Newspaper of The Washington Standard, February 8, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated February 8, 1862 Page 2
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TIE V.KIIMTH ST.UH.IIIB. l\ f«. OFFI' HI. P.*PI R F"R THE TERRITORY The ( MIOB— ■( Shall be Prr«erve<l. fcr tkt Standard. Thf fnllo«i-.( m.ii't i :i i»rr i n . 1 r» rrlvt a:: I r«. .pi tor in- nt* »u!^ r tin- ,I ;I , M«I | '(am. .••*« t'r*:.. .- r«*l. 1* W J< .». \ it W T ALI\. > A-I»\ITIN A:, B. I» liwmi H M .|,!n.t.W; J t. U • -win Ta •» J - '■ -»l, r , A " • !'J ' '} A I' I! 'IL ' M I W JIA ; R V;FKL«- •• • Nm ii. . - " >' J.„* « LV *I I K I • TI Hi'LLI a, 111 MV V. IL- "W. T . jli*- ■» i Kn* jt* » &V m .-. ...!i ti-< Mill II our ti*~. svn ill'AY. rKBHI A|{\ K INli. A Wttt about IVNK It .- II •! ol,i n iIIMI K i* ' i-ur ri -ioits ■with ilia'lers etilir- ly p. : it! I• ■ at— !t. tna we n-CTi't tin* ii.i-1-ssit \oi i i i> . ->* * < the f;ut that tli••• vrturse pu. -u-d tow.inl.- u hv -Vetiajr <»oven;or 1 ui'neyt i.i riiit; -n to tli. puhlie priming, h i.- heviiue a t::.'it:« r <•« More or lens eoniuii :ii in oar town, to avoid mii«apprehension, we make a hrief stat' ;nent of the facte, and submit the su' j i t to the judgment of the jmldir to ileteriuiiie ulio in the wronjj—Secretary 1 uriiry or oiiiseii. Before the I.egislature convened, the See lvtarv informed us that he had the di. posal of tin! Legislative printing; wliennipoii we tstrived to induce him to make n contract with us for the work, and our Republican friend.-. generally very kindly seconded our efforts. The Secretary, however, refused to give us a definite answer, and the matter remained nn dicided until after tlio organization of the Legislature, when he appointed us to act as Printer until the Lcgixlaturc should Jill the vacancy by election, thus declining to exercise a power lit; had no doubt of possessing. Enough lias since transpired to satisfy us that he did not intend to confer any pecunia ry hciic/it upon us by the appointment, be lieving that the Legislature would elect a Printer almost as their first act after organiz ing; and this would have*been done, hut for tlio efforts of friends wlio succeeded in keep ins off the election for some twenty davs. O vv Secretary Turiiey expressed great satisfac tion iu having it in his power to aid lis in establishing the STANDARD, and assured us that we could have our pay for the printing us fast as the work was done, for he had the money on hand for disbursement. AVe felt grateful for his kind expression* of good will, and in the overflow of our gratitude, we indited an editorial complimenting his Mes sage in general terms, without taking tlio trouble to read it, presuming that a leading Republican from Illinois, and the confidential friend and adviser of President Lincoln, could write no other than one that all good Repub licans could venture with safety to endorse in advance of seeing it. We had previously given just cause of offense to his very gentle manly aud honest predecessor, in our anxiety to compliment his thanksgiving proclamation. lip to this time, the Secretary seemed very well satisfied with our general course, but finding that we had taken no further notice of his Message in general terms, and had avoided the slightest allusion, to his specific recommendations, lie urged us to back up his suggestions on the subject of the I'liiversity, offering us great inducements to defend his specific recommendations contained in u..' l ' very remarkable document. We then prom ised to look into the l itiveioily matter, and if his views corresponded w'uh our own, we vvuahi take pleasure iu uigiog their adoption. Very much to our surprise, we found that lie had pronounced the ccurae of the I uiversity ('wmnbioort* a pn-ss fraud UJHIU the people. a jrn.f* fn»u:l 111 Hiii tin' «nil lia.l umlt' utkcr nju.Jl v - ami nn<*U«l-fi»r •rrtwatiMM. Iwh-*-! of r.»ii «L-a«auig tlif l uivi ratty j. !iry r.n«l ih<- arti .n of tbc Coaaui*9>t .:N-r». «<■, ». < k. U;.;.HI- ditiaaaliv approved of K.fb, 1 ut * itb m cm- Miriuj: >u t.-ni.i< tl»«- nt'iMiU'ixliii' u ••T tl»<- M <•»»»/<•- Wkilr *r «"ul;l i»>; ti.s lui th drt-liua-d to kiv on\ iLiup again** it. »tPKijrl_v ['iriwJ i» «i-• »■) by f t xl Itrpu'Jieati ftvikl».< out >•( «• frr-iir.- t<< tbr jl)',' of (jvTrrnar. tilled a* it * - lit a B#peMir*n appoint**-. t« * L»*u »I lb- a I- It ua4er perx.'tud obligati- ;o». am! n>t !«nu» r« fcfe tbr ail|Hllr>( 1 •IU-J.-u tint tl S.vwt«n would ivfu-- w j-yt»tit ft* w..rk w* bnd Uitbfully itrcutid l«>r tin Gets-ral at Li* rrtftm. an-l in at rut r*«£<icuiity with tin- lav. *nl lL< uai f •rm «t ki< picdec<»*«>r» iu tmiilar TW new Print.-t traa at la*t rlnt.J; but b fucr IK M rrlu vfd iu fr-vn the laU.r and etpeoae of doing tbc *utL tbr Secretary ad- TM M to aell out to Mr. I' n', remarking that Xt.IV bad not gat tbr printing yet.aiui if v* de*irrd tie would imtimatt to Mr. Poe tbat k must pun ban our ofiff. It mU bare Uu a* w.-il for u» Lad Mr. Foe bees *Jeet«d tbr firm day U tbr aeauon. aa vaa no doubt expected by tbr S cn-tary vbea be appointed u». It i* iww evident 1m bflpcd to l«y m under per» >nal obli gation I>y a display of pi lu-roi-iiy, and thus secure our influence in tin* accomplishment of his ambitions purposes while at the same lime li«' would secure tin- ardent support of Lis friend IV. whom In- had s« kindly spared iii>' odium of 1* injr luoki-d up.ii, by the I* c islature he had to gp«iily insulii d, as Li - favorite f>r Printer. to tin- fl«i>« of tlie Legislature. vc had not n*«'ivod a doll.v f««r the sen ice# we Ind ri- ml. ml. W(• 1.. 1 lmrr»» i d moti.y to d>» tlo printing. not doubting 1 u: that v • w >i:M Im* |i .id the customary t» »-tLiiu> w lu-ii «<• r< inL r<! <>cr account. .V t:« r th- h'tnv <1 ii:i\ ,njj i ili' lit : :i». whd • is i-t tin* U|UM« >M over, v - pt BMU«NI mm 1 ill Mid r«-idly d pi%:.iri«t «H tv<»- thinls. i.rn i -half, and n:;:I. 4 t:,- •> him <.nr p e.n ;r t *. 1 !•- • liu* d t-i j. \ c- a -i:_i- dollar. «JI% in? t|,..t he U a. m .il.Mt u«. c- hail t:. •' I him 1 ; } „•. i:!•«• ilt.t: uh. ii r-run; .1 fi '-, i S.:. I'ralu i-« ■•. h»- #» s'' pay t- ;; |*art if*. »• ...!u • i.Kiir-pr-j-;S hlk Mi time. I. niing l!i'|«liliiUb, "tie ri r an "li r. r. ti. tis'r.iTi ! with him r;- ti m.H'if.i i justice i i Lis ri-t'm- d pay. at I t a jnrt • f MIMMMi vbhMri < Mi d I-MUM* t* ill. I i » . > 111 14 ill .1 In (til II ii. ud to pa\ u- nn\ihii;;r on his ri :ii;ti lmni >.L;I 1 HLTIRI>ON LLLDI sLoiil i •! R ..•.•• I'L.R i . .iiliistd Lv crili; to him; I'll' to test the ti; ..1 l.:rth«T. a liii'ihl i ti. d iij«»ii Lit!;. ;; i «ll • illtlTlii i \« v ll.l\« ill writing, & wbkb v.. a—ln '• As p« rVi til" r. si, I vailed itjuui S. c i i:'rv 'l'min \ to i.M'rrtaiii i! he w<mld lei im - L ive > iiiti iiio; v mi your He ; ;..'i d. in Ml''-':UII e. that lie hail tin liloiu y to p,.v for printing; that he would ]i.ty v- ;i when lie wa.-- ordered to do •> hy the '# part meat; that you treated hit'', liadlv . and he was not disposed to actviininudat" sou." We have, therefore, no alt< inative left us but to send our bill to Washington for pay- ment. With the foregoing statement of facts, we feel very sure that our worthy Uclegato will see that justice is done lis, and a rebuke administered to the Secretary that will pre vent his again using his official position and the money of the (iovernnient to suborn and degrade an independent Republican journal into a cringing, sycophantic subserviency to his personal interests. We ask 110 especial favor at his hands, and notwithstanding he has most grievously wronged us, we shall never be found doing him an injustice; and if we have wronged him in any way in the foregoing statement of facts and deductions, wo will cheerfully give him a hearing through our columns to correct them. We still hope that the Secre tary may review his conduct, and pay us our just dues. If he does not, we will appeal to the department at Washington, not from choice, but to obtain the justice which has been so wantonlv denied us here, t3®*Tho "dim-visioned" prodigy of tin* Xorth-wtut complains that Federal officials do not help liiin write his editorials; anil envies ns, because of our extensive enrpx editorial. Now, if Government oiliciuls or others do not choose to extend to him their services, we cannot see why he should pack the blame upon lis. We feel honored by the talent with which we are surrounded, and it' Horace Grcclev, Victor Major Goldshorottjrh (who has been absent from tint Territory the past six months.) George D. l'rentice, El wood Evans, or others, choose to write our editorials, we do not see as it in any body's business but ours. We only regret tlia*. Messrs. Greeley and l'rentice cannot write oftener, —their time being so much eugrossul by two obscure "country" newspapers in the cities of New Yoil and Louisville. We ad vise the editor of the Rort/i-irrxt to conciliate Mr. tSmith, mid those who don't know the "J'arts," will believe that he has recovered from that " iccaknrnt," which threatens his ruin. TV Mr. I' raiikel has kindly luruinhed us tbc following m-hedule of the til'lv* of departure froiu Sun Francisco of the ocwm steamers, to run hereafu r lift ween that citv and \ ictoil* : Fell. 7, Victoria, rm Portland, i'ortr:; Feb. 17, \ ietoria. tut Portland. Jona'Jmm ; Feb. •J~ , Victoria dinvt, i'nrtr; ; Marrli I. Victo ria. rm Portland, JoMiliat ; s . \ it"- direct. Citrft z ; March S<>. \ ietotia, •««/ Portland. J-i athil* ; V h"JI. \i« toria. rm i .K'.ali-i. t •' a- ~i ,|tli iu M. *li" I*.- r.liti' ar Man h. Ttiin * ill fire us »• ■ klv c««»iinu l.irtti iu «tib ."-an I ram [ f W•• an ii.'l l«l«-d t<> Mr. \\ iii!- .r. I .S. Mail ( "Jrtract. i. f..T ac. jiv »4" tbr Cortland T"K" of Ja:iu.:rv SI. l'-y it ». 1< tni %X tin •!< «Ui ot iir. iwrrautib- liiMun* in i'urtlatul. IW.i. <1 *. .- fr. /j-n \« !n!.- travfliii* tn.ii, Joitu IKn rilrr. iu ctnajiatn m itli urtt-nd nth ix .ji tin -1 •*!ll Itlt. Ili» r. Uiaiu- |u\i bet-U brought to W i hutl ti" oth- rn< « « <>r import ance iu tL.- frjfiu. HJI two c uj*.fi cf > ■<nd <-J i (liar till. Pi I-lSiif. VIA u( llliu uur lirluuji. _ /V'." r««lU We Mirvr tb>" alxiri- to W a r.//a/ lir. < (ur lift .-f nbaiUn at tli<- I'i.rt Touuamd during tbt- pa»t nv, wan pnat.-r titan that of tbr XortA■ trt*: at tin- tint. Mr. Stnitb took cbarp* of it-—at «bi< b peri *l. tbt- pix-ut rdiior intiuiativ it vraa at tbr lu ijrbt of it* popularity. TUB DONATIO* PABTY. —Tbr d<«ation partv a! tbe Surreyor Oenend'n <iflirt- la>t t\ • uiup. we Wrn. waa «r«4l attended, and tjoite a little stoie of nm<fcit;«s obtained fur iuc ben«vulcnt object. Th" Union Reiolnticnt. Our friend lWy itiiup* *»• an- trouhl.-d til out ihi' vote of the Legufatun rcfufcii:/ t" i ndoree ih<- I nion wnlniiou- iu troduced l.v Mr. <lri-v.• Id. We an- not so li. trmtUnl alu-Ul tin- Vote a* lie may *tt|i pone, aud a> lightly n» our friend nay tliink of it «!••* . pm»uuir it »ill be far w«>r.- liL<l% troitl.h-bi» iMii'K-ratic frimd* »h<» njr.iiii-t tin-ui (if auy of tkrtn »L»uM l«- r"r r«--« 1««ri- u.) ai.d th<««* who «!••- f. ml ibrir vote. than n»-. NY nti It t.-» little imp •rtui'-.- to tli. itiliu • in- lti> Ii 'ii*' di-ut ir. -- ''f the 11 ni'tffv ;;r. . j-il I of apdlyJ lie (unit - if. i:t. t.> iwrtii ul.irlv tr.uH-d a'»>u: ili public aWltnti •» tb«- in.liiUr l.:i\r nffirisllv made, and pluc. d I* l*T"nl. r-z : tint tli. *. *ill *V !»u-t iia the I'r *id. Nt in !»5- • f.-r.- t muiutaiu tli • I iti*»a mi<l anp j- r tli. « m-tituti : tint tli- vtli m' ln-li.v t tli.;: k ■ "ii ul divi-';. ran Iw lirttrt li.-il ■•! in th> I ..i :i than out of ii: tiiat all J»r» t. \ - f* .1 t!i-« I'iti«'«i of tin- I tiii'ti in- mnt uu«. r r-.-iui l. ; th:.! tiny d<> ».</li-. l uad< ram ! _ i:i- .> t • ib-~- *La*! tuJirtl »«ih ."'•»< ;,* , f., *|| - I - |j ■ 'I tit* I l.l"H£ that V\ .. i .-ti :i i> :t i r* v .ii *«»' !••• lit..- !•» i»■ «il. u;.. i trur to th. <i»v. run. Nt ulih-k | ■ ■ lit > ln-r; (fi// i* ill d. to th. I :i. •. \ •! ill ti<! !i<> to til. I^v-aml 4 •: -.itnri .r ' V.w v.t itiM-: ilia - .f it ..- a dctiaiulioii ->: i tii- part «i th. !„• e i-!j«tive .' -tUihU c..n t lii i l l it. i li.l •11 j. *■ f \ li.i> 11. tlx rut. i. W" «■ fioin th.' I niou. Ait i> now »anting to fully identity ib- Territory *» it It tin- Southern (.'onfederacy is f«>.' tin- |u-. to hi nil their ill-!, ■•fates to a r>>ri\ riition ami ji«sf n r.jfttlar onlinaticf of M'oi'.*>ioti. II tin- i~l iturt- iit tin- ill lilu-rati' (li'i'llll'.'ltioli.s i XjilrSSfll 11 u' M ill ..I tin il' I'oll si it in lit.-, an tin 1 IVim iviili'iitly l»»-!i«'\ i'.- tiny iliil, (or lie would not urgo, n» ho duos, tlu'ir return to the next Legislature,) the (iovern nient at Washington may regard the Territo ry for all practical purposes as out ot the I 11- iou. The action of a Legislative Assembly has always been regarded as indicating the pub lic opinion of the State or Territory they rep resent ; ;utd although we may believe that the "twenty-one out of the thirty-six Legisla tors," did knowingly and willfully misrepre sent the people of this Territory, in making for them these treasonable declarations, it will be difficult to convince the people of the Eastern States that our Legislature is an ex ception to the - general rule umil the people shall render a verdict of condemnation against them, as we confidently believe thev will do at our next July election. We think our friend of the Pirns bus not shown bis usual sagacity in resting his chances for a re-election as Printer upon his ability to satisfy the people that the Legislature acted either in a patriotic or wise manner in tho re jection of those I'nlon resolutions. His effort to turn the matter into ridicule may be tin best argument he can make in their dvfeuse, but it will not satisfy the people—at least the loyal portion of th< m. It is not our custom or disposition to treat subjects pertaining to the permanency of this glorious l.'nion in a spirit of levity or ridicule. Neither are we disposed to undervalue the power and influence over our people of a Leg islative Assembly composed, as the present one was, of our most worthy and talented fel low citizens, (so far as their personal charac teristics are concerned,) and hence our regret that they should so far forget their obligations to the Government that protects them, and which was then feeding and clothing them, as to give expression to such damning treason, and place it upon the journals for circulation among the loyal people of our Territory. The infantile prodigy of the Xort/t --west has ever been famous for his intimate ac quaintance with Webster's Dictionary—at least, since we have know n liiin—and many aiiil excruciating nre the instances in which a column nrticle has been indit<>d by him fur the express purpose of parading a choice vo cabulary of lug words. We were hardly piTpnrid, however, f>r the extraordinary ••erudition" displayed in his issue of tbe Ist inst.. v (•••ii he sjMutks «>f •• counting his ad«>- It-M-i-ut bum \ aril fowls at a period slightly anterior to ibeir inenbatiou"! In his last is sn he sjM-nk»«4 -that molluscous animal of th order I and genus sepia'*! If "concatenation < f circumstance*" don't m ltd |«k>r 1 U'imii to Stockton, b« luay hire to tr provided fir :i til' iljonif of JrClwo count V. Av THEK «»r !•..«>» V WrTTKI-KH.—n»>- fo!li>»in~ j« actually is iL< IhrfiumA /'rcll. a f«-» Yet-kr "Mr. S.itna. I |bvHi|»n lix- our thank* f«r a r-"]iV th.- S'amJ.trJ. of til. l>lli 'IV.V'4Wnn/i> a *n4h |il |»T «|| n"|«v!s''lr hitr.lli toliil to till' illliTlKll ..I it» fri«iid#. ntwl ha- an fituwirr < irrat.Mi<>ii "f i* 3U «•••(. i«~—»>uiewkat Bj'« ihv Male of flo- vpiikrt. Ai tlx- aprll of (-••hi Wf.tthr-r ha» iuiu»iiaUv l<««r thi» » iiivr—iW pr-»ui.4 lat iuj; fot-u mvrnil • itii ■ i'H for ili.- Iwt four vrvb. it i* iwi bi |m.l»al>l< lli*l (1M- demand f>* that v»n u*rjm! |nj>'( bi» •< all event*. we kivr L>uad it VHT difficult to p-t AN rxcluuigt- dar ing lluil period." ~ ll«l-*v»'' , -f«il-*! Durmicr C«H IT. —TW Fefora&j-Y term «f tli.- I*. 8. IHatrirt en«r( for ike 3d l Hrtrirt convent* at Port Towum-nd on Mon day next. AKBIVED. — lbs ackooaer Gtm. Ilunuy.! Capt. U«ader, arrived at Kuadall Co.'a wharf on Tuesday last, ladeu with rod. Letter from Victor Smith. MV j«iMi-h Ul.iw a Irtiit froai <>ar K. j.u!~ litau Irieuii. \ b-tar Su.iih. difmditi;; himself jipiiiirt thr «-liar£v» ptvf.-m-d by htr |<imkul curuiini in aitd l'<>rt To* tu*-ud. No hoc «!*•«<■ pm«d or ill will Mr. hinitb b*iil ran- anything al«>ut. I- !».•>>» tkm, ami •* this r> .ii-iii wr ax. im liinil In dxil* llv pnli ry of hi- trvatin;; th< in with llu- mxi-idt-ntiuu thai it itujdb-d iu a itotirr lhi">««li tlx r**i

uiniM <>f i»ur j'-unial. lie U r. Mainly far »lnvf lh«* n«c l> nl -iit'li \ iit ■it ti\ i' fLiiul- r*. ;>lid. lln*rrf«rr, kr aan ili. r<l In |nrr th«:u l>\ *iib->Ut ii ilirf. Wi- «ill not. \<-r, ar -iisiif tn ilii-lati- in biin. hat iliicr t»» hi» Mija'- Mrnt. and r> utply »ilk hi- nwikal t |i I ii-b b.» < aril, viiiri. iu *-ar •■j.-ui- t:. m i ii t i.uJly ili-j»i««~ f«t lb.' *■ alii iat i; :nak< r»." wr shall hi-ar n« tmrr fm«n ih<in fir a !■ iijr ttuw to on.;. . I'l.rt To* \»r\ii. K«4i. I Iftfil. 1 i»tTi r Sti\h«ii>: —A 1- tirr «>f h : h..- I«m J>r. j.;irvd f..r «•<«. I'Ut iL •• it* iu i'k Li.-; .ViWi- II »*/, in *«(i (►•n <1 il» r> •-< in; .. .i wiih-1. ih- 1 rjuimn . a u;. .nitunttr nf-.i 4 t.« nuHilri.BMl <» n»< n- i :*iiv i.«-|p.-a-d ill*. lb- | t • I* J.-lnd. to l 1m- tu'.ilUi'- I' .2 J -«>1 uw u. is, ibat tW iu* ' :•»* i'lli* i-ll nil u«- in tb»- trnrn of l'«n Vt >:• i—. » .»• ..i-ri jiji d jn I. find w.i- • ami fTi rln tbi fn;id fir f-h. >1» .1.; 1 I 'li-r | •»•!!<- iiiijir v.nritit* iti town, i l.i-r. i- i»n *:•••».! * .jn- in ili?- ma;NT, iicept »i. >l » > (fit «-ii it In ib>- iiitn*!nrtii.!i of thr «'>-ii ini-uii.>!ii-«l •• n-?M.|iiii«>ii." I Imr im |Hi'tiiii;«i v iuirn-.-i in said town. Inh-jiom* I |in'li rr«il tn wait until the public wan tullv iulnriiii I nl llu- prnimhiiiiii'M a: tli.-n |»iim ; at tin- miiiii' tin■<-. I mailt* uintnp-iurnis tn re iiinvr m% I .in.ln tn I'i.rt I'liiii' ii li.-ivi' alriady polio tu iirr-t-iu|it land ('i|'u l.irli ilu-ri'is .->!iiijkl tin t- fur thiiii.saud*) in tin- ln ij;lilnirlnhxl mid |HY|ian» the way. After my Miiall Kuh*(-ri|itiou tn war loan is paid iiji, there is mi fear but there will Ik* tnw ti lnts in aliiiiidance f<»r salt* at thr jtlnct* named Territurinl villa#-* nri* of slow growth. TLII' records of (JK> company, always open to tln< pnlilic. show that curly in October last the interest offered me was accepted,paid for, anil secured to the public improvement iuiul without reserve. This was only n form of selfishness, for there was no way in this new country whereby the interests ot my children mid the agreeahleness of my own permanent home could he more cheaply or better secured. To secure the objects of this dedication be yond the contingencies of my own life and watchfulness, I wrote in November last to Col. Taylor, of Astoria, Oregon, (at one time pressed for the Scuatorship afterward confer red on ('ol. Baker,) stating carefully and in detail the object of the instrument recorded in the town company's books, and asking his assistance in securing that object. This let ter was read by anil its objects explained to Lieut. Jno. W. White. Col. Taylor's answer acknowledging receipt, expressing approval, etc., is in my otlice, and is nt the service of any gentleman calling. And, if called for, the original letter to Col. Taylor may be pub lished-—il is public property because intended to secure n public object beyond all contin gencies to tiie town company, to its records, or to tuvsclf. This will satisfy all whoso good opinion is desirable, |lint the makers of the "affidavits" linve, unintentionally no doubt, erred in re porting recollections of verbal conversations. '• lie is u poor judge of human nature who don't see tliat a man often prefers his 'hol»hv' to silver coins." There is uothin;; else in the protracted and exhaustive newspaper efforts of my enemies (enemies for the hour only, I (rust,) that requires notice. The gist of their aim appears to bo to prove two tilings.— First, that 1 urn an anti-slavery man. Sec ondly, that I retain hero and there a Demo crat in office. Let the first be considered as proveu. As to the second, my reply is, that when the Coiiiinander-in-Cliiei turns Demo crats out of the army, I will turn Democrats out of office in this district. And now a word to my Steilacooin friends and the Herald of that town. The indiscre tion of nil ironical allusion to the distress of the "Department" nt hearing of "Kxra's" poor opinion thereof, is one for which an apologv is now offered. It wns out of place. The Pufirt Souml lleralJ, however, has the following: COLLECTION OF CUSTOMS. The following communication should have np|>enrcd last week. The writer is one of'the tHtitt seMifde II ad F tract trai men on l*uget Sound, and his views an* therefore entitled to consideration and respect. We commend them to the atteution of Victor Stoitb and the Delta rtluciil. The pnim>i.cnt paragraph iu the article thus public! \ touuueudedto mv atteution isaa follows: " fort Townstwl. tbe pnncnt seat of Cus toms. ho* f't teir> bn-nfattrnrd on tbe spoils of the (iuiii—sii. so mnck «> that it* per»- |.le fared suuiptnonsix, and tfts*-«r - errs Murk •nil » till f«U.~ I pnxri* r tiuu a** irm|mi in a teafwH*' is is * racing tktr. »Uk tkr trntr itv ot the r.lrbrated Rilketiv eat*. dibtW "Mtrt borunch" at tkrrl|««M' i« rMtg nanna-nrr. Ml 1 |iw> by I'ort Twbmsl as I «<mld the Hsull-pni lla% ing neithrr slu ltrr. aarkor ap u->r *at«T. I do nkat tbe iVvfl u vrr Ad -—lea* v it." I jir *t*t « T»-B as mpSU'd approval >4 thfo rir» of l'«rt 1W«m»I Mjr eriti ci-iai- i« lki» pUrr *«* '« min>* MMffk. * t-r.- punM aa.l alwaya arnaapaaii»d for aa iiff.t to aM-i»t la tfo- ri am ai ti the rlibMß plaut> <1 «F. 11M- (art UF MV rfoaiy aauifo-r | >l u < I*t r. »;>i'-iw<- auatiA lie cc—l raid iaio etiiuii v f><r I'urt ToatiMtMi- Here an- wanv tailed fria-tidc. au'l M i*f !«■ rmm toward * h >iu 1 rh>t»li tfo- iil-wUL TW |>r<»»|*Tit_v '4 I'ort Tmai'i ad riß W a«fo Ktauiial aJvaiitap- lu I'cwt aUr NT injury to ifo- tamer rnaU an bwfc tke fol iar. 'l"Vw lißagf i* already iapiMiv aad mu*t yH Uti.iu. of iuip<Ktanr<- to tke aar powMliue ruuuirv. tfomgk it caaatrt raaii a burt >£ ;..rr.d call is =1! wraffof- f*r *1! **a arU. Umpertfully, V. 8. U" We clip tfo* f<JL>» ittf startling para graph from a fole Sand wick 14and paper: 1 >iM«uwot trop t-enrdiM-r. Amain rek nuirf deuat-w tauj Mediant rial* t-mua biiw dupparr rw ot to'foiw lituov lauKniiirtnin eht. W<> pnlil.-ii briov, ntkumtamtkartty «r frr mixMitm fn>ui o«r Itmnmtir Htfwirtudit. ■ notirr t<> xri|>-boM«-t», in win tkat an Bi'jHiblirau fiMiU max km kow %m ywnJ m nnlt* to pi tu.Ktry tba! Imv* krca «Cr« «r tW nimt TW jd «a V*J i*t MM. KraU paUi>k tiu* »«icr f.« w«b ap*. »li< il hfmtmiirUt Xiilrr pfid irtrf to kun M«ar Mint :•■•!■ tlfrfifUxl <i>JUr»; and »lit lut h. ba ! Ird n>i( a U-toirritir |«|»T i knv rinruLittoa i- »»tli r>xilittr«i to Virt.oa, ui •.t.-S'l of flvit; Uitkr th r-tkf IJ. i*i'i j-«ra J. wLicii mt« t*r Lowl» <4 ai.r*-* . »v-rr k> fvUiraa is :h■ Trtr«.*> T it M for tW [mr|ti ai nliiy a lr« iiwaittk* kaap r. tmii mii lU »laail U l-«-Mt U}. Tv Li- tri'lmia Lad.i A i lit. ti "t IV.rilnial f Hi mrr npw inj ui ui ( TmatK'-i tliit v ii! ihfwr ■{■« tk> rttk ji-rt. *Lwk m, «tR lay l« f-«r» ■«.- r»«l<T> brtt *O4. It i« rrWirM that if lii-« t«nt» »r r»iti|>!M-«l v iiL. 1« * ill U aide to rr:aia th-. vaanej ra i«dit ln»; aiu.-ty Aiy» lapr TLu wviuL: am >uut t-j a tin nkr I; :!r »s&. at 8J |Mti M. a u.««it L. «Lkii a e ui*i< r>«i.i-<I an- th.- rrg ilar battkia? ratta La 1' -rtLu.d. ?»evr»i aitd aa< hail |»-r rcut. ou uii.- to-u ilir.iwi'.'l il'ilUt* it jo»t $1,410 Hut a toi:< h U tti-r ojw-ratii.ti is flic Kuyitip nj. th»- wrip at i« crtits on the dollar, whieh will n-»lix« ikf of (.1.700. Hotv imuh tßoory Mr. K. n dall lia.- iit-eived from the llepartmetit, »e are uiuihl. to *.-iy, Lilt we expert to p-t at the aiuouut M lieu the iiuih- .-irriv e irutu \\ tu-hing j ton. Office Sup. Ind. Affairs, W. T., » < >ly tiipia. J an. 1802. ) Finding it itn|Hissihle to nscertain from ab stract* oi Indian Agents returned to this ef liee, uliat outstauding liahilitieu t-nu be j aid out of funds now in my hand*, and not lieitig aide in all eases oven to get abstracts, all hold ers of certified vouchers issued by agents no longer iu oflice, and those issued by Chris. Htitcliiiis while in chargo of the Yakima Agency, are requested to forward one vouch er from each set to this office, accompanied by the address of the holder. Parties whose de mands can legitimately be paid out of funds on hand, will be duly notified through the mail, when, where, aud how such paymeut will be made, and all vouchers for which I have no funds, will be hidden by me subject to instructions already asked for from the De partment. 11. F. KENDALL, Sup. Ind. Affairs, TV. T. From Frazer River. The Colonist of the 3d inst., has the fol lowing : The steamer Emily Harris arrived nt Vic toria, from Hurrard's Inlet, (I'ort Moody,) at 9 o'clock last evening, with 38 passengers and $40,000 iu gold dust. Fras.iv river continues full of ice, and navi igatiou is iui]>edud. Great numbers of stock hnvo died. Mr. Mclloberts, a settler near New Westminster, bus lost bo head of cattle, out of 105. The suow at Yolo is even with tbe tops of the houses. The Potter Troupe are playing to crowded houses at New Westminster. < hi the 20th ult., Edward Crowe, a respect ed citizen of Hope, while on his way from Yale to hia place of abode, was drowned by the ice in the river giving way, The body was not recovered. Deceased was a native of Ireland, and aged ."il>years. Lillooet Lake is frozen, and the steamer Murzellc is fro/.cn iu. The cold at Lillooet has been intense. Ail expressman from Cari boo says the weather there was mild. The mules and horses wintering on the Bonaparte and Thompson rivers, are doing well, out few having died since the first fall of snow. On Fraser river above and lielow Lillooet they aw not so well sheltered, and some have died in consequence. It is esti mated that about oue third of theni in tlio up per country will perish. Fraser river is frozen as far Chiliwack; Harrison river and Ijike are entirely free from ice. Mules in Douglas are without hay or barley, and living on Hour. They an; still packings* far as little I jike. The snow at Douglas is about four feet deep; at Lillooet two or three inches; on the ltoua- Ee, and at Canoe creek, none; at 1 leaver e about 18 inches by last accounts, l'ariiamvnt was prorogued ou the 3d, inst; till the 11th of Man-It t»« x», Ciikcs L>.—lV Wkiwmjf from nn Ka*t ern papiT. akoold be pinnrd in th<- bat of evo rv < Mympiaa: C«*r mow, be rkrerful; if yon cannut pay yonr dwkt* innxilutrlv, 4» tiir Imt vun ran. and pay ibrm aa y«a an- able. - I'arr kißrd a ia." If ran have no ff<y rmt* :• laxnri atr npne tkr drfirarim of tin ».atnn. appro linbaumial and arkubtoaar. kka ynr •ifc.if rsn barr «r. I not. kias one fmty ciri ■nd narr bar ■ai'Maliaiili . far arts af &.+- pitariia kanuK naab Uyphr and kanrf • riaßy ialb(Srif r «a aay ckil Irs, Map a ilk dnaa; if na bavr nanr. yanr nrtpkkar'*. Lad ay nn tkr irin. and if yon tbr Ma nppast van." park » and wbsint far tbr war. At att wrait W (bofct IV A . to anannnrr i k*a irM as f«lia »: -In dr fan 'pill» ak IVwr. snani rl>ap«rr and e*rmtv-fm* vrtarf " Oald an Vmdirr," eri«l «*r W bi> krama. - yaaVe prt ia dr •!<«( Uak; van Mran dr Wlr ak Tianaky. I 'apw*" TU. pwntku MWb| a nnaas, witk a rm |..f aailaalu J: "Wd. I aaaK catw da Hsir. tk«n*M knan d int 4r tm n. □TWrovfbaadte lass tkal Ummy M. McCiitt, Kay (lata Artny af ftf. T-.) has basa iffihui tolled Statea (W anawaner fcrthiadiatrirt. A goad appaaal- (jT Thanks to IW Kinck (or tkr nanal farm*. | i*tux Htmu iK* k < ■■ ii m At At prl ol »pin MyHHrn" y M nun (mmmUt. ami AII<3HT Ik mm rmt .- • TU trtif !■» Im a lbar «Wa |T«ii ■ U-*»™« Aew*i*e». n» ■«• M • |ty r.' aar •! fc, TW M«wiHV MMt »H«r M 4 M imjjv —1 An? «f'r fci «ir»U hiL a r> « ; Imlmi tW r» .-rari kaUap am <4 c.^npnil—l *rrfc fW afttr W—ih rsiHhito . j««*»rr arJ kM." • U iv a*4 :kat «mM W to L— c all tk. inill*. I« t lMini minim, f„ , L » «mU «)fw> tf in-m. jtrr—mml J~ lail r- uT* »i_ Ktnmt—!'■ tual k| a •J iLr ill< gr t% tdfmrtt • |h tWr »4 l«rp tkaf tio* m taw tn« ita j« «rr * V\ jut «)<■ a r rvr al*4M KrfMiUh'iLMa OT IV uutrar t »L a llu- uatU* to la prrii ? IV »»ir» hrt rltilihvw to a«M Iwr. aa4 fhr want- »h«*»r a; 4 ta a jwr .if |H>litiral |aif iival; fur tk«- •jtwrtma if uut ah.-tlxr Au!ue_r *kali trimapL or Km tUf fjmli triu-njili. I -tit v li.ib-T Ibrtu*- dull lir saved. To THK I'oiVT. —'Hi. RaUrtii l, in diaCW injr our relation* with KII»!JIIH1. tiprekw* the opinion that * hili* diplomacy coolly rnukid era i IK; propriety and law of that demand. Hi it ir-li commerce will l>e invited to Lurry to Heanfort anil Savannah. In other word*, that the well approved practice will he employed of drawing oft'the local inflammation by free application of the raw cotton. Brau-Hopperi and Grau-Hopperi. Ati importing house in Philadelphia, had occasion, not many years ago, to advertise for sale a quantity of brass hoppers, such as are used in coHee-mills. 15ut, in stead of brass hoppers, one of our excellent cotemporaries made it read grass-hoppers. In a short time the merchant's countingroom was thronged with enquirers respecting this new arti cle of merchandise. " Good morning, Mr. Invoice, how do you sell grasshoppers ?" 'jhio importer was astonished, but be fore he had time to reply, in came a druggist, who, being bent on specula tion, determined to purchase the whole lot, provided ho could get them low. Taking the importer aside, for fear of being hoard by the merchant, he asked him how he sold his grass-hoppers; if they were of prime quality; and wheth er they were to be used as medicine ? The importer was about opening his mouth to reply, in an angry mauuer, to what he began to suspect was a con spiracy to torment him, when a doctor entered, smelling at his cane, and look ing wonderfully wise. " Mr. luvoice," said ho, " ahem! will you be good enough to show me a specimen of your grass-hoppers ?" Grasshoppers! grasshoppers!" ex claimed the importer, us soon as he had a chance to speak," what in the devil's name, gentlemen, do you iueau by grass hoppers?" 44 Mean ?" said the merchant," why, I perceive you have advertised the article for .<ale." " Certniuly," said the druggist, "and when a man advertisos an urticle, it is natural for him to expect enquiries rel ative to the price auu quality of tho thine." "Nothingiu the world more natural," said the doctor. u As for myself, I have, at present, a number of cases ou hand, in which I thought the article might be servicible; but since you are so—abern! so uncivil—why I must look out else where, and my patients—" You and vour jhi t tents go to the devil! interrupted the importer; mine is fail)* worn out, and if you doa't explain your selves, geutlemeu, I'll lay this poker over your bead*. To save their heads, the advertise ment was now refcred to, whoa Ike im porter found oat the am of his n» lion* by mJine the folknriig: "Just landed, and for sale by Ixvoscx k C'-eu ten kogskead* prime Gr*u htfftfi. How ro Clui a Urx.—Xo ooe obould pat awar a gas wilbnot d**o ing. not m«b «f k km feed bat o* *hot, that ose barrel dwaM be AwA First take the barrels off tbe rtoefcand i'nmrr* tbem in mid voter rmr im b« ik*p. Tbea wrap sea* <»* doth (t«r H'mgs ft* tke barreb sad leaves partiiles m the*) aheat cleaning rod *a tbsrk tbat yea a* bare to preas rather bard to pH it *•» tke barrels: tkea mm «f and dsaa. ekaatng the Hath till tke water ermm oat dear; tkea pear kat water ia stopping np Ike aiayles. ax) torn ** oioaabi* isqqnasi Tkaa pat sa iTt^^ am it Tkaa pat i fceiaf find ail njg i all orer aad tkaa pat Ik* gaa P*r+r s Xf-rnL «Mt tk*#r.

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