Newspaper of The Washington Standard, September 17, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated September 17, 1864 Page 1
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tiashiugfon mm SjatJtoi vS-- 7 J VOL IV. <Thf (Kilrihinaton Standard. i« :•% it* rtrtf •%?! rdh Hottun it joii killer mum 1. Hilitor ami I'roprielor. • • • *ab%<rly»tl«n Rales: IBBUfB *VI %.t J ®) c«pir« 2£c IM iRIiBLT IV ll>l\lVC£. tdirrlUla: Rain: rtnr iqiiirf, one in*eT*i>in .$1 M Ktck nUiltMiil icvrtiMi I <W Hotmm ruds prr qa tilfr 5 00 TT A liW*! d-Vi ti >n «ill '■* m»d" infaror of those who aJ*erti*e faur »qu4rr«, or upward*, by the year. \f n*i-~. will b? rSirg'd to the attorney or otfieer, authoriiinjtheir insertion. "IT Advertisement* sent fr im a di*tinre. and tran «ie:it notice*, must be accora;i imed by the cash. XT X iti •*« of birlht, marriages ml deaths inierte free *»f charge. XT All communications, whether on business or for a r-ilii- iti m, iii i-t be addressed to the editor ef the \V*«hinotos Stamhud. Blanks, bill-head*, card*, bills of fare, postern, progr amines, circular*, catalogues, pamphlet*, etc., ex ecuted at reasonable rates. OFFICE —In Barne*'* building, corner of Main and First streets, near the steamboat landing. OFFICIAL. LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES.' Passed at the First Session of the Thirty- Eighth Congress. [Public —No. 208.] Ax ACT further to regulate the carriage of passengers in steamships and other ves sels. lie it enacted by the Senate and House of Representative* of the United States of America in Congress assembled , That the term "contiguous territory," in the first section of the act entitled " an act to regu late the carriage of passengers in steamships and other vessels," approved March three, eighteen hundred and tilty-live, shall not be held to extend 10 any port or pi ice connect ed with any inter-oceanic route through Mex ico. Sec. 2. And he it further enacted , Tim tlin provisions of tli.) eleventh section of siii actbc nnil the.samo urn hereby extended t' nil vessels whose passengers, or any put ol them, nrc or shall be bound (rum or to any 01 llw ports or places therein mentioned, bj way of any overland route or routes through Mexico or Central America. Sec. 3. And l>e it further enacted , Tint hereafter there shall be delivered to masters or owners of vess 'ls three copies of the in spectors' ccrtifit at' S directed to be given them by collectors or other chief officers of the customs, by the twenty-fifth section of the act entitled "An net to amend an act enti tled •An act to provide for the better seen rity of the lives of passengers *on bowl ol vessels propelled in whole or in part by steam,'. and for other purposes," approved August thirty, eighteen hundred a:ul fifty two, one of which copies shall bx placed, and at all times kept, by said masters or owners, in some conspicuous place in the vessel, where it will be most likely to be discovered by steer.-ige passengers, and the o'licvs as now provided by law; and the peiwlty for neg lecting or refusing to place or keep up such additional copy shall bo the same as is pro vided by the said twenty fifth section in the other esses therein mentioned. Sec. 4. And be it further enacted , That the list of passengers required to be kept by section thirty-five of the said act of August thirty, eighteen hundred and tiftv-two, sh ill also be open to the insp c'ion of any passen ger during all reasonable hours { and that after nny clearance is granted, but before the vessel shall be nllowcd to dep irt, the master or other person in charge of such vessel, car rying passengers, shall file with the collector or other officer of the customs granting the clearance, a list, verified by the oa'h of the master, or other agent, or owner of the vessel, of nil passengers leceived on the vessel so cleared, for conveyance during the proposed voyage, designa'ing cabin and steerage pas sengers distinctly ; and on the receipt by such customs officer on the full list so verified a departure permit shall be given, without whicli no vessel conveying passengers shsll go to sea ; and sucli departure permit shall be shown to the pil >t <>f each vessel before he shall have authority to take the vessel to sea ; and anv pilot who shall without such authori ty being shown to him pilot a vessel to sea shall be subject to a fine of one hundred dol lars, and a revoc-ition of bis license. Sec. 5. .4ml he it further enacted. That the mister or coinmvid- r of any vessel carry ing passenpets from any P'»rt or ports in the United States to any port or place in Mexico <W Central America, shall, immediately on arriving at Mich I i*t mentioned |e>rt or |>la re. deliver to the I'ni'cd Sates c »n«ul. vire con aul.or commercial ag-nt at such \x»* two copies of the li«t of pa««eii?*T-» io be kept on such v—n-1 by *aid action thiry of the art of August thirty, Lan Iml an i hf y-!«r«, cm'iaciog all pas a-t>«r-r» on toard the vesvl a' anv rime dunn- Its up to its »a'd arrival, and duly rmSel bv tb* «a'h of such ma-ier ur con B4D irf, an 1 by 'h» ri«|<rrooa '4 ihe WW, vie*- c-msul, "f com »--rciJ»l «-rnt pfTTM>«» t« or at th~ Undin* "f 'h- • na ~ "f «h.-h copies the mi>l roiwl, i n-f-r«ami. or rom<»*rc>«l afent ah«ll 6 e in bt« «ift ». at»d tW other ul « he shall t-anioiit. w th-xr delav. ti the f.*i-ct "t tV po't in the L*a:t«4 St«te« fro - * ■hich tlw *I l«•< eWatr-4 it «nc*! •»%*"«"* or cwwmamlr shall refos*- nr »rg|ect to comply sri tie a'« «f :h» aedinn. or *h»ll kte>w io*'v make a talse rrtara ot the list at pa -en pr», h», with the or e»T»r» : r.f nij vet*l. nhtll I* au'ij 1 1 to a tin - of a 4 le*» thai. ten t!i<>u»in i dollar., and such fin<- fbill be a 1 en upon tin- v *»el until p« J. See. 6. AuJ bf it fnrtkrr t utf ted. That the provitions of Motion tw.he of i lie at entitled "An act to |»r »* id- for the better security of the« o pas*- n; r» o*i b >ard of ves»eU profiled in whole or in pirt by steam.'* ap;iroted July i»evrntli, eij;h'eeii . hundred and thirtycighr, be an I the t> tme ' w hi rebj extended t • the »* in r <T owners •»f any »Vimb «it or otb< r vessel p.opelled in whole or in past by ste-im, ntiil to ;.l| public officers, by or in con»e«jiieiice of whose Iraild, , connivence, misconduct. or violation of I iw, ! th>* life or lire* «>f any p-rson or person* oi board said steamboat or vessel in iy be de. st mved. Str. 7. And be it further enacted , That if the owner or owner.*, m ister, coum-.nder, or oilier person in charge of any t-t* an.b at or other vessel, shall wilfully pre* nt or c luse to he pi evented any f > !«•■ or fr.Aidulent list or lists of its passengers, or copies thereof, to anv consul, vice-consul, commercial agent, collector, or other custom house officer, or of •lie departure permit to any pilo', he or they shall be held guil'y of misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof sh ill be imprisoned for a term not exceeding two years ; imd the ves sel shall be liable to seizure and foifei'ure. Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of the Treasury shall cause to he pieparcd a synopsis of such of the laws relating to the carriage of passengers, mid their safety on vessels propell d in whole or 'in part by steam, as he shall think expedient and have the same printed in convenient form to be framed under glass, and give to any such vessel two copies, on application of its owner or m ister, who shall, without un necessary delay, have the same framed under glass, and place and keep them in conspic uous pi ices in such vessel, in the snine man ner as is provided by liw in regaid to certi ficates of inspectors; and no cle nance shall be issued to such vessel until the collector or other cliict of the customs shall have been complud with by f ueli owners or mas'er ; and in case such owners or master shall neglect or refuse to comply with 1 1 he J provisions of this section, he or they shall furthermore forfeit and pay for each offence one hundred dollars, and such line shall be a lien upon the ves sel until paid. Sec. 9. And be it further enacted , That informers shall bn entitled to one-half of any penalty or tine collected under this act or the said act of .March thiid, eighteen hundred and forty-five, | eighteen hundred and fifty five,] upon their information. See. 10. And be it further enacted , That nil steamers and other vessels belonging to a citizen or to citizens of the United States, and bound from any port in the I'nitcd States lo any other port therein, or to any foreign pint, or from any foreign pirt to any p<>rt in the United States, shall, belo.c receive on board all such bullion, coin, I'ni el States notes and bonds and other securities as the Government of th" United Stf.tes or any de pigment thereof, or any minister, consul, vice-cousiil, or coaimerc'al agent ot the United S:a cs abroad shall offer, and shall sccir ly cmvey and pionptly d.liver the same to the proper authori its or consignees on arriving as the port of destination, and shall receive for sueli service such reasonable compensation as may b.- all twed to o'hercar riers in the ordinary trans etions of business. AriMioVKb, July 4, 18G4. [Pi blic —No. 207.) Ax ACT for the relief of B"amen and others, not officers, hern on the books of vcs.-i ls wrecked or last in the naval servic ■, lie it. enacted )HJ ihe Senate an I IT>ME of Represent ativc* of the Unitcl States of America in Congress A**emhfel, That, trie proper accounting officers of tlie Treas ury be mid they nr* h< r bv nutlioi izeil. under ilie direction of th<> Secretary of the Navy, in settling the account* of seamen nnrl others, not officers, born on the hooks of any vessel in the navy, which shall have b-i n wrecked. or which have been unheard from so 1 >ng that her wreck miy he presumed, or which shall have liet n destroyed or los\"with the rdls and papers necessary to a regular and exact sct'leinent of such accounts, to fix a dav when such wreck, destruction, or 1 >ss sh.dl Le deemel and taken to hare orenm-d. APPROVED, June 30, 18G4. jPIBLIC—Xo. l r »7.] An ait in r« la*i >n to ili»* v'll ige of Deposit, D liwa'C ro'inty, XVw York. Rf it cnttrtfil /' y thr Sfßiit? oiftl 11 of Itrpmrmtutim of the I mitril Stilt'* \M America IH CoHgrns iinrinhlrd, th- villa** of Drpnait. * lii li •* sin i'r l parti »• in ih" ro in'jr of n»id par ljr in the ro'intj of Ilromic. in 'lie Stav . f Sew York, fchall. for all ill.-purp sc* <•! «!••• p w'al li»« a«nl rrpt.l ttiotia «>f tin* 1 iii'-d S i'n. anl til** |i*Mirtti>« «f lb* l»w« »( tlie I'ni'rd S ate*, a-id n»t'ic.-« and «.t'n-r pibl c i ?»•** in of »"fli l»««. b-- <1 n vitbio tlir cu'ti''v I) 11» ate *l-<rr a*J. Armuvcu. Ju'ie 30. 'Pi aiir—Xo I S# J A* acT rel»i.t»n -o'be r<.»pen-at«* .-f pro M'hi »ff- n B* it A* tie aw I //»•>' •f nr%t*ftm t>f fi» I'mfrl S'ntrw '■ C*»serm mn-mtJeJ. 'l"1 at l^fr »hiU be pawl o*er and «Im» con prnotiot allied l>» la*. rr " r [«ixi<m i|rat 4»W'ie: 6f y n-an-l d-Jtir* aiul'*. »«o* «***"(t fir " '"•n dred ddi«r» pet aan im for cW ka" Lue. rwt of a»»d «<R« eiftaM; and to OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON TERRITORY, SATURDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 17, 1864. • vrrv r.p. nf d'-b ui'n; "i:e litmdr-d ih' •iullar- - n'maUy. not eXCC'-din seveng liun lr,d Mfid titty d |» r annum ; and for every fill v thousand do lars additional, not exceeding t«o It ti tul ed and lil'iy ilo l.fK per at.num. for lh« parpo-c« al'Tesiid: I'ritridrd, That in no c»-e shall the amount of compensation to anv •nc agent exec. d the sum of four thou »an 1 doll A'-a*. Approved June 30, 1804. [Piß —No. 100] Ax ACT nntl.o' izing the i»-ne of patents for locations m ide with reitificatm granted under the act <>f Coiipre-s approved .March 8 -vi iiteen h. eighteen hund ed and sixty two, all iwinj: ll<ik'D in sa'slicitn of laud'! sold hv ih«- United S a'es witliiri the limita •if the I,as (ir.nigas, and Li Nana grant! 1 , in f/iuiriana. lie it enacted hi/ tl!<• Semite and of Representatives of the United State* of America in Cong/at assembled, 'l'll it in the ease of'ill location* made with Certifi cates issued timler the act ot Congress »p proved seventeen'h March. eighteen hund e<l anil sixty-two, "authorizing Hint* to issue in satisfaction of claims .' gainst the United States for lands sold I «y them within the Las Orinigas and La Nana grants, in the Stale of Louisiana," it shall and may he 1 iwful fur the Commissioner of the (jeneral Land Ollice to cause patents to i*sue for such locations, where the same may lie found bona tida and satisfaetoty to the said commissioner. . Approved, June .'JO, 1801. [ —Xo. 121.| AN ACT concerning lands in the Stale of ('alif irnia He it enacted by the Senate and House of llepresentatiits of the United States of America in Congee** assembled. That lind r the patent of the United States, issued on tin* 2s li d iv of February, 18151, to Joseph S. Alemanv. ns the bishop of Monterey, and his successors, fur the tract of laud or rancho know us Canada de los Pino*, or College Kancho, situate in the county of San'rf Har barn. State of C diforuia, ns described in such pa*i n\ to have and to hold the same to him and them '• in trust for the religious par poses and uses" therein mentioned, it shall be lawful for the said Joseph S. Alemanv and his successors, ns the grantees ot' said patent, to sell the said tract or rancho or any part thereof, and all proper conveyances in that behalf to make and deliver, and the pro ceeds thereof to nppl v, under the direction of the Homan C itlmlic archbishop of San Fran cisco, in the State of Calif ania, and his suc cessors in office, or other proper authority of the Roman Catholic church in said Stat*, for tlic purposes of education any where within siid Slate, not inconsistent with the laws thereof, nnv thing in such patent or iu the orig'n d gran'or coiiC' ssion of said tract or r.Miclio, or otlii r tit'e wherebv the same was acquired front and under the an'horitiy of Spain < r M xieo, tr, the contfarv notwi h stauiling. and all trusts, conditions, provis ions. or rovi nmts, precedent or subsequent, expressed or implied in said patent, grant, co iccs-i"!), or title to,the contrary hereof, and a'l I reaches of the same, nrc hereby wholly waived, ab-ogited, discharged, ilis p. n-ed with, and r> 1 ased on the part of the United States, for the ptuposcs of ibis net; ami any conveyance or disposition made in pursuance thereof shall operate to pass all the riyjlit of the United States in said lands to the gr n'ee . Appioved, June 20, 18(11. [ —No. 200 | AN ACT t» pay in part f<>r publ'shing the «LE ■ li.-itcs of Cunjrrcss, niul for other purp 's>'s. Ttr >f enacted fn/ the Smith' and /foiise of Rrpmrntiitircx of the United Shift's of' America in Cowfrrtn axwiiib/ed, That ' thu Secretary ot tliu Snn'ite and the Clerk of Iti.prPi*entiitiva* 'be mid they arc hereby rlirccti'il t'i purchnse fr >m the publishers of tlio Congressional fJ 1 die nml Appendix, for each Sena'or, Kenresmtntive, and Delegate ! in tin* pre«i-iit nml each sueceding Congress, whoh'snot heretofore reei ived the same. on« I compile set of the Congressional Globe nnd ' Apnendix. I Sc. 2. And fie if further enacted , That ! there shall be pa : d to the publishers of the I'.>ngr.-ssion d Globe and Appendix by the ScT 'tnrv of tin- Si nat" and the Clerk of the I! iii«e of Representatives, out of th" con tingent fund" of tin* two House*. nccordiiiß to \ the numl»r of copies of the Congressional I Globe nn 1 Appendix taken l>y each, one pent fur pv.-ry five pases exceeding three thousind pare*-for a long session, or fifteen hundred H.I2PS for a short se«-iiin. includinz flip imh-xs •ud >h<* liw* of the I'liitid Sta'es f r this H.ith future C'o-'pr* s®. Sec. .1. A»■/ '■* it f»rth*r rnnetrd. That the sum of ninrtv-cisht thousand lire hnn lred nnd frtrtv foir do'l rs lw and the aatne is h'-rehy apfop* : at -1, out of anv m»ner in the T rca >ury otheiwi««* "ptir.ipriatcd. for the p-rp^se-b> r ; n Himei to-the preaent C >n rr.-«; and tliit thirty tli msaod four hun- I'r.-d and t'rntr f -nr dollars «<f th»* same 1« di-tmr*--! b* 'he Seer»-tarT <•( th» Ssna*>-. a->d the IIr»o»e of Rrji-r-wa'ativea. Sf t Amd !x it fm*tker emirtrd, TTilt all acts »»-d p-»rt« nf art inrnn-is'rtit be»»- ri-h It •»! the »a-n»- are her. b» r.-p»-aU-d: Pmr Jed. Kt.wrrer, Tha' the t!*»ve |»rori«- »k»"« or-* ma np-.n ib» niw" omdi'iin that 'K- T msr he iKmpat'-d I T either Con g-r.«. o- th« |.nMi«h»-r« <4 the C.ap>»ii»i| litohr an I »pre n In at any um» aH«r g"mg t«a T>t!l' no if» I * tbe p«lpOt» t Appr«»ed. Jn'y f, [l*l ILK' S.K 164.] A* A<"T ant! ot <B' S'ltfin >4 ;H«- Nary t'» appo.nt a re:nuur»M!i«-r to a«l.-et a ait<* ft* a nn y va«d •« naval tutii.a cu tie *aM« awl ft* o'b«-r p«ip< a.-*. ttr it rnartrd kg tie Smatt <J lUmwt of R'/tr' n .ilahert ttf tin Stmt** nf Amerira • « Ct—prru atmmb'rj. Thai tl»<* Bffr>-tary of tbe Xavjr br, and Lc kvrelij is, autho'iß -d and rm|mwiTil t> appoint a c >m<Hiiwi<Mi cm- aiinjr ol one uaval officer, one tifKci-r o» tbe ea£ine«r c*>rj.». and O»M» civilian. In ael< c» «b>- mo t approved ute f.«r a IMVV Y»i<i <>r naval on •!<« Mi-t-ir aipjii riv«-r <>r up >n «•«».• »f iu liilxiinrim, mj to fHp»rt to lU ■«•»» of C'>ugre»a. Approved. June 30, 18(34. |Prm.ic —X o. 177.| A\ ai tf >r ilie d sjHJH dof cal lands and of ti.wu pmp 'itv in ihe public domain. lie it nuicttd by the Senate amd I louts of llr/'ifrHhltlir* of the i'liited Staffs of A Ulrica «« Cotgrru atirmMcd, Thai wh>*i« any tiact* •ml.r icinp coal bt d- or cool fi, MM, constituting poitions of lite public do main, Mud which. as " mines,'* are excluded fiom tU>' pre-emption act of eighteen hun dred Hud forty-one, and which under part legislation nrc not lialilc to ordinary private entry, •'it shall unit may be lawful for the IVsid-nt to cause such tracts, in suitable legal subdivisions, to bit oAercd at public s ilc to tin* highest bidder, after public notice of nut.less tlinn three mouths, at a minimum piice of twenty doll irs'per acre; mid any lands not thus disposed of shall thereafter be liable to entry at said minimum. Sec. And be it further enacted. That in any ciso in which parties have already founded, or may hereafter desire to found, a city or town on the public lands, it slnll and may be lawful fur them to cause to b> filed with the recorder for tlu» county in which the same is situated, a plat thereof, for not ex ceeding six linndrcd and forty 'acres, describ ing its exterior boundaries according to the lines of the public surveys where such sur veys have been executed; also giving the name of such city or town, and exhibiting the streets, squares, blocks,lots, and alleys, tin size of the same, with mca*uriuents and area of each municipal subdivision, tlm l<<ts in which shall not exceed four thousand two hundred stjuare feet, with a statement of the extent and general character of the improve ments ; the said map and statement to be verified under oath l.v the party acting for» and iti behalf of the persons proposing to establish such city or town; and within one month a'ter such filing there shall be trans milted to the General Land Office a verified transcript of such map and statement, accom panied by the testimony of two witnesses that such city or town has been established in go nl faith. ami when the premises are with in the limits of an organized land dis'rict, a similar map and statement shall be filed with Ihe register and receiver, and at any time after the filing of such map, statement, and testimony in the Gcmral hand Otlice. it shall and mav lie lawful for the l'reaid nt to cause the lots embraced within the limits of such eit v or town to lie offered at public sale to the highest bidder, subject to a minimum of ten dollais for each lot; and such lots as may not be disposed of at public sale, shall there after be liable to private entry at said mini mum, or at such reasonable increase or dimi nution thereafter as the Secretary of the In terior may order from time to time, after at least three months' notice, in view of the in crease or decrease in the value of the muni cipal property: Provided, That any actual settler upon any one lot, as aforesaid, and upon any additional lot in which he may have substantial improvements, shall be entitled to prove up and purchase the same as a pre emption, at said minimum, at any time before the day fixed for the public sale. Sec. 3. And be it further enacted. That when such cities or towns arc established upon unsnrveyed lands, it shall and may be lawful, after the extension thereto of the pub lic surveys, to adjust the extension limits of the premises according to those lines, where it can Im dme without interference with rights which may bet vested by sale; and patents for all lots so disposed of at public or piiv itc sale shall issue as in ordinary cases. Sec. 4. And be it further enacted. That if within twelve months from the establish ment of a city or town, as aforesaid, in the public domain, the parties interested shall re fuse or fail to file in the General IJ md Office a transcript map with the statement anil testi mony called for by the provisions of the sec ond mction of this ac\ it shall and may be lawful for the Sccr tary of the Interior to cause a surrey on 1 to bo made of such cit* or town, and thereafter the 1 >t* in the name »h ill be d -;> -sod of as required by ««id provisions. with this eic.p'ion, that they shall each I* at an of fifty p»T r, ntum on the »f trifaiJ minimum often dol lar* |x-r I-l. See. .1. Ami I" >t futlrr rmartrd. That rffnt *ha'l be ri*en to tbe lor.-roins act. Ac cording to »ach r> •» ®V ** F re " wii p>l by the *wr t»'7 the Interior. Thr art bil" An act t »r the r»-licf > i the town* uf n thclmd*of the I nit'-d S-*te«. ni A'-t rrf a ii tr com»t»n«'-»."»ppr , «*d MIT anno I'omm ri»bt-fti bun Ift-1 »n<l and all ( tU*i ai •an I p*it« <>f ac'» mr a-ittmt with ibis ac', I* and tb<- »are hereby trj«W- Aj'proud, Jul; I. INS 4. I't eu< —No. IT I ] A* *ri to aud facilit te ■ St/'-i-'i p»J* ) The Position of tfce W-r. r A Correspondent <>( llif B >»ton Jtmrnml prr •ont» tLf following »i»* of our military ntua [ ton : 111# cpbw of IMO, nith emigration anH tli«> auiiual iniTMii' of birth*, pivcs us a p-pu ' laiori of 37,000.000 i'i th- Summer of IN>I. 1 Of tlii» |iopuUti->ii 4.000.00H of «bites and 3,IWU,(HM of JUM riirt in ili<* rtlxl dis ' tricia, and 30.(XK).O0o uf fic - nun are to found ■ in the loyal iii»Tit ft. The eon'e>i if. now Iv -1 lw**n fortes stand Hp in the ratio of 4 to 30, 'witli 3 ready t»fcij tin- iurrn*»lnl partv. " ! lu comparing nmre tloM-ly the irlative a'u ul tlif lau diatrii-lt.. *r find ilmt o:ie- I li.ilt of the whit -a are males, one-half of the mali-s iri' under IG. and nf the resi due. fiora old age, youth, physical infirmity IT sickness. unfit for service. This State ling never been able to biing uiore than 10 p.r cent, of the people into the militia, and if wc allow 12 per cent, for the capacity of the rob • 1 district*, it is a lilirr il allowance. In the Southern distrieta which arc siid to be loyal or have been HUIMIUIMI, such as Missouri, Ken tucky,'l cnncssee, Maryland and portions of other Stntea, tliere in a white population of 4.000.000, and it is n fair presumption that four per cent, of flic population, or one-third of the fighting men of these legions, have joined the lebel armies. Wo cannot allow more, as the rebel conscription has operated but little if any on those districts. The war has been in progress for three years, and an allowance of 30,000 a year for the excess of young men growing up over men becoming superannuated or dying by ordinary disease, is a very liberal allowance. Further, by the best infoimation in our possession, the rebels liavo lost in the last three years, down to the 6th of May last, by deaths in the field, camps and hospitals, by wounds and captures —and most of this is conceded—l2o,ooo a year, or 3fi0.000 men. During the present campaign, since May Ist, Leo is understood to have men; and Johnston, Magruder, Forrest and others, at Last 30,000 more. The following gives the result: Rebel force at the outset, twelve per c-'iit. of 4,000,000 whites, 180.000; four per cent, of 4,000,000 whites in South ern Uistiicts loyal, 100,000; young men growing up in three years in excess of deaths, 00,000. Whole number of men aide lo fight from the start, 730.000. llebel losses in three years lo May Ist, lost in the field and by sickness at 120,000 a year, 300,000; r<'b el losses, Fast and West, in the present cam paign, 100,000; owners of plantations, arti ficers, drivers, refuges and men who will not or caun->t light, at least 75,000; remainder in the field or hospital, 19/5,000. Total, 730,000. We thus have remaining as tlm whole rebel force, either in the field or fit for service, and lobe relied upon, 195.000; from these we may deduct at le ist five per cent, or 10,000 for Ihe sick in hospital. And we have figlit ingtnen, 185,000. Of these there are west of the Mississippi, at least 25,000; with John ston, 45,000; with Forrest and others, 10,- 000 ; at Mobile and in the Carolina*, 20.000; with Lee and on raids into Maryland, 85,000. To crush these we have at least 500,000 men, and if we deduct for furloughs and hos pitals ten per cent., we have 450,000 men in the field, and of these we have in front of both Lee and Johnston at least twice the force opposing tlitin, at least 300,000, the residue holding the Mississippi, the coast of Carolina, and the communications and depots iu the rear of our main armies. If our Government will but keep tin so ar mies up to their present strength, nnd keep down, as they can, the price of gold, the re sult is certain. For the last two months we have disposed of our foes at the rate of nearly 50,000 per month. Should we continue to move with the same degree of dispatch, the present campaign of 1801, at its close, would leave few foes in urins or able to renew the contest. THE KISSING MARKET. —At North Berkct, Mass.. n few weeks ago, theic was a " Urab- Bag" party, nnd the money raised was to be applied towards paying a debt of a religious society. One of the ways adopted, at that party, to rni«e money, was, quite a number ot young ladies olVeie.l themselves to be kisS d by the gentlemen upon the payment of a cer tain sum, (ten cent* was the more common price;) bur there was as much unsteadiness in the kiting market then, as there is in the gold market now. The highest pi ice paid for a ki>s was fifty cents; but the brisk competi tion among th« ladies to see who t-liould get the most kisses, brought the price down to five cent*. That Grab Party *a* attended by the ministers and deacons, the aged, the middle ag. d and the young ; no object ion was made to s.-lling kisses f-r cash ; and it was mUtcrof thanksgiving from the pulpit that tlie . Sorts of the society to raise money to pay it* debt hid be en tucce*s!ul. — Cor. Spriny* firld fy " Sir." Mid Dr. l'arr t" » fhnllow Irivf. »bo tauntii.g'y a»k>-d Li:n why lie iliil Hid write a lo»L. " 1 kno* * m. tli"d by which I u iicht mm * iit«* a vw) 1 rj:c on»-.' -Ay ,«W<or. bow K> !** - Wby. «r. by put ting in all that 1 know, and all !b*t you don t k*M>w." .. Th. iv n •«." rrir.l a little firi whiU ' rvmrnaf in; a drawrr in a bureau ** 'h-rc t>"W. pr*n"-|.a b»» font to Hrt*vn w.ihout bi* tjw-ctacie*.'* |y VVrnkU« are the rots n.»le by ih« wltt-rb of time jy X »f<-m i« Loae»t which »n 4 Tlb fir ( b*»*b p*rt.^* taf The |*« ist<>a tio/Jru Agr uri (kit l»OT. Caleb Lyon hn arrived at thst place an 1 assumed lit'' Uuti« •of Lia uffic*-. Hitar riul was utail« the occasion of a public rcrtp ti .n, »htn the (lownor ii reported by tb« Apr as having hp-ken as fdlowi : lirmthmm mf' Lsteuton: Acc«*pt mr ror di-il an J earnest thank* for your unexpected and hearty * .-Iconic, I cannot appropriate so tlat'c iirijr a tribute to my«elt, but looji apod this demonstration as on- bes|*eaking truest , loyally to the I'niuu, fidelity to the Constitu tion. and heartfelt sympathy for the (iovini nicut in ita» great ktruggle with those who vainly threaten our existence. la the arduous path that lies before me, I ask 1 the aid, the counsel end the support of the I people of this Territory, pledging myself in an i untiring energy to the furtherance of your best interests, the development of your resour ces, and the faithful administration of youf laws. It is with no ordinary feelings that I contemplate the future of Idaho. Her wealth, embosomed in a thousand hill-side?, waiting the hiind of labor to yield its precious re wards, her rocks mottled with silver and veined with gold, her river bottoms glowing with bounteous harvests of ripened graim Cities have risen with the rapidity of magid upon her soil, the shrill whistle of the steam saw-mill is echoed in her timber ravines, and the lonely trail of the Indian lias become the busj' highway through the rocky canyon nnd bv mountain puss, ot her undaunted pioneers* This is truly the promised land, where the miner, farmer, mechanic nnd merchant, by their irrepres-iMe energy, make success a cer J tainty and failure an exception. The servant of such a people may well feel grateful to that kind Providence who permits him to assist in laying the listing foundation of a mighty commonwealth, and without whose blessing all flesh is grass, and nations bit Again I thank you, praying that God give us a complete triumph to o«r armies, n lasting peace, and unbounded prosperity to Idaho. KICK HIM DOWN. —That's right: keep him down —what right lias a young man to attempt to earn an lioncstliving? Don't givfl liiin jour patronage —don't encourage him, you have gained a competence, therefore " Turn up voiir nose and put on airs, With insolent pride and station," and throw cold water ou the efforts of those who arc vet struggling. If a kiud word—of your patronage—would throw a momentary gleam of satisfaction across the path of the yuuug man—don't give it to him—hut keep him down ! Imperially if lie has the manliuess ever to submit to an old fogy's suggestions, it is nee cssanj to keep him down I If he is engaged in business for himself— look wise—shake your head—prophesy A failure—and ilo your best to kick him down hill.—AV. The above are the secret sentiments of a certain class in every community, who in theii 1 public speeches or private conversation, prate largely about encouraging enterprise and good principles in young men, while in their daily walks of life, they withhold their words of encouragement, and pass them by or what is worse, sneer at their efforts or rob them of their just due. We know many such, some of whom profess more than we. or they< with our impctfections aro able to livo up to. Hut thanks to our maker, lie has so constitu<> ted sonio young men that they won't itaij kicked down, until they are kicked under the soJ. CF" A secesh woirian in Marysville, to spite the Tax Collector, who called on her for ber Federal license, paid him the ten dollars in silver half dollars, as she wanted to make it heavy for him to carry ! fy A good deal of the consolation offered in the world is about as consoling as the as-* suiance of the man to his wife when she fell into tlio river : " You'll find ground at the bottom, my dear." li?" In the current literature of the day* brilliancy is more studied than truth, and an ill opinion of human nature, if epigramatically expressed, always has the merit of passing for profound. ETA c lunscllor. asked by his client what tin jury would bring in, answered, "It any thing is uncertain to God hiinst-lf, it must be w hat Teidiet a petit jury will render. & M'iny calumnies are injuiiocs even af ter they are refuted. Like Spanish Hie*, they stiuj; wheu alive and blister when dead. fp- If you eaunot Inspire a wrinen with love for von, fill her atmv«< the biiin with lore of bcisrlt; all that runs over will be your*. rr Msuv of the Kirci of trotiMi', like tli"sc of t)ie ocean, will, if we wait thrui ialnly, break at our teet and disappear. Why i» S<-miu«-» » iiL hi* »t»l<-n rbroa om« t-r» lik.« pr >cra»iiuati<>(i ? I(- tiic* hi it the tLICt of time. r-r It i» that tLc r otire i bith BROUGHT VAL. <od back from rule was a Uro-tnodve. iW TWif ar- -« t nfictw ia ike I iil!rJ Sutfl UD TIT: itooee. «»♦ ■ OT K-put »ii- nts oitt n gut wishawt n» rtt anvl lost vitLout rtia». ty F.xtrj day of thy life i, a djr «f ,kr Wwarr 7 NO. 45

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