Newspaper of The Washington Standard, May 10, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated May 10, 1862 Page 3
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ii.-we. Tlie authority that the reV!> ' there are plundering our pe >p|e Itv thousands. Mid a<l<U that that their arts «»!' iuhumauity and harharity an- without a parallel. In a i»|>erial dispatch to »li«- New \>>ik pa- I» t>. it i* Mated, (Hi the authority «*f Rich mond refugee* who left there a week since. there are hut 3,W00 tvlwl soldier* l»- twi-'-n that place and Fredericksburg. und-T lu 11. Field. This conflicts with pre* ions re port*. • Hh- of hi* regiments had •••-••n inuti noux and was partly disarmed. The gun*, t .run rly in the fortifications of I*i« hwiond. have been wnt to Yorktow n. w here it is U-- lle\ed there are lOO.INHI ri'U'N. I nioiii»t* of undouliteilly loyalty had Im-n ■lriieu from Fivdcrickl«»irg and are now with in our line*. The coro*me**ot this infonea lion i.« vouched for. In accordance with lien. lldleck's recoui iih ndation. lien. ha* Ucti nominated M.ijor-< ieuenil. II «kbim(\bi Apiil —ri.ooti rebel.-. iiii<ler Kdward formerly of the Fed • ral army, are posted a few tniles fro n Staun ton. iu a position ea-ilv arnwiiilr to <->capi in ciwoftim. Milroy'* approach. The moot reliable new s tn»in li«nlou>» ill is. that IIh'IV are <rtd_V hLoi; 1.-»*»«» IlleU there. Uea. I»ng*treet with his rommand had gone to Yorktow n. Should Jolinston r» t;ihe will prubaMy reinforce Jaiksiu on liiue Ridge. The Ilicbmoivl Kr<im<*rr .-I' ihe 27 lb says, in • ffi-ct, that the destiny of the t 'onfederacv is tri-mMing on the r«-sult at Yorktown. If successful there, it will give them Jtlie reln-lsj fix m>>nthi> in w hieli to cany out the provisions •if the Conscription Art—inning and e»juip ping a Inrgc anny, and launching a fleet of Mcrrimtirs. If unsuccessful, \ itgiuia is lost. ' A New System or Dirtkth*.—A few •lavs ago llie |hm|ilh of our tow n were thrown into excitement liv the appearance of a certain •• I»r." DeWolfe, Professor of Uutnpology ,ctc. Kxpectatiou ran high anil on tin* evening of tlic lecture the "Dr." was honored with a full house. The " Professor' - repeated liis dis course on dietetics, taking strong grounds against all kinds of animal and vegetable food. A friend of ours, somewhat addicted to ex perimental philosophy, ntter hearing the lec ture, suggested to liis wife the propriety of following the " Professor's" advice aud thus attain the promised boon—a ripe old age of three score years and ten. The lady of course consented and our friend thought 110 more about tho matter. The next morning he was somewhat surprised to be called to breakfast a little earlier than usual. The fam ily had gathered around the table when he made his appearance, and with long counte nances were awaiting his arrival. < >ne glance at tho table showed our hero that he was «• s .Id," —the morning repast consisting of bread and water! "Madam," says our friend, " didn't the professor advise the use of stale bread?" "Yes," replied his wife. " That is new breads I believe ?" " Yes." " Well," replied our friend, his face beaming with a happy thought, " I believe we bad bet ter postpone that little experiment until we have stale bread." < )ur friend has not al lowed stale bread to arrumulate since that morning. PORTLAND ITEMS. —Three steamers run daily to tho Cascades, besides two steam flat boats, all heavily laden with freight and pas sengers. .. .Three ocean steamers wero lay ing at tlio wharf in Portland on Sunday eve ning last. They wero the Oregon, the Pan ama, and the Sierra Xcrada. The Jona than arrived on "Tuesday. That looks like business A theatrical troupe are perform ing at the Theatre and a concert troupe at the Methodist Church, in Portland Dan'l 11. Lownsdale, one of the original town pro prietors of Portland, died last week The liisane Asylum opposite Portland, has been raised. It will be a handsome building, and will command a fine view of the river... .The Willamette is very high from the " back-wa ter" caused by the rise in the Columbia Familes were deserting their tenements along the Columbia river, in consequence of the alarming rise of the water Portland can now boast of a good hotel—the Metrojtolis. Boilers and engines for two new boats have arrived at Portland The Sum'/ Menitt arrived on tiie Ist... .The ll'/n. L. Richard- HUM sailed fur Victoria on the Gtli. [y (>ur newly appointed Superintendent <>f Indian Affairs, Calvin li. Hale, Km)„ nl - his com mission on Thursday last, and l*forc twelve o'clock the same day his Unid was filled up with p .hhl names for more tliau two huudred thousand dollar. We only al lude to tLis to sbow the Portland Timet ror r«j*puu<U'Ut that the of tMyn.pia. *IHJ (atr J|r. Hal**, have all confident iii liir h-»u --ntr and Wt understand Krv. (i. F. Whitwortiibu U»*nappointed Sfn :«ry. » It •» murk l» be that *l»iL in the • tiH*viiM'iil <4 hi-Jiiiii. «> bills atlrtolitta i» paitl l»y luaiy. tn tin- |ini~ -nation of hi ic rotimtUl' 114-ikiii'. I ji\iin"ti> lit iiijr. iw!»- i:» of iinl«4. u< i. i i|tnMm In ni'lilrg rlisnp-a ••f t«*mp*Talaiv. *ii<l ih-1.-rt.»( tin- |iivu»utiiunr ■vgi|il<i:H of »r.- th.- |ir>t ur~>r> <4 many foal malailii-*- Takvit nj»m tb»- fii>t imliratiiwi of an aftark. if any thin™ aill r» ln-i e iW miffttrr. puifr iLr blood. i**torr a \ i~.-r --"i» cinnlulM. ami llmnni(.li!v n umili tlir •v «irm it i* Sauda" S«arM|>*niia. Tu CoUCcru^M^T!!. —"A lady"—Wr »ill attend to l)r. IV-WiJlr wit »<t k. -A Squatter" —arit mrrk. t V Tbf paUiralioß uf tlw Vianara 7W- TV Tbe |toeui dislicali-d to I>r. ISueAu " ill a|i|»-ar next week. The Portland AJrrrritrr h» Kfitw *i evi-niufT jiajK-r. MARRIED: On the Ttli ilivi.l M»*. at the rrfiitmrs of Law - ti>n ruse, iki tn.|»» father br Krr Charles Biles. Mr Robert Hughes to Mr*. Nancy Douglas. all ■ ! Tliur»ton rnuntv, W T nhrrif* Male. Wktrcai. on ihr I'.nh dav of I»«-*«• tuber. l& the Supreme Court of \\..-!i Territory, Franklin K« unadr and l-aa» II »»• re< ©*er»-d ju ljf nient af.tia»t the «o*iatf «»f Uwi* f«jr the »um of ei;;ht iiundre i and !if;t dnllar* au ! ameu -»« tea rent*. **tb co«t» of uit iu th< lh»tn< t Court of Mitren dollar* and fort*«fi\e rfot*. tof'tbrr mitb the r<»«! itt the >u|>rratr Court «•! uiu t«-ra d<»llar« and tea rem*. TLrrtforr. t»rtu« of «i<*utiou i»»ued 1-) the C'.t-rk * f tb« Supreme C. art of the Tcrr»i«»r\ «»f U j !, ...t. n IV 214 •! } • f A|.r ! A |. f IM t l# i»i« «• •!. i nUiiritill It J Hl*" 111 l**4V •••a»»fj ll» |»r• rt *< I tti«- »i-i«» «•' to nti«f» a:t| til of aiue Uuit lrr l aiaett-aiur d«»lijr« nu4 übt» ji.«! r # t 'hent intm •! sud »o-t. fi.l a • 4. *•• t • v•: r*• utre' r jrMto i\ t *\ | h.i\» tUi* •! * i< •-i »r • > wk* u iu eacratioa th« 1 *»ag d« •:. i d pr«»|»^rt*. to n All •>( thjt rert* u |*.r. •» ».r j«ar.»! of land «it«ated in the n*« ul I.* aui U>ur*!«il «t» ou thr north !• th« 1 <iii : * of Nujh Cru*/« f. • •!«*!; ht tl.» lin » : W "binftua. «nd <»a th* ( »t<i a««t Mj. •i, ! - and fh I* - r. .ni* t.rrn t •uiAiu\a£ ihrre hundred *r ! Iwrntr • rr». I»« thr -<«n»c n»«»re or le*-. aith nil vf the «|»j»4rtr a*ti' • • 'li> r ufit • !• in« 4 '.ii» and notif i» h**r«*«»f tk t I •hall |»rcnetd t » 11 the a' tae «!r*- t r:i *• I |*r- j»e:t . on tft»ef»rert<t«e«. atf*aldi> u- *«»n ti» ttie ht|fht -t i a h.nn >a:urdi»%, the IMl* .! \ ».f Jutit .A. P., ll»02. at 1" «» «h. k * * .of I. . ut II ILL, Sheriff tf L<*if ruuatv. Mu I*. IW2. •*' *4 \ of Ire. nit. HIC.ELOW i». aoa m\ authorize! to tian- rt all in ni\ al »eu i all in-i -mi- iitd* l-ti'd to ni- are herel»\ notitii-d to i.ill aiid fettle a *tl» hitn to save cost*. U . X. AVRES. Ohuipia, May C, 1802. 2ii a I "SEEDS! SEEDS!! To Dealer*. rarmerti, Ciardcuer* aud others. We oITVr the most ixtensivenssortment of Fn -li Field, Harden. Fault, ami Flower Seeds on the I'aciftc Coast. front the best grower" in the I'uited States anil Kurope; comprising in par*— t "i,011(1 llis. Alfalfa Clover Seed, pure gro« tli, 1801. •J.oho ll.s. lied Clover Seed, l.nno His. White Dutch Clover. 2,0(10 liis. Timothy (trass Seed. 1,000 lbs. Hungarian Grass Seed. 1,000 liis. Millet Seed. 1,000 lhs. Lucerne Clover Seed. "iO bush. Red Top (irass Seed. V> bush. Kentucky HI tie (irass Seed. 2(i bush, live (irass Seed. 20 bush. Mixed I.awn Crass Seed. 15 bush. Sanprnir Clover Seed. 10 bush. Sweet Vernal (irass Seed. 10 bush. Crested Dogtail Crass Seed. 10 bush. California Prairie Clover. :>OO lbs. Sugar Beet Seed. .100 lbs. I.arge Ited Mangle Wurtzel lleet. 300 lbs. Long lllood licet. 200 lbs. Turnip lllood lleet. fiOO liis. Ituta Bflga Turnip Seed. 200 lbs. Early White Dutch Turnip Seed. 20ii lhs. Red Top Turnip Seed. 200 lbs. Long Orange Carrot, ion lbs. White llelgiau Carrot. 400 lbs. Assorted Onion Seed. 1,000 lbs. TOP ONION'S. Together with all the varieties required Horticultural Impt. meats. Hedge Shears, Pruning Shears, Spring Hedge Shears, Pruning and Unhi ding Knifes, Saws, etc.. etc. Boxes of 100 papers assorted seeds put up e\- pressh for dealers. A liberal discount will be made to the trade. We have a very line assortment of Dutch Bulbous FlowerHg Boots, which we can pack to go secure for any distance. Catalogues sent on application. All orders addressed to J. I'. SWKICNV & CO., -IOf! Cal., San Francisco, Will meet with prompt attention. Feb. 1.1*02. 12:in3 PEOPLES' ERfiFQRSUftI! H. A. Judson, HAVING ml deilextensively to his former stock of goods, lie Is now prepired to ticcotiimo- Uule nil wlio nnty favor him with their custom as to VARIETY, gr.MJTV nnil PRICK. His stock consist# of— DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, HARDWARE, ROOTS AXI) SHOES, CLOTHING, ROOKS, "YANKEE NOTION'S," &c., Ac. All of which will be Fold rhrnjier than the chtap ctt for Casli or Country Produce. (live him u cull before purchasing, mid satisfy yourself thut what we snv is true. Olympia, Feb. 22, 1802. IR:tf For Sale ! IIOJIESTKAUN Al'D VAU'ABLG REAL ESTATE. Building Lots from $lO to £2OO Each! Aho, f»0 Vara f.nt* and Entire Works of ficanti. ul (itirjfn /,««</.' 1\ the City and county of San Franii«co. on the line of the San Jo-se 111 i 1 r*»at«l. Mt til** W K>T t.\|» DEPOT. The title i» absolutely PERFECT, bclnp a Spani«h Grant. finally confirmed and pat ented by the foiled State.-. The Sliafter Kill rr«perM thi« Title. The City Aalliuritin rr.|M+t it. The Pi.trirt <'nurt» and Miiprem'- foort «>f lb* rait*dSUt**rt*|«cl it. ll* m 4« * thf Tillr A/n ttrrm Jurrrrr y mirfrJ i» a final Itrrrrr ami Judgment agatmtt the CStff >.> tbit ttirrr it nut ura a i U»«4 or flu4«* a)*>a il H borirr par- li»f) our of Ikrtt lut« «ill bar a lot »u< not ■ la««ait ■9 V out puiar(i aul Mrr- Uaal » «rrrt> >'ra«K i«ra HAKYtV* BKMWN Apri! I*M- llaJ JAKES comx-s 8018 1. M. TI'PE Mn»>Y. «1. ril LUKB. ft %**•■«•. .V*. 5> .Vuw S'Trrt. San /-r—ri»-M. Gat. { J~ tirti afli lr nvnian for a • oaiplru %«-« » i r J. 4» friatiag Urmt+h-4 ml lk> »«ar«t Alan. Ap«U. f™rTa*l«r » liordon • n»r»" » \rvlmri ». I***ttrr » and Haarkr# hvwu. ApU C. IW.: Sl.mJ OLTMPIA WAOOI lIIVIiCTOIT. Stuart & Bk^kxlwnr, lt T liri.limf«ini thr rtlnr*» at p:a an 4 ibr 'a'niaxinf imaatrr t.iti lk'l an aua aauulai V Alil>V*.('Al l;l \IiKS aad HI MiIES at all 4r>. Tipttaai frua 1 II U .'"( .uu|> If' i Material. I»» itfrrir* >4 «arl mm. (if nkirkWIIEAT ailll-- lair* iarirlmp deli* ti lat th* Taaiaatrr oilU .'•boj. i orarr 34 aa 1 t'llin xtk !<trr»t« i l*"rakft I, IMt. 4:tf Popular Family Joaraaln. FOWI.F.R AMI WELL*. NEW YORK. Prß li-ti ili<' folium Popular and tnicDtific Se riai-. abit b «(li.r l an eieellent opportunity far UL.N the public all of geaeral latere .-t. "Lift Ilhutrat«*." I A lr«t rU<> Wftkly Pictorial n*-*•paper, dfto ted t«« SfWf. Litrmlairf. «uj ihr Art*; to hiit<rt.«iiiu><t»l. Improvement, :«n*i <tfieral t ll« column* original KitMyf, llitlorieal « *1 and d*«cripti%e Skrtibet of travel afi'i tdtrnlarr. jutftrr. p.tiotiuff. nvir, H alplarf. rt. «rtir|r» on *« »euee. ulturr, honn ulturr jihf •.ultf i. education. ai.*t ever} to p;« ntu- I* i« of iai|>"ruarr «»r iiit**re»t all «oal>in ius render it cur ot tbr l*« st I AIUIII Nr» ?j«»- j«er> in liif u ««rM I'tibliilki vrtkiv. at t«o dollars a jtar it ai % au« e. " The Water-Core Journal and Herald of Eefbrai" !» rotr<l to 1- - lr-h% . i # « jkiloM.j.fcr an I |»R»r',N T • PHI ;'I AN-! «•»»*.I•»•»»%. «NH iihi »t rra T . t rimi»r, rlotl of orruj* 1'! • atTi »»« ntflt*. *MI tln»«f la«» «iii< b F»I TI |»f- »' .| LIT Itii PYL»'»- '**« l Wl'fjtWt its • f«»Trn f»r at «»ne «i«*liar a *ear iu a aiii«*. The American Phrenological Jannul." A t'f •< tenre literatnr# ati-l ißtf u<r •irtirtnl t«» pbrenolopt■. education. Maimrtirtn p*y« Itolo*} . !;;»•« l»M»i*»n. arebitcctufr and l«» all tb«»-e i al« ii!.*t*- I reform. el«-\ate an 1 iui}»ri»\r man kind. Illustrated *itli nam* row* |H»rtr«it# and utiii r rnifra\ A l>**autiful quarto. Mailable for l»in*iitiff l*uldi»hed vuoniMi at nu#» «t«»llar a \t ar. in advance. Ft»WLI!U k WKI.hS. !'.»w It roadway. New Vork. For tl»r**e dollar . ft copy of each of the aho\e named Journal* w ill l»e sent one war. BETTER TH t\ I'iILSTOX k MIU'S At ZJOSS Prices! itoino.uivs CIIALLEXCJK YKAST POWDER, FULLY GI M:.\.\ri:i:n. IF NOT SATISFACTORY, The .Hone) will bp Krlurncd I Fur sale by all Jobbers, and by J. C. WIN ANS, r>o California treet, Who will also net as commission agent for pur chasing all kiuds of goods. San Francisco, February, 18C1 14:m.1 PHELAN'S Billiard Saloon. fTIHE above Billiard Saloon, with EIGHT FIRST | CLASS I'IIKI.AN TABLES, is now open to the public. The Cti liions on these Tables are the latest patent, and are a great improvement on their predecessors. The ROOM is titled up so as to combine ELEGANCE with COMFORT. The bar will be kept supplied with the very choicest brands of 'Winos, liiciuorn, c&? Sosars, And the subscribers lii pe, by strict attention, to merit the patronage of all who admire and prac tice the GAML OF BILLIARDS. DAN. LYNCH, M. K. lII'GIIES. ViO and ll'l Montgomery st., Opposite the New Metropolitan Theatre. The subscriber begs to inform the public that tlie above mentioned BILLIARD SALOON is aso intended to serve as a show nnd salesroom for i'iir.l.iVS Patent Combination C'IISEIIOBIH tint! Noilti Bil liard 'ruble*, Ami Billiard Trimmings of every description. Parties desirous of puri'lmsing Itilliard Tables will l hits have an opportunity of selecting Irom a va ried assortment, liotli ill style and liuish, and can also test the superiority claimed for the Cushions :> ud Tallies. Mr. DAN. LYNCH will always be on hand, and ready to (jive all required information with regard to the merits of these JI'STLV CELE BRATED BILLIARD TABLES. The subscriber cordially invites ull interested parties to call and examine. SI. E. IIUCIIEH. Agent for Phelan's I'atent Combinatiou Cush ions and Modern liilliard Tables. fciau Francisco, July 18, 1801. :iß:m(j* THE FARMER'S GUIDE TO Scientific and Practical Agriculture. By 11 in it y Stkpiirnh, F. R. S., of Edinburg, nnd the late J. I*. NohtoN, Professor of Scientific Agriculture in Yale Collog, New Haven, 2 vols. Royal Octava. lt.oo pages, and numerous En gravings. This is confessedly the most complete work on Agriculture ever published, nnd in order to give it a wider circulation, the publishers have resolved to reduce the price to £3 Tor (lie Two Volume*. When scut by mail (post paid) to California, Oregonund Washington, the price will be iii. To every other I art of the I'uion, and to Canada, I po.-t paid) $•:. Tbis is it'll tbe old " Bo.ik of the Farm." Remittance? for any of the above publications • houbl alwat. 1>«- ud.irtised. post paid to the pub lishers, LEONARD SCOTT A CO.. No. .'>4. Gold Street, Nto Vork. IK LOCO, lILLER A; CO., i Snrrtrvrs t* Pt*t, Jluirr j Co.) DALLES AND COLVILLE, F3BEI ID iiir-HK I CLOTHING, b< h»ts, r>~HOC4. H AT?. Ac l'POTifiiniiti, Wlnem Liqnor*. F,tc. A fall assortment of MINERS GUOIM coo -1 staaltr «a band griT Mr HLiHij brtag n rr. I dent at Sss Frao* i -co. abeeeall oar par-baaoa are saade. we .kali t>e aUe la uCer belter ladacemeats tbaa aaj o brr

tMober 19th. IKI. 4T-aa* Importer aad Healer ia Tm.nßSß.wrraoKAZKSxn INEs», CARD !*TtiCE. 4c. iMlllUd llSCtaf MlwL Saa Fraa'iseo. Jaaaary iib, laal.lo iy ■ %am aad after tbe l*< at April I will do b »- H ar*- m tbe ! AMI ti»Tkl KXCU Mlßl V. looar indrbteq lo Ibe Waobsagtoe Hotel a ill call aod set tie immediately. SILAS GALLIU El. i Oirwf*, March X 2, IMI I A •• BALUDIK | # STATTF. LMUUUUtM, KB SERBIB IKK MOFFI **» MmrACTrKM or Patent Wire Hope Wire bridgca of uj iyu*>a4 -pr i«T etwtod. aad Material furnished U *" *—*—"? "WH ia tke mtiin of W ire Hiifmim Briilfr> and fur »e*eral f nr. past. «, arr fbliy prepared to do iwti work satisfactorily aad to (.tARASTY PERM l- XEVCV. I'-"*** abo arr about errriie; bridf** •ill Cad i' erratly to tbrir ad<j>Kta|>T to fiu u* a rail be forr 4rridiair !« I slid vvitlta .tractarcr u tbc rr-:=t fiixxU tbr Stair bat? |»rotrd tbrm toU a boll, utirjft uare|ial*lr. .1 ..a --r ' ' <*mr rtr* u mrt m~m ra aar «a 1 Iw. ltfrt ti. .*■. >. •« u%, u} mktrk ia> kt, ■ ra tki If* mftrltA /.» tkt Mb* UII;K Rlll'E. fcr nibisi ««r ferry (iLquHrr. m -'i ifartarrd. of an, Irnpib aad MM in r -' ~f~ T aad Itttrr lb .a bam ft > >•« of aripht aad >trrartb. ailb prire* aa nr\'-d.*!. on i|<p!r ati«ia to Ibr aaaafac urtr>. tScad for a ("«• «Ur. * .« HIUMIIITCO.. 411 < lii »lr*rl Sa Fraariaro Jisaarjr tl. |««: |:M Olvmpia and Seattle NUZLSBXiT. catuLorr * lotus. j ruuu ■ »art. Ulyup.a. I Seattle. ii.tWLOFI', uo\mk: * CO., OFFER for »ile Fruil and Urnamental Tre«». "oiifiatinc in pari of— -1»<I Varieties of Apple; 4<| " Pear; 4S '• I'ltini; CO " Ro»e; SlirutiM anil Ornaaieutal Trre«. with a " riglit small rhnini'" of oilier ic/itt. ahirh aill l>e ci cliaiitred for «".\SII or fOt'XTRV PKODI CK. <'.iialo({iu - furiilitlu'il upon nppli it ion. OLVXI H NtKeEtv in -itu.iii'l j mile !>outh-.'ast ofOlynipin. 4l> tti4 BROOKLYN HOTEL CO US Lit II It OA/) ir.l YA.XD SANSOME STS., SAX FRANCISCO rpilK proprietor of this well known and /-A I old established House is still at his old JiiiijL tricks—feeding the public for the low sum of FOUR DOLLARS per week, and the cry is ''Still they conic !" This Hotel was established in 1H52, nnd the proprietor proudly appeals to its well-known reputation, and at the same time pledges himself to use every endeavor to add to the comfort nnd convenience of his guests. The Brooklyn Hotel WAGON will always be ready on the wharf on the arrival of the steamers, to convey passengers and their baggage to the House, free of charge. To prevent imposition, be positive nnd see tliut BROOKLYN HOTEL is painted ill large letters on the sides of the wagon. Board per day Si:—Board per week s4; Meals 50 cents; —Lodgings !i0 cents; —Lodgings per week $2 to St: —Single rooms 50 cents per night. JOHN KELLEY, Jr., Proprietor. San Francisco, Oct. lflth, IHGI. 4f;m:t Slicrifl'N N.ile. BY virtue of nn execution issued by the Clerk of the District Court of the 'Jd Judicial Dis trict of Washington Territory, nnd to me directed, I levied upon, seized, nnd taken into execution nnd shall proceed to sell at public sale at the court house door, on Saturday May loth, 18D2, at the hour of one o'clock r. M. according to the law, the following described property, to wit: The north half of the south-west quarter and the south hnlf of the the N W quarter of section 18 town shipN of Range one west, lying and being in Thurs ton county, W. T. The object of said sale is to satisfy a foreclosure of mortgage, in favor of It. H. Lansdale rt Jno. F. Devore and E. Devore, his wife, lor the ntnount of $620 principal, with two percent interest per mouth from and after the lOtli day of November, 18U0, together with the costs $31)35 and increased costs. WILLIAM BILLINGS, Sheriff of Thurston Co., W. T. By R. W. MOXLIK, Deputy, Olympia, April 5, 1802. iltw4 W. 8. C. CLUB HOUSE GIN, TIIK UNDERSIGNED, BEING SOLE AGENTS of the above Gin.oHer it to the public as the finest HOLLAND GIN, and the only GENUINE CLUB HOUSE GIN imported to this market. It is put up in GREEN CASES, and branied W. S. CLI'H lIOI'SE. Wo shall continue to receive the übovc Gin regularly. —ALSO— Pure Ambrosial Whisky, in flasks; Pure Nectar Whisy, in new style bottles : Pore Bourbon whisky. The above Liquors are front the well known house of Wm. S. Corwin k Co., New York, and are guuruntced fiue and pure. W. B. CUSI.MINGS k CO l:mt CO California St., San Fran Goal Oil AND COAL OIL LAM PS, Fill Hi ETHER with all kinds of Burning and | Machinery Oils, for sale at greatly rediced ntrs. Also Bro-Vapor Stoves FOR HEATING ROOMS, for Ctthmf. and/or Hra.'utj Flat Iront rri Mil Ttnv low it STANFORD BROTHERS, California street, near Frusl, gas Fraocisce. fpßUt feed tbe acknowledged peeiarity of | wbhb f..r either dry meadows or for sas4t prairie*. fot pa.tnraff* ar for mowing, has If 4rrvC * so |*>|niUr. rsn be found is s 'entiles u> ru:t swtlliiw,. at the More of C K. WILLIAMS. N R —Tine for sawiag ia Ftkrutr or March November 2d. IMI Slat CLOTHING UOPOMUM, 178 Clay St., and 107 MoitHiomcrj- St., San Frani-iwHi, l*d ITS ir—dwaj, l«w Twk. oo band tbe bat selected and ' not nlfKtif auwtnml of Ileal* a»d Boys' C: .ihmr Ml liw Pirife < nst. whu-h we eoa aad will M-il loae« tbaa aay other Hssw. tuatn* fMhtat BMhtfc «• »<M. I.«H*E WtHID KWELL * CO. JaaaaTT. Is imi, 10 ly ~ NOTICE. BABNtS. lir.VNESS * CO. bare Iboeoagbty repaired aad improved the t'PPIR Tt'MWA t MILL, aad are now ready ta grind all Ike wheat ia the coantry. Farmer# "e repeated lo rail before di.po.iag of their wke*'. aad see tbat . ♦♦somethings can It dene *ss ttr tbaa ntheea." Tnmwater. April M, IMS J4 wl 1 » muiN m. a. nun. D. PHIUJM 4b SOU, nxiim JII CRBU UUB, Olympia, W. T. /\fTU far sale a m Hack «f V Drg Goods, Clothing. Boots * Rhoen, Halt and (hp. Qntrbry mmd Oliw—w, C Mdfiy . jr., ft. Trail—Oa»b or I'oaatrj Prodaca. Oliapit. i'qDnihfr IM, IKI. 44:tf Proa pectus. or tii NATIONAL REPUBLICAN. WIUIIFIT*!, D. C.. Jaly I. IMI. The aaMififKd naiwii IB lit BMik U LW paUsealma. 1a THAT ri«Y OF a weekly railed tbe .V<HWLIYUAFI ll is priatcd «■ a targ« BI lurt»-4»«> io< be*, aad U FCRAUM at lb* Urm prim AiU « btU*. It aill < ••ataia all (JM ar.(iaal matter W tbf daily *1 M'fmilmma «itb lb* tlitftm cf ioral ar*i au« ulrrHiaf to roaatr? MbrnUn. ll aiil fi\t fall rr|wru of tbc fl*tMdnf> of t 'oaurr-*. aad of tbc olbrr dr-parUaraU of tbc ka tioaal iMtrnatal. ll «itl roauia all tb* ar*» of tbr day. furrifa and aarlrli. kt., he., a. aril aa aa orifiaal r.-m |«>adm<r froia all parti of Ibr roußtry. Tbr atiMrrllaaroa, drpartairat aill re r*nr >|>rrial attratioa. and. in all n-fprrta, tbr rSort ailltx- mad'- to r«tal>li-b tl»r rhaiarlrr of tiir Sah—>at Hrfmlhmm a> a la mill .\ra -paprr. W arbtuxlon hriap i.uar Ibr rratral point of tbr rum nt military operation*, prrat allrntioa aill lie paid to furrinhinic thr rr.tder* of the S'*t>-mal tlrpiUiran aritb full, and npwiallr with wurmfr, arroanti of thr froptM of Ibr aar for thr I'nion. In polilir*. the pn|ier will lie Repulilienn, tus taininp thr Adniini.trntion of Mr. Lincoln. Imtdii> cluiming, however, any to lie the ot s a of the President. There is no other Republican paper in the Dit triet of Columbia, or in the vicinity of it. and itil believed that recent events have opened to such • paper an important sphere of useful effort. The time has coine, wlijn the actual administration of the Government upon Republican principles will explode the misrepresentations which have mrdc those principles so distasteful to the South. But it is not only here, and in this vicinty .that the projectors of the National Rryuhltran hope to make it useful. To the whole country they offer a journal which will discuss national politics from a national standpoint, and which will never he swerved from patriotic duty by any overpowering pressure of local interest. Terms of Subscription. One copy, one year $2 00 Three copies, one year 5 00 Five copies, one year 7 00 Ten copies, one year 12 00 Twenty copies, one yeur 20 00 One copy, sir months 1 00 Three copies, six montns 2 50 Five copies, six months 3 50 Ten copies, six months G 00 Twenty copies, six mouths 10 00 Payment always in advance. When a Club of subscricers has been forwarded, additions may be made to it on the same terms It is not necessary that the subscribers to a club should rc«cive their papers at the same post office. Money may be forwarded by mail, -it our risk. Large accounts can be remitted in drafis on Bos ton, New York, Philadelphia, or Baltimore; smaller amounts in gold, or in notes of solveut banks. The Daily National lltpublican is published every morning (Sundays excepted) at $3 DO pet annum, in udvance. Addresss W. J. MI'RTAGII & CO., [so:ly] Washington, D. C. CLOVE ANODYNE TOOTHACHE DROPS, Cures In one Minute 11! ONLY 25 CTS, CLOVE ANODYNE will not injure the gums or teeth, or unpleasantly affect the breath. HEAD WHAT DENTISTS 5.4 Y OF IT. Messrs. A. 1). k I). SANDS, Gentlemen: In the course of my practice, I have extensively used your Clove Anodyne with much success, for the relief of the Toothache ; and as I constant'y rec ommend it to my patients, I deem it but just to in form you of the high opinion I have of it over oth er remedies. lam yours very respectful!, SI. LEVETT, Dentin. Will be sent free per Stail to any part of the United States upon the receipt of 30 cent* in post age stamps. Prepared by A. B. k D. SANDS, Druggists, 100 Fulton street, corner of William, New York. For sale by Dr. WILLARD, Olympia. EDWARD A. MORSE & CO., IMPORTKRB AND DBALRUS IN DOORS, WIIIOWB AND BLUBS, YVTOULD inform the trade in California, Ore- W gon and Washington Territory that they have opened a uew establishment for the sale of DOORS, WINDOWS AND BLINDS of eve*/ des cription. One of the partner* residing in Boston (who ha* shipped the above goods to this market since IMS,) enables us to keep a thorough and extensive as sortment. which we will sell at as low price* a* out in this market. Parties sending for goods by letter can rely m having the same at as low prices as If ordered in person. Orders by letter or otherwise will be promptly and faithfully fulfilled. We ilm attend to the baying and selling of oth er merchandize. EDWARD A. MORSE * CO., 11 and 13 California st., asd 114 and 116 Market St.. San Fraarisro, and JOHN HALL, IT3 Black stune *t., Bwtoa. M:m3 Sand's Sarsaparilla, TW Qwt Ammimm 1— FOR PURIFYING TIIE BLOOD, vtu M rtn> a cur its cnt rtt SHU IIBHKB wmm as tt uruiun aao a riNsHst, rr m rwtrinw AH.EXTiri L npfly of pare blond in essen tial to aaimal life Wbea tbe prayer eir.ala- Umo of the » ital laid is impeded, sirksea 1* tbe healthy. tbe "in er hsi imn eluggad wtah iaspare bile, which forced lalo Ike system. mialu aad its tames the blood, ingimdiring irisdsls aad cats neoa< aad biliary disorders. ■ABMT * win gently sllmalaH tbe foactioas of ike stsai rh aad bowels ta a regalar aad healthy actioa. aad w itboat aasuea or pargiag expel all delriervoas ac camalatioas. parity tbe blood, efislite tbe eirro latioa. promote pcrspiraiioa, improve tbe appetite, impart toae aad vigor lo tbe system, aad bat swrefv extirpate tbe dfeeaee. eaassag all aa sigklly enteessam ta disappear, aad teavtag Ika skia perfoctly smooth aad ■oxible. Price $1 M par battle art battle for •• M. A* far ,»■*' tsrsysnls aad tele aa aOsr. Prepared by A; B. *D. SANDS. DraagieU, loa Fnltoa street, earner of William, New Terit. Far sale by Dr. R. Wiilard, Olympia. boat pariker of tho blaadin MaU'sßk/ aparilln. ITBUTB WMWAM ■ttar yM«U"rLal'im" J I Xfc kr •Jl.Ar.Mt nStt. Ik« mmmf wW^T'mMrf M braltfc. tWj «mM M In wfiMl « My te ir>. » awitM , M Ihm ncktj km mhmm4r km psWiiW4 tkc Mlbvin • vrpfir ,a 4 Hkrlirrtr MM 4nM ikM k fa A* K«ij nvi|waiMiW MNfan^MTto^ »"fr. it Uphill Hlml (nlwu Ml N««|tt. Tb* drif«Ua| H irrim. the Mb II «MMM wrtfc ii»w. «l Dm (MUM mm 4 MMMk ■ kirk it liimn.Wfmiw. il«h» fWOIIH. Ta tW Mcklt «M> it MfdK fcy «T vital IwmmmT jay wl pat HofMinMj. to >k« <«> ilium Imlml, fc |i<n tb* *mo*< mm 4 nmkt «M»gj wMcfc rluncMtitn amihaad. la all mm* «f mnm di**a*r. low spirit*, nlifMiei. liter rMflaiat, iu4i»|x>titioa to anul ntrtna, U>»ita4*. tMcl atioa, iatpotrac*. kt.. la fact, ta all i nwalalu, »< ute aad rkriKiir ahi.h lfjirt>s oud atifk dm Ike miaJ ad l»o4j, it it aa tkidw, iafallibl* rp^'ic, .NATURE 8 OWN REMEDY FOB MAX SICK NESS ! T That create*, reproduces New and Pare Blood— I lint acta on the liver, heart, brain, inteatinaa, limbs aad chest—that revolationice* the whole system—(fire* strenirtb to the atoat debilitated aad weak—that coatuini no mineral, or other poiaoa. Such is, in truth. Dr. Jacob Webber's Justly Famous In vigorating Cordial Sanguifier! The extraordinary and strange cures effected by this be tutiful herbal concoction hasastonUhed all: it sccmsto suit everrconstitution. Tns OLD, TBB FEEBLE, THK LAKOCID, feel that new life and blood is given them. The roue, the dissipated debauch ce, the weak from long disease, from taking too much meuicine, calomel and other mineral poiaona; the young man whose mnnhood is wasted, where nature's functions are inert nnd lifeless, experien ces the bliss of ROBUST AND VIGORONS MAN HOOD I His appetite is good, hia sleep quiet and -cfroshing, hia mind and memory clear and cer tain. 861- Sold in qnart bottle* by REDIXGTON it CO. CRANE & BRICHAX, San Francisco. And all Druggist* in California, Oregon and Washington Terrtory. Seed Warehouse! EsfabllHhed In 1800. S. W. MOORB, No. 110 California Street, between Montgomery and Sansome, San Francisco, Cal. Has for sale the most extensive variety of EMI, lift Tilt. MITIIUI AND FRUIT SEEDS, * la California, including 20,C00 lbs. Pure AlfttfU or Chill Clo ver Seed, of the New Crop. Hungarian Grass, Red Clover, Timothy, Keutueky Blue Grass, Canary Bird Seed, \Vhite Dutch Clover, &c. Also, Chufas or Earth Al monds* Hyacinths, Tulips, Lilies, And other Bulbous Root*. Assortments of Nn live California Flower and Evergreen Beed«, col lected by a well-kuown Botanist, always on band The undersigned, from his long experience la th* business, and his extensive facilities for pro curing his Seeds from the best Seed-growen and N ursvryineu, is enabled to offer unusual induce* incuts to the Trade and large Ranch-owners. The Agents of Wells, Fargo A Co.'a liprm, and all other Express Companies connecting there with, are hereby authoriied to act ar Agents for the undersigned, in taking orders for Seeds, and receipting tor the same. Orders by mail also promptly attended to. A liberal discount Will be made to the Trade. Par ticular attention giren to the careful packing at Seeds for shipment. Your early orders ore solicit ed, which shall have Immediate and IsithAU at tention. Boxes of Seods, containing 100 papers, for retailing, In such assortments as desired, frrnlshed. S. W. MOORS, Seed Warehouse, 110 California St., 8. t., Cel. January tsth, IMI 10:m6 COMET Illuminating Oil! wltfr*cLsfSaLoVreii shuns?*w*Z>kiltsn^S! h ts sin iiyiniw. asd sfiirter te DOWNER'S, ar u< Mkar WmrM*. Vtk*nih» Darav*iaai Mtar kn«Urf COAL. OIL* vkirk wt are atOiacal tfca Wm Mia. "miwuffSjSp ! Kit Hafe M ««U kwn ta IW KlkM Hwlßfc impiwi »n kaik| «MaMf« Caitfaraia. as waS ia fka lal, tW kaMM *BBi kam. Wa MI it** M»a >— I *"*

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