Newspaper of The Washington Standard, May 3, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated May 3, 1862 Page 3
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t V W<" sto l' '' ie P n ' P8 t0 Blve8 lve l'' aco lo ft r.jtl . f l>r.C. 11. De Wolfe. fmm a large „uuil M -r <'> citizens of Port Townscnd, who >. cin to euturta'm a different opinion of hi» !. t tmvs than that expressed by the article v u copy from the Xortk-uxtt. It is very pos sible we may have misapprehended the Doc tor's menninjr, at all events we are willing to accept of his disavowal of any intention to promulgate sentiments of infidelity, whenever In- h <-s proper to make them. • t~- it will seen by the following para graph which we elifi from the Victoria Colonut tint some sneaking BeceßMonfaU have given vent t<> their hatred of our government, by dc -1.-icing the "Coat-of-Arm*" over the Consulate. We are glad to Foe the art condemned by the pre** of Victoria, mid that the citizens have offered a reward of * 200 for the discovery of the .-camps. It is intimated bv the Colonial. that those engaged in the dirty work were persons occupying respectable jmsitiotis in society. If this act is fixed upon them, they will no .inubt be driven from the town ill dis graei : "A Dastakdi.v Act. — The feelings of ltiitinii subjects as well as American citizens have le. ii outraged by the action of some sneaking fellow who, to gratify a spirit of meanness, which we had hoped would never in the breast of any resident of this town, •|.-iul»'il and defaced, with black paint, the <'-arins of the United States over the Anglican Consul's office. The dirty act must have been accomplished some time during Thursday night, and the sneak, if detected, will no doubt, receive a merited punishment from the authorities." [ V'\\"« from tin' Portlaud papers that our fiiend, Paymaster Frances, has been loca ted liy the War Department at Vancouver. AVe most cordially welcome him to our Terri tmv. Holias been engaged for th« past two vcars in editing the Portland Orrgonian, and lie has made it one of the best and most effi cient papers on tlio Pacific coast. A\ e hope the character of the paper will not suffer ma terially from his withdrawal from it. Quite a number of the Daily Oregonkin are taken in this place, but for some cause or other they don't come to hand more than one half the time; while the Advertiser and Times seldom fail. Can it be possible that they are not mailed at Portland ? If they are, they must lie stolen on their way here. If we have pa per thieves on the road, they don't think the .hirer/iter worth stealing, for it always comes to hand. I 2""lhe accomplished and gentlemanly Captain of the ti/iza Anderson, has placed us under many obligations for late San l - ran cisio and Victoria papers. It is much to'lie regretted that while in the «fijnvment of health, so little attention is paid by many, to the preservation of so in i stiinable a blessing. Luxurious living, hab its of indolence, exposure to sudden changes of temperature, and neglect of the premonitory svmptouis of disease, are the precursors of many fatal maladies. Taken upon the first indication of an attack, if any thing will relieve the sufferer, purify the blood, restore a vigor ous circulation, and thoroughly renovate the system it frs Sands' Sarsnpnrilla. A ( A 111). Vi.rt Tow.x sex ft. April, 20tli, 'o*2. Da. ||. DKWOI.KK—.SIH:— We the undersign «<l. having attended a course of your lectures, dc livered in this place, fed it our duty to express to you previous to your departure fiom this town our satisfaction and approbation of them, and think they arc highly beneficial to mankind in a moral, intellectual, mental and social charac ter. and can see nothing in vour language or in the whole course of your lectures that we could consider yon either an atheist or an Infidel; and shall always be fcappy to see you, and hope to be able soon to listen to another course oryonr liigh lv instructing lectures. Wc are Res'ly Yours. Win. II McCanley, D.C. II Rothschild, ll.L.Tib<, L. B. Hastings, 0. W I'arrish A. N. Jones, S.S. 15nlkley, Alberts. Pinkham, J. G.Sterming, 11.11. MeNear, J. Dalgcrdno, W. X. Jnckson, W. Newton, J. C. Appleton, A. Vincent, W. Scullin, J .J. Hardy, J. J. 11. Vonßokkclcn, U.K. Dennisou, 11. A. Moore. Wc arc well pleased with much that wc heard from Dr. De Wolfe, in the two lectures which we attended. Signed—S. Garfielde, D. Thomas, Victor Smith, John Allyn, S. S. Allyn. NOTICE. BARNES. IIENNESS * CO. have thoroughly repaired and improved the UPPER TI'MWA TEU MILL, and are now ready to grind all the wheat in the country. Farmers are requested to . ill before disposing of their wheat, and see that ■'.-■iiucthings can be done better than others.'' Tutnwnter, April 25, 1H62. 24:wl For Sale X HOMESTEADS ASO fALI'ABLE HEAL ESTATE. Building Lots from $lO tn £2OO Each ! 1 Ur, :,<> \'ara lot' ouJ Entire /ilocfo of Uranti.ul fiarJrn Land! IN the City and county of San Francisco, on the line of the San Jose Railroad, at I lie WEST- I.ND I ►KIM IT. The title is absolutely PERFECT. In ; > Spani-h Grant, finally confirmed and pat < ited by the I'uitcd State*. Tlie Hi.ifter Bill respects this Title. The City Authorities respect it, The District Courts and Supreme Court of the United States respect it. Besides the Title hat been fore rer qiirtrtl by a Final Decree ami Judgment uguinit the City <■l th it there is not even a cloud or shadow upon Whoever purchases one of these lots w ill buy .i lot u;id not a lawsuit. Ilfliie No. 19 Naglee's Buildings, corner of M.ntgomcrvaud Merchanl'astreels. San Francisco. HARVEY S. BROWN. _ April 12, 22:mJ JAMES CONNEE 8 SOHB' V. «. TYPE FOI'XDBY. HM. rAI LKNCR, & SOUS, Afeati, .Vu. 520 Santome Street, San /'ranciteo, Cat. Every article necessary for a complete News r>r Job Printiug Office, furnished at the lowest [rices. Also. Agents, for Taylor's, GordonDegcner's, V »vb'irv's. Poller's and Hawkei' Presris. •>pr ; l'u. IMI 21 m 3 PEOPLE8 f EMPORIUM! TT. A _ judson, HAVING added extensively to hi< former stock of goods, be id now prepared to accommo ilute all who may favor liiui with their custom a* to VARIETY, QUALITY and PRICE. His stock consists of— DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, HARDWARE, BOOTS AND SHOES, CLOTHING, BOOKS, YANKEE NOTION'S," Ac., Ac. All of which will be sold chtnptr than the chtap rtt for Cash or Country Produce. Give him a call before purchasing, and sat.ufy yourself that w hat we say is true. Ul,vm|)ia. Feb. 22, 1802. 15:tf Klierlf* Mar*. i,i Hy virtue of mi ntint oiintn or sai.k issued by the clerk of the District Court SC ot the 2d Judi< District of Washiagton Territo ry. aud to ine directed. I have levied upon, seized, and taken into execution, n»d shall tell ut public miction, us the law directs, on the premise-), oil Chambers' Prairie, in Thurston county, in the Ter ritory aforesaid, on Saturday, May 3d, Im;j, at the hour of t o'clock in the afternoon, the follow ing described real estate, viz : All that certain lop messuage. a commodious and substantial barn, and the out buildings and wagon house, tog.-ther with tlie tract of land upon which the same are erected, more p.irlii ularly described ns follows : Situ iteil and being in the county of Thurston and Territory of Washington, known and described on the plat and records of the government survejs of said Territory, on tile in the land otlicc at Olvnipia, as the west half of the south-east quarter of section thirty-three C 1.1.) township eighteen (IH.) north range one (1.) west; and also, the west half of the north-ea»t quarter of sertion (4,'| township seventeen (17.1 north range one (I.) west of the Willamette meridian, containing (l«lt 65-10U) one hundred and sixty-one and 03-100 acres ; and also, tin-north-west quarter of section four i t.) less seven and a half acres, donated for church and school purposes ill said township seventeen (17,) north range one (1,) west, and containing one hundred and lifty-six and 22-100 (150 22 -liloj acres : making an aggregate of three hundred and seventeen ami 87-100 acres, be the same more or less. The above tracts are well-watered, almost entirely prairie, in good state of cultivation, and well fenced. The premises are on the county road leading to Eatons's Mill, and within six miles ofOlympin. The said real estate will be sold, or so much thereof as will satisfy a judgement of tore closure of mortgage, calling for the sum of one thousand and live hundred dollars (5i, 500,) with interest on the same from December 2.">ili, 1801), at the rate of two per cent, per month until paid, together with costs of suit, and increased costs, rendered by the aforesaid Court at its March term, IHOI, in favor of D. J. Ilubbard, and against George A. Tykel. WILLIAM BILLINGS, Sheriff of Thurston county. W. T. Bv R. W., Deputy. Olympia, Mar. 27,*1802. 20:4w BETTER THAN PRESTOS SIERRIII'S AND At Loss Price®! nO.4RIMI.4VS CHALLENGE YEAST TOWDER, FULLY OLA HA STEEI). IF NOT SATISFACTORY, The Money will be Returned! For sill'; bv nil Jobbers, and by J. C. WIN'ANS, 50 California trect, Who will iilso net ns commission ugent for pur chasing nil kinds of goods. Sau Francisco, February, 1801 14:m3 PHELAN'S Billiard. Saloon. rrillK above Ttitlinrd Saloon, with EHillT FIRST | CLASS I'llEliAN TABLES, is now open to tin- public. The Cushions on tliose Tallies arc the latest patent, ami are a great improvement on their predecessors. The ROOM is fitted up so as to combine ELEGANCE with COMFORT. The bar will be kept supplied with the very choicest brands of Wines, Liduors, db Sosars, And the subscribers hope, by strict attention, to merit the patronage of nil who admire and prac tice the GAME OK BILLIARDS. DAN. LYNCH, M. E. HUGHES. t'jO and Montgomery St., Opposite the New Metropolitan Theatre. The subscriber beg* to inform the public that the above mentioned BILLIARD SALOON is aao intended to serve as übhow and salesroom for I*IIEE.4N'S Patent Combination Cushions and Model Mi llard Tablet, And Billiard Trimming* of every description. Parties desirous of purchasing Billiard Tables will thus have an opportunity of selecting from a va ried assortment, both ill style and finish, nnd enn also test the superiority claimed for the Cushions and Tables. Mr. DAN. LYNCH will always be on hand, and ready to give all required information with regard to the merits of these JUSTLY CELE BRATED BILLIARD TABLES. The subscribe! cordially invites all Interested parties to call and examine. M. E. lIUCIIES. Agent for Phclnn's Patent Combination Cush ions and Modern Billiard Tables. Sau Francisco, July 18, 1861. :iß:tn<s* THE FARMER'S GUIDE TO Scientific and Practical Agriculture. Bv HENRY STsriirNs, F. R. S., of Edinburg, and 'the late J. P. NOBTOX, Professor of Scientific Agriculture in Yale Colleg, New Haven, 2 vols. Royal Oetava. 1 COO pages, and numerous En gravings. This is ronfe:tedlv the most complete work on Agriculture ever published, and in order to give it a wiiler circulation,the publishers have resolved to reduce the price to |» for the Two felonies. When sent by mail (post paid) to 4'alifomia, Oregon and Washington, the price will be $7. To eierr other uart of the Union, and to Canada, (post paid) SO. >gfc.This is not the old "Book of the Farm." Remittances for any of the above publications should always be addressed, post paid to the pub lishers, LEONARD SCOTT k CO., No. s*, Gold Street, New York. CLOTHING EMPORIUM, 178 Clay St., and 107 Montgomery St., San Francisco, And ITS Broadway, Wow York. /CONSTANTLY on hand the beat (elected and I / most extensive assortment of Gents'and Boy»' nothing on the Pacific coast, which we can and will sell lower than any other House. Bar's "-«i GMti' CI«(liliR M4c !• order. LOCKWOOD, SWELL t CO. jMUirv, 1? tMI. 10:ly KheriflP* Sale. BY virtue of un Kxecution issued by the Clerk of the District Court of the 2d Judicial Dis- Irict, W. T., and to roe directed, 1 liave levied upon, seized and taken into execution, and will expose for public sale on May,3d, at the hour of 1 p. i., at the Court-house door, in Olympia, the following described property, to wit: All the right, title aud interest of George A. Tykel in lots No. 1, 2, 3, and 4 (one, two, three, and four) in blojk 38, (block thirty-eight) bouuded as follows: on the north by North street, on the east by Cher ry street, on the ;outh by Tenth-street, aud on the west by Jefferson street , also lots No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, C, 7, and 8 (lots No. one. two, three, four, Gye. six, seven and eight (in block 39 (block thirty-nine bounded as follow s ; on the south by I'nion street, on the we«t by Jefferson strict, on the north by Tenth-street, and on the east by Cherry street, all of which property is know n and described on the Town-plat of what is known as Swan's addition to the town of Olympia. The object of said sale is to satisfy a judgement in favor of Win. M. Rut ledge for the sum of #l»2 82 principal with inter est at the rate of two per cent, per month, from the 24th day of April IMtil, and SDSA 14 cost and iucrcascd cost. WILLIAM BILLINOS, Sheriff of Thurston county. W. T. Itv It. W. MOXLIK, Deputy. Olympia, March 22, lt"!l. 19:w4. Columbia Tranportalon Company. fllllK corporators of said company are hereby re- I quested to meet at the COI'KT IIOI'SK, ill the CrTY of VAXCOI VKU, county of Clarke, and Territory of Washington, on MONDAY, the ;il?t day of March, A. D. 1802, at the hour of 10 in the forenoon of said day, to determine the time or times, and piacc or places, of opening books of subscription to the capital stock of said Corpora tion, and to take such other steps for the early or ganization of said Company as mav be lawfully done. A fill' attendance IXPERSON of ILL the Cor porators is respectfully requested. THOMAS 11. SMITH, Temporary I'hairmnn of the Columbia Traiwporf.'ivti Company. Vancouver, March 14, !802. A b. HALMIHE W. T. CHAVES. A. H. HiLMDIK & (0., fill SUSIM HE [IK AND MANUFACTURERS OF Patent Wire Hope Wire suspension bridges of anyspan and capac ity erected, and material furnished. Having been constantly engaged in the erection of Wire Suspension Bridges and Aqueducts for several years past, we nre fully prepared to do such work satisfactorily and to Ul AIiAXTI PERMA NENCY. Parties who nre about erecting bridges will find it greatly to their advantage to give us a call be fore deciding to build wooden structures as the recent Hoods throughout the State have proved them to be wholly unsafe and unreliable. -I HI wi lier of our trirr »u>i>en*ioin arc note in use in different loealities throughout the State, no one nf which ha) hern in thr leant offer ted by the freihrta. WIRE ItOI'K, for mining or ferry purposes, manufactured, of any length nnd size required, being cheaper and better than hemp. Scales of weight nnd strength, with prices an nexed, furnished, on application to the maunfac urcrs. Send for a Circular. A. S. IIA 1.1.11>1K k CO., 421 Clay street Sail Francisco. January 11, 1802. B:m3 Olympia and Seattle NUH.SHHY. (i &XULOFV t, 1 FRANCIS M NATT, Olympia. | Seattle. UAXOLOFI', MOXLIE A CO., OFFER for sale 100,000 Fruit and Ornamental Trees, consisting in part of— -100 Varieties of Apple; 40 " Pear; 45 " Plum; 45 " Cherry; CO " Rose; Shrubs nnd Ornamental Trees, with a "right smart chance" of other ictat, which will be ex changed for CASH or COUNTRY PRODUCE. Catalogues ftirnlshed upon appli -ation. OLYMPIA NUUSKRY is situated j mile south-oast of Olympia. 40 m 4 BROOKLYN HOTEL CORNER UItOAO WA YAXD SASSUME STS., SAN FRANCISCO. TIIIIK proprietor of this well known and J;\ old established House is still at liis old tricks—feeding the public for the low sum of rot'ii doi.i.ahm per week, und the cry is "{Still they come I" This Hotel was established in 1852, atrl the proprietor proudly appeals to its well-known reputation, and at the same time pledges himself to use every endeavor to add to the comfort and convenience of his guests. The iirooklyu Hotel WAGON will always be ready on the wharf on the arrival of the steamers, to convey passengers and their baggage to the House, free of charge. To prevent imposition, be positive and see that BROOKLYN HOTEL is painted in large letters on the sides of the wagon. lionrd per day $1 ; —Board per week St; — Meals 50 cents; —Lodgings 50 cents; —Lodgings per week $2 to $4: —Single rooms 50 cents per night. JOHN KKLLKY, Jr., Proprietor. Sun Francisco, Oct. l!)tb, 1801. Sheriff's Sale. BY virtue of nn execution issued by the Clerk of the District Court of the 2d Judicial Dis trict of Washington Territory,and to me directed, I levied upon, seir.ed, and taken into execution and shall proceed to sell at public sale at the court house door, on Saturday May 10th, 18«2, at the hourofouc o'clock r. n. according to the law, the following described property, In frit: The north half of the south-west quarter and the south half of the the N W quarter of section 18 tewn ship N of Rangeonewest, lying and being in Thurs ton county, W. T. The object of said sale is to satisfy a foreclosure of mortgage, in favor of It. 11. Lansdale r# Jno. F. Devore and E. Devore, his wife, for the amount of SO2O principal, with two per cent interest per month from and after the 10th day of November. 18C0, together with the costs $39 35 and increased costs. WILLIAM BILLINGS. Sheriff of Thurston Co., W. T. Bv R. W. MOXLIE, Depute, Olvmpia, April S,'IKCS. 21:w4 BLOCH, MILLER A:CO., (Surmtori to Priet , MiUrr | Co.) DALLES AND COLVILLE, CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, *c. ALSO 9tapl« Fancy Groceries, Provisions, Wines, Liquors, Etc. A ftill assortment of MINERS' GOODS con ataatly on hand. Mr. BLOCH being a resident of San Francisco, where all our purchases are made, we

•hall be able to offer better inducements than any other House. October 19th, 1861. 47:n>6 Tba boat purifier of the blood l> H<<U's P. •••aifqa. D. FBILLIF* D. L. PHILLIN. D. PHILLIPS & SON, MERMTS ANIt GENERAL SEALERS, Olympia, W. T. OFFER for gale a new stock of— Dry Goods, Groceries. Clothing, Hoots & Shoes, llals and Caps, Crockery and Glassware, Cutlery, jfr., fic. TERM* —Cash or Country Product. Olympia, September 14th, 1801. 44:tf Fr oa po otua. OF TUB NATIONAL REPUBLICAN. Wasni.vcTox, D. C., July 1, 18C1. The undersigned commenced, in the month of December last, the publication, in this cily, of a weekly ucwaiisper, culled the .Xationalßrputliean. It is printed ou a large sliiet, twenty-seven by forty-two inches, aud isfuruUhed at the low prices stated below. It will contain nil the original matter of the daily Xattonal Rcpuhhcan, with the exception of local news not iulerctiiig to country subscriber*. It will give full reports of the proceedings of Congress, and of the other departments of the Na tional Government. It will contain all the new? of the day, foreign ami domestic, markets, Ac., 4c., us well as un original correspondence from all purls of the country. The miscellaneous department will re ceive special Attention, and, iu all respects, the effort will tir made to e.-t:-.tilisli the character of tiie \iili'>nnl Krprhlican as a Family Newspaper. Washington being now the central point of the current military operations, great attention will be paiil to furi'Ulirng the renders of the Xativnal licpuhlirjn with full, aud especially with accurate, accounts of the progress of the war for the I'nion. In politic, the piper will lie Republican, sus taining tin Administration of Mr. Lincoln, hut dis claiming. h >wevcr. any pretension to be the orga of the I'rc idt lit. Then' is no oilier Republican paper in the Dis trict of Columbia, or in the vicinity of it, and it is believed that recent events have opened to such a paper an important sphere of useful effort. The time has conic, when tlicactual administration of the (luvernment upon Ucqublicim principles will explode the misrepresentations which have nii'.de those principles so distasteful to the South. Hut it is not only here, and in this vicinty ,tliai the projectors of.the National Republican hope to make it useful. To the w hole country they offer a journal which will discuss national politics froma national standpoint, mid which will never be swerved from patriotic duty by any overpowering pressure of local interest. Term* of Bubficrlptloii. One copy, one year $2 00 Three copies, one year 5 00 Five copies, one year 7 00 Ten copies, one year 12 00 Twenty copies, one year 20 00 One copy, sir months 1 00 Three copies, six moiitns 2 50 Five copies, six months A SO Ten copies, six months 6 00 Twenty copies, six months 10 00 Patmeul always in advance When a Club of subscricers has been forwarded, additions may be made to it ou the same terms It is not necessary that the subscribers to a club should rc-clve their papers at thesame post oflice. Money may be forwarded by mail, -it our risk. Large accounts can be remitted in drafts on Bos ton, New York, Philadelphia, or Baltimore; smaller amounts in g«.ld, or in notes of solvent banks. The n .,ily Xatunal fiijntblican is published every morning (Sundays excepted) at $3 50 pci annum, in advance. Address* W. J. MURTAGII It CO., [so:ly] Washington, I). C. CLOVE ANODYNE TOOT II A € II U DROPS, Cures In one illlnule!!! ONLY 25 CTS, CUIVF ANOIIVNK will not injure the guuis or teeth, or unpleasantly affect the breath. A' AM /) II //. I T OKXTISTS SA )' OF IT. Messrs. A. B. & l>. SANDS, Gentlemen ; In the course of my practice, I have extensively used your Clove Anodyne with much success, for the relief of the Toothache ; unci us 1 constancy rec ommend it to my patients, I deem it but just to in form you of the high opinion I have of it over oth er remedies. lam yours vcrv rcspectfull, M. LKVETT, Dentin. Will be sent free per Mail to any part of the United States upon the receipt of 30 ccuts iu post age stamps. Prepared by \. 11. Si D. SANDS, Druggists, 100 Fulton street, corner of William, New York. For sale by Dr. WILLARD, Olympia CEO. L. KENNY, HAVING withdran from the firm of H. IT. Ban croft k Co., has this day associated himself with Mr. J. D. ALEXANDER) und will continue the BOOK m STATU HESS, In All Its Branches, At COG and SOS Montgomery Street, SHERMAN'S BUILDING, Opposite the old stand, under the name of KENNY k ALEXANDER. San Francisco, May 20, 1861. 2'J:m3 lIKO. I. KFNNY '• D- AHIASDII (Late of 11. 11. Bancroft k Co.) BOOKS A3D STATIONERY. QAA VOLS. LAW BOOKS, f J |ii.noo Vols. Miscellaneous Books. 100,000 Vols. School Books. 1.000 " Medical Itooks. 2,0ti0 Reams Letter I'apcr. son Krams Cap I'aper. f>oo Keauis Legal tip. and 600 Reams Note Paper. 600,000 Envelopes, assorted. For sale at tbe lowest rates by KENNY k ALEXANDER, cor. and COS Montgomery Street San Francisco. Juue 3, 1801. 33:m8 HENRY M. M'CILL, [LATE SECRETARY OF THE TERRITORY.] Attomoy-at-liaw, Com-nittivmr of (if C'vurl of P/fl'm of V. 8. —AND — Comraissioer of Dc;'Jifor Oregon an J Washington. lIT ILL devote special intention to the prepara- W lion of the nece#sarv papers to accompany claims undtr the act of March 114, l»t>l. for the payment of the war debt, and to business before the V. 8. Land Oflice*. Ulrica—Un Main Hi., Olympia, W. T. [4l] OLYXPIA WAGON MAVUFACTOBY. Stuart & Blackshoar, WOULDinfortn thecitiieasofOlym- QdFjIJL pia aud the surrounding country " ' that tbey are now manufacturing WAGONb,CAR RIAGES aud BUGGIES of ull descriptions, from the best of imported material, by experienced work men, for which WHEAT will be taken In exchange, delivered at the Tumwater mill*. Shop corner 3d and Chinook Street*. O'ynf I *, Df?»raher J, 19S0- 4-tf IIYItUATQR CBIIIL SIKML SICK MEN Am WOMEN t! What CsuUtstM ■•alt* f T> ICR, Par* Blood, Natural Psnplratlos, Good t\i appetite for Food, 8le«p, Exercise and tit* Enjoyments of Nature, with Btrragth of Body, Mind and Limbs— Activity of tha Liver, tad all other Natural Function*—such a atata la Mt by all, after using Dr. Webber's laflfsratlsff Car- Mai SaavaMtortt To many, the abov* may seem extravagant rraiseoftbis concoction, but if they could ace, a* have, the many whom thi» ha* restored to health, they would not be surprised at any lan guage used in its praiae, To offer more certifica tes, :s useless ; at Icait eighty have already been published, and only the thick-headed, *el&wlM skeptic aad unbeliever can doubt that it i* the most blessed health-restorer and strength-giver ever invented by man. It restore* and perma nently invigorates the broken down system. Nay, more, it replaces natural weakness and (trength. The desponding it revives, the feeble it endows with vigor, and the cheerfulness and (trength which it restores, or creates, it also prtserve*. To the sickly wife it imparts that degree of vital force necessary to the crowning joy and great ob ject of matrimony. To the debilitated husband, it gives the nervous and muscular energy which characterizes manhood. In all case* of nervous disease, low spirits, indigestion, liver complaint, iudlsposltlou to mental exertion, lassitude, emaci ation, impotence, Ac., iu fact, in all complaints, acute and chronic, which depreu and weigh down the mind and body, it is au absolute, infallible gpccific, NATURE'S OWN RKMEDY FOR MAN SICK- NESS ! I That creates, reproduces New and Pure Blood— that acts on the liver, heart, brain, intestines, limbs and chest—that revolutionizes the whole system —gives strength to the most debilitated and weak—that contains no mineral, or other poison. Such is, in truth. Dr. Jacob "Webber's Justly Famous Iu- vigorating Cordial Sanguifier! The extraordinary and strange cures effected by this beautiful herbal concoctionhasastonished all: it sceuis to suit cvervconsiitution. THE OLD, THE FEEBLE, THE LANOI'ID, feel that new life and blood is given them. The roue, the dissipated debauch ee, the weak front long disease, from taking too much medicine, calomel and other mineral poisons; the young man whose manhood is wasted, where nature's functions are inert and lifeless, experien ces the bliss of ItOBUST AND VIGOROUS MAN HOOD ! Ilis appetite is good, his sleep quiet and ~cfroshing, his mind and memory dear and cer .ain. Sold in quart bottles by REDIXGTOK It CO. CRANE fc BRIGHAM, San Francisco. And all Druggists in California, Oregon and Washington Terrtory. SEEDS! SEEDS!! To Dealers, Farmers, Gardeners and others. Wk offer the most extensive assortment of Fresh F.ield, Garden, Fauit, and Elower Seeds on the Pacific Coast, from the best growers in the United States and Europe; comprising in part.— 15,000 lbs. Alfalfa Clover Seed, pure growth, 1861. 2.000 lbs. lied Clover Seed. 1,000 lbs. White Dutch Clover. 2,000 lbs. Timothy Grass Seed. 1,000 lbs. Hungarian Grass Seed. 1,000 lbs. Millet Seed. 1,000 lbs. Lucerne Clover Seed. 50 bush. Ilcd Top Grass Seed. 75 bush. Kentucky Hluc Grass Seed. 2o bush. Rye Grass Seed. 20 bush. Mixed Lawn Grass Seed. 15 bush. S.vnprair Clover Seed. 10 bush. Sweet Vernal Grass Seed. 10 bush. Created Dogtail Crass Seed. 10 bush. California Prairie Clover. 500 lbs. Sugar fleet Seed. 500 lbs. Large Red Mangle Wurtiel Beet. 300 lbs. Long Blood Beet. 200 lbs. Turnip Blood Beet. COO lbs. Rutn Baga Turnip Seed. 200 lbs. Early White Dutch Turnip Seta. 200 lbs. Red Top Turnip Seed. 200 lbs. Long Orange Carrot. 100 lbs. White Belgian Carrot. 400 lbs. Assorted Onion Seed. 1,000 lbs. TOP ONIONS. Together with all the varletie* required Horticultural Implements, Hedge Shears, Pruning Shears, Spring Hedge Shears, Pruning ud Bud- ding Knifes, Saws, etc., etc. Boxes of 100 papers assorted seeds put up ex pressly for dealers. A liberal discount will be made to the trade. Wo have a very line assortment of Dutch Bulbous Flowering Roots, which we can pack to go secure for any distance. Catalogues sent on application, Alt orders addressed to J. P. SWEENY k CO., 406 Cat., San Francisco, Will meet with prompt attention. Feb. 1, 18C2. Goal OH AND COAL OIL LAMPS, r¥lOG ETHER with alt kinds of Burning and 1 Machinery Oils, for sale at gretlly red-iced rates. Also FOR HEATING ROOMS, for Cooking, mndftr Uratiag fUt trm* STANFORD BROTHERS, California street, near Frwrt, San Francisco Sarjeat Meadow ttraaa Seed. TUIS seed the acknowledged superiority of which, for either dry aeadowa or for Mad) prairies, foi pasturage or for Mowing, has ren dered it so jiopular, can be fonnd in quantities to suit purchasers, at the store of 1 C. ■. WILLIAMS. N. B —Time for sowing in February or March. November 2d, IKI. 5I:»3 W. S.C. CLUB HOUSE GIN, THE UNDERSIGNED, BEING SOLE AGENTS of the above Gin, offer it to "J""* HOLLAND GIN, and the oaly GEN LINE CLIB HOUSE GIN imported to thia Market. It ia put np la GREEN CASES, and totaled W. S. C., CLvB HOCBE. We shall coatlane to receive the above Gin r^aUrty. Port Anbrocial Wkiakj, la «U»ki; Pan Vaster Wkiij, toMw«ty»a bottle. ; Pwlmt— wkUkr. The above U«aow are Ami Ike weM kaewa bouae of Wm. 8. Corwla * o*., *•» York, and are g*araatoed fiM aad pure. W. B. CCMMINGS * CO 1 :ai *0 CaJjfftrcla rt , Sip Frar Leonard Scott A€o.'s uwn OF TN ■tmnißßnawi AND iLiciTiirs IKIIIII. LEONARD SCOTT ft CO., New York, continue to nfablUk tki following British Periodl , tU: 1. The LONDON QUARTERLY, (Conservative.) i. The EDINBURGH REVIEW, (Whig.) I. Tht NORTH BRITIBH REVIEW, (Free Church) 4. Tht WESTHINSTER REVIEW, (Liberal.) 5. BLACKWOOD'S EDINBURGH HAG At IKB. (To*.) These PctMinli ihljr rspreeent the neat poli tical parties of Greet Britain—Whig, Tory, ud Radical; hot politics km only one (suture or their character. As organs of the aost profound writers on Science, Literature, Morality, and Religion, they stand as they hare ever stood, unrTraled In the world of letters, being considered indispensa ble to the scholnr and the professional su, while to the intelligent reader of every class, they ftir nish a more correct and satisfactory record of the current literature of the day, throughout the worid than can possibly be obtained from nny other source. The receipt of Advance Sheets fron the RiJtUh publishers gives additional value to tbeee reprints, inasmuch as they can now be placed In the hsnSs of subscribers nbont as soon as the original edi tions. Terms: For any one of the four Reviews, per annum~f 3 00 For any two of the four Reviews, " " -5 00 For nny three of the four Reviews, " " .I 00 For all four of the Reviews, " • 00 For Blackwood's Magazine, " " ~3 00 For Blackwood and or.e Review, " '« _5 00 For Blackwood and two Reviews, " " »J 00 For Blackwood and three Reviews, " " »# 00 For Blackwood and the four Reviews, " ..10 00 BST Money current in tbc State vrbere issued will be received at par. C lubbing. A discount of twenty-five per cent from the above price will be allowed to clubs ordering four or more copies of any one or more of the above worka. Thus four copiei of Blackwood, or of one Review, will be sent to one address for $9 ; four copies of the four Review* and Blackwood for S3O - so on. Postage. tßf all the principal cities and towns, these Works will be delivered FREE OF POSTAGE. When sent by mail, the Postage to any part of the United States will be but 34 cents a year for <• Blackwood," and but 14 Cent! a year {breach of the Reviews. N. B.—The price in Great Britain of the five Pe risdicals above named is s3l per annum. Remittances should always be addressed, post paid, to the Publishers, LEONARD SCOTT * CO., No. 54 Gold street, Ntw York January Sth, 1861. No. 8 Seed Warehouse! Establl«hed In 1850. No. 110 California Street, between Montgomery and Sansome, San Francisco, Cat. Has for sale the most extensive vnrlety of CM fill MUM AND FRUIT SEEDS, In California, including 30,000 lbs. Pure Alfttftoor Chill Cle ver Seed, of the Mew Crop. Hungarian Grass, Red Clover, Timothy, Kentucky Blue Grass, Canary Bird Seed, White Dutch Clover, Ac. Also, Chufas or Earth Al monds, Hyacinths, Tulips, Lilies, And other Bulbous Root*. AnortmcMi of Ka» tive Cnlifornia Flower and Evergreen Seed*, col lected by a well-known Botanist, always on hand. The undersigned, from hi* long experience in thn business, and his extensive facilities for pro* curing bis Seeds from the best Seed-growers ana Nurserymen, is enabled to offer unusual Moec ucuts to the Trade and large Ranch-owners. The Agents of Wells, Fargo * Co.'« Express, and all other Express Companies connecting there with, are hereby authorized to act an Agents f#r the undersigned, in taking orders for Seeds, ana receipting for the same. Orders by mail also promptly attended to. A liberal discount will be made to the Trade. Par ticular attention given to the eareftil packing of Seeds for shipment. Your early orders are solicit* ed, which shall have immediate and faithlUl at* tent ion. # % Boxes of Seeds, containing 100 papers, for retailing, in such assortments as desired, tarnished. S. W. MOORS, Seed Warehouse, 110 California St., S. P., Cat. January 19th, 1861 10:m8 COMET Illuminating Oil! WE are constantly rrceiving invoices of this celebrated brand of which is gmaraatoed entirely pare and unmixed with Camphene, Petroleum, or Aspbnltea Ois. It is non-explosive, and snperior to DOWNER'S, or any other Oil erir esade. We have alao aa hand the Downer's and other brands of COAL OIL., whkfc we an eetllag at ike law—l rate#. ITiirM* IRNk) Califorala HH Fcaai. Saa Fraaciaeo, B*plmbtr, IMI. 44cart SAFES ISAFEB! r. TIMAI, MMqr MrMt, 9mm flMlilM, OOLB A mat for TILTO3 ft MeFABLAMD'S CT tHrtwW Flie-Piaef aaH ln|hr Saflta. TaU Safe ia wall kaewa la tke aMifeat fee Ma mm •arpawad ire-proaf qaalitjr, kariaf *H>l»aa< in CaUforaia. aa wall ia the Kaat, tka kattaet Ivaa kaowa. We caa rtfcr la aatteai twtilcalea ftia aartiea ia ear aiaiag tawaa, wkeia tkeae Sato bare baea aabfect to the aaet eevere (eale tf H% Ire qaaHltw Tteae IMa are ware* kjr «|| Tkie Leek ia ia erevj wrnl tka Ml amn aM la aea; U reqetro tb* Mr *■< eewkfaatfea ta aaea tka M. If Ike key ikaaM ka aketteeHi tatkaavaKkiMli ka putiatli aaataa ta ike fOMtaaar wnavft kia Uewiag tke eapki*. tlaa. or veatat wkklr" the Qwaer ktokeai. To laoeeiavaat at a reliable aafctV«af»*e hi? Mita. H Battery at., T. w. mbiimi A TTORNEY At LAW. BeHaWar la Okaaeen, A and Procter la AAalrafty. <W. Xar«b, iHI IK

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