Newspaper of The Washington Standard, March 29, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated March 29, 1862 Page 2
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THE WASHINIiTOS STASDARI). t\ P. OFFICIAL I'API « THF. TmmTOItY The I ! BIOK«*1I shall be Preserved. Agents for the Standard. Tlic f ilhiwint: named eviitleiiien art' . uthori/.e I to receive niel receipt tor money duo 011 Ml! ■■■ i ij>- tion to the Si AMPAitn : L. I'. KISHKU, t-NU Francisco, Cut. Tiios. H»YCE, San I'ram-i -•■<». I'NL. (!. W Jo.vrs. Vancouver. W.T. ; ALEX. S. AIMKXI THV. Oak l'oiut; it. P. LLALIAIMIT IN. Miiuticcllo; JOHN U'Knsri.n. i'urt M.tdi-uu ; I! I.NIT v • WILSON. Tceknlet; ' MAKSIULI. III.INS. Seilbeck. fSry~ Money c.ui be scut throuph the mail r.t our risk. Ths Union Resolutions Hojr.ctod by the Legislative Assembly cf Washington Territory. Be it rrtuhn! the T,rr ! ' 'if of I! \h . Tlint thf t'ninn i« so in tuijioiaU-d with the iti--!itutKti:- of our country, . that its di.-olutien «nuhl ci.riae-er their perma nence. ami seriously threaten oar existence a.- a Ul.ihll!. /; hi-rJ. Tlirtt ill' seetlc:; 1 <]ivi-ion« fan 1 e hett. r hi r.led within the t'nier than with ut tiie luion. anil lliut r.!i piete\t. . a* a di.--oiuii,-ii oi the t'liinn. urc II av. a IT., nt .hie. /»V>Ti at the alacrity w i:li v. "i".' h tlic >. Jile ril-ll to the rescue oi' til • i'nii n • !io-.» • li.ein w rtliy of their lineage, and their b'rtlirh lit. and makes lis. tin* mo t distant limb ot' the l iiinli. foret er their ilehtor. Itemized, That Wnshinniin Territory. true ti hcrie'.f, ami true to the t.'overmiiPiit. will no! h«* found wanting ia devulinn to the I'iiion, i'i li lei ity to the I.a«> nml Constitution, or ii ilue res ]>eet for. and snjtoort of Mr. l.ineotuV a«lmini.-:ra tiou. which tiie iiojHilar voice lias calL'U tJ niain taiu tiie one aad euforee the other. /I'.'M/I'.'l/, That a eo;iy of these resolutions he seat to our Delegate in Congre s, lion. \V. 11. Wallace. VOTE ox Tin: lIKSOU TIONf.. 1 'in—lleiiny, Oriswld, T.onihard. McO ill. Smith of t'lurk, Taylor, t'rqiilinrt. Coek—S. Xtit/t —Aird, Ho/.arth. Ilat'-s. lieatty. Chiipnian. liardner, (iilliam. Hinckley. Ilolhrook, l'a; e, .-et tie. Smith of Walla Walls. Uit'.h. Thoniii ii, Wil ton, Wurbas.s—t(i. Xtit Vu'.my—William: mi, I'irgiijon, M I.ein and Vaiitis. SATURDAY, MARCH 20, lM'.-j. "land-Office Business." We publish in another column aletter from the Surveyor General of Oregon to the Ore gonian, on the condition of the Oregon Land Offices, which will give our readers a very correct idea of the condition u{ the Land Office at this place. The remarks of Mr. Pengra are not so ap plicable to the ollico at Vancouver as the old office here, as the office at that place has been recently established, and will, no doubt, under the direction and control of the very able and efficient officers ia charge be conducted to the entire satisfaction of our people; and, Inning a fair start, they will be aide to keep up with the regular current business of their office without clerical assistance, provided they are properly sustained by the department. The Olympia office is in a very different condition. A very large proportion of the do nation claimants reside in this district, and for some cause a very large amount of work that should have been done from day to day, has been allowed to accumulate, until it is utterly impossible, for the present Register ami Re ceiver to bring it up without clerical aid. Wo have taken particular pains to investigate the condition of tlio office here, in order to deter mine where the fault lay; and while we are not disposed to believe that the immiilt<t!c predecessors, of the present incumbents failed to discharge their duty faithfully, we are still satisfied that the clamor raised by our people against the office is not without cause. We confidently assert that it is not within the power of the present incumbents to remedy the evil without clerical assistance. It is well known that both our Register and Receiver are.good business men, and perform as much labor daily to keepup with the current business as any two clerks at Washington City, and the same may lie said of the officers at Van couver, and certainly the department will not require more than this. We are informed by Mr. Denny, the Register, that it would fre quently IM* impossible for him to keep up w it h the current business of his office but for tie voluntary assistance aff< <:ded him bv 31 r. < iisbman, the Receiver. Tliv iuijilicalitMi ol iitroaip> tenry invoh -<1 in ike MatfiiH nl •«;«!•' l.v tbf < 'oiiiri i»-i >i.« r to C<>!. Ni-ftnilh, *f know i» not r.jijilirnbb- to tin- laud <.Uc«-> in iLii- T.-rri:.r\. uor do * Uiifvi it L- t<> li: - nfltrifiin. We doubt 111114*11 vbr'liit KHI t'OOld ' * 1 snvuKri' l-iitf qunlu •-! for ft r »!i--\ L ! I than Miw ». 1». !it < . i r.iid Brows. Mr. IMKIY is>a -uri « <>r, and muri- than "'isliuart rl»-t i. . 1 r-kill. (V»ai »hat v»• ha*.- ~• it <4 Mr. FleUht-r'n <-'jrri -|<'.ui!< \. i*|» ib.- «, •, . * (f'l ja»litta<d in tl.« r i:.> jHTtiiiar (jualitu-a iou in r» _'* rd l« hiai. Tbf department <!•*«. t»4 ("-••in to t«>v r - head the great a:*l r<-j». «! \l'll Upon our Iti'irMcri- aid Uroitr'-. growing; out til ilic iltMiaiMia la«. o rr aj,.i •bow the Juiit— i.f lan J - m «.!rW •!;«- trirt*. I'KI it •* fiidrnl that t.- n -jiu, <«t their ability tn amnn|M tb rar.-.m l n-i- BTTL uf ih'ir«£ I • i» l'i ■ d UJI >,i ' 1 , ~T! nljfe "I 'J"* buMii "i I, «, r.-.di:y n:»' tiw :••« »at< i}« i i ul' l tfrfr Ml Mitd W 1, . t > uti ippr«sb«*d «l»e rv.i*ou- <»f asking fur clerks in those offices. It »nf Cur tin- purpose of aiding tli«' present incumbents In discharge their dailv duties in accomplishing tli«* regu lar business el their ■. l>ui in bring tip tin- hark work. It is not in tin ir power to do it without 1 lying r.aidc entirely tin* daily busi ness of tin ir offices. They liave by unremit ting labor kept up tin* business of their offices, and this they intend to do in tlie future. All thcv a.-k is, that the department will furoi-h a elerk for one or* t« o y< ai-. or so long as is necessary to ncconip!i.-h thehaek work, foil- gres-s some two \ cars ago, appr< priatel tlie sum of s'i.OtlO. for the express purple of bringing tt]> arrearages in tie- ' Mympia olliee, and for some cause or other, the I'oiunii-sion er has fniliid or withheld its application to this ptirpo. i'i probably decaong tlr.t .1 v. as an unucccs. arv waste of money on the part of Ciaigress. ('i digress r.lso appropriated 4lor the fiirvev ot the boundary line between t hvgnn and this Territory, which runs thin' the mo. t ib 1 ;.-«•!\ populated portions of our country, and through or near the Humb-hing city of Wnll:i Walla. The failure to have the line dclinitely tixed is subjef tinjr i.ur people and those of Oregon to gioat ineonveuiciiee, and so far as that vicinity is concerned, greatly ciiiharas ang our courts of justice. The law, as we undel.-taial i:. places the appi'oplialioll at the joint di.-po-al oi the Surveyor.- (•client] of < Iregon and Washington; but when tin y propose' to 1> t the contract, they are forbidden to do so bv tin' department. -Many ol (Ilir oldest se til 1.-, have hi ell a*! - iiiL'l tli'- public Fttrvevr. to be extended aver their ne'jrhhorhooils, in order that they ii.. y perfect their titles to their donation claims, an.l yet the very iit.~ijriiilii-.siit ; ppru jiiialion o| j lo.Oth) hits bei n <-itt down by t!i<- present ful 1.-ioner to s.'i.tlOO. While we are willing to bear our jaotion of the priva tions incident to the present condition of the country, and are in lavor cf reducing the ex penditures of the < ■overnnienl, in ev« rv wa\- compatible with the jiublic interests, we pro test against having out-great leading interests mi this coast lieglet ted fillir«*lv, !• sa\ e /'or thv time bring, fifty or a hundred thousand dollars to tin* treasury. l liis course of the land department i- still more unaccountable when it is understood lliat Oregon ami Wash ington will furnish an addition to the cireu- I.atinjr medium of the nation of forty or fifi\ millions ill gold «lniiu«r tli«.' «-nri*vitt year. To show how little repaid «.r attention is paid to our intere.-ts as connected with the land office in this district, we only need refer to the facts. We are informed on undnuhted authority that not one dollar has yet been re ceived l»y the present incumbents as salary, although throe quarters are now due, and that nothing h:'..; bet n received for payment of rent and other incidental expenses for eighteen month p:-st, :.ud what is more remarkable is, that although they have frequently wiitten to the department on th * subject, they h-ive not received a reply in expltuml inn, nr < veil ..11 kilowledglllellt of tile receipt of til :r letteis. '1 his tr atme'.it is t;o diiiirent from that ex- tended toward:. (lie Survivor ('s ollioe, (lie letters of which nrt' ]ir«»i»ij>il\- answered, and (lie account:', properly certified, are promptly paid, when we coiifeider that I.oili oflio s are under the control of (ho same bureau oilier, the mutter instill more incom prehensible. Perhaps thi- I'otler investiga tions now being instituted in the departments, with the viewoi purging tliein of traitors,may furnish nn explanation. It is said that the surveying department of the land bureau is under the immediate con trol of that veteran clerk, Joseph Wilson, and hence the perfect rystoinnnd pimctuality that characterizes the intercourse between the Sur veyor liencral's otiico and the department. If we are correct in our conjectures ns to the cause of this culpable neglect, we doubt not but that our Delegate and Senator Nesmith will be able to have the evil remedied. In the meantime wc would suggest to our Ileg ister and Receiver the propriety of addressing their next communication on the subject of salary and incidental expenses to either the Secretary of the Interior or the President, li the exigencies of the Treasury are such as to justify the denial o{ a clerk to biing up the large accumulation of back woik. since provided for by ('imgr***-*, the President v.ill not tolerate the withholding- of their pav, and the c-onrte.-je- due them by the dejuut ll.ell t. —A rom-».pn»i<l»fit uf the Portland T>mn v riiint: frma I)in~>Hin Culrb. Si' river under «lct«- .J.tu. i-, M S V>: TL>- «aw i. 1 w in tiw- tour*.' of c' i»«:ru iioti i.- <*• •;ujjlr*f<l. Ijltilrf »<■ i.o* ;.t :;»• c. u'» |»T i>< <t. ilocrfcl J*-I P.ond. 118 «-i;_- '.r. U IUS 2"> |--r fnrtutd. "i ,a. !)'■» to I*. Lid. "|.«4» MMrr-. I »n!* t».> • t ».• * tit id fit, d »;Ut> at ?1"J j r -am •. Th« ■; n. id > t!:.i.k i wiw f» tlwiu lb. ai.a 1 »i-L to -"-id iur sb- rrsr <4 tin- «io.-•.** i»' •! I*-! JT» • i« ti hrrr oi Yi iJtf I •'• 'll' i n I:.* if » biuret liM i f tb«- U X.J AJ-.J1.. |.-a> »i.~ U Uc»i biiM a r*-|>U!4 i»-a a- a Jadgv. arwl a kiiMi nrartctJl. r«art<- »<«• i. -»i l< an,;ii*» jin »»» » time. • • • llf>■'« i- ll !*• lb . ■««•; :,-u bt-i> at lb.- t ,1 <V» r oil tiw iMh ii*»t I tir % k«— I n I'uvid J'. \N liUci'. 11m|_ for ! \ k (it ,! j i i»-r*. •• • . „ .4 }>.:t_ - . i iui>r« Ltliie |iUn L»: *>« k for < ami • Out NICW Si I'KIIIXTKM»i:\T OF AFFAIRS. — It will lie men l>y reference to our ti It graphic news mi (lit* first page, ( eitr towiirni.m, ("apt. li. 1 Inlc, has been «• 'ii firuii'd liv tin' Senate as Superintendent of lll dinn Affairs for Washington Territory, in place of It. 1\ Kendall, K>ip, removed. This is must gratifying to lis its it will be to (lie people, nnil inure especially the Republi can portion of tliein. 'l'lie appointment of .Mr. Hale was originally asked for by the almost uunniiimns voire of the ItcpublicnuH of the Ti rritnrv, and was urged ti]ion the President with great zeal iiinl energy l»v Messrs. Denny iiml Wallace who vcie in Washington t i'y mi the fourth of March last; hut lor -■ nu' uiiar' iltlilable cause Mr. KeuWall «Q(C( tiled in securing the appointment, without the ► lightest claim upon the confidence of the !'• puh!icnu Administraii iti, or pi s,-.-sing i>:;e j .iT;.|ltWil Ijtt dilicatloil tortile p-i.-nloil, jii.<i lii llolt cnreei his resulted jn»t as we pri dii ti d il would when his appointineiit was first mi iiiiimeed. His over-benring, tyr.mical dispo sition, has been given lull plav. lie If li - penile.l (woof bis fmr Republican A./ nts « '.til*illt any good i.ilise, and li.ns dell' .'.: >ed the nther iw oas entirely unlit for tin ir ] !.;«•» s, ami hasonlv been restrained liom SUSJH- iiling them, for fear of couseipiences personal to hiiusi'lf. Kvcrv thing could be i! m , Iris I ell done lo force Agent lillleroi'. to ri .-'gll bis pe i'.i n al Siuicoe, and he h:> o.;ly I • . li prevented from lining i; , In our assurances that tin' Department would no' sustain Mr. Kendall in h'n a. sumption of •mliiuiii i! run tr<>l of the subordinates iiji n ili«' Agencies. 1 III' re. .lit t*t i:iiii'l ilt'i 1 oi.l' eoniitlt lit pre diction-. W'v have mi inisg'v in;;.- of i!ii' suc cess of .Mr. 11,'i!i', in brinvhij; order out of con fusion, and in establishing between himself nml tin* Agents, I In', kindly anil confidential relations so iii'i'i.'ssirv lor flu* li uinuiy ami i lliciency oi'tli India i service, an ! I ;t that In* will very soon secure fiir himself the entire confidence of the 1 >i'|iarnni'iit at Washington. 1 .'"'A petition uutneroi! ly signed has been sent from S.m Francisco to Washingiou, ask ing that the newspapers shall be sent by the ocean steamers instead of the overland mail. The delay and uncertainty of transportation by land is the main reason :ilvanrcd for the cliangt'. Much complniut of the irregularity in which Atlantic papers were received has existed since tin l overland mtiil w int into op eration. i v \\ e observe a letter in the Ttlcgnigh from .1, S. Taylor, formerly of Vancouver, dated in the Salmon liver mines, Feb. 10th, in which he says: " I consider (lie mines good—that is to say, if any peison of iudus tiiou.. habits comes to the mines, has health, practices economy, and i. ill r main three ware, lie will amass a sulliciencv." ► J' 'Tin' I'. (Aihin\itf learns from ;i pri vate letter dated Washington, .lan. sil>th, that W. 1,. 1 J.iII, formerly coiiimamlfr of one of the i t. .inn: mi tin- liiii-iii'i wern San Francisco ami Portland, has been appointed a Lieutenant commanding in tin* 1. S. Navy. He is rhortly expected to take a vessel. SMALL-POX, —Wo are infonued that the siunll-poxis rngingat Victoria. Il is cert linlv prevalent to ,-i fearful extent in San Francis co, also, if the account contained in California papers he true. It behooves our people to exercise due caution in their intercourse with the afflicted localities. "THE()UROOMA.\S." —A company,styling themselves "The Oregonians," composed en tirely of Oregon talent, are giving concerts in Portland. The company is composed of both ! ladies and gentlemen, and their performances are said to be highly creditable. PORTI.ANO MARKETS. —From the Orrpon Farmer of loth inst we quote the following prices of produce: "Eggs, 20C25c ? doz; side bacon, 1 C\ r a 1 Sc; potatoes, SI 50 r a Cr2 (10 P bu; hay S(iO<Ss7o P ton." IV Wo learn from the Victoria Colonist that t!ie steamer Enterprise passed into the hands of the Hudson llay Co. on Monday last, and will soon take her place on the New Westminster route. fc if A letter frout Washington to the Sac ramento I'M ion f.nvs the Pacific delegation have recommended the formation of a now postal district out of < trcgou and Washington T> i ritorv. (V H»'V»-ral jifirti«M» iT miuitii luvo «">n *tnu-t«il pmall I-mil* nt I'oril.iiiil in to to Jull>lu• tVir «av In tin mini--. j.» f.r t? "ikr b -td «»1 tia\i^sti.^i." fi' Tlii n.iHiarr ri.trt: at «!i r at F«>H It-." J tji order fmlitUiu}; tV|>ur ib«M- if army mij - i>l • • • s» it»K.—'-«•«». rm^>- t» r M tV \ uhuttnw, *1 l*alb *. rmtitlr r>*u- BUtto! (ttirbk K> MT« tV J'L.rt.frr. • • • f? iv »triu»«-r KJizm .!»•<« /■*»*. luif l>ru Uujm lii-il ft«*n tb. in r 4urL a! Virs -iia. Sfc. *iU br rt «•! v t<« nt a in a (rn *«rji*. [ TV f«ff fr»iu Purtbifl to UtrMto, tV iww* ii in tV J-akunn rn»r r.mti'fT Ir b-am « ill I* #37. • • • I"l IV 1 »!«trirt ('••utrt •* fir I*l J«licial l»w-lr»rt i» «u« in «t X aeruer.r •Iw!p' W vrV |in«idm;. ( f !V Waiia WJU •Wr>t»<a tlk-;««#». «.f cats I • •*-' <4 tin- >ai-ai t iii»* at Vn!. It" IV mm>« un iV iwtirto W.IU Walla u lat.- ti*u» *a> Mil! tkn*- (U t iVi>. Circular to Registers end Receivers and Surveyors General. Si (.'K\i:itAL'f« OFPIIT., I Olyn>]ti;i, W. T., Mnreh 2<>, f KIHTOH SrwinHii:— Sir: Will von please ]>ulili»li the cticlii-*>d circular letter re ceived by the Innt <«* am item of' nrtrt, in which u very general interest will lie felt by our people, t blur p .npers of the Territory w ill oblige us liv copying from the STAMI AItIi t and thus sa v #t us thu labor of beudiug them manuscript copies. itespccllullv, Your olwilient nervant, AN.IN liKNitV. Sur. < ieii. W. T. ( i F.M'liAI. L*\n OFFU R. | January (i, IM>J. | (• t*\Tl.F.Ml'\This ( Ittiee has re. eivi d A communication, dated the TTIL instant. fro:;I the ILNII. <\ H. Smith, Secretary ol the Interior, by which we arc advir-cd ill .1 lie is in p.»*.-«•.*- SI.IIINT inf.iriiiatiou, iu which In- J'LTCE.i entire

confidence. "that many p>T-I»n« in Oregon, and probably o'hers iu W.U-hiiigion Tenito- IV. are claiming and obtaining the bem fit of ihc III'I.- nf I'uiign* ■ donating I. mils to sealers. who openly EXPRESS* hos lil" lo the government whose homily thev 111: m, nud nitiieii cici to and svmp;.ihy w itii ihe existing rebellion." The followinjr cxiniet from the Seen tarv's communication ■ I' the ltd instant, above men tioned, present bis v iewn and in.-'.ructions iu tie uiaMer for the gnvcriiiiicut of this and the <1 I lllices : "'llir re-iurces i-l llii* government ncds s.irv to Histain its credit in tlx- future, and re oui.vtl MI 1..r !'s a\;ii!:ilili' in the pri-st lit to stippn .-s 111 -r< In lit*>ll. ought In lie MJH-Ul di'ivil IIJI >ii lli'iM- aiding nml al riling lin; Wva-i'li « hit li il i- tlit' j:l'. .1! objci lof llif goV >Time ;it tn (tr.-iriiv ami eradicate. ••'Mil' aii> nf Congress granting donations of land rest rict I h i.-.' ilull.'ll tors lo cit izciis and per-ins who lii.M' Holi iiuilv declared tlicir in- It-iili*in to become citizens before llit' judicial tribunal*. "Tin' .-jiiii! of tlesi' act", (hen fore, con fine; the grants of lands to persons loyal to tla' I'nii. d Stairs, ami to Mirli on!v. " our office, and I la' local oliiccs of tin* land department, should refuse lo execute and ilflivi'i' certificates and evidences of claim to disloyal persons, whether they have aided and assisted the existing rebellion, or are [dotting lo render it assistance in the future. "The act of Congress of yd Match, 1M,»7, (section 'in addition to an act more effec tually to provide lor the punishment of certain crimes against the I nited States,' recognizes the right of the ('otnuiissioucr of the (ieneral I,and ( tffice lo issue orders, regulations, and instructions respecting the public lands, and the authority of the district laud officers to administer all oaths required by such orders, regulations, or instructions. The act of Con gress of (it li August, ISGI,' requiring an oatli oi'allegiuncc, and to tupport the Constitution of the I nited States,'lo be administered to ; 11 persons in the civil service of the I nited States, lias pri scribed a form of oath, which, under orders of the Kxeciitive, has also been admiuisti red to pensioners and persons ha\ ing claims against the I nited States 7 and which, in my opinion, it is proper to cause to be ad ministered to all perilous claiming certificates of donations of land. " These rcmtuks, it will lin observed, ap ply with equal force to nil persons claiming pre-emption vijrhts. which are special nt preference ami favor conferred hy the gov ennneiit, anil l»y it restricted to loyal per sons." In accordance v. ith these views, anil pursu ant to instructions, — l»t. "All persons claiming pre-emptions or donations of lands" are required "to take the oath of alleginnie above designated" (form herewith) " iiei'ore obtaining certificates from tin 1 local land offices." t'd. Where certificates have already been issued, and the patents in these classes of ca ses remain under the control of this oilice, or the control of»he local offices, "the patents will not be delivered until the required oath is taken bv the party or parties to whom they are issued, or who have direct interest in them. lid. "A like onth of allegiance will also be required of all persons taking contracts in the surveying service in any portion of the public domain." In any and all matters falling within the range of your duties, upon which the afore said instructions niav have a bearing, you are hereby enjoined faithfully to observe the Maid instructions. You will please nknowledjje the receipt of this circular, and will promptly report any case or cases heretofore returned to this office, in which i:s interposition may be required to give full effect to the Secretary's instructions. A supply ot the forms of oath wi'l l>e fur nished you by this office. Very Ilespt'v your ob't servant. * J. M. KDMI NDS, ('ommissioiier. THE (SHAVES I\ THE STREET.— -The min ers of an earlier period schcted a spot iiuw in front of the Kolwm '1 heatre. tor the burial <»l their dead, and their successors have not r»- s|K'Cteil the place, a part of which extends tuto a str«et and a |«art is riaend with Innt- U-r pit, s. IVviuw to the ptej«ar»ii«>n of the jrr.nfHl for a lumber rani. it was iimhl by »b <« iu< it for their <x hi biting tent*. Here the Miipid rlown uaed to make the living priu. while r b> fret lay tin- ghastly, unlink rrlir* < t d.-olh : awl lu re loatiy hare »J.>rte«l WlH>ll«_\ ««•; have such jr-«od frieo ! f to itiouru tinin and CJUV for tli«-ir j:ra* • - aa» Prrlwacu U tt. and wln«w little *. bitf tn.triiU jrrn\e stolta*. aU'Vr ihr u.ud «.f ilr ttlnH, ritrt this ac. own : - lli-tirT I'tfUwro, h4i.taiiii. 1 itik irf rb !. ra. « Vt. l'J. I— Som. From. Mtrrm. T:!E Ciiixok i\ t.—The Chi m-#.- bar|nil>ti>ln-»l (ju titii* in the Aha pn> it.- tin- <'alif<«n.ia L Li*!"'***" I« »"< iiii |» ■«■ i-u tlulu a f*r rtsptttt sax. IV'T t* fiiiJ '.b. I °aliJ»«rtu.iti« I bat tVr ai* airmail* - |wvt»>f tl. -t»r«- al»»ut S.S.tKXM#*) itiiiMiallv in tin tt»ual tax.- In a i-»»mn rTcial |*«int nf rif» it rn.iiM iM-.rn rstix-r ban! to «*xart a »j»«rUl tax ■/ thr.f i«r lin' «iolbu>- |»t bmi i4T «>1 ib. tit, l>ut. a- tV i>l>jr«t i<- •l.tiilitlrwi to pn-- \»-tii tV Matt- I lodrri with tbon to tV ilrsriwu-nt >4 in*W|nMsyr>(»';«»« w* sbuik tint tbr tnuvr i- a po«id «»!»••. t if TV >an I ratii Un. K<riiin; Journal min tVre aw virrtvu bumlrvi cum of . *-.! y rit*. Condition of an Oregon Land Ofiee. Kit. < )I!K«JONIAN :—1 lake theresponsibility <>f MMiilinj: von tin* following private letter fVnin the Southern IJIIIII District for publica tion. I deem it necessary ilrnr the popple ahonld 1M pin to understand and realise the condition of all matters pertaining to the present loenl I .and i Hfic<* of thia Stale, and likew ise, what is nererttarv for their future surreas. Mo that should the ('onimireioiier of the General Land Ofßre persist in his present course toward* them, and liiijr at ion mid delay in obtaining patents follow—which will be the inevitable result—the fault may n*t where it belongs, ami not f'.ill ii| tun the innocent. The i:i.:in thing at pi.rat needed. is addi tional eh'iieal force in the offices of Register*. This, 1 :hiiik, could have lieeii obtained by thi* thne. were it not for the laid effect of mis n-prer-i'iitntions from " rrif' sources to the 4'on.mi ioner. i he truth is us iiuiny have known, that litest' offices are t/tttrt Inland in their mirk, ami u> tbey ::re expected to ke.-p up with the present current husiiuxi—without additional clerical force—it must neccsarilv be inanv years lielore patents emi he ii*soi «i to claim •ilit" Uluk the title to which depend <m biiupii.g lip the back work of these offices. It in not oar !-|M c i;il iluly to impiire into the origin of the confusion exist hp in them, hut to make know u the fact, mid to ask for them, a.- they nre entithd toiuich forliearuiicc ami r>uch ai-*>ictance as the community can furiiixh in u proper effort with tlie sources from which assistance must come, to correct the evils of the pnst. B.J. Pengra, Svrrri/nr Ventral of Oregon. LA.\D UtUCK, Feb. 10, lt>oi». I>. J. pKviittA, Hur. (Jen.—To a letter, I JIIMP. SSI il to the II on. J. W. Xcsmith, about the Ist of Oct. ult., in reference to ch-iicul nssistimce, 1 have just received u very dis couraping answer, as you w ill leuru from the following (jnotations: j " 1 ye-sterdav called upou the Commissioner I of the (•eiicrul Land Office, and represented j to him the necessity of employing Clerks in | the Oregon and Washington J.and Offices, j There is no law authorizing any stub service j j and he, (tly> Commissioner) was opposed to | any appropriation for that purpose;—that the j compensation of the Registers and Receivers, ! xv,| s ample to secure eapable men in those of ' Jim; and if they attended to their duties, I there was no necessity of their being behind j with their work. I then represented to him that we had not always had competent and industrious men iu those offices; and I thought it was unjust to hold the present in cumbents responsible for the derelictions of their predecessors, and that I thought assist ance ought to be furnished, at least to the ex teut of di.schargingtlie accumulated business." From the above, it is evident that the pros pect for leisure, during our probation is not very flattering ; but of this 1 would not com plain, was there the remotest possibility of our physical and mortal energies being] any thing like adequate to the task. You can form no idea o ftlie disorganization, confusion and utter chaos, which evetyday's experience in this office brings to liplit; and as an example, let me enumerate some of the (iilfictihics we have t.> encounter : Wo found no entries, w lmtever, on the " Tract 15ookstin' posting and indexing of which, will involve n work of ninny months. We found 110 annotations 011 the Township Maps, to denote tine Is disposed of by entry, school, mineral, donation, or military warrant. We find neatly one-half of the donation se ller--' proofs irregular; mostly wanting the signature of the llegister or Receiver, before whom they purport to have been taken. We lind many notifications which do not describe the tracts claimed; not even the Township and Range, much less the Section. We lind many notification occupying the Mini' position in tho numerical series; but we have never been able to find any abstract of notifications, by which to correct them. They probably kept count by notching a stick and got drunk some day and lost tho tally; for we frequently find theui minus tJiat im portant appendage. There is between 1800 2000 donations certificates to issue, and prolmbly half that number of letters to write to claimants, re specting tho irregularities in their proofs and notifications, llow these inconsistencies are to be reconciled, and this immense amount of accumulated business discharged, without clerical assistance, is a moral imposibility. Cannot you help us a little, in your corres pondence with the Commissioner? RESOLUTIONS. —Tho following resolves, adopted by tho citizens of South Portland precinct, Multnomah county, Oregon, appear in idl tho Portland papers (except the Adcer tinrr,) and shows the issue which is being made in Oregon—the Union ri. treason:— Retolrrd, That ignoring all former party associations and predilections, we the under signed pledge ourselves to use all honorable influences including our votes, to sustaiu the spirit and bcntiiucuts of the follow ing reyilu tiona. RntJrrJ, That wo recognize bat one po litical l«md, and that IK the bund that hind* the Union inp-iWr. RcaJrtJ. That «•» long u then- arc those w ithiu the limits of the I'uited State* wlf* carry :;rum in opposition to it* law* for the purpoae of netttiug at defiance ita authoritr. we will to tlx- ntmoet of our ability upboid ami MWUUI the legally constituted aathorttiee of the t ioVentUienl in isUppMMBC the exiaiiug rebellion and all >och traitors to met ited |.Hu : .fhiiM>nt. RrmlrrJ, That every pemon taking part in thia iii«ftinp uinat l«* a legal voter in thia |>nrm> t ami eubarribe hia -MUIM- to theae reeo lutiona or authorise the aarne to be dona. RtuJrtd, That • copy of the iwoctWinga of tliif meeting be furnished all tbe newspa per* in thix ritv (nrrft the Adrrrtitrr) with mjaeat to pabHah. —The steainer Rmilg llarrtt arrived at thia plate on Thursday uioruiug, bringing freight for our UK rvhaut*. She leaves ou Monday luoming fur Victoria. We will publish at au early day (next week, if p»«iblc.jf the majority derision of the Supreme C'.mrt ou the Capital hill. —A aalute waa fired on Monday hut, and general rejoicing jut-vailed over the good Uf w * rect i red the evening before. WALLA WALLA,—A »« Oregomian writing from the above nlae. " der date Match 7, says: reoson of the saew, which WM en an avei ahont three fee* deep all over the come?? and Mtill coutianos to cover from gin m from the poor stock. Of the eattlel might say that nine out of every tea tW were in the valley in the Fall have rrriiliMl The mow has been on the ground months. The winter baa ontrivafled thing I have hitherto experienced. Ham! have fared better, the mortality hat mat reached, perhaps, to one-fifth. The stock* of all our merchants have I|_ down quite low; while the priess of alatot all the leading articles of trade have v«y wm teiially advanced. Floor ia selling at asi per bbl.; bacon 371«40c per ft.; cdfou.. sugar SOffSV, anfl Uwn* 80c per fc. ; >NH'f i* retailing for 25c in the market* in kinds of feed for anm* haa ntelv high, (laid and barley have Ltwti STm, 10c per »>., wheat X|«6e., hay ]H-r ton. Htraw, even a{ oats* and wheat, sold for 920 per ton. " A Ecu."—Mr. E. J. Taylor, of Brooklyn, handed ua an egr, which* he u sures us was produced by aheu of the com mon breed of chickens, said E» awatar inp six inches by seven and a hatfiarhn ia circnmferenct. This ia the larpst «bea fruit" of that variety we have seen. That lieu must have heard eggs had been selling at one dollar a dozen, aud desired to give thq consumer the worth of his money as neatly as possible.— Oregon Farmer. TUB FIRST CANOB. —The first canoe for Cariboo left this place on Mondav hut, manned bv six men and containing a supply of provisions and mining utensils. The goods w ill be boated np the Eraser to the month of Caflon Creek, which empties into the Eraser at a point between Quesnelle and Cottonwood rivers. The parties are miners, and among other articles have a large whip saw, to be used in getting out lumber for sluices, &c.— Colonist, 25th int. ON A VISIT.— The United States revenue Cutter Joe Lane, Captain Chadwick, arrived in our harbor yesterday morning from tort Townsend. The Lane takes the place in these waters of the wornout cutter Dam, recently sold to go to Chine. Is it not a Tit tle singular that the new as well as the old U. S. revenue cutters belonging to the Puget Sound station, bear the names of prominent secessionists ?— Colonist, March 25th. POLITE LITERATURE. —WhiIe it is humili ating to the profession, it is yet really amus ing to look over the Oregon papers and note the refinement of tnste which characterizes their retort epithets. Ono called the other the "Weekly Scab" a short time since, and he retorts by stigmatising the cotemporary as the " Spittoon."—Marytrille (Cal.,) Appeal. IT* Chief Justice Marshall defined treason to be—•' If war is actually levied—all who perform any part hoteerer minute ; or howev er remote frum the scene of action, and who are actually leagued in the general conspira cy, are to Le considered a* traitort." It inny be reasonably expected that the Columbia river will be open through from Dcs Chutes to Wallula as soon a freights can lie taken acoss the Dalles portage to go upon the upper boats.— Portland Times 25tA itut. —Wo say again it is folly to be in haste to leave this city for the mines until it is known that supplies are furnished to the stations on the road.— Times. —Tho Aha lonrns that thn damjes to the Sacramento Valley Railroad by the late flood will not exceed forty or fifty thousand dollars. The newa of the abandonment of Man assas wafe read in the Assembly of California, and was received with shouts of enthusiasm. LIST OP LETTERS —Remaining in the Port Office at Olympia, for the Quarter ending, March 31st, 1862: Messrs. A Buck, Albert Bennett, J K Bald win, John L Butler, S W Condit, Caipenter, J Fabric, A Fargulian, P Fadden.B F Gra ham, R Weltch, S A White, A Warren, W Whightman, F A-Wilson, C Waters, Hertt ery, Rev W Hurlbut, K Kissling, R W Me- Farland. Charles McCall, J Miller, 8. Moid ton. R Mason, H McPowell, J B Riley, J « Riding, J Riley. Smeags, J C Smith, J F Smith, Stien, N Stone, E Stillman, E K B«an. Persons calling for the above will pi* l ® say that they are advertised. SAMUEL WILLIAMS. P. I ty We will commence the publication in our next paper of the decision of the Ssrvcy or General on the M Catholic aaissiou caw rt Vancouver." It will nbs he published is pamphlet form, and sold far Ist dollais j* hundred copies. We shendy hsve «*n 6r 400 ropier and wffl famish any wmAm thrt that sasv he oidond teiween new and the 7tk April at that pike. —The Portland T%mm aaya thrf *• nubia lntain the Dwatmee mk Wafch will probably net he open to navigation be** the lat or sth of ApriL —We have hndafl aorta of ***** week. rapt. Ternl expweeee it a. hnj£ pu*. —la ia Mid that CeL W. edit a daily * Mml <* coane it wiU ha aennden the Unfca —The comnmnkatiou of]Ur. t te», " Chaplain of the lieuae." fce- U ere' from our columns fee tha pwoL —Tbe revenue enrter* Lme **** Port Townaeud on tha IMb tat- Uhliahod at Eugene City. Ogn —The Pncyfe Is* Sun Firuntiaco <*"* 34th inat.

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