Newspaper of The Washington Standard, April 5, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated April 5, 1862 Page 3
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WHAT <•£>. STEVEN# IS ABOUT. — A !. ri.-r from l'ort Royal uys : 4 A rcconnoisance in force by (Jen. v v«*n« vesterdnv, with about six hun- . 1 men ami part of Hamilton's (late 1 lattery, resulted iu clear -1 lie Island of the desultory parties , rebels that came over to shoot pick . ami bum cotton. These wam|w iv annoving. without being danger thongV if they had been suffered iitiuue their work of destroying . troii. not a hale would have l»eeu left . n the Island. News had been re- .. iv. dof the presence of a troop of reb . c jvalry. which it was hoped to cut . f!: l>ut their retreat was too rapid, i • ii- tone was massed in two hattal . n«. with the lattery lietween, and i c,..cded at a distance of a hundred \ ,»r.|« hy one company as vanguard, in .i lvauee of which was a small party of . .J-.T*. The military order of this a<l \ ance, however, was slightly disturlwd la the fact that Gen. Stevensand (.'apt. I Inmilton rode some distance in front of the whole party. The march was along the main avenue ot the Inland, known as the shell road, ami the ten miles were accomplished iu three bouts —a creditable pace for volunteers. «>n the other side of the fern - the ene my were iu plain sight, Cant. Hamil ton. with a few men, riding down near ly to the end of the causeway which .'rosses the marsh and forms the only approach to the landing. No shots were exchanged. A large force was left at and still holds the fern - . The rest of the Island is covered hy de tached posts, and sufficiently guarded j<» prevent the landing of a force at any pitint without being immediately dis covered. The position is deemed a strong one sur defence,|and can be held against any force now on the main land. The troops are all encamped for tlio present on the outskirts of the town. Gen. Stevens' headquarters are in the house formerly occupied by the Rev. John J. Smith." ggy Gen. Wright writes to the Dalles, that a military force will be sent up to the Nez Perce mines to protect the miners.— Argus. lyTho Red Bluff Beacon tells a story of a Salmon river miner, who for lack of a buck skin purse was obliged to use .in India rubber boot, which he had filled at last accounts, and hoped to till a second boot soon. That is not much of a story. We have two boots entirely full, but 'lot with gold any more than has the S ihnon river story-teller. t The British schooner Cinl/ioro, How ard master, arriv«d nt this place 011 Wednes day last from Victoria, with freight for this place. ' <#• EVThc WASHINGTON STKNIIARD lias heen selected to publish the laws passed at the Second Session of the Thirty-seventh ('niigress. Sheriff's Sate. BY virtue of an execution issued liy the Clerk of the District Court of tlic 2d Judicial Dis trict of Washington Territory, mid to me directed, I levied upon, seined, and taken into execution iind shall proceed to sell nt public sale at the court house door, on Saturday May loth, 1802, nt the hour of one o'clock f. M. according to the law, the following described property, to iril: The north half of the south-west quarter and the south half of the the N W qu.irter of section 1H town ship X of Range one west, lying and being in Thurs ton county, \V. T. The object of said sale is to satisfy a foreclosure of mortgage, in favor of R. 11. Lansdalc v* Jno. F. Devore and K. Devore, his wife, for the amount of SO2O principal, with two per cent interest per month from uud after the l!>th day of November, 1800, together with the costs $39 35 and increased costs. WILLIAM BILLING, Sheriff of Thurston Co., W. T. By R. W. MOXLIK, Deputy, Olympia, Aprils, 1802. 21:w4 CLOVE ANODYNE TOOTHACHE DROPS, Cured In one Minute!!! ONLY 23 CTH, CLOVK ANODYNK will not injure the gums or teeth, or unpleasantly affect the breath. RE A V WttA T DKXTISTS SAl' OF IT. Messrs. A. B. k D. SANDS, Gmtlrme*: In the course of my practice, I have extensively used your Clove Anodyue with much success, for the relief of the Toothache ; and as I constancy rec ommend it to my patients, I deem it but just to in form you of the high opihion I have of it over oth er remedies. lam yours very rcspectfutl, M. LEVETT, Itrnhit. Will be sent free per Mail to any part of the United States upon the receipt of 30 cents In post age stamps. - Prepared by K. B. AD. SANDS, Druggists, 100 Fulton street, corner of William, New York. For sale by Dr. WILLARD, Olympia. PHELAN'S Billiard ■Jtlooii. XIIK above Billiard Saloon, with EIGHT FIRST t'LASS PIIEI.AN TABLES, is now oprn to public. The Cushions on these Tables are the latest patent, and are a great improvement on their predecessors. The ROOM is 6tted np so as to «ombine ELEGANTE with COMFORT. The bar will be kept supplied with the very choicest brand* of And llie subscribers htpe. by atrirt attention, to merit the patronage of all who admire and prac tiic tlic GAME OK BII.LI AKI»S. I»AN. LYNCH. M. K. 11l tillKS. It 9 and 13% Montgomery *l.. U|i|>o*ite tbe .St* Metropolitan Theatre. Tbr subscriber lieg* to inform the public that the above mentioned BILLIAUD SALOON i* aio intendrd to serve a* a show aad salesroom for FHELAXH Palest COHMMIIOB ( MIIIOBI aM Modrl 81l- Itart TaMci, And Billiard Trimmings of every description. Parties desirous of parcbasiag Billiard Tables will thus have aa opportunity of seleetiag from a va ried assortment, botb ia style aad finish, and ran H!M: test tbe superiority claimed for tbe Cushions »nd Tables. Mr. DAS. LYNCH will always be on lisnd, and ready to give all required information * itb regard to the merits ofthese JUSTLY CELE BRATED BILLIARD TABLES. The suboeribet «ordiallv invites all interested parties to call and examine. M. K. HUCUES. Agent for Phelan s Patent Combination t'ush on t ati'l Modem Billiard Tablet. >»IJ I IIUKIM". •)•<I V If. IH6I IB.ino* Llbrar) Xatlrc. 4 I.t. prrtoK hatigj Ihhilk belonging to the Territorial Library will plmt return Ihtm ai nuf». or inr by-lawi will In- put in force. THOS. TAYI.tiR, Ter. Librarian, illrmpii, March 29. Jii *j Hkrriri Nit fe. /X By virtue of an «/#«» uinti or »ALK A i«ltdlirtht clerk ofthe IMftrict t'ourt * ol tbr 2d Judicial District of Wa-hington Territo ry. and to inr directed. I have levied upon, seized, and takes into execution, aid shall sell at public auction, an the law direct*, on tbe preuii«e*. on Chambers' Prairie, in Tbnr-ton county, in the Ter ritory aforesaid. on Saturday. May .'ld. 1*62. at tbe hour of I o < )••< k ill the afternoon. the follow ing described real estate, vi/ : All that certain me-snage. a » ommodious and substantial barn, and tli*- out building* and wagon house. together with the tract of land upon which the ►ante are erected, more particularly de-crilieil a* follow* : Situated and being in tli** county of Thurston and Territory of Washington. known ami descril>ed on the plat and rei ords of tbe government surveys of .aid Territory, on tile intlie land oMce atOlyinpia. as the ue.i half of the soutli-ea*t quarttr of geftioti thirtv-tliree i ll.i town«hip eighteen il«.i north range ( ,n< I ue-t . and also. the west half of the north-east <|iiarter of section 1 4.) township seventeen ( IT. north range one iI i went ot the Willamette meridian, eoataiuiug I I'.l )>%-|oo. one hundred and sixty-one and <;. V 100 acre*: and also. the north-west ijuarler of section four i t.) |c.< seven and a half acre-, donated for cliurrh and »> liool purpose* iu said township seventeen (IT.) mirth range one t 1.1 w cs|. and containing otic hundred and hfty-six and 22-lot) i l.">ii 22 100, acres : making ail aggregate of three huudreil and seventeen and *T 100 ai res. be ibe same more or less. The above tracts are well-watered, almost entirely prairie, iu go«wl Male of cultiv ation. ami well fenced. The premises are on the county road leading to Katoiis* Mill, and within six miles of Olympia. The said real estate w ill l>e sold, or so much thereof as w ill satisfy a judgement of fore closure of mortgage, calling for the sum of one thousand and live hundred dollars (Si. with interest on the value from December 2.Mil. 18 ; i, at the rate of two per cent, per month unlil paid, together with costs of suit, and increased costs, rendered by the aforesaid Court at its March term. IStil, in favor of I). J. Hubbard, and against (Scorgo A. Tykel. WII.MAM KII.MNCiS. Sheriff of Tliur-itou county, W. T. By It. \\., Iy. Olym;iia. Mur. 'J7, IHU2. 20: Iw BETTER THAW PRESTON £ MERRILL'S AND Less Fir 100 is Z ROARDMAN'g CHALLENGE YEAST POWDER, Fl'L 1.1 Cl.l HA STEED. IF NOT SATISFACTORY, The Money will be Returned! For sale by all Jobbers, anil by J. <\ WINANS, r>o California treet, Wlio will also net as commission agent for jiur chasiug all kinds of goods. San Francisco, February, 1801 14:m3 Take Notice. From nnil after tlie Ist of April I will ilo Imai ness on the CASH .SYSTEM BXt'M'SIVELY. Those indebted to the Washington Hotel will call and settle immediately SILAS UALMHKR OlyntpUt, March 22, 18G1. l!t:tf SAFES! SAFES! V, TILMAW, OO Hallcry Street, San Franrlnro, SW.K Al fur TILTON k MeFARI.AXD'S celebrated Fire-Proof iinil Hiirplur Salt's. Thii< Halo is well known in the mi.rket for its un surpassed lire-proof quality, having withstood in California, as well in the Kast, thr hottest tires known. Wc run refer to endless certificates from parties in our luinini; towns, where those Safes have tieeu suhjoet to the most severe tests of its lire-qualities. These Males are secured liy our Combination Lock. This Lock is in every respect the most secure one in use; it requires the key and combination to opeu the Safe. If the key should be abstracted from the owner, it would be perfectly useless to the possessor without his knowing the combina tion, or mental key, which the owner carries in his head. To tnose in want of a reliable safe, we offer the above cheaper than any other in the market. SkiT A large assortment on hand and to arrive F. TILMAN, 26:6 m. 00 Battery st., San Francisco. Seed Warehouse! E«tabll»hed In 1S»0. No. 110 California Street, between Montgomery and Sansome, Sun Francisco, Cal. lias for sale the most extensive variety of (MI. mm Tin. mm AND Fill JIT SEEDS, In California, including 40,000 lbs. Pure AllUfteorChill Clo ver Heed, ofthe Mew Crop. Hungarian Grass, Bed Clover, Timothy, Kentucky Blue Grass, Canary Bird Seed, SVhite Dutch Clover, Ac. Also, Chufasor Earth Al mond*, Hyacinths, Tulips, Lilies, And other Bulbous Roots. Assortments of Na tive California Flower and Evergreen Seeds, col lected l>y a well-known Botanist, always on hand. The undersigned, from kis long experience in the business, and his extensive facilities for pro curing liis Seeds from the best Seed-growers and Nurserymen, is enabled to offer unusual induce ments to the an* Urge E."rh-owtiers. The Agent* of Wells, Fargo k Co.'* E*«ress, :mJ all other Exprrs* I "ompaulea ronne< ting there »itli. are berebv authorized to arl nr Agent* for the undersigned, ii taking ortwi for Seeds, and rwflpli»(! for the MM. Urdtn by Bail alto promptly altcaded to. A liberal discount will Iw adit to tbe Trade. Par ticular attention given to the rareful packing of Seed* for shipment. Your early order* are solicit ed. wbicb (ball bare iamiliilt and fcithfol at teatioa. # *,lioxe* of Seed*, containing 100 paper*, for retailing, ia suchassortmeaU a* de»ired. furnished. S. W. MOORC, Seed Warehouse. 110 California St., 8. F., Cal. IMb, IMI 10:a> CLOTHING IMPOmUM, 178 Clay St., and 107 Moatgomerj'St., San Franciisco, tad lt« Broadway, I«w Tort. CONSTANTLY oa band the best se lac tad aad most (Z'ensivc assortment of (ieats'and Boys' (Jlolhing on tbe Pacific coast, wbicb wa can and will sell lower than auy other House. Bay's aad Cicala' Clolhlac aide fa Order. LOCK WOOD, EWELL * co. .Taauary, 19 IMI, l«ly Nhrrifa Hale. ' TJY virtu"" of an Execution issued bt the Clerk : II of the District Court of the 2d Judicial Dis | trict, W. T., and to me directed, I have levied : upon, seized and taken into execution, and will expose for public sale on May.ild. 1 802. at thehourof I r. * , at the Court-house door, in Olynipia, the following described property, to wit: All the t right, title aud interest oftieorge A. Tykel in lot* No. 1. 2. 3. and 4 lone, two, three, aud four) in 1 Mo/k 38. (block thirty-cijflit i bounded as follows: ' on the north by Noilli itreet. on the east by Cher j ry street, on the south by Tenth-street, ami on the west by Jefferson street ; also lots No. I, 2, 3. -I, ! 5. 6, 7. and H (lots No. one. two. three, four, five, 1 six. seven and eight i in block 3!» (block thirty-nine bounded as follows: on the south by I'nion street, ; on the west by Jefferson street, on the north by Tenth-street, ami on the bv Cherry street, all of whiih property is known and described on the Town plat of what is known as Swan's addition to the town of tMym|iia. The object of said sale is to satisfy a judgement in f.ivor of W'm. M Rilt ledgc for the sum of $l!»2 H2 principal with inter est at the rate of two per cent. |>er month, from the 24th dav of April IKHI. andflnn 14 cost and increased cost. WILLIAM BILLINGS, Sheriff of Thurston county. W. T. By R. W. Moxlie, Deputy. 1 Olynipia. March 22. 18»»l. lU:w4. ('•lambla Trailportalea Company. rilliK corporators of said company nre hereby re £ i|U»tc>l to meet at the COI'RT IIOI'SK. in the CITV of VANCOI' VKR. county of Clarke, ami Territory of Washington, on MONDAY, the rtlst •lay of March. A. D. 1802. at the hour of |o in the forenoon of said day. to determine the time or times, ami piace or places, of opening books of subscription to the capital stock of said Corpora tion. and to take such other steps for the early or ganization of said Company as may be lawfully done. A fill l attendance im-kkhon of all the t Cor porators is respci tfullv requested. TIIOM AS 11. SMITH. Ttmpitrarjt f'httiriHNn of tlie Columbia Transportation Company. Vancouver. March 14, !m;2. Clias. E. Williams, (Successor to <J. A. Karnes,— Established IMS'.! DEALER IN HARDWARE, TO IRE, STOVES, MM, STEEL, GROCERIES, &«•. Oljmplu, W. T. HAVING recently received large accessions to his block, is now otic ring among other Goods, the following desirable articles : Burning Fluid and Coal Oil, (Pure), Coal Oil and Fluid Lamps, .Shades, Tubes, Globes, Chimneys, Wicks Concentrated Potash, for making 12 gallons soft soap (with full direc tions) price ti'ij cts. Advance Cooking Stoves, with extension ovens, (A very desirable patcrn with extra castings), Garden Tools, Garden Seeds 112} cents per paper), I'arlor and Door Mats, Bear. Beaver, Gopher, llat and Mouse Traps, Brass Curtain Cornices and Hands, Wire and Safe Cloths, of all numbers, Shoe Finding*, a Full Variety 5 Comprising Lusts, Shoe Hammers, Knives, Nails, Pinchers, Pegs, 4c. » Hone, Cow and Sheep Bells, Extra Heavy. Dlaston's Patent Crosscut and Mill Saw*, (A very superior article), Mechanic's Tools and Muterlals, (a full variety.) Window-sash, Paints, Oil, Putty and Class ; Var nishes, Japan, Turpentine and Alcohol, Pocket and Table Cutlery, (large assort ment), Curry Combs and Horse Brushes, (leather backs) Pow der, Shut, Balls, Lead and Caps, llullut Moulds, tlnn Locks Wipers, Nipples, Ac.; Cable, Truce, Ilnltcr nnd Dog Chains; Sheep Shears nnd Wool Curds, Urii'», rinutvr and Garden Hoes, Plow*, Cultivator*, Muttocka, nruNh Uooka, ■lorae Kuken, ( radlm, Sfjlhen, Rak««, ClinrnN, PorkM, Butter Bowla and TrayN, fcc. JAPAN BLACK TEA. BfegfTin, Sheet Iron, Copper aud Brass Ware manufactured and repaired. N. n. —We have made such arrangement* for the [iiirchas* of articles, either in San Francisco or New York, as we think cannot but give satis faction. Commission solicited. Olympia, April G, 1801. 21 :tf Olympia and Seattle NURSBRT. (iixdLorr A IIOXLIK, I RNAKCIA M'NATT, Olympia. | Seattle. (iAIOLOFF, IOXLIG A CO., OFFER for sale 100,000 Fruit and Ornamental Tree*, consisting in part of— -100 Varieties of Apple; 40 " Pear; 45 " Plum; 45 " Cherry; CO " Rose; Shrubs and Ornamental Trees, with a "right smart chance" of other irltu, which will be ex changed for CASH or COUNTRY PRODUCE. Catalogues furnished upon appli.-atiou. OLYMNA Nt KSCBY U situated } mile s->uth-.ast of Ulympte. 49 m 4 W.B.C. CLUB HOUSE GIN, TIIE L'NDERMIUNEI), BEINU HOLE AOF.NTS of the above (Sin. oier it to the public a* the finest finmvn GIN. and the only GENI'INE CLt'B IJUOE UI.N imported l« this market. Il U put ap is GREEN CASSB, and branded W. M. C„ CU B 1101 SE. W« shall continue to Itttiti the above Gin regularly. —ALSO— Tm Aakrodal Wkiaky, »■ »«*k«; Par* INUT Wklqr, >■ ■*» f.vir bottles s Pan Brarkn wkiakr. The above Liquors are from the well known boose of W'm. S. Corwin k Co., New York, and are guaranteed fine and pure. w. h rc mm ixc. h k ro. I:mt 50 California St., San Fran. CEO. L. KENNY, TJ A VINO wiihdmn from the firm of 11. 11. Ban*

XI rroA k Co., ha* this dar associated himself •nY Mr. J. B. ALEIAXBEB, and will continue the m ill STATWIAIY W In All Its Branches, At«NuiMHM«M|WMryMrfc(, SJIEBMAXS BUILDING, i >[<|K>sitc the old stand, under the name of KENNY * ALEXANDER San Francisco M»v 20. 1661. 29m3 Proapeotus. vr TUB NATIONAL REPUBLICAN. Wamixotox, D. C., July 1, 1861 The undersigned commenced, in the month of December last, the publication, in this eitv, of a weekly newapaper, called the XalwnalHrpuUttan. It is printed on a large sheet, twenty-seven by forty-two inches, and it furnished at the low prices stated below. |t will contain all the original matter of tbe daily SatvmmWrpmblirmn, with the exception of local news not intereting to country subscribers. It will give full reports of tbe proceedings of Congress, and of the other departments of tbe Na tional Government. It will conuinall the news of the dav, foreign and domestic, markets. Ac., Ac., as well as an original correspondence from all parts of the country. The miscellaneous department will re ceive special attention, and. in all rcsprrts, the effort _w ill be made to establish the character of tiie A u'tuHml /trputliraH as a Family New spa per. \\ asliington being now the central point of the current military operations, great attrntion will be paid to furnishing the readers of the A mttvnal Kr/tubli c.ia with full, and especially with arrnrutr, a< counts of the progress of the war for tbe I'niou. In polities, tbe papar will lie Republican, sus taining the Adininislmtion uf Mr. Lincoln, but dis clnitiiing, however any pretension to lie tbe orga of the President. There is no other Republican paper ia the Dis tro i of Columbia, or in the vicinity of it. and it is believed that recent events have o|iened to such a paper an important sphere of useful effort. The time has come, when the actual administration of the Government upon Republican principles will explode tbe misrepresentations whicli lone those principles so distasteful to the South. liul it is not only here, and in this vicinty .that the projectors ol the .\»IV<N al Rr/iuhlican hope to make it n-cful. To the whole country they offera journal which will discuss national politics from a national standpoint, ami which will never be swerved from patriotic duty by any overpowering pressure of locul interest. Term* of Subacrlplloa. One copy, one year $2 oo Three copies, one yenr 5 00 Five copies, one year 7 00 Ten copies, one year 00 Twenty copies, one year 20 00 line copy, six months \ oo Three copies, six moiitn* 2 !i0 Five copies, six month!! 3 50 Ten copies, six months 6 00 Twenty copies, six months 10 00 I'ayuient always in advance. When a Club of subscricers has been forwarded, additions may be made to it on the same terms It is not necessary that the subscribers to n club should rcdeive their papers at thesnme post office. Money may be forwarded by mail, at our risk. Large accounts can lie remitted in drafts 011 Bos ton, New York. Philadelphia, or Baltimore; smaller amounts in gold, or in notes of solvent banks. The Daily Xnhonnl Kf/mbliean is published every morning (Sundays excepted) at $3 50 pe« annum, in advance. Addresss W. J. MIRTAGH & CO., [so:ly] Washington, D. C. EDWARD A. MORSE & CO., IMPORTERS AND DEAI.BRS IN DOORS, VIMS ID BINDS, TfTOl'Ll) inform the trade in California, Ore- W gou and Washington Territory that they have opened a new establishment for the sale of DOORS, WINDOWS AND BLINDS of c\ cry des cription. One of the partners residing in Boston (who has shipped the above goods tothis market since 184 i),) enables us to keep a thorough and extensive as sortment. which we will sell at ns low prices as any in this market. Parties sending for goods by letter ran rely on haviag the same at as low prices as if ordered In person. Orders by letter or otherwise will be promptly and faithfully fulfilled. We also attend to the buying and selling of oth er merchandize. EDWARD A. MORSE k CO., II and 13 California St., asd 114 and lit; Market St., San Francisco, and JOHN HALL, 173 Black> stone st., Boston. It>:m3 OLTXFIA WAGON MANUFACTORY. Stuart & niackHlicar, V YTOl'LDinform t!iecitizens of Olym- WyJ j/\ pin mid the surrounding country Unit they arc now manufacturing WAOONS, CAR RIAGES mill Bl'tllilKS of nil descriptions, from tin liratof imported matrriul, l>y experienced work men, for which WHEAT will lie taken in exchange, delivered at the Tumwuter mills. Shop corner 3d nnd Chinook Streets. Olympia, December 8, 1800. 4:tf HENRY M. M'CILL, [LATE SECRETARY OF THE TERRITORY.] y wp Commiiriontr of Ike Court of Claim* of U. S. —AND— Commlssioer of Deeds for Oregon nnd Washington. WILL devote special attention to the prepara tion of the necessary pnpers to accompany claims under the act of March 2d, 1801, for the payment of the war debt, and to business before the U. S. Land Office*. Orricc—Ou Maiu St., Olympia, W. T. [4l] n. D. L. I-HILLIM. D. PHILLIPS & SON, Him ah cm mm, Olympia, W. ,T. OFFER for sale a new stock of— Dry Goods, . Groceries, Clothing, Boots Ac Rhoes, Hat* and Gips. Crockery and Glauwmre, Cutlery, fc., fc. Tmi-Tuk or Country Produce. Olympia, una. i. (HIT *• AUMW" (Lfte of 11. 11. llMKraft * Co.) mmmu* a*» mntißßY. QAA VOLS. LAW BOOKS, f f 10.000 Vol*. Misrollnoeo«s Boota. 100.000 Vol*. School Book*. I,MM " Medical Book*. !.000 Roams Letter Payer. 500 Ream* Cap Paper. 500 Ream* Legal Cap, nod 500 Roam* Note Paper. 600,000 Envelope*, assorted. For sale at the lowest rate* by KENNY k ALEXANDER, 606 and MM Montgomery Stmt. San Francisco. Juno 3, IMI. U:m» CMARLBfi r. MMW. Importer And Dftler is TYPE, PREMSS.PRIWTnrO XATBIZAI CARP STOCK, *c. KM. 11l A- "*. «-«lajr Mrtrt. San I'M-- . Mb, 1861.10:1/ Leonard Scott A Co.'s REPRINT OF THB ■imn BETIEWI AKD IlitKVim 11(12111 T BONABD SCOTT k C 0„ Mew Tack, continue li to re-pabliak the following British Periodi cals, Tit: 1. The LONDON QrABTBRLT, (Conservative.) I. Tbe KDINBI'ROH REVIEW, (Whig.) 3. Tbe NORTH BRITISH REVIEW. (Free Cbarcb) 4. Tbe WESTMINSTER REVIEW, (Liberal.) 5. BLACKWOOD'S EDINBURGH MAGAZINE, (Tory.) These Periodicals ably represent tbe (Teat poli tical parties of Great Britaia—Wbig, Tory, aad Radical; but politics form only one feature of their character. As oigaas of tbe most profound writers °" Neieace, Literature, Morality, aad Religioa. they stand as tbey have ever stood, unrivaled la tbe world of letters, being considered indispeasa ble to tbe sebolar and tbe professional man, wbile to the intelligent reader of every class, tbey for nisb a more correct aad satisfactory record of tbe current literature of tbe day, throughout tbe world than can possibly be obtained from any other source. The receipt of Adtranre Sheets from tbe British publisher; gives additional value to these repriaU, inasmuch as they can now be placed in the bands of subscribers about as toon as tbe original edi tions. T © r m f*: For any one of the four Review*, per aaaum_s3 00 For any two of the four Reviews, " " _S 00 For any three of the four Reviews, " " _7 00 For all four of the Reviews, " •' _8 00 For Blackwood's Magazine, " " »3 00 For Blackwood and one Review, " " „5 00 For Blackwood and two Reviews, " " -7 00 For Blackwood and three Reviews, " " _» 00 For Blackwood and tbe four Reviews, " _lo 00 BST Money current in tbe State where issued will be received at par. C lubbing. A discount of twenty-fire per cent from the above price will be allowed to clubs ordering four or more copies of any one or more of the above works. Thus four copies of Blackwood, or of one Review, will be sent to one address for $9 ; four copies of the four Review* and Blackwood for S3O - so on. Postage. In all the principal cities and towns, these Works will be delivered FREE OF POSTAGE. When sent by mail, the Postage to any part of the I'nited States will be but 34 cents a year for " Blackwood," and but 14 cents a year for each of the Reviews. N. B.—The price in Great Britain of the five Pe riodicals above named is s3l per annum. WSf* Remittances should always be addressed, post paid, to the Publishers, LEONARD SCOTT k CO., No. SI Gold street, New York January sth, 18G1. No. 8 SEEDS! SEEDS!! To Dealers, Farmers, Gardener* and other*. Wi offer the most extensive assortment of Fresh Eield, Garden, Fault, and Elower Seed* on the Pacific Coast, from the best grower* in the United States and Europe; comprising in part— -15,000 lbs. Alfalfa Clover Seed, pure growth, 1861. 2.000 lbs. Red Clover Seed. 1,000 lbs. White Dutch Clover. *2,000 lbs. Timothy Grass Seed. 1,000 lbs. Hungarian Grass Seed. 1,000 lbs. Millet Seed. 1,000 lbs. Lucerne Clover Seed. 50 bush. Red Top Grass Seed. T!> bush. Kentucky Blue Grass Seed. 2o bush. Rye Grass Seed. 20 bush. Mixed Lawn Grass Seed. 15 bush. Sanprair Clover Seed. 10 bush. Sweet Vernal Grass Seed. 10 bush. Crested Dogtail Crass Seed. 10 bush. California Prairie Clover. 500 lbs. Sugar Beet Seed. 500 lbs. Large Red Mangle Wurtsel Beet. 300 lbs. Long Blood Beet. 200 lbs. Turnip Blood Beet. 500 lbs. Ruta Baga Turnip Seed. 200 lbs. Early White Dutch Turnip Seed. 200 lbs. Red Top Turnip Seed. 200 lbs. Long Orange Carrot. 100 lbs. White Belgian Carrot. 400 lbs. Assorted Onion Seed. 1,000 lbs. TOP ONIONS. Together with all the varieties required Horticultural Implements, Hedge Shears, Pruning Shears, Spring Hedge Shears, Pruning and Bud ding Knifes, Saws, etc., etc; Boxes of 100 papers assorted seeds put up ex pressly for dealeri. A liberal discount will be made to the trade. We have a very fine assortment of DnUh Bulbous Flowering Roots, which we can pack to go secure for any distance. Catalogues sent on application. All orders addressed to J. P. SWEENY k CO., 406 Cal., San Franciico, Will meet with prompt attention. Feb. 1, 1862. 12:m3 BLOCH, MILLER &CO., (Sueteuori to friee, Miller | Co.) DALLES AND COLVILLE, Rujaliiitiriiß CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, Ac. —AUO ■ Maple aai Faicjr Brtctriw, Provisions, Wines, Liquors, Etc. A Ml of MINERS' GOODS NO stantly oa kaat. MT>r. BLOCH baing a ruMial af Baa Ftaaciar*. what* all wsr firifcsws an aa4a, we ahall be able ta aS*v batter MKHMOU thaaaajr illiff Hoi— October IMb, IMI. 4T:M« Illuminating Oil! iswimrfthia Xeros«n«, which U Itmiil aatisoly ftMi iwlii* with Camphsne, Pstislsnm, or Asphalt— Oia. It U nun iiyMve, aad snpirtsr to DOWNER'S, oraayoihar OUovtraUo. Wa hsn alao oa hMd Iks Dmv'iai hM* tt GOAL. OIL, which w« arc seOfof y U>« jowaal^alss. California rtreot, ntmf FroWt San Franciaeo, September, Wl. 44:nU best purifier of tho Wood is Hall's Bor saparilla. Oofltl Oil AW C#All •!!. L4IPI t THJ ETHER with all kia* «T Banri* u< Marhiaaty Oil*, IK *•!• AT gfMtljr WTILL 4 rate*. Alw M aiATITO BOOMS, *"■ rut Aw*. NllttHnTMtß STANFORD BROTHERS, California street, aaar fM, Saa Fraaeiaro. Mujnil KcMkv ftr—fct<. THIS teed the aekawMpt MMTWIJ rf whieh, for either dry ■Mmwfcf aaad> prairie*, toi yuKn|i or far awwiaf, ha* n*. derad tt *o popalar. caa he foaad ia itaatiti** i« nit p»ih , at the stare af C. *. WILLIAMS. X. B.—Time forsoaiagia Febraarj or March. Nmrabrrtf IMI. tlal DTMiTwauuiunini SICK IBM AIV9 WMBIW !t Wtec CcHtltatn MtaKh t RICH. Pare Blaof, Xaliral PtafiratfM, Maadi appetite for Food, Sleep, Ennlit aad tha > njuraent* of Nature, vith Strength mt M; r JliuU aad Liaib*—Adlvitjr of the Liver, aad ail other Natural Function*—*arh a atale U felt hr all, after using Dr. WcMtrf ■■Tlimflu Cor dial ammtmfmrll To MI;, Ike above may fem ntnn|iik rii»e of this concoction, but if they could Me, an have, the many whom tliia baa reitored la health, they would not be *urprised at aar lan guage used in it* praise, TA offer more certifica te*, :» useless ; at ieact eighty have already been published, and only the thick-luadad, selLwise skeptic and unbeliever can doubt that it ia the most bleaaed health-restorer and strength-giver ever invented by man. It restarts and perma nently invigorates the broken down system. Nay, more, it replaces natnral weakneaa and strength. The desponding it revives, the feeble it endowa with vigor, and the cheerfulness and strength which it restores, or creates, it also prtserves. To the sickly wife it imparts that degree of vital force necessary to the crowning joy and great ob ject of matrimony. To the debilitated husband, it gives the nervous and muscular energy which characterize! manhood, la ail cases of nervoua disease, low spirits, indigestion, liver complaint, iudisposition to mental exertion, lassitude, emaci ation, impotence, Ac., iu fact, in alf complaint*, acute and chronic, which depress and weigh down the mind and body, it is an absolute, infallible gpecific, NATURE'S OWN REMEDY FOR MAN SIC& NESS II ... That creates, reproduces New and Pure Blood— that acts on the liver, heart, brain, intestines, limbs and chest—that revolutionises the whol» system—gives strength to the moat debilitated and weak—that contains no mineral, or other poison. Suck is, in truth. Dr. Jacob Webber's Justly Famous lu vigorating Cordial Sanguifier! Tke extraordinary and strange cure* effected by tkiabeautiful herbal concoctiou hasastonished all: it seems to suit every constitution. THB OLD, TIK FINN, M LAISOII, feel thnt new life and blood is given them. Tke rone, tke dissipated debauch ee, the weak from long disease, from taking too much medicine, calomel and other mineral poisons; the young man whose manhood is wasted, where nature's functions are Inert and lifeless, experien ces the bits* of ROBUST AND VIUORONS MAN ROOD I His appetite I* good, hla sleep quiet and "efroshing, bis mind and memory clear and cer tain. Sold in quart bottle* by HEDIMCTOM * CO. CRANE * BRICHiN, San Francisco. And all Druggists in California, Oregon and Washington Terrtory. Pvpnlar Family Journals. FOWLER AND WELLS, NEW TORE, PUB lish the following Popular aUd Scientific Se rials. which afford an excellent opportunity for bringing before the public all subject* of general, interest. "lift Illustrated." A first clan Weekly Pictorial newspaper, demo ted to Newt, Literature, Science and tke Arte j to Entertainment, Improvement, and General Progress. Its columns contain original Essay*, Historical Biographical and descriptive Sketch** of travel and adventure, poetry, punting, music, sculpture, etc.; erticles on science, agriculture, horticulture, physiology, education, ana every to pic wkick i* of Importance or internal all com bin-- ing to render it one of the beat Family Newspa per* in the world. Published weekly, at two dollars a year ia ad vance. "The Water-Cra Journal iX Herald oC Devoted to hydropathy, Ite philosophy an<T practice; to physiology ud anatomy, with Illus trative engraviags; to dietetic eierclse, elothiag, occupation*, aiaiwaiata, aad tkon laws which govern life and health. Published Monthly, In convenient form for binding, at one teller a year la advance. Tk« lauku Bfilntiil ImtnuV A Rsposilory of scirace, li tern tare, aad general wIVIU|*KV I OTvVIM MP aad otlttr engravings. A heaatltal Mute, suitable far binding, raihled neslMr at nae dallar a yaar.inaivaaaa. POWLkft * WBIXS r«fanWhiM«|rar anah «r fl* ake» PKOPLM' WOiMI! TrSe jiiiiiffyiSSSfdMt H rfawfcteiiest |n t nil » linn * NT BOOM, aBOCBB^ BAUVAII, . ... Boon AMD c BOOKS, "TAXKBB BOTMWB," Allefwfciah wiNhnanld I gir Him its sdsy •f far Gaak or Country Prodtao*. yoarsatf that what we say is true. Olywpia, Feb. U, IMS. l«;tf £• W. JOBUBI, A rrOENKYAI LAW, tteltcitsr in Oknaasvy, »•«!" IMf

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