Newspaper of The Washington Standard, April 26, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated April 26, 1862 Page 3
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A I AmnvTMHMT. —The appoint -111. in <4 ll<>n. U. Stanley lo the military «...\< riH>r»hip ot North Carolina cannot fail to „.k, the (satisfaction to all who wish ». II .>f the country, now upou tlie eve of a -rami transit ion faun warto |teace. Mr. Stati lev i» a conservative InwralJ* and capable man ami his' character. lia» alw ay* stood high in hi- native Slat.- of North Carolina. and in hi* adopted Statr of California » le-r*- he has lived for the paM t. n Years. He aaa mip |.«rtnl hv tkr If* in tlii* State in I f.,r th<- iiilicc of I aovenior. I»nt failed, of ...III>. of an election. MR Stanlev'a early po litical t.wlcttrie*. *<l>' Whip, and be support ••d th llell-Kven-tt ticket for the l'm>i<leiKy IN 11. had lately Iw-n appointed city and o-uutv Attorm \ f * Francisco, wh.ii 1., iv riinituoiied 1..1 Mto di«charp- a prralrr • ni»t. » INI LI *F <!• ml»f u*»t »ill HE IMMIUT and jatri-tirall* h mnr.—MmryrM* Apjtrml. I (t It i» mm hto lie n-prrtted that aliile iii th. .njiit mrßt of hrahh. ao little attention i- paid taanv, te th- ptwr www of in • -liaaU.' a hl-wing. LnsnriMM living. hab it* of indolence. rt|n*ui> t» HDUI n rlwip' •»f tetnp>-ratare. and inflect of th» |«raMHtvtT *>vmpT->in> of dim-aae. art- tin- precursors »t tuanv fatal nuUdii>. Taken ii|s.n the tirsi indication of an attack. if anv thin" • ill r. li«-te th* siiff.-rvr. purifv tie- l»l«««l. rt-Mnri' a v ip-r --»n> cimilati >n. and thoroughly renovate tin n at it i» Saud»" Saraaparilla. "t' It i» Mated that a hill »ill lie intitalarrd ill I '.nisnw to r«lur*- letter |mrf«je In !•'«» <. i t- |H I half *'tiiM*e. and to provide f**r the fi.-i- i!. livt-ry of letter*, in larpi- eitii*. ;V A. t«. Walling. *»f the I In-yntt Furmrr. lia- announced hitm«elf .lis inde|>i-ndeiit il.-ite for l'ublir I'rinter at the fortheotniiip eanvas.- ill < hvgoil. U K TRlP.—Tliela*»t trip of the llrot/irr .limit), hh froin Sail Francisco to I'ortlaiid v\an made in three dnys live hours nntl a-hnlf from ilock to diM'k. t iT The secession ticket recently nominat ed at Cnrvnllia, Oregon, ia headed by A. E. Wait for Confess, anil J. S. Miller for (Sov ernor. • •• E3*"Tlit< indebtedness of the South to Northern merchants, for goods, is estimated to amount to $.'{00,000,000. ' "g* 3 The last steamer brought to Oregon tlif .sword of the lamented Col. K. 1). Baker, ••is .1 memento to the State. £"cf' Hay is now selling at SIOO per ton in ('arson City, Nevada Territory. Latest! YORKTOWN TAKK.N. — A gentleman in this ciiv has received a letter from San Francisco dated April 16, in which it is stated dispatch es had just been rccived that (Sen. MClollan taken Yorktown. No particulars are given.— Portland 'tones. NOTICE. BARNES, IIKN NESS t CO. have thoroughly repaired ami improved the I'l'l'Eß TI'MWA 'I hit MILL, nml arc now ready to grind all the wheat in the country. Farmer.* are requested to ■ ill before disposing of their wheat, and see that "somethings ran tie done lirttrr than others." Tn in water, April 25, iw»2. 24:wl For Sale ! II <>3IKMT 13 IDS A\D VIM 4BLE HEAL KSTATH. Building Lots from $lO to £2OO Each! A/to, 50 Vara Lull and Entire Uloeks of ltranti,ul (larJin Land.' IX the City and county of San Francisco, on the line of the San Jose Railroad, at the WEST h.VII DEI'OT. The title is absolutely I'ERFECT, being II Spanish Grant, linally confirmed and pat ented by the I'niteil States. The Shafter Rill respects this Title, The City Authorities respeet it, The District Courts and Supreme Court of the Ignited States respect it. Resides the Title ha* been forever quieted bif a final Decree, ami Judgment against the City! So that there is not even a cloud or shadow upon it. Whoever purchases one of these lots will buy si lot and not a lawsuit. Office No. 10 Nnglec's lluildings, eorucr of Montgoinervand Merchant'sstreuts, San Francisco. lIARtEV S. 11 ROWN. April 12, 18G2. 22:m3 i;D\VA RD A. HORME & C 0., IMPORTKRM AND DKALKRS IX DOORS, VIMS M VVTOI'LD inlorin the trade in California. Ore gou and Washington Territory that they liatr opened a new establishment for the sale of DIM MW, WINDOWS AND BLINDS of every des rriptinn. Oue of the partners residing in Boston (who lias shipped the altove goods tothis market since Ix 4!*.) • liable- us to keep a thorough and extensive as sortment. which we will sell at as low prices as •my in this market. i'arties sending for goods by letter can rely on h-iving the same at as low prices as if ordered in l- r-nn. Orders by letter or otherwise will lie promptly and faithfully fulfilled. We also attend to the buying and selling of oth er merchandize. EDWARD A. MOK.SE 4 CO., 11 and 1': California M., a«d 114 and 116 Market n.. fr»» aad JOHN HALL. IT3 Klark ftnDt M . Ho-ton. |(:ni] OLYMPIA WAGOH XAVUFACTOKY. Stuart & Hliifkclioar, theritiirns ofolvm- cjTIIJP W I«in aad Ibr mrrunadinK country tbff thrr air n»« manufacturing WAtiOXH.CAR IIIAORS and BI'IiISIES of all descriptions. from thi he-tof importrd material, lit experienced work wen. for which WHEAT will lie taken inrx.haugr. jl< ii»frwl at Ibr Turn wale* mills. Sbop rormr 3d and Chinook Stlt»t». Olyuipia, Iter cm bar f, IWi. 4: if HENRY Rff. M'CILL, lI.ATR SECRETARY OF THE TERRITORY ] Attoi*ik©yin wi (\mmunonrr of tk* Court of Claims of f. 3. —AKD— '.ouuiis.ioer uf Deeds fur Oregon and Waabingtyn. Wll.l. devote ipn ial attention to Ibr prrpara- Hun of the nn-MMrr papers lo accompany il.iinn under the act of March 2d. Ittfil, for tb'r I'lMiicnt ut the war ilrht. and lo basinet* toe r. S. Land Office*. Oriict—On Mam >t Ol* mni i. W. T. [II] PEOPLES' EMPORIUM! HAVIXIi ail'trileitriiMVrly to In-loriurr rtork of |(O>Ml*. he i« a..« prepared to »fi ••uiuao >Uti all alio tut favor him with thnr ru-tuui u to VARIETY, y'r vi.iTV aui PRICK. Ili* »U*-k CQIMUU of— DRY (;tKIDB, GROCERIES, PROVISION.*. HARDWARE, ROOTS ANI) SHOES. CI.oTIIIXU ItIMIKS, -VANKKK NoTIoNS," Ac . *< All of which w ill I* till.! rk"ifr M«a tkr <i# rf.. *t 9 for <';lHli or Cotinii y ]*r«Mlii<v. liiir Li in a «all l*«f.»rr |»ur« uh«J t«>ur-elf lb»f tlut •« *«•» i* tmr •M\Hi|> iA . Krlt 11 !•••-' I•* if kkrrir • Hair. / l:> tiflar ot au mltit i<imi or am A h-ui-'i lit th. . Irrk ot tb. li.-trn' ' null mXm '!>• .'■! Jsliria! Ilftrict t! ; T.rrit-- n . aiel to nr dirrrtot I ha\r lend a lot tak» n lit* rwritiag. axt »h*ll •eil at | '.Mm an. tioH a* thr ia« *iirr«t». on tlo- farrtai-e* on < han.l- r- Prairir m Th«r»|.»M • •>«ot». in Ik Trr rit-.r* af.»r«-*i«i. Stiif4a> Ma\ -.1. !•»;*. at th* hn'jr of 1 o . |... k in th*- aftr th* f.11.-m --uiif ii. *rrit.r I rial r-latr li/ : All thil irrtam lug mr-uap- a . i'Hiiti.»'li..u» an.l •uli-lanliil t«ir»i an>l ihr «»ut litnMinf* aw«l *ajri»n boa«e. * .th th«- tra*t of lan.i U|»on « lii« h th« am. arr rT*-.'t. in.T* parti* tilarU rfr*rilH-.| a- f<.|to» - >itii*t««i an.? tw-inc iu thr rimati of Thnr-t.<n »L>l Trrritor* »f a*ii| im-riU'-l on thr |.lat an«i rir«nl» of tl.e po*rrniii. Nt mri*-\« of uid Trrritorj . ouhlr in thr lau l oßii. at Oil lujiia. a> th* ar-t thr «oiatb-ra-l quarter of tliirtv-:l.n-r in* u-lii|i . ghtrrn i|a , north rang.- on»* (I. *ol : nn-l ul--». thr uc<t I. ,!f of tin- lnirth-ri«t i|iiart<-r of»nlioa(4 ) tonn-hi|> »rirnt.-rii (IT.I north runpr onr 1.1 ami of thr Willainrttr turriilian. containing i I'il ••.*> |o"i on.' Imn.lrr'l uml ami |oo a.rr- In>l aluo. the north-wr«t i|iiartrr of sn tion four it. I !<••< crvrti ait'! a half a. re*, ilonateil for rliiirrli iiml mliool |iiir|HlM-II in MIII| t•>\VTI- II i|> nipiiU-rn i IT.j north rangr one (I,) a rat. mil rout liiilng fine liillnlrnl ami ntM-HX ami J'.'- Imp i |;>i; lnii| a<-ri'> . making an aggtrg.iti' of tlirrr huinlri'il ami arvi'iitrcn nn«l H7— 1»»«» iirre.'. In- iln* same niorr or less. Tin' nliovo traits nrr wi'll-watrrril. almost rntiri'lr prairir. in goml state of onltivntion. ami well frncctl. The prriniseK are on the eoiinty roail leailing to Katnus's Mill, ami within six miles of I tlympia. The said real estate will lir solil, or so nineli thereof us will satisfy a jiiilgeiiient of fore closure of mortgiifre. calling for the sum of one thousand ami live hitudreil dollars (!?l .jott,) with interest on the same from December 2.".th. lHiio, at the rale of two per cent, per mouth until pniil, together with costs of suit, ami increased costs, rendered by the aforesaid t'onrt nt its March term, IHiSI, in favor of I). J. Hubbard, and against George A. T.vkel. WILLIAM MI.UN'OS, Sheriff of Thurston county, W. T lly It. W. MOXI.IK, Deputy. Olympia, Mar. 27, lst;2. 20:4W BETTER THAU I'IIESTON k MERHILL'S AND At Ziess Prices! BOtRDMAX'S CHALLENGE YEAST I'OWDEH, Ft 1. /. 1' O l A HA X TEED. IF NOT SATISFACTORY, Tlie Money will br Returned) Fur .suit- by nil Jobbers, ami by J. C. WIXANS, 50 California (reel. Who will also net as commission agent for pur pliasinjr nil kinils of (roods. San Francisco. February. 1 »•»! 14:III.T PHELAN'S Billiard. Saloon. 1111 K above Milliard Saloon, with KKillT FIRST CLASS CHELAN TABLES, is now open to the public. The Cushions on these Tables are the latest patent, and are a great improvement on their predecessors. The ROOM is titled up so as to combine ELEGANCE with COMFORT. The bar will be kept supplied with the very choicest brands of Ijiquora , <49 Segars, And the subscribers hepe, by strict atteution, to merit the patronage of all who admire and prac tice the GAME OK MILLIARDS. DAN. LVNCH, M. E. IH/GIIES. «o and Montgomery St., Opposite the Xew Metropolitan Theatre. The subscriber begs to inform the public that the übove mentioned MILLIARD SALOON is nso intended to serve as a show and salesroom for PUELAN'S Patent Combination i'UMblonH and Model mi lliard Tablea, And Rilliard Trimmings of every description. I'arties desirous of ]>urclmsing Milliard Tables will thus have an opportunity of selecting from a va ried assortment, both in style and finish, and can also test the su|ieriority claimed for the Cushions and Tables. Mr. DAN. LYNCH will always be on hand, and ready to give nil rei|iiir«d information with regard to the merits ofthese JI'STLY CELE BRATED MILLIARD TAMLES. The subscribe! cordially invites all interested parties to call and examine. M. E. III'CIIKS. Agent for l'helnn's I'atent Combination Cush ions and Modern Milliard Tables. San Francisco, July IK, IHtil. :iß:ni'>* OATC TTAT.T. CLOTHING EMPORIUM, 17H Clay St., and 107 Montgomery St., San Fiimt'iwo, M 1W BraMirar, lew Y»rk. CONSTANTLY <>n band Ibr l« -l wlrcled aud most rilratiir ««nrlarnt of lirut* ami ll«y#' I'lulbiif in Ibr Ptriit count, wbu-b we ru and will *ell l«w« iban ut other Hua»r R«)'IBN VCBII' CMhIM to Order. lockwihid. ewell a ro. January. 19 IMI, l« ly ■UN'I, lILLEB At'®., (Smrrrtmmrt lo I'nrr, HUtrr & Co.) DALLKB AND COLVILLE, VinLKIALI Alt KRTAII DKALBB* IS IUKI IBNUK UT-fIK CLOTHING, ROOTS, SHOES, HATS, Ac. —.ALSO Mtaplc mmd Faacf Crtcerftn, ProviFions, Wine«, Uquoifi, Etc*. A full a«.«ortment of MINERS' liOODS con stantly on band. M* Mr. RL<H'H being a resident of San Francisco. where all our purr bam are made, we ■ball be Able to otor better iaducemeais than any oib*» House • Molifr lyth.ltdl. IT iut> NhrrifV Male. BY airlnr "f »n Ewttim i'-or<l hi ibr Hrri ■•t ili. l)i>irii i Court of ihr .'J Judicial l»i»- Incl. W T.. and I" air dirrrlrd. I have ItiiH apoa. M i/r.) <n'l Kirn in(<> fifi alio*, uil will ripo«r twrinlil'i wltiM M»_\ (4. li«.2.atthrhoarof Ira at ibr Coar , -boa»« dour. ia tMyapia tbr foil,.a inp ilrirnM proprrty. In wit: All iW rijiht till* ■b4 iaumi 1 4 limrp A. T;W ia k>t* X«. I. J. .1. aad 4 lumt. t«o. tbrrr. aa<4 f'umr< ia kin k >. . Wik k thirty* itfltt ImuinW a* follmi: hi (tie aorth I** Nuflb »trn-t . *>u (bi rail bi Chrr- IT umt. oa tbr Miaib lit Trnib-ntrrrl. «ad (*a Ibr •t>l by Jrlfrr-oB »lrrrt »l*a ioU \u. I. J. 3. 4. j. •>. ; anJ » lot- Nil <>a< la». thrir. (our (if. pit itirßauil ia M«m k «*• Mm k tbirta-aiß*- Ixiumtr-I i- Ml*» • I'll Ibr Miatb l>i t'nioa »trrrt. on ibr a rat ba Jrllrraoa iirrtt I'll ibr aurtb by Taiitb—tr*rl »ti i on Ibr rati !•* 4'brtry «trrrt. all 'it abii b |»ri'|<« rt_i i> kiraaa »ul ili-nnW on tbr Tuan |>lal i.( a bat ii kaua a a» Saaa > additioa In tbr tua a ill Miini|>i* Tbr ol'frrt of Mill *alr I> In --ti-fi a )iid;>'nral ia blur iif Wa V Rut liJj: f.»r tbr -urn ••f # I a* prim ipal ailb ia «• r«t al lb- nir •tia . |»f rrat. |« r m«ili. fn iu tbr :tlli April IMI. ittrfi a>. <4 cii*l U 11.1.1 \ ¥ HII.LIN*!^. >b- rif -4 Tbnr.tna run all H T By K U \I-\ua l»rput». niißj-u. Vara I"' 1 l '*4*t..r. ■ 4 -aid r.»|am are brrrln rr- I I !•' arrl it tbr I'M ICTtI'M">K. in tbr I |T\ u| l AVml VKR. i uaaly of «'Urnr and Trrr.ti.r* «»t M a-liiafliia »*n . thr Sl«t da% u! liar h \ I* ii'ljJ, al tbr bour of I•• ia the fiirriMMMi !•( -aid day. la> drtrrminr the timr >ir timr.-. and |<iii r m pl-arra, of opraia? I»»ili >4 •ulm niiinia in ibr . < Murk of uiil ''nfpoca* ti.m and to t.ikr 1111 b ullii r itr|» lur tbr furl* oc traaitatma nf •ml Compaay a- mat U laa fully ilnnr A fill' allri! 1 .111 r|\ »•»«»••» of an. tbr t'nr atorator* i* respritfiill* r*a|Hr*trd TllltV \S II SMITH. T m/. r tm I 4<r.rma* of tlir Colombia Trnn<|Hirt tlinO Coiupaay . Vaiiniunr. Hjrrli 14. !W'2. A *. HtLLIIHC «• T. liaiua. A. ». HILLIIMKA HIE mi HUE EBILDEIS. AXI» MAXVFACTIRKRS OF Fatent wire Rope Wire siis|K>ii"ia>ii liriil|r« - s of any span 11ml capnc ity erected. ami mat) rial furnished. Hiiriiijr ln>en ronntniitlv cnpipi-il in tlip orrrtion iif Wire Susponsion llriiinPH nnd Aquediirls for »cverul yearn past, tvv arc fully pri'parrit to 110 such work sati.sfarlorilv anil to lii'AHAXTV I'KUMA XKNCY. I'artios who nro about crprtinj; briilpos will find it (rreatly to their advnntiijre to pive tis n ealllio forc deeiilinp to Iniihl wooden structures as the recent Hoods throughout the State have proved them to lie wholly unsafe and unreliable. A num ber of our a ire nm/x union* nre Hoir in me in different Ineufilien throughout the Shite, nn one of irhieh hut hern in the leant ajteetetl fit/ the freshets. WIIJK ItOI'K, for ininini; or ferry purposes, manufactured, of any lenptli nnd size required, lieinp ehru/ier and better than hemp. Scales of weight nnd strength, with prices an nexed, furnished, on application to the mauiifiic nrers. Send for u Circular. A. 8. HAMiIIHE k CO., 421 Clay street San Francisco. Jnnunrv 11. IHi!2. B:in.'l Olyrapia and Seattle NURSERY. (2ANULOKF A MO.\I.IK, I FITAKCIS M XATT, Olympia. | Seattle. UAXULOFI', nO\LIE A CO., OFFER for sule 100,000 Fruit and Ornamental Trees, consisting in part of— loo Varieties of Apple; 40 '• Pear; 4T> " rium; 4.*> " Cherry; 00 " Rose; Shrubs and Ornamental Trees, with a " right smart chance" of other iWnn, which will be ex changed for CASH or COUNTRY PRODUCE. Catalogues furnished upon appli at ion. OLVMI'IA NIHSKUV is situated J mile south-.'ast of Olyinpiu. 49 m 4 Popular Family Journal**. I.IOWLEIS AN!) WELLS, NEW YORK, Pt'B * lish the following Popular ami Scientific Se rials, which afford au excellent opportunity for bringing before the public all subjects of general interest. "Life Illustrated." A first class Weekly Pictorial newspaper, devo ted to News, Literature, Science nnd the Arts : to Entertainment, Improvement, and General Progress. Its columns contain original Essays, Historical Biographical nnd descriptive Sketches of travel und adventure, poetry, painting, music, sculpture, etc.; articles on science, agriculture, horticulture), physiology, education, nnd every to pic which is of importance or interest all combin ing to render it one of the best Family Newspa pers in the world. Published weekly, at two dollurs n year iu ad vance. "The Water-Cure Journal and Herald of Reformi" Devoted to hydropathy, its philosophy and practice; to physiology and anatomy, with illus trative engravings; to dietetic exercise, clothing, occupations, amusement*, and those laws which govern life and health. Published monthly, in convenient form for binding, at one dollar a year in advauce. The American Phrenological Journal." A Repository of science, literature, ami general intelligence, devoted to phrenology, educatiou. magnetism, psychology. BM-chauism. arcbitcctnrr, and to all those progressive measures which are calrnlatrd to reform, elevate and improve man kind. Illustrated with numerous portraits and otbrr eagratings. A bennlitnl quarto, suitable for biadiag. Published monthly at one dollar n year, in advance. KoWI.KB k WELLS. :to# Broadway. New York. For three dollars, a copy of each of the above aamed Joaraals will be seat one year. Mfccrifl'a Male. BY lirtar of an rirratioa i«»H by thr Clerk of ilm l>i«trin Court of the 34 Judicial I»i»- Irirt of Wuliwklm Territory, and lo ar 4ittcU4.l lnwd u|iua. -filed, and taken into ritrulia* and •hall proreed to *rll at pa l>li< ulr at Ike roart h<>a»r door, oa Satarday May loth, l»iJ, at the Imar of one o'rlork P. I. arrordiag to tkr law. tkr following drxrihrd property, to ml: Tkr nortk half uf tkr luiatk-wnt and thr aoatk kalf of the the N W <|aarter of sertioa 18 town •bipX of Raafeoar *r<l, IviaK and bring in 7hun ion roaaty, W. T. Thr ohjert of said wle if lo Mliifr a forerlosare of Mortgage. in faror of K. 11.

Laasdale r« Jao. F. Itevorr and K. Iterore. hi* wife, for tke aaoaat of *»3«« priaclpal. with two per ceal iatarest per aioatk ftorn aad after tke IMk da* of Norraiber, IMtiu. t»y»lh*r witk the cotU #.'l9 3j aad in-rwatd coats. WILLIAM BILLIXCS. Sheriff of Tharston Co.. W. T. Hy H. W. Motut. Drputr, Olyaipia. April 5, IMS. 1l:w« Taka ■•lice. Tina and after ike Ist of April I will do li »i --h neas oa tkr CASH SYSTEM EXCLI'BIVEI Y. Those MeMri to tke Waakiagtoa Hotel will rail »ad settle ia»ediatrlr SILAS 0 ALLIIIEI . Ithmpia. Mirrli IMI. IAiII B. ffiniH.... i. niiiurt O. PHILLIPS * SON, iDnum in snail Olympia. W. T. OFFER tm Mir • M nwk •*— I>ry Goml«, ClroceriHa, Clothinir, H«rtn 4c Hhotv, H" { * ('«/»• nud Gluff trai l . CmtUrjf, ft. Tan—Caab or I'saalry Pnidari. iNyafia. S«y»«i>»ri I 4lb. |s«l. 44if Proa pectus. •r ru NATIONAL KKl'l BLICAX. Ttilixtvi. D. C . Jaly 1, IMI The a»4ini|» < raaararr4 ia the aaaath af l»r. t»l<i la at tbr pal. In alma, ia tbia rit», af a nrrkly araapapif rallr4 Ibr Xmtmmml m* Ilia ffiatr4 am a lanrr a ban. ta raiy-aa ■aa br »<kti aail ta ianuM at Ihr Wa pnrra >latr4 krlaa. It a ill raaiaia all Ibr origißal aaaltrr t4 Ihr daily AOna ml Iyai(.n. a lib Ihr rtrrptioa of |.. j| araa m ialrrrtiß( lo ruaatry »al~rribrra. • » f*l! rr-p .rt« of tbr prv of «'..i-.-rr«». aad of Ibr o.brr drpartaaraU of lb* \a- I'..iul <i«irn,arnl It a ill roatjia all tbr ara< of ibr daT. fofriya ati-1 <l. no atir. markru 4r . Sr.. aa aril aa aa orayaaaal 1 urri.pmnlra.r fioai all part* of Ibr roiißtry Tbr ani>rrtUnr<Ha> >lrj>artiiirul a ill rr rritr rjin ial attralioß. ami. ia all rr<prri*. the rlfort aillbr aaadr to rataldii>b ibr rbararlrr of tur .Vaff aa/ KrfmUmm a* a Faaiily Nra >paprr \\ a-liin-.ton brine nn " tbr rrnlral poiat of ibr i aiilitary <>|irrati»Ba. prrat attrntiiMl aillbr pan! to lurrirbiiiK tbr iratlrr* of Ihr Xmtmmal lltpmklirttn a itb full, and e«|irrialty a ith merurmlt, arr.iuata uf tbr t* of Ibr arar for Ibr I'aioa. In politic*. Ihr pa|irr arid lir Rrpublican. *■■*• taininp tin Adiiiiniatration of Mr. Mm oln. but dis rlaiuiinit. hoaeaer nny prrtrnaion tu lie the orga of the I're-idi nt. There is no other Republican paper in the I)i* Irict of Columbia, or in the vicinity of it. and ili* belie*ed that recent event* have opened to »uch a paper an important sphere of useful effort. The time has come. uh.Mi the actual administration of the Covcrnmciit upon Republican principle* will explode the misrepresentation* which have mcde those principles so distasteful to the South. Hut it is not only here, nnd in this vicinty ,that the projectors of the A 'atinnal Itejmbhean hope to make it useful. To the whole country- they offer a journal which will discus* national politic* from a national standpoint, and which will never he swerved from patriotic duty by nny overpowering pressure of local interest. Term* of Subnrrlpllon. One copy, one year $2 00 Three copies, one year 5 00 Five copies, one yenr 7 00 Ten copies, one year 12 00 Twenty copies, one year 20 00 One copy, sir months 1 00 Three copies, six tnontns 2 50 Five copies, six months J 50 Ten copies, six months 0 00 Twenty copies, six mouths 10 00 I'avment alwav* in advuncc. When ii Club of subscricers hns been forwarded, additions may be made to it on the same terms Ii is not necessary tlmt the subscribers to a club si!"uld reecive their papers at thesume post office. Money may be forwarded by mnil, -it our risk. Large accounts can be remitted in drafts on Hos ton, Xew York, Philadelphia, or llaltimore; smaller amounts in gold, or in notes of solvent banks. The Daily Xotional Rfpuhliean is published every morning (Sundays excepted) at $3 50 pc> annum, in advance. Addresss W. J. MURTAGII k CO., [iVO.-ly] Washington, D. C. CLOVE "ANODYNE TOOTHACHE DROPS, Cure* In one Mlnufett! ONLY 25 CTS, CLOVE ANODYNE will not injure the gums or teeth, or unpleasantly affect the breath. UNA /> wit A T iwxrisrs SA r OF IT. Messrs. A. H. It D. S \NDS, Genlltmtn: In the ronri>c of my practice, I huvo extensively used your Clove Anodyne with much success, for the relief of the Tootlmche ; nnd as I constant'}- rec ommend it to my patients. I deem it but just to in form you of the opinion I have of it orer oth er remedies. lam yours verv respectful), SI. LEVETT, Denlitt. Will lie sent free per Mail to any part of the I'nited States upon the receipt of 30 cents in post age stumps. Prepared by B. &D. SANDS, Druggists, 100 Fulton street, corner of William, New York. For sale by Dr. WILLARD, Olvinpia. JAMES CONNER'S SONS' U. TYPE FOUNDRY. WM. FAILKSER, * SONS, Agent*, Xo. j'.'O Santome Slretl, Sun t'ranciwco, Cut. very article necessary for a complete New* or Job Printing Office, furnished at the lowest prices. Also, Agents, for Taylor's, Gordon's. Degener's, Newbury's, Potter's and llawkes' Presses. April 12, 1 »«•-'. 22:m.°l THE FARMER'S GUIDE TO Scientiicand Practical Agrienltaro. By llisav Sr«ra«xa, F. B. S.. of Ediaburg, and "the late J. P. XOITOI, Professor of Scieatitic Agriculture in Yale Colleg, New Haven, 2 vols. Boyal Ortava. IBM pages, and aumeroas En gravings This is confessedly the most complete work on Agricalture ever pa'blished. aod ia order to give it a wider cirealatioa, the pabliaher* have resolved to redaee the price to Whea seat by awil (past paid) to California. Uregoaaad Waahiagtoa. the price will be $7. To every other port af the I'aioa, aad to Caaada, • port paid) f«. ■9u This is ao* the old "Book of the Farm." Brmittaaees for aav of the above pahliraliaas shoo Id always be addressed, poet paid to the pub lishers, LEI )N A Bl* SCOTT * CO., No. 54, Gold Street, New York. Oo*l Ott ABO C•A I* #ll* LAI Pi, fBUMiETHKH with all kiads of Baraiag aad J Machinery Oila, for tele at greatly rodaeed rates. Also Ft IB fee Cvktnf. sW/W /#**'•<* fUI If as ret am vtar LOW 11 STANFORD BROTHERS, Califoraia street, aaar Front, Saa Fraacisro THIS »eed tke ackaowladgrd aaperiority of which, for either dry Meadows or for aaady prairiea, fot paatarag* or for asowiag, haa IN. dried it so popular, raa he foaad hi <|aaatiue» to sail purchasers, at tke store of C. E. WILLIAMS. V B —Tiina forsowinp in February or M'rtk. \im cin'x r I'd l»«:i M iu". Dvnifßnianin mck mmn aw vmm » P mm*. M P.^1.a.i..,M IV '"* l Imiiaa mm* «h* »m»ywtu «T X««aarr, ailb Mraftk mt My. ■ia4 aa4 Laaaba—Artirfcy of ibr Lim. mmi all •tbrr Naiaral Faa«ti—« aarb a a4a*r a* Mt kj all. after atiaf T® aaaay. Ik* abate May arrai riUaaafaat pratar uflbia raaraliaa. it tbrj cmU at, aa I bair ibr aaaay abaci Ibta ha* rutarrd ta brahb tWy araaM aa( br at aay laa tcaafr aaH ia w praw. Ta afc aart mtafea tra. '» aarlna ; a« ban rifbly ban alrra4> brt a paWi.brH aad aaly tbr ibart-braM ariLaaaa ►krpti. aa<l nabrlirtrr raa 4aabt thai it ia tha Sm»: I»«m aat itiTi|tk-fii<T r»rr ia«ratr4 by aaaa h r»a«aata ai4 prraaa acatly ia 1 ir»ratr- tbr brokra 4**aintca Vay. aaorr it rr|4arr< aataral arakar.a aa4 atrtaclb Tk» 4rtp»a4ia|[ if rrrirr* tbr frablr it ra4»a« vnb utm. aaa4 tbr 1 brrrfalar.a a*4 iirraflh abirh il rr«tarv».ar rraalra. it alas pnMnr- To tbr wily aitr it aaparu that ,4 ailal facrr arrrnary I" tbr rrwaaiayjay aaJ great ah jwt of aaatrianay. To tbr bn-baad it riara Ibr arrtoaa aa<i aaaarslar raarrry ah» b «bawartrriara aaaabno4. la all ram ut arrroaa •liaraar. low aparila. liaer roapUiat. iaditfoailMß la BaraLal rarrtioa. laaaitadr. raaari atioa. iM|M>irarr. Sr. in fart, ia all roaplaiata. aralr aad rhroair, arbirh drprraa aad arrigh doas tbr aiiad aad l»ody. il i» aa abawlatr, iafalliblr pperier. NATURES OWN REMEDY FOR MAX SICK- NKSS!I Th«l frulm. reproduces New and Pure Blood— that art* on the liver. heart, hrain. intestine*, limits and chest—that revolutionize* the whole system— gives strength to the most debilitated and weak—tlint contains no mineral, or other poison. •Suck is, in truth. Dr. .Tucob Webber's .Tlistlv Famous In- vigorating Cordial Sanguifier! The extraordinary and strange cures effected liy this beautiful herbal concoction hasastonished all: it seems to suit every constitution. THE OLD, TIIE FEEBLE, THE LAXGIID, feel tlmt new life and blood is given them. The roue, the dissipated debauch ee, the weak from long disease, from taking too much medicine, calomel nnd other mineral poisons; the .voting man whose manhood is wasted, where nature's functions are inert and lifeless, experien ces the bliss of ROBUST AND VIGOHONS MAN HOOD I His appetite is good, his sleep quiet and -efroshing, his mind and memory clear and ccr -ain. m.- Sold in quart bottles by REDINGTOIf * CO. CRANE * BRICUAM, Son Francisco. And all Druggists in California, Oregon and Washington Terrtory. W. 8. C. CLUB HOUBE GIN, THE UXDKRSIGXED, BEING SOLE AGENTS of the above Gin, offer it to the public as the finest HOLLAND GIN, and the only GENUINE CLl'B HOUSE GIN imported to this market. It is put up in GREEN CASES, and brnnced W. S. C\, CLl'B HOI'SE. We shall continue to receive the above Gin regularly. —ALSO— Pure Ambrosial Whisky, >n flasks; Pore Nectar Whisy, in new style bottles : Pure Bourbon whisky. The above Liquors arc from the well known house of Wm. S. Corwin k Co., Xew York, and are guaranteed flue and pure. W. B. CUMMIXGS k CO l:mt SO California st., San Frat BROOKLYN HOTEL CORNER BROAD WA I'AXD SAXSOMf STS., SAM FRANCISCO. TIIE proprietor of this well known and i-1 old established House is still at bis old fl, tricks—feeding the public for the low sum of rors noLi.Aits per week, and the cry is "Still they come I" This Hotel was established in 1852, and the proprietor proudly appeals to its well-known reputation, and at the same time pledges himself to use every endeavor to add to the comfort and convenience of his guests. The Rrooklyn Hotel WAGON will always be ready on the wharf on the arrival of the steamers, to convey passeugers and their baggage to the House, free of charge. To prevent imposition, be positive aud see that BROOKLYN HOTEL is paiuted in large letters on the sides of the wagon. Board per day f I; Board per week $4; — Mealsso cents; —Lodgings 50 cents; —Lodgings per week $2 to (4; — Single rooms 50 rents per night. JOHN KKLLEY, Jr., Proprietor. San Francisco, Oct. 19tb, 1801. 49:m3 SEEDS [SEEDS!! To Dealers, Fararri, (iardcirri aa4 allien. Wr offer the most i xtrnslre assortment of Fresli Field, tiarden, Faait. and Klower Heeds on the Pacific Coast, from the beat grower* in the I'nited States and Enro|ie; comprising in part — 15.000 lbs. Alfiilts Clover Seed, pare growth, IMI. S.oott lb*. Red Clover IM. I ,000 lbs. White Dutch Clover. :.000 lbs. Timothy Gras* Seed. I .000 lb*. Huprias Gras* Seed. I .000 lb*. Millet Seed. I,w»v lbs. Lsnrst Clover Ml. So bosh. Red Too Grass Seed. Ti bash, Keotacfcy MM Grass Seed. 2o bosh. Rye tirass Seed. M bash. Mixed Lawa Urate Seed. 15 bash. Saaprair Clover Seed. I* ba*h. Sweet Vernal Graa* Heed. It hash. Crated Dagteil Crass Heed. 1« bash. California Prairie Clover. hO* lbs. Hagar Bon Seed. MO Bm. Large Bad Mangle Warteel Beet. MO hi. Losf Blood Beef. MO BM. Taraip Blood Beet. 500 hs. Bate Bags Taraip Seed. MO hi. Barir White Datch Taraip Seed, 100 h*. Bed Top Taraip Seed. MO Ihs. LoagOraage Carrot, 100 BM. White Belgtai Carrot. 400 ha. Assorted Oaioa Hood. 1,000 ha. TOP ONIONS. Together with all the varieties retailed Hortlcallaral Implrmsats. Hedge Shears. Praaiag Shear*. Spring Hedge Shears, Praaiag aad Bad diag Knife*. Haws, etc., etc. Homes of IM papers assorted need* pat ap ex pressly for dealers. A liberal diseaaat ariU ho awde to the trade. Wt haTaaTerylae aaaort awat of Dateh Mkm Flowering RooU, which we CM pack M go aacara for aay diiUm. Cataknei feat oa iMlltiliw. AII Ail wwrv wwnvtv w J. r. SWEEXY * CO., 4M Cal , 8M Fraaciaro. Will Beet witk pfWMpt atteatioa Fab. 1, IMS. »*» Thr 't>» purifier of thr HoH i* 11 «I 1 • *"t~ -aparilU. Leonard Scott ACo.'s iiicivimiifiuii. LIOXAMEjjPFIT * CO.. Jtear Tart, M.11.11 , in: 1. TW LOS DOS QUARTERLY. (CwmHw.) t. TW EDIttrRGH REVIEW. (YMg.) S. The SO*TH MUTUW REVIEW. iFrKffcarrb) «. TW YESTMIVfTER REV IE V. |L<Wtml) » K.ICITOOD-S EDfXRTRUH liOAIRI, <T«y , tW* s«aad aa Ikrj Wt« Hf» Milt ■■Mfi lil It iW »«U W irtim, W«| caMiimt Ur la (W kMm aad tW Ma. cUk «• IW itrl>ni" "tin «i nrrj claaa, tWj fur mi*k a mmrr rmrm t aad mi<«KMn m«H af tW <anm limiiMi «f»W<«;,lWwffcwHW»wM iWa caa p—Mj W abiaiaid ka mf atWr WWII. TW rmift of idiiart Sknu IW MM paMi«Wrr |iic» additiuta I i*lm It Ifctac Rfriui, iuwwk M tb«» raa «mi I * flani ia iW Wada of aaWcriWn >WI aa mm aa iW nlglwl Hi limm*. Term*: For ani mc of iW four Rrvirws. prr «aaia4> M For any laa af IW bar Rtikti, " . tN Far aay three of tW fear Btimi, " " .IN For all fear of tW Reviews, " •* .IM For Rlackwood's Magazine. 14 " .IN For Rtakwood aad ou Review, " •' .SM For Rlackwood aad two Rrtittf, " " .IN For Blackwood and Ikrn Retirwa. " " _9 00 For Blackwood aad IW fear Reviews, " _lO 00 MT Moaey carnnt ia the State wbere iaaaed will be received at par. Clubbing. A discount of twenty-five per cent from the above price will be allowed to clubi ordering four or more copies of any one or more of the above work*. Thus four copies of Blackwood, or of on* Review, will be sent to one address for $9 ; four copies of the four Review* and Blackwood for $36- and so on. Postage. IS" In all the principul cities nnd towns, theiie Works will be delivered FREE OF I'OSTAGE. When sent by mall, the Postage to any part of tha United States will be but 24 cents a year for " Blackwood," and but 14 cents a year for each of the Reviews. N. U.—The price in Great Britain of the fire Pe riodicals above named is s3l per annum. Hajr Remittances should alwayt be addressed, post paid, to the Publishers, LEONARD SCOTT * TO., No. 54 Gold street, New York January sth, 18C1. No. 8 Seed Warehouse! Establlnhed !■ ISOO. No. 110 California Street, between Montgomery and Sausome, San Francisco, Cal. Hag for sale the most extensive variety of MIID, Ml TID. MUM AND FRUIT SEEDS) In California, including 30,000 lbs. Pure Altaftt or Clilll Clo ver Seed, of (he New Crop. ITungnriau Gross, Red Clover, Timothy, Kentucky Blue Gross, Canary Bird Seed, White Dutch Clover, &c. Also, Chufas or Earth Al monds, Hyacinths, Tulips, Lilies, And other Bulbous Kootf. Assortments of K«- tive Cnlifomirt Flower and Kvorgreen Seeds, col lected by a well-known Botanist, a 1 way a on band. The undersigned, from his long experience In the business, and his extensive facilities for pro curing his Seeds from the best Seed-growers and Nurserymen, is enabled to offer unusual induce ments to the Trade and large Ityich-owners. , „ The Agents of Wells, Fargo 4 Co. 'a Express, and all other Express Companies connecting there with, arc hereby authorised to art if Agent* for the undersigned, in taking orders for Seeda, and receipting for the same. "> ' Orders by mail also promptly attended to. ▲ liberal discount will be made to the Trade. Par ticular attention given to the cure Ail picking of Seeds for shipment. Your early ordersa^tsolicit ed, which shall have immediate and feithftil at tention. Boxes of Seeds, containing 100 papers, for retailing, in such assortments as desired, ftiraished. 8. W. IIOORB, Seed Warehouse, 110 California St., 8. P., Cal. January 19th, 1801 10:ni6 COMMIT Illuminating Oil! WE are constantly rrceiving invoices of this celebrated brand of with Camph—e, Petroleoas!'Alpha It nai Ola. It is nan sxplailve, and saprist to DOWXERB, *ru,T«tlMr Ollwifit, W* Imtc blm m ku4 the Dowmt's m 4 aflhar Wu4i<( COAL. OIL,. wfckh w« lit tWiwf »l Um Imi ntn. ■TAMP— BiMb. Ru fwriin. hftakw, IMI. 44aJ SAFESt SAFES! r. nuiii. 8 W o!?Anrt *"'*o??jfcmuyi it tofc to ««U torn to tto Miht tor to m ntfMMl Infiwf fnMj. tortog vttMMi to vdlMito Im ■arti— ia mmr aWac I—i. *kM| An ha T« hm "* 1(1 z.^ I. W. MMM*, 4TTOKSIT AT UV.MMMrIa J. m 4 PnrW b Atalwhr v»pi> Mar>k IM? I' '

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