Newspaper of The Washington Standard, December 1, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated December 1, 1866 Page 3
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LONDON, NOV. 10. —Consols closed easy, 5-20s at 70 h Great floods have devastated the counties of York and Lancaster. Many lives were lost by drowning. Tkovih.e with Turkey —A serious rmliroglio in our relations with tin- Divan has arisen, ns follows : Sarkis Minasian, who lias for many years acti d ns the res i ient agent in Turkey fur tint sale of Dr. J. C. Ayer & medicines, driven by the ineiease of business to a necessity f r Motn, built his warehouse in Constunfo noplo several stoiies higher, after having obtained tho neci s K ary permit from the authoritcH. The limns of a neighboring mosque, which o.cilooked the pron.i«es demandedn large pn sent in money, which was refused. They then applied to the (•ri.nd Vizer, for the enforcement of an obsolete law, which had b.-en disregared two hundred years, requiring him to take down the build ng to eighteen feet, which was granted, mid they commerced tho word of demolition. Min.'isian then np jilied totheAmerican Minister,who notified the Sublime Porte that American prop erty could not I 0 thus tiifled with, and that the demolition must cease. Then commenced the usual course of Mussul man prevarication and promscs, but no real redress. Finally Minister Morris in formed them that if their depredations continued, he should order the U.S. ships of war to enter the Bosphoiusand Messrs. Ayers' medical warehouse would not be alone rooHcss. A stroke of his pen could have laid the whole city under the sweep American cannon, backed by men who are not schooled in tho lessons of fenr. This brought then to their senses and speedy redress. Minasian has now arrived in his country, to present the case to our State Department for indemnity. At length it is something to say among the people of the earth—" I am an American citizen !" —Colombia Republican. FOE SALE. —Henry M. McGill, Assist ant Assessor of Internal Revenue for this District, owes us a bill for advertiaing done several years ago, which we will sell at a very liberal disiount. "If LCWe are indebted to ('apt. Finch, of the Hteuorr AmlmoM, for many favor*. SPECIAL NOTICES. #Nl Iti rtf f«r fwtfyHi «•»» L— In »» to . • nt*«* - h a**nt*. TT > «k. k « II llii mm, m.-tmm VfW n -M rnm f■ m m m. -* .tarn S W ""<• A» MMI . j* w konrkf itrmmt LI IHIMU i«U M«»*> ( iva -.«*»>«"Ko> u> *!\l» W\ «* * ** * flMi •** ***■& W *— *• - « -* .-• -nr-- i rmm ** *OM w i» 9 mm If fm* mm *»** —*-~ I Vr. 4 aMiaa. F tah i tif « ittftu* ut (' n. |.A «b'« %t - f 11*»t t— > i-T ««••»*•».T« <1 <i*; > a* Lf U -t. -I ll«trl «.r at I'r T irt>. r - I" >-t ub al. ti»altrt*,. lu li» flu lr<ion. (Ctupii N«»t. ?'• !*CC. T» t Olympia Market! MITCIIIIixT TIIjLKY, PROPRIETORS. WIIcII.KSAI.K AND HKTAII. I>KAI. KII IN' 3IKATS am. YIX.rrAIUJX STOCK DOriCJIIT, And Mill |»(M'«I on <'oiiiiiiln«l<»ii CIIAHOKS BKASONAIII.K. Nlio|i on Mnln St., hi lwri'ii 'l'lllnl.iuil'im! 'i Ohinpiii, Aug. .'I, lsoii. :«»:tf a. OAUI'IELDB I. K KENNEDY « iKiii:iiDi; x. KENNEDY Attorneys AND COUNSELLORS AT LAW, 01.VMI'IA AXI» I'OBT TOWNKCNO, W. T. W'ILIJ atteiul to civil unit admiralty busi ness in llic Courts ol' Washington Terri tory. Mr. Ourfielde will atteml to erliiiinul prac tice also, ami having settled permanently in tllympia, lie will attend to causes in the Su preme Court. Attorneys residing at a dis tauce ami desiring his services in the Supreme Court, will send Uriels ol their cases. July I R> . IHC,.-I. .\'ot NOTICE is hereby given that the under signed have been appointed Admiiiistra tors of the estate ut' J. I>. Webber, deceased, liy the the I'rohute Court of l'ierce comity, W. T. All persons having claims ngninst said es tate arc requested to present llie mine with I lie neces nry vouehers to the undersigned, at Ktcilacuotn, in i-aiil county, within one year from the tirst|iulilication of this notice or their claims will je forever barred. Parties indebt ed to said estate will make immediate pay- ment to FKAXK CI.AItK, I'ETEII J. MOUIIEV. Administrators. Stcilaeoom, Oct. 27, 1860. Sl:w4 DR. RUFUS WILLARD, PHYSICIAN & SURGEON, (Graduate of Iht Unirertity of the City of Xew York,) HAVING located permanently In the city ofOlympia, oilers his professional ser vices to the citizens and surround ing country in the various branches of Medi cine and Surgery. Grateful for past patronage and the confi dence bestowed by a generous public, the Doc tor respectfully solicits a continuance of the same, and will hold himself in readiness at all times to attend to any calls in the line of nil profession, to which his entire attention will be devoted. Those preferring the service* of a regular graduate. as evidenced l.y the proper author ity of a diploma, may ron«u!t personally or by Iritrr oitli every rouHneurr. Partirular ilirulitm cm n to di«#-aju-« of «,>- m< n »«•! rbiljiti. an J all (Hrviiuiit of an vr . *r..« natarr T» IW af I'tiitrnl* V» ..-al < •* A tlMu Jin 1 Oft *"»•* "»'• » —XI tW r*-rt I I>rvr t>: >■ 4."*— '"»■» i 1' i ■■*.■! « !<M ttf <»LY1I'I« KESTAI RAM' * y*_^ TEl:> 3_ T : «- -** . . ttMft a *. 4hM» 4MMW -Mr <«t» m. - VOCAL —«IC VI mnsi. wiutsT.wisT mo 1111. ' WOKlli. MIAMI i; "Eliza Anderson," l>. 11. rtnfh. Mauler. TKAVKS r.,r VII'TOItIA and intt ruictliate J point.- v\ rrv MONDAY MOUXI X (», At 7 o'clock A. M.. c.urying I'ASSKXUKIiS AND FUEUiIIT Ciioapor 'l'llsin I Ill's run li«' «-iirrl«Ml by ssnj oilier Itoiil. lirtiiriiiug the AMIKIIKOX W'P leave Victoria c wry nii itvDAv tiou.\l\(;, At o'clock A. M. The A\I>I:H.-IIN has been thoroughly refitted and repaired for the winter trade, and the |iillilie may depend that she will remain pcr nieiitly on this route, notw it hstiiuding reports to the contrary lijvuiateil by interested par lies in their o\\ n behalf. Olpmpiu, September J2, lHiill. 47:tf GOOD GRUB AND PLENTY OF IT, AT THE BENNETT HOUSE, SALEM, OIIEGOX. 1.. J. 8. Tl KXEY, HAVINtI leased the above limned hotel, is prepared to accommodate <he traveling PII i> 11 e, and one hundred regular boulders, iu as good style as any House on llie Coast. He has determined to make the '• Bennett" us good as the best aud better than uny puldie bouse iu Saleui. He will soon complete some important improvements, which will add greatly to its appearance and a comfort, and intcudings to merit and hopes to receive his share of patronage. lie has secured the services of " Charley" (known to be the best cook iu Salem, and one of the best iu the whole country) mid other competent persons to manage the eulin. ary department, anil is resolved to set as good II table as can be found anywhere— not in clap-trap, pomp and show, II umm cry and line furniture, but in an abundant supply of the very best the market affords. His liar-room will be kept warmed nnd lighted, mid well supplied with newspapers, periodicals aud other suitable rending mutter, and kept iu a inauucr which will make it an agreeuble resort. In short he intends mnkingnn effort to please all who step lit the Kennel House. And he most respectfully requests his friends every where to the give the old and well known stand at least one more trial before concluding they can do as well elsewhere, und promises if «hey are not well treated, nnd properly cared for, anil at retfonablf fujurtt, it will not be the fault of the public's most obedient and most humble serv't. L. JAY S. TCRXEY. X. B.—Furnished rooms, with 01 without lioird. l>y the day.week or uiODth, nt the Ben nett. charges moderate. L. J. S. T. Salein. Oregon. Xov, 12, lbS6. «tf Certainty nnd Celerity! Pfti'j titn r. S. M AIL AMI STAtiE LINE. £ t i l*m mm ttm • m~ V *' '■ '•*** *«4 1 l< lav

Mru*J» j tj> tfOHUi JW tIvtTIJViM <•»- MWBT9 mm mWm iMMl'iy mm\ J* m* |«PM Ift *'"feMWl£r » • WJ %.&* § v« T«« n» «»- *9 • .*«•»«•» ««»Mrr «*»»«- OT~ - m «■**- -• . • -4 mm* m W*» *> - llarnro' NaiMllit Italrr. A foil-1 •!« li^'hi ' Tiir l.««l«r» tr«ra»ur< ami tr<*utl« men* Uoon ! Tl»« ••»wee!ri»l Niitl largcM quantity. Men uf*r lured frmu ihe ridi Suiilhn .'i I'm-J tor butliin^the fi«c and ami to rniilvr the t^klll >*»fl nml troll. to prt vent eruption*, and to j»er- I'utne clutliiii#, kv. It overcome* the unplensnnt odor of prt^iration. It remove* rcduc**, tan, bio tc lie*, Xc. It cures nervous hcaduthe am! alhys iulnmnia lion. It cools, softens, find ndds delicacy to the skin* It yields ii subdued and lasting perfume. It cures mosquito bites mid l!»W of insects. It contains immaterial injiiriuus to the skiit. It is what every lady should have. Sold every where. Try the Magnolia Water once mill y<ni will use no otl'er Cologne, Perfu mery, or toilet water afterwards, .SiUl In Druggists ami Dealers everywhere. DF.MAS UAFXF.S & CO., Props. Exclusive A renin, N. V. ■ijoiin' Killlinlron. Il is most delightful Hair Dressing It eradicates scurf and dnndrilf. It keeps the head cool tind clean. It makes the hair rich, soft mid glossj. It prevents the hair tinning grey mid falling Off. It rect ires hair upon prematurely bald heads. This is just what Lyons' Kathairun will do. It is pretty—lt is cheap—durable. It is liter ally sold by the ear loud, mid vol its almost incredible demand is daily Increasing, and there is hardly a country storu that does not keep it, or a fimllv that dom not mi> it. F:. THOMAS LYON. Chemist, X. Y. Ljonii 1 Extract Cllngcr. LYONS' KXTHACT or Feme JAMAICA UINIIKII— For Indigestion, Nausea, llnrtburn, Sick Headache, Cholera Morbus, Flatulency, Ac., Wliere a warming stinuilaut is required. Its careful prcparutoin and entire purity uiike it a cheap and reliable article for culinary pur' poses. Sold everywhere at fifty cents per bot tle. Ask for •' Lyons' " Pure Kxtract. Take no other. See that the private U. S. stmnp of Dcnms Barnes & Co. is over the cork of each package. None other is genuine. MuMtan* Llafmeat. Have you a hurt child or a lame horse ? Use the Mexican Mustang Liniment. For outs, sprains, burns, a welling* and caked breasts, the Mcxicou Mustang Liniment is a certain cure. For rheumatism, neuralgia, stifT Joints, sting* and bites, there it nothiug like the Maxicou Mus tang Liniment. For spavined hones, the poll evil, ringbone and ■werney, the Mexican Mustang Liniment never fail*. For wind gull#, scratches, big-head and splint, the Mexican Mustang Liniment is worth its weight in gold. Cuts, bruises, sprsina and swellings, are so com mon and certain to tweur in everv familr, that • battle ef Ui> Liniiaenl in the W-u intcwutetii can be msdr. It U MTV certain than the <seine it save* time in wadas Aw the 4*caoc—fc ss cfcrsnrr than the a»is.«. and AsMnswkr wkh ~ la Wtaac the srakr ha IW In. H » 1 LM «# M hrt Tu -*' Mm? mm- * m ***** ■ ■•■ *» «*» «> %n» «Ml> r K « i««l - I*MM> *. i * »' ~ **m *•■»■ "iiuwwi -mm hu»«ar N . rt|) mRm mm «MMpwMMw «Mfe -.* m fnaMaam I'uittoßan Strip mm* Hli tm i mm* •«M mm t*sK * m» mmm *<•*- %mm &**mt &mmmmrnrnm mt mto m « mt > nr—fci *- mm ln» mm ■kw>m. j■■ twn Mil mi IKWKLLV I'liliiionary Syrup REI»IV T"N k <'(• A^rnt#. San Frmm U co. Anp. ?V Hfitf. 4.* rti•• :i« L LIGHTNER: W' M • ■» • • ••• • •" • - •••• •• •« •« CJrocrriew, ProviftioiiN, I>RY-<JOOIXS, CLOTHING BOOTB, SHOES, HATS, CAPS, t'ROI'HKKY, HARDWARE, &c. IKESI'ECTKUIiLY call tlie attention of ray customers ami tin- public to exumtne my stock of goods before purchasing elsewhere. The highest cosh price paid fur tt'vol , Hearer, Otter, ami Veer Skins, Butter, Chickcm and i'yt/t. Olympia, January Ist, lHUii. 9:1/ Tell me not in niotirnfiil mlnibcrs Life in sinking to decay, Should there come in frightful numbers O'er vonr heads the silver jjr»y. Life is real, life is earnest, Why should any one despair, " Dust thou art, to dust returnest," Was not spoken of the hair. Not the marks of age or sorrow,. On your tresses long should stay—» You can live that each to-morrow Find them darker thun to-day. Time is lone, hut nge shall find yon. Though your hair with bistre wave : Soon when fading, 'twill remind you, You are marching to the grave, 111 the world's siibliuicr calling. Where we each our race must run, If vonr hair be falling, falling, Use the " Martha Washington." uo other, liowc'er pleasant,— can do what this has dune; Trv it—alwuvs keep it present, — I'scthe "Martha Washington." Twenty thousand- heads remind us What a noble test it's stood; Millions more shall come behind ut Willi their tresses all renewed. "MARTHA WASHINGTON" IIAIH RESTORER, Is a wonder of the world, and stands above com parison with any other article for the Hair ever brcught before the public. Sold everywhere. Price, SIMONDS it CO., Proprietors, FITZ WILLI AM, N. If. REDINGTOX & CO. Agents, San Francisco. Ang. 2j, 1860. 42:m(i:is POX Y SAMPLE s A Zj o <3 x 'l CIIAS. BURMF.ISTER, PROPRIETOR. Mala street, opposite Pselßc Hoase, OLTMPIA, IK. T. THIS popnlar saloon tl always (applied with the very best quality of lalinfs aud JTiquors. ALE, PORTER, BEER AND CIDEV Cigar* and Tobacco __ A GOOD BILLIARD TABLE U MtmmkmJ (a KaJoon la rrrrp mm k*m4. O Umr*. SUartw ■»**» TTTttt' r t • MMI (HMMMtW i V »•* «MN* «- »' pfr- «Nfe- *» ffci %- tit 4Mfi» 1M» *om> * •** »«w * **. M« Mifllli mmam • jBBHMi « JT\i_ ~-n i oj ' M m r% r *4* tfM» «*«■*» •*■ !■■■» - ««|| <4M>. Mft Jm • *•** ; * m«• .NMt *<«• >lll 1, •» - '"'» 9 KKl»!>«;r«'\ a CX)H BWVt «f mi H *|* a » J*"»< 1 ■ .wig " k*» hf«« a» da mi faf» im iaui -t, >'■»<>■ UtS4.<t«ana/ll><t>» ■rk iW i%h i.«r i«fui. A» a tot if it wQi to f ■ tnd i»aliuU'"li> *R pet wmrf-«iri»|t frwn dr'i.m. atotto- pmtoij b* f->rr or f(b«T> w. f..r ahiUtn n*)>»rl« In tto -rt t»ti» •llthrfins .11 Ml *ic ir that rd to pr *}ur*4 ky wine OF brandt. Kit • ntirrly free from tL( !•«?- IM'UaM «tfrt t» that f.'Uow the uk of u< *ny kind. It i> aNo an excellent remedy for females who ►uiler ffptn difficult iuen»triiation, giving almost im mediate relief to thr sjiaamt thst so frequently ac company that period. • It (five* immediuftr relief to Nauwi, caused by riding iu a railroad car, or by sickness, or other causes. It is slumvaluable as an external' application for Ouut, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, etc. > REDINGTON * CO., Sole Agents for the Pacific Coast. San Francisco, Aug. 3.3, 186(1. 4£in6:is GRAE FE X BEIIG UTERINE CATHOLICON if faithfully used according to directions will cure every case of Diabetes, nnd greatly miti« gate the troublesome effects caused by a relax* atioii-of the outlet of the bladder. It is a most successful remedy for the Gravel and other dis eases of the Kidneys and ItUiddcr, and for Ft raale Diseases it is unequalled. The Catholicon uniformly cures Prolapsus Uteri, Whites, all Irregularities of the Monthly Turns, Suppres skn, incontinence of Urine, llloating and Dropsical .Swellingsjnnd all diseases of Preg nancy. The specific action of this medicine is immediate and certain upon the Uterine and Abdominal Muscles and Ligaments; restoring them to as healthful u state as those of child* hood uud youth, so that patients who h ive used the Qraefrnhery Company ! Citrine Calhol iron cannot sufficiently express their gratitude for the relief afforded. . Kedington Ac Co. Agents, 416 and 418 Front St., San Francisco. Aug. 25, 1866. 42:ra6:is REUIIYCtTOM'S FLA YOKING EXTRACTS, nre made from Frtlh Fruits. Each- Lottie holds twice as much as any other brand in the market, conse quently they we ffce cheapest and best. USE NO OTUKR. REDINGTON * CO. Agents for the Pacific Coast. Aug. 25, 18C6. 42:m6:1s W atolacs, Oloolu JEWELRY, &c. JULIET tIYOT, OLYMVIA, IV.T. /"VFFERS for sale a line assortment of— GOLD ami SILVER WATCHES, CLOCKS, Qgrtx JEWELRY, SPECTACLES, W THIMBLES, PEXCIL CASES, EAR nnJ FISOKR RINGS, BREAST HISS, LOCKETS, GOI.K CHAINS, KEYS, SEALS, Together ith *ll article* usually kept for •ale l>y Watchmaker* and Jeweler*. K. I).—Mr. Gnrot. thankful foi tfc* •ye ntraikil tokia Juriug Ike part tear JMM, would re« peetfallf tvlmi a eaatiaaaare W tba Mat. . MTVitrk«,r.t k* an i Jewelry t«pa«w4 ■a the fc«« aaaaer try a»< •4 far Mr year ■Ui< adl m*.w ean*ai i»4|ria|l *MaMa 1 mm-19 :W TW OLTWPIA HUBSOrr. 4 rrvx rmm.rmm wmd Tw * « '•Sr 1 * 4 ITUH |J» *~JT^«■*•.<• -aw