Newspaper of The Washington Standard, July 16, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated July 16, 1864 Page 3
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.loin* it* work. A large number of build in,; are already destroyed. Th>* Trihmet special correspondent says that Petersburg is now covered by more than 100 of our fiuns waiting Grant's orders. Mt mph 6.—Gen. Washburn baa i„„cd the following order:, Railroad trains from Memphis to Salisbury have been frequently fired into bv guerillas; and whereas, many person* aioi.j; the railioad encourage such proceed ings, >< 18 ordered that 40 of the moat promi nent and bitter secessionist between Mem phis and Ligrange be arrested—2o of whom are to be placed on the trains e.ich day in the ronspicuous positions, one being placed on each side of the engine. No trains will be allowed to leave Memphis without this s>-sesh guard, until the murderous business is de sisted from. St ir York, July 7.—A committee, headed hv Admiral Anson, lias been formed in Lon don, to raise by guinea subscription a fund Ft purchasing a handsome sword to replace that which Setntnes l'»st by the sinking of the Alabama. It is reported that a considerable rum has been raised in Liverpool for tho same purpose. The Daily Nntt publishes an account of the Keartage-Alabama affair, in regard to the course pursued by the former, and charges that the Deerhound acted as a sort of tend er to the Alabama. Capt. Winslow would havo secured the whole of the officers nnd crew of the Alabama had he not place too much confidence in the honor of the owners of the yacth. He considered Semm-s and others who escaped, in honor bound to give themselves up, and therefore did not pursue or fire upon the Deerhound because be didn't believe that she, carrying the Hag of tho royal Yacht Squadron, would act so dishonorably. The News publishes a letter from Stod dard, master of the Kearsage , ccniplaining of the Deerhound as a consort of the Alabama. It is understood that Fessenden will not contract the currency. THE NEWS. —Dates fiom the Atlantic side to the 9th. There is nothing, however, of particular importance which will not be found in the dispatch of the 7th, except that the raid into Maryhud is not as important as was supposed. It appears that a force of 12,000, under Breckenridge was in the vicinity of Frederick, Md., /50 mil'is north of Washington City. Another dispatch of tho same date says he was in possession of Frederick, and that Wallace had fallen back to the east side of the Munocacy, some three or four miles east of the city. The object of the raid is plun der, and tho liopo of drawing a portion of Grant's army from before Petersburg and Richinoni. We will soon have troops enough in the vicinity ot Frederick to take care of the hlack-liearted traitor, Breckenridgo with out weakening Grant, who will soon be in possession of Petersburg. The return of Viil -1 indighain and this raid of his friend Breck enridge taken together are very significant. Sherman is driving the rebels before him over the Chatahoochie river, five or six miles east of Atlanta, O.i. It will be seen that Grant has cut all the railroads south and west of Richmond, destroying them so effectively that it will require months to lepair thein should they regain undisputed possession, which is nit likely to happen. Congress adjourned on tiio 4th. Tho President has signed the re coi stiuction bill, which provides for estab lishing provisional governments in the rebel States,.and for their readmissien into the Un ion, thus disposing of the squabble about the right ol the President to admit them by proc lamation. The bill is substantially a copy oi the President's proclamation of December lust. Xjf'Do not forget the election to-day. Vote early, and see that every Unioa man docs the same. It ia not a personal contest be tween Messrs. Rhoades and Longmire, but is more of a contest for principle than any elec tion that has taken place in the Territory. The party complexion of the House depends upon it. No good Union man will, under the circumstances, neglect to vote for Mr. Rhoadua on personal grounds. |y By voting for Mr. Rhoades you vote for the seat of government to remain at Olym pia, and for Olympia as the terminus of the Pacific railroad. It will surely terminate in warmer regions if a Copperhead is elected and he advocate* the iaterests of hia party constituents; |y Let all Union men bear in mind that if the Peace " Democrat" Longmire is elect ed to-day. it will be heralded abroad that Thurston county has been rescued from the control ol the Lincoln abolitionists." iy Legal tenders are passing current here at 50 cents. ARMY NOTICE. SEALED proposals, in duplicate, will be received by me, at tbia office, until 12 o'clock M., the Hth day of Aagust, 1864, (or the following, via : CO ton* of gooa, well-cored timothy hay; 6 torn of good, clean oat atraw ; 65,000 pound* of the beit quality of oata in bulk, and 100 cord* of bard oak wood. Hay and straw to be delivered by the 15th of September, 1864; oata and wood to be delivered by the 15th of October, 1864. Propoaala ahould b< endoraed, Proposal! for Hay, or Propoaala for Straw, aa the caae may be, accompanied by the written guarantee of two good, responsible persons, a* sureties for their faithful performance of the contract. The undersigned reserves the right to reject any or all bids, should the interests of the United States requre it. P. B. TOOHILL, 2d Lient. Ist W. T. Inf. Tola. Acting Assistant Q. M. Office, 1 Fort Steilacoom, July 11th, 1864. J Parties catering for any aad all of the above contracts, mast Srst submit nneqaivocal evidence of their loyalty to the United States Oovernasent, otherwise their propositioas will aotbe eatertaiaed. P. E. T., 2d Lieat. Ist W. T. Inf., A. A. Q. M. July 16th, IM3. 36:td JOB —Posters, Bills, Programmes, etc doaa an short notice at the office of the WASHINGTON STANDARD THEIANIOF CAIIF9BHII. Incorporated under the Leva of the State. Capital Mack, (PAID up IN* GOLD COIN.) 8«,ooo,ooo, WITH THE PRIVILEGE OP INCREASING TO 65,000,000! StoolLboldera. SAX RSARCISCO. n. O. MILLS. A. I. POPE. WM. C. RALSTON, HERMAN MICHEL*. R. S. FRF.TZ, FREDERICK HILLINGS J. R. THOMAS, GEORGE H. HOWARD, LOI IM MrI.ANE, H. F. TESCIIEMACHER ASA T. LA WTO V, A. HAYWARD, WM. E. HAH RON, MOSES ELLIS, THOS. 11K1.1.. A. R. McCREARY, JOHN O. EARL, R. M. JESSUP, WM. NORRIS, SAMUEL KNIGHT, J. WHITNEY, Jr., A. C. HENRY, O. F. GIFFIN, J. C. WILMERDING, WM. ALVORD. PORTLAND, OREGON. JACOB KAMM. D. O. MILLS WM. V. RALSTON Cannier. Cobrespomirnts in Nkw York—LEKS k WAL LKIT, No. 3.1 I'ine Street. COURIBPONDKNTB is Lowdos.—BANK OF LON DON. • • THE UNDERSIGNED OIVE NOTICE THAT the above named corporation ha* been organised for the purpose of carrying on the Banking and Exchange business, in all it* branches, in this city and with the interior of thin State, the neighbouring State and Ter ritories, and with Mexico ; also with the Atlantic cities, Europe, China, and the East Indies; for which they are provided with ample faculities, and in coraformitjr with the articles of association will commence opera tions on the sth day of July next, at the banking house now occupied by Donohoe, Ralston & Co., cor ner of Washington ana Battery Streets. With the view of giving to the business of the cor poration all the efficiency an J prompitude of a private banking firm, together with that confidential seclusion of private business matters so generally desired, the immediate management of its affairs is committed exclusively to I). O. Mills and Wm. C. Ralston, ai President and Cashier respectively, to whom, or either of them, the customers of the Bank will apply on all business matters. The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees will take place monthly. The undersigned deem it advisable to call particular attention to the following peculiarities of the organiza tion, which arc positively binding on all its members: First. —Sales of its Capital Stock can be effected onlv after due appraismenl by Stockholders selected for that special purpose; and tne Trustees of the Cor poration have, in all cases, the right to become pur chasers of the stock appraised at the appraisment, for the benefit of the remaining Stockholders. This re striction is printed upon each Certificate of Stock. Second. —Loans cannot I* made to stockholders, except upon collaterals other than their Shares in the Capital Stock of this Bank. TRUSTEES. D. O. MILLS. J. B. THOMAS, LOUIS M. LANE, THOMAS BELL, WM. NOItRIS, A. J. POPE, JOHN. O. EARL. O. F. GIFFIN, HERMAN MICHELS, JAMES WHITNEY, Jr. W. C. RALSTON. San Francisco, June 18,1864. JJoircs. Scald Head Cared. SPBINOFIELD, LLL., June 7,18.39. MKSSUH.A.L. SCOVILL & Co.— lientt .-—lt in with pleasure that I write you, and let you know the result of Dr. Mutt's Pills on my daugh ter. Some three years ago ahe was troublod with a scald h'ld, and the scalp was one mat of tores. We tried almost everything we could think of, without being cured. I got Dr. Mott's Liver Pills, and used them as directed, and in six weeks she was entirely restored. Yours, etc., JAMES JOHNSON. For sale bv all Druggists, REDINGTON & CO., 416 and 418 Front St., San Francisco, Agents. KENNEDY'S CORNER, Wayne Co., Ind., Oct, 3, 1853. DR. O. D. BAKER.—J write you to let you know what your Fain Panacea has done for me. Last January I wan attacked with Inflammatory Rheuma tism, attend with great pain. I tried several different physicians, the best that could be procured in this section; although they cupped and bled me several times, it only gave temporary relief. I became bed ridden, and was as helpless as a child. I could not move hand or foot, or turn myself in bed. The pain was so great when I moved, that it seemed •( if it would take my very life. In this way I suffered for seven long weeks and more, and thought that I could never recover! I was recommended to try your Pain Panacea, and I did so. I took it internally, and had my body rubbed freely with it as long as I could bear, several times a day. My pains began to give way immediately on using the medicine, and I began to have strength and appetite, and am able to be 4bout again. It has been a great blessing to me in relieving my sufferings. I live at Kennedy's Corner, four and m half niles north of Centerville, Wayne, Co., Indiana, NANCY ANN FURGISON. I am well acquainted with the particulars of Mrs. Furgison's case, and thought she cr uld never recover. JOHN KENMEDY. Sold by all Medicine Dealers, Principal Office, 48 Dey Street, NEW YORK. PRICE OXLY 2 a CENTS VER BOTTLE. REDINOTON ft CO, 410 and 418 Front Street, San Francisco, Agents for California. Administrator's Notice. NOTICE is hereby given by the undersigned, ad ministrator of the estates of Alva W. McWhorter, deceased, late of Cowlitt County, Washington Territo ry, to the creditors of, and all person* having claims against said deceased, to present the same with the necessary vouchers, within one year from the publica tion of this notice to the undersigned, at hia residence, near Monticello, Cowlity County. JAMES CATLIN, A dm itUMtvaior. Monticllo£|W. T., June 13th, 1864. CLOVE ANODYNE TOOTHACHE DROPS, Cure* In one Minute 111 ONLY 25 CTS, CLOV* ANODYNB will not injure the gums of teeth, or unpleasantly affect the breath. SB A D IVHA T DENTISTS SAY OF IT. Messrs. A. B. ft D. SANDS, GentUmen: Ia the course of my practice, I have extensively used your Clove Anodyne with much success, for the relief of the Toothache; and aa I constantly rec ommend it to my patients, I deem it but Just to in form you of the high opinion I have of it over oth er remedies. lam yours very respectfall, M. LEVETT, Dtnlitt Will be sent free per Mail to any part of the United States upon the receipt of 30 cents in post age stamps. Prepared by A. B. ft D. SANDS, Druggists, 100 Fulton street, corner of William, New York. For sale by Dr. WILLARD, Olympia. AiMliltinitor'i Sal*. NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed admiaiatrator of the es tate of Mary Elisabeth Godfrey, deceaaed, lata of Jefferson county, Waahington Territory. All per sons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned, and those having demand* against the same mast present them within one year from this data properly aa theaticated or be forever barred. E. S. FOWLER, Adm'r. Part Townsend, Jeff. Co., W, T., May 11, 1364. J. G. SPARKS, OLYMTIA, W. T. /"VFFICE oa Fifth Stmt, between Mali aad \J waahiagtea. Prenldent. 2TOTJLOJD. XHI copartnership in the Banking Busitess heretofore (listing between Eugene Kelly, of City of New York, and Joseph A. Donohoe, Wn. C. Ralston, and Ralph S. Frets, of Man Fran eiico under the firm name of EUGBNE KELLY * CO., Sew York, and DONOHOE, RALSTON' k CO., San Francisco, will crane on the sr»t day of Jnly, 1864, Eugene Kelly and Joseph A. Donohoe withdrawing from the copartnership. The business will be settled in New York by Eugene Kelly, and in San Francisco by Wm C. Ralston and R. S. Frets. Depositors arc requested to hand in their books for settlement at the banking bouse of Donoboe, Ralston k Co. ENGEXE KELLY, [Per J. A. Donohoe, Attorney,] JOSKPII A. DOSOIIOE, WM. C. RALSTON, R. 8. FRETZ. San Francisco, June 43, 1864. THE UDERSIGNED, CALLINO ATTENTION to the above card, give notice that on and after the first day «f July next, they will continue the business of the above copartnership without interruption, at the old banking-house of Donohoe, Ralston ft Co., in this city, under the firm name of FRETZ k RALSTON, and in New York through the agency of Messrs. LEES k WALLER, No. 33 Fine Street; and that on and after the sth day of July next, they, together with D. O. Mills, J. B. Thomas, Louis McLane, Asa T. Lawton, Wm. E. Barron, Thomas Bell, J no. O. Earl, Wm. Noris, J. Whitney, jr., O. F. Gillln, A. J l'ope, Herman Michels, Fredrick Billings, GeorgeH. Howard, H. F. Teschemschrr, A. Haywood, Moses Ellis, A. B. McCreary, R. M. Jessup, Samuel Knight, A. I!. Henry, J. C. Wilmerding and Wm. Alvoid of San Francisco, and Jacob Korn, of Portland, Oregon, hav ing become for that purpose duly incorporated under the laws of this State, will carry on the business of banking in all of its various branches, at the ssme place and through the same agency, and upon the basis of a Gold and Silver Currency, under the name of THE BANK OF CALIFORNIA. D. O. MILLS and WM. C. RALSTON will be charged with the management of the business of the Corporation. WM. C. RALSTON, R. S. FRETZ. San Francisco, June 15, 1864. OLYMPIA DRUG STORE. C. C. TURNER, CHEMIST, DRUUOISTAND A "OTHEUARY. GG. T. embraces this opportunity to thank , the people of Olympia and the public generally, for tlieir very liberal patronage hither to extended to him. and hereby respectfully solic its a continuance of the same. He would also state that that his old stock (for merly on hnnd) has been completely disposed of, and that his extensive stock of— IIS, CHEMICALS AID MEDICINES, now on hand, and to which he is constantly adding fresh supplies, can be relied npon as being frtth and pure, of English, French and American manufacture. Our relations with houses in California aflbrdus facilities for buying unsurpassed by any other bouse outside of San Francisco. Our stock of— PATENT MEDICINES, Cannot be excelled in variety, and consist in part of Aycrs', Townsend'g, Guysott's, Bristol's, Grafl'enburg's, Hull's, Sand's, Crane & Brighatu's, Sarsaparlllas. Avers' Cher»y Pectoral, Jane's Expectorant, Vermi fuge, Hall's Balsam for the Luugs, Gargling Oil, Hamburg Tea, Brown's Bronchial Troches, Soothing Syrup, Flea Powder, Mustang Liniment, ftcinbold's Buchu, Pain Killer, Osgood's Collagogue, Ayers' Ague Cure, Clove Anodyne, Seidlcts Pow ders, Wutt's Nerv ous Antidote, Wood's and Fish's Hair Restorative, British and Harlem Oil, Marshall's Uterine Catholicon, Jayne's Car minative Balsam, Hostctter's Roback's and Richardson's Bitters; Jayne's, Avers, Graetfenburg, Brandrcth's Wright's, Mott's Mc L.4 S ICS MOFFATT'S AXD LEE'S PILLS. Oraffenburg Children's Panacea, Hyatt's Life Balsam, Hollaway's Oiutment and Fills, ltadway's Ready Relief, Ilunnewell's Cough Remedy, Baker's Pain Panacea, Cod Liver Oil, Bachelder's Hair Dye, Balm of a Thousand Flo wars, White and Brown Glue, Bay Rum, Salt Petre, Shellac, Burnett's Cocoaine, Beeswax, Honey, Orcen Mountain Ointment, Russia Salve, ME, THIE AID Ml By the Gallon, Can or Case. Madder, Logwood, Annetto, Cochineal and other Dye-ituffi. Sloan's Condition Powders, Opodeldoc, Sulphur, Balts, Blue Stone, Olive Oil, Strychnine, lodine l'ottas sium. Schoville'a Bl'iod and Liver Byrup, Calcined and Carbonate Magnesia, Pearl Barley, Arrowroot, Concentrated Pot ash, Wistar's Balsam of Wild CIIBBRYi Sulphuric Acid, Muriatic Acid, Nitric " Acetic " Phosphoric" Citric " Tartaric Acid. Downer's Genuine Coal Oil, Wholesale and Retail. Fof the benefit of the sick and convales cent we have on band a superior article of— BRANDY, PORT AND SHERRY WINES. Sago, Tapiaeo, Farina, Pearl Barley, Coop- er't laingUut. |Qr A full assortment of cooking extracts— Summer Saeoty, Swui Brown's Essence of Valerian, Wistar's Balutm Wild Cherry, Catarrh and MacoLoy Snuff. The above enumeration eompriace but a email por tion of the good* now on hud aad for sale at the LOWEST CASH PRICES. Our assortment of Toilet Articles Is uneseelled, comprising. Florida Water, Bay Rum, Cctogae, Seeated Soaps, rnmsilrs. Hair Oils, Tooth Brushes, Hair Brushes, Comba, Labia Extracts. Nafl Bmshss, Ac., Ac. Our stock of Chemicals is most complete, aad ws are prepared to fill erdere from Merchants or Physi eiaas on the moot Uhmal tenae. N. B. PRESCRIPTIONS carefully put up at eO hears day aad aight. O. O. TURNER. Store eae deer North of Pacific Restauraat. Olympia, W. T., June 4,1554. Sfctf NOTICE. A S Internal Revenue Stamps of tho different /% denominations caa bo obtainedat the of fee of the Collector, at Olympia, W"T., the law ia relation to the use thereof, will be eaforced. PHILIP D. MOORE, Collector. Jaa. SI, ISS4. lt:wl BOOT AND SHOE SHOP. rpH* undersigned has just received a I lam and good assortment of the beet FRENCH CALF and KIP that has erer < Hi been exhibited in Olympia, suitable for makiag from the Inest to the heaviest drees boot. He has also oa haad a large supply of heme taaned— KIP. Oow-Hlde, ORAISED LEATHER, AMD BVCK4III. CASH PRICES i Best Fine French Calf, sewed-. sll 00 " " " pegged- 10 oo Best French Kip, pegged- sfe to $lO 00 Fine Call, light or heavy, home tanned, 8 00 Good Coarse, or Kip- 7 00 BUOES IS PROPORTION. PeiT All work warranted, as it is done by my self. taT All are invited to call aad examine my stork. *»• Shop on Main street, opposite 0. O. Tur ner's Drug-store. CHARLES WOOD. P. S.—All persons indebted to me are request ed to call and settle their accounts. Mr Greenbacks taken at 65 cent*. Olympia, July 2, 1864. 34:tf V. 8. TAX NOTICE. ALL persons concerned are hereby duly notified that the Annual Taxes, including License* as re quested, and the Income Taxes under the laws of July Ist, 1862, and March 3d, 1863, are now due and payable. One of the undersigned will, therefore, be at Seattle, King County, Tuesdav, June 28th; Port Madison, Kitsap County, Wednesday, June 29th; Teekalet, Kitsap County, Thursday, June 30th; Port Ludlow, Jefferson County, Friday, July Ist; Port Townsend, Jefferson County, Saturday, July 2d; Coupeville, Island County .Monday, July 4th; Utsalady, Island County, Tuesday, July 6th; Muckleteo, Snohomish County, Wednesday, July 6th, 1864, ready to receive payment therefor. ITT FAILURE TO PAY the License Money, at the above time, will render deliuauents liable to an addi tional ten per centum, and if tne Income Tax bills are not paid within ten days after the 30th July, current, five per centum must be levied thereon. PHILIP D. MOORE, Collector. GEO. F. BUTLER, Dep'y Collector, let Sub-District. In the matter of Claim of Samuel Branton, under the llomeetead Act, to land in the county of Kiteap, Territory of Washington. To Samuel Branton : You arc hereby notified that the undersigned will proceed to take deposi tion of witnesses, at Port Gamble, before Cyrus Walker, a Notary Public for said Territory, or some other person duly authorized to take tes timony, on Tuesday, the fifth day of July, 1864, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, said depositions to he used before the Register and Receiver of the Lund Office at Olympia, in said Territory on the thirteenth day of July, 1864, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, in order to prove abandonment by you, and the sale and transfer of all your right, title and interest to the undersigued of all that tract of land designated upon the plats of the public surveys as fractional lots 2 and 3 of section 20, ami the south-east qr. of the north-east qr. and th« north-east qr. of the south-east qr. of sectiop 19, said parcels of land being lit Township No. 27 N. of range 2 east of the Willamette Meridian, when and where you arc requested to appear and shew cause why said entry by you as a Home stead should not be vacated and the said land re vert to the United States. THOMAS DAGNIN. Port Gamble, Kitsap Co., W. T. June 3, 1864. J. H. KELLETT, SADDLE, HARNESS AND TRIM liII'FACTIJRER, AND DKALERIN SADDLERY Hardware, Saddle Trees, Block and Bent Stirrups, etc. Shop on Main street, in the Post Office building. Prices to suit the times. Hides and Produce taken in exchange,and cash never refused. Olympia, September 26, 1862. 3:46'1y CLOVE ANOD/NE Tootb Aolie Drops Complain no more of Aching Teeth. fTIIIESE Drops have been extensively used by J_ tliouasnils whose eiperience has proved, that tue Anodyne will give immediate and permanent relief after the failure of every other remedy It is pleasant to the taste and smell, and a few ap plications will entirely remove the pain tnd sore ness from a decayed tooth, so that it may be filled and rendered as useless as ever. When the pain proceeds from the face, or fVom the gums around n tooth apparently sound, this Anodyne will give speedy relief by rubbing a few drops on the parts affected. It has only to become generally known to be as highly appreciated by the public as it is by dentists. Read the following letter from one of the most distinguished practical dentists in the city of New York. "Messrs Sands: Gentlemen—ln the course of my practice I have extensnvely used your Clove Anodyne with much success for the relief of the Toothache, and as I constantly recommend it to my patients, I deem i« but just to inform you of the high opinion I have of it over other remedies I am yours, respectfully, - "M. LKVETT, Dentist." T. A. HOGAN, Tonsorlal Artist, OLYMPIA, W. T. GRATEKUL for past favors, he begs leave to inform the public that he is prepared to con tinue his business of Sharing and Hair Dressiug athis well known stand, corner Second and Main Streets, one door below PerCival's. Administrator's Bale. BY order of the Probate Court of Jefferson County, Washington Territory, I shall aell by pulie auction, for cash, In front of the Post Office In Port Townsend In said county, on the 18th day of June, 1864, between the hours of 10 A. M. and 6 r. the following real estate In the county of Jefferson, W.T: The South half of Benjamen Ross donation elain, the samn being in Sections S3 and 34. Township 31, K. R. IW. W. II: containing three hundred and twenty FOr Victoria tad Vray Port*. •tr. " Anderson," D. B. FINCH, MASTER, T EAVES Olympia for Victoria aad intermedi- I A ate porta every Monday morning. Superior ncilitira for carrying cattle. Olympia, June IS, 1864. Sl:tf THE FARMER'S GUIDE TO leisntiis and Prtetissl Afriraltan. y Hnu Mtiphu, P. R. 8., of Bdinbnrg, aad the late J. P. Noarox, Professor of Scientific Agriculture in Yale Collog, New Haven, S vola Royal Octava. 1400 pages, aad aumerous la graviags. This is coafesaodly the mast complete wark ot Agriculture ever published, aad ia order to give H a wider circalatioa,the publishers have resolved to reduce the price to II Iter Um Two ralaatM. Whea seat by awil (poet paid) to California Oregoaaad Washiagtoa, the price will be ST. every other part of the Daioa, aad to Caaada (post paid) t«. lOuThis isaot the old "Book of the Para." Remittaaces for aay of the above publications should always be addressed, poet paid to the pub liihtn. LEONARD SCOTT * CO.. No. 54, Gold Street, New York. Tk* Bwt ■•ileal DtoMnrj SCOVILI/S BLOOD AND LIVER STRUP! rot TBB ccaa or Scrofulous, Syphilitic, and Mercurial Die eattt. Old Sore*, Slim Hiteatet, and alt other di teases tckirA are canted by am impure state of the Mf 1 $ * A WONDERFUL CM* or SCROFULOUS WHITE SWELLING! Bead Ike statement of Martla ■obfelaa, Jr. t | 19 was one of the worst case* ever record- I I ed I He now enjoys Roacsr HEALTH ! This cure has excited his ftiends, neighbors and physicians, and even some of the Medical Faculty. One of the Professors, [Dr. R. 8. XEWTO*.] who was called to see him as a surgeon, not to pre scribe, was so forcibly impressed with the Re markable Curative Properties of this Medicine, that he has adopted it into his private practice, as well as at the COLLIGI and HOSPITALS. CI*CINXATI, Ohio, Feb. 16. 1858. Messrs. A. L. SCOVILL k Co.: GKNTLXME.N—I will with great pleasure give my testimony as to what your BARBAPARILLA and STILLINGIA, or Blood itint Liver Syrup, has done for me. Some three and a half yeiirs since, I was attacked with a Scrofulous White Swelling , which was attended by the most excru ciating pains I I tried various remedies, and had two of the best physicians in the city—one of them a Professor in an old School Medical Col lege—and they Failed to give me any Relief. I was so reduced that I was confined to my bed for over three months. I had MURK THAN A DOZES HUNNIXU ULCERS on my legs, Irorn which I took from time to time, more than one hundred pieces of bone. My friends had given up all Hopes of my Recovery! I was in this condition when I commenced' the use of your BLOOD AMD LIVER SYRUP. I have used altogether some two dozen bottles of it. I am now able to attend to ray business, and my legs fcave become so strong thnt I walk without any difficulty— ana have entirely recoiered my health. Yours tmlv, MARTIN ROBBINS, Jr. Residence on Eighth street, between Mound ana John, No. 321 : or at place of business, with Brown k Villettc. No. 4, east Fourth street. WE THISK THERE IS NO Medicine so efllcalou* In re moving hu or* from th; blood as SCOVILL'S BLOOD and LIVER SYRUP. It Is rec ommended by Physicians In all parts of the country (tor the cure of Scrofula, fcc. Pimples or sores Indicate that the system Is out or or der. Unless something Is done to cleanse the blood of these Impurities, the result may be In a more serious disease, such as Scrotala, Syphilitic, lie. Those who wish to And a most effica cious Remedy, and yet have no conlldence In Patent Med icines generally will never regret a trial of Scovlll's Blood and Liver Syrup. REDISGTOX & CO., Sole Agents for California, 416 aud 418 Front Street, San Francisco. ▼3:n46:ly There is no other way to cure dis eases but by first purifying the whole Syitem so as to create a healthy circulation. The hrst medical men of the age agree with us, tlmt no disea' s of any extent can be cured frith jt using such medidnes as will a . directly upon the blood. Why m .y medical men have failed to cure nronic dis eases is, because the m« icincs have not been such as will a< beneficially on the blood. The many thousands of bottles which have been used by the public, and the many gallons and barrels supplied to the physiciuns warrant us iu saying that the last two ycara we have been more successful with our SCOV'ILI.'S BLOOD AND LIVER SYRUP IN CURING lIOI'EI.ESB CASES OK CUItONIC DISEASES than have any other reme dies in the hands of physicians, orbc fore the public. It is now admitted that no other combination known to the. profession, acts so promptly upon disease* as our BeovilTs Blood and Liver Syrup. Kor sale everywhere, and by RED INGTON & CO., 416 and 418 Front street, San Francisco. WASHINGTON HOTEL, It At IT BTBKET, THIS capacious and elegant hotel having been recently thoroughly renovated and refitted is now prepared for the accommodation of ths public in a style superior to any other house ou the Sound. The rooms are large, well lighted warmed and ventilated, and tastefully furnished, having superior accommodations for families, and ladies' private dining room, also luitcs of rooms for parties. The CillMry Department I« nnder the management of an experienced cook, and the TABLE will always be found provided with the best the market can afford. THE BAB Will always be found stocked with the best Wines, Liquors and Cigars. To the public I ever wish to state, Thai for your favors I MOW wait, As I assume to ne'er despise To take the chance to advertise. 8. OALLIBER. Olympia, W. T., Nov. Sth, 1863. I :tf raited States District Court, \ Third Judicial District, W: T. f Held at Port Towasead, Xd Moaday of Jaae, 1864. Sarah A. Pilrher \ Samael Pilcher. j To Sanest Pueiia: Tear are hereby noti fied, that aaless yoa appear at the aexl term of the Caited Slates District Coart, of the Third Ju dicial district, to be held at Port Towfend, on the Id Moaday of Jaae aext, aad aaswera CM. plaiat filed agaiast yoa ia aaid court, judgment will be taken agaiast yoa as eoafessed aad the prayer of the ptaaliff granted. The object object of aaid complaint ia to procure a decree of di vorce from the bonds of amtrimony, far abaadva —■ "* 'Xu. 1. P.LO.UU By her Attorneys, BBAMBAW K MCFA»D«*. May Tth, IM4. 1 DR. WM. HAUL'S BALSAM FOR THE LUNG& row THE era or Consumption, Dfctiite, Aetkmm, BronekilU, Sigki Sweat*, Weutinf of FUtk, Bfk tim<j of Blood, /looping- Comfit, Dif- Jicmltj/ of Brtmlh ing, Cold*, C'romp. Cough, Imjlmtn M« Pktkinc, Pain im Ik Side, mmd mil Ditemf of the Lumgi 10.000 REWARD IS OFFERED FOR A BETTER RECIPE. IT COXTIIXS st OPICM, CALOIII, OR lliiiut POMJX, iso II itri FOB TD* MOST DiiKiTE CHILD! Pome, Onm'a to., A*. Y. May 73, 1860. TI.e Hal jam hai produced recently on e( the must remarkable cure* we have ever yet wit* nested in this section. It is that of a young la djf who bus beeu suffering from lung complaint for tha last rear or two, add has been undtr lb* treat* incut of Dome of the bcit physicians in New York city, and by them pronvHnetd mmruble. By their advice recently she came up into the country among her relative!!, where the conld be properly uurted, not expecting to live bat a few week* or montbsut the most, differing an thewaa from eon* stant cough, nightsweats, and all the anpleasaat systems attending confirmed consumption. One of her friends noticing your advertisement, pro cured of us a bottle of the Balsam, with cxpecta* tion only of giving a little temporary relief, and without any hope of its affecting a permanent cure. After using half of the bottle the found tbe effort exactly as described in your pumphlet. her cough begun to disappear. She commenced gaining in flesh; nud by the time she had com pleted the second bottle, she pronounced herself nearly teell. She was recently in our store for the purpose of procuring a bottle of tbe Balsam to send to a friend of hers, and appeared to be enjoying good health I She is extremely grateful, aud says that she is anxious that tbe whole world should know of the curative properties of "Hall'l lialtam," us she considers that it has been instru mcntal in saving her life I Yours, truly, KINNEY & GREENI. DR. WM. HALL'S BALSAM HAS effected cures in nnmerous cases, where the most skillful physicians in this couutry and in Europe have been cm ployed, tin d h ivrc cxercis e d their skill in vain. C a Sr. Wm. Hall'a ses pronoun ced incurable, and surren dered as hope less beyond a doubt leaving BALSAM! the patient* without a sin gle ray to en liven them in their gloom, have been cur ed by DrHall'j Balsam, and FOR TIII the " victims ofconsump tion" are now vigorous and TIIROAT strong as tbe most robust • among ul. And these ca AND SCB are not iso lated ones; they are nu merous, and Lungs t canbcpointcd out in every community, where this most unrival ed remedy has been tested. REDINGTON k CO., Solo Agents, 4lUand 418, Front St., San Francis co, and for sale by all Druggists. Beware of all other prepurutions of the same name. Each bot tle of the genuine bears the signature of "O. R. ltaker &. C 0.," Cincinnati. Take none other. Price, one dollar per bottle. D. PHILLIPS. D. Phillips & Co., ( Successors to V. Phillips Sf Son*) DEALERS IX DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, BOOTS SHOES, HATS, CAPS, AND CLOTHING. Main Street, Olympla, W. T., Jan. 18G3. B:tf Brown's Brocbial Troches. I hit it never changed my mind respecting them from the first. except to think yet better of that which / be* yan thinking well of. lie v. HENRY WARD DIICIH. The Troches art a staff of lift to mti L'rof. EDWARD NoRTU t Pres. Hamilton College, Clinton, N. Y. For throat tioubles they art a specific. N. P. Wiuiti Too favorably known to need commendation. lion. CH AS. A. HIIELPS, Pres. Mass. Senate, Contain no opium nor anything iry'uriout. Dr. A. A. HAYIS, Chemist, Boston. An elegant combination for tought. Dr. Q. F. HIQCLOW, Boston, I recommend their us* to I'ublic Sptaktrt. Rev. E. 11. CBAPIM. Moil talutary relief in Bronchi tie. Rev. tJ. SKIOFRIED, MorrUtown, Ohio, Very beneficial when Differing from coldt. Rev. S. P. ANDERSON, St. Lonia. A t nsst instant relief in the distressing labor of breathing peculiar to Asthma. Rev. A. C. EUGLKSTON, New York. They have tutted tny case exactly, relieving my throat so that I could ting with ease. T. DUCHARMI, Chorister French Parish church, Montreal. As there nro imitations, be euro to obtain the genuine. REDIXGTON « CO., 416 and 418 Front Street, San Francisco, Agent*. BROWN'S i A neglected Coioh, Cold, Al Ibbitatkd on Sobs Throat if al" nnnvnUT A t lowed to progress results in seriotis AAUia 111 Alt Pulmonary Bronchial and Astk* vnnmra matte Diseases oftentimes incur*- IHUtUbS ble. BsowN'a Bboxcuial Tbo c ii p.i reach directly the affected parts FOB and give almost ianeom relief. For Bhonchitis, Astrna, Ca«* * 101UIIS TABBH, and CoKSunrrivs CoiOHS the Troches are nssAiL Public - asd Spbakbbs and 8»obm should have the Troches ta clear and COLDS, strengthen the voice. hiuKut Officers and Soldiers who overtax the voice, and are exposed to sudden changes should use them. 0»- aix only the genuine. " Brown's B|snchial Troches" having proved their effleacy by a test of many years, are highly recommended and prescribed by Physicians and Surgeons in the Army, and have received testimo nials from many eminent men. ' • Sold by all Druggists and Dealers fat Medietas in the United States and most Foreign eonn'risa at per box. Agents for California, Bkdixotok ft Co., Sa» Francisco. Store ThrMt, C •***•, cthU. ud limilar tronblci, If lalknd to pragma. NHM in terion* Pulmonary. Broncial ud Ailtttk affectioui, •AUM incamblc. novil BIOVGHI4L TBOOm ara coaipoandcd H ult reach diractlr lit Nat of the dueaac and (tire almoat insUat nilrf. KEDINGTON k CO.. 416 ud 418 Wool St., Sob Fnnim, Cat. pY order of the Probata Coart of ZtAfM s sst KaesssTj-wtrtißt Part To—rod, in aaid eo*M?. aa tba IM ■ Jaar, IWi. brtwata tba boora of M A. ■. aai Sr. a, tba foUo<riag Town Lata in tba Tm of NH Twa> aaad. lawman C*. W. T~ Utna. IMacfc aatt, la« no. > and 4, black »«. 41, lata no. 111 Ml ItU M. 4J, and block no. I*7. Said raal aetata bring hapcooad and befringing ta tba aatata af Onega A. Taa9«fc* WM * T T H Tirrtwwmtw ) W. W. iumm, Anitltaau. May lfth, IWi. O. A. BAEKEB

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