Newspaper of The Washington Standard, February 22, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated February 22, 1862 Page 3
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, - of <-..un*ry. ai»d Kentucky will . uI- tr.-y- tnnu traitor*." Tli- l*r»*<*df«l dwlatvd tn-day that h«> np i*.-» flu- vetr gr»*' iviiden-d by I . ». ,'fl. AN-1 that ju*tirt* W ill IN* dour liim •vi r* a:iti£ him l«rn>*ral «>f I>tx ision. t• 1. K nn r. *4 l!liu**i-. will Wr made lliigrinr i r J. i lit- A<»* k Jan. f .'i.—ln tin- Sena:* y. s'.-r -->. n;.- r I>r>>tt:iiiiv |iP'|m«x-<I a n i-'lutioti ...ring i;it • the « X|iedi« nry of in vol in™ . b ni Mildier* in tin- I uion army, nut i iraKzi-d. witk th*- rijHit'* uf ritizi i>Lip. I v S--w.Hi* Kill creating two .WUaiit S, c i .r.. - ! War was |»-i. —^«! - lu tli- S.-nVr y«*tenlay, .1 -r.uarv 2"2 d. a • .1 was rej»<ted an"ln>riiriiig ilm* IVesideiit to all railroad and telegraph litw-s «*r!--utiai ; (hi- Jitllifir « n in'. \Vil» >u. Ulelv aiipiititi .1 >• in" >r from Mi - •ari. »nd Stark "t ' hvgoti. haw |»i«.r |ir.»- ; «-t* rfkiuf •diuittt-d to their Mat-. Tkr Uiw*iiiir ba'e ln-t-n nrti t .»d by tin S*iwur : William llntitingt«h. of that TiTrit iry ; Samn! !'. i!o«<*. ••f Washing** u Territory. ludiaa Ageii'. ('VH Mi l, Jm. il:k.—Tlif li ji.-irt- M-at IM- rwvivid di«|iati hn> fr«tii Hi; ' *iK IIT llrK'-on. dauil >hi» l«l:m<l. Mi—i--ip|»i. Jamaiy Vh. in *liirh !»• ri|»-.rt- tin* ir.ji'iir»- «•' lb< t<»»u of liiin\i, \li*»i«*i|i|»i. oil tin 1.-: in-tant. bv ibe ufirrn and rri « f tin j-ti-.-iii:- •r» Watrr \Vit«-h. N«*»» ami Henry - m.ib purtHW of thf tiiun ! li-ft tin- «oniiii and rhiliin n. At'ti-r il.-'r iviti" the I'lttm* ami raptnrinp i'» ;in:l a s.-ki o.»«-r loadttl with lii;nl>i-r. our vi *- M N li ft. It is .litdp* Swain, of I lliin, who ln» lwi-n .-.jiji iiiiti-d to tin* Sii|)tvtne l?i*tu*h, and not Su an. as t« li'™r:i]iln il. ("lilt \iso, Jan. 2't. 'J A. M. —Sccri'tnrv Stan tun has issin-d an order appoint in;; <'otniiiis sioiuTs t" look after the welfare of our prison ers at llirlnnond and other plan*!.. Stanton KIVS that our army must now earn its own livin™. The soldiers say they only want the opportunity to do so. A letter dated at Hiehmonil. January loth, to llm Ap/iral, states that John lv. Jackson, Colonel of tho sth Georgia Volunteers, has lieen appointed n llrifradier iioneral, and is now in command at IVnsaeola. lJen.McCullocli is assigned to the command of a Div ision of Cavalry in Virginia. The killed and wounded at Somerset is set down as follows: On the Federal side, Tenth Indiana—killed 11, wounded 18; Fourth Ken tucky—killed 9, wounded SO; Second Min nesota—killed 10, wounded 15; Ninth Ohio —killed 9, wounded 20. (Son. Ilalleck lins given the St. Louis Se cession sympathizers nil inkling of wlmt thev may expert if they decline to pay the assess ments levieil on them. lie seized the goods of one of the defaulters, added twenty-five per cent, to the original assessment put him out of the State, and then imprisoned his at torney, who sought to replevin the property. 4 ii'ii. Sigel is to have an important coiu nvnid on the Potomac. The House has stricken out of the Senate hill the recognition of I lay ti and Liberia. 'l'lie bodies of Zollicpffer and Hay lie l'av toa have been einbaltfifed, and will be sent to Hurling Green by order of (Jen. Thomas. Cllic.vuo, Jan. 28th.—Secretary Stanton Ins appointed Bishop Ames and Hamilton T'ish Commissioners on the condition of pris oners held bv the rebels. (? IMI. Sareoutha is at Washington in behalf of Mexico, and authorized to settle all IJUCS tioiiK and negotiate treaties w'uli the I nited States. Advices from Mexico confirm previous ac counts of tlie union of all parties, and an in tention to make common cause against tlie :n --vailera. $>3,000,000 worfli of cotton hns lieen weisicd nt Fort Royal. Tliroo thousand contrabands wane engaged ingathering tlie staple. We have more news from Hurnside's expe ditton. It was delayed liv storms. Steamer New York was lost on (he outside liar of I'amlico Sound—value 8200,000; crew seved. Stoniuor l'ocaliontas went ashore and was lost. Ninety horses lost. 'J'he Grapeshot cut her haws or and went to sea—crew saved. FOREIGN.—We have news from Liver* ]K>OI to Jan. 12. The Hurrv with England has blown over. She is satisfied with the dis position of the affair of the Trent. The London Pint announces a thorough understanding with onr Government. The Daily St irs eu logises the courac pursued by the Washington Government. The Timrn says that Slidell and Mason were habitual revilere of the Eng lish Government; but does not like our ft forte blockade. The Xa*/t rifle romnined at South ampton. Nothing was permitted to be done tu Iter to make her seaworthy. The pacific termination of the Trent ail'.tir has raised stock* in France. The Muni ten ris very in dignant at the destruction of the port of Charleston. The Journal of St. Petersburg congratulates Seward on the Trent policy, and demands that it shall IN* made a prcw-dcut by all Knropran powers. C'HK'AUO, Jan. 21>.—Prisoners say that the c lathi ag aeat fur the Union prisoners at Rich uoud waa appropriated bv th<* P-IM-IS. The IIMS* at llattera* 1 ulct u ill not xcriooa ly iutiTfen* with Hnrnside's expedition. Extensive frauds hare bffO discovered in the araiv eontracu in Philadelphia. The sfcw Vork 371k earprbx-d .'lO T< xans a* Orcoqoan. The Texaus fought until cine « ere killed. from Port ltoyal indicate an early attack un Savannah. A portion of the rebel force u<ar IVkflu Van to Mobilr thai ptm- « « ronaiden d in t. An fUlirr reln-1 inu at ike batU<- UF SMHTMI, Ul| « <nM fight tlw Law »• fc«is« r. I 'bis » M t'olk>w<<d by rnuipuiiti l ud individuals. |)i«|uldw( from Wuni«i<l<-'* «'&|»-<liti<>n MV thai hf was prrparing to art w itb tie- tb.t, and it waa ■«( believed that tin- ielx-1 f<>m* r 'uld nyut him. An expedition baa been seut to SpriupfnlJ, M». Probably Price will be takeu with a— Waring. WamuauTOM, Jan. ii. —The S-uate pa**-«i * bill authorizing the President •»» t.-ik«' JHW »• -sioa of Railroads. A joint resolution fur K I-M services paaaed tb»- House. Ft IttKKiN.—Liverpool dale* lo Jan. 1(5. say that the SntkrilU was still in port, v .itckiil by the Tmcarora —lull both were v bv an Engliah frigate. CHli'Auu, Feb. 1. —tten. llutiler will coai uiniid what is called "Jim June's Exp.-tli lion." The House Committee will retiort a Pacific Ictilroad bill. Krricsoii's floating 1..-iit«-ry lin.-!»«•« n launched *he w ill lie irmly fur servicr in a week. N'KW YORK, rVb. I.—Four Frderal steam i-r» are now on the alert for tin- Suntrr. It is certain tliat He.iuregard has li ft Man as.-.ii. for Kentucky with 15.000 troops. I ■ real consternation prevail* d nt iiichmoud with to Murnside's expedition. Southern p;:j»'r> rre niiirli exorcised on tin* MiljiTt «>f ri-i iili.-tini nt of trooj*-. most of their time* of rtilis!nieiit in the sjn in™. CMICAOO. Feb. —A rel<el flag OF trace iir riv. il at Furtn M<■!ir> yesviii.iy says that In avy firi .g IUKI IM . n heard at Norl'ilk for the tw •• la-t ilavs. There *.-u» In ix* tiiinj: near lleuufnrt on tin- it.t-i»t«f. Kurt lY.larki i tin roughly itive«ti d r.t:<l «-asi be taken v. 1.. it • nil. Sin rniati choose*. «»r<*»:- lri\i- l«-e:i - 'it from Wa-hii.gtuii to Ni w I»|L llint |N'i»i .I.- who S..IJ iinjir«ij*» r \iwl< t-r llurn-ide's exjieditiuii, refund tin* IUIWV >'r t" prison. Seen tar* • IIJ'M- appr»Vß«l •fth • pn'js»R!- ;i >i < t th* ll<*il— ( '••inliiitti et" li:;iLe l le.i»- ur\ a !• ti udi r. I !••• < 'urtia' II;>m -- "illtll. \. II- after tin pirate Svmtrr. 11l ' A" '/' llt l.'Uhl I'r ! - i t rutimi ti 'in AraiHibii. I lie New link .Suite lite adopted a n •>- hiti >u ih r!niin? ibat Jiw* !'• I'rijrlii. S. na tor friiin Iniliaiia, i- a traitor, ami to In* e\je lie.!. Ci;|i »<il>. 1 "ell. .*>. \V \»I IM.Ti'N, Feb. I.—l'livttte letti's fnun llishop I Inches and Tlmrlow Weed tu Seeret.irv Se« an!, a Ver\ II*»J»i t: ll \ie*A of our i'i 1.-:li**ii. with i.ud I r.snee. It had been statid tlw:i tin Fielnli Mini.— tir at Washington h;:d lieeii funiislied with the formal protest of the I' n*neh t iovernuieiit at the conduct of the I nited States (tovern meiit in choking up the ('harlestoii harbor, ami that lie would join l.oul l.yons in protest ing against this act. Tin? jiinito Sitmfcr arrivotl at (iiliral tar. Jan. 1!'. During lior passiitfi' iVoin Cadiz slic btimt an Anifrioaii bark from Messina I'or llostnu ; also cap tured lirij? Lii'cslifjttUi )', I nit snlisccjtiont ly allowed Iter to proceed. Six of tlie »S 'fainter s crew deserted iit Cadiz, and made tlieirsubmission to the American Consul. The captain of the »s fainter claimed them as deserters, hut the Spanish ollieers refused to give them up. The Tusivrora still remained at Southampton. CAIRO, Feb. /».—Advices from the expedition up Cumberland river say our forces are within four miles of Fort Ilenrv. Our troops will be land ed to-day, and a battle is expected. Thecncmy number about 15,000 strong. (Jen. llallcek has agreed upon a sys tem lor the exchange of prisoners with lien. J'ricc. Ni:w YOIIK, Fob. s.—The Jln-nhl's Washington dispatch H;IVS a flag of truce which arrived day before yester day brought a message from Jeff. Da vis to the President, announcing that if the Federal (Jovernment permits rebel bridge burners to be bung under (Jen. Hal leek's orders, Federal prisoners Corcoran, Lee, Wilcox, and others, held as hostages for the safety of rebel privatcersmen, shall be immediately bung in retaliation. A Cabinet meet ing considered the subject, but the re sult had not transpired. W'AS.WNCTO.W Feb. s.—Fort Monroe will be strengthened by heavy eolnmbi ads and Daldgrens, and prepared for any emergency. (Jen. Stone lias not yet been re moved, nor arrested, as alleged. i «>ngre*«l»nal. The House went into Committee of tlie Whole on tlie Treasury Note Bill. Morrill spoke at length aga'.nst the hill. Jle said: "We can close the war by the 30th of July, as well as in 30years; McClcllan must harvest )ijs advantages within the next ninety days; otherwise lie may be gazetted a gentle man but not a general." The debate was till on tho " legal ten der" clause of the bill. CHICAGO, Feb. o.—Advices from Washington of the sth inst., state that Senator liright was expelled from the Senate on that day. The galleries were densely crowded, and the audi ence expressed satisfaction at the re sult. Previous to the expulsion, Mr. Bright snoke a* length in his own de feu »e. lie left the chamber before the vote was taken. TIMSC who voted against Mr. Bright's expulsion were Bayard, Cowan, Car lisle, Harris, Kennedy, Latham, Xes niith, IVaree, Powell, Kice, Saulsbery, Teneyek. Thotiipson and Wiley. Nt.w VORK. rel». •!.—The Assistant <>uarterinaster of the lluriiside •ox|H-di tion i- lien- chartering more steamers and sailing VC*.-H-IS. in which to forward ordnance and commissary stores. He rep rtsthc health of lhe troops good. Private advice* from Kansas state that (ifii. Lane lias announce)! In* vis ited llicStateonlvw a member <*t Sen ate Military Committee. 11«- lm-* not accepted the commission a« IJrigadier- Gcncral. The X. Y. Titafu' correspondent at Pari* says secret document* from Jeff. ]>avia have heeu furuish«d to the Gov ernments of France and England, which give full detail* of the resources of the Confederacy, and points out the advan tages which Fruneo would derive bv aiding the establishment of the Confeil eracv. WASIUNCTOX, Feb. o. —The special dispatch to the N. V, Jlcrnbl states that Mr. John Parker, Consul at Hon olulu, has arrived, and inform* the Government that agents had been sent to Kngland, to hypothecate the entire 6 roup of the Sandwich Islands to Great ritain. Foreign Hewn. Mr. Massey, member of Parliament, lias delivered a speech to liis constitu ents advocating that the European pow ers should interfere between North and South, hy recognizing the Southern Confederacy and breaking the block ade, which attracted some attention. The London Times in an editoral upon it. says; *• Let France interfere if she likes; Kngluud's true policy is to suf fer a little longer and let events work themselves out. It will not belong; it may be doubtful whether our inter ference would not rather retard than hasten the opening of the ports. Let us then pursue an honest policy by standing aloof." The Manchester lin>miian argues in the same strain. The America are evidently approaching a situation in which the de facto Govern ment of the Smith may claim consider* ution in Europe. Other journals say. that if, in spite of remonstrances against it. other ports are served like Charles ton. England n:;d France will have i.otliin-' left but to interfere. Tlic Liverpool J' st fiisj»li;itt«-allv «!•*- « !.;r. s that the war must lw r-t.»]•]•«■«! by Mediation, il po-»il>le, l»y l«»i'ec il nec essary. il is re|iotieil tliat the initiative steps it. | >r«•chiiiuiiiir tlie hloekade iuciicclual w ill lie taken l>y France. Tlic Loudon continues its de nniiciation against tlic stone hlockadi of Charleston. (jri:i:NsTo\vN, , 20.—Tlic ipics tion «»|" Ktiro| can intervention in the civil war of America is l>cin«j canvassed in a much more friondly spirit. tUtt" Sec the adverliscinciit of 11. A. Judson to be found elsewhere. lie has now or.o ot the l<ir;/rst ami beat stock of goods in town, and he sells cheaper than those who don't advertise. We have received Leland's map of the Salmon river mines. It should he in the hands of every one going to those mines, l'rice ;>0 cents. Can he had at .1 udson's store. PEOPLES' EMPORIUM! SC. A. Jvicleon, HAVING lidded extensively to his former stock of goods, lie is now prepared to accommo naic nil who may favor liiiu with their custom as to VARIETY. QUALITY and PRICE. His stock consists of— DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, HARDWARE, ROOTS AND SHOES, CLOTHING, HOOKS, "YANKEE NOTIONS," „vc.. Sic. All of which will be sold chtuprr than Iht c/ien/i --rut for Cash or Country Produce*. Give him a call before purchasing, and satisfy yourself that what we say is true. Olvmpia, Feb. 22, lt<i;2. 15:lf Mlit i'ilP« Male. BY virtue of iin execution issued by the Clerk of the District Court of the 2d Judicial Dis trict of \\ ushiiigton Territory,mid to ir.e directed, I have levied upon, seized, and taken into execution, tiie land claim of Win. Illnckshar, known as the southwest quarter of section 15, township 17, X. li. 1 west, which 1 will expose for sale to tlie highest bidder, nt the Court House door in Olynipia, on Saturday, the ,'itli of April, A. D. 1802, at the hour the 1 o'clock, P. M. The object of said sale is to satisfy judgment iu favor of J. M. Kiiull, for the sum of six hinu'r -d and firty-iour dollars and forty cents (.>o-H 40), with interest at 2 per cent, per month from the Bth of February, with costs mid increased costs. WILLIAM HILLINGS, Sheriff of Thurston county, W. T Hy U. W. MOXLIK, Deputy. Olympid, Feb. 22, 1802. 15:4w UsNUlutlon of I'urt»<>rNlil]>. NOTICE is hereby given that the co-partner ship heretofore existing between 11. A. JUO ho.N and CALVIN 11. HALE, trading ns 11. A. J ID SON Si Co., was dissolved by mutual consent on the 17th day of February 1802, by the withdrawal from said firm of the undersigned. 11. A. Jrtisox has full uutliority to close the lius iuess, settle tbe indebtedness nnd receive nc eounts due the late firm, nt his store on Main street, opposite the Post Oilier, ill the town of olynipia. CALVIN 11. IIALK. Olyuipia, Feb. 18, 1802. 15:w2. SEEDS !_SEEDBH To Deulrrs, Farmer, (iariiraeni, uud olhrrn. WE offer the most extensive assortment of Freah. Field. Garden. Fruit, a:ol Flower Seeds on tli.» Pacific Coast, from tbe beat growers in the I'niled States iiml Karnpe : comprising in part — l.'|hs. A Italia (lover Seed. purr.grouth l*ii|. 3.0<>4 Iba. Itod Clurer Seed. t I.iNMI lbs. White l»ut« h Clover. I'.IMMI |hs. 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Francisco. 0.1. l:>th, 1001. 4!> rn.'l RUPUS WILARD, l'liypician anil Surgeon. nrrrs of thet'ni vi r-sty of Nr* York. d-irnu* of locating 'irnilr in \l I* hii; :; »n Territory, offer* hi* J. *inr.a! «erri<-e« In si r i iti/**nj of <t|rm*»:a and >• r ::t linjr country in nil department* of M- i'.e and .-•ir-cry U'it!i*u<»fa p<r*»nat oh»er \.»t a .1 C«itir«r anion;? th** < and li'»*|»ita!« t-f St w York afford*, the Itortor tru :*• th it Lv Uill iu« iii n fharr of pullic |» '• • au-j will itiin-.( If iu rudint sat all tim< i > atun \ i*> any r..||§ in lit*- line of liis |»r«»- St i.*n, tu w!.i«!; bit rut ire attention a ill lc devo ted. £•/*• l\»rticti!ar attention will be paid to di§- ♦».t - »of Mot.ivu *i:iJ i Lilt]i tii, ami ail aflrc ti'l!!^. Olvnipta, Ar.£iift loth, IHCI. 30:tf IPieOBATiSS Mill Ml. kh k tii:\ a.\d woni:\ i! Hliat Constitute*! Health V RICH, l'nre Blood. Natural l'erspirntion. 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The extraordinary and strange cures etl'eeted by this beautiful herbal concoctionliusnslonislieil nil: it seems to suit everyconsiitutinn. TIIE Oi.n. Tim FRRNI.K, Tiir. LASOI'IO, feel that new life and blood is given them. The roue, the dissipated debauch ee. the weak froui long disease, from taking too much medicine, calomel and other mineral poisons; the voting man whose manhood is wasted, where nature's functions are inert and lifeless, experien ces the bliss of ROBUST AND VIGORONB MAN HOOD I His appetite is good, his sleep quiet and rcfrosbiug, his mind and memory clear and cer tain. Sold in quart bottles by IttiDINIiTON & CO. I'll AN 12 & II All, San Francisco. And all Druggists in California, Oregon and Washington Torrtory. BERGERS BIJOU BILLIARD TABLES, WITH [IMS FATEBT tHiliTiii EISIiOIS subscribe! desire* to inform tbe public 1 that he has uow on exhibition, at Phelan's Hew Billiard Saloon, Montgomery street opposite the Metropolitan The atre one of the above mentioned BILLIARD TA lil I S. un<l cordiailr invites thcpatrias ofihe NO BI.I: GAME. to call and examine it. The Great Matter. Mons. Berger. speak* of tbe tables ia the bighcl terms of commendation. Toprivate fan»- ilies these Tabl- s commend th«-in»elve*. espeeially on account of rheir eonvenirnt sire, rnd a* an ar ti. !r of furniture for a private daeliine th> n is noth'ng more de*iralde : ia short. n*> hoa»*boldoe maasiun with any prelr-nsioas to • em; well repa inted should be s itbi>ii! oae tientlemrn aboat to build residence -hould t'V all **«»» make peai is ioa fora BILLI ARD R«*»M where their f»«a»»y can ei i-iv tbe noble, gracefa!. uad he»!th-giv iag game of Billiards. M E. HItiHES Bi'iiaed Table MaauCa< taeet. An I \gent for PHELAN'S PATENT COMBI NATION ITMIIONS, etc . etc. BU) Exhibition tal SsJ<-aro.«m. Sa. *2O aad T22 Moatiowerr »tre- 1. Bt*. MannfiMtory, Market street, oppo.ite t»r pbaa Asvluai. OLTKPU WAOOS MAWUJACIOIT. St wnrt A- Hlaeki»h<*nr. tVTurLHisfcrti theeitiaens aftHv»- CdhjMf pia and the sartoaadiag nmntrr ■f L_ y* that thee are noa m«nat«-tarißg * At#i»SS.CAR- BIAUU a«d lUtMilK* "f *il 4f»<r»pl»«a fraca tbt l*»t nf imports material. !•» «»pcne«<*d work l,irn. f.»r ahicil W IIK VT will l-r takra »« r li>T. ilrlitm4 at tbe Ta in water bml4». S»bop Mfirt 3d •id I'liimiuk Nrr-li. 'Urnipi*. Drrnlwrl, IMA- «:lf J. W. JMRMI. 4 TTT'WEV A 1 LAW. !*al»eitar ia Cha»e«y. *\ and I'roctor ia Admiralty Seattle. Marcb. IRC I. I» tf » f *Thf brd pnri6«r of tbf Mwd il Uall « Sw •apanlla. BLOCII, DULLER 4C«^ {Surrtttort to Price, Miller f Co.) DALLES AND COLVILLB, WBOLKSALS AXD UTAH DUIXU Of NUKI ID HBSHC HT-fiBK CLOTMXfI, BOOTS, SHOES, OATS, ftc. Staple «■! Faic) Groceries, Provisions*, Wines, Liquors, Etc. A fall assort meat of XLNLBd' GOODS con stantly on band. _ ttiT Mr. BLOCH being a resident of Saa Francisco, where all onr purchases are Bade, we shall be able to offer better inducements than any other Home. October l9tb,!BCl. 47: mC Goal OU m COAL OIL LAIPI, rpoUETIIKR with all kind* of Barging and J Machinery Oils, fur sale at greatly reduced rales. Also Uro-Vapor Stoves FOR HEATING BOOMS, I'or and for J/eotimj Flo! /rout. rca HAL* rET!T LOW !!T STANFORD BROTHERS, California street, near Front, San Francisco. Notice. Territory of Washington, ) Iu the District Ccnrt Judicial District, V of the County of Thurston. J Id Judicial District. To JOHN F. DKVORE, Owner, and E. DEVOP.E, Dowercss: You arc hereby notified that a complaint for a foreclosure of mortgage has been filed against you in said court by It. H. Lansdale, which will come on to be heard at the first term of the court, which shall commence more than three months af ter the JUthdayof November, 1801, and unless you appear at said term and answer, the same will be taken us confessed, and the prayer thereof granted. The object and prayer of said complaint is, to foreclose a mortgage against you on certain real estate in Thurston county, Washington Territory, and to recover of you the sum of six hundred and twenty dollar*, with interest at the rate of two per cent, per month from November 12th, 18G1. BUTLER P. ANDEIISON, Attorney for Plaintiff. Nov. P.O. 1801. 3:w4 SAFES! SAFES! F. TILMAN, 90 nailery Slreel, San Francisco, SOLE Agent for TILTON & McFARLAND'S celebrated Fire-Proof and Burglar Safes. This Sale is well known in the market for its un surpassed fire-proof quality, having withstood in California, ns well in the East, the hottest fires known. We can refer to eudless certificates from parties in our mining towns, where these Safes have been subject to the most severe tests of its fire-qualities. These Safes are secured by our Combination Lock. This Lock is in every respect the most secure one in use; it requires the key and combination to open the Safe. If the key should be abstracted front the owner, it would be perfectly useless to the possessor without his knowing the combina tion. or mental key, which the owner carries in It is head. To tiiose in want of a reliable safe, we offer the above cheaper than any other in the market. A large assortment on hand nnd to arrive. F. TILMAN, 20:6 m. 00 Battery St., San Francisco. TLRRITOUY OF WA*UINGTO!(, ) County of Thurston. / s fn thr Itiatriet Court of the SecunJ Judicial District. To WILLIAM L. SMITH, sued its subsequent In cumbrancer, in suit of Andrew Williams M. George Drew, tt al. Foreclosure of mortgage. You are hereby notified that Andrew Williams has lileil a complaint nguinst George Drew, Caro line I'. It. Drew, li. F. Stryker, nr.d yourself, in said court, which will come on to be heard at tht first term of the court which shall commence more than three months after the l'Jth day of October, lutil, uud uuless you uppcar at said term and an swer, the same will be takeu as confessed, and the pmver thereof granted. flic ohjeet and prayer of said complaint is to fore-lose the equity of redemption, if any you have, or mny claim to linvc in certain premises, to wit, the interest of said George Drew in the land claim in Lewis county, in said District, known as " George Drew's Claim," mortgaged to this Plain till'by indenture of mortgage, dated October KHli, 1855, to secure the puymcut of $3,000, with le gal interest after date. Complaint filed August 20th, 1861; amended In open court,on leave, September Term, 1801. KLWOOD EVANS, Attorney of Andrew Williams. October 10th, 1851. 4£>:m3. I'XITKD STATUS OF AMERICA, ) Territory of Washington, | 2d judicial District. j WHEREAS a tibol has been filed in the Dis trict Court in and for tbe 2d Judicial District of Washington Territory, on tbr 20th day ' of Derembrr, 1801. by B. F. Kendall, pari owner and libellaut against tbe steamer Elica Anderson, her tackle, apparel, furniture, engines and ma- I (hinrry. and against Daniel F. Bradford, claiming ' to he part owner, alleging is substance that libel ' |aat is tbr oauer of ItMll-oM eightieth' of said »te*m«hi|> and that be i> kept out of and de prived of the powesMon by said Bradford, and and pre* >ag pwwt against said steam-hip. and that aaid' Daniel P. Bradford be cited to appear, tbat (MonMNi of aaid interest in aaid steamer be decreed to iibrilaat. and ibat said Bradford be <e erred U> rMirjr said utterest to tbe liheUaat ae • ording to bis agreraeat aaw. therefore. in par taiarr of tbe ander sea] uf aaid cvan. to air dsrertod and deliiered. I da b'rrti fire ptiH lir notice to all prrisat claiaung aaad stoamihip. herlackk. apparel aad tarnuar*. Ac., aria ant asatter lateerated tberria. ibit the* be aa-l ap pear Wfcn tbe aaid raart. to be brtd at tbe tan n .f tHfpia. iaaad brtk«M Jvtirial diatrv-t. aa Xfladsi. tbe tbM 4mr «f T*hrm»rr Ml. al ton »'< !<<ck. ia tba bmuua. pearided tbr aaaac shall be a day of Jari'dieUsta. e«)terwtse aw the seat dar of jsri«dir(na tfera aad li-1 to i—sipii i lbe it • Uuas. aad to Make their 11 leg—inns ia tbat i«-fcatf VILLI .vis urvmwrox, r 5 Xante!. V T. Dated *k IMI F.MIIM UIWT. PRAETOR MMYB. V. T. ». rtuun ». L lariißi O. PMLUPS 4 SOM, imim is um tuns, t Mympia, W. T. Or FIE U aaje • warn Hori a#— I>ry Gontld, Clro Clot hin V. floor* 4c RboeM, Halt and Oif*. Ortknymmi I vtUry, <fr., /<■- TlM —Caah ar Cawwy Platan. H I**! 4llf Chas. E. Williams, ■wjfiw* Uc Mlmtmi MnUt aniclaa aw Boraiafr Ftaii aid CaalUil. (torn). Coal Oil «4 IM'--yi, au*w,Tß>wi,cj#fcM.c>i nmWh>B for b»lli| is pHau tail Mf (vttk Ml Oss» tioas) |«k« Ctl eta. A<»MII CwMilw, (A rrrj lninkk palm aiUiMn mUmiL C—4— Took, GorienMl f\UrtmU per paper), Bear. Beerir. BOM Casta!* Caraiara aai Baaia. Wire aad Ba* Cldta, «Taß aaakata. Comprising La«i«. Bkw Rmw, Kafrat, Be*, I'lßCiMt*, Pega. Ac. nine, Caw ail Btoay BaOL Eitn Hasty. PalMl Crancal aad Will lam (A T try mprrior article), Bcebule'i TaoH mm Materials, (a fall variety.) Window-sash, Patau, Oil, Patty and Glass ; Var nishes. Japan, Turpentine and Alcohol, Pocket aad Table Catlery, (large aworV mcnt), Carry Coasbs aad Bona Drushcs, (Icatlior back*) Pow der, Shot, llulU, Lund and Caps, Bullet Uoulds, , Gun Lock* Wipers, Nipples, Ac.; Cable, Trace, Halter ami Dog Chains; Sheep Shears and Wool Carda, Grub, Planter and Garden Hoea, Plows, Cultivators, Mattocks, Brush Klooks, Horse Hakes, Cradles. Scytkes, Rakes, Churns. Forks, Mutter Howls aad Trays, fte, JAPAN BLACK TEA. BSyTin, Sheet Iron, Copper und Brass Wara manufactured and repaired. N. B.—We have made Mich Arrangements for the purchase of articles, cither in San Francisco or New York, ai we think cannot but give sati* Taction. f%g~ Commission solicited. Olju.pia, April C, 18C1. 21:tf Doctors Percy k. Co., No. 514 Da p int street, between California and Pine, San I' rancisco, Physicians and Operating Surgeons, Me ro llers of tlio Royal Colleges of London and Edin- I urgli, Graduates of the Universities of London and I'dinburgh,—First Prizes for Anatomy aud Chem istry, and Second for Medical Jurisprudence for the iibove named Universities,—Honorary Physicians to tho Edinburgh Lying-in-Hospital, and Surgeon io Glasgow Lock Hospital, beg to call tbeattention of the public to tbeir national Mode of Treating and Curing Diseases, and may be consulted daily from 9 A. M. till 9 P. M., on DISEASES OF TBI fOLLOWIKO OSGAXS : Brain, Eye, Ear, Heart, Lungs, Liver, Stomach and Intestinal Canal; Pancreas, Spleen, Kid neys and remaining Urinary Or yans; Midwifery and Diseases af Women and Children. Surgical Cases—Operations of every class and character performed. Cases ofXervous or Acquired Debility, Diseases of the Skin, etc., etc., we beg to draw particular attention to. Also, Fibrous and Muscular Rheumatism, commonly called Chronic and Acute, aud generally produced by the use of Mercury. DOCTORS i'ERCY 4 CO., Al4 Dupont street, but. California ard Pine. N. B.—All letters for Advice or Medicine* promptly answered, and out door patient! attend ed to <lny andmigbt. Sen Francisco, Aug., 1861. 4i:m3 Dr. J. Browne, Ko. 619 Kearney Street, corner Commercial, Physi cian and Operating Surgeon, Member of the Royal College of London and Edinburgh, Graduate of the Uuivcrsities of London aud Edinburgh— First prizes for anatomy and chemistry, aud second for medical jurisprudence for the above named Uni versities—Hon. physician to the Edinburgh Lying-in-Hospital, and Surgeon to Glasgow Lock Hospital, begs to call the attention of the pa bile to bis rational mode of treating and curing dis eases, and may be consulted daily from 9 a. m. till 9 p. m., on diseases of the following organs : Brain, Eye. Ear, Heart, Lnngs, Liver, Stomach and Intestinal Canal; Cancers, Spleen, Kidney* and remaining Urinary Organs; Midwifery and diseases of Women and Children. Surgical cases—opcratious of every clan u4 character performed. Caret of nerr out or acquired debility, diseases of the Skin, etc., ha ben to caM particular attention to Fibroai and Muacalar Hhcumatism, commonly called chronic and acate, and generally produced by the n>e of Mercorr. DR. J. BROWjtl. 619 Kearney rtrcet, San FramiKO Cal. IQLN. B.—All letters for advice and mediclaea promptly answered, and outdoor pit!nu atlcaM to day or light. "-'rlniflil ]lf ATBIMOXLAL. — A j f wkoN ivljMrsonal apprmnre, foetuoe aad faiitiM k l» A So. 1, wi'brt to aaitt binuaif to a lady *tt similar qaali6cati«a«. The sdiailiaii MM aia cere, wilibere describe himself, aad akbaagfc It ife yoang to aunriMe be will mimk limirit mm tba •• tkady tide 'of HI;. Tbe adrcrtiaer it of Mft aaa (Utare. aehbor "100 la Mr 100 Im 4Mb hie oast bene nabu bo b vaia te itaaiaf be' bto Xmt wbiae too*. (isHnl«Miii boadb. brow aad abia aa dear oa a tbttd'a; Mi M «i ore a 4e*p bewwa. oad be eaa aaoaw eaa »U that tbeae iatur beaalioa weee gnoa btei ba atiag. br two aaaik*. Lafcat a Yeat Irfb lea. Tsobfcaibfta.i illiini.Hl Jtl CLJ 1 Humiliating Oil! COAL OIL.

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