Newspaper of The Washington Standard, August 13, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated August 13, 1864 Page 4
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jtliifrllnntoun. Leonard ScottA Cos REPRINT or Till' RRITIMI RCVICWS AND UMioonamsnißE. IK'IN \RP SI'IITT X . X'* V . »•>:,*" '!<• j i. -pi'.,i-li tbr follow ng ll'. a I"« i > > -. \ .r. : Thi- I.oNDON' Qr\r.TK T :I.V. <• ,:;-rrvai.\<. : r. El»l vrsru*: ll REVIEW. \\V_ 3. The SOUTH BRITIMH REVIEW, FrecChur b 4. IN. \vt>TMl:.>ri::: :EVIE\V 1.1 J. U;.\. IXWIHJU ■> EIUMiIRUII MACA/.INE. iTorv t Thwe l'< rio lie ils »' ' the v T > at I ' • licil pirtio« "I <Ir> 1 1 J;n ■n— Wl lon Itit'll 11; but pohti. - 11l <•:»!> t.atuic of f >r t Imrarli r. A "r-.'.in- ul 11, in -t pr<.! •uii-l « r:" ■r mi S- i n »*. i.ili r.tti»re. Morality. i.tid "i. they -• I'l l«< they lime H' r -!■>.. I. u:iri\ ! I i'i LLW WU «( IMKN, MAF TAWIDM I tin- t > tli l -■• hoi ir .HI I i i ■ j»r : - - j«»i» t; in..:!. \.ln!v to :!ie HI: -liiv i t r. 1 ro| every «-l i--. tin-* I ir ui-h h more i ■lire* T . *1 « iti?r*rturv r»*« • I■ t the i urr ut litT it'i' of ihe •! iy. throu '! 'it the w-n . I l.t.iu can posiibly le obtained irotu uny other i "in ■ e. '1 ii • receipt of Advnm c Sheet* from tlir u li-'i'T* gives :i 1 lit. ill i! value t« > lli *■ -<* r.-pr :it-. nntr.iiieh »* lii.v fiin li "V lie place I in tin 1 ii sti'l.i < .subscribers about us MI.HI us tlie original edi io.U. . To I* ms: I'-irnnyone of th* four I! view. per '! "■> ]",,r any two of tiic four Reviews, " .. • ■ '.'o l'->r any throe of the four Reviews, " " .. '"0 For itl! four of the Reviews, " *' .. * "•» Kir Hlaekwood's Magazine, '• " •• For Blackwood ami one Review, " " .. 11 For Blackwood anil two Review?, " '• .. 7uo For Blackwood ami three Reviews, " " .. fon For Blackwood niul the four Reviews, " ..lonO t&if* Mnnrv eurrent in the State where issued wilt lie received nt par. C lubbins- A discount of twenty-live per cent from the Above price will be allowed to clubs r four or mure copies of any one or more of the above works: Thus four copies of Blackw ood, or of one Review, will be sent to one addres; fori-'O ; t'oui copies of the four Reviews aud Ulackwood lor and so on. PosUso. &vjy»ln all tlic principal cities ami towns, these Works will bo delivred KItKE OK l'llSTAiiK. When sent by mail, tlic Postage to any part of tho United States w ill be but 21 fftllH a year for " Blackwood," and but 14 ('('Ills a year for each of the Reviews. X. B.—The price in CJreat Britain of the five Pe riodicals above named is !?:il per annum. tStif Remittances should always be addressed, post paid, to the Publishers, LEONARD SCOTT & CO., No. 51 Gold street, New York January sth, 1801. No. 8 COMET , , Illuminating Oil! Wfi are constantly rrcciving invoices of this celebrated brand of liors o no, which is guarantoed entirely pure and unmixed with Camphcnc, Asphaltum Ois. It is non-explosive, and superior to DOWNER'S, or any other Oil cv< r made. We have also on haud the Downer's and other brands of COAL Oil,, ■which we arc selling at the lowest rates. TAXFORM lIICOS., California street, near Front.. San Francisco, September, 18(51. 4-1: mil THE CHEAPEST Book and Stationery 153 P O T ON TIIC PAC IFIC COAST ! EstabliNlicd Over l'ourtcrn Years! OPPOSITION to the San Francisco Mouopolist for supplying the Trade with— Ac w*papers. Lit/i ograpits, School Hooks, Music, Medical Books, Letter Papers Cbeap Publication*, Photographs Halloclc's I3ooks, Novels, Blank Books, Stationary, ANY IMPER, mmwi, ion, No matter where published cun be furnished. Ujf* Address cash orders to, J. W. SI/LLI¥A!«, Nous Agent, and Bookseller San Francisco, Sept. sth, 18G3. 43:tf Notice of MierlflT'N Sale. BY virtue of a decree in foreclosure and order of sale issued by the Clerk of the W. T. Dis trict Court 3d Judicial District, holding terms at Port Townscnd, and to me directed, I have lev'ed upon, seized, and taken into execution, and will proceed to sell according to law, at the court house door in the town of Port Townsend, Jeffer son county, W. T., ou Tuesday, the sixth day of September, A. D. 18'!4, between the hours of 0 o'- clock A. M. and 4 p. M. of said day, the following described premises in said county, or so much thereof as will satisfy n judgment rendered in saiu court against John Harris and in favor of William 11. Tew, for the sum of three hundred forty-live 38-100 dollars debt and one hundred sixty 40-100 dollars, costs aud allowances, making in all tho sum of five hundred and four dollurs and seventy eight cents, and the accruing costs of sale ; to-wit: All that certain piece or parcel of land known and described as the John Harris donation claim, sit uated on Port Townsend Hay, Jelferson county, W. T., and adjoining the claim of L. P. Huff, said doaation claim including one hundred and sixty acrrs, and more particularly described in notifica tion ami proof placed on file in tho Register's Ofllre. Olympia, W. T.. May noth, lH.'ift. Dated this L'oth dav of Julv. A . n. IH«J4. \V. \V. ARMSTRONG. [37:w4] Sheriff of Jefferson county, \V. T. PONY SAMPLE S A Zj O O ZQ- I CHAS. BL'RMEISTER. PROPRIETOR. MAID RTROET, OPPOSITE TACIFIE ol ympi 4, ir. r. THIS POPULAR SALOON IN ML WARS SUPPLIED M ITLI TLIR TERR K#T Q« »!IT < OF OOlinffj aud liquors, ALE, rORTER. BEER ASP CIDER ILGAN AND TAKARRA- A GOOD BILLIAKI) TABLK U Attmrkrri to iJkf SaUtnm. h rrrrjr ttylr a/ray* on hand. ?iliscfll;iuPOur» .-Xtalinrmfiitri. Sand's Sarsaparilla, The Great American Kernedv roi: ITIUFYIXG Tin: I;LOOI>, WILL ItC Ki'lMl A ITIITAIN l Itr I 'R ETM A! h mm A " A\ AL'i > U \IIv »: AM* TlNt.At.lNf, ir I* l ALLTD VI'I.KNTIFI'I. - if |l\ i.f ptre »»!•••■ I i-i essen t. .: i .iuim il I W!. l i the p;..p. r cirouln ; • vi * 1 fluid i» im; •:• d. si. km-s i- I lie ill \,' i J .im -i /l' li' i'. I* 1 -i» - l-'Tniiie mi ll, _ i he 11\ rl' (One* i i<•: d v».i!i impure lull . v l.i i fore* I iulo Ihe sy ?teui.'. il i.i! ■ (ill I ill* • . i'i l ino 1. eit.'enderilijr 'l■dill.k lllld rU'.V ueou.- ..i i Idliary disorder . N (MIS' lllMrißll.M «ill gently itimnlalc the hnrtloM ol tin- tomek aa4 bowJl* to • rrjntUr anil healthy action, mid wMhtittl bmm i orpurjtinjrexpel all ;• nun* ae- I'lliniiliilioii . piirilk tile Idood, ei| i.i!i/' tln* ■ ireu l.ilion. j.r.miolc" pel juration, iuipto .e I lie appetite, impart tone and \i. or to the *jitem, and (fradnally In! surili i\t■r pit e till* d i *e.i *e ( ■. • -1 11 V a'l 1111. . i,l|v i\ n•< ii' i-to di appear, mi 1 1e..» the - . a| i r|V. tJ v ci!i«Milh mid lit xilde. Price •t'l u" per botlli or o buttle for >."• tio. Aik '" r A' v/* r' i ! no #/Aer. I pared bjr A: It. *D. BANHS, Drufgirti, 1 ' I ulloa -tr> el. rorner of Wi.....ia. Ne» \ork. For Mile I y l»r. R. Willard, tH\iupi.i. PrOfijpOCtUS. OK TUB \A T I O x A L II !•: RR. N L I C A X. WA-IIINMON. I». ('...T111V I, LFILL. The un Ur>ipui 1 roi itnem id. in the mouth of DCITIII! er li^T. the puldi' ■tiou. in il.i- i it\. of U weekly II wsip per, culled tlie A . . I •'.'■yi'liriin. 't is pi inted oil a ' :heet. t 11 n'y->evcll l>y forty-two inches, i.nd i luriii.-lu dat the low prices stated helow. It will contain nil the original matter of the dailv Xiit'fiit i! I' j'tiMifiiii, with the exception of 11• ! news not to country snliseriliers. It xx ill prive full reports of the proceeding* of Con:rre ', mitl i I the oth'T depaituu 1.1 - ol the Na tional tioverninent. It w ill cunt tin nil the news of the day. foreign and ilonie. tic, markets, \e.. ,Ve., as well as an original corrcspoiulence from nil parts of the country. The miscellaneous department w ill re ceive .special attention, and, in ail respects, the ell'ort xvill lie made to establish the character of the Xntinnitl I.' /'uhlirtiH as a Family Newspaper. Washington living now the central point of the ci'rrcut military operations, great atlcutiini w ill be paid to furnishing the readers id' the Xalioixil /trjui'ififii'i with full, and especially with tirnirate, aceounts of the progress oftlie war for the I'nion. In politics, the paper will tie Itepubliean, sus taining the Adininistratie.i of Mr. Lini oln. butdis eluiniing, however, any pretension to be the orga ol' the President. There is noother Republican paper in the Dis trict of Columbia, or in the vicinity of it, and it is believed that recent events have opened to such a paper an important sphere of useful elfort. The time has come, when theactual administration o( the Government upon Republican principle* will explode tiie misrepresentations which have made tlio,-e principles so distasteful to the South. But it is uot only here, and in this vicinty ,that the projectors of the Xiili' iml AV/'h/./«vh hope to make it useful. To the whole country they oiler a journal which will discuss national politics from a national standpoint, and which will never be swerved from patriotic duty by any overpowering pro- sure of local interest. Terms oi' Subfici'ipiloii. One copy, one year ?2 00 Three copies, one year 5 00 Five copies, one year 7 00 Ten copies, one year 1- no Twenty copies, one year '2O 00 One copy, sir months 1 no Three copies, six montns 2 50 Five copies, : is months .1 50 Ten copies, six months fi 00 Twenty copies, six months 10 00 Payment always in advance. When a Club of sulisorieeis has boon forwarded additions may bo innile to it on tlsc* same tonus It is not ncee isnrv lliat the subscribers to a olnb sltonbl roueivo their jia|>t-f- at thesame post 011100. Money may be forwarder bv mail, it our risk. Largo aeoonnts ran be remitted in drafts on Hos tun New Votk, Philadelphia or Baltimore; smaller amounts in gold, or in notes of solvent banks. Tito Daily National Republican is published every nioriiinpr (Sundays excepted) at !?:i 50 po niiuum, in ndvuuce. Address* W. J. MlltTAdll k CO., ]So:ly] Washington, I). C. Wr.tclicrj, Cloolts, JEWELRY, &<.>. JULIEN^GUYOT, OLYMPIA, W T. QFFEBS for sale a line assortment of— GOLD and SlLVlilt WATCHES, CLOCKS, a--. JEWKLItV, A3 SPECTACLES, THIMBLES, PENCIL CASES, EAU and FINGER RINGS, IJItEAST PINS, LOCKETS, GOLD CHAIN'S, KEYS, SEALS, Together with all articles usually kept for sale by Watchmakers and Jewelers. N. R.—Mr. Guyot, thankful fot- the patrouage extended to liitn during the past four years, would respectfully solicit y continuance of the same. tZif Watches, Clocks ami Jewelry repaired in the best manner by himself, mid warranted for one year. Packages forwarded by express or stage will receive careful and prompt attention, Olympia, March Ist, 18U4. l":tf Tin: Ut\K OF CAM FORM A. t'oruer of Wafliington and Battery Streets, SAX FBAXCISCO. TINS HANK IS OPEN FOR THE TRANSACT ION OF A(ICN ERUL HANKING BUSINESS. WIL 1 RECEIVE DC)>OI>IT TAT TEND TO THE COLLECTION OF I'NPCR, NNIL DRAW KX- IN TKLKIIKAI'H OR OLLN RWI «•, ON NEW YORK. LONDON. HUBLITI, AC., A;C., ON THE MO>T FA VORABLE TERM*. L>. O. MILLS, WJI. R. RALSTOX, PRESIDENT. CAHIRR. SAN KRM« I<CO, JULV 5, IPO4. MI IDIIILNFTMRULUR'M SALE. II I« IIERRL.V JRIVRN THAT F!»«« R-:;RN«-'L IN* FTEFI IP|»OIU1F I N 2'IIINI ■*" •. T«»R «-F TLIR «-<• TNT«- I.L M.»R\ < . -IFR-V . • 1. 1 »TR OF J» FFRR- N«• W»» T«»N T«*RR *»M ALL P«-R --MM». IN«L« L«TR I T.» AI.I «•: »T< ARC R. • } :•••! TO MAKE INIIII**«TI I'<- P»* TI -I.T T |a > W4ER» .w ! ■ I TLIOYE HATING DEMAND* TBETII UITHTN ONE J«AR TR-.IU »IE J RI J»RRU lU* TLAENT .«UTF D UR IK* FORE*.: R IURRNI K S. KOWI.KR. A.IAR L'*R: TO»I:-»BD, Jrff I'u., W. T . MMT 1104 J. «. SI'AIiKS, XT. S. ASSESSOR OI.YM PI A. W.T. OTKH'K ON FIFIB kizttl, BETWETN II.»M TOD WASHINGTON (Sflififrllinroii iOO Volunteers Wanted. FOII the first Regiment of Oregon Cavalry. to wrvt ibrrtjfiri unless sooner discharged. 100 Dollari llounfy. The company will enn-i-t of one Captain, one Fir.-t. arid out' Second Li* iiteuant; one I'ir-t Ser geant. one (Jitartertiia-ter Scgcant: one inmuiis sari -i rgeant. live Sergeants. •• i>;lit Corporal.. tv.o Teamsters, two Farrier- or Ida* k-iniths. one Sad dler. one warmer. and seventy-eight privates. Total, one hundred enlisted men. Itmi or PAV. First Serjeant, per month, ?2't <"' i ] All other Sergeants, 17 Oil ■ Corporal?. 1 I no Farriers or Idack mithi, !."> on j Private* anil buglers, l.'l ort In addition, th" men will l>e furnished with i h>- tliing. snbsigten-'e, quarters ami at;ml ain e. Tht allowum e for clothing i< thr. • .!••: ar ami fifty eents pr month. When an •uli •I• i ui.ui draws less than his yearly allowance of ■ 1 nhin • Iho will l>e entitled to the ililTi-reni ein in y. The men will l»e enlisted as privates. ,\l:- i I mustered into the service of the I'niti | :•'! '• the appointment o!" nnti-ci>inmi>. ion- >1 olliei rs « i!l lie made. Enlisted men will 1 e <=«•»»? to Fort Sr-ila n » government expense, to lie drilled and mu.-ttr< 1 into the service of the Ciiited State*. Tim t.ovcrnor of Oregon, in his proclamation calling I'm the-e volunteers, says that ••tliev will he needed the coming spr-ng on the frantic; ' this State and Washington Territory. and lor i expedition against the Snake Indians who line -o long lieeti mer en. aged in roldiinj immi grants and murdering onr fellow citi/ctf." Oflicc in Olvmpiu with Wells, Fan- ■ A Co. FRAMIS HENRY. Recruiting oiiicer. 01y:..,.ia, W. T., Jan. 12th, 1 s<;::. ropiil.ii' Family Journal*. FOWLER .\xn wr.i.i.s, M:\V YORK, rrn lisli the following Popular and S icntilic Se rials, which afford an excellent opportunity fir bringing before the public all subjects of general interest. "Life Illustrated." A first class Weekly Pictorial new paper, devo ted to News, Literature, Science and the Alt ; to Entertainment, Improvement, mil Ociiernl Progress. Its columns contain original I! -ays. Historical Biographical and descriptive Sketches of travel and adventure, poetry, painting, tnu-ic, sculpture, etc.; articles on science, agriculture, horticulture, physiology, education, ami every to pic which is of importance or interest all combin ing to render it one of the best Family Newspa pers in the world. Published weekly, nt two dollars a year in " The Water-Cure Journal auil Herald os Reforms" Devoted to hydropathy, its philosophy anil practice; to physiology and anatomy, with illus trative engravings; to dietetic exercise, clothing, occupations, amusements, and those laws which govern life and health. Published monthly, in convenient form for binding, at one dollar a year in advance. The American Phrenological Journal.' A Repository of science, literature, and general intelligence, devoted to phrenology, education, magnetism, psychology, mechanism, architecture, and to all those progressive measures which arc calculated to reform, elevate and improve man kind. Illustrated with numerous portraits and oil* r engravings. A beautiful quarto, suitable for binding. Published monthly at one dollar a year, in advance. FOWLER .V WELLS. 30) i Broadway. New York. For three dollars, a copy of each of the iibovc ntued Journals will be sent one year. For Snlo! IIOMESTGADS AXI> VAM'.ini.U REAL ESTATK. Building Lots from $lO to £2OO Each! Aho, .10 Vara Lot* and Entire Il'ocks of Bainliht Harden Lund! I X the City nnd county of S.iu Francisco, on the line of the Sun Jose Itailroad, at the WEST END DEPOT. The title is absolutely PERFECT, being a Spanish Grant, finally continued and pat ented by the l r nitcd Stales. The Shatter Bill respects this Title, The City Authorities respect it, The District Courts and Supreme Court of the United States respect it. Besides the Title ha* been forerer quieted by a Futtt Decree and Judaftm nt against the City ! So that there is not even a cloud or shadow upon it. Whoever purchases one of these lots will buy a lot and not a lawsuit. Office No. 19 Xaglee's Buildings, corner ol ontgomery and Merehant'sstreets, San Francisco lIARVEY S. BROWN. April 12, 18il2. 22:1113 BOOT AND SHOE SHOP. THE undersigned has just received a £ A i large and good assortment of the best jrXJ FRENCH CALF and KIP that has e\cr 1 been exhibited ill Olympin, suitable for making from the finest to the heaviest dress boot. He has also on hand a large supply of homo tanucd— HLlp, Oow-llido, GRAINED LEATHER, AMU HICK-SKIN. CASH PRICES: Best Fine French Calf, sewed Si 2 00 " «' " pegged 10 00 Best French Kip, pegged $« to $lO 00 Fine ('alt, light or heavy, home tanned, H OU - Good Coarse, or Kip • 00 SHOES IX J'JiOrOflTlO-X. osr All work warranted, as it is done by my self. gtif AH are invited to call nml examine my stock. * # * Shop on Main street, opposite G. (!. Tur ner's Drug-store. CHARLES WOOD. P. S.—All persons indebted to me are request ed to call aud settle their accounts. brif" Greenbacks taken at ('•.*> cents. Olympia. July 2, 18<>4. 34:tf HENRY M. M'CILL, [LATE SECRETARY OF TIIE TERRITORY.] Attornoy-at-Law, t'imuwm«r of tke Court of fi'wm of I'. S. —AND Coinmissioer of l>erdsfor Oregon and H aahingt'n ITTILL devote special attention '.<> the pnpsra W tion Oi" thr nece«»ary pa|ier« to arrinpanr iim« under tbe art of Mar< li <:l 1» ;|. for the meat of the war debt and to btisiue" bffuri I* S. Land Offices. rriet—Oi Mam St Olympia. W T [4ll F«r Victoria nmd H»j Ptrl«. •tr. "Andorson," D B. FINCH. MASTER. I EAVES Olympia for Victoria ar.d j ate ports every Monday looming Superior fanlitiea for carrying rattle. Olympia. June 10, 18C4. 32:1f .frnnrinto gVclrfrtinrincntn. Tot'orre«|K»a«lent».-I'atien:- midtag on any part of the Pacific coa.-t. however distant, who may de ire the opinion und advice ol lir.. Young, on their respective rases, and who thih proper to submit a written statement of sucnitik preference to holding a p« rsoiial interview, are it ;i ■■.■ t f i»11 y assured that their e< >ir rn un iciit ian * will l«> held most sacred. Dr. Young takes this opponuiiitv of observing tliat II letter, are only 0-i. lied mid replie I t„ by hi- i-. ll". an 1 the latter n- promptly a. | ilde. It the ia-e lie fullv anl candidly dw nM, ytntdl(orantciiiaM will l.e -iipem di I. as ia-truetions for diet, ri, and the L'eiieral treatment of the <«-e itself, .in * lii-lui/the remedies,! will lie forwarded without de! \ . i.nd in surh a manner as to I onvi V no idea of 11.1- purport of the letter or parcel so 'traUMiiil -- d. I "* I' Tll-e, 7:, I ("lay street. Sin t'on-Dilation gratis. J C. Yol'Xt!, \|. D. SAFES! SAFKB! I. l rn nailery street. *;t»i I'rnnrtTo. Sul.K \.-enl lor Til.To « A MrF.MM.AMi S eelehn ted I ire-Proof i Bui ir i !ii- .Vile i< u i II know ii in the in ,rk- i for its uu irp • d lire-proofqualitv, havinif nith-l I in C..1 i raia, a- well in the Baft, the hottest tires ki-"V. 11. We can refer to endle-- < ■ rtilica'c - from part sin onr mining towns, ill.ere tin e Sal--- I IVe lei >| -nl-ii • t to the lllo«t -. -. ire !■ Is of in tire-ijualitie* Tlf* S ife« are »r<iK I by our ( unthlnaMnn I.ot k. Tin- Lock ii 111 every re. P ,1 the mo t c ecnrc ••ire ! i 11 -i it it- jnire. the key and coni'dii 11ion to open tin- Se'Vi. If the key -liould he nli-lraeted front the owner, it woul I lie perfei-ti\ a-eb-s to the p isse; or without his knowing the combina tion, or i""ntal kev, whirli the owner i arries in •>i< head. To tno-e in want of « reliable «afe, wi< offer the above ' ,% eaper ttinti any oilier in the innikct. irif A large us.-orltticnt on hand and 1<• arrive r. TII.M \N. 00 R.itterv -t.. Sun Kraio-i .' O, Xllttlo Grla lit FAMILY KVI.W Willi f0„ MILLER & BU KLIN, Agents. NO. 21)3, MONTOOMERY STREET, Rl'ss BLOCK, SAN FRANCISCO. ri'lcc rrdticcd lo inwtrutl ol r|lo practically develop and perfect the Sewing | ''achiue art is to carry joy and gladness to no small portion of the civilized world; but to rendu - .lie Sewing Machine art in the highest de. giec useful, it is necessary— I. To divest the Sewing Machine of every loose and dum-y attachment, and every fancy and com plicated contrivance. 2. litnust be simple iu it* construction through out, that it may be easily understood and readily adjusted. it. It must be certain in ! ts results •t. It must be adapted to a gnat range of work as most families can have but one machine lor nil kinds of sewing. 5. It should be strong nnd durable in nil its parts. The above and more we claim for the Lit tle Giant Family Sewing Machine. It is an easy task to ollVr high-sounding references and men tions—and still easier to publish nonsensical med al talk of Flippant nnd Flattering testimonials— w hich is of no earthly service to the buyer, since the poorc.-t machines furnish them in the greatest abundance, and that too of neccs.-ity, to conceal their lack of merit. The tiiant Family Sewing Machine has passed the fiery ordeal of all ma chines, both high and low, for the past year, and the revere scrutiny of the most skeptical, but has come out unscathed, and now stands before the public as tin' best f. mily sewing machine in use. Cast oil'machiiHM are advertised daily for low and half prices, which are worthless, the public well know. We, therefore, would seek simply an intelligent examination of the merits of our ma chines in comparison with the high priced ma chines, Every machine warranted and kept in order free of charge. .1 {coolloot, Pi'ioo only &ir>. X. It. We have no connection with any other agency, firm, or company whatever. A full sup pi vof Machines, IIIi M MIiIIS. Xcedlcs, Silk, T\vist, mid everything appertaining to Sewieg Machines, constantly on hand, wholesale or retail. Orders promptlv attended to. MILLER k BI'CKLIX, General Agents for the Little C# in nt Family Sew ing Machines, 'JIU, Montgomery Street, Russ Block, San Francisco. ii-2l>:3—m. PHELAN'S I3lllinrci Saloon. rililK above Rilliard Saloon, with EIGHT FIRST I CLASS PIIELAN T.MBI.ES, is now open to {lie public. The Cushions on these Tables arc the late: l patent, and are » great improvement on liieir predecessors. The ROOM is fitted up HO as to combine ELEGANCE with COMIOItI. Ihebar w'll be kept supplied with the very choicest brands of Wines, LiQLUora. eft? Sogars And the subscribers hepe, by strict rttcution, to merit the patronage of all who admit*. and prac tice the GAME OF BILLIARDS. DAN. LYNCH. M. K. HUGHES. ViOand f*i'| Montgomery st., Opposite the New Metropolitan Theatre. T t.r subscriber begs to inform the public that the above mentioned BILLIARD SALOON is uso intended to serve as a show and salesroom for PIIKI'iVN I'alrnt foiulilnution I'UftliloiiN ami Motlfl Mil liard Tables, And Billiard Trimmings of every description. Parties d< -iron" of purchasing Billiard Tables will tint b ivc an opportunity of selecting from a va ried assortment, both in atyle and tini»h. and can al*o test the superiorilv i-Uimi'tl tor the t ushious r.nd Tallies. Mr. DAN*. LYXCII will always be on hand, ami ready to give all rc.|uircl information n ;th regard t« the merits ofth* > JI STIA t EI.E UItATKD BILLIARD TABLES. The snb>iribci cordialiv invites all interr.-ted pnrti< - to < all and xatuiue. M E. lIITIIES. Agent for Phclan * Patent Comb man on t u h sii< ici I Mod* rn Billiard Tables. >4u Francisco, July I*. IHCI. rts m*»* Goal Oil AM» (OAL OIL rnotiFTIIKII with all kinds of llarninr and I M.» hinery Oils, tor fair at greatly reduced rates. Also Bro-Vapor Stoves Ft)R HEATING R«MIMS. /V Cookimj. mid for llratnr flat /'o*l STANFORD BROTII ER S California ttreitF, near front. J-an rancUco Jlr. f)oung's (folumn. DR. J. C. YOUNC« lAtr rrortssoa or THK C*IVE«»ITT or ran. Private .Medical aad Mrflcil IMaMUhmeal, Devoted etclii.ively to treatment of PRIVAE PIS EASES of whatever nature, aud all DISEASES TO WHICH (AS A SEX j FEMALES ARE LIAIILE. Xo. Cir. COMMERCIAL STREET, OPPOSITE Till: MINT. SAX FRANCISCO, PAL COXSI LTATIOX i hy letur or otherwise) FUEE. rpilE NEAR APPROACH OF THIS ESTAB £ li-hineiit to the liusinesa portion of the city, and, nt the same time, it- retirement, render* it easy ol a ecess mid assure* the patient full guaran tee of ,-ei rerv. I'll. .1 C. YOIWC. li>< been a PRACTICAL SPECI ALIST for a p. riod of TWEXTV YEARS, and lor T\\ EI.YE EARS on this roast, during which time hi- PRIYATE MEDICAL AND Sl'R (•|i Al. IV.-TITI'TE has 1,.-en in uninterrupted -in ri --fill i p'ration, di-i harging cured annually upw ml- ol lite thi-u-and patients. CiTEE AL- U AYS til AIIAXTEED t»R No PAY RETIRED. Long pr:ii lice end thorough investigation into the .an- DISE ISES OF THE I RIXARY oRtiAN.*. enaliles Hit. YOl'Nti to determine de ,rly, and at once, the true nature of the coin plaint -nhmitled lo his i are. securing the patient i gainst the ilanger-of delay lialde, and which, alas • too often do arise from mistaken judgment; thus treating the di-order from the start with all the advantage a perfei t knowledge gives. YENEIiEAL DISEASES, of every class nnd na ture cured iu the most perfect, speedy, and per manent manner, without the use of mercury in nnv form. SVPIIILIS nnd itn N<ljunrm ; Gonorrhoea and its nccompanving di easis; all disorders of the Bladder. kidneys, ami prostate; Seminal weak ness ; Diseases of the llrart and Lungs : Dyspep si i ; Indigestion ; Impo'eiicy ; Incipient Consump tion, etc. Persons afllirted with fyniptoms nfter having been treated, should, should consult Pit. YOUNG at once, i>" no disease is cured unless the patient feels perfectly well. Il' there is a particle of dis ease left in the system, it will lireak out nt some future time whan least expected, or lie handed down to an innocent offspring. Persons who have been treated with mercury should be very cautious in believing that they are well, for it is n scicn titic fact that the mercury will mingle with the venereal and form a di-easc a great ileal worse than the original. All those who have reason to think, by bail feelings, that they have been treated thus, : lion Id consult Dr. Young, anil he will ex amine their eases and tell them at once how they stand. Consultation Free. (•fall the above enumerated diseases—terrible in their array, ami fearful as they are in their re sults—the one standing pre-eminent amongst them for severity and destructive effects, is that most terrible of all diseases, SEMINAL WEAKNESS, or Spermatorrhoea. Those who have become the victims of solitary vice, that dreadful, fascinating and destructive habit, which fills thousands of sick rooms with paralytics and consumptives, and hundreds of un timely graves with its misguided victims, should consult, without a num.cut's delay, one who will sympathize with their sufferings, and cure them for a moderate compensation. DR. J. YOl'Xti would especially address himself to such, giving to each and all assurauee of a perfect and PER.MAXEXT CI'RE. The YOI'XO MAX who experiences that growing weakness in his muscular and mental organization should stop to consider whence it arises. lie will find in the weakness of the back, tremb ling of the limbs, disordered digestion, unaccount able failing of the powers of the mind, distaste for society, dread of impending trouble, forebodings of evil, slcejilessne-s, troubled and lascivious drcntns, accompanied by nocturnal emissions, (•rowing deafness, lossof muscular power, and nu merous other symptoms of disorganization, the positive traces of that most terrible and destruct ive of all diseases, SEMIXAL WKAKXESS— wasting away liis powers, destroying his hope ot life and manhood, and dragging him nlong the broken path of his existence towards a premature and loathsome grave. THE INTERMEDI ATE step* between the com mencement of this disease and its culmination in that only rest to the uuciired victim—death—may be enumerated. LOSS OF MI.'SCI'LAR POWER, INSANITY, IMI'OTEXCY. To him who finds his life dribbling out In the discharges of the vital principle of existence in .Noc turnal and Diurnal Emissions, the mere cessation of the causes of its appearance brings no assurance of relief. MARRIAGE, that holy office, ihc safeguard and hope of manhood, brings to such an one 110 hope of cure, but adds to his misery in the knowledge that the one who looks to him for so much of her happiness, is a victim of his evil, and an innocent companion of his punishment, lie adds to his misery and disorder until hope leaves him. THERE IS XO CI'RE EXCEPT IX PROPER and skillful treatment. Consult, then, nt once, a Physician whom long practice and careful research has made thoroughly conversant with every phase of the disease. AM. THOSE WHO AUK MARRIED, OR CON TEMPLATE MARRIAGE, who experience any of the numerous symptoms pronouncing the presence of Seminal Weakness, should nt onee place them selves in communication with I)It. J. 0. YOUNG, «1», (' ommereiiil street, opposite U. S. Branch Mint, either by letter or personal interview, who assures them of a perfect anil PERMANENT CUKE without danger of exposure or hindrance from business, it being impossible for a man's most in timate companion to discover for what lie is being treated. TO THOSE IN THE INTERIOR OF THE STATE, Who are suffering under any form of Private Disease, whether contracted from impure connec tions or induced by other causes, DR. YOUNG would directly address himself, informing them that they can be cured without the necessity of » journey to this city. DISEASE OF THE HEART, LUNGS AND LIVEIt.—Dr. Young would call the attention of invalids to his course of practice in the above com plaints. Throwing aside as worse than useless, as highly injurious, all forms of mercury, the Doc tor relics entirely upon the VEGETABLE PRAC TICE. Thousands of testimonials are in his hand* indi cating the astonishing success he has met with in the treatment of all diseases of the Heart, Lungs, and liver, on a purely Vegetable basis. The treat ment calls for no confinement to the house, ab sence from business, nor change in diet. The same success lias marked his treatment of all Diseases of the III.OOD and SKIN*. Invalids should address at once (CONSULTA TION FREE.) DR. J. C. YOUNG. CIS, Commer cial Street, (opposite the Mint,) San Francisco, California. IMPORTANT Tt» FEMALES. Wbrn a fruialr it in trouhlr or afflictnl withdU r:iT. iin 1 rrqnirr* or turcica! a«*i»tanrr, thr inquiry should I*. Wbrrr i» tbrrr ■ physician «ho i< fully romp' trnt to admitiii>trr rrlirf—oar whc-r lnowlrd»rr of thr frmalr »y»lrm i« prrfrrt. «ho thoroughly uiidrr-un<l« thr application of mrdirinr to >li«rt>r. wbow fnratiir attainment* in nirfry luvr nmlr him prr-rnrnrnt in lata pro fc -«ion and who»r rr' Mandinp in nocirty lwomiiirii4> bim to thr lontidrmr of tbr rnmtnu nitv'* Ink-' th<»r and many morr qnrrtijna. ran l.r MtiftfarlorilT thr afllirtrd »huuld pm*e Srforr ron'tilting UV onr. I'l! J C Vol Nti. uniirr>taadinK ho* imprr ■tivrlf nrrr«Mrr thr»r rrquirrmrnt* ut, frrli railed upon tn intrrpo*r, and by railing thr attri tion of thr tifHi' lrd to thr fart that hr ha< lirrn • PRuFKSSOR OF OK.VTKTRH'S AM» FEMALK l»ISK \SKS for twrnty yrtirn. and i« fnlly qualified to admini-trr in all ra«r«. l>oth wrdirally and «nr girallr, not in a »uprrfirial mi»nnrr. hut in a> thor >u(th a mmnrr at irar* of ftudy and practicr— both in ho.'piuU and privatr fa mi lira—ran make to sivr thrtn from thr hands of thr> unqualifird. imirruj.ulou* *!>•! tirfigninf. Therefore, fcmilie* jgn Jrancm mftaat t»» rely upon kia u upoa a fcto. m lion can tod in bin one «kt cm fed n| .|rr. lice with and befriend them in whose secrecy the utmoct confidaaea **n haajjuU Come all ye that am aflicted and in hMtIT?! yon will be relieved and cared. * MT Apartments arivately arraagad, aa aata preclude the pouibUitj of expoaare, nad afc>! those who * i«h a home all the ndvnatana if"II stant attention and unremitting prirata nMaadl ance. ■^■a* TO LAilll -pvESIROrS OF THE ADVICE OP A JJ cian upon disrate* peculiar t* their H t should nelect one whoee repntatioa fcr natM and skill warrant* hint in the auarmaca etna* anteeicg to tbem not only relief hat patfcet caiv I>R. J. C. YOUNG lla* been for a eerie* of yeara a profeaaar af tW Disorder* of Females, and the aneceaa attendant upon hi* treatment ha* lmia« so well kaawnaa to elicit universal approbation. Ladies who bare taken advantage of hia *itl enjoy PERFECT IMMIMTY fioma rcttraat their former sufferings. (uT'l*ommuiiu'ati»ns (by letter or peraoaal terview) perfectly confidential. AMPLE OFFICE ACCOMMODATIONS mi.j pnlimli anainit tie rkamtt «/ metlmf Mktr lim I'At atlfmd>int phi/tician. APAltl MKNT fitted np with every ueeeaaaW appliance for ladies about to be confined. teTCnXSILTATIOX (BY LETTEE OB OTH-- F.KVVI.SK) FKKE. " THE CELEHKATED FEMALE REMEDIES, compounded from tbe private prescription*of DR. Vtll'.NG, have now obtained a most extended MI ularity, and are correctly viewed to be the safe*) and surest remedies for the complaint* for which they are applied. The constantly accruing testimonials of their efficacy declare them to be pre-eaiatatly saperior in their action. No Lady should be without these Renovating Agents. None genuine unless procured at this office. Sent by Mail or Express, to anv part of the State TDK CURAT FKMALE MEDICINE I PRE. VENTIVE POWDERS FOR MARRIED LADIEB. New, Safe and Infallible. The properties of this very Celebrated Medicine are the most extraordinary kiud, preventing con ception, without curtailing matrimonial privilege* in the least. Most convenient for use, with full directionl. Those already pregnant are cautioned against using them. Price $lO. FRENCH LUNAR, OR FRENCH MONTHLY PILLS. After fifty years of use tbese celebrated pills, stand unrivaled in efficacy. Guaranteed to remove all obstruction! to which, as a sex, females are liable. No possible injury can arise from their in, Price §5 a box. TO CORRESPONDENTS. Patients residing in any part of the State, how* ever distant, who may desire the opinion and med ical advice of Dr. Young on their respective caiei, and who think proper to submit • written state ment of such in preference to holding* personal interview are respectfully assured that their com munications will be held most sacred. Dr. Yonng takes this opportunity of observing that allltUirt are only opened and and replied to by himself, and as promptly as possible. If the ease be fully and candidly described, per sonal communication wil! be superseded, as in ructions fo diet, regimeu, aud the general treat ment of the case itself, (including the remedies) will be forwarded without delay, and in »ncb a manner as to convey no idea of the purport of tha lettei or parcel so transmitted. The Doctor would take this occasion to assnre those desirous of medical relief, that he has no connection with any other office. lie is to be found only at NO. 61ft COMMERCIAL STREET, Opposite the U. S. Branch Mint, San Francisco, Where all letters must l>e addressed. CONSULTATION FREE. SEEDS! SEED! FARMERS, GARDENERS and OTHERS Wk offer the most extensive assortment of Fresk Eield, Garden, Pauit, and Klower Seed* on the Pacific Const, from the best growers in the Uniteu States and Europe; comprising in part— l. r >,ooo lbs. Alfalfa Clover Sted, pure growth, 1861. 2.000 lbs. Red Clover Seed. 1,000 lbs. White Dutch Clover. 2,000 lbs. Timothy Crass Seed. 1,000 lbs. Hungarian Grass Seed. 1,000 lbs. Millet Seed. 1,000 lbs. Lucerne Clover Seed. f»0 bush. Ked Top Crass Seed. 7*> bush. Kentucky Blue Gran Seed. 2o bush, Rye Crass Seed. 2o bush. Mixed Lnwn Grass Seed. 15 bush. Sanpraip Clover Seed. 10 bush. Sweet Vernal Grass Seed. 10 bush. Crested Dogtail Crass Seed. 10 bush. California I'rairie Clover. 500 lbs. Sugar Beet Seed. 500 lbs. Large Ited Mangle Wurtiel Beet. 300 lbs. Long Blood Beet. 200 lbs. Turnip Blood Beet. 500 lbs. Ruta Bnga Turnip Seed. 200 lbs. Early White Dutch Turnip Seed. 200 lbs. Red Top Turnip Seed. 200 lbs. Long Orange Carrot. 100 lbs. White Belgian Carrot. 400 lbs. Assorted Onion Seed. 1,000 lbs. TOP ONIOXS. Together with all the varieties required Horticultural Implements, Hedge Shear*, Prunin Shears, Spring Hedge Shear*, Pruning and Bin- ding Knifes, Saws, etc., etc. Boxes of 100 papers assorted seeds pit up •*" pressly for dealer*. A liberal diicout will b* made to the trade. We have a very fine auortment of Dutch Bnlbois Flowering Roots, which we can pack to go Mcu* for any distance. Catalogues sent on application. All orders addressed to J. P. SWEENY k CO., 406 Cal., San FrancUco, Will meet with prompt attention. Feb. 1, 1802. IJ:mS A l> HALLIDIK..... T« waT* sisfTisiirßu¥ijiu AND MANCFACTUKKM OF Wire *u«pcn*ioa bridge* of u/ipu ud (•(*' Ity mdrd, and mttrritl furaiihed. _ t _ Having Iwtn ronntantly wpfrf ia ikt of Wire fiuipraiion Hriil|ti mad several if»" pa*!. wt ara fall* pnnitd W ** *** work iwtialactorily aad to liI'AIAKTT TttMA vncr. I'artie* who are aboat erertiaf bridge* will •* il prr«tlv to Ueir advantage I* give »» aeallb* fore dtriiliaf to build aiaiw HnctllM " ~J rerrat flood* IkmfkMt lb* Bt*K taw F'"' them to be wbollr uaoafraad lartlitUt. iff mf mmr riff MMfiwMM mn aM ai Mm Ikrom/ktml l Ar AM*. W *•» *f wtmk aa» bttn m tkt !r—t afrrttd if tkt aba. WIRE KOPK, far anaia* or Imrj pm paaaa maaafariured. of aay length aad aaaa m*i*i*. briai tktmfrr aad trtnr tbaa bcaip Scale* of weight aad MMftk, with priaa* **• acted, farai»brd. oa apflitatia* la tha urn. Send far a Gircalar. A 8. HALLIDIK * CO., 411 Clay «fwt Saa Fnadaa*- Jaaaary 11, Ml. Ist JOB WORK—Poalar*, Bill*, ftniW. * J 4om oa ibort noliec si tfc# y Washington stakpabd

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