Newspaper of The Washington Standard, March 8, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated March 8, 1862 Page 1
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HMmgtet mm Ufaalati VOL 11. Til V illi NTH millll —ST !«IRU IN IT urruiT SOURCE IT— JMI lILLEB ICBPIT, 1 Editor ami Proprietor. ... tabacrtpllM Bale*: **er AIHM #3 oo Hit M—lhi 2 vi l.\ I J I/.I ml r /.v a o I J set A4*artWac Balm <»Bf one ia«rrtjoa, fJ oo Kirk •j'lilwul inxliM | Vi llasiaM fards. per quarter & oo , MT A liberal deduction will be ma le in faior t f tb »*c who advertise fout square... uf upwards, by the «ear. Mr Notice* of binbs, (aarriages and deaths in serted free. Rl-tnkv Bill Heads, Cards. BiUs of Fare, ('irt-ulars. Catalogues, Pamphlets, Ac., eiecuted ut reaoonable rates. fr-tf*AII communications, whether on business j or for publication should be addressed to the cdi itor ot the WAHMMUTOX STAMIAKD. UKKICK—In Barnes'* building, corner of Main aud First streets, near the steamboat landing. Olympia and Seattle XURSBRY. C.ANGLOFF A MOXLIE, I FRANCIS M'XATT, Olympia. | Seattle. «AM«LOFF, fIOXLIG Sc. CO., OFFER for sale 100,000 Fruit and Ornamental Tree*, consisting in part of— -100 Varieties of Apple; 40 " Pour; 45 " Plum; 43 " Cherry; 60 " llose; Shrubs and Ornamental Trees, with a 11 right smart chnnce" of other ielat, which will lie ex changed for CASH or COUNTRY PRODUCE. Catalogues furnished upon application. Oi.ympia Nossehy is situnted j mile south-jast of Olympia. * 49:m4 D. Pllll.UPij D. L. PHILLIPS. D. PHLLIPS & 80N, UMTS AND (IENERU DEALERS, Olympia, W. T. OFFER for sale a new stock of— Dry Goods, Groceries, Clothing, Hoots & Shoos, Hats and Caps, Crockery and Glassware, Cutlery, sc., ftc. Terms—Cash or Country Product. Olympia, September 14th, 1801. 4t:tf CEO. L. KENNY, HAVING withdran from the firm of If. 11. Ban croft k Corf has this dav associated himself with Mr. J. D. ALEXANDER, and will continue the BOOK AND STATIONARY BMESS, In All Its Branches, At GOO ana 608 Montgomery street, SHERMAN'S BUILDING, Opposite the old stand, nnder the name of KENNY & ALEXANDER. San Francisco, May 20, 1861. 20:m3 GEO. L. KINKY ..J. B. ALEXANDER (Late of U. 11. Bancroft 4c Co.) BOOKS AMD STATIONERY. QAA VOLS. LAW BOOKS. OUU 10,000 Vols. Miscellaneous Books. 100,000 Vols. School Books. 1,000 " Medical Books. 2,000 Reams Letter Paper. 600 Reams Cap Paper. 800 Reams Legal Cap, and 600 Reams Note Paper. 600,000 Eavelopes, assorted. For sale at the lowest rates by KENNY * ALEXANDER, 60S and 608 Montgomery Street. San Francisco. June 3, 1861. 33:m6 HENRY M. M'CILL, [LAT* SECRETARY OF THE TERRITORY.] A>ttomey^t a Z«AW» Cimmiimtmtr •/tkt Crtri of VUtrnt ./ V. 8. —AXD— Coaaiukm of Dn4ifcr Oregon ud Waafciaftoa. WILL derate »perial attention to the prepara tion of Ik Brces«arT paper* to trrmipaii.i rlaiiu aadt-r the art of Marrh !4 I«>€ 1. for Ifcr paja»it of the war debt, and to ba*iae«f Ixfurr the V. S. La ad Mm. Oorxra—Oa lUm m., CN/ipii. W. T. [4l] WASMNCTON HOTEL, auuuanarM. count or SECOXD AXD MAIN STRKCTS, Olympic, W. T. •oartpwwM* |S M Otnapaa, KIT. M, IN> «IT OLOTHMQ KMPOflttilM, 178 Clay St.. and 107 Montgomon- St.. Han Franciitro, M 111 liiilmj, lew Twk. /»X«TAXTLT ea kaW Ik* boat .elected aid V awt i nmnrr annrfrnt of Geat*'aad Oothinj "• Fariic caajt. wfcie* wa eaa aad «i!l *eU lover Uaa amy ©tier Hoaae. Jaaaarr, ]• imi, lOtlj •.•T> ,-r»t purler of the i« HaU r B»r- T« a Vm. jTbe tulkiwing liruiihl iiaa ww« fin* puMioiwti m tb.- Iluladrlphia Pre**, ami van attributed to the laumted l'«L U» A aa to their anthondiip kt*fa| aril a. «c paMi*h thr fullowiag mtwul fmriilitJ d» by kl> coa&l«iiil frv-»d ia bfe. Dr. Hea- - In ibrUltiT pari of FrUwary, 1861. while ■pan tbe Ixiuniu uf I'aMaa. cany iag oat a nmtrart m ilia the I'iMM liailntd I'tajMiJ, CaL lUker placed ia BY Iwrji bia print* pajnfy. 1 found thr Mluviif liar*. vriun in pencil, ia (lie Cnlnorl'i well-w Down hand writing. on tli<- blank pape uf a letter. 1 copied and scot them to a lady fiit-nd of tbe Colonel, «bo. no doubt, furnished tbeui to ('(J. Forney, after tbe death of tbe gallant hero."j Dost thou seek a Mar with lliy swelling crest, II ttrtvr th-it thy mother « breast? Doit thou leap from the prisoned ilrptfa* below In morn or tlieir calm anil constant flow? Or art tliou seeking sonic distant land, To die in murmurs upon tlie strand? Hast thou talcs to tell of the pearl-lit deep, Where the wave-whelmed mariner rocks in sleep? Canst thou speak of navies that sunk in pride Ere the roll of their thunder in echo died ? What trophies, what banners, are floating free In the shadowy depths of that silent sea? It were vain to ask, as thou rollest afar, Of banner or mariner, ship or star ; It were vain to seek in thy stormy faco riomc tale of the sorrowful past to trace. Thou art swelling high, thou art flashing free- How vain are the questions we ask of thee I I too am the wave cf a stormy sea ; I too am a wanderer, drived like the ; I too ain seeking a distant land, To be lost and gone ere I reach the strand. For the land I seek is a wavolcss shore, And they who once reach it shall wander no more. [From the Oregon Statesman.] Where their Sympathies Are. Since open avowals of treason aro found to be too bitter n pill for the people to Bwallow, the? secession leaders of this const have fallen upon the device of sugar coating the nauseous dose, so ns to deciere those whom they found too troublesome to corrupt. They are begin ning to deny full complicity with conspirators, and to put on airs of loyalty. Their policy, as foreshadowed in a call for a democratic (seces sion) convention, is to confine their opposition to the political policy of the present ministers of the Government. No definite issue as to the future prosecution of the war is to bo made. The newspapers hitherto in the interest of re bellion are to mnke a specialty of Union howl ing, and all the pack from great to little are to go into (hypocritical) mourning for the " vio lated Constitution." No pains will be spared to hide from public view the traitorous inten tions of those who pull the ropes, and pilot the concern by the shortest and best route into the secession camp. They well understand that those who voted honestly for Douglas cannot be caught by any open secession bait; so they will make a show of abandoning the Breckinridge organisation, and effect by a deceitful manoeuvre (a make-be lieve conversion to loyalty) what they could not hope to accomplish by a bold avowal of their real purpose. The livery of Heaven ia to be stolen to serve the devil in. If tricks, lying, persistent misrepresentation, peijury, or any other of the adjuncts of hellish treason can avail anything, the people will be persua ded that these men aro neither vile traitors nor hemp-deserviug abettors of treason. But whatever garments they may wear, they are none the less arrant traitors, and the weak fools who " endorse" and serve them nnder the specious pretence of saving the Union " in a democratic way," (that is by compromise and disunion) are none the lees fools and traitors. The taint of disloyalty is fastened to them, and will seethe and bun, and sink in their flesh, till, liks Cain, they will cany on their shameless brows the ineffaceable brand of infamy which hunted Benedict Ar nold into the polluted grave of ■ traitoroua malefactor. Hut their is no necessity of being deceived or minted by their hypocritical profiaainna. j The moot cunning >m unarrnpaloma Ban among thorn will now and then reveal hia trae j character and atand with hia iraad and cloven foot nnveiled. Watch any of them vhn newa of a rebel victory arrivea and ace if a flnah of nnmifltahable exultation doea not pan over hi* five and apeak frmn hia eve*. Why do they all d«<-iare this rebellion cannot be pat down I Why do they al diaoon the war aa "an aaholy rntaada" aiaiaal the Soath f Why helliaaa trail at* to Wh*«(» ue political partii■ to thwart and kUrr the (»ornaiiat ia »iaitiag undign mblm a pan the tnahiww errw who have raiaad their a raw to tin ah ear naatn iafta caataad inp and hoetilefcrtina* Y Whydo their newa paper wgan* metibte or withaM altogether tlwjiatehea of Fedcval victerita, and aaaach agetaent to the rrbala Why do they SB their cwlauina to rrpbtiaa with tmwipaa *' * t'T lid IT ■■■ "■! fi' 1 M tWyT dl thia«rf Lately fcfaLt yit war oa tMa aaaatf What anaait da they t baa intend to give the t?nited MataaOnnn ment ? The aame that Jadaa gave hia Hoo ter when. with the nrfaa af bleed h hia paraa he gave the his of bctrwaL With the ac cwnulated evidence (hey Aiwlvn ban fer aiahed for trontha. af giwh.pi ill in af in nneeuc* will onlv d«*"irr thane wkae rotten OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON TERRITORY, MARCH 8, 1862. bearta kaf »a ba faa»ri la **l aught and-day. ia tbe brmo of a badn il rjt wknraara braacsuy dear bia nib. aa thr*e men BOW to deny tkirbat(M«d daawatJr tnai QB- WWB tWy tobw tkaarlrn Vaiia ■!a. ibi BB|I limn tftbi 'h ; ~f eu sailed by tbe eicaaainly virtaoa* M»- pbußta of Jrf l)avie of rielafioae of tbe Fed real Coaatitatiea. aa i— liaau ut br dt Ilea and w*ki to 4ru*T»j aad which tbry would per aut biai to do by - Irttiag Ua aluwe." No oaa eaa read tbe a» n aaina print* of tbia State.(oraaywban tlaa.lbt tbat awtter.) with oat (oadadiaK readily, however fall thev BIT be of profeaatoaa uf lore fur tbe laiua and the Constitution. tbat their ayanatbiea are fally witb tbe rebellion. Tbe toad-faced arab that run* tbe CiMvallia organ of Jeff. l>avi».* up tbe new* of tbe Federal victory at Smn eraet. Ky. in tha following patriotic style: The Federal* art tan I to hare defeated the Coafederatea at Somenot. Their (jenerala Zollicoffer and Peytou (liailev Peyton) were killed. TAi* it contradicted by adncrt from the Southern prcs*, trho *ay it it only another of Linroln'i lying telegram* to raite thr wind im the north. WK THINK IT QI ITK PKOHABLR. The traitorou* miscreant finds it hard to be lieve what he does not wish to be true, and what he hopea is a fact he thinks " quite prob able." The news of the Federal successes in Missouria, Kentucky and Virginia are mostly all excluded from the secession papers, thouch they can find room for any item in which the Federals arc shown to disadvantage. The Advertiser furnishes an editorial sum mary of news to the 6th of February without a hint or allusion to the Somerset battle, though the consequences following it were deemed of sufficient importance by Gen. Beauregard to demand his attendance at that point with 15,- 000 of the Advertiser'* friends. One of the Oregon secession papers has not room for even a respectable digest of the dis patches, though it willingly spares a column and a half to a display ot " Knglisli temper," made up of extracts denunciatory of the American Government, and designed to mag nify the importance and respectability of the Confederate Government. Such specimens as the following are sweet morsels, and very encouraging to the scccsh rabble, including, we presume, Davis, Yancey, and several oth ers: "Had there been an armament intliosteam er [Trent] he said the Americans would not have dared to perpetrate the cowardly and insolent crime—for a crime it was to chal lenge ill Mood between nations and insult a Power which for years past has treated the braggarts of the North too leniently. In point of fact, the very passengers would have fought had they possessed weapons. Hut the arrest of the two Commissioners on a British deck must not go unavenged. • • • Mr. Seward, the fire brand at his elbow, is exerting himself to provoke a quarrel with all Europe, in that spirit of senseless egotism which induces Americans, with their dwarf fleets and shapeless mass of incoherent squads which they call an army, to fancy themselves the equals of France by land and of Great Britain by sea."— Ijondon Morning Chronicle. "Thureis r.o reason why the Commissioners should not be restored to the ship of a British Admiral, in the face of ten or twelve British men-of-war ou the Potomac."— Observer. The scabby abortion, no doubt, hoped for such a proceeding, not only because it would be humiliating to a Government which, he in his heart hates, and to which be only sworo allegiance that ho might tell hi* rote, but that it might contribute toward compelling the Federals to " let alone" his friend Jeff. Davis with whom the peace men are co-operating to " re-establisli the Union as our fathers made it." FACTS AND NOT FANCY.— It seema to us when we come In look facts calmly in the face, that we entirely too much dispai age our own country, its population and solid iinpor tanc, in comparing it with the nations of Eu rope. Suppose, for instance, we take the United States census for 1860, what shsll we see t

Fiaatly, that the population of the nineteen Free States of this Union exceeds that of all Spaia, or all Prussia, or all Tarkey, or if Kea tacky he added in. that of all Lngland and Wake. Secondly, thai the ciiiee of Braoklya aad Nsw York alone contnin more people than all Greece, or all Tascsny. or all f laland. or all Thirdlv. that Nrw Ymk State contaias nose people thaa all Heßaad, or el Sweden, or all PortagaL Fearthly. that Peaasylvanta has a an eels tisn emrei'iliy thai of allSaxeay, or all Bw»t- We •«kt Miwtifoßwmpirim jml M Mrikiac; Wt iWr~ >Ol t* nSciMl lo akav tkat nia wr mak «tf tkr aaliaaa of yetal f»pd«li ii. and t« KFVr. Jaw* M. CMr b about ebtaia iag api 11 fcrnayn—i ia -Tm-w» Am*." Br IM amfaal M poa are la ke art an, and the aaiaaaee af of ban it eb riated; aad ike Mb eaa ke and rrrrr tkiap awy d kr a rmr inpm»««aa tuaiili w>. vitkoat tke jdajen Hvay tkeir I GfA Taut papa- am tkat " nebady mrMw Bat Pmtiee aaya jugt*"" "" ~ l * 17 Taa caaaat knaMi a avaad tuaa uurr i> ilaaWi tkaa taking autare of kha. • »• taMMM tteftmnMlh Va*- opißtaa dbaaU kt M » dMJmTHiMwtS fffli m rrfmrd i« HMM^haT(MM ibe Itdfc Kutt* tW*c aw who, if tfcry 'dan-. «>iukl br in mm igaM tW (MUnriNiii tint puiftto tli—. Tb leader* anting tkw mm an twlnwiMg to pH apt party to plajr into ikt KinJi of tW rrWli by calling tMwIfM " pnc* an ; M and t liry an* jnat anck - peace men" aa vara found in tbc rank* of tbe turiea in iba itcvahh lion, and in Uia Fvdrni raaka in tbe war of lblS. In tbc Territorial Legidatureof Washington Territory, wbicb recently met at Olympia, there were wvi-ral curb men wbo were elected as democrat* These controlled all the mem bers elected ns deinocrata. They profeaaed to be Union men, but their acta showed that they were not I' nion men—that it, if act* under the taUmnitg of oath* with them have any meaning.- To illustrate, we will state: Hon. Miles S. Griswold, of Pacific county, introduced the following resolutions for tbe action of the legislature. It will bo seen that theae reso lutions were divested of eveiything that could by possibility be objectional to any true American citizen—to any lover of tbe Union und the Constitution. '1 he resolution were in these words: Rrtohed, That all sectional divisions can be better healed in the Union than out of it; and that ull pretexts for a dissolution of tbo Union nro unsound and unwarrantable Resolved, That the alacrity with which the masses of the people rush to the rescue of the Union, declares them worthy of their lin eage and birthright, and makes us the most distant limb of the Union, forever their debtor. Resolved, That the Union has become so incorporated in our institutions, and our in stitution with the Union, that the dissolution of the one would seriously endanger the per manence of the other. Resolved, That Washington Territory, true to herself, and true to the government which protects her, will not be found wanting in devotion to the Union, or fidelity to the Laws and Constitution, or in due respect for, and support of Mr. Lincoln's administration, so tar as it is engagod in maintaining the one and supporting the other. Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be sent to our Delegate in Congress, Wm. H. Wallace. Is there any thing in these resolutions that a Union man could not vote for? If there is, we cannot see it. Taken all together the res olutions mean that TIIB PEOPLE OP WASHING TON TERRITORY WILL SI-STAIN THE UNION, TIIK LAWS, AND THE CONSTITUTION. The men elected as democrats to the Legis lature of Washington Territory, deliberately voted against these resolutions, and as plainly as men could say by their votes —" WB ARE OPPOSED TO 81'STAININO THE UNION, THE CONSTITUTION, AND THE LAWS. If acts and language mean anything; if acts and language under official oaths mean anything—those who voted against these res olutions are thus placed upon the official rec ords of the Legislature of Washington Terri tory. Although theresolutionsofferedby the hon orable gentleman from Pacific county were lost, they have done a public benefit; they have caused to be placed upon the official rec ords of Washington Territory the fact that the country, in the fiery trial through which she is now passing to sustain the Government, the Union, the Laws and the Constitution, does not have the sympathy of the majority of the member* of the Washington Territorial legislature. We rrgret that we have not the names of tho members who have placed themselves in this position, to append to this article. OBIUIM or Qt ABBBIA— The sweetest, the most clinging affection, is often shaken by the slightest breath at unkindness. as the delicate rings and tendrils of the vine an agitated by the faintest air that blows ia HSBII. An aakind ward from one W4eved often draws lii n ,j ha -|. T a Lrart which woald defy the battle a* ef hatnd.erthekaswat edesef vindictive satire. Nay. the shape, the glssra of the face forailiar aad lar. awsnins gna sad paia. These an the little thorns whs*. thsir wiry fiaed tarn is SALT LAKE. —TU BY above wild place woald aaea •• ■***• tkat rrmrtluac WM (Mf "J Wad lTlaad afgaaM aad GOT. DAWMMI U MIWRF » HF' *T mjpw wMrh appMNi It W*W!a I WN!!!»J im tke Ttritary. la fcm • Kuif C'oMtititiaa. *■ *• bw "rww m ike 20:k alt. ty libber ikMX Ik. (trnabir tluap la aeitker a tka akUkj ckairrd **jaalle arkk tka weae ■■ tke liart and tkat tke Aill wkiak MM • fc® P" UmUmmm t» mi ifcllj awry aadtaaaa fellow cteaiaiea, ia aat a wkH—a tkr M uigaiied tkaa tka awwapaawy gwl of tkat oiliigMV little p*at, tka Ta« A saaaaai.—Tha Mi iagia the y |t ' | 1 c an* I. JU Whaicaaa aad bfaal 1 Jtfciaaa mi CUA 1 ISL^ i g2L*h 1 X JpJ^fL?ula l ..""* T ....'..11! 1 Hp .baa ■ I Tbaiatia. Lewia aad CWfcafia 1 Clack. Owlka. Wahkhtaa. mi Pariftc.. 1 Total t ■or** or iKrattUTATtm. Claim aad Jtfciaua 1 Jefferson 1 \Y lir.tcoui 1 Wand 1 King 1 Kitaap 2 Pierce t Chahalia and Sawamiah 1 Thurston 3 Lewia 1 Pacific 1 Cowlitz and Wahkiakum 1 Clarke 3 Clickatat and Skamania 1 Walla Walla 3 Shoahone 3 Missoula 1 Spokane 1 Idaho 1 Nex Perce 1 Total 30 Vancouver Telegraph. REASON FOR AN APPLICATION FOB DI VORCK. —Mrs. Mary E. Commons, a married lady residing in Sau Francisco, recently ap plied to one of the courts of that city to be di vorced from her husband, George W. Com mons, on the ground of desertion. The case came to trial and the only reason urged by the lady why she should be separated from her loving spouse was, " ho hod gone to Fra ser Iliver and in kissing her gooa bye, said, ' My love, if I make a raise on the Fraser, I'll come back to you, but if I am not successful, you will never Bee me more.'" Taking it for granted that George never would make a " raise," Mary commenced a suit of divorce at once. It is needless to add that the applica tion was denied.— Colonist. It would not be " needless to add" if the application had been made to a Washington Legislature. SINGULAR FANClES.— Nanoleon died in his military garb, his Field Marshal uniform and boots, which he ordered to be put on a short time before his death. Augustus CHJ sar chose to die in a standing position, and was careful to arrange and drew for that oc casion. Seward, Larl of Northumberland, when on the point of death, quitted his bed and put ou his armor, saying it became not a man to die like a brute, but to show his dig nity. Maria Louisa, of Austria, the unfortu nate consort of Napoleon, a short time before lier death fell into a sort of insensibility, and her eye) being closed, one of the ladies ir. attendence remarked that "Her Majesty seemed to be asleep." "No," said she, "I could sleep if I could indulge in repose; but I am sensible of the near approach of death, and will not allow myself to be surprised by him in my sleep; I wish to meet my dissolu tion awake." No NBWSPAPBBS. —The city of Messina, in Sicily, with a population of 100,000, has several theatres, bat - nary" • newspaper. Now, one would very naturally suppose that this gnat city could very well sustain two or three first-CIMS dailies, half a dosen weeklies, and at least on* mags sine. But, least some adventurous, speculating Yankee should be tempted to take oat a fen-cylinder Hoe press, with a foil corps of Italian editors sad report era, it woald at first to ewsUer that, sf the 100400 sjpslstiia, Ml asst. than 1,000 esa road; sad. sf have m tsata far readiag, aad the ether half an tea poor ta parrhasenewspspers. The caaae of thie ia -11 Winlaal aaiuti mmr ha fbssl In the fact thai pahtte m | jeiva'e. KMnkss banana aothiag!' C iT tol^dlfarM>| Wk day mi w£ h m mJS*— we mm ~ tkhd af a *t * il| i^Ha iplstJkyr»ij!»urtiLri ■"■li7 Mmim yila OHaaaaawaytjgbjig !LVi*k£rVkfakaa£wi ia Ua arta il"*"* * TU t n if lui ■**»!—*o |n pMM whfaj MMM, !■» sysnathiaefa ffbsb to the iMliMiHHif rlrdMl and ntEM anthwilha «l limßt enacted IwirfiWCi «bU ■mi nfninj lfcirfp«ijMii»iiiw<yi ri jilyiiwn; wbmi»i»lii M lk ffMnl gor> inwi >l hilt wJhtw to de fend the Constitution, neat* the laws, and pn serve tint Union, and who are willing to «ito for the election of s ticket upon mil huh st the coming paml election, witbont rsisr eoce to former political sssoristions, an re spectfully requested to meet at the place* of voting in the several precincts In the varions counties of the State on Satnrda y, the ttd day of March, A. D. 1862, to chooae Delegates to Comity Conventions to be held in the respec tive counties of the State, at the countv seats thereof, on Saturday the 29th day of March, A. D. 1862, for the purposes of selecting Del egates to a State Convention to be held at En gene City, Lane Connty, on Wednesday tha 9th day of April 1862, for the purpoae of nominating a Union Ticket for State officers and member* of Congress. EDITORIAL " DIGNITY." —Here it the best paragraph on editorial dignity which we can purloin from the purloiners: "Editors are sometimes dignified. We know of some who are excessively ao. They walk soberly and eautiouslyMhe same old beaten path, and use the same threadbare «- {ressions from day to day, and year to year, f a man lies, they say 'he is laboring under a wrong impression.' They never know and Btate anything positively—they «opine.' The glorions sunshine of fun enteretn not into their souls. They seem to regard • newspa per aa they would a coffin—a very grove mat* ter, and so move slowly and lugubriously for ward, treading gently on the decayed eggs of humbug, folly and rascality, ignoring the bright side of life, but always printing'digni fied papers.'" FOSSIL FOOTPRINTS. —W. M. Murray in forms the Territorial Entrrprite that about two miles southeast of Dayton (Chinatown,) there is a formation of sandstone, on the south ern end of the coal fields, with thirteen prints or foot-marks of on animal, whose species is now supposed to be extinct. The foot-mints measure fourteen inches iu length. Tliose who pretend to know, w»y it resemble* the track of a large moose. '1 he geological form* atiou indicates that the prints were made more than n thousand years ago. Mr. Ster ling, of that place, is having the mark* exca vated from their bed to be sent to the World's Fair in London. The Statesman says—"The secession paper at Albany is forbidden being carried in the mails. The order will very soon extend to the whole batch of them in this State. This is an act of justice far too long delayed. We repeat, secession organs at Portland, C'or vallis and Jacksonville, will soon follow their Albany co-worker in treason. We shall next wq§k publish a letter and other papers from Col. Nesmith. The De partment of the Interior has forbidden the is sue of donation or pre-emption land patents to disloyal men in Oi*gon and Washington Ter ritory The rale ooght to be extended te war BT A little girt, after being ant am» tea. crying to rnsmre the little fiahm fas a neigh boring stream, with a crooked pin and a thread line, came maniac inta the hawa ant of breath with asdfcaaaat, and cxcWawdi •O, mother, I gat i» 1" " Got what, my child f* - Why. I get the isfc." "Bnt I da net aee any isfc." - Why, 1a iliim .1 AaMMh m+m. *7 Ld£r n^l^Taftheii llliin SSSmjrjSm 555 NO. 17.

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