Newspaper of The Washington Standard, March 1, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated March 1, 1862 Page 3
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Can Better Reaalt* be Expected T Mm>v nhuliavr h.vl dealing with Mr. K« ti- '! t):• Swp« rint.nd.*nt «>f Indian Af t will not U- Mrpriaed nt tin- J" tt\ spite exhibited ••timrt n* l<v him in the -< t- H ;i! ..f mi arrouut of a fft «!«»llars*. due >'• , ~</r of. for t-ervire* jvndered. In l« r '> .. ia*.-in 'y the H.-UIH- had Win the experi ,!i,. ot all with whom L<- had h.d hiwinwe , r . aria! it lalioiu. that In-fore he «-otered njwm ,!UT i- » incident to luiM-ffice we predirted :!i-- -*att* of affair.« which n»w «*xi*t iu the lii , department of thi- Territory. No man t ji lm\ r nioresnd hitt« n-r enemies,iu proj.or : iito thenmnWr i f nun ho came rout art. Hi* violent temp r. his hitter *nr « .i-in aiuK-d at any oiu who mi/li: come »iili •ii the ]•»!•- of hi* displei»*nre. hi* tnnnts end •i> sgaiiist tlio principle* of morality, have 1 Titlt up a derp-M-atrd hatred a;raiii*t hint. l<a*t «i<L *i' railed at Mr. Hernial!'* office and left a hill for a "Irpil adveftisetm lit" in sert «d by him prior to his departnre for the Atlantic States. '1 he eharpc ti-r this a«!\>-r --ti.-enient f'-r tliirt*en ««-«ks vould have lu ti 50; hot the suit liavi.ig ln-cn uithiliawn, the full putdicat ion wa? not complete d, and wcrend<r<d cur hill f< r «jj:Ll *»»•<!.?—6ls. We were ntmxiJirul'ly sitrpri*ed to receive a lli.t i .ft uiftf/i thr jott-nffin, atit'jr that lie had Inai!e a yiritil jimlrort with us f.r the ad\iTtWmeiit for the full ti rm of thirteen >w rk nt slo—lf»>s than one-half •nr usual rates f"r au udvertiseiiieiit of (hat length! And further, that he '• w.-u* no longer Attorney in the rase and we must not leek to him for the hill"! We now certainly supposed tliat no alter native was loft us but to look to other partus tin-our pay, and conaeijuently we wort- not a little surprised to receive a second note from .Mr. Kendall, also through the jwst-t/JJicc, dat ed the next day proposing to pay us SB, if we would reeeipt in full! This he did after asserting that "lio was no longer attorney in the case, and we must not look to him for the hill." Not having telegraphic communication with Vancouver, where the client in the above rase resides, we are at a loss to account for the change. Another incongruity consists in the proposed reduction. Jf we take Mr. Kendall's position that a contract was actually made (which we grant for the sake of argument, at least,) then we surely should have received the price agreed upon. If the number of insertions of the advertisement was reduced by him, or his agent, that was surely not our fault. On the other hand, if it is just and proper for Mr. K. to disiegard a contract which he insists was made, then we maintain that, in strict justice to his client, the million should have been in exact proportion to (he price agreed upon. The advertisement at 810 for thirteen weeks would have amounted to SG 1(5 for eight weeks, and the client has been cheated out of •> I 84, if we figure the matter down to anicetv. The amount of money involved i:i tltc above statement is insignificant, Imt the principle which actuated Mr. Kendall is characteristic. H.-cause of his never allowing an opportunity to slip hy to vent his petty spite we raised our first objections to his appointment, and his conduct since has more than established their justness. THOSE ITESOLF TIONS. —We have not space in this week's issue to give the PVT., \s the ben efit of our whole battery, for his defense ol those who voted down the Criswohl resolu tions. A\ 0 will merely say now that we do not think the STANDARD owes an apology to the Legislature, or anybody else. If we have committed any error in giving the language of the resolutions, we will of course make the correction. The Telegraph insists that we have, mid don't think any loyal man could vote against them as they stand. We received the resolutions from Mr. Griswohl, and as the l'ublic Printer has found no flaws as vet, we presume they are just as .they were introduced —and think with the Telegraph that they are strung Union resolves, devoid of all partisan intent. U. S. Revenue CUTTER for PUGET Sound , —The L". S. Revenue ('utter ,/» Lam, ('apt. ( haddock commanding, lia.» been assigned to tin- Pugct She left Fran cisco on the JOth ult. Lieut*. Mcrrynian, White and Seidell are attached to the La nr. This v, RS<-1 lift* Iw'i n cnmpletelv ri fitted, and and luu» the addition itT a splendid l'.ihlgreeii vua to brr listtin. She »ill !«• vtalioued a: l'<»rt Angek*. that point afunling a Utter iwwl >4 the rnouwrrr of ihi di»tri< t than i iv o?ber. W, finkJi llw- |«Mtrath« in tlii- hum 1-t <f•• t iw4r ,"ißi ; l>'tr Sii »v; • V Iwi! • ill |t» villi ll'" XI r c j:ua» ar. a » -.ja -L l» >« rvrr.vliirk »ill pfiiir • iart.-r.-»-my tu rirn jn'ri i; it* ar> « rrrtrtj in tL. • i «-iii <f tU. •ut Uf.r. 19. It will - l«ad lilt- -Lv»-r f, n tU. At .Jtf* >vir " :» !•*. Whiw. «u r-r»*tsih :! • *r : • Umik tat'i nattrrv ftwm iMI »i?L ti* I »Lu u. \uu Apm « 4 tl»« 1 mm j Ufmarßl, a- k>!\ 1 a rutrtap rarr; kr m <d v Ap-n u{ tlf I' ot tbr l»i»TK>r Died - Captain Richard Hoyt. Kh; (trnri a»• -mart xoi r>ruil e4 Ik' »l«wt V- - J'' * Wtirrt >sii Portlacd. 4iH •I r* flarr t%* l"»tl ■»« if lafc***' -* 'W laap l!» )mi*« a Laili. Ili- l» -wiM -• f rjt I U tW Ifotit mtt-i m l*(f» rut <4 !rv»n.i. —*x« la* iM''.. 4 ii.** |'u«tin*»iir ib • •' rm Ar r ».-»i ih* #l«t » ItMi hf »«*«!»-•I. LATER FROM THE ATLANTIC SIDE. Dates !• I'rbraary 11. THE BEST XLll'S OF ALL.' Two federal victories — fort Donelson. Ky. Taken —ls.ooO Prisoners Roanoke Is land Captured—Prur Iletrrats to Arlan «rit. CHICAGO, WW. o.—The Tennessee river e*|«odition from I'airo landed 8,- fKMt tr««u|>s at F«>rt Henry Feb. 4tli. and 7">.(KM» i:. ~\ to arrive. The gunboats an' making a return noisanee of the l 1 ort. It is said that lieauregnrd commands the eneiur. Thomas F. Meagher has as-timed command of the lii-li lbigade at \\ a>h ington. The enemy aeknowl a h>-s of 1,- IMMI stt So|tl< fset. The bombardment of Fort Ilenrv, Tinii.. commenced to-d..y. Fort Henry U taken. The relads made a determined resistance. The most was done hy 'he gunboats. The rebel infantrv tledearlv. The rebels have evacuated Komney, Va. C'llli A«:O. Feb. 7.—Fort Ilenrv H in possession of aeom]>:itiy of'our artillery antl the Federal forces are in pursuit of the relul troops. The Fort mounted 17 u'titi*. nii»>t!y-l-pounders. Immense stoek of ammunition. &<•., taken. l)nr- t'.ic action :»1 *!u>is struck the On- I'mii'ili. i struck the N'. 1 1 tnc Kand •"> struck other boats that took part in the action. They were i-i :HHI yards of the lbrtilicatioiis at the time of the surrender. The 1' stx was disabled by a round shot pasHtitr throuirh lior" forward part into the boil er. She reports -'J killed, wounded and missing. Our low cannot exceed 40. Our land forces have taken possession of the Memphis and Ohio railroad lo miles from the fort. The rebel troops at Norfolk are be- rapidly sent South. Senator Stunner will introduce a bill to-day to establish a national bank, sa vings bank and fiscal agency. WASHINGTON, Feb. B.—The AVar Department has intelligence that (Sen. Lander, with 8,000 troops, has re-occu pied liomney. The enemy, although as numerous as the Federal forces, re treated across the river toward Win chester, burning live wire bridges be hind them. FOUTUKSS MONROE, Feb. o.—Dis patches from rebel sources state that the fight is still progressing at l{oan oko Island. Some of the rebel gun boats had been sunk. The value of property captured at Fort Henry, iscstimatedat $1,000,000. A special dispatch says that (Jen. Thomas' division has made a forward movement, and will invade Fast Ten nessee at three dillerent points simul taneously. (Jen. Carter goes through Cumberland Cap, 'Jen. Schoept by way of the central route, and (Seneral Thomas, with two brigades via Mill Springs. They will advance immedi ately on Knoxville, where they will take poses.-ion of the railroad, cutting oil*supplies and ammunition with the rebel government. Sr. F.oris, Feb. 10.—Special Cairo dispatches say that the army is still encamped sit Fort Henry. Prepara tions for future movements go vigor ously forward. The river is high; part of the fort overflowed. The pan ic is so extensive in Tennessee that the river may be considered open for Un ion fleets to bead waters. The late garrison of Fort Henry have taken ref uge at Fort Donelson twelve miles dis tant on the Cumberland river, making the force there 7,000 or 8,000 men. A southern mail lias been captured, containing letters from high officers in the Confederate army, speaking of the demoralizing effect of the defeat of Somerset —stating that another disas ter at Fort Henry would be almost irre parable. The gunboats Lexini/lon and Cones l< ft have been scut up the Tennessee river, and will probably go as far as Florence, Alabama. The relx-l steam er On- being chased bv them was fired and abandoned. It is re|H>rtcd other rebel boats bad been captured. Maitinl law has been declared in Kansas; all able bodied men to (crvc in tin- arm v. Xcws has arrired that the relieU arc &dvau<-itig on Fort Craig. in New Mex- i -o, and Fort Tnioii. Measure* were t jk*-n to uuH't tin in. Nlw York, Feb. 11.— A FORTRESS M«*iir<»<- li-tliT of the *.* tit »tM?<-* that the '•oiubanlmeiit of Roanoke Inland mii t iti ti«-4| on the Nh. The Hrin«; had -«l at dark on the 7th. hut wan re iK'«rc<i next morning with iin pnwd vig«»r until * oVlo>-k, %rhen the reliel* ><im n<h r<-d. Ttw r»'Ul loi* in gun h «.i»- i* fire; thereat were mttcml in all din ti.• it-. One l«>at taken had a ounmodorv » |M iinant. St. l-"t l«. Feb. 11. —Special di«- i«atehe« my that the eneinr at Fort 1 >oih'!«mii [<> ii the t'umiierland river] are being rapidly reinforced. Prison ers .%ar that tln-v are confident thev ran h<>l<l their | hjA»tion. Tree* are being felled I t two miles around the fort bv gang" of negme*. <jen. Pillow U ill c •iiiiuatid with 2,<XX) luen. embracing M«me of the Ih'M of the artillerists from ("oliiiiihu*. There are two miall fort* und three ram{* several hundred vard* frvin the won fortifications. Present appearances indicate that the coming battle will l»e much mora desperate than that of Fort Ilenry. CINCINNATI, Feb. 11.—Reinforce ments have pone forward from Dan ville and Soiucsct to support Gen. Thomas' movements on Kroxville. NEW YORK, Feb. 12. —The victory at Roanoke is complete. The rebel fleet arc all captured excepting one gun boat. 2,500 rebels troops are prison er*. It is stated in Richmond papers that 300 rebels were killed, and 1,000 wounded. Of the Yankees, there were wounded altont the same number; the number of killed not stated. CiiH'Auo, Feb. 12.—Dispatches re ceived from the Tennessee river g'in boat expedition have the following: •• I'eople came along the river ami came out with white flags. When as sured that no harm was intended tin in, they wefc vociferous in cheering. At every landing, farmers come t>» the U>ats ,-houting with joy. as if they were sure their deliverance was at hand." The rebel force on Roanoke Island was 3,000 men. It is sup|H.M.-d only 25 escaped. There is no bright aid-' <>t' the M<>rv for the rebels. The Rich mond A/"/WiV<r says that it is the nio>t | >.iin t'nl event of the war. O. Jennings Wi-e was shot through the (Jen. Wisj was sick and sent to Nor folk before the ti^lit. Southern paper* admit our complete victory. The prisoners will be at Fort Monroe in a few tlavs. COM MBIS, ()., Feb. 13.—The lafott advices from Cumberland, Md.,'state that Lander was 20 miles on the other side of Koniney. (Jen. Thinks hail moved his column sous to cut oil* the i lvtivat of the rebels. Con. Lamler is said to have 25,000 men, and Banks 11,000; while the enclosed rebel forces amount to 22,000. Lander believes , that the whole rebel column will be ta -1 ken or scattered. WASHINGTON - , Feb. 13. —The Treasu ry Note bill, with the legal tender clause, and provision for the payment of the interest on thepublicdebt in coin passed the Senate to-uay. The House Committee on the Dis trict of Columbia, reported to-day the bill abolishing shivery in the District, limiting compensation to loyal slave holders to §3OO. CHICAGO, Feb. 14—11 A. M. —At Koa noke 42 Federals were killed, and 40 wounded; SO rebels were killed, and about 200 were wounded. Col. Kus sell, of thclOth Connecticut Kcgiment, was killed at the head of his regiment. Lieut-Col. De Montil of the French Zouaves was also killed. Among the prisoners are 15 Colo nels, Lieutenant Colonels and Majors. Kdenton, at the head of Albemarle Sound, was taken possession of by Hurnside's troops on Wednesday. The rebels showed no light. NKW YORK, Feb. 14.—A special Washington dispatch to the New York papers says that a bill organizing the rebel States into Territorial Uovern ments will shortly be reported by the Territorial Committee of the two 1 louses. It is probable that an important com mand in Texas will be entrusted to (Jen. Fremont. For the reason of his obvi ous fitness, the troops assigned to him will be exclusively Germans. FORTRESS MONROE, Feb. 13.—A bear er of dispatches from Burnside's expe dition arrived to-day with the main facts of the capture of Uoanoke. all the rebel gunboats burned or captured ex cept two, which escaped. The 21st, 25th nnd 27th Massachu setts regiments ; the 9th and 51st New York, nnd the 10th Connecticut, were particularly engaged. The 25th Mas sachusetts and 10th Connecticut suf fered most severely. The light lasted only two or three hours, when the bat tery was abandoned. Our troops pur sued and surrounded the rebel camp, and took nearly the whole command prisoners. Dispatches from Memphis to Norfolk admit that the Federal flag was cheered on the Tennessee river. They assert that the Federals neither seized nor destroyed any private propeitv —not even cottou. The lln-hmnnd says: "Our Tennessee exchaugc* jfive IU gloomy |>r<>s|K'>-tii for tlie future. In that part of the Confederacy several leiHiiiij; jour nals intimate that there is a threatening Mate of iiti'jint in Ka*t Tennessee. grow ing <>ut of the idolatrous love of many of those people for the old Union." < Mliial dispatches from Com. t«old«- e«»iitinu entirely the re|»ortcd Mi<tvte of the Federals ou Koanokc Is land, KlizaU'th City ami Kdeiitou. Cmriuo, Feb. J.'i.—Papers said to have been captured at 1 ort Ilenry, show that tifii. Polk* force at Colum bus is only 12,000 effective men, the remainder being on tke sick list ami worthless. PUILIUF.LPIIIA, Fell. lti.—The Eh'/ui rrr has a di*|»ateh almut Ilumside's ex {•edition. It ears that the enemy was pursued several hours. Two complete regiments on the way to rviuforve the fort were captured. ST. Lor IS, Feb. 15.-—Gen. Priee evacuated Springfield ou the night of the 12th. lie is in full retreat south ward, and our army in hot pursuit. A part of Gen. Hunter's forces are cut ting off Price's retreat by the Xoosho road. There is hardly a possibility of his escape. W APUINGTON, Feb. 14.—1n tlie Sen ate to-day the case of Stark of Oregon was taken op, but postponed till Thursday. PETERSBURG, Va ; . Feb. 13.— Edentou and Hartford, in North Caaolina, have both been captured by the Fedcrala. CUMBERLAND, Md., Feb. 15.— Gen. Lander made a forced march on Thurs day night (13th) breaking up the rebel camp ut Bloomery Gap, killing 13 and capturing 17. This oitens the Balti more and Ohio railroad to Hancock. Gen. Lauder having cleared his De partment of the enemy requests to l»c relieved of bis command on account of ill health. WASHINGTON, Feb. 15.—Orders have b-<»n issued for the inierd'n-tion of the f>(•< </«« Jj* mocral, Los A n<fi It t Star and California Star from the mail, on the ground that they l ave been aiding to «.vi rthrow the Government. CHICAGO, Feb. 17—9 A. Sl. —The at t.i-*k on Fort Donelson was resumed on Friday (14th) at day break, with the

following results: All the rebel water battery iruns exvept six were disinau tied or sileneetl by the yunltoats. The boats then retired, all more or lessdam aired. The right wing of the eneniv's fortifications was stormed ami carried at noon Friday. The four iron-clad boats went within 300 yards of the fort. The Jjouisrillc dismounted the rebel ]2H-poundcr at the tirst lire. Two shots passed thro* her. .She was the only boat seriously damaged. In consequence of the height of the height of the blufis on which the rebel fortifications were built, shot cannot have as much effect on them as at Hen ry. The rebels have raised the black l'lie right wing of the Federal forces commenced stoiming the fort about noon on Saturday, and have taken the enemies fortifications, over which the Stars and Stripes now float. CHICAGO, Feb. 18— 11 A. M. —Fort Donelsou was taken on Sunday morn ing. (Jens. Johnson and Buckner with 15 000 men arc prisoners. Floyd escaped with 5,000 men on Saturday niyrht. We have lost two lieutenant-colonels killed, and two colonels wounded. The 17th Illinois Kcgiment was badly cut up. The 18th 111. and 6th lowa also suffered severely. 54 men were killed and wounded on the boats. The .V/ Louis was hit 01 times, and the Lou iscilk 58 times. fiST" The Enterprise had not arrived as we went to press. Postage Notice. rpnn new stamped envelopes of the l T nited £ States will hi' exchanged, by direction of the Postmaster General, with holders of the old style, upon application to this ollice, for a period of six days ftoui date; lifter which time the old envel opes will not be received ns postage. S. WILLIAMS, P. M. Oivmpia, W. T., March Ist, IHG2. XOTIti: IS I!E:»miil GIVES, rpil.VT books of subscription to the capital stock of the Columbia Transportation l.'uin, will be opened at the ollicc of \V. W. Miller, iu tiic town of Olympia, 011 Tuesday, the 3d day ol April, 180:!. A meeting of the Corporation of Mid Company will lie held at the saute place, on .Monday, tile 1 itli day of March. E. S. FOWLER, !>. IIOKTON. C. C. PHILLIPS, MILTON ALDRICII, W. W. MILLER, Corporation. March 1, IHG2. lU:3t Overland I'rem ropy. KUWiRD A. MORSE &. CO., IMPORTERS AMI DEALERS IN HOODS, AIMS m MUDS, WOULD inform the trade in California, Ore gon and Washington Territory that they liavo opened a new establishment for the sale of DOORS, WINDOWS AND lILI.NDS of every des cription. Oue of the partners residing in Roston (who has shipped the above goods to this market since 1849,) enables us to keep u thorough and extensive as sortment. which we will sell at as low prices as uiiv in this market. Parties sending for good.! by letter can rely on having the same at as low prices as if ordered in person. Orders by letter or otherwise will be promptly and failhlullv fnltilled. We also atteud to the buyiug and selling of oth er merchandise. EDWARD A. MORSE k CO., II and IS California St., u»d 114 aud 11U Market St., San Francisco, and JOHN HALL. I7S Black* •tone st., B«u toa. IC:m3 PEOPLES' EMPORIUM! HAVINt; »4itr4 e*t*«»i»*ly la hi«fan*r rtork wf good-. tic u m»m prepareJ l» acco»o»o --ililr all «li • u>i Uior kiw «itk Ikeir (UUM a* iu VAKIKTY, yIALITT >ai PRICE. Hit «l<x k rimti<l« of— DRY GOODS. GROCERIES, PROVISIONS. HARD WARS. B<H>TS AND SHOE." CLOYHIStJ. BOOKS, '• YANKEE NOTION'S," *c., 4c. All of ■ kirk will be »oM tkmprr tkm lit fHr rtt for Ciu>h or Country Product*. <SiTr him a rail »«-forr pur. a«4 aattafy vour-ell lka< what »e %af » tra*. OI \ . Feb JJt IWJ. Is:tf Narjfßl Iradw tiraM Meed. THIS M*J tk* ackaoirlrJ*rd laprrioritr of whit k. for eitker ilrjr meaJoa »or far mb4> j.riiries. fat piilaraft tsr fcr »e*!ej». fea; ren dered it M> popular, caa be fouaJ la till— fa •nit Milium, at tke ator* of C. E. WILLIAMS. X. n.-T'w foraswisf is February or Bank. NovrmlwriJ. i*«l. H:ai3 •.'The hc«t fuu.fier of Ik* kW»4 is Hall's 6w taf rills. mi iw - L. nuun. D. PHLLIPS * SON, mm iucotw Kims, Olvmpia, W. T. OFFER fur kale a nrw stock of— Dry Goods, Groceries. Clothing, Boots A Shoes* J fats and Cans, Crockery m»d Qlatncart, Outlay, £c. Turn—Cash or Coo a try Product. Oltmpia. ?tpTmb« 14th. 1801. 44:tf DmotatlMi or Partß«r«blp. U bcrefiy B'VCB tUv. the co-partner. ibip heretofore eti»tin;f H. A. Jrn hii aa<t Cutis II HALE. tr.:<linjr as U A. Jri>- MII A Co., i!i-«olrtd by Batail con-mt oa the 17tb ilay of Fibrnary !*«;. I v the r :thdriT>l trom wiii liraiif lUe u»«rr>i(urd. 11. A. Jt DSOI h is full authority to < lo<» the bat inn*. fettle the in<M> and re-elve ae mantl due the late firm, at Lis (tore on Main street, opposite the fuil litre, in the ti>»n of Olrapit. CALVIN U. IIAI.E. Utjnnjria. Feb. I«, IMS. JS:w». Chas. E. Williams, Soccc»*or to U. A. Birce',— EaiiUiibed 1542 DEALER IN II TO IRE, TIUiIRE, SUMS, IMft, STEEL, GROCERIES, AC. Ol> mptu, W. T. HAVING recently iT -fireJ l.*rge accession to liL. kloc'a, in now offering uuiougotiicr Goods, lUc lullun injf desirable crtiilet : Burning* Fluid and Coal Oil. (Pure), C 0..1 Oil nnd Fluid Laih/if. Hbuilri, TulifM. (llulki, Chimneys. Wicks Concentrated Potash, fjr sinking 12 gitllous soft soap (with full dirtc tionsl price 621 cts. Ad\ .mce CookingStorc*, willi extension oveui, (A very desirable patera with citra catlings), G. rtlin Tools, Garden Seeds (12J eent3 per pnper), Parlor nnd Door Muli, Dear. Beaver, Gopher, Hat and Mouse Traps, Brass Curtain Cornices and Nando. Wire nnd Safe Cloths, of ull numbers, Shoe Findings, a Full Variety; Comprising Lasts, Shoe Hammers, Knives, Kails, Pinchers, Pegs. 4c. Horse, Cow and Sbeep Bells, Extra Heavy. Dlsston's Patent Crosscut and 1)1111 Saws, (A very superior article), Mechanic's Tools and Materials, (a full variety.) Window-sash, Paints, Oil, Putty nnd Glass ; Var uUlies, Japan, Turpentine nnd Alcohol, Pocket and Table Cutlery, (large assort ment), Curry Gouibs and Horse Brushes', (leather backs) Pow der, Shot, Hulls, I.etui and Caps, Bullet Moulds, Gun Locks Wipers, Nipples, Sic.; Cable, Trace, Ilalter and Dog Chains; Sheep Shears nnd Wool Curds, Gruii, Planter and Garden lloes, Plows, Cultivators, Ulattocks, ISrusli Hooks, Horse Unites, Cradles, Scytties, ltakcs, iliurns, Forks, Mutter llowls and Trays, &c. JAPAN BLACK TEA. ©sir* Till, Sheet Iron, Copper and Brass Ware manufactured nnd repaired. N. Is.—We have made such arrangements for the purchase of articles, cither in San Frauciseo or New York, as we think cannot but give satis faction. Commission solicited. Olyn.pia, April 6, 1801. 21 :tf SAFES! SAFES! F. Tl 1,31 AM, 90 Ilattery Street, San Francisco, SOLE Ajent for TILTON Jk MoFARLAND'S celebrated Fire-Proof nnd Uurglur Sates. This Safe is well known in the market for its un surpassed lire-proof quality, having withstood in California, us well iu the Kast, the hottest fires known. We can refer to endless certificates from parties in our mining towns, where these Safes have been snbject to the most severe tests of its tire-qualities. These Safes are secured by our Combination Lock. This Lock is in every respect the inost secure one iu use; it requires the key nnd combination to open the Safe. If the key should be abstracted from the owner, it would be perfectly useless to the possessor without his knowing the combina tion, or mental key, which tho owner carries in his head. To tnose in want of a reliable safe, we offer the above cheaper than any other in the market. JttJT A largo assortment on band and to arrive. F. TILMAN, !6:6m. 00 Battery St., San Frauciseo. Sheriff '■ Sale. BY virtue of an execution issued by the Clerk of the District Court of the 2d Judicial Dis trict of Washington Territory, and to me directed. I have levied upon, seized, and taken into execution, the land claiiu of Win. Blacksiiar, knows as the southwest quarter of section li, township IT, X. R. I west, which I will expose for sale to the highest bidder, at the Court IL.use door ia Olytupia. oa Saturday, the Mh of April, A. D. Itti:', at the hour the 1 • clock. P. M. The object of said sale is to satisfy jailpsrgi in favor af J. M. k-tull. for the onmofaix hundred and torn-four dollars aad forty rents <*644 4<n. with interest at 3 per real, per month from the eth of frbniirt. with casts and iarrcsurd coats. WILLIAM BILLINGS. Sheriff of Tbnrstoa count*. IT. T. B> K W. Moxus. IfepatT. Olyaspia. Feb. 21. IW. U:«w HENRY M. at'CILL, [LATE SECRETARY Of THE TERRITORY.] Ciamwurr •/tk. ./ilmm, •* C. S. ' —ASD— Cotn«i*-io*r of D«4ibr Ornpoa aa4 Tatki>(*.oi. WILL 4erole epreial HHaliw t« tW pwpara- IKJI of Ihe Dtrr-un p*p«ra Is xrnayii claisi multr tk* art of litfrh >4 Ml, for Ito pTsnt of tke «al 4>-bt, a»4 to kMlMii Hart tW C 8. Lawl IMkn. Urnrs —Oa Maia HI Ohrvpia. W. T. [4l] CUABUEa r. BMMM, laporur and Dealer ia TmnMMM.nawmusmuuL INIUJ, CARD STOCK, Be. IMOaiHrwl, (Us PlMcim. JMIUJ ilk, IMI. I0:lj J. W. MBißtl, 4TTBRNEY AY LAW. tfalfartsr la ONKNT, anJ Proctor is Matalli attl*. Jiarefi, ISC; l/lf national eepublican. The ntoflptl I—II«Ii<, to «fce MMkif December last, ikt Artf* lib iImTT* Imh rtwt, imw«w W tet 7 4«* 1-cW., iJiMiMii*;tor >fia£ ■htt4 halaw. It wi* Mttl. an the arMaal MM «f Ike daily art* the HH|HM «r lw<l mwi aot iat*miag it tmmtry aahacrihan. It will fit* fall rifini mt the pMindiags ef iid oftteoikrteutaHliittk* Ik. tiwul Uvtmsnt. It Hill roouia all the aewt rftkt da?, fcnha and dueestk, market*, Ac., 4c., aa wall aa mm original corrr'poadcßce fna all yam mf the eoustry. TW ni>ttUißnu ItfaitMCl will se> reive tperUl atteatiaa. sl4, ia all revpeeU, the effort sill be made to r*tabi<»h Um tkruiar ef lite SafMa' K'pmU.m rt a Urtifapr. tlasbiaytaa lf>o? «ui the cratos! pr4at «f Ikt ratTrat anlitary i wrtl oM, gfaat attrallaa*Uba paid la fur.-ilbitf; il>e rerdcra cf ika fmrtal A'yiti'ifw with Mi, rM *»pp- i.t?y aitb aaaali, acroWi of tbe fntnu of Ibe arar fer tbe Paioa. lu pwliti' r. tbe p.per will be UrpaMieaa. aaa taiuir? the A<luHi:-trr.t:oa of Hr. I.iacvla, batdif cUioiaj; however any ppeu a*k>a ta be the ana cf the I'reiiditil. There i« enotber RrpaMiraa paper ia Ike Dis trict of r.,!t«h:t. or ia tbe ririaity of it, u4 hla beiirvtd ibal rertl hmi» hare ope a* J te seeh a fa per :a cf a«eftl effort Tba tire? bat rone. * j;n ti c actual ateliittitliaa of tbe (Jot (ramtot a|-ca H< pnttciplet win t ip!«xJe the r:i«n p-e»« rt=tiea» « birb bare Tie tbo«* prim :plc« *o di.UtlefHl to lb* But it i« not aaly b< re. nadta tbit t ir-atjr .that the pr.»jr< t«>r« of the I:<t>hrr% hepe to make it n«ffal. To the wholerorrtry fh«y effera journal which will national politic* Ibaa national standpoint, and which will aerer ba taerred from patriotic duty by aar overpowering pressure of local inter**!. Term af tabKrlpllM. One copy, aae rear 09 Three copies, oue year j Five copie«. oi:e year ; gg Ten copie*, one year _IJ o<> Twenty copies, one year 20 00 One copy, sis month's i oo Three copies, six nioulut j SO Five copies, sis months S so Ten copies, six mouths « 00 Twenty copies, six months .. . 19 ;o Payment always in advance. When a Clnb of subscricers ba3 been forwarded, additions may be nmde to it on the tame terms. It is not necessary that the subscribers to a club should receive their papers at the same post office. Money may be forwurded by mail, at our risk. Large accounts can lie remitted in drafts on Boa ton, New York, Philadelphia, or Baltimore; smaller amounts in gold, or in notes of solvent banks. The Daily A'ulionnl Republican is published every morning (Sundays excepted) at $3 60 pti annum, in advance. Address W. J. MURTAGn * CO., [so:lv] Washington, D. C. Notice. Territory of Washington, 1 In the District Conrt 2d Judicial District, > of the County of Thurston. J 2d Judicial District. To JOIIX F. DEVORE, Owner, and E. DEVORE, Dowcress: You arc hereby notified that a complaint for a foreclosure of mortgage has been filed against you in said court by li. 11. Lansdale, which will come on to be heard at the first term of the court, which shall commence more than three months af ter the 30th day of November, 1801, and unless you appear at said term and answer, the sitme will bo taken as cogfbiscd, and tbe prayer thereof granted. The object and prayer of said complaint is, to foreclose a njpytgage against you on certain real estate inlpFtstoii county, Washington Territory, and to iWOVcr of you the sum of six hundred and twenty dollars, with iuterest at the rate of two per cent, per month from November 12th, 1861. BUTLER I'. ANDERSON, Attorney for Pluintiff. Nov. 30, 1861. 3:w4 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, ) Territory of Washington,' v 2d Judicial District. J WHEREAS a libel has been filed in the Dis trict Court in and for .Jhe 2d Judicial District of Wushiugtnu Territory, on the 20th day of December, 1801, by U. F. Kendall, part owner mid libelliint against the steamer Eliza Anderson, her tackle, apparel, furniture, engines and ma chinery, and against Daniel F. Bradford, claiming to be part owner, alleging in sub9t.inccthat libel ant is the owner of twenty-one eightieth* of raid steamship und that he is kept out of ud de prived of the possession by said Bradford, and and praying process agninst said steamship, and that said Daniel F. Bradford be cited to uppear, that possession of said Interest in said steamer to decreed to libellant, and that said Bradford bed£ creed to convey said interest to the libellant ac cording to his agreement: now, therefore, in pur suance of the motion, under sea) of said court, to me directed and delivered, I do ktrebj (In pub lic notice to all persons claiming said'steamship, her tackle, apparel and furniture, Ac., or in any matter interested therein, that they be and ap pear before the said court, to beheld at the town of Olytnpfa, ihnnd for the 2d Judicial district, on Monday, the third day of February next, at ten o'clock, in the forenoon, provided the same shall be a day of Jurisdiction, otherwise on the next day of jurisdiction, then and there to interpose their claims, and to make their allegations in that behalf. WILLIAM Ht'XTIXGTO.V, V. 8. Marshal, W. T. Dated December 30th, IMI. Eowabd La*oca, Proctor, Olympia, W. T. TcaaiToav or Winnem, \ County of Thurston. * In tie ihatrirt Court o/lit B » /rifinsf Dmtrirt. To WILLIAM L. SMITU, sued as subsequent in cumbrancer, in suit oif Andrew WilliauM ft. George Drew, H ml. forstlsmt Voa are bmbr aetited that Andrew VWsw has Sled a rnf taint ajsiut Ueurgu Bm, Om. bae P. It. Drew, H. t. ikryksv, mrd ysnswlt, in said court, which will cent satskstaHsl Us tot Kin oftbr court which sMnumNUW* llMil. mm 4 nkH yam tffmr a* tw*r.tkr —m* wiu he bkn M mmi te r»»*r tkm—t grmui. Tfcc dbfrct mmd fwyct af mM mfUM is «a «w rlni la kara » wuh inaim, *• wil. iW xatm ttera " iSriT wnw ikmiM af vhfct r IM iaptt Ktfc. 1MI; NMaM m •T* MwtfrTm, I mi. ■LwtMB tan, Ort»Wr I*sl. 4taaS. WA9IIIMGTON NOTIL, cotsu or scrvyp a» ua rvn. Olympia, W. T. ■aaHaar waat »«.*. as, i» Mr Natter. BP. A*DER*« fc aj - -., • ami • '"W *7 «W«c*. _ i _ j _ Ot.rwpia 9. IKI Ma}

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