Newspaper of The Washington Standard, December 8, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated December 8, 1866 Page 3
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4fe . iMM tkr#mm mm *«*> ««*- W m mm m fM» rn»m fcr» ■*£ tea* "*■ ** •l . . »■«•» MMt <*• a • fc»" few «* T -ft ' **" kn> »k f' - •> ' • rti " * **"!•£ ' * r-4 ■ t±*at ' •KKCir t e* • k ! . a ol»- j*v * r." ti.« s* t.t. B« t> «j_\ *■ • JTJVt.Ii t'l - ! we i»h<» . : r ' l' 1 ■ «>f it \v ifh - ' i ■ , • - cialiv m the i'r« id it would Ik* hard ly likely t » ren \ ! »:» <n case of a second ' ■ n ; invasion. The recent news ! Inland ha* caused <*reat ex>-it« 4, i 'it at the head quarters of.l a-. >t I'l.i !. -. in this city, and the ollicors are n iw thronged till midnight. Stephens disap peared several day* • and is not expected to show him-e!l here again. It is claimed that money, arms and ammunition nre ll»»\vi in, and that the California Ihave pledged 100,(J(»0. NEW Voitiv, Nov. 2^.—The World's Qucenslow n correspondent, writing Nov. ITtli, says: 1 send you an inkling <>l the most impor tant news \vhi<•!i has come from Ire land tor manv a long day. The Mow is about to he stni'-k at the Power of Great lJritniu. Within a month you will hear the rising of the Irish from one end of this unfortunate island to the other. The train has long been laid, arms are here, men are ready, olHcers appointed and or ganization? pcfected. The move ment on Canada was really a feint; for the while the object was stead ily kept in mind to create an out break upon the old so!! of Ireland. We arc powerless. argu ments are unheeded, our prayers are unanswe e l.For our sIV rings there is no pity. Is it not hettei lor us to try to show thft English Govern ment that if t do; s not do us justice wc will inakelrcland a clinging curse to her. CHICAGO, DOC. I.—A WASHING toiI telegram says tho otatment which is being generally published purport ing to be an abstract of tlio report of the Secretary of the Treasury is put up mainly from ollieial statements heretofore published, and so far it is correct. The estimate I receipts of the Ruvcuue tor the next fiscal year, instead of being f'000,000,000, as stated, arc really less than $450,000,- 000. The Secretary will not recom mend the issue of") per cont. bonds, as stated, and will indicate the time at which, in his judgment, the resumption of specie payments can be safely effected. It is his opinion that this may be done in 18 months, but he hopes the circumstance* of the country will be sii -h as to war rant the resumption ut an earlier date. CIIICAtJO, Dee. I.—The tJuartiT master General- t |> • t -.h«»vv- that there have I»• • *ii - . 1 I !T ♦ hor-c*. 102.H.V1 iiiu 1 ' -:r r«>f .i\ worth T 1 pri«t<>UiiiKs| i r I. r - it paliix •ale <■»« *• J - *?•"» V »r?*■».]•» »»• . t *i<« " V Uw -w --<b~ Ik «rs~ - v - rW » fcffr m fV- - - MM m Mf m m an i> •• mm mm* m —« .. fa* 4 <4Ol —IILfX J 'WW * rw g| 4 1 vaMt * •••••' OTNfIMI » * •»* ■ ""to * 4M* M» -«W 4tk 111 l «tt * «•*»' **•«■» xfMft «MOHH | *aqßP' ' W 4|l ** <P» "tPWP**"" ■'« #t , .-4b 4ftfc •-•«- HP- •'' • •WV' "•"•••W' R» WMftM" «dflb * , 4P a ««- '"• " **' <49 • -MM** * •* «■* »» «•■> 4MT- ■ Ki ... MT % imp** **"' '• •**"* • Mi* >•<■■♦► •* MMt * * «ft WMP V *•>*■ t —«*» «*r %«- T«* ?«[•• ku Kn.u* —TW-- •*TB '■ «"* |*rt» 'TWwwdl Mi ■ m 11 ii n* Hrf IM rirfciD* * - «•» ia>rgt*it mnlk'wmp* »IW fc» prtW • •St iMt TL«> I**! 4tDJli *P* rl •■ !. '« wa» l.#-»ti: v I tl»r «>t ti.»- «};»rru'.*c VI -« C-n <-arr.«-d' all heart- In «t ••!!. Ti } irive another enter t. .uiiit'iit t >-II _-! it. Lot ereryl»odv attend. K-OAI-ih—We learn that the two men convicted of tiic rohherv at Steilacooni a few weeks ago, ami Powell. convicted of tlie murder of his wife, in King County several mouths ago, and contented to he hung on the L'lst inst., escaped from custody at Steilacooin on Wednesday last. No clue has as yet been ob tained as to their whereabouts. The S. F. Times says some of the enterprising Chinese mer chants of San Francisco have had a large edition of a Chinese and Kn glish dictionary printing for circula tion among their people. Judge llumason, of Oregon has received his Commisson as Col lector of the port of Astoria, vice W. L. Adams, removed. The thermometer stood at ii:i° at 8 o'clock this moriiintr. CJ F<'ll SALE. —Henry M. McUill, Assist ant Assessor of Intern il Revenue for litis District, owes m n bill for advertising done several years ago, which we will sell at a very hbrral discount. " |(" are indebted to ('apt. Finch, of the hteaniiT Amlcrtoii, for many favors. SPECIAL NOTICES. '' ,l ® Brut Itemed >* for Purifying "" Blood, strengthening the Nerves, Restoring tlie Lu.«o f nnprtilp, is . FRESK'N II AMIU'RO TEA. Il is tne best preservative against almost any sick ess, if used timely. Composed of herbs only, it oanhe safely given to infants. Full directions i-i English, French, Spanish and Herman, vvitli every package. THY IT! For sale at all the wholesale and retail drug stores and groceries. KM 11. FRF.SE, Wholesale Druggist, Sole Agent, 110 Clav street, 3( tiun Francisco. M IKRIiIiK AMI riUilß tt V, an Essay of Warning and Instruction for Young Men. Also, Diseases and Abuses which prostrate the vital powers, with sure means of relief. Sent free of charge in .ealed letter envelopes. Address Dlt. SKI 1.1.1N KJI'UHTON, Howard Association, Philadelphia, Pr Notice. WHEREAS, official information has this day been received from the Treasury Department, that l>;,- an net of the congress of of the United .States, approved July 2.*>. 18Cli, the Port of Entry for I'll get Sound District was removed from I'ort Angeles to Port Tow: - sead on the first of October IKijii, notice is h'Tibv given I list nil business of Puget Sound <<»! I«T|ion District will l.e transacted at Port Townsend, W". T , on and after the 2*th m-f •taut. K A WtLAOX. t'olle* tor. I'««ct \ttft m, \i.i. ?o. i*•>; i 4 MlMk | •*it«r «f tW ak" at » L H §'. m f «*-*••■ •• M «r4r» af lb* 1e fa«lt • T * - 4 • «••'« 3i, #«( ffcr f-~m M( ! • i at |Hi% i#t ■ A" i* «*4 aat* af Y vwv m - —tw*i« m T mi «fc» *rn 00 u> mm *m • tm Sw * %« me*- • <>•* ffcw ■>*+ mmr- mm *W ****** «mh» • ' niiaw •*"u ~m- mm ' l«i M W*» 1 k *-• «* V w ■» fee m*—*- n |l«€!\ . l lTt f > «w «»- mh 41 <*N* tqpNM* Mr ULvncmv i rrmmw 1 1. 1 HTKII ♦..*,<»% i l_n|H!\ •t\ \ T'4 *• •• **> it>- «CWL « Mi? m njaaw wra ll* * , "Wfr %wy• !> *• * * *•* A"*** (7 r* mate mi trf-SU •»« • I *»4 It f•ft I # |» «fr t T fc " >«» : I TW f -W4 an f —«a>- •r Ut« £ Uit ! fi' l"l '« A Uh*'lM id ikr I* ufiU'- li*» of tfc* I Doiirf t*l Mi i tc./ur -» Lmj.| U«« * &t<l i*o rUm to m«l ti» L«u Ut-fS liidc. » l U- ►<ld at J'ubl.c, at I' nl Town«cnd. W. I , on Hi4»cU«), liar link 4.) «( lk<t«kii, l<uA at 10 o'i lock a. m. 23 Cases (tin, 2 Casks. Kit g ills (>in. 7 Cases Ilt-nut-sry brandy, 4 ilu Muriel do 2 do Worthinglon do 9 Kegs, 101) galls do 2 Casks, GO pa ls, Wine Growers' do 4 Barrels, 10 U gulls. Brandy, 1 Jii;; mid I Demijohn 10 nails, do 3 C'jfks, DO gills, i'ort Willi*, 1 do .'lO galls, Sherry d<> 2 K'gs, 25 galls, do do 1 Ditnijohii, 5 galls, do do 7J Boxes do do G Baskets Champiigne, do .'ijf Hoxi'S do do s;} lloxi s Claret do 2 Ciises Orange Hitlers, 2 do Schnapps. U Boxes Ale and Porter, 2 Casks, 00 galls, Hum, 5 Kegs, 70 do Whiaky, 50 Cases Old To n, 3 Tins, 15 galls, t lid Tom, 1 Cask, 40 do do 1 Keg. 10 do do 2 F.inpty Ca-ks, 1 White Hall Bjat, Oars and Sails, 1 Large Canoe, • li Morocco Skins, 12 Cans l'owder, 39£ Yarils Twilled Cotton, 54 ilo Brown du 2 lilils Sugar, 111 Pairs Woolen Pants, 12 do Moleskin do 20 Calico Shirts, 18 Woolen Shawls, C Worsted Jackets, 4 Ladies' Cloth Co-its, 4 Doz Wool ell Socks, 10A Yds Plaid, 1 Oro Spool Thread, 1 do Crochet do 1 l's Silk Bolt Ribbon, 3 Hxs Wash Blue, 3 Uxs 150 Cigars, 2 DnzTcit and Table Spoons, 3 Linen Table Cliths,

G Towels, GG Pipes, 4 Flasks, 3 Mirrors, 1 Ps Edging, 10 Yds Blk Alap'ici, 1 Pr Ladies' Stays, 6 Woolen 110 >ds, 11 l'rs Ladies' Hose, 8 do Child ill's do 1 Ps Worsted Binding, Lot ofThrcad, 3 Yds isk, 2 Yds Tiiinuiing, 2 U larts Shoe P. gs. 48 Yds Ticking, 53 Yd- Bli'cched Cot:*n. 42 Yum WIII» \ . F. A WILSON. C IV, tor Cut om lloutc. P t l o»B«co<l. NeitwUr M. I*w> i »i ( '••naintT y ! T •tkf*-' ?nw»m mrnd * mm. m t •*" I - V AIL UM r n M*9 i»» i i m*- *•*>«• » «mmm» «■■*■ Ik! A IN^VIP IHllVl r #l^lll m Mi m narn «f n, it t>« BENNETT HOUSE. .vU.KM OKD^iN. l_ J. *. Tl RtCf. nV V . V•. I l!>r »if u>r4 kjlrl. i« j.r. | .:■ I !•» i, .. u>u4al« 'he tr«<eiißg |- uti i Lui.«l.' . nguiar boardrr>. in m< o«l >m u* an* lluufr *»u the l'ita»t. He has «lrt. r.i.irn'.! tu make 11.e "Bennett" a< good Ji tin i (-i and Uttrr tlian any public liou-e tu S.tlciu lie nil soon complete tome important improvements, which will add greatly to ilr- appearance and a comfort, ami intending.* in merit ami hopes tu receive his share <if patron igc. He has secured tlie services of " Charley" (known lo lie (lie best cook in Salem, and one of the best in the whole country) and other competent persous to manlike the culin. ury dep.irtiin'Ut, and is resolved to set as good a table as can be. found anywhere—not ip dap-Imp, pomp uml show, llumniery and tine furniture, but in an abundant supply of the very be-1 till market affords. Mis Uar-rooiu will be kept warmed and lighted, auil well supplied with newspapers, periodicals and other suitable reading matter, and kept in a manner which will make it an agreeable resort. In short lie intends makinprnn effort to please till who step at the llennet House. And he most respectfully requests his friends every where to the give the old and well known st 11 ii lat least one more before concluding they can do as well iNcnhcre, and promises if i hey are not w ell tr> tied, and properly cared for, <nnl at rra' le fi;/urt>, it will not be the fault of the public's most obedient and most humble scrv't. 1.. JAY S. TCRXEV. N. B.—Furnished rooms, with 01 without board, by the d iv.w ek or UKUith, at tin; Hen- Melt, charges modi rate. 1.. J. S. T. Salem, Oregon, Nov, 12, lh.'fi. 4tf II n it i»~~fo iTt he Fill k WINTER fIDTHIM TRADE. C»l' San Francisco. BADOER & LINDENBERGER, Xoi. 411. 413 a nil 415 Hat (ay Street, corner Me/chant, San Francisco. Importer* & Wlioletiale Dealers. ENTIRE NEW AND FRESH STOCK! WE would call the attintion of COUN TRY MERCHANTS to our usually large stock of goods. Our stock comprises every article in the Clothing and Furnishing line. We have constantly oil baud the largest stock and greatest variety of Cassiuicre and Wool HATS of any house iu Sau Francisco, and our prices for these Ootids are less than those of any house, as we receive them di rect from the manufacturer's consignment. Our stock of FAI.L AND WINTER fioods is particularly attractive, and the great feature to the country merchant is the un usually low prices LKSS Than IheCoMt of Importation We also keen the .STAPLE ARTICLES in the Pry Goods line, which Goods we have pur chased in this market under the hammer, and are olering them at New York Cost, and less. We publish this card in order that we may make new acquaintances, and induce those who have not heretofore purchased of us, to call and examine our Mock. Good Artlrlr* and l.ow Prices I Arr the great indu. riuruti toall wlio purtha»r t<> »rl. again Merchant* who buy of a> ran tn.ilr a (.■ I.r.'lt ami arM to their co«t.>at rri at 1 In* hxarr H» rraau mfrtfallT, You' OV<iftil VntSt>. UVIN.KR A I.l* I»KA TW'-'-w IW<M*| n«4 IU: \«■ rl *' *ir>l all ILttwii *•* «.'• cart 2 Xt i.UVKI I.SHKHI- I li IIIM « ITI*OI !' •> urn * 4MNMMMN ISP ST^-t DPMI aflk- ■ »«w» Mir . was i i- «w «M» * •he* m «<aat tmmmtr - mm aC <■ araMM*-** tW >■— mfm >' hMlr mm -r-;'—l« MMMW Km* lia »" —4 -» .«« »• » fix *w «fc» tti «■• i»pH'"" •»*■» f»rtjr« •W* 4m M( ran »k«l The- ar, l> mm fir (M*d >«•* •« pr- w+t* «u»i v>«r »W rr« T H liKikF * CO, >« Y*4 r*,. SM k; all Dntrxt fifvrn f#»tirr iiaifi »<j 4«mUrf il.roi „ti«m tl»» »or IJ . small 4r«l rr» raa obtain uf to; t lnleult •(rnl in «nv l*rp» • itr <.r town in the t uion. Barnei' Magnolia Water. A toilet delight! The ladies' treasure and gentlemens' boon 1 The "sweetest thing'' and largest quantity. Menufactiired from the rich Southera Magnolia. Used for bathingthe face and person, and to render the skin soft and fresh, to prevent eruptions, and to per fume clothing, &c. It overcomes the unpleasant odor of prcspiration. It removes redness, tan, blotches, &c. It cures nervous headache and allays inlsmma tion. It cools, softens, and adds delicacy to the skin. It yields a subdued and lasting perfume. It cures mosquito bites and sting of insects. It contains no material injurious to the skin. It is what every lady should have. Sold everywhere. Try the Magnolia Water once and you will use no oilier Cologne, Perfu mery, or toilet wnter afterwards. Sold by Druggists and Dealers evervwhere. DEM AS BAFNEB & CO., Props. Exclusive Agents, N. Y. Lyons' Kathalron. It is most delightful Hair Dressing. It eradicates scurf and daudrt.ff. It keeps the head cool nnd clean. It makes the hair rich, soft and glossy. It prevents the hair turning grey and falling off. It restores hair upon prematurely bald heads. This is just what Lyons' Katliairon will do. It is pretty—lt is cheap—durable. It is liter ally sold by the car load, and yet its almost incredible demand is daily increasing, and there is hardlx. a country store that does not keep it, or a fimilr that does not use it. E. THOMAS LYOX, Chemist, N. Y. Lyons' Extract dinger. LYONS' EXTHACT or Prut JAMAICA UINOKB—■ For Indigestion, Nausea, HartbuTn, Sick Headache, Cholera Morbus, Flatulency, Jtc., where a warming t>timulaut is required. Its careful prcpurutoni and entire purity 111 ike it a cheap and reliable article for culinary pur poses. Hold everywhere at fifty cents per bot tle. Ask for •'Lyons'" Pure Kxtraet. Take no other, See thut the private U. S. stamp of Demas Barues A l'o. is over the cork of each package. None other is genuine. MuNlunic Llnlnen . Have you a hurt child or a lame horse ? L'sethe Mrtiiin Mustang Liniment. For cut*, •praius, burn*, • welling* an<l raked brra»U, the Mriiroo Mustang Liniment iiitrtau CttW. Knr r brumal iun, nruraliria. tit ioimU, "tin** and bitrv there » nothing bk« the Mrncan M«»- UW IJMMI. Fa* H>" •»'< j Wnr*r*. the "»!• nngbowr *»4 ~n«,. tt» MfiirM M—nrtrr f»a» » ■*<■•<! •»!*•. x r.uW-. l»*< s»4 tfc* «f»« N~t**« 111—«» » *• *n»K « M iMMfe m* Z . mm*- Ink -m *M. IN4Tjk mm* mm m • tUT •" » hiM- - -i; lv»*.r. M f«f I'ulm-'nan Svnip J -■"+ i~t n tarn* »■ «*i«K tM«k *4 ■»•<" -•*•••. .• '• tt mm im i h •-»■» f-iia •. | 11■ m » *>»' -wi <r«|- aal p*Ttr~ri lj kirskw »»- 4ft »!' nrreweaern ) rrriftratr* tr..n aun pr&«:ar»t ci" im« «f S*L FltKU' o »rroatpaaT fim buttle <rf \EWfiLLK Pulmonary Syrup REDIXCiTOX k CO. Agents, Sun Francis- CO. Aug. 25, 1866. 42:m6:is I. LIGHTNER, TTzslesals aid! Install Dealer b Groceries, Provisions, DRY-GOODS, CLOTHING BOOTB, SHOES, HATB, CAPS, CROCKERY, HARDWARE, Acs I RESPECTFULLY call the attention of my customers nnd the public to examtne my block of goods before purchasing elsewhere. The highest cask price paid for Wool, Beaver, Otter, and Deer Skiru, Bullet, Chickent and Eygi. Olympia, January Ist, 1866. 9:ly Tell me not in mournful numbers Life is sinking to decay, Should there conic in frightful number* O'er your heads the silver gray. Life is real, life is earnest, Why should any one despair, 41 l)uit thou art, to dust returnest,''. Was not spoken of the hair. Not the marks of age or sorrow, On your tresses long should stay— You can live that each to-morrow Find them darker thun to-day. Time is long, but age shall find yon. Though your hair with lustre Wave: Soon when fading, 'twill remind you, You are marchiugto the grave. In the world's sublimer calling, Where we each our race must run. If your liairbc falling, falling, Use the " Martha Washington.'' Trust no other, howe'er pleasant,— None can do what this has done; Try it —alwavs keep it present,— Use the " Martha V ushington." Twenty thousand heads remind us What a noble test it's stood; Millions more shall come behind lit With their tresses all renewed. "MARTHA WASHINGTON" HAIR RESTORE**, Is a wonder of the world, and stands above com parison with any other article for the Hair ere# breught before the Sold everywhere. Price, SI.OO. BIMOXDB * CO., Proprietors* FIT/.WILLIAM, N. 11. REDINGTON & CO. Agents, San FrancUcoi. Ang. 23, 1866. 42:m6:is REDINGTON & CO.'S ESSESfE OF JAMAH 1 Cltt THIS valuable preparation conUiniag in • highly nnrrntralfd form (U the pro|>»rtk« «f Jaauc* (itagrr, hat become oar of the most popa lar iaairtic rrmtriif far aU 4man of Ike MaW ark aft 4 4agran* wpia. A* a I mmir it will W fo«a4 is*alnaMe£ta aU far* M all tW |lh h4 nfar Uat Mkrjnimi If •war- -mmmmmmm. • %