Newspaper of The Washington Standard, December 1, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated December 1, 1866 Page 1
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jfibi 3P* fpi V s,.w wrhl «n» " r \ « ■ : Tim - \ « a large a- ■ t: it ifwtkjw Blunt and armorer - !■•■•!- \. i ir !. 1 discovered in th I'trlinvaik I. •« i Cattle I 'oughts a -h-irt time ago. It is of brass and < t great weight. From it more than two lidiing bask ets were tilled with spears and sword points, axes, hammers, horscbiers. pieces of chain and plate, armor and armorers' tools, the whole weigh ing several hundred weight. The caldron itself is about two and a half feet in diameter at the mouth, and will contain about thirty gallons. It is built ol pieces of brass, beautiful ly fastened together with small rivets niid patched in n great many "planes wi h the same neatness, thus otfriing an antii|iie original of hoiler-innker'n work. It is a matter of history that Edward 1, when iu possession ot U illovv'ay, had a camp in the Fair Island, niul the remains of a camp have been found iu it. When tlio party evacuated the Island tin y may, to prevent the Gal ovidians getting any metal inta their pos>es»ion, have rowed it out in o the loch and sank it where it was found. COMMI:I:CIAI. VAI.UK OF INSECTS.— Great Hritain pays annually SM,OHO,- 000,000 for carcasses of that tiny in sect known as the cochineal: whilst another, also peculiar to India, guin hliellac, or rather its production is of scarcely less value. More than 1,- 000,000 human beings derive their support from the culture aud manu facture of the filters spun by tlio si I k worm, ofwhich the annual circulat ing medium is said to bo $200,000.- OOU. In Fngland alone to say noth ing of the other parts of Europe, (100,000 are spent every year in the purchase of honey, while the value of that which is native is not men tioned, and this is the work of the bee. Besides all this, there are gall nuts used for dying and making ink ; eantharides, or Spanish Hy, used in medicine, iu fact, every insect is con tributing iu some way, directly or indirectly, iu swelling our commer cial profits. Among the pretty tilings in jewelry in Paris are small hum ming-birds mounted for-ornaments. Small gold beaks are added to the birds, likewise pearl or ruby eyes and the bird is set in dead gold, chased more or less richly. Entire Bets of these humming bird orna ments, ear-rings, brooches and combs are *<> M. On tlie comb arc five •mall heads, each with a gold Uak. Ear-ring* arc »!#•> made of enamel, t » represent a dra:; »n fly. the win*** t»c in» 4ecp re»l. bloc at>d gold : a j«-at cork rrj<rr*ei»te»| in r nnail »1m ■< mak'-« a tno-t da u r g •»- tft«r l> a «<mk nt<i a broa h Hat tb* tu ~*t car-fiiis* *rb»--4i ksr<- < »*a ■i»4« 1 ***• wr* Imt wri <4 a*rf vfe-*** Ua brt* -a*;-* a 4 trzu wtu. rW. • M f _ K Jb® % WW *> Sw- lb.™*-' -ft-ifc. v * * "Tv V v. J - X m* own «• - * v* ' 1 * "wrr timn» m* :&*» ar am ■ %&*** ana whsf VP '* 4F Milk ?*«** *9" «* nl» MM' KH :vv«r%, MK 40p 4tHL Sv 41 *r- «*«* 4 * •*» J# «* ■ il—i'W» * wmwhi hhhmm»- 4* DM* * m» ■ iwi ' mmmm ■ "to • . «iti. » ' smmm * jAim |nr « •.. «*<•.! •.!.-. -i iH «-UX *ll. I.■• •. I l-T »' -•■ lic« llr ll<>>UMl «»ith \ l Bufcipwl ttftW. I> It :1 < > I I ..- taken liinu it In* li»- i< It n« « ?i'* ' > In- willi liml. il'ii<m—ui' • um.oi tioiilit—whii-t w •a*v-•rr>*w illg oVCI" tlio Coid cI.H 111:11 I II! a daV or two ago :• hack led hi- Tl <»\\ live spirit, lie is joining with the ten thousand times ton thousand ;IIKI thousands of thousands in singing His praises who said " of such is the kingdom of heaven," then, surely, It is trill. Well with thee, mother, for Iho child is sale, away from the evil that is i.i the world. No anxi ety shall ever disturb thee lest Jhy hoy should he beguiled by Satan and ruined. He is beyond the reach ot temptation—beyond the reach of sin to harm him. Thou hast another child in heaven. Well with thee, f; ther, there is another link in the golden chain that draws thee upward towards the better world; another voice, which in the midst of thy worldly cares, when perhaps thou mayst be in danger of being too much engrossed with the things of time and sense, will gently whisper iu thine ear, " Come up higher." Thy sou is with thy (Joil in glory. Well with thee, child. Thy ran somed spirit has spoil its way to (bul who gave it. The glorious inheri tance with the saints in light, for which we must wait until the Fa ther's appointed time, is thine to possess and enjoy forever. The crown of everlasting life is thine. Thou seest His blessed face, the man Christ .lesus, and thou dost know something now of what those words of His mean, "Sutler little children to come unto me." Oh, is it not well with thee? It is well. It is well, beloved, and yet the tears will How, the sigh will heave the breast, the heart will ache. Well, be it so. Jesus wont; then surely we may weep, only let us not weep as those who have no hope, for them that sleep in Jesus will (Sod bring with Him, and we who may then be liv ing shall meet him in the air, and so shall we all bo ever with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words. " Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die it abid> et!i alone, but if it dio it bring cth forth much fruit." So the life that issues out of this death is with out doubt very blessed indeed. Hut inv hearers, whilst we would draw sweet consolation ourselves from the blessed l.ope which we have a right to indulge in, that this little child, whose body we .-hull pr«*eutl\ «• -in tuit to the »ilent jjrave. i* now j..iu injf aith - of the r*i|«-tnioJ it bo I .aw lut-n air. --h into tLi >4 ll <»rvat K r. ta *ri«-taati»jr H» is » f*n* »««Vf U iu«4 « *Vjia a»» U-aH «• as*. Jm _ - .+ wr m I—t J «* a.4 • "t Vt*r (at , r •••utter r •* ta««- ! * 4 W-> • <Mr*T. • '.BHk >•. . - 1 "*■ ' ** SW «•»»* *» tm»r ar ki » w 4nhm: 'Maa aMMaa ~it * aMft* ■* m *a*»r ta <aa> aM **► m M aaF * aMfear «• aML a^. ana H • aa» «*»> *%iu— :;*<»» .jt mmmm W awnwa .. aaaaa *■ ,««aaa -*»■£ ■» - '"—x*. aMH aa»<tnaa aaa * «•«« tea a»nMft flhh aa »^aaaa * FC U ►» OMLI M 4 II t«rar4. All. «• *r» i . * -« tj •. • t m >... -.4 I t are n» U !_'• I ll« »!».• »lt> b|v.i ' t'u • ?.«• t<» » »tn.-t • ii.t t >r •.< I \ I. « ■•<! ha- i»' . 'k'!l u|* • i I" rtk. Ah. how tke jrni It v trtiulile a- they the Cm "I lliui whom th«-\ n-fti-ed <T neglected t > hear on Faith, and with what a ter rible howl ol anguish do they curse the day «»f their birth as the Judge bids His angels, " Hind tle ni hand and and cast thorn into the lake ot lire." lint take another look ami what | have ve here? A vast multitude! , whom no man can number, calmly, i most serenely. ga/.ing upon the taee | ol'the judge, and what a loving, trust | ing,joyous gaze it is ! And no won der, for " these arc they that have ; come up out of great tribulation and have washed their lobes and made llum white in the blood ot the Lamb." Tlioy recognize the ninu of Nazareth, ot' Ciethsemane, of Cal ; vary, the friend of sinners in their judge. . Tliev know ilim whom they have believed, ami they confidently lest in the blessed promise lie gave them on can It—"lie that hcareth , my word and belicveth on llim that I sent me hath everlasting life and j shall not come unto condemnation," < and they are now welcomed into the higher, more perfect enjoyment of llis love, "Conic ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom pre pared lor you before the foundation !of the world." To which of these | two classes, my hearers, think you, > would you belong were (Jod to sum j mon you away from earth to-day'! Would you die as the lost or saved? , ; This is the great question. It will I , be answcicd before long for every one of us. With this little collin bo- j lore us, it is not necessary to tell you | that death comes not to the aged alone. The grim tyrant is no re specter ot persons, of age, or of sex. t lie lays his bony hand upon the tot tering old man, and takes him | away ; ho touches with his icy tin j gorstho blooming maiden, and her j cheeks grow pale; he steals the | mother's darling from her lap, and hurries him away. He listens to no entreaties; ho heeds no cries; ho tramples on broken hearts, nor bolts nor bars can keep him out; gold; i cm:not bribe him; threats cannot terrify him, and when he is bent on securing his prey, he laughs to scorn the skill of the physician with all his medicine* and healing remedies, and he may come tor thee next, or thee, •>r thee. Are you ready t<» t*«» with biia up t.» judgment ? l>o yon—call \"ii -land Ih fore <»>«! justified thro' lit I. tan pm «jy, '• lWiiijj j i-til««d by faith. tcr liu}«•»«>• with • • -I iLr lyrl Chn-t." tkrri t »rr TI»« r« l- in* ? 11 ih>lt t'il» tkri <|><«| ran til tIK jrejt iLI. o vlkjC . ir « m kjU m ain «• • 4 • » V* * t Mn atl %-*m T'l II * t*y«i '|HWT'' to Mi' * -<ttf ♦.» mi Titt* val I *m *wrt MMt ' »■ I mW- MH IMP* * Ml «► «•» cmt yf* " «tf +T * '** mtm £ that. * 4 ff* «» —•*" IMP W Our"**- -<t& «-«r- m I ■*»**[£*■• mmmtL a wmmm m i—a> m'& «w» ■ ** IPMf » mm VM>- MP*' .<4ll-. TiTiiWir 4HMI * 4§f W- ' i; IH»» feMNW V tni»

* ***** IFC,./ m * W* mt**-* M. *NHI • m m -*• 4w AT DM* m- MIK I*-- Wm* m\ mm - • 4* **»» mm mm mm itosf (pf 4P ' S tM' • m ,m 9P i, Hhv *mm ' ► 4Mr MBMHiI s a tm > mr difiM 4 ■ *«< \ ®• £* 4 »«»4 lit IU lit* X*U.t L< ** JM - j * V» * k i n a«ti !r«»ru k +|a rt-i f*' * » \<»■, tr u* *!L T ■ » 1 • * \ • M fil U|» *U»V» tl •• w »r i. ; wav fi«»!u Mcktit** ;«•. i | .i.'i :»• I tliat he <. ! i- >.H lor. aud all the li! —• I-j i it- in heaven. He in hap py now. with the thousands of little children around the throne of Cod. He lived jn-t live years and seven months on Faith. He scarcely knew anything of this world, was little more than conscious that lie lived in it, when (Jod called him out of it, away front all its troubles, be fore he had begun to know what they were, that he might be made perfect in holiness and he happy for < ver. Hut we have not lost him ;he h-'s only gone a little while before in, and this little body which we are going to put in the ground will not he lost either. Ouo day Jesus shall send his angel to sound the last trumpet, and then Willie lieed's body will come out of the ground again all the more beautiful for hav ing lain under the sod. I don't think Willie would come back to us now if ho could ; but I do believe, if he could speak to us now, ho would tell his father and mother not to break their hearts with grief, but to rest in the Saviour's love. Ho would toll them how good a thing it is to see .lesus and be with Ilim. lie would tell them to wait patiently the Father's appointed time, lie would tell his brother, and you all, dear children, that Jesus was far, far lovlier, that Heaven was u far, tar more happy place, than you can imagine, and he would say to you, Get ready to come and be whero I am in this blessed Hcavon." Won't you do so, children ? Won't yon love Jesus more? Won't you think more of Heaven ? And then, at last, we shall all meet again above, and sing tlio sweetest songs and hear the sweetest music in the presence of tlio Great God, our Saviour and with little Willio Keed. An Eastern editor, walking along a street in Milwaukie one day, was a little puzzled by what ap peared to be a kind of motto, painted in large letters on a window. It ran thus : " Noolas llccb licgal." lie pondered a long while, unable to make out the meaning of the strange motto, which appeared to be in Lat in ; but at last he discovered that the window, which had probably b"eu taken out to be washed, hud IM'CII put in wrung si«l J out, and that be bad consequently read the in -eriptiou ITJT kManl. The i« a tran»la tiiHi <>t i [u-u.'! 1 Iruiu a lVr-iau j»«»**t: *-Tiw b*-av«-®« area jK>;nt from i|,«> <tf limi « |* rfMi * : tk* ■ <H i »• a l»*)H tmw r4 I! - Wwtt : tW -<•« t»a tr "■ tL. j*i' 4 lit- ■ I tar «r» V li« pmm tr* 11- at IV* tW TtM * aswi t .r»* a wwwt» '< 1 * *r> !».-*■ <« <r*»-rr —ll—u * A t>fc .gpai -new '■M®' tP «P«* * MMii.i»!fr Hi#- Ik' Uto MB Mi mmmm «r mam m mm mtommmmmmmm ______ _____ _____ ■MMw» mk ■>• m» Bk> aarkcsm kr * m wmrh — «a 'jerg* knt tihe jmmtmt " iMi w ■ «•.«<«■ m *■ » »■ ' m foiiww . *<m f*jtr i w a a»»«a lu* * * r* i r»t !"}•■» \l' llri*« « af*r\al L't* it; 1 » ... vf —bf «i> t t:„ J -I*. J J!»., H «od J*T * . * ' ' .(iiu* h»l Ut :i:i ■ • 1. an 1 the I K parttueiit hid iiotified the >uj»eiiiiteridcnt'n otlitv ot that fact - cue t.iuc beforv he left Wellington. It will be seen that the socoud letter of 11. C. Hale is dated some days alter the arrival of Mr. Denny, and consequently all the facts rela ting to the allowance of the claims must have been known by the ope rators in the little scheme to bag the proceeds of the honest labor of claim ants. It will be observed that the letter of the Chief Clerk, dated Nov. 12, informing Mr. Harding that the money had been received to pay his claim, was written two days after the appoaranco ot our paragraph. This shows that the Jicrcrctul Chief Clerk is not altogether blameless. PORT MAIUSON, Aug. 14, 18GG. Dear i-ir —lf you could make it convenient I would like to see you when the Josie McXear returns to this place from Victoria. Yours truly II C HALE G. W. IIAHDINO Esq Port Madison W. T. Mr. Harding asserts that the above letter was sent to him from Port Madison by an Indian at a post of $3, to which expense may be added four days' board, and other expenses while waiting for a response, which shows the anxiety of Superintend ent's clerk to make an early trade. OLYMPIA Aug 20th 1860 Sir —l liavo bouglit a few of the old land claims, yours I am told was appraised by the commissioners, though it, was not ordered to be ap praised, The value as lam told set upor. it is $790 00 I will give you S4OO 00 for it and pay halt of your expenses in coining up here to make out the papers provided you como in time so I can send it on for col lection with my other claims, or I will eolleet it for you at a fair per ceutago Yours respectfully C. 11. ILALB G. F. HARDING Esq l'ort Madison W. T. PORT MADISON Aug 30th 18G6 Dear Sir— If you can make it con venient to come over here before the steamer came* from \ ietoria I will make you a £<** l offer f««r yuur Haim ou the Port Madison lte«ni tior \lt K»tb*r »«»lr all <j4' tbiMr riaiai* mm! itk* •*« p-t i ..4n tf «aat U» mil m>4 1 mtt. ki <u*"i **m U »'* i.»wn« UI'I Tw*kr ■ C. HCI t f lawn- lw% T'» - **" * W* • me r C» tL. SU UK**?' '* '*■* «• **• VMHRk Jfc -^ s * c pmm# -Jn.f » •S*" imi n m -W' T rnmm m * :«**:'-"*<*«*.. IMH <*-••-»»• - /paWMHM* • *> ll I—II v • 4* A fDWflfli «p»r ♦ .■••■« ■a* •-• *.- . i**-, m L «r ar U»«k. a- <•» U » B.- t\,r.» »lU(iaf Mft «-*• «u.* i »ra»i •< l'n*t<inl J v"l.- obarj «*• tn—io ll.* !• vt of n« * ttf-xi«-. l-.ttrr a»» iLc trail vi >1 ijw radical littrti »'.-wo«i aci.« ov»t.i«l rii..Li. Wo presume that the I'rwiJent has by 11»- time, in ttie course of • long. arduous ..n<i brilliant |>olitical career, learned *OlllO thing of that philosophy which enables a public man to look down with composure upon the motions of narrow-minded partisans, and tlmt lie will not be dis turbed by the violent declamation® ot those who arc vaporing over the fabulous statement lately put forth respecting his new coup d" ctat. The avidity with which his ene mies have seized the statement is in* stmotive to those who are studying the political complexion of the time. The l».)ston J'raiiscript, and other radical sheets, pounce upon the can ard »ve have mentioned " like a duck 011 a Juno bu£C," mid the tyrant and dictator and traitor, demi-aevil, and so forth, who is now holding the people of tho United States prostrate under his iron heel, and all that sort of thing, you know, comes in for all the abuse that these presses can give in their small way. Their appetites arc sharp for any scandal against the President, but the greediness witll which they gobble the fabulous state ment of gold speculations may lead them into errors that should shame even a radical of tho radicals. IMMORTALITY OF GOOD DKEDS. —Can works of love and mercy be shut out forever; can the grave swallow up all that is dear to them ; can words burning high with lofty endeavor, and gushing forth from generous ami noble souls,ever cease to vibrate, leaving their impress for good; and can music, that sweet refiner of the soul, ever be lost amid the lesser harmonies of life? 13clicvo it not. From all that is beautiful, good aud true, we draw a thread of our being. Some one catches the inspiration of the song, and is lifted heavenward ; another is thrilled with in thusiasm or a deep feeling of revenge as he reads the glowing words of lis tens to the voice of pleading olo» qucnce, while deeds of love wrought by a kindly hand awaken the silent tear or the tender emotion of a grate* lul heart tig* In a recently published stat* istical work there are Bait! to be in London ono million four hundred thousand persons who never attend public worship; one hundred and fifty thousand habitual drunkards j one hundred and fifty thousand liv ing in open protiisracy; twenty thousand profcaaed beggars; tea thousand gaus'.«'er». thirty tboae »u*l obi. Ire®, and five fbocKind rrcrirci« of gpaodk I* *• a }*itj the i j—f tier doca wl . >fiU tin mj Jfll * p TVw m* wt aw aav «p«i w ** mm fa*y»»&aaaaßd «MB> • ■SKPX fIRMMBb lh# 5 " __ . ■ -'■aiial'-' T -mnmmmmpm far inflt "%*.>—• 4. ,i- Mil nei 4B rgmmam UPV j»waw» . * *» im

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