Newspaper of The Washington Standard, March 22, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated March 22, 1862 Page 3
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ail ! the works vara mifiii by the Federal t at five o'clock yesterday. The troapa and mortar boata vkick arrived thi# morn inf. Mate tkat tke rabela, before 1,-aving. rained tke ftatificatiaas, bat It is tb upht they mm y be baih wf agaia. At tbe ti«e of tke iwwliw there vera 11 <H>O rebrb who left by river tiaasport- The railroad bridges are bmd aad the rrark tora up fur six aulea. What father J..traction they ejected la aat know*. It i* ivjKJrtj that I'olk's odkws had W i niur unpopular, men demoralised aad mck -I~*. IV works are exteaaire, probabl r km mil.* in exteat. Every prominent blaff aa th»- river is abaadoard. although anaed aad t rtihed with a large number of eaaaoa. which the rebela. being enable to cany aC had thrown into the rirer. WURIXOTM, March 4—Everything ia iW vicinity of the array aa Aa Patsrnar, re mains quiet FOITUW MOMO*. March 4.—Oea. Wool rrfuaea to permit any nan paaatagin to go South. BT. Lot IS, March 3.—Boata were advertis ing for cargoes for the Teaneeeee and Cum berland rivers; one advertiaed for Xaahville to-day. It ia believed that the Colaaibaa rebels have gone to Fort Baadolph. 60 milee above Memphis. which eommanda the river for aix mill". It ia presumed that they will make a t-Miid there. We hare nothing new from General Cor lU. SALT LAKE, March, 4.— A territorial elec tion was held yesterday. The vote was unan imous for a state Constitution, with Brigham \ ouii£ for Governor, and lleber C. Kimball tor Lieut .-Governor. No opposition ticket is named. CHICAGO, Match 4.—The following dis patch has been received from Washington to day : In the Senate to-day, Mr. Sumner pre sented a memorial from merchants and others doing business on the Pacific coast, asking immediate action by Congress to provide transportation of the mails between New York, Aspinwall and Panama. It was re ferred. The Confiscation bill was taken up, and Mr. McDougall quoted from Justice Story nnd other writers, showing that there should be no confiscation of private property. Ho contended that the provision of the bill relat ing to tbe freeing of slaves was unconstitu tional, and quoted from the declarations of tbe President and of the Secretary of State, to show that an entirely different policy had boon declared by the Government. lie con tended that magnanimity was the greatest virtue of victors, and we should go forward with our Common Constitution in one hand and peace in the other. Foreign. We have Liverpool nows to Feb. 20th. Lord John Uussell said in Parliament that Iho Government had protested against the destruction of harbors by the Bto>ue blockade, and that the American Government had de nied such intention. France agrees with the English Government on this subject. All the information respecting it will be laid before Parliament. It is understood that Englaud will withdraw from the alliance should France and Spain attempt to interfere with the inter nal affairs of Mexico. It was said that in surance was made in England on vessels to run the American blockade. Other foreign news not important. DEATH OF GEX. LANDER. —Wo published in onr synopsis of news the death of this able and gallant officer. Next to that of Col. Ba ker, liis loss will be more deeply regretted 09 the Pacific coast than any that has occurred during the war. It is a most singular coinci dence that Gen. Lander received his mortal wound at the same time Col. Baker fell, and what is still more remarkable is the fact that the reverse at Bull Bluff, that has cost the country the lives of those valuable men, has been the last of otf reverses. Their mem ory will flourish green in eveiy patriot heart, when that of Davis, Beauregard, and other rebel chfefe will be forgotten, or only remem bered to be execrated. 17 The Jacksonville (Ogn.) Gazette has prohibited the use of the U. 8. mails. It was by far the most treasonable paper published in Oregon, though having the least circula tion. Wonder if granny Protch's paper won't be the next victim I It has been running itself lately. Kendal) dropped it like a hot potato. The man who wrote the treason ar ticle* has gooe to the mines, sod its future policy will be just what any future scribbler is determined to make it TAKES EVUYTUNQ BACK.— Alooxo, of 'lw Prtu aaya he didm't refar to the " doca nmeat" ea fib ia the gwnjm o—al'a of fice; eaja he dtdm't wdm to Mr. Meariall "bea he baaatod rfhih| jh—tod «r MJTI we will get the daUip (lart WMI he Maid we woalda't.) etc. ale, "toe wmmmm to mention." I EorroaiAi. CotarasY!—Mr. Carter eoa plaiae that wm da let extead to kia the mmt ruotteaiee etf the erm/L Thai ie the int com loot ae oeeaaha to aha* hie diangard of all the qiuditiea which aoaatitalo a geatleaMi ia (T-HaarjMMoOiß. Eaq. haa beoaap {"•tilted dupatj U. 8. Didrict Attorney fa 'i'»* dietriet Mr. McGiß ie eaoef oar beat I riioa mea, aad wfll sake a gaad aflcar. I'F.KSOXAII —We aotked ia tow* the part *•* Mem A, J. Lawiaaee aad V- G. of Vaaeaarer. IT We are hariat aleaaaat, apriag-Uke weather. tyiTie EmUrprut probably Bade fear !a.»t trip b*Te thia weak. BORN. Oa tke lStk iaet., to In. I. J. Etui, a MO. Oe UM MU iaet., to Mis. J. M. Mi Bear, a tea. pr* aad alU^W # I #1 «e »■»- Jr Maiaa *eCASMSYSTttKXCLISriMV. Those ialrttii to UM VtikiaftH Hotel wUI eaU In iln 'j. BILAS GALLIHn March 32, IKI. l»:tf BT virtae of aa Eiecatioa is sard by tbe Clerk of the District Coart of tbe Id Judicial Dis trict, W T., aad to mr directed, I bare levied apoa. Mixed aad takea iato execatioa. aad will expoee for pabl<c aa!* oa Mar. 3d. 1 MI. at tbe boar of 1 r. a., at tke Coar.-hoase door. ia OKmpia. tke Mlowiag described proprrit, to wit: All tbe right. title aad iaterest of tievrtre A. Tykel ia lou So. 1, S. 3. aad 4 .oae. two. tbree. aad foar) ia Mack 3ft. (block thirty-eight i bounded a* follows : ea tke aortk by Sortb street. oa tbe east by I'bcr ry street, oa tbe south br Tenth street, aad oa tbe wset kf J»Vrm« street; also lot* So. I. J, 3. 4, I. C, J, aad • I lots So oa*. two. three, foar. fire, six, (creased eifbtiia block 3*.« (block thiru-aiae boaaded as follows; ea tke sosth br Taioa street, •a the west br Jeffrrsoa street, on the aortk by Teath-street, aad oa the test kjr I "berry street, all of wkkk property is kaowa aad described oa the Tewa plat of what is kaowa as swan's additioa to the tow aof tMyaspia. The object <>f said sale is to satisfy a jadgeeirnt ia faror ofWm * But led*e for tke saw of sl*3 *1 priaripal with ia'er est at tke rat* of taro per ceat. per saoath, froas tbe 34th day of April IMI, aad »1M 14 coot and iirrc sstd roil WILLIAM BILLISt>9, Sheriff of Thurston county. W. T Hy R. W. Vox LIS, I>eputy. Olytapia, March !i, I8«;l. I»:w4. Ma Tnap«rlal«a rPHE corporator* of Mid company arc hereby re- I qifited to a eel at the COI'HT HOUSE, IU the CITV «f VANCUI'TEU, county of Clarke, nnd Territory of Washington, on MONDAY, the 3Mt day of March, A. D. 18«i2, at the hour of 10 in the forenoon of said day, to determine the tiuie or times, and piace or place*, of opening books of subscription to the capital stock of said Corpora tion, and to take such other steps for the early or- Ranizalion of said Company an may be lawfully done. A ful' attendance I* PERSON of ALL the Cor porators is respectfully requested. THOMAS 11. SMITH, Temporary Chnirmnn of the Columbia Transportation Company. Vancouver, March 14, !Bt!2. Chas. E. Williams, (Successor to G. A. Barnes,—Established 1812 DEALER IN HARDWARE, TIKWARE, STOVES, IIIOH, STEEL, GROCERIES, &c. Olympla, W. T. HAVING recently received large accessions to his stock, is now offering amongothcrtioods, tbe following desirable articles : Burning Fluid and Conl Oil, (Pure), Coal Oil and Fluid Lamps, Shades, Tubes, Globes, Chimney*, Wicks Concentrated Potash, for making 12 gallons soft soap (with full direc tions) price 62} cts. Advance Cooking Stoves, with extension ovens, (A very desirable patern with extra castings), Garden Tools, Garden Seeds (12} cents per paper), Parlor and Door Mats, Bear. Bearer, Gopher, Rat and Mouse Traps, Brass Curtain Cornices and Rands, Wire and Safe Cloths, of all numbers, Shoe Finding*? a Full Variety; Comprising Lasts, Shoe Hammers, Knives, Nails, Pinchers, Pegs, Ac. Horse, Cow and Nheep Bells, Extra Heavy. Dlsston's Patent Crosscut and Mill Saws, (A very superior article), Mechanic's Tools and Materials, (a full variety.) Window-sash, Paints, Oil, Putty and Glass ; Var nishes, Japan, Turpentine and Alcohol, Pocket and Table Cutlery, (large assort ment), Curry Combs and Horse Brushes, (leather backs) Pow der, Shot, Balls, Lead and Caps, Bullet Moulds, Gun Locks Wipen, Nipples, Ac.; Cable, Trace, Halter and Dog Chains ; Sheep Shears and Wool Cards, Grub, Planter and Garden Hoes, Plows, Cultivators, Mattocks, Brush llooks, Horse Rakes, Cradles, Scythes, Rakes, Chnrns, Forks, Butter Bowls and Trays, Ac. JAPAN BLACK TEA. . IV Tia, Sheet Iron, Copper and Brass Ware manufactured and repaired. N. B.—We have made such arrangements for the purchase of articles, either in San Francisco or New York, as we think cannot but give satis faction. ggf Commission solicited. Olympla, April •, 1861. 31:tf PKOPLKB' EMPORIUM! N | AVING added extensively to his former stock XI of goods, he is now prepared to accommo dateall who may fcvor him with their custom as to VARIETY, QUALITY and PRICE. His stock eoasists of— DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, HARDWARE, BOOTS AND BHOES, CLOTHING, annra " YANKEE NOTIONS," 4c., Ac. All sf which will be sold tktmptr tkm a tin rktmt ml tor Cash or Country Produce. fits* hi* a call before purchasing, sad Mtisljr ysarsrif thai what we aay is trae. OtjWjlS. F«h. M, IS«S. ISrtf Sale. T)Y Tirtaeef aa eaeeetiee i«—■< by the Cleffc Kef the Dioirict Ceart of the >4 Jedieiai Die. tnct of Weakiagtea Territory, nad to a« tewM,! kare levied apea. aeiaed, aad Ukea ialo eierutiea, Ike lead daia ef Wai. BUcUtr, fceewa ae the ■urtwa aaartor ofoootioa 15, township IT, N R. I waot, wklek I will espeoe for aale to tke kigkaat liHto, at tke Ceart Hear* deer ia Oljrapk, ea Setardey, Ike Sik ef April, A. D. IMS, at tke kear Ike I e'eleck, P. a. Tke ekjeet of MM aale ie to aetiafy iadgawat ia fororafJ.M. Kaall, for tke saa of sir keadred and fortr-fcar dollar* ud forty reals (s<44 40), with latere* at 1 per eoet. per aoetk froa tke Mk of Fekraarr, 1861, witk carta aad iaeremd code. WILLIAM BILLIKOB. Bkerif of Tkeratoe county, W. T. By R. W. Mosul, Deputy. Olyaipia, Fob. », IM2. 15:4w j. w. lOHxaoi, 4TTORNKY AT LAW. Solicitor ia Cha**ory, aad Praetor ia Admiralty, at tie. March, IMI. ll:tf oi^n NATIONAL REPUBLICAN. TiHiimi, D. C., July 1, IMI. The iiMiml cnnmm*4, ia the Mtlk af Doceaber last, tbe pablicatioa. ia this city, af a •<*kli Brvftp«)trr railed the *'innif liy»Hinn It w priated oa a large sheet, tweaty-eerea by forty-ta o iaclie*, aad it fsrniihed at Ik* lav pint Mated below. It will caataia all tb« ohfitil Matter af UM daily A»»iml with the eiceptiaa of laeal mvi aot iaterrtiag to eaaatry •abacribcrt. It will give fall report* of tbe pcoceediagi of f'oagrea*. aad of tba other departments of the Na tional •ioTennaeat It will caataia all tbe aewt af the day. foreiga aaddoawetk. Mrkrti. Ac.. Ac., a* well aa aa original corraapawdeae* fruai all pan* of the , coaatry Tbe aiM-ellaaeoa* department will re ceive special atteatioa. aad. ia all respect*. tbe effort will he Bade to establish tbe character of uie \atnmal M pmtkrsn a« a Faaily Newspaper. *'i»ki»»iin bemK a»w tbe ceatral point of the run-rat military opera ttoa*. great atteatioa will be paid to fataMhiag tbe reader* of tbe H'ptMtrmn with fall, aad aaperially with amran, account* of tbe progress of tbe war far the I'aioa la politic* tbe paper wBl be Repablieaa. sus taining tbe Admiaiitratiaa of Mr Liacola. bat di»- claimiag however aay preteaaioa to be the orga of the President There i* ao other paper ia the Di» trirt of f'oluabia, or ia the vicinity af it. aad it ia thai recast CTeag* hare opened to such a paper an laftMaM *phrre of u*ef>il effort. The linie ha* r*Wk whea the artual a«loiini»tration of the trovenMMatapaa Requblicaa prinriplea will eiplode the misrepresentation* which have tb»*e princ iple" »a distasteful to tbe South. Hut it i* not only here, and in thi* vicinty .that tlie projector' of the Xatwnal Hrpubhran hope to : make it useful. To the whole country they offer a journal which will dUcuv* national politics from a | national standpoint, and which will never be •werved from patriotic duty by any overpowering pressure of local inlerett. Tern* of Subsrrlplloa. One copy, one year $2 00 j Three copie*, on* year 6 00 I Five copie*, one year .._ 700 j Ten copie*, one year 12 00 Twenty copie*, one year 20 00 One copy, six months 1 00 Three copies, six montns 2 50 Five copies, six months 3 50 Ten copies, six months 6 00 Twenty copies, six months 1U 00 Payment always in advance. When n flub of subscriccrs has been forwarded, additions nuiy be tnade to it on the same term* It is not necessary that the subscribers to a club should rcueive their papers at thesame post office. Money may be forwarded by mail, at our risk. Large accounts can be remitted in drafts on Bos ton, New York, Philadelphia, or Baltimore; smaller amounts in geld, or in notes of solvent banks. The Daily National Republican is published every morning (Sundays excepted) at $3 50 pei annum, in advance. Addresss W. J. MURTAGH A CO., [so:ly] Washington, D. C. Notice. Territory of Washington, ) In the District Conrt 2d Judicial District, y of the County of Thurston. J 2d Judicial District. To JOHN F. DEVORE, Owner, and E. DEVORE, Doweress : You ore hereby notified that a complaint for a foreclosure of mortgage has been filed against you <n said court by R. H. Lansdule, which will come on to be heard at the first term of the court, which shall commence more than three mouths af ter the 30th day of November, 1801, and unless you appear at said term and answer, the same will be tuken us confessed, and the prayer thereof granted. The object and prayer of said complaint is, to foreclose a mortgage against you on certain real estate in Thurston county, Washington Territory, and to recover of you the sum of six hundred and twenty dollars, with interest at the rate of two per cent, per month from November 12th, 1861. BUTLER P. ANDERSON, Attorney for Plaintiff. Nov. 30, 1861. 3:w4 Matrimonial. "jITATRIMONIAL. —A young gentleman, whose XvA personal appearance, fortune and position is is A No. 1, wishes to unite himseif to a lady with similar qualifications. The advertiser being sin cere, will here describe himself, and although be is young in appearanee he will admit himself on the "shady side" of fifty. The advertiser is of medi um stature, neither "too fat nor too lean dark eyes and oxprcssive, animated countenance ; and he must here confess be is vain in stating he hag the most snowy white teeth, (natural ones;) hands, brow and skin as clear as a child's ; his hair and whiskers arc a deep brown, and he cau assure you all that these latter beauties were given bim by using, for two months, Lafont'a West India Soap. Teeth Root for bis yellow teeth, and Jones' Coral Hair Restorative on his Gray, Coarse hair, and by shaving and washing with Jones' Italian Soap.. His coarse, wrinkled skin and bands have thus been made white and clear. These beautiful ar toles can be had at reasonable rates at every drug ciire in California, Oregon and Washington Terri otry. CRANE * BRIGHAM. San Francisco, Agent*. CEO. L. KENNY, TTAVIXG withdran from the firm of H. H. Ban _[X croft A Co., has this day associated himself with Mr. J. D. ALEXANDER, and will continue the m aii mmm ksiness, In All Its Branches, At CM and MS iMUifawry Street, SHERMAN'S BUILDING, Opposite the old stand, under the name of KENNY * ALEXAVDB*. 1 Saa Fraaaltco, May SO, IMI. 29:m3 CLOTHING EMPORIUM, 170 Clay St., and 107 Montgomery St., San Francisco, Aad Its Broadway, lea Yarfc. • /CONSTANTLY aa hand Ike beet selected aad if / most esteasive aseortaseal of Goats'aad Bay*' Clothiag aa the Parife coast, which we caa aad «UI sell lower thaa aay other Hoase. ■ay's and (teats' CMfelai naadc la •rder. LOCKWOOD, SWELL * CO. Jaaaary, 19 IMI, 10:ly CHAM LBS W. BSBBIII, Importer aad Dealer la TmnncnniiTmiiniiAi IN KB, CARD STOCK, to. Moo. ill aad llSfSay trooi. Saa Fraaaiaeo, Jaaaary Mfc, 1M1.10.1y OLYVPXA WAOOV feUTOViCTOKY. Stuart tc Blackahear. WOULD iaform theelUaeas of Olym- rflff pia aad the sarroeading country «i . that thajr are now auwabatariag WAGONS, CAR RIAGES aad BOOGIBS of all deacriptioa*, from the best of imported material , by experieaced work men, for which WHB AT will be takea inexchaage, delivered at the Tumwater mill*. Shop corner 3d anil Ckiaook Streets. Olympia, December I, ISM. 4:lf Leonard Scott ACo.'s bbpbiht or nra nmu bbtrws AND ILKIVim litIZIII. T SOSABD SCOTT A CO., Sew Tork. coatiaae

li n fhliah the following British Periodi cal*. via : I. The LONDON QUARTERLY, (Con*errntiv*.; J. The BOmCRGH REVIEW, (Whig.) 3. The NORTH BRITISH REVIEW, (PraeCharch) 4. The WEBTMINBTER REVIEW, (Libaral ) 5. BLACEWOOD S EDINBIRGH MAGAZINE. (Tary.) These Periodical* ably repreaeat the great poli tical parties of Great Britaia—Whig, Tory, aad Radical ; bat polities form oaly oae feature of their • haracter. As orgaas of the aoet profoand writer* on Sciear*, Literature, Morality, aad Religioa, they staad as they hare ever atood, aarivaled ia the aorld of letters, beiag coasidered iaditpeasa ble to the scholar aad the profcaaioaal aaa. while to tbe iatelligeat reader «f every class, they fur ni<h a more correct and satisfactory record of the current literature of the da;, throughout the world than caa poaaibly be obiaiaed frum aay other source. The receipt of Advance Sheet* from the British put'iirber* give* additional vaiae to these reprints, inasmuch as they can now be placed in tbe hands of subscriber* about as sooa aa the original edi tion*. Terms: For any oae of the four Review*, per annnm_s3 00 For any two of the four Review*, " _ 500 For any three of the foar Review*, »• " _7 00 For all four of the Reviewi, " •' _8 00 For Blackwood'* Magatine, " " _3 00 For Blackwood and one Review, " " _5 00 For Blackwood and two Review*, " " _7 00 For Blackwood and three Urviewa, " " _9 00 For Blackwood and the four Review*, " „10 00 Money current in tbe State where issued will be received at par. C lubbing. A discount of twenty-five per cent from the above price will be allowed to clubs ordering four or more copies of any one or more of the above works. Thus four copies of Blackwood, or of one Review, will be sent to one address for $9 ; four copies of the four Reviews and Blackwood for S3O - so on. Postage. t&" In all tbe principal cities and towns, these Works will be delivered FREE OF POSTAGE. When sent by mail, the Postage to any part of the United States will be but 24 cents a year for " Blackwood." and but 14 centH aycar for each of the Reviews. N. B.—The price in Great Britain of the five Pe riodicals above named is s3l per annum. Remittances should always be addressed, post paid, to the Publishers, LEONARD SCOTT & CO., No. 54 Gold street, New York January 6tb, 1861. No. 8 PHELAN'S Billiard Saloon. THE above Billiard Suloun, with EIGHT FIRST CLASS PIIELAN TABLES, is now open to public. The Cushions on these Tables are the latest patent, and are agreat improvement on their predecessors. The ROOM is fitted up so ns to combine ELEGANCE with COMFORT. The bar will be kept supplied with the very choicest brands of w ineß, lilqiuors, tib Segara, And the subscribers hepe, by strict attention, to merit the patronage of all who admire and prac tice the GAME OF BILLIARDS. DAN. LYNCH, M. E. HUGHES. ISO and T33 Montgomery st., Opposite the New Metropolitan Theatre. The subscriber bops to inform the public that the above mentioned MILLIARD SALOON is no intended to serve as n show and salesroom for PIIEI.AVS Patent Combination Casblona and Model Bil liard Tables, And Dilliard Trimmings of every description. Parties desirous of purchasing Billiard Tables will thus have an opportunity of selecting from a va ried assortment, both in style and finish, and can also test the superiority claimed for the Cushions and Tables. Mr. DAN. LYNCH will always be on hand, and ready to give all required information with regard to the merits ofthose JUSTLY CELE BRATED BILLIARD TABLES. The subscribe! cordially invites all interested parties to call and examine. M. E. HUGHES. Agent for Phelan'i Patent Combination Cush ions and Modern Billiard Tables. San Francisco, July 18,1861. BROOKLYN HOTEL CORNER BROAD WA YAND SANSONE STS., SAN FRANCISCO. THE proprietor of thi* well known and old established Uonse is still at his old Jam tricks—feeding the public for the low sum of roua DOLLARS per week, and the cry is "Still they come I" This Hotel was established in 1852, ani the proprietor proudly appeals to its well-known reputation, and at the same time pledges himself to use every endeavor to add to the comfort and convenience of his guests. The Brooklyn Hotel WAGON will always be ready on the wharf on the arrival of the steamers, to convey passengers and their baggage to the House, free of charge. To prevent imposition, be positive and see that BROOKLYN HOTEL is painted la large letters on side* ef the wagaa. • Boaad per day slßoard per week $4 MealMß cents Lodging* 50 ceats; —Lodgings per weak 92 to $4; —Single rooms 60 cents per night. JOHN KELLBY, Jr., Proprietor. Saa Francisco, Oct. 19th, IMI. 49:m3 Sand's Sarsaparilla, Tfco Gnat Anoricaa laaody FOR PURIFYING THE BLOOD, viu. as rocsD a cantata coaa roa MUnSMUBUMft utiiLTiuuvius a risaioasv, it ia nattuus A PLENTIFUL supply of pare blood is essen- to aaiasal life. Whoa the proper cireala- Uoa of the vital laid 1* impeded, sickness is the iaevitable coasequeaee, the secretioas become aa healthy, the liver become* clogged with impure bile, which forced iato the system, vitiates aad la flame* the blood, engeaderiag *crofola aad cuta acoas aad biliary disorder*. •ASM' IAUAPABILLA will gently *timulatethe functions of the stomach aad bowel* to a regular aad healthy actloo, and withoat naaiea or purging eipel all deleteriou* ac cumulations, purity the blood, equalise the circu latioa, promote perspiratioa, Improve the appetite, impart tone aad vigor to the *y*tem, and gradually but rarely estirpate the disease, earning all un sightly escreaence* to disappear, and leaving the slun perfectly smooth and flexible. Price $1 00 per bottl* or 9 bottle for $5 00. Aik /or Band*'B*rtufarilU amd tmie no Hhtr. Prepared by A; B. AD. SANDS, Druggists, 100 Fulton street, comer of William, New York. For tale by Dr. ft. Willard, Olympia. mwiTßtnuisuaira. NCKIMAXB wonn SI SICH, Pan Blaad, Natural Perspiratiaa, Good appetite for food, Stop, Imwlm aad tba /Mate af Hum, wkh Streagth af Bate, Mind aad Liah*—Activity ml the Urer, aad all other Nataral Faactioaa - aach a mm ia hit hr ail, after asing Dr. Willwt InlnnUM Car. ital auiMllcrll Ta asaay. the above aay aaea extravagaat prai*e of thi* coacactioa. hat if they coald aae, aa 1 have, the aaay whoa this baa restored ta health, they woald aot be aarpriaed at aay laa guage n*ed ia its pralie, To offer aore certifica te*. ia aseleaa ; at least eighty hare already baaa pablished. and oaly the thick beaded, ael&wiaa skeptic and aabeiiever caa doaht that it ia the aoat blessed health-reatorar aad atrragth-girer ever invented by aaa. It rrstorea aad peraa nently iat igurate*the brokendowaiystea. Kay, more, it replaces natural weakness and atrength. The desponding it rerives, the feeble it eadow* with rigor, and tbe cheerfalaes* aad atrragth which it restores, or creates, it also pn verve*. To the si.-kly wife it impart" that degree of rital force nereaaary to the crowning joy aad great ob ject of matrimony. To the debilitated basbaad, it gives tbe aervons aad musrnlar energy which characterize! manhood. In all ca*e* of aerroaa disease, low spirits. indigestion, liver coaplaiat, iudiiposition to menial rxertioa. lasiitade. emaci ation. impotence, Ac., iu fact, in all coaplaiata, acute and chronic, which depress aad weigh dowa tbe mind and body, it I* aa absolate, iafallible gpecific, NATURE'S OWN REMEDY FOR MAS BICK- Tliat creates, reproduces New and Pur* Blood that arts on the liver, heart, brain, intestines, limbs nnd chest—that revolutionize* the whole system—gives strength to the most debilitated and weak—that contains no mineral, or other poison. Such in, in truth. Dr. Jacob Webber's Justlv Famous Iu- vigo rating Cordial Sanguifier! The extraordinary and strange cures effected by this beautiful herbal concoction has astonished all: it seems to suit every consiitution. TIIE OLD, THE FEEBLE, THE LANGUID, foci that new life and blood is given them. The roue, the dissipated debauch ee, the weak from long disease, from taking too much meilicine, culomel and other mineral poisons; the young man whose manhood is wasted, where nature's functions are inert nnd lifeless, experien ces the bliss of ROBUST AND VIGORONS MAN HOOD I His appetite is good, his sleep quiet and -cfroshing, his mind and memory clear and cer -ain. paju Sold in quart bottles by KEDINGTON * CO. CRANE * BRI6HAM, San Francisco. And all Druggists in California, Oregon and Washington Terrtory. Seed Warehouse! fil. w ■ No. 110 California Street, between Montgomery and Sansome, San Francisco, Cal. Has for sale the most extensive variety of EM THEE. AGRICILTDH&L AND FRyiT SEEDS, In California, including '■lo,ooo lbs. Pure AlHifuorChill Clo ver Seed, of (he Mew Crop. Hungarian Grass, Rod Clover, Timothy, Kentucky Blue Grass, Canary Bird Seed, White Dutch Clover, &c. Also, Chufas or Earth Al monds, Hyacinths, Tulips, Lilies, And other Bulbous Roots. Assortments of Na tive California Flower and Evergreen Seeds, col lected by a well-known Botanist, always on hand. / The undersigned, from his long experience in tho business, and bis extensive facilities for pro curing his Seeds from the best Seed-growers and Nurserymen, is enabled to offer unusual induce ments to the Trade and large Ranch-owners. The Agents of Wells, Fargo ft Co.'s Express, and all other Express Companies connecting there with, are hereby authorized to act an Agents for the undersigned, in taking orders for Seeds, and receipting for the same. Orders by mall also promptly attended to. A liberal discount will be made to the Trade. Par ticular attention given to the careful packing of Seeds for shipment. Your early orders are solicit ed, which shall have immediate and faithful at tention. 38:m6» Boxes of Seeds, containing 100 papers, for retailing, in such assortments as desired, tarnished. S. W. MOORE, Seed Warehouse, 110 California St., S. F., Cal. January 19th, 1861 10:m6 EDWARD A. MORSE it CO., BOOHS, VIM AND BUNDS, WOULD inform the trade in California, Ore gon and Washington Territory that they have opened a new establishment for the sale of DOORS, WINDOWS AND BLINDS of every des cription. One of the partaer* residing In Boston (who ha* •hipped the above goods to this market siare 1049,) enables a* to keep a thorough aad esteasive as sortmeat. which we will sell at as tow price* as aay ia this auwfcet. Parties seadiag far goods by letter caa rely oa haviag the same at as low price* a* if ordered ia person. Order* by letter or otherwise will he promptly aad faithfally fulfilled. We also attead to the haying aad selling of ot%> er mercbaadise. BDWABD A. MOBSB A CO., II aad 13 California*t„ aed 114 aad 110 Market St., Haa Francisco, aad JOHN HALL, ITS 'Black stoae St., Bottoa. I«:m3 Olympia and Seattle aasaiorr a noxlis, I ruict* m'satt, Olympia. | Seattle. OAWflMrr, HOXLIE * co., OFFER for sale 100,000 Fruit aad Oraameatal Tree*, coatisting ia part of— -100 Varieties of Apple; 40 " Fear; 45 " Plum; 45 " Cherry; CO " Bom; Shrubs aad Ornamental Trees, with a " right smart chance" of other kl— y which will he ex changed for CASH or COCNTBY PRODCCE. Catalogues fornlahed upon applleatloa. Olymfia N vbssst is sitaatta | mile south-east of Olympia. 49;®4 The best purifier of the blood ia Hall'i Sar saparilla. NESS 11 EstabllNlied In 1850. AND DEALERS IN TTI ifcl rw<, Oirtw, Pratt, ami Ptowar See* m tb# »tiiCaaat, hiiiilw>iwwi talk* DiM >•«- l|ooo RW. Wklto DM* OIMW. tOMIte.TiMfefOMIM. 1,000 IN. InpnatiwlMl 1,000 Ika. Millet Saad. 1,000 Ika. Lmm Clarar M. M Baak. M Toy Oiw Bead, ft M. fcntki Mm Im SmA, SO Bnk. In Qtaaa BmA. SO M. lixad Lm Gnat Bead. 11 »Mk. H lapala Omt M. 10 Baafc. Bweat VaraolOrMi Bead. 10 Baik Cimm Uagrtail Craaa M. 10 Baak. Califaraia Prairie Ctoear. M 0 Ike. Sugar Beat bad. 500 Ika. Laiga Bad Ittaria VartMi Beet. 300 n*. Loaf MM. 100 Ika. Tenia IM hat 500 Iki. Bate Baga Taraip Sml. NO Ika. Early Wkite Datck Tmh Boat. SM Red Taa Tank ■- -■ SOO Ika. Lang Oraaga Carrot. 100 Ika. WkHa Bclgiaa Carrot. 400 Ika. Aeeartad OaiM Seed. 1,000 Ika. TOP ONION'S. Togetker witk aU tfce rarietiee repaired Ilertiealtaral iipliiaaia, Hrdg* Bkaara, Praaiag Skeara, Spring Hedge Skrant, Praaiag aad Bad diag Kaifca, Save, etc. ale. Boxea of 100 paper* assorted aaadi pat ap cx prt»»l- for dealan. A liberal dlaeoaat will ka made to tka trada. We have a very fine assortment of Dutch Balboa* Flowering Root*, which we can PACK to go MCII* for aay diitiMc. Catalogue tent on applicatioa. All orden addretsrd to J. P. SWEENY k CO.. 406 Cal., San Francisco, Will maet with prompt attention. February 1, 1862. 12:m3 THE FARMER'B GUIDE TO Scientific tad Practical Agriculture 0T HINBV STEPHENS, F. B. 8., of Edinburgh, and the late J. P. NORTON, Profe»»or of Scien tific Agriculture in Yale College, New Haven, 2 vols. Royal octavo. 1600 page*, and nu merous Engravings. This is confessedly the most complete work on Agriculture ever published, and in order to give it a wider circulation, the publishers have resolved to reduce the price to 15 for tbe Two Volume*. When sent by mail (post paid) to Califbrnfa, Oregon and Washington, the price will be sl. To every other part of the Union, and to Canada, (post paid) $6. gSf This is not the old "Book of the Farm." Remittances for any of the above publication* should always be addrewed, pott paid to the pub lishers, LEONARD SCOTT k CO., No. 54, Gold Street, New York. Doctors Percy Jb Co., lfe. 014 Du pmt street, between California and Pine, San Francisco, Phymeinm and Operating Surgeon*, Mem bers of the Royal Collegos of London and Edin burgh, Graduates of the Universities of London and Kdinburgh,—First Prizes for Anatomy and Chem- Utry, and Second for Medical Jurisprudence for the above named Universities, —Honorary Physicians to the Edinburgh Lying-in-Hospital, and Surgeon lo Glasgow Lock Hospital, beg to call theattention of the public to their Rational Mode of Treating and Curing Diteatet, and may be consulted daily from 9 A. M. till 9 P. M., on DISEASES 0? THE FOLLOWING OBOAN'S .* Drain, Eye, Ear, Heart, Lunge, Liver, Stomach ant Intestinal Canal; Pancreas, Spletn, Kid neys and remaining Urinary Or - - - —I ■ m __ _• fan*; Midtrifery and Dieeatet af Women and Children. Surgical Caiet—Operationt of every class and character performed. Catu ofNenou* or Acftarrd Debility, Diteate* of the Skin, etc., etc., we beg to draw particular attention to. Alto, Fibrous and Muscular Rheumatism, commonly called Cbroaio and Acute, and generally produced by the use of Mercury. DOCTORS PERCY * CO., 014 Dupont street, bet. California ard Pine. N. B. —All letter* for Advice or Medicine* promptly answered, and oat door patient* attend ed to day and night. Dr. J. Browne. M*. Ht KenrMy Street, corner Commercial, Physi cian and Operating Surgeon, Member of the Royal College of London and Edinburgh, Graduate of the Universities of London and Bdisbergb—-Pint. prizes for anatomy and chemistry, and second fbr medical jurisprudence for the above named Uni versities—Hon. physician to the Edinburgh Lying-in-Hospital, and Surgeon to Glasgow Lock Hospital, begs to call the attention of the pnblle to his rational mode of treating and caring dis eases, and may be consulted daily from 0 a. as. till 9 p. tn., on diseases of the fallowing organ*: Brain, Kye. Bar, Heart, Langs, liter, Stomaeh and Intestinal Canal; Cancers, Spleen, Kidn«ys and remaining Urinary Organs; Midwifery aad diseases of Women and Children. Surgical cases—operations of every class and character performed. Cases of BOTTOM CT aeqaired . debility, diseuses of the Shin, etc., ho bees to ca'l particular attention to Pibrons and Muscular Rheumatism, commonly called ehroaie and acnte, and generally produced by tho eee of Mereary. DR. J. BROWNS. 619 Kearney street, Ban Praaeieeo Cal. BA-N. B<—All letters for edviee aad medicines promptly answered, aad oat door patients attsaied to day or night. BERGEE'S BIJOU •HAJARD TAHU, nunnirinfflicaß fflHB snbectihet deeiree to Mhna the peMs J, that be ho* now on exhibition, at Main's Inr WMui hIM, Montgomery street sffaslu rtis Metropolitan The atre eeo of the above ■ snlimil WIi.UMO TA BLES, aad rordinlly iovitoe thopatrou of the NO BLE GAME, to call and examine it. The Groat Master, MOM. Berger, speaks of the InUee hi the highest t»rms of coesmeadatioa. To private h»- iiiee theoe Tablte rvoMsd tfcesneotvoa, on account af (heir convenient sine, nad ns M•• tide of hrnitar* fern private dwelling there ie mere deeirnble; in short, no hooeefeoMer ■aneiea with any prinasiaoe to tdnf well Ma. iatad ehoold ho withoat oao. Qeattaawa akoat to baild reeidonees ehoald far all maaaa awfca mart*, ioa for a BILLIARD ROOM, whssa tMr foasilr gvsse* Hflirrl Table Maaatoetarsr And Agent for PHBLAM'B PATENT CONW- • MATWM CUSHION!, etc., MB. Mh. BaMhitloa aad BOMMMB, Ko. TM aad TllMoatgoaery sfcoot. pha^ley^nm!^ , * ~' ' oppooit* WMHMOTOII HOTKLT in ii imirtw CORNER OP SECOKD AMD MAIN BTBMBTS, Olympia, W, T. Board per week eeeeaooeeeeeooeeaoaooaoooooeeooo Olyapia, XCT. IS, IN* -r My ,

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