Newspaper of The Washington Standard, March 1, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated March 1, 1862 Page 2
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iu»m the Imam of |»-; ami t.ic-li |»» r*oi» e° app< inted shall Lot'i office only «!mi:ig such time as In; shall faithfully ol«t.i-rvc nml exe cute all the rule* ami regulations of tin* said It •.ml. the I<w4 of the I nited .-tates. and t!*«• law- or i.rdinanc.-s existing within thf Kruno, au 1 vkirh la« -or ordinance »»pplv i ' su<-h jurt «»| tl" iJistrict wlitn the iiMmbtsn of ill- police f»m* may be on duty. ifKi . .If'l he it further enacted, That th qualili. Ati . is. ••numeration, and distrihti -11->ii ill IIUMIc of trial, and reino-. al I .> a «l «• i' ii nilitcr of said|*;li i-furcc sii :II i, I'jrliulr i lirliiM >i >iiil |irc-cr', H i in rnlt ? h• t r /iluir. ri> I't'i' raid ! • *t~ |i*«!«• in «-.>r l»n * with tfca IT—Hilaltna laws «f ttip I o.."i| IMn aypKcsfcla thaMo: /Vn I•/ A >rrr 'r. To .1 iiii jv rMni -iIimII ■|>|i'>:u'( I t" of!* •*. or fa-il t in I'W |»*l.* ■ »t.i:e net. nli i < ;.ani>t rruil at'l wr*tr til'* U • rT i.-ii I /**. or » ii'» i■. !; »l A • ' ' *li ■ 1 ,i 1 tir uli i fViil rv( r li.i' f * !n 1. . I pini « a!i i* t- -I ul • lim* i ' f - d I 1! *. uJ- T-Oil tl .1 If r •• 1 tIICI. •"I « ( e.». wr."»a • |< !.:'n t i tj; bjirJ of p HI I il'.Tau «>p|»ir.!: lit;.' -.1 lii bu -• !>,• aiJ •-:*] oi U. .u„ Lcuri . i U*s *irf* n< » Ski .0. .I*7 f" it further mated, That th* u»Mn'»rr. i/f the mM pallet fiffrre tliall | *» - HI, li? »<-r jurl hi 'lis i»»- *r. t »•? t >»l~.i#ihi i, . ! t:.t ■ >-j. n -.1 11» *ni -'lUV'tfK r- oi tor, 11.1.-», ricf|i: ft.- ill -. r«!«• ■ «•! ii» il pro. f 1 i ; iiml any w .t. .. fjr - tu: .irri t i • 1 li* : \ 111.1K'- : ;r cf - • I I'.'tr tot <'nlii:ii!ti.i. i.u.y i'.' i-\e -nt • 1 iuun r t»irtrf«iM , lt^tr ; tt** !!l ' 1 r of it. I p »!'i-i i.-rr. wMm it as; ? or In* ijif<-.a -u' it! Hi • I ».irr.ini. ninl i • ror<i::i;r to ta*r .tfr.u tj.'rjtj: : a-i I .t'i i'.i • |i r i-i-> i ill' l.iw in r !kt ju ti 1.0-^n.i; a ';i:i! t 'tl li . iii >.nl 4i*triet (ball aMii lo tbU act. Tfca sapcriiitcail* i- it ••! p ill" *u i i i'.i ■ I'; T(• ■ I *!*, l'.n in ' ju t<■ II ?to -'i V '' : tbit un" fploay tibe< u. i- lt.-:»i. o. i- u'uHii lii In-. • ■ i .>i:te<l »i'!iin miv ■«.(il !ii 4-, or o.i l.oar iol iiiiy liiji. lu st >.u <i' I uitli'.i :!i -.i i ii. /.i"., hi vf;.. r tip-iu ilu i:nc lit .ii! Ii > ir- of Jay tsi/li:. M I .!»'• till u c ry tn • fir t:i ■ cT-.-'u il j<r.- - n". or •U t ■ tioii ot' nil f !■> ' in Im iy t i!i- tli II ii'■ 1 tb"ro into ii.l -rsoti • - of l>'-iti ~t i" "UfpriirJ in su ii I i.irs, n:i I a!-n may tkp of all tirojK'riv w Uicli b : or tbcv shall luvc then auJ tin 1 re ' ' 't • < I lii- bi''ii ii'l n. Stc. 10. And be il furlhtr tnaeltd, t!ic bo ir I i.i; •;i-«c may divide the f tiil ilistrict into pre • i ri f • lia;; t'.'n, nil I lu iv a- i/n one BCIV' 1 ul! of ji. J"t■' to I* .I'll ol > El'l p."ecilll't*. 1h ' bi.aiil in..y. lVoi.l time to tint.', i -talilisli a Klutiou or itiou iii oai li preeinrt fur the iicfoiiiino- Jatinn of tin 1 p.J'u-e fori*.' on duty tlierriii. it in iy from time to time, detail ami cli::n;;e, witbmit re gard to or limitation of residence, the or patrolmen to such parts of the district, or to gii' li of the police or criminal courts, and to t lie public offices of the Government of the I'nited States, or of the cities of Washington end Georgetown, as it may deeui advisable. It shall promulgate nil regulations and orders throii;'h the superintendent of police, who shall take the place of the .Mayor ol the city of Washington or Georgetown, us being the head of the police departments or force in the said cities, but a'ways subject to the orders and regulations of the board of police; and it shall be •the duty of the police force to respect mid obey the said superintendent of police, as the head and chief of the same, subject to the rules and regula tions and general orders of the board of police. SEC. 11. An:l be il further liuctctl , That the board of police, whenever it shall see (it. shall, on the application of any person or persons, showing the necessity thereof, appoint ami swear any addi tional number of patrolmen to duty at any place within the said district, at the charge and cvpense of the person or persons by whom the application shall be made, (bat not to exceed the ye irly sum provided for patrolmen of the force provided by this act as the general police force.) and the pa trolmen so appointed lie subject to the or ders of the board of police, an l sh ill obey the rules and regulations of the board, and conform to its general discipline and to such other special regulations as may be made, mid shall wear such dross or emblem as the board may direct, and shall, during the term of their holding appoint ment, pos ess all the powers. pri\ iicges and duties of the pitrol force heretofore described. The persons so may be removed ut any time by the board of police, without assigning cause thereof, upon one month's notice of the intention so to do, given to the person or persons who ap plied for the appointment aforesaid. Sac. 12. Alia be it furthtr rnueled, That Hie board of police may also, upon any emergency of riot, pestilence, invasion, insurrection, or during any day of public election, ceremony or celebra tion, uppoiut as many patrolmen, without pay from among the citizens as it may deem advisable, and for a specified tjine, and during the term of service of such special patrolmen, lie shall possess nil the powers and privileges, and perform all the duties of the patrolmen of the standing police force of the district. And such special patrul shall wear an emblem, to be presented by the po lice commissioners. Src. 13. And be it further enacted, That no mcmlicr of the police force, uniler penalty of lorfeiting the ]>ny which mny he iluc to him, shall withdraw or resign from the police force without have given one mouth's notice thereof, in writing, to the Bii]ici-inten<it-nt of police ; mid 110 person who shall ever have been removed from tlie pn lice force established hy this net, for cause, sluill be reappointed by the board of police to any ollicc in the said police force. SEO. 14. And be it further enacted, That nil stolen property taken by the members of the police force sdntll be kept in a place aud by a per son to be designated by the board of police. Ev ery sitrh article of property shall bp entered iu a bonk kept for the purpose, together with the name of the owner, if ascertained, and the name of the place where found, und of tlie pi-rsou from whom taken, with the general circumstances, and the date of its receipt, and the name of the otHeer re covering the *ame. Tiie hoirl of polici- shall al so cause to be kept general complaint book«, in which shall be enter,-d every complaint preferred upon peri.juvl knowledge of the thereof, with the name and rr-idi-nce of the com plainant. It «hall *No cause to bo k»pt books "f irv of | .«t. missia?. or stolen properly, for the p ••j«ral convenience of the public and of the police of the district. It *hall .il.-o rai.-t lo l e kept bo-»k« -.f r -»rjs of the p. !>r. wherein »h,l! t!»* ui'j- of er»-rv m'-iuVr of the pnliee f *■<•*. wi-n hi< I.TI inl >.l ««-<■ >f fslirity. an I the ••in- I** a citixi a if h - »*• bora i»nt o! 1 4 •»! Sti:e»: bi* »«e iti* former orru pvi ; r i ..t» -r -OJ rp ' a eot UMI'T . the •>ft -v-it nr ti! from otfi, p. «,;lith rat - <•' -He "a tt. And ia rxert rnirb re oH * i -er« t-' li-f *f.m-l all en |r -- ><<T<il«ai|>rr «» tl»* e.aail—r ff *r »>-»t- mil- «| • . b Bteislirr «l »li» poi»>e lore* «* tat *y* ol itnirH <]• nr.t j i.r tbe e.m-ai>*iun-r I: »i».Tii :■ -« « «nw. U kr[>( ia W>>L tbe »»T«II?-* OF tbe Ire -a»v- nf tSe h-ar t. na4 a«»hrr •# lb* 1 Kr-tin-- ti. -it-if aad ail rereipti iif aw •. w r rbe it tir mwo. .ball be vntlia in w -i. le,. t r tV f iy<-«. an 4 tbe *a'd tr rip*> - fn«-*l br tbe per >n or'i i» every <»-e It Hii»j aatrt. rr. fro a the trea-vr-r. All »«-b l «i> nil l» M all•><* *!>e< Mia »r. tat! «». ivpm ii lo pttMir »c-|>* <to a Tbe l«ur<l <4 puuit aim cuae In t* li pt atd boua4 all po i e irtara- »•! rtp-ri. «( tbe di»trj« : . l.». Aid he it further en*rletl. That il »ha!i 1» tkf d :ti of ibe otnt - a imiiril, of the litiei of ITabn.t.n aa 1 to pr e i i - t| the *ip • -i-i cities. rr-i«rtitelt. all aeres »a»t a f-MB«<»4tt!aa» aubin (h- if re»{w tile lim it-. for -t-.t: »u-h..akr« r> rt .11 * tbe Iwoil af p>- lice, for th» a- <" »»mod»-ion of ti-j poll, p fjree. for it- |n.!;'jf «f v»*r-nt« and <ti-or4erlv pet »»»». an I far ibe il> l<-ntioa "f |>er*m« arre«te<l for aa4 ibe »m -«iuU.t to a <-!■ lifbt |i caiat the r.iataoa eoaaelU, or either of ih«a. hCglcrt ««r r- fa to do «... aft. r bat iaj Ua ti r»- U> request- 4 b» llie *otar<l ~f |w>li< p. th*n the »ai l bo*r4 may make their owa pN.«i«iM,t la tic pn u. tt**. aad the trh« n Ta->le. -la• II beronae a a ch*r** aa 1 de'-t for ibe et»«-ii -• atJ d. - bar . apat.- lh»-re«f the said eitjr or eitiea arbMe cotniaoa eoaaeils hatp so & glicifd or re .4 u m-ke 1-rvi iva a* af/resaid Slir, 10. .I''i/ be it further tutirfrj, That ?n i very c:!?r of nrro ; t. lie same -4» i!l !>«' n;.i»!o know a within six h'»ur.< • 1*« r»-:t!:i*r to tho srrjjeant of |»o!ire «»n «lcity in tin* prrr i.« tin \vli:< h the ar ri ti< tn.iile, l»v the jior.-oti making tlie s-atne; :.r>! ii h«ll be th * tjr of the said »crg«i«it of po» life, within nft« r -u• li notice, toinake written return thereof, lurnr to tli • rules un«l rc./»ila*i « f i! • l»o?nl of j''>!ii - e t with tli nj T.e of the p-srty urre te l, the oflVn e, t?*e | tilar of iirrot, Art*! the jilnre «»f detention. The l».»arl of pi.liee li ill |>r.iviile .-ultaMe ncronuno «!:ttion within s *iil district for tin- detention of u <ci v»li<> lire ii'mMf to fitrni-h nrity l.»r their «ii'e i»i rriniinul |»ro<*ce«lin^< t and mirh shall In* in j»remi«i'» other than t'■ ■ i*'* employed for the r«mfiiit'inctit ol tlii».-»e . I v it li « t'r *nd. or disorderly con !«i t ; :nd i* "*i • P the duty «»f all tn ui-tr .t. -. i;i • •!..• •ftitlsit'jf wiiii**- . t<• lin% e I<•-" tit• .•• rul'*?* and of tl»o board of |Nili< i.» reference t«» tJfir d*-tcntioii. Sn . IT. Ami /»••' it furtlrr rnarfcrf. That nil trl.-jrri'ihir nji|':.rntus, jitt!i!ii- |»r«i]»- i rtv. I»i i.«!f. atul arcmtiri tin-tifs, now in thi* |Ni>-i.»ioii ut tin* ji-I'liri- di'|i ti'liiii'iitH «d \VaMj!ii"t«i:» nttd (iintp'towti, ari' lirtrhy .riven fir tlir in 1 of tin- hoard nf |»> >!i<*i» luniti ,'iiithori/. 'd ; hut tin* ownership of iho s itiif, cti.l the ti-e llicri'of ns ttfori's till, sh II he ;u - - ronii. o to tin- laws or tmliuunccs which tho «-it v r iuticils of said cities, respectively, in •"i-.l property is situated have enacted or naiv h.Ti .tl'ier enact. f>m . 1 .1 ml In it further cnaetnl. That tie- expiiisi - iiu iun i! in the i xei n li'itt of eiiiniual procir.-i. within the mid dis trict .»!i ill lie chargeable to the I nited M;;te.*. a» tttnl«r laws. I Sllf. l!'. Am! he it J'urt/irr iritirfrJ, That the 15 > ird of lie or the proper hi'.ilih olli ei'r of the cit v of or ({eorp-town, sh ill have power to call upon any oi' the po lice force i f the to a number not ex ceeding .- ix. to aid him, upon any in i e.-sary (•tnerp-ncy, in the powers and tln li> ■» eolifi'iTed upon their ollice liy law ; anil it shall he the duly of any Hitch iimnber of police so called upon to obey him; bit! sttcli service shall not continue longer than twenty- 1 f.ttr hours. Tin- board of police t-lu.ll tit all t times, "cause the ordinances and laws of the cities of Washington and Georgetown to he properly enforced; and it shall be the duty of said board, at all times, when consistent with j the rules and regulations of the board, nml with the rc(|uireiiientß of (his net, to furnish all information desired and comply with all requests made by the city councils ol said cities, or by the mayors thereof. Sue. Ami be it further enacted, That the board of police is hereby invested with till powers now conferred by law upon the inavors of Washington or of (ieorgelown in respect to ordering military assistance in aid , of the civil authorities to quell riots, suppress ' insurrection, protect the property, and pre serve (lie public tranquility. The board of police shall have power to issue subpoenas, I attested in the name of its president, to com- i pel In lore it the attendance of witnesses upon j anv proceeding authorized by its rules and 1 regulations. Each commissioner of police, the superintendent of police, and the clerk of the board of police, aie hereby given power, to administer, take, receive, ; t n<l subscribe all ' affirmations and oa'.'us to any witnesses sum moned and appearing in any manner or pro-. (•ceding authorized, as aforesaid, nml to any dt positions necessary by the rules and regu lations of the board of police. Any wilful, and corrupt false swearing by any witness or j person making deposition before any of the | officers last mentioned, to any material fact in j in any necessary proceeding under the said rules and regulations, shall be deemed perju ry, and punished in the manner Uo\V pres cribed by law for such olli nce. Sue. SI. Anil he it further enacted. That 1 it shall be a misdemeanor, punishable by ini prisnuuicnt in the county jail or penitentiary not exceeding two years, or by a line not ex ceeding live hundred dollars, for any person without jiistililu or excusable cause, to use personal violence upon any elector iu said 1 district, or upon any member of the police ! force thereof when in the discharge of his 1 duty, or for any such member to neglect inak- I ing any arrest for an offence against the law ! of the United States committed in his pres- j ence, or for any person, not a member of the 1 police force, to falsely represent himself as being such member, with a fraudulent design. Skc. 22. And he it further enacted. That the treasurer ol the board of police shall re ceive a stated salary of six hundred dollars per annum, and each commissioner shall re ceive au allowance of five dollars per day for each day of actual attendance upon the meet-' ings or business of the board, not to exceed, ! however, to each commissioner (the treasurer excepted) two hundred and fifty dollars per i annum; and no other compensation shall bo paid or allowed to the members of the board. The superintendent of police shall receive a ' salary ot lifteeu hundred dollars per annum, ' each sergeant of police six hundred dollars per annum, and each police pntroliuau forty dollars per mouth, as compensation lor their service*, respectively. Sk< . 23. And IM it further emftrd. That from and alter thi- first nut-ting of the hoard of p dice, under the pp.\i~ions of this art. it shall |w*s.-*s all the powrr and autlinritv beretoliin- ronfern-d by l.iw u|«>n thv auxilia ry punrd of \\ ashing!on, «'«.*Mi-lit-d by an art rotitb-d "An Act to r»i«l hsh an auxilia ry « Jtrli for tin- pr.Miftinii ot pulJic and pri -1 alt- proj>ert_\ in the rity >4 \\ nsbingliui.' ap id AupnM I* «-nTy-tbn •-. •itH»i»-»;i kirn tin-*! a ltd f-irtj -•«-«, ami all arts in anf-fxim-tit !b.-rvto. ami Kiid auxiliarr guard or matrh i» L.-n-bv d: and >ak! U>ar>l of f».ln - sb.dl i»l— !««•».> r.!l tl*.- |k.« i-r aul - iiuivfir or any other nfiirrr tir oCnfn «>f tbe riti.~ of Wa4>itigtfWl ail'l livulstKVi n«|iir(hr!v, am ti« b-»«S» tb« rrill <d lb.- riv|»vtitr iV partißrnts i* orgaiuxnti.*** <•! lk<—ritirr. wkirb |"»ir «r auib< rity shall n-lai'- to or iu anv «av kraaurrtnl witk ilu j-.iin- g .»»-rr ui>ut inr iSi». k rbiu • : .tb<-r >4 salkl riths; and tr<«u ai«d altn lit* siiid fin* bmwl iti; and da»- iiffUiiiaii'in «•< Niiii Uitid • J po tier, ibt- Unty and authority and |>.« .r uf i trli and .*<ll "f tlx* af.tfi iin nti-Mwil ( ,tu«-,-r» in r. talii TI !<• tie- jsdn-' g"» • rntjn-ut, ap| m.-Bt, and diwifdiii*-. dull * I»dl\ n-»s« au<l r <st as af'irmiiil iu ikr n>ml l»aaid ot |(olt.«- rmisiitatiil bv ibis a>-i. rtrr|it that tin- may ors of Wa.-diiti£?<-u and liiufpinini shall Ins with 110- n>imui**»ii>M>, lut-uiU-ra rl-ufiiriii <>f tll<- Uar 1 ««f |a>lirt-. aixi • utilied to inie V.»le t .ieh at i-ven reteim thereof n bra jiiiiriil st its UM-etings. Sr> . ?4. And he it further rttar/r./, 'Hint the »"j«-ntiti-nib-tit nf pilire shall to the ls>ard <«f |>>dict* i(itarterly i»-jinrts in writiujr yf the atatv of the p->liw Uistric'. with <-wh statistics ami suggestions as he mny deem advisable i«»r the improvement of the police government and dix-iplino of said district; nuil the board of police shall annually, on or before the first Monday in November, report in writing the condition of the police within said district to the Secretary of the Interior. Skc. '25. And be it further enacted, That no meiidter of the board of police, or of the police force, .-hall receive or share in, for his own beneiit, under nny pretence whatever, any present, fee, or emolument, for police ser vices, other than the regulars tlary and pay pro vided by this ait, except by consent of the board t.f police. S Ami hr it further enacted. That till rewards, fees, prm-nds of gifls, and emol it:-.en's that may lie allowed by the board ef pi lie • to In l paid and given for extraordinai v sen ices of any llleluber of the police fort e, and all ntoiiiy sari.-ing from the sale of un claimed goods, shall constitute the "police nian's fund," of which the hoard of police -b ill be the trustee, and may invent na thev ?h ill see (it. And whenever any member of tin- p.diee force, in the actual discharge of hi dtitv, shall beeoiiii' bodily disabled, his neec.— sat v e\peiises, on the certificate of n compe tent surgeon, stating the manner, cause, and cotidiiioii of the injury, and approved by the board i f police, iluting the nun of his disa bling. lis aforesaid, continues, ltinv become a charge upon the said fund. Iti:i the boar I of p .lit -• niav discontinue said aliov,;;t.ce 1 r anv Kiti-factorv reason. Srr. 27. -I»7 be it f/rf 'rr enacted, Th:it th" board of police shall require and make suitable provi.-ioiis resjH-ctii.g secuii'y to be entered into by the slip, rililendent of police and bv the sergeants of police, ninl for the takiag bv members i f the police lurce of an oath oi'office, and the ri gistiy of the s.;me, which oath of office may be taken In-fore any commissioner of police, who is htivby em powered to administer the same. • Km". 28. And be it further enerted, Thai there be, and is hereby, appropriiued, out of nny money in the Treasury not otherwise ap propriated. for the purpose of eaiTving this act into efVcet, including the payment oi'sala ries and all other necessary charpcs and ex penses of the " Metropolitan Polve," for the year ending June thirty, eight-en hundred and sixty-two, in addition to tie balance of the appropriation made by the act npptoved February twenty, eighteen and s'xty, "for the compensation of the auxiliary guard, and one lieutenant, anil for fuel, oil, and lamps, and for twenty policemen, balance is lu-re bv directed to be applied to the purposes of this act, the sir.'i of sixty thousand doll irs. Sl'.c. 29. And be it further enacted. That all statutes, p u'ts of statutes, and provisions of laws inconsistent with the provisions of act, are hereby repealed. Approved, August (>, 1801. CHAP. I.Xlll.—An Act to increase the Pay of the Privates in the Ki'gular Army and in the volunteers iu the service of the l uited States, and for other Purposes. lie if enacted hi/ the Senate arid Hm/sc of 11 rpsescntttti res of the I'nited States of Amer ica in Congress assembled, That tin* pay of privates iu the regular army and volunteers in the service of the I'nited States be thir teen dollars per month for three years from and after the passage of this act and until otherwise fixed by law. Sue. 2. And he it further enacted, That the provisions of the act entitled "An Act for tlie Relief of the Ohio and other Volunteer," approved July twenty-fourth, eighteen hun dred mid sixty-one, be anil the same are here bv extended to all volunteers mustered into the service of the I'nited Slates, whether for one, two, or three years, or lor during the war. Sl'.e. 3. And he it further enacted, That all the nets, proclamations, and orders of the President of the United States after the fourth of March, eighteen hundred and sixty one, respecting the army and navy of the United States, are calling out or relating to the militia or volunteers from the States, are herebv approved and in all respects legalized and made valid, to the same intent and with the same effect as if they had been issued and done under the previous express authority and direction of the CongreSt! of tho United States.

Approved, August 0, 18(31. CIIAP. LXIV.—An Act requiring nn Oath of Allegiance, and to Support the I'onstitu , tion of the United States, to bo Administered to certain Persons in the civil service of the l.'nitcd States. He it enacted by the Senate anil Ilonte of Representatire* of' the I'nitit/ State* of Am er- I ira in Cungret* i/wm/iW, That it shall be J the duty of the heads of the several depart-, incuts to cause to be administered to cnch and every oiiii-er, clerk, or employe, now iu their resjiective departments, or in nny way cmi mvlnl therewith, or who shall hereafter iu 1 any way bet-on*- connected therew it It. tli«- fol lowing oath. via.: "I do mJCIHIIIV swear (>»r ntiirni. cs lite CUM- way lie) I hut 1 will *up |">it. protect, niol d<-tend llii>l\«i4ilulwi and <i..teniiiit-iii «•! tin- I nii.-d SUIN *«r*inst all ei» mirts whether dom«-»lie or Urtvijni. awd iliat I willlxar tru. faiih, nod loyalty to IIM- MKT, any ordinance. re»O|ll:K>n. or law of any Stale I VxiVenttoa or lr*ri«!»ltir. to »he rutrintry leKw itb-timdiep ; and. fur tb< r. that I do thi* wiih a full drtenniuali-*i. |Wf". and |Hir)«w. wit hunt am uwutal h> •-r> BIKHI «■*•••* J."».«o w hal»w« rr ; ami. finkt. that I « ill well and faithfully perfunn all the dou. * which mar be mjiurd uf us bv law. Su h< •«l " And that e.-eh and e« en «rL ruil idiot euipl>y«-. iu the dr|aßßrnti kiiilVMkl. uT IU Mr war CUUltected therewith, iii the n ice or •tDpiox u* nt «d the t win! Niaie*. who dull lela-e to tak>- the uath ar attinua:">•-u herein pn>» id*d. shall l> ijunedi alrll iii«aiUKJ and frw:n »nh Nttkr w enipl. ytoetit. Sr.< .t- -luW If H furiktr rnartrj. That the oath ur ainmiioii. hen iu prvv'nb-d f<-r iu tii>t wriiuu <4 this act. ou;. be taken Ui>Kr an\ JIIKLN E OF the peace, or notary pnblir. I« other |niwa *b > is lejrdly aot huriaed t<> ad DUMrtrr an oath iu the Slate or l>t-.ri»t where the auti' u»a_t 1M- admiuioieied. Aad that auy violation ol »u< h oalli by ant person !or pertoua taking the MOAN- shall sabjvet the ■ >fetid«T to all the pain* and peualtie* ot ail- ' ! lul and corrupt iK-ijury, who shall hr hal.U- to , lie iudicted ami uoaecnted to r-.aivii-iiou iur ; any ancli offeuce before amy court hat in- ro »«- , peteut jurisdiction theiwf: Atui prurUrA further. That such offender shall he lorthwuh I!IM luupd trout aut-h service or einpl.y tnt-tii. | _ Approved, August 0, INH. ('ii \f. I.XV.—An Act explanatory of an Act entitled "An Act concerning the Attor- tonera! and the Attorney* and Marshals of the several Districts." Be it enacted hi/ t/ir Senate and House of Representatives of the I 'nited States if Amer ira in Covgress assembled. That nothing in the act of which this act is explinatoiy slu.ll IH> construed to repeal, modify, or in any way affect any law, now in force, defining or regu lating the duties of the Solicior of the Treas ury. Approved, August f>, IS6I. C'ltAP. LXVI.—An Act to provide for the Repairs of the I-ong Bridge across the I'oto inac River. Hr it enacted lit/ the Senate and Haute of Representatives if the (nited Statet of Aimr ini ,n Con ares* assembled. That the nun of twe ity thousand dollars be, and the same is herebv. appropriated for the r< p:«ir of ilie present l.oug llriilge acp ss the I'ototuac River. Approved. An,"ust fi, IMSL CIIVP. I.XV 11.—An Act ant ho rising the Secretary of War to pay the Volunteers, w ho, under the Comm-ind of Charles W. White, anil by t Irdi r of Rrigadier-4 it-ncral T. A. Morris, enli ted to protect the Railroad I fridges and other Property, in the Vicinity '' of Oakland. Alleghany futility, Maryland. lie it enacted hi/ the Senate and House of I!' JI'I'SI rtatii en of tin I nited Statis of Ann r ini in Congress assembled. That the Secreta ry of War be. and he is hereby, authorized I and direct* d to pay, out of any money in the I Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the i o.niui.-Moticd officers, non-commissioned offi cers, musicians, and privates w ho served as a Home (iuard for the protection of the nilroad \ biidge and othi r property, near I laklaud, Al- i leghnny I'utility, Maryland, under command j of Captain C. \V. White, and were called into ■ service by order of Jlrigadif>r-(»eneral T. A.I Mon is, and to make them just and reasonable ' compensation for tlie fi'. - ,iure of the officer of! the (iovemment of the United Staffs to fur nish to th» - m rations, clothing, nud other sup plies during their service: Provided, The amount to be paid shall not exceed the nmoiiut to which, for similar service, and like rations, clothing and supplies, volunteers, regularly mustered into service under the President's proclamation of Slay third, one thousand eight eight hundred and sixty-one, would be equitable entitled. Approved, August fi, 1 SGI. IttXll.l TIO\S. [No. f.) Joint Resolution authorizing the Appointment of Examiners to examine a Steam Floating Jlattery at Iloboken, New Jersey. I llesolred hi/ the Senate and Ilouse of Rep rcxcntiitirex of the I'nited States of America in Congress Assembled, That, the Secretary of the Navy be authorized to npp *iut a board of examiners to examine the iron steam bat tery now building at Iloboken, New Jersey, and ascertain what will be the cost of com pleting the same, how soon it can be comple ted, and the expediency thereof, and report thereon for the next meeting of Congress. Approved, July 24, 1801. | No. 2.| A Resolution relative to the Exhi bition of the Industry of all Nation to be hohlcii in London in the year eighteen hun dred and sixty-two. Hi soh ed hi/ the Senate arid House of' Rep resm fat ires of the I 'nited States of Amiriea in Congress ass< tabled, That the President lie. ami he ho hereby is, authorized to take such measures as shall to him seem best to facilitate a proper representation of the indus trial interests of the United States at the ex hibition of the industry of all nations to be hidden at London in the year eighteen hun dred and sixty-two; and tho sum of two thousand dollars is hereby appropriated for tho incidental expenses thereof. Approved, July 27, 1801. [No. 3.} A Resolution requesting the Presi dent of the United States to recommend a Day of Public Humiliation, Fasting, and Prayer. Residred bi/ the Senate and Ilouse of Hep rcseniatires of the United States of America in Congress assmbled, That a joint commit tee of both Houses wait on the President of the United States and request that he recom mend a day of public humiliation, praye% and fasting, to be observed by the people of the United States with religions solemnity, and tho offering of fervent supplications to Almighty (Jod for the safety and welfare of these Stutes, His blessings ou their arms, and a speedy restoration of peace. Approved, August 5, 1801. | No. 5.] A lli-so|ufion authorizing an Exam ination of Jamett' Projectile* for ltitled Can non. R enticed hi/ the Senate and llonte of' Reft reumtatirrs of tke I'nited States of Amertea tit ('tmgrtrs a*jumlt.'ed. That the S«-ci*tary of the Xmvy IM-. and h<- hereby U, authoriard to allow ("barb* T. .lames. «»f IVuvidenre. Rhode I»! sod. to rifle ooe «>f the large «»nlin arv uav v guns made for throwing nmnd dsit. aud to have it lestetl sufficiently to Mtlr tin* IIIMIMI of it* tuum- rifled pl»»jert il«*» »lib-m dangtf ; and aia» to dirvrt snrb e\|»fimmt* an may be MifcriHit to a«*»nia lL>- r-Muitaralite v alue of aaad ptojertik- and cannon thus ritf« <!. A|ipnitol. Auj:vt 6. I«6|. lit - SUiwl. r>Mi> iaamtlw a*? Urn In* li« «!■«! batM-d fi* u «rr Mwlf mi> an i»M pr v: rfp; ami it BUT litb ><|ial trath kr Mtil iu an wit Biptul r«jai:uti- "t_*. like ibi». tiwv arc bminir at BMrkrf ftrr\ IwJ) lull tl»-ir autkurK. - IR TLa V.TT ia TW Pm» o'li-'rainj; a -t-ni- urv iu oar i Jlluriait intu an .itls'k u|>x> IH. llakrr. Imiiaa \grmt. \r ■*>]% * ..rtl v iln wmrt'frum tkrarr M «*a iiiati«. ami i» «n»<iflbr of fartbrr aatirr. IV IV NfUiU t k marrui, an ! waiji ••Ilia ial.Mia: " lie- tuav k"fM .> \ 1-til Uall\ to ri.mnlr «iik lirtml pkrf Lull." y«i! iuAiuji filu of vil[ >Vraai«t. —ltr< i - «» Stalnmam. • ■ i I'umii l>, KTI . —The p.iut i|«l fiitatnt/ tin thi' paniiui; iil'iiiium*, iurarpartfiia of mi - ipiti-iu r<-Ui|iaiiii*. auJ graiuiajj | "I tinin. —Unww. THE H'MMMTOX mNllll C. ?. OFFICIAL PAPER FUR THR TERRITORY. Tbc t niwß—lt Khali be PrcatrrN. Agent* for the Standard. Tin* following tt:nu-1 gentlemen are authorized lo raceire au-1 rtceiptlor money Jus ou -ul>».rip tiou to tl.c SRAMMKII : 1.. I'. I'IMICB, >'. IN Kraniisco, I'll. Tun*. B«v<*c. fan FraarUcn, t'al. tl. \V Juvi>. Vancouver. W.T.; A LI X . S. ABIIRNKTHV. O.ik I'oiut; ft. I). II AUBIIOTOS, Moaliccllo; J. L. MITCBEI-L, t'owlitz ; Tito*. J. t'IUTC*. llrnylSartor ; M. S. liaiswoLD. Paritr t'ity ; A. 11. lloufcaTS, Wulia U alia j F. MI:I.KI R. Hi-ilaroom; lliLLOkv 111 TLIR. Seattle; JOHS VTN.-TM. I'ort V Nll'on ; llexav C. WILMU. Trckilrl; . M (MKILL 111 IN N , Seabeek. Mosicj csn t>c teat through tlie mails at" our risk. SATtHDAY, MAIICII 1, 1802. Onr Exchanges and the Union Resolution*. We were not really aware of the value of i our exchanges, until wo were deprived of ! them for -evcral weeks in succession. Thev * ; now reach us regularly, and we very much ! regret that we have not space to copy from | them as much as we would like to do; and ; it is n particular source of regret, that we have not room this week for the remarks of the Vancouver Telegraph on the Union Reso lutions, which are now attracting very general attention, not only in this Territory, but in Oregon. Our valuable exchange, the Orego nian, has a strong and convincing editorial, condemning the course of the majority of our Legislature in voting them down, which wo will publish next week. The Portland Times volunteers an apology for them, which, in our judgment, makes the matter worse. The only thing that we have yet seen that is entitled to the name of u def nee is an edi torial of the Telegraph, and while that falls very fir short of exculpating the Democracy from blame, the editor is entitled to great credit for his ingenuity, as well as for the courteous manner in which he discusses the question at issue. lie has not violated any of those kindly editorial courtesies due from one gentleman to another, and although dif fering very widely from us upon this as well as upon other subjects, he is not like his Washington Territory cotemporaries, driven to the necessity, for want of argument, of in dulging in all manner of slanderous abuse of our friends, who more responsible for what appears iu our columns than is the edi tor of the Telegraph. There is no reason now to doubt tho loyal ty of the editor of the Telegraph, and we shall he very happy to have him convince us ill-it voting against those resolutions was not calculated to weaken confidence in those who did it. We have no idea that all who voted against them sympathized with the peace movement of the Portland Advertiser, but un til they follow the example of their Union Democratic friends in Oregon, und come out from among their treason-defending associ ates, they will continue to share the odium that attaches to the "Peace Party," in the estimation of all truly loyal citizens. When they shall see proper to do this, we, like our Republican cotemporaries of Oregon and else where, will extend to them the right hand of fellowship, and unite with them on a broad Union platform that shall have for its only object the sustaining the Administration in its effort* to put dawn the rebellion, with the distinct understanding, that when this shall have been accomplished and the Union restored, all will he at liberty to return to their distinctive party platforms. There is uo use of special pleading or quibbling.— Every sensible man knows that support of the present Administration it the true teat of lojulty to the (loci mmcnt, and that all at tempt* lo CK-atv uu>iiuc;ions in-lit ecu the Ad miuiatratiuti and the (tuverameitt it txrthtag more uor lew than " covert trra«>n," and the pwt body «f onr profdr m understand it; and « bat is n*irr. the leader* of the opf««i tiun to Pm-ideut Lincoln at tbr late etrction. MI-«BI>. Holt. Jt»h&>>on. Ilotlr-T. I'i- V iirt-T Sn-vru*. anil tkr HMWU* UMI h+- tnmds. have •> pnK-iaiwrd it frmn the iw tran and fn«o tin- s'amp ail over tkr land. It has lot-a Hi u. tin- IVmorrary «f Wnli ingtan letTMury. MIM tbr Imlmliip at art ful dr-is-iung dewtagiyn a. t-» tbr make wand rtini di*r«»\ery. that a t«. t>«|'f»<rt tb>* AMkMrxioa td l*n tiil» t UnmU ntjti* an uf tbr lit: kern, "f" •fcici Wr aloud *kr* Tk« *»i •» tW err rf tkr I'aclUkj AJrrrtttor, it* i» ami »r»;oth«M j, frnw tfcr first If aLktp om «(the n-M|ju« »« tfcr pn««tt( twiMrM. and aB f«r tW ymr |wwr of >rtkm«f tW Aihainiattatiw m tLr owifiA.w« *i tkr p««|iti. aad tW . INM matt pfirnit rir. tmatf aid M l i >rfn to tkr iiKirv. Will IIKM' «bu ralli*d mad tl* il 11 d U Z™*' IW** * titar* JM. d» w jn-> al injaatirr lu ki> nmwn a* I* lead ik-ir istiurarr tu a parrr wkoar ealr rl.jr.T W »« fkr paaplr'a » )•)» dr« littnJa. and ikw Inm tW rkanrr* mf JHit'iß" d..*u tltr oUCU • TV J" .JMU not f.ifgH tkat tIM- 1M IMMU* <4 im m*M - ■nil patriotic life was spent in exhorting his " mot to let tkeit pmrtimm ftelimg, tort of them and that forgetting all part par tisan difrnnrit p—tui aßeaatione ha fun- the echo of tha eanaaa at Be*pter had died away, ph-dgad la pwaon unconditional •npport ta the Adminiatratiaa of Prrsidan Lineola. Will tbt friends of tha gallant aud patriotic Btaraaa, BOW riskiag Ua Hfe upon the battle field in anpport of the Administration, piv» countenance to tb» efforts that arc makW hen; in Washington Territory to keep ( p organized opposition to the Govenuncat, by the rt»lc an<l senseless rrj- of Itanocrary and appeal* to old partisan pnjndiees? Prominent liemocrats eTcnuhrit, bat in Washington Territory', hare rallied with Ka publicans around the Adaaatratioa ataadad. Will it not yet be dour here f We will not iff the apology at wm fricad of the Teirgrapk more particularly aext Week. The Gloriona Im Wv puMi.-b ibis week the most iuiportaat news that Lu rea« bed us MDCV the 1 of tlie pres.nt war. It will be aeen tbatthne i* nothing to mar the general joy that mat thrill every patriotic beart but the melancholy fact that glorious victories have cost the country the lives of many gallant heroes. Af ter such a succession of overwhelming reverses, the lenders of the wicked and unnatural rebel lion must feel the entire hoplessne«a of their cause, and manifest a willingness to lay down their nrtr.H, and tliun save all further sacrifice of life. If tliev tio not do this voluntarily, the great body of the rank and file will probably do it for them. The Huriisidc expedition is likely to prove an entire success. It will he seen that he has taken lloanoke Island, the sole defence of the entrance to Albemarle Sound, which gives m the entire command of the interior of North Carolina, and renders the capture of Norfolk, Va., inevitable. The expedition up the Tennessee and Cum berland rivers by Gen. Ilalleck have resulted in the most important victories of the war, the capture of Fort Henry on the Tennessee river,, aud that of the strong and, as was claimed by the rebels, tho impregnable fortress of Donel son, on the Cumberland river. 1 hose who are acquainted with the geography of that section of country will remember that the mouths of those two rivers are only about ten miles apart, both emptying into the Ohio, 40 aud 50 miles above Cairo. Fort Donel son is situated on a high point of land, formed by the Cumberland making a short turn to the east, about GO miles from its mouth. Fort Henry is nearly opposite Fort Donalson, on tho Tennessee, they not being more than ten or twelve miles apart. Theircapture of about 1 •1,000 men renders Middlo Tennessee, includ ing Nashville, easy of subjugation, as also North Alabama, aud places out conquering army between the rebels at Bowling Green and Columbus, and renders their capture cer tain. It will be seen by the dispatches that we have control of the Nashville and Mem phis railroad. Gen. Thomas, the hero of Somerset, has entire control of the Cumberland Gap, and will soon be in Knoxvillc, East Tennessee, where three-fourths of the population are loyal to the Government. Price is on tho run again, trying to make his escape into Arkansas, but the old scamp will probably not scamper far this time. It is said that Fremont has been honorably acquitted, and will have command of an expe dition composed entirely of Germans and march into Texas. While those glorious results are being achieved in the West, the army of the Poto mac is steadily making headway against the rebels. Gens. Lander and Banks were sur rounding; 22,000 rebels in theTidnity at Win chester, with an army of about 30,000, and the next dispatch will probably bring the news of their complete overthrow. Gen. Sherman is steadily advancing onSa vamiah, while Gen. Bntler is makiag prepar ation* to march on New Orleans from Ship Island, by way of Lake Poacbartrmin. We await further news with great wlkilA b* with wniihsw of koiisf af alfll MM Wfl lis lit virtwiM, ■iihsnl aniens amm The mrwi frmn Enrope w A ■OCT TUT ClllH— 11—. rf fW Prtu, M aUM farlW tmnrf or Iwurcal I* give M l daUaf a k» «fce- I *"•*!. Akmm. imt m% my mm Am * m tm imßt 4hw to w 4kk Ar fiwr. 1«* Wk « mmi Ui Www*^ H» the w», U»n«. Almm if «t •feahtattlbaU tfedfa»far«iffc* ««dU ant -kire" (rmm «nfdirk.<« •top « tkriT" 4m>W>m7 -«•" 4»w» I ln'iiw ■■ J* Eft? or w# «*»« Jip. «* ■- r— * w toMfrdbr tbtj «Mf mml jmnmt rto«*» «f Jwlgv ClKftowt to At Ghbl BTAni i ilitf if Akmamkmwm He wm fc-fiT linii %m m m+r ••*" m* hlk«M U * <W AnU . ilm Wki |*r.

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