Newspaper of The Washington Standard, February 15, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated February 15, 1862 Page 3
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r*« i« in tV- a* Walh - i> i v <, I'i ,ii lis- ».rri\ il :ii W.-tfliin^'ii I - II fiini'iit nf K»!M* \ •!I.;I»I •I - • t• I- \;u/'"u. M : • t-L' , u. n lrl«. ... .;!• IMO) St. Ij.tll- i I.;" • ii- «!• —■* 1 ittl. i- " .'. ; I;-L <l. < 'jir» .li-JK-.T !i - ..-■i* f| .■ • r«»>jr» ;;r»ii'. ili y* !1 !»• ■ i\ .:u I v ,iitd 'l'i t; <ii . .-n! i lanlili '.i fc* pM ti«»:;i »i I'lir ilt-iina'mii I.IIKII«IV IU ■• ! \ •if'.l'f. . ':•! V> iltiiiiipr*. ii. iili til. IVtli I |U\ >'. iv' .i -i>. iinr »• .i.'l |. -*.ni f.«; I 'in . •. •. I < •• —I U llwii < •••»! i •: ii-- "t I rul. ;r .;:i tt»'- MM* at Vi'iv, I. in- il! iu r>»li!> r ,»,i r. :ir\ t i- 1.. -n • i.rl: I»"I |>Lili - ..! Hjant. j I T •! i-'.rr. -j ti . ~ V b •< '... i..-.\ ! . th.- ui< :iv. « f-«r i ... .-.j ♦i. .. :i. .t i- «-• rtai.i Sl~:it •.. -i•• - • ir. i-■- tiii'l «».i th ■ 4a*'it i, ■ i'i atl ilitiMjlr tn.'ll'i > HI •• f .1 Cli.i« . .—.'l l.iv ri- i"?:ikiny ll r. !« !i i. i»tdi»y. '»'!• purfdee i* Tk N».Y« k TrAtme mr* n. •« i .. ;; 111- f. ;i f.'li-:ntr'nl -it K' \ \V •'. I i • I' .ii-iiri'-i'.;t, K«r; Tltlf MM TiirWpM I! • r monad **l fcjr '•• wnl I'. • * MI. I \ v. rk il i- I' * 1 » r'i.• |lit,' -ii»ji|. K\j..'.li ,: ••.» i» to t. :i<!- /* •II :•! : i lat n:i'l Mk. hnßn awl Al iiH■ J* • i.i 1- i ; - ti !<! of on rati >n-. I* w . i 1 I.' . !,. 1-i i- !" Im- :u!:»< ki 1. i i: .1 r. :• '.li '1 i .'l,OOll r.'l'.-l*. i, ■.. : I'm:! 1 w.;» i'l ai < lima llii' - lav. I i lii - I'i' - • lir ti ■. i- \ ijr >ru::.-' ,n:i -u -.f tin- v. nr. :.n i ,i -in ilii.' jnii'iiv .im! ji-i'i.ll i'i lVi'.-i --. , I >!If.'111. \i! Tih' ii'":ji 'i' ( Uiiii ai•»it •_ arc u hi• *r i.i. hil'.' 11. .1. IS. I MINI, .lan. l itli.— It is l-' ji n'ti 1 tV.iin »!.■:■: -k. M tryl uiil. that t!i • ivli -I .1 ia ;;::a.'ki"lK laiiK-y,an.l h i-' Ii ■i ii ; • I with l,i- ul' li)',) kiiU-il anil <o wniiail il. -JOO i.'.Ui'ii prisiitirrs. CiiicAtio, .Inn. I:sth—P. m.— It is rejiro s -iiii'il (ioiici'al Mt'Clcllmi is daily iiiiproviu» I'mai sii-kui's.s. The President lins approved ot' the .joint resolution explanatory of the net to increase i!ie duties on tea, coffee and sicj,\ir. Airs. Mvra (laines lias received permission to JJO to New Orleans via Fortress .Monroe and Norfolk. The President will not receive Ceil. Jsijlje's i -iir.i.iti >ll, and says he is too an oltiec. The Chicago Journal Iris dispatches Ironi Cairo, containing news from Cliarlestoii to .l.inuary Srli, Memphis January lOtli. liiijr'Ella Warlv had run the and iirrived at Charleston, hrinpnpr Urinhill, hear er dispatches from Yancey, in Tii- Van llareu Arkansas press has an ac «• rint of a lisjht oa December 2'ith against I'l l 1 and Indians, and reports a rebel vict i". Tiie following Confederate* < inneral.- have iii. it and resigned within a year: Alajor (leii I > ivid K. TwijrjjK. resigned; lSrijradier <! Miera! Il".irv If. Jackson, ot ( re <-i Lrii'd ; lirimadier (Jeneral . !'• Walker, iv.-i'jMi d; Hrijjadier (Jeneral (iiih'on J. Pil low, resigned ; (ieneral l'\ I''. P.auu tleroy, Virginia, resigned ; Itrijxadier (Seller; I It. F. (iarnett, Virginia, killed; ltiijrtdier < Jeneral Hernnrd Heehe, \ i'jrin'rt, killed nt it'll! Hun; Mnjradier Cuiurnl Thomas P. I'loiirnoy, died in Arkansas; < tell er d John 11. Oravs-m, ot' Kentucky, died; General Sr. (icor;re Cooke, com mitted suicide; Jeff.Thompson,died at Mem phis, January ;>ih ; Cdch Jackson, died at New Orleans,.January sth ; Colonel Shuhrick. died at Nashville, January fth; lie command ed the Taxas ii'ar;;vrs. W. C. Preston lias been appointed Com iii:iinler-iii-C 'liief of tl»' rebel Kentucky troop:; «t Howling (ireen. The (Jalvestou Xrif.s states tliilt n vessel lulr.i with two hundred thousand stand of linns, owned by Jfelick of \ew < Orleans, has lieen captured by our lilocknding lleet. More troops started to-dny fiom St. Louis to join (ieiieral Grant's Southern expedition. J.ively times are expected. Kadtitcn, United States Consul at Teiicrifle, counnittcd suiciile in that place two weeks since. The New York Post states, 011 pood aullio ily, that there is u parly in South Carolina favorable to a settlement of the difficulty. Ciiicaiui, Jan. ISth.—The Chicago Tri li>nir* sjM'cial trout Washington, .lan. Iltli, snvs the Judiciary Committee 011 the hill to confiscate and eniuuiipule,stands four against. Aickuian, chairinan, is absent. The Senate will pass a bill to abolish frank ing privik»gi*. The Arntv Appropriation I till. rported from the Committee on \\ ays and Means appropriate* liearlv two hundred mdl.i'its fur j'.tv of vol«nt<frs, itiiie million* t-«r pty <>t n iulars, oil • million f>r Wi-stmi guii-lioats ami for armament of foriitieati«»n. »»ir one million for urdmiire. eight niiH'. 'ii- for army • lothiiip. th.:i\ t >r 10 uiiiijt luring ;ri»s ;m.«l for national tinny nearly two millions. 1, M tli4t.ll <»f the I'UtriH of ( l'llil' his in itu|»ri-««»Biiij: iuuo»-<-i. ! in \\ asiiiiigioii jail. ami bt ii: ill «<«!■!< t" l« t >h) 1 .-it lit j iii. has called iloru Hp >a hi* he . ! ..tdijril "i -i fn>m ovriimly. S> -nai - > -icnU\ iu:r i.luo d a bill t« c! ir ' !ir - : -t! ■■i'lli r»o;i» ag:»i'i»* m h i.u 11 >«' ir^-• 1 i»»* »u • iiwiL lii,- I .1* |l«*- 11—.n "1;*. i. I larTH |l«\;-. A i«K •l«4oi-«-*n. Kli'i • l.i : !i 11. Mv|ti«n;r.;li N< - i'h. :!l Iv, :> :In- it -publicans. I'roliaiilv iii, insul _. .1 "lan-hil 1/fM went. prevet, ed .n. '.il-, :- ;t«- -s it, lie- jail, h«-l|ted t>> f»il! ih 11. i fii\ t.r tii liiU. It pr«>\ i<i - at;. I.\. r\ • •i.m ith tiraiid Jury. th re Khali U- ;i ;*• il d tiverr «»f ail jn-rs-iii* not iin Vr indict 111 it.i.l held »U Cuil judg-.k Ut ..ficr i U"... >ll <T < rinM*. I'iie p is.-p >rt hysteia his l«e» i>ai«>i.. h. ■ & . I . mis. Federal troops now hold i is - -ari. lWu»l priitouer* are beiii# cap'urcd »v»ry •Ut iu North llmwuri. •**i\ month* troop* in Missouri *id lie 1 a— " 1 on: of wrvice unless they wish to enlist 1 1 tin' war. A ( ai.'o Ji.-putch. tlatnl.Taiiii.ny 11:1.. -v- St.Luiiis and lyl.r ». it '• ■«!» iln- rut.- vc.-vrnlay within a luik- ai«l a i. .If of (' >llllllllll- ami ojH'iic ! ti •• <>ii tin* ril>W Kittrrii«. Tli''V r nfVr piniiij wfciit llii'irr .iti-I titer «1«—"r»«l. I •»»! tliillk« lit. i'L li"- V. Ijol t: ■ t ll" i..U r.-tiuci- Co « • «.iir» 1.1. < a <4" ! '■ r.. 1 in K murky. im ; lit • i-m-mv, i; ! r ll'iiu|>lir--.»l 'I. tv.» I I';. '.Ti Ij*! Kriv. J.m. Mi-It. >kinnfali jtuh jt • ■ •l< - L. «iJ «»111 r. v, tL« ! i 1.-rai ir.*.|>- < :.l jr 'i t]i «n my. nm» t |» -!•-! •»., . ! :!I. Ili '■ i»»n~ht till •i srk. *li. n ili l'i il. r.l« dn-v- »!•-• .iwinv fn.ui lli. ir |>.-i*i-•: M ir-lwll c.-vrifd <<f .-i ni.-J ,ri \ i.r ll i I avil all t!.. v." N- »i •: t>i u tu 11 ' vi.i il. a.l wrxv t ' .11*1 "il til* tl« i'l. I il*' • 1 ' i* 'l* '•*! I'-iH i -it t.< 1 -„ th.m i-\'\. • bitti' t.ik« it f.. -fi' • - ••••! •- '-* ! - ij*f»Ti tif\ ,| .• ;.. "... f. • aitd . i . .1 'i'i. • » .y l.tiß»t • i l; .r r '!• *. * I' i |ii• Tie Al—i*l C.L.*»i i iii? Fcitiiii Advertiser. iv. Yv". T.JYb. 1!. 1 **> l f.: , ~ . ,s» . . hir<i : —I ti<»tiii <i iti tin* I'.>rt!;.tcl -I ' ' Kil». I*?. ar> , ui tijinit m\-v!t ninl t'.io \\ . P. in;.i t.:i. Tii> t'i I : .ati of Kl-Im'V - •• •• Is.\ -(.it I kliow til l»0 1-JIISiiI ! A J.lik lrtii'l" V.litti II t'lliilll ill \vl»i. ii I r***s'i*-v«l liit'i. l'«>r ri-a-ott" llifii iriv.'ii. to >t j. j;jv j- :j < r. v. !::••!» K-ttor lit' tliir.- |-isl>!i* li. Hat lit- a.-.«.iiilt H|»uii me i.rt.H. little cuti<i'i|Hi - u««* l»»r In ii'itii'i*. N"t - hnwfvi r. lii« jier«f< n ti in nl tno ol\mjiia Nui-y I* iiMutT.. t!. !. ,i- ( ■•iijiiv Winilv (iuanls, ami ntlior braw :i: l irallnnt incii. w'.o, n<«vi a i'ii! 1 \*.:!11 1 i's ni-jlit. In'ntfil, -jiiirroil. an:H 'l and i;j:iijijivil. v. itii nwrilowiiij; ijiirits »|!- »\vv- 1 tin* tin Mo. bravo, ur,,n *ti cailaiii, patriiitii' Col. 1" ratii'i-'ii from Chinook street even 11111.» l,el{ oy's I'.daec, \\it!i bottle drum sticks discoursing eloquent and " very grand mii-ie on /.e sheep-skin lid aye, let it bo remeiubi red that there, too, was the war horse, w '' neek was dot hod with thunder," upon whieh wns mounted his Kxeellency, " whoso plume after the fashion of the great Bourbon was of doleful length"—behind him mounted the late Commissary and Quartermaster General, prepaml lbr anv emergency, all vowing, in words not to be mistaken, that should that hcil-de*erving traitor Curry be come atable he should be hanged and buried in cross-roads, well knowing that his soul would haste into the bosom of Ar nold. To speak ill of men of such no ble parts ami purposes, is too base lor even a traitor. Xow T, as a patriotic Ameriean citi zen. having not the fear of Davis or his Portland pimp before my eyes, .".moon strained to raise my voice in their de fense, and now Gov. Curry, you ape hrowed, nsh-eolored abolitionist; you black-hearted, blear-eyed, clieese-faced knave; you weasol-souled *vire-worker; you oily-tongued, eel-natured, evil eyed. plagiarising, blood-sucking, mon ev-loving, man-worshipping, ollico seeker; you who have grown fat and greasy from the public funds; you who would tear the best government —the first born and fairest daughter of free dom—asunder, were your puny power cijiial to your desire, in the hope of getting position; you who are laboring to set the great political caldron to boiling, in the vain hope that you will come to the top, //<ut liltli and scum! A mere remnant of deformed mortality, you have the permission of the Assist ant Adjutant General and the W. T. militia to free your guilty soul id all the billingsgate your treasonable sheet will contain. Yours spitefully, J. \V. JOHNSON. A Communication. Oi.YMl'lA, W. T., Feb. 11, 1 SGI. KIITTOTT STANOAHD :— Drnr Sir: —Will vou ho so kind ns to insert the following in your next issue ! Jty HO doing, you will '"reatlv oblige. Yours Respectfully, H. J. KVANP. AIK XOWI.KUU KM ENTS. Mr. atid Mrs. It. .1. Kvans gratefully ac knowledge the receipt of various articles, to the amount of about ns the proceeds of the donation party of Friday evening, 7th iust. Thanks to the Indies who origiuited at id conducted it, to the Surveyor (leiieral who furnish. H n ro»nn for it. to all who attended aii 1 conirilHite«l to it. and last but not kuM to vou kind iilitor v.ho have advertized and do 'acknowledge ii by iheinsert'. >ii of this iu y wr coluir.n Wliil-t v. • are taught that il if m<«r«- bU s'l t>i -.'.v. l!r.n t«» will'; yet, tin- reeipi <iiis I. • I ilnl und rMI h 1 ircmn*-"ii;ie«» it i* I ,nl V i,l— 1 I" r> CJHV.- rd-i. end P'ay that all ihe 1 uti.b:. I rlilily rer.i\e gifts. I ih t< :.:p ral andl 'l l! !: 111 the " Ijving v. u< • h n richly .'II thing* t" I'l.jirt . ' I'. S. lii ink- in Mirii a» birr ciHu- rfi-J j rita'e f.Hiii* also. - • • j . i »*« areer ii*'/ r; .. «»■ l»;ui ti tar l' . ! - v v • !;• t" J t«*». «*li-U«1 U'er and >,l fmrtamt 11 b- rwrivi-il by Wr fnun the Atlantic Mih «c «iU U»ik u < xtra lor utir - ii' 1 MARRIED: , At . I *•». *♦««• i' *** ill - t 'u- r. b« Judge J. S. Scammons. Mr Edward H Boyce *' l t. ' utr M tl.t .**tr. £-■».* .i j •..« 11j 'h . Hetty Scammons t«l 1l Uu».*, Vaime. OLYMFIA WACOM HAJTUFACTOET. Stuart A* Klm-k^liesir. "\\ * I•rUl'in! "ii thri iiiirn*<»f Ulrta i i m;i I lli i!f. u.iiim »<>;mlrv t • i'i• i art m« i» luufi'-tminj: W Aiit(Xl*.('AU- Kl.VtiK.- ntid IH <i(ilh> .if nl! .lc s.ri|.tin;,.<. from , , .. .( . in '• Ml ,i. t' .r tth.'iiV. ill! M willfc* uUti iur\. li.iii-.-. \( r. .1 at the 'i .*nlfr mill*. hiiop coraer 3d«'liin<M>k ftrrflK. | •tlvill/i*. I'<" ' lll'lf lIW. SEEDS !_SEEDS!! To Uralrrn. I :irnnr. aud ot!»«*r«. V » »fT v r 11» < ir« ♦♦-.••n* '< . rtmrnt of Prr*h. Vi- «Jsrlr!i ,1 "i K!-w«r on tli * IV. iJit i «»t. Ircu lii l»«>t . D*nr in tar >• !»♦» Ktin»pt- ronif»n*ii!? <u |»«rt I". *«» •!♦, Alt ilia t'iaaver > 1 «•«!. pi r<*. growth - *♦ I K- !('!«• ♦r>• * \ 1 - • il#- \\ M»ie ilutcii r 2 **'• » li--. Titutftln ! l.*- M»|Ui II .*■* v*J 1 . |K. VII lift Sri I I ■ • !!»• I.u tv •*! vir •I* i-L lit *1 u|» Srtu. 73 fe . k K . tji Btm t'.zu IS. I. Km*m K%r > r!. - XII -!a )mf4 Lava <•; % ln|. 1 >m|»r.>in •'!••■ r « i« Kh ii >*t* t V . -11.•!«•:.»* > • Kni OttN iWftiil tin Srti 1' !• i*h < f*r.iir!r • 1 •»■■•<'!* . • Khnl I. .| P !: ! V| 4 Mg Wu: T . r; !;♦.♦ : • !.. I !i!« . I I! r » P. T ur;n|» ilUnm| It . t 11 !*:.• ! T .*»• }• fl| •ill- I." \* !».•!• li Nt«!. 1» ♦ i:- i T T*irni|» S ■!. MwtlriaifCaivaL 1 •<» p.«. \\ hit,. i < ..rr »* A- -m > I ittr. J», T<||* |»M«»\>. 1 • r « lii a'l lla« t*i.« i f t -• i If Nfi »r • Bftt |it ill m ' n Ifl If »*- - I > .- S, rili. II !.'«• >!»••' r •. . I' •I'M/ K .if«-. S..* *. i-:» «?• 1: \- .»f l*H» .1- rtf.l j.ul tip rt j'T !■ ?.>r «!«•..'•: \ Ix• •r. ! «f■ • >«: ut r ill l»e n... !•» fli* tr i"! VV» *« r *i ■ r:of !*»i* '.i !* - !f » mur II"' t "I* - uf« ti |»a« \t » •«» ? r .n,\ «li : i-i »*-'tjlo • 1: A!', old. r- -Vr ...It. .1 r. y\. I:KN V A. <<». .| I' 1!.. S:lll I'raii' .10 Will meet with [iotij; ;t' 1:: i«»:i. IViirn irv I. I 1"m ! s.u r.s: r. rzz.M OO KS:t(tr: j Mrcct,, S-tll.i; A>rc:(t for Til.TttN A; M I'A 111. A MVS iclclii.iH'd I'lic-l'ioof 11 ill Sitl't'X, Tiii.- Safe is well known in the lii.irket fur its 1111- s irp 1 ;sed tiiv-|ifuof ijualitv. hating withstood in California. a« Mill i" the Ka t, the lritte.-t lire.s known. We am refer to endless eertilieate - troin jrirties in our towns, where the-e SalVs ii.ive been snhjeet to the most severe tests of its fire-qualities. These Sales are secured h; our Combination This Lock is ill every respect the most secure one in use: il require:' the key mnl eoiiihiiiiitinu In onen the Snfo. If the key should tie abstracted from the owner, it would lie jierfeetly useless to the liosxessor wit limit his knowing the combina tion. or mental key, whifh the owner tarries in his head. To Innse in want of a reliable safe, we offer the aliove cheaper than any other ill the market, jtetf- A large assortment on haml unit to arrive. F. Tit,MAX, 2i*:Gm. 00 Bntterv st.. San Francisco. BETTER THAN PRESTOS k IBHIII'S AM) Licss Prices! noinoMii^ CirALLEN'tSE YKAST I'OWDEI?, rrr.r.y t;i .iam.v7v.7.7», IF NOT SATISFACTORY, TIIP >1 oncy 11 111 lie Evt'f iirtird ! Fur sale liv all Jobbers, ami l>v .I.'t". WISAXS, Tut California Street. Who w ill also ait as commission agent for juir ch:i ing :'!! Minis of goods. San Francisco, February, lPfil 1 l:mn XX-^XJXji CLOTHNC EMPORIUM, 17H Clay St., ami IC)7 MontKonnu'y St., San Francisco, lii<! ITS l!roathv:i], Xon l'orli. ("CONSTANTLY on hand the best selected and j most extensive assortment of Gents'and Hoys' Clothing on the I'acilie coast, which wo can and will sell lower than any other Mouse. ISov'Nnml Urnltt' €'lollili»pr mntle (O Or<lt>r. LOCK WOOD, KWKLL k ft). January, I!> 1801, 10:ly PHELAN'S Billiard. Saloon. rpilK above Ililllard Saloon, with RIGHT FIItST \ CLASS IMIEI.AN TAIII.KS, is now open to the public. The Cushions on these Table ? arc the |atc.-t patent, and are a great improvement on their predecessors. The KOOM is fitted up so its to combine ELEG ANCE with FOMI'OIIT. The bar will be ki pt supplied « ith the \ cry i hoice-t brands of Winos, lilquorc, cb Sogars, And the h< p". bv strict attention. t » nierit the patronage i»f a'l who ntlmire and ptac tue the GAME OF ItILMAItI»S. D I.vvt 11. M. i: IU'«;HI:S rtr<l Mop.* 't.tnrrt* ♦ . Or»;w»<iir ilit* New Nrlrupo!i! ;i Tl. .i^rr Thr -r rj!- r !«» inform t!"* p'J ' • that t • * \• pi *ti• m J HIU.I \!;l» SAJ.IH iV i • ,»♦ n !'t! In r# -fn»w au«! f«T l'Ul.Ll\')i I'alrat (uiubinallon 4 Mkblotia autl "ciii i till* lUiil>. Ait'! Trimt.iliiT «»f nrry i t'*. »». «»t pnrriu»i&; T*will l'if- !. *. < an «.r.!w'ri»u ti fnMo « u* r r f f if. •♦«!* J« . «»• r*n fi*.» i rNii »« i| f«»r the ' n^i«»n« •t. l Tji!..- * Mr. I».\N I.V.M II m;U .; v .v - l«e ban-: *u*t rn«i? i«» u»v* n!i r*H|qm«i « '♦• rff lo th" v c J! STI.V I'KI.K* |;R \TKt» f:llJ.!A»:i» TAW.W Thr «al>«ritwf • ••r»4ui!l) in rite# nil int* rr«l« «1 « t • mil *uJ • ttaminf M. K. HlVHfc>. Ajr ui f" r !*»*• ! "t's Cf»tni mat.oa « u«l»- ion* At.*! \ T»l»lr#. I S*n Julr I*. VMI. >;ml i.r«» i ~J. • Ulr ««f 11. 11. * Co. i BOOK* A\D NTATIOIKRY. .)/ | VOLS I.AW HOOKS. • I' r1» Vol*. MiMtlUwoa* U<k>L>. IOd.OO" \ uU. S tit Mil llixif. l.ftnfl " Mrdiril lionl*. 2.ikk> llrmn- liiltur I'liprr. MM lli «ti: .t'ap I'nju-r. :.i»o !.r; nl < "aji. .iii'l ItrJD'i Note I'np'-r. Knrilvpe*. aMvrtcd. w«!p at the rMm \>r KKNNY * AI.EXAXDKIt. r. a, .-.uJ <.<!" Strict. Sun Frutscw" Jiin»3, IMI. :tS:«a^ BROOKLYN HOTEL CttKSLU BKO.I/t MM I'.I XJj SAXMOME ST*..

SAN FRANCISCO. rpilf. ;-"»pri*t#ir of thi< wrf! known and >-A £ "I !•• !«(bli»beil l!ou*r i« still at hi- old jjl t: ■ »■« —fcdinjr the ; ul.lii for the low sutn of rot • r> •!!.»** |«r wctl. ami thr ■ n i« *• S*till tbe» i • *ut** ' Thi« llotcl w.-i* •»tah|i>b<-d in 1*52. an 1 L |T' "r.r(ipf to if lrD-Luva r« an<i at the -..m. tint** j»:f lomMdf !u n-f itm N4nr»r t* aM tn th.- r- ~if.>rt anil . of his pu«-t- The Hr.«>kir» Hotel •A U.t'N Kill alarm* l»- rradr on the wharf 03 •' 1 .-riiv«l itftljf 'lwrntt'. In ri'dtr* •! thi ir bapgngr to thr I!«n«r. fr.-e nf ibirp. T• !'.l!i«'kl.\ \ t!, - desof the wa^-on H".ir4 |*r <L*i >. ;—r»*rj |>ct *«» '■ 'faU. —• I (cat* . Lodging* I" r ■Mkllltfl:—. io crtit. |rr JUH\ KKI.I.KV Jr.. Proprietor .-•n rr»®< itrn «».-t. l'-tii. I*l. 4«'ttin RUFUS WILLARD, 1 aii«l Stimtm. n f . S»i It> V\ 11.5. uf fhc i ui* I *■«"». \ \ , V«• j i». ■! • 1 •.. • «• 1 I v. ? Trtwbmw, aim Ui i 1 » iht : /«ti- «»f o!\i« ;}..«• atij p l.u ■* • »tin!rr in :!1 |U 4r)MiiUKii!' «>f '♦.» if! v j V. . j. *1 X " • a • :t I , i . jrittr I*l- •-f \- •• * T rtl- !•••«* r !jv*t hr *■lv, Hi » MMMI lIMW « f «• |» • ;T«f * 111. ) ! tin.' »f XI r« -*r!i !»♦ !i l t '•» *!•« *• I t :••• 1 1 -i it Tli*- lin • «»f !«!« |i|tH. t« »•. t«• w li;« i. 1 »i.*- t. ill I r f|r% «>• tt J. f i' rti« i*. r r "!l If •mi«! t»» 'li- - « uI h diucii a:i l • .1 aaU all or» tuu aCrc -1 •?» «»: i:t|iia. A -it 111!• :*♦ i. .n*. tf S7VTZmJ3 E3XVO EFiSMtliiLSiitya Kit Mio\ A\u WOlfiEX !! ITiia! t'onslltiitcN Kruilh f I'ure Illnod. Nat.trnl I'er |iiratioti. tlood it|»|«c?it«• for l'ood, Sleep, Ivvrrrise and the I nients of Nature, with Strength of llodv. Mind and I.iinl's—Activity of the l.ivcr, and all other Natural (''unctions—..tieh a state i< felt hy all. after using Dr. tl'oblirr'K Invisorutlnp; Cor dial Siiii;;cii.'i«'i- J { To many, the a hove tnav seem extravagant prai-e of this concoetion. hut if tltoy could see, ns 1 have, the many whom this has restored to health, they would not he surprised lit nny lan (.•tiiijre uitcii in its praise, To oiler more certifica tes, is useless ; at least eighty have already lieen published, and only the thick-headed, sclLwi-e skeptic mid unbeliever can doulit that it is the most hles.ed health-restorer and strength-giver ever invented by man. It restores and perma nently invigorates the broken down system. Xny. more, it replaces natural weakness and strength. T' l * -pomling it revives, the fcelde it endows with vigor, and the cheerfulness and strength which it restores, or creates, it also prt serves. To tiie sickly wife il imparts that degree of vital force necessary to the crowning joy and great ob ject of matrimony. To the debilitated husband, it gives the nervous and muscular energy which characterizes manhood. In all cases of nervous disease, low spirits, indigestion, liver complaint, indisposition to menial exertion, lassitude, emaci ation, impotence, Ac., iu fact. 111 all complaints, acute and chronic, which depress and weigh down the mind and body, it is an absolute, inftlliblo gpccille, NAT!"UK'S OWN 15KMEDY Foil MAN SICK- NKSS ! I That creates, reproduces New end Pure Blood— that nets on the liver, heart, brain, intestines, limbs ami ehest—that revolutionizes the whole system —gives strength to the most debilitated nml weak—tlmt contains no in■ Till, or other poison. Stteh is. in truth. Dr. Jjicob WcMiernJustly Famous In- vigorntinj* Cortlial Sanguitior! The rxtraordimiry ami •.trangc cures ell'eeted by this beautiful herbal concoction hasnstonished all: it seems to suit pveryconsiitution. Tub Oi.n. tiik I'l KHi.K, Tttt: liAXfit n>, feel life and blood i given them. The roue, the dissipated debauch ee, the weak from long disease, from taking too lunch medicine, calomel and ot her mineral poisons; the young man whose manhood is wasted, where nature's functions are inert and lifeless, experien ce: the bliss of HOIH'ST AND VIGOKONS MAN HOOD ! His appetite is good, his sleep quiet nnd refroshing. his mind unn memory clear and cer tain. IP-Iju Sold in quart buttles bv it & c «. C K V\i: & llßltill IN, Sail Ki ancisco. And all Druggists in California, Oregon nnd V> nshingtou Terrtorv. BERGERS BIJOU BILLIARD TABLES, WITH litLffifiTiTMMISMCSS rpilK desires to inform tin- public { that be has now on exhibition, «t Fhclan's New Billiard Saloon, \| *:rrri jntiltf Ihi' J|( ir( |KiliU»i Tht • , .j, of the NliiMf tnculioii'it lt!!.!.I Ai:f> TA- I I S.S. tiu*i ±u\.\r* |»nlrt>u« oftlir XU IU.iI <i A MK, • .-ii ami r\amit»e it. Thr 4ir« M M, :,r, Mo». llr, ihc ul»!r* in llir it .in •; t« rm* of«u li<latii<U. To|tiUl»' l.tlii il - thw T-.M* « •'«•'."».i'-*4 f pfr'mlH oi. » . ». !;! »»| hr • n»i »»ic; t *ft nn-l ** an «*r- ' !• if {.ru i'ir* for • j»ri*«tr i!»fllir_ there i nut|i'a| murr <i» -irjtili *n ►b«»rt so b»u-rtioUl tw it. i •'« «ilh inr jifrlfti'iew to * «■iuf mrtl 1-; ! -IK ul l ».«■ **H at -.n lirutl*mrn about In UaiM r< -.leper .hoaM >'« »r-u. »»1- 1,41 f,.r KtLMVKn n«»«i\4. *hrv their f.rjilr <»n *'j- tin it'! If. r»mr „f 1..11 r!«. M E. n.K . -1 T»' !r >1 t»»«*<ißrfr, An: A rut fv.r l iUX V\ > PATENT COHlii \*ATi«»\ < I >III**NS. r\r. m fir. 1 v :• *.♦»:: t-J r • if*. Xf 7?** #!*•s *r.'H r\ •trrr-f. B?».. ! .•* Kzr* i affile <»r j»\an A**!uu» CEO. L. KENNY, U AVINtJ «ilkiltu Ihw tkt finuofU. II lUte- I 1 i n.fl A f'o.. U»- tUi< *inT «-.-<« i*»i J L.ui.eli • >»¥ Mr J. u. 4LK%AXD«:R. a-«i mil] U'Ul.uur the M nil SUM MMV\ In All Itn BrHnchof«, At MS tiail urn* MMrtvvmery Mrrrt. VII EH MA XS 1111LDIXG, the ultl ktmd. wider the name of K F.N.NY * ALEXA\r»KR. Fau Kruuriffn, Mrv J. H. JMIIMi 4 TTOR rei M Uf. Ml ... ' k IMqr, r\_ uu<l rru« tr»r in Adfuirftlt.r ?eMt!e. >f«reh, I Ml. if 1 Bitni, mum *€•„ iMmr'Htm to Pr»v. Jt-llrr f fV ) DALLES AXD COLVILLE, VMLUIU AID KffTAfl. Milßft* IB num in merit iihkk clotbßto, •oors. moK. HATS. 4c. ——ALSO— Kimpie amd Fume? Cracrrkt, Pi*ov ixioni*. 1 «i< |iir»Tn. V full a .retreat if 1i1M,..' rut* i-t juHv ua L uJ. MT Mr. iIL<M 'll bnnf ■ rr«ilri! of Kaa l .'atat* ■■ tiiirr >ll >«t |i«l< ktMt or aujt. »r 'ml! I* a ' to «4<-r Wilt; ia-iac«tftat* tU*u an; o 1 r «» l'th. 5 SCI. iZ at Goal Oil AM» COAL tIL LAIPK, Tl'f.K i»itb *ii i'ti'i* uf |l. rs p u*l | \l . tmo. - Ivr rai al {Tea lit r«iln rl r lt«. AUi Bro-Vapor Stoves r.»ii liKATINC / r »/ * 4 f+e ll* •' ■ / / tr rc« me rrsr L>w pt STAN FOR I» B KOTIIK US, Califor- a street. m-jr Front, !"»*u Knnciaco Aolior. Territory of W.i 2iits ar". n | hi the District Court 2d Judo ial Di-trirt. of the County ol Thm-!•>;: ) 2d Judicial Di-triet. t 1 joiin y. nKVdi:::. o»ti«r. ami e. devoki:, Dow 1 rc«« : Voti are hereby notified .1 complaint fur n f.ireelo. lire of mortgage has been tiled nu.ii 11 st \ >ll in Tin ill court by K. 11. Lniisdale. which will 1011:0 t ,n | l( he heard ut the first tvrui of tlic court, n h:> li "li.ill •■uinnriice more tlmii three month ni ter t!ic aotli 4iv of Novemlier, IStJI, mid iiiilc.cs v.lll ii|i|>Lvir ;it »:iid term 11 ml answer, the same will lie taken as confessed, and the jn-.ivcr thereif granted. The object and prayer of said complaint is. to foreclose a mortgage against you 011 certain real ■ iu Thurston county, Washington Territory, and to recover of you the sum of six hundred and twenty dollars, with interest at the rate of two per cent, per month from November 12th, 1801. HI'TLKH I'. ANDKHSO.V, Attorney for l'laintiflf. Nov. no. ififil. J:\v4 Nlirrifl"N Sale. BY virtue of 1111 Execution issued by the Clerk of the District Court of the 2d Judicial Dis trict, \V. T., to me directed and delivered. I have levied upon and taken into execution all the land claim of Win. 11. Cooper and known and described on the maps of the public surveys now on file iu the ollicc of the Ilcgister of I'nblic Lands of Wash ington Territory, tii» south-west (jr. of scrtion thirteen (lit) in township fifteen north of Range n. west: which I shall proceed to roll to satisfy said Execution at the Court-house door iu Olympin, 011 .Monday the 17th day of February, A. D. IHC2, at the hourof one o'clock p. m. Said Judgement was rendered in t'le aforesaid district Court on the 14th day of March Ifllil, against Wm. If. Cooper, and in favor of 11. A.Jud son. for four hundred and thirty-six dollars r.nd thirtv-four cents, with costs of suit and interest. WIM.IAM Itll.MN'tiS, Sherifl' of Thurston Co., \V. T. November 2, 1801. 10:vv4. TIMUIITUItY (IK WASHINGTON, \ , s County of Thurston. j s In l!ir District ftuur! of the Second Judicial District. To WILLIAM L. SMITH, .-modus subsequent in cumbrancer, in suit of A mire w Williams n. George I>rc«r, ft «/. Foreclosure of tnorlgnge. Von are herehv notified tlmt Andrew Williams hits tiled n complaint against George Drew. Caro line 1". It. Drew, 11. F. htryker, nnd yourself, in said court, which will coinc on to he heard lit the first term of the eourt which shall commence more tliuii three months uftcr the loth day of October, 1801, and unless you appear at said term and an swer, the same will he taken as confessed, nnd the prayer thereof granted. The object and prayer of said complaint is to foreclose the equity of redemption, if any you have, or may claim to have in certain premises, to wit. the interest of said George Drew in the laud claim in Lewis county, in said District, known as "George Drew's Claim," mortgaged to this l'lain till'by indenture of mortgage, dated October l?th, 185.">, to secure the payment of $3,000, with le gal interest nfter date. Complaint tiled August 20th. 1801; amended in open court, on leave, September Term, 1801. ELWOOD EVANS, Attorney of Andrew Williams. October 10th, 1851. 4fl:m3. 1* NIT ED STATES OF AMERICA, ) Territory of Washington, V 2d Judicial District. J "UTTIIKKEAS n libel has been filed in tlie Dis \\ triet Court iu ami lor the 2d Judicial Di.-trict of Washington Territory, on the 20th day of December, 1801, by 11. F. Kendall, part owner and libcllunt against the steamer Kliz.i Anderson, her tackle, apparel, furniture, engines and ma chinery. and against Daniel F. Uradford. claiming 10 be part owner, alleging iu libel ant is the iwmr of tv.<nty-one eightieth* of said stcmi-hip and tlia' he i> kept out of an 1 dc |iri\cu of Ibe possession by siid Bradford. ind and praying process ngaiu-t faid steamship, and that saiii Daniel F. lira d ford I* riled toMppiar. that Miwuinn "f mid interest in Mi'l steamer l«r •!. rcej to lilM'llatit. and tlmt said Kr.idford be «ic i r.i l tu cmvey -aid interest to the lim-Hnnt ac ceding to hi - : uon . therefore, in pur suance of the motion. lai-li-T « of sail! court. to m>- directed and delhend I do hereby fire pub lic noliff In all f-r m «tcnnt«l»!p. b«-r tackle. »|«(mr I n.| fiirnit'ire. or ii mi •utter tat rc-*rd Uwrcia. tkv l* . oJ .-.p --(» At iM-forc the MU4 > «art. t.» I b Id ft! tb" to* ~f ia-icd Lr tiie 2 I J --U .ji»tr t. Ilni'lai the tfc:rd djy uf i ■•■t. nr »<-»!. »t t> o in tb> (nfi'ioa. prt the -aee.e sh-11 Ire a d * "f Jari««?irtroti. nthfn i«f on the tfit i|.o of iirixti 'i-'t. tl«'i :«<l to ittfty»-f th»ir claim*. *n< to tl**'r f'lrftkit in that behalf. wtli.t w nrvTt\«;Tf»T r js Vi.r4al. W. T ru: 4 n.-r. ,'.wr ■*«»*» 1*" baii" I'r~" i. W. T COMET Illuminating Oil! sr- t' rr n inrtirt •of t rr)H>rt!(4 b»*l rf Kcrosono, ■ hirliii (ra -ra« or 4 Mi' rr'jr j-orr »». rntr'tri »illt ('*ui;>h< :x I'rtt.w -u. if X.-pl !;c-» <►.« it is coii-*ij.Kwiv*. «aj »UJ- rior t« I) (> W X KH'fi, or tar etfcfr »»i! m r at •4-.. We U*T« -!.« ou Sbi DftKT i »*l clUrr ill .Al. : T (if Co A I- o T 1., •a iii< Ii rc urc ?cl!iajc at th" » »r «». rsUr». 1»T4%r014U MROH.. ( AiU«Na*4«im-i. iKAr Fim', Sao Tr*«( i#ra. t. 1 4i.i±> Chas. E. Williams, llMlllllUllftimftW, BTEEL, OBOCKUIft, kc. FlaM aa4 Caal Oil. (fML C—MM —4TUM ' | fur b<Ui| IJ gallai mA Mf (wilk Ml Gmm hum*) price Cttli. Mtmk rMtitfUtM-N, wrtk ww. . A my MM pawn .** am. Miap) r G«r4r* Jwi.. !-«*• 111} C—M fit tear. Br.-.« tr lut am 4 Vmmtr Tnfi, C«cpt -log LM<. Slw HIMIII, Kai«a», lull, l'ixb«n tr. Barw, Caw and ttty Mk, E'trj Omij. Patm fminl mM HIM (A xerr Mprriar wtklf). Nrrbaalr'i TmN u4 Irtf !■!», I j fall variety.) U"iailc«-fa>4i. P*iat», Oil. Putt,! aud (JUm ; Var uirht'i>. Japan. Tutpraliur and Alrobul, Pocket nuil Tnhlc CutlfiT, llargr aitiirt iacnt). ('urn Coiab* an<t I lor** liru>h<«. il.-.Mlirr larki) P»*. der. Miul. lUlls. I.ra«l Html Cap*. liullrl Mould*, <!un Lock' Wiper*, Nipple*, to.; Cable, Trace. Iloltrr antf Dug «"hitin.-: Miei-p .Shears and Wool Cards, Urub, Planter und Garden Hock, Plow*. ('■!! I valors, NallorkN, Hruah Usoki y Home (taken, Cradles, Kcvtliex, Rake*, < hum*, Ferki, Hullcr Rowln and Trays, Ac. JAPAN BLACK TEA. CtejpTiu, Sheet Iron, Cupper nud Drug* Ware' manufactured uud repuited. N. I!—We liavc made >ueli arrangement* for tlic purchase of articles, either in Sun Kranctaru or Sew York, ug wc think cannot bat give #atU fartion. Commission solicited. ()lvni|>iu, April C, 1801. 21 :tf Doctors Percy & Co., No. 514 Du ll int street. between California and Pine, ftna )• rnncisca, /'/it/ririntit and Operating Surgeon*. Mem bers of the Uoynl Col lope* of London nnd Kdiit l.urgh, Graduates of the I'niversities of London nnd )• diuburgh, —First Prizes for Anatomy nnd ('heat i 'try, nnd Second for Medical Jurisprudence for the itliovc named Universities,—Honorary Physicians <o the Edinburgh Lying-in-Hospital, and Surgeon 10 Glasgow Lock Hospital, beg to call the attention of the public to (heir Kational Mode of Treating and Curing f)i«rn»e*, nnd may be consulted daily from 0 A. M. till 'J I'. M.. on DISK ASKS OF TIIE FOLLOWING ORGAN'S: Itrain, Eye, Ear, Heart, Lung*. Lifer, Stomach and Jntetlinnl Canal; fane rent. Spleen, Kid ntgt nnd remaining Canary Or gunt; Midiri/ery and /Ureatee af jl'omtH and Children. Surgical Cafes — Operation* of every class aad character performed. Cane* of Xerrout or Aequimf Ihbility, Jh'teatet of the SHn i etc., etc.. we beg to* draw partienlar attmtion to.- Also, Fibrous and Muscular Rheumatism, commonly called Chronic and Acute, ami generally produced by the use of Mercury. DOCTORS PERCY * CO., 514 Onpout street, bet. California artl Pine. N. B.—All letters for Advice or Medicine* promptly answered, and out door patients attend ed to day and night. Suu Francisco, Aug., 18G1. 41:m3 Dr. J. Rrownr, So. 619 Kearney street, corner Commercial, Physi cian and Operating Surgeon. Member of the Royal College of London nnd Edinburgh, Graduate" of the Universities of London and Edinburgh—First prizes for anatomy nnd chemistry, nnd second for medical jurisprudence for the alwva najned Uni versities—lion, physician to the Edinburgh Lying-in-Hospital, nnd Surgeon to Glasgow Lock Hospital, begs to call the attention of the public to his rational mode of treating and curing dis ease?, nnd inny he consulted daily from a n, a. tilt :> p. in., on diseases of the following organs : lirain, Eye. Enr, Heart, Luugs, Liver, Stomach nnd Inte. tinal Canal : Cancers, Spleen, Kidneya and remaining Urinary Organs; Midwifery and diseases of Women nnd Children. Surgical rniioti—operation* of every rUaa aad ' In. meter performed. Cnspnof uervoua or acquired debility, discuses of the Skin, etc., he btfl to ca'l | particular attention to Kil>rou« and auer.ular ] liliriimatism, commonly railed chronic Ud acate, .ud generally produced liv the n»e of Mere tier. UK. J. BROWNS, r.ift Kearney ttrrct. San Francisco Cal, X. It.—All letters fur advice aad w4iclH* promptly nonvrred, and outdoor itlwM to d ir or ui^ht. M' tb "." vi wMM per.oaal appraraare, fttnuar sad )Tiilim b | i» .v No. I. »i»hr> toaaite biatteif tea lady villi , kiniilar «|aaNff<"«(loae. Tki- ■Jirrtutr *~ilag aia > ere. a ill bffr «te«tHlw IriawV. aad be ta > uppraraaee be a ill mtmk MmHI aa Ifcr '' riuni v »«Ut »t hut. The a4»aitiiir la af rniti »ni aritlaer --(aa bu aar taa kaa daei ft t aad uiprrwirr. taiatlid raaateaaa--* : aad hr aia<t here riafr>» hr i« rala la ■tdiaf be ba* lbr a>.«t >rKM>y abiiet>>«<b. taataral aaea:) bmada. '<<— aad a« rtrar aa a cbtM • : baa liatr ami * »•►*"« •« a 4r. , Ltaaa. aa4 be raa »-«lt taa " thu: their latter benatwe acre gitta baa bar « », f« !*• tistt*. Lifaat ' Vti4 Irdta r lal ' Itn«t f-r fci. tvftaar tr»*l aad Tiaf Carat Hair Ircanibt •» U> tint. I'aaw baa.aal br -feavtoc •-1 «a<»Mi trtth Jaaa* laaliaa abaa(L • I » <-»*r •. at.ahtrd abaa aad baa 4* bate taa •**a aaa>~. ahitr aa.: clear. TWae UaaaM ar- U»)t. i aa br bad at rrai »aablr ntrt at tTfn bw rias* .a V .V,f~rm ta. «-r*~a aad lW* ■ -=-7 Or**K * MHtWAI. a mum a. t. raa i aaa O. ntujn A SON, mm ia tooui mm Olvmpta, W- T. M \nT'. br aa l .* aat a Mtk tf- U 1 >rv (kwtU, < »ri)tH»rtt^ Clnrhinc. Bootw 4b MbMw, <T>' <-//»*. fYortny twmd (?hi|>wyr. CwfCery, #*.. Taaaa—« ■»« ac (Wc; Pa.!;?: Ui>Li|w<. Sa|«t4raw«r 14. la«.; 4«.J v # Tbr bt)t parjtrr Ibe htawd I* Bal a *ar» i i'p'ntla.