Newspaper of The Washington Standard, March 29, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated March 29, 1862 Page 3
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Tub i RLKUUinb— A taeetiujr of tin- share |i .M. r- of tin-t hvjrun Tel-jrrnph was hidden in I'ortl.iad on the Wlh inst. Thr follow iu<: • :!* wen* rlrrtcd : W. S. I.add. President; - Kvtfd, Secretary; H. W. t'orUit. I'r. i-tirer ; John Md 'mkeii. Superintend. tit; \V. >. I.nd<l. 11. F. Bradford. A. ' Kirh-ird -m. ('. X. Terry, A. L. 1/nejny. I>ir»Tt«n>. I'ti,. w iii- ninl insulator* have la*ti orderid I'rotn the 1 last. nml contracts h-ve l..fn lft lor tlj,- ji il.- nml iron work, so we may sav the u ~r k if I'airlv loiaiiiiiuiil. 1 In* ftrrgtmium - tin' tionhi rut. niiiiins will U- at Vaiu-.iu \i r. itwti ad of I'ortlaml. thr cituuaa of that jil.n .- h.ivino aul-iX'riWtl ftitrii ii-iit fumla for . \!.mliiip the work to that A suln uorini- rahlf, Ij luil.-* il.nsl to lav arrow th.-ColuiuliUL >ix tuoutha afti-r thf line if romplHed to VaacotiviT it trill In* rjiti-nilial to this plait', if we »lo u<>t tl rjirife of <Ktr |an|il.'. CuRUE'—We erred la*l w«i» iu iu» that lieu. 1 Jlild-T nvi-iveil hi.- tiiortal Mouiitl iu the battle of Itali a lllutl. It «■'»» in a -uli^.hjiii'iii netiim that tin* );aliaiit pelt* eral wontided. —The I'ortl itnl city electi »n take* place oa Moinlav. April 7. Considerable *hi»key pvsiT.illv rhang.'S hand* on that orrwimt. —Thanks to Messm. 11. A. JuAnm ami Iletirv M. (ioodell fur "favors." Pkr- —l'r. Henrv ftarts for Orepon nil Monday next, 0:1 a vi-it. —N.i later news from the Atlantic hv la.-t nielli's lit apt*. —l'leiturtnt weailn-r as we jro to jire.vJ, Library .\otire. 4 LL persons having books belonging to tli" /\ Territorial Library will plca<c return theui al once, or tne by-laws will be put in force. THUS. TAYLUIt, Ter. Librarian. Olynipia, March 21», IK'JI. tu:w2 Mierltl a Sale. / X Hy virtue of nn ulin » ORIIEU OF HAI.F. issued by the clerk of the District Court ol the 2d Judicial District of Washington Territo ry, and to me directed, I have levied upon, seized, and takcu into execution, nml shall sell nt public auction, as the law directs, on the premises, on Chambers' Prairie, In Thurston county, iu the Ter ritory aforesaid, 011 Saturday, May 'ld, 1862, at the hour of 1 o'clock iu the afternoon, the follow ing described real estate, viz : All that certain log messuage, a commodious and substantial barn, and the out buildings and wagon house, together with the tract of land upon which the same arc erected, more particularly described as follows : Situated mid being in the county of Thurston and Territory of Washington, known mul described oti the plat and records of the government surveys of said Territory. 011 lile in the land office lit Olympia, us the west half of thesouth-cast quarti r of section thirty-three (33,) township eighteen (18,) north range one (I.) west; mid also, the west half of the north-east quarter of section (4.) township seventeen (17.) north range one (I.) west of the Willamette meridian, containing(Mil CA-100) one hundred and sixty-one and fi."i*d()o acres ; and a!■••1. the north-west quarter of section four (4.1 le-s seven and a half acres, donated for church and school purposes in said township seventeen (17.) north range one (1,) west, mid contiining one hundred and fifty-six and 22-100 (l.lti 22-100) acres : making an aggregate of three hundred anil seventeen and 87-lou acres, be 1110 same more or loss. The above tracts are well-watered, almost entirely prairie, iu good cultivation, and well fenced. The premises are on the county road leading to Eatons's Mill, and within six miles of Olympia. The said real estate will be sold, or so milch thereof as will satisfy a judgement of fore closure of mortgage, calling for the sum of one thousand and five hundred dollars ($1,500,) with interest on the same from December 2.Mh. IBIJ l, lit the rate of two per cent, per month until pai l, together with costs of suit, and increased costs, rendered by the aforesaid Court at its March term, 1801, in favor o£ D. J. Hubbard, mid against George A. Tykel. WILLIAM HILLINGS. Sheriff of Thurston county, W. T By If. W. MOXI.IK, Deputy. Olvmpia, Mar. 27, *IBO2. 20:4w \OTICE IS IIERUIIY CiIVCI, rriXYT books of subscription to the cnpitnl stock of the Columbia Transportation Com pany, will lie opened ill the oHicc of \V. \V. Miller, in tiie town of Olyiupiu, on Tuesday, the Jil day of April, IH(>2. It is intended tliat the capital stock of the Com pany shall be equally distributed over the Terri tory. and the citizens of no one Council District will therefore be allowed to subscribe more than one-ninth of the capital stock. A inciting of the Corporators of said company will be held at the same place, on Monday, the 17th day of March. A .8. ABERNETiIY, E. S. FOWLKR, I). IIOIITON, C. 0. PHILLIPS, MILTON ALDRICII, W. W. MILLER, PETER J. MOOKEY, Corporator*. March 1, 1802. l«:3t Ovtrland Prttt copy. itCHCB TUAS FBLSIOX £ MERIULL'S AND At iiess Prices! BOtUD.UtVIi CHALLENGE VEAST I'OWDER, FULLY HI AHAXTEEU. IF NOT SATISFACTORY, The Konrr will hr RrloraN t For salt - by all Jobber*, mid by J. V. WIXAXS. Su California trtrt, W!r- will al«o art as conainitMim a|rrut fur pur rh.t'iuc .ill kinds of goods. S*n l'rtiiri*r*, Krlirein. ICC! H:tuS Tatar Il.Mm *ti'l nf <*r thf l»t uf \j»rii I will do l»u«i --• it *« onih?r\sH SYSTK* KXriXHIVIiLY. TliiW !«• Ilir Hotel will rail aii'l •rttle inmr4iAttly. SI!.AS «;AI.I.fIIKK. Ol via pi *, Mirth 12. lfcfl. l^:tf Olynipia and .Seattle NrunaßiiiT. «i«CL«rv * j r*A\c.a ■ »ATT. olvupii I Seattle. O I.UL»rr, MIME A to.. OIFKK for <ale lo*.ooo Fruit and Om.unuUl !>««». < on»i*t»»K »» W rt vf ~ IIM Vanetieaof A|>pl*; 40 " Fw; 41 » Plum; y, « tV«j; M " Bom ; and Ora2 3iiDlfti Tr?w ( wit'i a r*;jht . iri i u tii' c uf oilier Ki'i'i * hi' • * .11 l»e it . | for i-ASH m COI'XTIT PBOOCCK. • u|f>n »pi> "it ion. "Lvurt* Nra.'ißi i? litUJl'il j M aouthort r v , !err». ; a Hv4 MherilP* Xalr. BV tirtue of KiriuUon i-.-u—l by the Clyk uflkr District Court of the -.1 Judicial Di»- Irirl. W. T.. >D<l lo Me directed. 1 have levied ■■pun. seized M<l ukeg ialu tir< uliuii. mid ttill <\po»e for pubpi MltuD Mit. 'il. ltt : J.»ltlitlioiifof 1 P. al the • ■ ui*-lnm»r liour. in Olviupia. the fullovinir •!*■».: ri Led pru|irrlj, to »it: AH tbe right. title and iuleri -I uf ticorp A. I.»kri iu l«>l No. I. 2 J. .•ml 4 . «<*». thre- . au 1 four, in Uo.k .;h. (block thirt .-cigbt i bounded is fo!l.-*«: ou tin north 1>» Noitli «ireet. <>■ iuc ea-t by I'lier n street. on tii-' s.utb by Trnth-str *t. sud on the lir JetTir-oii slr*-'*l - al o lot* No. I. 2, .t. 4. 5. >•. T.'aad s .lot* No. ■«' . t*<-. tbrie. 6ir. fit. •rirn and • ' l' " l ' M ,m V thirty-nine bounded it• ttrliow * ou the -t utii by I uion street, on thr we*l J* fl» r-<*u -tru-t. on tlir north l-i Tentk-»tr»et. and on tbr tby I'brrri -trret. all ■•I which; i- known and <lf»<ril»il on the To* it plat of *bit i- kno» n»* S»an . addition to the ton nof I ••pi.i Tin olijft of-aid fair i to *at!-fv a ji».l _•« lit in fit or of tl -i» I. ut |rd|{, t.r tl »of !»J principal » ilb intr e-t at the rate of l«o r era!, per month, from the 24th div of April I "•".I. and f I*!* 14 «*nl iucr<a*cj < o»t W ILLIAiI IULLIM.;v >L rlffof Ttmr.'.on •<iunt> W T. IS-. U *.V 1»< ].«•». (Vyuipia. Mircb 22. I Ml. i'* "1 C uluntbla Tran;»orlaiun (oiupati). i'-r* • f -ai I • '.n:i'n» .in h• r• ♦ » rr- I . |rd t.i I i ; tii rtN !!T M'tl >i I |H i.| i \\l 111 \ fin!nlV of t Infke nd 7. rrit r> 1t \V -!i. lit * on. I*II M' *N 11 \ tli *■ 1 *! 11l o! liar. li. \ L». I«H;;. at thr hour of |o in lin forrnona of said dty. lo dilenuinr lb< lim- or tine ai.d piai-i-or pi o lof op. urn/ o( -ulifi 1 i|»tiott 111 thr i.ipital -t.N-k of-lid t orp ru lion. and to lafc* Ml '1 o h-r ft. p- f W tin 1 •'!> or iraauiliiui of i-ii-1 l - oui|Kinf J- iiimi lir Uhfi.tli diinf. A ful 1 allvti I im-f ix r..K« •» ul ai.l lh«- t or iKiratjrj •> IC.-JW tfulit ni|in—tciJ Tilt>MAMI SMITH. T- "■! r t I 'ktttrmvt of tlir rolumb'in Tran-| • rtalim Conijulii. Vanrntitrr, M ri-li It. 'm-'J. Clias. E. Williams, (Successor to ti. A. liaines.— Kataliliebcd 1 i!i- UI:A 1.1:11 IN HARDWARE, TIWVARE, STOVES. IHI)\, STEEL, (SIiOCEIUES, Olj nipia. W. T. HAYING recently rei-elvril large nccessions to hi.- stock, is now olferint;iiiiiongotbcr Goods, tin lollouing desirable urtidcs : 1 n Kuriiing Fluid and Cnul Oil, (Pure), Coal (Ml and Fluid Lumps, Shades. Tubes, Globes. Chimneys. Wicks Concentrated I'otash. for making 12 gallons soft soap (with full direc tions i price C2| i ts. Advance CookinpStoves, with extension ovens, (A very desirable pateru with extra castings), Garden Tools, Garden Seeds (12} cents per paper), Parlor mill Door Mats, Hear. Heaver. Gopher, l!at mid Mouse Traps, Urass Curtain Cornices anil Hands. Wire and Sale Cloths, of all numbers, Shoe I'liidliiKN, a Full Variety; Comprising l.astJ, Shoe Hammers, Knives, Nails, Pinchers, Pegs, kc. Horse, Cow an«l Sheep Bells, Extra Heavy. Disston's Patent Crosscut and 31 ill .Saws, (A very superior article), lH'cliiinlc'N Tools and materials, (a lull variety.) Window-gash, Paints, Gil, Putty and Glass ; Var nishes, Japan, Turpentine and Alcohol, Pocket mid Tabic Cutlery, (large assort ment), Curry Gonitis and llorsu Krushi's, (leather backs) Pow der, Shot, Halls, Lead and Caps, Uullet Moulds, Gun Locks Wipers, Nipples, Ac.; Caldc, Trace, Halter and l>o(j Chains; Sheep Shears nud Wool Cards, Grub, Planter and Garden Hues, Flows, Cultivators, Mattocks, Urusli ISooKs, Horse Hakes, ( rattles, .Scythes, Hakes, Churns, Forks, ■luttcr Howls and Trajs, &c. JAPAN ULACK TEA. &rif~Tin. Sheet Iron, Copper and llrass Ware manufactured and repaired. N. H.—We lmve made such arrangements for the purchase of articles, either iu San Francisco or New Vork, us we think cannot but give satis faction. Commission solicited. Olyinpin. April ti, 18U1. 21:tf PEOPLES' EMPORIUM! SC. A. Judson, HAVIXO added extensively to his former stock of goods, lie is now prepared to accommo date nil who may favor him with their custom as to VARIETY, QUALITY nud PRICE. His stock consists of— DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, HARDWARE, BOOTS AND SHOES, CLOTHING, BOOKS, " YANKEE NOTIONS," he., l>r. All of which will be sold thraprr thuH thr rhtaj nt for Cash or Country Produce. Give him a mil In-fore ha»ing, and satisfy yourself that w hat we -*\ is true. Oiympia. I'eb. 22, IH<;2. Is:tf n. ru.iup* T> L. PHILLIPS D. PHILLIPS A. SON, MIIIUS m (EMU DEIIEIS, Olympic W. T. OFI'EIt fur Mile • new »lork of— Dn* ClochlH, Clotliinix. Sk ShcK'r*. Until and Oip*. ( r<»~krrt and GftMtcarc, ( Hlltrif, }(•'*., fe. Tin*—or Touutrv Produce. IMVTI.JM*. Se|»trnil»er 14th, 1861. 44:tf HENRY M. M'CILL, [I.ATK SWRETAKY OF TIIK TKHBITOKV.] ( ommu—mmrr « lAt Court «jf < '«»«■» -J i■ S. —ASP Cjmnii»*io*r of I>t-«J-for Oregon and Washington. I*r||,L devote iptriil attention ;o the |.rr|.*r i \\ lion of the ■*«r--*rr |<n|M-rs to mompinf claims nnd« rih -art <.f March 2d lo«l. for the IKvmrul »f the war debt. and to liu*tncw before the I'. S. I.and ltll»»-e«. Orncs—o» Mai* M.. Olrmf>n. W. T. [4l] OR TUB NATIONAL REPUBLICAN. WiaiitxcTo*, D. C. t Jalj l t 1901 . Tbe rommenced. in the niooth vf December U»t. tbe publ«« atiou. in this dlv. of a weekly nrTra|>-j*er. t ulbi* fbe Amhvmmißtp*l4stan. lt priutrd o;i a I .rj:e thert. tw••iitv->< *en be tort \-i wo inebe*. Mtitl it furnixht dat the low |>ri« e» !*tuit «v beiow. Il «i ill tonU.u all tbe ordinal matter * f the daitv Aufi «m»• i»Vp«4M«rifa, with t!«e ciciptitfo it lot 4} new* not inltTiliu}? to touutrv IIIM r». It luil r» | 'ft« ol ti # e |fotre<lißf> of r.iiurt-- and of theoibir dtparluienU ot the Na tional *»o% eminent. It m ill 1 oi.t ««n all tbe n* *> of the dar. for* aud dome«lit . MMirkct*. ▲« ~ A v.. a* will a» an original «orre*|NMM|t-n« e fr«*ni «• 11 |wit« ot tlie • ounln . Tin mi-< t iUn<o«* d« }urtbimi wulte t r»%e ial attention. . t;«l. in mII rt |** t* the *t:« rt • ill Ik* innde tu iruMi-li tb«- eh-»nM*ter <>t tin A •/.* «/ *4>a KattiiU N» u jm; \\ . -h:{!'jlon Uinj n< v tbf ee»fr: 1 1 urr« t«i n.o«tar> i»|k^ration.'*, utt< ntioi» w ,ii I aid fnm li iitf 11»* rr..«li t» «»f tb#- w lb till. au4 i«|»r .all% v iiuv., . n t «oi». !• n1 t! .• p. ot iht h rI «r tb* I .11. 1. In |• lit 1 fc. the p .|»er %*i!l l*e pub! « :n. -u>- t:.iin»)_* ibt*traiUMi *tf Mr l. Lt«'n II . ,;ou h »(>ir nii% pn ••-a*i«iu to 1« lb-or,: a . f t!i' Pre-:dent. Ibtri- »• nui.iurr l!rj ui»!,c m |«f*<rin tne I» • tri«: of t ..;.»i.,0 a. or ?n lb** * i laiiv of it to I it Itrlieitd that re nil nmt» bale opent-d lc tut b a |t*f»rr an lUijMitiaM >plt« rr of 1. «t.ll iT.-rV fu» tiuir b:i* IUUM-. M*l *n tlieartnal aommi-lralion of tio 1 aoii-iniut lit up 11 l» 11 IA ta 11 . n prirt * pic uui e\pl.nie tbr mi ripre«enf.*tioi»» abi«b bate tbo-f print i|.|e» - . di*!a»t# Inl to ibr S-; vb Hut it •• lot onlv Itt-re. and in fhi* «.«iuft »!iai flit- pr 1 »j• t«*r« ut tbe Aa b>-| «- to tnakt* it tiM tul. To the uh d« cuutitn ilri • *l»ra jourini u nit h w iSI t|i«i u<>« u-iti«»ual |.*t!iin * lrt hi a uaii«>ii »l *taio!| t*int. au<l which %t ul neii r l»t* Mientt| from p.ttriotit duti b\ ;;a\ t»f locul iutt re>t. Trrmt nrxuliMrlpllnn. «hic copr. one vear J < 0 Tit ret topic*, one » • Five topic*, one vear 1 00 Ten t op;t ~!»•• vear I - t<o Twetiiv topic, one -• <»«» One copy, m\ mouth* 1 ou Three copic.<, s»» tivotittis 2 It') I'ive copit -j. ?i\ ,* Ten topic.«. >i.\ month* <> no | Twenty copies, -ix montliM Iu 00 | Payment always in ad\amc. 1 When ut'lul) of Mibscriccrs ha* been fop-inrded. I additiens ina> be nntdc to it on the same term* !It is not nt cc • ary that the subscribers to nt lub j should receive their paper.* ut thesutne po. t oflice. I Money may be forwanled by mail, at our risk. | Large account can he rcciitted in drafts on Bos ton, New York, or Jbiltimore; smaller amounts iu gold, or iu notes of solvent hanks. The D ii!y Xatwntil RrputVean is published every morning (Similars excepted) at 5o pci annum, in advance. Addresss \V. J. Ml'liTAiill .V CO., [SOily] Washington, 1). C. Holier. Territory of Washington. | lu the District Court 2d Judicial District, !■ of the County of Thurston. ) 2d Judicial District. To JOHN F. DEVORIC, Owner, and E. DEYOUE, Dowcrc.'.s You are hereby notified that a complaint fur a foreclosure of mortgage has been filed against you in said court by B. 11. Lansdule, which will come oil to be heard at tin- first term of the court, which lull commence more than tlirn 1 months af ter the auth div of Mlivember, 1 S«SI. and unless von appear at said term and answer, the same w ill tie taken as confessed, mid the prayer thereof granted. The object nnd prnycr of said complaint is, to foreclose mort yon on certain rial estate in Thurston comity, Washington TIT i'.ory, mid to recover of you the sum of six hundred ami twenty dollars, \\ illi interest nt tlie rate of two per cent, per month from November l'Jtli, lHtil. lII'TLER I'. ANDEHSON, Attorney lor I'hiintilT. Nov. an, 18CI. ' H:w I r.Ko. t.. KKN'N Y J. n. A!.V:XAND;:II (Elite of 11. 11. Bancroft & Co.) KOOKS AI%« fcTA'i'BOSEiKV. OAA VOLS, LAW HOOKS. fj\ '' 1 lt>,tlil() Vols. Miscellaneous Hooks. 100,000 Vols. School Hooks. 1,000 " Medical Hooks. 2,000 Remits Letter Paper. ftOO Heams Cap Paper. 800 Itenms Legal Cap, and 500 Heams Note Paper. 600,000 Envelopes, assorted. For sale at the lowest rates Uv KENNY k ALEXANDER, Co<> and I! 08 Montgomery Street San Francisco June 3. IHOI. X!:mtj CEO. L. KENNY, HAVING witlnlran from the (Irtnof 11. ll.Han croft A Co., has this dav associated himself with Mr. .V. ■>. and will continue the BOOK AM) STATKOAHV IMS, Tti All Its Bi'nnehos, At 60<» and (JOS Montgomery SI reel, SIIERM\iVS IIVILDIXG, Opposite the old stand, under the name of KENNY k ALEXANDER San Francisco, May 20, 18(11. 29:m3 CLOTHING EMPORIUM, 17H Clay St., and 107 Montgomery St., San Francinco, ted 17* Droadwa), \e»» Turk. WTEV on hind lh<* liost ,'lfrtwl m l J wont <1 finivr a««ortm< nt of CrnU'nnri K»iv»' runbini; on llir I'acitir rotrt. which we can and will rll loner than any other ll»j>e. Roy'xflßd Vfutt* CMhlflß made to Order. LOCKtt'tMiD, KMELL * Co. January. 13 1861, 10:Iy COMET Illuminating Oil! Vl r F are constantly nreiring invoices of tbi*

ff celebrate.l brand of ahirhis ruaraatoed entirely pure and unmixed a lib Cawpbene. iVln-ieuiu, or Aspbaltum Oi*. It i* nou-explosive. and superior to DOWNER'S, or any other INI evi r made. B'r u»*e tixi on band the Downer * and other brand* of COAL Oil*. which we are nellinu it «be lowest rate*. STAFFORD BROS.. California street, uenr Front fan Fr*nci«en. Peptetnber, 1861. 44:tn3 The be»l pun tier of the blood is tf.'U s sar saparilla. Leonard Scott & Co/s KEPKINT OF TUB ■KITMU REIIEWI AXD liiimmjiiizm. IEONABD STOTT A CO.. New York, j to rf-ptbii«b the fultuwiug British Periodi « -»#. Til I 1. The LONDON QrARTERLY. (Contervative., 2. Tbe El>lNßri:<;il REVIEW. Whig.) 5 The NORTH! REVIEW, | FreeCharch, 4 The REVIEW, { Liberal., .. BLACKWOOD* EIMMUIUjIJ MAGAZINE. iTorjr,) The-e Periodical* aMy r present the jrrrat JM li- I |MVlir» w( lire.-i ilr.t iB —Whig?. Ton . aod i* .«.ual : I ut poliitt » ii.nn only one Iralurr of tb< ir ! t racier. A# org m« of tbe utmt proloun«t vritm •i N Mme. Liirrultirt, Molality. au«i K»'ii;iun, .» V -bLil • • tLfl ii..Vt: t »tf •tuod. ttiriV::|rt| in t; world «t !t?i»r*. bring «»D/ttltred iii'li>peaia !t iu ihf min it.r the |*f>.ou»l man. «lii!e ' the i IAI ■ 'i * i;t rol evtry «UM, they fwr r. .i a n c-orri-* t.t* I * .ii~factcrv record c»f the -T- t.t litemture i»f ila- «1. v. the u.-riJ a «-u be vUmiukl lrtm i-uv uiutr . tie. i'i «* rco ij t ' f A«!\niire fr. n> t!je Critbh t Imm ■ give* a I IdioMll tilaf to their reprinln, ir tuaeh tl»e? rnn not *e |»}«r vi in t?ie h:ic«i» » t ibHtiUri «Um as tl.c e«ii* X.vDi. T <? i* in s: T r r.r •«>* of the funr Revu »* . |»rr aniiuru..?!: 00 > '\v. t n.r l: •• •• M j mi I"i .«• v li tre i»f ihf lour Kcview« r *♦ 7 <»0 !»r ..; tour *»( the it «», •• * 4 boo I. i i.wtM'»i \| - oo K r !»!.»< ir n A urn! • i.- Review, 44 * 4 r» 0o 1 ».r it .« Ln*uiJ am! tv%u Rv\iewi, '• 14 M 7 «»0 ill rkvood 184 three Bet ii *v t * 4 4 * .. 900 )'i r kvoixl i.iiJ the Jour Rcvii**. * 4 M 2ooo I M«»r» v rurrcnt iu the where issued wiii l»t re« tived ut pur. (' 1 ii l»hin ir. \ <!i«« mint of twcntv-live |»er rent from the :i' o\< jti irr \\ 111 he ailou (<1 to rluliß (trd< rin|T four or mi.!* i.pv-« fi nv i»ne or more of the above work''. T:i»: tour topic* of !'.|a< kwood, or of one lit \i# w. n ill lie sent to one nddrfßH for : four coj»ii < t I the four Ui-Yiewtf and l*!aik\vood fors.']o* and .-v) oil. I' n s 1 n fr c. Cv.v In »ll tlif I'liiuiji 'l eitie.J nn<! towns, tlicie Works «ill lit* Ucliviri'l KI'KE OK I'OSTAGE. Win nut lij iiiail, tin- I'o. liifto to any [inrt of the I*nili'il >'t-iii < « i!l lie I'tit 2 I n vear lor '• Itbrl.w oo.l," ami liut II ceiltM a year forcuch 111' ill'' Ul'\ic«'.». N. I!.—Tin* price in ('.rent Britain ofllic five Pe riodicals above named is ,?3l per annum. [• r" I! tin it in n> cs should always be addressed, post paid. In the Publishers, LEONARD SCOTT & CO., No. 64 (Wild street, New York January !>th, 18til. No. 8 PiiELAW'3 Blllinrd. Saloon. rciMK above Billiard Saloon, with KIGIIT FIRST | CI,ASS I'IIKT.AN TABLES, is now open to tlic public. The Cushions on these Tables are the lato-t patent, anilate cgreat improvement on their predecessors. The BOOM is fitted up so as to combine ELEI! A NCE with COMFORT. The bar will be kept supplied with the very choicest brands of Xjiciiiors, cfis Bogars, And tho sub.-criliers licpe, by strict attention, to merit the patronage of all w ho admire and prac tiec the GAME OF BILLIARDS. DAN. LYNCH, M. K. iII'OHKS. and i'i'l .Montgomery st., Opposite the New Metropolitan Theatre. The subscriber begs to inform the public that the above lueiitioneil UILLIAHD SALOON is aso intended to »trve as a show and salesroom fur PISfiSBiAVS Patent (osi.ttinatlon v utitl .Itodcl 1111- llui'd 'i'nbicM, Ami Hilliard Trimmings of every description. Parties desirous of purchasing Hilliard Tables will thus hake an opportunity of seleetiug from ii va ried assortment, both in style and finish, and cun also test tin; superiority claimed for the Cushions and Tallies. Mr. DAN. LYNCH will always be on hum!, nud ready to give all required information with regard to the merits of these J I'STLY CELE BRATED MILLIARD TABLES. The subscribe! cordially invites all interested parties to call and examine. M. E. lU'CIIES. Agent for Pliclnn's Patent Combination Cush ions and Modern Billiard Tables. San Francisco, July 18, 18(JI. 38:m6* Seed Warehouse! Established In 1850. S. W. MOOH.E, No. 110 California Street, between Montgomery nud S.insouie, Snn Francisco, Cnl. Has for sale the most extensive variety of till Mil M MICEM AND Fill tit seeds, In California, including 30,000 Iks. Pure llf'uflt or Chill Clo ver Seed, of I lie New Crop. 1 luntrsiriiiii ( SI-.ISO, TJoil Clover, Timothy •*• - - iviMitnckv Illui'<ir.iss. ('unary Bird Bowl, \Vliite Dutch Clovor, kc. Also, Clmt'asnr Earth Al mond*, Hva<-iutha, Tulips 'Lilies And other Bulbou* BoaH. Assortments of Na tive California Klmrr and Evergreen Seed*, col lected by a aell-kuoarn Botanist, alaaya on band. Tin- nniVr»ijrnrd. frutu hi* long experience in Ihr i'li-ini •<. mil bit extensive facilities for pro curing his See>!.« from Ibr best Sred-growers and Xui rvinen. i» enabled to ofarr unu.»ual iuduce llK ot» l» tbe Trade and Mrjro h-owners. The A|irtti of Writs. K.irg« A Co.'* Expreu. an<! .ill other Expre** Companies connecting there a ith. are hereby authorised to act ar Agtnl* lor tbi- undersigned. in taking order* for Heed*, and receipting lor the »at. Orders by mail al-o promptly at tern led to. A liberal discount will be made to the Trade. IVr. ticular attention pvea to the careful parking oi SeeJ« for shipsaeat. Your early order* are .«>liri|. e<l. a bit b ihall hate immediate and faithful at tention. llore« of Seeds, containing 100 papers, for rrtuilin^. in >u< b a»*ortmeats a* dr«ired. fura.shed. 8. W. VIOOKK, Seed W irebouse. 110 California 81.. 8. F., f'al. January ISHfa, l«H»l 10:m< ( HARLCN r. BOBBim, Importer and Dealer in TYPE, PREBBES, PEIITTIHO MATEEIAI INKS, CARD STOCK, Ac. So*. 11l and 1131 ta> Street. Saa Frauciico, January Mb, 1861.10:ljr BROOKLYN HOTEL cons** uuoMj \va r.i.\D sj.vsojfA srs., SAX FRANCISCO. TIE proprietor of tbi* weß Inn mU M 1 old aaublisbad Iloiuc U *1(11 it to aU tricks—Min the pablic for tka low aw af NH —II iM par walk, aa4 tka eiy ia M IWII Ikaf COM*!' Tbia lloiel waa established is IMS, a*H iba proprietor prwadl j appaali ta iu walt-kaawa rrpautiaa, and at tka MM Uaa pladfaa Mwaatf to air ererj r*4niar (o a 44 tu Ik* maifart tai coaitnitMi of hi* facsu. Tba Brooklya Hotel t\ AlioN will always be ready oa tka wkirf aa ibr irrfi il uf Ikr lit mitn, to < oa,*y paanftri tbeir b>||(ip to tbe Hoatr, b« of cbarga. To prrtrul iupO'.itioa. be positive aad *aa lilt KBot >KLYN HOTEL ia painted iaUrga latter* aa tbe Milti of liit «kjroa. Board per day 91 Board par weak s4; Knit M real* :—Lwi?mgf 5a ceaU :—Lodfiags per week ;—Mingle ruoast 5a ceata per aigbt. JOHN KELLEY. Jr., Proprietor. Saa Francisco, Urt. IMb. Idol. 4»al Goal Oil A so COAL OIL LAim, rpoCETIIKK with ail kiads at fcaraia* and J Mx-hiarrT Oil*, far uk at (reatlr rrd'irtd rates. Also FOB Huraoiwiis, Far «ad.<W ttimhmy Fist /»—■. STANFORD liROTIIFRS, California »ti*et. near Froat. f-aa Francisco. Mrjral Tlradow iiraw MrH. IlillS «rd thr saperiorily of aiii< U, ftir ritbrr dry meadow * «>r fur landy pr-tries, foi pasturage or for raoaiug, has ren iltrti il «o |M,|>al»r. < .-in '><• I mti l ia quantities tu suit purchasers, at I lie More of C. E. WILLI AM. N. P.—Time for sowing in February or March. i Nuvtmlitr 2J. 1861. M:ui3 para tiMHi NICK .TIES AAD HO.HE.Ii !! tlhat Conatltuten Health > RICH, I'urc lilood. Xntiiral I'orspirntion, Gocd ajipctite for I'ood, Sleep. Exercise and tbe !• i.jovmenls of Nnture, with Strength of Body, Miml nnd Limbs—Activity of the Liver, and nil other Natural functions—such a state is felt by all, ul'tcr using Dr. Webber's Invigorating Cor dial Sangullier 11 To many, the above may seem extravagant praise of ibis concoction, but if they could see, as 1 have, the many whom this has restored to health, they would not be surprised at any lan guage used in Its praise, To ofl'er more certifica tes, is useless j at least eighty have already been published, and only the thick-headed, self-wise skeptic and unbeliever can doubt that it is the most blessed health-restorer and strength-giver ever Invented by man. It restores ami perma nently invigorates the broken down system. Nay, more, it replaces natural weakness and strength. The desponding it revives, the feeble it endows with vigor, and the cheerfulness and strength which it restores, or creates, it also priserves. To the sickly wife it imparts that degree of vital force necessary to the crowning joy and great ob ject of matrimony. To the debilitated husband, it ( Ives the nervous and muscular energy which characterize* manhood. In all cases of nervous disease, low spirits, indigestion, liver complaint, indisposition to mental exertion, lassitude, emaci ation, impotence, Ac., iu fact, in all complaints, acute and chronic, which depress and weigh down the mind and body, it is an absolute, infallible gpetiiic, NATURES OWN REMEDY FOR MAN SICK NESS I! That creates, reproduces New nnd Pure Blood— that nets on the liver, henrt, brain, intestines, limbs and chest—that revolutionizes the whole system—gives strength to the most debilitated and weak—that contuius no mineral, or other poison. Such is, in truth. Dr. jticob Webber's Justly Famous In vigorating Cordial Sanguifier! The extraordinary nnd strange cures effected by this beautiful herbal conception hnsnstonisheU all: it seeuis to suit every constitution. TIIK OLD, TUB FEKBLK, TIIK LANOCID, feel that new life nnd blood is given them. The ruue, the dissipated debauch ee, the weak from long disease, from taking too much medicine, calomel nud othor mineral poisons; the young mnn whose manhood is wasted, where nature's functions are inert and lifeless, experien ces the bliss of ROHI'ST AND VIGORONS MAN HOOD I His nppetite is good, his sleep quiet and -eftoshitig, his mind and memory clear and cer .nin. Bggt, Sold in quart bottles bv REDINCTON ft. CO. CRAKE fc BRI6HAIH, San Francisco. And nil Druggists In California, Oregon and Washington Tcrrtory. Sand's Sarsaparilla, The Great American Remedy FOR PURIFYING THE BLOOD, WILL BR rOl *D A CKRTAIX CFII K» ™ ID sun mm 1< il ALTIUUTI il» • IT ■■ riivi'iiiu 4 PLKXT!KI'L '"Pl'ly of parr bM is M»I --iiatl to animal life. When the proper rircula lion of the vital fluid is impeded. iirLnru i* the inevitable consequence. the *errelioas bfcoae aa brail by. ihe litrr become* rlo(|rd with impure bile. » hirb forced into the system, vitiate* aad it tin me i tbe Mood, engenderiag Kdifvl* Oil t«U MUI and biliary disorders. IAXDT liMAPAMLU will (truly •liaaulalr the functions of tbe alastrb and Im>* el» to a regular and healthy actios, aad ail bout aauaea or purging expel all deleurieas ac camulalioa*. purity tbe blood, equalise the rite*, latioa. pronotr perapiratioa. improve the appetite, impart toae aad vigor la the tysiem. aad gradaalty bat »arely riurpate tbe diaeaae. causing a'l aa »iKfatly rxcreseaces la diiappear. aad teariag tbe »kia perfectly smooth aad flexible. Price $1 «w per bottle or ( bottle far $i 00. A*kfmr Kim* .Sariy artfla aad lab a* aOer. Prepared by A; B. AD. BAJCD9, Draggists, 100 Falloa street, contrr of William, Sew York. For sale by Dr. B. WUlard, Olympia OLYXPIA WAOOI KAWIACTOST. Stuart Se Blackshear. WOILD inform theiiusea* of Oi/m- oni> pia aad the surrounding coaatry - ibey are as* atßiibcluiaf *'AOO.\B,t'All- RIAGEB and BI OOIBS of all daacriptiaas, from tbi best of imported autrrial. by experienced work* men, far which WUKAT will be takes in exchange, delivered at tbe Tumwater mills. Shop corner 34 aud Ciimook Streets. Olympia, December 8, litO. 4:tl SAFE*! BAffiM r.TIUUI. -- "mm? Win •fPI O wlitwH* rift hwf Mi MMb C^forafo.'*WAlTC'imll'mh MM 1M baa** Wt «m Nftr t» Mm mmHMi M k7»« l.aa »Mitlil|| Brt MM «Mli «r Mi Tkii Lack im (■ ••my Mftri ffca MMM tiaa^Maatal toy, wfciift *• MM (MilM im tWrt rlnpii tbaa aa;j <>■ Mjjk* wU. NMT VRIVR !■ IN WOCLD inlurm tW ttafe ia Ciltfiwia, Ota |M n4 WaAiagtaa TiiiHw; AM Act a MlSU^^mhhl iHK.Ra. ftl>DuW« AXD lUXWrfnaj4M criptiaa < >or of tW ptitom rr«4i>|[ la ■«■>— (tW baa «kip|>e4 Ikttlmt gaafe ttlkiiMlMMl MM) rubln a« to k«* a tWo«pfc aM mw<n aa •artatral. vbirk •• wilt *aM M at Im prtraa aa ut in ibi- market. » Hadiaf for f id* hy Irttft raa iHj aa hating tbr mm at aa laar price* a* W ia pcr.-oa. «>r.lcr. bt Ictltr or atfcrraiac will br promptly and faithfully fatfllr4. W> aUo attraa ta tlir Ixriaf aa4 atHif af aifc •r tnrrrliaodiir. F.I>WARI> A. MORS* * CO.. II aad 13 CuliforßM »!.. SMI IU and 1H Naikrt *t.. Sib Fruacisco, ud JOIIX HALL, US Hut MOM »t., Button. ITAL Popular Paniljr Jwto. IjIOWLER AND WELLS, NEW YORK. WIL IUII the following Popular nod ScicatiSc Se rials. winch afford no excellent opportunity for bringing before the public all subjects of gwud interest. "Life UluitraUd." A first class Weekly Pictorial newspaper, devo ted to News, Literature, Science and tbe Arts ; to Entertainment, Improvement, and General Progress. Its columns contain original Essays, Historical Biographical and descriptive Sketches of travel and adventure, poetry, painting, music, sculpture, etc.; articles on science, agriculture, horticulture, physiology, education, and every to pic which is of importance or interest all combin ing to render it one of the best Family Newspa pers in the world. Published weekly, nt two dollars a year in ad vance. " The Water-Care Journal and Herald of Beforma" Devoted to hydropathy, its philosophy and practice ; to physiology and anatomy, with Illus trative engravings; to dietetic exercise, clothing, occupations, amusements, and those laws which govern life and health. Published monthly, in convenient form for binding, nt on« dollar a year in advance. The American Phrenological Journal." A Repository of science, literature, and general intelligence, devoted to phrenology, education, magnetism, psychology, mechanism, architecture, and to all those progressive measures which are calculated to reform, elevate and improve man kind. Illustrated with numerous portraits and other engravings. A beautiful quarto, suitable for binding. Published monthly at one dollar a year, in advance. FOWLER k WELLS. 308 Broadway, New York. For three dollars, a copy of each of the above named Journal* will be sent one year. W.B.C. CLUB HOUSI GIN, TIIG UNDERSIGNED, BEING SOLE AGRKTB of the above Gin, offer it to the public as the finest HOLLAND GIN, and the only OENUINB CLUB HOUSE GIN imported to this market. It is put up in GREEN CASES, and branded W. S. C., CLUB HOUSE. We shall continue to receive the above Gin regularly* —ALSO—» Pore Ambrosial Whisky, in flasks \ Pore Veetur Whißj, \* new style bottles: Port Bourbon whiiky. The above Liquors are from the well known house of Wm. S. Corwln * Co., New York, and are guaranteed fine and pure. W. B. CUMMRfGS k 00. Itmt SO California «t., Ban Pna. HaiflMßlML Iff ATRIMONIAL.—A young gentleman, whoae lfl personal appearance, fortune and pasitioa Is is A No. 1, wishes to unite himself to a lady with similar qualifications. The advertiser being sin cere, will here describe himself, and although he la young In appearanee ho will admit himsslf on the " shady side'' of fifty. The advertiser la of medi um stature, neither "too <kt nor too lean Auk eyes and oxpressive, animated •aistwasce j and he must hers confess be la vain Ifc stating ho hao the most snowy white teeth, (natural ones [) haads, brow and skin as clear as a child'a; Ma hair and whiakers are a deep brawn, aad ho ean aaanto yoa an that theae latter beaaties wore given hisn by using, for two months, Lafont's Waal Mia loop. Teeth Root for his yellow teeth, aad Jeaas' Can! Hair KtsSafatlve aa his Otny, Coarse hair, aad hy shaving aad waahiag with Jaaoo' ItaHaa Soaa. llis coarse, wrinkled skia aad haada tea* thao been made while aad dear. Thooo koaaMM ar> toles eaa be had at rcaaaaaMo latoo al ovoqr <mg cisre la California, Oregaa aad WmWmMS any. CKAKK t (fcninin m Aw, JMfar | A.) DALLES AND COLVILLI, nßGNiiiitniK cLorano, »oora, PTOTMQIM, WiBM, iwn LMGWI MB. "Mr Hr. BMNM ft «T te Fnaciic*. wWaaii •wyMfetMaiMl^tt other HIM. OcUWt IMfc,lMI. A TTOMBT Own. A od Proctor ta 14ainkf SIMIII. luck, INI. IMf

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