Newspaper of The Washington Standard, February 22, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated February 22, 1862 Page 2
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HIMHUM intuit t. ». nfFVlll Twt ||l>|| for ti? tukart TV ' uir S» »■ f. t: ft -a 1 f-t- Y 1 I I fc •' it. lusi »ru»tu i. V f.t«>» ?—« I"** '"1 T» - ► I<i Fr»t li >' J t*T« • AilS .%•»» K 1# Bin."'* i L M.i ' » - T»"- J llltu «• r. * - «<«>«> »t> K. t. • > \ 0 t ut'. *>! » *« - C luiu. Mrtia -4M fc *ua J .a» * * r r" V. ■ i ■ -i H»*«» <' * !•« T -V fl.l-ni: S**t t » V j .r\ h* !:*. llrv :li ti • *%r rt4 J'ATl'lil'AY. I Khlll Our Indian Department. 'ITh-r lvu> Im u mu»li tin ill. >:n-. ri»l uiui li thpufb iL> culu.iiu.- "I in * -jiajiTf, iu ri'jranl I• > tin - l.ii)T'' amount" «!tn. mir riii /•nih litr •rrvicw MuliHil am! jtk'.ls furtiisiii'd thi! l 1•< j»artm«-n» It liax btH'ii will iiiMlfrhtoml tlint a •Bin of inoucv, (neatly «»tn* liumlrinl iln.u.-nml dollar*.) has Iteen received for d isburseiuen t iu this Territory months «go I»y our present Superintendent. It is also a matter of unto- j rietv, that men who have been in the service j of the Department as subordinates, on fixed salaries per annum, have not received a dol lar for the last twelve or eighteen months. It is not to he wondered at, then, that the public should have formed the opinion that there has been"" a grosa wrong committed 011 creditors, either by the Department at Wash ington or by the Superintendent. The fact that ample means were provided by Congress for the wants of the service, and a huge amount placed in the hands of the superintendents, would seem to exonerate the Department at Washington from blame, and justify the con clusion that the fault rests with tho Superin tendent, for no sensible man will contend for a moment that honest creditors have not been most grossly wronged by somebody. In the absence of any explanation from Mr. Kendall, we have been forced to conclude that he has failed to do his duty, and we have been left to our own conjectures as to the reasons and motives that have influenced his official ac tion. If it is true that the Department at nsh ington has been guilty of the inexcusable folly of putting this large sum of money into the hands of their Superintendent, which Congress had provided for tin* payment of these liabilities, and has tied up his hands, by positive instructions, so that he cannot pay it out, the head of„ the Department desires prompt removal from office for incompetency. Every apology that has been offered for ]ttr. Kendall, reflects either great discredit upon the Department or impugns the honesty or intelligence of his predecessors in office. While we are not disposed to defend the last Administration, we do intend to do tliem jus tice. As ltepublicaus, we have every con ceivable motive for having the new aduilnis tmtion our Indian affairs contrast favorably with that of their Democratic predecessors; but candor compels us to say, that instead of any improvement having been made in that Department of Washington Territory, every thing has been growing worse, until they have reached the very climax of disorder and bank ruptcy. The Superintendent is at open war with several of bis agent*, in consequence of his arbitrary and tyrniiieal com *e toward* them ill deaving them all pari ion in the selec tioa of tbeir nttonliuales; and while he has tkooaiuids of dollars at his disposal. lie com pel* thru t« trav.-l about the country in the diarkarge of their officii! dutii-s «* pmmift $0 fmy, (which our people Lave conn to re gard m aiiautf wortkie**. —a owliie.n of tktag* v*«r brfwr kaowa in th* history of tkr Dipait —■! TVr-rr HUV hire l«n time* llw Slipeiiateadeat hv tfciT. de*;it«!e t£ (MU Car a (-• ••*4*. <* «-v< a aMktb*. ami wWa ka*r krrt n4c«tl to tlw kuiil iaftina af »4iar far a awnl of rirtrjk ami ackrr roaikpiit rap™**; •■*<' «•- make ihr awttk<L «i koai of r.«:radk-ti«a. ami ia jaain t« the fcrarr ILAAL Mr. K. J F HiP ia tkr aaly WUT »»•» 1 iiamt if with tW jwUi *TT»rr >4 tkt* 1 i ill ■■ r ia the Indian. or any taker IV that ka» rrfaaed 10 pay their EAB -1 ijinii 4ara. ar advaace tk«-m a Uar fa mpn to ke iacamd ia narkiag ike dbnaat pniati ia wkirk they kad kn or 4ni mtk ftUaaaadb »f iMmrt mt iknr in pmal imruu TO T» orrr ■lat tkji piraidrJ, aad fifty or a hundred mm* Itiaf ■ iW tnwvr at Wa*k Mhfret to their 4nfi. We vnvUl mm *t Mr. Kr-vUII. or aiir «*». Ml IMMIWMI iujncwr. If it l»- tro. that k> ha* MMIM br iW IV|>artiu> ut thai hr or ditrrttiumarg [» wrr !• ipfl« llf mmer mm M for tkw fctmoj put poeee, « fcr the ytwut of I-n^ ■MB* dw iW Mhrfiin'n (p* tW< r»*T\ »- ti - •«. »•* - t«M >rl» 4 •i. «-r tWO v. ir» &z" •iw «<r I» v an«tU. iim *k+r >t *w'. *< * 111 '< rrvl NT iu.pi.*»itu# «• nut U\> J • rti it«itwi»u J iu rrrttiaf «j- a :lv pr '.i-- o ui «4 lir u.- c : pr&U lv !• 1* U' fiiul lUIr- Mb-atr. uat kw" anrtkl » Mr. £>«!».: aIH.iMfL v* kio k. a--* uudt :<«. Wtatk c-rt( <«r nVI llt ;U |v»a --t znm. f«fcnkir.-**ck»*.-prU*T>l L.ra. n «re rffrruUr Ui *> i ft *r-- »«• L - lr««I ■ • ..? ,4 ski' irinnM ti tuau. J-; . •-* II Wil ku. iui tw CkriJun M >«.«-•«■ Hi- • ,:*r- r\|Xua it j-- »•' • • < vu tLtl hM r i l : i 'U. Ufei fit.' J - IS ' riarh -|u- iv-J 4rtrv«MKtfi .n :<• «i*s brat, mi L *lr *rt <1 ili f»*«•» » i 2W j .\ - >. .<tW. >j....«■■« th»* -t! r ■ -r. pi..- pra* :r» #•«." and -r i« a f; at»i an: rtiwil or. LU all Mc B . » .4 mi sixi rr. a» if * a *i-* « ; L tfcr s»»" »»-»■ ;L^- r. » itk-l rruuM-at "( -1! fmr J.<-r t<—p t--i I u: t > •* r\pr«»r. . f»| ,*.r lU) tl:< |t. [crlmrn: nf H a-l»- '••u i- n* ■ j-n [«n i' i«> V' ki*<ult » , 4i« ». »..<! iLi» Jv -f hv I" a iL. i ■ -i4. •>! .lif ructiil «r tLa* Mr | .BT"hl » -uW fn ! • »t>li Li- p>ni.v. 1 >r iln~. <4 a bun il»ar r\ iu|uitiii£>-» »itli li.- !. aifl *!»•> *• oU a - c'l tiim su-1 iiiw:. r *ll <wi-li l« .-fUi'ti ■■■ i;> «ti ur 1...1 vrt :i oiiU r i • w L • |»ri4t - it. It Mr. K. !«.•> Ui ii MimViil, ias *«• It. iicvo li«< Las it hn* n«i I -'ii l>>r » n:it i«l"< ij..irit\. «.r IMiH-sly of |iu,-|»w in tin- ili*- ciurg!' ol hi- <'iui ial «liili«>. but Im i jium- <>t liis moral unjiti<rx* l«>r I lit* |>liilutillin>j>it° ami (Inisiiaii w.nk <>f civilizinjr tin- "sav.ipc l>ar b;irians" of Washington Ti rriiurv. W'«- ltc- lieve the most partial friends of Mr. Kendall have never claimed for liiin any peeuliar fit ness for missionary labor, and since (lie new Administration lias resolved to give the "mis sionarv system of labor" a fair trial before giv ing the Indians up to die out, in consequence of their savage and vicious indulgences, they will not be guilty of the inconsistency of blam ing Mr. Lincoln for putting a more proper man in charge of the Christian work. We hope Mr. Kendall will be able to show that his greatest faults as a disbursing agent of the Government, has been a failure to ex ercise properly his discretionary powers, and allowing bis personal enmities and prtjudiccs to override liis sense of justice, in his inter course with his Republican subordinates. If lie does this, 110 one will be more ready than ourself to reverse the unfavorable opinions that have been forced upon us by u most singular concatenation of suspicious circum stances —the most prominent of which are the facts, that while he lins held, for mouths past, from seventy to eighty thousand dollars in bis bauds applicable to the Indian service of the Territory, scarcely n dollar has been pnid to the original owners of the vouchers j the credit of the agents has been steadily de clining, until those that have given them credit for supplies for their agencies have refused them further credit; and the Imlian vouchers offered upon our streets, under the very eye of Mr. Kendall, for fifty cents on the dollar, without eliciting from liiin the slightest ex pression calculated to assure the public of their ultimate payment. ltut for the fur tunato appearance iu our midst of Dr. While, tilt; special agent of the Indian Department, Messrs. Lodge & 1 terry would have parted with a claim of fifteen hundred dollars for seven hundred and fifty could they have found a purchaser, when they w-crc entitled to payment dollar for dollar the moment they had finished their work. Of the thirty thousand dollars which Mr. Kendall claims to have disbursed since he | has been in office, we do not know of n \ dollar that has been paid into the hands of those who earned it, and hence our deduc tion last week, that there might be a design to let the scrip find its way into the hands of the Portland bankers at a large discount. I IIV do know that the Voucher* of Mr. W right, of Siuicoe, for one thousand dollar*, (a year's salary) *as refused |un lueiit by Mr. K'-ndall, ai:d iu n f< » hour* al'trrvardi* WOK sold to one of hi» lat 1 mat* frieutW at a large discount. Other instances might U named, but We f.irl.eir tie ir repetition. We allude tu this |»anlciiUr case by way of illustration. We cannot say pimhrrly that Mr. Keu.Ul has control of any taotiev »pr riuJ/if np{>rnpriat>-d far the j>.n uirut of p.-MH uUr salary. ludeed. have l*> p.»i tive eVldetvr he ht» II»4leV Ur |Nliu; nal arte* at all. We have » right, bom < rer. to rnttelade that it iuteadrd fur *>M>r j« eaiM-rliti »ith tkr service. «w a woold Lot n«t have been tent ken-. If Mr. K> 11- «?»ll m««M la infem the paidir (lot pirl.'wUr rlmat of thiiuo this eijbtv tki-dwud dott-tr* a? hi* ii»p , *ai aa* »v --tiilii ap|>ro|>rt&t<il to . al h »«-gh i" tuigkt i ajmrr tkr <4 ■« uukv-Aatm, it wuaid greatly Lraa fit the credit of ike IVpartaKOt. aad UP «f great |*r#aiirr ad vantage to tlnar of oar cilia*** wk» k<44 tkr or wka are BOW ia tkr *rrirr of the IVpartax-nt aad livtag <* tkc credit of tke (ioieranirnt. We hrar »/ bit r»tß|4atat fn«ai ikr (W frrliac nm th*rr ia rrery lfeftarriomt of tkr »rfTirr. TV apu'f k|Tr fiuli far ramiif ««» (hit rnfwtiri- tpirirt. aad an- all>>v.-d. a* tb«-T rk •old U-. amJ mJurmft iwrr irra, iiuiii! Vf KrwUll «uw iat-i «f --irr. lln *«4rCt ikir M« »«UnltMtt«. 'lhe •awn- mm r W «iH if i'aliloruia. Thr i«r»- ' • 1 i J.i ; si. 1. .Til*v. lr# t->runat<. I*U «»••! Irm it- ■L» odK * iniat of a M! übtnuatrx<f ik«- li .—n I'> ptnau ut . Mni *. ii'i I'l I- affu-'f tbr xjjrrl Ml rli>m «f •HIT a>uiit«. u»:il tmr mr> #f art- ttilit* J :»■] IIH- |.r> rf tlH vimms ur it ail lb»ir a Ltl iW* H.i'r Th> »t - "—• Nn fiiinJ .Ui«ia *4 ik> iufl.ixitu Iw \-fT rkviulJr i> j. -•! t.-*ani» u.-—!-rau-r-4 •«; » |WI —UI- M 311% UK! WTR INN :L. t» x• * liuii > iir j'lm" «• if b*» ri. <i u in- kin'-. II t»* mh kiubit - ««t;f bkkliii' (kikirf, l«! t»fy n«i«l ..j i'. MUX (4flix lltlrll IMVk tiwk •«! «' np>« imr j%»—ti.J ami |»«iitiral frv-lwl- AV| 'j Mr i:un':-K aul nirr. B-lt t«twl»r-««tr ilii ••» i« c"4»-n»|»«r«M {••r k;> Liaitarw. » r» that »< r-lll»< I :m |rii<l-.Url) r <Ji k» rbttlljUr <U» :i 4ar \\ r lu.: «- ■ .* I * AltMt- • lb Sit* |v j- I t- ■ Aliil-if'-*- r-al -\\ a:-.aiau" art-i k—»l>u. Mr ti:»! • li- I* !• W « 1 *rr l.«« rtafi't'l •■i. n';li !<• wit tin Imo iti njiu! «>. J ikwitf tI a juroli- n ;u|ii«iu! - lui riii. n«ii »t *.« U-at »<■ ttiil U- . !j-». «i «<i *: i.i'ra*. \v». AL*/'>. t«,n ar»- * H >« Vr llul *< Lit * rUrlh ilv* a»i»--;tii! >4 mr Irnm' J Lll»[ t-- .. tip-.1 %d -liisi! j irade:i< ■ » a!.! 'L .' ;. *•« U- uttlhNL*. li i- not uifiwsrv f<>r ur t«» mi-r lite lion's .-Lin «'.••!< ruiii* \mtr ;» .il • uint net allude !«• tin- ut.itt< r rgrsin. ••• Now if t!j«* old r' w !! 1 t n« itnnf fir mill forgiu hi* p.HI mUilen!*, bat it h«* ever alllldo til Un ttff lin H* l-rii»«; of < I• •*. .llt V. wr u ill h|irca«i !iiui nut in »uch a manner n■* will run e linn 14* cur «• llii* da v In learned to rrud And writ'-. We li.i\<• the tiucnm*nt and il* lurosury will u«c it. A word to tin* wieis Mitti* n tit.'' Tin' above mysteriously terrible paragraph concludes an editorial in tin- last issue of I lie Overland Press. It in nliout the silliest piece of bulliraging that wc hnvo witnessed for many a day. In order to incite the ostensible of the Press to make the terrible " disclosure" we will intimate that we believe he is not too good to be just what will pay; and fur thermore, we no not believe it would drain the treasury of the Confederate States to buy liim. Come now, out with the " document." and substantiate your insinuation, or acknowl edge yourself a sneaking, cowardly slanderer, if we have formed an erroneous estimation of Dr. Henry's character, we wish to know it, and the sooner the belter. By the way, it may not be improper to add that if from any cause whatsoever you dislike to bold us responsible for what appears in our columns, that our friend, the Doctor, will " accommodate" you. "liarkis is willing." A " SKCKSHION I'm.AH."—The editor of the Oregon Stat ex man has been presented with a secession Hag which was captured in that neighborhood. It was undoubtedly de signed by Oregon's late Srmator, gozefluin. The Statesman thus describes it : On the lower corner is a very good photograph like ness of «Jeft'. Davis, surrounded by a constel lation of seven black stars. Adjoining the field is a wood cut of agreasy wench, evident ly in the act of bringing in Jc(Ts lunch. On the upper margin is the following specimcti of secesli literature: "DAmb The Union of 34 Starrs." A serpent, of horrid aspect, graces the centre, and seems in the act of swallowing "34." On the lower corner; "go in nigs," anil "ours shal be 7 stars or lilud." South Carolina's favorite tree is badly executed near the centre. FIRE AT THE DAI.I.ES AND LOSS OF LIFE. —Tli<> Portland Times learns that *on the night of Full. Gth, a dwelling house situated ill the rear of the Western Hotel was entirely consumed by fire, and five persons perished in tire flumes. Owing to the river being fro zen it was found impracticable to get water upontlin flauiits. Tlu Ttw* did not learn tin. 1 names of the persons who perished. tVTbe Vancouver iu speaking of the newly ap|>oiiitcd Governor, says: "We know nothingol'the new ap|>ointcc.hut hope he lie wiser Olid better llutii those who have preceded Liai fne.n Illinois to our Tcrrito ry. with a coanuiaaian in their pockets. and that be will not be so easily i.-i'i-i witb 'rUwaud iral»' on I'np-t Snnnii." [?" IV Itpfm a r»l»td s«i»- Mun piju r. rhtirkl-* over tkr nj<Tlimi of tkr I ui-.a mwlutiiiii.« by oar B-gulaliw AW-.M11b1%. bl%. and add.- :** Th' action <4 lltr Lftoli lure a mifmg contrast * ith the U<»»lv war-lik< rn mp mi (mr. Tsns v." A lh sr «>r liiAutL Bun.—TW Cis riiiimti t'mmmmn tml MT* llwl |»r. Kt«w. a ■cn!p*or *4 Xr* York. ka» a lif - siard bust of lir».I ir». Kakr-r. It is nearly rusa (4.l.-.L and i» and adu.iral<i bkm>-a» af tkr IT Otrrlmmd Prrm Mr* a - f.« J'» argu inrnt" and wanta t* brt <« ii'» riiraltfM. WV juimirr tW i .lam, oi onr fnmd. fin •a. «U WIT. - taot jw ban Xwa i«'t srfl 17' A patW ■ m IVifftand » t» ir- B»Tr tkr thttatliii in tkr skip rkauw-J urar Swan Island wWk so sri.aK impr4~ tkr sariptina c 4 the Wlaaatlr rtrar far OT **namn Fianris, kaa witkdrawn fmm tkr rdiiarial rilsil •/ tkr (brgwmma. If Tkr I'. S. i£mid liken, us to lb. ■SU wko bin*» tkr twttows- Wr )m «ni it Dr White and the Indian Service

\\ r had the pl«-a«urv tlii-* week of making the a>-ipiaiiitaii<v of that ren rralde r of the r*<-ifh- (\«M. I»r. WHITE, WHO »A« I. • re on ImriiicM n>«- cectaJ with tbe Indian ncrriee. It M a mwkc of (vgr» t that h« did not rr-tmiit w th n* loiifr; li-jt we U-lit-vi' he a« enough on our *treet* H> satisfy kim ©f the BraM>it v of a r j<ltflal reform ia the H-tvk*. We ha<i no OJ.J. triuiiif v of talkintr with hi'ii the •;»« *\|i*'-h have lie«-n |«-r]<«*trattil. aii<! eotiM • >!. i'alni hitu a Tew lit etiltoiul uf the " '■> /V» *. a- i'J|>r>i«iiij; our -«•?»- ttiu<>nr». to br rrad at hw k-wure. |»r. \\ h;te i> t!if l*<t thnt «-oul<| lw «.•- t« «l t" tak«» I H<I:J:I •b-|>urt:nent o»» tl i« and if !.« ;» >u>ta:turd it \Va«!iiiifl«ii, s< we ar-.- f«Hili'let»i {*«• wruS U will result the ilidui'i* fntril hm el' I >rt<. au'l ea? «-n>«lit he ri fl«-ete.| on tin |in*»' "lit Ad;uitu-tr4tioti. We bc lu \« ti<e iii'Ltui art- l ajahiv of l*iiis virilized H titer an- fivi-n in diarfi' of* tbiiM- itnh J< D with the i»|»int of a Krai nani. a Howard, a MINI 1 *ix. or a Mi-* eoutrolled. a- tin \ jrenefallr hare been • C m heretofore, hv men W !»OM* leading ol»- jivts were to " make a good thing out of it" f.»r theiim-lve* and their friend*. If a eliange is not in:ale, and tho entire PVKtviu con tided to IIICU wln»se habits and morals eoiiiniend them for the l>c novolent work, nothing belter need be expected than the "exhibition of a hypocritical farce resulting in melan choly failures." Tho placing tho con trol of the service on this coast in charge of Dr. White is a step in tho right di rection. We have good reasons for be lieving that the head of the department nt Washington is imbued with tho right spirit, and is disposed to give tho "Christian system of operations" a fair trial. No one acquainted with the honest Christian sincerity of President Lincoln will doubt his disposition to aid his subordinates in their good work by every means at his disposal. We confidently expert to witness a marked improvement in the condition of the Indians on this coast within tho next low months, and more especially in this vicinity. Wo think the gross inconsis tency of employing or continuing men the service who are habitually intom perant will not be much longer tolerated. The Dalles Mountaineer says that six persons have perished from exposure to the cold. The names of five of them are as fol lows: Allphiu, J agger, Davis, Mulkey, and Kiddle. The name of the sixth man is not known. APPOINTMKNT.—The County Commission ers at their recent session tendered 11. M. Mctiill, Esq., the vacant office of Justice of the Peace. We learn that llr. McGill has accepted aud qualified. iy The Overland Press has a " witticism" headed, "Hark! from the tombs a doleful sound." Our cotemporary ought not to speak so lightly of grave subjects. J7" The Herald has an excruciatingly pointed editorial directed at us. It is the little end of iiotking whittled down to n fine point. [y The Mountaineer says a fire recently occurred at the Dalles, wherein two Indian wouieu aud three children were roosted alive. TIIB FbooD.—The Silver Age says that Nevada Territory was an extensive sharer in I lie late floods. (7* Edgar A. I'oe was noted for lying in the gutter; his wuiuwake of the Pi tut for out of it. IV S. D. llowe. Esq, of Island county has rrfiivcd tkr appointment of Indian A grot. —Tin- Vancouver TrU#ni/A is appropri ately named. From tkr «/«/a* of Ha editor wkrrr kr is well kunwa wr judge its aaaar ti<»n» may I* about as murk nM upon n ib«»« <if ike overland tek-grupk. —Mr. Car LIT. rf the devataa fknr mtmm*, mm* or In*, to v. Lf*t W tnijrht ntfrr that *r bW fargottea Ua are •diwp ifiar " We hope be will like a pdlMrrfiL —The IWiland Timet lite at IT haayht Mr caailW aatd f.xmd map rf theai mkmm their trieis ' C tor advice to the Titmta ia, d»«'t parrhaee rf - rtrkrJ" dealer*. —lf—r m+mjmmj aa triaa hi* ank m to catch ererr btvra- woaU it he Mfcir to aa ■Bl that the Orrrlmmi Prrm farm A* • iDirpnnd iMlroad-f iw The P. ft. HcrmU mm tmAm mm triiad. the Uwtor, wiitea artitha far mm pa prrttr apt to raiae the doctor. —The ft. F. Mtrrmr aa v»: "Tfcaaaaada af mm m tlua dtr an- pre pariah to atait ia the apiaiaf af hpiinp for Kihai riw." —B. F. Hardier has the paakiaa of ia the < lt«|ai earaltr. ia w—qaeace oi ill haahk —The ft. F. Mirrwr aad ttnU hare raited. Thev p. iatoiapta~e«v«rthr I'aiaa. Fuzy. alia* Hr. Cater. We dip tbe following from the V»n- • out er |ajer of a late date. It wtm ev i«letitlv writtcti hv Mr. Carker, of tbe m • * AWfJiirof. He u*ea little diy in iin in (he naie an«i date, well know in kowtrer, that an argn+ cjrfd public mouM fern-t bim cut and bntmi upon biui tbe ftnnb of bU extract •iowrr " emditkm": li«oi» Kivca Hr*wrrw.r. | Jan. TS. Ixij. j JUr KJ,'- r »*('tir Trlt~rufJk : Hia I !»*»• jj-» rcjiitnl tbr A awl IMI iy«: IIB; di «nti4«tr Iti iiult.4 in imr |«;»t <4 In* »i*k. m tbr* frw rra rrrtml ml imr «r<iiir«tal iK.imnr. atxl tLw 1 tat t'4 br armi«d >4 carmrflet m r,hew*i -. vnm » RFL pt-rmii mr I* . tlut U-iny «no rNrkutir l»>irl>. n»i«R|KM it* rui|»_» r«-ari L <* ivnia i:» ra< uauiu«J< im-M >■• urr. \\ nk iptm iUr in iriuo. I aia £*VVD HI RJRlAJAT |»ar a «MI tu u.v »ii-RaK*n, ur «iiniiii v< ?L. <4 i uy i mnw lui fratn I'frw!u*< d>-t*MßU*iia. lLai lu* pK*. U-u>- ■Mir <i4M <b*utu*it*i u u|* u die mu UM>r*«* lotativtb m-4IU<4.- «f — i xin ii B>\ lit . p*i* uf ptt.lar)ir faral ti«». 'l"br fi-mailitv uf Li* p nrutir-ii ealliui tv tli*}Jav< 1 fr<Mu tLt- (tr-wa.ul part < vra uiilo tbr Lh4 *°pl»riuu»" |n'Uiilt iuialr M-iiti nr.- tIH-reuf. caMit.-uiui l»> J*T< jrrin rl. n- !:n* <w r!u*irr prMwk lii* MifpTliiiii relative tu "ct>ntainiiiaTi<>ti hv ci'iitan" *a* truiv euli liuir, slid i<li*mill |ilaet- Liiu far aLuVe ri:-jiii - iou* unit. ination. that vmi will Li able to i<i:a|i|\ln ml tilt- above, I reuaiiii, Yottrs, frauiie.-i?lv, I'itzr. SALE OF THE ENTERPRISE.—We learn from the Ilritish Colonist of the 18th iiist. that the steamer Kntcrj>ri*c, which has been carrying the IT. S. Mails on the Sound for the past six months, has been sold to tho Hudson Hay Co., and is to hereafter run between Victoria and New Westminister. The same paper says the Enterprise is to run on the Sound for the uext fortnight or so, until her owners can procure anoth er craft to supply her place. -—Tlii) Oregon Sentinel savs that A party of men tvlio were mining in the Southern portion of thnt State recently washed out two skeletons. Ou the finger of one was found a gold ring, and among the loose treasures was a silver thimble and ail iron pot containing upwards of S3OO in coin. —A jolly miner recently wrote home, says tho Oregonian. advising all the girls not to niarrv. l'or when Ihe boys return from the mines they will all he able to secure husbands •» who can cook, wadi and iron. —•The Salem (C Ign.) Woolen Manufacturing Company are about to double their capacity for manufacturing. Wonder when enterprise will bu awakened in Washington Territory ! —Prentice says the ladies have adopted n red, white and bluo hoop, to be up with tlia times. It is called the war hoop, and will 110 doubt be shown to ad vantage. exchange estimates the loss of stock east of tho mountains at not less tliau 10,000 head. —The Legislature of Colorado Territory has located the Capital at Colorado City. ty The distance across the Willamette at Portland, says the Timet, is 1,178 feet. tr An attempt is being made to cut a trail from Portland to Dalles. IST Tlw Snake Indians are becoming tronli some to the miners. GT Thanks to Purser Finch for the usual favors. A Communication, OFFICE OP WELLS, FABOO & CO, » Olympia, Feb. 15, 1862. ) ED. OVERLAND PRESS; DEAR SIR :—I notice a couple of items in the Standard of to-day, which an* calculated to load the public somewhat astray, regarding the agency of Wells, Fargo & Co., in this city. In order to correct that impression, I desire to stats that there has been no change as yet, in the agency referred to. Mr. Judson is not the Agent of W. F. fc Co., neither has Mr. Bee«I HMgiml that position. In justice, however, to the Standard" 1 in formant. I will farther state that this wrong impm—inn has doubtless arisen from the fact of my expected absence daring a portion of the appsuachiag summer. in which event. I have lutiauted that 1 should Irate the agency ia 1 haij.l of Mr. Jadsoa. And this I par pose immf. sUaU I have the ehv as eaa ttmplaird. af which dar notice wiU he given. Tsars. tralv. T. M. REED. ■ ■ —— (IST. Wa. IViniM.—TYb g all mm hm hssa aasiskd (imnam st Wsshiaglsa Tenbsrv. lie is a ckiara sf link, hata ia aad il >1 that Male same eJUZL La I+ZZL Srir'd*l ' llhJm* me titiaimi sf the wmatty. ■utjii'i Ab' "HTWU; aLl^ 2m the ekaeaa sf that Tesritarr.— Orw mV. Artiag Oavnasr at WashiMsa Territory sigas his BMssage - L. Jav 8. Tar aey." A msa who aaa't yll "J." better thaa that iat At la be tiuvmor.— Stmtemmm fyTW legislature of X«-v*tU Trrritonr W ■b—> f gir» ■—wloitiWHiliwk UniclM, Lrm*. Bttir. I'M— Ha. Mcwdith mi Slaty mrr tknr ilrntlt n4«ftrJ. — Stmlrmtia. Agemt H*, F. if Cm. LATER NIL M AILARAE E*. xrtUriar tmmtttmi Hrrmwr rfWaT *"* A"'" 1 HitwlMT F«s,rfik San, rrtw t*-4ay. lis haa W«a fcr ii» •* - «Ut» in NVw Yadk ai MdUfJua. „ «im «,**!«* I«r htW rim Ims gt. ' Imfi troai pri'imf d»va •» j« tW ~^j IM. New Vuu. JUL It.—SMI ... |4m*J frt« an- nil if. ■ liraiptotiai rialmlil'' alarm <i»* rhiaw. TV ( «* WOT* AWL IKAN, ,Y, 4* •liar trra*OT Cik- JL! t- a M y yJSI, V.:R~.R CMHSIM - rxcu-uha:mo villi tbr Nfirtarv «a tj*. mL. >rt. A W »-hicr f '« riiwii* ikr ryu iiu» farther rlurprf in tkr (aWiart an n*. t< Rl|«Utf«i. .S-j-ffiarr Camit<«. in atitvrr I* iaionM il -inil liv the Snilo, JinuT rxrt kavi^ rirflTl.Vt*. Tlx- NVw \urk Ttmrt tprrial an ( M IL TIK>UM» * ill KM varatr hi» plan- in th» 1K {i-artUM-at. mi ncrount «.f bmtiliiv to Lia. (<tn. S» tL Williams will probably Le Lis me . c«T*«»r. | 'I be ilu«N> Committee on Commerce luvr i under consideration n proposition for ike «■ , in!.li»liiii< iit of a limit line of tfeamen from I California to, China mid the Kant In dies. (Jen. Ward, from the Committee, is preparing an clalioriite report favorable to it. (Jen. Denver if to lie transferred from Kan sns to tbc Department of the West, in Vir ginia. The forceß und»r (Jens. Grant and Smith, are at Cairo and l'adncah. They conrist of nineteen regiments of infantry, four regiments and two companies of cavalry nud seven bat teries, besides crews of the fleet and fonr regiments on the way from St. Louis. Ice abounds. CHICAGO, Jan. 17.—The Kansas contested caso terminated yesterday. Love is entitled to liis seat. Tbo vote was twenty-four to sixteen. The Post office Department fears an attack on tho Overland Mail stnge by Indians. News from Fort Leavenworth says 40,000 Union Indians in the Cherokee countjy were attacked on the sixth instant, by superior forces ot Texan Ranger*. The Indians were compelled to retreat, and are now in Kansas. Oov. Gamble of Missouri has appointed Robert Wilsnn, President of the State Con vention, to fill one of the vacaucics in the U. S. Senate. The X. Y. Time*' dispatch says the Com mittee on the conduct of the War has resolved to advise the immediate passage of a bill to punish with death any person who commits fraud on the < iovernnient by which a soldier is bodily injured, or selling unsound provis ions. It is understood the contract let ont by Secretary Cameron for over a quarter of a million of rifles and carbines, will be ordered annulled l>y Congress. News from Fort l'ickens, Jan. 2, says reb el bat teiie? of Tensacola having repeatedly lired on small vessels, Pickens opened on I lie rebels' steamer Time*, which was landing stores at the Navy Yard on the Ist. Pick ens' last shot set fire to Warrington. The conflagration continued all night. The place was still burning 011 the evening of the 2d, when the Rhode hltmd left. The British ship Gladiator, with the trait ors Mason and Slidell aboard, arrived at St. Georges, Bermuda, Jan. 9, mid sailed for flt. Thomas Jan. 10, where the rebels would take passage for England. The Chicago Times' Cairo correspondent says gunboats Lexington and Conestoga en gaged the rebel batteries at Fort Henry up the Tennessee river yesterday. The rebels evacuated, and the Federal troops, under Gen. Smith, occupied the place. CHICAGO, Jan. 18— r. M.— ln the Senate yesterday, Howard, newly elected Senator from Michigan, took his seat. The House resolution declaring it to be tto purpose of Congress to raise by taxation and customs one hundred and fifty millions of dol lars annually, was adopted; Powell «f Ken tucky alone voting in tnc negative. In the House, in the Philadelphia umtrt ed election case, Lehman, (Dm,) wis em firmed. CHICAGO, Jan. *o.—Ex-IYreideat Tyler died at liichmood on Friday. The twehre months' soldiers iarehrl service will return home when (Mr lias raphes. It b said that the Preach Mlshl>, Wfcf the The t T ni iiil— j till I ths ' D^kaU. Forty itWj with th*«r A*ti have ism captan4 b~a sifiimil from Mlmii ta Mh* smt in theWmmi lhe(^*r ksi(infv'<artmas nniwim Ttmmtmr. The Ftfcd mnmmhm frm jsy to thr cwndTjUr* hn wfl fc sf 1 * ! 7 KAI lm.9MhM;«ilml» <4Mfa«e.lMN. . ! CMssm M. Clay b ash aMy ,flmlHm'smHwa ptkillyU ■■ wy" CmMsJm tt^Assn^jWr^ the War . Thirty-twa chshs ftsm •• j *• iSSTfcLIS

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