Newspaper of The Washington Standard, March 8, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated March 8, 1862 Page 2
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HE I KBIUW STMlll ■ - r. ►. omrttL rirti N«a TM Tba a—ad -a11...! ft mf MMWunl ta rvrtir? iti rrcift k»r due cm »•!»»« r.p tiua ta >ti>koa: 1. P. Fi*m. Saa Frucuro «'»! C V J-nn Taaroat" * T ; Aut .* tnnmt ft. L* IliUttkllrt. HuWKtUu, J I. tliTi-nan. Twt J Ciiril t.rai i Hartx* : gyr Muaer caa be (cat thru aft tbe atib at < J.T mi BATT»UAT. MARCH 9. !«<««. The Binary of tht Uaioa ftmlrtin We prmaiat d hat wwk to ftvtbrr Wirt the rrmarka of tbr Tdrzrapk on the mty-rt U thv l utou ReatJatiuu*. In the &i*t place, tliat |ia|Hf aaauwed what turua out to tie rn tirviy fatar. %•«: that we mcorp-rolrJ a very important .jualiticai i-* to the last tvoolNtion, and which changed its entire character from w hat it was wheu voted dowu in the llouae. Xot luvinp MCTM to the journals of tbe HouHe, we obtained a copy of the resolutions from Mr. Grig wold, who wrote them from memory, and assured us that they wuuld not differ in seutiinent, at least, with tlie origiunl. We called npon tlio printer and upon Secre tary Tuniey for a copy which should be rer halhj accurate, but we could not obtain it. But a comparison of the resolutions as pub lished by the territorial printer, (and which we presume are correctly copied from the journals in bis possession,) will show that there is no difference in sentiment between bis copy and the one furnished us by Mr. Griswold; indeed, the words are almost iden tically the Mine in three out of the four, and the difference in the fourth is merely verbal, not changing the meaning in the slightest de gree, as will be seen by comparing the two copies we give below in parallel columns. So all that has been said by our Democratic coteuiporaries, and especially the Telegraph, about the outrank and infamy on our part of having palmed off upon the public a " bogus" set of reßohitions in place of the genuine, nil goes for nothing. Wc ask 110 one to take our word for this, but refer them to the two copies bolow, those in the first or left band column being tho resolutions as we published them, and those opposite being the copy from the journals, as published un Monday in the Over land Press, with this difference, that we pub lish similar resolutions opposite, as they should be, while the editor of the Press has been guilty of tbe contemptible meanness of placing tho third resolution of our series opposite his first, in order to show a radical difference in language and menning. This wicked and malicious attempt on his part to injure us and our friend, Dr. Henry, by mis leading bis readers, only shows how deep a man can sink himself in personal and political infamy when he lends himself to gratify the malignant hate of unscrupulous knaves. But read and compare the resolutions, and tell ns if yon discover any difference in mean ing in tbe two copies, or anything in either that an honest, loyal man could jiot with pro priety have endorsed. It will be observed that a great parade is made of the enacting clause, for no other par pose than to bolster tip the false and malicious charge of forgery preferred against us, by trying to show a difference in the ineauiug of the resolutions, and to mike it appear as dif ferent as possible the resolution opposite, kiy>wing as he did that there is not the slight eat difference in meauiug between them. IMM, That the Un ion ha* become so incor- porated is oar iastita t ioas aad ear iutUatioM with ttie Caiea, that the diuolution of the oac would wrianljr endan fer the penaaaeare of the other. fiiifrif Tkn »n ic tioaal 4iri»iaa» caa b* MM ImM to Uh fa in* toaa aat af H: aa4 tint all ffrtnn tor a •litwlatioa af the Vaiaa •n«Maw4 ajU aaaai raaiabk. ImM flat «to atacris* «Ttk artoHl ike to tbvrrarar rftoTaiaa lai fal> tin i mU) at thai* 11wmf aa4 taut riggt. aaa4 Make** wu4 JiiUal liab af to* I'iia*. (ixner tbeir 4>t«« < ftafai That Vaeh-: XurttoKty* IfM U» . handr and traa ta to*; Uaa to a* t- < L ""' to UrSTi&£?. 7B2 1 latiaiira aa fmr -m tit I MrmJrrJ That •NW of thcae reaatattena h* ■cat ta oar t*rt**at» ta tYafrra*. Wa, H lace. Be it rttuUtd hy tkr Lrgitlatitt .4 ftmMg of |k Trrrilurjf of Wm thing ton, Thai llie L'nion U »o In oorpmud with the in stitution* of ourrountrjr, that it • diuolltioß would endanger their ftraawwt, and •eri «a*l)r threaten oar exi«t wct a* a aatiua. Kr—lrtJ, Thai all let. ! tiaaal ittriatoaa caa be I MKr heeled aithia iW j l/atoa Ibaa •ilknal ikt 1 L'aioo. aid that all fn ' IriU tor a •lUtolaliua of .the l atoa, an mai raaUbl*. ' (Warf. That toe 1 alacrity with which toe aaaaa af toe pcffr raah W to* reaca* of tb* (*bm« toeat then worth* at Mr liaaap. aad their birthright, aaf aa*k*» a«. the aoM toataat liaakaf the Taiaa. torrr cr tovir 4*bM»r. MtfittJ, That Wa*h •wlaa I*mlorj. ttat > tobaaaalf. Mf trar tatba fle»a«ntai. wilt »■>! he 'toaai waattogto 4*T»- Maa aa toe Data*. ta §- Wilt la to* La a a aa<l ! retain far. aa4 aaapart ■ af nr. I.lacala'a atoaia tetrattoa. rW tor f<*f a Itar aaaaa- Aaa «a<M la ,aaeaa#Ma to# •*< aW ta i/araa fir etferr. tmfal, Thai a rwfj af tb*»* raealatloaa b* •eat ta aar IMrjratr in r«*paM. Uoa. f, 11. VallKt. TV Trlrrntf 4 htr ww of defending tbe artiut of it* Itronrnlir friewd*. after copy ing an rdilonal of the Orrgm »#«*. *v»: ■■ TV tret tlilr of tfc* <■««■ hu l>«« eitber pimtlt fi I mil l ■■ the ihovf artirle. or tba edi tor of lb* Jbiy -OK* hat hffn mi<lrd •>» tbe bIM n*rrwM4iM< B»lf tkn>«(li the cola»n» if tbr MMW nIHiN to iba f*" wbkU j tba ftMptfUWRMIHtMI allu<M 10. Wr b«* db« Xwn. Vuej aail oiMaai -f Till W ,U». ami jfcor* CapW and A rt Of tUa cowlt. fce Mafia; tbat tbe abate •> a frar nf lk» lai iitaaium as iMrmineaJ b» tbi- i>a««l Mr. r>ru*«M-4 wr» tm/ttrltm i<t UuH *"• » uA tk> rtf l* fir t.fmTlrr Had tbtf addition (arm appended tu lb' re*olati«n» at tbr liat nf their ialrodurltoa. Ibft mould havr |x-ol aitboat a di>M-atin» mi": but «bi< omi«- •n« trri jiotlr raa»ed tbrir defeat The addi tioa i» t« tbe f.-urth revolution. tahirb »e bate iftlmW Itad H will be #eea at a plitrt that tfci* ad'htioa or <|aalili< aiioa >rry aaatenrllt rbaage* tbe ar<tii<: ..f tbr latter part tf tbe neeoluttua.— iti a«i«aid bate roapranitf4 the Bhole ptiflr of Territory into tbe tupport •ftH«>im «hi< h a larpe aaajoeitr repwdiate " \rt*. adtaittng; what ia rlalanl by tkr T'lrgmpJk ia the ahorr nlitjiial, that tlx <|uahf\ injr «nnU >«f tb«- fourth tvaJuiia* trtt* mot attar bed t<» tbr raaalafiaa «Ihh vnt«l on lit the 11-Kw. would it have nvatrriaHr rimpii the |wq«urf and meaning of the reso lution* f Can oar reader* drftrt anything in tbem that a good loyal ritisra could not endomr? I* there aayt'iing ia tbrai that ** would kmrr raa/ma'W the whale people nf If' a*h>mgtom Territory imfo the support of mrnmrrt which a large mojurity repndtote What MMW/u do they pmpow to eadone, other than the liiMMirr* that Iwvt- l*-en Adopted by the Ad ministration of I'n sitlint I.ini-oln lor the pn*- mntinu of the l_uion, by patting down the rrbt'lliiifl{ If a large majority of the people are realty opixieed to endorsing these meas ures, ns is chiinit'd by the Telegraph, then their representatives did right in refusing to ndopt the resolutions. But if a majority are in favor of thu war policy of the Administra tion, as we believe they are, they will show it at the polls next July, by voting against those who havo or shall hereafter declare thomselves opposed to thu policy of the Ad ministration, and which was proposed to be endorsed by the adoptiou of the above rcso tious. But what will be thought of tbe fairness of the Telegraph and its frieuds, when it is shown that the qualifying words, which it alledgos were not a part of the resolutions when voted ou in the House, where substan tially what we represented them to be, ns will be seen by comparing tbe two copies above ? The Telegraph insists, on the authority of its frieuds referred to, in its editorial, that tbe fourth resolution stood thus: Ilftnlrett, That Washington Territory, true to herself, nnd true to the government which pro tects her, will not he found wonting in devotion to the I'nion, or fidelity ot the Laws and Consti tution, or in due respect for, nnd support of Mr. Lincoln's administration. The words, " maintaining the one and en forcing the other," it assumes, were added by us to deceive the people. It is admitted that this is the only change we have made. We now show, ou the authority of the public printer, who has tho journals in his posses sion, (and where we expect they will remain until after tho July election,) that tho words were attached to the resolutions when voted on in the House, thus relieving oursclf from the charge of interpolation, or of having cre ated a wrong impression in consequence of the verbal iuaccurncies of tho resolutions as published on tho authority of Mr. Griswold. Indeed, tho candid render will only wonder at tho very remarkable verbal accuracy of the copy furnished froin memory, and also tlie fact that tho verbal inaccuracies do not in the slightest degree change tho menning. Try some 'other dodge, Mr. Telegraph ; your readers are too intelligent to be caught by tbis. For our own part, we prefer the fourth resolution just as the Telegraph quotes it. Tlie words, "due respect for," sufficiently guard against any endorsement of President Lincoln's peculiar political opinions, which seem to be sach a terrible "bug-bear" to Democrats. Arc you anxious to make up an issue for your Democratic poace party for the July election on that resolution just as it stands above! If yon are, you ean be ac commodated. Tbe issue is already made on it in Oregon, and we are anxious to see it made in Washington Territory. (9*"Xotr if the 'old atager' will let u« alone we will forgive hi* part misdeeds, bat if he ever allude* to uaagain a* beiag of dool>lftil loyalty, wa will aprcad him oat iaaai-h a raanarr aa will CWN him to <une the day he learned to read aad writ*. Wt have the Jorummt aad if aeceneai} will n*c it. A word to the wife in sufficient." TkcAtw paragraph appraml in the Pram thaw weeka aga. Wa, at the m)«nl mt oar Ik* aaaailrd. rhullinptl Akm an to pro duce the iiwiit wfcwi tit, and did inti mate a» etrnnjlv as we ever had done before, that hia bvahr waa sot aliwe anapiiieu. Mil the dmadfU "dotaamt" haa aat Made ka appearance, and we am onlr ronflrmed In the belief lliat we then expnmed, that Aloa aa wao nialj iadalgtag in hia nanal attain tf Alooao's title to the tcm " >1 and tin t." Wut*« l>!—The AWtA-mf mine to baad thte track with km three nlnaiai on tha iuaide pa**; tha Prrm Ad nat iaane aa Thmadajr; ditto granny M IWck'i" paper, the editor having announced hia intention af "Inking a rata;" the CkrwmieU haa waned aa |>aper and half-aheeta, and tha Wash ington Hfmtrtmmm it probably " froaen up," aa we have not ruccivvd it for upward* of two months. Lir The publtaber of the P. 8. Herald me knowWpi that B. F. Kendall control* that paper. Good for Waahingtoa. The Washington Territory Legislature has ■iljonmtxl. The few Blacks in that assembly tried to commit the people to a support of Ijuacokiirm and 14 Greeley'* Abtßtiss War," by a series of carefully worded r captations to that ifct. They were voted down W more than two to one. Every Democrat m tbe body voted against tbem. 'I ho Ditnoeraey of Washington want no "fuaiou" with Abolt- The Olympia Stamdanl (Ropnb.) SpOaking of this n-»ult aava : " The must Jisrrfmtable action sf tho Leg islature wan their deliberate refuaal to —dorse tbe t ior eminent, or the Admi; iatration nf tbe Government, in their effnrta tn nut down re bellion, by rejecting Mr. Griawohl'a rsanluiuna in the Ilouae. by a vote of stater u to right. and in the Council, similar rasoiutMus, by a rote of JSrr to liter." After git ing tbe resolutions, tbe ganius of the Standard continues: " Nothing of a party character ia the fore going Hawaiian, and ret every man in the House railing himailf aIV motiat voted again* them! * * • Our Democrat ir may prate u much as th-y please about their love far the Union, and MNM.VK to pay their fall share of the tax nsrrosory to support tbe (iovenaneut. as they so pompous ly did at the eoumn max in of their asasisn: but after voting daam anrb reaohuioM as th«' foregoing, and adjourning without directing a single dollar to be paid, tbe Government at Washington will know how to appreciate their profemieue of loyalty." Waahington Territory Democrats know how to distinguish between John ltno* nistn, ami the eonstitutionally administered tiot em inent of the United Ktates. They can't be humbugged by a bj |»oeriticnl Abolition howl ot " Union," nor terrified by the false and ma lignant, and slanderous cries about " traitors and secessionists." The coiintrv is waking up to know the true Union coin from the false. The above article and caption are front the Oregon Union, an avowed treason sheet, pub lished at Corvallis, Oregon. Whatever of loathing and contempt we may feel for those who array themselves against their Govern ment, wo can but feel Borne little respect for the men who come out boldly aud defend their treasou, and who resort to no subterfuges to cover up and conceal from the people their unholy purposes. The editor of the Union was at no loss to understand the intention of the Legislature in voting dowu the resolu tions, aud he has tho manliness to express in plain and unmistakable terms the effect of their action, nnd for this frankness we tender him our acknowledgments. Such papers as the Union are far less mischievous in their in fluence than those that chiiui in word* to be friends of the Administration, while their actt all tend to discredit it with the people. We would commend the extract from the Union to our cotcmporaries of the Telegraph, Prets and Herald, that they may kuow bow the Course of the Legislature is regarded by avowed secession organs iu Oregon. If they are really loyal to the Government, they will cease all further efforts to defeud theaction of the Leg islature in refusing to endorse the war meas ures of the Administration. If uur cotemporaries have not yet realized tliH inconsistency of ineu who are loyal at heart stepping forward promptly to defend such open acts of hostility to an Administra tion, that is straining ever}' nerve to its ut most tension to save the Government from overthrow, we think the following extracts will opeu their eyes. If it does not, und they shall continne to join issue with us in our ef forts to snstain the Government, they will have no cause to compluin of onr entertaining doubts of their loyalty, and more especially so, when we find them in such cardial fellow ship with men who openly avow their oppo sition to the Government, and their sympa thy with the rebels. The same number of the Union which gloats over the action of tho Democratic por tion of the legislature, is filled with glorifica tions of Joffdum, among which we find a string of rhymes, entitled "An Original Dix ie," lauding Southern rights and Southern valor, and decrying the Northern people. We give a stansa to illustrate: "Southron* heir, jroor country nil' you,

Up ! lett worse then (tenth befall* you ! To arau I to arms I to anas I ia Dixie I La ! all the beacon flrei are lighted, Let all heart* lie new u-tiled t To aria* ! to «nu»! to arm* ! in Dixie ! Advance the flag of Dixie ! Hurrah t harfalr ' We repeat what we have before intimated, that we are williag to believe that auase who voted against thoae rveotutioua are ast rtmUj j disloyal to the Government, hut we do assaa < to saaert that they have sllawed themselves' to he used by their secession leadssfc fa tha guise of Hi mm rata, to de juat what Ast tna sonable sheet, the Vmimm, says they have dear, refimd to rmmmit lirmarlm mmJ tkrir rvmtttimrmU /# * nyyisrt |/* lit mar ptiicjf the Admimntrmhm ; while they kept up a show «f loynlty hy throwing na oecosiuanl vale for series of fnisa resolves, which, by n cunning arrangement entered fate by the sutmisn lendess, were only sprung to be voted down in the ether House. We sincerely hspe that their fotui* course *■ Justify the charitable opinion we near express. All that is now nsesasary far the aafotv of the Government atodiainguish tbs fame 'met alfrsm thegenuiue. Whea tfae ia dsn- we ore wiWag to trust the people to bundle both A truly loyol man is fa aa danger of being decoyed into the vortex of trcasoa by such avowed enemies of tho Government ss the Oregon (Asiaa, the l'ortland Adtertiser, and the Steilaeoom paper, aad heaee the raaaoa they have not. with tha Oregon Democrat and other similarly iugmuti secession sheets, been excluded from the mails. The more widely they are circulated aud read l»y our people, the sooner will tbe chaff be separated from the gmfe. Then will nmon be stripped of all disguise, and stand forth in iU naked dttonitjr, and be speedily crashed by a spon taneous apnuahig of the Union msasss. AU that haaglran treason a foothold on thy const, has been tbe imidious mask worn by lla* vo taries. The moment tbe i«K Ms dMdrfat the balot-box in California tha treat** fbt tan Owin, Benharn, and a haat of othant hA tbe State to join their confederates in ,)efl3om. Tbe isane is now being made in Oregon, and a similar n-sult will follow tbe June election; and we trust that nor July election will be ao conducted as to clearly indicate who is for tbe Government and who is sgainat it. No true | Union man wil hesitate (opiate himself on > the record. None bat "wolves in sheep'a i clothing" will ho dispsord to avoid tbe hn. We make theae suggestions for tba enuaid ' cration of I'nion men at all partita and of all •ludrt of political opinion; and disclaiming all right or detire to our Republican friends to any particular line of policy, «• do not beaitate to npras Air sarsulf a wiling ■M-aa to follow the patriotic example of oar Republican friends of Oregon, and mute with I'uiou uieu of all parties in a policy having for ita object the perpetuity of our gisriaaa Bo puldic. A CHA.XU*.—TB« TkUgrmpk IM M Ud found • porriMMt. Two weeks ago to was oppofrd lo B. F. Kendall; opposed to GOT. Turnev; opposed to treason; and opposed to disrourtewus treatment of a coteuiporsry. It then copied several column each weak from our paper. But " a change baa come over the spirit of its dreams." It now reviles, blasphemes, curses, censnres what it then approved, condemns wlmt it then endorsed, and is as much like its editor as it was previously unlike him. W« can hardly believo that • little patronage from the Indian Department could have wrought such a change in one week. An election is soon to be held in Ore gon , and it is not altogether unlikely that a " concatenation of circumstances" baa tended to further the result. Tlie parlies that buy Urbane will be badly "sold," however. He is well known here, as also hi* distinction be tween legal and moral perjury! [7* We are credibly informed that Judge Wyche did not require the members of the late Legislatve Assembly of this Territory, to whom he administered tho oath of office, to take an}' more of such obligation than was prescribed in the < h-gnnic law, very justly deeming tbat all sufficient.— Vancouver Tel rgraph. The Telegraph is right in this. Judgo Wyclie did not, like Gov. Tumoy administer the oath now required of all connected with tho Government, as a test of their loyalty. Wo thought a little strange of this at the time, but concluded that it was because be bad no *opy of the oath at hand. This is not the first time an effort hns been made by the Democratic press, to make the Judge con demn the course of his Republican friends. We remember the high enconiuuis the Port land Adrertiter bestowed on bis Charge to the Jury last summer. ty We learn from a passenger that while the Hteilacooin stage was crossing the bridge on McAllister's creek, about uine miles from this place, on Wudnesdny last, the bridge gave way, and precipitated the stage into the wa ter below. The passengers were inside the stage at the time and were considerably more frightened than hurt. ty Some of the Oregon papers are doing our late Asst. Adjutant Gcueral great it\just ice by palming off " Gov. Curry's speech to the Volunteers" as the General's late procla mation. Tlu Oregon aad Washington War Debt. The Secretary of the Treasury has issued the following circular; TMRASVRY DBPAUTMUNT, ( Sept. 54. 1861. I GK\TI,KMKN: —The variants Issued in satisfaction of claims on account of Indian hostilities in Washington aad Oregon, under the act of March *d, will he provided for in the following manner: All claims under SSO and all fractions leas than SSO in any larger claim, to bo pud in cash. Sums of 150 aad above, where then is no fraction less than that sum. an to bo paid by the issue of atock. For inalanw: a waiiant issued en tha Tinsssn i fa favor of A. B. lor 91010. Ten dollars of thia warrant will ho paid fa cash smi the balance, •1.000, will bs returned to fhs far which he will issue a certifi rate of deposit In ftivur of A. B. on ausuut sf the hum under the fourth auction of the Act of Id March. 1061. Tlua certKcoto rf dip sail urfll he ddlvmd by the Treaswur to the it.gistrr of the Tn usury, who wilthemon fa sue sleek for the sum fa favor of the party named fa sneh cert Urate of deposit. It is decided that upsn dsfarn fled prisr lo the fast day of July, interest en the sleek shall commence on thutduy. On those filed sfter wsids. and prior to the fast sf January, inter est shall commence > «m the fast J«sua«y commences will be indicated upon the war rants, and should be indicated fa tha csrtifi cates sf deposit, ir, so as ta obviate any fa valigala an that point fa the Begislsr's sf- Upon receipt of tho certificate sf dipoait. the etock will be issued by tha Rsgistsr, and the usual records be kept. The rsrtitsatia of stock will be deliverra to such partita as will be eutitled to receive them, or eeat by msil fa the ordiusry comae wbsro tha claim ants so request. 1 sm, very respectfully, S. P. Ciiasb, Sec'r of the Treas. To the Tn>asurer of the Cnited Ptates aad Register of the Trrasury. Tho Tl— baa a Ward u lay. The Portland 7fme» of tho 3d inatant de fonda the loyalty if Miirtmimlif at am T sg, ialatmti agahmt tho Vain isanla |hmo of Mr. Griswold, to NMsn that jgy j Y.T * occsdbna when the old form at oath waa ail* ministered by Judas Wycha. We cannot sea any naiiitinty in tha Tmaf using On. Turaey aa aa apol ogia! for thoae members of tho Lrgislatniu who have been • weighed and found waaft tng." Kftwithftaatog the 7Vasw editor in timatea that he Ws held a nmspinJmn vtt Actiag-Gowensr Turnsy, and faata* from him what may ho isnstiaid into m en- I iisn i nit a# tha action an the Union iraaiu taginimia to tho main fontnre af tbe Oerm rigbdy undrsatanda Iris nesltntj. After girlng the aathof slrgiw.the Tfian aaya: "lln* following ia the opinion af Gov. Tur ney, nIT if alii tan appointee, rrapmting tho manner in which tho members kept that oath, and wo trust t but our neighbor eft be Ottgmu mm will prase it emftUr, and eontraat it with tho late chargrak brought aguinat that body. 'The above ia the copy you deairr. Those who took that oath and, thou refWd to do their duty, if any such there were, are very bad men, to aay tbe leant, and in the mildest form; but Ido not think we bad a single such Eon in our Legislature. Thoae who cry tbe eat, are not alwaya the truest friends of our glorious old Union.'" We canunot but believe that the Governor indited the above, aa the peculiar phraseology indicat'-s ita paternity; but we cannot believe that it is really meant in iU literal arose. If it is, then the Governor's eagle, in the Mes sage, descends vary ungracefully into a sea of bombast. In its literal sense, it is an un qualified "negative" endorsement of all the Legislature did, inclndiog the injection of the I Union resolutions. Wo do not, of couree. attach much impor tance to tho oath of men who have treason in tlieir hearts, for we find hundreds now in open hostility to the Constitution and Laws, who, but a few months ago wore above suspicion ; but we were surprised tbat a majority of our Legislature should so boldly give expression to their sentiments of hostility to the Govern ment, and still more surprised and unwilling to believo that Gov. Turoey meant to endorse their action. Tho coucludiug sentence of the extract is painfully significant. Well may we exclaim, Is that n dogger we we before us! It ap pears almost incredible thst a man who would write the annexed patriotic extract contained in a Message to the Legislature, could, in his right senses and with all the facts before him, indite tho paragraph in the Timet. Should it appear, however, that such is actually the case, we say, in the language of tho immortal bard, "Lay on, Macduff! and damned bo he who first cries 'hold—enough !' " " I should like to see resolutions passed, calling upon Union-loving men to stand by Union-loving men in all thhigs, and at all tines* and resolving not to trade with, or in auy manner countenance, those who are base enough to oppose the Administration in its laudable and patriotic efforts to sustaiu the Government. For men who can distinguish in this crisis between the Administration and tin; Government, are* to say the least, of doubtful loyalty. • • • Fer myself. 1 tliink of but one thins I wouhl willingly ask at jnvsent: it would be for authority to hang traitors—men who with long faces ay peace, peace, in tins time of their country's gmrtest war and greatest periL Our Government has always dealt to leniently with men who opposed it in times of war. 1 would rejoice to knew thai sunk men would speedily re ceive the puniahsseat their treason merits. For, call the oourse pursued by them "South era rights," call it "States rights," call it - Secession." call it" Rebellion," call it" lie*, olutioo," call it what you will, and then sugar coal and srnnmrnt its name ia the asest srtis tieamnnsrbytkeaaeof high■—jjbg sentences and pawpirk and k ia IWsns still. Treason against the Govern***. Treason against our glorious Constitution, he^^af^phi j%iH mlflSfrLu a QmL Y«H m* hViiJii tw ssu. Tnussn fasUitshidaaassadlsuthssnm l.fn *ly } and all the leaders of this ashsiy nMbss in the South, sad their aidsn, ahrt tess sad sgnfMhiMi in the North who cry pease, yrm whan there is so peace, aas trail—, aad dsosnre a tniur'a fssidaast lev. Xa msSlrr whsthsrthey eal Antslm friends of Awe,Awe/ IWenatMse party ia tlua country in the daya af the imsr if the war si Isehe; thsso*ins»aj3Lssaa a huge paaae party in this aeaatry now. A pence purty! A peace, party when tha Cea stilntisn m onr country, the mat heat bsus of the |>H ill jl ataSndj nlmMsCrtr, the dssrisl rights si sua. are luwwn la ha ahasad with anna fa hand; a psasa party, whaa eur ceaatry's Capital bearing tbs nsmssf Waduagtaa I ismsassrd; a whsn the pnhfie ihr!iil"!dlSrf thia i!wc!rp»q!t!rs forgiven. tWy tin kanw what thoy d«!" mn me m mono em. —<— Hhny H Mm* Ftdrrwf FTrfcriw ffhiu_ b hMj Mind by tUa arrival. nTlrfj iiZz'Jzrz-Jt' F * fci * •- «• ~f n - "-■ *- *, ■! | Gty. McChM— tkt tW £ G««. Calk U drivM N» «r. Lorw. Fei. Li-TOn IWHdU* M« a 1 11 mil AM 8L LNB to (W Ife. CMlan, to iW Mbwhf ifal: -We km MfhM l>l|dla (*ao«| Prit*. of iknMmnr; aba. Oaharl D*. •rr. Calaad Cm nl Opt. lap, «f ftfc,-, ataC" It ia reported IMR tUi aftimoa that tW "Wi are gift If Cih—liai, Kr, aa4 CtarkavUlr. Tew. Hp-rial dfopatriwa Aval Fort DoaeUoa RT« tW following particular* of tl* Mmwla of the Fort: IV Port surrendered at daylight en g«. day Morning, nneonditiuaally. Wa kavr Gene. Bockarr, Joh noon and Buahron, and WM* thousand priaonna and three thousand horse*. lIHow and Floyd, with their brig ades. •toll* away at night without lotting Buekner know auytbing of their intention*. The rebela in the Fort denounce Floyd a> a black-hearted traitor and coward. Savannah, Georgia, baa surrendered to Com. Dupont without striking a Mow. Gen. Bumside's fleet is at anchor off Roan oke Island. Troaps have been mint on enough to iner*as» his forca to 40,00#. fcdeaton ia occupied by hie men, and their picketa ex tend nix or eight miles into As interior from that point. FOBTBK&8 MON 808, Fek I»>— Gunboats had returnrd «»EKpahath Chr—-ail tha fleet waa anchored at fitoauoko Island. An im mense number of trophies had been captured, including a splendid State flog of antiquated arms, old aworda, flint-lock muskets, shot guns, pistols, etc. Advices from St. Thomaa to 2d Feb. atate that a British commander had attempted to take a seaman from an American vessel, bnt was prevented by n Federal gun-boat. The British Admiral subsequently arrived, repri manded tbo commander and apologised to tho American Consul. Ship Island [Miss.] dates reach to the 7th February. Five ships of Foster's Expedi tion had arrived, and twa more were spokeu of Havana on the 11th. WABHINOTOK, Feb. 20.«~TbaSenate baa passed the army appropriation bid. Wilkinson offered a resolution to expel Lazarus W. l'owell, for giving aid and com fort to tbo enemy, which waa referred to tbo Judiciary committee. 3,000 rebel prisoners at Fort Donelson have asked to bo allowed their anna and be unrolled in the Union army. It is reported that Gov. Harris, of Tennes see, has convened the Legislature of the Stain to repeal all laws passed by the Confederate Legislature inconsistent with the Federal Con stitution. Gen. Halteck lias telegraphed to General McClellaa that Clarksville bad been taken with mppliw enough for tko Army for 20 days. The place is now occupied by General Smith's DWirinu- * CHICAGO, Feb. llllaob State Convention, now in session at Springfield, baa appropriated IMO,MO AMr the exclusive purpose of Hieviag the wants oft be suffering soldiers who have been or may be woundeu at battles fought In defence of the Union. EP" Soldier printers are abundant in the Fed eral amy. Several newspapers km been started at pointa in the enemy's country of which oar Hoops h«r< tak«| pmecssietl, sad the last specimen is tM Zonare Gazette pub lished by the Kinetseatk llHaoia Volunteers at Eliaabetbtowa, Ken kicky. The rtWk were driven pell-meH oat of that dty the otber day, and the Illinois hoys made a decent upon a secessionist nowenapee odtes. tipped over the rebellions Micks. paigtd tho eoacern et treason, and sent oal the GaasMr. Theeditort are William B-BcdMi, of the CMcagoJonr aal, who aceomy—irs the Kiastwth aaa m respondeat, aad lieut. Lymna Bridges, six soldfera an the compositors. saihaafcidaadtw—iy iliassni astmaguJ each day. TwaMy-totUbsn imaliyid ia cattiag the aatas. Maa fcmsriy did tfc» the Uhs fnfiimiag the w«k msniafidly aid asally.ttsmeawcK sort# r* MftbuMi to M» t« •—-- Cwftnl -T«« MM Ml* "1 - • • •■* - J j • VMfc SB MMttC** 9 rf |! mI?OSH»I1»W* -°? *—yf.-y ■»*-*-? JrtS gsggaftsE J& ?!!%*+* - MhII!

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