred to committee on Way* and Means. Mr. Holbrwok —an act to reflate the time of holding comity coo. ini»«ion er's court in Island connty. Referred to committee on Judicianr. An act antboruing Holme* and Clinton to establish a terry across Sal mon river. Passed. Ou motion, an act to incorporate the University of Washington Territory passed An act to incorporate the Cascade and I»!and transpowtion company. Mad. tH« order of tb* dor for Mo*4e*. Jan. 10. An act to iaun|n«to tbe Wmkimg ton Sttua TTaiiflw Company, M or«r until See JM. It. An act to weorpontetka fTtw'laronm W barf Coaapaaj. PMHI On motion ot Mr. ft— l|i. tbe vote by wbicb tbe Howe uftmi to BOM N act to ATOIM O. W. L. and ftftir Al len waa reconsidered and bill | n il H. B. Xo 27, Houaa concurred is Council amendment. C. C. K. relative to riwicd amn In bill. Referred to committee oa Jodie- iarv» C. B. amendatory to an act to create and organise the county of Suoboaiieb. Pasted Jan. 14th and referred to com mittee on Counties. C. B. to amend an act relative to crimes and punishment, and proceed ings in criminal cases. Referred to committee on Judiciary. C. B. to regulate practice and pro cess in civil actions in District Courts. Referred as above. On motion, adjourned. An Easy Prey. In the present ticklish aspect of the nation's affairs it is an interesting as well as profitable task to re-peruse the patriotic oration of the distinguished Edward Everett, delivered recently in Boston, with the certainty that we shall find therein something which may account for the animus which in spired the leading financial- men of that city in their otters of unceasing monetary support to the Government of the United States during the pend ing struggle. One argument alone among the host made use of by tho orator should come home to every American, North and South, and es to us of the Pacific slope of the conti nent, whose isolation front tho rest of the would, in the event of of a dissolu tion of the States, would offer un in cessant provocation to the conquering arms of other and more powerful ua-> tions:— " Let it bo remembered," he says, " that in granting to the seceding states, jointly and severally, the right to leave the Union, we concede to them the right of resuming, if they please, their former allegiance to England, France and Spain. It rests with them, with any one of them, if the right uf access* ion is admitted, again to plant a Euro pean govern men side by side with tbat of the Uuited States on the soil of America; and it is by no meaus the most improbable upshot of this ill starred rebellion, if allowed to prosper. The disunion press in Virginia last year openly encouraged the idea of a French protectorate, and her Legislature has, . I believe, sold out the James River Ca nal, the darling enterprise of Wash ington, to a company in France sup posed to enjoy the countenance of tho Emperor. The seceding patriots of South Carolina were understood by the correspondent of the London Timet to admit, that they would rather be sub ject to a Britiah prince than to the gov ernment of the Uuited State*. Wheth er they desire it or not, the moment the scceders lose the protection of the United States they hold their indepen dence at the mercy of the powerful governments of Europe. If tU navy of the North should withdraw its pro tection, there is not a southern state sa the Atlautie or the Gulf which might not be ra-colouiued by lanes m ate mouths after the outhrsuk el a fsrateu war. THK JUIMMI er BUKU UI MIW —The MWiaf utrad (h« mm arti cle in the Lwiwi /W (fl naaiiwl w|w) mf the ITtli «f Ktiwhi, dwM the uuKKlatit (OMMMtm if captare vf Matoa wZsliMI: meatioua tW that tW C ifiiuli mt a rmmit for »ai pi. <irr mmtktrufd fla MyaMi M*ra «f fta< eamtmerrimt rndrmmtmm mA JayM aM, afars a naar •errt, l/Ur Ifcy •« mmtimrimd t» alw (fa Homtkerm f ri/aftnafj./iii «IwM era. F***" Dura or TaiTatn-the BwNat Jtmrmml aara tht the hm MMi a»- «o«i the death of ttca. Taa Yha^k gnat iSfaaaa is that Bk IUUDJ vaa Htrattoat, MMI UI tmmHj. who have heea nMlei fc» he VMMLT, reakk in CueoectK-eL—J*p*r* ia -0»> tha>.i.eaeaheaHhe-lbMjl where the* eemQr ttaweim i • • NO. 1L

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