Newspaper of The Washington Standard, February 8, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated February 8, 1862 Page 3
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M'iK I VI- N'oTK r.s. - . Mrf L«4rr \« i a I k •• * r> , »■*«!«■ j ta an-* al tb—.r W!1 •% ** «•>- •*. l'.tfe <*»:. (r. k *f .a-- . t-t -r» thf L•><*« aar vftW K N A Fu«i. J* » T* ■i—— 1M Mti« to t alUr toarn. r|* - :l »r ikm at «i WT. I •- » M i biailxf a l'r»f •« la'.f • * »'** baaaa b aa4 • f--. • .la mi »*4*r Ui <>%f e' iW t*r iuU * I m I't a trt*4rf V toft tin 4-m* -, . 4 vjf la*? t.f'fctft* iuT iMt'i* li SEED6!_BEEDB!! jm ftrakr*. F»f MIT. UiNeim. aM •liirtm. V • ><#rr ttf W—lfltftT r t«- •*.*'B mi I * b 4 «*«rin Fff * tfc. » i *mi fr«. «i> uitlf i i. *i - i*#-* a**i ;*• » -• iti fr«*i ; m» |u i • « »ff I*re4 i mh< I*., liin IMi < i«v«r. ; >mm lii* T iBMil <•***• .vt»J i <*••* itw II «tf<ruift 4 • ra»« Sf4 ? 'om !»*> H ' • > r ! ; i>»» Lo—fl »'i )TfT >(*^4 "*• fli»l K 1 Tif- <lrv» 1 ?*• B »«li ktutt i% Ht«r *ir«- >•*» !. > Hb«ti lire »1 H h Vitrl Uan liruf !•«! !' !la«h .<>n;>rtiii ■ lla li ! i «r ' V'".i>H-r«a .'•••••I. '• Ka-S I'rr • -l ."*••«•! »»lln-h Of'frfntu fmrif I'luTcr. i it--. IU-rt Sr< J. * ' Mi< L tr?" Url M.iiigN- \Vnrt.'«! !%-ct. . hi lt»-. KI ...I • !'•• Jur:iij> Rlim.'l llrfl. " i l 1!*. lint • I! i<:« Tiirt»i|» j'"i lli'. K.irJv Whili' fill' li T ir./; SieJ. IM Ti>|> Turiil|» S:-:-il. •J i i |l»s. I. oat: rrnt. I'••» |l».-. Whilu llpJifinn Citrrxt. 4'MI Ills. A'snrlt'il Onion .Sri-J. l.iMioll*. T»»l* tiMoXS. Togellier with nil the vnrii tirs ri'nuiruil ll.irt : c:ilttiri\l implements. Slunrs. Pruning .shears, S|»rin(t lledjje Slieiir.-, I'ruuiug' and Hud ding Knifes. Suws. etc. ete. Koxes of I Oil papers assorted seeds put up ex jiressl;- for dealers. A liberal dir:iouut will lie made to the trade. We have a very line assortment of Dutch Bulbous Flowering Itoots, which we can pack to go secure for any distance. Catalogues sent on application. All orders addressed to J. i\ SWKK.W & CO., 40ii Chl., San Francisco, Will meet with prompt attention. February 1, 18(52. 12:m.'J SAFES! SAFES! 90 Battery Street, Sr.n Francisco, SULK Agent for TILTOM k McFARLAND'S celebrated Fire-Proof and Uurglnr Sllfcs. Tais Sale is well known in the market for its un nirp issed fire-proof quality, h iving withstood in California, as well in the Kast, the hottest fires known. We can refer to endless certificates fVoni part : cs in onr mining towns, where these tsafei liave b 'cn subject to the most severe tests of its lire-qualities. These seiured by our Combination Luck. This Lock is in every respect the most «tcnre one in use; it requires the key and combination to open the Safe. If the key should be abstracted from the owner, it would lie perfectly useless to the possessor without his knowing the conibiua. t:ou. or key, which the owner carries in his head. To loose in want of a reliable safe, we oflVr the above cheaper than any other in the market. A large assortment on hand and to arrive. F. TiI,MAX, 26:6 m. SO Battery St., Kan Francisco. ISETFEiI THAN M £ BILL'S AND .£Lt Loss Prlcos! CHALLENGE YEAST POWDER, FULLY OOAHAXTEED. IF NOT SATISFACTORY, The Money will be Returned! l'or sale by all Jobbers, and by J. 0. WIXAXS, 60 California Street, Who will also act as commission agent for pur chasing all kinds of goods. San Francisco, February, 1 SCI 14: mS CLOTHNG EMPGR!UM, 178 Clay St., and 107 Montgomery St., San Francisco, And IIS Broadway, Kew York. CONSTANTLY on hand the best selected and mo-t eiteu»ire utorimrut of Oeats'and Roys' ' ■•thing on the Pacific coast, which wc can anil »ill «ell lower t'oaa ray other Ifoace. In'iMri brals' IMhlas made to Order. LOCKWOOH. LM KLL k co. Jaaasrj. I» IMI, l«:ly PNKLAN'S Billiard Saloon. Xlir «* ••<» Itiltiart «nk EH.HT FIRST < I.A.v« lllfcl.AN TAkUji. »< WW Ii|«« I* T-. i »• tfc -< T»», - ».-• si* p*tr*t. a feral j»f> imni >-a i i trrwtmmm. Tte lUMtI »• iti—l m> ii l* -Urn* ttECAX' t»*».>KT TWhu 'II kr lr<-p« MffJirt « 'ktto itn rWt-1 at v»i I-* »%V- Ir. I»fw k» >tra : ttlnlxa. to ***** F>TNU(> <4 .M *W %4mn* tm4 MI - u-» it GAVE of ktuivl> l»A*. LTVf. ■ i araauji. rm m w««. « . t>| f nit tw V» KrtXfWi:u IWiin TV - lei rifcit Wj» «• i«W« j.* • «>»«. in ij»l ■ii I MUJAKi* f lU#« |* ■rmb >4 to am m» a <*»« >W Miftw W '•4 lißuri TnMMf W ii«rt "t» 4r» ■ W fVKtoWf txiuartf I -i-k- »ilt '!»' kji> M tffwtwil* <4 irvm m l«- '4 »i» Haul Ml nt» u< 1* >-4 .xm -» iW nwrwnn rUiord Lr ifc* l »W< 4 TW- Ir DA> LTKCH will kmm »*i u4 n*4i to (m at! rrq« rr4 alunutKt h M r»"4 to tto W li. •* JPSTI.T < IXt - KTU' tILLIAH> T VBULS TWe nU.,^ • <i»B; uii IUI li. iakn<l<4 fvitm to call IM - ». K tit «Hk.- 'ff '« rvi»« • rufti * i —miim Cut -« » *mi Milliard Tat!»*. .-m !r<«ii ' J«i« ;» ii i BROOKLYN HOTEL ' «I.\ IK Hk'MtMA »" 'A7' IMA XTS.. t.vx rz \\n*r o f** ! f.:. •«» of tb.- »»U ba» »t ai.d 144 t.-'MtiMll 't!(H if - at tl> Ul4 dA tr ..—fct ii»f liw U* lit ||'» .«■ I< I' t» »UUI |-~t m*w. sa4 Ikr rt; *# " MiU lki( » TtU ll'<rl » « U IM!. id : » ft i4:i t» i'< » flWian O'-iiUtM >e4 at «!» -.w '.»» • h »a*lf St. i» mr» r«4' *»««r I* a 4 : !u tk» » r.A*t n4 ' of k'l TW lliwkifi H«tri WAi-O* mill - T m4r m tb* • barf aa^ t.* Miiial iW 4r «iarn t»* rtm .• • |> ■ >■» ■!*'» u4 rt* • U<.«c l« lb* H"«-' It* «-ba*r» T>frtfKM*>wt a b» »x><! it Ibal It-oHkLI N M««T» L f.aiai.4 i.Ur|f Wurr> M U *.4»- «rl' tfc« l> tr 1 |-r 4-' * —fircrj |« «r»k t, >. L- V <ra(» - LM«ia(i y ■ «4. y; I "m. > r> m« !• « frr a, jbt ;«M\ kLLLI) it.. «.| | Til L- itt l.«b. l"bl RUFUS WILLARO, I'hyi'K uin :«iid Nuiireoii. Os rn■> * !U. %fct• «? r»>- 11 i «: \n ) uf|. w «-•t it.t,; ■ *»•«.. IfTTIWWI i4mk» • »-» ». intW'iiu wW ■■i'aiMiol .. -r <•» . ' ■ r .i »*r> ia al! tW ** • *a >«rjr*rr W itb «»«-b per«<»»al «Sa»T .. i. ■I .J air fitartr i»af iW , 18 l | ■•«■• I.: >ri I<ri tA'tv Ibr lri'-t»tS t br *:i! t rril • I Krral •bap' '4 p«t-' ■» b-M !i. atall ».-t'■ it t *ll* ta lb* iia»» of b'« |»f*- ! -:••«. to »Li«b t.» entire atunttwa mil! I* 4et<*- te^. •. —■ <>t lumi aiaii L.nirrii. and nil ufjuif aA< c ti. a> • :'.l. \ ilfi «t IWI. J">!f iiiiSimtfflisjiitJiri. su k nr:.\ i.\i> woni:\ » What loiKtifuU s ItcuKh f RICH, l'ur" lllood. Xiitaral Perspiration, Good appetite lor Food, Sleep. Kxercise and the !• njojnsents of Nature, with Strength of Hody. Mind anil l.imbs—Activity of the Liver, and all other Natural Functions—such a state is felt by all, after using Dr. WfltlM-r'* Invigorating C'nr- dial ijansuilier!! To many, ttic nliove may seem extravagant praise of this concoction. but if they could see, an 1 Imvc, the many whom this has restored to health. they would not be surprised lit any lan guage used in it ' praise, To oiler more certifica tes, :s useless ; lit least eighty have already been published, and only the thick-headed, self.wise skeptic and unbeliever can doubt thut it is the most blessed health-restorer and strength-giver ever invented by man. It restores and perma nently invigorates the broken down system. Nay, more, it replaces natural weakness and strength. Tli.'desponding it revives, the feeble it endow* with vigor, end the cheerfulness and strength which it restores, or creates, it also prtserves. To the sickly wife it imparts that degree of vital force necessity totho erotrninpr joy and great ob ject of matrimony. To the debilitated husband, it gi\es the nervous and muscular energy which characterizes manhood. In nil eases of nervous disease, low spirits, indigestion, liver complaint, Indisposition to mental exertion, lassitude, emaci ation, impotenco, Ac., lit fact, in all complaints, acute and chronic, which depress mid weigh down the mind mid body, it i? r.n absolute, infallible gpecWir, XATIT.E'S OWN RKMKDY FOR MAN RICK- NKSS 11 That (rentes, reproduce* New and Pure Blood— timt oil* mi tin- liver, lie.:it. bruin, intestines, limit* iwitl chest—thut revolutionize* the whole system—gives strength In tlie most debilitated nml weak—tlint contain* no mineral, or ether poison, fc'mh is, in truth. Dr. J.icul> Webber's Justly Fnmous In vibrating Cordiiil Sunguifier! The extraordinary anil strange cures effected by this beautiful herbul concoction has astonished nil: it seems to suit every constitution. TUB OLH, TIIK I-' K K it l E , TUN LANOUID, feel thut new life and blood is given them. The roue, the dissipated debauch ee, tlio weak from long disease, ftoni Inking too much medicine, calomel nndother mineral poisons; the young man whose manhood is wasted, where nature's functions nre inert nud lifeless, experien ces the bliss of ROBUST AND VIOORONS MAN HOOD I His appetite is good, his sleep quiet aud refroshing, his mind aud memory clear and cer tain. ESi. Sold in quart bottles by REDL\'6TO!V & CO. IRiNE * BRIGIIAM, San Francisco. And all Druggists in California, Oregon and Washington Tcrrlory. BERGER'S BIJOU BILLIARD TABLES, WITH LBUKfIIDT OHHTHKBiK THK de.irr* to iofonn tkt public tkit be baa »n* oa ribibitioa. at PfceUa's lev Billiard UM, MOB>". B«J meet tb» Metropolitan Tfce atr* 'ist of tVc n'ott aer.'.ioae4 ItILLIARD TA- ItI.KS. aa4 rurdjUli iatitea o(ikr NO. KL£ liAVE to rili>*4 ruuiit it Tbe Great fcrjtf sprat* uf the table* ia Ike tutfbt-tlTm< To|.r.'.«e (■•- »lir» iWw TiUt na»f.'< iVrj-tho especially '* Mmst U rbrir coatrasra' Mr, aa4 a* as ar lylr rf hnilift far a pnialt there is a- *ti*c aaore it inkla ia short. ao baaaefcoMae aja>>'<a a.tb u< K tUuH * < to trace • ell r*f»- ! art -kaaH br aiikt? «at Cwila»i a abuot to lnU rr-«l<« f <ba«M b* alt SK«a< Mil frweaa tmm to a TtTLLIACt* R<«»* »brre tba* Umih r*n tb* sotlt. farefsi =a4 brtitbfirttf rax 4 a K Hioit-t TsMr IsadMtm. Ami Agrmi Im mii.XS S I ATOT CO**J .\ATH>% rtfHKiM * HT tiWiiiwi >s4 fcali iriMi. *• T|» «4 Jii t«a«pßm Kwl V%. luafKturr, fcrkd itmt, ypfwiu Ot f \»* Jknhn. i imt —J ». lutum ,Uw ml a U hunt 11» > •>l ll | rnu LAW IK**s _ IV. w, \J, .-scWd 1 *** lWii-ll (Mil J mm liwi Iwi" r*f>t Ml ti—rfny r« uk it iW lot"! (MM W wit tjiiTtna. s** rr*rVs J.jfJ IW. n*J BUTE aiLLBBAC^ • jtarrar* I* /Vara, MUlrr | ('• ) DALLES AXD COLVILLE, VtnUAlt ilt BtTAlt NAUM IS nflti in HBTR nr-H Ct*'THING, •oOTf. MOSS, HATS, 4c. lVovifiKtmi, Wincm Li<tuoiv, Ktc. I f»ii txittaial *f JtlNElL."* i»Ot»i» (Uat'i «* UW BL<M II k«iajr a of •*»» f !»».•■-• * Wft aji *«r |»art ka«r* af* • * •kali *W*t>» <4n kmc* a*4acrafau tkaa «t; • :r| ikg* II !.i»ri«k IFI «: K( Goal OU i» « • % L OIL Lll PK. Tx-.rTMm vitk aII k>*4« of Rmi«: ) Nfl «rn • Hl*. tvr »k at ftmUf rHirW ratr*. Alw • Jilro-Vapor Stoves F«»R HEATINIi R«w»*!<. Fwr Cv»kx%f -~mdfmr F * f . /'v»», res frftLS rtll LU« IT STAXFOIIK Dlt OTII Kits, «' i'.f >rni« t ii«-ar I'r. Irea ■ .\oticr. T'rr.iorr of Va-hinfln. | In the I»i«tri>t Court Id Jadi. ial I'l-irnl, > of the County of Thurston. ) 2d Judicial |li-trirt. T.. JOHN K. I'UVOKE. Oaacr, nuJ E. DKVUUE. Dowrrrss: V„u arc hereby notified that a ctmplaint for a forrchxnre of mortgage has been bled again.-! you <n said court by It. 11. Lans bile, which will come on to be heard at the lir.'t term of the court, which shall commence more than three months af ter the .'loth d n of November, 1801, nnd miles* you appear at said term and answer, the same will be taken as confessed, nud the prayer thereof granted. The object and prayer of paid complaint is, to foreclose u mortgage against you on certain real estate in Thurston county, Washington Territory, nnd to recover of you the sum of six hundred and twenty dollars, with interest at the rate of two percent, per month from November I'Jtli. ISOI. BUTLER I*. ANDERSON, Attorney for Plaintiff. Nov. 30, 1801. 3:w4 KherifT'N Male. BY virtue of an Execution issued by the Clerk of the District Court of the 2d Judicial Dis trict, W. T., to me directed nnd delivered, I have levied upon nud taken into execution nil the land claim ofWm. 11. Cooper and known mid described on the maps of the public surveys now on tile in the office of the Register of Public Lands of Wash ington Territory, the south-west qr. of section thirteen (i:i) in township fifteen north of Range 3, west; which 1 shall proceed to sell to satisfy said Execution at the Court-house door in Olympia, on Monday the ITtli day of February, A. D. 1802, at the liourof one o'clock r. m. Said Judgement was rendered in the aforesaid district Court on the lltli day of March 1801, against Win. Jf, Cooper, and infavorofH. A.Jud son, for four hundred rnd thirty-six dollars nnd thirty-four cents, with costs of suit nnd interest. WILLIAM BILLINGS. Shcrill'of Thurston Co., W. T. November 2.1801. 10;>r4. TCUIIITOUY OK WAMIIIXUTUX, 1 County of Thuraton. J T,i the Diiilriet Court of the Second Judicial Dutrict. To WILLIAM L. SMITH, sued aa subsequent in cumbrancer, In suit of Andrew Williams r». George Drew, et at. Foreclosure of mortgage. Vou arc hereby notified that Andrew Williams ban filed n c omplaint against George Drew, Caro line I'. It. Drew, 11. F. Stryker, nr.d yourself, in said court, which will come on to bo heart at tin, lirst term of the court which shall commence more than three months after the 19th day of October, 1861, nnd unless you appear at said term nnd an §wtr, the sumo wilt bo taken as confessed, nmi the prayer thereof granted. The object and prayer of taid complaint is to foreclose the equity of redemption, if anyyou have, or may claim to have in certain premises, to wit,

the interest of said Ocorge Drew in the land claim in Lewis county, in said District, known as 11 Ocorge Drew's Claim," mortgaged to tbis Plain tiff by indenture of mortgage, dated October 13th, 1853, to eecure the payment of $3,000, with le gal interest after date. Complaint filed August 2Cth, 1801; amended in open court, on leave, September Term, 1861. ELWOOD EVANS, Attorney of Andrew Williams. October 19ih, 1851. 49:m3. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,) Territory of Washington, v 2d Judicial District. J WHEREAS a libel has been filed in the Dis trict Court in nnd for the 2d Judicial District of Washington Territory, on the 20th day of December, 1801, by B. F. Kendall, part owner and libcllant against the steamer Eliza Anderson, her tackle, apparel, furniture, engines and ma chinery, and against Daniel F. Bradford, claiming to be part owner, alleging in substance that libel la nt is tbe owner of twenty-one eightieth* of said steamship and that he is kept out of and de prived of the possession by said Bradford, and and praying process against said steamship, and tbat said ltanid f. Bradford be cited to appear, that possession of said interest in said steamer be decreed to IlbelUat. and that saM Bradford be de • reed to eosrrer said interest to tbe libellant nc mrdiaf i» b» agissmiat : now. therefore, in pur suance of tbe motion, under seal of said court, to M directed and delivered. I do hereby give p«b- IK B«ti<-e to all f*rnm* claiming said steamship. pear briare tbn said tent, to be held at tbe ton mi Uty nf is in and foe tbe Id Jndiraal istiirt, a* ■••day. the tbird day of Fetrnary mux, at to* • rhrl. in tbe haaauaa. pan ri dad Ike ssae stall he a day sf J ■ ind.Hi etheiwie* aa tbe anal aadto Thrir llijili t an tbst VILLUS ■nrmcTos. mi ii > i. w. r. Illuminating Oil! r^issir*—- DOWSII'B, w •«; MkM Oilenf mat*. TtbMtda fc—« Of P»»Wi'» Ml MkM Mi mf COAL. OIL., wfcick w« Br* i Bi«g ■» tk« bnM (Mw ITiIVMS MMn iimi.MM»W. Chas. E. Williams, »uin nr lAßVll,mviß,aini,M, STEEL, UROCEKIKB. te. —W.T. |J -> y lMwwafly »ac*iic4 latgr xoaaMt* ta* I-'M iarag kankli ** B*ra.r.f IWaM Caaloj iPaaa , Caal OO a*4 FlaiJ Unp. «Ww TaW. <;i. W. rtiauu Tai f«aiiaim«4 frttak. f r uilaf CpU«< h« twaf viik fell dirac i-xaal pnra A4*«ac» «"owkiaif S»OT*». titknut-dt V »"7 4t*i»akl* p*: ra ink run cMtikn), I..**-, Yaak * Uarim »*4< 111 cat* par pap*t , fwW *rd Di.t (*!■ Hc»* Rfawrr Uapfcrr Ku 1»M Tray*. Kr»». f'trUil i «i>n >a4 lia<>. Virr *».( >*J» OWtV.. ..f »tl taaWr<. ►fcee riwUeg*. ■ Fall VulMil t Pilckrr*. ftp. 4c. Eitr* ®4M4» rateat (rMMiI aa* >HI Maws, (A ttfi ••.Ijw-ri.w artirlf I, Hecfcaalc'» Tool* ana Materials, I* lull \*tl< tl I \V ,n !ow-ja-b. Paint-. Oil. Pitti and Gli*t : Var ui-brs, J.iir'ii. Tur|<ru*iue and Alcohol. P'irttl «i>'l Table Cullrrv, tui-m l. Curry «:<>n.b* aud li.»r.-e llruiket, (leather backsi l'ow tlff.Shol. Halls. I.ead anil Caps, Bullet Mould;, Hun Lock* Wipers, Nipples. 4e.; Cable, Trace. Halter aud Hog I'linitik Sheep Shear*ami Wool Card*, lii üb, I*l ,ititer und Garden J loci., PIOWM, C'ullltnlorN. Niillodu, HruNh Hooks, IHUINP IKILIM, t'radlrN, Nr>llie», Riikm, ChiirnN, I'orkM, flutter How IN and Tray*, &c. JAPAN BLACK TEA. Sheet Iron, Copper nnd Brass Ware manufactured nnd repaired. N. B.—We Imve made such arrangements for tlie purchase of articles, either in San Frnoeiico or New York, us we think eunnot but give satis fnrtion. gtff* Commission solicited. Olympia, April 0, 1801. 21 :tf Doctorw Percy St Co., No. 514 Du p int street, between California and Pine, San Francisco, J'/iym'eimia and ttyeriifing Surgeon «, Mem bers of the Royal Colleges of London nnd Edin burgh, Graduate* of the Universities of London nnd Kdinburgh,—First Prizes for Anntomy and Chem istry. nnd Second for Medical Jurisprudence for the above named Universities, —Honorary Physicians lo the Edinburgh Lying-in-Hospital, and Surgeon io Glasgow' Lock Hospital, beg to call the attention of the public to their National Mode af Treating and Curing IJifeases, and may be consulted daily from t* A. M. till U P. M., on IIISF.ASKS OF THE FOM.OWINfI ORGAN'S ! Ilrain. Fye. Ear. Heart, Lung*. Lirer, Stonaeh and Inteitinal Canal; J'anereai. Spleen, Kid ney* and remaining Urinary Or gant; Midwifery and Viteaten af Women and Children. Surgical Cafes — Operation* of every class nnd character performed. Catet ofXcrroui or Acquired. lhbUiU,, lUteatet of the Skin, etc., etc.., wc beg to draw particular attention to. Also, Fibrous nnd Mu>cular Rheumatism, commonly called Chronic nnd Acute, and generally produced by the use of Mercury. DOCTORS I'KHCY k CO., All Dupont street, bet. California ard Pine. N. I}.—AU letters for Advice or Medicines promptly answered, nnd out door patients attend ed to day aud night. SHU Francisco, Aug., 18C1. 41:in3 Dr. J. Browne. Wo. 019 Kearney Street, corner Commercial, Physi cian and Operating Surgeon, Member of the Royal College of London and Edinburgh. Graduate of tlio Universities of London and Edinburgh—First prites for anatomy and chemistry, and second for medical jurisprudence for the above named Uni versities—lion, physician to the Edinburgh Lying-in-Hospital, nnd Surgeon to Glasgow Lock Hospital, begs to call the attention of the public to his rational mode of treating nnd curing dis eases, and may be consulted daily from 9 a. m.till 9 p. m., on disease* of the fallowing organ* : Drain, Eye. Ear, Heart, Lungs, Liver, Stomach nnd Intestiual Canal; Cancers, Spleen, Kidneys nnd remaining Urinary Organs; Midwifery aud diseases of Women and Children. Surgical cases— operations of every claw and charactcrperformed. Cases of nervous or acquired debility, dlseusea of the Skin, etc., he begs to ca'l particular atteation to Fibrou* and Muscular Rheumatism, commonly called chronic and acute, and generally produced by the use of Mercury. DR. J. BROWNE. 619 Kearney streat, San Francisco Cnl. N. B.—All latter* for advica nnd medicine* promptly answered, nnd out door patients attended to dny or night. Territory of Washington, > m l oamy of Tbumoa. / /a rtr Dwfrvf Court •/the H Minsl MM. To O COLLIER BOBBINS : Ton an hereby notified tbat A nana O. Henry baa lied a t ample int agaiast yon. to aaid conrt. which will ceas mm to br board at tbe fast term of tbe cat. which (kail commence anew tban three naatftt after tbe Tib *»» of Deteasbee, IMI. Nad nnlaa* jm spa ear at said tons nad answer, tbe anaae wB be taken aa rtafcaaad aad tbe prayer tkarssf graatod. Tbe •IJeet aad prayer sf aaid rrmnlalat la to aafcree tie caßectiiia Weight bnndred Mars, or tbmaa batu, with tularin at two per coat, per maatb, ft* Orta*er. llS*—tbe aaid rm sa^iaHMt toed w*h .aid C. Attaraev for AaaaaO. Baary Coaapisiat Itod lept ». I Ml. taS mnuflamw Oljrmpik, W. T. nmiftr a ii. M »M«»- CloUunc. Boots * Shoe*. Hmt» mmd Orm,OnekaymmiO%utKmrt, OUlli, *-| -n'T », MX- 4UI ptfHMl to laAh. I, (Ma ta aMk »!«■?£• UMIMIS •II that *r« hSr lM«tfn<«v fi—■ Ha ky Tcrtk Iml fcc ho nlWw Mk n4 law Caaal liir KrMontilt aa W» •!»» f irn katr mm 4 U •kaitag aad awMat «rtk J«ar* liali»a 81f". ■« rMm »nafck4 tfcia mm 4 htt4. km ik*. kn m4t «kit* aad flnf. Tk»« •vxuk' ar * '— cm k* M d imhmUc r»t« at rrrry <kr«f ri«i ia rtSMtit OiH" VaAiifta* Trm «t. lIJIM < lUlilil cso. l. kemmy, SiVtM irtirn 4 «kr karfH H k*> *' J. Bl iUttilMEB, aaJ *W MHIH mnun mm In All It# Hrnnrln*, SHE*MAN'S BUILDING, tkcoM Maa4. tain Ik* amm*mi KENNY 4 ALEX ANDES. S*e fraacUa, Sand's Sarsaparilla, Tke Great America* Remedy FOR PITIIFYIXG THE BLOOD, will •( roi MB i riaTAix ctac rot mm m mm rains. AS AX ALTEItALIVK AXO O/ATIX'U ACRXT, IT 18 I'XIUt'ALLKD A PLENTIFUL supply of pure blood is essen tial to animal life. When tlur proper circula tion of the vital fluid is impeded, sickness is the inevitable consequence, the secretions become un healthy, the liver becomes clogged with impure bile, which forced into the system, vitiates and in flames the blood, engendering scrofula and cuta neous nnd biliary disorders. SANDS' SARSAPARILLA will gently stimulate the functions of the stomach and bowels to a regular and healthy action, and without nausea or purging expel all deleterious ac cumulations, purify the blood, equalize the circu lation, promote perspiration, improve the appetite, impart tone and vigor to the system, nnd gradually but surely extirpate the disease, causing all un sightly excrescnees to disappear, and leaving the skin perfectly smooth and flexible. Price $1 00 per bottle or 6 bottle for $5 00. Auk/or San da' Surtaparilla and (eke no other. Prepared by A; B. k D. SANDS, Druggists, 100 Fulton street, corner of William, New York. For sale by Dr. B. Willard, Olympia. HENRY M. M'CILL, [LATH SECRETARY OF THE TERRITORY.] Attorney-at-£iaw f Cvmminioner of Ike Court of Claimi of V. S. —AND— Commissiocr of Deeds for Oregon and Washington. WILL devote special attention to the prepara tion of the necessary papers to accompany claims under the act of March 2d, 1861, for the payment of the war debt, and to business before the U. S. Land Offices. OFFICE—On Main St., Olympia, W. T, [4l] ShcrilPi Sale. BY virtue of an execution issued by the Clerk of the District Court of the 2d Judicial Dis trict of Washington Territory, and tome directed and delivered, againstthegoodsandchattels, land, tenements and effects of Lewis Ensign, I have lev ied upon, **ized and taken into execution, and will sell according to lawr, at the court-house door in Olvmpia, (the Capitol building,) on Monday, De cember the 2d, A. D. 1801, nt the hour of one In the afternoon, the following described real es tate, viz : Lots one, two, three, fonr, five, six, sev en and eight, of block forty-three, (43) in the Town ofOlympta; thesametobe sold to satisfy a judg ment rendered by the said District Court in favor of George Blancbet, add against Lewia Enaign, for the sum of thirteen hundred dollars and Interest thereon at ten per cent, per annum, from and after the 15th day of April, A. D. 1859, together with costs of suit and increased costs. Marjent Meadow Grata Seed. THIS seed the acknowledged superiority of which, for either dry meadows or for sandy prairies, fot pasturage or for mowing, has ren dered U ad popular, can be found in quantities to suit purchasers, at the store of C. E. WILLIAMS. N. B.—time tor sowing in February or March. November Id, 1881. 51:m3 Olympia and Seattle MUXBSH a amurr * asiui, I rusca i'un, Olympia | Seattle. itiifiLtrr, MiUBACi, Taetotim efAppto; «• " mar; 4ft " nam; « Cherry; m - Ban; Btoabamrf OsaMiaMal a : Ltllk tj| mH «a At yNakN, aAt tM Iv I—, 1 *i Iwirfrfwy'yf.j. Mi mSTI* mJIK'S - Zt JSlZmt f* —A. Jfc tWWl^rfg,Ml^lWWt « iti ii, iiw T »*, mt.w» VATIOVAL BEPCBLICAV. S» r*«l »JW n*» to **tafciMk i ki -*■ ■■ af Urf it « r.ailf y««fcng»Wm>.i tfc« rr«nl pmt WA* p*M «• fun; -fcirx tfc» —i fwi mt tfca JTaMHI ■*!■■■ —< »F< »NY «WIMM, k Jw!ii !. !kr tiil bkiHVita. i» tLtnf »k» af Kr. LieetJs. fc«* fcx rUi»i«f kMftcr Mt mlmin hUlkt M|Tt TWrrn wtikn IrjaUim paper ia lit D» •rirt «f r uliakit. aria the* mt in. a*4 ku l'u»u l Uut nrrd rtmi Wt< fmmrl tr aark a R*F T ■■ !■> *M«I T (FJBM* A O«EF»I «•*•* N< t!M» kw («•». wl»«a rW artwl *tei*t>ft«liM rf IW Umwwi' aywa pruriytH HI t>|M« tk» MMtfttMIMMU shirk kate Mi l» tboaa >il«ii>lliii *iH«tW I* tfcc Baulk. Hut it ii U! «>ult kere. cad ia tki> ticiM; .thai ibf i>t 'jorti.r iif tfet Stt.- Rfwhhfmn baft to Btkt il wfiil. To Ikr »knlf mntn lk> t mMrr a joaraal akich will 4nrin aatiunaj politic* ftca a mliaatl ataadpoiat. aad a kirk will ae*«r La ««ttttd from patriotic datjr by onr vitrpoa triag pressure of local iatrrcl. Term* ®f lalwriptlM. One eopy, one rear $j 99 Three copies, one rear 5 oi» Fire copies, one year , ~,, , 7 00 Ten copies, one year 12 00 Twenty copies, one year 20 00 One ropy, lit months X 00 Three copies, six montus 2 50 Five copies, six mouths 3 50 Ten copies, six months " 00 Twenty copies, six months It 0 Payment nlway* in Advance. When a Club of subscrireM bus been forwarded, additions may be made to it on the sumo terms It is not necessary that the subscribers to a club should rcoeive their papers at the same post office. Money mny be forwarded by mail, at our risk. Large accounts can be remitted in drafts on Bos ton, New York, Philadelphia, or Baltimore; smaller amounts in geld, or in notes of solvent banks. The Daily National Republican is publishe/ every morning (Sundays excepted) at $3 50 pet annum, in advance. Addresss W. J. MUKTAOn 4 CO., [&°:ly] Washington, D. C. FREEMAN & SIMPSON'S OLD Magnolia Whisky! TnE consumption and constantly increasing de mand for tho OLD MAGMA WHISKY, Renders usconfidenttlmt it mast supercede all Otis' cr forms of restorative liquors, combining as it does every element of Purity, Strength, PalntabiUty and lieultlifulness, which should rharactise a bever age suited to our ogo and country. We desire Dealeis and Consumers to notice that upon every barrel and package of our OEX MNK articles, our nuines are branded in full; and also, that to each barrel and pachage it affixed OUR KfiW CARD. With a view to prevent the success of Imposition! Imitation and Counterfeits, we hare discontinued the use of our former colored rut of tho Magnolia, Flower, and hare substituted for it a Card, contain ing an engraving of" The Phenix Distillery on the Schuylkill River," with our name printed in full. These various attempts to imitate and counter feit our Whiskies, are perhaps the best tributes to the high reputation which they have achicrcd. #§jr Inferior articles are nerer counterfeited. [Signed] FREEMAN * SIMPSON', \ Pnenix Distillery, on Schuylkill river, \ Philadelphia. 8. O. SHAW, 606 Front street, Baa Francisco, Sole Agent for freemaa * Simpson's Old Mag nolia Whisky, September, 15C1. 44:m3 A. ft. lALLIMBAOt, fill 98m m mM>< AM iiiVMcniuaitf SBSt NMA> I ANK IMI,

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