Newspaper of The Washington Standard, May 3, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated May 3, 1862 Page 4
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Emancipation Projects. One of tbc most singular facts to which tho war has given birth is that the men most in terested in maintaining slavery are those who have most effectually undermined the founda tions of tho institution. To benefit slavery the Pemoeratic Convention nt Charleston was rent ia twain, nnd to extend it, Mr. Win. L. Yancey - fired the Southern heart." The Abolitionists, with all their wild ravings for a quarter of a century and more, have not done half as much towards emancipation as Davis, Toombs, and Stephens. Years ago, the Southern people with one ac cord agreed that slavery was an evil, but ir radicablo in its nature. It has been said that, of late, that sentiment has been revolution ized, and that it is now regarded as ono of Heaven's best gifts to man. So. at least, the politicians have told us, and so tho newspa pers assert; but we do not believe a word of it. It is impossible that so radical a change could have taken place in the minds of any people. The opinion that slavery was an evil was the result of the experience of n ecu tury or two, ami the question, therefore, arises what could have transpired within the last twenty-five years to upset all the conclusions of the past ! The history of the I nited States will be searched in vain for the cause, for it never had an existence. It certainly will not be found in the astonishing progress made in the free States, when compared with their Southern sisters, in all things that go to make a great nation. If anything has forced the Southern peo ple to rally more determinedly around the in stitution it was no higher feeling than that of obstinacy. For years and years they had been assailed by the abolition fanatics of the North, and so hot and furious grew the fight that all fellowship ceased, and even churches were rent in twain. The misfortune was that the Southern people attached too much im portance altogether to the Garrisons, Bur leigh*, Smith and the strong-minded women in pants. They rcgnrdedtheiu as the exponents of Northern sentiment; but the events of the war have demonstrated that they are only a small fraction of the people—powerless to con trol or shape the policy of the Government. Iu n word, then, to rid themselves of the as saults of the Abolitionists our Southern fellow citizens have turned abolitionist themselves, if not purposely, at least in fact. In the pros ecution of the war, slaves will run away and rebel masters may catch them if they can. More than this, the indications are, that be fore ten years have elapsed gradual emanci pation will be inaugurated in the border slave States. Slavery is not a. paying institution by any means, even in Virgiuia. We heard an instance a few days ago of a gentleman who, before the war broke out, had a farm in that State and a plantation iu Mississippi, both worked by slaves, but it required the profits of the latter to make up the losses ol the former. In the end he was forced to move all his negroes down South and turn his Virginia property into a sheep ranch. In this state of a flails the Government, as we learn from lute dispatches from the East, proposes to step in—that is to say the Feder al Government will meet half way any slave State desiring to emancipate, and contribute an equal proportion toward th<> compensation of the owners. At least President Lincoln has made a suggestion of that kind to Con gress, and Congress, we presume, will carry it out. It is not proposed, be it remembered, that the Government shall take the initiative by any means in freeing the slaves upon any plan, but that it shall act as an auxiliary to any State that may resolve upon taking such a step. It could not of its own motion inter fere between the master and slave without a violation of the Constitution, for the defence of which the whole North has rallied almost to a man. After the soreness resulting from the conflict has passed away the probabilities are that Kentucky will lead off in this great work, and Deleware, Maryland and Missouri will follow Virginia, which ought to be the first, will probably be the last, for the "Moth er of Statesmen" seems to have grown deliri ous of late. She can no longer discern the side upon which her bread is buttered, but soon the fever will subside aud renewed health and vigor await her. The war has, at least, stripped slavery of tho divine attributes once ascribed to it. It is no longer a subject which must not be touched in any manner, shape or form. If we had uo rebellion it is possible that in ten years more no oue would be suffered to speak ot the institution but with 'bated bnatli. lor it was being rapidly converted iuto a sort of moral Juggernaut, lieneath the the remorse less whei-Is of which free speetii itself w ould be crashed ont. It can now be treated like all other subjects, without raising a stonn in any quarter. It is brought again within the •cope of reason, logic and the facts.— S. F. Alt a. I'RISUX Lars IN RICHMOND. —During hi* imprisonment in Kichuwod, »be Hun. Alfred Ely kept i daily journal of Lis irksome and »ad cxperiencw, aud took niauy notes of what be MW and heard, aud these papers have been placed in the hands of Mr. Chas. I*anman to be prepared for the pree*. The volume will be published in a short time by the Messrs. Appletou, of New York, and from its romantic character will of course be extensively circu ited. We learn that in the appendix will be found a complete list of all the I' uiou prison ers taken since the commencement of the war, with reoord n of their fiUo or present locality . 1 [BY AITHORITV.] 1? SITED STATES .HAILS. WASHINGTON TERRITORY POST OrricE DEPARTMENT, \ Washington, October no, IBCI. ) PROPOSALS will be received at the t Oilier of this Department until I" a. in. of uondav. March :U, fur cuuvejin- the mails of the United States lor four years. commencing Julv I, 18«2, nnd ending June 30, >in the Territory of Washington. On the route* ami by the schedule* of departures and iirr.wl., bcrc:ii specified. Decisions announced by April 10.|8i'.2. Rout' 1 No. 15251 From t'lnqu.*lo to Boisfort, 12 miles and baek once a week. Leave Claquato Thursday a; 12 m ; Arrive tit Mni-fort by 4 p in. Leave Boisfort Friday at 7 a m; Arrive st Clutjuato by II am. Bids to run both ways the same d.ty will bo considered. 15252 From Lluy's Landing, by t'oveland. Oak Harbor and Miller's Point to I t-aladn (on McDouough'a Island,) limilvj and back, once a week. Leave Kbey's Landing Tuesday at 10 a m ; Arrive at i'tsalada bv «; p in ; Leave I'tsalada Wednesday at S a in . Arrive at Kbev's Laudiii;,* by l p in; Bids to make tw > trips n week will be coii eidcreu ; also to commence at Poll Townsrnd. 7 miles further. 15253 From Fort L'olvillo. by American creek, to Similkauicen, 95 miles and ba. k. oucc a month. Leave Fort t'olville the fith of eai h month ; Arrive al Similknmeen in four day.-; LeavefMinilkameenon the lstofe.uh month ; Arrive at Fort t'olville in four davm Bids to run only as far American creek. 75 miles, w ill be cor-idercd. 15251 From Fort t'olville lo I'end d Oreille Lake. 20<i miles ami back, once a month. Lfave F«irt t'olville on the Ist of each month ; Arrive nt l'end d Oreille in ten days: Leave Pend d'Oreille Lake on the 15th of each mouth ; Arrive at Fort t'olville in ten days. 15255 From New Dungrness, bv Cherbourg nnd Neali Buy. to Cape Flattery, 75 miles and back, once in two weeks. Leave New Dungcness even otiicr Monday al 7an>; Arrive at Cape Flattery Wednesday by 2 p m ; Leave Cape Flattery every other Thursday at 7 a m ; Arrive at New Dungcness Saturday by 1 p 15250 From Oakland, by North Itay. to Scabecl., 37 railed nml back, oiive n week. Leave Oakland Monday at U a in; Arrive at Seabeck by i! p 111 ; T.euve Seiibeck Wednesday ut 0 a m ; Arrive at Oakland by <> p in. 15257 From Oakland, by Montcsnno and Cosmop olU, (Cliolialis ('. II.,) to t'licliulis I'oint, on (iray's Harbor, 70 miles and back, once a week. Leave Oakland Monday at P. a in ; Arrive at Chehalin Point next day at 2 p ni ; Leave Chehalis Point Wednesday at 0 a in ; Arrive at Oakland next day b 2 by in Hid? for the part to Montesano, 41) miles, by a schedule to be stated by the bidder, arc invited. 12258 From Olympia, by Xesqnally, to.Steilacooni City, 25 miles and back, twice a week. Leave Olympia Tuesday and Friday at 7 a Arrive at Stcilaeoom City by :t p m Leave Steilaeoom City Monday and Thurs day at 7 a m; Arrive at Olympia by It p m. Bids for more frequent service ate invited. 15259 From Olympia, by head of Totton's Kid's, ami Humniersly s Inlets, to Oakland and bark, once in two weeks. Bidders to specify distance, and schedule of ar rivals and departures. 1.12G0 I 10m Olympia. by Arkada and Oakland, to Skokomisli, :i"> miles and back, once a week, in boats. Leave Olynipia Friday nt 8 a 111; Arrive at Skokomisli next day by 10 a in : Leave Skokoinisli Wednesday at - p in ; Arrive at Olympia next day by 4 p in. 152i1l From Olympia, by Miama l'rairie, Ceilar ville, Montesano, and Chcliulis l'oint to Oystcrville, 100 miles and buck,once in two weeks. Leave Olympia every Monday at 8 a in; Arrive at Oystcrville next Wednesday bv 2 p m ; Leave Oystcrville every other Thursday at H n in ; Arrive nt Olympia next Saturday by 2 p ni. Hids for weekly trips will be considered. 5202 From Olympia by Yelm, to Spanaway, -to miles and back, once in two weeks. Leave Olympia every other Monday at 7 a m ; Arrive nt Spanaway by fi p ni; Leave Spanawayeverv otherTud'y at 7 a m, Arrive at Olympia by 0 p m. Itiils for weekly trips will be considered. 152G3 From Olympia, by llaker's, Union, Fort Willopa, Heaver, Hruceport, Oystcr ville, and Pacific City, to Astoria, Or egon, 136 miles and back, once a week. Leave Olympia Tuesday at (I a in j Arrive at Astoria next Friday by 4pm; Leave Astoria Tuesday by <; a m; Arrive at Olynipia next Friday by 4 p in. 152G4 From Port (iambic to Scabeek, 18 miles and back, once a week. Leave l'ort Gamble Tuesday at 8 a ni ; Arrive at Scabcck by 2 p m Leave Scabcck Monday at Ham; Arrive at Port (iambic by 2 p in ; liids logo and return the same day will be considered. 16205 From Port Townscnd. by Port Discovery, to New Dungcness, 2<» miles and back, oner a week. Leave Port Townsend Monday at ; am; Arrive nt New Dnn(rene<i by 4pm: Leave New DunKene«s Tuesday at 7 u in . Arrive at Port To»u-end by 4 p in. Proposal* for the part to Port Discovery. In a schedule to be proposed by the bid der. w ill be considered. 15206 From Seattle. by Meridian Prairie to Ran ger's l'rairie and hack, once a month Didders to specity di-tanre and nhcuie of arrivals and departure -15207 From >kolocii,li to Srabeck. 27 mile* and back, o»ce a week, by water. I.eave SkokoraDh lli.inlai at t> a ni. Arrive at Seaheck by K )< m ; Leave Seat>erk Tue-day at <. a m Arrive at Skokonu.-h by 0 p m 15208 From Sko«kum< buck, by Newaucum and Highland, to Covlitl, 25 mile* aud bark, once a week Lea\r Skookaacbu k Thursday at 7 a » . Arrive at Cowlitz by 4 p m : Leave C'owliti W r lottujt at 7 a ni Arrive at Skoukumcbuck by 4 p ni IS2CJ From Steilacoom city, by Frauklm, to Se attle. 35 miles and lurk, once a *t(k Leave Steilacoom city Friday at 6 a lu : Arrive at Seattle by ti p ni; Leave Seattle Saturday at ti a m : Arrive at Steilarouru t ity by C p m 15270 From Steilaroom city to Arkada. 22 miles anil bark, once a week, by water. Leave Ctfilaruoß rity Friday at 8 a a . Arrive at Arkada by « p ni ; Leave Arkada Saturday at * a in Arrive at Strilacooa rity by (pa. 152 71 From The Italic*, in Oregon, by {' Valley. Okantkan. and Falla of Okan akan. to Kock Creek, 30v mile* aad back, once a month Leave The Dalles on the lirst of earli mouth Arrive a* Rock Creek in fifteen days Leave l: li C:cek on the first of each mouth: Arrives! The Dalles in lifteen days. 15272 From the Dalles, Oregon, to Wailept.l. \Vu-liia"tou Territory, 175 mile* and btvk. once in two weeks. Lcavi Tti" Dalles every other Monday nt 7 a tu ; Arrive nt Wailept.i next Saturkav by :) pni; Leave W.iilepta every other Monday at 7am Arrive at Tlie Dalles next Saturday by J p in : Lids for route extendi d to Fort Colville, will I>. • :.:i-ii!iMi d : itlso bids lor week ly trip'. I » a -• lic.lulc to be specified by the biiidel 1527.! From \ ..n- ouver, by t' ithlapoodlc, to I'e kin !!"> mile/ and back, once a week. Leave Vain Oliver \V< due d ly at 7 a m ; Arrive at I'ekin by ('• p in ; Leave I'ekiu Tuesday nt 7 a ni; Arrive at Vancouver In i; p iu. N (T T K S . Propo al- must be to curry the mail with '•ce lerity. ceil iutv and security : ' using the terms of tin l.iw.and they uiu.-t be guarantied by two re sponsible per-oil 1 . ccrtil:. Ito a" filch by u post master or judge of n court of record. No pay will be made for trips not perform' 1. and l> i' cadi ot -n■ li omission< not satisfactorily cxpbiini-d three time- tlie pay of the trip may be ileil icti I. IVrarriyab- n far behind time as to break connexion with defending mails, mid n<•* -utli ii ntly excused. one-fourth of the cotupi n-a tioii for tli'' trip i subject to forfeiture. Fines will be imposed, unless the del ill'] UOliry be t ati..fucto rily i \|>l iiii< d. for neglecting t« • take the mail from or into n post otliee : for flittering it to be injured, destroyed,robbed, or lo>t: and fur refusing, after deuiatid, ti COUM V tin mail as frequently as the contractor runs, or i< concerned iu running vehic les on the route. The Postmaster Cent ral may il ii li ii I tin* .unir.'i t for \ lot itb.n ol* tl,e (mat offlec laws, or for I' the in-trui 'lions of the department, lb tun alter tin' schedule, and also order an increase of . i n ice by allow ing there for a I'IO r-ilti increase on tlie coulr..ct pay. lie may also curtail ordiscontiue the -unice in whole or ill part, at prn niht d rea-e of pay. alio" in; one month's extra compen atlon on the amount of service dispensed with. |!id- lioubl be addressed to the ••Second Assistant I'oslma-ter tSenera]." super-erib' d " Proposals Territt-ry of Washing ton,'' and ••nt by mml. For forms ••>" proposals Ac.. and other informa tion, sec advertisement of this dale, in pamphlet form, at tlio principal post office*. Blank proposals will furnished on epplicn tion to tin* Postmaster at Olympia, Steilacoom and .Seattle; and Astoria, Oregon. M. IJLAIR. [ll mil] I'oitmaiter Matrimonial. MATRIMONIAL. —A voting gentleman, whose personal appearance, fortune and position is is A No. 1, wishes to unite himscif to a lady with similar qualifications. The advertiser being sin cere, will here describe himself, and although he is young in appearance he will admit him-clt on the "shady side" of tifly. The advertiser is of medi um stature, neither "too fat nor too lean dark eyes and oxpresMVe, animated countenance : and he must here confess be is vain in stating he has the most Miowy white teeth, (natural ones;) hands, brow ai■ • I skin as clear as a child's : his hair and whiskers are n deep brown, and he can assure you all that these latter beauties were given him by using, for two months. Lafont s West India Soap. Teeth Root for his yellow teeth, and Jones' Coral llair Restorative on his tiray, Coarse hair, and by shaving and washing with Jones' Italian Soap. Ilis coarse, wrinkled skin and hands have thus been made white and clear. These beautiful ar tides can be had at reasonable rates at every drug cisre in California, Oregon and Washington Terri otry. CRANK k HRKiItAM. Coal Oil AND COAL OIL LAMPS, f I'VICKTIIKIt with nil kinds of Burning and J M acliinery Oils, for sale at j; to at Iv rcd'iccd r. ill's. Also Bro-Vapor Stoves FOR lIKATINti ROOMS, For Cooking, am!fur Iltilinj Fiiit Iron* Ft'll SALK VF.IIY LOW IIY ST A XFORO Ull OTHERS, California street, near Front, San Francisco Karjrnt Meadow Mcfd. rilllis seed tin 1 acknowledged superiority of £ u liic h, fur either 11rv meadows or for sanilv prairies, lot pasturage or for mowing, lias ren dered it so popular, euii lie found in «|utintilies to suit purchasers, at tho store of C. E. WILLIAMS. K. 15.—Time for sowing in February or March. November lid, IHUI. fil:m3 CLOTHING EMPORIUM, 178 Clay St., unci 107 Montgomery St., San Francisco, And ITS Broadway, New fork. CONSTANTLY on hand the best selected and most extensive assortment of dents'and Hoys' Clothing on the Pacific coast, which we can and will sell lower than any other House. ■loy'N and Gents' t'lolliliig nmdc lo Order. LOCKWOOD, KWKLL A Co. January, I!) 1801, 10:Iy SEEDS! SEEDS!! To Healers, Farmers, Gardeners and others. Wl offer the most i xtensivc assortment of Fresh Field, Harden, Fauit, and Glower Seeds on the I'acitie Coast, from the best growers in the I'nited States and Kurope : comprising iu pari— I " lb>, A Italia Clou r Seed, pure growth. 18tU. •J. ono lbs. Ited Clover Seed. I .000 ll,s. U bite Duti h Clover. ■.'.onii lbs. Timothy (Srass Seed. 1.000 lbs. Hungarian (ira»s See], 1.000 lbs. Milb-t Seed. 1.000 ||,s. I.U< erne Clover Seed, r.o bu*h. Bed Top (Irass Seed. I.'l btt«b Kcutueky Itlue tira>» Sied. -O bush. Bye ttrass Seed. 2o t,u-h Mixed Lawn tirass Seed. I.', (tilth Smprair Cloter Seed |u bu>h Sni'i-t Vernal (Srass SeJ 10 bu«h. Crttlwl |i<a>uil Crass Seed. 10 bit-h California Prairie Glover. .'».<• lb' Sugar Beet Seed. ;.o p lit. Large (led Maagle WurUel Beet. :.oo Bis. Blood Beet. ;o« lbs Turnip Blood Bret ioo ftw KUU Baga Turnip Seed. 2'bt |t>- f.irlt White Dutch Turnip Seed. J'Si lt>«. R«-d Top Turnip Seed. >1 lbs Long Oraage I 'tnul. 100 Pn. \\ bile Belgian Carrot. 4ito It: Assorted Onion Seed I.mni tin TOP ON"IONS. Together with all ihr tirirlin required Horticultural linpl'ments. Hnlp Shears. Pruning Cbtan, Spring Hedge Shears. Prgiiag Md Bud ding Kuile*. Saw*. He., fir. Tt»ie« of ion papers assorted seeds pat up t>- prmlr for dealers. A liberal discount will be uaade to the trade. We have nm fiue assortment of Dutch Bulbnu< Floweriig Kuuts, which we can pack to go tec are for am distance Catalogues seat ow application. All order* ad Pressed to J P. HWRKNY * CO., 4CNS Cal . San Francisco. Will meet with prompt attention. Feb I, 1102 U:m3 t/% . The best purifier of the blood I* H ill a 3« s.iparilla San Francisco, Agents DR. J. C. YOUHO. LATL ProrKßßl>K OK THE IMVI.tIMTY Of PKNK. Can be fuuni) lit hia Private Medical Office and Hospital, No. 751 CLAY STKKET, Opposite the south went corner of the Plaz*. *IMIKUK UK CAN UK CON'MFLTKI) I'Rl vntely, and with tin- utmost confidence, by

the afflicted, ut ull hours daily, from 9 A. 11. to 8 I*. M. I• 11. YOVXG addresses those who are suffering under Ihe affliction of private diseases, wluther arising from impure connection or the teirible vire of self-abuse. De\tiling his entire lime to that particular brunch of the profession, he feels war ranted in tIFAKANTKKINti A (THE IN ALL CASKS, whether ol lung standing or recently con tracted, entirely removing the dregs of disease from the system, and making a I'LUIH r and I'KIl- MANKNT CI'KK. lie would call the attention of the afflicted to the fait of his long-standing and well-earned rep utation, furnishing sufficient assurance of his skill aud success. Fpwardsof five thousand cases have been dij i hailed cured in the year ending July Ist. I8«!0, shouiug a record surpassing any hospital in the I niteil Stall's. CONSFI.TATIIIN, by Utter or otherwise, FBKK COXSTITITION \L DCISILITY WDSF.VINAL tt'K XKM'SS — Dr. Young iidilrr -• s those who lii'i- injured thein-elves by priyate ami improper indulgence iu that n cret and solitary habit which ruins the body and mind, unfitting them either for business or society, with the yicw to impress upon their minds, before it is too late, the nb-olute ne cessity of skillful tin lie il treatment, and bv a direct coiir-e of reasoning to show that although we may not be ungrateful for the health given us, that il cutiim! tie • ['Oiled or trilled with yvithout loss; mid w lit II once engendered cannot be regain ed by lucre abstinence from folly, or urgent and strong di play of courage. It niav not be generally under !ooil bv the great majority of sutt'orers from mental dejire -ions, that these dull and heavy sensations experienced in the head and about the clie-t, accompanied by feelings of anxiety cud foreboding, arise from a disorgan ization of the important functions of the body.— Such, however, is the tact, and iu latter years to such au extent litis this been carried that our In- ■iiic Asylums nro becoming tilled nitli patients who owe to this eansc nlone their suffering. The study and praeliee Of years lias shown conclusively that to the weakness of the genital organs, super indneed far too often by self-abuse, which has be fi-otne .so apparent iti the face ; and where onec our fathers stood giants in muscular force, tho men o to-day ate dwarfs in comparison. The symptoms of the disease may he faint to-day, but so surely as you experience that weakness in the buck and limits, dimness of sight, nervousness, derangement of the digestive functions, and gen eral debility, so surely will follow the harrowing mental prostration too awful to contemplate, and which will end only as the last breath comes strug gling, gasping from the breast of the c.\piring vic tim. There is something noble in dying when the good light hits been fought, but what man can view a grave filled by one whose life dribbled out in pollution, without a feeling of disgust. Do not lie. ilntc, hoping that time w ill eradicat': what it only strengthens, but call ut once at my office, with the full assurance of a speedy and per manent cure. Let no sense of false shame deter you, but save yourself from the awful effects of this dread disorder, and regaiu the full strength of vour manhood. .Urrriii')' in no form rnlrrii into tlir lt«>m«*<li4>N adopted by l)r. l oan*. Mercury has been named, not inaptly, "The curse of Man," as, under the treacherous garb of a restorer, it bequeaths the most terrible disease. We do not see it at once, but hidden beneath the lair surface, it poisons the blood, destroys the tier vous and muscular system, preventing the action of the joints, and rendering wretched, under the name of rheumatism, the life of the sulfates.— " The remedy is worse than the disease," as many a poor, crippled, miserable, toothless wretch will sin, while poin'iug to his decayed jaws and ulcer ous gums, lie tells of its ravages—or at his swollen joints and body marked with purple or leaden col ored sores which speak of his pains, and again at his impaired, ruined digestion, which tells of wretched days and sleepless nights. All allcctioiis arising from the use of mercury perfectly eradicated and health fully restored. All tliNcas«>s of u private nature arising from impure connection, such as Fleers, Swelling of the (iroius, Fleers in the Throat, Sec ondary Syphilis. Cutaneous Fruptions, Ulceration*, Tertiary Sy philils Syphilis in Children, Mercurial Syphili'tic All'ections, Uonorrlura, lilcet. Strictures, False i'assages, lntlauiation of the llladder, and Prostate (Hands, Rxcorintions, Tumors, Pustules etc., treated in the most scientific manner. Cure alwnyi* Guaranteed or no fee Hequlred. Dr. Young would state that lie lias been a pro fessor of Obstetrics and Female disease! for the past fourteen years, and is fully qualitied to ad iniiiistcr in all cases both medically and surgically, not in a superficial, but in as thorough a manner as years of utility and practice—both in hospitals and private families —can make. Therefore fami lies can rely upon him as upon a father. All in allliction can liud ill him one who can feel and sympathise with, and befriend them in trouble— one in whose secrcsy the utmost confidence can be placed. Come, all ve that are afllictcd and in trouble, and you will be relieved and cured. Private MedlealOlHce nnd Hospital 751 CLAY STKKET, Opposite southwest comer of the Plaza, SAN TUANCLSCO. DB. J. C. YOUNU. Pn. J. C. Youso, who has become so celebra ted for the thousands of cures which lie has per formed on old, chronic mercuriel, syphilitic, and all private diseases, without mercury, is consulted daily at his olliec 731 Clay st., from 9A. M. to HP. M. A cure guarauteed or no pay. |»r. Young has probably had inorc practice in venereal diseases than any physician in California, lie cures all the most aggravated cases of this dis ease. and mild ones he removes in front two to live day*. The Doctor lias for many years been known as the most eminent and successful physi cian practicing iu the I'nited States, and what is more important to the patient, he always effects a speedy and permanent cure. Travelers, seamen, miners and others, who wish to he currd without mercury, hindrance from busi ness. or exposure to friends, should apply to him a« soon as possible, and a perfect cure guaranteed in all rnrable cases. The following are a few of the many testimonials of Dr. Young's ability as a practitioner, which have appeared in the public journals of the last few years: [Fan* Tilt BOSTON Mimrn Jormi.] Although we are opposed to the system of ad vertising for good and sufficient reasons, still we deem it but justice to say that Dr. Young is one of the most industrious and indefatigable votaries of tfec medical science in the I'nited Slates. (PBOM I'aortssoa JiriMi.] The subscriber is personally acquainted with Dr. Young, and has seen mach of bis practice.and can bear testimony to his merits as a practitioner. [Fan* rnc Ni* Y««c Hiiiu.l The eminence or ibis distinguished gentleman in (lis |irof(»ion. and the vm extended opportuni ties h) him fur tin- observance of vene real di«ease«. nmkf■> bis services invaluable to those afflicted with the above complaints. [Fana THE WHIO AID ADTIBTISKB.] AH afflicted with private complaint* should. 1 possible. eon«»lt l»r Young. whose medical edu cation is not surpassed by any physician ia the country, la his skill, honor and integrity all aiay rely with safety, while most of the medical prac titioners in this city are without honesty or res ponsibility, their pretensions being grounded ni ipnonnce and assumption. ■miMMrlaaf •• Mraaprera anal Oilier* Beqalrlßß Nrdlral Treatment. Pr Vouagis the pioneer AdTertising I'hysiciaa in California, and the only one now advertising who ha* received a regular medical education, which is requisite for the aucceasfui treatment of diseases. Because of his unparaieied success there have sprung, from time to time, Into exist' ence, iiuportors, without character or education, who, by boasting have managed to deceive the un wary sufferer into the belief that they were respect able mid scientific men 'ln ao doing, the have scattered broadcast their nostrums among the boa est and unsuspecting, to the destruction of health, and in aome cases lite itaelf. Iteware of them as you would of the I'pas tree, for they are aa des tructive. l>r. Young's office ia at 751 CLAY ST., opposite the southwest comer of the I'lata. With to remuneration, Can indispensable preliminary between patient aud prescriber, and which oo fastidiousness or false delicacy should set aside.) I'r. Young begs respectfully to state to those wishing to consult him. that in ordinary in stances the usual fee is expected as by other prac titioners ; but where patients seek to'entruat their cases to his entire management, he takes this op portunity of rxpressiu his readiness to name a specific consideration to conduct the case for a determinate period, or to a successful issue, where by the invalid is at once apprised of the extent ol the c \peuse to be incurred, and the physician se cured llie punctual attendance of his patient, which the golden toll often deters beyond the aeeond or third interview, and which arrangement Dr. Young wfll be happy to ap|M>rtion according to the purse of the |>atient, as may be agreed upon at the tirst interview. TO CORRESPONDENTS Patients residing in any part of the State, how ever distant, who may desire the opinion and ad vice of |)r. Young on their respective cases, and w ho think proper to submit a written statement of such, in preference to holding a personal interview, nrc respectfully assured that their communications w ill be held most sacred. Dr. Young takes thia opportunity of observing that all letters are only opened uud replied to by himself, and the latter as promptly as |Hissible. If tlir CUM- IK- fully and candidly described, per. M>nal communication will be superseded, as in structions for diet, re(fimen, and the general treat iiicnt of the case itself. (including the remedies.! will lie forwarded without delay, and in such a manner us to couvey no idea of the letter or parcel so transmitted. Consultation gratis. J. C. YOUNG, M. D. The Frrnt lt Lunar, or Female Monthly PUN. The best remedy ever discovered for suppressed menses in females. They are safe and sure, acting in the most easy manner possible, never creating sickness, but renovating the system, and at the same time they remove any obstructions which may impede for the time the natural flow of the menses. No family should be without a bo* in the house, as they greatly nssist in the delivery, at maturity, of the child. They should not be taken under some circumstances, in the early stages of pregnancy, which will appear plain to ladies. l'rice s."> per bo*, with full directions, sent to any part of the Pacific coast upon receipt of the money. Address J. C. YOUNG, 751 Clay street, Opposite southwest corner of the I'laza, 14:tf San Francisco. Sand's Sarsaparilla, The Great American Remedy FOR PURIFYING THE BLOOD, WILL ni FOI;ND A CERTAIN ccnn ron SCBOFDIA ASD SQH BUS, AS AN ALTKRALIVH AND O TIKG AUE.NT, IT 18 CNKGL'ALLED A PLENTIFUL supply of pure blood is essen tial to animal life. Wheu the proper circula tion of the vital fluid is impeded, sickness is the inevitable consequence, the secretions become un healthy, the liver becomes clogged with impure bile, which forced into the system, vitiates and in flames the blood, engendering scrofula and cuta neous end biliary disorders. SAXDS' SARSAPARILLA will gently stimulate the functions of the stomach and bowels to a regular una healthy action, and without nausea or purging expel all deleterious ac cumulations. purify the blood, equalize the circu lation. promote perspiration, improve the appetite, impart tone and vigor to the system, and gradually but surely extirpate the disease, causing all un sightly excresences to disappear, and leaving the skin perfectly smooth and flexible. Price $1 00 per bottle or U bottle for $5 00. Auk fur SIIIKW SarmifiariHa anil take no other. Prepared by Aj B. & D. SANDS, Druggists, 100 Fulton street, corner of William, New York. For sale by Dr. It. Willard, Olympia. I'opular Family Journals. AND WELLS, NEW YORK, PUB * lisli tlic following Popular and Scientific Se rials, which afford an excellent opportunity for bringing before the public all subjects of general interest. "life Illaitrated." A first class Weekly Pictorial newspaper, devo ted to News, Literature, Science and the Arts ; to Entertainincut, Improvement, and General Progress. Its columns contain original Essays, Historical biographical and descriptive Sketches of travel and adventure, poetry, painting, music, sculpture, etc.; articles on science, agriculture, horticulture, physiology, education, and every to pic which is of importance or interest all combin ing to render it oue of the best Family Newspa pers in the world. Published weekly, at two dollars a year in ad vance. " The Water-Care Journal and Herald of Reforms" Devoted to hydropathy, it* philosophy and practice ; to physiology and anatomy, with illus trative engravings; to dietetic exercise, clothing, occupations, amusements, and those laws which govern life and health. Published monthly, in convenient form for biuding, at one dollar a year in advance. The American Phrenological Journal." A Repository of science, literatare, and general intelligence, devoted to phrenology, education, magnetism, psychology, mechanism, architecture, and to all those progressive measures which are calculated to reform, elevate and improve Man kind. Illustrated with numerous portraits and ollwr engravings. A beautitnl qaarto, suitable for binding. Published monthly at one dollar a year, in advance. FOWLER k WELLS. 308 Broadway, New York. For three dollars, a copy of each of the above named Journals will be sent one year. W.S.C. CLUB HOUSE CIN, TIIE UNDERSIGNED, BEING SOLE AGENTS of the above Gln,olfer it to thepuhlie as the finest HOLLAND GIN, and the only GENUINE CLUB llol'SK GIN imported to this market. It k put up in GREEN CASES, and branded W. S. C . CLUB HOUSE. We shall continue to receive the above Gin regulnrly. —ALSO— Pure Aabrecial Whisky, in flasks; Pin lielu Whigy, la tew style bottles : Pare Boarbon which?. The above Liquors are from the well known house of Wm. S. Corwin k Co., New York, nnd are guaranteed fine and pure. W. B. CUMMINGS k CO l:mt 50 California it., San Frae Leonard Scott ACo.'s REPRINT OF THE BRITISH REVIEWS AMD lUCKVIII'S liCIZIII. X EONARD SCOTT * CO., New Tort, continue I A to re-publish the following British Periodi cals, vil: 1. The LONDON QUARTERLY, (Conservative ) J. The EDIMWROH REVIEW, (Whig.) 3. The NORTH BRITISHREVIEW,(PreeChurchI 4. The WESTMINSTER REVIEW, (Liberal ) 5. BLACKWOOD'S EDINBURGH MAGAZINE (Tory.) ' These Periodicals ably represent the great acJU tical parties of Great Britain—Whig, Tory sad Radical; but politics form only one featare of 'their character. As organs of the moat profound writers on Science, Literature, Morality, and Religion they sUnd as they have ever stood, nnrivsl«d ia the world of letters, being considered indispensa ble to the scholar and the profeeeional man, while to the intelligent reader of every class, they far. nish a more correct and satisfactory record of the current literature of the day, throughout the wetld than can poeeibly he obtained from any other source. The receipt of Advance Sheets from the British publishers gives additional value to these reprints iuusmuch as tbey can now be placed in the bands of subscribers about as soon as the original edi tions. Terms: For any one of the four Review*, per annam..s3 00 For any two of the four Reviews, " " _5 o» For any three of lh« foar Review*, " " _7 00 For all four of the Reviews, " •« _i o» For Blackwood'* Magazine, " » _3 00 For Blackwood and one Review, " " _5 00 For Blackwood and two Review*, " " .7 00 For Blackwood and three Review*, " " .t 00 For Blackwood and the fonr Review*, " „10 00 )&r Money current in the Stat* where iimtd will be received at par. Clubbing:. A discount of twenty-five per cent from the above price will be allowed to clnb* ordering fonr or more copies of any one or more of the abov* works. TIIU9 four copies of Blackwood, or of on* Review, will be sent to one address for $9 ; fonr copies of the four Reviews and Blackwood for S3O - so on. Postage. In all the principal cities and towns, these Works will be delivered FREE OF POSTAGE. When sent by mail, the Postage to any part of the United States will be bnt 94 cent! a year for 11 Blackwood," and but 14 cents a year for each of the Reviews. N. B.—-The price in Great Britain of the fire Pe riodicals above named is s3l per annum. tfcjf Remittances should alwayt be addressed, post paid, to the Publishers, LEONARD SCOTT * CO., No. 54 Gold street, New York January sth, 1861. No. 8 Seed Warehouse! E»tabllnhed In 18,10. No. 110 California Street, between Montgomery and Sansome, San Francisco, Cal. lias for sale the most extensive variety of (MM Mill TIH. IUII AND FRUIT SEEDS, In California, including 30,000 lbs. Pure Alfttftoor Chill Cle ver Seed, oftbe New Crop. Ilnngnrinn Grass, Rod Clover, Timothy, Kentucky Hhie Grass, Canary Bird* Seed, XVhite Dutch Clover, &c. Also, Chufas or Earth Al monds, Hyacinths, Tulips, 'Lilies, And other Bullions Roots. Assortments of Na tive California Flower and Evergreen Seeds, col lected by a well-known Botanist, always on hand. The undersigned, from his long experience in the business, and his extensive facilities for pro curing his Seeds from the best Seed-growers and Nurserymen, is enabled to offer unusual induce ments to the Trade and large llanch-owners. The Agents of Wells, Fargo k Co.'s Expreii, and all other Express Companies connecting there with, are hereby authorised to act ar Agents for the undersigned, in taking orders for Seeds, and receipting for the same. Orders by mail also promptly attended to. A liberal discount will be made to the Trade. Par ticular attention giTen to the carefal packing of Seeds for shipment. Your early orders are solicit ed, which (ball have immediate and iaitbfol at tention. Boxes of Seeds, containing 100 papers, for retailing, in such assortments as desired, furnished. S W*MOORE Seed Warehouse, 110 California St., S. F., Cal. January 18th, 1861 10:m6 COMET Illuminating Oil! WE are constantly rrceiviog invoices of tki» celebrated brand of K. © ro® o xx Oy which I* guaranteed entirely pare and ■oaixri with Camphene, Petroleum, or Aephaltam Oil. It is non-explosive, and superior to DOWNER'S, or any other Oil ev« r mad*. We have alto oa hand Ik* Downer'• aad otkv brand* of COAL. OIL.. which we are telling at the lowest rates. ITiIPM* , Oaliforaia street, nenr Front. San Fraaciaco, September, IMI. M: "* SAFES! SAFES! r. TILMAI, M Mierjr Hreet, flu §OLB Agent for TILTON * McFABLASD"® I celebrated Firo-Proof Mid Burglar IW I, it Salb is well know a in the market for *• "J* sarpanod Ire-proof quality, having withstood »o California, as well in Ike East, the hottest go known. Wo CM refrr to ead less certiorates n* parties in onr mining towns, when these have boon aabjeet to the moot severe tests « 6re-qualities. These Safes are eeeartd by oar CeaUaillea Uck. ThU Look b is arery respect the most one in use; it requires the key and eombiaaueo open the Safe. If the koy shogld bo from the owner, it wonld bo perfectly aselew «• the posaeoaor withoat his knowing tke ro * b ' a r Uon, or mental koy, which the owaer came* his head. , . Ik . To taose in want of a reliable sale, w« oa*r above cheaper than any other in the market. ' - u^to«aH M:#m. M Battery at., San Fiawl*^ J. W. JOHVROR, 4TTORNEY AT LAW. Solicitor ia Chaafff.*, and Proctor ia Admiralty, rnipia, March, ISCJ. IStf

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