Newspaper of The Washington Standard, November 24, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated November 24, 1866 Page 3
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zjggm* Jfet«s «r»i' -mmw «PM ymmmm iMM►** « 4*V*« *w* l«i i,.—<# * *■»*" %MMfr >**%» «** A *' jt-QT. 4Mfe«K • ***>• * ..- #- Hai> m 4Ko""**m*< :&*" t<» ■•..•"■HI'IWWW «" |3g| -%» ,' .-"•«• » •* &)***»**■>■ 4k ' »«•»*» - *«« fi».imma f/ttfimtf ** *• <•»*- * *•* '*■* IB* Vin nfi ■. .-jfr j#» Mi jMpts 1 %<Mf 4Mb <4l* ■ isB 1 , ' l *' l «•' -4ir SMT jiDW «***» hir»a - «r *» apwrm motc _., v. , ~i 4* \ » tomm i 1H» * 'mPWHtm-' W£ IM» dtHßmtl A |N*» * •r~*t * »w «n*JW <• T*» «• • • 'WK *«r *• ■ -9 «"WI» k»" » %MO. ""** OK * M, f" Mr* ** fc* liwr- t W . X *•- ..» «■ tj~jj ». * utf * - tfc*> f""*- <* •» .» !»«*«* «l I*«*e it - » -i ti*' Ui- < < k4«M« :-»• «j I<* fWltfltff t>#V A|- !Wf<l <hi tW r >»- "Srars L< »• <trt--n)itit<tl &««t I•• rv C biz* tSjcm. TW U*c—; r«-j« «ci » t..j* \!r r*m I v •'«• ii»*nl tb«- alp •*>.l -wu t c«! I'n .ft «H>iitii»-i >o« r t«-n ---tkrrd him l»v ' ■ >v. S«an. Kftnr fi'lortil men who conf» , <«t , il tlicir t riine. were tl.i> nior ninir. at I'pper Marll*>ro, Maryland, tor the murder of Col. William Lvle«, in June la>t. Their ohjeet was plunder, which they secured, having taken about $1,.V.»0 from his secretary. A tilth negro, who had been convicted of an infamijus of fense, was granted a respite, in order to inquire into the truth of assertions of new evidence in his favor. MONTREAL, NOV. 2.—11 0r. 1)' Arev Mctieo made a speech last night before the Caledonia Society, and said if he had the ear of the Irish people lie. would say, consider the prosperous condition ofSeotland,con sider the example of Scotland ; cease to pursue the impossible and imprac ticable ; try by every means to find out something that contains the el ements of success. To the English statesmen we would recommend the familiar American word "reconstruc tion," and a generous policy to w.-'ids Ireland. NEW YORK, NOV. 2. —C01. Rob erts has issued a stirring address to tho Fenian Brotherhood, calling on them to form themselves into mil itary companies at once. Neutrality Jaws, he says, cannot prevent them and British influence will uo longer ho allowed to rule this country to your injury and Ireland's shame. Strange events aro in the future, and you know not how soon you may bo called upon to strike again for Ire land. Let not the occasion or call find you unprepared. He entreats them to work. Instructions requir ng secrecy will bo sent to the differ ent Circles. A letter received here says that two Fenian prisoners, recently in tho bands of the Canadian authorities, escaped, and are now in Roches ter. They state that the American Consul at Toronto expressed a hope that tho Canadiau Goverument would bang them all. Gen. Gleason, in New York, is preparing a claim against the British Government, to be forwarded to Washington, for $60,000 for illegal imprisonment in Ireland. WASHINGTON, NOV. 2.—The mis* eion of P. O. Day, of Buffalo, and J. C. O'Brien, of Rochester, has been successful. They have obtained the return of the arms of the Fenians, ♦hough the influence of the [lon. James A. Humphrey* and F. 11. Gallagher of Buffalo. NEW YORK, NOV. 2.—Tho i tufrriaf t money article nays that yes terday tbe Sub Treasury pa d on t MI million of gold cuapoo*. To-day # I-ay riM-bU. op to BOO*, wrtv aU-ut tUMMMU. imaktx the »«ol tbo* Uw }«td am U s7.4W»,«tb TW, w a a*tr*« wfmmm "tan V «•*> m %riiiii|^ii - * f4fSp. ! ***' ' -"HBytwwWlWW-' '»I 'lp* JMMM- W**)' -*'? '>"ll'Ot 4MV».- iMMte m PNnwv M< •*««* ■ I| "*' «■» -fIHMMMK. £■ %* 4W %Iff MTfi iW 4HMC .■ «« fWibww* p -4k ■ * » " T ■"* •' hvtriiu'.ift 6®?fncf Tm *■' W nrti4ft r , • * I- r I » « 'tr4 A BHTfti ( »* r«4 tiif ( • . .. «f tbr i."" A*- . m «f llir T« • *.>fi el V, Arl »t »r ti . ■ mnt r- *if Tiiur-f n ati 1 I »•* * ♦«*<! * « **•»• .;'•. .* «f flrl 'V \ I' •• . ! *"• feftf t:.- «41<l «»th« *• Jl>t . il it <1 Wh» rv;i4. \ -•i. n «•! tli«* !.r_ r •'Ulnrr will takr |tl.i •* 1m foro t!i»* u» \! anini;«l *!« i ti«»n,\«m nr«' li<*n'l>v cixiiiii.t'i l«(l to i.«#!itv tin* of clortioti in roiinlicii to hold n a sjM' cScction on >'alur<l.iv the '.Nth «!ny of NoVtMn'Mf. A. I*. to I'ltM t II lllCtllb'T of th«» t'o'im il for s:H«l rountic>«. In testimony whereof. I. William Pickkkixg, (iovernor of Washington Territory, [l. s.] hnve hereunto set my ham! aikl eiiused the seal the Territory to he aflixeil nt Olymnia, this -d dav of November, A. I>. 18 JO. WIUJAM PirKKUINU, (Sorernor of Wnahintjton Territory. By the Governor: E I.WOOD EVANS, Secretary. SPECIAL NOTICES. gUj)- Tilt' Htv<t K««ii««iy for I'mliy In*; ll»r Wo Strengthening the Nor* eg. Restoring the Loss Appetite, is FKESE'S HAMBURG TEA. It is the best preservative ugainst almost any sick ness, if used timely. Composed of herbs only, it can be safely given to infants. Full directions in English, French, Spanish and German, with every package. THY IT! For sale at all the whole3ale and retail drug stores and groceries. EM Hi FIIF.SF, Wholesale Druggist, ►Sole Agent, 110 I.'lay street, 30;ly fclan Francisco. N IRRMUi: 4\l» C'KI'IIIAOY, nn Essay of Warning and Instruction for Young Men. AI so, Diseases and Abuses which prostrate the vital powers, with sure means relief. Sent free of charge in .ealed letter envelopes. AddresM DIt.SKIM,IN I'Jl_'(JllTON, Howard Association, Philadelphia, l'c GOOD GRUB AND PLENTY OF IT, AT TUB BENNETT HOUSE, SALEM, OREGON. i.. J. s. ti k\i;v, HA VI NO leased the above iinmcil I o el, id prepared (o accommodate the traveling jtuitlie, mill one Iniiidrctl regular boarders, in us good style as liny IIou«e on the ("oust. He has determined to make the " Bennett" as good ss the best and lirllrr than any public house in Salem. lie w'll soon complete some important improvements, which will add greatly to its appearaneo and a comfort, and intendings to merit and hopes to receive his share of patronage. He lias secured the services of u Charley" (known to be tho best cook In "Salem, and one of the best in the whole country) and other competent persons to manage the culiu ary department, and is resolved to set as good a table as can be found anywhere— not iti clap-trap, pomp and show, flummery and fine furniture, but in an abundant supply of the very best the market afford*. His liar-room will be kept warmed and lighted, nnd well supplied with newspapcri, periodicals and other suitable reading matter, and kept in a manner which will make it an agreeable resort. In shirt heintemla mukingan effort to plea** •11 who step at the Hcuuct llouic. And be mint respectfully re<|Ue.U hi* friend* every whereto the five the old and nrll Lnuaii Hand at i»»«t nn» wore » eft r ■ r.-n, '-lUing ihey ran d<> a. aril el«r«kerr, and pr tni»* if they are not «ell treated prvprrlr rmrr 1 f >r. «»W «r rr«* » ;fj t ir mi i tk* f.mlt of;!»» • ■>. .t mm 4 ■4.1 kaaal>t* I L i*\ > TT R\ET * b —r»— iwj *».-*- ».'•*«» - i l ,i » i*art t-t 4»* «• fc tur «»■•«?.% at {fc, f- , •»« «♦■»*•» ew*—»•- I -J « 1 «*»»» «—».■»■ %«• 7* 1*34 fcF.»T\H: W WE PUSH. MaUk .1 & <«._ •W* *S*i*T * *.«* TUT" w **'•"<—il Iw J#** - * ■UN MMBJ> t-MML, m' .1.. r . #i *v * f 9 TAirm A cc 11 »OCU IMC M T#ff- * »v-l -t r ♦•'tsti* »♦■» , ? ' •1- «||.« o• . •- • FASTEST, CHEAPEST, SAFEST AND BBST. THK I AVOKITI. MKAMI.II "Eliza Anderson,'i E). 11. riiM'li, Muatrr, rKAVKS for \ ICTOIUA and intermediate j points every— MONDAY MORNING, At 7 o'clock A. M., cnirving PASSENC.KRS AND FREIGHT Clioapoi* Than lliey ran lie carried by any otlirr Itoaf. Rrturuing the Anderson will leave Victoria every THURSDAY MORIIIO, At o'clock A. M. The Andkrson has been thoroughly refitted uihl rc|niirci| Cor the winter trade, anil the public mov depend that she will remain pcr lucntly on this route, notwithstanding reports to the contrary circulated by interested pur ties in their own behalf. Olpmpia, September '."2, lrtGG. 47:tf Olympia Market! PHOPRIETORS. WHOLESALE AN!) RETAIL DEALER IV MEATS AND VEGETABLES. STOCK BOUGHT, And 8 111 pped on C-ommlNNlon CUT CIIAR (IRS UK A SON AIJ I. K. Shop 01 Mnln St., biUvn n ThlrtlnntlKouth Olympia, Aug. 3, 18(SG. 39:tf IW GOODS mm MM! LOUIS BKTTMAN, WOCM> respectfully inform his friends and the public in general, that he has lately received a largo and well-selected stock of— DRV CiOODS, CLOTHIKtt, BOOTS AND SHOES, House Furnishing Goodf, w::::::-, lirusrs, Cigars, AND TOBACCO, Which he will sell, as cheap as possible, for Canh or Counlry Produce. Thankful for the patronage he tins re ceived frotu the public in prnrral. lie would be

to lmve :» continuation ot Ihe toine. W Tl"" liigbc»t priie paid lor Mutter. Kjfjf-, Cimkrii, Haron. Ik-er-*kinf aud all kind* of fur* "lißijui, >ej* 15. iac< 4% m 2 Engines, Boilers, Ac rvtrtiTt »«« « —. *«m.n mm • "SrifT 4|kMpMM-. 4M* *|-iiir 11iiI I* ~J~rrJ""7" sfmL-x. 'Wf-- "«MMiMp- MRki orm?««IMWM iuwm ■*•*■ * ■"Him * ''' '*tr «*w whabW* 4HHB <«■»- - Ift mm iMWfi—!■ %• 4* «* fp> 9 •—r maf MM" Hhr"" %»" 4PMMMT ti, ,tan». *"• ~Mk -• * SMS* I'WBWt <>"%••"•" f ■ ft rm % <*% fw* m# ■ 4- ■■ »r« rs -. f* «* • •«rI«C ir—>T 4mml •*r# »• * **» '•'« *C •• * tin •* ♦ Uri ?.*; a uf|» «»« v «Mf i-»«» Ml t%MT t t#Mk Humes' lla?nolla Halfr. A toiI« t delight! Tiie ladies* treasure un.l ii lit* in in it' boon ! The *• sweeten! tiling an«i largest quantity. Menufartured from the rieli Souther.! Magnolia. Csed for bathiugthc fa«e and person, and to render !he skin sof! and fresh, to prevent erupt ions, and to per fume clothing, kc. It overcomes the unpleasant odor of prcspiration. It removes redness, tan, blotches, &c. It cures nervous headache and allays in lamina tion. It cools, softens, and adds delicacy to the skin. It yields a subdued and lasting perfume. It cures mosquito bites and sting of insects. It contains no material injurious to the skin. It is what every lady should have. Sold everywhere. Try the Magnolia Water once and you will use no other Cologne, Perfu mery. or toilet water afterwards. Sold by Druggists and Dealers every where. DEM AS HAI-NES & CO., Props. Exclusive Agents, N. V. I<yon«' Knllinlron. It is most delightful Hair Dressing. It eradicates scurf and It keeps the head cool and cle»:i. It makes the hair rich, soft and glossy. It prevents the'hair turning grey mid lulling off. It restores hair upon prematurely buldhcads. This is just what Lyons' Kathairon will do. It is pretty —It is cheap—durable. It is liter ally sold by the car load, nud yet its almost incredible demand is daily increasing, and there is hardly a country store that does not keep it, or a funilv that does not use it. E. THOMAS LYON, Chemist, N. Y. lijonn* Extract Cilngrer. LYONS' EXTRACT OK I'VRK JAMAICA GINOKR — For Indigestion, Nausea, llartbiirn, Sick Headache, Cholera Morbus, Flatulency, Ac., wlicre a warming stimulant is required. Its careful preparatoin and entire purity mtkc it a cheap anil reliable article for culinary pur poses. Sold everywhere at fifty cents per bot tle. Ask for •' Lyons' " Pure Extract. Take no other. See that the private V. 8. stamp of Herons liariiM & Co. Is over the cork of each package. None other is genuine. ltlutttantr Liniment.- llnve you a hurt child or a lame horse ? Use the Mexican Mustang Liniment. For cuts, sorains, burns, swellings and caked breasts, the Mcxicou Mustang I.iniment ia a certain cure. For rheumatism, neuralgia, stilT joint*, Kings and bites, there is nothing like the Mexican Mus tang Liniment. For kpa«ini'd horsex, the poll evil, ringbone and sweenry, thr Mexican Mustang Liniment never fails. For wind Rail*, orratrhrs, but-head and splint, the Mrxiran Muatang Liumrut u wort* it* weight in l ata, braitrs afiraiaa and swelling. are H i—» nwa and rntua to wcw ia r,«n family. uut a tonir at tkt. U Ike beat i»«<■«■«■> that ran tr mrnir. •a <a> tW —it ia ■ > mf* IW* IW ■TkMnfA hIM» ,i«fc «-» rwTi*. •»»»«■«**. is*. - ■» ft Um. «r ■ h* Wv. -»■ i*MM* «*MHaa* **W*K S* S* • • <MK •» a» < NM> wiHi .*»>*■ %• WtoMfllK*-4MNN|* *v- -WW' Mim.- .««v *■* «**« «** «*fcr> 'IK I '4,1 ~ *, ♦' I|r| %f , % AMffk * * -m> m hummr vnp m r»j> JHftNoWnafllW", (■». * MMMH 4*»> VH» Stalk gpMMHWM Nhfrnan Mrip * »«*• •» •-.■ -r fr*. »»** «i ■!— iII m 4tor ». at wam»9imm- ••» * '<•*.-* «•»* town «w« pr n« ii ,#* «r«> *f f - »w » » r +rt HaaflLw «4 MHKLI> Pulmonary Syrup KEI*I\(.ToX & Co. Agent*, f-an Fr.ncis co. Attc. ;*>. 18M5. 4!:mo:if I. IIGHTNER • m mm m m m m, m i mm m m . « »••»•••» W..M aikM ■V«yhtv« ••• fiSroccrirM, Provision*, 1 )ItY-GOODS, ( LOTHING BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, CAPB, CROCKCRI, HIRtIWARG, &c. I RESPECTFULLY call the attention of my cuftomers and the public to exnmtne my stock of goods before purchasing elsewhere. The highest cash price paid f»r ll'uo/, Heaver, Oiler, and Dttr Skint, Butter, Ckickent and fifffft. Olympia, January Ist, IHOU. 0:ly Tell me not in mournful numbers Life is sinking to decay, Should there come ill frightful numbers O'er 5 our heads the silver gray. Life is real, life is earnest, Why should any one despair, " Oust thou art, to dust retuniest," Wan nut ipuken of the hair. Not the murks of age or sorrow, On your tresses lung should stay— You can live that each to-morrow' I'ind them darker thun to-day. Time is long, but age shall find yon. Though your hair with lustre wave: Soon when fading, 'twill remind you, Yuu arc marching to the grave. 11l the world's sublimcr calling, Where we each our race must run. If your hair be falling, falling, Use the "Martha Washington." Trust no other, howe'er pleasant,— None can do what this has done; Trv it—alwavs keep it present,— I'scthe "Murtlia Washington." Twenty thousand heads remind us What a noble test it's stood ; Millions more shall come behind us • With their tresses all renewed. "MARTHA WASHINGTON" HA 111 ItKSTORER, I< a wonder of the world, and stands above com parison with any other article for the Hair ever brought before the pub ic. Sold everywhere. Price, SI.OO. SIMONDS & CO., Proprietors, FITZWILtIAM, N. H. REPIXOTON 4 CO. Agents, San Francisco. Ang. 2), lNfiO. 42:m0:is 0. F. Gerrish & Co., WItOLKSAIG AliD RKTAIt DEALRRS IN C EN'L MERCHANDISE WINES, llijlßS ADD CItiARS, POUT TO H XSKXn, T AGENTS FOR— k b | ... . BIV 2»s~cr'3 VT^k. All <»r Wr» proaiftl; nttraded to at tL« low r»"» u r CEEt!.«a.i ( o w remiss I . J «* , I j !*•* r»*T«» MT *' mkm tmm i*> - «• *>•• ' "»- ' ,w is"*®*™""" i; I# • It .r-rrr '••— tP» 4HW? *■»* 4MONPK i wifct «t .no.irt*- mmMNHtfc' 4K KM. ' «•« n»-■"• nniH>i' * -oil. mk oiimihh. f 'var -i—" MM • .JHHBMI * * i ** t «rr* T*m * «KSK* * L -■ * Tr'Tl W «M«Mi -«M*| #• - 9to * mHnm wHI * » •H* • - 9 i:i r« »v ir c"i>.>s m jii u< t wo. Til* ■ t In tB IV p»nyitm «# J jjb >. tnafit, Um Ikw mi •' tW mr«l pap*" l»r 4n«« far i- «.» »f tht «*— arl nil A» * U>nir It will he f mil ibialuahle'to all per <Hl»rc-mfnnj frrnn debility, whether produced by trrer ot otherw ine, for w luUt it nu|>art» to the «y»- tviu all the gl.iu and rigor that ran be produced by wine or hrjiidv, it i< rutin 1> free from the reac tionary criecls that follow the use of auirita of an< kind. It i» also an excellent remedy for female* who sutler from difficult menstruation, giving altnnht im mediate relief to the spasms that so frequently ac company that period. it gives immediate relief to Nausea, caused by riding in a railroad car, or by sickness, or other causes. It is also valuable as an external' application for Guut, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, etc. REDINGTON & CO., Sole Agents for the Pacific Coast. San Francisco, Aug. 35, 18G6. 4'2:m6:U GIIAEFENBERC; UTEIUNE CATHOLICON if faithfully used according to directions will cure every case of Diabetes, and greatly miti gate the troublesomo effects caused by a relax* at ion of the outlet of the bladder. It is a most successful remedy for the Gravel and other dis eases of the Kidneys and IMadder, and for Fe male Diseases it is unequalled. The Catholieon uniformly cures Prolapsus Uteri, Whites, all Irregularities of the Monthly Turns, Suppres sic.rr, incontinence of I'rine, Bloating and Dropsical Swellings, and nil diseases of Preg nancy. The specific action of this medicine is immediate and certain upon the Uterine aud Abdominal Muscles and Ligaments; restoring them to as healthful a state as those of child* hood and youth, so that patients who Iriva used the Qratfcnberg Cumjiani/'i Uterine Cathol ieon cannot sufficiently express their gratitude for the relief afforded, r Kedington k Co.- Agents, 41U and 41# Front St., Sau Francisco.- Aug. 25, 18ti6. 42:mf>:is REDl\(imV§ FLAVORING EXTRACTS; arc made from Fl'egll Fruits. Eachf bottle holds twice ns much as an; other brand in the market', conse quently they are the cheapest and best. USE NO OTHER. ItKDINGTON & CO. Agents for the Pacific Const. Aug. 25, 18GG. 42:mfl:ig I'ONY SAMPLE S A Ij O O X I CIIAS. BUIIMEISTEB, PROPRIETOR. Main street, opposite Pacific fousei OLYMPH, IF. T. THIS popular saloon is always supplfed with the very best quality of Klines aud 3Tiquos, ALE, PORTER, BEER AND CIDEP Cigar* and Tobacco. A GOOD BILLIARD TABLE It .Vt*cited to ikt Smlooi». la rrrrjf tif/r mi mm ft mm kmmit >«■»« nt, un. n« M IMIWnC TO m. If • mm* Ufr jf L...H mm» ■m*- MM* 4HC#- '<NP -MMHM**- MMNHh Ml 4MP