Newspaper of The Washington Standard, March 1, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated March 1, 1862 Page 1
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mm ftattdati YOI„ 11. IIIE UMIIMTM STAMABU f * |MI tl' KUIY ?JT! IDll I> JOH\ MILLER HIRPHV, Editor and Propru'tor. • •• Ratnrrlplloi Half*: Per Annum o'i •• Six M»ntli» - 2 o'» jx r.i i;/ im.rrx.l mm \> • • • .tdvrrtlstn Rulrii: I'no Si|ii .-.TO. one insertion, srt f!0 additional insertion I 00 Business Cards, per quarter 5 00 A <K'ilnotion will be made in favor of those who advertise four squares, or upwards, liv the year. Votieei of births, marriages an J deaths in scried free. l*~y Blanks, Bill lloads, Cards. Bills of Fare, Circulars, I'ataloguos, Pamphlets, ic., executed at reasonable rates. (HjyAII communications, whether on business or for publication should be addressed to the edi itor of the WASHINGTON STANDARD. OFFICE—In Barnes's building, corner of Main and First streets, near the steamboat landing. LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES. i'aancd at the the First Session of the Thirty-Seventh Cuni/ress. [UY AUTHORITY.] CHAP.'XLVI.—An Act supplementary to an Act entitled "An Act to authorize a Na tional Loan, and for other purposes." Be it enacted b// the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of Amer ica in Congress Assembled, That, the Secre tary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to issue bonds of the United States, bearing in terest at six per centum per annum, and pay able at the pleasure of the United States, af ter twenty years froin date; and if any holder of Treasury notes, bearing interest nt the rate fo seven and three-tenths per centum, which may lie issued under the authority of the act to authorize a national loan and for other pur poses, approved July seventeenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, shall desire to ex change the same for stud bonds, the Secretary ot the Treasury may, at any time before or at the maturity of said Treasury notes, issue to said holder, in payment thereof, an amount of said bonds equal to the amount which, at the time of such payment or exchange, may be due on said Treasury notes; but no such bonds shall be issued for a less sum than live hundred dollars, nor shall the whole amount of such bonds exceed the whole amount of Treasury notes bearing seven and three-tenths per centum interest, issued under this net; and any part of the Treasury notes payable on demand, authorized by said act, may be made payable by the Assistant Treasurer at Saint Louis, or by the depositary at Cincin nati SEC. 2. And be it further enacted. That the Treasury notes issued under the provisions of the said act to authorize a national loan, and for other purposes, or of any other act now in force authorizing the issue of such notes, shall be signed by the Treasurer of the United States, or by some officer of the Trea sury Department, designnte.l by the Secreta ry of the Treasury, for said Treasurer, and countersigned by the Register of the Treasu ry, or by some officer of the Treasury De partment, designated by the Secretary of the Treasury, for said Register, nnd no Treasury notes, issued under any net, shall require the seal of the Treasury Department. SEC. 3. And be it further enacted, That so much of the act to which this is supplemeuta rv ns limits the denomination of u portion of the Treasury notes authorized by said act at not less than ten dollars, lie and is so modified as to authorize the Secretary of the Treasury to fix the denomination of ?<aid notes at not less than five dollars. SEC. 4. And be it further enacted. That in addition to tin- amount heretofore appropria ted. the mm of one hundr.-d thousand dollar*, or M» much thereof an uuv IK- II fcwnrv, !»•. and the *aiue w hereby, appropriated, out of any tnonev in the Treasury not othcrwi>>c ap propriated to pay Mrb eiuiui*, ciiuuii(«i<iuii, <>r compensation :is law 1M- necesxarv, in the indjrm- lit of the Sirn-iary of the Tn ;u>ury,to ram* into execution the provision* of the met to which thin h supplementary. SRC. 5. And be it further ruartrd, That the Treasury not>*s authorize-< lln the act t<> which this is supplementary. of a li s.- denom ination than fifty dollar*. pjyable on demand without interna, and not exceeding in amount »h«* mini of fifty million* of dollar*. shall In* n -wivable iu payment ot public due«. SK<. 0. And be it farther edncted. ILIA I the provision* of tV .act entitled -An Act to provide for the lietter wpniiuiing «f the Treasury, and for the collection. *afe-k .-piti», transfer, awl di*bar*e!;i.-!i?s of t|„. n . v . eaoe." paused August nix, eighteen hundred and forty-»ix, lie aud the uaw ure heret>\ wpended, to far an to allow the Seen :.irv of the TICMUIT to depoxit aav of the tnoucvx obtained on any of the loau* now nurhorizi-l by law, to the credit of thu Treasurer ot the I'uited States, in Mich aolvent *|»ecie-paviuK he may aelect; aud the aaid tnonevx, so dejiosited. may be withdrawn from «ueh deposit fordepoat with the reynlar authorized ilepositariex. or for the payment of the public ilnex, or paid in redeui|ition of the notes au thorized to he isxited under thi- act. or the act to which this is nuplemcutary, payable on iK loand, ;is in iy scent expedient to, or be dircct ••d by, the Secretary of the Treasury. SEC. 7. Am! be if further enacted. That the S.-c rotary of the Trcmirv ni-.y Fell or np- jT'>ti.itr. !'..r 3: \ jH.rlkm of tin |«r»>vtd«d |.<r in the act to which tl;i* i* t-uppletwiiUry. I»>tnl- ]i>vaM«- i»ij morv than iw.nty jtnt> tr< >:ii date. and Uarlug intcn*! uot rirriiliii; ►i\ |H r ivnMiui |«.-r annutn. payable i-itui-au winllv. at any ratp not hs* than the wjuiv ■l,nt <4 jur, !>r the bund* Inaring w \vn j). r c. tittitii int. r< .-t. ;:u:h<>rizi<l hy *aid act. Apj»ruv«-d, August 5, ——— • * Cmr. XI.YII.—An Art impplementnry t<> an Act entitled "An Act to iuiroaw tho pn-i nf Militarv K*tatdi.«hiiieu: of tho I nited States," apptoved July tw etity-niiith,cigbt«-cu hundred and sixty-one. /.*'■ if ritiirfni fn/ thr &rnatr itml of lirjnr*rnfttfirrx of (/if I nihil Sftitrxof Amrr iru hi I'oni'rt .*» tuxem/thd, That it shall In* law till for tho President of the I nited States, during tile existing insurrection anil n-1 »■!li«» ii. tijioii tlit* recommendation of tho l.ieutcuant (Jcnora! commanding tin- nnny of tlit' United States, or of any Major-lienoral of the regular army of tho United States,commanding forces of flit- United States in the field, to appoint sttch number of aides-de-camp, in addition to those authorized hy law, as the exigencies of the service may, in the opinion of the Presi dent, require ; such aides-de-camp to bear re spectively tho rank and authority of captains, majors, lieutenant-colonels, or colonels of the regular army as the President may direct,and to receive the same pay and allowances as are provided hy existing laws for ollicers of caval ry of corresponding tank. Tho i'resident shall cause all aides-de-camp appointed under this act to be discharged whenever they shall cease to he employed inactive service,and lie may reduco the utmihcr so employed whenev er he may deem it expedient so to do. Any officers of tho regular army appointed aides de-camp under this act, and detached or as signed to duty for service as such, shall upon their discharge resume their positions in the regular army, and shall he entitled to the same rank and promotion as if they had con tinued to servo in their own regiments or corps. Approved, Augtt. t .0, ISGI. CHAP. XLVHL—An Act supplementary to an act entitled "An Act to protect the Commerce of the United States, and Punish the Crime of Piracy." Be it enacted hi/ the Senate and House if llcprcsentatires of the United States of Amer ica in Cungiess Axsembtfil, That any vessel or boat which shall be built, purchased, litted out in whole or in part, or held for the pur pose of being employed iu the commission of any piratical aggression, search, restraint, depredation, or seizure, or in the commission of any other net of piracy, as defined by the law of nations, shall lie liable to be raptured and brought into any port of the United States if found upon the high seas, or to be seized if found in any port or place within the United States, whether the same shall have actually sailed upon any piratical expe dition or not, or whether any act of piracy shall have been committed or attempted upon or from such vessel or boat or not; und any such vessel or boat may be adjudged and condemned, if captured by a vessel author ized as hereinafter mentioned, to the use of the United States and to that of the captors, and if seized by a collector, surveyor, or mar shal, then to the use of the United States, af ter due process and trial, in like manner as is provided in section four of the act to which this is supplementary, which section is hereby made in all respects applicable to cases arising under this act. SKC. 2. And be it further enacted, That the President of the United States be, and hereby is, authorized to instruct the couimaud crs of the public armed vessels of the United States, and to authorize the commanders of any other armed vessels sailing tinder the au thority of any letters of marque mid reprisal granted by the Congress of the United or the commanders ot any other suitable v«»s sels, to subdue, seize, take, and, if on the high * -i!s, to send into any |M>rt of tke l'nit«-d States any v«*sil or boat built, purchasiil, fitted out, or held, as iu the first section of this act mentioned. SEC. 3. An- 1 ' )ir if farther mactrJ, That the olhTtor* of the several |N>rt* of entry, the surveyors of tin- several port* of de|i\er\. and the* of the several judicial dis tricts within the I uiled State* IK- and are hereby authorizc l und required to ai-ixe any ami iUI IrSM'Lt or Ismls built, prtrekas^il,fitted • •*it. or held as afon-s.iid. which may be found u ithiu tin ir n-spertive ports or districts, aud to riu—- the same to lie proeeedid ajrainst ami dis>***d of a* In rcinliel-Mc provided. Approvtd, August a, fvjj. CH\r. XLIX.—An Art to reduce Consular fee* f»r Veasels running tour between Foreign I'.-r' fic it marted Ay tkr Srnate and ll<m*r of flrprrsrmtatirri of tkr Un.'rd Stairs nf' Amer ica m < uMiriciS aut mUrd, '1 bat Ameriran vessels rutilling regul-uly by weekly or uioiith-! Iv trips, or otherwise, to or between jxirts shall not l«* required to pay fee* to coo siil* for more than four tri|t* in a year, any-, thing iu tke law or regulation* respecting con sular tees to the contrary not withstanding. Approved, August 5.1801. CHAP. L.—An Act authorizing additional eulistmenls in the Navy of the United States. Ih' it rmartrd /»#/ tfir Senate ami Home «/' llrpntrmfofirrt nj the I'mtrd State* of Antr im m CoHgrcMM tttsttoMeil, That tbe fHtrt'ta ry of tin- Navy Us :ind he licreby i», nutlior i/v'd (•> I'uuar to bo enlisted in tin* navy of the I'nif Ml States, for the terra of tLrtw year*, or tli'j war, ench number of able seniuen, OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON TERRITORY, MARCH 1, 1802. ordinary *• an.eti. Uiys, ai- may judge Uere*»arv am! pro|ier, to place the entile IW** nf the I'uiirJ >tal.». and all vessels that ma;, lie ad.b-d t<> it. in n state of the utmost efficien cv for arrive nervier. Approved, August A. l**Cl. CHAT. Ll. An Act making further appro priation for the stipjsirt of tlie :vice for the Year ending June tkirtieih, i ighteeu biindred and sixty-two, ami for oilier Purpo se*. ! fir if rmartrd b>t thr Senatr tin I I Inn tr nf llrprrsenhittrex «/ thr I mled Stales of .Inter nil m ( '"H l' ft *.<r assembled, i bat the Mini of thirty thousand dollars be, and the same is. hereiiv appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise uppropriuteil, for the completion of the coal depot at Key \\ est, Florida, and repairs of the wharf belonging to the same. For the completion of the marine barracks t at Charlestonn, Massachusetts, twelve thou sand di.liars. For the purchase of the right to manufac ture and use Costou's night signals, twenty thousand dollars: Proriilal, That the full right to manufacture and use the same can be purchased at a price not to exceed that sum. For the purchase of ordnance for the use of the nnvv, three hundred thousand dollars. For repairing thoquarters and outbuildings at Fort Abercnnibie, seven thousand dollars. For collecting, drilling, and organizing vol unteers, under the acts authorizing the Presi dent to accept the services of live hundred thousand men, twenty millions of dollars. Si:c. 2. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of the Navy be, and he is here by, authorized to change the names of any vessels purchased for the use of the Navy Department by authority of law, and they shall be thereafter known by the names so given them by virtue of this act. SEC. 3. And be it further enacted. That there be, and hereby is, appropriated, in like manner, the sum of one hundred thousand dollars, for the construction and equipment of gunboats and service on the Western rivers. Approved, August 5, IS6I. CHAP. LII.—An act m Appropriation to pay the Kxpenses of tin 1 Investigating Committees of the House of Representatives and Senate appointed the First Session of the Thirty-seventh Congress, and of the Commis sion authorized to examine and report as to the Compensation of all Ofliecrs of (juvern ment. Be it enacted hg the Senate and House of 111 j> resen tat ices of the United States if Ann r iea in Congress assembled, That there be, and hereby is, appropriated, out of any money iu the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of ten thousand dollars, to pay the ex penses of the investigating committees of the Senate and House of Representatives appoint ed at the first session of the Thirty-seventh Congress, and also the expenses of the com mission authorized to examine and report its to the compensation of all officers of (iovern ineut; said sum of money to lie drawn from the Treasury ns part of the contingent expenses of the House of Representatives, and to be disbursed iu the mode provided by law for such expenses. Approved, August 5, ISGI. CLLAP. Llll.—An Act authorizing the Co nstruction of Twelve small Side-wheel Steam ers. s lie if. enacted by the Senate and House qf\ llepretentatire* of the United State* o/'Airier- , iea in Can/etc** a**embted, That tho Secret#- 1 ry of tho Navy shall cause to bit constructed,' with thi' least possible delay, twelve small j side-wheel steamers, for the use of the navy of the I'liited States of light draught and jrreat apeed; and that fur thu purpose afore- | 1 i-aid'tWclve hiiudred thousand dollars lie, and the Mine hereby in, appropriated. Approved, August 5, lfcGl. CAAP. I. IV.—An Act tasking Appropria tion for Fortifications and other I'urjHw**. Hr it enacted fit/ the Senate and Home «/' I Rejire»e»fatirc* of' the I'mted State* of .truer tea im ('oncrrtt onrnWii/, there Ih', aud u hereby, appropriated, out of any tin :iev in the Treasury not otherwise appiopriated. the nam «»f one hnndre«l thousand dollar* runMnp-nrie* of io:us to Ik' used a:i«I at't' under the 1i«»r» of the S»vri lux* of War. Sfr. i. And he it further cnaet*d. That any «-«>uiuiissiowd officer of the aruiv. navy, or marine mqi«. who, having tendered his sltull. prior t<> due notice of the an-ciitinrv of the muik* by the projwr au i tlenity, and without leave, quit lii» |wtt or |>rn|HT dutie# with lite iulent to remain permanently abaeut ther»-fr»ui. shall be n-g --irftwd a* a dwwrter. a;id |rtiiii*hed &s *ttch. Sir. 3. And be if further cnarted, That flogging as a puninhuicut iu the anny is hereby aliolinhed. Se<. 5. And b* it further enartrd, Tli t for removing itibk* and other ol«trnr?kxi* from the ground* around the Wiobinft' ii , lutiriuary, ihmhl aa an anny hospital, draining i-aid grouixla to twurv proper drain ' age of the same, I lie siuu of live thousand ' dollar* Us aud the same in hereby appro -1 priated, to lie expended under the direction

of the aargeou-geocral of the l'uit< d State* army. Approved, August 5, 18G1. CIIAP. LV.—An Act in relation to the Of fice of Attorney of tho United States for the Southern District of New York. lie it enartrd by the Senate aud ll>u.<e of Representative* of the United State* of Auwra-m in i'ohffreu u**n* /»/<«/. That ;hi-rr shall I- paid to the .m. yof the I'ni •«! States |.ir the *-«itbcni di»;rirt af Near V>rk. <jiwrirtlv, a f.:lsn' f! lln 1 rtlr v( *ix thousand dollar* |HT annum, and *n< It addi tional sum a* shall IM- »rb tin- rmMf uii] fnii n»« nl!.<c>d Iv li« to pay Mich amount e» shall 1M- fi\«-d l»v the Secretary of the Interior for the JIP>JHT e\- of the office, including salaries of m*- ci*i; nt* and rk-rks. Six. 2. A mil Kr it further rmurf, That tfl; accounts of xiid attorney, from and after the loutill day of April last, shall be adjusted t.nil settlid iu the aaine manner as >he same would have been adjusted and settled had this act b-en iu operation on and after that day. ApprovtJ, August C, ISGI. CLLAL*. IA" I.—An Act to punish certain Clonics against the Fnited States. lie it misted hi/ the Senate and lloute of Jlcjirrsintatircx of thr Vnitrd States of' Amer ica in I 'ouarets assembled. That if any per son shall lie guilty of the act of recruiting soldiers or sailors in any State or Territory of the I'uitdl to engage in armed, hostility against tin l United States, or who shall open a recruiting station for the enlistment of such persons, either ns regulars or volunteers, to serve as aforesaid, shall be gnilty of a high misdemeanor, :ind upon conviction in any court of record having jurisdiction of the of fense, shall lie fi.icd a sum not less than two hundred dollars nor more than one thousand dollars, and contined and imprisoned for a period not less than one year nor more than live years. Sl.c. 2. And be it further enacted, That the person so enlisted, or engaged as regular or volunteer, shall be fined in a like uuuuicr a sum of one hundred dollars, and imprisoned not less than one year nor more than three years. Approved, August C, 18(il. ('HAP. LVII.—Au Act to promote tlie Ef ficiency of the Engineer anil Topographical Engineer Corps, and for oilier l'uiposes. lie it enacted bi/ the Senate and House Representatives of the United States of Amer ica in Congjcss assembled, That there shall he added to each of the corps of Engineers, by retmlar promotion of their present otlieers, two lieutenant-colonels and four majors. SEC. And be it further enacted, That there shall he added to the corps of topo graphical engineers olio company of soldiers, to he commanded by appropriate officers of said corps, lo have the same pay and rations, clothing, and other allowances, and to be en titled to the same benefits in every respect as the company created by the act for the organ ization of a company of sappers and miners, and pontoniers, approved May sixteenth, [fif teenth! eighteen hundred and forty-six. The said company shall bo subject to the rules and articles of war, and shall have the same organization as the companies of engin eer soldiers attached to the cor]is of etigiueers. Sue. •!. And be it further enacted, That vacancies hereafter oecuring among the com missioned officers of the volunteer regiments shall bo filled by the Governors of the States respectively in the same manner ns original appointments. And so much of the tenth section of the net approved July twenty-see ond, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, ns is inconsistent herewith be, and the same is here by, repealed. ' Sue. 4. And be it further enacted, That the I'resident of the United States is hereby authorized to appoint two additional inspec tors-general for the United States army ; said inspectors-general to have the same rnuk and receive the same pay and allowances as now provided by law for inspectors-general. SKI*. • r > And be it further enacted, That so much of the first section of the act ap proved August fifth, eighteen hundred and liltv-four, as authorizes the appointment of civilians to superiuU-nd the national armories J,e, and the same is hereby, rejH'aled, and that the superintendents of these armories i sluill be appoiuted lien-after froui officers of the Ordnance Department. Approved. August 6, I "til. CHAP. LVIII-—An Art to authorize an In-! crea*»« in the Corps of Eupuvn and lopo- | jrmphiral Kngine«r*. lie it enacted Ay tie Senate end liuuur uf llrurcmrmtahrrt uf the I utlrd tstute* tf Amer ica iu t umi'rrsj umeuJUcd, That than- shall be *l.l. .1 to rack of the corps at engineers aitd t»pi>j>Taphiral engineer*. by regular |*v iuot>"U 4 their |n*f*iit often* t»s li.utrti ant-eJoml* and l«»nr major*. Mc . 2. Aud Ar it further emmctri, TVat tlwre •'hill lie added to lb«*eur]s»flf typograph ical t uginrent OIM cocupany til *»Jdier*s to be roaw—inh-d by aj>|in«|irii!< oi&c»-rs rf said roqis. t<> hav<* tti«* same pay and rations, clothing. aud otht-r *ll ■waßcr*. and to he r» ti r l«tl to th • same U t.-i» i* everr nfju-rt as th»* coiapany created by the act f«r the organ ization of" a company of sappers and asiners and tx>nionien>. ap|«r"f«-d May urtcnti. 1 fif teenth j eighteen buudrwl awl fi«tv-ai*- IV* said cotnpanv shall to the nih-s atul articles of war. and shall have the si»r w gnnizatiou as tin- companies of eitgiiuvr *4- diers atta< h<tl to tin* corps <4 eugiu.-e»*. SE« . 3. And be it further eumetrJ. That the I'n-sident of the I niied States is hereby authorized to apjxiini i»« ors-getier.d of the 1 ni'rd State* an**." to have the «anie rank and receive tli • sanit pay and all jwances as now provided by law ff->r inspectors-general. Approved, August C. IMI. CVMP. I-IX.——An Art to provide f*>r h?l'* ii>U th. 1 ►h*rict aw) < *imut C«vtt id Jadirial 1 »!.-<• rirtr during a Temporary Vanarj <4 tlw J ivl^'-llip fir it rmartrd tkr Srmmtr mmJ ffmmar mf Rrprrwrntmlim sf thr I'mileJ Stutr* mf Amrr »<■« ii ('tmrrrti a i wmhtrJ. Hut in rMr of • \ araiH V in the tit di-trirt judge if any judicial dUtrirt <4 the United Stair* in any State i;i which th. re an- two judicial districts it shall be Inwful for tlw district jodge of thr other district iu said Slate to k<4d the dis trict court or rirruit court in ease of sickness or the alwencc of the rirruit judge, and dis charge all the judicial duties of thr district judge of such vacant district so long a* rack vacancy shall continue ; and nil the acta and proceeding* in Mid court*, or by or before the said district judge o£tlio adjoining dis trict, shall have the same force, effect, and vallidity ns if done and transacted by and before a judge appointed for such district. Approved, August 6, lbGl. CIIAP. LX.—An Act to confiscate Proper ty used for insurrectionary l'urpose*. Be it enacted by the. Senate and House of fiejisescntatires of the. United States of Amer ica in Congress assembled, That if, during the present or any future* insurrection against the Government of the United States, after the President of the United States shall have declared, by proclamation, that the laws of United States are opposed, and the execution thereof obstructed, by combinations too pow erful to be suppressed by tlio ordinary course of judicial proceedings, or by the power vest ed in the marshals by law, any person or persons, his, her, or their agent, attorney, or employe, shall purchase or acquire, soil or give, auy property of whatsoever kind or des cription, with intent to use or employ the same, or suffer the same to be used or em ployed, in aiding, or abetting, or promoting such insurrection or resistance to the laws, or any person or persons engaged therein; or if any person or persons, being the owner or owners of any such property, shall knowingly use or employ, or consent to the uso or em ployment of the same as aforesaid, all such property is hereby declared to be lawful sub ject of prize and capture wherever found; and it shall be the duty of the President of the United States to cause the same to bo seized, confiscated, and condemned. Sue. 2. And be it further enacted. That such prizes and capture shall be condemned in the district or circuit court of the United States having jurisdiction of the amount, or in Tidiniralty in any district in which the same may be seized, or into which they may be taken and proceedings first instituted. Sue. 3. And be it further enacted, That the Attorney-General, or any district attorney of the United States in which said property may at the time be, may institute the pro ceedings of condemnation, and in such ease tliey shall be wholly for the benefit of the United States; or any person may file an informotion with such attorney, iu which case the proceedings shall be for the use of such informer und the United States iu equal parts. SEC. 4. And be it further enacted, That wheuever hereafter, during the present insur rection against the Government of the United States, any person claimed to be held to la bor or service under the law of any State, shall bo required or permitted by the person to whom stick labor or service is claimed to bo due, or by the lawful agent of such person, to take up arms against the United States, or shall be required or permitted by the persou to whom such labor or service is claimed to lie due, or his lawful ageut, to work or to be ; employed in or upon any fort, navy yard, dock, armory, Bkip, entrenchment, or in any i military or iiaval service whatsoever, against ! the Government and lawful authority ot tke ! United States, then, and in every suck case, j the |H»rsou to whom such labor or sen-ice is claimed to be due thall forfeit his claim to | such labor, any law of the State or of the ! United to the coutrarv notwithstanding.— Ami « believer thereafter th«j uentou claiming surk labor or service shall seek to enforce his claim, it shall be a full and sufficient answer to such claim tk*t tke person whose service against the Government of the United State* contrary to tke provl-icns of this act. Approved. August 0, ISKSI. ('mr. LXI-— Am Art iifalw to Appeal to IIM- SMMM t 'Hirt f tk«-1 niii d fvai.-*- lir U emmrt.J hf tkr Sraate at J Ham* mf RrmrvmmUUrraj tkt St*U» •/* Amrr (W~ mmnmU<± IT-I » all uf «kirh lui r Um ur may btrruur be duly take* ky k.ik |.utira fj«m tkrjuJjr**- BH-nt <ir drow l* aay di»:rict or cirrmi: euart to tkr Sftrtmr Coarf of tkr t"aU«d t*ta«ca.a iraiKrh|>t of IIH- iwnnri KiJ a tke I ■jnibm i'.Hirt of tkr I ui:«-d Suurs ky eitkrr fW.J «u hi- ippral Mtajr u>- 1 U«k ar.d vbrai Tit a nsk taw oar iwwd «■" h&Tr IN-HI, «r BMV kt W, SW bjr «k»- PC pwtv in tkr naid NpM* loart. kotkap i*-aL- iOUI U ik.Twu kv tkr eowt «a • mailt.- m".3»T m»f r«i-u«da k«a alec kv tkr ia Urfk CM**. ! ti» .t. Ami Ar ./ J»rJ*r rn+rte*. Tka. tkr di<firt «tto«wT •< «!*• 1 Suit* «4 „v au-rirt in Oa&*mh way truiMrtibr aw! to tkr N»'« t >*« rf »r I aU«? St*!.-» tkr n*wi* of tkr dutiict K*t of k* j>rr»j«r ia til laul r»»m *. i"*" 'T t Hrtrd lS:atr» m a party. aj«>n a kkk appoa» kovr turn or MV tr tekru to tke court >4 ike l"ui;t!d ; «d r*«oru» am r« rtifuti ky ew* dl«trirt attofwy *»tT au aud ttird iu :k- .-viprv!.--1 ' *«t ot the i l'uit«l 6 air*, tkill l»- uir.i i-* Utfcj and val lid trci vr |>:t. to ii" - Mi*' irKtti 1 ■■ H* 1 T ! M ij crniird by xi* cU il of lU prop.r dW trict ccafl: a-d ik.- *»•*«* *W far tbr districts of Clifcwii Ad k tkfw in IIH\H. M mmj W fur rmck at ik. ckrika. - -bail br uid oat of tkf l or and otker i tinmiTi— IJ rIMM rt California LIB<I claims; it Ad b tlx- duty «f tbr rlrfk of my district cant is C alifornia, on mjiMt <4 lb* district attonry of tku district, to deliver to kiai the tmtmrmm in tfcf fifci before-Mentioned oo wkiek ap peal* have brea or way U> *- v tar UM pur pose of haviug IIM IU traaacribed J and upon refusal or failure to do ao, mk clerk «l"ll for feit and pay to the United Htnte* the sum of' five thousand dollars for each offenae, to be recovered iu au set ion of debt in any court of coinpeteut jurisdiction; and such clerk shall, moreover, be inrn[table af holding his said of fice of clerk, or any offic* under the United States. Approved, August 6, 1861. CIIAP. LXII.—An Act to create a Metro politan l'olice District for the District of Co-, lunibia, and to establish n Police therefor. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of- Representative s of the United State s of Amer ica in Congress assembled That the Corpora tions of Washington and Georgetown, and the county of Washington, outside the limits of said corporations, are hereby constituted* for the purposes of this act, into one district,, to be called " The Metropolitan Police Dis trict of the District of Columbia." Sue. 2. And be it further enacted. That immediately upon the passage of this net, and thereafter from time to time, as required by this act, there shall be appointed by the Pres ident of the United States, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, five Com missioners of Police, who shall be the chief officers of the said " Metropolitan Police Dis trict," and who shall severally possess and perform therein the powers and duties author ized and enjoined by this act. The said commissioners, together with the mayors of the cities of Washington and Georgetown, ex officio, shall form the board of police for the said district, and a majority of them shall constitute a quorum of eucb board for the transaction of business. SEC. 3. And be it further enacted, That three ct said commissioners shall be appoint ed from tLo city of Washington, one from Georgetown, and one from the county of Washington tit large, for the twin of three years, and until their successors are appointed and qunliiicil, unless sooner removed by the* Presideut. Tin said commissioners shall meet at such time and place us may be desig nated by the President of the Uuited States; and after being duly qualified, by taking and subscribing an oath or ottirmation before some person duly authorized to Administer oaths in said District, to support the Constitution of the United States, Mid faithfully to discharge the duties of his office, shall proceed to dis charge such duties as [nrej prescribed by thia act. Skc. 4. And be it further enacted. That, tlic officers of tlie board of police shall be a president nnd a treasurer, who shall each be> selected from among said commissioners by themselves, who shall discharge suth duties ns the board may prescribe. The treasurer shall give a bond, with two safeties, to the satisfaction of raid board, in the penal sum of' ten thousand dollars, for the faithful discharge of the duties of his office. The board may also appoint a clerk, to hold hia office during i the pleasure of the board, and to receive ■ i compensation to be fixed by the board, not to | exceed the rate of one thousand dollars per annum, and who shall perform such duties as. may be required by said board of polices SEC. 6. Ami be it further enacted. That it shall be the duty of the board of police hereby constituted, at all times of the day and night, within the hoaadariee of the said police district, to preserve the public peace; to prevent crime, aad arrest eSraders; to pro tect the rights of perseaa mi at wnsaljr; to guard the puUic health; to preeerve esitsr at every public electiea; to ausri aassauesa . existing in the public streets, mad* sliys, highways, and ether place*; to a proper police force at mqr Cm, thecrhr the imma aad pMprtto wmp ho protected; to prsterl strangers aad MMm at rtiaulnat and Uwdwgs aad railway mtcuMcraare, lottiw •rdcriy 11isms, sal the pMh IbakhM all Iswa aad mi ef «W «iy to uwJhM time to tia^Tlr'As psaper govWnMaad iii iafc aflto adhjfito ■Hi tm. bv a psfine Cmut fsr the skhrfaakd police district. sad sathsriasd to Ja 4ahr la aav part tWassC elihsat iipsj to wmmmtm 8«f.7, Ami be it fo(lli> emmetud, That the ssid pnliee fcwe shsl r—iet day - f««r the luadhs suilm ear fcaadnd and The said hereby ervsted for the ssid pake f xrc shall he as*wa>jr filed hy apfdMM NO. 16.

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