Newspaper of The Washington Standard, July 30, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated July 30, 1864 Page 3
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... n H A o ob aid Grce'#/, at Niagara Falls, hlj " furnished for publication. TW Cut kt . er tram tb«n to Oiedrj, uktid for pro •Ktinn * Secretary of War, in order that they nay visit Washing tot,. Greeley replied «mler data aI 17th, aa lollow*: (itNTi.EMKN —I am informed that jam are dulv accredited from Richmond aa bearers of propuaititos Whinf to the re-eatabliahment of peace. and that yon deaire to viait Waah inpton in fulfillment of your minion. If my information be substantially correct. I am authorized by the President to tender yon hi* sifc conduct on the journey proposed, and will accompany you at your earliest conven ,e These facts being materialy different from that understood to exist, Greeley thought it advisable to refer to the President, aolieiting fresh instruction*, which were furnished from the Executive Mansion July 18, 1864, to whom it may concern: " Any proposition embracing a restoration of peace, the integrity of the whole Union and the abandonment of slavery, which comes by and with the authority that control the army uow at war againat the United States, will be received by the Executive Govern ment of the United States, and will be met by liberal terms on substantial and collateral points, and bearera thereof shall have aafe conduct both waya. (Signed) A. LINCOLN. They reply as follows, under date of the 18th of July: "Though ihe sife conduct of the Presi dent has been tendered us we regret to say that under misapprehension of f<icts, we hare not been accredited to him from Richmond as bearera of propositions looking to the estab lishment of peace. We are, however, in the continental cm filoymcnt of our Government, nnd are entire y familiar with its wishes and opinions on the subject, and we need not to be authorized to declare that if the circumstances <1 isclose in this correspondence were communicated to Richmond, wc would be at once invested with the authority to which your letter refers, or other gentlemen clothed with full powers would immediately be sent to Wash ington with a view of hastening to consum mation so much desired, nnd a temination at the earliest possible moment of the calamities of war. New York, July 22.—We dave a well au thenticated report that the rebels have evac uated Atlanta. Louisville, July 22.—Yesterday's Nash ville Union says that Ailanta was taken by our forees on the 18th, thus cutting off all communication with South Carolina except by way of Macon. Deserers come into our lines in great number* since crossing the Chattahoochie. NATIONAL PREJUDICES TAN- qiJISIIED. TIIE TRIYMPIIS OF A ORE AT DISCOVERT. The magnetic influence of gnld attracts the people of every cliine to our shores. Men of all nations, and speaking all the languages of civilization, are to be found congregated on our auriferous plains. Differing in all other things, in their customs habits and religion— there is onep-unt upon which their opinions coincide. Englishman and Ameicans, French, Swiss, Germans, Swedes, Italians, and.Chi nese admit, without a dissenting voice, that the gi eat remedies introduced to the world twenty years ago by Professor Holloway, the distinguished physician and phnrmacopolist, are better adapted to the cure of diseases in this climatj than any other preparations in cxistnnce. This appears, in fact, to be the experience of mankind in all parts of the world, and hence the universal popularity of these medicines. We consider, however, that the boundless confidence placed in their efficiency by the representatives of so many nations at the mines, is a striking phenome non in medical history. Many of these peo ple in their youth, and even at maturity, were accustomed to the use of drugs and nostrums peculiar to their several countries. These remedies were connected in their minds with associations of home, and indorsed, as it were, by their national prejudices. Yet they have been thrown aside and utterly repudiated, while H'tlloway's Pills and Ointment have been adopted by a common impulse through out the entire gold region. It is the result of conviction—conviction grounded on personal observation and experience. The Ointment has been used with such wonderful success as a dressing for wounds, ulcers, and sire legs, a nd for nil the external diseases and casualties to which th« adven turous gold hunter is peculiarly lialiln, that scarcely a digger's tent can be found within the vast area of the gold fields, unprovided with a stock of this healing, soothing, cool ing preparation. The hard fare of the dig ger, and sometimes his habits, tend to* vi tiate the blood and develop running sores and iiurulent ulcers of the body and limbs. Bad egs, especially, are very common at the dig gings, and seriously interfere with the labors ot the diggers. The worst cases of this class are cured by the Ointment with extraordinary rapidity. The best method of healing sore legs, and sores and ulcers generally, is by tabbing the Ointment into the inflamed parts around the orifice, first opening*the pores and softening the flteh with warm fomenta tions. The part affected is then dressed with lint or linen saturated with the Oint ment. Bueh is the. external treatment, but it is also proper to give the patient a few doses of the Pills daring the progress of the cure, as they serve to partly the blood and discharge morbid matter from the system, while the Oiatmeot is doing its wot k on the surface. 38 TBBBITOBT or Waairaooa, \ County of lalaad. / To Ditiu B. HANCOCK : YOB are hereby noti fied that Sarah A. Haacock haa fled a complaiat yoa is the Diatrict Coart of the U. 8. 3d Judicial Diatrict W. T., holdiag terma at Port Towaaead, which will come on to be hoard at the feat term of aaid coart, which ahaU commeace more I baa foar weeka after the Irat pablicatioa of tbia aotice, aad aaleae yoa appear at aaid term aad •aawer, the plaintiff wUI apply to the coart for the relief therein demanded. The object aad prayer of aaid complaint ia to ob taia a dee roe of divorce from the boada of matri mony axialiag between the complaiaaat aad your •*lf, aad alao a decree for the caatody of the chil dren of the marriage. Complaint tied July l«th, IM4. Onto of notice July 13d, 1844. B. F. DENNISON, Au'y for I'laiatiff. SRarritd: In Facile county, W. T., at tbe ralinct aftka b ride's father, aa the 13* int., by IN. John Briscee, Hanar K. Stevens and Ml— Asw» Vm. Be cards. Compliments received. girt: Drowned ia the Duwamish river Findlet Kel lar, of Maine, aa aacleef the late Hon. J. P. Eel lar. Maine papers pleaae copy. JUir his %Sffh H«ticr. ALL persons are caetioaed apiaft treating ar wife, Isabelle Dabeaa, as sbehna leftmybed and board, withont cause or provocatioa, and I will not be respoasible for aajr deals abe may con tract. L. L. Dated at Cowlits, July 34, 1864. 37:w4 Shrriff»' Male. BY virtue of two several executions, issued bjr the Clerk of the District Court of the 3d Judicial Dis trict, dated the 4th day of If ay, A. D. 1864, one in favor of R. H. Lanadale and agaiust A. J. Moses, for the sum of too hundred and sixteen 43-000 dollars (921 ft 43) with interest at the rate of two per cent, per month until paid, with costs of suit amounting to eleven dollars (*ll 00) and increased costs, and dao one la favor of R. 11. Lanadale and againat A. J. Moses, far one hundred and seventy-fire 86-00 dollars, (fl7i 86) with interest at the rate of ten per cent, per annum until paid, and cost of suit amounting to fourteen dol lar! (914 00) and increased costs, I nave levied upon, seised and taken into execution the following described property, to wit: That certain one-atory frame mes suage or tenemant with the lota or parcel of land upon which the same is erected in Swan's addition to the town of Olympia, being the aame land as is more particularly designated and described as lot eight (8) and the east one-sixth of lot nine (9) all in block twen ty (20) ia said Swan's addition to the town of Olympia, together with all and aiugular the buldiags and im provement!, ways, rights, liberties, privileges, herdita mcnts and appertances whatsoever thereinto belong ing, or in anywise appertenaining, and will proceed to bell the same, to the highest bidder, as the law directs, for cash, on the premises, on Saturday, the 20th day of August, 1864, at the hour of 1 o'clock p. «c. JOS. H. KELLETT, Sheriff of Thurston County, W.T. Olympia, July 30th, 1864. 33;w4 ARMY NOTICE. SEALED proposals, in duplicate, will be received by me, at this office, until 12 o'clock M., the tUb day of August, 18(34, for the following, viz : 60 tons of good, well-cured timothy hay, loose and in bales; 6 tons of good clean oat straw, loose and in bales; 65,000 pounds of the best quality of oats, in bulk and in sacks, and 100 cords of hard Oak Wood. - Hay and Straw to be delivered by the lßth of September, 1864; oats and wood to be delivered by the 15th of October, !864. Proposals should be endorsed. Proposals for Hay, or Proposals for Straw, as the case may be, accompanied by the written guarantee of two good, responsible persons, as sureties for their faithful performance of the contract. The undersigned reserves the right to reject any or all bids, should the interests of the United States requre it. P. E. TOOIIILL, 2d Lieut. Ist W. T. Inf. Vols. Acting Assistant Q. M. Office, 1 Fort Steilacoom, July 11th, 1864. / Parties entering for any and all of the above contracts, must first submit unequivocal evidence of their loyalty to the United States Government, otherwise their propositions will not be entertained. P. E. T., 2d Lieut. Ist W. T. Inf., A. A. Q. M. July 16th, 1863. 36:td THE BAKE OF CALIFORNIA. Comer of Washington and Battery Streets, SAN FRANCISCO. THIS Bank is open for the transaction of N Gen eral Banking Business. Wil! receive deposit,at tend to the Collection of Paper, and draw Ex change by TELEGRAPH or otherwise, on New York, London, Dublin, &c., Ac., on the most fa vorable terms. D. O. MILLS, WM. C. RALSTON, President. Cashier. San Francisco, July 5, 1864. 37: ml #peqial Notices. Rheumatism of Long Standing Cured after all other Remedies had Failed. COVIN OTON, Ky., Oct. 12,1852. DR. O. D. BAKER. Dear Sir Mjr wife had the Rheumatism for about two years, and also a severe pain over her heart. She became in a measure helpless, so that she could not turn herself in bed without assistance. I procured every liniment that I could hear of, but without any beneficial effect. She used nearly twenty bottles of strong liniment without receiving any relief. Hear ing of your Pain Panaeea and Dr. Hall's Balsam for the lungs, I procured a bottle of each, which she com menced using, though with but little faith as to their efficiency. She had not used(two bottles, however, be fore she began to mend. She has since used several bottles of the Pain Panacea, and has entirely recovered, not having the slightest indication of any rheumatism in her system, or any. pain in the region of the heart. I have since recommended it to many others, who used it with the happiest result If this will be of any service to you, I can cheerfully give it from under my hand, believing there bno medicine equal to this. I would not be without it for any price, and would re commend it to every one afflicted with Rheumatism, Sprains, Bruises, Summer Complaints, and pains of all descriptions, as it is truly a Pain Panacea. Yours with much respect. J. W. HERBERT. Residence corner 4th and Main Streets. For silt by all Drngglsts, ' REDINOTON ft CO., 416 and 411 Front at., San Francisco. Agents. Mcroftala Cared. Msssas. A. L. SCOVILL ft Co. Oti M« :—la aniwer to jour inquiriei about the cure of my ion, I will iky, that lie la BOW tea JT«MI old end ha* been wrafklMl ItaH !■- flMcy, although under the care of one of the beat physician*, who aald he could cure bin. In the Brat place the diaeaae made Ita appearance la amall knota upon the glaada of hia nek, and Anal ly, they ulcerated and formed running jorre, which rednced'him almoat to a aheleton. He loat hia ap petite, and we gare him up, and thought that he euuld not be cured. I got Dr. Ictt'l Mill* following the direotioua. He bad uaod them bat a abort time before he wae greatly relieved, and he ia now cßllrvly well. Yours truly, ROBERT STILE. For aale by all Dragctota, and REDIXOTOX * CO, 416 and ill Front Street, 8M Franajeae, Aganta for CnHfcrala Tkrss Ckilirsß Omni vitk lr", Maeeai t L. SCOTIU. k Co.— a*nil i—Thia ia to cortiiy that three of my chU drea ware cewwd wilk aeraa, aad wa triad the pbraiciaa'a proecriptioaa for moßtha without g«t tiag any better. I tbea procured Dr. Mttt't Mb, and they had the moat dealrable o*ct, aad they now enjoy better health thaa e*er. *""• aoHit um m^mKS WtStSfk. I XHI Mftrttmlir is IW Baakiag BuittH heretofore exi.-ting betweea Kugeae Kelly, of City of Rr» Vork. H4 Joseph A. Doaobo*, Wm. C. Raltton, and Ralph 9. Frets, of S*a Frea lise* «*4rr the km mm of ECGKXK KKLLT A CO., Sew York, aad DOXOHOE. RALBTOX * CO., B*l Francisco. will crate on the tat day of Jaly , IM4. Eiftte Kelly aad iowpk A. Doaohoe withdrawiag from the copartnership. The kuiaeu will be trilled ia Xew York by Eageae Kelly, and ia Saa Fraacisco by Wat'. Ralftoa aad R. S. Freti. Depothort arc reqaetted to baad la their book* for at the banking houte of Doaohoe. Ral*|oa A Co. EXGEXE KELLY, [Per J. A. I'onolioe. Attornev.] JOSEPH A. DOXOHOE, WM. C. RALSTOX, R. S. FRETZ. B*u Fraaciaco. Jane 43, 1864 rIR UDERSIOXED, CALLINO ATTEXTIOX to the above card, give aotice that oa aad alter the Ant day of Jul} aext, they iriUeoatiaae the baaiae** of the above copartnership without interruption, at the oldbmkiag-hoateof Doaohoe, Ralrtoa A Co., ia thit city, under the Brtu name of FRETZ A RALSTON, aad ia New York through the agency of Meura. LEES A WALLER, No. 33 Pine Street; and that on and alter the sth day of July next, they, together with D. O. Mill*, J. B. Thoraaa. Louia McLane, Aaa T. Lawton, Wm. E. Barron, Thomaa Bell, Jao. 0. Earl, Wa. Nori*, J. Whitney, jr., O. F. Qilßn, A. J Pope, Herman Michel*, Fredrick Billinga, Georgell. Howard, H. F. Teachemachrr, A. Haywood, Moae* EUii, A. B. McCreary, R. M. Jraaup, Samuel Knight, A. O. Henry, J. C. Wilmerding and Wm. Alvoid of San Franciaco, and Jacob Korn, of Portland, Oregon, bar ing become for that purpoae duly incorporated under the lawa of thia State, will carry on the buaineaa of banking in all of ita variou* branchc*, at the *ame place and through the *aine agency, and upon the taai* of a Gold and Silver Currency, under.the name of THE BANK OF CALIFORNIA. D. 0. MILLS and WM. C. RALSTON will be charged with the management of the butineta of the Corporation. WM. C. RALSTON, v R. 8. FRETZ. San Francisco, June 15, 1864. OLYMPIA DRUG STORE. C. C. TURNER, CHEMIST, DRUGGIST AND APOTHECARY. GO. T. embraces this opportunity to thank , the people of Olympia and the public generally, for their very liberal patronage hither to exten'ded to him. and hereby respeetfully solic its a continuance of the smne. He would also state that that his old stock (for merly on hand) has been completely disposed of, and that his extensive stock of— DRUGS, CHEMICALS AND MEDICINES, now on hand, and to which he is constantly adding fresh supplies, can be relied upon as being frtth and pure, of English, French aud American manufacture. Our relations with houses in California afford us facilities for buying unsurpassed by any other bouse outside of San Francisco. Our stock of— PATENT MEDICINES, Cannot be excelled in variety, and consist in part of Ayers', Townsend's, Guysott's, Bristol's, Graffenburg's, Hall's, Sand's, Crane & Brigham's, Barsaparlllas. Ayers'Cherry Pectoral, Jane's Expectorant, Vermi fuge, Hall's Balsam for the Lungs, Oargling Oil, Hamburg Tea, Brown's Bronchial Troches, Soothing Syrup, Flea Powder, Mustang Liniment, Hembold's Buchu, Pain Killer, Osgood's Collagogue, Ayers' Ague Cure, Clove Anodyne, SeidleW Pow ders, Watt's Nerv ous Antidote, Wood's and Fish's Hair Restorative, British and Harlem Oil, Marshall's Uterine Catholicon, JaySe's Car minative Balsam, Hosteller's Roback's and Richardson's Bitters; Jayne's, Ayers, Graeffenburg, Brandreth's Wright's, Mott's Me LAN E'S MOFFATT'S AND L EE'S Graffenburg Children's Panacea, Hyatt's Life Balsam, Hol'away's Ointment and Pills, Radway's Ready Relief, Hunncwell's Cough Remedy, , Baker's Pain Panacea, Cud Liver Oil, Bacheldcr's Hair Dye, Balm of a Thousand Flowers, White and Brown Glue, Bay Rum, Salt Fetrc, Shellac, Burnett'a Cocoaine, Beeswax, Honey, Green Mountain Ointment, Russia Salve, CiHFHIIE. TMITIir AID AlMl. By the GaUon, Can or Case. , Madder. Logwood, Ann to, Cochineal and other Dye-stufft, Sloan's Condition Powders, Opedeldoe, Sulphur, Salts, Blue Stone, Olive Oil, Strychnine, lodine Pottas sium. Schuville's Blood and Liver Syrup, Calcined and Carbonate Magnesia, Pearl Barley, Arrowroot, Concentrated Pot ash, Wistar's Balsam of Wild CIIBHBY. Sulphuric Acid, Muriatic Acid, Nitric " Acetic 44 Phosphoric " Citric 14 Tartaric Acid. Downer's Genuine Coal Oil, Wholesale and Retail. 19* For the benefit of the aick and convales cent we hare on hand a superior article of— BRANDY, PORT AND SHERRY WINES. Sago, Tapiaeo, Farina, Pearl Barley, Coop- er's Isinglass. |O>A full aiiortment of cooking Smmmtr Smtfry, Swtti Mqontm, Say#, Bop*. #«., fte. Brown's Bsseace of Valerian, Wi»tar'» Bskai Wild Cherry, Catarrh aad IMOIO; Banff. The above enumeration compriees tat a email fsf* tion of the goods new oa hand and fee sale at the LOWEST CABD PRICES. Our Mulnnl of MhAiMm Is naoseollod, Florida Water. Bar Bwa, Ceiogae, ■ null I rm ■ Hair Oils, Tooth Brusbss, Hair Brash—, Combs, Labia Extract*. Kaß Brashes, *e., Be. Our steak of Chsmisals Is aMst isaplrtr, sad we in pesparsd to Ml orders ha MsrehsMs or Physt- K.bT PBEfICBIFTIONS carefully put up at aD haws day aad aight. O. O. TUBJOUL Stero aw doer Harth af rsaMe Beotaaraat. Otympia, W. T, Juae «, MM. 9k* series. A • lateraal Revenue Btsmps of tha dlßbriat A deaominatioas caa be obtaiaad at the of fice of tha Collector, at Olympia, W. T., the law la relatloa to tho use thereof, will ta enforced. PHILIP D. MOORE, Collect or. Jay. 11, lIU. 12 wJ la aw'lHMttet Oaart af th* Id l*fiktol PhrtH W. T., he Wag m— at Olympia To I. V. IniT: TN mknilj iilMil that T. Cartor baa filed a c«Mplaiat agsrfaat jaaia •aidemrt, which vOI emmm aa to hi burl at At * '*■ [ |||| thaa two Hatha after the SSd 4ay of Jaly, A. 0. IM4, aad aaloaa yoa appear at aai * torn aad aa *wer, the Mate »»H be tak*a as "iafri!f<awd tfc» prayer there if graated. The object aad pnyw of Mid nwplalat Uto reroror froai ytm the MM oflTehaadrod dot lan, the aMoaat of a wstaia promittory aote ex*c*ted by yoa oa the IHday of May .a a. 18*6. to Fred. A. Clarke .aad by Mid Clark* endorsed aad delivered over to ptaiatiff, with la terest thereon at legal rate froai the said SSd May, a. a. 1860, priacipal aad iatereet, aow aaoiatitf to the *uaiof terea ha ad red aad eight 31-100 dol lar*, with aecraiag iatercat aad coata of nit. HBKRY M. MrGILL, Att'y for Pl'f. Complaiat fled. Jaly 13d, 1864. 37:w8 la the harry of goiag to prcM laat week Mraral error* occarred la the abor* aotice, aaioag which wa* the oaiiaaioa of tht word htmirtd ia the tear tventh liar.— Pra. BTA*DABD. ■•re EvMncc. hmunroiii, Ja** M, 1851. ins through Marion county, *ad waa about to uraaa th* railroad, my bone waa frightened at the loeoaMtive aad can which came ruahing out of the wood aaddaaly upon ua aad at the aame time btewiag ita whittle, which terriahly frighteaed my harae, and it da*h*d tad. denly around, eapaised the buggy, aad amnhad it to piece*, and I wa* thrown headlong betwaea th* Ilia and the hone'* feet; how I escaped inatant death I do not know. I waa picked up insensible, badly mangled aad bruiaed, and I received a gaah in the bead and face. I waa literally brylsed and mangled from bead to foot, and I thought one of my liinba dialocated at first, aa it waa entirely useleaa and the pain was very gnat. Al though I Buffered aeverely, I wa* coon relieved of all pain and *orenc*« by bathing the part* freely with your Pain Panacea, and in a few daya wa* able to re lume my buaine** aa uaual, and am at thit time en tirely cure#-, having but (light *cart inttead of th* bruiieand gaahe*. R .WATTS. For sale by all Druggiits, KEDINGTON k CO., 416 and 418 Front St., Sun Francisco, Agents. THE BAM OF CALIFORNIA. Incorporated under the Laws of the State. Capital Stock, (PAID UP IN GOLD COIN.) 82,000,000, WITH THE PRIVILEGE OF INCREASING TO 85,000,000! Stools±Lolders. SAW FRANCISCO. D. O. MILLS, A. J. POPE. WM. C. RALSTON, HERMAN MICHELS, R. 8. FRETZ, FREDERICK BILLINGS J. R. THOMAS, OEOROE 11. HOWARD, LOUIS McLANE, H.F.TESCIIEMACHER ASA T. LAWTOV, A. HAYWAItD, WM. E. BARRON, MOSES ELLIS, THOS. BELL, A. B. McCREART, JOHN O. EARL, R. M. JESSUP, WM. NORRIS, SAMUEL KNIGHT, J. WHITNEY, JB., A. C. HENRY, O. F. OIFFIN, J. C. WILMERDINQ, WM. ALVORD. PORTLAND, OREGON. JACOB KAMM. D. O. MILLS President. WM. C. RALSTON Cashier. Correspondents IN NewYORI—LEES k WAL LER, No. 33 Pine Strest. CoUBESPON DENTS in London. —BANK OF LON DON. milE UNDERSIGNED GIVE NOTICE THAT I the above named corporation has been organised for the purpose of carrying on the Banking and Exchange business, in all its branches, in this city and with the interior of thi* State, the neighbouring Sute and Ter ritories, and with Mexico ; also with the Atlantic cities, Europe, China, and the East Indies ; for which they are provided with ample faculities, and in eoraformity with the articles of association will commence opera tions on the sth day of July nexL nt the banking house now occupied by Donohoe, Ralston 8c -Co., cor ner of Washington and Battery Streets. With the view of giving to the business of the cor poration all the efficiency and prompitude of a private banking firm, together with that confidential seclusion of private business matters so generally desired. the immediate management of its affairs is committed exclusively to D* O. Mills and Wm. C. Ralston, as President and Cashier respectively, to whom, or either of them, the customers of the Bank will apply on all business matters. The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees will take place monthly. The undersigned leem it advisable to call particular attention to the following peculiarities of the organisa tion, which are positively binding on all its members: FIRST.— Sales of ita Capital Stock can be effected only after due appraisment by Stockholdera selected for that special purpose; and the Trustees of the Cor poration have, in all cases, the right to become pur chasers of the stock appraised at the appraisment, for the benefit of the remaining Stockholders. This re striction is printed upon each Certificate of Stock. SECOND.— Loans cannot be made to stockholders, except upon collaterals other than their Shares in the Capital Stock of thia Bank. TBVSTEES. D. O. MILLS, J. B. THOMAB, LOUIS McLANE, THOMAS BEIL, WM. NORRIS, A. J. POPE. JOHN. O. EARL. O. F. GIFFIN. HERMAN MICHELS, JAMES WHITNEY, Jr. W. C. RALSTON. San Francisco, June 18,1884. BOOT AND SHOE SHOP. mHK undersigned has just received a X Urge and good assortment of the best F*l FRENCH CALF and KIP that has ever ' been exhibited in Olympia, suitable for making A-oiA'the finest to the heaviest dress boot. Ht"has also on hand a large supply of home tanned— &I*>, Oowßlde, GRAINED LEATHER, AND BVCMKUt. CASH PRICES: Best Fine French Coif, sewed— sl# eo T* u .. pegged. 10 oe Beat French Kip, pegged. $8 to $lO 00 Fine Calt, light or heavy, kome tanned, 8 00 Good Coarse, or Kip * 00 SHOES iy PROPORTION. 1W All work warraated, as it Is doM by my self. . All are Invited U. call and examine my stock. • * V Shop on Main street, opposite O. G. Tur- Drug-store. CHARLES WOOD. P. S.—All persoas Indebted to m ar* eqnest ed to call aad settle their aecoaaU. ■f Greeabacks toksa at M ceate. Olympia, July 1, im. M:tf For Victoria mm 4 Mm J Porto. Mr. "iaSwon,* D. B. FINCH, MASTBB, X EAVES Olympia far VUtoria tsi latermodi- I A ate ports eras* Moaday moral ag. Superior facilities for carryfag cattle. Olympia, Juae Id, IM4. »l:tf J. G. SPARKS, or OLYMPIA, W. T. OFFIQE aa Fifth Street, betweea Maia aad Waeblagtoa. . 800 VI LI/8 BLOOD AND LIVER STRUT! li|/ybi, BmmhilMt. mmi MmtmH Dm MM, OU Bmrm,Bkim AMHM, mmi '' Lai 7 nm MP * * * A WONDERFUL COM or KMOPCLOCS WMITR SWKLUNO! ■bHl* XT IS WM oa* of th* want CHH ever NW< tj. Ed ! He aow eajoyt ROIITIT Hum I Thit* cat* ha* excited hi* frieada, a*ighbor* aad phy aiciaat, aad er*a *O*M of th* Medical Facalty. Oa* of lb* Profesaon, [Dr. R. 8. SXWTO*,] who WM called to *e* him M a largeoa, aot to pre scribe, WM M forcibly iapmad with th* Be au rkable Carativ* Propertie* of thia Mediciae, that be.hM adopted it iato hi* private practice, a* well as at th* COLLS*■ aad HOSPITALS. CIXCIXIATI, Ohio, Fab. Id. 1858. M**sr*. A. L. SCOVILL A Co.: GMTLtaai—l will with great pleasnr* gin air testimony a* to what yoar SARSAPARILLA aad BTILLIXGIA, or Blood *ad Liver Syrup, hM done for me. Boa* three and a half year* since, I was attacked with a Sero/mUmi White Swelling, which wa* attended by th* aio*t excru ciating pain* I I tried variou* remedies, and had two of the best paysiciaM la the city—oae of them a Professor in an old School Medical Col lege—and they AiW to fit* a u M| Relit/! I was so reduced that I was confined to tny bed for over three months* I had itoaa TIN A DOXXX at'Nxmo ULCERS on tny legs, from which I took from time to time, more than one hundred pieces of bone. My friends bad giren up all Uoptt of my Recovery! IWM in this condition when I commenced' the use of your BLOOD AMD LIVER SYRUP. I have u*ed altogether some two dozen bottles of it. I am now able to attend to rny business, and my legs bare become *o itroDg thit I walk without any difficulty—ana have entirely recovered my health. Yours truly, MARTIN BOBBINS, Jr. Residence on Eighth street, between Mound mo John, No. 321: or at place of business,, with Brown A Villette. No. 4, east Fourth street. WE THIXK THERE IS MO Medicine 10 eflUcalous In re moving bu ore from ttas blood ai SCOf ILL'S BLOOD and LIVER SYRUP, It le rec ommended by Physicians In all parts of tbe country for the cure of Scrofula, Jus. Pint plea or sores Indicate t bat tbe system Is out of*or der. Unless something Is done to cleanse tbe blood of these Impurities, the result may be In a more serious disease, sucb as Scrofula, Syphilitic, Ac. Those who wish to hud a most elßca clous Remedy, and yet have no confldence in Patent Med icines generally will never regret a trial of Scovlll's Blood and Liver Syrup. REDINGTON & CO., Sole Agents for California, 416 and 418 Front Street, San Francisco. v3:n4C;ly There is no other way to cure dis eases but by first purifying the whole System so as to create a healthy circulation. The first medical men of the age agree with us, that no disea' sof any extent can be cured with ut- using such medicines as will a . directly upon the blood. Why ni ,y medical men have failed to cure (ironic dis eases is, because the m< icines have not been such as will a< beneficially on the blood. - The many thousands of bottles which have been used by the public, and the many gallons and barrels supplied to the physicians warrant us in saying that the last two years we have been more successful with our SCOVILL'S BLOOD AND LIVER BYRUP IN CURING HOPKLKBB CASKS OK CHRONIC DISSASM than liave any other reme dies in the hands of physicians, or be fore the public. It is now admitted that no other combination known to the profession, acts so promptly npon diseases as our SooTill'a Blood and Liver SyruP. For sale everywhere, and by RED INGTON & CO., 418 and 418 Front street, San Francisco. WASHINGTON HOTEL, MAIM RlKlTi OIiYMPIA W. T THIS capacious and elegant hotel having been recently thoroughly renovated and refitted ia now prepared for the accommodation of the pnblie in a style superior to any otbsr house on the Sound. The rooms an large, wall lighted warm fed and ventilated, and tastefully furnished, having superior accommodations for families, and ladies 7 private dining room, also tulto* of rooms for parties. The CalUuarjr Departmat Is under the MiagtsiMt of an experienced cook, and the TABLE wiU always be found provided with the best the market earn afford. TBB BAA Will always bo found stocked wllb tfco boat Wines, Liquors and Cigan, • • To the public I ever wish to atato, Thai for your fevers I now wall, Aa I assume to ne'er despise To take the chaace to advert!*. 8. OALLIHXR. Olympia, W. T., HOT. th, IW. I:tf United States District Court, I Third Jadicial District, W: T. / Bold at Port Towasead, Id Moaday af JIM, IBM. Barak A. Pflcher \ Samael PUcbsr. j Ta Bum Pitciaa: Taw at* tae|y aaU god, that aaless you appear at the Almef the baited States District Oaurt, of tha Third Ja dicial district, to bo bald at Part Tewsead, oa the Sd Moaday of Jaao aext, aad teswera com plaiutßled agalast you la said eoart, iadmeat will be takea agaiast you as [iibui* a»d the prayer of the alaatiff graated. Tha object object of said remafsiat is to procars a decree aT 41- rorco from the boads ofmatrimoay, for ataadva- Ml, aagtect aad A By tar Attorneys, lunui * *cfi»»n. • May Ttb, tM4. DR. VH. HALLI BALSAM FOR THE LUHG& Cmm, CmmgL, I*l ■ . /Mm; AwTwtiU 10.000 KEWAIITIS'QFFEKED TO I BETTCBIBCXPE. IT NtTUH N Ortfi, CM—i. w Imm PMMI, m M SAT* MA ru MO OwunCnu! ft** JT. r. I* SB, IMt. Tte Bsieam baa y»U»u4 mttllj mmt ml the MM wiitotli ctm we Wit ever f*t wjt ia Ub sertioa. Il U tkt eft ;m>| U» who baa beta suffering ftta lu| raaplaial far the laat year or two, aad baa baa* iwkr the ttaM> meat of some of tba beat phy»i«aa» ia Stw Ym* city, mmd ly Iktm ynaiwri irnamMt. By U>ur advice recently aha cua mm iato tba coaatry amoag ber relatives, vbm she eould be properly aarsed, aot expecting to lira bat a fcw weeks ar Months at tba aKMt, saffsriag aa aba waa Am eaa •toat cough, aightswaats, and all tba aapleaaaat >r>trm< atteadiag coatrmed coasuiuption. Oaa of bar friend* noticiag yonr advertUeaieat, pro cured of aa a bottla of tba Balsam, with expecta tioa oaly of giving a little temporary relief, aad witfaoat any bope of ita affecting a penaaaeat cure. After uniag half of the bottle aha foaad the effect exactly a* described ia your pamphlet, her cough began to disappear. She commenced gaining in flesh; and by the time she had com« pleted the second bottle, she pronounced herself nearly i veil. She "was recently in our store for the pnrpose of procuring a bottle of the Balsam to send to a friend of hers, and appeared to be enjoying good health I She is extremely gratefal, and says that she is anxious that the whole world should know of the curative properties of "Hall'* Balsam," as she considers that it has been instru-' mental in saving her life ! DR. WJf. lIiLL'S BALSAM HAS effected cares in nnmerous cages, where the moat skillful physicians in this country and in Europe have been em ploy e d, a n d have exercis ed their skill in vain. Ca Sr. Wm. Hall's sea pronoun ced incurable, and surren dered as hope less beyond • doubt leaving BALSAM I the patients without a sin gle ray to en liven them in their gl oo m, have been cur , ed by DrHall's Balaam, and roB THB the " victims ofconsump tion"arenow vigorous and TUROAT strong as the most robust among as. And theße ca AMD ses are not iso lated ones; they are nu merous, and LanffSt canbepointed out in every community, where this most unrival ed remedy has been tested. REDINGTON k CO., Sole Agents, 41-6 and 418, Front St., San Francis co, and for ante by all Druggists. Beware of all other preparationa of the aame name. Each bot- < tie of the genuine bears the signature of "0. R.' Baker k. C 0.," Cincinnati. Take none other. Price, one dollar per bottle. D. PHILLIPS. G. A. BARNES D. Phillips & Co., (Successor* to D. Phillips if Son. J DEALEBBIX DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, BOOTS SHOES, HATS, CAPS, AND CLOTHING. Main Street, Olympia, W. T., Jan.-1863. «:tf „ Brown's Brochlal Troches. I ha >e never changed my mind respecting them from the first, except to think yet better tfthat which I bt yan thinking well of. Rev. HENBY WABD BBBOMBB. The Trochee are a etafoflife to me. Prof. EDWABD NOBTH, Pres. Hamilton College, Clinton, N. Y. for throat troubles they are a epecific. N. P. WILLTI. Too favorably known to need commendation. Hon. CHAS. A. PHELPS, Pres. Hass. Senate. Contain no opium nor anything ityuriout. Dr. A. A. HAYES, Chemist, Boston. An elegant combination for cough*. Dr. O. F. BIOBLOW, Boston. I recommend their use to Public Speakers. Rev. K. H. CIAMX. Most salutary relief m Bronchitis, • Rev. S. SEIOFRIBD, Morristown, Ohio. Very beneficial »h;n suffering from colds. Rev. 8. P. ANDEBSOX, St. Lonis. Alnest instant lilief in the distressing labor 0 breathing peculiar to Asthma. Rev. A. C. EOOLISTOX, New York. They have suited my east exactly, relievrng my throat so that I could sing with ease. T.DCCBABMB, Chorister French Parish church, Montreal. As there arj imitations, be sure to obtain the gennine. REDINGTON « CO., 4H md 418 Front Slwai, Baa Francisco, Aetata. BROWN'S |A neglected Copow, Cots. A« Ikmtatbd ok Bobb Tno&T if a|> BSO*ceiai te^yßsas ,, Ja"Sa; tboches 6?* kek ssss^rs: c»a raach Mnetfy tha affwtad parta w» Und gt*a ahooct haiacdUu JSLt COUGHS &?2^SS%£; Rha Troehaa m aaahL haw AND Ptueui iW Bnsm akavM (■•*• «ha Troehaa to daw M Omcßb and Solium who mitu tka vaiaa, aad ■»"* »gr ry. andsSswato the Amy. J wtN. ** r *' fa " i *' IIMM| " * •* ••re Vhntti Wfc ud aiailar timblM, If Mlbfad to pragma, mall toHriwi Md >rtnh an ii|in<it m aa to Mack diraedjr tkanal afUa Itiian m4 jlw ahaaa* tatHIHW. REDINGTON * 00., 41« 418 Ffl 01., 8— Ffl.ii.ChL AWl—ill'! Mto. B OmmT <NMMtotnSinTu wSr&i . jAsft SAh'W 2 at^Jtasrt-stfSf^aS %im,hn. t Yours, truly, KINNEY k GBEESE.

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