Newspaper of The Washington Standard, January 25, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated January 25, 1862 Page 3
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• U'l—ltioiftofiTerrttery. P.««-ed. \ . A*.T TO auieud an act ENTITLED AN • to Tbo*. C > Mi|*e the right .• ; .""«h a ferrv lirtwoen Port Town n Wliitby'c Uiand. Pn-»id. \ to divorce Nathan an I K. Hail. V .-t in relation to the qnalifh-a •fVran'l andpHit juror*. l*a#-eL \n act to n-iulate fee* ai.J co«a. ; • ;iiiit« ly poiied. \ i.h -IION.IL RELATIVE T > THE mail . t » WHAT«»M and Pellinghaai j"... V a- : t«» airtWtiae l*r. Tiiil«*leau «i «.«•>. \fcCulh».i?h to tMaWi-h a \ A N»"* »»NUK* RIVER. PI-*ED. \ A T TUI--TABLI*H A TERRITORIAL ROAD THR TERMINUS OT 'IN* L»AI!E* L'OTT- I .>mi*i»iv'» road TO A |* HUT OIL THE I INHIA. AT t r MAR THE MONTH OF - RIVER. !'»-« D. \N ART TO RE-L *-»TE Ll»* COUNTY SEAT OF I ENONTY. LICAD 1«T TIME AN AE* TO AMEND AN ACT ENTITLED AR. A T «•» RV JIIHITT THE J.NWTI E AND |«RO IN CIVIL •> I'l I*: -*RI -? COURT*. TAL4«D UNTIL TH :R~L.T\ N- XI. MR. CR>|UHART —AN A t T > Kii a - -I TIH-W««» L»«I"«*RREJ t » RNMITTEE •»N WAYS ANIL Mean®. Mr. LLIN»-KL* MOVED TO RECON*I«ICR the \ I>F »III«-II THE IIon«E RELU*"IL T<> • -- an a*t divor -ING John MID Sully K dred. Carried, and i*.:l ] i--«.d. i 11. an a-t trraiitir _ < 1 the _ I t to e*tal«K-!i a t'»*t ry ai-r.'-s SI Relenvd to cimiinittet'on Koa«h . 1 Highway*. An act anienilatory to an net to in , -r|M>rate THE town of tUviupia. Hc i. rre«l io eomniittcc on CurjioratiMns. \ «.IIH<TITUT«' FOR AN ACT atr.ENILATORY TO AN AI T EFTAHLI.DI'MIG A COINNIOII SCHOOL *TENI. HEAD IST TIME. A SNHSTITUE RELATIVE TO TIIO ITITNHER •ING INTERESTS OF W. T. UEAD IST TIME. ON MOTION, HOUSE ADJOURNED. WEDNESDAY, JAN. 22. Mr. Hinckley presented petition ask ing to have the law, regarding the ap propriation of certain funds in King county, repealed. Referred to commit tee on* Ways and Means. Smith of Walla-walla—an act to lo cate a Territorial road from Rockland to White Bluffs by the way of tlie can- Yon through the Hirncoe Mountains. Referred to committee on Roads and Highways. Sir. liuth—an act to authorize «T. T. Ilincklin to establish a ferry across the Yalciniti river. Referred as above. Mr. Hinckley—resolution relative to the pay of persons summoned before tin- University committee. Passed. Mr. Ruth—an act to amend the es tray laws. Referred to committee 011 dutliciarv. Mr. Warbass—resolution relative to the introduction of now business, and the adjournment sine die of the Legis lature. Passed. C. 1». tin act to re-locate the county seat of Lewis county. Referred to on Counties. An act to divorce Eli and Therese Haruault. llouse refused to pass the bill. An act for the relief of Win. Billings. Lost. • C. B. an act amendatory to an act to incorporate the town of Olympia. Passed. C. B. an act to authorize G. Hays 1o establish a ferry across Snake river. .Passed. An act to amend an to authorize •Gilbert Reynolds and Solomon Dodge to establish a road from Shoalwater bay to Baker's bay Referred to committee on Koads and Highways. An act to authorize Win. Oraig and W. F. Bassett to establish a ferry across the south fork of Clearwater. Passed. House adjourned. TIILRSDAT, Jan. 23. C. S. for 11. M. relative to the lum bering interests of the Territory of Washington. Passed. An net to authorize I). AY. Lowell ami W.JJoate to establish a bridge aeroHs Snake river. Lost. Mr. Page—an act relative to Justices of the l'eacc and constables, and the practice before Justices of the Peace. Head I*t time. An act to repeal nn aet relative to the school fattd of Kin*? county. l»o An to authorize W. f>. l»igc-lou t<> aataMUh a lem aerois Snake river. l'a<«ed. 11. an act to re locate the county —at of Lewis cunntv. Passed. An art to amend the estrav laws. I'toscd. An a-t to il: voire K'i auJ There-e San-mult. l'a->-ed. I». an ait to incorporate the Col umbia i rai)*|*>ruition < 'ninptuiv. Ro- It iTw! to committee on ('orpoistiont. t". H. ait act to auii-ifi an a t to n*?- uhte the frt l an ! eo.i* i»» the coi;uth-s of Spoka»<-. ISboahooe. NY* lYivsaiid I übo. P.mtd < li. iiHTea»iu« the fer-- of the Jn tii-** of the Pe?ee. Herk< of Di.<rri<-t Court* and Jurt>r» in Walla Walla •auty. Ktsfcrml to committee on .Ju •iipiarr. l\ il. an aet to atnenil an a»t to n ttiate tin.* j-rai'ticc and proceeding's in • ivii artiona in I>ii»triet C'onrt*. Indefi. 1 itfly p^^pooed. »'u motion, Hons.' adjourncl. FaibAY, dan. 24. Mr. \ird—an »«-t authorising the •» v. ;or- of «ehoo| disrict No. ti. of 1 <*ountv t«» levy a spe.-inl Kehool • \ .'t mill" in «aid di«tri' t. for th<> vear !**»-. Pained and title agreed to. A Mii>«titiite for an art ANI.-mlatory to :m A t eMaltiifthiiii; a i-ommou -ciiool »v«tem t'.»r Washington. Pa-Mil. t'. It. ait a«*t to in- re:n» tli«* f< e- of JU-tio— itl'tbo |waif, I'iiT*- <'l tlu* 1 ►i-»- tn -t Court*. ami juror-in tiiecoi:iity ot Walla Walla. Passed. On m otion, the IIon«e went into Committee «>f the W n«»le t<« eumdiler Governor's Me-xi;c. with Mr. Settle a* ehaimiun. C (iiimllicc ri jKirt'.il ;aid re|»»rt wa> adoi-ted. On nioii ni. I |ou«e adjourned. Letter frcia Vici«r Smith f, .-y ! .•»: rfc? Iwf tl.i - b*"» llhcU! - » i •»>.»" -!• j3' • i'i . ■ •>' f»- fi'i' »: •sr"i ' ** .* ' ' . • I - J* *"■'* » -N p,. GFN % '- ■ »*» ~r . 1 t.i' ■ ' » • r %*%■■ liwlft »4» i«Tti—« ftu «fT«» r , r .. . j..4< I. tMMItM Ml '.' I I. h .«4r .1 -I'.l T v. i ' ri of V % . «eli i> li .&■! *«4 %•. I if eatcfi * CraflK . « . nr t! • r.''«< :? ar mth r. *«t . .. > t t i• li.. i> r. »i s Iti *t in tu»f •A - .iral a .t' j»i4« •'* - » ru u. ■ .ru±- i*. k r-'M «ai* of - & nwa*c i /mtrw ** to a i. .in tear * our l >i * »U-» jr >• ittic . 1 «"* *. lb <i la*', turn .1 l i u !•» a;j ul r t the < I •»•»» ton lv»r *li. u :*• . t t • .1 i.i-' i • ' i • 1. t i • \ i . f»- |4 <4 or tUu.uh* I. t u bf V'f. ral *!. ;. i :TI |M • .. F * IA |§k B NIN B FTC • •! * \ ull iiao lirtil |# '! I I • «Oil U ill. r 1 .*« !*r « ~i. ar- !!. ti < .. J 11 jv «i< mm <•' «»- !>»•....! r<-f<tryu« I »tliii.iii<>trAtii>ii i>l th* r«*i»«M* »J' . \< K:T »W H«IW 1 F". •; » --MI F»* H«!.III |t v. Ufa M"• }• -- NI CI i.».' I•« j n. -i ;n r- - »i». \ ( i »». . Illl'.i • •i « t i "11l U|» t.J Inift g - tinuitr. t ill t«» jll *rw ..n u m . i! 4 coo4*vill few ti . iottn. |(o«H|tpitg toil ti<!ii:i- ;u •vI I*. —• .. v oiii* \> i.iJt i !.!i : MINOR JIIH - NY <.T?« II! : N : T«ON. ITI TIN* !' I jr«t i-l aiJ 'v't iiti *»i«l' ■.•.run** II4«L»T.~?R\ L V TIF C - 'N R » |»R« .ITIIUIT OI I HAVE *•«' i tiitixji • ' ilj s-IO i't -.-ful iii iu*- CO»m TH- V.n .ou- TFTORT'is »» y THE I'RE. UIIIL TIN RECOGNITION OT >ER VICI > IN A LUTE REPORT OF A R.IL'INET MIN'TCR, WILL QUITE HJTHINCP THE FEEHLE SPITE OF :IN N WHO, WNNT II»*R jfo\ER!INI;*NT TO ILRAW TV.- HITJ, HIIIHL TOWNS AS SPIELERS BUIHI THEIR V.T HS.AML WHO REG\RIL ••OLFIEE" AS A PLACE WHERE THE WE TRY ARE AT RE*T IN UNDIS TNRHRD CIIJN.VMCNT OT'STILTON IHEE. T ! TLII'SC LIRETLIIVII BELIEVE "GRNLLENIAU " NIUL "NI'FES.SIIMISL.' TO LIE SVIIOIIVTAMIS LERINN. Wherever the pruning kiiift' lias been laid in— whether 011 th" j>!<-ant evergreens of Sti il.ieoom. the richer pines of i'ort (ianible, or the sturdier formations oil the classic beach of inv own l'oi l roivnsend—the bleeding victims unite in » Vi rdant exhibition of their several sores, in the diarrhea of word excrements jtonreil through the ,-rwi - of the AW/A- 1 ,So mitcli filth will -oon illi'i'V (lie sewcr without nilng the too (lip tan! < liject aimed at, mid in the n >t remote future these waspi-h fellows will be rav good friends, and will renew t'aeir fi'ieudly f.-.nn;;s toward the >;u\vrnniclit it-elf. While 1 urn writing, Jet mo imike a ; ingle ex-, ecptioa to the silence in which mr enjoyment has grown apace since th<' performances—on which the curtain is soon to fill, i.las! forever—in the re urrected A°u<v/.- WV*'. si resurrection in which the baker's dozen of sub.-cribcrs neglected to have u part. It lias been loosely charged by two or throe newspaper editors, who thoughtlessly tJegrade their noble profession, that tin- Collector of this District litis 11 moneyed interest in the town oi' l'ort Angelas. It is even slated that a eoiiiniittee of vot:r Legislature hurt its.-If, and disgr. ced v.nal should lie an lumnnildc liody, by reporting a resolution, to lie set in tie- nppi'npriatc i'tarne rf the XOl//, - lies/ to look as though certain of passage, throw ing smutty words on a public oliicer of whom or of whose business tliey knew nothing, nor yet applied for information. It is quite repugnant to my notions of what is graceful to t litis demand of any imui a statement of his private a flairs, and still more unwelcome is if to be obliged to advertiua what will be regarded as a most liberal dona tion for tii" beiii lit of my fellow-citizens of Washington Territory, bat 1 vieltl to the de termination of my ft lends an J the friends of Port Angelas, that the simple truth shall be told. When tl»i> Port Angelog Town Company was formed, 1 had opportu nities to secure nt a fair price nearly one-fifth of Haiti company's property—opportunities not shared by tin* public at large. If J availed of it, directly or indirectly, lor my personal gain, or that of my friends even, let me In* condemned and sutler lot,s of oflicial repute. Nay, more, if 1 failed to secure, by a proper and sufficient instrument of writing, duly recorded and always open to public in spection, all the interest gracefully and prop erly offered my by that Company, for the benefit of all my countrymen who may in all time hereafter make that beautiful place their residence, then may my enemies take a ver dict. I have no pecuniary interest in the town of Port Angefos, and shall never acquire one, until in o|h'u market 1 can purchase on the terms with any other man, who ntny be .ts much prepossesmil with its present and pmsjiective advantage* for re>ideiice. 1 have d, wit lent iuterext, a c.'Ui.-iilt:.iLk' Mint tow an! improvement* and institutions that will U 'i.-ht biy rkiiurcti, a- tlcse <4 I \ cry oilier lt-»i«]clit iLcle. and iuteii'l to pr«-«-inpt a claim liai-k id the vill.igf site. If thtt jrtieulir claim i dr:irJ l<y any <>t! r n it is now p..b!icl\ tiered at its < v. : f at. I fart* li ivc fur tii.i.itiw> ki wti In i ui ci!iji-tt> nf tl.u> T<*rrii<irv ami i.i Or «V". l>ul until tnitt ii i,.it wrnili • Lili-tn cmrvi-.-t tin- !>li.,t»liv rin-ulatorfc nf a tf.a»li«h lie. I In.- *>ml r.l» mt Mir jairt i»f eutrv. YIHI will fllwrtve th*t ii»» wWvri uiaiK- fumiirli a> au att»*Tii|it ti> lUii-t my arptniU'iii. Tin juin: ■•{' that nr-.'ii IH 111 ie tlint I'nrt Town. M>IM) rantb-: ninniii a |mrt nf forrrfl rill for all Cuiunmr (li-iuaiula cuetoui Ii- ll* fu(i!itiii> at I'ort Aiip-lw, and will LK.I- tilt-in, U.I1«IM your L>T R IXLATNN> rvaolvm :ii;.i Hiwlli-eii»|iTK f4uill IwaliJiiiHlua iiniaimi-*, mhl tli tt t-liiiMiMfiiT* clinll in iiii rr.«4« have i-onnwrrv wit la tin; t-ity «»f Victoria. Slinultl '.li'-ri- |m»Vf lo l«- a:iy iutt-nvi auvwlien- that would i-'Hitiiiiii IN in- ;II'IMIIIIIIIM1;I;I>(I OU «M*ra .-iinie at I'ort Tiiwiwnil, tliera will he no oj>- |xu>itiou In rualoni holier fnriliiitu then-. An * .-ii i-r its Ii vi'l, mi YI ill r itnnimf I-KIIIJH'I I hi- light cvltii'iuvut ufthi> rjurMtioii. \'. S. Om»—that rivers should be so full juat whi-re they 1//.7 'v thciii^elvi's. I'..STH i.ii-T. —The ('urtcz arrival at Virtona on Thursday la*t hrinjfing but little iio«!>. The following i» the in:L«>rtiin«*e : tifii. Steven*. with nn advance f<»rce, was oiu-amjitl five mile* from Charie*- toii. > C., awaiting the arrival «»f the left wing from I'orl l{i»val. when the the rilv was t;» be »hi'lle<l and Inirnot Xo doubt a m'vert «-nriL't'iiicnt ha> Itcen fonght. :w it i.» re|«»rt«"d that a large U»K of reh«-l* were encamped he tw«<u the nil tr «•}••» and the city, which «alrvii-lt half ilwtnwl hy tiir . The Jrti-l i.- -••tt!ed to tlie *.iti-f«»etioii of EiurL:nd and l.uro|>« - . S.i rameiito* it\. Uid.. ha- imtiered eX • •<-<* ii ;l\ l>\ the tl'H*«l. A di-a*tron lire la'i i\ »• ■ nrre<! in fan Fmnixn. UUK H. HILLIiH O.' (.<*• j .t. /■«*, Mut" * ' » 1» A !.!.!:> AN 1» COl. VI I. LE. » .'OIL MI KUTL* IS FIII' ISS MU IN-TIJS. • L« •THIN'i. a-'trs. (HMF, LL.VTS FTE. Stnplr anil laari l'rovi.-ioiis. WilM'H. I .i« luoi-s. I A '*. , l ..rtm«nt uf tdMii'S ( ii.« Salf'v « is i u.ii. Vr Itf.iN JI !*« i .fir a rc« «lH:t «»f Sa:i Trail* j«« '» *a in*? ** iI out |»i!ri-ha«rK arr lui 'f. *• i if l-f r.'*!e ;%» ««ft*r letter indui cmc-iit» ill an »:j% oll«»*r Ii 'Oi -r. II toln r I • > t , i. 1 S*» 1 . 4T:fllO Coal Oil AX II eo \ l oil l i n p«, F11«MIKT'!I !! \n i* li all kinds of I'nrninjr mid J M:ie!iiiiery nils, ior sale at grcath rcii'ieed r.Ues. Also Bro-Vopor Stovos FOK IIKATIN'tJ IIOOMS, For ('eokinji and far Heating Flat Irony. pen SALE VfcUY LOW HY STANF OK 1) 1} li O TIIF RS, Calil'ornia t, near Front, ISmi I'rnnciwo. Police. Territory of Washington, I In the District Court 2d Judicial District, r of the County ol Thurston. ) 2d Judicial District. To JOHN !•'. DKVORE, Owner, and E. DKVOIIE, Doweress : Vou are hereby notified that a ctmiplaiut for a foreclosure of mortgage lias been filed against you 01 .-aid court by It. 11. Lansdalc, which will come on to be heard at tie- first term of the court, which shall 1 oniinctice more than three months ut ter the ;!wth day of November, IHtJI, ami utiles you appear at said term and answer, the same w ill lie t !.* u as confessed, and the prayer thereof granted. The obj.< t an 1 prayer of said complaint is, to foreclose a mortgage against you on certain real estate iu Thurston county, Washington Territory, and to recover of you the sum of six hundred and twenty dollars, with interest at the rate of two per cent, per month from November I'Jlh. ititil. lIt'TLKH I'. ANDKHfiO.N, Attorney for Plaintiff. Nov. SO, 1: el. ;i:w 1 s»£a<Ti2J' r w Kaßt*. E>V virtue of an Execution i " ued bv the Clerk } ill ill - l.»t iriet Court of llie 2 1 JiiJitial Di - li ict. W. T.. tii int- directed and delivered. I ha\e levied upon and taken into execution all the land claim ot Win. 11. Cooper and known mid described on the maps of the public survey now on file in the olii. e of the Hegittcr of Public hands ot Wasl - ington *lcvri*%ry, the south-West fjr. of section thirteen I lit) in township fifteen north of Itange tt, west ; which I shall proceed to "ell to .'-it I sty said Execution at the Court-house door iu Olvuipia, on .Monday the 17th day of February, A. I), lnii'.'. at the hourof one o'clock p. m. Said Judgement was rendered in the aforesaid district Court on tlu< 14th dnyof Mercli Ist; I, iiiralust Win. 11. Cooper, and in favor of 11. A. Jud soii. for four hundred and thirty-six dollar? and thirty-four cents, with costs of suit and interest. WILLIAM BILLIN'tiK. Sheriff of Thurston Co., W. T, November 'i. IK<|| . 10:wf Tkukitory ok Wasiiimitox, ) County of Thurston. t 8 hi thr />..« rirt Court of the Srroml JuJirial Dmtrirt. To WILLIAM L. SMITH, sued as subsequent in cumbrancer, in suit of Andrew Williams ft. (leorge Drew, ft at. Foreclosure of mortgage You ai ' hereby notified that Andrew Williams has filed a complaint against George Drew, faro line I'. It. Drew. 11. F. Stryker, n".d yourself, in said court, which will come on to be heard nt tin lirst term of the court which shall commence more than three months alter the l!»tli day of October. IMll.aud unle.-s you ap]K-nr at said term ami an swer, the same will bo taken as confessed, and the prayer thereof granted. The olijt'tl unit prayer of complaint is to furcliwe the equity of redemption. if nn\ you linve, or limy claim lo liuve iu certain premise*, to wit, the intern! of ictiil tieorjre llrrw in the IMIKI rlniiii in l.cwis county, iu Mitd District, known us "tlcorpe J>rew » t'laim." roortjfHpi-d tothis I'luin tifl'liy indenture of nortpirr. duted Ortolier K'th, I to tecure thr paymeut of jp.I.OUO. wit It lc <Hl inu-rest after date. IVikplaint tiled A»kml 3<;ih. IfCt ; amended in "I*ll court.on leute. SppicmMtTenn, ti*»;|. KI.tVIHMI KVANS, .Vllorwi of Andrew Williams. t><'ober lftiU. IHT, 1. 4P:uiX I'MTEIJ STATKf» OK AMCKICA, I ImiiiTj of U>.ibiniri<iii, J J J.i UiU Dinrid. | a libel hi- be. n rilrd in tin- bU f T tri«-t Court in r.e.d ill? I'.l Judicial Ib-trict uf Trniti-ry, on the 2*»!li d.,y o! I»rrcn,l>: r. I Si! I, b» 11. K. K>-u<l->I!. |>urt owner! au'l libellaut rpaiii i the .-termer Kliz.i Aiitirtiun. h< r lack!<*. apparel. furniture. engine* ru I t:is • Vnerr. and-i{rainsl Ibiniel I'. Bradford. ehiiiiiirjj to he |>«rl owner, a!|e,rinfr in fahatam ethat libel la" i" tin- owner «.| tncnty-one •. uf' till nnl that he i» "k~fit out of an! .Ic- 1 |irivrd ol tin- pnn» f >iou by »iid Bradford. and

ail.l |.m« in? process against said Meain-liiy, and , that aaid llanirl K. Bradford IK- cited to appear. ' that |KH«—<i,in of »aid intcre«t in «ai«l «triimfr bi ll reed to lilivllatit. and that said Bradford be de ened to convey said iateren to llic libeilant ac- \ cordiujt to bi« airreeuieut : uow. therefore. in pur- | ►uani-i- of Ihe motion, under »*.il of caid court, to ; nie directed and delivered. T do hereby pul»- | lir imti'-c to all pi-rwim claiming said Mcam.-tii|i. ! ber tm kle. aj.parel and furniture, *i\, or in anv matter Interested therein, that they brand ii|~ iH'.ir lielorc- lue -aid court. to l>e held at the town of (llympia, in and for the Id Judiciul diitriet, on Monday, the third day of February ni-U. at ten o'clock. iu Ilu forenoon, provided the same altall ! be a d.iv of Juriaiiiclioii, otherwise on the next l day 01' jurisdiction, then and there to interpoM I their elaiuiii. and to make tiicir allegations in thai behalf. WILLIAM lIINTINUTOS. I'. S. Mar.hal, \\ . T. l>.i*rd neeetnher rMUh. |His|. F.jiwviin Lamrr. I'roetiir. Olympia. TT. T. Chas. E. Williams, .Stnuxir to G. A B-iref E«tal>K-brJ I?4J UMWnHILWIft KTKKL, GU<K*EKIKt» ? *c. OljMpia. W. T. HAVIJMS Rimh larf • i.rHMMto hi* .l—k i. aaa tnj'Wiafuikif Um4(. It i.-lioviag tir.irafclr mirlfi . Dura aff i'lajJ aa>! (HI. Pert . Cwai «•«< wd t iata U»|«, .•>kj*r,.Takr Vl.> ..OiMliyi Tklii • —< rutl+trM t' u-a. «.%V uj IJ (.fc*, aofl ..It Ml &»r. {.»•*» i (■»»• * A il .11: r < 'to.kißS f'torc*. tIUIUUS-O't ut ' St , \ »rrj 4e»,r.iW* |ml- m «iu <m< ■ * : 'fcf > • i. r i-» Ti»4. (><l4ta U :-i rfat» |>rT |*: , r>r)i.r »»«i Ivm Mai.. I> . lir-ivrr. (,v) fctf. t- M<i M«*m- T r af-, <°nu* r«i» ~> ~4 IU«J|. * i:t .* _j; iu.Vr<, ••iMi' HMiai.. ■ ran t arfc t> ; t ,•'•»! U<|« Sk • tl»..n-.T> Iktitti. Vails, i MtMr* & . I!or»r. tmm awl Mirrp BHH. I.ura H'jlr f>j rtnfon 'a I*a:rut I'rwwfrt ani Nllllawi, ' A r«rj njH-rtjr arti<-ir . Nnbunlr'n To*»l» and Halrrlah, ia t*R ». r *:». I W minis- i-i f :u' Oi> i'ul'i «b4 <!!: ■- V»r ui-tn - J it. .1. T«r|«iilinr cud \lr»l>ol. I'o* aft .I**' t nth r\. ilar^c »<~|l . i urr* t'ua.t- *uj Hi r»e i*! *lit». I I I .rk* |V«- dr, SVm, li-ill*. |.< ,-i #»[»J t .| . H.iilrt Noli Id-, t-uii !.<■■ I \vi;.r-i, %■■;;,• . Tn-». Holler un.l I'- A ■"* ** ; "'»*pSkcar»r:u! ("..rd;, tiiLi. i'l iiaUr iiu 1 1.c.1m lia, >, Plon*, Cnlfftafoi'N, Nnllorki, llru<«h Hooka, llorsv Itakcx, ( riidlin, Srylliti, UiikrN, t'huriis. E'orka, Itiiiit i Howls and 'i'rajw, kc, JAPAN HLACK TEA. JsjyTin, Sheet Iron, ('tipper and Brass Ware manufactured and repaired. X. ll.—We have made such arrangements for the purchase of articles, either in Sau Francisco or New Yor!;, as we think cannot but give satis faction. *aT t' oniaiission solicited. Olympia, April li, lMil. 21:tf l)cf!or« I'fKj & Co., lio. All Uu ji mt strict, between California ami I'ine, Snn I' ranri u 1 ". I'lii/ririan.i mid 11/frntihif Stiri/eon.*, Mem ber* of the Uoyal Ci'lli ffcs <>t' London ami Kdin- I (HL'II, (iraduiites of the I'niversiiiea ofLondon and !• •!!nl urgli.—l'irst Prizes for Anatomy mid Cliein i«lry. mid Seennil for Medical Jiirlsprmlenec for tlie nliine mi null I'mverpitics,—Honorary Physicians lollie Edinburgh Lying-in-Hospital. mid Nurjjeon io <!las((ci\v Lock Hospital, liopr •»' cnll tlienttention ii!' the public to their Hationa! Moth' of Treating and I'llrini Dif.'iif .i, mnl mav he consulted daily from OA. M. till OP. SI., on DISEASES or THU FOLLOWING OKG.'.NS Brain. Fj If, liar, Heart. Lnnyx, I,.nr. Stnmiirh end Intestinal ('mini; l'ancrea*. Spleen, Jitd nr»/.T and run,titling I'rinnrii (>r yans; .Vidfiferi/ ami iiiteaiei at" cnti Children. SnrjiCal Cant*— Operations of every eltiss and character pcrformi d. Caie* of or Arquirtd DJulity* ih'«fantt of the Skin % etc., etc., wobeprto iliv.iv parlirniur attention to. Also, Fibrous unci Mil . t:l:r Iv l.c muat ism. commonly ctilled Olirouif nn.l Aoute, |>ro«!iKe;l 1»v lUp no cf Mercury. LMKTOKS PKKCY k CO., *l4 Spoilt street, Ij.t. California ard Pin?. N. ll.—All letter} fur Advice or Medicines promptly nimvercd, out door j.utlonts nttciid ct to d«y Bin! nip-lit. Sun Frniteisco, Att;».. 18'jl. 41:m3 Dr. J. iironne, Xo. 611) Kcurne)' StiCC't, CUl'llfi' (OlUllirrcllll, Physi cian and Operating Surgeon, Mouther of the liny a I College of Londou and Kdiubttrgh. (>ruinate of the I'niversitie* of London and Edinburgh—First prizes for anatomy and chemistry, and second for medical jurisprudence for the above named Cnl vcrsities—Hon. physician to the Edinburgh Lying-in-Hospital, and Surgeon to Glasgow Lock Hospital, begs to call the attention of the public to his rational mode of treating and curing dis eases, and may be consulted daily from 9 a. in. till !> p. nt., on disenscs of the following organs : Drain, Rye. Kar, Heart, Lungs, Liver, Stomach and Intestinal Canal; Cancers, Spleen, Kidneys and remaining Urinary Organs; Midwifery mid diseases of Women and Children. Surgical cases—operations of every clius and character performed. Cases of nervous or acquired debility, discuses of the Skin, etc., he bogs to ca'l particular attention to Fibrous and Muscular Lheuniatisnt. commonly called chronic and acute, and generally produced by the use of Mercury. DR. J. RItOWXK. filf> Kearney street. San Francifco Cat. II.—All letters for advice and medicines promptly answered, and out door patients attended to day or nigM. ] Territory of Washington, \ ua County of Thur.toa. > IH thr IHntrirt Court of thr 2 J JuJirial Dirtriri. To G COLLIER ROUUIXS : Yon are hereby | notified that Auson G. Ilenrv has filcdacomplaiut you. in said court, which will come ou to l>e heard tt the lir.-l terui ot the court, uUich shall coi.,in«nec more than three month* after the Tib d y of December. I'l. siul unlc» jtm appearat >il term and answer, the faun will l«c taken a* ci i-.f< »-ed nn<! the prayer thereof gr.mUd. Tlie o' joi t til pfsfii of «.'<! . tmpl.iint I- to t! e collection wf eight hundred dollar., or there#* •• ••!••. with intcrnt »t two r<T ceut. per luouth. In>n Oe lobar. IM'i—the »*i<J sum and intctest l> ing due it; a l'..!l»u"< i>o account ofdr .lt depos ited miib aid ti. Collier Kohhias fur colKt live. r!.w<K»[> r. vavs. Attorney for Aa»«n<«. Uenrr. 1 Couiplaiut CleJti<pt. is. loUi. 4:m3 !». rUILl..f'4 t» I. PHIII4N O. PH LLIPS & SON, MINTS m SE\U.U EUEIS, <My mpia, W. T. OKFKR fur •nlr a nrm *tock of— -1 >ry Ooodi*, (hweruw, Clotliiiur. Hoots &• Sll<»C*r«, Hot* (Hul < 'ips, ( York-fry Glasstrarr. ( ulfery, t f ,fv. TKR*» —Cath or Country l'mduff Olympia. .Srptt uibtr 14. 1861. 44:1f Yolico. BR. AM»KRST»V i< HIT aulliori/.til Ajrn! . J urine tut \V N AYRKS Oljrnipia. Sipiomlirr D. IStit. 44:tn2 * # *Thc !>«>!■• puritirT '•( ill* blood i« H»lt ? fnptiriUii. MATUMt'NUL—A'/mc g.d MM. .u> prMul tpfrirun t<lut aaJ f.Kmm u '%* Ak* I «• w«» ■inlir TW wiirtiufr ha* mg aim rirr. » ill harr 4r»- riW J . m*4 allt*«fk W m >it k> ««B akit I;mVm tka >i*' «f #f'« TW »lnni«w i» af aNi ■at tutiit M-iikr 'l»» 1m » aaa iaaa »** M k<r Mil -t km U is imi m (Uim ha kM th» tßi-1 MUI< to i.,«ar* >«at . I** aa4 <4 & a. mm « ■ a r haa hair mmt arr a ot|> tent m 4 fcr . am mmmm fmm all that |W» Ulti f fcetatMa iff r>a ka hr B.tat f*r l«« «a*tk». I.ifcl • W—i H i ' Ti»t» ft.c 4 It-r hi* />.»<.!■ ark aaa kan Carol Ha> tirilvnuic va k.< Uai. I katf. aa4 bj • ti4 at i»:ag Jaii JW;"'* lit" r»ir«f. arr.rklrai «ita ►»»* hti 111. kera a»« Ir afcilr aa-! «■!»»* TW- laulifcl ar l«kra cm k> M at T* ia«l • r«w« at «««n €!•»«■ i» « air:, « a»4 *V T«m- CKim*SBMHIXi . >*a I raa.-B—» tptu CEO. L. KENNY, HAVI\«; aitkvraa ftr~» lac tiaafli U ta» "jfl k fa . ku lk.> 4ai I iai ill •-k *' J. ». AUtIIMS, ail! mla miNun naun.: In All IN Mmiirlw*. s/iEKyx.vs nriLD/XG, I CftauU tk< x.4 >Ua4. tucf lb» um mi UWIT * ALFXAM'ER Kaa rmniKO. to, IKI. Sands .Sarsaparilla, The Great American Bemedy FOR ITKIKYIN'U TUK BLOOD,, swi'wii'iiiw: AN AS tlteliun i t\l» f».-A tIXO AOtXT, IT IH t'KCIICALLMI VI'I.KXTin'L xii|i|ilv of pure blood is essen tial lo iiniuml life. When tlie propereircula uoil of the vital fluid is impeded, glfkiifin in (lie incvitulilc consequence, the secret ions become un heiilthy, tlie liver becomes eloped with impure bile, which forced into the system, vitiates nnd in llmnes the blood, engendering scrofula nnd cuta neous ami biliary disorders. SARDS' SAR9APARILLA will Rently stimulate tli« functions of the stomach and bowels lo a regular and healthy action, mid without nausea or purging expel all deleterious ac cumulations, purify the hlootl, equalize the circu lation, promote perspiration, improve the appetite, impart tone nnd vigor to'the system, nnd gradually but surely extirpate the disease, canning n'l un sightly cxcresencos to disappear, nnd leaving the skiu perfectly smooth and lltiible. Price Si 00 per bottle or 0 bottle for $5 00. Ask for Hands' S.trsi.pcrilla and lake no other. Prepared by A; B. k 1). SANDS, Druggists, ltiO [''niton street, corner of William, New York. For sale by Dr. 15. Willard, Olympla. HENRY M. M'GILL, [LATE SECKETARY OK THE TEKHITOHY.] Attornoy-at-Law, Commissioner of the Court of Claims of I'. S. —AND— CoimuUsioer of Doedsfor Oregon and Washington. TILL devote special attention '.o the prepnra \\ tioa of the necessary papers to ueeompnny chums nndt r the net of March 2d, I Mil, for the payment of the war debt, and to business before the I'. .S. Laud (t Hi cos. Orucs —Ou Main St., Olympia, W. T. [4l] SEieriiPi* Sale. I>Y virtue of tin execution Issued by the Clerk J of the district Court of the 2d Judicial Dis trict of Washington Territory, r.tid to ine directed and delivered, against thogood«nndchattels, land, tenements and effects of Lewis Ensign, I have lev ied 'ipou, seined and taken into execution, and will sill according to law, at the court-house door in Olympia, (the Capitol building,) on Monday, De cember the 3d, A. I). 1801, at the hour of one in the afternoon, the tollotving described real es tate, viz : Lots one, two, three, four, live, six. sev en and eight, of block forty-three, (-13) in the Town of Olympia; thesnme to be sold to satisfy a judg ment rendered by the said District Court in favor of George lilanchct, and against Lewis Ensign, for the sum of thirteen hundred dollars and interest thereon nt ten per cent, per annum, from and after the 15th day of April, A. D. 1859, together with costs of suit and iucreascd costs. N nrjent Meadow tira rpms seed the acknowledged superiority of which, for either dry meadows or for sandy prairie*, fot pasturage or for mowing., has ren dered it so popular, van be found in quantities to suit purchusers, at the store of C. E. WILLIAMS. X. B.—Time for sowing in February or March. November 2d, IHtfl. .'l:tuJ Olympia and Seattle XURSBRY. OAXGLOrr A Hu.XI.IC, 1 rii\(lN M\ATT. r OlTmpia | Sonltlr (lixcLorr, MtxuE * c«^ OFFER for sale 100.MM Frait and Ornamental Trees, consisting in part of— -100 Varieties cf V|»|ric. 4* *• Hear: *5 Ham: 45 '• I'kmj . mi " Haw, Rhrnht and OrnaaeaUl Trees, with • * ngfct •mart rkatre ' «<f otter Kf«. whuh mill I* ex changed cash or lormtr pb<h>cce. Catalogue- farm!.bed mpon tfylieitisa. Otririt NrntiT is sit mated U mile of olympia. 4'mi Bkrli% Male. BY rirtw of sa Mcmtiom hstfll br the Clerk of tk I'lstriri I'vur*. altktJd Jmdtcaal IHs trt< t of W.i.hingioti Terntvey . I kite levied npvn and taken into esecntiuo the de<eribed pr<'|Hfii »w : l.«l No. >. ia Hloek No. I. in the . towa and whit h I will fnsnjts pell on the Mcmswrs an the day at Jsn uare. ItMii. Nt tJbe isoar of af aar srfsrii en faid esreatian was rendered against James Fit an and 1 John C. Cnrmll. nnd ia tevor ot William E. Kites, for the snm of fro 75 pe-inripal and isterw! there on from Jnly «th. Imw. at two |»r cent, per j month, and for $2nM e»H. of <ait and increased i o»ts. WILLIAM RII.LIN<;S. Sheriff of Thnrslon tsantr. V. T. Olympia. l>ec. Sid. IMI. CNABUta r. bmbiii, loi|M>rter and IWVr in ttpi. pusstß.nuMrnro katskial INKS, CARD STOCK, k-. «m. 11l mm* IIS Clay Mrtw*. San Fran' Tann.-<r» t jo '»• XATIOXAL lirriL ten r. n I*? V «r Wvistief;-* keiec we <b rtMMI friaT tl'lkt ■>» u»t eye ito ■■. gnat MMia Hll« * *. .lb I*ll. C*i oanrfl TT ilt 111 l ■ 111 •"MM!' <W tnpti> iflik tar it (t> tab! ta y«l'mr» tM )upr *4 kt aa>- rUm.n k««HI U<|RNMNktltllM « f IW f'~ f »l4rl TW> i« K«yfc&! paper la iW Mt> "** ■» '■» m- «r !• «# k. Mi fctr I |"y« tfcrartM! rfskiimtm d , tb* II IIW| nnlliiM vfctrb k*«i Mb |MU»ri(4rt m. 4ut* ctrfai I* lb* Ibdk Ual itMM ialt btrr. <Mit Ibu ikbtt .Am tb* of Ibe I'mmW tyrft ■» la ; »-L* it a«rfal Ta tbr abotr <a»:rr tbr? ufc • , joa-iul sbtrb «0J diIKUM aatn.aal politic* froaa n-livaa] rlanti|uisl. nd vbitb • ill cticr be •i.«rv»J fhtm |ulH«tb dltr Hy ser orrtj«itr(( 1 pr->*ure yf Iw a] itstrr; !. Teran of KabwrlHiMl. I Onf copy, one rear... „ J(; g| I Tkrtf i .|»irs. on* jTar.,„ j n ; Five nipiti. uu vtarii.. 7 u4 Ten rufiw. due year t i 00 Twnljr copies, one year 00 One coftr. nix months I ott Three copies, six montnt 2 So Five copies, six mouth* 3 SO Ten copies, six months « 00 Twenty copies, six month* ..} Payment always in ntWanv*. When a Club of subscrircrs has bees forwarded, additions may be made to it on the siiuic terms It is not necessary that the subscribers to u cltib should receive their papers at the same post oflfce. Money may be forwarded by mail, at our risk. Large accounts can be remitted in drafts on Bos ton. New York, I'hiladclphln, or Haltimore } smaller amounts in gold, or in notes of solvMt bunks. The Daily National Republican is published every morning (Sundays excepted) at $3 50 per annum, in advance. Address* W. J. MCUTAGII t CO.. [3o:lv] Washington, I>. C. FREEMAN & SIMPSON'3 OL I) • : Magnolia Whisky! THE consumption and co.i«tmitly increasing 4c uiaud for the #lO WUA WHISKY, Renders us confident that it must snpcrceJt nil oth er forms of restorative litjuors. combining iiHit doei every clement of Purity, Strength, Paluiubility and Jlctiltlifulncs.', which should cliuructise a bevcr nge suited to our age and country. Wu desire Dcalcm nnd Consumers to notice that upon every barrel end package of our UEN NIXE articles, our nunic* nre branded in fiill; r:id also, to each barrel am! pnehage is afllieU OUR XfiW CARD. With n view to prevent tlicsuccors ol Imposition*. Imitation and Counterfeits, we have discontinued the use of our former colored cut of tlio Magnolia, Flower, nnd have substituted for it n Card, contain ing au engraving ofThe Pbenlx Distillery on the Schuylkill River," with our name printed in full. These various attempts to imitate and counter fcit our Whiskies, are perhaps tbe best tributes to the high reputation which they have achieved. BSf Inferior articlos are never counterfeited. [Signed] FREEMAN t SIMPSON, Pnenix Distillery, ou Schuylkill river, Philadelphia', 8. C. BHAW, 01)0 Front street, San Francisco, . ( Sole Agent for Frceiuan k Simpson's UM nolia Whisky, September, >3Ol. 44; mM ' A. I. IIALLIDI*.. W. T. OBAVU. A. 8. IALUMB& Cfe, voi mm nan numc AND MAMFACTIREK* 0» Wift iiwptiiita luiigii a*4 —pi ilr erected, and male rut! (tnitM. , Having Wa roai-taatlv eayagrd ia tbc erartlm of Wire ftajwuiwi RfM(fw aad fc? »«t »a'tMfactwSy Urftt'SStlk^'rauu. xcccr. h«fn win ate al>a« rn wit! M HpwUytoiWtfhe wiralbr. rwnrt Mt thraagfcuaft the Mate k<« fnna •ken take akoll; auaira»4 awMiaUr. J aa i<r yor iwr aapHtiai «r» aav tie aa <■ ht a .a lit <>•* tgvui If ttriml «| IlltlMl fcr a,j ~ ir »««kt aai «eeiwtk%t* pne«a«a» arierf. f«wiihi. m affftcMM I* the awAc ww iMferartmhr. 41J tTa. mmti, a— r—l> i i Jaaaan 11, IIC. Uti Ktmrt St RlarMmr, ila«n tk Wrtrf IfWtrf wH. mm, for vttr* TOKAY —' * • ),. . ... . || 11 |Hi "yy ■ IMAAiAIBAAtoAM WMNMQTM MOTBL* •auscuumiNb corse* or twi-nxii asp ijus hi miii. Oly u»|«te. W. T. I*««r4 )«r Vrf4 .. f* m Oljapia. Xi r iw«. :-|jr

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