Newspaper of The Washington Standard, August 13, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated August 13, 1864 Page 3
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U M»ML I»IM:JI UICCN » A.\- «|I I*III:». tiif Tim vrils OF A C.HEKT nisrort:itr. Tli m i-* » :ir influence of gold attracts the ~ i>l nrfv dime to our M.iiot ' ui* u". anil all th>' of . i'. nr.-to be found conj»repat<d on , ;r .. i ivi .us plain*. Differing in all oth-r t!.. i their ruiloras habits and rc*li|rioii — tVr i* «-.1 •J> »i:it up . I which th ir ojiiuions , I . u .tnJ AiUfiean*, Fri-nch, v,!.--. (i, .Swedes, Italians, and C'hi ,, . admit, without a dissenting voice, that «■> «' T medics intioduccd to the world -v \. ars ntjo by Professor Holloway. the il>*. .'T.-hil physician and ph.irmacopolist. ; • r ;:d.ipt?d to th«* riir.* of disease* in tl,i* ci:nat • tlnn aiy oth-r preparation-' in rv.tnc . This appears, in f ict, to I>J the rv> i cof mankind in all parts of the w'lli U .; hcacc th- universal popularity of tj. 111 ii T i KS. We consider, however, th i" th ' I mindless confidence ]»l;ieo.l in their i!fi i nry by the representatives of so maiiv »;.;i is at th.' mines, : s a striking phcuom< - jion i'i n» di.'.il history. Many of these pco j!.- i:i th.'iryouih. aad even at maturity, were a""ust'>m.'d to the use of drugs nnd nostrums pciii'ir t'» their i-evcral countries. Tin's-- i ■ li s were c inn.'Cted in their minds with n»-ociatims of h an?, and iixl >r*e.l. as it w -e. by tluir li itional prejudices. Yet they hive been thrown aside and utterly repudiated, while Holl iway's I'ilU and O'ntment hive b en adopted by a common impu'se through out tlio entire gold region. It is the result of conviction —conviction gro'indo 1 on p rson 1 observation a'ul expericuc •. The Ointmrnl. lias used with such wonderful siK-eess as a dre-sing fir wo in 1-, u'ers, an 1 sire legs, anil (brail the external diseases an 1 casualties to which the adven turous gold hutiter is peculiarly liable, scarcely a diggor's tent can be found within the vast area of ihn gold fields, unprovided with a stock of this healing, soothing, cool ing pr. juration. The hard fire of t!i i d'g ger, and sometimes his liiibit-*, tend t.» vi tiatn the blood and develop running sores and purulent ulcers of the body and limbs. Mad leg*, t'sp.'ciallv, nrc very common at tlie dig gings, and seriously interfere with the labors ot tho diggers. The worst cases of this class are cured by the Ointment with extraordinary rapidity. The best method of healing tore logs, and sores and ulcers generally, is by tubbing the Ointment into the inflamed parts around the orifice, first opening'the pores and softening the flesh with warm foment i tions. Tho part affected is then dressed with lint or linen saturated with the Oint ment. Such is the external treatment, but it is also proper to give tho patient a few djses of the Fills during the progress of the cure, as they serve to purify the bio id and discharge morbid matter from the system, while the Ointment isd iing its work 011 the surface'. 33 FAILED TO CONNECT.— TIie steamer failed to connect with the stage last Wednesday, and consequently 110 mail was received on Thursday evening. Capt. Finch, of the steamer Anderson, will please accept onr thanks lor favors. Notice. —A meeting of the T. O. of IT. F. F. V. will b" lirlil at their hall this (Saturday) eveninr, at S o'cl'k. Aug. 1:1, lS'it. Hy ordi-r, " V. O. C. Tlmutoiiy o»' Wasiii-.uon, 1 County of I stand. " / To Dan'ii:i. H. H wcock: You are hereby noti fied that Sarah A. Hancock has tiled a eompl.iint against you in the District t'onrt of the l". S. :td •litdirinl DiUrict \V. T., holding terms at l'ort 'l'ownsond, wliieli will come on to lie heard at the first term of said court, which shall commence more than four weeks after the first publication of this notice, and unless you'appear at said term ami answer, tlio plaintiff will apply to the court for the relief therein demanded. The object and prayer of said complaint is to ob tain a dceree of divorce from the bonds of matri mony existing between the complainant and your self, and also a decree for the custody of the chil dren of the marriage. Complaint filed July Iflth, 1801. Dale of notice July 23i1, 18(14. " 11. F. DEXNISON, [37w:4] Att'y for Plaintiff. WatclLos, Oloolis, JEWELRY, &c. JULIEN CUYOT, OLYitPIA, W. T. for sale n fine assortment of— GOLD and SILVER WATCHES, CLOCKS, <2.— JEWKLRY, £»Va SPECTACLES, TIII.MI'.LES, PENCIL CASES, EAR and FINGER RINGS, IJREAST PIN'S, LOCKETS, GOLD CHAINS, KEYS, SEALS, Together with nil articles usually kept for sale by Watchmakers nnd Jewelers. N. B.—Mr. Guvot, thankful foi the patrouage extended to him during the past four years, would respectfully solicit y continuance of the same. tfg" Watches, Clocks anil Jewelry repaired in the best manner by himself, nnd warranted for one year. Packages forwarded by express or stage will receive careful and prompt attention. Olympia, March Ist, 1804. I7:tf THE BASK OF CALII'OKXI.t. Comer of Washington and Battery Streets, SAN FRANCISCO, Tins Bank is open for the transaction of a Gen eral Banking Business. WiP receive deposit, at tend to the Collection of Paper, and draw Ex change by TELEGRAPH or otherwise, ou New York. Londun, Dublin. Ac., 4c., oa the uiust fa vorable term*. I>. O. MILLS, WM. C. RALSTON, Prc-ident. Cashier. fan Francisco, July 5, IM4. 37: ml tiliHinUlrnlcr'i Kale. K i< hereby given that the undersigned XI ha been appointed administrator of the es tate of M iry Elizabeth tJodfrer, deceased. late of Jeff»re.,n county. Wa-Oiinrton Territory. All |«r --•on» indebted to -aid e-tiiearc requested to make """"-'li.ite p:n ment to tin undersigned, and those ha*i«(f demand* ayam-t the Mm* must pr«--ent ttiein »ith;n one year from thi.- -late properly au thenticated or be forever barred V. S. Adm'r. P#rt Town tend. Jeff Co., W. T Mat '!'• I !»'.4 JOB "S'oKK Pouters, liilt-. t c done ou abort notice at the ouice of the .VASHIVGTtIX STANDARD C-tPiI.S of the llt-tiM-d Mat it tea ul •• aba txa Tcniu»iy To: *»'.» bv CEO. A. BARNES. l'or *alr. \I. \Tt'.r snd ■ < »mtau'!io i< I! ■ i!cl, litnstrj in thf |.I«- • >nt< I )«ir! of tli* town of Seattle. 1 In II- tel i ii ; ro »;n*. ate! i* in eutitli tiuj anU rt • nr. Ktejuirr ><( J. J. MOSS, [3tal] T. 4 < IU Kill Till: snuiEii I\n nil fnimiK TRADE <>l San Francisco, BADGER & LIXDEX3ERGER. A u*. 111. II ■ ill 1 110 ll'it ftr Sfrnf, ror- NR J/>/< hunt. SUN I',(IHII*IU. Importers ami riiolf<tulr Dealers ISTI ;:: NI:\V \\l» I KKSII STOCK? \T r i:*.. i it th- ott.n'i.n ef I'urNTirv ▼ f of !»•!«. i».r «• »k • • « enry art: !e ill Ike iI ■ * *I »" |at ! !' king lift#. Wc IMYI « «MI •Ullltll O i b "i l til# I • r tt ick m 4 ifmlffl > i rietv "t i .»- - .:••» ! ail Wool II ATS «»t" »ny in > •»» I ; ii •». r'i ! our )ri • - I" »r (SOIMIS arc !«•<* t i iti th i•• »f :i\ lo.u-«. a- we r«* riie t «! '■» 1 * n\ 'A ' HI 1 I I'.IR Mirt'l -« • Hl* i jniii* !:* Oni il •.«i Mn . r : full «."<».!- i |Nirtir* «UH* ftttl livi, Hid lb# *• r«-.11 to Ibe «••• in try v* * 'i Y» it i - |»rir«*- — S.c.s tfi:iu tla; <<> of li:i|»ui-(Klion! W# : . i. iv .VT.tPLK ABTICLM in tin- Pr» • i . i\'. v» ..•:!<« • I- we |»'irrli.W'»| In this rkc*t nn ler thp lt;i nmrr, ittnl uv offer* it T .. .• Sm V ivk V *. :• .! !« -. \\ •• • i. i i .! i i nit', i t*i .: Wc Iti iv pi i\«' tew «M i . in tame . .»:i i ind<it*c tho e wlio bii?o uot In . tufi re p ••! «'i uff to «Uil tx li.«- mil >t •*. 1». CicJi] l: ii( I n and Low I't le rs! Arc 11. • in ! : i-mrnt- t »al! \\li«» pur to . "li ii'-T im. Mi r« fnnt \\ li«• ln»y of IH. rui t:»;• tv«* a » I |'T"'lit. ami t!1 t » tluir in-toniru at n low fig'trt'. Wc remain, r< tfully. Votir < ia».•.ti• • 111 S »rvfi»in, UAI n i Kit ii I.INhKNHKIMiKVt, \V!lo]« - t'l :iit'l !l;t Warrlnm c t Nn . ill. •!!.'! ninl 1!."» Mattery street. Sin l r IK '< o. *l.i»« Ii n'Jl-iliii. ARMY NOTICE. O v ,\F.KI > j»ropo*i;il. in duplicate, will be received by me, 11! this office* until I*2 o'clock M., the 21th «l-iy of Align.-*, IH«M, for the following, viz: <;:) tons ofgood, well-cured timothy hay, loose end in bales ; <• tons of good clean oat straw, loose and in hales; <;"»,ouo pounds of the be.-t quality of <■ ats, in hulk and in sacks, ntid 1(H) cords of hard Oak Wood. Hay, Straw, Oats and Wood to he delivered by the loth of October, !S(»4. l»ids for marsh hav will he considered. Proposals should be endorsed, Proposals for Hay, or Proposals for Straw, as the case may be, accompanied l.v the written guarantee of two •rond. responsible persons, as sureties for their faithful perfonnanee of the contract. The undersi'rue 1 reserve.- tlie right to reject any or all bids, should the intcre>ts of the United States requre it. P. K. TOOllli.L. 21 Lieut. Ist W. T. Inf. Vols, Aetjng Assistant Q. M. (Mice, ) Fort Sleilacoom, July I ltli, 18t»l. J Parties entering for any and all of the above contra ts, 10 i-t first submit unequivocal evidence of their loyalty to the I uited States Covcrnmeut, lhe!r propositions will not he entertained. P. K. T., lid I.ioiit. Ist W: T. Inf., A. A. Q. M. •Tillv l«;th, 1801. d ROOT AND SHOE SHOP. rinin undersirncd has just received n 3 1 irge :iti:l good n ■snrtment of tlie best VMI FRENCH CA I,l' nnd Kll' that has over 1 been exhibited in olvinpia, .uit'ible for making from the tiiit- : tn the heaviest dress hoot. Hi- has n1.,0 on hand <i large supply of home tanned— 33Lijp, 00-w-ZBCicio, Git A/XL'I) LEATIIE 11, CASH PRICES: Best Fine French Calf, sewed sl2 00 44 ' - pegged 10 <)0 Host French Kip, pegged -?I0 00 Fine Calf, li r -!it or hc.ivv. home tanned, N 00 Good Coaiv-e, orKi; 7 00 fi/JO/.S IX I'/tOI'OKTJOX. Si>£f All work warranted, as it is done by iny self. y'* All are invited to call and examine my stock. Shop on Main street, opposite G. G. Tur ner's Drug-store. CHARLES WOOD. 11.I 1 . S.— All persons indebted to me are request ed to call and settle their accounts. ££*)"■ Greenbacks taken at C."> cents. Olyntpin, July 2, Isot. 34:tf For £3 cilo S UOMIiSTIIAUN A\U lAUtHLK HEAL ESTATE. Building Lots from $lO to £2OO Each! A/an, 50 I r ora Loin mi l I'ntire Works of Deantiiu (I'lirden l.aml! IN* the City and county of San Francisco, on the line of thcSau.loje Railroad, lit the WEST ION'D DEPOT. The title is absolutely PERFECT, being a Spanish (irant, finally confirmed and pat ented by the Cnited States. The Shaftcr Hill respects this Title, The City Authorities respect it, The District Courts a nil Supreme Court of tho UnitcdStatcs respect it. Itesldpt t lie Title /ins hern forever quieted hi/ a F""t Decree ami Ju<l<;ment against . the City ! So thnt 'here Is not oven a cloud or slmdov upon it. Whoever purchase* one of these lots will buy it lot nml not a law-uit. (Mice No. 1!> Xnjrlee's liuiMinps, corner of onttroiuc rv an J'sstreet*. San Francisco lIAUVKY S. BIIOW.V. April 12, IBG2. . 22:m3 HENRY M. M'CILL, [LATE SECISETAItV OF THE TERRITORY.] Attornoy-at-Law, Cumnut'!uinr of lit i'l-urt if Claims of V. 8. —AND — Coinmi iocr of Deed-for Oregon and Washington "%*7"ILL devote t-p- < ial attention to the prcparo \\ tioa o ' the in •<• -are paper* to nccinpanv lims un ler the a« t of March 2d IMI, for the . meut of the «ir debt, and to business befora I'. S. Land Offii es. If it let —ttu Ma.a St O'.yrapia. W. T. [4l] 4dminl«frulor** Sale. BY Order uf tin* I'ndote Court of JrfTrr*o« County, Wubin|toa Twit in-, I thall »rll by public auction f r rash, in fmut i>f vlir foot Ortirr in l'l.rt Towend in».iid < 0111111. on the l*th day of June, INftt hrtwoffl the h«'Ur"* of 1© I. *i. .nnl - r i I*. the fol loninii ri-al c»tatr in the county of Jrtfrraon W. T: The North halt of 11. njmuin li—•'•l' tiati.m clam, the ► imo't,'iiiu in So tima J3 und.ll, TuwnnhipJl N. 11. I \y_ w J<.. 1 : ntaiuiuK three huitriri-d and tventy ,rrt » and tM-luncin<r to the «-»■ t>f llnijiiutii 1Uj»», drccasi d. HCEL KO.SS. F.teraler. W. W. AhMSTKoxo. auctioneer. May Mth, IW. i».»J l\il) (St lli KlilV NOTIOB. THE i"»[>*rtnrr-hip in the H.itiVin" 80->e-« li'Tetufore existing between Ktig*-lie K« ■ ■< 1 t'ie eity of New York, Ji»rp!i A. l»oni i. Wm. U.i I-ton it lei !!.ilji|i S. i'ret?. of > in I r n ei-i'O uml<r the firm nunie of KI'IiKNK KKI.I-V •V «'<».. New Vork. anil l»l«N«»II««K. ISAI.STUN ,v S in Kraorisco. will «-m-e mi the •ir-t ■! < • •I'llv. I"' I. Kllgene Kelly an l J<i-i pli ,\ . l)n:i"!nji' w it'nlr.iwinjf from the copartnership. The liu icess will lie settle I ill S'eir Vn*!> I ; Killy. ami in San Kiiiiieisio I . W.n Knlston and It. S. Freli. I>i pn'ltor* nrr reiiuesteil to h#n I vi (!irir ' • I >r settlement ut the l hrnl-e i f Ii l!.ils,on & Co. KNC.KNK KKI.I.V. [Per J. A. I* • i !>• \ttnrtn .] J(»SKI'II A I'ii\"<>!|<>!:. WM. C. ISA!..-Vt'X, it. s. n:i.rz. fan Franclrro. June 4 i. rpur. i'Deusioxed, atti :.Tt s* | totheabove lartl, give notice thiton ai*.l .if: r the tlay of July next, the\ will continue tie' I 1 i*i'r . of the atmve copartnership without interrupti n. ut t!i!iiii'j;-h.')iise of Donohoe, Halst in V Co., in t';i fity, mill' r the tirm name of KHKT/ 1 li \I." ! 'N. ami in New York throuuh the nry of 1.1'.1.s t. WAI.I.EIt, No. 03 Pine Str • . an I t\ .: u and aft-*r the .'ith ilay of July next, th*->, t - t' i- r v!t': 1). t). Mills. .1. It. Thomas. Loui* 1.-'u , A i T. I.iwton, Wm. E. llarron, Thomas H.,1, Jri i. (I. I :l, Wm. Niirii, J. WUtiejr, Jr., O. F. CiifTin, A. J IW, H rui in i. hels, Fredrick HllliliL.".,« _;>• 11.11 H1..1 I, 11. I*. Tesrh-inailirr, A. Haywood, Musis 1 . -.A. 11. MiCrcarv, It. M. Jensup, Sai.n. I Knight, A. I'. llmi, J. C. Wilinerding and Win. Ahi el of !'.ui I'raiui»cn, and Jacub Korii, of Portland, On , 1 li, bal ing hi come fir Out purpoT duly incorporati d uniler the laws of this State, will carry on the buMtic-.s of hanking in all of its various branches, at the same plae" and through the same agency, and upon the la>is of a (•old and Silver Currency, uniler tli." name i f THE BANK OF CALIFORNIA. !>. O. MILLS and WM. C. will be charged with the management of the of the Corporation. \VM.<\ KALSTON, 11. S. FULT/. San Francisco, June LI, 1801 OLYMPIA DRUG STORK. C. C. TURNS-??, CM: MI ST, hiiraaisT.ix/t .1 "OTIIKCAUY (1. T. embraces this opportunity to thank X # th« people of Olynipin nnd tlu> ptiblir generally, lor their very liberal patronage hither to extended to him, and hereby respectfully solic its a continuance of tln* same. lie would also state that that his old stork (for merly on hand) has been completely disposed of, and that his extensive stock of— DlirilS, fllE.lllf.US AMI llElllfl\ES, now on hand, and to which he is eon-tan IV mLling fresh supplies, can be relied upon a> being J'rrs'i and /mrc, of English, French and American manufacture. Our relations with houses in California a!V rdus facilities for buying unsurpassed by any o'lier house out.-ide of San Francisco. Our stie !> ol IWTKNT Mi:i)I( L\i;S, Cannot lie excelled in variety, nnd consist u part ol Avers', Towiisoud's, (iuysott'.i, Rristol's, (irall'cuburg's, Mali's, Sand's, Crane .V Hrigham's, SArsaparillas. Avers* Cherry Pectoral, Jane's Expectorant, Wrmi "fuse, IITIII'H Halsjim for the Lungs Onrglins Oil, il.tmhiir# Tea, llrowu's Hronchrtl Troehes, •Soothing Syrup, Flea l'owiler, Mustang Liniment, llemliotd's lluehu, l'.tii Killer, Osgood's Collutjosue, Avers' Ague Cure, Clove Anodyne, Seidletz Pow ders, Watt's Nerv ous Antidote, Wood's and Fish'a Hair Restorative, llritish ami llarlem Oil, Marshall's Uterine Cath'dieon, Jayne's Car minative llalsam, H«.stetter's Uohack's and Uiehardson's Hitters ; Javne's, Aver*, firaetrenhuri?, Hratidreth's Wright's, M »tt's Me LAX JC S MOFF AT T S IX 1> /. HE'S Gralfcuhurg Children's Panacea, Hyatt's Life Halsaill, llollawav's Ointment and Pills, ltadway's Heady Relief, Huuuewell's Cough Remedy, llaker's Pain Panacea, Cod Liver Oil, Haehclder's Hair l)ye, Halm of a Thousand Flowers, White and Hrown Glue, Bay Hum, lVtre, Shellac, Huruett's Coconino, lleeswax, Iloney, Green Mountain Ointment, Russia Salve, CUB. THEFESTIHE HOMII ]\IJ the LSullon, Can or Case. Kadder, Logwood, Ann to, Cochineal and other Dye-stuffs. Sloan's Condition I'o.vder*, Opodeldoc, Sid|)liur, Salts, Blue Stone, Olive Oil, Strychnine; lodin ■ I'ott is- Kiuni, Schoville's lll'iod nnd Liver Syrup, Calcined nnd Carbonate Magnesia, lYarl ll.ii ley, Arrowroot, Concentrated I'ot asl», Wistur's lialxaiu of Wild CIICUUV. Aoir>s. Sulphuric Acid, Muriatic Acid, Nitric " Acetic " Phosphoric " Citric " Tartaric Acid. Downer's Genuino Coal Oil, Wholesale and Retail. For the benefit of the sick nnd cotivulcs cent we have on hand n superior article of— BRANDY, PORT AND SHERRY WINES. Sajo, Tupiaco, Farina, Pearl Barley , Coop er s Isinglass. faff- A full assortment of cooking extracts —■ Summer Savory, Sicrrt Mnjorum, Sagf, IJopi, se., Ac. Brown's Essence of Valerian, Wi tar's I!aU.iin Wild Cherry, Catarrh and MaeoLor .Snuff. The nbovc enumeration comprises but a s-nnll por tion of the good* now on hand and for sale at the LOWEST CASH I'BHES. Our assortment of Toilet Articles is unexcelled, comprising, Flerid i Water, Hav Hum, Cologne, Scented Soaps, Pound**, Hair Oil*, Tooth Brushes, Brushes, Combs, Lubin Extracts. Nail Brushes, te., Ac. Our stuck of Chemicals is mn*t complete, nnd wc are prepari d tn fill orders from Merchant* or Physi cian* oil tlx- most liberal term*. N. B. PRESCRIPTIONS carefully put up »t ..II hours day and night. n.O.TCUNKK. Store one door North of I*aritn ItesUurant. Olympia, W. T., June 4, tt«4. K-tf iotki:. * S Internal Revenue Stamp* of the different denominations can be obtained at the of- Bve of the Collector, at Olympia. W. T the la* iu relation to the use thereof, w ill be enforced. PHILIP D. MOORE. Collector. Jan. 31,18««. IJ:w« I li.HiiiTonV OF W«oUISGTOX, ) County of T!*ur*ton. / M " !.» the f>Utri< t Court of the 2<i Judicial riftvict W # T.. hoMing term* a* Oljmpia. T> J. W. Axmitos : You are faerebr notified t!i T. Carter ha* tiled a complaint np iin-t tou in • 1 < < urt. whiili will conif on to !»e heard at the t r-t '••rin «»f the court, which commence more thin two month* after the 'J.Id <iar of Jul/, A. I>. 1 -•» L n:i 1 unlc«* um appear at said term and an ■»wcr. the *auie will he taken n# confe*«edand the j»r;i\ *-r thereof jrrnzitcd. The oSjcct nm) prayer • t - id i omplaint i* to recover from you th** »utn i f tiiie hundred dollar*, the ainoiiiit of a certain l»-•»:?». «»rv note executed l«y you on the ? t«l da) *#f % T:i\. t .n. t«» Fred. \. Clarke.and •»y *ii<lCiarke e i. r-f l and *!e!i\ered over to |la in! iff. within* t« re t thereon at legal rate from the ?aid2lSd May, \. :• I *•;»». principal and interest, now amounting t»» ;!• * urn of »eien hundred and eight M.'-100 dol lar . w'.th accruing intere ! and eo«t« of ruit. IIKNRY M M<GILL, Att j tor Pl'f. <" *.rplaint tiled. July 234, 1801. 37: w; 8 l.i t*ie hurry ofgoin'* ttj pr*«« !n«t week several err*>r * occurred in the nhoie notice, amonj? which h.i« the oiui.fion of th* word kunlreJ in the four t» enth line.—l't a. Staxoahd. 3!«rr V\ Ulvute. Ixnhx\, June 21. IH-VL through Marion county, an-! W.i« about to rrosi the t ;!r • wl, my hor«e wa* frightened at the locomotive and I - Ir> which came rushing out of the wood suddenly nji-n tin an! at the uin? time blowing whistle, \\}y. 'it rriaMy frightened my hor*'*, and it dashed «ud dc:i!% round, capsized the buggy, and smathed it to pi* r % r*nd I wai thrown h-adlong between the fill* a*:! th( horse's feet; how ! eseap'd instant death Ido ii<>t kn »w. I iv.i h picked up insensible, badlv mangled and bruised, and I received a gash in the head and face. I w in literally bruised and m ingled from head to foot, I thought one of tny limbs dislocated at first, as it wan entirely useless and the pain was very great. \\ m though I suffered severely, I was soon relieved of all i pain and soreness bv bathing the parts freely with your Pain Panacea, and in a few days was able to re sume my business as usual, and am at this time en tirely cured, having but slight scars instead of the bruise and gashes. It .WATTS, i I>r >.ile by all Druggists, RKIHNT.TOX k CO., •110 nnd 113 Front st., San Francisco, Agents TiiE liM «FfAllF#y 11. Incornoratcd under the Laws of the State. lanital Stock, (I'All) UP IX GOLD COIN.) S'».of)( ).<)< )0, WITII Till'. PRIVILEGE OF INCREASING TO »,0C»0! Gtoclilioldors. SIX l"it l\€ (SCO. 1). O. MIMA A. .T. POPE. WM. C. li.MXrON, 111'.! t MAN MICH ELS, l{. S. FRKTZ, FitKDKIMCK IIII.MNGS .1. li. TiIIIMAS, GKOItGK 11. HOWARD, LOUIS Mi I.AN'K, II.F. TKSCIIEMACHKR ASA T. LA WTO N", A. lIAYWAHI), WM. K. li.VUUON, MOSKS ELLIS, TIIOS. 111 I.L, A. 11. MiCHKAIW, JOHN O. KARL, H. M. JKSSUP, WM. N< >lt It IS, SAMI'KL KNIGHT, .t. Will I NKY, Jit., A. C. HKNItY, O. F. GIFFIN, J. C. WILMKKDING, WM. AI.VORD. C'OCCTMSU, ORi:(JO.\. JACOH KAMM. C». <». ntl,c.s President. WM. t'. RIESTOM Cashier. t > ouui:si , oMH'..NTß is NKWVOIIK — LICKS & WAL LKIt. No. :i:i l'ine Street. CotiuKsroxi)l:XT.s tx LONDON. —RANK OF LON DON. • • •. . riHIE UNDERSIGNED GIVE NOTICE THAT I the above uain. d corporation ha* been organized for tli ■ purpose of carrying on the Dunking and Exchange business, in all its branches, ill this city and with the interior of this State, the neighbouring State and Tcr lituries, and with Mexico: also with the Atlantic cities, Europe, China,and the East Indies; for which they are pro\ided with ample facilities, and in coinforillity with the articles of association will commence opera ti ms on the oth day of July next, at the banking In.use now occupied bv Donohoe, Ralston & Co., cor ner <if Washington and Battery Streets. With the ticw of giving to the business of the cor piiratii n ill the efficiency and prompitu lc of a private (iiuking firm, together with that seclusion uf privitc business matters so generally desired, the iiiiiii.'iliate management of its atlairs is committed I veliisivi lv to 1). O. Mills and Win. C. Halston, as l'n ut and Cashier respectively, to whom, or either of them, the customers of the Rank will apply on all business matters. The regular meeting of the Hoard of Trustees will take place monthly. The undersigned deem it advisable to call particular attention to the following peculiarities of the organiza tion, which are positively binding on nil its members: Eilis r.—Sales of its Capital Stock can be effected < 111 v after due appraismcnt by Stockholders selected fur that special purpose; and the Trustees of the Cor poration have, in all eases, the right to become pur chasers of the stock appraised at the appraismcnt, for the henelit of the remaining Stockholders. This re strietiuii is printed upon each Certificate of Stock. SI:CONI>. — Loans cannot be made to stockholders, except upon collaterals other than their Shares iu the Capital Stock of this Hank. TRUSTEES. n. O. MILLS, J. n. THOMAS, LOCIS MI-LANE, THOMAS HELL, WM. NOKRIS, A. J. POPE, JOHN. O. KARL. O. F. GIFFIN, HERMAN MICIIELS, JAMES WHITNEY, Jr. W. C. It ALSTON. San Francisco, June 18,18(11. PHELAN'S Hllliard. Saloon. rilllK above Milliard Saloon, with EIGHT FIRST | CLASS I'IIKLAN TABLES, is now open to j'lie public. The Cushions on these Tables urc the latest patent, and are a (treat improvement on their predecessors. The ROOM is fitted up so as to combine ELEGANCE with COMPORT. The bar \» : ll be kept supplied with the very choicest brands of Wiues, Liquora. Tib Sogars Ami the subscribers hu|.c, by strict I'tleution, to merit the patronage of nil who admit*. and prac tice the GAME OF BILLIARDS. DAN. I.YN'OII. M. E. HUGH EH. tao mill T'il Montgomery st., Opposite the New Metropolitan Theatre. It.e subscriber begs to inform the public that rhe above mentioned BILLIARD HAMKXN is aso intended to serre as a show and salesroom for PMi:iil\'S Patent Combination t Uililnnt nnd Mtnlfl mi liar <1 Table*, And Billiard Trimmings of every description. Parties ile - iroll* of purchasing Billiard Tables will thin have an opportunity of selecting from a va r:1 * I a - irlmi nt, both iu st* le a:i 1 tiuish. r.nd can ..i , -f (tin .iin#rt„ntv rUimnl for the t Usllions and TiUm. Mr.DA«.LT*CM will always benn iiaii'l, and ready to give all ri'n a i n«i information «itli ri".'ard ti> the merits ofthc.-c JI STLI t LLE* lu; \TI:I» ARD TABLES. The sub.-cribei corili.ilh invites all interested jiartic.- to rail aud x M. B. HrCHBi. A •>:it f.irPhelan * Patent Combination Cu»h iu, ai 1 Modern Billiard Tables. S.»u Fram-iaco, July 18, ISfll. 3S mC* J. (i. SPARKS. (II.YMI'IA, \V. T. OFFIi E on Fifth Street, between Main nnd Waahiugtoa. Tie ircal NNlctl Bftrnttri SCOVILL'S BLOOD AND LIVER SYBCP! rot tbi rru or Srnfutom*, Syphilitic, nmd Mtrtmriml Dit tatra. Old Som, Skim flimw, mmd all other ilitrtuet mini mrt camrrd by mm leyere ttatr of ike •I'M*. tf ? $ M A WONDERFUL C> «i or SCROFULOUS WMITI SWEIJJXO! Rrad Oi* Mntemeat mf Nartla Rubblaa, Jr. HIS was one of the worst tun erer record ed ! ll* now enjoys Roarer Hbalti I This cure li** ncitt4 bis friend*. acifkbon tad iiliri.ii ian-, nnJ «i rn •■uuk- of the Medical Faculty. "»e »f tlic !'rofr>»or». [l»r. R. 8. Xiiroi.] who \t 1.4 citilf 1 to ffc liim n< a iurgeon, aot to pre* m !><•. was so f.irrilily i.n|irr»»cd vith tbe Re m irk ! !e Cur.itiie i'ropertie* of tfai* Medirine, tliut lie b» mlopted it into bii private practice, hj vvrli iu at tbe t'oLi.c<i( and HonriraL*. I'ixrnMTt, Ohio, Feb. 16. IBM. Me «r.». A. 1.. Siuittt k Co.: liMTum:*-1 *ill with great pleatnre glre n;y testimony »s to what your BARBAPARILLA and STll.l.iN'ilA. or lllood and Lirer Syrup, bns done forme. Some three and • half ye an since, I was attacked with a Serofitlou* Wkilt S.reHin/, which was attended by the moit excrti tiating pains ! I tried vurioai remedies, and had two of the best ptirslci-ins in the city—one of them a Professor in an old School Medical Col lege—and they FitllrJ to yt'r t me any Relit/! I was so reduced that I wns confined to my bed for over three mouths. I bud more thax A doxkx Rt*NNixo ri.iKßs oil inv legs, from which 1 took from time to time, more than one hundred pieces of bone. My friends- had given up all Hope» of my AVrorcry.' I vvu ; in tliis condition when I commenced the use of your BLOOD AND EilVI'R NY Ctrl*. I have used altogether some two dozen bottles of it. I am now able to attend to my business, and my legs have become so strong that I walk without any difficulty— ana hare entirely recoicred my health. Yours truly, MARTIN ROBBINS, Jr. Residence on Eighth street, between Mound ano John, No. 321: or ut place of business, with Brown & Villclte. So. 4, cast Fourth street. WE THIXIi THERE IS NO Medicine NO cflicalous In re moving liu ors IVom tha blood us HCOVILL'S BLOOD and LI VEU STRI P. It is rec ommended by Physicians In nil purls ol' the country Iter the cure of Scroftila, lie. Pimples or sores Indicate that the system Is out of or der. I'iiless something Is done lo cleunse the blood of these Impurities, the result may be In n more serious disease, such us Scrofula, Syphilitic, He. Those who wish to Mud a most effica cious Remedy, and yet have no confidence In Patent Med icines generally will never regret a trial of Scovlll's Illood and Elver Syrup. REUINGTON tt CO., Sole Agents for California, 410 and 418 Front Street, San Francisco. v3:n4G:ly There is no other way to cure dis eases but by first purifying the whole System so as to create a healthy circulation. The first medical men of the age agree with us, that no disea* s of any extent can be cured with at using such medicines as will a , directly upon the blood. Why m ty medical men have failed to cure nronic dis eases is, because the in< icines have not been such ns will n< beneficially on the blood. The many thousnndsof bottles which have been used by the public, and the many gallons nnd barrels supplied to the physlcittus v*arrant us in saying that the last two years we have been more successful with our SCOVILL'S HLOOI) AND LIVER SYRUP IN CI.'IUXG IIOHKLKBB CASKS Or CHRONIC iilßE\Bt:a than have any other reme dies in the hands of physicians, orbe fore the public. It is now admitted that no other combination known to the profession, acts so promptly upon diseases as our Scovill's Blood and Liver ByruP. For sale everywhere, and by RED- I.NGTON k CO., 410 and 418 Front street, San Francisco. WASHINGTON HOTEL, MAIX STREET, flllUS capacious and elegant hotel having been recently thoroughly renovated and refitted is now prepared for the accommodation of the public in a stylo superior to any other house on the Sound. The rooms are large, well lighted warmed and ventilated, and tastefully furnished, having superior accommodations for familiea, and ladies' private dining raoui, also suites of rooms lor parties. The Culinary Department Is under the management of au experienced cook, and the TABLE will always be foand provided with the best the market can afford. THE BAR Will nl ways be found stocked with the best Wines, Liquors and Cigars. To the public I ever wish to state, That for your favors I now wait, As 1 assume to ne'er despise To take the chance to advertise. ». GALLIHER. Olympia, W. T., Nor. Vth, 1863. l:tf Fniled States District Court, 1 Third Judicial District, W:T. / lleld at I'ort Tuwnsend. 2d Monday «f Jane. 1804. Sarah A. Pilcher | f Samuel PiU her. ) To Sam rt Paraii: Your are hereby neti fied. that unless you apnear at the next tm of the Cuited Slates District Court. of the Third Jn diiial district, to be held at Port Tow tend, on the ?d Monday of June next. and answer a !»■ plaiut filed against jou in said court, jndf«ent will be taken against you aa eonfeaeed and the praver of the plautilf granted. The object object of said complaint is to procure a decree of di vorce from the bond* of matrimony, for ehand— net. neglect and abuse. • _ SARAH. A. I'ILCIIKR. Br her Attcmerj, !ttat»naw A IcflMU. May 7th, IIM. DR. WM. HALL'S BALSAM FOR THE LUNG& ROB M COBS •» Conmmyfion, Drdme, Mrwmkitm. XifJ* Wmattmf of Flmk, Bmd tmf of Blood, Btofiuf Otmjk.Dif jitmhjf of Brtmlkinf, CMb. t'romp, Comfk. Imjhumm, Pitkiaie, AM «• tAc S,dr, mmd mU ihirmn of rt» Lmmgt 10.000 REWARD IS OFFEXED FOft A BETTER RECIPE. lr CMT4HI it Ortrx, Ciunt, aa Hnaui Pviaes. ASP U un rom ni MH DIIIUTI I'IIU ! Momt, (J»n4» e»., .V. T. Mog S3, IMS. Tl.c Balsam has produced Retail; omo Ot the MOSI xurluUe en re* we hare erer yet vtt aessed in this section. It ia that ot • yaaag lady who has been suffering froa luftMfUM fee the last Tear or t«o, and baa bta aader the Ml> men* of some of the best phy siciaas ia Knr Tart city. and by tkrm /mnometi latasaMi. By tkatr advice recently she cane ap into the teiattj among her relatives, where she coald ha nursed, not expectinic to lire hat a few waafca ar months at the most, auffering as she eti frsa aa*- stant cough. niphtcweau, and all tha aap I ana 11 systems attending confirmed coasamptioa. Oaa of her friends noticing Tour adrertisf— l, prw cored of us a bottle of the Balsa ai, with ax pacta tion only of giving a little temporary relief, aa4 without any bi>j>e <>f its affecting a peimaaaat cure. After u.-iug half of the bottle she fncad the effect exactly as described ia yoar pamphlet, her cough began to disappear. She caaanwj gaining in llesh; and by th« time (he had CMH pleted tbc second bottle, she pronounced herself a tarly veil. She was recently ia oar store far the purpose of procuring a bottle af the Balaam to send to a friend of liers, and appeared to ha enjoying good health ! She is extremely gratefWl, and savs that she is anxious that the whole worM should know of the curative properties ot kl HoWo Haham," as she considers that it has been iaatre* mental in saving her life I DR. WM. HALL'S BALSAM HAS effected cures in numerous cases, where the most skillful physicians in this couutry and in Europe have been em plo/ed 9 and have exercise d their aklll in vain. Ca Dr. Win. Hall'l let pronoun ced incurable, and sumo* dered as hope less beyond ft doubt leaving BALSAM! the patients without a sin gle ray to en» liven them in their gloonii have beeu cur ed by DrHali'i Balsam, and ron Tin the " victims of co n s u m p tion" are sov vigorous and THROAT strong as tho most robust among ns. And these ca AND sesarenotlso* latcd ones; they are nu merous, and Lungs! can be pointed out in every community, where this most unrival ed remedy has been tested. REDINGTON k CO., Sole Agents, 4ltinnd 418, Front St., San Francis* co, and for sale by all Druggists. Beware of all other preparations of the same name. Bach bot tle of the genuine bears the signature of "0. R. linker A. C 0.," Cincinnati. Take none other. Price, one dollar per bottle. D. PHILLIPS. D. Phillips & Co., (Successors to D. Phillips If Son.J DEALERS IS DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, BOOTS SHOES, HATS, CAPS, AND CLOTHING. Main Street, Olyuipia, W. T., Jau. 1863. B:tf Brown's Brocblnl Troches. I ha >e never changed my mind respecting them from the first, except to think yet better of that which /if. </an thinking i cell of. Rev. HENRY WARD BEICHSS. The Troches arc a staff of life to me. Prof. EDWARD NORTH, Pres. Hamilton College, Clinton, N. Y. For throat troubles they are a specific. N. P. WILLIS. Too favorably known to need commendation. Hon. CHAS. A. PHELPS, Pres. Mass. Senate. Contain no opium nor anything injurious. I)r. A. A. IIAVES, Chemist, Boston. -4/1 elegant combination for coughs. Dr. O. F. BIQBLOW, Bostoh. / recommend their use to Public Speakers. Rev. E. H. CHAN*. Most salutary relief in Bronchitis. Rev. S. SEIQFRIEO, Morristown, Ohio. Very beneficial when suffering from eolds. Rev. S. P. ANDERSON, St. Louis. Alinsst instant relief in the distressing labor e breathing peculiar to Asthma. Rev. A. C. BUOLSSTON, New York. They have suited my case exactly, relieving m# throat so that I could ting with ease. T. DCCHARME, Chorister French Parish church, Montreal. As there ara imitations, be sure to obtain the genuine. REDINGTON « CO, 418 and 418 Front Street, San Francisco, Agents. BROWN'S A NKOLF.CTED COL'OH, COLD. AH IRRITATED OR Sons THROAT if at* nt>nwPUT A r ' owed t0 progress results in serionn A&UA l/Ml ala .Pulmonary Bronchial and Astfc* •ronrnva Imatie Disease* oftentimee Insain IKUiHM ble. BROWN'S BRONCHIAL TSS* CUES reach directly the affseted parts *o* and give almost immediate iQts& For BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, CA COUGHS Tiun, and CoKSPMrTtva Coeom the Troches are nseAsL Punuo AXS SPEAKERS and Surosns shsold havo the Trachea to elear aad COLDS, strengthen the voiee. KaiTAST Omciu and SOLDIRRS who overtax the vote*, and are exposed to audden change* should nee thsas. Oo- AIM only the genuine. •• Brown's Bronchial TVs this" having proved their effieacjr by a teat of ssany lem, are htgnly recommended and preaerfted by Physicians and Burgeons in the Army, and have WBcfved leedsae* ■lnln from manv eminent men. Sold by all DruggisU and Dealers in Medicine in Ike United watee and most Foreign conn'riee a Mela, per bos. Agents fee California, BiDinns A Co- Isn Franeiaco. Sore ThrMt, CM4*. and similar troubles, if fullered to progress, remit in eerions Pulmonary, Broacial and Aslhnelis affections, ofttisses incurable. lIOTI I BBOVCSX4I TBOCEM are compounded so as to reach directly Ike sesl of the disease aad give almost instant relief. KUDIKGTOK le 00.. 416 aad 418 Frosrt St.. 8m Fnadm CbL OOAI Oil AIIO C9JII* #ils LAiri, PflOOrraKß with all kinds ef Barolag essd m»ee. Alee FoR MRATIJtO BOOMS, Jhr Cmtsms, ami for Bemtmf #fc» Awns sen SALS mi IH nv STANFORD BBOTHII9 California stieotF, aear Front, So* IIMIHI Yours, truly, KINNEY k GREEKS. O. A. BARNES

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