Newspaper of The Washington Standard, August 27, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated August 27, 1864 Page 3
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Almt doio ikey wen ' [ % tiie appMrwce rf the aatay adTancMg .i c „ ,be railroad from Petersburg is liacrf TWy p nrwi lob. A. P. Hill'a corps .hich had been feeM l> iwnrf for the lad , % Our troops met it gaOaally. drir- ! '■\g the relx-W back ia fcninii with j, e *vy I** After aa kow'a hard fighting !fe , T 'trll back some diatanc*, keeping ap the t5.-c all the afrrnoon. Tha CdaoHnit is •evrrlv woiuidnl. tfcr mthmi vas a c ap'.ftc to tbe eoemy. Oni a of the track was lorn ap. Tha troop* brlJ the potition at dark to aigkt. To-ntor r « they will completely destroy lbs tics aad V U, uul' M the rebels coma ia too great a , . rf i >ar loss is about 800. ALWAYS AT A PKEIIII. To this " fifih quarter of the Globe" as an 1 Irish writer has called it, lbs mother country *,nds m my thing* its people do not want, and the consequences too frequently are an nver-t f ked market and a depressed trade. K:nm this vategory we beg. however, lo ex clude tw,» articles— the two celebrated rem edies of l'rofeMor Hollovay. Throughout Au«r.ils«is ihey are at a premium. The |MI» and Ointment are considered the most portable commodities that can be taken to the d ggings. "* their efficacy in the diseases common in the gold region is well known to c,rv n'i?«ot-liunter aad they are therefore «ig , r!v bought up at any price by those toilers aft.-r the "mammonof unrighteousness." Fcr bilious f.v.-rs, and all disorders of the liver and low. 1« which prevail on the auriferous soils i f the interior, the Pills appear to be a posi tive immediate and invariable cure. We have seen returned gold hunters from the " dig gings" and their repo.ts on this head arc uni- K>rm. Nor is the testimony less conclusive in relation to the Ointment as a means of reliev ing rheumatism and neuralgia and healing the wounds, aborsions, contusions, &c., inci dent to a hard life in the wilderness. In short every one in " the bush" looks upon llol loway's two preparations as a sufficient med icine chest for nil the disorders of his outer and inner man. He knows, for he has wintered with them and summered with them beyond the settlement*, that they ore his surest reliance in sickness at nil sensous and under all circum stances. Almost every digger has some anec dote to relate of the cures they have perform ed. Limbs saved from mortification, ulcers preserved from gangrene, contracted joints re laxed, liver disease arrested, dysentery and diarra\i cured—these arc their trophies. Ih fact they arc among the good things of which we cannot have too much, and although the imports nt present arc so large as almost to be incredible, still the demand keeps in advance of the supply. Furnished with these reme dies the digger and the settler have little need of medical advice, for it seems beyond question that their curative effects cover the whole cir cle of diseases and a large portion of the chap ter of accidents. Of what uso is success to the digger, if, when fortune is achieved, lie die beside his hoard, and how many lives that were sacrificed in early days of the gold dis coveries, might have been saved by these ines timable preparations. In California we un derstand they are considered an indispensable item, and a most important one, of every mi ner's outfit, and we can only say, with a knowledge of what they have been accomp lishing throughout the world for the past twenty years, that to be without them is al most to be without the " htaff of life." IIOIUI-WAV'S PILXS AND OIMTMEXT.— ScaiJatina—Whooping-Cough.—These dis eases of early life are now causing fearful havoc amongst children. If Ilolloway's Oint ment he well rubbed upon the throat nnd du st, in such cases, the symptoms will be moderated, nnd danger averted. Any intel ligent person enn effectually apply this sooth ing hnd cleansing remedy. A little attention tn the directions enveloping each pot and box of Ilolloway's medicaments, will enable any one to prevent the disastrous consequences daily resulting from neglecting infantile dis orders till it is toe late, and the little sufferer refuses food and sinks. Holloway's Ointment and Pills should have a prominent place in ev ery nursery nnd on every toilet table. All that is healthy they preserve, all that is hurt ful they sweep away. 5 telegraph' will be completed to •Skookumchuck to-day, and will probably be finished to thia place by next Saturday. [y Gon. McDowell arrived at Victoria by the Sierra Nevada. CP* We are indebted to Capl. Finch for tlio usual favors. SCID gkducrtis^mcnte-^his NOTICE. ALL persons are cautioned against trusting my wife, Nelly A. Troop, as she has left my bed una board, without cause or provocation, and I will not be responsible for any debts of her con tracting. L. A. TROOP. Dated at Seabeck, W. T., Aug. 15,1864. 42-4t United States Excise Tax. Collection District of Washington Territory, comprising the Territory of Washington and Idaho. . NOTICE is hereby given that the lilt J of valu ation* and enumeration* of property subject to ui under the " Act to drovide internal revenue to mpport the Oorernawat and to pny intere;t oa the public debt," approved inly let, 1862, and tnr 'mroilatorr acu thereto, nude and taken by •he trrrral Assistant tuntori of said Collection IH'irict, will remain opea for the examination of »'! interested. for the (pace of Cfleea day* '"i the 37th day of Aagnst, 1864, at my oSee in the city of Olympia, between the hours of 9 o'clock » * (ad Sp. a. And immediately aftet the ex rTion of the (aid ifteea day*, on the 12th and Itth dirt of September, I will receive and deter •alee «II appeals relative to erroneous or escoaeive rslaations or consecrations, take* by the Mid Aa •i'lwt Aimnr. All app»mlt to the Assessor as aforassid. must nilf is writing, aad specify the nnrticnlnr •*a#e. metier. or thing, respecting which a decis is it aad state the ground* or peine i o* laequalitv or error complained of JOHX G. SPARKS, r. S. Aseeosor Dist. of W. T. Dcrfd st 01 ■ mpia, W. T., t Itth day ef Aug.. IM4. / «2:wt HT Tbr Soaitie Goastte, Lewistoo (I. T.) Gai ' Ar» Pe*»dr TV it ■■ r, «ad PnhaftN Stmtn. m ~* •>>' please copy two insertions aad forward coasts to tin* oSce for adjustment aad pay- JOHN O. SPARKS, Assessor W. T. Ttunwr or Wumam,» Caaatj.ef CWk, aa. \ U tha DUtrtct Coart of <h« 24 Jadicial Diatrict. Octaher Term, IM4. To Caaeuva Out: Too are hereby aotiied that Joseph Dray haa KM a rn*apl«iat afaiaal yoa ia said coart. which will cow* oo to he hoard at the oeit term of tha coart to ho held Taa»nn oa the third Xoada; of Urtoher. IK4. aa>d aaleaa yea appear at Mad tera aad aarwer. the uac will he tahea aa eaa- Seated aad the grayer thereof fraated. The ab ject aad prayer of aaid ronplaiat it to dtaolre the hoad* of aatriaoay eiistiag hetwoea coaplaiaaat aad Caroliae Urar. I.F.ASDER HOLMES. flf.'l Attorney. Coaplaiat 61ed Aaf. 3d IM4. 41 ml on THI WI Un TNI ÜBS NEWELL'S PUUBONABY STB UP HAS CURED THOUSANDS, AND IT WILL €1 RE YOU ! " A Congh i( generally the effect of a Coid, which ha* either beea improperly treated or ea tirely neglected. When it prove* obstinate there if Alwaji reaaoa «• Dear the roue- qaeirei, a* this ihow« a weak state of the lnhgs. and is of ten tbe forerunner of Consumption.'— Oueki ia«a'« IHwutttr .Vrdiai.r. There i> no remedy forCaaffhS, Cold* and ConNUmptloa equal to NoweU's PULMONARY SYRUP! RKDINOTON * CO .Sole Agent*. 416 and 41N Front Btreet, Kan FrancUco. For sale by all respectable Druggnts. AufMiat 23,18C4. 41:1y-is Stop that Coughing! SOME of you can't, ond we pity yon. Ton hare tried every remedy but the ONE destined by its intrinsic merit, to supercede all similar prepara tions. It is not surpi ising you should be reluc tant to try something else after the many experi ments you have made of trashy compounds foisted on the public as a certain cure ; but NEWELL'S PULMONARY SYRUP is really the very best remedy ever compounded for the cure of Coughs, ('olds, Sore Throat, Asth ma, Whooping Cough, Bronchitis and Consump tion. Thousands of people in California and Ore gon have been already benefitted by the surpris ing curative powers of NEWELL'S PULMONARY SYRUP, And with one accord give it their unqualified ap probation. We now nddress ourselves to all who arc unacquainted with this, the greatest Panacea of the age, for the benling of all diseases of the Throat and Lungs, assuring you that NEWELL'S PULMONARY SYRUP Has cured thousands, and it will cure you if you if you try it. This invaluable medicine is pleasant to the taste ; soothing, healing and strengthening in Its effects ; entirely free from all poisonous or dele terious drugs, and perfectly harmless under all circumstances. Certificates from many prominent citizens of San Francisco accompanying every bottle of NEWELL'S I'ILHOYARY SYRUP REDINGTON & CO., Agents, San Francisco, And for sale everywhere. Au<*. 23, 1864. 41:ly-ls Uoticcs. BEBr&GTOH & GO/S ESSENCE OF JAMAICA GINGER. This valuable preparation containing in a highly con centrated form all the properties of the Jamaica Ginger, has become one of the most popular domestic remedies, for all'diseases of the stomach and digestive organs. .As a tonic it will be found invaluable to all persons recovering from debility, whether produced by fever or otherwise, for whilst it imparts to the system alt the glow and vigor that can be produced by wine or brandy, it is entirely free from the reactionary effects that follow the use of spirits of any kind. It is also an excellent remedy for females who suffer from difficult inenstruation, giving almost immediate relief to the spasms that so frequently accompany that perlofl. • It gives immediate relief to nausea, caused by riding in a railroad ear, or by sea sickness or other eauses. It is also valuable as an external application for gout, rheumatism, neuralgia, etc. Ask for Redington ft Co.'s Essence of Jamaica Gin ger. as none other is pure and tellable. . REDINGTON ft CO., Proprietors,. 418 and 418 Front street, San Francisco. August 19, 1864. ly Coughs and Colds. The sudden changes of our climate are sources of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic Affections, Ex perience having proved that simple remedies often act speedily when taken in the early stages of the disease, recourse should at once be had to " Brown's Bronchial Troches," or Losenges, let the Cold, Cough; or Irrita tion of the Throat be ever so slight, aa by this precau tino a more serious attack may be effectually warded off. Public Speakers and Singers will find them effec tual for clearing and strengthening the voice. Soldiers should have them, as they can be carried in the pocket and taken as occasion requires. Sold by all Medic Uie Dealers, Principal Office, 48 Dey Street, NEW YORK. Pales OWLT M EKTT M Boms. SratsoriaLn, LLL„ June 7,1859. REDINGTON ft Co., Agents for California. Notice of Bkeriri Vale. BY virtue of a decree in foreclosure, and order of tale issued by the Clerk of the W. T. Dis trict Court 3d Judicial District, holding terms at Port Townsend. and to me directed, 1 have lev ! ed upon, seized, aad taken into execution, and will proceed to sell nccording to law, at the court house door ia the town of Port Townsend, Jeffer son county, W. T., oa Tnesday, the siilh day of September, A. D. I*« 4. bet-ecu the hours of » o'- clock a. a. and tr.l.nt said day, the following dearribed premise* in said county, or so much thereof as will aatiaty a judgment rendered in aaio conn agaiast Joha Harris aad in favor of William H. Taw, for the sam of three hundred fortr-ftve 3d-100 delisrs debt and one hundred sixty4o-l©o dollar*, costs aad allowances, making in nil the ma of fvn hundred aad four dollar* aad seventy eight cents,aad the nccruing costs of sale; to-wit: All that certaia piece or parcel cflnod known aad described as the John Harris donntion claim, tit- Mated on Poet Townsend Bay, Jafcrsoa county, W. T., and adjoining the claim of L. P. HoV, said dnaatins claim iadadiag oae hundred nsd sixty acrus. aad more particularly described in aotiiaa tion aad proof (daced on We in the Rcguters OSes, Olympia, WTt7, May 30th. 1«». [JTrrIJ SharHfnf Jaihruoa county, W. T. OLYMPIA DRUG STORK. C. O. TURNER, CHEMIST. DBVOOrSTAXD A+oraVAKT * • GO. T. eat> ram iku oypartaattv u tkwi . tkc ft'fl' Oltapt u4 lfc» r» MK patnllr. lor tktif »m liberal ptUMtp hither to titniM u> hia. hereby Hyußllly *olsc iU a roaliHun ol the uar He inM alee state that thM hit old stack 'for ■erlt on hand' haj beea completely <!i>poaed of aad thai hi* (tttoite itw k rf— urn, mm AM bow Dt hand, and to which he it constantly addiag fresh sopplie*. <aa he relied apoa at being frttk and fmrt, of Engluh. French and Amerlcaa manufacture. Oar relation! with hou«e» in California afford u» facilities for haying un«urj»a»*ed by any other hoate oauide of Man Francuco Oar stock of— PATENT MEDICINES, Canaot be eicelled ia variety.aad consist ia part of Avers , Towa»end i, OnysoUS. Bristol a, Graßenburg'f, Hall*. Sands, Crane k Prigham's, Ayera' Cherry Eipectoranf, Vrr*i fuge, Hall's Balaam for the Lungs, Gargling Oil, Hamburg Tea, Brown's Bronchial Troches, Soothing Syrap, Flea Powder, Mustang Liniment, Ilembold's Pain Killer, Osgood"* Collagogue, Avers' Ague Core, Clove Aaodvne, SeidleU Pow dcrs, Watt's Ncrv ous Antidote, Wood's and Fish'* Hair Restorative, British and Harlem Oil, Marshall'* Uterine Catholiron, Jayne'* Car minative Balaam, Hostrtter'* Roback'a and Richardson's Bitters; Jayne'*, Aver*, Oraetfenhurg, Brandreth's Wright's, Mott's itcLA X ETS UOF t'ATT' S A-V O L EE'S Oraffenhurg Children'* Panacea, Hyatt'* I.ife Balaam, Hol!awa)'« Ointment and Fill*, Kadnrav'* llrady Relief, llunheweir* Cough Remedy, Baker'* Fain Fanacea, Cod Liver Oil, Bachelder'* Hair Dye, Balm of a Thousand Flowers, White and Brown Glbr, Bay Rum, Salt Fetre, Shellac, Burnett'* Cocoalne, lleeiwaz, Honey, Oreen Mountain Ointment, Russia Salve, CHIE. 111 AID ALU! By the Gallon, Can or Case. Madder. Logwood, Ann X o ' u* I Cochineal and otner Dye-stuffs. Sloitn's Condition Powders, Opedeldoc, Sulphur, Salts, Blue Stone, Olive Oil, Strychnine, lodine Pottas aium, Schuville'a Blood and Liver Syrup, Calcined and Carbonate Magnesia, Pearl Barley, Arrowroot, Concentrated Pot ash, Wistar's Balsam of Wild CIIF.HUY. AOIDS. Sulphuric Acid, Mnrintic Acid, Nitric " Acetic " Phosphoric " Citric " Tartaric Acid. Downer's Oenuine Coal Oil, Wholesale and Retail. yp- For the benefit of tho sick and convales cent we have on hand a superior article of— BRANDY, PORT SHERRY WINES. Sago, Tapiaeo, Farina, Pearl Barley, Coop ers lain glass. #QT" A full assortment of cooking extracts — Summer Saroiy, Street Majorum, Sane, Uops, se., Brown's Essence of Valerian, Wistar's Balsam Wild Cherry, Catarrh and Macoloy Snuff. The above enumeration comprises but a small por tion of the goods now on hand and for sale at the LOWEST CASH PRICES. Our assortment of Toilet Articles is unexcelled, comprising, Florida Water, Bay Bum, Cologne, Scented Soaps, Pomades, Hair Oils, Tooth Brushes, Kair Brushes, Combs, Lubin Extracts. Nail Brushes, &e., Ike. Our stock of Chemicals is most complete, and we are prepared to fill orders from Merchants or Physi cians on the most liberal terms. N. B. PRESCRIPTIONS carefully put up at all hours day and night. O. O. TURNER. Store one door North of Pacific Restaurant. Olyropia, W. T., June 4, 1864. 32:tf ARMY NOTICE. SEALED proposals, in duplicate, will be received by me, at this office, until 12 o'clock M., the 24th day of August, 18(54, for the following, viz : 60 tons of good, well-cured timothy hay, loose and in bales; 0 tons of good clean oat straw, loose and in bales) 63,000 [founds of the best quality of oats, in bulk and in sacks, and 100 cords of hard Oak Wood. Hay, Straw, Oats and Wood to be delivered by the 15th of October, 1864. Bid* for marsh bay will be considered. Proposals should be endorsed, Proposals for Hay, or Proposals for Straw, as the case may be, accompanied by the written guarantee of two good, responsible persons, as sureties for their faithful performance of the contract. The undersigned reserves the right to reject any or all bids, should the interests of the United States renure it. P. K. TOOHILL, 2d Lieut. Ist W. T. Inf. Vols. Acting Assistant Q. M. Office, \ Fort Steilacoom, July lltb, 1864. J Parties entering for any and all of the above contracts, most first submit unequivocal evidence of their loyalty to the United States Government, otherwise their propositions will not be entertained. P. E. T., 2d Lieut. Ist W. T. Inf., A. A. Q. 9. July 16th, 1864. 36:td D. PHILLIPS. O. A. BARNES D. Phillips Co., (Smecettort to D. Phillip if Son.) DIALKKS » DBY GOODS. GROCERIES, BOOTS SHOES. HATS. CAPS. AND CLOTHING. OlympiOir" X. jln. I8«3. »:t^* TSI sin or cturonit. Corner ef Wsrhiagtoa aad Battery Streets, SAX FRANCISCO. fata Baak ia open for the trnnsnction of n Gen eral Ranking Bosioess. til 1 receive depoait, at tend to the Collection of Paper, aad draw Ex change by TELEGRAPH or otherwise, on New York, London, Dublin, he., It., on the moat fa- D. 0. MILLS, WM. C. RALSTON, Preaidaat. Cashier. Ban Prnaeiaoo, July S, IH4. rf nl rpHE MftftMnkiy is th* Bartiag luitoi £ ktnufan tmtiif Wivm lyx Erlly. of tb* City rf N«w Tart. aa4 Jw;i> A. OeeeAw. Vb. C Ralstoa. aad Ralphs. Fmi.rfsu Fra»- bb4m iW km uw of ErCESE EkLLT k CO V«i. u4 ImiWHoE. RALSToN' k CO . S*« Frtaruro. will (tin oa tb* In! fey at Jaly. I«H. Ei{m Krlh u4 J»-rph A D—oha* ■itMravitf fro* the rop*nn«-r«k,p Tb» bmwM sill kf HliM ta Sra V»H W Furrnc Kellv. aa4 1a >*a Fraacisr* br V«C Ralstoa u4 II g. Frrtz Krjwilwn an n<)>f*it4 ta hud -a (W.r for rt'.ilrant at tfce baskiag kouM of IKiukiX Ralfjoa k Co. EXGENE EELLT, [Per J A. 1' aobo# At'orner.] JOSEPH A INJNOHOE, U * C. RALSTON, R B.TRETZ Pan Fraac tsro. Jaac 43, TnE TOEKSIGXED. CALLING ATTENTION loth* above card, pit aoticr that « ni after the tm day of J air wit, they will caMiaae the bavnfu of the above ropartarrship without at the old !)ii>lkia| LMie of Doa ibw, Rtlrtu I Co., ia thi* city, aadcr the ina aatue of FRETZ k HALSTON, aad ia New York thrrugh the ag-a.-y of Messrs. LEES k WALLER. No. .13 Piae Street i aad th.t oa aad af>T the sth day o' July Brit, they, together with D. O. Mill*. J B. Thomas. Loaii M ■ Line, Asa T. Uwltn, Wm. E. Barron. Thomas Bell. Jno. O. Earl, Wm. Noris, J. Whitney, jr., O. F. (iilhn, A. J Pope, llenuaa MichrU, F. .-drich Billing*, George 11. Howard, H. F. Tcsehemaihrr, A. Haywood, Mom Ellin, A. B. Mct'reary, R. M. J. s»up, Satnu.l Knight, A. C. Ilrnry, J. C. Wilmerding and Wm. Altoid of San Francisco, and Jacob Horn, of Portland, iOregon, hav ing become fir that purpose duly incorporated under the laws of thia State, will carry on the buaineaa of banking in all of iti Tarioua branches at the tame place and through the same agency, and upon the basis of a Gold and Stiver Currency, under the name of THE BAVK OF CALIFORNIA. D. O. MILLS and WM. C. RALSTON will he charged with the management of the hti«ines* of the Corporation. WM. C. RALSTON, R. S. FRETZ. San Francisco, June 1.3, 18G4. A CARD FOR THE Ml m ffiTEII (LOTHINC TRADE Of San Francisco. BADGER & LINDENBERGER, Koi. 411,413 and 415 Buttery Street, cor- ner Merchant, San Francisco. Importers and Wholesale Dealers ENTIRE NEW AN I) FIIESH STOCK I WE would call the attention of COUNTRY MERCHANTS to our usually large stock of goods. Our stock comprises every article in the Clothing and Furnishing line. We have con stantly on h:<nd the largest stock and greatest va riety of Cassimere and Wool HATS of any house in San Francisco, and our prices for these Goods are less than those of any house, as we receive them direct from the manufacturer's consignment. Our stock of Fall and Winter Goods is partic ularly attractivs, and tiie great feature to the country merchant is the unusually low prices— Less than the Cost of Importation! We also keep the STAPLE ARTICLES in the Dry Goods line, which Goods we have purchased in this market under the hammer, and are offer ing thcra at New York Cost, and less. We publish this card in order that we may make new acquaintances, and induce thoso who have not heretofore purchased of us, to call and ex amine our stock. Good Articles and Low Prices I Are the great inducements toall who purchase to scli again. Merchants who buy of us, can make a good profit, and sell to their customers at a low figure. Wo remain, respectfully, Your Obedient Servants, BADGER k LINDKNBKRGER, Wholesale Clothing and Hat Warehouse, Nos. 411, 413 and 415 Battery street. San Francisco, Maroh 14,18G4. n2l-3m. BOOT AND SHOE SHOP. THE undersigned has just received ft edll lnrge anil good assortment of the best vll riiiiNCll CALF and KIP that has ever" been exhibited in Olympia, suitable for making from the finest to the heaviest dress boot. lie has also on hand a large supply of home tanned— Kip, Oow-Hlde, GRAINED LEATHER, CASH PRICES: Best Fine French Calf, sewed...< j.;sl2 00 • > •< " pegged 10 00 Rest French Kip, pegged .....$& to $lO 00 Fine Call, light or heavy, home tanned, 8 00 Good Coarse, or Kip 1 00 SHOES ix rnoroßTioN. taf All work warranted, as it is done by my self. All are invited to call and examine my stock. *»* Shop oil Stain street, opposite G. G. Tur ner's Drug-store. CHARLES V OOD. p. S.—All persons indebted to me are request ed to call nnd settle their accounts. ggjT Greenbacks taken at 65 cents. Olympia, July 2, 1864. 34:tf TERRITORY or WASHINGTON, 1 County of Thurston. / In the District Conrt of the 2d Judicial District W. T., holding terms at Olvmpia. To J. W. ANDERSON : Vou are hereby notified that T. Carter has filed a complaint against you in said court, which will come on to be heard at the first term of the court, which shall commence more than two months after the 23d July, A. D. 1864, and unless yon appear at Said term and an swer, the same will be taken a* confessed and the prayer thereof granted. The object and prayer of said complaint is to reeoTer from you the sum of five hundred dollars, the amount of a certain promissory note executed by you on the 23d day of May, A.D. 1860, to Fred. A. Clarke,and by iiid Clarke endorsed and delivered over to plaintiff, with in terest thereon at legal rate from the said 23d May, A. o. 1860, principal and interest, now amounting to the samof seven hundred and eight 32-100 dol lars, with accruing interest and costs of suit. HENRY M. MoGILL. Att'y for PI V. Complaint filed, July 23d, 18C4. 3T:wB For Brut. A LABOR and commodious Hotel, situated in A the ple*»ante»t part of the town of Seattle. The Hotel numbets 23 rooms, and is in good condi tion and repair. Enquire of J. J- MOSS, A«g. «. 18*4. [3»:m2] Seattle. W. T. Oo«l OH AMD COAL OIL LAM Pt, THIRTHRR with all kind* of Burning and Machinery Oils, for sale at greatly tedaeed rate*. Alao F«»R HRATI.NO BOOMS. Ar Coring, aarf/er Hftw* f~-* 'r— rca sin mt w« si STANFORD BROTHERS California street?, near Frtm*, San f»a :.•• AND niXK SHI.V. SCOTILL'S BLOOD AND LIVER STRUP! r»« tbi eras or Scrm/m/aml. gyUite. mad Merrwrtml /)u mm. OW Am, Sba AMM. aai mil arfirr durmw* ttktrk mrt catueJ If mm impmrt ttmtr mf tkt m 1 * A WONDEWTL Cra* or SCBOFCIOCS WHITE iwnuN! Bead (he dalcamrt mf Marlla ItkMM, Jr. T ¥ IS bu oar of the wor.t cases «rtr rrrcrd | | »«i ! lie aow enjoys Roai'ST littira ! This curt hat rioted hit fticaJf, Brighton acd bhTßtriaas, and ertsfotse of the Medical Faculty, ilne of tha Professor*. [l»r. K. ». >1 ewtos ] «bo was railed lo tre him aa a iirpoi. rot to pr»- ►cribe. *n so forriblr iatprrssrd with the Re nuri.hle Cnr»tire Properties of thii MMiriw. 1 that he has adopted it into hit private practice, aa veil as at the* and Ilusririi! CiicuiATt. Ohio, Feb. 16. Mniri. A. L. Scovill 4 Co.: —I will with pfi! ;>lti.<arr g'.ta my testimony *« to ahat yoor BARSAP.MMLLA and STILLIXGIA, or Blood *nd Liver Syrap. ha< done for inc. Some ihre» and % half yeirs since. I was atu«.ked with a ScrvfuUuM Wktlt StrtlhHf. which wan atteaJed by the most eicn ciating pains ! I tried various remedies, and had two of the best physicians iu the city—one ol them a Professor in an old School Medical Col lege—and they Fuittd to girt w ony Rtltef. I was so reduced tuat I was conhncd to my bed for over three months. Ih >d more tuab a dozki BtxxißO CLCER* on my leg*. Iroia whirh I took from time to time, more than one hundred pieces of bone. My friend* had given up all Hupti ol my Recorery! I was in ihis condition when I commenced the it«e of your |)1<OOD A% D LIVER KVRI P. I have altogether some two dozen bottles of it. I am now able to attend lo my business, and my logs t-ave become so strong tlmt I walk without any difficulty— ana havt tntirtly rtcoiercd w.y health. Yours trulv, MARTIN BOBBINS, Jr. Residence on KiglitU street, between Mound ana John, No. 321: or at place of business, with Brown & Villctto. No. 4, enst Fourth street. VE TIIIXK THERE IS KO Medicine so cfllcalous In re moving liu or* from th 2 blood as SCOVILL'S BLOOD andLIVERSTRCP. Itlsrec ommended by Physicians In all parts or the country (tor the cure of Scrofula, &c. Pimples or sores indicate that the system Is out of or> der. Unless something Is done to cleanse the blood of these Impurities, the result may be In a more serious disease, such as Scrofula, Syphilitic, &c. Those who wish to And a most effica cious Remedy, and yet have no confidence In Patent Med icines generally will never regret It trial of Scovlll's Blood and Liver Syrup. REOIKUTOIV Si CO., Sole Agents far California, 416 and 418 Front Street, San Francisco, v3:n4G:ly There is no other way to cure dis eases but by first purifying the whole System so as to create a healthy circulation. The lirst mcdicul men of the age agree with us, that no disoa sot any extent can be cured with jt using such medicines ns will a . directly upon tho blood. Why m .y medical men have failed to cure nronic dis eases is, because the m< icincs have not been such as will a' beneficially on the blood. The many thousands of bottles which have been used by the public, and the many gallons and barrels supplied to the physicians warrant us in saying that the last two years wc have been more successful with our SCOVILL'S BLOOD AND LIVEIt SYRUP IN CURING HOPELESS CASES OK CHFIONIC DISEASES than have any other reme dies in the hands of physicians, orbe fore the public. It is now admitted that no other combination known to the profession, acts so promptly upon diseases as our ScoviU's Blood and Liver Syruo. For sale everywhere, and by RkD INGTON & CO., 41C and 418 Front street, San Francisco. WatoHes, OIOOISJS, JEWELRY, Ac. JULIEN CUYOT, bLYUPIA, IK. T. for sale a fine assortment of— GOLD and SILVER WATCHES, CLOCKS, <s^ JEWELRY, fVA SPECTACLES, THIMBLES, PENCIL CASES, EAR and FINGER RINGS, BREAST PINS, LOCKETS, OOLD CHAINS, KEYS, SEALS, Together with all articles usually kept for sale by Watchmakers and Jewelers. N. B.—Mr. On rot. thankful for the patronage extended to him during the past fonr rears, would respectfully solicit v continuance of the same. MTWatcUs. Clocks and Jewelry repaired in the best manner by himself, and warranted for one year. fBT Packs?" forwarded by express or stage will receive c«r* and prompt attention. Olympia, March Ist, 1864. 17:lf HENRY M. M'CILL, [LATB BECBRTABY OF TUB TEBBITOBT ] kttora^Tw > fisi urn — \ r f'— - r rr J. —AXD— Commission of Deeds for Oregon and Washington WILL derate special attention to the prepata UM •• tbc accessary paper* te accmpaay tins under the act of March 2d. IMI, for Ike rmeut of the war debt, and to basinees baforj C. S. Land Oifti. fries—On Main St Olympia, W. T. (41] JOB Posters, Bills. Pragrammss, etc done on short oouce at the ofice of Iks TTASWTXC.TOK STANDARD Til nil >T nil rill II mpmi Mifi, <rA!D rr is golo com 8-a.000.000. WITH THE PRIVILEGE or UCUISUW TO SS.OOO.OCH>! mooiaioldorg. •u miilwii D. O. MILLS. A. J. n»PT WM c. UUTOS. HKRNAA MICHF.LS, B. ». FEETZ. FREDERICS BIUJXOS i J. b u. obobob h. howabw, LOt'ls McLAM!. n rrTESriU.MACaUI ABA T. LA WTO t. A. HAT WARD, WM. E. BARROS. MOSls ELLIS. TH<*v BELL. A. B. MiCREABT. jonx o EARL R v. JEssrr. WM. XOBBIS. SAXrEL BXIGHT, J. WHITNET. JL. A. C. IIEXBT. O. F. GIFTIX, J. C. WILMLRDIXO, WM. ALVORD. PORTLIfD, ORECOV JACOB EAMM. B. O. MILIJ - rrriUkßt. WM. i. BAUTOI laskter. Coa«r»r*.M>r*Ts t* NI*VvU—L~E."? k WAL LER. Xe. 33 Piue Stre:t. i» Lv»*ao(.—BAXl OF LON DON". rpilE CXDERSIOXED GIVE NOTICE THAT I the ibott corporation bt been orptiiwd for tSc purp rw of carrying • 11 tsf TJmkin* iai Eirhian bovine**, in »11 it. Hrinrh»«. in «Hi* ritt nid vithtw inlmufnftliUStitf. tH* n*ic!ib«'inii( and Ter ritories, and with M-iiro : ilw with the Atlantic cities, Europe, China, and the L«»t Indies; for which they arc prnridrd with ample faeulitie*. and in comforniitjr with the article* it. nuKciilioa will commence opera tion* on the jth ilaj of July next, at the hanking hmue now occupied lit 11-mohoe. Ralston A Co., cor ner of Wathingt in an} Mattery Street*. With the view of iri> ing to the bminrti of the cor poration all the efficiency and prompitude of a private banking firm, together with that confidential * "elusion of private business matter* so generally desired, the immediate management of it* affair* ii committed delusively to 1). O. Mil'* and Win, C. Italcton, at President and Cashier respectively, to whom, or either of them, the customer* of the lUnk will apply on all business matters. The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees will take place monthly. The undernigncd deem it advisable to call particular attention to the following peculiarities of the organiza tion, which are positively binding oh nil its members: Fuwt.— Sales of its Capital Stock can be ejected only after due appraismcnt bv Stockholders selected for that special purpose; and the Trustees of the Cor poration nnve, in all cases, the right to become pur chasers of the stock appraised at the nppruisment, for the benefit of the remaining Stockholders. This re striction is printed upon each Certificate of Stoek. SKCOXD. —Loans cannot be made to stockholders, except upon collaterals other than their Shares in thrf Capital Stock of this Bank. TBTJSTEES. D. O. MILLS, J. B. TIIOMAS, LOUIS McLAXE, THOMAS BELL, WM. NORKIS, A. J. POPE, JOHX. O. EARL. O. F. GIFFIN* HERMAN MICHELS, JAMES WHITNEY, Ji 1 / W. C. RALSTON; San Francisco, June 18,1804. IlrowiiS Broclilal Troches. I ha >e never changer! my mind respecting them from the fin!, except to think yet better of that which I be gan thinking well of. Rev. HENRY WARD BEECHER. The Troches are a staffcflife to me. Prof. EOWAUD XonTB. Pres. Hamilton College, Cliuton, N. Y. For throat troubles they are a specific. N. P. WILLIS: Too favorably Known to need commendation. Hau. CHAS. A. PHELPS, Pros. Mass. Senate. Contain no opiitm nor anything injurious. Or. A. A. HAYES, Chemist, Boston. An elegant combination for cough*. Dr. G. F. BIOELOW. Boston. I recommend their use to Public Speakers. Rer. H. H. CHAPIX, Most salutary relief in Bronchitis. Rev. S. SuiuVftiKDj Morristown, Ohio; Very beneficial when suffering from colds. llev. S. P. ANDEBSOH, St. LouTs. Alntst instant relief in the distressing labor « breathing peculiar to Asthma. Rev. A. C. EUOLESTOX, New York. They have suited my case exactly, relieving my throat to that I could ting with ease. T. IHCHARME, Chorister French Parish rfctiroh. Montreal. As there ars imitations, be sure to obtain thef genuine. REDINGTON « CO., 416 ami 418 Front Street, San Francisco, Agents. BROWN'S > A NEOLEC+ED COVOH, COLD* A* IRRITATED OK SOUK TIIROAT if aN VSAVPCTT A r lowod to progress results in serioc* JlKUAtillaij Pulmonary Bronchial and Asth matic Diseases • oftentimes incura- TROCHES i,le. BROWN'S BRONCHIAL TKO jciiES reach directly the affected parts FOR and give almost immediate relief. 'For BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, CA- C OLGIIS jTARRII, and CONSUMPTIVE Corona the Troches aro useful. PUBLIO AND iSI'EAKEKS and SINGEUS should Ihave the Troches to clear and C3OI J J"JS jstrcngthcn the voice. MILITARY OFFICERS and SOLDIERS who overtax the voice, and are ixpostfd to suiHen changes should use them. OB* AIN only the genuine. " Brown's Bronchial Troches" having prortd their efficacy by a test of many years, are highly recommended and prescribed by Physicians and Surgeons in the Army, and have received testimo nials from many emiuent men. Sold hy all Druggists and Dealers in Medicine tn the United States andmost Foreign coun' rica at 25 ets., per box. Agents for California; REDIXOTON & Co., San Francisco. THRITORT or WABHINOO.N, L County of Island. / To DAKISLB. HANCOCK;. You are hereby noti fied that Sarah A. Hancock has filed a complaint against-yon in the District Court of the U. S. 3d Judicial District W. T., holding terms, at Port Townsend, which will come on to be heard at the first term of said court, which shall commence more than four after the first publication of this notice, and unless you appear at said term and * answer, the plaintiff will apply to the court for the roliof therein demanded. The object and prayer of said complaint is to ob tain a decree of divorce from the bonds of matri mony Existing between the complainant and your self, and also a decree for the custod/ of the chil dren of the marriage< Complaint filed July 16 th, 16C4. Date of notice July 23d, 1804. B. F. DENXISOX, [37w:4l Att'y for Plaintiff. . T. A. HOG AN* TOX SS l ' GRATEFUL for past favor*, he beg* tear* to inform the public that he is prepared to con tinue bia business of Shaving and Hair Drawing athis well known stand, corner Second and Mai* Streets, one door below Percival's. J G. SFAfiKS, ~ OLYHPIA, W. T. OFFICE on Fifth Street, between Xaia and Washington. F*r Victoria mmd Hayr Fwrtail ■tr. "Anderaon," tf. b Fisee. mastek, T EAVES Olywpia for Tietofia aad tntemedi- Xj ale porta every Monday Morning. Snperior bcili tira far carry lag cattle. Olympia. Jane 18, IXH. SypriES sf the Keriaad HtsUM ot K'SIIM. 1 tM Territory for mH by GEO. A. lAtXKS.

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